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Brandon1Anyone got a minute for a problem I encountered after using wubi installer?03:54
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Tom_1223How do I create/renew ath0? I've got eeexubuntu and after a reboot, iwconfig shows only eth0 and lo, no ath0 or other wireless capable devices.04:51
Tom_1223How do I create/renew ath0? I've got eeexubuntu and after a reboot, iwconfig shows only eth0 and lo, no ath0 or other wireless capable devices.04:56
RandyboYNo need to repeat tat fast. If someone knows, they will answer you.04:58
Tom_1223Sorry, info gave message 'need to register', figured the first one didn't go through. So I registered and repeated to be sure.. whoops.04:58
ballHappy new year06:17
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The-KernelIs there a good program that will display hard drive activity?07:22
pteagueis there a way to get more than just the cosmos, floating feet, & pictures folder screensavers for xfce?07:55
ballpteage: flickr ftw ;-)07:57
pteaguei had a friend ask... not sure what she's wanting... will the xscreensavers show up in the applications -> settings -> settings manager -> screensaver list?07:59
Chommikwhere can i find system requirements for ubuntu/xubuntu?13:35
Chommiki don't know which system choose for old computer13:35
bad-wirewhat sort of comp[uter do you have?13:41
FactTechQuestion: I upgraded to intrepid, and now xscreensaver doesn't want to work. I've been poking at it for a couple of days, and I think xscreensaver is working OK, but it's getting bad information from xrandr telling it all screens are disconnected. This is not true; obviously I'm using one.15:19
FactTechHow can I get xrandr to tell the truth?15:20
FactTechThe display I'm using is definitely VGA-0 -- if I log in on a remote terminal, I can deactivate and reactivate it.15:25
FactTechHowever, xrandr reports the VGA-0 display as disconnected15:25
Robin_RoweInstalling xubuntu on ibook. CDROM boots and launches installer. Says it can't detect and mount CDROM. Dmesg says hdb is Toshiba SD-R2002. How do I get installer to see it?17:02
wobbiebobbiehi peps is there a way to play dvd in xubuntu ( how to link)18:00
kbmaniacHi all, trying out xubuntu but having trouble with listen. Can anyone point to any URL that I can add as a web radio feed, I am having zero luck so far and am unsure if its me being dumb or a system issue ?20:42
vinnlkbmaniac, http://www.di.fm/mp3/vocaltrance.pls20:44
Shaba1"problems with listen" what do you mean20:44
Shaba1not that I can help I am an linux newbie myself20:44
vinnlNote that the first field is the title and the second the URL, which isn't that clear20:44
vinnlShaba1, Listen is the name of the music player in the newest version of Xubuntu :)20:44
kbmaniaccool :) http://www.di.fm/mp3/vocaltrance.pls works20:46
vinnlYay :)20:46
kbmaniacthanks. I am about to build a new multi core system, unsure of KDE4, cant get on with gnome & am trying out xubuntu20:47
vinnlAnd, do you like it? :)20:47
Shaba1what is a .pls file20:48
Shaba1I am on windows right now btw20:48
vinnlI believe it's an audio stream, i.e. somewhere music is played and everybody who opens the .pls file listens to it at the same time20:48
kbmaniacwell ... yes :) I tried it a couple (?) of years ago and it was a no, but its really moved on since then. Its clean and efficient. I am a software developer and thinking about what I want a desktop to do20:50
kbmaniacxubuntu ticks all the boxes20:50
vinnlAnyway, I'm off, happy new year everybody :)20:55
kbmaniachappy new year :) !!!!!20:55
Shaba1is there a .pls player for windows21:39
zerothisAssultcube froze my mouse pointer, is there a way to refresh my pointer without rebooting or restarting X?22:09
crimsunzerothis: not likely22:11
birkoffCan anyone link me the tweaking guide for the eeepc + xubuntu ?23:19
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC23:19

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