BHSPitLappykwwii, so I went and retrieved my tablet01:13
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thorwilhappy new year!10:58
thorwilso Tom Wright took my jackalope sketch and cleaned up the background. this is way cool :)10:58
darkmatterhmmm... nice.. though I still think a jackalope is.. umm.. weird.. ;)11:15
thorwildarkmatter: i wouldn't propose to use it for the final release. these are solely for pre-releases11:17
darkmatterthorwil: of course, but I mean a jackalope in general is weird.. it conveys a 'we don't take our product seriously' image, but the sketch is quite lovely11:18
thorwilit could also be taken as a "we are no stiff fuddy-duddies" ;)11:21
thorwilwell, thanks :)11:21
darkmatterI finally have my aesthetic guidelines finished.. now to grind out  pixmaps and svg's... and actually get my mockups from paper to digital.. yay!11:23
thorwildarkmatter: do you have those guidelines up somewhere?11:25
darkmatterummm... nope.. I'll need to type them out and upload.11:29
darkmatterThey're somewhat picky though, it's not so much a matter of themes as it is a matter of the overall interface so it's really not just the aesthetics, but more so form AND function11:30
darkmatteralso been working on some ideas regarding the workspace. one of my favorites needs a lot of ironing out as far as how to implement it, but is quite sound in concept11:57
darkmatterit's a global workflow tracker, that can save state across sessions. at the application level, it functions basically as breadcrumbs (I was thinking of displaying it in a manner similar to the way global menus are done, but again.. still working on the details)12:02
darkmatterbut keeps track of position within the workflow timeline instead of location12:03
thorwili guess you will need more detail and examples to get the idea across ;)12:04
darkmatteryup.. I have examples.. just need to do the 'flowchart for dummies' thing along with the mockups12:06
darkmatterbut.. for a really simple and not very impressive example of usage, consider.. umm.. say editing a file in gedit (like a .c or whatever)12:08
darkmatternow, currently, you basicaly make your revisions, and go through the whole 'click undo/redo til your fingers bleed' methodology, and when you close the app, that's it, you have the current version plus a backup12:10
darkmatternow, using the 'tracker' idea, each revision would add a crumb to the timeline, so you could basically jump to the desired position, and upon closing a document, the timeline would be saved (be it in a sql database or whatever), so the next time you open the file, it would open the timeline with it. that's the most basic functionality it could do, but hopefully that paints a better picture12:14
darkmatterof course, then you can get into things like forking timelines, multiple document/application tracking, etc... but that's where the flowcharts come in :P12:16
* thorwil wants global undo/redo with scope and tagging, no explicit save anymore since long12:16
thorwilbut i got stuck each time i tried to work out the details12:17
darkmatterthorwil: yeah.. that's basically part of why I started thinking about this.. I wan't things like remembering grouped apps (like say you're programming something, have devhelp, glad, anjuta, gedit, and whatever else open, sitting on whatever workspaces you have them assigned to, etc)12:19
thorwildarkmatter: i'd treat the screen like a document, so it can be versioned like everything else12:20
darkmatterI want things to resume where I left off when reopening a doc/image/whatever, and I wan't my previous revisions available in an inteligent manner, and if multiple apps are associated with eachother within a workflow, I want the association recognized/resumed when I continue the work12:20
thorwilone fun thing with an edit history that allows branching is that you can treat the result as a tree, or still a linear list, if navigation in the history is recorded in itself12:21
thorwilfood, bbl12:21
darkmatterexplicit saves should only be used when something is finished.. and it's even iffy to use one then :P12:21
savvashappy new year non-chinese residents of the earth :P12:51
savvasand non-old-calendar users hehe12:51
thorwilhappy new year for you, too savvas12:53
thorwildarkmatter: i'd rather have just tagging (as in associate this label with current state)12:53
darkmatterhmmm... yeah.. that too12:55

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