pwnguini wasn't aware mpx was in jaunty00:14
pwnguin(or xorg main)00:15
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brycetjaalton: posted debdiff for #308387.  solved the issue for me, but would appreciate if you took a look at it to assure it's the right change09:44
tjaaltonbryce: I'd just modify debian/libdrm-dev.install :)09:55
tjaaltonbut the real question is, does -intel build against the kernel headers09:55
tjaaltonthe kernel needs db139d606ea25e0590373d5ce6bfc42ce317a61c from drm-next09:56
tjaaltonfdo bug #1913209:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 19132 in gtk+2.0 "gtk 2.7.3 with cairo doesn't use font rendering settings" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1913209:56
brycewell there are some headers which don't conflict (which I left in the makefile).09:56
tjaaltonbah, freedesktop bug 1913209:56
ubottuFreedesktop bug 19132 in Driver/intel " fails to build using drm headers from 2.6.28" [Blocker,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1913209:56
bryceyeah, I didn't try building anything against it (this is an -ati box)09:57
tjaaltonthe goal is to get rid all of them I guess (from libdrm-dev)09:58
tjaaltononly the userspace headers will remain (intel_bufmgr.h, xf86drm.h)09:58
tjaaltonoh well, I'll mail the kernel list09:58
brycefair enough; the remainder sounded like maybe obsolete cruft, but didn't want to drop without seeing someone state that explicitly09:59
tjaaltonbtw, the new intel needs newer libdrm, but there are reports where X segfaults on start with it, so.. :/09:59
brycedah, such unstable crap10:00
bryceI'm peeved...  I bought a dell mini 9 for my dad, and after playing with it with him for all of 4 hours, it locked up 3 times10:00
brycenot sure exactly what is happening, but seems like a kernel lockup10:01
brycethe dell mini 9 is an i945 hardy setup, with the lpia kernel and a proprietary wireless driver10:01
brycewas really disappointed - if anything it ought to be a showcase of ubuntu/linux/open-source quality, and to have it locking up so much is really frustrating10:02
tjaaltonyeah that sounds really bad10:03
brycethe system I'm trying to get up to jaunty is one I plan to switch to as my main desktop10:05
bryceusually I've kept my main desktop to the last released Ubuntu for stability, but I figured I need to dog food more :-)10:07
tjaaltonmy desktop is still intrepid, because of the nvidia blob..10:08
bryceI had some graphics problems with it before, so was using it just as a build box, but I managed to get those all squared away this week10:08
tjaaltonyou probably heard the news about r6/7xx drm stuff?-)10:08
bryceoh yeah10:08
bryceand nvidia's new video accel stuff10:09
brycevdpau or whatever10:09
tjaaltonso within a month the docs should be out and some sort of a DRI driver too..10:09
tjaaltonI wonder if other drivers will pick vdpau..10:10
brycedo -ati and -radeonhd both use the same dri driver in mesa?10:10
tjaaltonyes, AIUI10:10
brycetjaalton: vdpau ain't open source10:11
bryceand sounds like both Intel and ATI have competing technology solutions for multi-mpeg accel support, so...10:11
bryceI think again we're going to get into this annoying situation of having a great proprietary solution for -nvidia, and a less great but open source solution from intel10:12
tjaaltonI believe there was an announcement on xorg@ about vdpau10:12
brycefrom nvidia?10:12
tjaaltona couple of months back10:14
bryceah; not spotting it in my mail archive10:14
tjaaltonme neither, but I'll look closer10:14
bryceanyway, sounds like there'll be fragmentation on the video acceleration front to look forward to this next year or so10:16
tjaaltonhere: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xorg/2008-November/040279.html10:16
tjaaltonso the API is free10:17
tjaaltonyes, too bad that now that nvidia has published vdpau, the other vendors still keep on working on their own stuff..10:18
tjaaltonNIH ftw!10:18
brycepublishing the API != free10:19
bryceMicrosoft publishes many API's for application developers to use...10:19
tjaaltonwell the copyright notice on the headers does sound like it's free..10:20
tjaaltonI'd like to hear what the other vendors think of it..10:21
tjaaltonnothing on the list or IRC so far10:21
* bryce nods10:21
bryceI guess what I mean is that publishing the API is akin to putting the table of contents of a book on a website10:24
bryceyou couldn't then claim that the book was "available for download from the web"10:24
brycesimilarly, to really call an API "Free", I'd expect the reference implementation to also be published under a free-ish license10:25
pwnguinmore importantly, a set of closed drivers conforming to an API will sustain a far slower the rate of change 10:25
bryceswitching systems... bbiab10:27
bryceerf, I can only get -vesa booted.  wtf10:59
bryceretesting -ati, brb11:15
bryceno go11:19
bryceah well, tomorrow's project11:20
tseliotBTW the id of my NVIDIA card (02E2) is no longer in /usr/share/xserver-xorg/pci/nv.ids or anywhere in /usr/share/xserver-xorg/pci/ (in Intrepid)11:24
tjaaltonso nv doesn't support it11:25
tseliottjaalton: but it's a geforce 7300 and it was supported11:27
tseliotand should be supported by nv too11:27
tjaaltonmaybe the .ids parsing code is buggy then11:27
tseliotyes, that was my 1st guess11:27
tjaaltonimprovements welcome :)11:28
tseliottjaalton: where's the code? In the source package of nv?11:29
tjaaltonthere's a patch which modifies a Makefile11:30
tjaaltonto generate the file11:30
tseliotok, I think I've played with something similar before (for nvidia)11:30
tjaalton-nv is a special case because it lists id's in a couple of functions11:31
tjaaltonso it's possible that the parser is buggy11:32
tseliotthe ID is missing from the source file. Other ids for 7300 cards are provided but mine11:34
tseliota patch should fix it11:34
tjaaltonso forcing the driver works?11:35
tjaaltonIIRC mvo had a similar case11:35
tjaaltonwhere the driver didn't list the id, but works if forced11:36
tseliotit used to work. I'll test it and if it works, I'll give you a patch11:37
marijushello, how to check if kms is running properly?13:52
tjaaltonit isn't, period :)13:55
marijusok... :) anyway... a happy new year!13:57
tjaaltonunless you're running experimental code from upstream..13:58
marijusi do...13:58
tjaaltonok then13:58
tseliottjaalton: nv works if I force it in the xorg.conf. Shall I give you debdiffs for intrepid and jaunty? Also I'll contact Aaron Plattner15:00
tjaaltonjaunty is enough, doubt that intrepid will be updated15:03
tseliotBTW did you remove that fedora patch from X? The one which caused corruptions on KDE?15:08
tjaaltondone in git15:12
tjaaltonbut I can't build a source package and upload because some xquartz binaries have been changed, and dpkg-buildpackage barfs because of it15:12
tjaaltonso either have to wait for next beta or remove xquartz from the git branch15:21
tjaaltonsince it's osx-specific anyway15:21

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