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macois bazaar offline for maintainence?03:34
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macois bazaar offline? i cant view revisions of branches that i can see in my page on code.lp04:00
Hobbseehrm.  I thought launchpad wasn't auto-expiring ubuntu bugs now?04:01
crimsunwell, LH appears to not display the changesets, so my guess is "yes, it's down"04:07
crimsunHobbsee: it hasn't for the ones i've set to Incomplete that have passed the idle period04:08
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Hobbseecrimsun: then why is it showing the notice that it will expire bugs if they don't get dealt with in X days?04:09
macoHobbsee: is it saying itll expire them or that they'll be marked for expiration?04:09
macoif the latter, it'll just flag them as eligible for expiration, but it still requires manual intervention04:09
crimsuni see "will be marked for expiration..."04:09
Hobbseeoh, right04:10
Hobbseeyes, it's marked for expiration04:10
Hobbseeeven though there's no UI marking for bugs that have been 'marked' for expiration, only in the advanced search.  OK, got it.04:11
spmcrimsun: fyi and for maco if they return; source code browsing has been restarted (by one of the others SA04:25
spmgah. must move return key elswehere on kb :-)04:26
crimsunspm: thank you04:27
glade88hi, I just wanted to know whether ubuntu rt ticket 3139 (brainstorm upgrade) is publicly viewable or not (username & passwd is known)10:27
persiaglade88, They are at least widely viewable, although I'm not certain they are public, as such.10:29
glade88persia: the issue is, a user asks about "when it will be upgraded" and "well, maybe in 2-3 weeks" is an awful reply since I have been saying that since one month now10:30
glade88so can we throw them the link so that they can monitor themselves?10:30
glade88refer to: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/16801/10:32
persiaI don't know of any link for them.10:32
persiaAnyway, RT isn't really launchpad.10:33
glade88we can view the ticket as it was on the moderator ML.. in that case, I'll not provide the link publicly10:34
Kalidarnany admins around?14:05
savvasKalidarn: you might have better chances to actually get a reply if you say what's the problem :)14:19
Kalidarnyah ive kinda done that14:20
Kalidarn5 or 6 times14:20
Kalidarni just wanted to know if there was an admin for launchpad around to help me with a commit problem14:20
Kalidarnbasically i commited some packages to my ppa with badly formatted names14:20
Kalidarnalthough ive deleted them, i can't commit any future versions with the proper style14:20
Kalidarnie i had 0ubuntu1 in it, instead of 0ppa114:21
Kalidarnthis may cause problems if commited14:21
savvasKalidarn: try asking here: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad14:21
Kalidarnlater on, i was wondering if someone could just completely clean my commit log out14:21
savvasyou might get a quicker reply heh14:21
Kalidarnsome users in #ubuntu-motu14:21
Kalidarnrecommended i ask in here14:21
Kalidarnsomething about some bug with launchpad i'd have to check my logs14:21
Kalidarnas ive kinda forgotten ;)14:22
savvasand you can't push the version to a newer one?14:22
Kalidarnthat's correct14:22
Kalidarnit says it uploads the packages fine14:22
Kalidarnbut they dont go anywhere14:22
Kalidarni don't get any rejection email14:22
Kalidarnor accepted one14:22
Kalidarninitially i got a accepted one with the packages i had committed14:22
savvasso you removed them and tried with dput -f to upload it again?14:22
Kalidarnuntil some users in #ubuntu-motu that were more experienced told me i should change the style14:23
Kalidarnah i didn't use the -f switch14:23
Kalidarni just used dput dcecchin-ppa mktorrent_0.9.9-0ppa1_source.changes14:23
savvastry with -f to force it14:23
Kalidarnit says it uploaded fine anyway14:24
Kalidarnbut its not rebuilding them14:24
savvaswhat's your ppa? may i take a look? :)14:24
Kalidarnill just dig it up14:24
Kalidarnmy brain is still on celebration freeze ;)14:24
Kalidarnhere we go14:25
savvashappy new year btw :P14:25
Kalidarnits partly there14:26
Kalidarnthere's no packages14:26
Kalidarnbut its still got reference to the ones that were there14:26
Kalidarnsomething to do with14:26
Kalidarnthat verion style14:26
Kalidarnbeing  mktorrent_0.9.9-0ppa114:27
Kalidarnbeing less than what was used14:27
Kalidarnso launchpad would not accept it14:27
Kalidarnand they mentioned i might have to do something like  mktorrent_0.9.9-0+cleaned-ppa114:27
savvasyou might need a new epoch14:27
Kalidarnit would have been nice if an admin could use their powers to clean it for me ;)14:27
Kalidarni was noob initially and hadn't realised14:28
Kalidarnit was irreversable14:28
Kalidarnthat and i was also kinda new to the whole debian way14:28
Kalidarnof doing things :)14:28
savvasthe new epoch number will push it upwards and will allow you to build it14:30
savvasIt doesn't mean anything if your version is "dirty", you can clarify that in the changelog, at least until someone fixes it14:30
Kalidarnwell it doesn't urgently need committing14:31
Kalidarni was just doing it out of niceity for others who might have wanted it14:31
Kalidarnit can wait until someone helps me clean it i'd rather not make a mess of it14:31
savvasothers will still see version 0.9.9 :)14:31
Kalidarnnot that that has been linked anywhere14:32
Kalidarni really only put it up so i would have a backup :P14:32
savvasby the way, you might have a better chance of asking to completely disable/delete your ppa configuration, so that you can re-enable it again afterwards14:32
Kalidarnthats what i was asking14:32
Kalidarnif my ppa configuration could be completely cleared so i can redo it14:33
Kalidarnnow i know better14:33
savvasbackup? then send it to http://revu.ubuntuwire.net - maybe the package is good enough :)14:33
savvasI think you can create a team and make a PPA for your team about this software14:34
Kalidarni might just wait till people are in irc in feb :)14:39
Kalidarnand then ask14:39
Kalidarnless work for me ;)14:39
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savvaswell if you send it to revu, you are actually sharing your current work, you can update it anytime, with the same version14:42
savvasyou can get good comments to improve your packaging skills14:42
savvasKalidarn: you said you were sent here.. was that from #ubuntu-motu or answers at launchpad or.. both?14:44
Kalidarnfrom #ubuntu-motu14:44
Kalidarnfrom people that sounded fairly experienced14:44
savvashave you tried posting in answers?14:44
Kalidarnnah i havn't :P14:44
savvasI think things like this should go through there to be properly documented and answered :)14:45
Kalidarnbecause it's rather simple if the ppa could be cleared i could post it properly14:45
Kalidarnneed to work with someone to find out more information about it14:45
Kalidarncos im not exactly sure why its happening or whats causing it14:45
savvasthen ask for ppa removal from http://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad :P14:45
savvasmaybe it's better there, I've no idea, just suggesting :)14:46
Kalidarnwill that remove only the ppa14:46
Kalidarnor anything else?14:46
savvasI've *no* idea :) there surely must be an admin checkmark to remove a user's ppa :P14:47
Kalidarnimma go to bed now14:55
anilgI learn that the bounty system was stopped on LP..15:07
anilgany recommendations on other good bounty systems that folks here recommend?15:07
charlie-tcaNeed a little help. I have bug 311977 in launchpad. The source package is xfdesktop4, but I get a notice15:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311977 in xfdesktop4 "Right-click on desktop causes Xfce to stop managing desktop when icons are disabled" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31197715:12
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charlie-tcaasking if I want report it against xfce4 also. There is no option to say no. Where do I report this as15:12
charlie-tcaas bug?15:12
charlie-tcaas bug = a bug15:14
persiacharlie-tca, At which URL did you get that notice?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfdesktop4/+bug/311977 or https://bugs.launchpad.net/xfce/+bug/311977 ?15:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 311977 in xfdesktop4 "Right-click on desktop causes Xfce to stop managing desktop when icons are disabled" [Medium,Triaged]15:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 311977 in xfdesktop4 "Right-click on desktop causes Xfce to stop managing desktop when icons are disabled" [Medium,Triaged]15:25
charlie-tcais the one that gave the notice15:25
persiaOh, right.  That would do it.15:26
persiaIf you put in a URL that is for a different package for a bug, it offers to let you file it against that bug.15:26
charlie-tcaBut it does not give the option to say no. The only choice is to say yes.15:27
persiaThe bug number in the upper left was changed to a hyperlink to take you to the official bug URL, but it's not labeled as such.15:27
persiaRight.  Just don't visit those pages: they should only be available by URL hacking anyway.15:27
charlie-tcaOH! Thanks for that information. I see.15:28
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mahfouzcan somebody help with ppa archive uploading, I had a problem following the instructions?20:29
mahfouzI created .dput.cf like on the site and I got20:29
mahfouz> dput my-ppa scid_3.6.26_source.changes20:29
mahfouzNo host my-ppa found in config20:29
oojahmahfouz: What does the fqdn line look like in .dput.cf?20:31
oojahMine is "fqdn = ppa.launchpad.net"20:31
mahfouzfqdn = ppa.launchpad.net20:31
mahfouzfqdn = ppa.launchpad.net20:32
mahfouzmethod = ftp20:32
mahfouzincoming = ~b.a.koenig/ ubuntu/20:32
mahfouzlogin = Aspirador20:32
mahfouzallow_unsigned_uploads = 020:32
mahfouzforget about my password20:32
mahfouzI will have to change it now :)20:32
razor1394how to I remove my mail signature from launchpad?20:32
razor1394from my bug reports20:32
mahfouzrazor1394: you can hide it20:32
mahfouzsomewhere in the settings20:33
oojahmahfouz: The only difference I can see is that I have "login = anonymous"20:34
oojahBut I can't see why that would affect the host.20:34
mahfouzI was wondering if "login " is always anonymous or if you have to plugin your own password?20:34
oojahOh, is there really a space in "~b.a.koenig/ ubuntu/" ?20:34
mahfouzyeah, it doesn't even recognize the host20:34
mahfouzI tried without space also, but it doesnt even see the host20:35
oojahThe files you're uploading are signed with your key, so you don't need a password.20:35
oojahThere should be no space though afaict.20:35
mahfouzbut why doesnt it see my-ppa even though it's the first line?20:35
oojahI don't know.20:36
mahfouzdo I have to run dput to read the config file?20:36
oojah.dput.cf is in your home directory presumably? :)20:36
oojahie. ~/.dput.cf20:36
mahfouznot in home directory haha20:36
mahfouzsilly me20:36
razor1394mahfouz: I have looked almost everywhere and I can't see any option like that. It's already burnt in to the post :/.20:37
mahfouzhad too many terminals open20:37
mahfouzrazor1394: did you try to go to profile and change settings?20:38
mahfouzrazor1394: what do you mean burnt? :)20:38
mahfouzoojah: ok, now next problem > dput my-ppa scid_3.6.26_source.changes20:40
mahfouzCan't open /home/bkoenig/.scid/scid-3.6.26-sourceforge/scid_3.6.26_source.changes20:40
mahfouzI have a deb in my directory already20:40
mahfouzI simply want to upload the deb20:40
mahfouzbut i have no file ending in source.changes20:40
oojahmahfouz: Ah, you only upload source files to ppas.20:41
andresmhhow can I check the last time a particular package  was updated, in particular this one: http://ppa.launchpad.net/dorins/ubuntu20:41
mahfouzoojah: I'm doing this for the first file, what is the source file? The executable?20:42
oojahandresmh: Try https://launchpad.net/~dorins/+archive20:42
andresmhthanks oojah20:42
razor1394mahfouz - "Hide my email addresses from other Launchpad users." That's all there is to it. I see no info of removing info in posts that are already posted.20:43
mahfouzrazor1394: I thought it does that also20:43
mahfouzrazor1394: in my case, it does not show the email address anymore, or which page do you mean?20:44
oojahmahfouz: Did you follow the PPA guide? https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA20:44
andresmhin general, for packages that are not part of Ubuntu (like http://ppa.launchpad.net/dorins/ubuntu ) would you recommend to add the launchpad PPA to the sources  or to just check from time to time the website of the particular software app?20:44
mahfouzoojah: thx, let me check again, I only checked the uploading part20:44
mahfouzoojah: so I have to use "debuild"?20:46
oojahYou might also want to look at this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete20:46
oojahIt's more of a pain in the bum than you're hoping, I'll bet :)20:46
oojahWell, at least the first time round.20:47
mahfouzwell, I thought it would be simply since I already have the deb?20:47
oojah'fraid not.20:47
oojahppas only deal with the source - then they do the build themselves.20:47
razor1394mahfouz: I need to remove the sig put by gmail in the message itself.20:47
mahfouzrazor1394: please show us what "message" you are talking about20:48
oojahrazor1394: I'd open up a question on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad - the right person will get a chance to help you then.20:49
razor1394oojah: Thanks. It seems there is no way even though users have requested this and It's understandable. There is also no way to remove your account only deactivate it.21:06
ScottKIf the current revision of packages-arch-specific in use in Soyuz anywhere public?21:59
fumanchuhi exarkun22:25
exarkunhappy new year :)22:27
fumanchuback at ya :)22:27
fumanchuany launchpad staff here got a minute to answer a couple private questions?22:32
mahfouzfumanchu: lol, cant imagine what's on your mind22:38
fumanchuI know how to mail beer if you need incentive... ;)22:38
beunofumanchu, what's up?22:39

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