fdvJc2k: thanks a lot for your help, you put me on the right track. turns out "use of a system shared libexpat.so/expat.dll is not advised" in python. No wonder I couldn't get the tests to pass. :p00:21
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Glenjaminhey, does anyone else have a problem with directory tab completion on windows with 1.10?11:35
Glenjamin(as in, it doesnt happen)11:36
markhGlenjamin: what do you mean exactly?  tab completion is generally handled by the "shell" (ie, the command-prompt)11:37
Glenjaminoh, in bzr shell11:37
Glenjaminshould have mentioned that11:37
markhI've never used it (and don't even know *what* it is :) - did it ever work, or this is just something you first tried now?11:38
Glenjaminits always worked fine, but now the tab completion only seems to do commands11:39
markheither way though, I'm afraid I'm not going to have a clue11:39
Glenjaminfair enough11:39
markhif it is a regression, it is certainly worth reporting in as much detail as you can11:39
markh(ie, to launchpad)11:39
Glenjaminmm, i thought i'd better try and see if its affecting anyone else, since i'm not using the proper win32 release11:40
Glenjaminas i built my own while the build machine was broken11:40
doublephello.  is it possible to change commiter of a revision?  i forgot to set my email and a few commits are attributed to a wrong user16:17
moquistI added a local copy of a huge library to my branch and committed it, and now I've changed my mind. 'bzr revert' seems only to change my working tree; how can I revert the entire branch so it's as if those files were never added and the branch committed?16:34
fullermdYou have to back the branch up to before all that happened.16:34
fullermdGenerally, you do that with either pull or uncommit.16:35
fullermdIs this really recent (in branch history terms)?16:35
moquistah! uncommit - excellent. I hadn't yet found that in my meanderings through the help. Thx.16:35
moquistfullermd: yes. This will be no problem.16:36
moquistthx again.16:36
fullermdNote that 'uncommit' takes you back to the state right before you committed.16:36
fullermdWhich means that the library is still "add"'d.  So if you commit again right away, you'll be right back where you started  ;)16:37
moquistright, so the files will still be there.16:37
* moquist nods16:37
fullermdYou could revert the tree, though that would lose any other changes you had since the last commit.  Or use 'rm --keep' to un-add the library.16:37
moquistI'll uncommit to one rev before what I want, then I can recommit that and manually merge in the tiny number of changes I've made to files I actually want to keep.16:38
fullermdAnother option is to make a new branch, from the rev before the one you want.16:38
fullermdThen manually cherrypick the changes from the 'original' branch over into the new one, and finally just mv them around so you move onward in the 'new' branch.16:39
fullermdThat way you can keep the old one around untouched, just in case.16:39
moquistThat seems like the best idea.16:39
moquistbeautiful. I'm almost done.16:40
rockywhat's the simplest workflow case of having non-committed changes in one branch and then wanting to move those changes over into another new branch without committing them to the current one and then removing those changes from the currnet branch?16:49
rockyi would have thought bzr shelve in the first branch and the bzr unshelve in the second branch but that doesn't seem to work16:49
rockybzr 1.1016:50
Peng_rocky: "bzr merge --uncommitted"?16:50
rockyPeng_: perfect, thanks :)16:51
epsyhi, is bzr-svn compatible with bzr 1.10 ?18:05
epsyok, I'm officially stupid, nevermind18:10
epsymy second question - do you know of any tool which can help me find the latest common ancestor of two branches when they are not linked from bzr's point of view?18:12
LarstiQepsy: you're using a different definition of common ancestor than bzr in that case?18:13
epsywell, the last revision that's common in two branches18:16
LarstiQepsy: if needed once, I'd figure that out from `bzr missing` output18:19
epsyneat..can I check if a branch has diverged from an official branch using bzr missing? or is another command better-suited for this task, considering I would use it in a shell script?18:21
LarstiQepsy: bzr missing is a good choice for detecting divergence18:34
epsyonly if tree is not a checkout, right?18:35
LarstiQepsy: what do you mean? missing operates on branches, not trees18:38
epsywell, actually, I will just need a way to dertermine the other branch properly18:39
derekmounce_Silly question no doubt, but I'm coming from SVN...  Does Bazaar support access control?  I want to push a branch up to a server, but I want only people with access to get to it.19:31
beunoderekmounce_, access control is based on who can read/write19:35
beunoso you'd setup ssh accounts or ftp19:35
derekmounce_beuno: Ok, cool, so it's not "built in" to bzr.  That makes sense...19:35
derekmounce_Thanks for the answer. :)19:36
beunoright, although there is a script in controb/ that helps you do some of that with ssh keys19:36
derekmounce_Another question... I've pushed via ftp, but I'd also like to have a working tree up in FTP.  Is it possible to force the push to also create a working tree?20:05
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lamalexis there any way to have --using meld open the entire diff instead of files by file?21:44
brokencycleHi! I've got a number of random error messages from running the selftest suite. Where should I send them, for best results?22:04
rockstarbeuno, around?22:34
lamalexDoes the bzr support in meld work for anyone?23:06
beunorockstar, hi23:24
rockstarbeuno, have you seen the loggerhead branch for better linking of files?23:25
beunorockstar, I don't think so. Which one?23:26
beunolooks interesting23:29
rockstarBasically, I wondered if there was a policy on XXX statements in Loggerhead, but basically, I don't think it needs to be there at all.23:29
beunoyeah, it's kinda odd23:30
beunoI do add FIXME's now and then, which I guess is the same thing23:30
beunothe comment is useful though23:32
beunobranch looks good otherwise23:32
beunoare you reviewing it?  :)23:32
rockstarbeuno, yup.23:35
beunorockstar, awesome23:35
beunoI have a branch 80% ready that uses YUI to get diffs through ajax23:36
beunoinstead of generating them every time23:36
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Peng_What does this change for users with JS disabled?23:37
beunoPeng_, the URL will take you to a diff23:38
beunoso you loose seeing all diffs in the same page I suppose23:38
beunois that terrible?23:38
rockstarbeuno, aren't we using javascript for that as it is?23:39
beunorockstar, yeah, for expanding and contracting23:39
Peng_beuno: Ehh, it's not great. What about taking you to an ?diffs=all#somefile page or something?23:39
beunoPeng_, I guess I could...23:40
rockstarPeng_, it's not great, no, but for those who don't want javascript, they are already experiencing a less than great internets.23:40
Peng_rockstar: Well yeah, but..23:41
beunoPeng_, especially since you're our testsuite  ;)23:41
rockstarbeuno, We _can_ remedy that.23:41
Peng_Whenever I use a diff page in Trac or something, I like to see all the files at once, but I don't do it frequently.23:42
Peng_I more use them to see "what happened there?" than to actually debug stuff or anything like that..23:42
Peng_Or maybe that is the normal usage. After all, if you wanted to do something more in-depth, that's what the VCS is for.23:42
beunorockstar, yeah, we do need to start writing tests...23:43
beunoPeng_, I'll have the option to see all the diffs for a revision23:43
beunoit's not too hard23:43
Peng_Oh, that sounds good.23:43
Peng_For both Ajax and non-Ajax? Or would that not be very useful?23:44
rockstarbeuno, I say non-Ajax tests.23:44
beunoPeng_, I think that the link will be there when avascript is disabled23:45
beunorockstar, yeah, so did I23:45
Peng_Wait, what page is this for? /revision?23:46
beunoPeng_, yup23:48
Peng_So it'll default to having every file collapsed?23:49
beunothat's my idea, yes23:49
Peng_Will you keep the "expand all/collapse all" button?23:50
beunoit will bring in all the diffs23:50
Peng_Cool. :)23:51
Peng_Possible suggestion: If only one file was changed, expand it by default?23:51
beunothat would be interesting, yes23:51
beunoalthough maybe confusing23:52
beunosometimes ahving diffs, sometimes not23:52
beunoPeng_, I'll poke you before merging into trunk23:55
beunoI also experimented with adding syntax highlighting, but it's a PITA to do with the way we currently do things23:58
Peng_Oh, too bad.23:59

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