karthik_ hey i need to switch netween workspaces.. how does it happen internally in the code08:28
lagacan you define "workspaces"?08:32
karthik_i do not know the def of  workspace 08:36
karthik_but in the right hand side bottom we have two symbols08:37
karthik_there we can shift from one to other08:37
lagathat's not a kernel thing. well, it does involve multitasking, but that's pretty much low level functionality.08:37
lagayou need to ask the desktop people08:37
karthik_or using ctrl+alt+right arrow/left arrow08:37
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crazybyteperhaps somebody could help me and explain what the nosmp parameter is?17:31
crazybytei know that switches the smp kernel in single procesor or up mode17:32
crazybyteand disables apic17:32
crazybytebut beside that what it does?17:32
crazybytei mean is it possible even if the operation system and programs see only one core that both cores are working?17:32
crazybytethank you!17:32
Kanocrazybyte: what do you think the other core should do?17:33
crazybyteKano, i'm asking because i have a very nasty bug/behaviour on my laptop17:34
crazybytethis laptop is new17:34
crazybyteand it doesn't want to work only with nosmp17:35
crazybytewhen i try to use smp i end up blocking the system at boot17:35
crazybyteit doesn't work in any other distro17:35
crazybyteexcept slackware (boot cd)17:35
Kanowhat system17:35
crazybytebut it works fine in windows and freebsd17:35
wilstonehi, I was pointed in this direction with this question, hope someone can help17:35
crazybyteso it's something that si configurated in the kernle17:36
wilstonei'm trying to update my dell bios, but when I run "wget -q -O - http://linux.dell.com/repo/firmware/bootstrap.cgi | bash" as root I get an untrusted packages warning, a "Do you want to continue" message, but no chance to respond so "unrecognised input", and the process aborts....is there an easy way round this?17:36
crazybyteKano, intel core 2 duo with 2gb memory usb based wifi and sata hdd17:36
Kanowilstone: dont use wget |bash, but download it17:37
Kanocrazybyte: amd board? or why usb based wifi?17:38
crazybyteand that is why i was wondering if it is possible that both cores are working the only thing that when threading is used there is no explicit management on which core the thread goes in the case of nosmp17:38
crazybyteKano, it's Intel17:38
crazybytesorry it has Sis chipset17:38
Kanothe worst chipset you can buy17:38
crazybytei mean but usb based wifi that the wifi that is integrated is connecting through usb17:38
Kanoi would return it and get something with centrino logo17:39
crazybytei can't return it17:39
crazybyteKano, but it is possible that both cores are working even if they aren't visible by using nospm17:40
wilstoneKano: thanks. i know this is a very stupid question, but I only started on ubuntu yesterday.....how?17:40
crazybytewilstone, try using a browser perhaps17:41
wilstoneyeah thanks for that.....17:41
Kanocrazybyte: nope17:41
crazybytethx for the info Kano :)17:42
crazybytebtw Happy New Year!17:42
crazybytewilstone: go to that url that you gave17:42
wilstonewhat I mean is where do I put it17:42
crazybytedownload the file it there is one there17:42
crazybyteand or save it17:42
crazybytein a file if you get a contents17:43
crazybyteand run it manually17:43
crazybyteyou can save it anywhere imho17:43
Kanowget -O firmware-update.sh  http://linux.dell.com/repo/firmware/bootstrap.cgi17:43
Kanochmod +x firmware-update.sh17:43
Kanosudo ./firmware-update.sh17:43
Kanoin case of problems try17:44
Kanosudo bash firmware-update.sh17:44
wilstonethanks Kano17:44
wilstonefor your patience17:44
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