Tm_Tit's thursday00:05
* NCommander notes no one said yes to sponsoring ;.;00:15
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ScottKHappy New Year from -050005:09
NCommanderScottK, I am committing the kdeplasma changes now05:30
NCommanderScottK, committed05:31
nixternalHappy New Year!06:09
nixternaland what a boring new year it is^was06:10
crimsuni hear there are some main packages you can sponsor if you're truly bored06:10
nixternalI bet there are06:11
crimsunthankfully none are mine =)06:11
nixternaland none are mine, as I don't have any email telling me about them06:11
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nhandlernixternal: Just watch Blue Man group on tv06:23
nixternalseeing as I live fairly close to their base and have seen them live way to many times, I will pass :)06:24
NCommandernixternal, feel like sponsoring another ARM fix?06:26
nixternalnhandler: ahhh, they are on nbc5 :)  now I know why you said that06:30
nhandlernixternal: They have been on all night06:32
nhandlerNCommander: Stop working and enjoy the holiday ;)06:33
NCommanderMeh, if you know what my holidays were like, this is "enjoying" it06:33
* nhandler did his REVU work earlier today so he could relax now06:34
* NCommander is actually hacking on dak ATM06:34
NCommanderThe ARM fix was done for awhile, I just didn't commit it06:35
HobbseeNCommander: presumably we need to set something on fire, so you'd start working instead?06:35
NCommanderHobbsee, that's the day job06:36
NCommanderor it was06:36
crimsun(yeah, that's why i do *buntu in my spare time)06:38
nixternalI want my old day job back!06:39
nhandlerNCommander: Want to fix up X so I can use my jaunty machine again?06:39
crimsunerr, instead of cleversafe?06:39
nixternalthe one where I used to spend all of my time working on Kubuntu and KDE, and dabbled in Foresight and other FOSS projects06:39
crimsunnixternal: cough canonical cough06:40
nixternalthe one where I made crimsun sponsor all of my packages for 2 years because I didn't want to be a MOTU or Core Dev06:40
NCommandernixternal, you worked for Canonical?06:40
crimsunah dangit, those days?06:40
nixternalhaha, yup those days06:40
nixternalthe time was 2005, and I didn't want to leave this place06:40
NCommandercrimsun, where you one of the DDs Mark pulled from Debian?06:41
nixternalheh, I only become a MOTU and Core Dev within the last, not even a, year06:41
crimsunNCommander: no06:41
nhandlernixternal: I know you became a core dev earlier this year, but I thought you were a MOTU a while ago06:42
nixternalnhandler: nope, I didn't want to go through all of the mumbo jumbo...I was kind of rebelling against stuff :)06:42
nixternalI was one of those "F Ubuntu with their Kubuntu and KDE is a second class citizen" attitude06:43
* nhandler was rebelling against Kubuntu and KDE up until a few weeks ago06:43
crimsun~motu lists rich as 2007-06-2706:43
nixternaldamn, I thought I did that in 200806:44
nhandlerThat is almost a year before core-dev06:44
nixternalwow, impressive06:44
nixternalso I went about 2 years before doing MOTU06:44
nixternalhad to get all of them cycles under my belt06:44
* NCommander is just coming up on six months06:44
nixternaloh, and I hated the fact I had to have an LP account to work on stuff too06:44
nhandlercore-dev 2008-06-1906:44
nixternalits funny, I got core-dev and ended up doing more MOTU stuff...weird06:45
nixternalthe good ol' days, well before Hobbsee had that damn stick, imbrandon and I were doing buntudot, and I was sneaking stuff to warren over at mepis06:46
crimsunHobbsee has always had that stick, tho'06:47
nixternalnot always, there were a few months where she was stickless06:47
nixternalshe got the stick when she became the "Kubuntu Community Organizer"06:48
crimsunwe sound like old fogeys06:48
nixternalya we do, but things were so much more peaceful back then...didn't have this KDE 3 vs. KDE 4 thing going on, everyone loved us and hated Ubuntu for treating us poorly...good times :p06:49
nixternalnot everyone, just those 4 users we had :p06:49
* NCommander finds nixternal flashing back to be quite educational06:50
crimsunactually, i think people were incensed over kubuntu not having decent printing, and not ubuntu06:50
crimsunthe assumption was "oh, printing's broken in gnome"06:50
nixternalor sound :p06:51
crimsuni remember some shrugging off broken ubuntu printing but being spectacularly miffed at kubuntu, because linux-mandrake had decent printing.06:51
crimsunor something.06:51
nixternalI was never attacked by a printing bug as I always used decent HP products06:52
Hobbseeubuntu printing was magic, compared to kubuntu's06:52
crimsun(and to that end, printing has drastically improved since those days. dapper?)06:52
nixternaland since HP and Apple do most, if not all, of the cups work, I was safe06:52
Hobbseei was so amazed, when I switched over to ubuntu06:52
Hobbseeie, gutsy06:52
nixternalya, we were amazed when you switched over as well :p06:53
NCommanderI never was affected by it06:53
* NCommander doesn't print06:53
NCommanderHobbsee, was that good magic or bad magic?06:53
HobbseeNCommander: in the kubuntu stuff, you have to know what type of printer it is, although you can scan for it.  ubuntu's just detects the printers, you click which one you want to add (in the case of network printers), and it adds it, with all the correct settings.06:54
NCommanderThat's never been an issue for me06:54
* Hobbsee always manually had to turn on double sided printing06:54
NCommanderAt least when I used to KDE 306:54
Hobbseein kubuntu06:54
NCommanderIt worked beautifully on BS- oh06:54
nixternalits funny...I was looking at the 5-a-day applet and how much code it took in order to create that, then I messed around with python and plasma, and in an hours time I had something that worked almost as well, and with very little code06:55
nixternalrather hackish, but it worked and was quick06:55
NCommandernixternal, Qt is rather hackish06:55
* NCommander has discovered that the hard way06:55
nixternaland gtk isn't?06:55
Hobbseei expect it was stuff like network printing, and all that sort of thing, that was more the headache.  But that's what I use, all the time, so... ;)06:55
NCommandernixternal, gtk's hacks don't change randomly from platform to platform06:55
nixternalfor qt being rather hackish, it is still better than the other gui toolkits I have used06:55
nixternalexcept for swt :p06:55
NCommanderQt isn't bad06:56
NCommanderAlthough I wish it was possible to use po files without doing something evil06:56
nixternalhow so?06:56
NCommanderGtk has better tools, but a worse API (better docs though)06:56
NCommanderSo I don't need to implement some awful hack so Qt can work with Rosetta :-)06:56
nixternalone thing I have noticed between KDE/Qt and GNOME/Gtk, are the quality of docs...KDE/Qt do suck pretty bad06:57
NCommanderThank you!06:57
NCommandersomeone else who said it!06:57
nixternalahh, Rosetta...nuff said06:57
NCommanderI personally don't care how nice the enviornent your programming for is06:57
NCommanderIts shit if the docs suck.06:57
NCommanderErgo, win32 programming is better than Qt06:57
nixternalwhat I really hate, is trying to get examples from docs06:57
* NCommander runs06:57
NCommanderI jest of course06:58
NCommanderBut MSDN is probably the best developer docs ever.06:58
NCommanderOf all time06:58
nixternalya, but that is because they have a team of just over 500 people who are paid nicely to work on them06:58
nixternalI tried getting on that team when I worked for Microsoft because I knew it was a better way in that working in the department I was in at the time06:59
NCommanderyou worked for Microsoft?06:59
NCommanderI assume you weren't on a team that worked with the Windows core, lest your programming skills be drained06:59
nixternalno, I worked in their "Open Source" division06:59
nixternalthough most of the time we spent working on .NUT07:00
NCommanderWhat, MFC?07:00
nhandlerThey have an Open Source division?07:00
NCommanderMFC is the only major library from Microsoft that comes with source07:00
NCommander(well, that ATL, and CRT)07:00
nixternalno, the Open Source division back then ensured that idiots running Linux had a hard time working on a MS Network07:00
NCommanderATL isn't horrible if you can stomach C++ templates07:00
NCommanderMFC is a load of crack however07:01
nixternalall of the MS stuff is a load of crack07:01
NCommanderIE's plugin interface07:01
NCommanderOnClick2 and OnClick307:01
NCommander'nuf said07:01
nixternalthe nice thing about working at MIcrosoft though, I got to use Linux :)07:02
nixternalI started working in Kubuntu from Microsoft actually07:02
NCommanderThat sounds wrong and horrible07:02
nhandlernixternal: Lucky. When I did work for Microsoft, I got to use vista :(07:02
nixternalthat was nice though, as I have never in my life had to depend on microsoft07:02
* NCommander would like to see Windows CE actually released as open source07:02
NCommanderWindows CE - great design, horrible UI.07:03
nixternalmy first computer that I bought was in 1993 and winblows 3.x didn't work at all on it, so I searched on fixes and came across slackware, and the rest is history07:03
nixternalI have windows, but that is to only play call of duty07:03
NCommanderI ha^W found an open IRIX box on my dad's network07:04
NCommanderI later installed FreeBSD 2.2 that year07:04
* NCommander ran OS/2 before that07:04
NCommander29 floppies07:04
* NCommander ran Windows NT 4.0 before that.07:04
nixternalthe families first computer was 1979, mom worked for Comdisco and Sperry...it was an old unix box that made no sense until around 198607:05
nixternalthen we did the typical 1980s style geek stuff:  TRS-80 -> Atari 2600 -> Commodore Vic 20 -> Commodore 64 -> some old TI box -> 286 -> 386 -> 486 -> Pentium 133 that I bought, and then a butt load more after that07:06
nixternalhad a couple of old sun boxes to back in the late 80s somewhere in between that whole 286 ... 486 mess07:07
NCommandersparc's are nice07:10
DaSkreechsparks are not07:13
nhandlerNight everyone07:14
DaSkreechGood $TIME_OF_DAY07:15
NightMAnpeople I need your help10:02
NightMAnIs there anybody her?10:02
NightMAnI had windows and Kubuntu installed on my computer. Then I reinstalled windows and now I cant run Kubuntu10:08
jussi01NightMAn: support is in #kubuntu10:09
* jussi01 waves to Hobbsee10:27
Hobbseehey jussi01!10:37
buzis there any known breakage with kopete in the 4.2beta ppa? since this morning, it does not show my configured accounts anymore11:57
buznot with a kopete settings restored from backups11:58
freeflyingone file in koofice-data-kde4 from ppa for intrepid will overwrite the one in kde-icons-oxygen13:50
apacheloggerthat said13:52
* apachelogger should continue packaging13:52
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apacheloggervorian: HNY16:07
voriansame to you apachelogger16:07
JontheEchidnahola dudes\16:14
nhandlerHey JontheEchidna16:14
nhandlerHappy new year16:14
apacheloggeroh nice, the wiki mainpage looks like crap now16:18
apacheloggerHNY JontheEchidna and nhandler16:19
nhandleraty al16:19
apacheloggerNCommander: ping16:19
vorianhoi JontheEchidna nhandler :)16:20
nhandlerHey vor16:20
nhandlerYeah, that did not show up right16:21
NCommanderapachelogger, ICMP echo16:23
apacheloggerNCommander: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ they are obviously discriminating xubuntu and since I don't know whom to poke in the eyes for that I will leave it to you :P16:24
apacheloggerhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Teams is it just me or are the distro logos on that page incredibly blurry?16:25
JontheEchidnalooks more like KDE3 with the transparency setting16:36
apacheloggerthe comments are awesome16:44
apacheloggerproofs the rule: "don't listen to people who don't know why neither KDE nor GNOME is a WM"16:45
JontheEchidnawow, 1GB of updates to get to jaunty17:27
* JontheEchidna wonders how long that will take17:27
DaSkreechapachelogger: That's a horrible comment system17:28
jussi01hey everyone, Im being incredibly lazy, but can someone point me to a link or explain what the DVD has extra on top of the cd?18:56
DaSkreechjussi01: all of kubuntu ubuntu and xubuntu with all of the Main repos18:57
jussi01ahh, thanks18:58
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JontheEchidnahttp://i42.tinypic.com/hs00hx.jpg , lol19:34
nhandlerJontheEchidna: So, where do I buy that battery :P19:34
DaSkreechDoes it grow a tail?19:35
JontheEchidnawhat does the powerdevil say about its power level?19:37
JontheEchidnaIT'S OVER 9000!11!19:37
DaSkreechHa ha ha19:37
DaSkreechGod that cartoon sucked :)19:37
DaSkreechAt least the Movie will be worse :)19:37
JontheEchidnaIt is entirely possible I have been a Kubuntero for too long :P19:38
NCommanderapachelogger, feel like sponsoring kdeplasma-addons?19:49
jjesseits funny konverstation (kde3) notifies me through the On Screen Display of every channel but this one19:59
JontheEchidnajjesse: right click on the channel tab and make sure notifications are turned on20:00
apacheloggerNCommander: building qt4 right now20:24
apacheloggercan take a look at it though20:24
apacheloggerNCommander: did you upload to a PPA?20:24
NCommanderCan't upload ATM20:26
* NCommander is on dial up20:26
apacheloggeroh, qt FTBFS anyway20:27
apacheloggerNCommander: did you forward to upstream?20:31
neversfeldehappy new year :)20:57
ScottKNCommander: I can do it.21:17
NCommanderScottK, its in the Bazaar repo21:17
ScottKK.  Looking for it now.21:18
ScottKI've been thinking maybe we should have a universe-plasmoid meta package.21:18
ScottKNCommander: Looks like apachelogger already uploaded kdeplasma-addons21:19
ScottKNCommander: Was there another one?21:20
NCommanderI can't check my email here21:20
ScottKOK.  Cool.21:20
ScottKNCommander: That's everything except kdebluetooth, right?21:21
ScottKWhich, afaik is still pretty pointless to worry about.21:22
ScottKProbably time to update kubuntu-meta then after that's built.  Last time I checked there was a lot of new stuff available for armel.21:23
JontheEchidnayay for kubuntu on arm21:25
ScottKYay for NCommander fixing it.21:25
NCommanderScottK, we shold probably have kdebluetooth fixed before hand21:26
JontheEchidna~karma NCommander21:27
kubotukarma for NCommander: 221:27
JontheEchidna~karma kubotu21:28
kubotukubotu has neutral karma21:28
ScottKNCommander: At this point kdebluetooth is equally useful on all arch, so no need to wait fixing up kubuntu-meta for armel.21:28
NCommanderfair enough21:29
ScottKNCommander: Weren't you at least a little invovled in porting kdebluetooth at one point?21:29
ScottKAny chance you could check up on where we stand with it?21:29
NCommanderI just talked a little with superm1 one it21:31
NCommanderI can poke him on it I think21:31
ScottKkubuntu-meta uploaded so we now have a decently complete armel desktop.23:24
Tm_TScottK: means we have Kubuntu packaged for Freerunner now? (;)23:25
ScottKAhh does it?  Dunno what arm version that has.23:26
* ScottK also doesn't remember for sure which one Ubuntu builds for, but thinks it's later than that.23:28
Tm_TScottK: same arm is used in many other devices even today, so it's not "old"23:28
Tm_TScottK: more info about that cpu: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Samsung_S3C2442B_B5423:29
Tm_TCanonical has also announced it will officially support ARM v7 (so not v4, bah)23:42
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