vorianJontheEchidna: i read that as man jumps out of a 72 story building and extinguishes fire02:25
JontheEchidname too at first02:26
voriani was like, at least he went out as a hero02:26
JontheEchidnamust be like Rambo's dad or something02:26
vorianbatavia ny02:26
vorianthat's the half way point 'tween buffalo and rochester02:27
voriani didn't think they had two story buildings there02:27
vorianalgore was right02:28
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
JontheEchidna...why is there a .dll extension in that url? Can you really program websites that use dll-type crap?02:33
JontheEchidnathat makes my sad v.v02:33
JontheEchidnaI can never get more than 30 kB/s with archive.ubuntu.com...02:48
JontheEchidnafor very long02:48
JontheEchidna49% [209 lokalize 363911/571kB 63%]                                         25.3kB/s 2h20min8s02:49
jjessejust created a jaunty vm and kontact is not installed by default?02:49
JontheEchidnajjesse: it was kicked off the seed at the last minute for alpha2 due to cd size restrictions, its removal shouldn't be permanent02:50
jjesseJontheEchidna: cool thanks, seems like a lot of extra packages get installed with sudo apt-get install kontact02:51
nixternaloi oi...gone back to using urxvt...lookin' secksi02:58
nixternalthough I must admin the refresh is a little slow for some reason, but I won't blame that on urxvt as much as I will on "yet another KDE 4 memory leak"02:58
voriannixternal: your urxvt looks great!03:22
nixternalalmost how it looked about 10+ years ago03:23
voriani like your app launcher too :)03:23
vorianwould be nice to get it as a default03:24
nixternalya, someone put it on kde-look.org03:24
DaSkreechmoto moto03:42
DaSkreechAm I the only person who doesn' have dolphin's view  move with the selection ?03:48
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
astromme_DaSkreech: Nope, it doesn't move for me either. 4.1.85 on Kubuntu Jaunty here04:24
DaSkreechThat sucks05:08
JontheEchidnajaunty upgrade went smoothly05:42
JontheEchidnaonly ran in to 2 overwrite bugs and a python bug that I could all easily work around05:42
DaSkreechHow's the Jackalope?05:43
JontheEchidnaplus... X works (after I pinned old versions of the nvidia driver plus xserver-core)05:43
* DaSkreech throws penguin eggs at X05:44
* NCommander yawns05:44
NCommanderFinally back home05:45
NCommanderand KDE is (mostly) working on ARM05:45
* JontheEchidna goes to bed now05:45
* NCommander is taking a look at fixing KDE bluetooth05:46
NCommanderKDE 4.2 is nice ...05:52
NCommanderwow, kbluetooth is REALLY broken05:56
NCommanderand quite dead upstream ...05:57
DaSkreechIf you start massaging it upstream you'll probably get a few other distros jumping in05:58
DaSkreechNo one really wants it broken05:58
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: got fixes for the overwrite bugs?06:01
NCommanderDaSkreech, its bitrotten to the point of unusability06:01
DaSkreechNCommander: How bad? Scorched earth bad?06:01
NCommanderReferencing non-existant Solid APIs, and the binaries segfault on jaunty06:02
NCommanderand its doing the referencing form moc files it seems06:02
NCommanderso yeah06:02
NCommanderits bad06:02
NCommandersolid's bluetooth stack is a load of fail ATM06:05
NCommanderHalf of its commented out ...06:05
NCommanderDId we do that, or is that upstreams doing06:05
DaSkreechNCommander: Check it against trunk06:09
NCommanderI'm checking06:09
NCommanderthis code doesn't even look similar to trunk ...06:09
DaSkreechPlease don't tell me it's better06:09
NCommanderthis is ugly06:12
NCommanderI think solid's maintainer disappeared06:12
NCommandera large changeset was committed to solid's Bluetooth API06:12
NCommanderwhich broke the build06:12
NCommanderso the vast majority of the API is commented out ....06:12
DaSkreechWhat? Solid can't be dead I heard someone blogging it less than 2 months ago06:13
NCommanderWhich was the time these changes were made.06:13
NCommander8 weeks ago06:13
NCommanderFixing kdebluetooth means descrewing solid06:15
NCommanderIt's not going to be a quick hackjob ...06:15
* NCommander notes its probably easier or saner to simply port the GNOME bluetooth app06:16
apacheloggerNCommander: there is nothing to descrew in solid06:18
NCommanderCare to explain why the vast majority of bluetooth APIs are descrewed with commit messages "Fixing API breakage"?06:18
NCommanderapachelogger, ^06:18
NCommanders/descrewed/commented out/g06:19
NCommanderI pinged one of the maintainer of this code on IRC< maybe I can know what if any plans are06:19
apacheloggerDaSkreech: bluetooth is no maintained by ervin06:19
NCommanderBut its not an Ubuntu specific issue06:19
DaSkreechIs no maintained?06:20
NCommanderI think he meant not06:20
* apachelogger only got up after 4 hours of sleep :P06:20
NCommanderapachelogger, what specificially is solid?06:20
apacheloggerNCommander: hardware abstraction06:21
NCommanderOh, I see.06:21
* NCommander winces06:21
DaSkreechOh I thought that might be what he was saying but then you could replace ervin with any of 6 billion names so I didn't quite see the point06:21
DaSkreechAnd notification06:21
apacheloggerNCommander: http://www.englishbreakfastnetwork.org/apidocs/apidox-kde-4.1/kdelibs-apidocs/solid/html/index.html06:21
DaSkreechSo if the hardware changes Solid says what and why06:21
NCommanderThe BlueZ 4 change broke the solid compile06:22
NCommanderso it looks like someone just commented out that entire block of code06:22
DaSkreechIt's essentially a KDE abstraction of the udev abstraction of the hardware abstraction layer06:22
DaSkreechThey had a KDEshirt that said that06:22
DaSkreechAbstracted by the Abstract KDE abstraction library06:23
apacheloggerclassic one06:23
apacheloggermakes my heart smile06:23
* apachelogger goes fix0ring bugs06:23
NCommanderfix solid :-)06:23
* NCommander runs06:23
apacheloggerone gone, 3 billion to go06:24
NCommanderapachelogger, your debugging Windows Vista?06:24
apacheloggerNCommander: solid doesn't need fixing, only the bluez module06:24
apacheloggerNCommander: no ubuntu :P06:24
* apachelogger doesn't even have bluetooth to test with06:24
apacheloggerand through kdt we always see where I get with theoretical implementations :P06:25
NCommanderHow hard is it to get access to the SVN  repo06:26
apacheloggerbasically you just need to request one06:27
NCommanderWhere's the catch?06:27
apacheloggersysadmins are on vacation :P06:28
NCommanderso just like Debian then06:28
apacheloggerftp.kde.org is down for days now06:28
NCommanderI'm really suprisied no one has fixed this06:29
NCommandersince any distro shipping KDE has non-functional bluetooth06:29
apacheloggerNCommander: http://techbase.kde.org/Contribute/Get_a_SVN_Account06:29
* NCommander gets that odd stupid feeling I'm not going to see Xfce for awhile06:30
* NCommander caused a small scandle when I showed up at a Kubuntu meeting running Xubuntu06:31
DaSkreechI should hope so06:31
apacheloggeryou did?06:31
NCommanderPeople were under this odd assumption that I actually use KDE :-P06:31
apacheloggerwhere I drunk that meeting?06:31
NCommanderapachelogger, you weren't at UDS06:32
* apachelogger is nowhere06:32
* NCommander is everywhere06:32
apacheloggernot at UDS, not at camp KDE, not at linuxtag...06:32
NCommander#kubuntu-devel - Where KDE and Zen Saying meet06:32
* NCommander grabs the source package06:33
DaSkreechok Gotta stop listening to Depeche Mode06:35
apacheloggerDaSkreech: how so?06:38
DaSkreechBy switching to a new band?06:38
apacheloggerDaSkreech: hm, that could work06:38
DaSkreechI'm on Aqualung now06:39
apacheloggernot that I know that though06:39
DaSkreechIt's just an Extra Ordinary Thing06:40
apacheloggeroh dear, nc crashed06:40
apacheloggerwb NCommander06:41
* NCommander is mulling over his constitution06:41
DaSkreechThat this be true all men were created equal Unless they should be sent to Guantunamo Bay then maybe they were a litle less06:43
DaSkreechapachelogger: Good night07:09
apacheloggernini DaSkreech07:09
apacheloggerrosetta has one month import lag right now08:05
apacheloggerNightrose: btw, when do we get our nokia thingies? :P08:20
Arbyapachelogger: do you have a minute to look at bug 312771 with your packaging guru hat on?08:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312771 in kdepim "libkpilot_akonadibase missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31277108:42
apacheloggerI did look at it08:43
apacheloggerand decided to stop looking at it08:43
ArbyI'v looked into it and I think it's just a missing entry in the kpilot.install file08:43
Arbyah, why?08:43
apacheloggerArby: do you have a list-missing from kdepim08:43
apacheloggerthe only references I found to that file is a .so in /usr/lib08:43
Arbysomewhere yes, and I don't recall seeing it there08:44
apacheloggerand I certainly don't hope it is a lib without soname08:44
apacheloggerArby: I would ask how he comes to the conclusion that that file is missing and that it being missing is responsible for the broken conduits08:45
Arbyit gets compiled but not installed as far as I can see08:45
Arbyit does seem as if mandriva had the same bug a bit back08:46
apacheloggerI think kpilot violates KDE's policy on lib install paths08:47
apacheloggerArby: add it to kpilot.install ... the lib is soname-less, even though it shouldn't be (which is the reason mandriva assumed it is a usual .so file for development and add it to their -devel and the reason we have it in our not-installed)08:49
apacheloggerthat said08:49
apacheloggerArby: remove it from the not-installed when you add it to kpilot.install08:49
apacheloggerArby: you can commit the change using  --fixes lp:BUGNUMBER  to link the branch to the bug08:49
Arbywill do, what do you mean by soname-less? back to me and libs again :)08:50
apacheloggerArby: it doesn't have a versioning ... usually you would have .so.x.y.z .so.x .so files ... libkpilot_akonadibase only has a .so08:52
Arbyah ok I understand08:52
apacheloggerif you remember... .so files usually are links to .so.x and .so.x is a link to .so.x.y.z08:52
apacheloggerof course .so can't be a link to .so.x if the latter is not even existing ;-)08:53
ArbyI remember08:53
Arbyit was the definition of soname-less I was missing, I get it now08:53
apachelogger<3 broken tarballs08:53
* Arby reaches for batbuild :)08:54
apachelogger-(~/src/choqok:$)-> ls -lah | grep tar08:54
apachelogger-rw-r--r--  1 me me   45 2009-01-01 19:31 choqok.tar.gz08:54
apacheloggerneedless to say src/choqok is already the extracted source08:54
Arbyrecursive tarballs?08:55
apacheloggerwell, I think the dev is as good with taring stuff as I am ... so the first try to tar went wrong ;-)08:55
apacheloggerwhich probably is a good reason to get himself a fine release script08:56
apacheloggerwhich makes me think that my extragear release script needs a new layer of abstraction to make it useful for non-extragear apps08:56
Arbyhooray for scripts09:00
Arbyand automation in general09:00
* apachelogger plays the moby09:02
* Arby leaves kdepim to compile and goes in search of breakfast09:02
apacheloggertodo: rewrite dh_make09:08
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=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
Arbyapachelogger: if I send you a debdiff for kdepim can you review and upload please?11:34
* jussi01 grumbles at annoying bugs that make the pc not boot11:47
apacheloggerArby: just push the kdepim branch12:01
Arbyoh right we're doing it that way now12:02
ArbyI just did apt-get source12:03
Arbyapachelogger: is it possible for me to pull the branch, apply the diff and push back?12:03
* Arby looks up how to apply a diff in bzr12:07
apacheloggerArby: patch -p0 < debdiff? :P12:10
Arbyif you say so :)12:10
Arbyjust one of the gazillions of things I've never needed to know12:10
apacheloggeror patch -p1 < debdiff if you are in the main directory (the one with debian/)12:11
Arbyapachelogger:  where in the source tree do I need to be when I issue that^^?12:11
Arbyah that answers that12:11
Arbyapachelogger: do I need a commit comment or are they automagically generated from the changelog?12:14
apacheloggerArby: debcommit -R should take care of that12:16
Arbyapachelogger: done, thanks for the pointers12:23
apacheloggerArby: usually you should use UNRELEASED for distribution name to make it clear that these changes were not uploaded12:33
apacheloggerchange looking good otherwise12:33
Arbyapachelogger: ok noted12:34
loolapachelogger: Re:cdbs 0.4.52ubuntu10: you might want to consider testing for $(DEB_PATCHDIRS) being present instead as it's an override for QUILT_PATCHES supported by patchsys-quilt.mk12:46
jussi01is the 64 bit flash plugin packaged for ubuntu yet?12:54
jussi01I mean intrepid12:54
jussi01Tm_T: it is?12:58
Tm_Tjussi01: no, I have no idea about that12:58
Tm_TI was loudly thinking of Qt packaging12:59
jussi01Tm_T: do you know where to put the libflashplayer.so for a manual install?12:59
jussi01hrm, ok...13:00
Tm_Tthat's where it is here13:01
Tm_Tbut I'm on 32bit system13:01
Tm_TI think we need a patch for our current Qt13:01
Tm_Tfixes some plasma crashes and stuff13:02
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: one is that koffice2 one with the oxygen icons and one is one in libdrm2 with libdrm-intel1 or something14:06
apacheloggerI thought koffice is fixed?14:06
JontheEchidnaguess not14:07
apacheloggermore information14:08
apacheloggerlool: that var might not be set, or is it set by cdbs internally if none provided?14:09
JontheEchidnaoh, there's an upgrade to koffice now14:40
JontheEchidnamaybe it has been fixed :P14:40
vorianJontheEchidna: :o14:55
voriani never got to test the beta packaging that fella did14:55
JontheEchidna1: is wut I just got14:55
JontheEchidnaSeems to install fine too :)14:56
JontheEchidnaTm_T: I added that patch to jaunty, never got around to preparing an SRU for Intrepid14:56
* JontheEchidna cleans out old kernels15:21
loolapachelogger: It might not be set; in which case it's sensible to default to debian/patches15:41
loolWell $(CURDIR)/debian/patches rather15:42
Tm_TJontheEchidna: I see16:38
apacheloggervorian: yeah, we kind of skipped a beta :P16:57
apacheloggerJontheEchidna, vorian: if someone feels like backporting... ;-)16:58
vorianI was having the baby and stuff16:58
Tm_Tvorian: when?16:58
apacheloggernot so sure, I still didn't see pix :P16:58
vorian14th :)16:58
voriangrr, hold please :)16:59
Tm_Tvorian: bah, I have 7-week old daughter here16:59
apacheloggerlool: that means I need to find out how to create compound conditions :P16:59
vorianTm_T: Congrats!17:00
apacheloggervorian, Tm_T: I hope they got names with at least one kay17:00
voriangregory scott for me17:01
Tm_Tapachelogger: last name has 317:02
vorianhad to find the wifes photos17:03
vorianas i broke her blog :o17:03
apacheloggerTm_T: perfect17:03
apacheloggervorian: also perfect :P17:03
apacheloggerfacebook is the slowest -.-17:03
vorianyou'll also see the awesome present i got my wife....17:04
voriana backpack blower!17:04
apacheloggerwahhh :D17:04
apacheloggermost awesome17:04
apacheloggervorian: lovely baby as well17:05
JontheEchidnaHmm, so I should be able to port software-properties-kde over to KCM easily enough, but keeping its standalone functionality would be a bit more difficult...17:23
JontheEchidnaSince its a dialog anyway maybe we could just change things to launch it in kcmshell :P17:23
afiestasRiddell: ping17:34
loolapachelogger: Eh  :)  $(if $(DEB_PATCHDIRS),$(DEB_PATCHDIRS),$(CURDIR)/debian/patches)17:36
apacheloggerthat looks workaroundish :P17:36
NCommanderhey apachelogger & ScottK17:37
loolapachelogger: It's cdbs-style: grep '\$(if ' /usr/share/cdbs -r | wc -l!17:37
apachelogger*nod* cdbs always was a big woraround :P17:37
* lool notes down the quote17:38
apacheloggerlool: wouldn't that only work within a target?17:38
loolI don't think it works any less than $(wildcards ), but I'm sometimes proven wrong17:39
apacheloggermaybe ifeq ($(if...))17:40
loolOr let's say regularly proven wrong, that's less presumptuous17:40
loolapachelogger: Oh yes, I intended the above as a replacement of $(DEB_PATCHDIRS) in your expression17:40
loolNot as a replacement of the ifeq17:41
apacheloggermore sensible17:41
* apachelogger tries17:41
apacheloggeror not17:41
apacheloggerI am out of diskspace17:41
ryanakcanixternal: What do you use to list all the mailboxes in a column in mutt? I always go 'c?' and then arrow around to change mine...17:48
nhandlerryanakca: That is what I do too17:49
Tm_TJontheEchidna: can you take qt4.4.3 in intrepid?17:49
JontheEchidnayou mean add the patch to the 4.4.3 packages in intrepid?17:49
Tm_Tso I can concentrate on 4.517:50
JontheEchidnayeah, I can. In the meantime you can use the packages in my ppa for intrepid if you really need the patch17:50
Riddellafiestas: you pinged?17:51
apacheloggerlool: doesn't work too well17:52
apacheloggerTm_T: you are doing 4.5?17:52
Tm_Tand daily17:53
loolapachelogger: You need to set DEB_PATCHDIRS before the include, is that what you mean?17:53
* apachelogger was starting on it as well :P17:53
Tm_Tapachelogger: (:)17:53
loolapachelogger: Alternatively, you could also just mkdir debian/patches and forget about it  :-P17:53
apacheloggeryou are confusing me :P17:54
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
Tm_Tapachelogger: did you already check what patches should remain?17:57
apacheloggerTm_T: from my point of view they all should go anyway17:57
afiestasRiddell: ya, you are the author of the kmix osd, right?17:58
Tm_Tapachelogger: heh, maybe I make first package that way17:58
Riddellafiestas: yes17:58
afiestasI want fix the dualmonitor support on it, but maybe you can do it easily (since you wrote the code)17:59
afiestasthe are some small problems with the position if you have 2 monitors with different resolutions17:59
Riddellafiestas: patches indeed welcome17:59
Tm_Tapachelogger: hmm, should I do b1 or go directly to b1+daily ?18:00
afiestasook, I'll try to do it today18:00
Riddellafiestas: you'd need to look at the 4.2 beta for the current code (which was actually committed by someone not me so might be a bit different)18:00
apacheloggerTm_T: I really think daily of Qt doesn't make too much sense18:00
afiestasRiddell: I'm reading and using 4.2 so np18:00
Riddellgood luck afiestas18:00
afiestasso, I should send the patch to you, or just in the mailist?18:00
Riddellafiestas: me is fine18:01
Tm_Tapachelogger: heh, might be so18:01
afiestasoks, I'll, thx !18:01
Tm_Tsomeone have to instruct me with ppa at some point then18:20
apacheloggerTm_T: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA18:22
Tm_Tthat'll do it18:22
Tm_Tapachelogger: hmm, beta1 would be 4.4.90 ?18:24
apacheloggerTm_T: 4.5~beta118:24
Tm_Tah, roger18:25
* apachelogger needs to become a super sing star dude18:33
nixternalryanakca: that is the mutt-patched package...it is called patch because it contains the patch for adding a mailbox list18:34
ryanakcanhandler: ^^18:36
ryanakcanixternal: thanks18:36
kubotuapachelogger is listening to "You're Wondering Now" by Amy Winehouse [Back to Black (Deluxe Edition), 2007]18:37
nhandlerryanakca: I'm installing mutt-patched now ;)18:37
kubotuNCommander listened to "Sonikku Ganbatte!" by Mario 34 hours ago18:37
kuboturyanakca listened to "Tout en haut de la France" by Quendi 16 minutes ago18:37
ryanakcaheh :)18:37
kubotunhandler listened to "Good Time" by Alan Jackson [Good Time, 2008] 3 weeks ago18:38
apachelogger3 weeks?18:38
nhandlerWhere is that from? last.fm?18:38
nhandlerThat is why. I haven't used last.f for a while18:38
apacheloggerno good18:39
* ryanakca cheers... looks like rounding is working / will work on the new wiki theme18:40
* apachelogger sings about monkey men18:41
kubotuTm_T is listening to "Angel of Mercy" by Dire Straits [Communiqué, 2000]18:51
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NCommander~lastfm NCommander18:59
kubotuNCommander listened to "Sonikku Ganbatte!" by Mario 34 hours ago18:59
NCommanderoh wait18:59
NCommander~lastfm recenttracks18:59
kuboturecenttracks for NCommander:18:59
kubotuMario – Sonikku Ganbatte!, Richter – Bring in the Machine, Sadorf – Aquatic Project, Aeolius – Apocalypric Orbital Ovum18:59
jussi01does anyone here have a backlog of planet ubuntu in theirr feed reader?19:01
* ryanakca wonders when he'll receive his ``Would you like to renew your Kubuntu membership'' email... only 5 days 'till expiry19:08
jussi01ryanakca: you get one of them?19:09
ryanakcajussi01: so I'm told...19:09
jussi01right then... :)19:09
ryanakcaShould wiki.kubuntu.org keep a list of links (appearance: www.kubuntu.org, top right) with a search box, or go for a cleaner / less cluttered look with only a search box, like help.ubuntu.com/community/ ?19:12
jjesselike help.ubuntu.com/community19:13
nhandlerjussi01: What are you looking for on planet ubuntu?19:15
jussi01nhandler: got it already, thanks anyway (was looking for this: http://en.andregondim.eti.br/?p=69 ) :)19:16
nhandlerOk. glad you found it19:16
jussi01Tm_T: cold?19:36
Tm_Tnah, just takes ages to build Qt19:36
* ryanakca remembers when he used to rebuild KDE4 everynight...19:37
Tm_Tryanakca: I do it several times a day19:38
Tm_Tryanakca: it's not a problem, but Qt takes ages to build19:38
Tm_Twhen building daily or more often, KDE4 has only few things it builds again19:39
seeleNightrose: ping19:55
Nightroseseele: pong20:37
seeleNightrose: on my TODO i have a note to talk to you about Intrepid upgrades and what problems they had when upgrading from 3/4 and 4/420:57
seeleNightrose: do you have any particular problems which come to mind?20:58
Nightroseseele: hmmm i'll think about it - right now i can only think of some kmail problems21:01
seeleNightrose: ok.. let me know21:02
NCommanderapachelogger, can you help me at some point work on getting KDE's fixes upstream?21:02
Nightroseseele: will do - maybe also talk to claydo (?) - he was doing user support on the mailinglist afaik - he might know more21:02
seeleNightrose: ok, thanks21:03
jussi01hmmm, lovely... klear has a bug :/21:05
antiquarkAre the Kubuntu packagers aware that the 4.2 packages do not install some of the data engines (RSS, weather, news) and as a result some of the plasmoids don't work?21:14
vorianantiquark: are you aware that some of the older plasmoids have not been updated (by their upstream authors) to work with 4.2?21:17
vorianit is unfortunate :(21:18
vorianantiquark: please check for bug reports, and confirm or add to them.  If there are none that exist, please file a new one :)21:18
antiquarkI already filed a bug report on the KDE bugzilla and was toold by seigo that they do work and it is almost certainly a packaging problem. I'm talking about Weather LCD, RSSNOW and the news plasmoid21:20
vorianhave you checked launchpad for these bugs?21:21
antiquarkNo I didn't. The Ubuntu Launchpad?21:21
vorianlaunchpad.net, yes21:21
antiquarkok, I'll have a look21:22
ScottKNCommander: Pong.21:38
NCommanderScottK, I took a look at the bluetooth situation21:48
NCommanderIts not pretty21:48
NCommanderScottK, BTW, feel like sponsoring a fix?22:07
jjessewhat benifit do i get by setting things to utilize akondi? like enabling akondi for kontact, korganzier, etc?22:38
jjessehrm kontact wont' start now that sucks: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/98599/22:47
=== robotgee1 is now known as robotgeek
ScottKNCommander: About to head out for a while.  Later tonight.23:48
NCommanderOk, cya23:48
ScottKNCommander: Will this fix get bluetooth actually working or just building on armel?23:49
NCommanderNo, this is an unrelated fix :-P23:49
ScottKNCommander: OK.  I guess I don' t know the point if it doesn't make it work.  I'd say just toss the patch into bzr and we'll do it with the 4.2 RC then.23:56
NCommanderScottK, this isn't for kdebluetooth!23:56
* NCommander falls over23:56
ScottKAh.  OK.  What then?23:56
NCommanderto fix kdebluetooth means fixing solid23:56
* NCommander winces23:57
NCommandersolid-bt is REALLY broken23:57
ScottKMaybe later tonight then.23:57

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