bobbowoo happy new year all UK people!00:00
crimsunnow go squash some bugs!00:01
Nafallocrimsun: lol00:01
* serialorder grabs watch to fix second hand00:27
pwnguinif debian fixes a bug in their BTS, and we sync the package, is that sufficient to close the bug?02:50
crimsunpresuming "the bug" refers to a bug registered in lp, yes02:52
pwnguinyes, sorry, a bug reported in lp (bts changed theirs on upload)02:52
crimsunand presuming "sufficient" implies "i can now close the bug", yes. (i don't know of a method to automatically close bugs on syncs)02:53
pwnguinoh neat. people still commit to desmume svn02:57
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ScottKHappy New Year from -050005:09
NCommanderHappy New Year EST05:09
NCommanderdamn it05:09
* NCommander whacks ScottK 05:09
crimsunsame to you, fellow east coast USers05:09
* ScottK notices NCommander blowing his chances for getting sponsored tonight.05:10
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pwnguintuxmaniac: someone in -devel thinks ngspice might be ready for reinclusion in debian/ubuntu09:57
pwnguintuxmaniac: thoughts?09:57
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tuxmaniacpwnguin: hmm let me have a look11:50
highvoltagehappy new year motus13:23
amikropWill that remember my compiz options? (like System->Appearance->Effects->None/Custom) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87302213:37
jpdsthekorn: Is there any way I can make launchpadbugs go to staging instead of the main site? I'm trying to fix bug #311289.15:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311289 in ubuntu-dev-tools "requestsync --lp is crazy (opens multiple bug reports)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31128915:17
thekornjpds, yes, let me try to find out how15:23
thekornjpds, http://paste.ubuntu.com/97663/15:24
jpdsthekorn: dankeschön.15:25
thekornjpds, bitte ;)15:27
thekornI'm wondering how hard it would be to switch all these tools to launchpadlib and use the lp API15:28
jpdsOh crap: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ngircd15:28
thekornhehe good work, good for your karma15:29
jpdsthekorn: Not sure that's what the archive admins will say tho.15:30
jpdsLucky, they weren't subscribed.15:32
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yann2hello :)15:45
jpdsbonjour yann215:46
yann2I need someone to be approve me in the ubuntu-member group in launchpad.. I've been approved at some point in 2005, and then asked for that group thing again in 2006, but it somehow never got done15:46
yann2I got IRC logs to prove my point? :] (thanks for logging years back) http://wiki.ubuntu.org.cn/index.php?title=UbuntuWiki:MeetingLogs/CC_2006-05-02&variant=zh-hans (search for yann)15:46
jpdsyann2: You didn't renew it on time?15:49
yann2jpds > renew? I think I've never been a member.. I didn't even have a launchpad account at the time :/15:49
yann2can't really remember to be fair, I think ubuntu-members got created after i first got approved, and the second time mako forgot, can't really remember - never found any use for it until now, trying to add a blog to the planet :)15:51
persiayann2, Best bet would be to attend one of the RMB meetings and present your history.  The Ubuntu Member admins are usually present at those.15:52
yann2http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2005/10/31/%23ubuntu-meeting.html  if that helps15:54
yann2savvas > you think I need to reattend? i just wrote a nice new year's post :'(15:54
savvasjust reattend to be re-approved, it shouldn't be that hard with your proof :)15:54
persiayann2, The trick is 1) getting your statement to the attention of an admin of the Ubuntu Members group, and 2) doing so in a way that that admin can have confidence in peer review of their review of the docs.15:55
savvasweird, i thought they have a channel15:57
jpdsthekorn: Well, this is just weird, filing to staging only creates one bug, while the real thing makes 5.15:58
persiasavvas, No, there's no special membership board channel.15:59
persiayann2, If you really can't attend, you could just send mail to your regional board: the RMB secretary might add you.15:59
yann2where can I find the email address for that?15:59
persiaWhich region?16:00
persiastrange: the addresses don't seem to be posted anywhere.16:01
jpdsI suggest writing to the CC, they'll add you with the proof.16:02
yann2that's what  email address? :P16:02
thekornjpds, hmm, really? that's strange, why five, looking at the code I don't see how this could happen16:03
jpdsyann2: community-council @ lists .ubuntu .com16:03
jpdsthekorn: I think someone changed something on the LP side.16:03
yann2I'll give that a try thanks16:03
thekornjpds, ok, let me have a deeper look16:04
savvaspersia: nevertheless, i think some of them hang out at #ubuntu-meeting right?16:04
jpdsthekorn: Thanks.16:04
savvasI wonder if they would accept me heh, I filed once, but failed to stay on the meeting for long time until my turn came :\16:05
yann2ok mail sent; thanks for your help persia and jpds  :)16:12
jpdsyann2: De rien.16:12
thekornjpds, sorry, I cannot confirm this behaviour of py-lp-bugs, all the bugreports I created were filed once16:13
jpdsthekorn: Very odd indeed, then.16:13
jpdsthekorn: Maybe it's a problem in edge, should I force HTTPCONNECTION.MODE.STABLE?16:18
thekornjpds, ok, I'm able to reproduce this by running requestsync,16:20
thekornlet me try to understand how this tools works16:20
jpdsthekorn: You have all the time in the world :)16:22
Adri2000ah, you're looking into that bug, great :)16:34
Adri2000btw, happy new year everyone!16:35
jpdsAdri2000: Likewise!16:35
Adri2000crimsun, pwnguin: re to what you were saying a few hours ago: if a debian changelog contains LP: #nnnnnn, that bug will get automatically closed when syncing16:37
thekornjpds, ok, I understand now why this happens, but I'm not sure if it is an issue in py-lp-bugs or in launchpad16:40
jpdsthekorn: Why is it happening?16:44
thekornjpds, I'm adding a comment to the bug now with an explaination16:44
thekornjpds,  launchpadbugs.HTTPConnection._safe_urlopen() is somehow broken,16:45
jpdsthekorn: Achso.16:46
thekornjpds, have you ever seen this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/97716/  it happens when I try to run requestsync in a virtualenv17:01
jpdsthekorn: There's a common.py file in the lp:ubuntu-dev-tools.17:02
thekornhmm, the path to common.py is hardcoded in requestsync :(17:02
jpdsIt's suppose to be added a line before..17:03
thekornyeah, but I don't have u-dev-tools installed on my system17:03
thekornwell, not in /usr/share/ubuntu-dev-tools/17:04
thekornthe easiest solution would be to move it to the ubuntutools package17:07
jpdsI don't think we use that packge.17:07
thekornso setup.py will handle it properly17:07
thekornjpds, I suggest a fix like in lp:~thekorn/ubuntu-dev-tools/fix_import_common (see diff of last revision), this is how it works for me17:24
jpdsRainCT: Can you take a look at the above when you have time^. Thanks.17:25
jpdsthekorn: Launchpad still needs to publish it..17:27
jpdsthekorn: I think the problem with that is that there are people who were against having a python-ubuntutools package.17:30
thekornjpds, I don't understand much about packaging, but this package=... in setup.py should not create a seperate (source)-package, it is just a python package17:40
thekornalternatively you can leave common.py where it is and put something like py_modules=['common']  in setup.py17:42
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Laneynotice something?18:32
* Laney slaps requestsync18:32
Laneyoh, there's already a bug for it \o18:34
Laneysebner: bug #312950 bug #31295218:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312950 in adonthell "Please sync adonthell 0.3.5-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)." [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31295018:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312952 in adonthell-data "Please sync adonthell-data 0.3.5-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31295218:39
LaneyFor your ack, good sir18:39
sebnerLaney: heh, kk. Though most thing it's a bad behaviour not subscriping u-u-s ;)18:40
Laneysebner: You said you wanted to sponsor my stuff18:40
Laneyalso, I thought requestsync did that18:40
Laneybut it did break down with -data, so maybe it didn't get that far18:40
sebnerLaney: sure but I'm in u-u-s as well. it's more the official way. I'll review it of course now18:41
Laneysebner: I think vorian has taken adonthell! :O speedy18:42
sebnerLaney: just wanted to assign it to me and noticed. O_o18:43
Laneysuper sponsors!18:43
sebnerwith super moo powers! :D18:43
DktrKranzsebner, bad behaviour... you forgot our queries? ;)18:45
sebnerDktrKranz: he?18:45
DktrKranzsebner, I sponsored some merges for you directly in query ;)18:51
DktrKranzbut no money yet....18:51
sebnermailing seems to be very slowly in Italy ... not my fault :P18:52
DktrKranzmmmh... I'll go for a trip in Hermagor18:53
* sebner hides18:53
tuxmaniac[Off-topic] Any body attending FOSDEM 2009 in Bruselees?19:04
vorianLaney: hehe :)19:10
vorianI have time off from work for the first time since June19:10
Laneyspending it wisely I see :)19:11
nhandlervorian: Your time off of work is forcing me to work harder19:19
voriannhandler: i normally work 50+ hours (mostly AFK save the iPhone)19:21
nhandlervorian: Yes, but now that you are spending more time on REVU and sponsoring, I need to also spend more time if I want to keep ahead of you in the HoF19:22
vorianwell, the 6th/7th is some packagig action for a certain RC release19:24
* nhandler is up for some packaging19:25
voriani was thinking it was for the 3rd, but I can wait a day or two19:26
nhandlerYou were probably thinking about the meeting on the 3rd19:26
vorianthere is some really old stuff needing revu'd - maybe it's time to get that sorted :)19:27
vorianwhat meeting?19:27
nhandlerWell, time for some REVUing19:28
* vorian takes tt19:29
nhandlerGo ahead. I have an inbox full of packages that I need to re-REVU.19:31
vorianlike codelite, or whatever?19:31
nhandlerThat is one of them ;)19:31
vorianthat thing should be 18 binaries imo19:31
vorianit's flippin huge19:32
nhandlervorian: IIRC, he was working on splitting it up19:32
vorianhe didn't19:32
vorianactually, he did make it two binaires19:33
nhandlerWell, that is a start19:33
nhandlerI'll look at it more later19:33
mrooneyAnyone want to give me a holiday present and review wxbanker? :)19:56
sebnerhappy new year jono \o/20:07
jonosebner, happy new year! :)20:08
gpledbddebian: you there?20:17
bddebianMore or less :)20:17
bddebiangpled: What can I do for ya?20:18
vorianmerry Festivus mrooney (see inbox)20:26
mrooneyvorian: thanks! :)20:28
mrooneyI shall get on those improvements20:29
mrooneyvorian: is the standards version definitely something to fix?20:29
vorianyes, it's very outdated20:30
mrooneyvorian: oh okay, is there an easy way to see the changes between those and see what I need to adjust?20:30
vorianif you make the adjusments I mentioned, you will be on your way20:31
vorianfor that specific error, you need to change it in debian/control20:31
* vorian takes a walk20:32
nhandlermrooney: You might be interested in this http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2008/06/msg00001.html20:33
mrooneynhandler: thanks, that is great!20:35
nhandlermrooney: lintian is also your friend ;)20:36
bbechdolHi all20:36
bbechdolHappy New Year20:36
Adri2000mrooney: more generally, the checklist for each new version of debian-policy is available in /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist.txt.gz21:14
sebnerAdri2000: is a special package needed? sebner doesn't have a  /usr/share/doc/debian-policy xD21:15
Adri2000debian-policy :)21:15
sebnerAdri2000: heh, thx. should be preinstalled though21:15
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blueyedI want to merge a package from Debian experimental.. AFAICS it's not provided on merges.ubuntu.com or DaD. Is the script which provides the automerge available somewhere?21:23
ScottKNot AFAIK.  You get to do it by hand.21:24
* pochu always does merges by hand21:24
Adri2000blueyed: DaD and MoM are both open-source, but not easy to set up and not designed to produce a merge for a single package. so the easiest way would probably be to do it by hand as ScottK said21:24
blueyedThanks. So I guess I need some help. I have the latest Ubuntu source and the new Debian source.. now I need to apply the differences between the diff.gz's to the new source, right? Would I use interdiff for that?21:26
ScottKblueyed: I'd unpack both packages and diff -ruN the debian dirs in both and that'd give you a clean patch to work from.21:27
ScottKAssuming no direct changes in the upstream source, of course.21:27
ScottKDear emgent: Please be fixing your web server again.21:29
crimsunAdri2000: yes, if the changelog contains that syntax, yes. however, if it _doesn't_, then there's nothing that i know of that automatically marks the lp bug fix released. i suppose one could say that a bzr commit with the --lp syntax does.21:57
Adri2000crimsun: bzr commit --lp? never heard of that22:28
crimsunwell, it's actually --fixes lp:foo22:29
crimsun(it's also fix committed, anyhow)22:30
anakronHI all22:42
hanskasebner: \o/22:54
sebnerhanska: ahoi ;)22:54
Laneyhanska: !!!22:58
LaneyTrying to get your shiny email? :P22:58
hanskaLaney: !!!22:58
hanskaLaney: yeah, I explained sebner why :)22:59
Laneyto save the world22:59
hanskaLaney: I have lots of packages in Debian, and I also usually look at LP when fixing bugs22:59
hanskaLaney: that too, yes. I'll be the super-uber-cross-distro-developer ftw!22:59
anakronMSG RainCT OLA22:59
LaneyOne of my friends told me yesterday that his new years resolution is to go free software23:00
LaneyI've influenced someone \o/23:00
hanskaLaney: \o/23:00
hanskasebner: so, once here, what should I do?23:02
hanskasebner: (we'll do that tricky thing some other day :))23:02
Laneyhanska: Whenever you update your package in Debian, you can file a sync request to get it into Ubuntu once you've tested it builds and runs. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess23:03
Laneybut be sure to respect freezes etc23:04
hanskaLaney: ack23:04
hanskaLaney: DebianImportFreeze is the deadline for syncs, right?23:05
Laneyhanska: Nah, that's just when automatic sync stop23:05
Laneyyou can still ask for them manually up until FF23:05
hanskaah "automatic"23:05
Laneyand after FF if they fix bugs and have no new features23:06
hanskaFF FeatureFreeze?23:06
LaneyQA only after that is the idea23:06
sebnerhanska: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers :D23:06
hanskauhm, ok23:07
hanskaAFAICT, Ubuntu works differently from Debian, right?23:07
hanskalet me explain :)23:07
hanskathe packages are all maintained by MOTUs23:07
hanskano one has "own" packages23:08
ScottKAlthough informally if you see someone has done a lot of work on a particular package, you might want to talk to them before changing something.23:08
hanskayep, ok23:08
* hanska is a Debianer :)23:08
* ScottK understands - does a fair amount of work in Debian too.23:09
hanskaScottK: the fact is, I want to effectively reduce the delta between packages I'm maintaining in Debian and their respectives in Ubuntu23:10
ScottKhanska: Excellent.  That's in the interest of both distros.23:10
hanskai.e.: doing synchronized releases, fixing bugs reported in BTS/LP, ...23:10
* Laney has recently discovered the fun of updating packages in debian23:11
hanskaLaney: eheh, go work on -mono, GO!23:11
* Laney is writing an application to a certain council............23:11
* Laney runs23:11
hanskaLaney: !!!23:12
hanskaLaney: I will refer to meebey :P23:12
Laneynot the big scary DD23:12
hanskaI'm going to file my first sync request23:14
hanskahope I get it right :)23:14
Laneyhanska: There's a "requestsync" script in ubuntu-dev-tools23:14
Laneymakes life easier23:14
ScottKhanska: But be sure to file it with -s so it'll show up needing sponsor review.23:14
ScottKhanska: Feel free to ping me for a review after you've filed it.23:15
hanskaLaney: that's not in Debian :)23:15
LaneyScottK: requestsync autodetects that now23:15
* hanska goes to packages.u.c23:15
ScottKLaney: OK.23:15
ScottKNevermind about that bit then.23:15
hanskauhm, depends on python-launchpad* which we don't have either :/23:15
Laneythat bit is broken anyway23:16
Laneyhack it out and use the email interface23:16
* ScottK has never used anything but the email interface.23:16
hanskauhm, will do that tomorrow23:17
hanskatoo late to think :)23:17
jpdshanska: Just don't use the --lp flag for now.23:17
hanskajpds: I can't install it, I would need to get the .dsc, hack python-launchpad-bugs dependency out, rebuild the package and dpkg -i it.23:17
jpdsLaney: It autodetects but if the user wants they can specify -s to force it.23:17
jpdshanska: Oh you're on Debian, Isee.23:18
hanskajpds: and that's too much work (even though rather easy) to do at ~00.20 here ;)23:18
Laneyhanska: I'll just give you the script if you want23:18
ScottKhanska: Or just grab the source package and use the script from there.  It's just python script.  Doesn't actually need a lot of installing.23:19
hanskaLaney: not tonight, really :)23:19
hanskascottK, good catch, just didn't know the package, so... :)23:19
jpds(Actually he'd need lpbugs cos the script looks up the package's bug list for existing reports.)23:19
ScottKhanska: Just in case I don't get the chance later ...  Thanks for showing up and worrying about a downstream distro.23:20
hanskascottK, np, Debian's social contract says #4 says "our priorities are users and free software"23:22
hanskascottK: so, effectively, I'm doing that just for end users. Be them Debian, Ubuntu, Sidux, Mepis, ${other Debian "downstream" distribution}23:22
ScottKhanska: Understand (I'm a DM and in NM, so I signed up for that too).  I appreciate the broad view.  Not everyone manages it.23:23
hanskaScottK: I'm in DM and NM too, and when we became DMs, we had to sign them, you know :)23:23
hanskas/them/DFSG, DMUP, Social Contract, $other_foundation_document/23:24
hanska./requestsync clamtk jaunty -k1392b174 -s23:25
hanskaThe versions in Debian and Ubuntu are the same already (4.07-1). Aborting.23:25
hanskauhm, lol23:25
hanskaso DDPO should be updated :/23:25
ScottKActually now that I look at your package list, I recall we've chatted, via BTS at least, before about clamtk.23:25
hanskaScottK: it could be, yes, your name isn't new to me, at all23:25
bddebianUh oh :)23:25
hanskabarry ?!23:26
bddebianAye, Ubuntu let me in long before Debian did :)23:26
crimsunit's a gathering of Debian folks!23:26
bddebianNow I've abandoned poor Ubuntu :(23:26
hanskalol, you went to the origins :P23:26
bddebianNot intentionaly mind you, I just try to do it through Debian now since my Ubuntu lappy died :(23:27
bddebianHeya crimsun :)23:27
hanska./requestsync gnome-rdp jaunty -k1392b174 -s -d experimental23:27
hanskaThe versions in Debian and Ubuntu are the same already (0.2.3-1). Aborting.23:27
hanskaDDPO must have some serious flaws then23:28
ScottKLooks like it's running at least a week late.23:28
hanskauh oh, nice one23:28
hanskaImportError: No module named launchpadbugs.connector23:28
hanskaok, seems like it's not that easy, after all23:29
hanskaI'll try to get python-lp-bugs on my system tomorrow23:29
hanskagoodnight everybody!23:29
ScottKWell they've 'improved' it since I last looked at the source I guess.23:29
ScottKGood night.23:29
jpdshanska: Yeah, that's the existing reports check. Night!23:29
jpdsScottK: I do my best ;-)23:30
ScottKjpds: It might be nice to not fail if that's missing, just skip the check.23:31
crimsuneek, we really need sid's maxima.23:32
crimsunsigh, time to roll new patches23:33
jpdsScottK: True, and implemented.23:33
ScottKjpds: Thanks.23:34
RainCTIs it normal for cowbuilder to say "-> Invoking pbuilder"?23:41
crimsunRainCT: considering it's a wrapper, yes23:51
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