Seniorlogically there won't be nay extra space00:00
Seniorany extra space00:00
ubuntusenior: so will kububtu say, this is impossible? or will it just run over what i currently have?00:00
Senioryes it will run on what u have00:01
ubuntui want to install it without backing up files i have... i am trusting this will go over without a problem.00:01
ubuntuis this a wise decision or should i back-up my important files?00:03
amortvigildoes anyone have raptor menu working?00:03
TupacI am young thug !!00:05
ubuntusenior: should i go through with installing it or is it wise to backup first?00:10
SeniorI think backup will be better00:13
amortvigilhello is anyone using the raptor menu?00:16
ubuntusenior: i figured such, it worked so well while i was at work. what is the best way to store 15 gb of files?00:16
SeniorI really donno but try putting them on DVDS00:18
ubuntui dont have a dvd burner :(00:18
ubuntui think i can transfer it to my desktop.00:18
ubuntusenior: thanks for your help. i was just so ready to dump windows.00:19
Seniorgo on,,, ubuntu is really the best00:20
ubuntui installed it on my friends laptop and have used it and more and more i like linux.  i need to use wine though because there are some programs i need to use.00:26
aloneathis may be nitpicky, but why isn't there a simple right click action for mounting disk iamges?00:29
amortvigilwho knows how to edit tommenus00:33
Dr_willis_ tommenus?00:33
ghostcubehi and happy new year from germany is there anyone knowing how i can get smb4k to use the new kdewallet00:36
jussi01hrm, is it possible to prioritize things that load at auto start? I want knetwork manager to start before everything else...00:44
ghostcubejussi01, u can set it before login as far as i know but i dont know if it accepts it00:44
ghostcubejussi01, oh u mean u want the deamon be loaded before kde ?00:45
ghostcubeor only before the other kde tools ?00:46
jussi01ghostcube: just before everything else like my irc client, restored firefox sessions etc00:46
ghostcubeis there a wrapper that starts kmix at startup or what is calling it ?00:49
ghostcubehavent looked into this so far00:50
jussi01ghostcube: hrm, looks like its just the session saving after logout00:52
jussi01anyway, im off to bed00:52
ghostcubejussi01, yeah just saw the session saving hmm ok n800:53
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pkodonjayson: Welcome!03:33
* username sings03:33
pkodonjayson: To get this kind of message with my nick sent to me, hit pk<tab>, then enter.03:34
jaysonpkodon: ok much better03:34
pkodonjayson: That hilights what you type to me, so I can pick it out when lots of people are typing.03:35
pkodonjayson: Now, click on my nick in the list to the right.03:37
jaysonpkodon:  ok03:37
pkodonjayson: That should bring up another window.03:38
matthewhello can someone help me with a question?04:04
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:04
matthewhow do you create a file to do assembly language?04:05
crimsunmatthew: use any text editor04:09
matthewwhat is the file extension for an assembly language?04:09
crimsunmatthew: .asm? .s? doesn't ultimately matter, tbh.04:10
matthewok thank you for the help bye.04:11
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skiii can't get frostwire to work can someone please help me out???04:59
pidusi am using kubuntu 8.10 and yesterday while i had an external HDD connected, and data being transferred without any problems there was a power failure. Since then whenever i connect the HDD the hotplugin(automount) point to the local HDD and when i try to manually mount /dev/sdb1 the prompt shows up I/O error, even though the disk is getting mounted perfectly on a mac machine.05:14
piduslsusb also shows up a correct entry05:14
pidusthis is the error message that shows up when trying to mount using sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 external/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/97365/05:16
pidusis there no way to fix this problem, without access to windows?05:17
dwidmann_laptophrm, this install is stuck at 67% "Configuring Console Setup" :(05:47
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Shadeslayerantiquark are you there???06:10
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White_Pelicancan someone help me with frostwire, please?06:25
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gdo_Hello folks. Do you know a good version of kubuntu for a veeery slow laptop ?(AMD k6-2 250mhz with 160mb RAM)07:10
DaSkreechgdo_: Kubuntu? No07:13
gdo_isnt kubuntu a good distro for slow computers ?07:15
DaSkreechNot that slow :)07:15
DaSkreechgdo_: What do you want to do on that computer?07:15
gdo_its for my sister. just a browser and internet conection will be fine07:16
DaSkreechoh that should work but you might want to look for a lighter overall solution07:18
DaSkreechtry #fluxbuntu07:18
robinrfive years ago I ran some mandriva (KDE 3-somthing) on a 200MHz, 128MB ram07:18
robinrit worked, but was a bit slow07:18
DaSkreechPuppy might also be a good fit07:19
DaSkreechKDE4 is probably not :)07:19
gdo_hmm! thanks. I'll take a look07:19
gdo_i'm downloading dsl too07:19
robinrKDE4 is slow with 4 GB and 3 GGz07:19
gdo_i'll try puppy07:19
anom01y--> global warming scam exposed -->    youtube.com/watch?v=FfHW7KR33IQ&feature=channel_page07:24
anom01yhappy new years07:24
MinusSevenglobal warming isn't real?07:39
MinusSevenAl Bore is just creating a religion07:40
antoniais there a good reason not to install amarok 2?07:40
antoniai'm setting up a computer for a friends parents and am wondering weather or not i should07:40
MinusSevenjust install it07:43
antoniaMinusSeven: done :), i wish kubuntu got better at version upgrades, past 2 updates i've had to install from scratch to get things working the way thier supposed to07:47
antoniahappy new years everyone!07:49
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dwidmann_humdiddydum ... anybody know if I can find an updated package of the radeonhd driver anywhere?07:53
dwidmann_(need support for the RV710)07:53
DaSkreechWhich day?07:54
DaSkreechI  meant which version of the radeonHD ?07:54
dwidmann_DaSkreech: umm, newer than 1.2.1, I know 1.2.4 supports it for sure according to what I'm looking at right now07:55
dwidmann_DaSkreech: I think 1.2.4 might be the first version to support the card though07:56
dwidmann_(I'm actually astounded at how well the card is working with the vesa driver though, of course, that won't give me hardware video scaling ...)08:01
jtmoneyhey guys, i'm running 8.10, with kde 4.2 beta 2... i changed the height of the panel, and i was wondering if there's a simple way to revert it to the default... it changed the color of the panel and the icon sizes and doesn't look right now :(08:15
jtmoneyokay, i killed the x session... did i miss any replies? :)08:23
jtmoney(obviously, that didn't restore the default settings for the panel)08:23
jtmoneymaybe there's a file... a panelrc or something i can edit?08:23
Mamarokjtmoney: click on the Cashew on the lower left, change your settings08:30
Mamaroklower right, sry08:30
jtmoneyyeah, i was playing with that and it changed the color of the panel to blue... the icons don't look quite right even when i resize the height08:34
jtmoneywas wondering if there's a way to restore the panel to its default settings08:34
jtmoneymake there's a backup panelrc or something i could use08:35
Mamarokjtmoney: look at .kde/share/config/, there it's likely to be in kwinrc, but you have to log out first to change this in the command line08:37
Mamarokmaybe edit it to check it's the right file, can't remember right now08:37
jtmoneyokay, let me see08:38
jtmoneyis there any way you can send me your file?08:39
jtmoneythat way i can override mine?08:39
Mamarokoops, no, I'm running nightly08:39
Mamarokjust edit it and check the settings, it's self explaining08:40
jtmoneyyeah, i don't think this is the right file, actually08:40
Mamarokwell, all settings are in that folder08:40
jtmoneyoh well, i can live with it :)08:40
Mamarokwhy not just changing the settings in the panel? Also, color schemes are set in the system settings08:41
Mamarok-> appearance08:41
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jtmoneybah, i don't know where it is08:44
jtmoneymaybe under desktop theme details08:44
jtmoneyit's no biggie, nevermind08:44
Mamarokjtmoney: ^^08:44
jtmoneyone sec :)08:44
Mamarokedit your panel and change the settings, and change the default theme settings08:44
jtmoneyi'm a total n00b, can't find it08:47
jtmoneydon't worry about it08:47
jtmoneybut thank you08:47
jtmoneyand thank you to all the developers08:47
jtmoneykde4 is shaping up very, very nicely08:47
Mamarokjtmoney: look at your screen, lower right, there is a cashew shaped icon08:47
jtmoneyyeah, i get that... i just don't know how to change the color for the panel under appearance in system settings08:48
jtmoneyalright, good night all08:49
jtmoneythanks for your help Mamarok08:49
jtmoneysorry i'm a total n00b and prob too drunk for this :)08:50
Andrew``hey all.... ama kubuntu newbie.. can anyone tell me how to install a .deb file?09:43
Andrew``have tried deb frost.....deb09:43
Andrew``but command not found09:43
Andrew``tried sudo deb frostwire.....09:43
Andrew``same thing09:43
Andrew``not found09:43
jussi01Andrew``: tried clicking on it?09:44
jussi01but hang on09:44
jussi01!info frostwire09:44
ubottuPackage frostwire does not exist in intrepid09:44
Andrew``I knew that already09:45
jussi01Andrew``: just find it in dolphin and click on it09:45
Andrew``stupid me eh?09:45
jussi01hehe :)09:45
jussi01Andrew``: for the future, its: sudo dpkg -i /path/to/deb09:46
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ubuntui have a big problem, i tried to upgrade kubuntu from 8.04 to 8.10 and it stopped after everything was downloaded10:03
ubuntuand now i cant get into the system start with a kernel panik10:04
ubuntui am using a live cd now10:04
ubuntuanyone sober enough to help me with this one?10:04
jussi01!gryb | NightMAn10:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gryb10:10
NightMAnI had windows and Kubuntu installed on my computer. Then I reinstalled windows and now I cant run Kubuntu....any ideas?10:10
jussi01!grub | NightMAn10:10
ubottuNightMAn: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto10:10
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO10:12
NightMAnThanks guys10:15
jussi01NightMAn: working now?10:15
NightMAnno..I am reading instruction that you gave..hope it will work10:16
jussi01ok :)10:18
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shayany one know how i make the kube ?10:22
=== Guest23319 is now known as asdf922
shayany onw here ?10:24
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christakerhello and happy new year! :) is there any command to resize the kde panel ?11:02
=== DS-BrB is now known as DarkSmoke
christakeri want to add it to my script for resizing from start up11:03
jussi01christaker: why? does it not stqaay resized after restart?11:09
christakeri have an external monitor bigger than my laptop...so kde panel stays at 1280 pix width and it is bad for my 1680 pix monitor :(11:11
amortvigilhello can anyone help me setting up raptor menu?? i installed it but the only thing is see is an empty square11:19
amortvigilan transparent square11:20
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=== AliB is now known as amortvigil
csc_hello. is there anyone with an (almost) fresh installation of kubuntu? if yes, could you please tell me whether /boot/vmlinuz and /boot/initrd.img (they should be symbolic links) exist in your /boot directory?11:37
zeltakhi, does anyone know of a linux command to switch off screen on a laptop and let the laptop run as usuall?11:43
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johannes__hi all12:09
johannes__i have got the prob on kubuntu 8.10, that while typing the screen brightness changes12:10
johannes__sth wrong with the focus e.g.12:10
johannes__can anybody help?12:11
warlleyalguem ai acodado12:21
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mungustashello, could someone advise how I could use SOCKS5 (ssh) proxy in shell ? I want to connect to ftp site through socks5 using 'lftp' client12:29
rohanhey i have a problem with my keyboard12:39
=== rohan is now known as Shadeslayer
Shadeslayermy function keys dont work12:39
Shadeslayerand it shuts off now and then,rendering my keyboard useless for 2min or sp12:41
Guest9878why is always problem with reading cd on kubuntu?? I have insert a DVD and I can see it on dolphin or anything12:52
Guest9878any idea??12:52
mungustasHow to use SOCKS5 with 'lftp' client ?12:53
Shadeslayerguest9878:has the DVD drive been mounted??12:57
Guest9878Shadeslayer: I was seeing a movie, I just change the dvd and now I cannt see it12:59
Guest9878Shadeslayer: I have always this problem with linux.. something works something they dont13:00
Shadeslayerwas that using Amarok??13:00
yao_ziyuanis kde3 still available in kubuntu?13:01
Guest9878Shadeslayer: xine, but I close the program and I eject the dvd using the device notifier13:01
level1is there a way to uninstall all packages except for a select few and their dependencies?13:02
Shadeslayermaybe the drive got unmounted,just check if its mounted13:02
Guest9878Shadeslayer: how?13:03
Shadeslayerand try another program such as VLC,just to make sure13:03
Tm_Tyao_ziyuan: in Hardy yes13:03
Guest9878Shadeslayer: but I cann't try any program because the dvd is not mount it13:04
Shadeslayerjust click on the drive13:04
Shadeslayerit should auto mount13:04
rodinahi my na,e is huby§13:05
rodinais here now czech?L?13:05
rodinaproste dopice je tunejakej cech:D13:05
johannes__i get the problem during isntal cache- owned by uid 1000 instead uid 0?13:06
Guest9878Shadeslayer: it doesn't... I will restart the system.. thanks..13:09
Shadeslayerhey anybody knows the solution to my problem????13:11
Shadeslayeranother problem,the eject button wont work13:14
Shadeslayerok the eject button started to work13:15
Shadeslayerbut my keyboard still has some problems13:15
forxxdhappy new year13:19
Shadeslayeranybody please help my keyboard is going beserk13:23
* Andrew`` throws a rock at shades kb13:25
Shadeslayerhaha very funny :D13:25
BluesKajHappy New Year !13:27
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Shadeslayerlooks like ill have to go back to Vista13:30
Shadeslayerok have an idea,will try to run Dell quickset on Wine13:32
ellehow do u do that13:32
Shadeslayerill download quickset from dell.com13:32
Shadeslayerand run the .exe13:32
ellei see13:33
Shadeslayerwine automatically runs .exe's13:33
ellehmm ok13:33
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ellehi king13:42
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erpoHi. I'm a regular Gnome user who is trying out Kubuntu 8.10. I've noticed that the desktop seems very laggy and Xorg's CPU usage often spikes up to 93-94%. I do not encounter these problems in Ubuntu 8.10 with a Gnome desktop environment. Is this a known issue? Is there a solution?14:12
Dr_willis_kde4 is a bit slow at times. its slowly improveing with every update14:13
Shadeslayerwine cant run the quickset drivers14:13
Shadeslayererpo:yeah switch to KDE 4.214:13
erpoDr_willis_: Are my symptoms typical? I have an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16GHz CPU, 4GB ram, and a GeForce 8600 graphics card. Compositing features are turned on.14:14
Shadeslayermajor improvements even in a Beta version14:14
erpoShadeslayer: Thanks for the tip. I will try that. :)14:14
Shadeslayererpo:i have the same configuration14:14
Shadeslayeris that an XPS14:14
erpoShadeslayer: Lenovo Thinkpad T61p.14:15
Shadeslayerwell i have the same graphics card and processor,but 3GB ram,KDE 4.2 works like a charm14:15
ShadeslayerKDE 4.1 was a bit laggy14:16
erpoShadeslayer: Are you using the project-neon PPA?14:16
Dr_willis_I got an 8800gtsxxx and its slugish at times also.14:16
erpoDo I have to uninstall KDE 4.1 from the official repos before I install from the PPA?14:16
erpoCool. :) Thanks for your help!14:17
Shadeslayerjust go here: http://kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-214:17
Shadeslayerand follow the instructions14:17
ShadeslayerDr_willis:which KDE are you using14:17
ShadeslayerIs there any other IRC where i can voice my problems??/?14:18
Shadeslayerdont seem to be getting alot of support here14:19
erpoShadeslayer: What kind of problems?14:19
Shadeslayerwell my function keys don work14:19
Dr_willis_theres always the ubuntukuuntu forums..14:20
Shadeslayerand my keyboard misses a few keystrokes like the one above14:20
cuznthippo gnu deer14:20
Shadeslayerhow do i open those14:20
ShadeslayerYou mean the forums at kubuntu.org???14:21
Shadeslayerand ubuntu.com14:21
Dr_willis_i would goole for ubuntu forum and go to the link? :)14:22
Dr_willis_or am i missing somthing.14:23
Shadeslayeri meant that is there any other IRC14:23
Shadeslayerlike this one14:23
Dr_willis_freenode is the main Ubuntu IRC network.14:23
Dr_willis_theres 10000's of IRC servers/networks out.14:24
Shadeslayerhow do i connect to them??14:24
Dr_willis_using  Your IRC clients server/connection menu items   proberly a list of several 100 in  there by default14:24
Dr_willis_I doubt if any of them have as big a Kubuntu/Ubuntu channel as Freenode does14:26
Dr_willis_#ubuntu has 1216 People in it.14:27
Dr_willis_This channel is also often Much bigger at times14:27
Dr_willis_But is Is a Holiday14:27
erpoupdating to 4.2 :) brb14:37
Shadeslayerhope you tenjoy i14:38
Shadeslayerhope you enjoy it14:38
Shadeslayerand dont restart your laptop14:39
Shadeslayerjust log out and log back in14:39
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fernandohow can I change the priotority of a task??14:48
=== fernando is now known as Guest41817
cyfalweird problem since yesterday. it seems like sometimes the system means that the shiftkey is pressed even though it is not. any idea where this could come from?14:52
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!15:08
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!15:10
zorglu_q. i would like to copy a directory without changing the user and permission, what is the command for that ?15:27
PhilRod"cp -p" I think, but "man cp" is your friend15:28
DaSkreechcp -a15:29
zorglu_i installed 810 from scratch and moving my home dir :)15:31
johannes__i get the problem during isntal cache- owned by uid 1000 instead uid 0?15:32
johannes__ i have got the prob on kubuntu 8.10, that while typing the screen brightness changes15:32
johannes__sth wrong with the focus e.g.15:33
johannes__ can anybody help?15:33
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:Can you help me with this15:35
BluesKajjohannes__, which video card ?15:35
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Gimmie a moment15:35
Shadeslayerok,just look at the links in #kde15:36
johannes__BluesKaj: how do i find ou - which command?15:36
BluesKajjohannes__, lspci | grep VGA15:37
johannes__BluesKaj: thanks, its Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL96015:38
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
johannes__i think its sth with the focus, not with the card, its not if i dont type15:38
BluesKajthe driver isn't quite right ...perhaps an updated one is in order15:39
johannes__BluesKaj: how would i change that?15:40
johannes__very annoying, that the active and passive window change the brightness so often, its somehow related to usend ttouchpad/keyboard15:41
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
BluesKajjohannes__, check the keyboard layout in system settings15:43
johannes__BluesKaj: what should i look for?15:45
johannes__keyboard repeats is enabled, kmix15:46
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megatronhola a todos15:51
BluesKajjohannes__, Kmenu/applications/system/system settings/country region&language/keyboard layout, enable keyboard latouts, choose keybooard model15:51
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.15:51
Schuenemanndoes anyone use kxmame with sdlmame?15:52
megatronalguien me puede ayudar15:52
megatronpara montar un disco duro15:52
BluesKajenable keyboard latouts=enable keyboard layouts15:52
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Ok back. What's up?15:52
Shadeslayermy keyboard does not work properly15:53
DaSkreechRight did you read the link from DKE?15:53
DaSkreech#KDE ?15:53
SchuenemannI mean has anyone sucessfully played kxmame with sdlmame?15:53
DaSkreechIgnore the section that says pacman15:53
Shadeslayeri need to create a xorg file15:53
Shadeslayerso where do i create it15:54
DaSkreechShadeslayer: You may want to file this as a bug15:54
DaSkreechShadeslayer: in ~15:55
zorglu_q. what is the name of the sun java vm package ?15:55
zorglu_openjdk ?15:55
Shadeslayerill file this as a bug but it will take time to get rectified15:55
ubottuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper15:56
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Yes but you will also get wider feedback15:56
zorglu_feel like out of date :)15:56
Shadeslayerbut what i dont understand is the latitude keyboard is just like mine,so why doesnt it work for me15:57
Shadeslayeri helped somebody with a vostro yesterday with the same problem15:57
Shadeslayerand it worked flawlessly15:57
johannes__BluesKaj: i did, but unchanged.thanks anyway15:57
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:im willing to try it any way if it doesnt take too long,i only need to configure 5 keys15:59
DaSkreechShadeslayer: What worked? the keys?15:59
Shadeslayeryes all of the keys worked if he choose Dell latitude keyboard16:00
BluesKajjohannes__, then i think a different perhaps newer graphics driver16:00
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:How do you turn scroll lock on16:03
DaSkreechShadeslayer: KDE 4.2 ?16:04
DaSkreechShadeslayer: I press the button16:04
johannes__BluesKaj: how would i find out about that?16:04
Shadeslayerok this is how i used it in vista:Fn+Num Lk16:04
Shadeslayernow when i press fn+Num Lk nothing happens16:05
Shadeslayersame for  Fn+Print scrn=sysRq16:06
BluesKajjohannes , type your graphics card model number into the Adept search bar , and look for your card in the properties list of the latest drivers16:06
ShadeslayerLove KDE except for this problem16:08
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* Silent_Justy_sha is away: I've got to get some laundry done or I'm going naked today!16:09
=== Silent_Justy_sha is now known as warehouse_justy
* warehouse_justy is back.16:09
* warehouse_justy is away: I've got to get some laundry done or I'm going naked today!16:09
DaSkreechwarehouse_justy: Please turn off your away message16:10
* warehouse_justy is back.16:10
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!16:10
matteo_How can i install the driver for the HD4850 in kubutnu 8.10?16:10
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto16:10
Schuenemanncan anyone give a hand with kxmame/sdlmame? I can't load any rom16:12
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:If it helps im gonna file abug report,but what bug should i mention16:12
Shadeslayer* a bug16:12
DaSkreechEither khotkeys or kmilo16:12
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots16:12
Shadeslayerso i say that kmilo is not working properly??16:13
warehouse_justyDaSkreech: Ah Ha!  That's what that is!16:13
matteo_how can i make to auto-login16:14
matteo_in kubuntu?16:14
Nikolahey guys. When's the new Kubuntu Alpha coming?16:14
RacemanHi all, I've no sound when I'm watching youtube or playing a mp3 by Amarok, but I've sound with starting up Kubuntu and when I received messages within kopette. The visualizer in kopette is showing it's playing sound, and the volume is 100%. Anybody an idea what is going wrong?16:15
matteo_i have to type the password every time!16:15
warehouse_justyDaSkreech: Done!  It's different than kvirc.16:15
DaSkreechShadeslayer: You say the laptop keys aren't working properly and state the models they worked on and the ones that don't work16:15
DaSkreechShadeslayer: You can inquire if you need to configure khotkeys or kmilo to get them working16:16
ShadeslayerRaceman:right click on the Speaker icon16:16
RacemanShadeslayer: Yes, and then?16:16
Shadeslayer>mixer>settings>configure channels16:17
Shadeslayerselect all of them16:17
Shadeslayeri had this problem,the sound was so low  i thought there is no sound16:17
RacemanOkay, thanks, that was the clue, PCM was 0% volume16:18
Shadeslayerthen in your mixer set everything to high16:18
RacemanDid'nt know about that window ;p16:18
RacemanThanks a lot16:18
RacemanI'm new to (k)ubuntu16:18
Shadeslayerglad to help16:18
Shadeslayersame here16:18
Racemanas a desktop16:18
Shadeslayermigrated from Vista a week ago16:19
Racemanme to, 3 days ago16:19
Racemanbut new years day etc, did'nt had time till now to play with it16:19
johannes__BluesKaj: it doesnt find anything, but thanks!16:19
ShadeslayerUpgrade to KDE 4.2 as soon as possible16:19
Shadeslayermuch better than 4.116:19
RacemanMost of the things are working now, exept wifi. And the video support could be better by nvidia16:20
RacemanYes? I guess I've 4.1. downloaded an is with Kubuntu 8.1016:20
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:searched on the bugs site and found that many had the same problem16:20
DaSkreechRaceman: 4.2 is in the topic16:21
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Any insight?16:21
RacemanDaSkreech: okay, thanks16:21
ShadeslayerRaceman:i would highly recommend you to upgrade to 4.216:21
Shadeslayerreading them16:21
Shadeslayerthats all i can do16:22
RacemanIt's still beta right?16:22
Shadeslayeri think 4.1 is in Beta :D,its really much better than 4.116:22
Bauldrickgood new year! can someone help me fix/install java on my sytem?16:23
Shadeslayerand for the wifi right click on network manager,disable your wifi and reenable16:23
RacemanShadeslayer: okay, I'll follow the instructions, hope the video support is better16:23
=== nin is now known as nin_
Shadeslayerwhich drivers are you using???16:23
Racemanlatest nvidia16:24
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:look at this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/DellInspiron630m16:24
ShadeslayerRaceman:Version please16:24
RacemanShadeslayer:  just a sec, i'm looking for it16:25
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:its a known problem so maybe just a reconfiguration is required16:26
RacemanShadeslayer: NVidia binary X.Org drivers ('Version 177' driver)16:26
Shadeslayeryup those are the latest16:26
RacemanMaybe I could better buy another laptop. Is ATI better supported?16:27
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:ill just try to find a guide to reconfigure those keys16:28
* DaSkreech nods16:28
ShadeslayerRaceman:Which one do you have rught now??16:28
Racemana HP Pavillion dv9850ed16:28
Shadeslayerthanke for the help16:28
ShadeslayerI think ATI and nVidia are equally supported16:29
=== lux_ is now known as Guest44930
RacemanI guess Adept is downloading 4.216:32
RacemanYesterday I upgraded to Open Office 3, that one is crashing at startup of any of the applications16:32
Shadeslayerhey did the wi fi work16:33
Racemanthe wifi? no, not yet16:33
Shadeslayereven after reenabling it???16:34
RacemanDon't know how to do that, but if i'm looking within a terminal with the command ifconfig, it is'nt displaying the interface16:37
RacemanSo I guess it does'nt recognize the wifi hardware by default16:37
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:im following this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/HotkeyResearch but method 2,3,and 4 dont seem to work16:40
RacemanI'm going to restart KDE, hope it's upgrading well16:42
Shadeslayergood luck16:42
Shadeslayerand BTW just log out and log in again16:43
Shadeslayerit restarts KDE16:43
DaSkreechI'm not sure how active the Ubutnu laptop team is16:43
DaSkreechthat's not how you do it :)16:43
DaSkreechyou logout then press ^E then login16:43
DaSkreechAh well shouldn't kill him16:43
Shadeslayerwell nothing happened to mine16:44
DaSkreechShadeslayer: try #ubuntu-laptop16:44
DaSkreechI don't think it would it's just cleaner16:44
Shadeslayerhmm,will try16:44
ShadeslayerThat IRC is not for support,16:45
DaSkreechYeah but you can ask if it's expected to work in Ibex or Jaunty :)16:47
ShadeslayerBTW i also found this:https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi/+bug/180822 the laptop is same as the M153016:49
RacemanShadeslayer: Thanks, kde 4.2 looks great. Only my MSN contacts are not be displaiyng in kopete16:50
RacemanBut I've to go away for now, will take a look for that later16:51
Racemanthanks again. bye16:51
=== elite47 is now known as Chris47
DaSkreechRaceman: I think that MSN is broken A package will be provided shortly as per apachelogger's blog for that16:51
ShadeslayerDaskreech:Why dont they Gtalk to Kopete??16:51
Shadeslayergoogle talk on Kopete16:52
DaSkreechIt works16:52
apacheloggerDaSkreech: should be working in intrepid 4.2 already16:52
DaSkreechI'm using it now16:52
apacheloggeronly neon and jaunty don't have msn16:52
DaSkreechapachelogger: Beta 2 ?16:52
apacheloggerat least I told JontheEchidna to add msn support ;-)16:52
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:How did you manage that16:53
apacheloggerShadeslayer: http://userbase.kde.org/Google_Talk_support16:53
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Use XMPP and go to the connections tab then ... damn you apachelogger16:53
* apachelogger hugs DaSkreech16:54
* DaSkreech beams16:54
* apachelogger thinks about adding a fake google talk plugin16:54
DaSkreechI'll allow You being uber awesome this year :)16:54
DaSkreechYeah everyone keeps saying they should like Pidgin16:54
DaSkreechI'd prefer just a XMPP/Gtalk with a button on it that sets the right stuff16:55
DaSkreechThat way people know more about XMPP they can see Gtalk easily and if you want to fiddle you can and if you don't you press the button and it works16:55
DaSkreechHi tackat16:56
DaSkreechHow spins the marble?16:56
tackathi DaSkreech16:56
DaSkreechone more laparound the sun!16:56
tackattrying to get it rolling16:56
DaSkreechboredandblogging: Dangerous combo :)16:56
boredandbloggingDaSkreech: very16:57
tackatDaSkreech: I discovered that boredandwatchingyoutube is even more so16:57
DaSkreechtackat: boredandlinksurfingwikipedia is about as bad16:58
apacheloggerwth is bored?16:58
ShadeslayerHurrah for Kopete16:59
DaSkreechShadeslayer: logged in16:59
ShadeslayerBTW no one answere me till now in #ubuntu-laptop17:00
ShadeslayerDamn this keyboard17:00
Shadeslayerenough is enough im reporting the bug17:01
DaSkreechYay! :-)17:02
* apachelogger finished building koffice 2 beta 5 \\o/17:02
DaSkreechapachelogger: While yo uare here What's up with keyboard shortcuts in Ibex?17:02
apacheloggerDaSkreech: what kind of shortcuts?17:02
=== DS-Away is now known as DarkSmoke
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Thats you17:03
Shadeslayerapachelogger:the Scroll lock,sys rq ,etc17:03
Shadeslayerfor eg i wish to enable scroll lock the key is:fn+numlk17:04
Shadeslayerbut it wont work17:04
Shadeslayerworks only for dell Vostros till now,AFAIK17:04
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I did add msn support for Intrepid :)17:05
apacheloggerShadeslayer: maybe try another keyboard layout ... menu -> systemsettings -> regional -> keyboard layout17:07
apacheloggerthere you should be able to select a keyboard model17:07
Shadeslayerive tried all of them17:08
apacheloggerno clue then17:08
Shadeslayerthey simply do not work17:08
apacheloggerwell, they probably do, they just don't have a function assigned17:08
apacheloggerShadeslayer: start the application xev on a console17:08
Shadeslayeri ve got every other Dell Keyboard there,but not one for an XPS17:08
apacheloggerwhen you trigger scroll lock it should output a keycode17:09
Shadeslayershould i paste it in Paste??17:09
SSJ_GZtackat: Quick question - how do I get the cloud cover to appear in Marble?17:10
SSJ_GZtackat: Gah - unping - it suddenly just appeared! :)17:10
apacheloggerShadeslayer: please17:10
=== Ellana is now known as `Away`No`Pvs`
tackatSSJ_GZ: there's an option under "View" ... but it will only work for 24bit maps and of course only if there's an internet connection to download the latest cloud cover17:11
SSJ_GZtackat: Yep, had that checked and was using satellite view - I guess it just took a while to download :)17:12
Bowserwhatś a good website that might have some old hardware on it, something like newegg but has older cards as well17:18
Bowserall I can find is amazon lol, I just need something that shows specs17:19
Shadeslayerapachelogger:any idea whats the problem17:19
DaSkreechtackat: I showed marble on a national TV show here Luckily we had a hurricane coming17:19
sgroi135Any help pls. I am runnin 8.10 system froze had to restart now on restart my task bar is not full screen.  Running with 19 in wide screen monitor.  Full screen is being used except for the menu bar.  Any ideas?17:20
DaSkreechThe menu bar?17:21
Shadeslayersgroi135:i think it might be a KDE problem also ask in #kde17:21
sgroi135yes sorry17:21
=== `Away`No`Pvs` is now known as Ellana
Shadeslayersgroi135:im not sure,but just have a look around their too17:22
jussi01sgroi135: you havent tried resizing the menu bar?17:22
jussi01!away > Ellana17:23
ubottuEllana, please see my private message17:23
=== Ellana is now known as `Away`No`Pvs`
=== `Away`No`Pvs` is now known as Ellana
sgroi135jussi01 i guess i am stupid, i am new to kde.17:23
truenexhola a todos :)17:24
jussi01!es | truenex17:24
ubottutruenex: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:24
apacheloggerShadeslayer: hm, it is detected properly17:24
truenexok , sorry :)17:24
Shadeslayerso its just not configured??17:24
truenexmy inglish is bad xDDDD17:25
sgroi135jussi01   thank. i got it now..17:25
apacheloggerShadeslayer: well, what do you want to do with it?17:25
Shadeslayerif it can ber repaired please help me17:25
Shadeslayeri have already filed a bug report17:26
jussi01sgroi135: :D17:26
apacheloggerShadeslayer: there is just no function assigned17:27
apacheloggerto my knowledge only konsole uses (or maybe even used) scroll lock17:27
Shadeslayerim going to write a guide on how to install Kubuntu 8.10 on notebookreview.com,it would be really helpful17:27
Shadeslayerso i need to know all the problems stand corrected if any17:28
apacheloggerscroll lock just doesn't get used for anything17:28
apacheloggerShadeslayer: what do you expect to do using scroll lock?17:29
Shadeslayeri have no idea,just was trying to see if everything works17:30
apacheloggerah :D17:30
=== Ellana is now known as `Away`No`Pvs`
apacheloggerShadeslayer: scroll lock is an obsolete key, it doesn't do anything in most cases as seen on the wikipedia page17:31
apacheloggersame applies for sysrq17:31
Shadeslayerand what about the battery key17:31
DaSkreechapachelogger: Scroll lock works on the terminal17:32
apacheloggerShadeslayer: doesn't work in 8.1017:32
apacheloggerShadeslayer: most of these special keys will not work in 8.10 because the subsystem is pretty much broken17:32
apacheloggerDaSkreech: that is about everything17:32
Shadeslayerthat is just too bad17:32
Shadeslayerthanks for the help17:32
apacheloggerDaSkreech: and also obsolete considering screen up/down IMHO17:33
DaSkreechDeprecated :)17:33
DaSkreechapachelogger: Is that supposed to be fixed17:33
apacheloggerDaSkreech: what?17:34
DaSkreechIs anyone working on the subsystem?17:34
apacheloggerDaSkreech: already is AFAIK17:34
DaSkreechSo 4.2 will be fixed?17:34
DaSkreechOr 4.3 ?17:34
apacheloggerwe just need to fiddle with the assignment to functions17:35
Shadeslayerapachelogger:are you on the development team??17:35
apachelogger+ stuff like the battery key need to be patched into Qt because it uses a static definition of key codes IIRC17:35
apacheloggerShadeslayer: yes17:35
yao_ziyuancan anyone apt-file search kdecoration.h for me?17:35
Shadeslayerjust wanted to thank the team for the 3-D Cube17:36
apacheloggerthat is a guess though ;-)17:36
Shadeslayerits awesome17:36
DaSkreechAnd useless :)17:36
apacheloggerShadeslayer: you should really thank the people in #kwin for that :)17:36
=== `Away`No`Pvs` is now known as Ellana
Shadeslayerwho cares about use nowadays,all people care is the bling of the OS17:37
apacheloggerDaSkreech: we gotta do something17:37
DaSkreechapachelogger: Which is?17:38
Shadeslayerwhen i used KDE 3.5,my freinds used to say that it looks like win 98,etc,etc17:38
apacheloggerDaSkreech: the games forced so much performance on us... not using it would be wast eof resource17:38
Shadeslayerso true17:38
apacheloggerDaSkreech: that would also be the use case of bling ... keeping the hardware busy ;-)17:38
DaSkreechHa ha17:38
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: love you baby17:39
Shadeslayerhey now my has started to jump forward and backwars17:40
DaSkreechyao_ziyuan: Groupie!17:40
Shadeslayerappachelogger:which keyboard layout would be the best for me??17:41
yao_ziyuani'm wading through compiling polyester, crystal and qtcurve for qt417:41
yao_ziyuanworks now17:43
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: feel free to join https://edge.launchpad.net/~we-love-harald then ;-)17:43
apacheloggerShadeslayer: default ;-)17:43
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:Please add support for the Dell XPS series17:44
yao_ziyuanharald? dunno17:44
yao_ziyuani "make install" crystal but it doesn't appear in the Windows style list17:44
DaSkreechShadeslayer: What is jumping?17:44
apachelogger<= harald :P17:44
Shadeslayerapachelogger:there's no default,ive messed with it so much i dont remeber which is the default17:44
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: you will probably have to restart systemsettings17:44
apacheloggerShadeslayer: well, just deactivate the stuff in systemsettings -> regional -> keyboard layout17:45
Shadeslayerwell like im typing and the cursor of the keyboard starts jumping17:45
apacheloggerthat will throw you back to system default17:45
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: maybe it's installed to the wrong directory?17:45
=== root is now known as vallic
Shadeslayerit occurs randomly17:46
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: possible ... what does make install say?17:46
yao_ziyuan-- Install configuration: "RelWithDebInfo"17:46
yao_ziyuan-- Installing: /usr/local/lib/kde4/kwin3_crystal.so17:46
yao_ziyuan-- Set runtime path of "/usr/local/lib/kde4/kwin3_crystal.so" to "/usr/local/lib"17:46
yao_ziyuan-- Installing: /usr/local/share/apps/kwin/crystal.desktop17:46
yao_ziyuan-- Installing: /usr/local/lib/kde4/kwin_crystal_config.so17:46
yao_ziyuan-- Set runtime path of "/usr/local/lib/kde4/kwin_crystal_config.so" to "/usr/local/lib"17:46
yao_ziyuanbut there is also kde417:46
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: please use paste.ubuntu.com17:46
Shadeslayerits still occuring17:46
vallichello all, is there any way to use eclipse for php developing? help me please17:47
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: sudo make uninstall -> ccmake -> change the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to /usr -> press c -> press g -> press e -> make && sudo make install17:47
apacheloggerShadeslayer: relogin17:47
Shadeslayerwill do17:47
yao_ziyuanhow to "change the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to /usr"?17:48
apacheloggerusing ccmake17:48
apacheloggeror you re-run cmake with -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr17:48
robinrvallic: there is PDT17:49
vallicand what is this?17:49
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: plz give me a ccmake command line17:49
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: it is an app with CLI17:50
rohanstill occurs17:50
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: you can also install cmake-gui and use that instead of ccmake17:50
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: what arguments should i attach to ccmake17:50
RobertLaptopI need to install using something other then CD rom.  I found https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/installation-guide/amd64/boot-usb-files.html but it isn't clear what Ubuntu archives is?17:50
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: then it automatically "change the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to /usr"?17:51
apacheloggerRobertLaptop: download the packages via packages.ubuntu.com17:51
rohanwww.pendrivelinux.com might be the answer17:51
RobertLaptopWhat package?  Is there a package call Ubuntu archives?17:52
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: dude, just run ccmake and you'll understand17:52
=== rohan is now known as Shadeslayer
Shadeslayerthe cursor jump still occurs17:52
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: ccmake gave me its help information17:52
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: particularly, it says:  -D <var>:<type>=<value>     = Create a cmake cache entry.17:53
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: run ccmake in the directory you did make install in17:53
apacheloggerShadeslayer: I really can't imagine what this would look like17:53
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:its not the mouse cursor,its the keyboard17:54
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: my ccmake showed its help information and then quit and didn't give me a chance to press c, g, e17:54
ShadeslayerAppachelogger:its like this im typing,the cursor goes back automatically and im still typing the words get jumbled up17:54
apacheloggerRobertLaptop: why don't you just do the easy way?17:55
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: funny ... just run cmake with -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr then17:56
yao_ziyuani'm installing cmake-gui17:56
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: if ccmake doesn't do anything cmake-gui won't either17:56
apacheloggerShadeslayer: is something messing with your touchpad maybe? ;-)17:56
RobertLaptopI want to install ubuntu-mythtv17:57
Shadeslayeruhh,no i am using an external mouse17:57
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: works now17:57
Shadeslayerappachelogger:tell me one thing why is it that some of the Dell keyboards ae listed while some are not??17:58
Shadeslayerthe above was the perfect example of a missing keystrokei pressed'r' even when17:59
Shadeslayerlook it happened again17:59
apacheloggervery weird17:59
ubottumythtv is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV - For discussion and specific support, try #ubuntu-mythtv17:59
robinrvallic: http://www.eclipse.org/pdt/18:00
apacheloggerShadeslayer: only keyboards are listed for which appropriate layout files are available18:00
* yao_ziyuan drinks ice tea18:01
apacheloggerShadeslayer: please try a reboot to fix your issue18:01
Shadeslayerso is it possible to make a keyboard layout file,im willing to try18:01
Shadeslayerwill do18:01
* Nikola is noob.18:02
=== andre is now known as Guest21601
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!18:03
* DaSkreech hugs Nikola18:04
rohanok restarted18:05
=== rohan is now known as Shadeslayer
Shadeslayerok restarted18:05
Shadeslayerthis time something crashed18:05
apacheloggeroh dear18:05
Shadeslayerpasting the code18:05
Shadeslayerhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/97763/  it was the plasma workspace18:07
DaSkreechyay plasma :)18:07
DaSkreech Did you have a internet related Plasmoid on it?18:07
DaSkreech Weather or Comics?18:07
Shadeslayerhave none of them on my deskto18:07
Shadeslayercoz i know theyre broken ;)18:08
DaSkreechThat's the only time I have gotten a crash18:08
yao_ziyuanqtcurve is available for both gtk+ and qt3/qt4, awesome18:08
yao_ziyuanso i can use a consistent look without gtk-qt-engine18:08
Shadeslayeroh great my legs all cramped up,will be back in a sec :D18:09
DragnslcrDaSkreech- I had plasma complete break on me yesterday. Even restarting didn't help. I had to move my plasma config files and let it build from the defaults to get back to a useable desktop18:12
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:did you look at my paste???18:12
=== elite47 is now known as Chris47
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Ok that's pretty borked. did it restart itself ?18:15
Shadeslayerso is that just a normal crash or a serious one18:16
ShadeslayerKDE 4.1 used to be worse,the whole screen used to get inverted,had to press Fn+F8 a few times and it used to correct itself18:18
ShadeslayerKeyboard looks fine now18:18
Shadeslayerthats one of the reasons i upgraded18:19
DragnslcrI still miss the burn animation from Compiz18:19
vallichow can i enter this chat from windows?18:20
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines18:20
DaSkreechvallic: chatzilla or mirc18:20
DaSkreechOr pidgin18:20
vallici want from pidgin18:21
vallicbut i dont know how to install it18:21
DaSkreechvallic: You don't know how to install pidgin ?18:21
Shadeslayerany idea how to stop that crash18:21
vallici dont, can you help me?18:22
DaSkreechvallic: go to htp://pidgin.im18:23
Shadeslayerhey i have to leave in 15 min,if somebodcrash else ill goy is looking into that18:27
ShadeslayerNot again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!18:27
DaSkreechplasma broke?18:27
DaSkreechWhat video card?18:28
Shadeslayerand keyboard broke18:28
ShadeslayernVidia 8600MGT18:28
DaSkreechThat should have some fixes though the next one should have some KDE specific fixes18:28
Shadeslayerso whens the next one expected???18:29
DaSkreechwhen it's out18:29
Shadeslayerand is it just me or does the taskbar not touch the bottom of the screen18:29
Shadeslayerthats what im asking when will it be out18:30
DaSkreech I can't see your screen so I can't tell18:30
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Write to nVidia and ask them18:30
DaSkreechThey can be a few weeks to a few months between releases18:30
Shadeslayerwell its a fine line of about 3-4 pixels18:30
Shadeslayergot it18:30
Shadeslayerand KDE 4.2 is expected in which week of january???18:31
DaSkreechthird I think18:32
DaSkreechRC 1 shoudl be out on 6th18:32
Shadeslayerthat is good news18:32
DaSkreechUntil you get 4.2 and they start talking about 4.3 and you suddenly really really really want 4.3 :(18:33
Shadeslayerso the plasma crash is due to the drivers,the keyboard wont work properly,i am starting to like this OS18:33
DaSkreechShadeslayer: not sure if that's from the drivers looks like a Qt lib18:33
DaSkreechBut nothing too worrying18:33
ShadeslayerEnglish please!!!18:34
DaSkreechJust surprised it came from that low down18:34
Shadeslayerim a noob18:34
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Above the Driver level but below the user interface level18:34
DaSkreechCould have been triggered by a driver issue but that's what reported the crash18:35
Shadeslayersomething like the utility programs18:35
Shadeslayerwhat if i get it again??18:35
Shadeslayeris there any fix for it???18:36
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Well you could try a sudo apt-get install --reinstall plasma18:36
Shadeslayerwill try18:36
DaSkreechShadeslayer: I've not seen that kinda crash in a while could just be packages instaleld badly18:36
DaSkreechBut I'd say RC1 is close enough to install that and see if it works better18:36
Shadeslayerya well i had to install Kubuntu 8.10 twice,since it botched up on the first try18:37
Shadeslayercouldnt find plasma18:38
ShadeslayerE: Couldn't find package plasma18:38
DaSkreechShadeslayer: you should just install kubuntu-desktop18:39
Shadeslayerhow would that be done??18:39
DaSkreechsudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop18:39
DaSkreechit installs a default Kubuntu install18:40
Shadeslayerkubuntu-desktop is already the newest version.18:40
Shadeslayer0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.18:40
ShadeslayerWhat happened??????18:41
Shadeslayeri think ill just use Vista for now and wait till RC1 is released18:41
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!18:41
DaSkreechShadeslayer: It's already installed18:42
Shadeslayeroh i get it now :D18:42
DaSkreechI was just saying if a package doesn't work when you do an install try installing kubuntu-desktop18:42
Shadeslayerand BTW i also installed C/C++ compilers and linkers,but how do i use them??18:43
Shadeslayerill wait for RC118:43
Shadeslayerin konsole????18:43
DaSkreech!compile | Shadeslayer18:44
ubottuShadeslayer: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)18:44
=== andrea is now known as Guest24564
frkhola buenas18:44
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.18:44
ShadeslayerI mean like basic C/C++ things such as classes,etc18:46
ShadeslayerBorlands C++18:46
DaSkreechyou don't install classes18:46
Shadeslayerto be exact18:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ide18:46
frksomeone spanish?18:47
DaSkreech!es | frk18:47
ubottufrk: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.18:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kdevelop18:47
DaSkreechHmm there is a factoid about this I know18:47
Shadeslayeri mean like borlands C/C++ which have a blue background18:47
Shadeslayerhttp://www.lenholgate.com/archives/images/BC31.png like this18:49
DaSkreechShadeslayer: You want it in the terminal?18:50
Shadeslayeras an app or in terminal18:50
Shadeslayeranything which works18:50
DaSkreechkdevelop should work18:51
jussi01!code | Shadeslayer18:51
ubottuShadeslayer: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, eclipse, netbeans, pida18:51
DaSkreechEmacs might also do what you want18:51
DaSkreechjussi01: how do I get the alternates for that?18:51
Shadeslayerohhh have an idea18:51
jussi01!-code | DaSkreech18:51
ubottuDaSkreech: code aliases: coding - added by apokryphos on 2006-06-18 17:51:35 - last edited by Myrtti on 2008-07-30 01:52:4018:51
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Oh Kate works well18:51
Shadeslayeril use wine to run my windows executable18:52
Shadeslayerof Turbo C++18:52
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
Shadeslayerwill check back in two minutes18:52
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Try Kate18:52
Shadeslayerterminal command??18:52
Shadeslayeror adept??18:53
=== simone_ is now known as ubuntu192
DaSkreechShadeslayer: alt+F2 -> kate18:53
Shadeslayer then??18:53
Shadeslayerjust write my code??18:54
Shadeslayerwhat about compilation??18:54
DaSkreechShadeslayer: There is a terminal button at the bottom. Press it and compile :)18:54
ShadeslayerFocus Terminal??18:55
DaSkreechYeah I think18:55
=== paolo__ is now known as faLUCE
Shadeslayera simple command such as printf("Testing") does not work18:57
DaSkreechHow did you compile?18:58
Shadeslayerterminal button at the bottom18:58
DaSkreechand what command did you use?18:59
W8TAHhi folks - how can i securely delete a user and all their files?18:59
W8TAHas in all stuff deleted18:59
W8TAHmaybe completely is a better wrod18:59
Shadeslayerthe code i wrote19:00
Shadeslayerin kate at the bottom there's a button "Terminal" i pressed it19:00
DaSkreechRight and how did you compile it?19:00
Shadeslayerin kate at the bottom there's a button "Terminal" i pressed it19:00
DaSkreechAnd got a terminal?19:01
Shadeslayeryes but nothing except user@laptop19:01
=== maksim is now known as Guest21927
DaSkreechwell save your file and try gcc filename -o nameofbinary19:02
DaSkreechso like gcc test.c -o hello19:02
DaSkreechthen you can ./hello19:03
Guest21927\nick MadMax19:03
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!19:03
=== Guest21927 is now known as MadMax
=== MadMax is now known as MadMax74
DragnslcrW8TAH- all their files would be in /home/username19:03
vallichow do i enter this chat from windows operating system?19:04
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:cant follow you19:04
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)19:04
DaSkreechvallic: Install Pidgin19:04
DaSkreechvallic: Or if you have firefox use chatzilla19:04
khakaneor if you have firefox use google19:04
Shadeslayersaved it  as gcc test.c -o hello19:05
vallic"if you have internet"19:05
Shadeslayerwhats next??19:05
MadMax74Very interesting.....19:06
Shadeslayerthis just got intersting19:06
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Ha ha no save it as test.c19:06
DaSkreechthen in the terminal you can compile it with gcc test.c -o hello19:07
DaSkreech-o says you would like the output to be to that filename19:07
Shadeslayerive saved it in my home folder so there's no problem ???19:08
Shadeslayeror should i save it in root??19:08
DaSkreechHome folder19:09
Shadeslayerno such file or directory :D19:09
MadMax74Once again trying install kubuntu and once again obtain an error with video card. Only safe mode avalable. :(19:11
Shadeslayerwell i can see the object file19:11
Shadeslayerbut hows that possible19:12
Shadeslayerahh sorry thats a backup file19:12
DaSkreechMadMax74: after install?19:13
DaSkreechShadeslayer: is it executable?19:13
MadMax74No. When trying boot from live CD19:13
Shadeslayerno its a backup file,with a green recycle bin logo on it19:13
DaSkreechMadMax74: If safe mode works you shoudl be ok19:14
jussi01MadMax74: which video card?19:14
DaSkreechOh alright19:14
testhi guys19:14
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!19:14
MadMax74jussi01: Asus on 7600GT19:14
=== test is now known as Raposatul
Raposatuloh sorry19:14
Raposatulmeant in the konsole19:15
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:what happened??19:15
DaSkreechShadeslayer: http://www.network-theory.co.uk/docs/gccintro/gccintro_9.html19:15
ShadeslayerBTW will RC1 be available as an upgrade or an complete new CD torrent/download/etc.19:16
DaSkreechit iwll just come as an update19:16
Raposatulif anyone knows: is there a way to install kde3 on ubuntu 8.10 ?19:17
hyper____chRaposatul: compile the repos yourself and do a base install withoutbui19:19
hyper____chwithout gui19:19
Shadeslayersame problem19:20
Shadeslayerfile not found19:20
DaSkreechRaposatul: Check the kubuntu forums there is a PPA there19:20
MadMax74May be motherboard... Did some know problems with Kubuntu and ASUS P5W DH Deluxe?19:20
DaSkreechShadeslayer: What's the command you are using?19:20
Shadeslayergcc -Wall test.c -o test19:20
DaSkreechShadeslayer: By default I think everything is saved in ~/Documents what does pwd say ?19:20
DaSkreechtry cd Documents19:21
DaSkreechthen up three times and compile again19:21
RaposatulDaSkreech where are these forums please ?19:22
=== bobesponja___ is now known as bobesponja
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.19:22
Shadeslayersame error19:22
DaSkreechls shouls show you the files that are thre19:22
RaposatulDaSkreech, you mean the Kubuntu forums @ Ubuntu domain :)19:22
Shadeslayerill try ls19:22
hyper____chRaposatul: ubuntufourms... be warned, there are people like me on there ;)19:23
MadMax74Thanks... Bye!19:23
DaSkreechRaposatul: :-)19:23
Shadeslayerno sign of my files!!!!!!!!!!!!!19:23
DaSkreechShadeslayer: ls ~19:23
Raposatulhyper____ch , what do you mean by that? :))19:23
=== Raposatul is now known as Hans_Reiser_FREE
Reptilehow do i change the write permissions on my second harddrive19:23
Shadeslayeroops my bad19:24
Shadeslayerrecompiling now19:24
hyper____chRaposatul: :) nah, ubuntuforums is normally a nice place :)19:24
hyper____chReptile: what filesystem?19:24
Shadeslayercompiling done19:24
Hans_Reiser_FREEany Gentoo fans in here too? :)19:24
hyper____chHans_Reiser_FREE: I guess they are in #gentoo19:25
Reptilei guess19:25
hyper____chReptile: don't guess, know19:25
DaSkreechShadeslayer: Whooot19:25
Shadeslayerthanks for the help!!!19:25
Reptilehow do i find out19:25
ShadeslayerLinux has taught me many new things19:25
DaSkreechcompiling gcc is a good search in google :)19:25
DaSkreechShadeslayer: If you go a week without learning something new you aren't using linux right19:25
hyper____chReptile: sudo fdisk -l19:25
Reptilea noob I am, as Yoda would say19:25
Shadeslayerthanks,couldnt have done it without you19:26
DaSkreechWhat's going on now?19:26
Shadeslayerthats a new thought19:26
Shadeslayerwill it compile C++ too??19:26
DaSkreechShadeslayer: It'll compile anything you throw at it19:27
Shadeslayerahhhh,good old linux19:27
Reptileok i did. what should it say19:27
Reptilehyper ?19:29
Shadeslayerhey cant get the iostream.h header file,any ideas??19:30
Shadeslayerlooks like ill have to install those libraries myself19:31
peterzShadeslayer: #include <iostream>, the .h was dropped a _long_ time ago19:31
DaSkreechShadeslayer: try build-dep19:31
Shadeslayeri still used it my C++ programs in Vista19:32
Shadeslayerold habits die hard19:32
peterzthe ms c++ compiler is one of the most shitty ones around19:32
Shadeslayerpeterz:couldnt agree more19:32
Shadeslayerbut here Windows is more popular19:33
peterzthere's plenty real c++ compilers, even for windows19:33
Shadeslayereven in school all the desktops had XP19:33
Shadeslayerwell i used Borlands C++19:33
DaSkreechpeterz: gcc is actually pretty bad19:34
ShadeslayerDaSkreech:please explain19:34
DaSkreechIt doesn't do very good optimization19:34
DaSkreechbut then again it compiles everything on pretty much every platform19:34
DaSkreechso it's by far the most flexible and well known19:34
Shadeslayerbuild-dep do i write that in terminal19:35
DaSkreechShadeslayer: never mind you probably have them already19:36
Schuenemannis there a howto about generating debian packages? I just compiled 2 programs and I want to avoid that pain next time19:36
Shadeslayerwhat the heck i know C,ill use it anyway19:36
DaSkreechShadeslayer: When you are compiling for a package yo ucan do sudo apt-get build-dep packagename to install the source code19:36
DaSkreechneeded to compile it19:36
DaSkreechif you just wwant the source code you can sudo apt-get install source packagename19:36
DaSkreechSchuenemann: Which packages?19:37
Shadeslayerthe keyboard is at it agian19:37
SchuenemannDaSkreech, I want to generate a .deb from the program I compiled19:37
DaSkreechSchuenemann: try checkinstall19:38
Shadeslayerok im off pretty late on this side of the world19:38
simone_ubuntu ita please?19:38
=== hyper____ch is now known as hyper_ch
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)19:38
SchuenemannDaSkreech, but that is a program. It doesn't have any explanation19:39
Shadeslayerapachelogger:Can you do something for me please19:39
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)19:39
DaSkreechSchuenemann: read the man page19:41
Shadeslayerapachelogger:in the next release of Kubuntu please add the facility to detect wireless signals automatically,like we have manual wireless switches on our laptops which just sit there while we fidle with the network manager19:41
codexhello everyone, can anyone direct me to a good tutorial on using iptables ?19:43
Shadeslayerbye everybody :D19:43
codex...or a possible channel ?19:43
explodingeardrumI fixed my boot loader problem19:43
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).19:44
=== doug_ is now known as dougl
SchuenemannDaSkreech, do I have to run it right after compilation?19:46
Schuenemannthat's something important man pages don't explain. Explaining the syntax and listing all the options is good for those who already know how the program works19:46
Schuenemanncodex, http://security.maruhn.com/howto/19:47
douglI just installed 8.10 and installed nvidia drivers but my glxgears only reports 700 fps - how can I tell if my nvidia drivers are working correctyly?19:48
DaSkreechSchuenemann: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&q=howto+checkinstall&btnG=Search19:49
douglwhat is the package manager for kubuntu 8.10?19:54
jussi01!info adept | dougl19:55
ubottuadept (source: adept): package management suite for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0~beta4ubuntu5 (intrepid), package size 367 kB, installed size 1308 kB19:55
dougljussi01 thanks :)19:56
yao_ziyuanmy customized kde 4.2, screenshot: https://infowire.googlegroups.com/web/ubuntu-kde42.png?gda=G9wYB0IAAACOuAFZi1RaBlEyAECucUU2vz368PE1Lc4Hx6yz0ewWfbQ3nC8ntA55oOpBXGWFgDdV4u3aa4iAIyYQIqbG9naPgh6o8ccLBvP6Chud5KMzIQ&gsc=jvxu3RYAAADp4WnQL-21T3uCQwR2PcOQS7ibph5ftdNh9K_-frBgDg19:59
jussi01yao_ziyuan: Ive asked you before, please use #kubuntu-offtopic for things like that!19:59
Ventus_hello world, can u tell me how to join a password protected irc server with Konversation?20:00
douglis there a way to customize kubuntu to look like a mac - osx leopard?20:00
SchuenemannVentus_, servers window, edit, password20:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about regiater20:02
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode20:02
Schuenemannor maybe /server servername password20:02
Ventus_ty Schuenemann :-)20:02
=== isis is now known as isis__
isis__kennt sich jemand mit kopete aus20:06
isis__wieso kann ich meine spitznamen bei kopete für yahoo nicht ändern?20:06
Tm_T!de | isis__20:08
ubottuisis__: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, und #edubuntu-de20:08
isis__aso oh thx20:09
kevin_Hello all, Can anyone tell me how to isntall 'Jave' on my kde system. 3.5.1020:12
kevin_Tim/I meant Java. I was trying to enter a chat room, I seem to have no Java?20:14
ubottuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper20:14
kevin_I will look20:15
kevin_I think I might have been using adetp20:16
kevin_should  I use synaptic?20:16
DaSkreechDoesn't make a diference20:17
* Tm_T wonders who is Tim20:19
michaelIs anyone familiar enough with irc to understand error msgs?20:27
douglmichael: post it20:27
jussi01michael: depends, please tells us the error20:28
stanley_does alien come pre-installed on kubuntu 8.10??20:28
michael[03:28] [Error] Connection to Server chat.freenode.net  lost: name lookup has failed. Trying to reconnect.20:28
jussi01stanley_: NO! it doesnt20:28
stanley_how do i add the universe repository??20:29
stdinmichael: that probably means you disconnected from your network20:29
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories20:29
michaelI'm trying to join the irc.freenode.net channel #opensync chat...but it won't connect. irc.freenode.net resolves to chat.freenode.net when I ping it.20:29
amelierecently i installed kubuntu 4.120:30
stdinmichael: well, you're on fireenode now20:30
DaSkreechamelie: You mean 8.1020:30
amelieand on the destop, it has a transparency that says "desktop"20:30
DaSkreechamelie: That's the Desktop folder20:30
DaSkreechYou can point that to anything you like20:30
michaelOh...well...do I need to use port 8001 for freenode? This program defaults to 6667, though it isn't specified on the webpage.20:30
ameliebut i tried to reinstall it on the desktop20:30
amelieand can't20:30
ameliecan anybody help me?20:31
DaSkreechamelie: Tried to reinstall what?20:31
ameliethe desktop.. on the desktop :)20:31
amelieit was like a transparent widget20:31
DaSkreechamelie: What did you do?20:31
DaSkreechOk wait20:31
DaSkreechyou removed that transparent widget?20:31
ameliei accidentaly erased it20:32
ameliewell, not exactly an accident; i was exploring20:32
mirechow do you do?20:32
amelietried to reinstalled it, but coudn't find it from the widgets section20:32
ameliehi mirec20:32
DaSkreechamelie: It's called folderview20:33
mirechi amelie20:33
amelieok..i will look for it20:33
ameliethank you!20:33
ameliewhy i couln't find it before!20:33
DaSkreechamelie: :-)20:33
amelieactually i was looking for something called "desktop" hahah20:34
DaSkreechamelie: ;-)20:34
michaelstdin: You said I'm on freenode now (and joining opensync seems to confirm it), but it's listed as ubuntu.com in the config, and freenode isn't accepting connections... any idea about that?20:34
mirecdo you speak czech?20:34
ubottuČeské uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.20:34
DaSkreechamelie: Alright I'm gone. Bye!20:35
stdinmichael: irc.ubuntu.com is an alias for chat.freenode.net (CNAME)20:36
ameliethanks Dasckreech!20:38
DaSkreechamelie: Welcome if you need anything else come back :)20:38
DaSkreechstdin: Cute20:38
DaSkreechYour part message20:39
ameliesure I will!20:39
ameliesee you...20:39
stdinah :)20:39
jussi01!tab | amelie20:39
ubottuamelie: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.20:39
michaelOdd that I can get on through ubuntu but not through freenode...oh well...thanks.20:40
stdinmake sure the hostname is right I guess, as chat.freenode.net has to be looked up when irc.ubuntu.com is20:40
=== colton_ is now known as Hashishanin
HashishaninWhere does gcc search for library dependencies, that is, If I have a program which #includes "lua.h" where do I need to install the headers?20:43
stdinHashishanin: do "touch foo.c; gcc -v -c foo.c" and look at the output20:48
stdinbut the best place is /usr/local/include or /usr/include20:48
david__how do you get kwin to snow?20:52
david__is anyone on here?20:58
david__can you make it snow on kwin?20:59
jussi01david__: I can enable it, but I dont...20:59
jussi01david__: but I am running 4.2 beta20:59
david__jussi01: hhow do i do that?21:00
stdindavid__: the default is Meta+Ctrl+F1221:00
stdinwith Meta being the Win key21:00
david__jussi01: i dont have the beta version can i still do it?21:00
jussi01heh, thats weird, seeems that that key combo is show dashboard... hrm21:00
stdinjussi01: that's Ctrl+F12, so maybe the meta key is not registering21:01
Shauni want exploding windows on close to work! :(21:01
stdinand the snow works on 4.1.321:01
jussi01stdin: ahh, its just one of my meta's that doesnt work21:02
stdinyeah, the's only one Meta, it's usually the left one21:02
=== DS-Away is now known as DarkSmoke
sd132help, my menu's are just dashes21:26
david__does kubuntu 8.10 not have any screensavers?22:00
david__Tm_T: my system does not show any from default?22:01
david__Tm_T: were do i get them from?22:01
david__where do i get screensavers for kubuntu 8.10?22:05
JontheEchidnadavid__: the kscreensaver package has screensavers22:05
david__my system has none its a fresh install!22:05
=== `Miam`No`Pvs` is now known as Skulblaka
zerothisAssultcube froze my mouse pointer, is there a way to refresh my pointer without rebooting?22:07
david__JontheEchidna: how do i get that package?22:09
JontheEchidnadavid__: sudo apt-get install kscreensaver22:09
david__JontheEchidna: ty very much22:10
sourcemakerhow can I remove old kernel versions without clicking the remove flag in package manager?22:11
hyper_chsourcemaker: you can remove them through the cli :)22:12
david__after 2 yrs of long hours i think im finally starting to understand linux!! woot!!22:12
sourcemakerhyper_ch: I know... but how is the command?22:12
hyper_chsourcemaker: how do you install programs from the cli?22:13
sourcemakerthe "new"  package manager in ibex is really bad in kde422:13
david__JontheEchidna: Directory does not exist: "/usr/share/backgrounds"22:16
=== jovan is now known as Guest82826
david__JontheEchidna: what does that mean if it says this?22:16
JontheEchidnaI don't know22:17
Guest82826DOBRO VECE SVIMA22:19
dougldavid__: means it is looking for something at /usr/share/backgrounds and there is nothing there22:21
stdin!rs | Guest8282622:22
ubottuGuest82826: Molimo udjite u #ubuntu-rs za pomoc u vezi sa Ubuntuom na srpskom jeziku.22:22
vallichow to install windows?22:29
stdinask in ##windows22:29
=== gabriel_ is now known as uiuiui
david__i insalled kscreensaver and it will not work could someone helpme?22:32
ShadowkllrI still can't figure this out. I changed the datadir in the my.conf file, but I can't restart mysql unless i stop apparmor first, then restart it after mySQL is running. I'm not familar with apparmor. Is there a way to allow mysql permission to the directory I specified?22:32
=== gabriel_ is now known as uiuiuil_
HashishaninI'm using kubuntu, and I'm trying to compile a very simple hello world program using gcc, I type: "gcc hello.c" in the command prompt and it doesn't work. What's wrong?22:32
stdinHashishanin: install build-essential22:33
fernandopaschoetgalera tem algum forum legal em portugues sobre o kubuntu??22:33
Hashishaninwhat does build-essential provide?22:35
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
fdovingShadowkllr: have a look at /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld22:38
Shadowkllrwhat am i looking for, fdov?22:39
fdovingShadowkllr: you're looking for the old datadir path, and you want to make a similar line for your new datadir.22:40
fdovingShadowkllr: you need to add a line similar to '/new/datadir/** rwk,'22:41
Shadowkllrdo i change both? there is one that says (/var/lib/mysql/ r) and (/var/lib/mysql/** rwk,)....those were the defaults...do i change both to the new directory?22:44
fdovingShadowkllr: i'd add a new one, not change the existing.22:44
Shadowkllroh ok22:44
Shadowkllrthat worked22:48
Shadowkllr=) thanks fdove22:48
null_headHello.  Does anyone else have any trouble with KDEnlive?  I can't get video and audio to sync up.22:52
=== Ratchet_the is now known as Ratchet_the_fox
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Tony
=== Tony is now known as Koala_
Koala_hola tengo un grave problema acabo instalar kubuntu y nose que paso que andaba mirando escritorio para modificar22:58
Koala_y se ve en negro22:58
Koala_y solo veo el puntero22:58
Koala_he reiniciado y no tengo manera de volver a estado normal22:58
Koala_entro aqui por el cd live22:58
Koala_me pueden ayudar por favor?22:59
Ratchet_the_foxsoo i have a problem and need some help.  I just got and instaled a PCI to SATA card and am trying to acess my external HDD but it doesnt see it. it does see the SATA card though so what do i need to do to fix this?22:59
wesley__How can i install Kubuntu, when i dont have a cd drive ?23:01
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate23:03
stdin!es | Koala_23:04
ubottuKoala_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.23:04
Koala_ubottu:  gracias23:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gracias23:05
wesley__Is there away to install a new system without cd ?23:05
andypls1 guys how can you know the number of visitors of a website, given its Alexa traffic rank?23:05
stdin!install | wesley__23:06
ubottuwesley__: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate23:06
stdinthere are a few ways23:06
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning23:06
Ratchet_the_foxsoo i have a problem and need some help.  I just got and instaled a PCI to SATA card and am trying to acess my external HDD but it doesnt see it. it does see the SATA card though so what do i need to do to fix this?23:08
wesley__Has someone ever build a mini itx? Because i am wonder how i can connect a pata cable23:08
Ratchet_the_foxsoo i have a problem and need some help.  I just got and instaled a PCI to SATA card and am trying to acess my external HDD but it doesnt see it. it does see the SATA card though so what do i need to do to fix this?23:18
doopydoopOne question. Is there a harddrive nuking program in ubuntu?23:22
mister-tea-laptotherer's acommand to wipe it but I don't know it and wouldn't share it if I did23:24
mister-tea-laptotoo dangerous23:25
doopydoopIt doesn't matter. I'm trashing the pc anyway23:28
doopydoopdo you mind PMing me the command?23:28
mister-tea-laptoI told you I don't know it but have read it someplace try google23:29
jillsmitthi, how can i change root color set in my kde 3.5.9 on kubuntu&23:30
jillsmitthow can i change root color set in my kde 3.5.9 on kubuntu?23:31
sebastianwhat is the channel for ubuntu-eee?23:31
mister-tea-laptowhat's eee?23:32
sebastianasus eee23:32
jillsmitthow can i change root color set in my kde 3.5.9 on kubuntu?23:32
sebastiansearch google23:32
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy23:33
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes23:33
jillsmittdthacker: root? everything works, but only root applications have f***ng milky kubuntu 804 color scheme23:35
jillsmitthow can i change @@@root color set@@@ in my kde 3.5.9 on kubuntu?23:35
dthackerjillsmitt: are you logging in as root?23:35
dthackeror sudoing to root?23:36
jillsmittdthacker: in kubuntu???23:36
jillsmittnope i cant23:36
jillsmittsystem say - no root login!23:36
jillsmittonly sudo <command>23:36
dthackerjillsmitt: when I sudo at the command line it doesn't affect my color scheme, but I'm on an older KDE23:37
jillsmittdthacker: ok, how enable root account in kubuntu?23:37
jillsmittand login under root23:37
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo23:38
dthackerhmm, thats not it....23:38
jillsmitti cant login by root in my system - is it kubunut devs joke????23:39
doopydoopone last thing about bashing the harddrive. isn't that dangerous? And it can be done with a hammer?23:39
jillsmittwhat a linux system is this? and how fix login root account?23:40
dthackerjillsmitt: no, it's not a joke. most of us use sudo23:40
dthackerjillsmitt: there are several steps, please check the forums,  I need to step away23:40
jillsmittdthacker: okay, how with sudo change root color schemes?23:40
jillsmittok, everybody doesnt know...23:41
* jillsmitt this is not support channel any more, kubuntu - is not right linux system i think... deb sucks23:41
jillsmittthx bye23:41
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