karthik_ can any one please tell me how to switch between workspaces using a program08:22
karthik_ hey i need to switch netween workspaces.. how does it happen internally in the code?08:29
racarrkarthik_: You can use libwnck. Beyond that you have to send the appropriate message to the window manager with X. the EWMH explain how to do it.08:37
karthik_racarr: wat is EWMH?08:38
racarrkarthik_: Extended Window Manager Hints, its a specification.08:39
racarrkarthik_: You are really much better off using libwnck than doing it yourself, or look in the libwnck sources to see how they do it at least.08:39
karthik_racarr: ok .. is there any way to find the xid of present workspace08:40
racarrkarthik_: Same answer. Though xid isn't really the term here.08:41
karthik_racarr: ok i'll try with libwnck and get back to you08:42
Csanaanybody here experienced with ndiswrapper?09:43
Csanaor networking problems?09:43
karthik_hey can any one tell me the hirerachy of screen,workspace,window11:18
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anakronHi all23:02
anakroni have one question23:02
anakronsomeone here had a problem with gnome-dictionary?23:03
anakronBecause my native language is Spanish and when i try to search a spanish word, the dictionary says that it can't connect to es.dict.org23:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 312893 in gnome-utils "el diccionario espaƱol no funciona" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:04
anakronthis is a bug23:04
anakronthat says that spanish dictionary doen't work23:04
anakroni want to create a patch for it23:04
anakroni know where i must change it23:04
anakronbut when i try to find a spanish dictionary, only dict.org works fine23:05
anakroni want to know where i can find a spanish dictionary that only contains spanish words and works fine23:10
anakronbecause dict.org is the dictionary server by default23:10
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