pteagueubuntu no longer lists the md5sums for the iso's?00:16
pteaguegeeze...  yay google for something that should be listed on the download page >.>00:20
ghost3I have an ideal that id like to play with using the ubuntu server but I had some questions. my ideal is to build a couple server boxes for emergency communcations using wirless. first question; how hard is it to have the servers cloud their  connection and clients cloud the connection too?04:04
ghost3in away like olpc did their  clouding the network04:05
ghost3my server would provide all means of communacating i.e. ejabbered, phone server, basic web page chat page, etc etc...is there a project all ready in the works for this?04:10
ghost3well..if anyone has any ideals or can point me in the right direction please e-mail me at michaelhoward78@gmail.com thanks.04:14
ballHappy new year.06:16
pteaguehappy new year :)06:45
pteagueconsidering all the nifty problems the file server i'm working on was having i thought i'd do a memory test... with all 3 168-pin sdram in i had over 150 errors by the time it finished the 4th test >_<06:47
pteagueof course that's on top of 2 of 3 drives in a 3 drive raid5 array failing...06:47
pteagueafter testing all 3 of the dimms (512mb & 2x 256mb) only 1 of the 256mb is any good :(  ...  at least server only requires 256mb ram...06:48
ballpteague: I'd switch to your backup server until you have that machine thoroughly debugged (or replaced).06:54
pteagueit's my parents' home file/web server06:54
ballWhy mix 512M and 256M DIMMs?06:55
ballpteague: I hope you've got the data backed up then.06:55
pteagueit's 1 of my old 1ghz mobo & cpu... it's been re-purposed so many times & i don't think the memory is what was originally in there06:56
pteagueyes, it's backed up...  the plan was to have 2 raid5 file servers, there's & mine, & use rsync to back them up to the other06:57
ballpteague: ah good, it sounds as though you're on top of things then.06:57
pteagueit's a full size atx in a full size tower case06:57
pteaguemine is a mini-itx with a single 1gb chip & has a backplane with 4 hard drives in it...06:58
pteaguei think what killed their hard drives this last summer was the 2x dehumidifiers & the open windows in the basement... & no fan <.<  they were having issues & i came over on a weekend & it was broiling06:59
ballSCSI, 80-pin... often hot-swap07:00
ballSingle Connector Attachment iirc07:01
pteagueoh, nope... sata... found a nifty 4 sata connector pci card & bought 1 for both boxes...  considering my file server survived the summer (i think the backplane saved it) i got them the same backplane for theirs for xmas07:03
pteaguei'm almost wondering if it'd save me a lot of pain & suffering to toss the old board, cpu, ram & case & buy the same hardware i got for mine07:05
ballparallel PCI?07:05
ballWhat's their existing array, PATA?07:07
pteagueit's sata... i got the pci sata card over a year07:08
ballpteague: is it in a 64 bit slot, or at least a 66 MHz 32-bit one?07:10
pteaguethe atx board is pretty old... it was my desktop eons ago it's got 1 of those... oh, what where they? isa slots? on it...  the rest are pci07:11
ballYou probably don't want to put SATA into one of those slots07:12
ball...especially for more than two drives07:12
pteagueit still has the 3.5" drive attached to the case, but that's not been connected to the motherboard in a long time >.>07:12
pteaguewould lshw tell me what kind of pci slots they are?07:13
ballI don't know Linux well enough to answer that one.07:14
ballThe mainboard manual would, but if it's got ISA slots, they're probably basic 32-bit, 33 MHz ones07:14
ball...all sharing bandwidth07:14
pteagueit's just the 1 isa slot & i think it was on a separate channel or something... it does have an agp slot, 2x i think07:16
ballRight.  A board that old is going to be sharing very limited bandwidth amongst its PCI slots07:20
ballHang more than a couple of drives off that, you may notice the bottlenecks07:20
ballWhat's in it?  Pentium III?07:21
pteaguea 1ghz amd... athlon i think07:23
ballI have a couple of Athlons sitting around here. Can't find mainboards for them.07:25
ballOne is Socket A (Athlon XP) and the other's Socket 939 (Athlon 64)07:25
ballI quite fancy a Sempron chip, but I should probably get an Athlon 64 for the virtualisation.07:25
pteaguehmm...  considering the new intel mini-itx on newegg i may just grab that for my mythtv frontend & move the other boards around to upgrade my parents' file server07:35
ballah, that's the dual-core jobbie07:44
ballNice chip.  It has amd64, but lack VT afaik07:46
pteaguei'm using the previous model for my mythtv frontend & it works great... granted, i'm not serving up hd content yet07:46
ballThe 230?07:46
pteaguei think it's this 1 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813121342 - in which case yes07:47
pteagueactually, i still have lshw up... yes, it is the 23007:47
ballThat was on my Christmas list07:47
ballI have a case and PSU sat waiting for it.07:48
ballThat's a great price considering it comes with the chip.07:48
pteagueyep & considering the power consumption... :)07:50
* ball nods07:50
ballPity there's a fan on the chipset, but that can be fixed07:51
pteaguei'm wondering if that's really on the cpu though...  on mine the cpu is fanless, it's the gpu that has the fan07:51
ballWell, it's on the N. bridge, which contains the GPU07:53
ballMy ideal board wouldn't even have a GPU, but I'm considered unusual in my tastes.07:53
pteaguefor server or console only really don't need a gpu...  for the mythtv frontend i do though07:54
* ball nods07:55
techsupportubuntu 8.10 server installation asked me if i want to install virtual machine server, which virtual machine server are they talking about ?09:24
magtom2003morning all13:53
magtom2003is there a dummies guide anywhere for setting up a mail server?13:54
yann2apparmor broken in hardy > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apparmor/+bug/268880 :(14:13
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 268880 in apparmor "aa-logprof : multiple Use of uninitialized value " [Undecided,Confirmed]14:13
shubuntuhi, does ubuntu have a web config similar to webmin or ispconfig?14:25
andolshubuntu: I belive e-box is the solution best integrated with ubuntu.14:41
shubuntui checked the website, though there wasn't much info, i need to know if i offer ebox, instead of webmin / ispconfig my clients won't curse me14:42
shubuntudoes it have a similar look and feel?14:42
andolshubuntu: No idea, I haven't really looked into neither webmin or e-box myself.14:44
shubuntuwhat do you offer to your clients?14:44
andolshubuntu: I don't have clients in that regard.14:45
shubuntuoh ok14:45
shubuntuthanks anyways14:46
AdamDVI have SSL setup on my domain (webmain shows that it's using an SSL cert, only it dosen't seem to be mine....) But I can't seem to get the actual site to use the cert, any ideas?14:54
shubuntucreate your own ssl14:56
AdamDVSetup a self-signed SSL cewrtificate?14:56
AdamDVshubuntu: ?14:57
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.14:57
shubuntuapt-get install ssh openssh-server14:58
AdamDVErmmm, webmin was just my example14:59
AdamDVWebmin: favicon blue14:59
AdamDVSIte: favicon gray <-- I want this blue, how ?14:59
* AdamDV installs stuff14:59
AdamDVshubuntu: Done.14:59
AdamDVWhat now?15:00
shubuntuwhich distro are you on?15:01
shubuntu8.0.4 / 1015:01
shubuntujust follow that15:03
shubuntuwill help you learn how to fix it up15:03
shubuntuif you only are interested in the mail bit, just follow the mail bits15:03
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox15:03
shubuntuthen the first link is better suited for you15:04
AdamDVermmm, I need the following still:15:04
AdamDVDovecot / sendmail15:04
AdamDVSSL for the main site15:04
AdamDVSSL for mail15:04
AdamDVWIll that link work?15:04
Deepsgnuhost may be of interest to you15:05
persiaDo you really need sendmail, or just an MTA?15:05
Deepshmm, that not be what i was thinking of15:06
Deepsthat's the one15:06
AdamDVI need an MTA that works with roundcube15:06
AdamDVThat is EASY to set up.15:07
AdamDVand works with IMAP/POP3.15:07
AdamDVPossible? Postfix, sendmail, or somehting else?15:07
persiasendmail isn't known for it's ease of configuration.15:08
shubuntuthat tells you how to create an ssl15:08
shubuntuyou use openssl to create an rsa based ssl15:09
shubuntujust follow the link15:09
Deepsan ssl certificate*15:09
Deepsand postfix would be the recommended MTA to use in ubuntu15:10
AdamDVYesterday I tried that link, and the dovecot one, to no avail....15:12
AdamDVI think i should purge dovecot and sendmail and reinstall?15:13
persiareinstallation is drastic.  Purging should do all you need.15:14
AdamDVOh, ya I meant reinstall dovecot and sendmail, not the OS :P15:16
shubuntuAdamDV: don't purge. remove15:16
shubuntuand then reinstall15:17
AdamDVI think i fscxked my configs15:17
AdamDVEbox gives me thisL:15:17
AdamDVlocale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory15:17
AdamDVlocale: Cannot set LC_MESSAGES to default locale: No such file or directory15:17
AdamDVlocale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory15:17
AdamDVANd jsut sits there....15:17
shubuntuinstall locales15:17
shubuntuaptitude install language-pack-en15:17
shubuntuthen dpkg-reconfigure locales15:17
AdamDVlanguage-pack-en gives me the same error.....15:18
AdamDVANd ctrl-C fixs it....15:18
shubuntuaptitude reinstall language-pack-en then15:18
AdamDVn_1%3a8.04+20080805_all.deb) ...15:19
AdamDVUnpacking replacement language-pack-en ...15:19
AdamDVSetting up ebox (0.11.99-0ubuntu11) ...15:19
shubuntufirst install and fix your language pack15:19
AdamDVI did....15:19
shubuntuthen reconfigure your locales15:19
shubuntuthen aptitude install ebox-all15:20
shubuntualthough ispconfig is really good too15:20
shubuntuif you wanna build it, you'd be really in for a good treat with that15:20
AdamDVWhat is it?15:20
AdamDVroot@ubuntu:/etc/apache2/sites-available# dpkg --configure -a15:21
AdamDVSetting up ebox (0.11.99-0ubuntu11) ...15:21
AdamDVOk, ebox sucks. Fuck it. Can I see some ISPconfig screenies?15:21
AdamDVSOrry, kernel panic'd15:27
AdamDVIs postfix install and go?15:28
AdamDVWhat was that SSL link again?15:28
netz    /SET autocreate_own_query OFF15:56
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LinuxLover4I have an Ubuntu Server 8.10, How can I control the fan speeds on my server?? I have an Intel SE7501B42 MotherBoard19:30
LinuxLover4_I have an Ubuntu Server 8.10, How can I control the fan speeds on my server?? I have an Intel SE7501B42 MotherBoard19:53
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nealmcbkees: have you seen the renewal of the google android root exploit? http://www.gotontheinter.net/content/rc30-downgrade-merry-christmas-everyone20:31
_CitizenKane_Is php-gd installed by default with ubuntu server AMP stack?20:33
yann2is anyone here using apparmor? it seems totally broken to me...21:33
yann2(in hardy)21:33
kso512yann2: i haven't cracked that shell yet...21:41
yann2kso512 ?21:41
kso512yann2: the apparmor "shell" - I haven't tinkered with it yet..21:42
yann2I'm speaking of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apparmor/+bug/268880 :(21:43
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 268880 in apparmor "aa-logprof : multiple Use of uninitialized value " [Undecided,Confirmed]21:43
keesnealmcb: ooh, neato21:45
keesyann2: apparmor works great for me in hardy21:48
yann2your got a profile for /usr/lib/cg-bin/php5? :)21:48
keesyann2: some of the helper log parsing tools could use some polish, but AA itself is great21:48
keesyann2: nope, haven't tried doing apache confinement yet21:49
yann2well right now I can't use it without that aa log analyzer :(21:49
fiXXXerMetI have a freshly installed 8.10 64bit server install and I want to do a full apt-get dist-upgrade.  Is there a way to also save those packages (the ones being upgraded / installed) to a CD, so that if I have to reinstall, apt will get those packages from CD?22:32
hadsThe packages will be cached in /var/cache/apt/archives/22:36
fiXXXerMetSo I could just copy them to a CD, and then copy them back to /var/cache/apt/archves/ after I reinstall, then apt would pick them up from there?22:37
ScottKTher'es also a package called aptoncd.  Dunno how well it works.22:38
fiXXXerMetbrb, dinner22:38
veloc1tyhi, i wonder if anyone can help me to figure out some strange things in my apache logfile?23:27
veloc1tyget requests wich look like a bruteforce attack23:27
hadsSounds pretty standard23:29
veloc1tyhopefully.. i'm a newbie with server stuff ;)23:29
veloc1tywhat i get is stuff like this: - - [02/Jan/2009:00:02:59 +0100] "GET http://login1.login.vip.dcn.yahoo.com/config/login?.patner=sbc&login=__36ddd&passwd=penny&.save=1 HTTP/1.0 " 404 36050 "-" "-"23:30
veloc1tyit's in the access.log23:30
veloc1tyi'm wondering if it's harmless or something wich needs to be investigated23:30

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