FlannelHowdy iShock, how can we help you?00:05
ubottumindrape called the ops in #ubuntu (iShock)00:05
iShockFlannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/97242/00:06
iShockAfter he PMs me without asking.00:06
FlannelAlright, thanks for the heads up.  In the future, just come here instead of pasting into the channel.00:06
iShockEh, new theme, things moving on me :<00:07
FlannelNo problem00:07
iShockRofl .. 19:07 -!- mindrape [n=mindrape@ip70-162-221-31.ph.ph.cox.net] has quit ["Flannel = nigger"]00:07
Tm_TFlannel: so, do you feel lick nigger? (I think some people doesn't feel it as an insult, nor should)00:08
FlanneliShock: Is there anything else we can help you with today?00:08
FlannelTm_T: He's already banned.  I had a discussion with him earlier about some other stuff, etc.00:08
iShockFlannel: You could stop Gnea from being an ass and help me make my cheap webcam work. :(00:09
Tm_Thi Martinp23 00:10
Tm_TiShock: see topic (;00:10
Tm_TiShock: oh, and happy thursday (:)00:11
iShockHappy thursday? :P00:11
Tm_Twell, it's thursday here atleast00:11
iShockUK nub?00:12
Tm_TUK no00:12
Tm_Tanyway ->00:12
iShockMartin is an op right?00:13
FlanneliShock: Please don't idle here, thanks.00:13
* Mez is an op00:13
iShockFlannel: I'm on my way out :<00:14
ardchoilleI think I see a possible problem00:24
ardchoilleeither that or I'm crazy which has never been proven00:24
Jack_SparrowEvening ardchoille 00:24
Jack_Sparrowand Tm_T 00:25
ardchoilleCan non-opped users manipulate the J flag in #ubuntu?00:25
Tm_TIIRC no00:25
ardchoille[16:22:20]  mode/#ubuntu (-J) by FloodBot100:25
ardchoille[16:22:23]  mode/#ubuntu (+o FloodBot1) by ChanSer00:25
ardchoillethat looks like FloodBot1 did -J and *then* got opped00:25
Tm_Tardchoille: ah, that's prolly your client tricking you00:26
ardchoilleah, ok00:26
ardchoilleI didn't realize it since 3 seconds difference in timestamps00:26
PriceChildI see that too.00:26
Tm_Tthere can easily be even several minutes if you're lucky00:26
ardchoilleJust wanted to mention it in case it was a problem00:27
PriceChildIt was already opped the latest time it happenned.00:27
PriceChildIt was already opped both times.00:27
ardchoilleAnd then CS opped it again?00:27
PriceChildThe first +o is some time earlier.00:27
PriceChild1230769226 0101T002026 -!- mode/#ubuntu [+o FloodBot1] by ChanServ00:27
TiredWolfhave you nothing better to do on new year's day than quibble about my bots' bugs?00:28
ardchoillePriceChild: Are you sure you aren't missing a de-op?00:28
ardchoilleI can't imagine cs opping it twice00:28
ardchoilleBut, I could be wrong00:28
PriceChildardchoille: I don't see a -o. Do you?00:28
ardchoillePriceChild: I didn't look, mainly because I didn't think cs would do that. 00:29
ardchoilleOk, sorry about quibbling, just wanted to report what I thought might be a problem. Thanks for listening.00:29
TiredWolf*quibble quibble*00:33
Mezhappy new year fellow opers00:45
jussi01happy new year to you also Mez00:45
* Gary hugz Mez 00:46
jussi01heya Gary!00:47
jussi01happy new year00:47
Garyto you too, have a good one!00:47
nickspoonHappy new year guys :)00:48
jussi01ok, thats it, happy new year to everyone! 00:48
jussi01now I really should go to bed...00:49
TiredWolfdamn nickspoon, you look like someone who'll have a terrible year00:49
TiredWolfi'm sorry00:49
* nickspoon snuggles TiredWolf00:50
nickspoonHave a wonderful year :)00:50
* TiredWolf snuggles nickspoon00:50
TiredWolfnickspoon: you weren't there for new year's first kick, i had to kick topyli instead :(00:51
nickspoonCan I be second?00:52
TiredWolfnickspoon: second is no fun00:52
TiredWolfnickspoon: you can be the one who gets kicked throughout the year00:52
nickspoonI'm always that one.00:52
TiredWolfnickspoon: well, new year carries some of old year's habits, that's undeniable.00:52
Garyoh, I missed the kickings :'(00:52
TiredWolfi think i'm still opped if no one deopped me so i guess even though mirc makes it annoying i can kick you after all00:53
TiredWolfnickspoon something that's new in the new year though is that i'm going to go to bed before you tonight00:56
jussi01hrm, to be evil or not to be evil, that is the question00:56
nickspoonTiredWolf: How odd.00:56
TiredWolfGary, i said stop rawring00:56
nickspoonjussi01: Err on the side of evil.00:56
TiredWolfjussi01: ya evil00:56
nickspoonTiredWolf: Rawr!00:56
GaryTiredWolf: *RAWR*00:57
jussi01meh, Im tired, no TiredWolf kicking today00:57
TiredWolfjussi01: i'm tired too, i probably wouldn't find my way back00:57
jussi01oh well that makes it fun then :P00:57
GaryI so read above as "nickspoon, .... I'm going to bed you before tonight"00:58
nickspoonOh I do hope so.00:58
jussi01now then... bed time00:58
TiredWolfGary, and you were immediately scared that you'd be too late in the race?00:59
GaryTiredWolf: I wanted pics :p00:59
TiredWolfGary: don't start calling the police just yet, the pics will have to wait01:00
TiredWolfGary: that means that you've upgraded from, uhm, snail to tortoise!01:06
TiredWolfgood night01:18
TiredWolfhappy 1999 namefork01:18
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)01:38
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)01:38
jpdsWhat a great start to the year.01:44
FlannelAlthough for me, its still 2008.  So I can handle it and not have my new year ruined yet ;)01:45
jpdsFlannel: Something tells me it won't last ;-)01:46
FlannelJack_Sparrow: It's in the wiki, it's supported ;)01:47
FlannelMind you, we wont be able to offer detailed support, since its unlikely anyone's done it, but...01:47
Jack_SparrowFlannel, Helping people remaster their own version of ubuntu isnt something we should deal with in the channel01:48
Jack_Sparrowremasterer works well..01:48
PiciDo the forums handle it?01:48
FlannelWe've done it forever.  Although as I said, the level of experience is low, so they are unlikely to get a high level of support.01:49
Jack_Sparrowthere are plenty of sources for people wishing to make their own distro01:49
FlannelIts generally not a case of making their own distro, just tweaking something on the liveCD or whatnot.01:49
PiciThey're not going to find much help with it even if they do ask01:50
bazhanguck is very simple to use01:50
bazhangnot much support needed with that one01:50
FlannelRight, but we shouldn't scold them.  And we do have fairly thorough wiki pages about it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization01:50
bazhangno real hand-holding needed, just point and click01:51
* nickrud looks at the article in his browser window, looks at Jack_Sparrow, and starts looking for the camera05:10
Jack_SparrowWhat article05:10
nickrudthe zune05:10
Jack_SparrowI thought it was funny05:11
Jack_Sparrowall the 30 gig's dying05:11
nickrudoh it is, it is05:11
nickrudJack_Sparrow, that dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg resets the default. real handy for people that played around too hard05:14
Jack_SparrowAgreed, but it would not do what the helper was hoping it would05:17
nickrudI sometimes miss those questions, but not much. For some reason it works fine with my ati and nvidia cards, I always wonder about other problems05:20
nickruddo you use kde?05:21
Jack_SparrowI used kde for years then went to gnome full time about 4 years ago05:22
nickrudI'm giving it it's usual biannual chance. Pretty anyway.05:23
Jack_SparrowI still have a kubuntu 6 cd here somewhere05:23
FlannelAnyone with ops in -ot awake?06:07
Flannelnevermind, he censured himself06:07
FlannelOk, yeah.06:08
FlannelHe could definately use a forward here, if anyone has a moment.06:08
nickrudwe need a trigger just for that channel. 06:09
nickrudwhen was the last time anyone was added to that channel as an op?06:09
FlannelNo idea.06:09
FlannelI think we added two not too long ago, but I also think all of the ops for that channel are in similar timezones.06:11
FlannelAnd I haven't seen some of the regulars in a while, at that.06:11
Flannellikely due to holidays, I imagine, but I don't know for sure.06:11
nickrudmost of the people on the list aren't around a lot anyway06:12
elkbuntuFlannel, australian daytime is notoriously under'staffed'06:17
PriceChildSuggest people! :D06:17
* elkbuntu nudges Flannel06:18
nickrudFlannel hangs out in there. I watch sometimes, I have this thing about slowing down for car wrecks. Reprehensible, but I can't help myself06:18
elkbuntuyourself, dude. yourself.06:18
elkbuntunickrud, yeah, -ot is pure morbid curiosity06:18
Flannelelkbuntu: I'm not suggesting myself, that's presumptuous.06:18
nickrudFlannel, don't be shy. Would you accept?06:18
elkbuntuPriceChild, i think we should just stick it to him anyway :)06:18
FlannelI would06:18
* PriceChild notices flannel got the guy to leave the channel without +o06:19
nickrudI think he just got tired of being ignored06:19
PriceChildfor 4 whole years infact :O06:19
PriceChildNow that's good work.06:19
elkbuntuFlannel, now's the time you return the favour to nickrud ;)06:21
FlannelHaha.  That's true, nickrud does have a thing for slowing down for the multi-car pileup that is -offtopic.06:21
nickrud-offtopic is in my autojoin list, but I nearly never actually talk there. I usually look when someone points out some good goop lying around though06:22
Flannelnickrud: I'll buy you a years supply of sawdust.06:22
nickrudas long as no one says I have to really watch, just be on call :)06:23
elkbuntujust say something occasionally that's non-op related, or wobblywu will yell at you for only ever telling people off06:24
FlannelJust wobble him occassionally06:24
elkbuntuwell, no, he'll ignore it anyway06:24
nickrudhm. He would be in the right actually06:24
elkbuntunickrud, yeah, but he wasnt in the right when he said it to me06:24
nickrudfrom my point of view06:24
nickrudI have thick skin.06:25
elkbuntuthe skin thickness is not the issue.06:25
elkbuntuthe having your reputation urinated on is.06:26
nickrudI'm also good at avoiding pissing contests. Took me a while, but I finally learned. You know, the old 'rope-a-dope'. Let them tire themselves out and look like fools.06:28
elkbuntui'm not talking pissing contests. i'm talking regulars telling newbies to ignore the ops06:29
nickrudBut I do agree in principle; an op should spend at least some time interacting with the people he's dealing with. Oh, that. Hammertime06:29
elkbuntunickrud, the -ot regulars want to be a law unto themselves. this usually ends up in talk suitible for ##politics06:30
nickrudI don't care how long someone's been around, the coc still applies to them06:30
FlannelSome of that has to do with ineffective opping practices in recent months06:30
elkbuntuexactly. the current regulars think they should be exempt06:30
elkbuntuwell, not all, but the loud ones do06:30
FlannelAnd other issues stem from the fact that there's currently a crop of -offtopicers who haven't ever set foot in #ubuntu06:31
Flanneler, the other half of that issue.06:31
* Flannel speeks gudly.06:31
FlannelHowever, I know there's also a core of regulars who want to make -ot a nice place again06:32
nickrudFlannel, that was a perfectly constructed sentence, even if it was accidental :)06:32
Flannelnickrud: The first few words were wrong, but yeah.06:32
elkbuntuFlannel, yeah, but they're the nice kids who are willing to allow the idiots to have their say... and never get allowed to have *theirs*06:32
FlannelOver... hmmm, summer I guess, there was some actual visibility, but its an uphill fight.  Certainly doable though.06:34
FlannelJust going to have to be a concerted effort.  But I certainly think it's worth it.06:34
FlannelA lot of the issue is troublemakers bringing out the worst in the others though, a few well timed op-apperances may be enough to turn the tides.  We'll see I guess.06:35
nickrudsince I'm not familiar with the players (I know a few names because they were in #ubuntu for a bit) I'm gonna have to spend some 'quality' time there :(06:35
nickrudand learn what's 'acceptable': Drinking stories? Dating? 06:36
ubottuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu-ops. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)06:36
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:36
elkbuntumeanwhile, does someone sense that pppoe_dude only came back to moan about not getting laid?06:36
Flannelnickrud: Every once in a while a few of the otherwise normal people get all sob-story on everyone else.06:37
nickrudno windows bashing in -offtopic? That seems unfair :)06:39
Flannelelkbuntu: baz hang would be another good one.  He's active in -ot and has a good head on his shoulders.  Even if he and I don't always agree on policy/strategy06:39
elkbuntuFlannel, i thought he was already06:39
nickrudhe's not afraid of anyone06:39
Flannelelkbuntu: Nah, he and I have been fighting on the sidelines for some time now.06:39
elkbuntuhe should be awake.06:40
elkbuntulast message 150mins ago06:40
FlannelIt's NYE, he's likely off somewhere06:40
nickrudleave a memo, see how long it takes him to find it 06:41
* nickrud has a twisted sense of humor06:41
elkbuntui thought he was in my side of the world...06:44
nickrudhe is06:44
FlannelThen he's asleep after NYE?06:44
elkbuntuFlannel, i slept until midday06:45
Flannelelkbuntu: Mmmm, well... he's.... nocturnal?06:45
nickrudso he has another life. Unlike some I can name who are us west coasters, new years eve, and here :)06:45
FlannelHmmm?  It's only 1045!  Besides... my propsective significant other is on the other side of the state right now; so I'm just going to geek out tonight.06:47
nickrudmy excuse is I work tomorrow. I'm celebrating tomorrow night.06:48
=== tritium_ is now known as tritium
ubottuevowill_ called the ops in #ubuntu (Humm2)12:16
Garyoops, bit delayed there, llaaaaaag12:20
GaryI haves slow interwebs :'(12:21
elkbuntuthats ok.12:22
elkbuntuGary, he hit up #wikipedia too12:43
PriceChildclitoral was just as dodgy in PM13:44
* elkbuntu reads that several times, and still blinks.13:54
PriceChild#ubuntu person13:59
elkbuntui figured, but at 1am, that line reads weird.14:02
* jussi01 waves15:10
ubottuPlease keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.17:03
* jussi01 wonders what the !idle was for? 17:17
Jack_Sparrowjussi01, A few people I had not seen joined and said othing17:19
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: ahh17:20
Jack_SparrowHappy NEw Year btw17:20
Ursinhahappy new year Jack_Sparrow 17:21
Ursinhaand jussi01 17:21
jussi01heya Ursinha. you were after me the other day/week?17:21
Ursinhajussi01, hmm... I don't remember anymore...17:21
jpds /year*17:21
Ursinhasorry :)17:22
jussi01no probs, just wondering17:22
jpdsUrsinha: Were you at UDS?17:22
Ursinhajpds, nope17:22
Ursinhanot this year17:22
Ursinhaerm, last year17:23
jpdsAh, I thought I didn't see you/someone with your name tag.17:23
jussi01hi helpmaster, can we help you?17:26
bazhanghelpmaster, you are banned in #ubuntu ; now you are ban evading17:26
helpmasterim sorry17:26
bazhanghelpmaster, you were banned under the name mr_fat, is that not correct?17:26
helpmasteryes, but please dont ban me again17:27
bazhanghelpmaster, ban evasion is not okay.17:27
helpmasteri need help with ubuntu17:27
bazhangyou are banned under this nickname as well helpmaster 17:27
helpmasterbut can i change my nickname17:27
helpmasteri got on beause my ban was up17:29
bazhanghelpmaster, resetting your nickname and IP address then rejoining when you are banned is ban evasion17:29
helpmasteri didnt reset my ip17:29
helpmasteri just got on somehow17:30
helpmasteri havent done anything bad here now, and i promisee i wont17:30
bazhanghelpmaster, someone lifted your ban?17:31
helpmasteri dont know17:31
bazhang<helpmaster> i got on beause my ban was up17:31
helpmasterwhat do u mean17:31
helpmasteri will tell u full story17:32
helpmasteri got banned the other day (by u) and then i installed chat zilla on windows. now i went onto the #ubuntu and it worked17:33
ikoniawhy where you trying to get into #ubuntu when you know you where banned ?17:33
helpmasternow only today on windows vista17:34
helpmasterno i meant17:34
helpmasteri just need help wid ubuntu but now i cant get it17:34
ikoniawhy where you trying to get into #ubuntu when you know you where banned ?17:35
helpmasteru already asked me that. i said no17:35
ikoniano you where17:35
ikoniayou got banned17:35
helpmasterlook im going17:35
ikoniayou installed xchat on windows17:35
ikoniayou rejoined ubuntu17:35
helpmasteryea but i wont get banned again i promise17:35
helpmasterjust wait17:36
helpmastertell u full storu17:36
ikoniawhy where you trying to get back into the #ubuntu channel you know you where banned17:36
ikoniahelpmaster: I don't need the full story, I've read the logs17:36
bazhanghappy new year ikonia :)17:37
ikoniaand to you 17:37
ikoniaonly just got up17:37
ikoniawell, to everyone actually17:37
bazhangyes, by all means; dont mean to be exclusionary: Happy New Year to one and all!17:38
jpdsikonia: Heh, I got up at 2.17:49
jussi01ikonia: pm ;)17:49
* ikonia is rough17:50
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=== popey_ is now known as popey
pop79hello there, im trying to resolve a ban?19:53
ikoniayes you where in earlier19:53
ikoniayou left19:53
pop79oh sorry19:53
ikoniathis is the 3rd nick name your using19:53
pop79but can you pleeeeease resolve my ban19:53
ikoniasure 19:54
pop79thank you so much!19:54
ikoniaas I asked you before why do you keep trying to join #ubuntu when you know you where banned19:54
ikonia(the ban dodging incident)19:54
ikoniaI'm trying to understand your behaviour19:54
pop79oh wait19:54
pop79i just keep thinking that ill get in, but i dont19:55
ikoniayour not listening19:55
ikoniayou knew you where banned by bazhang, yes/no ?19:55
pop79ok. can u tell me when my ban is up?19:56
ikoniayou knew you where banned by bazhang, yes/no ?19:56
ikoniaso why did you try to join using different nicks ?19:56
ikoniaeg: you changed your nick and ip address to get into #ubuntu19:56
pop79i dont know, and anyway i like to change my nick19:56
pop79i did not change my ip19:56
ikoniayou don't know why you tried to get back in 19:56
pop79i dont even know ho19:57
ikoniathats not really an answer19:57
pop79i tried to get in to see if my ban was up19:57
ikoniayou knew you where banned - why did you keep trying to get back in 19:57
pop79i tried to get in to see if my ban was up i just told u19:57
ikoniawell, I'm not convinced by that as you've been banned under 2 nicknames now, so I'm not comfortable removing bazhangs ban, so I suggest you speak to him19:58
pop79he will just ban m,e again. plz19:58
ikoniawhy will he ban you ?19:58
pop79plz i need help with ubuntu19:58
ikoniayour already banned19:58
pop79i know19:58
ikoniaso I suggest you speak to bazhang as I am not convinced by your explinations, so its up to bazhang19:59
pop79well, can u atlest tell me when the ban is up?19:59
ikoniaI didn't set it, so I don't know19:59
ikoniaas I said speak to bazhang19:59
pop79i dont want to20:00
pop79he gets mad at me20:00
ikoniaI've not seen him get mad at you, so I suggest you speak to him in a calm manner20:00
ikoniaand it's a good idea to listen to what's been said/asked of you20:00
ikoniaspeak to him when he's active in the channel20:00
ikoniabazhang: are you there now ?20:01
ikonia(I don't think he's at his desk now)20:01
pop79oh well... thanks anyhow :(20:01
ikoniaI suggest popping back each time you login to irc to see if he's around20:01
stdinsomeone should check if Borian is ban evading, FloodBot1 seems to thinks so20:20
ikoniawhat channel20:21
ikoniaahh ubuntu20:21
stdinit's the only one the bots monitor20:21
ikonialooks like he is20:23
ikoniaI'll remove20:23
bazhangikonia, sorry was away20:23
ikonianot at all20:24
ikoniano problem20:24
bazhangpop79 trying to ban evade still I see20:24
ikoniaalthough he claims he's not20:25
bazhanghard to tell from the way he is talking in -ot20:25
bazhangplus the fact that he pm'ed me asking not to ban him again after he had ban evaded20:26
bazhangnot exactly stealth behaviour20:26
ikoniastdin: nice spot by the way20:29
* jussi01 cries and curls up into the foetal position....20:30
jussi01[22:30:10] <stanley_> does alien come pre-installed on kubuntu 8.10??20:30
jussi01[22:30:10] <stanley_> does alien come pre-installed on kubuntu 8.10??20:30
nickrudbazhang, I think he's basically clueless about what ban evading is.20:31
bazhangnickrud, it seems to be the case (this once)20:31
nickrudnot the first time I've seen it (cluelessness) I exhibit it in many spheres ;)20:31
jussi01rofl nickrud20:32
ikonianickrud: it could also be playing dumb20:32
ikoniaas he seemed to guess that changing his nick got him in quick enough20:32
nickrudikonia, true also20:32
nickrudikonia, and may think that means his ban is lifted, by definition.20:32
jussi01nickrud: that sounds feasable20:32
ikoniabut then when he's told its not lifted he keeps trying and trys other nicks20:33
bazhangI think sken may have left us a bit skeptical20:34
nickrudikonia, true that also20:34
jussi01I think we need to sort out 2 thingws with him, first, the reason he was banned originally, then explain to him why ban evading is wrong (cause he doesnt seem to get it)20:34
bazhangit did me at least20:34
stdingood lord, xchat is using 39.7% of my memory, something is horribly wrong there20:34
jussi01so why was he banne originally?20:34
nickrudbot abuse, according to him20:34
bazhanghe was seemingly trolling in -ot, then came into #ubuntu and asked how to ban people20:35
jussi01oh, fun20:35
nickrudwas asking how to become an operator in offtopic earlier as well20:35
jussi01well next time he pops in, grab him, and do some explaining, cause he seriously doenst get it IMHO20:36
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
ikoniaheads up chuy has been signing in / out, not seen him for a while but he's a big problem23:34
jussi01grumble grumble grumble23:47
cuddlefishhello. Any op got a problem with a wikibot on #ubuntu?23:47
jussi01cuddlefish: hi, how can we help today?23:47
jussi01cuddlefish: hmmm, does it say anything?23:47
cuddlefishNo, i mean "could I put one on"23:48
jussi01cuddlefish: What does it do?23:48
cuddlefishanswers ONLY to it's nick23:48
cuddlefishlemme show you23:48
cuddlefishthere we got23:49
cuddlefishsilent until:23:49
cuddlefishanna: test is foo23:49
cuddlefishanna: test23:49
cuddlefishnothing else. python+SQLite.23:50
jussi01so exactly what did that do?23:50
cuddlefishso, i set a keyword, called test.23:50
cuddlefishthen when asked for test, it posted the contents.23:51
cuddlefishthe first two lines didn't do anything.23:51
cuddlefishand the nick can be changed to anything.23:51
cuddlefishopen source, of course.23:52
nickrudcuddlefish, what advantage over ubottu would that give us?23:52
jussi01I still dont understand its usefulness. how does it enhance #ubuntu ?23:52
cuddlefishBecause of user-added factoids.23:52
Garysounds just like ubottu 23:52
nickrudbefore ubottu had to be locked down due to abuse23:53
jussi01cuddlefish: then the answer is no. we have ubottu with a moderated factoid system, we dont want just anyone adding factoids23:53
cuddlefishOK. Thanks for your time. Bye!23:53
Garynice offer of him though23:53
jussi01well nice he came to ask. 23:54
nickrudsomeone ought to point that out to him and say thanks23:54
jussi01Ill do it23:54
Garywe'd get !wiggle is wobble and the like23:54
Garygood call jussi01 23:54
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