mindrapeidea4good - sudo iwconfig      what is the presently used essid?00:00
LetsGo67eseven73 is a user?  thx for your help weternel and ardchoille, g2g, tty00:00
Clark3934I am having trouble setting up backuppc (backing up windows clients via smb to my ubuntu box).  It keeps getting access denied when it tries to access the windows shares.  When I checked the log file, it keeps trying to login anonymously, even when i provide it with a password.  what should i do?00:00
mindrapeidea4good - sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid <pick one>        then       sudo iwconfig            and see if the AP lists a MAC address or it says unassociated...00:00
Agionsimpleos: the log files? y'now?00:00
idea4goodmindrape: its listing a network that is open00:00
simpleosOk. Just to view, or the filename?00:00
idea4goodAP has mac address00:01
mindrapeidea4good - then lets do a sudo dhclient wlan000:01
johnyblueI'm asking about a ftp server. Where to start from?00:01
Flanneljohnyblue: What are you going to be using it for?00:01
mindrapejohnyblue: sudo apt-cache search ftpd00:01
simpleosjohnyblue: sudo apt-get install ftpd00:01
simpleoslol succession00:01
GneaiShock: okay, do you see that listed under the supported section?00:01
mindrapewell technically the search would give him the option of vsftpd, wuftpd, ftpd, etc, etc, etc.00:02
idea4goodmindrape: no such device SIOCSIFADDR00:02
iShockGnea, no, but why the hell shouldn't it work?00:02
mindrapeidea4good - when you sudo iwconfig is the wireless adapter wlan0 or eth1 or what?00:02
GneaiShock: please watch your language.00:02
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:03
iShockSince when is hell swearing?00:03
simpleosmindrape: but he probably doesn't care.00:03
amortvigildoes anyone have raptor menu working?00:03
GneaiShock: it's your tone.00:03
iShockThen say that, not watch your language.00:03
Flanneljohnyblue: If you're just looking to use ftp for uploading files, you should consider simply using sftp.  It's secure, and a lot easier to set up (just install openssh-server) than ftp00:03
LWTechSupportmindrape: Gparted can not detect the HD. My 250GB sata HD was detected fine as well as my 80GB sata HD. I pulled out the 80GB this moring plugged in my 1TB drive and reinstalled on the 250GB HD.00:03
johnybluei plan to have a webserver on this machine00:04
Gneaoh, look at the time, i need to get going soon00:04
sambagirlhappy new year. real quick. is anyone playing live for speed in ubuntu?00:04
johnybluebut I'll not need to have too many users....or stuff00:04
iShock19:04 <mindrape> dont pm me back without asking.00:04
iShock19:04 <mindrape> and yes it is.00:04
iShock19:04 <mindrape> deal with it you useless douche.00:04
zeldacome on... wait for it,..00:04
zeldacome on.....00:04
Gnea!paste | iShock00:04
ubottuiShock: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:04
sambagirlin wine i mean00:04
sambagirlcan you or cant you?00:05
zelda!abuse | iShock00:05
ubottuiShock: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:05
Flanneljohnyblue: Just for yourself? or for other people? If its just for you and a small group of people, you'll be happier with sftp through your ssh server.00:05
Gneasambagirl: happy new year. never played it..00:05
iShockzelda: You're abusing the bot ..00:05
eseven73such hostilities for New Years! tisk tisk :P00:05
Newb`sb all00:05
Flannelsambagirl: You may ask in #winehq00:05
sambagirlishock it is awesome00:05
zeldaiShock: no Im not.00:05
mindrape!op | iShock00:05
ubottuiShock: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!00:05
* zelda waits for iShock to get kicked!00:06
mordofhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing?action=show&redirect=InternetConnectionSharing  my network is 192.168.2.*  (1 is the modem) is my server.  tried setting the eth1 to, and the iptables rule to    i can ping on my server, but the client doesn't see it at all.. anyone able to help ?00:06
simpleosjohnyblue: for a web server use apache200:06
Gneazelda: enough.00:06
Flannelzelda: We don't need the commentary, thanks.00:06
eseven73dont feed the trolls00:06
zeldayou're right sorry.00:06
StaticShockhmm, i need some help finding out what this is: /usr/lib/dri/swrast_dri.so00:06
johnyblue yes, is about apache200:06
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StaticShockanyone know, or know where to look?00:06
sambagirlishock you woul,d not believe that game trust me.00:06
mindrapeLOL... Flannel is such a tard.00:06
GneaiShock: please, if you need to chill out for awhile, go do so. if you want constructive help, be prepared to leave your attitude at the door.00:07
johnyblueme and some friends will access my "server"00:07
* zelda high fives Flannel00:07
Flannelzelda: we don't need a running commentary, thanks.00:07
Ahmuck-Jrhi, is someone familair with video in linux?00:07
krazedIs there anything I have to do extra to get my wireless working? In hardware drivers it says support for my LAN card is enabled but I still have no wireless.00:08
GneaAhmuck-Jr: many people are, what's the problem?00:08
simpleoskrazed: what card?00:08
sambagirlfamiliar with video?00:08
sambagirlin what respect?00:08
caimlasGnea, not seeing the craptastic artifacts yet00:08
jacekowskiAhmuck-Jr: i'm very experienced in playing video00:08
krazedsimpleos: Atheros 802.11 cards00:08
Gneacaimlas: cool00:08
Ahmuck-Jri'm trying to capture video but it's telling me the raw1394 moudule is not loaded00:08
Ahmuck-Jri'm not sure how to fix it00:08
sambagirlflannel who did you  ban?00:08
simpleoskrazed: i think you need something else to use that.00:08
StaticShockanyone know what to install to get /usr/lib/dri/swrast_dri.so00:08
robbmunsonbe back in a few00:09
Gneasambagirl: it's a silence, not a ban.00:09
simpleos!apt-file | StaticShock00:09
ubottuStaticShock: apt-file is a program that can tell you which package(s) contain(s) a given filename. To install it and generate the database it needs, run "sudo apt-get install apt-file && sudo apt-file update"00:09
exodus_msI've looking for a site that offers Xchat themes this is a good one (http://t0x.in/xchatthemes.html) but I would like a site that offers more selections. Any suggestions?00:09
sambagirlwhom was silenced?00:09
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caimlasGnea, i'm just as hesitant to do a dist-upgrade as I am to run w/ crossrelease packages00:09
Flannelsambagirl: it's not important00:09
eseven73who cares00:09
caimlasGnea, you know how that breaks stuff ;P00:09
sambagirlyes it is important00:09
Ahmuck-Jrim using ubuntu 8.1000:10
StaticShocksimpleos: thanks00:10
eseven73sambagirl>> you didnt get banned so no worries :)00:10
ardchoilleStaticShock: found with apt-file: libgl1-mesa-dri00:10
Ahmuck-Jrany suggestions?00:10
johnybluesudo apt-get install sftp..... isn't good :-??00:10
simpleosjohnyblue: sftpd . There's a d00:10
Gneacaimlas: well, with ubuntu, cross-release breaks more often than full upgrades... more often than not, a full dist-upgrade fixes more problems than it creates, so if it does create more, come on back and tell us about it and we'll deal with them :)00:10
johnyblueahh, sorry....many thx:">00:10
mordoffloodbot2 is goin crazy, lol00:10
Flanneljohnyblue: I'd suggest openssh-server, and then connect via sftp00:11
Chicanohey everyone00:11
iShockCan someone help me get a working webcam in Xubuntu 8.10?00:11
Chicanoim barely new to this ubuntu00:11
sambagirlwell seven73 i have been banned before in here because i have a spirit.00:11
eseven73so why does it matter who got banned?00:11
mordofoh, there's my text. thought i got silenced for a sec :s00:11
sambagirlinfact i am thinking of running for sysop for 2009.00:11
rww!offtopic | sambagirl00:12
ubottusambagirl: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:12
eseven73yeah this isnt the place for that sambagirl00:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pinglist00:12
simpleosrww: beat me too it@00:12
iShockCan someone help me get a working webcam in Xubuntu 8.10?00:12
rww!webcam | iShock: basic info is here00:12
ubottuiShock: basic info is here: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:12
ubottuUbuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications00:12
sambagirli am just trying to learn if anyone is playing LFS in ununtu. then i am going out.00:13
iShockrww: That didn't work.00:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about videoedit00:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about backuppc00:13
caimlasGnea, the biggest problems I've seen w/ intrepid is that it a) has kde4, which is bug-laden and slow, and b) the various packages it comes with is, in general, more bloated/slower. I really get tired with wrestling with upgrade incompatibilities...00:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 139400:13
rwwiShock: sorry to hear that :( maybe someone else has a better idea00:13
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".00:13
Gnearww: he refuses to state what his problem is.00:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hunting00:13
LancerNZ!getting dressed00:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about getting dressed00:13
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johnybluei have ubuntu 8.10 and it says openssh-server is already installed00:13
iShockGnea, there's a /dev/video0 but nothing can show it ..00:13
Ahmuck-Jrso, i'm lost with the raw1394 module00:13
Gneacaimlas: i don't see that as a problem, since i don't use kde :)00:14
jacekowskimodprobe raw139400:14
GneaiShock: do you get random characters if you do this:  cat /dev/video000:14
caimlasGnea, here's a thought... would it be possible to 'hold back' the kde3 packages if I were simply to dpkg -r the kdebase and kubuntu-desktop meta packages?00:14
iShockGnea: Yes.00:14
caimlasGnea, I don't use KDE, but I use a handful of QT based apps.00:14
Gnea!pin | caimlas00:14
ubottucaimlas: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto00:14
GneaiShock: well that's a good sign.00:15
scompt_if I already have a linux bootdisk, is there an easy way that I can use it to install Ubuntu without downloading/burning/botting from an ubuntu boot CD?  something like a script that downloads everything from the network00:15
caimlaswhich is another issue with kde4 - a lot of the apps are somewhat featureless compraed to their kde3 counterparts.00:15
iShockGnea, I tried and failed to open it in VLC.00:15
rwwscompt_: Try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux maybe?00:16
=== [e]Lement is now known as [e]Lement`dc
GneaiShock: what about xawtv?00:17
uffocan anyone tell me why my AR928X has so poor wifi quality with 8.10, even from close distance (2m) i get 70% quality and worst is that data transfer is slow for LAN http://paste.ubuntu.com/89258/00:17
caimlasGnea, what's the libc6 version on intrepid?00:17
iShockxawtv, Gnea? Hmm.00:17
caimlasif I might ask00:18
Gnea!info libc600:18
ubottulibc6 (source: glibc): GNU C Library: Shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 2.8~20080505-0ubuntu7 (intrepid), package size 4262 kB, installed size 10552 kB00:18
Ahmuck-Jri got it00:18
Ahmuck-Jrjacekowski: permissions. chmod fixed it00:19
iShockGnea: Works, can it stream it online?00:19
rocahey this is a long shot but has anyone gotten warhammer online to run off of wine?00:20
GneaiShock: no, but cheese and camE probably can00:20
Flannelroca: You should try asking in #winehq00:20
caimlasGnea, huuuh. I don't remember the xorg cross-pollination resulting in a libc6 version upgrade but that's the same version I've got installed on 8.04.100:20
rocaFlannel, thanks00:20
Gneacaimlas: if intrepid's dist-upgrade is upgrading libc6, then i'd let it upgrade it00:20
rww!appdb > roca00:21
ubotturoca, please see my private message00:21
xanax`does anyone has news about "GDM face browser / Login Experience" ?00:21
mordofreally could use some help with Internet Connection Sharing if anyone has knowledge.  been at it for over 3 hours and no success00:22
caimlasGnea, no, I've not done a dist-upgrade. that's what's on my system currently after only updating X.... well, it was there before, my 'script' results say no libc6 was upgraded. 8.04.1 must have the same version...00:22
uffocan anyone tell me why my AR928X has poor wifi quality with 8.10, even from close distance (2m) i get 70% quality and worst is that data transfer is slow for LAN http://paste.ubuntu.com/89258/00:22
iShockGnea: apt-get install came, then?00:23
caimlasjust kinda... curious.00:23
caimlasanyway, I'm keeping it where it's at, for now00:23
GneaiShock: yeah00:23
caimlashavent run into any problems yet :P00:23
iShockGnea, then what? I can't find it anywhere.00:23
* caimlas prefers the debian release cycle00:23
GneaiShock: check out /usr/share/doc/camE/00:24
Jack_Sparrowcaimlas, Please avoid the commentary00:24
GneaiShock: it's a commandline program, cheese is a GUI, you'll need to edit a config file to get it to work right00:24
ArenlorI'm wondering if anyone can point out a good CLI IRC client?00:25
FlannelArenlor: irssi00:25
Jack_SparrowArenlor, irssi00:25
rwwArenlor: definitely irssi <300:25
Flannelcaimlas: dist-upgrade won't affect which version of Ubuntu you're on, it'll only get updates for the current release (unless you do other stuff to make it do the former)00:25
rww!info irssi | Arenlor00:25
ubottuirssi (source: irssi): terminal based IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.12-4ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 1056 kB, installed size 2908 kB00:25
PokerFacePenguinanyone in here ever get any good results using a webcam with chromakey (greenscreen) technology?00:25
Arenlorirssi it is then00:26
* mordof feels ignored.00:26
caimlasFlannel, heh, well yes. I've always just used it for goign from one version to the next.00:26
caimlasafter a sources.list update00:26
rww!upgrade | caimlas: that's now how you're supposed to upgrade, and may cause problems. Correct way00:27
ubottucaimlas: that's now how you're supposed to upgrade, and may cause problems. Correct way: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:27
uffocan anyone tell me why my AR928X has so poor wifi quality with 8.10, even from close distance (2m) i get 70% quality and worst is that data transfer is slow for LAN http://paste.ubuntu.com/89258/00:27
Flannelcaimlas: If you don't ever do a dist-upgrade (and don't use any other package managers) you'll never get new kernels, for instance.  You'll have packages "held back"00:27
Jack_Sparrowuffo, marginally supported hardware...00:28
Gneacaimlas: while much of the debian package management system is used in Ubuntu, many other procedures are different and need to be followed to the letter in order to avoid problems00:28
caimlasGnea, from the looks of it.00:28
caimlasFlannel, I'm aware of that.00:28
FlyingSquirrel31my primary nic doesn't work and isn't connected. I have a second one that works, but does not show up in "network connections"00:29
FlyingSquirrel31how can I get it in there?00:29
FlannelGnea: That's not really true, but using update-manager for version upgrades certainly is a best practice00:29
ArenlorWhat's up with the flood throttling going on?00:29
kolbyif I'm having iptable problems, where should I go?00:29
uffoJack_Sparrow: someone told me that this should fix if i switch only to b or g mode but how???00:29
Jack_Sparrowuffo, what release of ubuntu and what chipset/network card00:30
rwwArenlor: Floodbot is weird like that. If you're on IRSSI, issue /ignore -channel #ubuntu * MODE (I think that's it, anyway.)00:30
GneaFlannel: well, one thing that ubuntu does that debian does not is the whole do_release_upgrade thing, which, yeah, is what the update-manager covers00:30
PokerFacePenguinuffo: i always recommend alfa 036h to folks...its around 50 bucks and AWESOME.......that is if your marginally supported h/w must be changed00:30
FlannelGnea: You can still upgrade successfully doing it manually.  Certainly not catastrophic as you made it seem00:31
GneaFlannel: and that's one of the primary reasons why I prefer to use ubuntu instead of debian, particularly in a production environment :)00:31
Jack_SparrowPokerFacePenguin, Do you have a link to those..  just for a reference00:31
PokerFacePenguinuffo: http://rokland.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=294&osCsid=136ce825b5da5f99cf02e921ee8fdfda00:31
birkoffAnyone can help me install ubuntu on a EeePC ?00:31
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC00:32
iShockGnea: Any ideas why VLC can't view it but xawtv can?00:32
uffoJack_Sparrow: 8.10 and AR928X00:32
iShockGnea, is this wrong? v4l2:// :v4l2-dev=/dev/video0 :v4l2-adev= :v4l2-standard=000:32
birkoffJack_Sparrow, I have actually made a bootable usb stick with 8.10 and started installing ... thing is I can't pass the "Select and Install Software" phase00:32
Jack_SparrowPokerFacePenguin, no speed drops, wep,wpa issues etc right?00:33
Jack_Sparrow!usb > birkoff,00:33
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:33
Jack_Sparrowbirkoff, please see the link on eeepc00:33
PokerFacePenguinJack_Sparrow: no issues......supported by backtrack even00:33
=== siliconmeadow|aw is now known as siliconmeadow
birkoffI am reading it00:33
PokerFacePenguinJack_Sparrow: can do packet injection, etc00:33
Jack_SparrowPokerFacePenguin, Always good to know00:34
birkoffJack_Sparrow, I am reading it00:34
mattgthis is gonna make me sound like a fag, but, how do i get the cube? i had it awhile ago, and my comp. got wiped, and it wont let me get it again00:34
freeqstylerszczęśliwego nowego roku!!!!00:34
freeqstylereeee ugh00:34
freeqstylerexcuse moi00:34
freeqstylerhappy new year ofkoz :D00:34
ubottuCompiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »00:34
iShockJack_Sparrow, is this wrong? v4l2:// :v4l2-dev=/dev/video0 :v4l2-adev= :v4l2-standard=000:34
GneaiShock: not sure... maybe it can't handle the driver00:35
Jack_SparrowiShock, Please ask your question in channel and dont direct your question to individuals that have not offered to help00:35
GneaiShock: and I have no idea what that is supposed to be00:35
Gnea!ask | boyombo00:35
ubottuboyombo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:35
iShockGnea, the vlc command00:35
GneaiShock: eh? the vlc command is:  vlc00:36
iShockGnea: vlc __THAT__00:36
GneaiShock: oh, that's an argument to vlc then. never seen that... so probably not... have you checked the preferences?00:36
dattais there any video splitter for ubuntu?00:37
Gneadatta: like an editor?00:37
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnhow do who here knows anything about nvidia legacy drivers00:37
ardchoilleI'm using elinks and would like to be able to view images in webpages, I've seen this done but don't know how to do it. Any advice?00:38
rww!anyone | PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn00:38
ubottuPsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:38
dattano just a splitter like in windows easy video splitter00:38
Dr_willis_!find avid00:38
ubottuFound: avida-base, avida-qt-viewer, avida-viewer, sword-comm-tdavid, avidemux (and 3 others)00:38
Dr_willis_datta,  try  avidemux?00:38
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnneed to find a compatible nvidia driverf with 8.1000:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about devede00:38
Dr_willis_!info DeVeDe00:38
ubottuPackage DeVeDe does not exist in intrepid00:38
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnwont allow 96 series nvidia drivers00:38
Dr_willis_hmm... I thought devede does exist...00:39
ardchoille!info devede00:39
ubottudevede (source: devede): program to create video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.11-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 1462 kB, installed size 3340 kB00:39
=== birkoff is now known as Birkoff
dattayeah i m trying that but i do not understand how you split it00:39
Jack_Sparrowdatta, man devede00:39
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAngot this off the forums00:39
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnThe 71 and 96 series 3D drivers are not compatible with 8.10's xorg version. You will have to use the opensource nv driver. 8.04 still works with the legacy drivers00:39
boyombomy printer stopped working. just connected it and it worked first time. hasn't for a while now00:39
GneaPsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn: URL?00:40
ardchoillePsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn: I'm using the 96 nvidia drivers right now with nvidia GeForce 6200 card and not having any problems00:40
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnthats the forum thread00:40
Andy80hi all00:40
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnbut no info on where to get the specific drivers00:40
Andy80and happy 2009!00:40
kylockwoodanyone else having trouble connecting to the ubuntu software archives?00:40
Jack_Sparrowkylockwood, are you still running feisty?00:40
kylockwoodno, intrepid00:41
bogsdev_kylockwood: I had a little trouble earlier today00:41
Jack_Sparrowjust checking..00:41
GneaPsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn: that would be someone posting misleading information. I use intrepid with a geforce 2 and it works.00:41
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAni've got an integrated GeForce 2 graphics00:41
kylockwoodi cant even get apt-get to connect to it00:41
uffoJack_Sparrow: 8.10 and AR928X (atheros)00:41
adaptryou just need the LEGACY nvidia drivers00:41
adaptrfor old cards00:41
mordofis there something wrong with the repos? none of them are responding for me o.o00:41
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:41
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnbut when I try the recommended series 96 drivers I get a zebras backside displaying00:41
kylockwoodmordof, im having the same problem00:42
kitchemordof: what version are you on?00:42
iShockGnea: I get this now .. [00000414] v4l demux error: failed capturing new frame00:42
adaptrmordof: try one of the hundreds of mirrors?00:42
Jack_SparrowPsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn, The forums are hit or miss on providing answers00:42
GneaiShock: don't use VLC, use cheese.00:42
mordofadaptr: tried the ca. prefix, and normal archives both not responding00:42
iShockGnea, how does cheese do it?00:42
adaptrtry nl.00:42
mordofkitche: what repos? or kernel00:42
kitchemordof: version of ubuntu00:42
GneaiShock: have you installed it and ran it yet?00:42
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnthe only thing is, the release notes of ubuntu states that there is a problem with drivers 71 and 9600:43
adaptrmordof: perhaps there's a glitch near you00:43
iShockGnea yes00:43
rwwmordof: http://ubuntu.cs.utah.edu/ is working fine for me. Try that?00:43
GneaiShock: then install the source code and look for yourself00:43
kylockwoodmordof: i cannot connect to them either00:43
Jack_Sparrow!nvidia > PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn00:43
ubottuPsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn, please see my private message00:43
PokerFacePenguiniShock: look here http://www.linux.com/feature/12618600:43
mordofca., nl. regular no prefix.. none working00:44
mordofkitche: how do i check, lol. i keep forgetting00:44
adaptrmordof: definitely a network problem near you00:44
mordofin trying to get ICS working to another comp... i completely whiped out internet it seems00:45
GneaPsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn: I see what you mean here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81000:45
adaptrmordof: does DNS work ?00:45
mordofGAAAH this is madenning! been at this for 3 hours!00:45
Hckyplayer024Hi can someone help me with partitioning ubuntu?00:46
mordofadaptr: no >.<; my internet is completely gone on my server now00:46
ardchoillemordof: you whiped out internet? No wonder it's been so slow today00:46
mordofardchoille: -.-;00:46
adaptrmordof: you're *here*, yes ?00:46
GneaPsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn: so you'll need to with with 8.04 until they work right in intrepid.00:47
mordofi'm on my laptop. server is on my LAN atm00:47
GneaPsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn: er, stick with00:47
Gneaunless you don't mind 2d00:47
adaptrmordof: okay, then you screwed up your networking on it ;)00:47
onetinsoldierHckyplayer024: hi. what kind of help do you need exactly with partitioning?00:47
percyrawHi!  How can I sort alphabetically frames in Open Office Spreadsheet??00:47
mordofadaptr: i know... this being the reason that i could really use some help with it00:47
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnso what, uninstall 8.10, and shove 8.04 in instead??00:48
GneaPsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn: sorry about that, I've actually got an older geforce400:48
GneaPsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn: yup, unless you want to hack it until it works right00:48
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnits not for the graphics I'm after it for00:48
jvai_rww thanks for the mirrors! i'm need to upgrade from 6.0600:48
iShockNo supported colour palette found. <- webcam-server, any fix?00:48
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnI want to get bigger screen resolution00:48
nicklas_Happy New Fucking Year!00:48
Hckyplayer024onetinsoldier: so in my computer i have two hard drives. one 20gb master and a 3gb slave. Ubuntu is currently installed on the slave and I want to be able to use the 20gb from the master on ubuntu. I have XP on the 20gb one right now but i dont need it at all00:48
Gnea!language | nicklas_00:49
ubottunicklas_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:49
nicklas_ubottu: sorry00:49
ubottuIt's ok, I can't stay mad at you. Those darned ewoks on the other hand...00:49
Hckyplayer024onetinsoldier: the 20gb is formatted with FAT00:49
Uplinkhow do i mount windows vista partitions on my ubuntu00:49
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions00:50
ArenlorUplink you may also want to check out http://www.fs-driver.org/ so you can mount your Linux partitions on Vista00:51
onetinsoldierHckyplayer024: ok, i'm not sure how much help i can be really. first, i take it the master is currently all one big partition00:51
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC00:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eeebuntu00:51
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnthere goes another 2+ hours of my life00:51
UplinkArenlor: thats sweeeeeeet00:51
* PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn has started downloading 8.0400:51
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnwhat about updates for the kernel00:52
Hckyplayer024onetinsoldier: yeah its all one big partition right now00:52
UplinkArenlor: the only problem is that my AV gonna start scanning my stuff and i have a few trojans on linux00:52
onetinsoldierHckyplayer024: you have a choice, i think. resize the partition on the master, or just mount it as fat and read and write files to it as fat filesystem00:52
Hckyplayer024onetinsoldier: so then I would be able to use the files on the master in both windows and ubuntu?00:53
onetinsoldierHckyplayer024: yes00:53
ArenlorUplink: you mount it as a drive letter on Windows, so just have your AV ignore that drive.00:53
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnGnea, do I install the automatic updates once I install ubuntu 8.0400:53
adaptrPsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn: why install 804 ?00:54
UplinkArenlor: ohh i see, thats sweet, ty i will deff have a look at that00:54
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnbecause series 96 drivers dont work with 8.1000:54
Hckyplayer024onetinsoldier: Awesome, thats even better than what I was initially planning on doing. how do i go about mounting the FAT in ubuntu00:54
Uplinkim having a little trouble mounting my partition, please help00:54
PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAnand without them I cant get the onboard graphics to work00:54
onetinsoldierHckyplayer024: what version of Ubuntu are you using?00:55
ArenlorUplink: what's the issue?00:55
UplinkArenlor: im using ntfs-config00:55
Hckyplayer024onetinsoldier: 8.10 also, if i partition the master to ext3, will linux automatically recognize it?00:55
refeferhey guys, what's the best way to migrate from one harddrive to another?  I have an xp partition and boot sector on an IDE drive and want to copy it over to a new harddrive, then reinstall ubuntu.  any guides?00:55
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UplinkArenlor: and i see /dev/sda1 <Click Here to Set a Mount Point>00:56
DDOhey refefer you gotta get a hard drive enclosure00:56
Guest96753hi I am trying to remove a package but am getting errors help plz? http://pastebin.ca/129742200:56
onetinsoldierHckyplayer024: if you did that then you'd have to add it to your fstab file in order for it to be automatically mounted when you boot into linux00:56
DDOdownload Acronis Migrate easy00:56
DDOand it will take you from there00:56
refeferAcronis Migrate easy?00:56
WebcamWonderGuys, is it easy to remove IEs4Linux? The documentation online says, just remove them from /bin/, but doesn't say which executables00:56
Hckyplayer024onetinsoldier: how do i go about doing that?00:57
DDOya man00:57
DDOuse the trial version it is 15 days long but it will work00:57
ArenlorUplink: create do you have a directory you wish to mount it on created, such as /media/Windows yet?00:57
lfaraoneHi, I'm having a kernel panic after unlocking my screen (after my machine idles for a bit after locking, it works until I press "unlock", I see my bkground and panic. mouse works via framebuffer)00:57
DDOya its free for 15 days but the trial is all you need00:57
DDOdont buy it if you dont need it00:57
refeferDDO: thanks mate, I'll give it a shot00:57
UplinkArenlor: idk what should i name it?00:57
lfaraoneWebcamWonder: /j #ie4linux :)00:57
DDOya man no problem I had the same situation a few days ago00:57
=== Guest96753 is now known as sari
WebcamWonderlfaraone: Ouch. Thanks :D00:57
sarihi I am trying to remove a package but am getting errors help plz? http://pastebin.ca/129742200:58
ArenlorUplink: anything you want, it doesn't really matter00:58
Jack_SparrowWebcamWonder, ie4linux is a terrible thing to do to your system00:58
onetinsoldierHckyplayer024: well, uness you want to get rid of windows you'd need to resize the partition. you can have it automatically mounted as fat too as it is right now by adding it to your fstab file00:58
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:58
Jack_Sparrowsari, Pastebin your sources list and include which release of ubuntu you are using00:58
WebcamWonderJack_Sparrow: Well, that is the only viable option I have of checking the rendering of IE00:58
ArenlorJack_Sparrow is it better or worse than fscking you system while mounted?00:59
Jack_SparrowWebcamWonder, we dont support it and #winehq wont support it..00:59
lfaraoneWebcamWonder: windows VM00:59
WebcamWonderJack_Sparrow: I get that part :)00:59
Hckyplayer024onetinsoldier: awesome! im going to try to get it working now thanks for all your help00:59
UplinkArenlor: what about the "write support for external device" what does that mean00:59
Jack_SparrowArenlor, Is what better ?00:59
ArenlorUplink: I'm not really sure, I did it all by hand when I was mounting NTFS01:00
ArenlorJack_Sparrow: ie4linux01:00
onetinsoldierHckyplayer024: ok, you're welcome. it may take some fiddling, but you'll probably figure it out. you'll need to make a mount point somewhere to mount the filesystem onto, probably in /media. good luck!01:00
lfaraonehey, is there any way to debug a computer (get a getty/console) via it's USB port?01:01
Jack_SparrowArenlor, niether is recomended01:01
Hckyplayer024onetinsoldier: ill try to figure it out. thanks for the help01:01
adaptrlfaraone: you need special USB cables for it, then it's just a NIC01:01
WebcamWonderJack_Sparrow: Alrighty. I just decided to not support IE at all :)01:02
WebcamWonderlfaraone: Jack_Sparrow: Thanks! :)01:02
lfaraoneWebcamWonder: any time.01:02
lfaraoneWebcamWonder: ie8 should have better standards support01:02
Jack_SparrowWebcamWonder, np01:02
WebcamWonderlfaraone: Just like IE7 had ? :o01:02
onetinsoldierWebcamWonder: lol01:02
sariJack_Sparrow: http://pastebin.ca/1297426, and thx01:02
raylulfaraone: also, free software should be in use everywhere01:02
lfaraoneadaptr: any other way I can get a dump/error-report when my kernel panics. (I'm trying to debug a spesific problem)01:02
Uplinkhow do i unmount a drive?01:03
raylulfaraone: oh, and i should have a million dollars01:03
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lfaraoneraylu: that's an ideal, but the way to it is not to exclude those who choose other sources.01:03
adaptrlfaraone: you can trap one via a true serial cable, yes01:03
rayluUplink: umount01:03
ArenlorUplink: you use umount, "sudo umount /dev/sda1"01:03
onetinsoldierUplink: sudo umount /dev/<device_node>01:03
Uplinkty :D01:03
raylulfaraone: meh, you can give me $1 mil from any source you want :P01:04
Jack_Sparrowsari, Did you have backports enabled at some point trying to install a newer kernel?01:04
rayluUplink: apropos may help in the future01:04
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:04
Uplinkraylu: ?01:04
lfaraoneadaptr: ok, I don't have a serial port :(01:04
rayluUplink: "apropos unmount"01:04
adaptrlfaraone: bummer01:04
Uplinkraylu: what does that do? :|01:05
rayluUplink: man apropos01:05
sariJack_Sparrow: i was trying to install dells backport for webcam support, and it was for an older kernel that i didnt have (but fialed to check) :(01:05
Uplinki wish i had the time to read the man....01:05
lfaraoneadaptr: why is it OSX is able to write the kernel panic dump to NVRAM or something, couldn't I configure Linux to do the same to a USB stick?01:05
rayluUplink: it's literally 8 lines01:05
rayluUplink: sorry, 501:05
lfaraoneOh, and anybody have experince with Dell's M1330 lappy w/ 'buntu?01:06
Jack_Sparrowsari, Shooting in the dark here.  but enable backports, update and then try again to remove01:06
Uplinkraylu: uhh i dont understand01:06
Uplinkim not into linux sorry01:06
rayluUplink: the apropos man pages is 5 lines long, and that includes the see also line01:06
Guest39653How can i move the Terminal to the systray?01:06
lfaraoneGuest39653: like, a link?01:07
pikariohi, how do i remove the /lib directory?01:07
DEA7Hwell, its 0106 here in the sexy UK, and i would like to wish happy new years and a prosprous 2009 to everyone in #ubuntu01:07
Guest39653A shortcut so that it is not in main windows anymore, lfaraone01:07
kolbythank you DEA7H01:07
Uplinkraylu: oh sweet, i see how to use it now :D01:07
raylu 7:07:29 CTCP TIME reply from DEA7H: Thu Jan  1 01:07:27 200901:07
rayluyou liar, its 010701:07
ArenlorDEA7H isn't that a little ominous? Happy New Year to you01:07
TravisHello all01:07
DEA7Hthis year is going to be good for me01:08
onetinsoldierCheers DEA7H and Happy New Year!01:08
lfaraoneGuest39653: you want to minimize it to the tray? you can't. move it to another virtual desktop01:08
Uplinkthat was easy... "sudo mount /dev/sda1"01:08
DEA7Him going to have the souls of #winsupport on EFNet XD01:08
raylulfaraone: there is some app that allows you to minimize anything to the tray in gnome...forgot what it was called01:08
Guest39653No way of traying the console? .__.01:08
rayluGuest39653: but why would you want to?01:08
manuel_alguna persona latina?01:08
rayluGuest39653: it sounds like what you want is screen01:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about po01:08
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:08
lfaraoneGuest39653: try googling "gnome minimize tray", but I have no idea.01:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:09
Jack_Sparrowmanuel_, This is a support channel, please find a different chat room01:09
Guest39653Screen, raylu?01:09
Guest39653lfaraone i use AllTray but it seems not to work fine with the console01:09
lfaraoneGuest39653: http://www.gnu.org/software/screen/01:09
rayluGuest39653: it allows you to run apps in a virtual screen01:09
manuel_tank you01:09
Uplinkcan someone give me a good name for my vista partition?01:09
lfaraoneGuest39653: see also http://jmcpherson.org/screen.html01:10
Jack_SparrowUplink, /media/vista-trash01:10
lfaraoneUplink: "Evil"01:10
=== milo is now known as ViRMiN
onetinsoldierUplink: The_Dark_Side01:10
Uplinklol common im not kidding01:10
Guest39653Uplink: Bill01:10
Uplinksomething like hd2 or something01:10
Uplinki forgot what was my old one01:10
DEA7HUplink: Vista $version XD as tempting as it is to call it evil and M$ thats what ive always goine with01:10
Jack_SparrowUplink, You realize how far offtopic that is?01:10
Guest39653Uplink hd$01:10
sarihi i cannot remove a package http://pastebin.ca/129742601:11
Jack_SparrowUplink, /media/dollars_for_Bill01:11
Uplinklol ok thanx01:11
Uplinki have another question, why when i type "ls /media/hd1" nothing comes up01:12
ViRMiNWho'd have thought the Linux boys would be the most lively types on NYE!01:12
lfaraoneHey, anybody know of a way to detach and reattach a X session a-la screen? (not VNC)01:12
ArenlorViRMiN: we're not lively, we're all dating our computers01:12
ViRMiNOr rather, NYD01:12
ViRMiNlol Arenlor01:13
ViRMiNI put my missus to bed to be alone with my servers :P01:13
ViRMiNThey give me less trouble :D01:13
Travisquestion.  My monitor says "out of range" when installing Ubuntu....how do I change that?01:14
ViRMiNFrom the Live CD?01:14
ViRMiN8.10 release?01:14
Jack_SparrowTravis, What video card chipset01:14
TravisIt's whatever comes standard with a HP Pavilion 6740c01:15
Jack_SparrowTravis, Please go look it up so we can provide better ehlp01:15
Travis Intel 81001:16
Travisthat is the video chipset, the  Intel 81001:16
Jack_SparrowTravis, Installed with F6 and noapic acpi=off and selected safe graphics mode01:17
r-wolfhas anybody had successful experience of Firebird 2.0 installation ?01:17
Uplinkcan someone tell me how to get rid of01:18
Uplinkuplink@HP-Pavilion:~$ ls /media/01:18
Uplinkcdrom  cdrom0  hd1  Windows Vista NTFS01:18
Jack_Sparrow!info firebird01:18
ubottuPackage firebird does not exist in intrepid01:18
UplinkThe Windows Vista NTFS name01:18
r-wolf!info firebird2001:18
ubottuPackage firebird20 does not exist in intrepid01:18
TravisI found a program that recommends Ubuntu to compile it01:19
r-wolf!info firebird20-classic01:19
ubottuPackage firebird20-classic does not exist in intrepid01:19
r-wolf!info firebird2.0-classic01:19
ubottufirebird2.0-classic (source: firebird2.0): Firebird Classic Server - an RDBMS based on InterBase 6.0 code. In component universe, is extra. Version (intrepid), package size 1728 kB, installed size 3816 kB01:19
Jack_Sparrowr-wolf, firebird was included in gutsy, it must have been pulled for a reason01:19
Jack_Sparrowr-wolf, so.. suudo apt-get install firebird2.0-classic01:20
Jack_Sparrowr-wolf, so.. sudo apt-get install firebird2.0-classic01:20
r-wolfJack_Sparrow: that's ok, I got no clue how to handle it01:20
mordofanyone able to help me figure out why i have no internet access on my server? i'm connected to it through LAN.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing  followed that guide, and now i have no internet. pinging things does not work, no apt-get capabilities. that's about all i know of the situation01:22
mordofhttp://rafb.net/p/EJ3VOz33.html oh, and here's an ip route thing01:22
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php01:23
mordofJack_Sparrow: that's the guide that caused the problems. i don't have internet to share anymore. right now i'm just looking to try and get internet back on my server01:23
Praveenwhere is the jdk usually installed in Ubuntu01:24
JairunCalothok, I've been scouring google and I'm not comming up with much. Anyone fimilar with mounting an OS X filevault image in ubuntu?01:24
Jack_Sparrowmordof, most people seem to use firestarted01:24
mordofJack_Sparrow: is that a GUI program? besides.. i'm not trying to get that working at all right now01:24
robbmunsonnp Jack_Sparrow, always here to make sure infos accurate :P01:25
Jack_Sparrowrobbmunson, A living spellchecker.. cool01:25
donavananyone used a dual monitor setup with different resolutions on a radeon card ... I tried it a few months back and couldn;t get it to work01:26
onetinsoldiermordof: the server can't even get to the internet right now?01:26
Uplinki need help using ffmpeg, anyone can help me converting an .m4p file to .mp301:26
mordofonetinsoldier: nope ; ;01:26
mordofonetinsoldier: i'm connected to it through LAN. it's my webserver.. so this is a big problem for me, i don't know where to start with troubleshooting01:26
refeferUplink: .m4p's are protected.  you're not going to have a lot of luck converting them01:27
RivitingOneIs it possible to upgrade a fresh install of ubuntu 7.10 to the new 8.10? Would it be better to just d/l 8.10 and reinstall?01:27
mordofJack_Sparrow: nope01:27
Uplinkrefefer: what about .m4a01:27
Jack_SparrowSorry for the caps peopel01:27
robbmunsonJack_Sparrow: um....oops?01:27
refeferUplink: sure, m4a's should be fine01:27
mordofJack_Sparrow: wait.. when i typo'd one of the iptables one it did.  but i thought maybe i had screwed up iptables and caused lack of internet, so i uninstalled it01:28
Uplinkrefefer: whats the command to convert it?01:28
onetinsoldiermordof: how would the server normally get an ip address for internet connectivity? before this happened?01:28
mordofonetinsoldier: i set a static IP to it01:28
Jack_Sparrowmordof, did you flush your iptable rules?01:28
bonhofferwhat is the recommended mp3 tag editor?01:28
bonhoffer(on ubuntu)01:28
donavanrivitingone: if its a fresh install I would go ahead and download the new ISO01:28
mordofJack_Sparrow: yeah, before removing iptables01:28
refeferUplink: here ya go: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=13841901:29
onetinsoldiermordof: pastebin your /etc/hosts file ...btw, i probably can't help much with this :-|01:29
bonhofferTag & rename?01:29
RivitingOneDonavan: Thanks. Next question would be will 7.10 have better driver support with ATI video cards than the 8.10 since it has been around longer?01:30
Uplinkrefefer: but where is ffmpeg? i tried that before01:30
refeferUplink: have you tried the sound converter?01:30
Travisyay it did it!01:30
mordofonetinsoldier: http://rafb.net/p/Se8hiD48.html01:30
onetinsoldiermordof: there are several files that control networking that i can let you know about though, in case you don't already know.01:30
mordofonetinsoldier: anything would be appreciated01:30
Uplinkrefefer: ffmpeg is my sound converter... i just forgot what are the commands01:30
bonhofferoh tag and rename is a windows app . . . any good os apps to tag and rename files (mp3 in particular)01:31
SirWeazelHello, Wow, Its been years since i've logged on to an IRC channel.  I'm new to linux/Ubuntu and i'm tyring it out.  I love it so far, but i'm trying to migrate my day to day activities from windows prog to linux progs. And am having problem with one task in general.... Scanning images.  Anyone care to help?  My problem is that i usually load multiple documents into a scanner and have it autocrop and separate the images, ask for next scan, then01:31
SirWeazelturn them into a pdf, All with one button. (HP photosmart c4280 all in one)01:31
WebcamWonderUplink: I would assume something like ffmpeg -i foo.m4a -acodec mp3 -ab 128k Output.mp301:31
ardchoilleI'm using elinks and would like to be able to view images in webpages, I've seen this done but don't know how to do it. Any advice?01:31
Jack_SparrowUplink, man ffmpeg01:31
WebcamWonderUplink: I forgot, whether it is -ab, or -cb01:31
donavanRivitingone: I have used 7.1, 8.04 and 8.10 and I can say that ATI support is the best its been in 8.10 ... seems to work right out of the box for me ... I have had a way easier time with 8.1 than any other version I have tried01:31
UplinkWebcamWonder: ty01:31
UplinkJack_Sparrow: i tried reading the manual and all i read is about video conversion01:31
donavanrivitingone: mileage may very of course01:32
bonhofferwhat about easytag?01:32
RivitingOnedonavan: That is great to hear. Drivers have been a nightmare. Lets hope I have the same results :)01:32
WebcamWonderUplink: -ab is constant audio bitrate, so there you go :)..01:32
gam3r111can anyone tell me how to Install msxml3.msi file from the Terminal window by issuing msiexec /i msxml3.msi01:32
manuel_me pueden mandar el canal de ubuntu.es01:33
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:33
onetinsoldiermordof: what was your ip previously? according to the hosts file, your current ip is what you posted in the previous pastebin, which is i beieve a lan ip, but not a 'net ip. in other words, i don't think you can get out onto the net with that ip01:33
gam3r111i neeeeed help01:33
akahige1after giving intrepid a whirl (and having problems), I need to revert to hardy. is the best way thing to reformat and reinstall from cd?01:33
gam3r111reallllly bad01:33
jariep1_hello all01:33
brujocan anybody help me installing windows media player 901:33
onetinsoldiermordof: yeah.. i think you problem might stem from your /etc/hosts file01:33
UplinkWebcamWonder: gives me error01:34
WebcamWonderUplink: What does it say?01:34
mordofonetinsoldier: that's my lan IP.  not sure why any of that would show a wan ip01:34
Jack_Sparrow!helpme > gam3r11101:34
ubottugam3r111, please see my private message01:34
exodus_msgam3r111, chill01:34
UplinkWebcamWonder: Unable to find a suitable output format for 'acodec'01:34
nbeeboi cut then nautilus freezes or something for some times from time to time and the files disappear... omg please help me01:34
JairunCalothardchoille: have you tried passing elinks the -g flag. I think that's what I had to do to get images working in links.01:34
UplinkWebcamWonder: now Unknown encoder 'mp301:34
nbeeboplease help important files01:34
gam3r111i neeeed help01:35
gam3r111rlly bad01:35
omnydeviwhats up?01:35
omnydevii might be able to01:35
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:35
onetinsoldiermordof: you have no internet tpye of ip listed in there. want to see my FQDN /etc/hosts file?01:35
ardchoilleJairunCaloth: unknown option -g01:35
donavanRivitingone : I start with 8.04 on this build and upgraded ... (Radeon x1650 ) drivers were a bit tricky on 8.04 but ubuntu basically told me I need to run update to use the ati drivers ... I said ok and that was it no muss no fuss01:35
nbeebook no answer01:35
WebcamWonderUplink: Hold on01:35
JairunCalothardchoille: not sure then... that's what it was in links01:35
mordofonetinsoldier: ok. thogh i've never seen any wan ip's listed in a host file before. from my understanding i thought a host file was for something that you wanted to address locally01:36
donavanrivitingone: even my wifi card worked just by plugging it in ... no ndiswrapper to mess with01:36
robb_mwell....im gonna go since im lagging tremendously01:36
omnydevii could use a hand myself, if anyone knows how to install grub on a software raid0 by chance. i have ubuntu installed on it, just can't get grub to load it01:36
WebcamWonderUplink: Do you have the version from Medibuntu installed, or the ones normally available?01:36
nbeeboi cut then nautilus freezes or something for some times from time to time and the files disappear... omg please help me important files01:36
exodus_msgam3r111, what have you done to help yourself, have you tried to research installing msi files?01:36
UplinkWebcamWonder: how do i check01:37
RivitingOneDonavan: When I do the new install will it set up partitions for me automatically or should I do some research ahead of time to find out what to do?01:37
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:37
nbeebonoone knows anything about this?01:37
onetinsoldiermordof: http://paste.ubuntu.com/97275/   ...this might help you understand the hosts file a little better, although, i don't fully understand it myself, lol. --> http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/hostname-fqdn-etchosts-setup-302189/01:37
omnydevinbeebo - you could put in the live cd, mount your filesystem, and move them to a usb device or some such01:38
JairunCalothomnydevi: It's been a while, but I think you have to have a boot partition outside of the raid01:38
WebcamWonderUplink: Can you please see whether liblame0 is installed or not01:38
asdasdDCC SEND 1234567890123456789001:38
SirWeazelIf anyone has expierence with HP photosmart printers and scanning in ubuntu, any help would be ausome. I'm trying to set it up so its pretty automated and i'm having trouble.01:38
nbeeboomnydevi, thanks alot but i dont really understand..01:38
WebcamWonderUplink: Oh, in order to encode to MP3 you need the one from Medibuntu01:38
UplinkWebcamWonder: bro i have converted files to .mp3 before... :S01:38
Jack_Sparrowlame encoder01:38
omnydevioutside of the raid...doh! do you know if admdm...something like that, or dmraid? i was using dmraid. and i have my raid set in nvidia. just dmraid made my stand alone drive a broken mirror01:39
mordofonetinsoldier: i believe that'd be a loopback for your internet address in your host file01:39
nbeebooh shi................01:39
WebcamWonderUplink: Well, that is what my description of the package says, "This package is built with the risky option to support mp3..., there it is in Medibuntu"01:39
omnydevinbeebo - right now I am on the live CD, if you have the Ubuntu CD, you can put it in, select "try ubuntu without changes to your computer" and get back on pidgin and i can walk you through the rest01:39
onetinsoldiermordof: sure, the first one and the last one are... but the middle one?01:40
mordofonetinsoldier: that's what the middle one is01:40
donavanRivitingone:  Well the depends ... I normally just tell it to use the whole drive and let the installer do what it wants to ... if you need to mess with the partitions, because your using a duel boot or something then I would look into it before you start but if its just the whole drive thing just go with what is says01:40
biouserso I can't get rythumbox to play cd's01:40
manning__Has anyone tried using the Creative drivers for X-Fi cards? I'm trying to compile them now but it's hanging on make install...01:40
JairunCalothomnydev: I think that applies to pretty much any SW raid in linux.01:40
UplinkWebcamWonder: so what do i do dude?01:40
onetinsoldiermordof: the middle one is not a loopback address01:40
nbeeboomnydevi, i dont think you know what my problem is sorry.. i ctrl+x a file, nautilus freezes for about 30 sec or generally slow then i cant paste it anymore---01:40
JairunCalothomnydevi: I think grub2 might be addressing that, but I'm not sure01:41
omnydevi@Jair - know if I disable raid in BIOS and just let Ubuntu handle it, or does it need to be up?01:41
RivitingOnedonavan: ok sounds like a plan. Thanks for the info.01:41
mordofonetinsoldier: rather.  sorry, if you type maroon-bells it points to that ip address. instead of anything a dns server would try to resolve01:41
donavanRivintingone:  no problem ... happy installing01:41
WebcamWonderUplink: Are you sure you have encoded to MP3s before?01:41
UplinkWebcamWonder: yes sir01:41
omnydevi@nbeebo - I understand, is this a new install or this just start happening?01:41
RivitingOnewhy does everyone call me rivitingone when the name I see when I type is Xavier?01:41
biouseranyone know why I can't get rythum box to play?01:41
WebcamWonderUplink: Can you pastebin ffmpeg -formats | grep mp301:41
JairunCalothomnydevi: if you're not useing dmraid, then yeah, you won't need the bios stuff, it'll all be in the kernel. Honestly I've never noticed a speed difference between either one.01:41
UplinkWebcamWonder: uplink@HP-Pavilion:/media/hd1/Users/Uplink/Downloads/National Product/Luna$ ffmpeg -i 09\ Quay.m4a -acodec mp3 -ab 128k quay.mp301:42
nbeeboomnydevi, yes, first time i use tabs01:42
manning__"Update module dependency relationships..." is the last thing it says and then it goes quiet.01:42
FLeiXiuSHow do I remove gnome-panel from my session in Intrepid?01:42
donavancause your coming up in here as rivitingone01:42
onetinsoldiermordof: normally, on the desktop version, there's just the first and third line i have in there. but i had to add that middle line to get 'sendmail' to quit complaining ;-)01:42
JoesephHi. I am trying to fix my friend's windows box. His hard drives both will not mount in Ubuntu live; they give a long error message about an unclean shutdown and NTFS being in use.   I can pastebin the entire message if needbe.01:42
omnydevi@JairunCaloth - roger, I need the raid for Virtual Machine performance :)01:42
JairunCalothomnydevi: since Nvidia's raid isn't a true hardware raid. It performs about the same as a software raid01:42
mordofonetinsoldier: host file just overrides dns results01:42
onetinsoldiermordof: ok, roger that01:42
RivitingOnedonavan: odd... oh well, not for long!01:42
nbeeboFLeiXiuS, i think its under "services" in > sysem > administration01:42
mordofonetinsoldier: so my guess is, your sendmail complaints are because dns isn't resolving to what it should01:43
donavanchange your nick01:43
omnydevii use a lot of vm's with xp for work, I suppose I could just say screw the raid and use each drive for a vm...01:43
biouserrythum box users here?01:43
Jack_Sparrowomnydevi, that would be a good choice01:43
WebcamWonderUplink: Hold on, that is weird, doesn't work on my PC as well.. give me a minute01:43
onetinsoldiermordof: i beleive, sendmail uses the hosts file directly01:43
FLeiXiuSnbeebo: I didnt see anything in there01:43
WebcamWonderUplink: Oops, works... That was a typo01:43
mordofonetinsoldier: as does ssh, which is why i have client and server in mine01:43
nbeeboFLeiXiuS, hmm lemme check im no pro but i recall it ther.e..01:44
UplinkWebcamWonder: where is the typo? lol :D01:44
WebcamWonderUplink: I wrote ffmpeg twice on my terminal :)01:44
mordofonetinsoldier: well.. ssh uses dns results by default.. either way01:44
Jack_Sparrow!coc > gam3r11101:44
ubottugam3r111, please see my private message01:44
nbeeboFLeiXiuS, ok cant find it sorry01:44
FLeiXiuSnbeebo: Ive been loooking around for it01:44
JairunCalothomnydevi: i've got mine setup as a two disk raid 0. Back when I had an Nvidia chipset I used dmraid and just had the disks with exactly the same partition layout. Then I made the first partition on one of the disks a /boot. then raided what was left. I also copyed the data in /boot to the matching partition on the other drive, for a little added protection01:44
mordofonetinsoldier: i guess my only option at this point is to reinstall my server x.x;01:44
manning__ I'm trying to compile the drivers for my X-Fi soundcard and make install is hanging for some reason... no errors or anything, it just sits there. "Update module dependency relationships..." is the last thing it says and then it goes quiet.01:44
WebcamWonderUplink: Can you pastebin that output of ffmpeg -formats | grep mp3?01:44
nbeeboi cut then nautilus freezes or something for some times from time to time and the files disappear... omg please help me important files01:45
Terrasquebah, people should be out sending up rockets, getting drunk and torching stuff now, not sitting in here :)01:45
csc__i really need an expert .01:45
UplinkWebcamWonder: http://pastebin.com/m2779dddc01:45
biouserdoes anyone have problems getting rythum box to play?01:45
ssmypower went out for one second. lost 4+ months uptime on my Ubuntu server =(01:46
JairunCaloththanks Terrasque you just reminded me that it's time for annother beer :-p01:46
Flannelssmy: It's ok.  You could use the kernel upgrade anyway.01:46
Terrasquecsc__: state the nature of your technical emergency and someone might be bothered to help you01:46
csc__i am trying to remaster the ubuntu iso. the cdrom boots but In process of loading OS from ISO I receive BusyBox shell. ... mount: Mounting /dev /loop0 on //filesystem.squashfs failed: Invalid argument ...01:46
WebcamWonderUplink: Try this: ffmpeg -i 09\ Quay.m4a -acodec libmp3lame -ab 128k quay.mp301:46
csc__please help me01:46
onetinsoldiermordof: like i said, i probably wouldn't be able to help too much with this. we need more of a networking knowledgeable person01:46
omnydevi@Jair & Jack, thank you very much. I will try the /boot. I think I have it now, just keeps saying something or another is busy. If it doesn't work, I will just install Ubuntu on a 250gb hdd then use my other drives as just seperate storage01:46
ssmyFlannel: probably.01:46
csc__i am on the busybox shell now and i cant mount the squasfs in anyway01:46
Jack_Sparrowcsc__, That is not within the scope of ubuntu support..01:46
Flannelcsc__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization  that might be helpful01:46
nbeebosorry all, i found the files... cant see them in nautilus for some reason though01:46
UplinkWebcamWonder: yay! its encoding:D01:47
onetinsoldiermordof: no.. you don't need to reinstall you server from scratch, someone can fix this. you will need patience tho01:47
omnydevi@nbeebo woot! you try moving them in terminal?01:47
omnydeviterminal is a good fallback in about any situation :)01:47
onetinsoldiermordof: you could try the #networking channel01:47
WebcamWonderUplink: Haha. Apparently, libmp3lame is the only library providing mp3 encoding support. I guess it depends on how the packages were built01:48
onetinsoldierraylu: help!!01:48
UplinkWebcamWonder: lol ok thanx a lot dude, sweet :D01:48
nbeeboomnydevi, actually, installed and opened in pcmanfm then opened up another window of nautilus and i found them there :D01:48
WebcamWonderUplink: No problems. Glad to help :)01:48
nbeeboomnydevi, ihmmm no moving in terminal01:48
UplinkWebcamWonder: im just curious, are u good with webcams?01:49
biousercan anyone help get rythum box to play?01:49
WebcamWonderUplink: Haha. A question I get asked a lot. Reply: I don't even own a webcam :)01:49
omnydevi@nbeebo - your terminal isn't doing anything?01:49
UplinkWebcamWonder: then whats up with ur nick? lol01:49
WebcamWonderUplink: Long long story... And very offtopic :D01:49
UplinkWebcamWonder: lol alright :|01:50
JoesephHi.   I am trying to recover some data from my friend's old broken Windows box.   In live, I can see both his hard drives, but they will not mount.  They give a long error message about an unclean shutdown and NTFS already being in use.   It gives 2 options: one for windows and linux.  The linux one says "You can use the 'force option for your own responsibility"  , but I don't want to break his data.   Any ideas?01:50
omnydevibrb, going to give this a whirl, glad i found this room, take care all :)01:50
nbeeboomnydevi, i meant everything is fine now thanks! :D happy new year!01:50
omnydevi@nbeebo - you too! :D01:50
UplinkJoeseph: what does "sudo fdisk -l" say?01:50
onetinsoldiermordof: still here? where do you set your static ip? in /etc/networking/interfaces?01:51
mordofonetinsoldier: no, i'm not sure exactly where i set it. hold on01:51
onetinsoldierraylu:  help, help,help us!01:51
onetinsoldierraylu: :-)01:51
biouserrythum box proplems. can anyone help?01:52
bazhangbiouser, give more info01:52
GodfatherofEireCould I get some help mapping my mouse and keyboard buttons (Please dont send !keys or !mouse, cause I've tried those and so far I've gotten nowhere because I dont know what the current keymap is)01:52
JoesephUplink: Do you want me to pastebin it?01:52
UplinkJoeseph: yea01:52
mordofonetinsoldier: that file is empty for me... though i pulled up the guide. i'm wondering if it erased my network interface thing completely and that's why it's not working?01:52
bazhangbiouser, its not clear what your problems are with rhythmbox01:52
mordofonetinsoldier: nevermind, it's /etc/network/interfaces  and yeah, it's set in there01:53
biouserwell i'm trying to play a cd and rythum box pops up but won't play01:53
onetinsoldierany networking guru's here? mordof can't reach the internet on his server after trying to implement internet connection sharing on his 8.10 server version01:53
krazedI'd just like to state that my wireless ACTUALLY WORKS on intrepid. And that is astonishing. Happy new years everyone. =)01:53
davitHello I have a question about an external drive I connected it to my laptop but I am not being allowed to use or pull off any data on it because of permissions01:53
bazhangbiouser, is it a cd with special copy protection; check the case01:53
onetinsoldiermordof: i have an idea.. you can try it only if you want, hang on a minute01:54
mordofonetinsoldier: i'll try anything at this point01:54
biouserit is store bought but i dont have the case01:54
onetinsoldiermordof: ok, but anyway, you don't need to reinstall, believe me01:54
Jack_Sparrowdavit, You can change the permission or if this is a one time thing gksudo filemanager it01:54
mordofonetinsoldier: i've have my server running solid for almost a year, it'll take weeks to get it back in that condition if i attempt a reinstall01:54
mordofonetinsoldier: kk01:54
GodfatherofEireCould I get some help mapping my mouse and keyboard buttons (Please dont send !keys or !mouse, cause I've tried those and so far I've gotten nowhere because I dont know what the current keymap is), and it is telling me that I have 32 buttons for the mouse so I could really really use some help mapping them01:54
JoesephUplink: It'll be just a second, I have to use a flash drive to transfer the info... no internet on the other pc.01:55
ssmyGodfatherofEire: no one responding means no one knows. try google, or just wait a bit before trying again plz.01:55
bazhangbiouser, is it every cd you own or just that one; what about ripping it to mp3 does that work, and if not what are the exact errors you get ---> paste.ubuntu.com with them01:55
UplinkJoeseph: oh man... ok just tell me if you see NTFS on the list01:55
GodfatherofEiressmy, sorry, perception of time is a little off, thought I sent it longer ago than I did01:55
davitJack_sparow When I goto Permissions tab It says the permissions could not be determined01:55
Jack_Sparrowdavit, what is the format on the drive/partition01:56
lwizardldoes anyone know if you can set rotation easily?01:56
onetinsoldiermordof: change this line -->       ubuntu.no-domain-set.bellcanada ubuntu   -to-   -->   <match_your_static_ip_addy>       ubuntu.no-domain-set.bellcanada ubuntu     ...then do invoke-rc.d networking restart01:56
ssmyGodfatherofEire: np. honest mistake.01:56
davitJack: Under volume it shows ext301:56
onetinsoldiermordof: make a backup of the hosts file first01:56
JoesephUplink: I'm working on getting internet up now, but I see no NTFS01:57
Jack_Sparrowdavit, Where did the partition come from, which os etc, or was it just data01:57
onetinsoldiermordof: even tho i think it's vroken01:57
davitJack: Its an external drive just data01:57
UplinkJoeseph: hmm then the drive is unreadable... try putting it on a ziplog bag and put it on a freezer for a night01:57
mordofonetinsoldier: k give me a sec01:57
onetinsoldiermordof: ok, no hurries here, no worries01:58
Jack_Sparrowdavit, I would fsck it first.. the fact that it cant see permissions gives me cause for concern01:58
ssmymordof: you should almost pastebin your problem so you can tell people what it is and what yu have tried easy. I would try to help. have succeeded in 8.04, so maybe... need more details.01:58
biouserbazhang, there are no error messages everthing pops up correctly it just doesn't play the songs and i'm not quite sure about mp3 I don't have one01:58
JoesephUplink: what?01:58
onetinsoldierraylu: help help help! please! :-)01:58
mordofssmy: ok, give me a min k?01:58
ltggduring a video card install, my principal drive was trashed. Cannot mount, cannot reinstall GRUB from Live CD. testing with partition editor yields errors. is it recoverable???01:58
davitJack: How do i fsck it I never heard of that one :-p01:58
onetinsoldiermordof: ok, no problem, no hurreis01:58
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot01:58
onetinsoldiermordof: ok, no problem, no hurries01:58
davitJack: in the terminal?01:59
bazhangbiouser, no need to have a player, what happens when you try to rip the cd songs to mp3 format paste.ubuntu.com with the errors from that01:59
krazeddavit: yeah01:59
Jack_Sparrowdavit, yes, you can man fsck for more info as needed01:59
JoesephUplink: I take that back, I see two NTFS, but they are both in the 'boot' label part of the device.01:59
davitdavit@davit:~$ !fcsk01:59
UplinkJoeseph: lol thats good01:59
davitbash: !fcsk: event not found01:59
krazeddavit: In terminal type "man fsck" exactly like that.02:00
mordofonetinsoldier: no change02:00
JoesephUplink: what else could be wrong?02:00
Jack_Sparrowdavit,    fsck           lose the ! which we use to trigger the bot02:00
onetinsoldiermordof: roger, darn02:00
jscinozis anyone familiar with the aiccu tool in the repo?02:00
biouserbazhang, how do i ripe it to mp3 format?02:00
ltggGParted 0.3.802:01
ltggLibparted 1.8.902:01
ltggCheck and repair filesystem (ext3) on /dev/sdb1  00:00:36    ( ERROR )02:01
ltgg     02:01
ltggcalibrate /dev/sdb1  00:00:00    ( SUCCESS )02:01
FloodBot2ltgg: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:01
ltgg     02:01
davitJack I just got a longlist what should I look for02:01
UplinkJoeseph: name the devices where u see ntfs02:01
JoesephCould anyone tell me what the command "mount -t ntfs -3g /dev/sda1 /edai/disk -o force" would do?02:01
UplinkJoeseph: try it :]02:01
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/CDRipping biouser02:01
WebcamWonderJoeseph: Mount /dev/sda1 to /edai/disk, using the ntfs 3g driver, and force the mount (unclean shutdown most likely)02:01
Uplinkhow do i delete old mountpoints?02:02
Jack_Sparrowdavit, I am too far into my day to help.. too close to NYE here... Someone will be able to help you.  I just dont want to make a mistake on your system./02:02
onetinsoldiermordof: i don't know why raylu doesn't respond. he doesn't show as being away. i think he could help if he were around tho02:02
JoesephUplink: /sda1  (boot) and /dev/sdb1 (not boot)02:02
davitJack: ok thanks for all the help so far have a Happy New Year02:02
Jack_Sparrowyou too02:02
mordofssmy: http://pastebin.com/m76203a502:02
Sonyhy valaki küldje el a magyar ubuntu link-jét (tudom hopgy nem magyar szoba) pls02:03
JoesephWebcamWonder: Is there any risk involved in the operation? the error message says "for you own responsibility"02:03
manning__ I'm trying to compile the drivers for my X-Fi soundcard and make install is hanging for some reason... no errors or anything, it just sits there. "Update module dependency relationships..." is the last thing it says and then it goes quiet.02:03
bazhang!hu | Sony02:03
ubottuSony: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál02:03
davitkrazed Hey Jack had to go can you help me out02:03
WebcamWonderJoeseph: Unclean shutdowns leave the NTFS in a special state. They recommend it that you boot off it and do a clean shutdown, and then mount in Linux. I have never tried, but it might just be a precaution02:03
onetinsoldiermordof: also, i want to say that i don't know why you haven't ended your full machine name with a   .    in there02:03
Travisok I did as the channel suggested on installing, now it just hangs :(02:04
mordofonetinsoldier: i had someone help me set all that up02:04
UplinkJoeseph: WebcamWonder is right... whenever i hibernate my windows and boot on linux the partition wont mount02:04
mordofonetinsoldier: i don't know either02:04
onetinsoldiermordof: roger02:04
JoesephWebcamWonder, Uplink: well, I can't boot it into windows anyway--- I'll try to see if google has any suggestions for this sort of thing real quick.02:05
UplinkJoeseph: i forgot the name of a really good data recovery application...02:06
Uplinkhow do i delete old mountpoints?02:07
groogyIs there any application on synaptic for merging two libraries?02:07
WebcamWonderJoeseph: Most people report that it doesn't matter at all. Only the journal is directly flushed, which might cause the loss of data from about 3 seconds of the past windows02:07
FlannelUplink: unmount and remove the directory02:08
WebcamWonderUplink: You can just remove the directories, rmdir02:08
Uplinkty :D02:08
JoesephWebcamWonder: What do you mean 'the loss of data from about 3 seconds of the past windows"?02:08
onetinsoldiermordof: have you tried #networking ? you might want to look at your /etc/resolv.conf file... /hosts.allow /hosts.deny  /hostname ...and type hostname as a command to see what it returns, and there's probably more to do02:10
CPercywow, large group02:10
onetinsoldiermordof: you probably know, but thos are all in /etc02:10
ltggwhat the hell is a floodbot?!02:11
onetinsoldierraylu: help help help! please! :-)02:11
ysangkokltgg: a bot that kicks ppl who floods?02:11
CPercyI was wondering if there is a way (on a Mac)... in single user mode to boot from a CD02:12
bazhangCPercy, #macos02:12
CPercyaha! thank you02:12
rayluonetinsoldier: huh?02:12
rayluonetinsoldier: i never mark myself as away02:13
CPercy#macos has no one in it..02:13
onetinsoldieromg, we need you if you know some networking02:13
ltggcan anyone help me with my posted drive problem? just want to know if it is recoverable.02:13
bazhangCPercy, are you talking about using ubuntu or os x02:13
Cocoabeanltgg: what was your drive problem02:13
onetinsoldierraylu: oh, i see02:13
CPercyUsing SUM to boot from a ubuntu liveCD02:13
onetinsoldierany networking guru's here? mordof can't reach the internet on his server after trying to implement internet connection sharing on his 8.10 server version02:14
JoesephWebcamWonder, Uplink: thanks for the help....  I'll start working on this later... right now though,  the keyboard is frozen, so I'm restarting the live disk.02:14
bazhangCPercy, single user mode of mac os x?02:14
ltggcocoabean: see previous flood.02:14
CPercySingle User mode, just happens to be on a powerpc mac ;D02:14
itai-michaelsonhi- what's the chinese irc chanel?02:14
Cocoabeanltgg: i can't i just logged on02:14
itai-michaelsonbazhang, thanks02:14
ssmymordof: pm okay? make it easier to follow02:14
mordofssmy: kk02:15
onetinsoldierawww, i would like to watch02:15
raylussmy: use a client that highlights; it's safer for our users if you keep support in here02:15
ltggcocoabean: I posted a Gparted output, but got banned due flooding.02:15
Cocoabeanthats why you use pastebin ltgg02:15
=== ThePub1 is now known as ThePub
UplinkJoeseph: alright... good luck dude02:15
ltggcocoabean: my first time on IRC; just learning the rules.02:16
raylultgg: fsck02:16
onetinsoldierssmy: please keep it i here. i would sure like to see what might be wrong with his setup. i think part of it is his /etc/hosts file02:16
CPercybazhang, I'm talking about a command in single user mode to boot from the CD drive... unfortunately I think I am locked from booting from the CD drive02:16
Cocoabeanltgg, checkout the topic/banner where it says "Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu.com" you can paste long outputs then post a link here to save space02:16
ltggraylu: fsck ?? I am an Ubuntu 8.10 newbie.02:17
onetinsoldierraylu: would you like to see what mordof hosts file looked like?02:17
rayluonetinsoldier: http://paste.ubuntu.com/97275/ ?02:17
mordofonetinsoldier: i'll pastebin the convo afterwards ok? having trouble concentrating on things at this point02:17
raylultgg: file system check02:17
Cocoabeanltgg fsck = file system check02:17
mordofraylu: that's his02:17
mordofraylu: http://rafb.net/p/rH7iF933.html this is mine02:17
ltggcocoabean: thanks, I will try that now.02:18
onetinsoldierraylu: that's mine, his is/was... http://rafb.net/p/Se8hiD48.html02:18
Cocoabeanltgg did your drive crash/die on you?02:18
ssmyraylu: mine does. I just find it really hard to follow. i'll post the log on the net if that helps if we fix it.02:18
thomcis there a reason why I might be getting high iowait?02:18
williammandaI would like to know this best virtual machine software to use?02:19
raylumordof: is there any reason you need thes entries?02:19
eseven73!best | williammanda02:19
raylu!best | williammanda02:19
ubottuwilliammanda: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:19
Cocoabeanwilliammanda: try virtualbox, its free and in the repos02:19
mordofraylu: php mail testing on my apache server, ssh for faster dns lookups02:19
ltggRE: hard drive crash:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/97295/02:20
williammandaok...you win...I hate windows but I need it02:20
raylumordof: i think it might be a good idea to remove those entries for now. dns lookup times usually aren't that long and they only need to be done once anyway02:20
mordofraylu: 20s, and happens every time i log on02:20
Cocoabeanltgg: bad blocks and block errors are usually a sign of a dying drive02:20
eseven73williammanda>> i know the feeling I'm hooked on OneNote and M$ Office only reason i use a VM02:20
raylumordof: woah. sounds like something is misconfigured; might want to look into that first02:21
williammandaI trade future for a living....there is no linux version ...so I'm stuck02:21
raylueseven73: onenote...? that one shouldn't be hard to replace02:21
Cocoabeanltgg: if you click "Ctrl + alt + F1" you will be dumped to a console, if you see messages like "Buffer I/O error" popping up, your looking at a drive failure, Ctrl + alt + F7 will get you back to X02:22
ltggcocoabean:  drive is a new WD, problem arose while trying to install a PCI-X graphics card.02:22
eseven73raylu>> ive tried everything nothing comes close to OneNote.... BasKet is the nearest thing to it that I've come accross02:22
williammandaI have been loading xp for several hours02:22
raylultgg: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/redhat-fedora-linux-help/24940-ext3-problem-attempt-read-block-filesystem.html02:22
raylueseven73: what features do you use? i'm not entirely clear what it has, actually :P02:23
eseven73Various things i wont get into here cause its offtopic02:23
rayluwilliammanda: have you looked into wine?02:23
williammandaraylu yes...isn't that mainly based on windows 98?02:24
ysangkokwikipedia will tell you what the onenote contains02:24
rayluwilliammanda: um... based on? no02:24
eseven73words cant describe OneNote's goodies ysangkok :)02:25
ltggraylu: thanks for the link. as a Linux newbie not sure that will help me, but I'll try.02:25
rayluwilliammanda: if it were, microsoft would have sued them quita while ago02:25
raylultgg: as a warning, runlevel 1 will take down your gui02:25
rayluwilliammanda: *quite a while02:25
williammandaraylu  ok I will try that after I load virtual box02:25
pikariohi, how do i remove the /lib directory?02:26
rayluwilliammanda: er, the reason i recommend it is wine is usually much faster and easier to get running than a virtual machine02:26
williammandabut it seemed limited before02:26
ysangkokhahahaha pikario: rm -rf /lib02:26
eseven73pikario>> that would be a mistake02:26
rayluwilliammanda: it is :P02:26
williammandak ty02:26
simpleospikario: DONT!02:26
ltggcocoabean: I can't access the drive: cannot mount, cannot install GRUB from Live CD.02:26
Cocoabeanltgg have you tried forcing the mount02:26
Dr_willis_pikario,  why do you want to?02:26
simpleospikario: your computer NEEDS that!02:26
eseven73ysangkok>> bad advice man02:27
simpleosit's USING it!02:27
pikariobecause i don't like it02:27
pikarioi want to get rid of it and rename it02:27
Dr_willis_pikario,  dare we ask why you wish to do such a weird thing?02:27
ysangkokeseven73: he asked how! it wasnt advice it was fact02:27
simpleosPikario: if you want to, rm -r /lib.02:27
simpleosBut if you screw up your computer, too bad.02:27
Dr_willis_thats one way to need to reinstall your OS i guess...02:27
=== kovacs is now known as xp
raylupikario: "i don't like it" isn't a reason to remove essential files02:28
ysangkokpikario: learn to live with it. im sure you have bigger problems than some directory in /02:28
* Dr_willis_ sences a troll. :)02:28
pikarioit just confuses me there's too many libs02:28
Dr_willis_pikario,  and why are you even  worried about it?02:28
pikariothere's a /usr/lib and a /var/lib and a /lib, i'd rather just get rid of them and name them something more familiar02:28
eseven73Dr_willis_>> i do too02:28
pikarioit's confusing02:28
normlomanits not confusing to your computer02:29
Dr_willis_pikario,  and why does it matter? Whats to be confused bout? why are you even   messing with those dirs anyway.02:29
ysangkokactually there is a distributiion that uses different names for /usr and stuff i think02:29
normlomanthere are two different libs for a reason02:29
williammandaraylu   I can use the latest wine from the ubunut rep's?02:29
simpleosOk. ln -s /prettyname /lib02:29
rayluwilliammanda: of course02:29
raylusimpleos: you have that backwards02:29
rccuyou sucks02:29
pikariook thx02:29
normlomanpikaro, you know ubuntu is open source02:29
normlomanyou coulr take the code and rewrite it02:30
normlomanmake a lib-free version02:30
* Dr_willis_ predicts a reinstall of the OS in the future for some Users in the channel... :)02:30
pikarioi could go through the source and find-replace every instance of /lib and replace it with /star?02:30
iShockHow would I stream my webcam in Xubuntu? I can't use VLC, it doesn't detect it.02:30
simpleospikaro, make a module redirecting all i/o from /lib to /pretty02:30
normlomanyes pikaro. infact02:30
normlomanyou can replace anything you like02:31
ysangkokiShock: is your webcam v4l 1 or 2?02:31
normlomanin the code02:31
Flannelpikario: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy/html/index.html explains the differences02:31
normlomani dont garuntee it would work...02:31
pikariolinux for human beings02:31
iShockysangkok: I don't know .. :(02:31
pikarionot linux for obscure-named directories02:31
normlomanyes while youre at it, you could rename "usr" to "user"02:31
ysangkokiShock: how do you access it? does "cheese" work? mplayer?02:31
Flannelpikario: They're not obscure if you know the history/reasons behind them.02:31
normlomanand all the commands02:31
Dr_willis_pikario,  sure whatever..02:31
raylupikario: they're not obscure. \windows\system32 is obscure02:31
iShockysangkok: Cheese works.02:31
normlomanrm could actually be remove02:31
eseven73pikario>> look in C:\   plenty of "obscure-named directories' there too02:32
normlomanand cd could be change directory02:32
pikariodoes sudo stand for super-user do?02:32
miranda_psipikario: you can always write a kernel module that intercepts all filesystem requests and redirects all the lib requests to whereever you want them to go...02:32
normlomansudo is a kind of judpo02:32
ysangkokiShock it is probably v4l2 then. i have a v4l 1 webcam that only works in gqcam and mplayer02:32
Flannelpikario: yes.02:32
Dr_willis_normloman,  and voodoo :)02:32
CocoabeaniShock: what webcam model do you have02:32
Travisok now my keyboard and mouse won't work in the VMware image of Ubuntu I created :(02:32
winkey_anybody had issues getting a supreme fx 2 sound card to work?02:32
ubottuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto02:33
iShockCocoabean: Er.. Pixart Imaging, Inc. Q-TEC WEBCAM 10002:33
Len_I have a problem that I laid out in #ubuntu-bugs and was directed to come here to ask for help . ..02:33
ysangkokiShock: does "mplayer -tv driver=v4l tv://" work?02:33
winkey_the thing don't even show up in lspci02:33
CocoabeaniShock:  Oh, ive been trying to get my webcam working for ages, different one though, thought id see anyways02:33
normlomanlen, whats up?02:33
rayluwinkey_: are there unidentified devices? could you pastebin your lspci?02:34
rayluwinkey_: also, lshw may help02:34
Len_I have a problem that I am hoping to get some direction on02:34
Len_<Len_>I loaded 8.10 on my daughters older computer, dual boot with Win98 SP202:34
Len_<Len_>Booting into Ubuntu is not a problem, but when she uses Pidgen, Pidgen fails02:34
Len_<Len_>She can chat a couple of times (Yahoo Messenger), and then the program simply locks up02:34
Len_<Len_>Has anyone else experienced the same thing?02:34
FloodBot2Len_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:34
Len_Oh, wow, ok . . .02:34
iShockysangkok: Not really.02:34
iShockV:   3.5  89/ 89  1%  2%  0.0% 0 002:34
iShockioctl mcapture failed: Invalid argument02:34
winkey_raylu allright give me a few02:34
FloodBot2iShock: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:34
normlomanive never tried that, but just as a guess02:34
normlomanwhat if you uninstalled pidgin, then tried to recomile it from source02:35
normlomanalthough i realize thats a pain in the but02:35
rayluLen_: pidgin fails randomly :P. you could try moving the .purple directory and starting over. you could also try running pidgin in a terminal and seeing if it outputs anything02:35
raylu!who | normloman02:35
ubottunormloman: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:35
Len_Well, I'm not really familiar with nay Linux OS, yet02:35
crimsunLen_: there's a newer version about to enter the jaunty repository02:35
Len_moving the .purple directory?02:35
ysangkokiShock, if you use v4l2 instead of "v4l" in the mplayer command? does it work more or less?02:35
rayluLen_: mv ~/.purple ~/.purple-backup02:35
Aji-Daha1aI have a macbook pro.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro3-1/Intrepid says that backlight buttons (f1 and f2) should work.  They don't.  Does anyone know what is supposed to make them work and how I could fix them?02:36
iShockysangkok: Way worse. Doesn't even open.02:36
Len_crimsun, I should be able to simply update PIdgen when the new version comes out?02:36
rayluAji-Daha1a: no, but xev may help. run it in a terminal and press f1/f2 and see if any events are generated02:36
Len_Thanks raylu. What does the .purple diretory do?02:36
rayluAji-Daha1a: if no, the problem is with your X keyboard configuration02:36
rayluLen_: it's the directory that stores all the users' pidgin configuration data02:37
rayluLen_: pidgin is really just a frontend to libprple02:37
rayluLen_: *libpurple02:37
Aji-Daha1araylu: yup, sending keycode 232 and 23302:37
iShockysangkok: Ping.02:37
rayluAji-Daha1a: ok, then the issue is somewhere...else...02:37
Len_Ok, thank you raylu. Once I move that, do I just reopen Pidgen?02:37
Aji-Daha1ahttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/226894 looks promising.  *looks*02:37
rayluLen_: yes02:37
sirstanraylu, last time I wrote "just a front end" my code was three times larger than my library02:37
raylusirstan: did it have a gui?02:38
sirstanraylu, the library no -- the front end was gui :)02:38
raylusirstan: then it was more than "Just a front end"02:38
ysangkokiShock okay then i think it is v4l then . :P i know its clumsy way of determinating buts that what i did02:38
raylusirstan: it was additionally a pain in the...somewhere02:38
lgbwhat is the system requirements for the latest version of ubuntu02:38
Len_Sounds simple enough. I've listened to several Linux podcasts, and when her W98 OS started crashing every 15 seconds, I thought I'd give it a try.  I'll give the .purple move a try, and see what happens. Thanks to everyone, have a safe New Year celebration02:38
iShockysangkok: Seems to be, but the errors still remain.02:38
sirstanlgb: p2, 256mb ram, 5gb hd?02:39
iShockysangkok: ioctl mcapture failed: Invalid argument02:39
iShockV:   3.2  81/ 81  0%  0%  0.0% 0 002:39
ysangkokiShock: i got it to work by tweaking the codec (vc). see http://brainwagon.org/2007/01/16/viewing-a-v4l-webcam-with-mplayer/02:39
Len_(Now that I know this place is here, I'm sure I'll be here often LOL)02:39
iShockysangkok: Still doesn't work.02:39
raylulgb: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements02:39
lgb@sirstan: 5gb for system files or 5gb recommended in general?02:39
sirstanlgb, full 8.10 install eats 4.7gb of space.02:40
lgbah, I see02:40
ysangkokiShock: on the man page you can see some codecs that you can try. i dont have access to webcam now so i dont remember what worked. it was very obscure anyway and i had to try lots of stuff. my webcam only worked well with gqcam. mplayer was suboptimal02:40
lgbswap space is a bit big02:40
sirstanlgb: realistically .. a p2-400, 256mb ram, 20gb hd.02:40
raylu!xubuntu | lgb02:40
ubottulgb: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels02:40
lgbI have just that, as the only personal computer I have to my name is that one02:41
iShockysangkok: I can play it in cheese, but I want to stream it to my other box so other people can see it.02:41
lgbdoes xubuntu require less of things?02:41
sirstanlgb, yea . it uses xfce instead of gnome for display.02:41
iShockysangkok: s/play/view/02:41
=== qbmaniac is now known as qb|away
sirstanlgb, its ubuntu with less memory sucking bling.02:41
ysangkokiShock: yes your webcam is more compatible than my. mplayer works with most stuff (with the right parameters) so some parameters ought to work02:42
sirstanlgb, are you in the USA?02:42
iShockysangkok: So cheese cannot stream it?02:42
ysangkokiShock: cheese uses gstreamer so other gstreamer applications ought to work as well02:42
ysangkokiShock: i do not think cheese includes a steamer. but cheese uses v4l so other applications ought to access it too02:42
ysangkokiShock: *stream02:43
phixyay! I found another bug in ubuntu!02:43
lgbis there an exact list of system req. for xubuntu?02:43
raylulgb: did you see the link i gave you?02:43
sirstan192mb ram, 1.5gb hd02:43
sirstanprobably still a P2 requirement (mmx cpu)02:44
iShockysangkok: Got any other way to stream it besides crying over this?02:44
sirstanwant a p2-900? :)02:44
lgbI did02:44
lgbit would be better if it were a pentium III though02:44
sirstani think it is.02:44
phixinstalling on an encrypted volume, LVM, on dual boot system, when defining  /boot partition grub is setup to boot off hd0,0 instead of hd0,1 and kernel for /boot/$kernel_version instead of /$kernel_version02:44
lgbmaybe I'll just forget about this02:45
sirstanlgb, give me a fedex/ups label as a pdf and ill mail you the mobo/cpu/video card02:45
lgbfor free?02:45
sirstanyou think i can sell a p3-900 mobo?02:45
lgbnah, I think I'm going too far in over my head anyway02:45
winkey_raylu http://rafb.net/p/AJtOP338.html02:46
sambagirlsirstan your giving aways stuff for free?02:46
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:46
ysangkokiShock: check dmesg for errors. have you tried googling the cam for commands? is the webcam driver a gspca driver?02:46
Uplinkhow do i make a new window on GNU Screen?02:46
sambagirlit is new years eve just relax jeez02:47
sambagirlanyway off to church chao02:47
iShockysangkok: I think so.02:47
iShockWhat the heck does this mean anyone? ioctl mcapture failed: Invalid argument02:47
ysangkokiShock: it means that mplayer is using the wrong parameters for accessing the webcam02:47
sirstansambagirl: msgd to avoid the ops02:47
iShockysangkok: What wrong params?02:47
rayluwinkey_: it's an asus card, right?02:48
winkey_raylu yea02:48
rayluUplink: screen02:48
Uplinkraylu: and then?02:48
rayluUplink: or did you want ctrl+a n02:48
Uplinkohhh ctrl! i thought it was alt02:48
rayluUplink: oh, sorry. ctrl+a c02:48
ysangkokiShock: its just the arguments (options) that you passed to mplayer on the command line02:48
ysangkokiShock: if mplayer works mencoder ought to work too02:49
ysangkokiShock: and mencoder can stream02:49
rayluUplink: ctrl+a-n and ctrl+a-p are next and previous02:49
Uplinkraylu: im a bit confused... im holding ctrl+a and n02:50
Uplinkhow can i tell if im in screen? and what window im in02:50
ysangkokiShock: see the man page http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1.html i got it to work by trying different values in the "outfmt" field02:50
rayluUplink: the - means "and then", not "with"02:51
rayluUplink: so press "ctrl+a" first, then "c"02:51
iShockysangkok: What commands should I use for mencoder?02:51
Uplinkraylu: ok ty ^^02:51
ysangkokiShock: if you use -tv outfmt=help you will get a list of outfmt's02:51
rayluwinkey_: PCI bridge: nVidia Corporation Device 05b102:51
rayluwinkey_: er, oops02:51
rayluwinkey_: http://git.alsa-project.org/?p=alsa-driver.git;a=blob_plain;f=utils/alsa-info.sh02:51
rayluwinkey_: run that, please02:51
ysangkokiShock: the command for mencoder is nearly the same as for mplayer02:51
rayluwinkey_: wait... http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa/raw-file/tip/alsa-info.sh02:51
ysangkokiShock: but only try to stream once you have playback working in mplayer02:51
rayluUplink: and as far as whether or not you're in screen, ctrl+a-d will get you out02:52
iShockysangkok: What would you suggest?02:53
ysangkokiShock: try different values in the outfmt field02:53
ysangkokiShock: also try different height and widths, like 640x480 and 320x24002:54
arpadbtw my xorg problem turned out to be xgl not liking xinerama over 3 monitors in 8.10, temporarily solved by disabling xgl. cheers for the help02:55
iShockysangkok: MPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: video_read_frame02:56
winkey_raylu http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=2fc9602aa896cd2948d4af5f01a9d7be82699a5902:56
iShock- MPlayer crashed by bad usage of CPU/FPU/RAM.02:56
rayluwinkey_: wow. i have no idea then02:56
mordofok... onetinsoldier: atm i`m on my server, i plugged it directly into my modem02:57
winkey_raylu if it don't show up in lspci couldn't we assume the thing is off or disabled somehow?02:57
ysangkokiShock: make sure you have the newest mplayer. i had crashes too but i found the parameters to get it working with no crashing.02:57
iShockAnyone got a fix for this?02:57
iShockioctl mcapture failed: Invalid argument02:57
mordofonetinsoldier: so it`s an issue with routing between my router and modem - only for my server.. which is really odd02:58
ysangkokiShock: you can try to build mplayer from source with debug flags. you can make backtrace and see if its a mplayer bug02:58
williammandaanyone use the nokia internet tablet 800 or newer?02:58
rayluwinkey_: have you tried another OS on this machin?02:58
onetinsoldiermordof: oh, roger!02:58
rayluwinkey_: *machine?02:58
ysangkokim going to bed iShock and guise02:59
iShockysangkok: I got a bunch of these: [84442.388542] gspca: probe ok02:59
iShock[87180.563010] gspca: frame overflow 102596 > 10240002:59
xpHappy New Year!02:59
ysangkokiShock: if you have the newest kernel theres probably not more you can do about the dmesg's02:59
winkey_raylu not me personally, over at a neighbors, he said it worked on win03:00
ysangkokiShock: but as i said, i got it working even though it crashed with some parameters. try changing width and height.03:00
ysangkokiShock goodnight03:00
onetinsoldiermordof: thank you for letting me know. :-)03:00
mordofonetinsoldier: np03:01
Gun_SmokeIf I have two NIC eth1 one connected to the modem and eth2 connected to the router, do I just need to bridge them to get connectivity or would I need to setup a dhcp server as well?03:01
rayluwinkey_: i suppose you could go poking around in the bios03:01
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC03:02
rayluiShock: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=47499003:03
rayluiShock: https://bugs.launchpad.net/vlc/+bug/260918/comments/8603:03
rayluiShock: http://hansdegoede.livejournal.com/6630.html03:03
linux-20salut cava03:04
iShock... raylu Which one?03:04
winkey_raylu or reseat the card, thank you03:04
linux-20cava toi03:04
Nookhow do i install flash player on my ubuntu 8.04?03:05
rccutry apt-get03:05
rccudunno if it has firefox flash plugin03:05
linux-20oui momkin03:05
wetyeah ff has adobe flash plugin03:06
ac3_0f_spad3scan anyone tell me how to make my 500 GB drive use all of its space in ubuntu03:06
ac3_0f_spad3sits external03:06
iShockAnyone know how to fix ioctl mcapture failed: Invalid argument03:06
lwizardlhow can i set an option so I can rotate (pivot) my display 90degrees clockwise03:07
wodenWhy don't my icon images show up in fbpanel?  Here is a screenshot showing the problem:  http://filebin.ca/mzcruq/fbpanel.png03:07
iShockAnyone know how to fix ioctl mcapture failed: Invalid argument03:07
ac3_0f_spad3scan anyone tell me how to make my 500 GB drive use all of its space in ubuntu, it only uses about 460. its an external usb drive.03:08
rayluiShock: just poke them all :D03:08
iShockraylu: A whopping none made sense to me :(03:09
shivamibfor those still in 2008, bad news: this new year looks as lame as the last one. godspeed!03:10
onetinsoldiermordof: wb, still on your server system>?03:10
* Aji-Daha1a sighs...so rebooted to see if the disable-the-touchpad hint had worked and now my yakuake is really slow03:11
iShockSomeone PLEASE FIX "ioctl mcapture failed: Invalid argument"03:11
ac3_0f_spad3sits pretty much dead in here03:11
AquahallicEvenin' folks03:12
shivamibac3_0f_spad3s: it is, you'd expect more from socially-deprived people03:12
onetinsoldiermordof: if your server still has 'net access i recommend installing a utility that can help a little with troubleshooting networking issues, it's called 'iptraf'03:12
shivamibAquahallic: hi03:12
Aquahallicis there any known issues with mounting a jfs partition on 8.10??03:12
lwizardldoes anyone know how to setup 90 degree screen rotation on ATI video cards? I have an ATI 920003:13
iShockPELASE FIX ioctl mcapture failed: Invalid argument03:13
iShockPELASE FIX ioctl mcapture failed: Invalid argument03:13
nutzerwie gehts euch03:13
onetinsoldierhello netz03:13
onetinsoldierhello nutzer03:13
iShock!de | nutzer03:13
ubottunutzer: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, und #edubuntu-de03:13
nutzerwas das hier fürn chat03:13
dmsuperman!de | nutzer03:14
ubottunutzer: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, und #edubuntu-de03:14
ac3_0f_spad3sishock: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&client=firefox-a&rls=com.ubuntu%3Aen-US%3Aunofficial&q=+ioctl+mcapture+failed%3A+Invalid+argument&btnG=Search03:14
nutzerwie gehts dir??03:14
iShockac3_0f_spad3s: Don't make me get an op after you .. I tried. No fixes, just others *****ing about it.03:14
myerkxHello, I was wondering if someone can help me with my Video Card, When it is installed, Ubuntu wont boot (Clean Unstall) - The card is the EVGA 9400 GT03:16
Aji-Daha1ais there a reasonable x86 -> x86_64 upgrade path or does it require a reinstall?03:16
onetinsoldiermordof: wb, still on your server system?03:16
ac3_0f_spad3scould anyone tell me how to make my 500 GB drive use all of its space in ubuntu, it only uses about 460. its an external usb drive.03:16
onetinsoldierhello keres03:16
iShockPELASE FIX ioctl mcapture failed: Invalid argument03:17
kereshi onetinsoldier:03:17
onetinsoldierkeres: happy new year!03:17
Aji-Daha1aac3_0f_spad3s: 460 is probably all there really is of it.03:17
kereshappy new year03:17
FloodBot2keres: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:17
ac3_0f_spad3sAji-Daha1a, why do you say that/03:17
iShockPELASE FIX ioctl mcapture failed: Invalid argument I get it from mplayer -cache 128 -tv driver=v4l:width=320:height=240:outfmt=i420:device=/dev/video0 -vo xv tv://03:17
onetinsoldiermordof: hello? having trouble?03:17
Aji-Daha1aac3_0f_spad3s: a 500 GB drive is 500B * 1,000,000,000 .  460GB that you are seeing in ubuntu is 460 * 1024 * 1024 * 102403:17
shivamibbots have no sense of year increment03:17
benscottc123Regarding space issue03:18
bazhangiShock, keep the repeats down please03:18
benscottc123Do search on 'overburning'03:18
ac3_0f_spad3srip off03:18
Aji-Daha1aac3_0f_spad3s: anytime03:18
iShockbazhang: I've been here asking for over an hour, no one is helping!03:18
benscottc123Used typically for cdroms but also concepts can be applied to hard disks too03:18
bazhangiShock, file a bug report; repeating that will not get it fixed03:18
keanuVLC seems to have a...display bug.  it's been happening for a while but i didn't feel like doing much to fix it.  tried deleting ~/.config/vlc, but it didn't help.  screenshot - http://keanu1031.us.to/up/1230779895.png - any ideas on how to fix?03:19
iShockbazhang: File a bug report simply because a crappy program is behaving like it? What should I use to stream my webcam, bazhang?03:19
myerkxHello, I was wondering if someone can help me with my Video Card, When it is installed, Ubuntu wont boot (Clean Unstall) - The card is the EVGA 9400 GT - It hangs on the boot screen03:19
=== godsyn^ is now known as godsyn
benscottc123See www.cdmediaworld.com/hardware/cdrom/cd_oversize.shtml03:20
lumpycamiShock: try: mplayer -cache 128 -tv driver=v4l:width=640:height=480:outfmt=i420:device=/dev/video0 -vc rawi420 -vo xv tv://03:20
benscottc123If you fo outside of manufacture spec you will invalidate support03:20
BirkoffGuys ... I am trying to install ubuntu 8.10 on a eeepc ... I managed to create a usb stick from a 8.10-livecd iso and booted the system. However I am stuck at the "Select and install software" step ... can anyone help me out please ?03:21
iShocklumpycam: Same error.03:21
lumpycamiShock: omit arguments one at a time or find why they are invalid.03:21
iShocklumpycam: ...03:21
lumpycamiShock: is your device /dev/video0 for sure?03:22
iShocklumpycam: Yes. And I'm down to 'mplayer -tv driver=v4l:device=/dev/video0 tv://' and still erroring.03:22
pedobaitanyone wanna call a 40 yr old pedo in cali: 925-497-623803:23
onetinsoldierkeres: so, you still waiting on a good working version of radiant?03:23
iShockFlannel: mindrape again?03:23
keresonetinsoldier: already got one :) working in it right now03:23
lumpycamiShock: in a term, try this: mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l:width=640:height=480:device=/dev/video003:24
onetinsoldierkeres: oh! cool :-) what name and version? or what did you have to do?03:24
iShocklumpycam: ! PM please?03:25
keresonetinsoldier: it's the default gtk1.5 release. the problem was scons builds the debug version by default, so someone told me to do scons build="release"03:25
percyrawwhat's the name of the last ubuntu 8.10?03:25
waaazuuuupDoes anyone have experience running quake 3, version 1.16n in ubuntu?03:26
Flannelpercyraw: 8.10 is codenamed Intrepid Ibex03:26
percyrawI like the name03:26
onetinsoldierkeres: oh, i see. seems i have heard of scons, but i forget what it is. - ok, just looked it up, replacement for 'make'03:26
keresonetinsoldier: a sloppy one ;)03:26
onetinsoldierkeres: oh03:27
onetinsoldierkeres: so are you making maps now?03:27
keresonetinsoldier: well, it's just not as easy as make03:27
keresonetinsoldier: yes03:27
hikenboothell all 2 problems one my terminal windows do not scroll back...the elevator bar on right of box doesnt scroll up or down even though i have set it for 100000 lines03:27
keresonetinsoldier: http://keres.satgnu.net/maps/index.html03:27
hikenbootalso how do i redirect the output of a make to a file for reviewing for errors03:27
onetinsoldierkeres: ok, looking now03:27
Dr_willis_hikenboot,   somecommand > log.txt       normally03:28
Dr_willis_hikenboot, bash basics :)03:28
hikenbootthanks Dr_willis_ do you have a solution to the other problem with the scroll available?03:28
Dr_willis_hikenboot,  its not very clear.. You mean to say one gnome-terminal scrolling works.. byt a nother seperate gnome-terminal has no scrolling?03:29
onetinsoldierkeres: hey, looks great! lot of people still play that? quake2 is a fairly old version isn't it?03:29
onetinsoldierkeres: in fact, i can't believe how good that map looks if it's for quake203:30
keresonetinsoldier: quake2world is an in-developement q2-based game. it's got really good graphics03:30
Dr_willis_hikenboot,  makes no sence to me. Sorry..  I normally use the 'terminator' terminal  program. or  just a good old 'rxvt'03:30
keresonetinsoldier: it has bump/normal maps, realtime lighitng03:30
shivamibxterm ftw03:30
Dr_willis_hikenboot,  good url for your other question --> http://linuxcommand.gds.tuwien.ac.at/lts0060.php   IO redirection basics.03:30
keresonetinsoldier: really fast pased combat. it's like all good things quake combined.03:30
onetinsoldierkeres: ah-ha! i see, well, very sweet looking03:30
Aquahallicis there some issue with 8.10 and jfs file system???03:31
keresonetinsoldier: thank you :)03:31
keresonetinsoldier: are you a good 2d artist by any chance?03:31
onetinsoldierkeres: nope03:31
keresah dang03:31
kereswe need one03:31
onetinsoldieri'd have to learn the 'gimp'03:31
keresonetinsoldier: #quetoo is their irc channel. you're welcome to join it :)03:32
hikenbootthanks Dr_willis_ your help is greatly appreciated03:32
anuhow to install gcc03:32
onetinsoldierkeres: thanks :-)03:32
mordofonetinsoldier: sorry, yeah still on my server. trying to set up the internet connection sharing atm03:32
keresanu: sudo apt-get install gcc03:32
PhoneSupportWhere can I get telephone software for my Intrepid?  I'm not looking for a sip phone, I want a regular telephone where I can dial out from my pc modem please?03:32
anuthank you anu03:32
onetinsoldiermordof: roger.. i have a suggestion03:32
onetinsoldiermordof: if your server still has 'net access i recommend installing a utility that can help a little with troubleshooting networking issues, it's called 'iptraf'03:32
nevada1920got to go03:32
mordofonetinsoldier: kk. i`ll check it out once i`m done with this ordeal03:33
onetinsoldiermordof: ok, good luck!03:33
mordofonetinsoldier: ty :) thanks for all the help also03:33
PhoneSupportWhere can I get telephone software for my Intrepid?  I'm not looking for a sip phone, I want a regular telephone where I can dial out from my pc modem please?03:33
bazhangPhoneSupport, dont repeat so often03:33
mordofonetinsoldier: kept me sane, well.. as sane as one can be in that situation, lol03:33
myconidWhat xdm/gdm/kdm etc does XUbuntu use?03:33
=== zenith is now known as harry
Nookim having trouble installing the adobe flash player everytime i put sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin03:34
Nook it reads couldnt find packageadobe - flashplugin03:34
dean__gdm with a special theme03:34
onetinsoldiermordof: you're welcome. i hear you and understand. i've been there03:34
myconiddean__, thx.03:34
myconidHow do I switch from KDM back to GDM?03:34
=== harry is now known as Guest74643
dean__sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm03:34
myconidthx again.03:34
sheena1i have an avi file that plays on VLC, but no sound. after last time (MP3 issue that was easily solved by converting to a free format), i thought I'd try that first, but now I just have an ogv file with no sound. i'm sure this is an ubuntu issue, as i'm confident this file plays on others' computers.03:34
onetinsoldierNook: what's the output of the following two commands?  --> uname -m    lsb_release -r03:35
keanuany tips for fixing the VLC issue?03:35
onetinsoldiermyconid: update-alternatives --config x-display-manager ....i think03:35
onetinsoldiermyconid: might be x-session-manager03:36
=== zenith is now known as co18_cr_senang
earthmeLonsheena1  have you tried sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras03:37
Cpudan80Anyone know if/when OO 3.0 will be pushed to the repos?03:37
lumpycamNook: try apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree03:37
sheena1i have that, yes, earthmelon03:37
myconidCpudan80, is there some secret reason it hasnt been yet?03:38
onetinsoldierlumpycam: that should work if his 'uname -m' is i68603:38
Cpudan80myconid: I dunno - Im trying to figure out why its not there yet03:38
lumpycamonetinsoldier: i would certainly so.03:38
lumpycamonetinsoldier: i would certainly think so. sorry.03:38
yubuntu!ati drier03:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ati drier03:38
onetinsoldierlumpycam: it won't though if it's x86_6403:38
yubuntu!ati driver03:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ati driver03:39
lumpycamonetinsoldier: roger that03:39
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:39
yubuntuthanks onetinsoldier03:39
onetinsoldieryubuntu: you're welomce03:39
lumpycamonetinsoldier: i forget what my x86-64 uses but its free and in the repo's03:39
onetinsoldierlumpycam: really? hmmm03:39
ArenlorCpudan80 what are you looking for to be version 3?03:40
Cpudan80Arenlor: open office03:40
Nook lsb_release -r03:40
Nook release 8.0403:40
Nook and03:40
Nook --> uname -m03:40
Nook command not found03:40
FloodBot2Nook: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:40
sheena1no other ideas re: avi without sound?03:40
lumpycamonetinsoldier: yes, flash works fine on the x86_64, atleast on hardy.03:40
onetinsoldierlumpycam: ahh, hardy. i see03:40
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Nooksorry onetinsoldier asked me to let him know03:41
onetinsoldierNook: certainly you must have the 'uname' command03:41
ArenlorCpudan80: Jaunty is using 2.4 still even03:41
=== wastepizza is now known as WastePizza
mordofhow do i run a command in irssi? a bash command03:41
Cpudan80Arenlor: I wonder why...03:41
lumpycammordof: /exec command03:41
onetinsoldierNook: just try to put all responses on one line as much as you can03:41
ArenlorCpudan80: maybe it's a licensing issue, I think OO.O updated their license.03:42
onetinsoldierNook: uname -m03:42
onetinsoldierNook: no arrows or anything03:43
Nookyea it says i68603:43
* keanu hates to ask multiple times, but...03:43
keanudoes anyone know why vlc looks like this instead of what it's supposed to look like? http://keanu1031.us.to/up/1230779895.png03:43
sheena1keanu: nope, but its cool!03:43
earthmeLonIs that not how it's supposed to look keanu?03:43
FlannelCpudan80: v3 was delayed a few times until it was too late to include in Intrepid.  It's in Jaunty, and should be in intrepid-backports sometime.  There's a PPA with v3 out there, it may or may not be active (it was taken down for a bit due to some stability issues)03:43
GodfatherofEireQuestion, what are we supposed to do if our keyboard doesnt exactly have a sysrq key?03:43
onetinsoldierNook: roger. try what lumpycam said...    sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree03:43
ArenlorFlannel, BS it's in Jaunty03:44
keanuearthmeLon, screenshots show its supposed to have rounded corners etc, like in http://images.videolan.org/vlc/screenshots/0.9.2/qt-fullscreen.jpg03:44
keanuright now, it looks too windows 98-like :P03:44
onetinsoldierkeanu: it looks normal. it'll look like second pic once you play a video file03:45
=== WastePizza is now known as WasteCommie
sheena1keanu: mine doesn't look like that (either one). what version?03:45
Nookontinsoldier: it stays at 0% connect to us.archive03:46
myconidkeanu, it uses the window manager UI elements.03:46
myconidit looks different under gnome/kde/xfce03:46
onetinsoldierNook: sometimes it does that...   press ctrl+c03:46
earthmeLonkeanu that's how mine looks, bro :D (and yeah, what myconid said)03:46
onetinsoldierNook: then try again03:46
FlannelArenlor: It could be that the same packaging issues that are keeping it from being in -backports are causing it to have been removed from Jaunty.  I don't keep track, since development versions jump around so much03:46
myconidoo3 is being nixed from Jaunty? lovely.03:46
=== Bitfish is now known as bitFish
keanuonetinsoldier, doesn't seem so - http://keanu1031.us.to/up/1230781590.png03:47
keanusheena1, 0.9.403:47
onetinsoldierkeanu: click up in the options to go 'fullscreen'03:47
csc_is there a specific channel for livecd customization? (both ubuntu or  not ubuntu related)03:48
KineticWashWhich IRC client do you all use/recommend. Xchat? Konversation? other?03:48
keanuonetinsoldier, http://keanu1031.us.to/up/1230781692.png03:48
ardchoilleKineticWash: irssi03:48
bazhangcsc_, this is for ubuntu, ##linux for other03:48
earthmeLonKineticWash  it depends on what you want.  If you want something simple, pidgin will work nicely.  terminal based, irssi03:48
onetinsoldierKineticWash: i like xchat or kvirc03:48
bazhang!remaster | csc_03:48
ubottucsc_: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility03:48
lumpycamkeanu: in vlc, tools - preferences - interface settings, change skins03:48
KineticWashty all :D03:48
bazhangcsc_, try uck03:49
ArenlorLaunchpad says OO.O3 but it's not in the repos, or at least live03:49
GodfatherofEireQuestion, what are we supposed to do if our keyboard doesnt exactly have a sysrq key?03:49
FlannelGodfatherofEire: try printscreen, it may just not be labeled sysrq03:49
onetinsoldierkeanu: in that last shot, do you have the video at full screen? you just wanted me to see the interface, right?03:50
keanulumpycam, tried all three under "Native" - all the same03:50
keanuonetinsoldier, yes, it's in full screen03:50
onetinsoldierkeanu: ok, now, it looks win98'ish due to what myconid said. so how that menu bar looks will depend on what window manager you are using03:51
csc_bazhang, actually i have an issue related to squashfs: i have done a   customized livecd, but it breaks after initramsfs. basically casper.log says it cannot mount the squashfs file as a loopback device because of an "invalid argument". it's interesting to know that i can mount it manually from the remastered os, but not from within busybox, as i said03:51
=== bitFish is now known as Bitfish
sheena1i have an avi file that plays on VLC, but no sound. after last time (MP3 issue that was easily solved by converting to a free format), i thought I'd try that first, but now I just have an ogv file with no sound. i'm sure this is an ubuntu issue, as i'm confident this file plays on others' computers.03:51
GodfatherofEireFlannel no such luck03:51
bazhangcsc_, why would you want squashfs03:52
onetinsoldierkeanu:   <myconid> keanu, it uses the window manager UI elements.     myconid it looks different under gnome/kde/xfce03:52
FlannelGodfatherofEire: Are you holding left-alt?03:52
earthmeLonsheena1, does your computer play other sounds?03:52
dexigetting "problem with audio playback" skype error, and "could not open ...03:52
bazhangsheena1, install w32codecs yet?03:52
sheena1yep. only problem before was playing mp3s. It plays AVIs that i've downloaded off my camera, and youtube, and OGG music, and dvds (both from the dvd and from my computer)03:53
earthmeLonsheena1, add to your question "I've installed ubuntu-restricted-extras" so people dont ask if you've got the codecs installed03:53
bazhangcsc_, are you doing this manually or with one of the tools provided03:53
sheena1sorry earth. thanks for the tip03:53
csc_bazhang, because the fs is compressed03:53
csc_bazhang, i am using remastersys03:53
earthmeLonNp, just trying to keep you from having to answer the same question 100 times sheena1  :P03:54
bazhangcsc_, well using the uck I had zero problems, you may wish to repeat every five-ten minutes, and post on ubuntuforums while you wait for an answer03:54
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore03:54
csc_bazhang, it worked at first: i installed 8.10, i customized my desktop, i remsterized it with remastersys. OK. then i installed back to hd, i modified the os again, i tried to remaster it again , but i encountered that problem: it cannot mount the squashfs03:54
GodfatherofEire2Flannel: Still nothin03:54
bazhangsheena1, you went to medibuntu and installed the package?03:55
sheena1i used add/remove03:55
sheena1i did it some time ago, maybe a few months03:55
csc_bazhang, but can uck remaster the os on the cd with _all_ the changes?03:55
bazhangsheena1, medibuntu is not in add/remove03:55
sheena1what is that? .. sorry03:55
bazhang!medibuntu > sheena103:55
ubottusheena1, please see my private message03:55
franklinhanasaki ohiyo03:56
Arenlordoes anyone know what to put a bug against when the current dist is not in the meta-release file?03:56
bazhangcsc_, best to do it all in one go, sounds like your second round of remastering is catching you out03:56
rivitingoneI am having troubles installing 8.10. I have gotten to the point where it sets up the partitions. I select use whole HDD and then, after a few seconds it reboots and the CD kicks at the menu again.03:56
csc_bazhang, basically i want to be able to remaster and install on a device **recursevely** without loosing the changes.. is it possible with uck ?03:56
earthmeLonHey guys, in order to access a samba share from my Ubuntu machine in the terminal, do I have to mount it?03:56
keanuonetinsoldier, I'm using gnome - is it possible i'm missing a library or something?03:56
sheena1okay. i found the site. umm.. what do i need to do? do i need to get each one individually?03:57
bazhangcsc_, you basically want a persistent live cd?03:57
earthmeLoncsc_  take your cd out of the drive man :D03:57
bazhangsheena1, whom are you addressing? put their nick in your question03:57
csc_bazhang, yes, but why the second round is it different from the first one? basically the second time could not mount the squashfs , while the first time it could03:57
Brandon1Anyone got a minute for a problem I encountered after using wubi installer?03:57
onetinsoldierkeanu: hmmm, now that is interesting. using any custom theme or anything? are you in compiz? or metacity? i doubt your missing a lib03:58
earthmeLoncsc_  after you've installed from the cd, remove it and put it in another room.  Then reboot the machine03:58
sheena1bazhang, sorry. there's a guide on the site, i'm working through that now03:58
keanuonetinsoldier, custom theme, no compiz (or very little) as far as i know03:58
earthmeLonIs there a way to access samba shares from the terminal? (without mounting them?)03:59
myerkxHello, I was wondering if someone can help me with my Video Card, When it is installed, Ubuntu wont boot (Clean Unstall) - The card is the EVGA 9400 GT - It hangs on the boot screen03:59
rivitingoneAm I csc_ ?03:59
lumpycamkeanu: it's the theme, is my guess. like onetinsoldier mentioned.03:59
earthmeLonmyerkx  have you tried using EnvyNG?03:59
jtierHi guys, is there a way to sniff hub traffic using netstat? I want find out number of connections all users have open03:59
keanulumpycam, k, thanks03:59
csc_bazhang, not exactly. i do not want a persistent live cd..   i want a livecd that  can install itself on an hd (without persistent modifications, as the cd wirtes everything in memory). ok. FURTHERMORE i want to be able to remaster the hd and all its modification back to the a livecd again. remasterys could do that the first "round", but not the second, because of a damn mounting problem with squashfs03:59
onetinsoldierkeanu: could be the custom theme... might have changed the window decorator. i'm not sure. and i'm not sure how high of visual settings you'd need for compiz, but i wouldn't think that would matter. yes, the theme is my guess too04:00
PhoneSupportWhere can I get telephone software for my Intrepid?  I'm not looking for a sip phone, I want a regular telephone where I can dial out from my pc modem please?04:00
shivamibyou mean voip?04:00
sheena1you guys are amazing !!! Thanks so much!! it works!!04:00
bazhangPhoneSupport, what does that have to do with ubuntu? if it is connected directly to your pc modem then it is a hardware issue04:00
earthmeLonPhoneSupport  pppdial?04:00
* keanu tests using the guest account04:01
earthmeLonPhoneSupport  wvdial?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=48350704:01
onetinsoldiersheena1: i missed it... what'd someone get working for you? :-)04:01
lumpycamjtier: sudo netstat -tunap will show all connections. including root only stuff, or drop the sudo.04:01
sheena1bazhang, does this put adobe acrobat on my computer? will it change any of my settings regarding pdf etc?04:01
bazhangsheena1, dont enable the repos. just dl the two packages04:01
sheena1onetinsoldier, i was having issues with AVI file not playing sound. i had the ubuntu-restricted thing already, but when i went to get medibuntu, now it works :)04:01
jtierlumpycam: thanks, but that shows connection on that box only, I am trying to sniff traffic04:01
sheena1bashang, uhhhh... too late? :D am i totally scr*wed now?04:02
lumpycamjtier: tcpdump, wireshark04:02
bazhangsheena1, no, just dont install adobe acroread04:02
click170Why is my password not being accepted when I try to add a printer?  My machine authenticates to LDAP, and it is asking for my password on 'localhost'.04:02
onetinsoldiersheena1: roger.. i had todo the same to get youtube videos to work. congrats and enjoy!04:02
jtierlumpycam: I can't seem to figure out open connections with tcpdump , I want to see the status of tcp connections04:02
sheena1onetinsoldier: my youtube worked all along, i originally got something for FF to make it work properly.. thanks! have a good new year!04:03
onetinsoldiersheena1: happy new year :)04:03
earthmeLonIs there any way to access a samba share from the terminal?  I want to write a script for some samba shares but I don't want to have to mount them all.....04:03
sheena1bazhang, i don't see adobe anywhere in my applications, so hopefully it's not there. if so, i'm sure i can figure out how to get it off.. thanks for the help!04:03
PhoneSupportthanks earthmeLon :-)04:04
andy1791my ubuntu says javadoc 6 is missing....what do I do?04:04
lumpycamjtier: wireshark as root should show it all.04:04
earthmeLonnp PhoneSupport hope all works out well for you04:04
lumpycamsheena1: adobe reader 8 works fine under intrepid04:05
=== Colrol is now known as Rolcol
PhoneSupporthow do I see my hardware list?  lshwd?04:05
PhoneSupportI don't remember04:05
lumpycamPhoneSupport: lshw04:06
PhoneSupportthanks lumpycam04:06
earthmeLonAny good nautilus alternatives?04:06
sheena1lumpycam: i used adobe with windows before switching to foxit. i was very unhappy with it then. also, i'm running Hardy. perhaps adobe runs better on linux. i remember it being pathetically slow on my win2K computer04:06
Kamus_H_Zwischgood night04:06
Kamus_H_Zwischhappy new year04:06
=== Charitwo is now known as o_q
LexdaDoes anybody here have any experience with Deluge?04:07
ubottuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto04:07
lumpycamsheena1: i think i installed it manually, xpdf works ok too04:07
=== o_q is now known as Charitwo
LexdaJust switched over to it from an emulated uTorrent (it was going wonky), but I can't find a grand total for the amount uploaded and downloaded, and was wondering if anybody knew a way to add it.04:08
csc_bazhang, when you used uck to remaster your os, were you able to install the new livecd on an hd , as the original ubuntu?04:08
bazhangcsc_, well, if by original you mean heavily modified, then yes04:08
sheena1lumpycam: evince came with my distribution, and i really like it. Not super powerful, but fast as can be and allows a "slideshow" mode.04:08
=== maco_ is now known as maco
csc_bazhang, have you also tried dru?04:09
bazhangcsc_, not yet no04:09
earthmeLonDoes anybody know how to make Nautilus display the file tree thing on the left hand side for every nautilus window that is opened (ie default)04:09
eightyeighti've set the wrong refresh rate, and now i can't get my display to show my desktop. how can i change it back from a tty?04:10
eightyeighti know displayconfig is no longer preset, which is a shame. anything else?04:10
onetinsoldiereightyeight: what version of ubuntu?04:10
sheena1off to watch my AVI file now.. happy new year, everyone and thanks so much for all you do!04:10
lumpycamsheena1: search for adobereader-enu in synaptic04:10
sheena1lumpycam: wheres' synaptic?04:11
mordofhow do i exec something so someone in msg can see the outputÉ04:11
onetinsoldiereightyeight: 1) determine what display_manager you use with --> cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager    5) sudo invoke-rc.d <display_manager> stop (for example -->  invoke-rc.d gdm stop  <--  this will shut down x-windows completely)04:11
sheena1lumpycam: found it!04:11
onetinsoldiereightyeight: 6) sudo Xorg -configure (this command should create a full xorg.conf.new file in your users home directory)   7) make a backup of your old xorg.conf file first if you wish --> sudo cp -v /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old04:11
onetinsoldier8) sudo cp -v /home/your_user_name/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:11
lumpycamsheena1: system - admin - synaptic package manager, or use aptitude or apt-get04:11
earthmeLonmordof what client are you using?  with irssi you do /exec -o COMMAND04:11
mordofearthmeLon: irssi :)04:12
onetinsoldiereightyeight: i'm leaving for now. be back in 20 or less... good luck and happy new year!04:12
lumpycammordof: /exec -o command   [caution]04:12
eightyeightonetinsoldier: there is no xorg.conf in ~04:12
lumpycammordof: be in that particular window, irssi may be tricky in msgs04:13
onetinsoldiereightyeight: did you run   Xorg -configure   ?04:13
eightyeightonetinsoldier: yeah04:13
onetinsoldiereightyeight: check /root04:13
onetinsoldiereightyeight: you should get a message, a response, when you run   Xorg -configure04:13
eightyeightonetinsoldier: not there either04:13
sheena1lumpycam: it isnt there. that means i didnt download it accidentally?04:14
onetinsoldiereightyeight: make sure you have shut X down completley04:14
onetinsoldiereightyeight: you should! get a message, a response, when you run   Xorg -configure04:14
eightyeightonetinsoldier: Xorg: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/org/modules/drivers//vga_drv.so: undefined symbol: xf86GetPciVideoInfo04:14
eightyeightonetinsoldier: X is down04:14
lumpycamsheena1: are all the repositories enabled?04:14
onetinsoldiereightyeight: sorry, that's bad news.. i can't help with that right now.04:14
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:15
eightyeightonetinsoldier: k. thx04:15
onetinsoldiereightyeight: ok, sorry04:15
onetinsoldiergood luck04:15
sheena1lumpycam: i haven't the slightest idea. i just did what the website told me to do re: sudo commands, and now my movie works :)04:15
jimi_hendrixhi guys i just did a sucessful ibex install but now i need internet...however i need interenet...i connect to my wifi through a little usb thing but i think it needs a driver which i have on a cd...how do i install this in ubuntu?04:15
sheena1lumpycam: then it said something about "If you don't want "all this junk", do this", but I'm afraid that the part i need for my movie might be in the "all this junk" stuff..04:15
earthmeLonDoes anybody know how to make Nautilus display the file tree thing on the left hand side for every nautilus window that is opened (ie default)04:15
LexdaJimi_Hendrix, what brand and whatnot are you using?04:16
sheena1lumpycam: but my pdfs are still opening with the original software (came with ubuntu), so i guess i'm okay :)04:16
lumpycamsheena1: i may have grabbed adobe here, but i do show it as a package in synaptic. http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/   get the linux .deb file04:16
joeb3_earthmeLon, f904:16
csc_bazhang, last question. by reading on the uck webpage, it is not very clear what uck can do exactly: can it build a livecd which behaves as exact copy of my actual running os: that is, including scripts in /etc/ that i have made by myself, autologin with my actual user on X, my home dir, etc..04:16
sheena1thanks. i gotta run, but i'll come back if i need anything. thanks to everyone!04:17
lumpycamsheena1: use prefered applications maybe04:17
eightyeightcan anyone help me with a gnome issue? i've set the wrong refresh rate, and now i can't get to my desktop. Xorg is running, as i can login to gdm04:17
earthmeLonCompiz uses F9 joeb3_ v_v04:17
jimi_hendrixLexda, dynex wireless N04:17
eightyeightmy monitor is saying "Out Of Range"04:17
eightyeighti need to do this from a tty. anyone?04:17
joeb3_earthmeLon, view, sidepane.  It stays on when I open new windows.04:18
shivamibvim /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:18
LexdaJimi_Hendrix, give me a min. I just did this on my setup, and need to remember how I did it, heh (unless someone else can comment before I do).04:18
ghost388 give me a min and ill help04:18
saikoehello all04:18
nevada1920hello all04:18
lumpycameightyeight: are refresh rates in a section in /etc/X11/xorg.conf if so set them to manufacturer specs.04:19
earthmeLonHAHA, joeb3_ I looked through my "View" menu and they were all checked.  Seems that I made it so small i couldnt tell it was there.  Thanks bro D:04:19
jimi_hendrixLexda, in windows it said i would need a drive...asked for the CD i poped it in and BAM! it worked04:19
eightyeightlumpycam: looking04:19
mordofok, so i`ve got my server back with internet. attempting to share the internet again. client (win 2k) is set up with correct IP and gateway, along with dns. not sure how to get my server to share the internet (will myserver lose internet if i do this?)04:20
=== jscinoz_ is now known as jscinoz
LexdaJimi_Hendrix, try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/internet/C/ndiswrapper.html04:20
nevada1920ubuntu 8.10 for life04:20
ghost3lumpycam can't ubuntu run without xorg.conf in 8.10? if so just rename it and restart x to see what happens04:20
GodfatherofEire2Anybody know of a program that can grab key/mouse button ids? (Not imwheel, cause that only works for wheel spinning)04:20
ghost3I read ubuntu 8.10 can run without it.04:21
lumpycamghost3: yes it can without it, i've upgraded versions since ubuntu came out and it still uses it.04:21
ghost3but as a quick fix he could rename instead of removing it.04:21
jimi_hendrixLexda, i DONT have internet ATM on that computer without the wifi04:21
lumpycamghost3: intrepid commented out stuff but refresh rates remain intact.04:21
ghost3then restart x04:22
LexdaThat makes things fun.04:22
LexdaPretty much the only solution I could find is to use a temporary wired connection.04:22
LexdaI had to lug my tower to an ethernet connection temporarily.04:23
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts04:23
Aji-Daha1ais there a way to use apt-get dist-upgrade to upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit?04:23
csc_ok, uck is not  what i need04:23
LexdaTheoretically there would be a way to download that file on your current comp and install it manually through a flash drive or something, but unfortunately, I'm relatively newbish to Ubuntu and don't know how.04:24
jimi_hendrixLexda, do they make .debs for the things it asks me to install04:24
csc_it only modifies the iso, it starts from an iso04:24
lumpycamAji-Daha1a: i do not think you can do that, but i'll stand corrected.04:24
csc_i need an application which can build a livecd starting from the installed OS04:24
Aji-Daha1alumpycam: kk04:24
LexdaI'm not aware of any.04:25
jimi_hendrixLexda, i can do it...its what they made USB's for!04:25
LexdaIt's something called Windows Wireless Drivers.04:25
lumpycamGodfatherofEire2: this is probably old news but checkout man xmodmap04:25
bigzerohey guys, does anyone know if rc.local is executed before gdm starts?04:25
eightyeightlumpycam: well, here's the thing. i can start X fine, without an xorg.conf. but when getting into my desktop, is when i can display that mode04:25
tcoread1can someone help get a texas instruments 5-in-1 card reader working?04:25
eightyeightlumpycam: so, i believe this to be a gnome setting, as i changed it in System > Preferences > Screen Resolution, and turned the refresh rate up fram 60 to 7504:26
LexdaJimi_Hendrix, try this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100877804:26
jimi_hendrixLexda, i think i got it...USB's FTW04:26
lumpycameightyeight: just don't set beyond capabilities, but it shouldn't let you. g'luck04:26
ghost3eightyeight hmm... could you log into a diffrant account? refresh rate in hidden folder in your home dir?04:26
untermenschI have a mac running Ubuntu, how do I right click?04:27
jimi_hendrixuntermensch, buy a mouse with 2 buttons? lol04:27
eightyeightghost3: looking in ~/.gnome2 but not seeing anything. a gconf entry maybe?04:27
untermenschjimi_hendrix: it's a laptop04:27
ubottuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto04:27
tux9778anyone using virtual box with windows to run ubuntu?04:27
untermensch:P forgot that.04:27
ghost3ill scan mine and see what I got..1 min04:28
untermenschjimi_hendrix: is that the only way? it's a laptop.04:28
lumpycamuntermensch: try f12, it uses to work04:28
jimi_hendrixuntermensch, idk...i hate macs and never owned one04:28
untermenschjimi_hendrix: hehe, it's for someone else actually. I hate them too.04:29
untermenschlumpycam: it's not f1204:29
jimi_hendrixfor example...1 mouse button04:29
LexdaDoes it even have a right click button, or is it one of those monobar things?04:29
untermenschLexda: stupid monobar04:29
LexdaMighty Mouse ftw!04:29
LexdaHeh. If it's a monobar, well, not sure if it has a right click functionality.04:30
untermenscho wow, tat's stupid04:30
washburnellomighty mouse is supposed to have 2 button emulaton04:30
LexdaLater MMs have 2 button emulation.04:30
washburnellocause it's touch sensative04:30
washburnelloI see04:30
LexdaAs well as a crapload of other actions that get really bloody annoying until you turn them off.04:30
washburnelloI'm not a mac guy btw04:30
untermenschLexda: yes i'm noticing.04:31
lumpycamuntermensch: fn+f2  i dunno04:31
Lexdauntermensch, what happens if you hold ctrl and click?04:31
untermenschLexda: i was just about to try that ;P04:32
untermenschLexda: she found the game section... This could take a while.04:32
LexdaThe Add/Remove thing? Heh.04:33
LexdaI had lotsa fun with that one...04:33
ljchappy new year!04:33
LexdaI'm a fan of Konquest and 20,000 Lightyears into Space, personally.04:33
ghost3eightyeight ok there is a setting in gconf /app/compiz/general/screen0/options/refresh_rate don't ask me where this is on the file system im not sure.04:33
LexdaBoth more puzzle games than action or anything, and both can get incredibly annoying...04:33
ljc20000 lightyears into space04:33
click170Does the printer configuration app only check credentials in local files when it asks for your password when you create a new printer?04:34
jimi_hendrixdo i have to do anything special when building ndiswrapper from source?04:34
jimi_hendrixwait is there a .deb for ndiswrapper?04:34
untermenschjimi_hendrix: probably04:34
PhoneSupportWhere can I get telephone software for my Intrepid?  I'm not looking for a sip phone, I want a regular telephone where I can dial out from my pc modem please?04:34
eightyeightghost3: i think i found it04:35
PhoneSupportI have the driver, I'd like the telephone software please so that I can use a telephone on my pc.  Not a sip phone04:35
ghost3my fingers are crossed04:35
eightyeightghost3: ~/.config/monitors.xml04:35
Lexdauntermensch, did it work yet?04:35
eightyeightghost3: <rate>75</rate>04:35
eightyeightghost3: changed to 60, and i'm at my desktop04:35
\slashubuntu rox!04:36
untermenschLexda: no. :(04:36
LexdaI think I might be onto something, give me a min...04:36
untermenschLexda: awesome :)04:37
Lexdauntermensch, try this: http://www.viraj.org/b2evolution/blogs/index.php/2006/08/20/ubuntu_on_my_powerbook (Obstacle #3)04:38
lumpycamuntermensch: you have a touchpad? tap twice04:39
LexdaThought tapping twice was just the equivalent of a doubleclick?04:39
Shadow_Hunter91Yes it is :)04:40
idea4goodhi my wireless network doesnt help can anyone please help me04:40
Lexdaidea4good, please explain more.04:40
Gneaidea4good: it's still broken?04:40
shivamibtapping twice on a touchpad right now would be incredibly difficult04:41
Lexda(For what it's worth, wireless networks can be a real pain in the ass to set up in 8.10 even...I really hope that's something they improve upon in future versions...)04:41
Cpudan80Lexda: what is hard about it exactly?04:41
idea4goodi am using 7.10 intel pro wireless 3945 abg04:41
GneaLexda: please do watch your lanuage in here. Believe it or not, we do get younger people in here.04:42
LexdaGnea, my apologies. Won't happen again.04:42
idea4goodok the problem is my wireless is bein shown by network manager with good signal strenght04:43
Gneaidea4good: why not 8.04 or 8.10?04:43
Cpudan807.10 ?04:43
Cpudan80maybe that was a typo04:43
idea4goodGnea :04:43
Cpudan80anyway - continue04:43
LexdaCpudan80, just that they aren't plug 'n' play like in Windows. To get mine to work I had to do quite a bit of finegalling, and culminated in me having to hook it up to a wired connection to get the required stuff (Windows Wireless Drivers).04:43
idea4goodit was working ine efore04:43
Cpudan80Lexda: oh your talking about the drivers -- yeah thats a pain04:43
Gneaidea4good: do you have access to the router directly?04:43
idea4goodi just added a new wirless network04:44
idea4goodand hten it broke04:44
Cpudan80Lexda: I thought you meant configuring the SSID and stuff04:44
LexdaOh. No, not at all, that was thankfully automatic.04:44
idea4goodnew wireless is secured Yes i haave access ot router04:44
jimi_hendrixLexda, ok so i installed the driver04:44
GodfatherofEire2Anybody know how to grab the IDs of mouse buttons, cause I cant seem to get mine quite working right.04:44
jimi_hendrixnow do i hit configure network?04:44
Gneaidea4good: have you tried resetting the router?04:44
LexdaThat didn't do anything for me.04:45
idea4goodok FYI when i do sudo dhclient wlan004:45
Gneaidea4good: which router do you have? linksys?04:45
LexdaJimi_Hendrix, look at your system tray.04:45
jimi_hendrixLexda, ya04:45
LexdaYour 'net connection thing. Click on it once. Does a Wireless connection appear?04:45
idea4goodit says no such device found . Also i have linksys WRT56GS v704:46
jimi_hendrixLexda, no04:46
Lexda1 sec04:46
Gneaidea4good: could you please pastebin the output of the following commands:  ip l  and  iwconfig04:47
jimi_hendrixdo we have a wireless branch irc channel i can go to get specified help?04:47
onetinsoldiereightyeight: hello, i'm back04:47
LexdaOk, Jimi_Hendrix, when you go System > Administration > Windows Wireless Driver, what shows in the window?04:48
Gneajimi_hendrix: no, we handle that here04:48
Jindianyone running vmware wkstation 6.5?04:48
GneaJindi: what's your problem with it?04:48
jimi_hendrixbcmwlhigh6 \n Hardware present: Yes04:48
JindiI am running a VM from a USB drive and it's dog-slow. I know there is a vmx param which can alleviate this issues but I can't locate it anywhere04:49
idea4goodgnea: good news04:49
LexdaOk, Jimi_Hendrix, select it and hit "Remove Driver."04:49
idea4goodi was able to connect to my open network04:49
GneaJindi: want to know a well-known secret?04:49
LexdaEssentially, reinstall it.04:49
LexdaFor whatever reason I had to install mine twice.04:50
Gneaidea4good: ah ok. :)04:50
idea4goodi was dumb in the sense i was looking for wrong interface instead of eth104:50
LexdaJust for laughs try it and see if it works.04:50
Jindipls. don't tell me to run it on local hd04:50
Kineticanyone use the Dvorak keyboard layout?  <--- curious04:50
idea4goodbut now i would like to use 2nd wireless04:50
jimi_hendrixLexda, how do i know if i have x6404:50
jimi_hendrixi think i do but im double checking04:50
onetinsoldierjimi_hendrix: uname -m04:51
GneaJindi: but it's true! USB is sloooowww, especially virtualization.  2.0 *might* help, but it won't really be a viable solution until 3.0 is out there04:51
ghost3is usb 3.0 in the works?04:51
jimi_hendrixLexda, still nothing04:51
Gneaghost3: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB#USB_3.004:52
Jindiyou're gonna knock me in the teeth for saying this but I just moved from Ubu Intrepid from XP. While on XP i was able to run the VM from usb just fine. There has to be a way!04:52
ghost3gnea thanks04:52
Jindibut, thanks for your time04:52
* shivamib knocks Jindi in the teeth just to be sure04:52
Jindigee thanks04:53
LexdaJimi_Hendrix, System > Administration > Hardware Drivers04:53
LexdaWhat shows up?04:53
CoUrPsE|DeAdI get: 'fixme:keyboard:RegisterHotKey ((nil),0,0x00000001,9): stub' When trying to run a full screen application in wine, any suggestions?04:53
GneaJindi: hrmmm04:53
jimi_hendrixya...my ATI FGLRX driver04:54
Xx_Gaara_xXOk..i need help anyone know how to convert .Ogg file video codec theora..? I'm super confused04:54
LexdaHm. Ok, that's not what we want.04:54
GneaJindi: do you mean that the actual vmx files are ON the usb drive? and is it a hard drive or a flash drive?04:55
LexdaHonestly, I don't really know. I'm just trying the same steps I went through, and somehow mine finally worked.04:55
ghost3xx_gaara_xx oggconvert04:55
Jindithe vmx AND the VMDK04:55
GneaXx_Gaara_xX: do you want to convert *to* ogg theora or *from* ogg theora to something else?04:55
LexdaSystem > Preferences > Network Configuration04:56
Xx_Gaara_xXogg theora to something else preferably avi04:56
LexdaTry and manually connect to your network.04:56
CoUrPsE|DeAdI get: 'fixme:keyboard:RegisterHotKey ((nil),0,0x00000001,9): stub' When trying to run a full screen application in wine, any suggestions?04:56
GneaXx_Gaara_xX: try avidemux04:56
LexdaAlthough I doubt that's it...04:56
Jindiwhile I have you attention - can someone help with a video issue? I am getting this strange issue with artifacts or god knows what they are called. sections of any text on my screen - be it firefox or a text doc or even this chat window is all skewed. If I move the window around it temporarily fixes it04:56
GneaCoUrPsE|DeAd: what application?04:56
CoUrPsE|DeAdGnea, Kingpin.exe04:57
JindiIf i change the refresh rate it helps but only for a short while04:57
Xx_Gaara_xXgnea: ok thanks but how can i get if from add/remove app04:57
GneaCoUrPsE|DeAd: where'd you get it from?04:57
GneaJindi: what video card do you have and what driver are you using?04:57
kantxxwhat wireless manager should i install for ubuntu??04:57
CoUrPsE|DeAdits a game, from a disk.04:57
Jindinvidia with the nvidia drivers04:58
Jindidual-mon too04:58
GneaJindi: okay, which model# and which version of the driver?04:58
CoUrPsE|DeAdFifa09.exe doesnt even do anything, it runs the app with no errors, but then i get nothing.04:58
CoUrPsE|DeAdhas wine got a log file somewhere i can look?04:58
* Gnea points and laughs... it's almost 11pm here04:58
Jindisorry. there is a command I can run to get this...would you happen to know04:58
Xx_Gaara_xXGnea: never i got it thanks ^_^04:58
emetWed Dec 31 23:59:02 EST 200804:59
onetinsoldiereightyeight: hello, i'm back04:59
BoohbahGnea: and you're hanging out on the internet...04:59
Boohbahwait so am i!04:59
ghost3its 10:59 here04:59
GneaJindi: yup:  lspci | grep VGA && dpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep nvidia04:59
onetinsoldier9:59 here04:59
GneaBoohbah: so are you...04:59
emetWed Dec 31 23:59:38 EST 200804:59
CoUrPsE|DeAdyour all slow.04:59
CoUrPsE|DeAdits 6 pm the 1/12009 here.04:59
ghost3I can't help it im in alabama05:00
ArenlorHappy New Year05:00
emetThu Jan  1 00:00:14 EST 200905:00
CoUrPsE|DeAdThu Jan  1 18:00:22 NZDT 200905:00
osxdude|vacationHappy new year!!!!05:00
GneaWed Dec 31 23:00:27 CST 200805:00
onetinsoldierhappy new year to the the eastern time zone!05:00
eightyeightonetinsoldier: got it figured out05:00
Tom_1223How do I create/renew ath0? I've got eeexubuntu and after a reboot, iwconfig shows only eth0 and lo, no ath0 or other wireless capable devices.05:00
onetinsoldiereightyeight: ahh, good! i'm glad to thear that :-)05:00
eightyeightonetinsoldier: ~/.config/monitors.xml has a <rate> tag05:00
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:01
JindiNvidia gforce G71 7900GS05:01
onetinsoldiereightyeight: oh, i see. ok05:01
CoUrPsE|DeAdHas wine got a log file i can look in?05:01
Gneakantxx: ubuntu has a wireless manager installed already05:01
ghost3eightyeight did that work for you?05:01
onetinsoldiereightyeight: soyour X is all good for now?05:01
csc_do anyone know remastersys?05:01
Jack_SparrowCoUrPsE|DeAd, ask in #winehq.. thanks05:01
CoUrPsE|DeAdoh, cool, thanks.,05:02
Gneacsc_: what's that?05:02
eightyeightghost3: yeah. it fixed my issue. i'm on the pc now05:02
Jack_SparrowGnea, He is remaking ubuntu iso into something else05:03
eightyeightonetinsoldier: yeah. X was fine. gnome was not. :)05:03
ghost3great :)05:03
Lexdauntermensch, did you ever get it working?05:03
onetinsoldiereightyeight: ok, roger that05:03
GneaJack_Sparrow: ah ok05:03
idea4good Gnea: again its when i tried to change the wireless network05:03
Jack_Sparrowcsc_, we do have fairly thorough wiki pages about it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization05:04
ghost3you 2 kavon05:04
Gneakavon: spare me, my extra second has yet to arrive :p05:04
GodfatherofEire2Anybody know of a program that can grab mouse button ids? (Not imwheel, cause that only works for wheel spinning)05:05
idea4goodi hope to solve problem this year i dont plan to enter new year with a bad wireless network05:05
ghost3is there a fix for the January 19, 2038 linux bug?  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Linux_Is_Not_Y2K_38_Compliant05:05
idea4goodthat would be a bad start05:05
idea4goodfor new year05:05
crdlbghost3: yes, x86-64 :)05:06
Jack_Sparrowghost3, Cute.. but try in offtopic05:06
idea4goodGnea: my network manager seems to stuck i try to kill sudo kill pid05:06
crimsunghost3: the core kernel bits were patched long ago.05:06
idea4goodit doesnt kills05:06
ghost3cool, I was worried.05:06
Gneaidea4good: why would you try to kill it?05:06
Jack_Sparrowghost3,  Ubuntu isnt like the Microsoft Zune05:06
idea4goodwell its stuck so i cant reconfigure05:07
idea4goodok when i do iwlist scan i can see my new network which i want to connect05:08
Gneaidea4good: do you think that killing it might trap invalid information in the database, thus causing it to work even worse next time?05:08
idea4goodin cell 0105:08
idea4goodwell i have not much info about05:09
idea4goodso gyuidance from would be appreciated05:09
Jack_Sparrowroot, Not a good idea to surf the web as root user05:09
=== root is now known as Guest63949
Guest63949i know.. i just need help quick.. if i can?05:10
empiricguys any one use alfresco DMS05:10
qcjnhappy new year from Montreal 'Quebec05:11
Guest63949is there any console app to help me conf the x server... caus resolution is set to high when i start x.. so i cant see shit..05:11
vengeranyone know how i can get thunderbird to stop warning me about a domain name mismatch each session?  happens when i connect to server.domain w/TLS inside the network when the SSL common name is registered to my dyndns account (for external IMAPS access) -- using dovecot for imap service05:11
darkhammhappy new year from italy!!!05:11
Jack_Sparrowdarkhamm, ciao05:11
vengerc/SSL common/SSL certificate common05:12
GneaGuest63949: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:12
Jack_SparrowGnea, that does almost nothing in intrepid05:12
Gneaidea4good: i'm not sure what to suggest... is your wireless card builtin?05:12
Gneaidea4good: can you turn it on/off from a switch or the keyboard?05:13
GodfatherofEireAnybody know of a program that can grab mouse button ids? (Not imwheel, cause that only works for wheel spinning)05:14
mattycozehey guys I have a problem with my bluetooth settings; at the moment i've been trying to connect to my Wii remote but I can't do a hcitool scan05:14
mattycozedoes anyone know why this may be?05:14
kantxxanyone know why i dont have a wifi button on my taskbar? i dont see anything for wifi?05:14
onetinsoldierJack_Sparrow: can you put my Xorg -configure instructions into ubottu? are you all-powerful? hehe05:14
idea4goodmy wifi sign is blinking continously05:14
Jack_Sparrowonetinsoldier, you dont want me near your xorg tonight05:14
Jack_Sparrowonetinsoldier, what are you trying to do?05:15
ghost3he's drunk05:15
kantxxis there a MAC OSX type wifi tray icon for gnome??05:15
onetinsoldierJack_Sparrow: lol. made me laugh. :-)05:15
Jack_Sparrownot drunk. just exhausted05:15
tyl3rHi all. I have small problems with my WLAN under Ubuntu Intrepid. Sometimes, maybe once an hour, it fails for about one minute. I cannot send any traffic successfully then. Dmesg is then writing about 10 or 20 entries like this until it works again: [ 1495.716713] TKIP: RX tkey->key_idx=1 frame keyidx=2 priv=f0fbe9c005:15
jimmioIs it a bad idea to set pulse to -20 nice? I get skipping in recordings...05:15
Guest63949i dont know who helped me ... caus its text everywhere.. and i donno how to scroll in this, but the dpkg-reconfigure dint gave me anything abt any resolution settings.. just kb and mouse n stuff05:15
tyl3rIs someone familiar with this issue ?05:15
Jack_Sparrowkantxx, cairo-dock osx theme05:15
maximus_1does anyone know how to add this package to apt? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/telepathy-sharp/0.13.2~svn20070913-305:15
onetinsoldierJack_Sparrow: i have instructions on how to reconfigure X. although, i  think the may be a little long to go into ubottu05:15
Jack_Sparrowonetinsoldier, pm me the xorg info you want in a factoid05:15
kantxxJack_Sparrow: i just want a similar wirless manager05:16
mattycozehey guys I have a problem with my bluetooth settings; at the moment i've been trying to connect to my Wii remote but I can't do a hcitool scan05:16
nickrudjimmio, on first though yes, since sound is time critical05:16
kantxxJack_Sparrow: not a theme05:16
tyl3rI have Broadcom STA Wireless driver installed05:16
onetinsoldierJack_Sparrow: roger, i'll do. it's too long though i think05:16
rayluGuest63949: Gnea was helping you05:16
mattycozeis Hcitool even available in the 8.10 distro?05:16
maximus_1how does one even /use/ a source deb?05:17
Gneakantxx: as I tried to tell you before you left earlier, there is already a wireless manager with ubuntu05:17
jimmionickrud: Hmm...? It's like missing audio data in the recording... driving me nuts, not to mention pulseaudio just crashed as I was running a game in Blender and exited...05:17
kantxxGnea: what is it??05:17
kantxxGnea:  just see the manual config one05:18
Guest63949ahhh! can anyone give me a good console irc... so i can scroll text and whatever05:18
Gneakantxx: are you familiar with the network manager icon on the upper-right on the desktop?05:18
nickrudjimmio, I probably shouldn't even talk about pulseaudio, it makes the veins in my head pulse05:18
kantxxGnea: yes but it doesnt detect networks05:18
kantxxGnea: i have to manually enter the info05:18
Gneakantxx: if your wireless card is configured correctly, then detected networks will show up there when you click on it05:18
rayluGuest63949: you could try irssi, but i'm sure ircII has a way to scroll. try pageup or ctrl+f/ctrl+b05:19
Gneakantxx: try enabling the broadcast of your ssid05:19
Tom_1223How do I create/renew ath0? I've got eeexubuntu and after a reboot, iwconfig shows only eth0 and lo, no ath0 or other wireless capable devices.05:19
kantxxGnea: its a broadcom bcm4311 and it works if  i manually enter info05:19
Guest63949raylu didnt work.. lol05:19
rayluTom_1223: sudo ifup ath005:19
KineticGuest63949:  Kvirc is very good05:19
rayluTom_1223: but that's probably not going to help you05:19
mattycozecan anyone tell me what this means? "hcid: error while loading shared libraries: libbluetooth.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"05:20
mattycozei get the same error for hcitools05:20
Guest63949k.. brb.. gonna try irssi05:20
Tom_1223raylu: why not?05:20
Gneakantxx: don't know what to suggest then.05:20
rayluTom_1223: oh, you already had it set up, nevermind.05:20
rayluTom_1223: the issue could be that your modprobe.d isn't configured correctly05:20
kantxxGnea: ..05:20
Gneakantxx: i've tried doing it manually as well, and it sort of works, but really, it seems to just work right when the ssid is enabled to broadcast05:20
rootthis is more like it.. its even in color.. the irssi :P05:21
=== root is now known as Guest61861
kantxxGnea: it is set to broadcast05:21
Gneakantxx: does it show up with an iwlist scan?05:21
kantxxGnea: yes05:21
Jindianyone avail to help with a video issue?05:21
kantxxGnea: the network manager doesnt even list any networks05:21
raylu!anyone | Jindi05:21
ubottuJindi: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:21
mattycozecan anyone tell me what this means? "hcid: error while loading shared libraries: libbluetooth.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory", I get the same error for hcitools.05:21
Tom_1223raylu: sudo ifup ath0 failed with "Ignoring unknown interface ath0=ath0"05:22
Jindisolid advice. thanks05:22
raylumattycoze: try reinstalling libbluetooth05:22
rayluTom_1223: when you set it up, did you have to mess with modprobe?05:22
Guest61861well.. guess i ask again.. sorry for bothering... but i couldnt scroll in the other irc client.. how can i configure my x server so it forces a resolution.. caus its prob too high.. caus i cant shee shit when i start x...05:22
mattycozeraylu what repo is it listed on; my synaptic can't; find it05:22
rayluGuest61861: pageup works in irssi, that i'm sure of05:22
eseven73Guest61861>> irssi is cool, if you do the /set command you;ll see like a billion settings for it too and the '/lastlog <search word goes here>' is priceless :)05:22
Gneakantxx: how good is the quality?05:22
Guest61861raylu: yeah it did...05:22
kantxxGnea: fine..05:22
mattycozeraylu, i remember having that once on an earlier distro like 7.1005:22
Tom_1223raylu: Nope. It worked out of the box, could scan wireless networks and connect easily enough. Used it a couple days ago, shut it down, started today and it's completely lost ath0.05:22
Gneakantxx: no, what *is* it?05:23
GodfatherofEireso nobody knows how I might find out the ID for the mouse buttons05:23
kantxxGnea: 86/10005:23
dexihey guys im getting realllly crappy download speeds on linux... any ideas?05:23
waaazuuuupAnyone have experience with quake 3 version 1.16n?05:23
raylumattycoze: libbluetooth3 is in the base repositories. http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/libbluetooth305:23
ubottuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto05:23
mattycozeraylu thanks.05:23
kantxxGnea: the network manager just doesnt show wireless networks at all05:23
rayluTom_1223: oh... that's strange05:23
kantxxGnea: i coulda sworn there was something for that05:23
JindiI am running an Nvidia Gforce 7900 with 256 MB with Dual display. I am also running the nvdia xserver settings. my problem is that i am getting lots of artifacts on my screen. text is partially unreadable, etc05:23
macokantxx: what about "sudo iwlist wlan0 scan" (replace wlan0 with your wireless nic)05:24
Guest61861raylu: u know how i can force a res for the x server ? caus it wont show anything for me. its set to a res my screen cant handle05:24
mattycozeraylu apparently libbluetooth3 is already installed :?05:24
Tom_1223raylu: you're telling me!05:24
kantxxmaco: the wireless card is fine05:24
macoGuest61861: "xrandr -s 1024x768" or whatever resolution you want05:24
rayluTom_1223: what card is i?05:24
macokantxx: so you can see the networks in the terminal but not in nm?05:24
kantxxmaco: network-manager just isnt SHOWING networks.. i can ADD them myself manually05:24
rayluGuest61861: you could try "X -configure"05:24
raylumattycoze: ...that's why i told you to reinstall it05:25
dexiabnormally slow speeds? anyone? like 21kb/s slow...05:25
raylumattycoze: sudo aptitude reinstall libbluetooth305:25
kantxxmaco: it doesnt show anything05:25
Tom_1223raylu: Atheros 5700 wi-fi card. Standard with EEE PC 90005:25
BinaryBoy001How do I get the best quality rip(high bit rate) of a music CD when I use sound juicer?  How do I change the bit rate??05:25
macokantxx: can you see them in the terminal?05:25
kantxxmaco: i can add a profile05:25
kantxxmaco: yes05:25
macokantxx: do they by any chance have hidden ssids?05:25
Gneamaco: he can do wifi from the commandline but the gui is all broken05:25
kantxxmaco: no05:25
macokantxx: which version of ubuntu?05:26
kantxxGnea: yes.. theres no wireless manager 8.1005:26
kantxxGnea: network manager shows the card and lets me add the configs05:26
Gneakantxx: and, as I told you, it's built into NetworkManager05:26
Guest61861raylu: ok.. well it printed alot of text. sorry for being a pain.. but how do i scroll in console? caus the last couple of lines didnt make sense05:26
mattycozeraylu oh okay; well i've reinstalled it but the same issue presides.05:26
macokantxx: right click on the NM applet and hit "edit connections..." to get to what Gnea's talking about05:26
mattycozereckon it's a bug?>05:26
kantxxnetapplet isnt installed05:27
macokantxx: its not called netapplet05:27
Guest61861and maco the xrandr said it couldnt open display05:27
rayluTom_1223: lsmod | grep ath05:27
GneaJindi: can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log please?05:27
pidusyesterday while i had an external HDD connected, and data being transferred without any problems there was a power failure. Since then whenever i connect the HDD the hotplugin(automount) point to the local HDD and when i try to manually mount /dev/sdb1 the prompt shows up I/O error, even though the disk is getting mounted perfectly on a mac machine.05:27
macoGuest61861: oh you have to already be in X to do it05:27
onetinsoldierGuest61861: Shift+Page Up and Shift+Page down05:27
rayluGuest61861: shift+pageup05:27
crimsunmattycoze: yes. the program was compiled against an older libbluetooth-dev that provides an older library.05:27
macoGuest61861: it lets you change your running X settings05:27
pidusthis is the error message that shows up when trying to mount using sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 external/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/97365/05:27
dexiDoes anyone know what could be the cause of really slow downloads?05:27
crimsunmattycoze: the program needs to be compiled against the newer libbluetooth-dev.05:27
BinaryBoy001when using sound juicer to rip a music CD, should VBR quality be set high or low?  10 or 0, which is better?05:27
mattycozecrimsun ahh;05:28
macokantxx: it's the little applet with 2 little computers in the notification area05:28
pidusis there no way to fix this problem..without going to windows?05:28
MindVirusIs the google app engine in the repos?05:28
raylumattycoze: no idea. i'd consider purging both the app you're using and libbluetooth and installing again.. otherwise, i have no idea, sounds like a packaging error05:28
kantxxmaco: thats the one.. i go to the wireless tab and can add the ssid info manually.. just no listing of scanned networks05:28
Tom_1223raylu: lsmod | grep ath returns nothing and iwconfig still returns only eth0 and lo05:28
raylucrimsun: the package should depend on a newer version05:28
Guest61861raylu: ok.. somethings wrong lol.. caus it doesnt scroll. lol. i think i got big problems :P05:28
rayluTom_1223: sudo modprobe ath_pci05:28
ubottunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager05:28
mattycozecrimsun how do i do that?05:28
crimsunraylu: (correct, it is a packaging error due to when the source package was compiled)05:28
rayluGuest61861: i get the feeling you're doing it wron05:28
onetinsoldierGuest61861: did you changes tty's?05:29
macopidus: you can force it to mount, but it's possible you'll lose data because you didnt unmount it properly in windows05:29
MindVirusIs the google app engine in the repos?05:29
dexiJack_Sparrow: you chilling around here?05:29
Tom_1223raylu: sudo modprobe ath_pci returns: "FATAL: Module ath_pci not found."05:29
onetinsoldierGuest61861: did you change tty's? move between any tty terminals before trying to scroll up and down?05:29
mattycozeraylu & crimsun (btw i'm no programmer, so i can't really do much other than pester the authors hehe)05:29
Guest61861onetinsoldier: im trying to scroll on the alt-3 page05:29
GodfatherofEireso nobody knows how I might find out the ID for the mouse buttons05:29
crimsunraylu: (i.e., libbluetooth2 was used at the time of compile instead of libbluetooth3; more than likely the former was removed due to the apparent abi & api bump)05:29
pidusmaco: i tried doing that...but http://paste.ubuntu.com/97365/ is what it shows05:29
dexiGodfatherofEire: guess?05:29
Guest61861onetinsoldier: im kinda new to linux.. sorry05:30
pidusand why should i lose data if the same disk shows up perfectly on a mac...with all the folders showing perfectly05:30
Jack_SparrowGodfatherofEire, Did you real the link on setting up mouse buttons?05:30
GodfatherofEireJack_Sparrow, yes, I did05:30
onetinsoldierGuest61861: scrolling up and down won't work if you switch, it loses the buffer on the tty. to scroll, you have to stay in the tty that has the pages you need05:30
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:31
macopidus: you should never ever just unplug a disk without cleanly unmounting it. there is always a chance that doing so will lose or corrupt some or all of the data.05:31
IrreducibilisI am about to do something explicitly forbidden here that will probably get me kicked like last time, or at very least yelled at. I am going to ask a windows-related question here, since the people in #windows seem to think they dont have to help anyone because its new years eve.05:31
macopidus: it's not guaranteed to happen, but it's a chance not worth taking05:31
kantxxill try reinstalling it05:31
Guest61861onetinsoldier: ok.. but now i tried the command again... and scroleld right after... still didnt scroll05:31
GneaIrreducibilis: please, don't be an idiot.05:31
kantxxrather confused why it wont work :|05:31
pidusmaco: i understand that...but it happened inadvertently05:31
onetinsoldierGuest61861: use 'pastebininit'....    sudo apt-get pastebinit05:31
DefamedPrawnhi. Is there a simple guide on editing fstab anywhere?05:31
IrreducibilisGnea: What choice do I have? I am desperate.05:32
dexigo for it Irreducibilis05:32
Gnea!fstab | DefamedPrawn05:32
ubottuDefamedPrawn: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:32
pidusmaco: but then what should i try to do?05:32
GodfatherofEireJack_Sparrow, heres the thing though, mine has the equivalent of 12 buttons under ubuntu standards, but I need the buttonmap so I dont royally screw somethin up under xserver05:32
GneaIrreducibilis: look, just PM me05:32
Guest61861onetinsoldier: woahh.-.. thanks05:32
onetinsoldierGuest61861: that will only work for files though, sorry, the pastebinit that is05:32
BladezorHey, does anyone know how to output Wine's console output straight to a file?05:32
macopidus: and that happens even after you use "-o force" in your mount command?05:32
Guest61861onetinsoldier: crap.. could just scroll through the apt-get thingey05:33
WebcamWonderBladezor: ./notepad++.exe > output?05:33
rayluTom_1223: you could try installing linux-backports-modules-intrepid05:33
rayluTom_1223: that will give you the ath5k module. actually05:33
rayluTom_1223: try "sudo modprobe ath5k" first05:33
dexi.... Does anyone know why linux would have a slow download (around 20kb/s) compared to windows (around 150kb/s)05:33
Guest61861onetinsoldier: isnt there a way i could configure my xorg.conf file to force a resolution?05:33
nickrudGodfatherofEire, run xev in a terminal, then click each button with the pointer in the window. In the mass of scrolling data, you'll see the button numbers05:33
pidusmaco: yup05:33
rayluTom_1223: wait, nevermind. that won't do anything05:33
Tom_1223raylu: ath5k not found.05:34
macoGuest61861: er...can you write an xorg.conf by hand? because there is no xorg.conf anymore by default05:34
Tom_1223raylu: If i recall correct, I should be on the atheros driver for the eeepc wireless card05:34
GodfatherofEirenickrud, thanks05:34
rayluTom_1223: so yeah, try installing linux-backports-modules05:34
xd4happy new year people05:34
onetinsoldierGuest61861: you welcome. you can redirect output into a file though...   command > log_file_name 2>&1   ..to make output go to file05:34
dexihappy new year05:34
macoTom_1223: most netbooks require l-b-m05:34
macoTom_1223: if you have the AR242 or whatever its called, you def. do05:34
Guest61861maco: ok.. caus i have the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file... had it from install..05:34
macoGuest61861: and it's empty05:34
BladezorWebcamWonder, thanks :)05:35
onetinsoldierGuest61861: what is the output of  cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager    ....?05:35
macoGuest61861: unless this is a year-old install that you've been upgrading05:35
xd4I am having a small problem, if anyone cares to help05:35
WebcamWonderBladezor: No problems05:35
Guest61861maco: no05:35
maco!ask  | xd405:35
ubottuxd4: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:35
daedrahow do you exit screen?05:35
mattycoze@ Crimsun https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/291051/05:35
xd4i installed a file about 2 days ago, a script, autostart.sh05:35
xd4by mistake05:35
Guest61861maco: downloaded yesterday. installed today05:35
daedrahow do you exit screen?05:36
macoGuest61861: if it's 8.10 it's definitely blank05:36
xd4its purpose was to delay the startup of autostarted programs for 60 seconds05:36
pidusguess, i'll need to go by the really sloppy way of....looking for a windows/mac machine...copying the data on disk to that machine...and reformatting the disk..afresh05:36
xd4i deleted the script05:36
macoxd4: where'd you get it?05:36
onetinsoldierGuest61861: what is the output of  cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager    ....?05:36
xd4but then, its still delayed05:36
macopidus: doesnt need a format05:36
onetinsoldierGuest61861: /usr/bin/gdm    ...?05:36
dexiwell... how bout if i just say hello and see if anyone says anything back05:36
xd4maco : i was trying to install dropbox05:36
macopidus: just needs checkdisk05:36
xd4maco : it was intended to delay dropbox startup05:36
macoxd4: and that required delaying startup? er...05:36
pidusmaco: umm ok..05:37
laptopuserI've recently solved my wireless problems by following this thread here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=98607205:37
* dexi waits05:37
WebcamWonderdexi: ?05:37
Guest61861onetinsoldier: usr/sbin/gdm05:37
xd4maco : but i fond out that it caused delay of all startups05:37
dexiWebcamWonder: woah someone said something to me! :)05:37
lumpycamdaedra: ctrl+a+d to detach screen, exit to exit.05:37
WebcamWonderdexi: How are you connected to the internet?05:37
Jack_Sparrowlaptopuser, What card chipset are you usning05:37
daedraactuall I just realised I can simply detatch the screen05:37
macopidus: you know when you shut down windows wrong and it does that thing when it checks the whole disk to make sure nothing's lost? you just need to do that.05:37
laptopusersee thread #1005:37
daedralumpycam: yeah thanks05:37
dexiWebcamWonder: ethernet cable to DSL05:37
onetinsoldierGuest61861: ok, just to make sure it's shut down first.. do -->  sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop05:37
lumpycamdaedra: screen -r to re-attach05:37
WebcamWonderdexi: And are you using the same site to test the download speed?05:37
Tom_1223raylu: Thanks. I will hook it up to cat5e when I get a chance and try the linux-backports-modules-intrepid. I'm just baffled as to how it could completely destroy it overnight. I updated my packages list etc, but I checked and madwifi is still installed.05:37
pidusmaco: :-) yeah i know05:37
xd4maco: so how can i make startup return to normal05:38
macoxd4: ok where'd you get the script? and what do you mean by installed it?05:38
daedralumpycam: i'm being an idiot again05:38
onetinsoldierGuest61861: that will make sure X is totally shut down, just in case it's not already05:38
macoxd4: did you copy it somewhere, or was there an installer script or what?05:38
dexiWebcamWonder: its all-around slow downloads on linux...05:38
Jack_Sparrowlaptopuser, I was just asking to help link info with the chipset. I dont feel like reading it to find out05:38
xd4maco: i laced it in the autostart folder in .donfig, then ran it05:38
pidusmaco: but i thought, there's some way in linux as well, to fix it..without going to windows, i.e. linux equivalent of chkdisk or something05:38
onetinsoldierGuest61861: now do  -->  sudo Xorg -configure   ...tell me the response you get from that05:38
Guest61861onetinsoldier: stopping gnome display manager...05:38
macopidus: we have fsck but it's for linux filesystems, not for windows ones05:38
dexiWebcamWonder: I didnt use a test site, i just took notice of low speed here05:39
jimmioIs it safe to set pulseaudio's daemon.conf parameter realtime-scheduling to yes?... Realtime means no other programs have a time slice though, right?05:39
onetinsoldierGuest61861: ok, good05:39
xd4maco: yes it was an installer script05:39
macoxd4: can you give me a link?05:39
macoxd4: i want to see what the installer script does05:39
WebcamWonderdexi: Try a test site. B/c there is no reason for it to be slow on Ethernet, unless you are using ndiswrapper05:39
xd4maco: hold on05:39
pidusmaco: oh ok05:39
dexiWebcamWonder: im not. im using apt-get to get amarok right now and its running around 20 kb/s and i was downloading thunderbird early at about the same...05:40
onetinsoldierGuest61861: now do  -->  sudo Xorg -configure   ...tell me the response you get from that05:40
xd4maco: http://crunchbanglinux.org/forums/topic/77/dropbox-howto/05:40
WebcamWonderdexi: Ahh.. Those mirrors are bombarded pretty much all day long :)05:40
Jack_Sparrowdexi are you on wired?05:40
dexiJack_Sparrow: yes05:40
Ghostindarkhi all, is there any program that help me to capture the inbound/outbound packet then hold it and let me view it's source, abort, change value or continue it's way ?05:41
xd4maco: step number 805:41
dexiWebcamWonder: but i noticed a lag in average page viewing too05:41
Guest61861onetinsoldier: it tells me alot of things and the lines that are showing isnt understandable for me.. it says Your xorg.conf file is /root/xorg.conf .new05:41
WebcamWonderdexi: And are you using ndiswrapper?05:41
onetinsoldierGhostindark: sounds like you want tcpdump/wireshark05:41
dexiWebcamWonder: as far as i know, no.05:41
GodfatherofEireJack_Sparrow, for the name of the mouse would I use "Logitech USB reciever" or its ID #05:41
Ghostindarkwireshark can't hold packet05:41
Guest61861onetinsoldier: and it tells me ... to test it i run X-config /root/xorg.conf.new05:42
Guest61861onetinsoldier: should i try test it ?05:42
onetinsoldierGuest61861: ok, sounds like it worked. now  -->  sudo cp -v /root/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:42
onetinsoldierGuest61861: or test it first if you want05:42
GhostindarkI want a apps that can temporary hold the packet and let me choose what to do with it05:42
onetinsoldierGhostindark: roger05:43
=== Mac__ is now known as CoolBSD
Ghostindarkthe name ?05:43
macoxd4: -_- that script is so wrong. most of those things only need to be done once. only the last line (sleep 60s...) would need to be done each startup. and the trouble is that that script is executed before the other startup scripts you've got. preferable would be for it to start last05:43
onetinsoldierGhostindark: keep asking every few minutes if you have to. have you looked at   tcpdump?05:43
macoxd4: if you go to system -> preferences -> sessions -> startup is it anyhere in there?05:43
WebcamWonderdexi: I have no clue... It shouldn't really do that05:44
Ghostindarkis it have GUI version ?05:44
dexiWebcamWonder: lol thanks05:44
onetinsoldierGuest61861: now it's time to try your new xorg.conf file by starting x-windows back up --> sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start05:44
Guest61861onetinsoldier: i tested it.. my monitor said "No signal" :'(05:44
xd4maco: no, i checked there, no mention of it05:44
macoxd4: though i have to say, i too have an app that autostarts every login even though i dont have it in my autostart thing either05:44
onetinsoldierGuest61861: darn.....05:44
xd4maco: i even did a serach for all files named autostart05:44
xd4maco: none have this line of delay 60s in them05:44
onetinsoldierGuest61861: us the pastebinit to post your  /var/log/Xorg.0.log   file05:45
macoxd4: it's "sleep" not "delay"05:45
Guest61861onetinsoldier: how i do that ? :S05:45
macoxd4: grep -r "sleep" ~/.config05:45
macoxd4: anything show up from that?05:45
onetinsoldierGuest61861: the command would be...   pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:45
onetinsoldierGuest61861: then give the url of the post05:46
xd4maco: only 2 results whoch are not related05:46
macoxd4: grep -r "dropbox" ~/.config05:46
xd4maco: grep: /home/xd4/.config/xpad/server: No such device or address05:46
xd4Binary file /home/xd4/.config/deluge/state/4d7f4644e594418acbc235f3266814dcdbd3d53f.torrent matches05:46
xd4/home/xd4/.config/tracker/tracker.cfg:# Set the initial sleeping time, in second05:46
Guest61861onetinsoldier: pastebin.com/fb21f33c05:47
macoxd4: ok05:48
onetinsoldierGuest61861: ok, i'll take a look, but you should post that to the channel when asking for help. make a description of the problem and include that url in the problem description05:48
xd4maco: now it shows me 2 files of the dropbox daemon05:48
xd4maco: in the .dropboxd folder05:48
Guest61861onetinsoldier: ok.. well its thanks to u i learned abt the pastebin :P05:48
macoxd4: in ~/.dropboxd or in ~/.config/.dropboxd?05:49
onetinsoldierGuest61861: :-)05:49
xd4maco: in the /.config05:49
macoxd4: oh, the .desktop, ok05:49
the_vigilantehi, if i goto places/computer it shows a usb drive but i have none connected, why would it appear and how do i get rid of it ??05:49
lain_wiredHiya, I'm trying to use a digital keychain (usb) on ubuntu. It mounts, but it seems to think it's a cd-rw. it has an DPFMate.exe program which I can't run, even under wine.05:49
lain_wiredThe brand is kaiserbaas. anyone have any ideas what to do?05:50
ssmylain_wired: U3?05:50
macoxd4: ps -ef | grep dropbox05:50
macoxd4: see if dropbox is running05:50
lain_wiredssmy, U3 what?05:50
xd4maco: the output is : 25185 23997  0 13:50 pts/0    00:00:00 grep dropbo05:51
macolain_wired: its a crappy PortableApps knockoff that makes a fake Start Menu on Windows after displaying an annoying splash screen and it requires Windows to get rid of it05:51
ssmylain_wired: U3 is a kind of flash drive. in windows it has portable apps. works by pretending to be a CD if I recall correctly. worth looking into maybe. g2g05:51
macoxd4: ok so that'd be no...05:51
macolain_wired: it tricks windows into doing auto-run by pretending to be a CD.  its a wonderful security nightmare.05:52
onetinsoldierGuest61861: do you have more than one monitor hooked up?05:52
CoUrPsE|DeAdI'm trying to format a hdd, but its an old fedora drive, im not sure which partitions and which drives are it, is there a GUI storage tools?05:52
ssmylain_wired: getting rid of it is kind of a pain. needs windows. if it is even possible w/ that one. got rid of it on my sandisk okay05:52
WebcamWonder!gparted | CoUrPsE|DeAd05:52
ubottuCoUrPsE|DeAd: gparted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php05:52
macolain_wired: the app to get rid of it can be gotten from u3.com but yeah...windows only. or wine. ive heard it works in wine.05:52
lain_wiredssmy, maco: but it's not a storage device, as such, it's a photo frame.05:52
macolain_wired: oh...not a flash drive thing?05:53
xd4maco: yeah, i stopped dropboxd manually05:53
Guest61861onetinsoldier: no. but i switched before.. caus i couldnt see anything... i can see with my non widescreen monitor... the thing is ... this is a tv just that it has a pc input.. and i need to force 1360x768 to see anything it appears.05:53
ssmylain_wired: even weirder. sounds like the photo frame manufacturer did something screwy to get a cool effect in windows or something.05:53
lain_wiredI assume DPFMate is some sort of GUI program.05:53
Chicanohi everone05:54
lain_wiredWhy couldn't it just be drag and drop? >:|05:54
macoxd4: ah ok... i was hoping the -ef would how it was started05:54
ssmylain_wired: try it. might work05:54
Varth1Does anyone know why AIM file transfers would be failing in Pidgin?05:54
macossmy: try wine?05:54
lain_wiredssmy, i did try.05:54
Chicanoi need help05:54
macoVarth1: proxy?05:54
ssmydoubt it would work05:54
xd4maco: anyway to just make a new fresh startup session05:54
lain_wiredOh wait, did you mean wine or drag and drop?05:54
ssmyVarth1: firewall? most common cause05:55
GhostindarkIs there any one here succeeded install .net framework 2 on linux05:55
evowill_varth1: pm sent05:55
=== repsol_ is now known as adrenaline
ssmyGhostindark: is that even possible?05:55
Chicanodoes anyone know how to add a mac bar on the bottom?05:55
ssmylain_wired: guess eiher VM or windows machine is needed then. unfortunate05:55
GhostindarkI tried many time05:55
ssmyChicano: a good dock is AWN05:56
Ghostindarkbut there's no result05:56
Chicanossmy pm?05:56
ssmyChicano: sure05:56
PhoneSupportisn't there anywhere where I can find a regular telephone for my Intrepid that works off of my pc modem?  I don't want a sip phone I want to make calls modem to phone05:56
konzepti can not see my screen due to resolution how do i change it ....is there a safe mode?05:56
lain_wiredssmy, i'm pretty annoyed. >:|05:56
macoxd4: can you pastebin "ls ~/.config/autostart"?05:56
the_vigilantei have windows mobile that i can use as shared internet, if i plug into ubuntu on pc1 it auto connects the auto eth0 but when i plug into another ubuntu laptop i get nothing???05:56
onetinsoldierGuest61861: i'm not sure what to make of it. i think Xorg doesn't like that it's a tv. you should make problem description, and put in that url you got, and what kind fo monitor you are using... errr, tv, lol05:56
the_vigilanteany one know what i can do to get it to find the phones shared connection, something to do with rndis, it did work the first day i loaded ubuntu05:57
Guest61861onetinsoldier: ok. :S  is there any way i can easy enable my mouse in console..?05:57
bigzerohow can I make wpa_supplicant stop so I can replace the wpa_supplicant file in /sbin with a patched version05:57
onetinsoldierGuest61861: yes...    sudo apt-get install gpm05:57
xd4maco: i am sorry, how to make the pastebin thing here at xchat?05:57
macoxd4: http://paste.ubuntu.com05:58
Guest61861onetinsoldier: thanks... your the gratest05:58
refriedbeansXsorry to go off-topic, but happy new years everyone and ubuntu05:58
macoxd4: though in talking to you i think ive found the source of my issue05:58
onetinsoldierGuest61861: you're welcome, good luck. and, use a monitor and then redo the  Xorg -Configure  and i ber it'll work for you! cheers05:59
donavanok folks I am going to start a war here ... my video card just caught fire.... so I need a new one ... which has better support in ubuntu ATI or Nvidia?05:59
xd4maco: hehe cool05:59
Guest61861onetinsoldier: i will try some stuff... if i get it to work.. i can come here and tell u how it fixed... if it ever will lol,, i thought u maybe wanna know in that case05:59
macodonavan: intel!05:59
xd4maco: http://paste.ubuntu.com/97382/05:59
onetinsoldierGuest61861: sure. i wouldn't mind knowing05:59
macodonavan: joking....only because they dont make individual cards05:59
lain_wiredssmy, this sucks. i'm miles and miles away from my Windows XP install CD. (I use ubuntu on all my computers)06:00
GodfatherofEiredonovan, I'd say nvidia, for the moment, nvidia has more workarounds for common 3d problems, especially for compiz06:00
donavanmaco: I was about to ask06:00
onetinsoldierGuest61861: but i think you're going to end up having to hook up a monitor06:00
macodonavan: ati's working on open drivers06:00
the_vigilantesorry to repeat......06:00
the_vigilantei have windows mobile that i can use as shared internet, if i plug into ubuntu on pc1 it auto connects the auto eth0 but when i plug into another ubuntu laptop i get nothing???06:00
the_vigilanteany one know what i can do to get it to find the phones shared connection, something to do with rndis, it did work the first day i loaded ubuntu06:00
FloodBot2the_vigilante: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:00
macoxd4: if you just "rm ~/.config/autostart/dropboxd.desktop" and log out and back in, what happens?06:00
crimsunmaco: meaning "fully accelerated open source drivers"06:01
GodfatherofEiremaco: well, even then, the xorg still gets a little screwy with the accel06:01
the_vigilanteand for that i get told hahah06:01
konzeptcan anyone help me?06:01
macoGodfatherofEire: even with their closed drivers, getting dual-head working was cake under hardy...06:01
quizmedoes rsync actually copy files over?06:01
abhi1how to open a .chm file in ubuntu?06:01
xd4maco: didnt try it yet,06:01
MindVirusIs the google app engine in the repos?06:01
macoquizme: the first time, yes. the 2nd (3rd, 4th, etc) time, just copies whatever changed06:02
xd4maco: i will do that now, brb06:02
macoabhi1: http://www.linuxscrew.com/2007/11/04/read-chm-files-in-linux/06:02
donavanI am using an ATI right now (old one) cause my Diamond MM decided to burst into flames and I have notice so issues with dual monitors if there different resolution ... have nvidia got that working06:03
kantxxhey all.. i enabled cpu scaling.. however its letting me scale from 1.6ghz down to 199Mhz.. is there a way to exclude certain frequencies?06:03
Ghostindarkdaemontools-run: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 I'm alway get this stupid error06:03
crimsunGhostindark: you likely need to touch /etc/inittab06:04
quizmemaco: i used rsync to make a backup to my /backup drive.  my main computer crashed and /backup was not umounted properly.   I lost all of my files on /backup.  does this have anything to do with rsync ?06:04
rebel_kidim getting grub error 17 while booting, any suggestions?06:04
crimsunGhostindark: hint: daemontools doesn't quite fit in with upstart, so you'll need to find a hackaround for the inittab functionality06:05
Ghostindarkno way06:05
Ghostindarkcan you tell me how ?06:05
FloodBot2Ghostindark: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:05
crimsunGhostindark: you could write an upstart job06:05
quizmei used rsync to make a backup to my /backup drive.  my main computer crashed and /backup was not umounted properly.   I lost all of my files on /backup.  does this have anything to do with rsync ?06:06
kereshappy new year06:06
onetinsoldierhappy new year!06:06
bigzerohappy new year!06:06
onetinsoldier1 more hour here yet06:06
xd4maco: nothing, its the same , another 60sec of delay06:06
keresonetinsoldier: west coast?06:06
Thurin1Arch linux try it!06:07
rebel_kidwhat is grub error 17 and how is it repaired?06:07
bigzerohey, how could I replace wpa_supplicant in /sbin on xubuntu with my own version... it says text file busy06:07
kereslol thurin106:07
Thurin1Ok, enough advertising :)06:07
keresthurin1: arch is really good, but ubuntu is much more noob friendly.06:07
vengerrebel_kid, did you go in bios and make sure it still sees the HD06:07
maco__donavan: ooh i had matching screens for ati. yes, i think for different resolutions, nvidia's tool is probably easier06:07
keres<3 both arch and ubuntu06:07
=== maco__ is now known as maco
rebel_kidvenger, so error 17 is a cant find hdd error?06:08
xd4maco: nothing, its the same , another 60sec of delay06:08
donavanmaco__: good to know06:08
vengerrebel_kid, i wouldn't limit it to "can't find"06:08
codeshahHey guys, I removed /etc/postfix/ hmm, accidentally... then I apt-get remove and apt-get install but still getting errors . anyone know how to totally reinstall a package?06:08
donavanBTW to all out there DIAMOND MULTIMEDIA is junk dont buy there stuff06:09
evowill_sudo apt-get --purge remove <package-name>06:09
evowill_codeshah: that was for you :-)06:09
rebel_kidvenger: other possible causes? what led up to this was removing my extended parition (which contained a swap and a fat32 hp recovery partition) then creating an ntfs with the free space06:09
rebel_kidvenger, booting ubuntu live disc i have access to the hdd06:10
macoxd4: :( well deleting the stuff in ~/.config/autostart/ should be how resetting the autostart stuff works...but nothing in there is responsible, so i dont think itd help06:10
vengerrun fdisk -l on the partition make sure it looks right06:10
vengersorry , read that as on the device06:10
vengerfdisk -l /dev/sda for example06:10
rebel_kidvenger, running06:10
macorebel_kid: use sudo06:10
rebel_kidmaco: i assumed that :)06:11
PhoneSupportok i take it linux doesn't have a telephone software for dialing out is that correct?06:11
eseven73what does Arch have that Ubuntu don't?06:11
PhoneSupportI want a dialpad06:11
albechi have what seems to be a driver problem where the top bar of windows looks weird when the window lose focus. Running 8.10 nvidia06:11
macorebel_kid: not everyone does...i sure didnt. was quite confusing :P06:11
vengermaco, sorry i'm still somewhat of a debian head06:11
macoSatisfied: /wc ?06:11
Satisfiedgod damn, need some cjofeee06:11
FloodBot2Satisfied: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:12
rebel_kidvenger, checks out fine, nothing out of the ordinary06:12
rebel_kidmaco, yes in my noob days that was confusing, but i have grown to love sudo instead of running as root/admin on winblows06:12
vengerrebel_kid, then you may want to do something like this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435106:13
donavananyone know if PCI express 2.0 is backward compatible ?06:13
xd4maco: what happens if i delete the whole .config, wont applicatiosn just write another basic .config?06:13
onetinsoldierdonavan: yes, it is06:14
macoxd4: some of the stuff won't re-gen because it happens at account-creation-time06:14
konzepthey i can not see my screen due to resolution how do i change it ....is there a safe mode for ubuntu im new at this and i really need help06:14
rebel_kidvenger, ty :_06:14
patxBotnight guys06:14
donavanonetinsolder: thanks ... thought it would be but you never know06:15
onetinsoldierdonavan: roger, you're welcome06:15
lumpycamkonzept: try system - preferences - screen resolution.06:15
konzepti cant see the screen so i cant do that06:16
onetinsoldierkonzept: try the following....06:16
onetinsoldierkonzept: hang on a minute06:16
donavanhere is one I have wondered about ... does anyone know why the video card man.  always build the cards upside-down heat rises ... so why is the heat sink on the bottom of the card ?06:17
=== maco__ is now known as maco
h4x0rsudo macchanger -s  thats the command to see your mac number06:18
pentasideWarning:  N00b Question... I'm trying to get a couple programs to run at startup and can't seem to find (what Windows would call) the "Program Files" folder...06:18
onetinsoldierkonzept: 1) determine what display_manager you use with --> cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager  2) log out of x-windows  3) Ctrl+Alt+F1  4) login to the console termminal  5) sudo invoke-rc.d <display_manager> stop (for example -->  invoke-rc.d gdm stop  <--, this shuts down x-windows completely)  6) sudo Xorg -configure (this command should create a full xorg.conf.new file in your users home directory, also check /root)06:18
onetinsoldierkonzept: 7) make a backup of your old xorg.conf file first if you wish --> sudo cp -v /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old  8) sudo cp -v /root/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf  9) now it's time to try your new xorg.conf file by starting x-windows back up --> sudo invoke-rc.d <display_manager> start06:19
onetinsoldierkonzept: you'll want to do Step #3 before you can do Step #106:19
konzeptthank you06:20
konzeptill try06:20
onetinsoldierkonzept: ok, good luck. anyway... step #3 is like the safe mode06:20
onetinsoldierkonzept: you're welcome :-) good luck!06:21
konzeptya i was changing the res like an idiot clicked the on that was NOT suported by my something06:21
rollehappy new year =)   My resolution is to get my wifi card working.. its atheros 5700EG and don't have hard wired connection avail06:21
GodfatherofEireI know this might seem like a stupid question, but what does xinput default as the primary/left click?06:21
onetinsoldierkonzept: ahh, i see. hope you didn't ruin anything06:22
bigzerohas anyone had any luck setting up wifi with wpa on ps3 running ubuntu/xubuntu?06:22
konzeptwell i just dont want to reformat it again06:22
Lou_Happy New Year, everyone.  I'm trying to use scp and my password is not working. I changed the password, but the new password doesn't work either. What am I doing wrong?06:22
onetinsoldierkonzept: i hear and understand that!06:22
rolleso anyone able to walk me through the setting up of the files with no internet avail on ubuntu 8.04?  i'd have to d/l on vista i assume then access them from ubuntu i would assume06:24
konzeptthank you so much ill check back in here when im done06:24
GodfatherofEire1I know this might seem like a stupid question, but what does xinput default as the primary/left click?06:24
vengerLuo_ you changed the `passwd` on the remote end?  does ssh to the remote box work?06:24
codeshahhey guys, for system mail name during postfix setup, can I just put 'localhost'? is that best?06:26
GodfatherofEire1Could somebody give me a hand here cause I'd really like to have my primary click back06:27
Mooglycan anyone tell me why ubuntu wont install for me period? ;P06:27
pikariocodeshah: better to put
Lou_venger, no and no. Perhaps I need a link to a good scp tutorial.06:28
Mooglyprotip : I've used Linux before, and never had any issues with any distro tbh, but ubuntu for some reason wont install...06:28
evowill_moogly: lol06:29
Mooglymight just go install debian fuck iiittttttttttt06:29
vengerlou_ well you need an account on the remote server doesn't necessarily need to be the same name just one you have credentials for.  did you install openssh-server on the remote end?06:29
FlannelMoogly: Please watch your language.  What is "wont install"?06:29
Mooglyalright, well I tried to install Ubuntu06:29
Moogly64bit, and it comes up with errors.06:29
Mooglysome input output errors (I/O)06:30
Mooglythey just keep coming, anyways, then I tried the 'normal' 32bit distro installation06:30
vengerrolle you just want to update specific packages not available on the cdor looking to upgrade to intrepid?06:30
Mooglyand it messed up at 27% saying something is wrong with the CD or the Hard drive, that its possibly dirty or mest up? even though, I've installed other things perfectly fine...06:31
Lou_venger, actually I'm copying to a folder on the same computer I'm using. I'm tring to set up fwbuilder firewall.06:31
GodfatherofEire1Ok, seriously, I need help getting xinput to restore my primary click06:31
eradicushappy new year06:31
Mooglyanyone mind helping me? ;P06:31
RolaultenHappy New Years...I'm trying to configure the context menu I get upon right clicking the desktop as to include the entire gnome main menu.06:32
dotslashMoogly: try 32bit.06:32
eseven73he did already dotslash06:32
rollevenger:  its a fresh install, so it doesn't have any of the packages that i need to d/l following the methods listed on the faqs written up.06:32
MooglyI did and like I said it mest up at 27%06:32
rollei'm not looking to upgrade until i get this bad boy working =p06:32
evowill_Moogly: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/CDIntegrityCheck06:32
MooglyI'm currently on Mepis btw ;[ I deleted everything D;06:33
evowill_Moogly: and please be patient06:33
MooglyI am ;P06:33
Mooglywhen I checked the 64bit cd it said a lot of I/O errors06:33
dotslashread the manual/try other installation mediums06:33
Mooglybut when I checked the 32bit it said something was wrong with one file, but I cleaned the disk, and it didn't say anything was wrong after :S06:34
mayankhow to install virtual software like virtual pc or vmware in ubuntu?06:34
MooglyOh and excuse me for my language earlier ;P06:34
evowill_Moogly: that means you are probably using media that isn't very good, or the drive if flaky.06:34
GodfatherofEire1Does ANYBODY in here know what the xinput binding is for the primary click?06:34
vengerLou_, i don't understand why you need to use scp on the same box why not cp ? or did i miss something?06:34
evowill_Mayank: you might want to try virtualbox06:35
mayankwhere??? package manager?06:35
Mooglything is I used a 32bit cd that my friend used and it installed ubuntu perfectly (or completely for that matter)06:35
evowill_moogly: you might want to try the network install if possible, using the mini.iso06:35
rollesystem-administration mayank i think06:35
evowill_moogly: I will send you a PM06:35
Mooglymmh I didn't know they had one (didn't check LOL)06:36
evowill_mayank: yes or sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose06:36
Mooglyand thanks for your help I'll try it to see if it works out06:36
mayankcan i install xp in that evowill?06:36
evowill_mayank: yes06:36
Mooglyhopefully I can get Ubuntu working, I'm tired of other issues with other distros ;[06:37
The_Rebelcan someone help me with a partition mounting question06:37
evowill_mayank: if you require usb though you will want to get the package from the virtualbox site06:37
nachohi88i think i got a problem with fonts... google on firefox shows lines instead words06:37
mayankright now i am installing virtual box-ose from package manager06:37
salerhelp, *.diff.gz wat this format "diff"06:37
nachohi88please anybody?06:37
The_Rebelwhat makes some distro's automagically reconize and mount other partitions that are not required for the distro?06:38
dotslashmayank: sudo apt-get install virtualbox06:38
The_Rebelwhy do distro's like Knoppix, Xandros and Opensuse automagically do this06:38
The_Rebelbut not Ubuntu?06:38
eseven73mayank>> i got xp running in Virtualbox as we speak, xp runs faster in a VM than it does by itself , and with seamless mode i sometimes have to double check to make sure im actually using Ubuntu lol (You'll get seamless mode after you install virtualbox's Guest Additions)06:38
rolleI believe for the atheros fix, i need to get build-essential package06:39
The_Rebelcan someone explain that to me.06:39
Lou_venger, well I don't even know enough to be able to ask a logical question. I'll read the manual for ssh, and if that doesn't help I'll come back. Thanks for responding!06:39
mayankso what is virtualbox-ose eseven73?06:39
The_Rebelopen source editions06:40
The_Rebelvirtualbox without the good stuff.06:40
eseven73its the opensource version of VirtualBox (Only downside no usb support)06:40
Mooglywhich version of ubuntu shud I download?06:40
The_Rebelyou may prefer XFCE, KDE or GNOME..06:40
onetinsoldierJaunty Jackalope 9.04 :P06:41
Terinjokesdoes anyone know how to make an iso image from a .toc file and audio files?06:41
GodfatherofEire1Ok, for remapping the mouse buttons, to other non-standard, non-mouse functions, how would I go about doing this?06:41
vengerLou_, just trying to grasp you exact situation so i can accurately convey what i think you should do.  you are welcome to use the pastebin listed in the topic to show commands you are using and the errors that you get so any one of us can get a better idea and be able to help06:41
Terinjokes(stuff that cdrdao would normally burn, but I want to make an iso image instead)06:41
The_Rebelcan someone answer my question now?06:41
The_Rebelwhat makes some distro's automagically reconize and mount other partitions that are not required for the distro?06:41
MooglyXFCE KDE or Gnome06:41
The_Rebelwhy do distro's like Knoppix, Xandros and Opensuse automagically do this06:41
Mooglythey all seem the same to me tbh06:41
The_Rebelbut not Ubuntu?06:41
The_Rebelif it's all the same to you.. just get the standard 32bit Ubuntu install ISO.06:42
RolaultenThe_Rebel: just a shot in the dark but they have that command enterd into the list of commands to run upon user logon06:42
eseven73Moogly>> Moogly they're all pretty much the same under the hood, but Xubuntu is light-weight and Kubuntu is heavy weight and pretty like Vista kinda sorta06:43
Mooglymeh I don't fancy looks06:43
eseven73ok get Xubuntu then06:43
Mooglybut my tower can handle them06:44
Lou_venger, thanks. I need to get better organized. Then I'll come back.06:44
Mooglyso meh it doesn't matter to me to be honest :P06:44
dotslashMoogly: what garble are you spewing.06:44
The_RebelXbuntu won't impress you with anything.. at least GNOME offers a more complete package.06:44
brEzHello, when trying to run an ipv6 tunnel I get this error: ioctl: No buffer space available06:44
onetinsoldieryou can always get the regular Ubuntu(Gnome) and install another window manager, like icewm06:44
MooglyI'm just saying that I don't care about fancy graphics, but if they are resource consuming my tower can handle them :P06:45
brEzanyone know what too do?06:45
vengerrolle, is cdrom enabled in your software sources?06:45
fwaokdais there a good gmail panel applet for ubuntu ?06:45
MooglyI just want ubuntu to work ;P06:45
evowill_Moogly: Stick with regular Ubuntu to start06:45
The_Rebelget Ubuntu then.06:45
The_Rebelno derivitaves06:45
eseven73Moogly>> lightweight environments are not just for people with crappy hardware, some people just like the look and feel of the more stripped down window managers06:45
Mooglymy only question is which version of it should I download?06:45
The_RebelUbuntu 32bit as i said.06:46
onetinsoldierMoogly: 64-bit would get my nod06:46
eseven73fwaokda>> thunderbird?06:46
The_Rebelyour best beat imo.06:46
brEzHello, when trying to run an ipv6 tunnel I get this error: ioctl: No buffer space available06:46
evowill_!atroll | moogly06:46
ubottumoogly: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubotu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel06:46
RolaultenMoogly: as well as your best bet gnome makes things simple, you can branch out from there06:46
rollevenger:  I can check when I boot over to that.. if its not, enable that, and try it again?06:46
rolleand it should read it from the cd?06:46
fwaokdaeseven73, trying to get out of using programs like that I just want an applet that rests in my panel and alerts me when new mail arrives. is there one or is there somewhere i can look?06:46
dotslashbrEz: have you attempted to start your ipv6 config right after rebooting?06:47
eseven73fwaokda>> Evolution06:47
brEzi just rebooted and then tried ;|06:47
Mooglyerm what I mean by what version I should get by the way is : Ubuntu 8.10 or Ubuntu 8.04 I downloaded 8.10 for 64bit but didn't work for some awkward reason :P06:47
fwaokdaeseven73, i dont want to use programs. just want something that tells me when new mail has arrived and then i go to the actual gmail site06:47
eseven73fwaokda>> also theres a million Email widgets you can install too that notify you of new emails...06:48
=== maco_ is now known as maco
dotslashit loks like your memory during regular sessions might be fragmented, do you have the line 'tunnel_mode=v6anyv4' enabled?06:48
evowill_Moogly: 8.1006:48
rolle8.04 will be supported for 3 years moogly, 8.10 is supported for 16 months i believe06:48
fwaokdaeseven73, do widgets = panel applets?06:48
eseven73fwaokda>> ok right click on the panel fwaokda and you should see options for adding widgets to it, or install Screenlets06:48
rivitingoneI am running the recovery option in grub and am trying to run the repair package option. It is giving me a list called Configuring console-setup. Anyone familiar with this?06:48
=== Talonz is now known as Talonz|AFK
vengerrolle, System > Administration > Software Sources check the cdrom button -- yes it will try06:48
Mooglybut why does 8.04 get more support? thats kind of weird :S06:48
GodfatherofEire1Is there any list for the specific values that can be input in xinput set-button-map?06:49
rollek thanks venger =)  probably be back in 10 minutes if it doesn't work06:49
eseven73fwaokda>> also if you don tlike those, look in synaptic for Screenlets, Desklets, Widgets, Applets the list goes on...06:49
FlannelMoogly: It's an LTS release.  It gets 3 years of desktop support, 5 years of server support.06:49
dotslashbrEz: are you using the ip tunnel add string?06:49
fwaokdaeseven73, k i'll check there thanks06:49
dotslashwhat do you issue,, that returns the error?06:49
MooglyLTS = ?06:49
FlannelMoogly: Long Term Support06:49
Mooglyaah lol06:49
dotslashhave you attempted to create a GRE tunnel, do you get the same results?06:49
dfgasanyone know if shane is/was the admin for shame repo?06:49
rollemoogly:  thats for long term support, its used for people who don't really plan to update every 6 months06:49
brEzdotslash: I'm using this as a guideline; http://davecoyle.com/documents/ubuntu-ipv6-he-tunnel.html06:49
dotslashwhat kernel is this on, what ubuntu version, etc.06:49
FlannelMoogly: Basically, there are two "tracks" of Ubuntu you can be on, LTS (where a new one comes out every two years or so) or regular (where a new one comes out every six months)06:50
dotslashwell, i'm not going to read the paper you read to fix your problem.06:50
Mooglymaybe I shud try to re-install tomorrow, its kinda late + I don't have access to a computer to burn a disc with D:06:50
brEzhaha :P06:50
dotslashi'm asking you if you implemented this using 'ip tunnel add ...'06:50
FlannelMoogly: For example, I just recently upgraded from 6.06 to 8.04, since I was on the LTS cycle.  It means I won't *have* to upgrade again until around 201106:50
Chicanohow do idisable the second screen?06:50
RolaultenSo then, anyone here good at configuring menu's within gnome...I'm trying to add the entire main menu to the context menu you get upon right clicking the desktop.06:51
Mooglywow, reminds me of Debian06:51
evowill_Moogly: use the link I sent you, as from what you said, your drive or media appears flaky.06:51
dotslashwhat tunnel are you using, or attempting to use?06:51
Mooglyupdate every 1 or more years06:51
dotslashhave you tried another tunnel?06:51
dotslashwhat does your /etc/network/interfaces look like?06:51
brEzHurricane Electric06:51
brEzand I can use tspc with freenet606:51
Chicanodoes anyone know how to disable second scrren06:51
brEzthat works fine, just having issues with HE06:51
dotslashhe.net, hmm.06:51
salerhelp, *.diff.gz wat this format "diff"06:51
dotslashso, where does the error occur?06:52
brEzdotslash: http://paste.ubuntu.com/97403/06:52
brEzthat is my /etc/net..06:52
=== deniz is now known as Guest57765
Guest57765when installing a .deb file without using terminal and it has unsatisfied dependencies, how do i tell apt to automatically satisgy them instead of me manually apt-getting the dependencies?06:53
brEzthis error occurs in a terminal when running the command ifup he-ipv606:53
vengerGuest28059, apt-get install -f ?06:54
vengersorry that was Guest number 5776506:55
Guest57765venger, o thx that works :D06:55
* venger points a finger at tab auto-completion06:55
anuhow can i receive google mail via terminal06:55
Flannelanu: there are terminal web browsers (w3m is installed already)06:56
dotslashbrEz: do you get any other errors, a seg fault perhaps?06:56
dotslashanu: alpine/mutt06:56
vengeranu i'd imagine fetchmail and procmail could do it -- can't say which is preferred06:56
anuthank you all06:57
brEzthat's the only error I get06:57
dgarrFlannel: elinks, lynx06:57
brEzit's strange, because I can run a tunnel with tspc with no dramas - I think he.net hates me!06:57
Flanneldgarr: w3m is already installed which is why I recommend it06:58
dotslashyeah, they probably do.06:58
rayluanu: mutt can read pop/imap mail06:58
=== Talonz|AFK is now known as Talonz
rayluanu: oh wait, already mentioned06:59
=== Van|away is now known as vantrax
empirichye guys which vertulization tech is gud in debain xen , KVM or openVZ07:00
empiricor virtual box07:00
dotslashbrEz: have you tried this on another distro/os07:00
dotslashioctl will return ENOBUFS even if it is register_netdevice() that fails. I guess that could happen if sit0 already exists. Did you check with ifconfig -a?07:00
dotslashsit0 being your he.net stuff.07:00
weternalhow do you mount an ipod?07:00
dotslasher ifup he-ipv607:01
weternalin CLI07:01
brEzoriginally, I had to modprobe sit07:01
brEzotherwise I was getting "device does not exist"07:01
dotslash/sbin/modprobe what?07:01
brEzall I typed was sudo modprobe sit07:01
brEzthen it allowed me to copy/paste the config code.07:02
vengerempiric, if you want something easy that works well just go with virtualbox,  other than that i'll pass on any vs. discussion07:02
eseven73empiric>> I like VirtualBox 'sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose'   (no usb support, if you want that you'll have to download the one on Virtualbox's website)07:02
eseven73!VirtualBox | empiric07:03
ubottuempiric: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox07:03
empiricvenger pass on plz07:03
dotslashbrEz: what does it return when you try to ping sites, like www.kame.net07:04
brEzbrett@cooldessin:~$ ping6 www.kame.net07:04
brEzPING www.kame.net(orange.kame.net) 56 data bytes07:04
FloodBot2brEz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:04
dotslashdoes it return responses, + errors07:04
dotslashor just errors?07:04
brEzit will basically just stick there.07:04
brEzit stays there untill I ctrl+c07:05
pingocan i juse windows xp inside ubunt?07:05
eseven73pingo>> yes with a Virtual machine07:05
empiricguys goes viruses affect inux machine07:06
brEz100% packet loss07:06
eseven73!virus | empiric07:06
ubottuempiric: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2107:06
empirici saw Avast antivirus for ubuntu07:06
dotslashhow bizarre07:06
ubottuHvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!07:06
pepperjackempiric: you wont really find any in the wild atm.  linux antivirus is usually used to clean windows machines07:06
empiricthen why ppl launch anti virus in linux07:06
dotslashyou might want to look through tcpdump, hmm just a sec07:06
empirichey pepperjack how i clean windows thriugh linux anti virus07:07
eseven73empiric>> usually for people that run servers for windows07:07
pingo Virtual Box OSE?07:07
empirici am running windoes server how i user avast in my ubuntu machine to clean microsoft servers07:08
eseven73err virtualbox-ose no capital letters07:08
pingogreat thank, ill take a look  now:) happy new year for the ppl ho are not that fare frome norway:)07:08
eseven73pingo>> little less than an hour for new years here :)07:09
dotslashbrEz: you might want to drop he.net administrators a line, or ask some of the folk in #ipv6, i think this is probably specific to he.net07:09
pingoits 8 a klock in the moring here07:09
brEzok, thanks dotslash!07:09
dotslashsorry i couldn't be of more help.07:09
brEzyou tried, and I appreciate it :D07:10
dotslashtry another distro, if that doesn't work, try another tunnel.07:11
dotslashhe.nt usually is reliable.07:11
ZombieAAnyone here use fceu?07:12
zc00giiHappy New year!07:12
dotslashzc00gii: offtopic.07:12
zc00giidotslash, sorry, /amsg07:12
dotslashZombie: do you have a coherent/relevant question?07:12
empiriceseven73 how i clean my windows through linux anti virus07:12
dotslashbrEz: then again it might be the kern.07:13
NineTeen67Comethayall .. I tossed LMMS (sudo aptitude install lmms) on this box but I can't see it in the menu anywhere (even re-logged in then rebooted) .. does anyone know where this app goes? /usr/bin maybe? (off to look)07:13
ZombieI have an Nvidia FX520007:13
dotslashempiric: please ask an intelligent question.07:13
ZombieI am using the proprietary Nvidia Driver,07:13
rayluNineTeen67Comet: there is a dpkg command to show files owned by a package07:13
brEzI can use it through tspc - just the HE.net hates me!07:14
vengerNineTeen67Comet, you can use dpkg -L <pkg> to see what files it installed07:14
ZombieI am trying to achibve a resolution of 256x24007:14
dotslashNineTeen67Comet: have you tried /sbin/lmms, or trying to type llms in your terminal?07:14
brEzmight just drop them a post on the forums or something07:14
empiricdotslash eseven73 is talking abt this ma not07:14
pepperjackNineTeen67Comet: also which lmms  will tell you if it exists in the path already07:14
stevenso, i installed the very latest Ubuntu, downloaded from the torrent tonight07:14
dotslashempiric: please speak english.07:14
vengerempiric, the answer is google. next quest plz.07:14
stevenand first thing, it cant access my second wifi network card to get online07:14
dotslashsteven: congratulations.07:14
ZombieI can only get, 320x24007:14
NineTeen67Cometvenger: raylu dotslash pepperjack found it guys, just have to make a menu .. it was in /usr/bin .. just didn't look deep enough (my term is tinny today) ..07:14
stevenand when switching workspaces, it froze on me07:15
Zombiecreating Pillarboxing.07:15
NineTeen67Cometthank you much07:15
stevenforcing me to restart07:15
ZombieDoes anyone know how to make the Nvidia driver do that resolution?07:15
dotslashZombie: this isn't really ubuntu centric, you should ask fce ultra developers.07:15
dotslashi'm sure that they have a help page somewhere.07:16
stevento be fair, ubuntu is only half to blame. PC hardware in general is terrible.07:16
ZombieI have,07:16
dotslashsteven: sounds like you've come to a conclusion.07:16
the-vigilantehi i just want to know how to list the modules in the terminal i used the command earlier today and iv gone blank and google isnt helping please some one07:16
steveni was really hoping i could just use Ubuntu and have it work07:16
stevenisnt that what Ubuntu is all about?07:16
dotslashthe-vigilante: what?07:17
raylusteven: ...no?07:17
dotslashsteven: well, when you have failing hardware, ubuntu isn't really to blame.07:17
weternallsusb is detecting an ipod nano, but it's not mounting automatically, anyone know what's the problem?07:17
the-vigilantethere was a command that listed the modules or some thing like rndis and usbnet etc07:17
stevendotslash: well im certainly not installing Ubuntu on my mac. that defeats the purpose of having a second computer07:17
rayluthe-vigilante: kernel modules?07:17
the-vigilantei guess07:18
pepperjackweternal: dmesg | tail to find the node then sudo mount -o rw,umask=000 /dev/sdc1 /media/usb    <-- or whatever07:18
rayluthe-vigilante: lsmod07:18
the-vigilanteim new to this hahaha07:18
the-vigilantethank you so much07:18
rayluthe-vigilante: in the future, apropos will help07:18
dotslashthere are documents that should help your transition online.07:18
stevento be honest, i have a relatively standard HP model. it has basic hardware that i know linux supports07:18
dotslashapropos as well07:18
the-vigilanteits given me a flaming headache07:18
cakeyits been a year since i last took my bath07:18
the-vigilanteraylu, apropos??07:19
rayluthe-vigilante: yes... apropos07:19
dotslashsteven: you haven't exactly stated a problem.07:19
FLeiXiuScakey: you stink.07:19
weternalstephen what's the issue?07:19
dotslashthe-vigilante: try typing it into your terminal.07:19
stevendotslash: it saw my network and tried to connect, yet it said it could not connect07:19
cakeyi still feel and smell fresh07:19
dotslashfleplease don't.07:19
dotslasher, FLeiXiuS07:19
cakeythats how awesome i am FLeiXiuS07:19
the-vigilanteoh ok hahaha07:19
dotslashsteven: you are not making any sense, you're coming up with two very different problems.07:20
the-vigilanteholy crap its like the bible07:20
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:20
ac3_0f_spad3scan anyone tell me how to strongly encrypt my entire drive?07:20
rayluthe-vigilante: lol, indeed07:20
pepperjackac3_0f_spad3s: feds closing in?07:20
rayluac3_0f_spad3s: strongly? a large hammer prevents any attackers from compromising your data07:20
ckhii can anyone tell how to switch workspaces using C07:20
ckhii can anyone tell how to switch workspaces using C07:21
dotslashck: don't.07:21
rayluac3_0f_spad3s: otherwise, the installer gave you the option to encrypt the partition, didn't it?07:21
weternalck give someone a chance to reply07:21
ckhi dotslah07:21
stevendotslash: the specific problem is that before this i was on Windows. just an hour ago in fact. and the internet worked from Windows. and i installed Ubuntu right over it because my winxp had viruses, and now Ubuntu cannot access the internet07:21
ac3_0f_spad3syes but im past the installer now07:21
Chicanoanyone know how to run itunes on ubuntu??????????07:21
ac3_0f_spad3sits done with07:21
dotslashac3_0f_spad3s: you have many options to choose from, you can take a look at truecrypt or easyencryption papers.07:21
Chicanoanyone know how to run itunes on ubuntu??????????07:21
Chicanoanyone know how to run itunes on ubuntu??????????07:21
stevendotslash: it even says im using the proprietary drivers that are specific to my network card07:21
dotslashChicano: don't07:22
cakeyChicano:  virtualize r use rythmbx07:22
dotslashsteven: i see.07:22
pepperjackChicano: i use gtkpod myself but any of the big apps like amarok etc will work i believe07:22
cakeyyou see07:22
dotslashsteven: and what options does it give you07:22
Chicanoso just connect itouch07:22
weternalChicano it's not really worth the trouble to run Itunes in ubuntu07:22
cakeyaww itouch is a bitch with ubuntu07:22
the-vigilanteok now for the serious question, when i first installed ubuntu 8.10 and connected my windows mobile and ics worked fine, now i get nothing i have followed all kinds of www help, thing is it works on my other pc, what could i have done to screw it up07:22
dotslashsteven: what sort of connection is this?07:22
cakeyhax0r your itouch first07:22
ac3_0f_spad3subottu doesnt know anything about encryption07:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:22
dotslashcakey: take a look at rythmbox.07:22
=== ZeiP_ is now known as ZeiP
stevendotslash: wireless07:23
cakeydotslash: tahts what im using07:23
dotslashhere is no linux native itunes.07:23
dotslashsteven: wep/wpa?07:23
steventhe card works just fine, its usually about medium or higher in terms of sigstrnegth07:23
dotslashor open?07:23
ac3_0f_spad3sdotslash, i need fast, easy, simple encryption07:23
raylu!search encryption07:23
ubottuFound: truecrypt07:23
=== cakey is now known as dot\
dot\im dotslash too07:23
instahey guys, i have an ASUS m3n78-vm motherboard, a 2.6.27-9 generic kernel, alsa 1.0.17  (basically, intrepid) and my sound "doesn't work".  alsamixer sees the card, but no sound comes out over either spdif or hdmi.  ideas?07:23
dandatehi  i tried to join a channel but it says i need to be identified to join that channel, can anyone tell me what that means?07:23
=== dot\ is now known as cakey
raylu!truecrypt | ac3_0f_spad3s07:23
ubottuac3_0f_spad3s: Truecypt is a free open-source on-the-fly disk encryption software.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TruecryptHiddenVolume07:23
maco!register | dandate07:23
ubottudandate: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode07:23
dotslashsteven: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo07:24
the-vigilantethe modls shows rndis_host   0, is that bad???07:24
Flanneldandate: You need to register and identify with nickserv.  type `/msg nickserv help register` for more info07:24
dandate!register | dandate07:24
ubottudandate, please see my private message07:24
ac3_0f_spad3sand thanks too07:24
Flannelcakey: Please take it elsewhere, thanks.07:24
instathere's apparently a bugfix in the 1.0.18 version of alsa that might rectify my problem, but in my noobness i'm not sure how to get that installed on my current system07:25
eseven73can Truecrypt only encrypt a folder? I'd rather not encrypt an entire disk07:25
the-vigilanteany one familar with rndis and ics from wm607:25
ac3_0f_spad3sQuestion: can truecrypt encrypt a drive after the fact?07:26
dotslash08:25 < eseven73> can Truecrypt only encrypt a folder? I'd rather not encrypt an entire disk07:26
eseven73ac3_0f_spad3s>> i think "on the fly" means you can07:26
=== rashire2 is now known as rashire
vengerinsta, there usually people in #alsa that'll run you through some checks other than that there are scripts for updating alsa on ubuntu (google) to make that peice easy07:27
dotslashits able to hide volumes and also complete os hiding, iirc07:27
raylueseven73: to encrypt only a few files, consider gpg07:27
dotslashyou might want to read the documentation.07:27
dotslashits freely available online.07:27
iShockI need to stream my webcam - However, neither mplayer nor VLC can seem to read it. xawtv can, however. What could cause this?07:27
dotslashiShock: this is not ubuntu centric.07:27
eseven73raylu>> i got gpg but how would i encrypt just a file?07:27
iShockdotslash: What?07:28
weternaliShock what's the webcam model07:28
dotslashiShock: this is not an ubuntu problem.07:28
iShockweternal: Pixart Imaging, Inc. Q-TEC WEBCAM 100 according to LSUSB.07:28
iShockdotslash: Actually it is.07:28
dandatei'm trying to register my email address but it keeps saying its not a valid email07:28
raylueseven73: after you generate a key pair, gpg -e file07:28
anom01y--> global warming scam exposed -->    youtube.com/watch?v=FfHW7KR33IQ&feature=channel_page07:28
anom01yhappy new years07:28
dotslashactually, its not.07:28
eseven73raylu>> ok thanks07:28
raylu!ot | anom01y07:28
ubottuanom01y: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:28
dotslashiShock: you may want to look at things like camserv, nevertheless.07:29
dotslashbut its not really an ubuntu centric problem.07:30
dotslashsay, if xawtv does it, its a xawtv problem.07:30
dotslash(and vlc is capable of streaming webcams -- but then it becomes a vlc problem)07:31
dotslashas does mplayer.07:31
dotslashwith the use of mencoder.07:31
dotslashand video4linux, iirc07:31
instaAnyone have an idea about my ALSA versioning? :(07:33
LancerNZSPACE INVADERS!!!        ䷽䷑ ䷽䷑!!! (lolz) 07:33
* dotslash gos back to his coding.07:33
bizkwethi, is there some sort of logs of what commands were executed in the terminal?07:33
mayankmy virtual box of ubuntu closes itself..why???07:33
* YankDownUnder thinks it doesn't like being virtual07:34
raylubizkwet: ~/.bash_history07:34
dandateok i am registered with the nickserv, but why am i unable to join channel #asterisk ? it keeps saying i need to be identified to join the channel07:34
bizkwetwoah! there is?? cool!07:34
vengerinsta, i think in hardy you could do a dpkg -l *alsa*07:34
rebel_kiddandate, please check your email and complete verification :)07:34
eseven73dandate>> did you check your email that freenode sent you?07:34
eseven73bah rebel_kid :P07:34
rayluinsta: install it from source?07:35
rebel_kideseven73, lol, i have said that a thousand times so i got quick :)07:35
rayluvenger: he wants 1.0.18 of alsa07:35
dotslashbizkwet: cat .bash_history07:35
The_Rebelwho you calling kid?07:35
The_Rebeloh i see, rebel_kid.07:35
brEzdotslash: I've post on he.net forums - just a quicky, do you think that the tspc tunnel could be effecting this one from working?07:35
The_Rebelfucking kids.07:35
instaraylu: is it just as simple as grabbing the newest alsa-driver, ./configure ; make ; make install ?07:35
FloodBot2The_Rebel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:35
FlannelThe_Rebel: Language please07:35
iShock!language | The_Rebel07:35
ubottuThe_Rebel: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:35
iShockHi Flannel :P07:36
The_RebelF***ing kids*07:36
rayluinsta: if only it were always that simple. the short answer is yes07:36
FlannelThe_Rebel: Obfuscated swearing still is.  Just abstain entirely.07:36
dotslashbrEz: its a possibility.07:36
dotslashThe_Rebel: please stop.07:36
instaraylu: have you installed alsa from source before?  your lead-in scares me :(07:37
dotslashbrEz: you're from brisbane?07:37
LexdaAnybody here use Deluge (bittorrent), and if so, does anybody know if there's a way to get the total upload/download numbers for a session, rather than just the numbers for individual files?07:37
dotslashLexda: this is not an ubuntu question.07:37
vengerinsta, dont foget about google : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96269507:38
LexdaWell, it's an Ubuntu program...07:38
rayluinsta: no. but installing things from source can occasionally have lots of annoying things you have to do07:38
LexdaWhere would you suggest I go?07:38
dotslashLexda: no, it is not.07:38
* Lexda looks at Deluge currently running in his install of 8.10.07:38
rayluLexda: http://forum.deluge-torrent.org/07:38
dotslashbrEz: you might want to check out the tspc logs for errors.07:38
brEzI use tspc for freenet607:39
brEzI don't use it for he :D07:39
dotslashyou'r a complex one.07:39
dotslashyou're *07:39
rayluLexda: http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/Faq#Whatdoallthosenumbersinparenthesesmean07:39
dotslashwhy do you switch between tunnels07:39
brEzwell, freenet6 I don't really like07:39
brEzcould I use tspc with he.net?07:39
Son_of_DemetriusHello :)07:40
eseven73!welcome | Son_of_Demetrius07:40
ubottuSon_of_Demetrius: Welcome to #ubuntu - the Ubuntu support channel.07:40
dotslashbrEz: hmm, i should think so.07:40
LancerNZ✎ hello Son_of_Demetrius07:40
Son_of_DemetriusI.ve been here a few times...still tryin' to learn :)07:40
brEzsee with freenet6 it gives you info on what too put in the tspc.conf07:40
LancerNZ䷽䷑ ䷽䷑!!! (lolz): learn what Son_of_Demetrius?07:41
Son_of_DemetriusI'm fixin to connect to a cable modem 2morrow 4 the first time....wheeeheee!07:41
dotslashi can't say i'm entirely sure.07:41
brEzok, well - my head hurts enough for one night07:42
brEzcya dot - thaanks for your time!07:42
dotslashbut it should be simple to use tsp07:42
LancerNZHeh... I have dialup, but I hook that to a radio router and get dialup from anywhere in the house.07:42
Son_of_DemetriusI need to know some things from you guyz...if you have the time and patience 4 my slowness07:42
ckhii can anyone tell how to switch workspaces using C07:42
rayluck: this is more of a C/GNOME question07:43
brEzck: ctrl + alt > arrow key!07:43
efeXorah thanks07:44
dotslashBruce: what does ifconfig gif0 return?07:44
dotslashah well.07:44
dotslashhe left.07:44
Son_of_DemetriusI want to connect an ethernet cable to my newly installed Ubuntu 8.10...what should I look out for?07:44
efeXorDoes a workspace get its own dedicated memory etc?07:44
mrwizardSon_of_Demetrius: what are you having on the other end of the ethernet cable07:44
Son_of_DemetriusIt's an onboard ethernet port07:44
NomaXhow do i apply changes i made to the .profile ? source .profile is not working07:45
=== mrwizard is now known as sanjid
Son_of_DemetriusLan I guess07:45
Son_of_DemetriusI wanna blast my comp with updates07:45
ckhii can anyone tell how to switch workspaces using Chii can anyone tell how to switch workspaces using C07:45
sanjidjust plug it in07:45
Son_of_DemetriusI'm so totally new to Ubuntu07:46
sanjidme too07:46
=== sanjid is now known as mrwizard
NomaXsame here07:46
NomaXnice system though, having a blast07:46
Son_of_DemetriusThe where and how...I really wanna know folks...appreciate your help :)07:47
NineTeen67CometHas anyone had issues with Mixxx either taking the sound from other applications, or Mixxx not grabbing audio because another app has alreay grabbed it?07:47
Son_of_Demetriusbtw...Hope the new Year is a blast 4 all here :)07:47
efeXoryeah :D07:48
=== maco__ is now known as maco
Son_of_DemetriusWhat will hppen when I connect a cable modem 4 the first time to my comp with 8.10...will I be in shock?..lol07:49
efeXorDo workspaces have their own memory and what not? or is it just another screen07:49
Son_of_DemetriusI've no idea how to navigate this OS07:49
tyl3rIs someone experienced with Qdvdauthor ? Its crashing after I created a slideshow. When run from terminal, it outputs: "Exit Err <cat: write error: Broken pipe"07:50
NineTeen67CometSon_of_Demetrius: Like how?07:50
* NineTeen67Comet I get lost in Windows now .. 07:50
FlannelefeXor: Its just another screen07:50
rayluSon_of_Demetrius: you said a second ago you were connecting it to a lan07:50
Son_of_DemetriusDo I need to bring Third Party Drivers with me?07:50
NineTeen67CometSon_of_Demetrius: Not usually, Synaptic (I use command line aptitude) has a PLETHORA of stuff including the drivers for most things.07:51
rayluSon_of_Demetrius: and, regardless, i'm pretty sure that you can just plug it in and everything will just work07:51
Son_of_DemetriusI don't understand Lan..I checked my BIOS and it has LAN stuff indicated...sorry...it's way over my head...07:51
NomaXhow do add an executable to be recognized globally in terminal?07:52
rayluNomaX: put it somewhere in $PATH07:52
efeXorSo where is a general good place to put files,07:52
rayluefeXor: that depends on what the files are...07:53
rebel_kidefeXor, that depends on what the file is, if its a file for the user then yes put it in their home folder07:53
phrostbiteI have tried 2 different movies and each one wants to install interactual and none of my players want to play the movie because of this. What should I do?07:53
mayankmy virtual box of ubuntu closes itself..why???07:53
rayluphrostbite: your... movie wants to install... what...?07:53
NomaXraylu: would .profile be a good place to set that?07:53
Son_of_Demetrius<NineTeen67Comet>...I don't understand Synaptic...scuse me please :(07:54
rayluNomaX: .bashrc07:54
eseven73mayank>> how much ram did you choose for Ubuntu when you were setting up the vm?07:54
Son_of_DemetriusMy comp is so lod...but I hardly used it07:54
empirichey guys why i need anti virus on my ubuntu box?07:55
phrostbiteI put in the movie 8 mile and the first harry potter movie and a box comes up and says there is an executable that wants to run and when i open the cd and read the readme it wants to install something called interactual player. almost like it is trying to forc me to use its player.07:55
eseven73mayank>> what version of ubuntu?07:55
eseven73empiric>> you dont07:55
eseven73told you that earlier07:55
rayluphrostbite: this is on ubuntu?07:55
phrostbiteyes it is.07:55
eseven73mayank>> 32 bit?07:55
rayluphrostbite: i've never seen this behavior before. though, this may help:07:56
phrostbiteThey play in my dvd player just fine and yes I got them from the store.07:56
raylu!medibuntu | phrostbite07:56
ubottuphrostbite: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org07:56
empirichen then why avasts launch a linux anti virus any reasons?07:56
rayluempiric: you've asked this already and we've answered already07:56
Son_of_DemetriusI really wanna learn this Linux stuff...I have the 8.10 Ubuntu Official Guide coming in the Mail...amI being 2 ambitious?07:56
empiricya but how i scan windows through linux box?07:57
Son_of_DemetriusShould I read the Guide b4 doing anything else?07:57
papnaSon_of_Demetrius, That shouldn't be necessary. What do you want to do?07:58
weternalSon_of_Demetrius no, you can play with ubuntu without a guid07:58
phrostbiteRaylu: where should I go there? I mean what do I need to look under?07:58
rayluphrostbite: i think something in the medibuntu repository is needed to play dvds. oh, right07:59
raylu!dvd | phrostbite07:59
ubottuphrostbite: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:59
Son_of_DemetriusJust connect to the internet with Ubuntu 8.10 4 the very first time...on an ethernet cable..hoping the Cox Modem cable drivers kick in07:59
dotslashmost connections are piggybacked.07:59
Son_of_Demetriuswhat's piggybacked mean..sorry?08:00
dotslashapart from probably rouge uncommon ones like probalistic co-axial satelites with antennas that have no support.08:00
papnaSon_of_Demetrius, No strange drivers should be necessary for connecting with your ethernet cable. You should just be able to plug that in. ;)08:00
Son_of_DemetriusI'm using some guys cable modem on my pc..he won't be there to help me out08:00
Son_of_DemetriusI've never used a cable modem with Linux...I don't know what to xpect08:01
weternalSon_of_Demetrius it's just plug and play08:02
instaso you guys remember a few minutes ago when i had alsa questions08:02
Son_of_DemetriusI just installed Ubuntu 8.10...and that's it...I've done nothing else08:02
instaand the general consensus was that compiling from source was a pain, and to just follow instructions on ubuntuforums.com?08:03
instaso, um, if i ignored everyones suggestions and compiled from source, and now i have no sound cards, how do i dig back out of that?08:03
rayluinsta: you tell us what you did :D08:03
Son_of_DemetriusShould I bring my mb chipset drivers with me?08:04
instaraylu: http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Main_Page  ... i downloaded the 'current versions' of everything there, unpacked them to separate folders in my home folder, and effectively did "./configure ; make ; make install" to each one08:04
Son_of_DemetriusI want to install a lot of Audio recording software 208:04
NomaXso i am trying to get hla in my /usr/bin to get globally recognized in a shell, i added PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin/hla \n export PATH then source  .bash_aliases , shell still not seeing it08:05
instaraylu: although i didn't do --with-cards=all on alsa-driver's ./configure08:05
Decepticonits sudo usermod -L nonpaying_user, to kill him?08:05
LexdaAny chance somebody can tell me what the "vim" command does in terminal? I'm trying to setup a PG2 blocklist that autoupdates, and I need to create a file using the command "vim blocklist_fetch.sh," but I get something wonky in terminal that I have no clue how to edit.08:05
rayluinsta: did you uninstall alsa before doing this?08:05
Son_of_DemetriusCakewalk, CDex, Audacity, EAC, Ulead08:06
instaraylu: that's probably one of those things i should have done, eh?08:06
rayluLexda: vim = vi enhanced. it's a nice text editor if you take the time to learn it08:06
rayluLexda: you can just use nano if you want08:06
rayluinsta: you can try make uninsall08:06
mrwizardSon_of_Demetrius: you'd want audion08:07
LexdaHm. Ok, thanks raylu.08:07
instawouldn't me compiling just overwrite the existing drivers?08:07
Decepticonits sudo usermod -L nonpaying_user, to kill him?08:07
FloodBot2mrwizard: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:07
Son_of_Demetriusaudion...what's that pleae :)08:08
mrwizardFloodBot2: yes sir08:08
rayluinsta: the packages most likely installed to / and you most likely installed to /usr/local08:08
mrwizardSon_of_Demetrius: nope, audion doesn't exist. You want to get ardour08:08
mrwizardit's a program which I hear measures up to soundtrack pro08:08
IamSOGHappy new EAR !!08:08
instaactually raylu it installed the packages to /usr/lib/08:08
instawhich is nice08:08
Son_of_DemetriusArdour...is that recording software 2?08:08
Son_of_DemetriusHow much?08:09
rastarIamSOG: new years was 21hrs ago08:09
rayluIamSOG: 16 for IamSOG08:09
weternalvim opens a text editing program08:09
IamSOGyeah, many new years for our world08:09
mayankhow to view shared folders in virtual box(ubuntu)08:09
mayanki have installed xp in virtual box08:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about aliases08:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about alias08:10
raylu!search alias08:10
ubottuFound: fawn, kickstart, restrictedformats, chinese, adeptcrash, smeg, music players, badsig, gz, totem08:10
mrwizardSon_of_Demetrius: free08:11
mrwizardlook in the repositories08:11
instaraylu: meh, it's hosed :(08:11
Decepticonits sudo usermod -L nonpaying_user, to lock the user from accessing ssh/ftp?08:11
wodenhow do I disable ctrl+alt+backspace from restarting X, without modifying the xorg.conf ?08:11
rayluinsta: uninstall didn't work?08:12
Son_of_DemetriusI've so much to learn...sorry I'm so slow here...I'll read a while  ok?08:12
instaraylu: even worse, i see stuff from 'HDA Intel' in my dmesg when the system boots08:12
rayluwoden: system > preferences > keyboard shortcuts08:12
rayluinsta: reintsall alsa08:12
* insta installs standalone soundcard08:12
mrwizardSon_of_Demetrius: No worries, we're all new once08:12
wodenraylu:  What if I am using ubuntu lite?  I don't have GNOME08:12
cojones_hey guys, i suspect that my ATI drivers haven't been installed correctly!08:12
rayluwoden: ubuntu lite? what?08:13
dotslashwoden: good question; #gnome08:13
rayluwoden: what do you have?08:13
dotslashDecepticon: man usermod08:13
wodenraylu:  Just openbox with fbpanel08:13
cojones_(restricted drivers) although the System->Admin->Hardware Drivers says that the restricted ATI driver is activated08:13
dotslashah, openbox08:13
Son_of_Demetriusthx mrwizard..I'm just starting out here...08:13
dotslashwoden: you should be able to, but i think it might be hardcoded.08:14
dotslashi'll leave that to x.org devs.08:14
cojones_is it normal for glxinfo to display this if using restricted drivers? "server glx vendor string: SGI"08:14
Son_of_DemetriusI've got an mb that's no longer supported by the manufacturer...doesn't that really suk! :(08:14
mrwizardSon_of_Demetrius: mb?08:15
Son_of_DemetriusOld old mb08:15
dotslashSon_of_Demetrius: well, if its supported by gnu/linux, you should be ok.08:15
raylumrwizard: motherboard08:15
mrwizardwhat kind of computer?08:15
Son_of_DemetriusFreelanced...sucker me :(08:16
Brack10Hi there08:16
macowoden: you don't08:16
mrwizardI mean, who manufactured the chip, and what architecture is it on?08:16
Son_of_DemetriusWith WindowsXP...no SP Package neither...what a greenhorn I was08:16
Brack10so I'm trying to switch to Emerald as a window decorator...so I downloaded emerald and imported my theme, restarted my computer but it's not switching.  What else do I need to do?08:16
Decepticonhow to check user cannot login via ssh/ftp? without knowing his password08:17
karthik_can any one please tell me how to switch between workspaces using a program08:17
zirodayBrack10: type in emerald --replace08:17
mrwizardwell, goodnight Son_of_Demetrius, I'm off to sleep, good luck08:17
Brack10oh ok08:18
zirodaykarthik_: program? You can do ctrl+alt+left/right08:18
Decepticonhow to check user is disabled for ssh/ftp? without knowing his password08:18
Son_of_DemetriusI spent 800$ on a bunch od scrap :(08:18
zirodayBrack10: and then you need to add that to the autostart if you want it by default08:18
Brack10ziroday:  Cool, that worked but it didn't change my menubar....08:18
Son_of_Demetriusnitey-nite mrwizard :)08:18
karthik_ziroday: ya i know using tht shortcut key08:18
zirodayBrack10: menubar?08:19
rayluziroday: i think there's a more elegant way involving .gnomerc08:19
Brack10ok actually it stopped working08:19
karthik_ziroday: But i'm looking for development part how it was done back end08:19
Brack10now I just don't have window decorations at all08:19
rayluBrack10: why would a window decorator affect your menubar?08:19
iShockAfter I add an alias to .bashrc, how do I make it take affect?08:19
maco_Brack10: you can install fusion-icon to make it easy to switch decorators easily.  emerald is really not something i'd recommend though. it's highly unstable and no longer being developed (ie. the bugs that make it crash all the time won't be fixed)08:19
maco_iShock: "sourch ~/.bashrc"08:19
Brack10I see08:19
zirodayraylu: hmm? I never explained to him how to add it to the autostart, there is a nicer way with System > Admin > Sessions08:19
maco_iShock: or start a new terminal08:19
=== tritium_ is now known as tritium
rayluziroday: but putting emerald --replace there just makes it load gtk and then replace it with emerald every time08:20
instaraylu: installing another sound card made alsa see all 3 cards again ...08:21
zirodayraylu: ah right I see now what you're getting at, yes he could do that as well. That is if he wants to stay with emerald, I like maco's idea of fusion-icon myself08:21
PhrozenDeadI just started using Fedora 10 and this is my first linux experience. Anyone here willing to help teach me my way around this OS?08:22
dotslashPhrozenDead: #fedora.08:22
zirodayPhrozenDead: Fedora help in #fedora08:22
PhrozenDeadahhh, okay thanks08:22
dotslashyou may also find help in #redhat08:22
dotslashnetlizhi: you catch on fast.08:23
raylunope. all you get is apt-bashing08:23
mayankanyone knows about virtualbox-ose...????08:23
maco___insta: what's up with your audio?08:23
dotslashraylu: haha.08:23
zirodaymayank: we might do, what is wrong?08:23
dotslashmayank: please ask a coherent/relevant question08:23
instamaco__: no idea (ps, just a few clones? tab complete went nuts on your name :))08:24
mayank2 things..how to share folder in virtualbox (xp) to ubuntu 8.10 and usb?08:24
maco___insta: net connection sucks :P how about what's the symptom of your audio issue?08:24
Son_of_DemetriusWhats the best Audio and Video Codec Package For Ubuntu 8.10 please?08:24
zirodaymayank: you should also know about #virtualbox08:24
=== maco___ is now known as maco
mayanknot much..08:24
raylumaco: /ns ghost maco [password]08:25
mayanktell me for sharing first...plz08:25
instamaco: i got a shiny new HTPC motherboard.  ibex isn't playing nicely with the onboard sound (there's two cards)08:25
Son_of_DemetriusNative Codex that is?08:25
macoSon_of_Demetrius: ubuntu-restricted-extras has them all, but you're on dialup, so you might want to just grab the ones you'll actually use08:25
macoSon_of_Demetrius: u-r-e depends on probably 50 other packages in order to get them all08:25
pepperjackmayank: a shared folder is easy (samba) im not sure about usb in virtualbox08:25
Son_of_DemetriusBut I'll be on cable 2morrow?08:25
macoraylu: i know. i just got sick of doing that every 2 mnutes.08:25
mayankshare is main i need08:25
macoSon_of_Demetrius: oh ok then08:26
nevada1920my dpkg is messded up08:26
raylumaco: ah. i've been there :P08:26
nevada1920what do i do08:26
macoSon_of_Demetrius: well ubuntu-restricted-extras will pull everything you need for java, flash, mp3, wmv, etc.08:26
raylunevada1920: define "messed up"08:26
cojones_any ATI restricted driver users here?08:26
pepperjackmayank:  just share the folder in windows as you normally would then https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently08:26
macoinsta: you have 2 audio devices and what's happening? some boots you have sound? no boots you have sound?08:26
onetinsoldierif you want to install winxp on virtualbox, do you need to make an ntfs partition to install it onto? do you need to have some hard drive space available for making a partition?08:27
instamaco: lemme poke around with it more then i'll come back with information & needing help :)08:27
macoinsta: you can just join me in #ubuntu-audio-help08:28
rayluonetinsoldier: no @ partition, yes @ space08:28
nevada1920anybody know how to get dpkg running manuley08:28
onetinsoldierraylu: ok, thanks :-)08:28
rayluonetinsoldier: you provide it with a file that vb uses as a "drive" (that's how it is with qemu and vmware, at least)08:28
Decepticonsauvin: how to check user is disabled for ssh/ftp? without knowing his password08:28
maconevada1920: type "dpkg"?08:28
Lillakahappy new yeaaar \o/08:28
=== alain is now known as Guest81137
Decepticonhow to check user is disabled for ssh/ftp? without knowing his password08:28
onetinsoldierraylu: so just some space available on my linux filesystem08:28
rayluonetinsoldier: yes08:29
onetinsoldierraylu: cool,thanks08:29
mayankpepperjack, you mean right click the folder and share it..?08:29
mayankin ubuntu08:29
gralcocan someone please help me get my sound capture driver to work with my internal mic08:29
mayankin ubuntu08:30
mayankin ubuntu08:30
Lillakaif you speak french or german: i have problems to view videos on you/motion  the player in Firefox is playing 1 seconde and then freeze08:32
Flannel!de | Lillaka08:33
ubottuLillaka: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, und #edubuntu-de08:33
Flannel!fr | Lillaka08:33
ubottuLillaka: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr08:33
Lillakaok thanks :)08:34
Lillakathe french channel have no people for the moment08:34
Lillakai can explain my problem in english maybe ?08:34
onetinsoldiernight all and happy new year!08:35
rayluLillaka: sure. where is you/motion? is it flash?08:36
Lillakaraylu: i think it's flash08:36
rayluLillaka: do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?08:37
Lillakaraylu: i'm using ubuntu 8.04 and i have problems to play/view videos on youtube and dailymotion08:37
Lillakaraylu: no i don't think... i have a normal distrib of Ubuntu 8.0408:39
rayluLillaka: try installing it, then08:40
Son_of_DemetriusCoffee break...smoke break...:)...brb08:40
Lillakaraylu: i think it's a good answer but... how can i "down/up - grade to this version ?08:42
kulawendIs there any easy way to get animated desktops in Ubuntu?08:43
ntndoI'm preparing to reinstall ubuntu, mostly to clear off all this excess crap I don't need and free up space.  Anything MAJOR between 8.04 and 8.10 that would require me to upgrade?  I'm doing fine on 8.04 so far08:45
Son_of_DemetriusCan I ask a stoopid question?08:45
kulawendntndo: Check the change logs.08:45
hot_wheelzCan somone pls advise me on the best way to go about syncing an iphone in 8.10 I have read some stuff on the subject..But wasn't sure if the way that u go about it may have changed slightly08:46
Flannelntndo: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/810overview08:46
teddybwow it's amazing to see how much effort is involved in getting ubuntu ready08:47
Son_of_DemetriusI'm tring to understand what a crossover platform means...are all the Linux systems the same...once you 'fiddle' around with one?08:47
teddybreally nice to see all the work that gets put into everything, especially (in my case) in the math/science/engineering software08:47
kulawendhot_wheelz: I don't know about iPhones, but when I sync my ipod I use iTunes running under WINE.08:48
PureFirekulawend, know much about mirrioring?08:48
kulawendPureFire: Never heard of it.08:49
teddybkulawend: if you're fine with kde, amarok does that just fine08:49
PureFiresorry i mean "mirrors" (places where people can download ubuntu)08:49
kulawendteddyb: I prefer gnome.08:49
hot_wheelzkulawend I am sure there is a native way of doing it08:50
kulawendPureFire: Yes, I know what mirrors are.08:50
teddybah, i'm not sure what gnome uses, but i do remember something using libgpod or something similar08:50
PureFirekulawend, may you help me with setting up cron job's etc...08:50
teddybbtw, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=spice&searchon=names&suite=intrepid&section=all -> doesn't have spice (!)08:50
kulawendhot_wheelz: Every time I have tried to use a native way it never works entirely right.08:51
teddybubuntu has gnucap, but no spice, which is practically the basis for all circuit simulations08:51
PureFirekulawend, may you help me with setting up cron job's etc...08:51
kulawendPureFire: Can't help you with that, sorry.08:52
hot_wheelzteddyb libgpod sound farmilar08:52
PureFirekulawend, know any one who dose?08:53
Son_of_DemetriusNitey-nite all...hope ur New Year is a better1 than the lat...thx 4 all ur help:)08:54
kulawendPureFire: Nope.08:54
teddybbtw, the operating system i'm currently on (gentoo), has a package for spice here: http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/apps/circuits/spice3f5sfix.tar.gz08:55
teddybit'd be nice if that was somehow worked in as a package for ubuntu08:56
teddybthere are graphical frontends to spice available on ubuntu, but no packages for the actual backend: spice08:56
kulawendI'll do some research.08:57
cojones_anyone familiar with how to change XFree86 rendering options?08:58
=== _Kwitschibo is now known as Kwitschibo
jim_phello people and happy new year09:01
jim_pdoes anyone know dsl connections techical stuff?09:02
bingungajaanyone know how to backup my e51 nokia symbian s60 3rd phone in ubuntu 8.10 ? been googling and found any usefull tips09:02
bingungajaanyone know how to backup my e51 nokia symbian s60 3rd phone in ubuntu 8.10 ? been googling and can't found any usefull tips09:02
jim_pPureFire, what is a nice attenuation and noise margin value? i changed my precious speedtouch for a sagem wireless thing and i think the numbers are way worse09:04
sigisigislabas visiems09:05
PompeyHappy new year09:05
sigisigisSveikinu visus, sulaukusius Naujųjų Metų!09:06
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cojones_sorry, anyone familiar with how to change X.org rendering options?09:14
cojones_also, why would a game run from the GNOME menu behave like it's using opensource ati drivers but if i run the game directly from the command line, it's fine09:15
cojones_(i'm not sure where the hidden GNOME menu flags are coming into play, i ran a pstree -Ga and didn't see anything)09:15
prxtieni need some recommendations please... i want a linux distro for a low power notebook, i want to run gnome, want good out of the box support for bluetooth and 3g wireless modems... im throwing up between ubuntu and gentoo.. i like the ease of ubuntu but dont like the bloat.. and i like the speed of gentoo but not sure i want all the extra build work... can anyone sway me one way or the other?09:17
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badcatgreetings all, happy gregorian new year09:17
pepperjackprxtien: consider for package management arch linux and ubuntu.  gentoo..09:18
cojones_prxtien: i second arch linux09:18
imaginentcan anybody help to connect via ssh from my home computer behind a router09:18
imaginentis there a way to do this?09:19
hateballimaginent: forward the port you specified for ssh09:19
imaginentactually my ISP also uses a router...09:19
prxtienmm okay, why archlinux09:20
pepperjackimaginent: i often setup ssh server to use port 443 to get through company routers etc09:20
bingungajaanyone know how to backup my e51 nokia symbian s60 3rd phone in ubuntu 8.10 ? been googling and can't found any usefull tips09:20
badcatanyone able to tell me how to fix this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/97460/09:20
imaginentit's like ISP>router1>home router>pc09:20
pepperjackprxtien: 686 optimized good community comparable package management to apt-get /join #ubuntu-offtopic if you'd like to discuss it09:20
souryahey all, i'm new to ubuntu.....i just installed the nvidia drivers but am starting to get errors because of it. when ubuntu boots up i get an error "Cannot load kernel module Nvidia".... how do i fix it09:20
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imaginentpepperjack: ok i'll try that09:21
cojones_prxtien: it'll grant you more of the "speed" of gentoo, which i'm pretty sure has been reported to be a myth, while not having to do all the excessive buildworld09:21
teddybhehe, you talk of speed. i just found at least two packages not in ubuntu that are in gentoo. that's the original reason i went with gentoo -- software availability ~ 3-4 years ago.09:22
cojones_really? i thought debian repos were generally the largest09:22
teddybthe compiling everything from scratch is a pain, but there are quite a few packages i wouldn't want any other way because of the specific setup i have.09:22
cojones_i really like gentoo's emerge though09:22
bazhanghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal-info/+bug/261416 bingungaja09:24
techsupport ubuntu 8.10 server installation asked me if i want to install virtual machine server, which virtual machine server are they talking about ?09:24
CsanaHi people!09:28
techsupporteveryone is drunk09:28
bunsonhappy new year ubuntu folk09:28
bunson;) fair enough techsupport09:29
Csanawhere can i find the network manager?i think i found it but it doesnt have the things help says it has.09:30
kulawendtechsupport: I know, and they all want to talk to me.09:33
whuffortechsupport: Are you doing a server installation? I've never  heard of that question in a desktop installation09:35
whufforOh, you said it was a server install :)09:36
whufforI'm using VirtualBox with my desktop installation. I can recommend it if that is what is being installed09:37
Csanaanybody here experienced with ndiswrapper?09:41
rubydiamondCsana: what is that09:42
kulawendCsana: Yes.09:43
BinaryBoy001Good Morning everyone09:43
nks_good morning09:44
SmegzorWhere does synaptic store downloaded files prior to installing them?09:45
nks_would anyone know if there's a way to successfully install skype on ubuntu 8.10 64bit ?09:45
Prom_catWanna have some Newyears fun? - join #freenode-newyears-wolf09:45
Csanai think09:46
nks_wine - has 64bit support now?09:46
Csanai dont kow09:47
nks_i know wine has 32bit - but i don't think they have 64bit support as of yet...09:47
Csanait was the first thing that came to mind09:47
Csanayou didnt say you were 64 bit did you?09:47
nks_skype worked perfectly on ubuntu 8.0409:47
kulawendnks_: I'm pretty sure the 32bit version of WINE works on 64bit ubuntu.09:47
Csanaim a newb so...09:48
nks_i've tried and it's really doesn't work at all..09:48
kulawendnks_: I think it just can't run 64bit windows programs.09:48
jan__hello i have a promlem what i must do to mount diskiette09:48
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bazhangProm_cat, dont spam in here09:49
nks_i've installed wine to use with 32bit programs and completely failed..09:49
nks_and that's with numerous tweeks09:49
quibbler_nks_,  try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43229509:50
Prom_catbazhang: Spam is a matter of perspective :/09:50
nks_okay, thanks..09:50
bazhangProm_cat, no its not; dont advertise in this channel09:50
evowill_!offtopic | Prom_cat09:51
ubottuProm_cat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:51
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thenetduckanyone here know anything about mythubuntu????09:52
thenetduckor how to set one up?09:52
bazhangthenetduck, the front end or the back end09:52
bazhanghttp://www.mythbuntu.org thenetduck09:52
bazhang#ubuntu-mythtv thenetduck09:52
thenetducker... I think the back end.... i really don't know what the difference is. I just need my cable to connect to my tv tuner coard09:52
Csanathe front or the bach end of the (net) duck09:53
bazhangthenetduck, you should do some reading up on it then, not something to explain over irc without good clear questions09:53
ballWhat does it mean to be a member of a LoCo team?09:54
bazhang!loco > ball09:54
ubottuball, please see my private message09:54
bazhanghttp://www.linux.org/groups/ also ball09:55
thenetduckbazhang, ok I think I need help with my front end...... I think... which is getting my card to connect to my cable box09:57
phrostbiteIs there a way to convert all of the .jpg files in a folder to png without having to open each one individually?09:57
thenetduckI do connect my tvtuner card to my cable box right? not just straight into the wall?09:57
ballNeither of those really answers the question I had.  Am I free to come and go in teams within LaunchPad, or are there strings attached?09:57
ballthenetduck: depends09:57
bazhangthenetduck, mythtv has very extensive documentation; you should look up your card and read some of the faq's and setup guides and then ask questions if you run into a hitch09:57
ballthenetduck: where do you live?09:58
thenetduck ball utah09:58
thenetduckball usa09:58
ballDo you have digital or analogue cable?09:58
thenetduckhum... I don't know. How can I find this out?09:58
Flannelball: you're more or less free to come and go.  Some teams have some prerequisites to joining, but you're welcome to leave whenever.09:59
miranda_psiphrostbite: try looking at imagemagick09:59
ballDo you have an on-screen prgram guide?09:59
ballFlannel: thanks, I'll have a poke around then.09:59
thenetduckball ya...09:59
phrostbiteI think I have that. But I forget how to use it. I had the same question a month ago but i forget how i did it :(09:59
thenetduckball it's on screen with "on demand" etc09:59
Flannelball: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList will let you know where to find stuff09:59
thenetduck ball and on our box it says "interactive digital communications" so digital?10:00
ballthenetduck: yeah, you'll want to plug your video capture card into your set-top box then10:00
ballUse S-Video or Composite though, not RF10:00
phrostbiteIt had something to do with the terminal and some sudo code or something10:00
thenetduckball is RF the cable cord?10:01
ball"cable cord" is ambiguous.10:01
ball...do you mean coax?10:01
bingungajaanyone can help me how to backup my nokia phonebook to ubuntu ? been googling for hours and can't find the answers10:01
evowill_phrostbite: with imagemagick installed 'convert input.jpg output.png'10:01
thenetducker... ball the kind of cord theat comes out of the wall in a standard house10:01
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ballthenetduck: yeah, don't use that.10:02
ballthat's bad.10:02
phrostbitewhere would i go to put that in? because imagemagick does not have a thing that i can like open.10:02
thenetduckok... composite good .... S-vido better10:02
ballIn ascending order of goodness: composite -> S-Video -> RGB -> HDMI10:03
thenetduckball is it possible with the cable cord "RF" i believe10:04
miranda_psiphrostbite: it is a commandline tool - if you want to do a lot of files at once you can just make a simple script to do that for you (basic command is convert input.jpg output.png)10:04
ballI guess RGB is some other component thing in the U.S.10:04
ballthenetduck: don't use the RF cable, that's just stupid.10:04
thenetduckball ... ok. so my tvtuner card has 1 component cable (not sure why only one but oh well), 1 s-video, and 2 RF cables. I don't think I can use component because there are enough spaces10:06
ballthenetduck: you probably have component from your cable box to your tv10:06
thenetduckball yes I can do that10:07
thenetduckoh... ok10:07
ballthenetduck: so use your s-video (and an audio cable) from your cable box to your video capture card10:07
phrostbiteI found the command I need to put into the terminal but I do not know hot to use the terminal to get to the folder where the pictures are.10:07
evowill_phrostbite: cd dir_with_pictures/10:07
PolitikerNEUHello everyone, does anybody know if there is a program for ubuntu/kubuntu to manually add subtitles (by writing text and giving a specific begin/end-time) to an .avi/.mpeg or so file?10:07
thenetduckball and then component from my box to my tv?10:07
ballthenetduck: does your TV have an HDMI input?10:07
phrostbiteok thanks.10:07
evowill_then mogrify -format png *.jpg10:07
thenetduckno... I wish10:07
evowill_that will take care of all of them10:07
PolitikerNEUCould be a seperate file too as long as e. g. vlc can read it10:07
ballOkay, so do component (five leads) from the cable box to your TV and S-Video (three) from your cable box to your video capture card.10:08
thenetduckball ok that sounds perfect ... great Thanks for all the really good help10:09
ballthenetduck: no problem.  It's a pain in the U.S. because all the wires are separate10:09
ballEurope has a single connector for video, audio, everything10:09
thenetduckman thats the life!10:10
* ball nods10:10
kulawendball: what's the connector called?10:10
ballThe U.S. won't use it because nih.10:10
ballkulawend: SCART10:10
speedyHi. I have short question: How can I turn of logon-screen sound?10:10
Bert_2Hi, I'm making a backup of a truecrypt encrypted partition with dd but how can I restore that backup later on ?10:10
ballBert_2: dd again, the other way10:11
Bert_2ball: okey ball, thx, and you're sure dd is safe to use for backups of 250GB partitions ?10:12
ballI don't know Linux, so I'm the wrong person to ask.10:12
Bert_2speedy: you can put it off in the System menu in the optuions of the login screen10:12
ball...but the dd I'm used to is safe for partitions of basically unlimited size10:12
KoolDsomeone please help..... ubuntu is unable to load nvidia modules.....i get a error "Cannot load Nvidia kernel module" when attempting to start myy comp10:12
Bert_2ball: okey, thQ10:13
speedythx Bert_2 immediately found it. I am ashamed that i didn't find it myself ... :-(10:13
Bert_2speedy: no problem speedy, even though it's in a logical place, you can simply miss it, that can happen10:14
robertoi get this error E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.  E: _cache->open() failed, please report.10:16
robertoapantiste arxidia10:16
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evowill_roberto: then run sudo dpkg --configure -a10:19
k0d3rhi all10:21
simon_terooristii get this error E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.  E: _cache->open() failed, please report.10:21
simon_terooristiany clue?10:21
k0d3rtry to do that10:22
PolitikerNEUsudo dpkg --configure -a hasn't helped??10:22
k0d3rso dont know10:22
outlaw1hello everyone,10:22
k0d3rhello outlaw110:23
ballThanks for your help people.10:23
outlaw1i have created script to start "gui" application using crontab and everything works. but for some reason when i run it it will start 2 instances of same app. would anyone know why or tell me where to go for help.........new to "IRC" . sorry10:24
bingungajaany idea how to backup my nokia phonebook to ubuntu ? please please please ?10:26
miranda_psioutlaw1: can you put the script up in www.ubuntu.pastebin.com and post the link back10:28
PolitikerNEUbingungaja: maybe this helps: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=260676 ?10:28
bingungajaPolitikerNEU: thx alot, i go figure out first :)10:29
MikeWI'm trying to install mono on ubuntu server intrepid. apt-get install mono tells me "package mono is not available" - any tips guys?10:31
jussi01MikeW: try apt-cache search mono ;)10:32
yubuntu!info mono10:33
ubottuPackage mono does not exist in intrepid10:33
yubuntuwhat is mono?10:33
jussi01MikeW: Im guessing its libmono or such10:33
outlaw1miranda_psi:  http://www.ubuntu.pastebin.com/m2b10e7b710:33
evowill_yubuntu: a google search will do you well10:34
outlaw1miranda_psi:  now when i run script from terminal it works fine and only starts once . but from "crontab" it starts twice so i'm thinking it might be something with crontab.10:34
phrostbiteAlright I downloaded image magick and i get to my pictures folder and when i put in mogrify -format png *.jpg like the help site says i get an error saying mogrify: unable to open image '*.jpg': no such file or directory10:35
milos_is there a program to find the name of the song which uses recorded wav file for example?10:35
phrostbiteI did it to a different folder just fine and now it seems to not want to work.10:35
yubuntugot that10:35
MikeWjussi01: ah thanks. :) Now the scary thing, apt-get doesn't want to tell me the version of mono-runtime. I'm pining for yum already :p10:36
jussi01MikeW: apt-cache show mono-runtime ;)10:36
bazhang!info monodevelop10:36
ubottumonodevelop (source: monodevelop): C/C++/C#/Boo/Java/Nemerle/ILasm/ASP.NET Development Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0+dfsg-3 (intrepid), package size 3261 kB, installed size 10264 kB10:36
MikeW1.9.1 *chokes*10:37
theunixgeekIs there a way to convert Traditional Chinese text into Simplified Chinese within OpenOffice?10:37
evowill_Milos_: music brains picard kind of does that10:37
MikeWjussi01: And I thought ubuntu had all the latest bling ;)10:37
jussi01MikeW: no, usually the stable stuff.10:37
evowill_milos_: though I have only used it for MP3s, it fingerprints the audio and then compares it to their database10:37
milos_evowill_, thnx i'll try it10:38
miranda_psioutlaw1: the script looks fine - do you have the script listed twice in crontab?10:38
maverick340hey , can you move your /home to another partition after installation ?10:39
bazhang!home > maverick34010:39
ubottumaverick340, please see my private message10:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about quickstart10:39
yubuntu!info quickstart10:39
ubottuPackage quickstart does not exist in intrepid10:39
outlaw1miranda_psi:  no only once. i have even checked system and deleted backups of file just to make sure that it didnt have an effect on it somehow. I was trying to run it from root crontab at first and realized that i couldnt run as sudo then made another crontab for user10:40
bazhangyubuntu, fai-quickstart10:40
outlaw1miranda_psi: maybe I didnt delete properly or something. did everything from terminal10:40
yubuntubazhang: thanks10:40
timriWhat is the recommended way to copy a rdiff-backup set to another volume? Is cp -a -r sufficient to not mess up the reverse diffs / hardlinks etc?10:40
yubuntuhow about giver for hardy?10:41
yubuntu!info giver10:41
ubottugiver (source: giver): simple file sharing desktop application. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.8-2 (intrepid), package size 144 kB, installed size 444 kB10:41
yubuntuOM, no Giver for Hardy :(10:41
miranda_psioutlaw1: is there an entry for it in the root crontab still?10:42
speey_afkI am looking for a backup software to backup my pc to usb-drive regularly and automatically is bacula a good choice to do this10:42
phrostbiteCan anybody explain why the mogrify command is not working. I am in the terminal in a folder with jpg pictures and i try mogrify -format png *.jpg and it worked on a different folder but won't work on this one.10:42
outlaw1miranda_psi: no, I only have 1 in there now and that's for a backup script which seems to work fine. but at first i was trying to run both. but only backup in there now10:42
outlaw1miranda_psi: could there be another instance of it somewhere in another file that I'm not aware of ?10:43
miranda_psioutlaw1: try deleting it from the crontab and see if it still gets run...10:44
timrispeey_afk: Personally, I use rdiff-backup and I like it. Bacula seems a bit too much for one PC.10:45
papayaHello, how can i check of $var1 != $var2 in bash scripting?10:45
outlaw1miranda_psi: if i delete from crontab though it wouldnt be able to start would it ? I mean without me running script from terminal and I know that will start fine. I'm confused . sorry10:46
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dfa-parishello all10:46
dfa-parisanyone using emacs?10:47
speey_afkthank you timri for your answer. that was my impression too but I  browsed the packages and bacula was the first program i saw. Now I will look at rdiff-bckup10:47
miranda_psioutlaw1: i'm just trying to see if it will still run after you delete the instance you know of (thus meaning it is listed to run somewhere else)10:47
outlaw1miranda_psi: so should i delete crontab and see if it runs from terminal ? what confuses me is that if i delete then it wont be scheduled to start so therefore it wont ?10:48
T3hWiz0rdis it possible for a bad file to cause this error? User Rating:10:48
outlaw1miranda_psi: sorry10:48
T3hWiz0rdusb 3-1: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 610:48
T3hWiz0rdcould that be ccaused by a bad file?10:49
T3hWiz0rdas i only got it when running a single avi file, no other files or drive access cause it10:49
miranda_psioutlaw1: since its running twice it might be that its listed twice - i'm just trying to see if thats the case or if its some other problem...10:49
outlaw1miranda_psi: ok, i'll try that and see what happens10:49
phrostbitedear god i figured out the problem. All the files had .JPG and i was doing .jpg lowercase10:50
RaverWildhappy new year guys! please help. i used to download a torrent. there was no space on disk which i noticed later. i stopped the transfer but this appeared - http://paste.ubuntu.com/97522/ - this is my windows C partition. now i cant sudo rm -rf this directory and it behaves strange - no write access on C. how to delete/fix this?10:51
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evowill_<T3hWiz0rd> That could be a bad cable10:51
evowill_<T3hWiz0rd> If you are using the ports on the front of the computer, try using the ones directly on the motherboard(if available)10:52
Mageiriki-me-basOPS, WRONG CHAN10:52
miranda_psiRaverWild: what happens when you try sudo rm -rf ?10:53
john@ all10:53
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T3hWiz0rdis it possible for bad files to cause something like the following error? usb 3-1: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 610:53
T3hWiz0rdI only get it when running one particular file10:53
RaverWildmiranda_psi, nothing at all. no err msg no anything. then ls -la shows it still there. this still happens after machine reboot10:53
outlaw1miranda_psi: tried that and does nothing. I can still run from terminal naturally. I have even deleted backup ".sh~" file and searched filesystem and cant find any other files.10:54
outlaw1miranda_psi: my crontab is simple 30 04 * * * /bin/radio.sh > /home/user/vlc.log 2>&110:54
RaverWildmiranda_psi, take a look at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/97526/10:55
evowill_<T3hWiz0rd> Try another file of about the same size on the device10:55
T3hWiz0rdevowill_: i have, works fine. funny part is running HD video formats don't cause it, just a rip of a movie.10:55
evowill_<T3hWiz0rd> Also if you are using the front USB ports, try the ones directly on the motherboard10:55
T3hWiz0rdevowill_: its going direct10:55
T3hWiz0rdevowill_: i have another video running on the device right now10:56
pikariohi, videos i play in totem or vlc or mplayer are really bleached for me.. why do you think tis is..?10:56
miranda_psiRaverWild: try sudo rm -rfiv (might give more information and should prompt for deletions...)10:56
evowill_<T3hWiz0rd> then I assume that it is possible, though strange, but if it only happens on that file, and none others, even of the same, greater size.  It is probably just that file10:56
T3hWiz0rdevowill_: yeah, it seems specific to that file. especially if you fast forward, it appears almost as if the file may be broken and causing the HDD to over-seek on it10:57
T3hWiz0rdevowill_: i have another file of equal size running right now and its yet to mishap, while the file in question causes the reset near imediately10:57
RaverWildmiranda_psi, tried - says "cannot remove blah... Input/output error"10:58
miranda_psioutlaw1: so when you remove it - nothing gets run? do you get the same problem when you add it back in?10:59
outlaw1miranda_psi: yes. I'm moving script to /usr/local/bin/ and deleted script from location it was in. not sure if it will change anything but worth a try i guess11:00
miranda_psioutlaw1: if that doesn't work I don't know what to try next, but good luck :)11:01
outlaw1miranda_psi:  I do appreciate your time. thank you11:01
RaverWildmiranda_psi, will boot windows and see if i can delete from there11:01
Guest53611nix los?11:02
kelvin911what is the easiest way to relabel a flash drive?11:02
kelvin911in windows, it is very easy but how to do that in ubuntu?11:02
miranda_psiRaverWild: looks like its corrupted somehow - try running a filesystem checking tool on it and see if that helps11:03
KoolDhow to exit x in ubuntu???????11:03
FlannelKoolD: ctrl-alt-f1 through ctrl-alt-f6, and then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop11:03
fosco_KoolD: just logout11:03
miranda_psiKoolD: exit to do what? you can restart it with Ctrl + Alt + Backspace or get to a full terminal with Ctrl+Alt+F1-611:04
xd4does anyone know of a program that can check how much bandwidth each program is consuming at real time ( pther than ntop)11:04
fosco_xd4: iptraf11:05
xd4fosco thanks, apt-geting it now11:06
fosco_it is ncurses based11:06
xd4whats that?11:07
fosco_text mode11:07
xd4i c11:07
xd4fosco : i dont think its what i am looking for11:08
xd4fosco : i need somthing that gives me the name of the program next to how much speed its consuming11:09
xd4somthing like that11:09
[Spooky]Anyone here use Pidgin and the MSN protocol? Im having big trouble sending away url links to my friends... Anyone else have the same error?11:10
ayeayreHi, I was just wondering, I wanted to use Ubuntu with my windows XP pc by using a virtualization program, my version of windows xp is 32bit, my AMD Opteron 170 supports 64bit os's, will the 64bit version of Ubuntu work with this setup? Thanks11:12
xd4sorry dc11:12
xd4fosco_: its not what i am looking for, i need somthing that shows me the name of the application and next to it how much speed its consuming11:13
fosco_iptraf is the most detailed app I know11:14
xd4fosco : unfortunately it does not give the name of the app11:14
kelvin911[Spooky]: i have that problem b411:15
kelvin911[Spooky]: cant send link to others11:15
xd4[Spooky]: why not use msn-pecan ?11:15
kelvin911[Spooky]: but next time i start pidgin and i can send11:15
kelvin911[Spooky]: pidgin is buggy11:15
kelvin911[Spooky]: i just use skype now11:15
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kelvin911what about amsn?11:16
[Spooky]kelvin911: Ok, im thinking of start using Amsn...11:16
kelvin911which program is da best for msn?11:16
xd4<kelvin911> its an alternative protocol for msn in pidgin11:16
xd4<kelvin911> its in 8.10 repos11:16
kelvin911the problem of amsn is that the picture problem11:17
kelvin911if u log out and sign in with diff account, the 2nd account will use the picture u have in the previous login account11:17
xd4<kelvin911> or in case you dont like pidgin, use emesene11:17
kelvin911which sucks11:17
GodfatherofEireCould I get a little help with xbindkeys? trying to set it to that a mouse button executes alt tab, and another execs alt shift tab?11:17
kelvin911so i dont like amsn much11:17
kelvin911plug the gui of amsn is so much like msn that i hate11:18
kelvin911whats emesene?11:18
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xd4<kelvin911> a very neat and nice to use msn messenger11:19
[Spooky]xd4: Hoe do i activate msn-pecan?11:19
xd4<kelvin911> gtk based ofcourse11:19
xd4<[Spooky]> what ubuntu are you using?11:19
[Spooky]xd4: 8.1011:20
[Spooky]With Gnome...11:20
xd4sudo apt-get install msn-pecan11:20
kelvin911can emesene use the cute icon?11:20
xd4then go to pidgin, accounts, close the msn account, choose new account under WLM and fill in your msn details11:20
[Spooky]xd4: Thanks for the help.11:21
xd4<[Spooky]> no prob11:21
kelvin911whats msn-pecan?11:21
kelvin911is it better than the default in pidgin?11:21
xd4<kelvin911> : i dont know what you mean by that, but i gaurntee you its the best msn for gnome11:21
cyphaseis there a way i can copy/move files to a hard drive at a set speed?11:22
xd4<kelvin911> you can read about msn pecan in ubuntuforums, the developer is an ex deve from pidgin11:22
kelvin911can u open more than 1 account with it?11:22
kelvin911like pidgin i can open 5 accounts11:23
kelvin911at the same time11:23
xd4<kelvin911> you wont feel any difference in the interface, but it has some new properties11:23
omkarhello guys canany one tell me if Ubuntu 8.10 runs on Slave hdd or no?11:23
kelvin911msn-pecan is the same as pidgin?11:23
kelvin911can u connect gmail messenger too?11:23
kelvin911or yahoo messenger account?11:24
xd4<kelvin911> msn-pecan is a plugin for pidgin, you can still use yahoo and gmail11:24
kelvin911apt-get install msn-pecan?11:24
xd4<kelvin911> it just replaces the msn buggy plugin that already exists in pidgin with an improved one11:24
xd4<kelvin911> if you're on 8.10 ibex, just sudo apt-get install msn-pecan11:25
kelvin911can u send custom icon with it?11:25
kelvin911i am not on 8.1011:25
kelvin911i am on 8.0411:25
[Spooky]xd4: Same problem :/11:25
kelvin911[Spooky]: did u try restart pidgin?11:26
omkarcan ubuntu 8.10 be installed on slave hdd?11:26
[Spooky]kelvin911: Yes...11:26
xd4go here, and read all what it can do http://code.google.com/p/msn-pecan/11:26
[Spooky]Im gonna try Amsn...11:26
xd4 <[Spooky]>  <kelvin911> : you can download it from here, http://code.google.com/p/msn-pecan/11:27
GodfatherofEireso yeah, could I get a little help with xbindkeys so that it does use an actual alt tab instead of a text-based tab? For the moment, Instead of window switching I get just an ordinary tab, so I could use a bit of a nudge to just help me finish up with my mouse here.11:27
xd4 <[Spooky]>  <kelvin911> : i encourage you both to try emesene first, amsn is kinda messy11:28
[Spooky]xd4: I have it allready... But i cant send urls...11:28
[Spooky]xd4: Ok..11:28
kelvin911i know amsn is messy11:28
napsteris there any kind of application for open an ISO dvd file without righting on DVD ROM?11:29
GodfatherofEirenapster, what exactly do you mean?11:30
napsterOpppsss writing11:30
cyphaseDoes anyone know if there's a way I can copy or move files to a hard drive at a set speed?11:30
kelvin911sudo apt-get install msn-pecan stuck11:30
kelvin9110% [Connecting to archive.ubuntu.com (]11:30
kelvin911what to do?11:30
=== richard is now known as Guest87238
napsterI've downloaded an ISO DVD file via torrent, now just want to check it11:31
kelvin911it is moving11:31
ayeayreHi, I was just wondering, I wanted to use Ubuntu with my windows XP pc by using a virtualization program, my version of windows xp is 32bit, my AMD Opteron 170 supports 64bit os's, will the 64bit version of Ubuntu work with this setup? Thanks11:31
kelvin911so now what?11:31
napsterhow i can mount it?11:31
FloodBot2kelvin911: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:31
xd4<kelvin911> maybe the ubuntu server is busy, wait and if it fails just try that later11:31
GodfatherofEirenapster hold on one sec11:31
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.11:31
GodfatherofEirenapster See above11:31
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC11:31
napsterThanks Dude11:32
kelvin911xd4: choose WLM?11:32
white-sheep!hardware | ayeayre11:32
ubottuayeayre: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection11:32
white-sheepayeayre, Try that.11:32
xd4<kelvin911> yes11:33
xd4<kelvin911> but make sure you stop the MSN account first11:33
kelvin911what do u mean?11:34
xd4<kelvin911> dont create a new account in WLM while you are already logged in with your MSN account11:35
[Dim__]kelvin911, hu are you?11:35
white-sheepApparently Pepsi changed its logo on new years eve -- to keep it fresh.  www.pepsi.com11:35
csc_is there anyone with an (almost) fresh installation of ubuntu? if yes, could you please tell me whether /boot/vmlinuz and /boot/initrd.img (they should be symbolic links) exist in your /boot directory?11:36
lsolesenTrying to access a Canon 5D camera from Ubuntu. I can see that some of the memory card has been used (there are pictures on the memory card), but it cannot see the actual pictures when accessing the card from the filemanager.11:37
kelvin911xd4: whats the diff?11:37
kelvin911xd4: diff between WLM or MSN ?11:37
kelvin911[Dim__]: hi11:37
white-sheepcsc_, There should be symbolic links to the latest... (said linkage).11:37
kelvin911[Dim__]: do i know u?11:37
xd4<kelvin911> WLM is the msn-pecan protocol, it gives more features, such the ability to read/write custom messages, it also worked for me when the MSN protocol kept on discconecting11:38
csc_white-sheep, i do not have anymore after some "workarounds"  (i do not have any probs in booting). but i do need to know whether they were there by default. do you have them?11:39
kelvin911more feature like?11:39
xd4<csc_> you can view the date they were created, in thunar or nautilus, if same day as the installation , they they are there by default11:39
xd4<kelvin911> list of features here http://code.google.com/p/msn-pecan/11:40
kelvin911the WLM has less icons11:40
csc_xd4, what do you mean "i can see the date they were created" if do not have them anymore?11:40
[Spooky]Is emesene buggy? It only shows up one online at my list...11:40
white-sheepcsc_, Well -- It's not latest Ubuntu installation if that's what you're looking for, but in my personal experiences, I always have been known for them to link to its latest vmlinuz + initrd.img and I'm looking at the list.  Yes.  There are symbolic links.   To keep things easier, linux just link to the latest files.11:40
KoolDcan anyone help me out?????i just installed the nvidia drivers and i get a "cannot load nvidia kernel module".......please someone help me!!!!11:40
xd4<csc_> misunderstood you then , thought that ther are still there11:41
kelvin911xd4: all those features are already in the original pidgin11:41
xd4<[Spooky]> works fine here, no problems at all11:41
csc_white-sheep, ok.. i must be sure though.. i do not like the idea of creating symbolic links when they were not there by default11:41
xd4<kelvin911> compared to pidgin MSN,     * Faster log-in11:42
xd4    * Fewer connection issues11:42
xd4    * Fewer crashes11:42
xd4    * Experimental direct connection support (fast file transfers)11:42
xd4    * Server-side storage for display names (private alias)11:42
FloodBot2xd4: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:42
xd4    * Support for handwritten messages (read-only)11:42
kelvin911faster login?11:42
xd4<kelvin911> thats what it says11:43
kelvin911it was already lightning fast11:43
damo22what is the current kernel revision in 8.10?11:43
coreyuundefined video mode number : 31511:43
xd4<kelvin911> then i really cant help you there if you're satisfied, maybe trying emesene is a goo dchoice11:43
kelvin911its alright11:44
kelvin911i dont use msn that often11:44
kelvin911skype is more superior11:44
KoolDcan anyone help me out?????i just installed the nvidia drivers and i get a "cannot load nvidia kernel module".......please someone help me!!!!11:44
coreyuwhat's wrong with my ubuntu "undefined video mode number : 315"11:44
kelvin911xd4: thx for help11:44
xd4<kelvin911> no prob, anytime11:45
=== siliconmeadow|aw is now known as siliconmeadow
kelvin911xd4: jsut read emesene, it has LaTeX support ??11:45
damo22is the current kernel 2.6.27 in ubuntu 8.10?11:45
rwwdamo22: yes11:46
xd4<kelvin911> i dont use LaTeX really11:46
rwwcoreyu: Do you get that right at the beginning of startup?11:46
damo22rww: when will 2.6.28 be out11:46
GodfatherofEire1so yeah, could I get a little help with xbindkeys so that it does use an actual alt tab instead of a text-based tab? For the moment, Instead of window switching I get just an ordinary tab, so I could use a bit of a nudge to just help me finish up with my mouse here.11:46
kelvin911it will be nice to have latex support11:46
kelvin911xd4: do u have emesene now?11:46
xd4<kelvin911> yes11:47
damo22rww: im thinking of buying a G45 mobo and i need support for the new intel gpu11:47
kelvin911wanna test the latex feature with me?11:47
damo22rww: ive been told it needs 2.6.2811:47
KineticGodfatherofEire1: Werent you working on this 5+ hours ago? You are a tenacious cus, aren't you11:47
xd4<kelvin911> i dont have the LaTeX thing enables unfortunately11:48
rwwdamo22: I'm not in a position to know this for definite, but since Jaunty has 2.6.28, I assume Intrepid will stay with .27, and the first end user release of 2.6.28 will be when Jaunty comes out in April. Like I said, I could very easily be wrong on that.11:48
rww!msg > coreyu11:48
ubottucoreyu, please see my private message11:48
kelvin911it doesnt have it by default?11:48
=== adante_ is now known as adante
damo22rww: right ok, i guess i'll just roll my own kernel11:48
xd4<kelvin911> no, i think its a plugin had to be enabled11:49
[Spooky]xd4: Hm some Windows msn users see me as offline... Maybe a msn-net bug?11:49
rwwcoreyu: Okay. Did you modify your GRUB configuration at some point and add vga=315?11:49
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC11:49
xd4<[Spooky]> i am really not usre, but i am chatting right now on emesene11:50
ubottuEmesene is an instant messenger for the WLM network. See http://emesene.org for more information.11:50
rwwcoreyu: Because that message means that the kernel was passed the "vga=315" option, and that it doesn't recognize 315 as a valid graphics mode. Probably the easiest way to fix it is to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst, find all the places in there where vga=315 appears, and edit them to use a correct video mode or delete them.11:51
white-sheepI'm considering to obtain the item in question ( http://moourl.com/58m47 ) Is there a guideline / link for installing Ubuntu on it?  Or should I be using MID edition?  Please advise with all your love in it.  Thanks. :o11:51
yubuntuGuys, how to know my hardware devices on ubuntu (GUI)?11:51
rww... *sigh* and apparently coreyu left and I didn't notice. I really need to turn join/part notifications back on *facepalm*11:51
mayankhow i play windows games in ubunut11:52
mayankhow i play windows games in ubuntu11:52
rwwyubuntu: !wine > mayank11:52
rwwyubuntu: sorry, ignore that...11:52
rww!wine > mayank11:52
ubottumayank, please see my private message11:52
mayanki know wine...but when i play age of empires..it runs very slow11:53
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help11:53
white-sheepmayank, You can install Windows using VirtualBox.  Play it from there. I suppose.  Or Dual-boot.11:53
rwwmayank: From the !wine factoid: "Join #winehq for application help."11:53
SlimeyPeteerm, games rarely work in VirtualBox11:53
=== izibi_ is now known as izibi
mayanki have installed ubuntu...now how can i install windows xp(dual boot)?11:54
SlimeyPetemost games don't like emulated graphics cards :D11:54
white-sheepmayank, See SlimeyPete.  Use Dual-Boot -- http://moourl.com/58m4711:54
white-sheeperr... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot11:54
xd4<mayank> its going to be a mess, its always better to install xp then ubuntu11:54
rwwyubuntu: I'm trying to find a package I used for that a while ago. Gimmie a sec.11:55
mayankyou mean install inside(wubi)?11:55
yubunturww: Thanks11:55
[Spooky]xd4: Same problem in emesene cant send urls...11:56
white-sheepmayank -- You installed Ubuntu just to play around with?  If so, consider sticking with Wubi.11:56
xd4<[Spooky]> there's a tinyurl plugin in the plugins menu, why dont you try it?11:56
rwwyubuntu: lshw-gtk has a comprehensive list of system info. There's another one that's a little less quirky and more user-friendly, but I can't for the life of me find it right now.11:57
kelvin911[Spooky]: wanna test it out with me?11:57
rww!info lshw-gtk | yubuntu11:57
ubottulshw-gtk (source: lshw): information about hardware configuration. In component universe, is optional. Version 02.13-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 370 kB, installed size 1536 kB11:57
kelvin911[Spooky]: sometimes u can send link to certain people11:57
xd4<[Spooky]> enable it then type /tiny <url>11:57
kelvin911[Spooky]: but some people u cant send link to11:57
=== MadMax is now known as Guest73737
mayankwhite-sheep, ubuntu is very good for playing movies, mp3..but also wanna play some games like age of empires 211:58
mayankbut why it runs very slow?11:58
SlimeyPetebecause WINE is not perfect11:58
KoolDhow do i change my screen resolutions to more than 800*600....its not available in system->pref->screen resolution11:58
SlimeyPeteit doesn't run all games well11:59
SlimeyPetebecause it doesn't completely implement every Windows API11:59
kelvin911xd4: The command tiny doesn't exist11:59
yubunturww: Thanks... Installing...12:00
xd4<kelvin911> did you enable the tinyurl plugin?12:00
[Spooky]xd4: /tiny works, thanks...12:00
KoolDhow do i change my screen resolutions to more than 800*600....its not available in system->pref->screen resolution12:00
kelvin911xd4: thats suck12:01
kelvin911xd4: because the other side will think i am sending him a porn link12:01
[Spooky]mayank: What hardware do you have?12:01
KoolDhow do i change my screen resolutions to more than 800*600....its not available in system->pref->screen resolution12:01
xd4<kelvin911> well its between you and the other side12:01
PolitikerNEUI think you need to install your graphics driver12:01
ayeayreis WINE like Win4Lin? if so, which one is better?12:02
=== ]L[iNu]X[ is now known as alessio4ever
mayankpentium-4, 2.4mhz, 770mb of ram, nvidia fx5500 256mb12:02
ionutzhow can i use curlftpfs to use socks5? ...can someone give me an example ?12:02
kelvin911fx5500 is too weak12:02
SlimeyPeteayeayre: Win4Lin is a sort of virtualisation product. In theory, WINE is better.12:02
PolitikerNEUwin4lin seems to be virtualisation while wine is a win32 subsystem - so no, one is not like the other12:02
dcidermayank: any problems with your drivers?12:02
kelvin911for decent graphic intensive games12:02
mayanknot at all.just problem with aoe2(too slow)12:03
kelvin911is it slow in windows too with same hardware?12:03
[Spooky]mayank: How do you start it?12:04
kelvin911i can play doom3 really fast in ubuntu here, same speed in windows12:04
chilli0hello all12:05
mayankfrom places-home folder-games-aoe2-empire2.exe..12:05
sriyonohallo too12:05
chilli0does anyone here run there ubuntu on a ideapad y53012:06
SlimeyPetemayank: did you check the entry in the WINE HQ Appdb? There may be instructions on how to make it run faster.12:07
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:07
ionutzhow can i use curlftpfs to use socks5? ...can someone give me an example ?12:07
empiricguys any one works on alfresco DMS12:08
[Spooky]mayank: Try: wine /home/blabla/aoe.exe -opengl12:08
mayankin terminal, [spooky]12:09
Guest9878how can I know the free space of my disk??12:09
mrwesGuest4298: df12:10
kelvin911mayank: yes terminal12:10
bastid_raZorGuest9878; df -h12:10
gribouillehi. is there a simple way to record audio output ?12:10
user___ionutz: whats your current command?12:10
[Spooky]mayank: Yes.12:10
kelvin911[Spooky]: did u get your problem solve over there?12:10
ionutz curlftpfs proxy= proxytunnel socks5 user:pass@domain ~/folder12:11
[Spooky]kelvin911: Yes, with /tiny url...12:11
ionutzwhere am i wrong ?12:11
gribouillehi. is there a simple way to record audio output ?12:11
kelvin911[Spooky]: but emesene doesnt support more than one account12:11
user___ionutz: the man page mentions to use -o socks5 before host and path12:12
ionutzuser___, upsss sry12:12
user___ionutz: dont worry..12:13
[Spooky]kelvin911: Ok, i just use one so...12:13
ionutzuser___, Error connecting to ftp: Proxy CONNECT aborted12:13
ionutzany clue ?12:13
user___ionutz: never have used the program myself, sorry12:13
HUMM2any woman12:14
HUMM2any woman herrrrrrrrrrrr12:14
ionutzok thx anyway12:14
sameepjust joined.. what program?12:14
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!12:14
bastid_raZorionutz; possibly try user:pass@domain:~/folder12:14
HUMM2elo girlllllllllll12:14
mayank[spooky], error, could not initialize graphics system, make sure that your video card and driver are compatible with directdraw.., but normal i can play(too slow)(without terminal)12:14
user___ionutz: try man curlftpfs and assemble the command from bottum up12:14
[Spooky]mayank: Have you installed the nvidia linux drivers?12:15
mayankyes offcourse..12:15
ionutzok thx12:15
HUMM2hi girlssssssssssssss12:15
evowill_!op | Humm212:16
ubottuHumm2: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!12:16
user___ionutz: you can search the man page with "/" and then search string, f.e. "socks"12:17
jimi_hendrixhi all i have the same problem as last night: after an install i need internet which i get through a little usb thing that i plug in for wifi...ubuntu cant find it...it needs a driver...ive tried ndiswrapper but its not working...anyone out there know what to do?12:17
ionutzuser___, i did ...i'm tring now to debug using -v option12:17
elkbuntuHUMM2, do you have anything constructive to add to this channel?12:17
GaryHUMM2: this is not a pick up channel, it is a main support channel12:17
mrwesjimi_hendrix: what version of ubuntu?12:18
HUMM2i am online now12:18
mayankbefore i have 1024x768 screen resolution and the error comes after some time(after blank window), now i have done 800x600 and the error comes imidiate...[spooky]12:18
jimi_hendrixmrwes, 8.10...i can downgrade to LTS if that is needed12:18
elkbuntuHUMM2, that is not constructive.12:18
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: the easiest solution is to buy a wireless-N or wireless-G network card12:18
jimi_hendrixkelvin911, i just spen 70$ on this thing...12:18
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: u have a laptop or desktop?12:19
mrwesjimi_hendrix: goto System | Administration | Hardware Drivers and see if your wireless driver is in there12:19
jimi_hendrixkelvin911, desk12:19
elkbuntuGary, would you like to do the honors here.12:19
jimi_hendrixhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6472150#post6472150 <<<< my post i made on this subject12:19
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: wireless card only cost about $3512:19
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer12:19
mrwesI smell a kick/ban12:19
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: and they are better than usb one12:19
[Spooky]mayank: Here is some info... http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=14712:19
jimi_hendrixmrwes, its not...just my ATI driver...but i dont think ubuntu would be able to get it anyway since im offline12:20
elkbuntuGary, sorry, i figured you'd wandered.12:20
mrwesjimi_hendrix: nothing is in there?12:21
=== Laggyware is now known as Lattyware
jimi_hendrixkelvin911, mrwes, there is a setup.exe thingie on the disc that came with the thing (it has the drivers on it)...but i assume its windows only12:21
[Spooky]mayank: "This game requires much more processing power than it should, so unless you are using a relatively fast computer it may run slowly."12:21
jimi_hendrixmrwes, just my ATI card driver12:21
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: http://www.bestbuy.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?sku_id=0926INGFS10025643&catid=21115&logon=&langid=EN12:21
kelvin911about $4512:21
jimi_hendrixi dont want to buy something new12:22
mayankin windows xp it was just very good, but in ubuntu its sucks...why?12:22
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: usb one are crap anyway12:22
mayankany reason?12:22
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: why do u want the usb one?12:22
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: they dont have strong signal and easy to break12:22
_aer_arewhen will kernel 2.6.28 be avaiable through synaptics?12:22
jimi_hendrixkelvin911, cause i already bought it and now i dont want to have wasted 70 bucks12:22
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: refund it12:23
mayank[spooky] one of my friend has pentium-3 and games rocks12:23
white-sheepmayank -- Linux is *NOT* a gaming platform.12:23
kelvin911white-sheep: i think the problem is the game isnt for linux12:23
mayankbut is there any good games in ubuntu(linux)12:24
kelvin911white-sheep: linux can be a good gaming platform12:24
jimi_hendrixkelvin911, this one also gets me 4 bars in my basement...and my parents are going to be like "were not driving you all the way out to best buy just so linux has internet"...12:24
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: parent?12:24
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: how old r u? 13?12:24
white-sheepkelvin911 -- Depends on the outcome of the situation -- If the games were made for Linux, then it's for Linux.  Otherwise, most of the games were targeted at Windows platform. :o12:24
user____aer_are: which ubuntu version are you using?12:25
mayankIs there any good games in ubuntu (linux)?12:25
jimi_hendrixkelvin911, no comment but i setup linux on my own without breaking anything...so back to the problem at hand12:25
jimi_hendrixmayank, nexuiz12:25
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: no one will buy the usb one so  i think no one care about the usb for linux12:25
SlimeyPetemayank: anything by id software will have a linux client available, as does NeverWinter Nights12:25
mayankwhere to download this game, jimi_hendrix12:25
VR6GTA San Andreas12:26
jimi_hendrixmayank, sudo apt-get install nexuiz12:26
=== adante_ is now known as adante
mrwesjimi_hendrix: what kind of card is it?12:26
_aer_areuser___, 8.1912:26
=== ToTo_ is now known as toto87
nicklas_hello, if i wanna remove gnome and change to enlightenment instead, how do i do that? and what happens when i do that, do the programs change and so on? what happens exactly? im using eeebuntu, it should work as regular ubuntu in that way right?12:26
VR6settlers IV12:26
user____aer_are: educated guess: at the time when jaunty will be available so you could upgrade then12:26
kelvin911nexuiz sucks12:26
bastid_raZormayank; linux-gamers.net12:26
kelvin911mayank: get enemy territory12:26
_aer_areuser___, hmm, ok.   i have got a kernel update every second week so far12:27
mayankall in apt-get ....12:27
[Spooky]mayank: Ok, well i just play WoW... Does your friend have a better graphic card?12:27
eth01_aer_are: good?12:27
jimi_hendrixmrwes, dynex N USB Adapter12:27
user____aer_are: they are mostly sec related updates within the same kernel line, so not 2.6.28 yet12:27
[Spooky]mayank: Then i dunno what i can be...12:27
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: did u try dynex site ?12:28
mayankthanx guys..late for now..see ya tomorrow...12:28
shredder12hey people, last time i updated to intrepid my wired connection interface vanished... but this time when i ran intrepid through the live cd i found now it was able to detect the wired connection.. so does that mean if i install intrepid from the cd my  ethernet interface won't disappear12:28
eth01(dynex drivers)12:28
mungustashello, could someone advise how I could use SOCKS5 (ssh) proxy in shell ? I want to connect to ftp site through socks5 using 'lftp' client12:28
_aer_areuser___, updating to 9.04 now, perhaps i can get the benefits of the 2.6.28 from there12:28
mrwesjimi_hendrix: and  you've been here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper12:29
user____aer_are: oh, you might think twice before..12:29
_aer_areuser___, they say my intel 82855 graphic card will work very good with this kernel due to a gem technology12:29
jimi_hendrixkelvin911, im trying the site now12:29
eth01mrwes: ndiswrapper is not commendable12:29
jimi_hendrixmrwes, ill try that site someone pointed me to a different similar one12:29
eth01nrwes: it's crap, basically12:30
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: what is the model number?12:30
mrweseth01: and if one does't have any additional options?12:30
mrwesor money to buy a new card12:30
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: http://www.dynexproducts.com/pc-736-4-dynex-wireless-n-usb-20-adapter.aspx is this the one?12:30
eth01mrwes: ndiswrapper is not the only way forward12:30
jimi_hendrixkelvin911, ya12:30
mrweseth01: well chime in then :)12:30
sunfacehi..! i have a problem in ubuntu 8.10 .. can anyone help me please...?12:31
jimi_hendrixkelvin911, have you been able to read minds since birth or did you develop that power over time12:31
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:31
eth01look at the link ;-P12:31
cyphaseDoes anyone know if there's a way I can copy or move files to a hard drive at a set speed?12:31
eth01cyphase: sata or ide?12:31
SlimeyPetesunface: just state your problem. If anyone can help you then they will reply :)12:31
cyphaseeth01: ide12:32
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: how hard to search it in google?12:32
cafuegocyphase: From a different hdd or via a network?12:32
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: never heard of this brand dynex b412:32
cyphasecafuego: different hdd12:32
sunfacek.. i am not able to connect gprs via bluetooth from mobile.. pairing cant be done.. how to solve this ?12:32
mrweseth01: and that thread from 2006 is still relevant ?12:32
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: i always get linksys for wireless networking12:32
eth01mrwes: it holds some relevance, yes12:32
eth01cyphase: why the set speed? whats the point.12:32
kelvin911jimi_hendrix: and usb wireless network is a non