xethxCould someone please walk me through the steps for setting up a network between a windows and linux machine for file shearing00:02
Dr_willis_xethx,  install samba pacakge for starters...00:10
Dr_willis_there may or may not be 'share this folder' options on the context menus..00:10
Dr_willis_OR you  set up some shares in the /etc/samba/smb.conf file00:11
Dr_willis_You may want to edit that file to set the proper workgroup in any case.00:11
douglI just finnished an update after install 8.10 w/nvidia drivers, compiz is window manager but I do not have any effects and ccsm has no options in the window... any suggestions?00:25
xethxHello all00:30
xethxcould someone help me with the last part of setting up samba00:30
xethxAnyone there?00:42
xethxAction, just my man00:42
ActionParsnipsup bro00:42
xethxIm trying to set up a media server between my winbox and lin box using samba00:42
ActionParsniphave you installed samba?00:43
xethxI got most everything set up but on the last part i have a problem00:43
xethxand yes00:43
xethxhold on I will send you the link00:43
ActionParsnipwhat you having problem with?00:43
xethxYou will see00:43
ActionParsnip!paste > xethx00:46
ubottuxethx, please see my private message00:46
Dr_willis_pastebinit  /etc/samba/smb.conf00:48
Dr_willis_My rather... large smb.conf for my media-fileserver machine. :)00:48
Dr_willis_it has like 8 hard drives on it00:48
Dr_willis_And yes - i have read the 'using samba'  book in the 'samba-doc' package several times.. :) to learn samba config FUNdamentals00:50
Dr_willis_I even have 'using samba' in  Printed form.. from a bookstore. :)  True it was on sale/clearance :)  but i do own the book. heh00:50
david_are there any good games to play on linux?00:51
Dr_willis_depenmds on what kind of games you like.00:51
Dr_willis_FreeCol, FreeCiv, Battle for Wesnoth   - are faves of mine00:51
Dr_willis_Rocks and Diamonds - another fave00:51
david_Dr_willis_: mmorpg00:52
Dr_willis_Many of the comerical MMORPG clients can work in wine.00:52
Dr_willis_SecondLife has a native linux client i belive.. and  theres a few others with native clients.00:52
Dr_willis_Then theres a few Free/GPL MMORPGs out.00:52
Dr_willis_IRC = the ultimate MMORPG00:53
david_Dr_willis_: do you know how to get second life?00:54
Dr_willis_I would have to say ' google for ubuntu second life' and see what repo has it..  I forget what one if any does any more..00:55
DragnslcrSecond Life qualifies as a game?00:55
Dr_willis_I explored second life for about a day.. then got sick of every place being a  S&M Parlor, or store trying to sell Virtual Sex Toys00:55
Dr_willis_Dragnslcr,   if mmorpgs qualify - i dont see why not. :)00:55
Racemansecond life is'nt a game, it's a virtual world00:56
DragnslcrI thought Second Life was just IRC with flying "body parts" everywhere00:56
Dr_willis_Its a stupid game.. They just try to overhype the whole 'we are a virtual world' thing.. to make it sound imporntant. :)00:56
DragnslcrI still wish I could find another game like Freelancer00:56
Dr_willis_The most enteraining stuff bout secondlife is not the 'game' itself.. its all the hype and stuff that goes on around the game and company, and other companies trying to figure out how to cash in on it.00:57
RacemanSecond life is'nt overhyped due it's a virtual world, it's overhyped due the same mistakes as web 1.0 in the ninties00:57
Racemanstarting a webpage with contact information, and not answering e-mails etc.00:58
Racemanhttp://secondlife.com/support/downloads.php , there you'll find a linux beta00:58
Dr_willis_At least the 2nd life guys did GPL the client.. Not that ive heard much more about it.00:58
danhi all00:58
Dr_willis_at  One time Some repos had second life in them.. but  that may not be the case any more00:59
danhey peeps does anyone know what the slang meaning is for wigan thadon ?01:00
mister-tea-laptois tha a kubuntu question?01:01
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!01:02
RacemanI've a question about KDE 4.2, I installed it earlyer this day, but now kopete did'nt displayed my msn contacts01:02
Racemanhttp://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-2 is talking about a MSN Kopete plugin, but can't find it within adept01:03
RacemanI don't know what to do now to get my msn contacts back in kopete01:03
mister-tea-laptoprobably restricted?01:03
astromme_Is there a way to delete nepomuk tags in kde? I made some errors when I first tagged images and I want to remove the tag so it doesn't show up in gwenview/nepomuksearch:/01:04
mister-tea-laptodo you have the restricted extras?01:05
mister-tea-laptoor the repos thhat have restricted formats01:06
RacemanI think I don't have them, when I'm searching Adept for kopete, there is only 1 result, default kopete01:06
mister-tea-laptogo to your software sources and enable 3rd party spources01:07
RacemanDo you know the complete apt source line for the restricted extras?01:07
mister-tea-laptonot off hand but it's in the wiki01:08
RacemanI had some enabled there, don't know the source for the kopete extra's01:09
mister-tea-laptosearch the ubuntu wiki for the info it's there01:09
mister-tea-laptoignore the fact that non free stuff isn't recommended01:10
mister-tea-laptobtw kopete also has there own site01:11
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RacemanHmm, can't find it sorry01:19
toborHi, I want to install the "chromium" .deb package (its the crossover port of google's chrome browser.)  apparently only available as a .deb.  Does anyone have a general hint for me about what command(s) are used on .deb packages?01:20
RacemanI'm searching at Google to for KDE 4.2 and Kopete, only a discussion about compiling and librarys01:20
toborkonqueror is suggesting ark and that doesn't seem right.01:20
Racemantobor: http://www.newlinuxuser.com/howto-use-dpkg-to-install-deb-files/ ?01:21
toborRaceman: thanks!01:21
* tobor trots gamely onward plowing thru the empty champagne bottles that litter the floor ankle deep from last night ... 01:22
stdinRaceman: it's in the kopete package01:23
Racemanstdin: So far as I know, i've installed the kopete package by adept01:23
Racemanor do I've to reinstall it after the KDE 4.2 upgrade?01:24
stdinno, it's there /usr/lib/kde4/kopete_wlm.so is the plugin (wlm = Window Live Messenger)01:25
RacemanAnd how can I use that one? do I need some configuring work in kopete, or compiling that with a command line command?01:26
stdinit should just work, magically01:27
Racemanit does'nt ;p01:27
Racemanthat's my problem01:27
stdinhave you asked in #kopete ?01:27
RacemanNo, did'nt know about that channel, good hint, thanks01:28
Racemanstdin: fixed it by help from there, it was easy ;p01:33
sonicanybody using the kde4.2 beta2?01:40
astromme_I am (on jaunty)01:41
astromme_It's working pretty well for me01:41
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sonicfor some reason my desktop locks after 15 min and I cant seem to turn it off. changing the power settings doesnt seem to help.  anyone else having that with beta2?01:42
sonicI mean i can unlock it, but after 15 of idle, the desktop locks again01:43
sonicIm not sure if I should file a bug report or if Im just missing a setting buried somewhere01:43
mister-tea-laptostop yelling01:51
petrdo you said it me  <mister-tea-lapto> ?01:53
knusperfroschhow do i identify the right keyboard model for systemsettings->language->keyboard?01:58
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ralphoits called tilda02:04
petri know02:04
knioletralpho: i thoght it was 'tilde'02:05
Dragnslcrpetr- there seems to be a problem with your caps lock key02:06
knioletlike any icon that ends in that?02:06
knioletomg *scrolling up* the repeat key too02:06
Don_Miguelwhatever the NAME of it  .. how does he HIDE those icons (on the desktop ? )02:06
petrall files that a modyfy have duplicates index.php  and index.php~02:07
Don_Miguelthe second one is a backup file02:07
JontheEchidnayou'd have better luck disabling the creation of the backup files02:07
petrI want to hide files that have tilda in end of name02:07
JontheEchidnasince there isn't a way to hide them02:07
knioletid disable the creation of those files02:07
knioletthere is no 'real' way to hide them02:07
knioletthat i know of02:08
knioletother than modifying the source code of window manager to not show them02:08
JontheEchidnain the editor's configuration menu there should be an Open/Save section02:09
petr"modifying the source code of window manager to not show them" - where can I modyfy this cod02:09
JontheEchidnain the advanced tab there are options to disable backup files02:09
Don_Miguelis there not something for the desktop to show, or NOT show, files ?02:09
JontheEchidnaor you could just remove the suffix of ~ and use the prefix of .02:10
knioletJontheEchidna: thats probably the best suggestion02:10
JontheEchidnaand it'll still make backups, but files starting with . get hidden automatically02:10
JontheEchidna(you would change this in the same dialog I mentioned earlier)02:11
Don_Miguelpetr, that may be the easiest  'fix'02:11
petrwhole file mast be deleted or hided02:11
JontheEchidnayes, you can change it to prefix it with "." in the configuration dialog I mentioned, and it will be hidden02:12
Don_Miguelif it gets the PREFIX .  that will hide it02:12
Don_Migueland then the tilde will not show up02:13
JontheEchidnaSettings -> Configure KWrite (probably the same with Kate) -> Open/Save section -> advanced tab02:13
JontheEchidnafrom the advanced tab you can either disable backup files entirely or change it so that they will be hidden by giving them a prefix of .02:14
JontheEchidnanote that you will have to deal with the backup files already created manually02:16
JontheEchidnathis will just stop it from making new ones in the future02:16
petr))) all good   thanks02:19
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petrPeople, I have one another question.   I installed apache2, mysql, php,    but files in directory /var/www/ belong to root, but I am not root (I am user "petr" that became root when I write "sudo kate index.php") But if I open index.php witout sudo I can not change files that locate in /var/www/ .  How can I change my rights on this directory? And why am I not root in default? I mast put password ever!         When I onen file with bush "sudo kate index.php"02:35
petr- all good. When I double-click on icon - I can not change the file02:35
DragnslcrYou don't want web files owned by your normal user account02:36
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DragnslcrThat would give them access to your personal files02:37
kikokokobonsoir il y a t-il quelqu'un qui parle francais?02:37
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr02:37
petrbonsoir  )))02:37
petrmay be russian?02:38
petr"That would give them access to your personal files"    how ?02:38
JontheEchidnapetr: "sudo chown -R petr:petr /var/www/" should give you permissions to write there02:38
JontheEchidnaand I don't think that would give people access to your files...02:39
DragnslcrThe web server would need access to files owned by the user02:41
petrit is this index.php file02:41
JontheEchidnaas long as it's contained to /var/www it should be ok though, right?02:41
DragnslcrSo a security hole in any scripts could give that same access to files in /home/user02:41
JontheEchidnaif they were owned as root and a security hole was exploited they could do anything with your computer they damn pleased, file ownership wouldn't change anythign02:42
DragnslcrThe web server having that kind of access to files owned by root isn't any better02:43
DragnslcrYou should create a separate user for web files02:43
JontheEchidnamight be a good idea, that way any damage done would be contained to that account02:43
DragnslcrApache should already be running as its own account02:43
DragnslcrLooks like Ubuntu uses www-data as the Apache account02:44
JontheEchidnaas long as www-data doesn't have access to your home folder I think you should be ok.02:45
JontheEchidnayou definitely wouldn't want to give www-data access to everything, that's just asking for trouble02:46
petrit was www-data     but work with files that belong to www-data is not comfortably02:46
petrI understand02:47
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K-RyanHey everybody, quick question, hopefully.02:48
K-RyanWhen I open up the "Hardware Drivers" program and try to activate this ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX driver, nothing happens when I click activate.02:48
K-RyanCan't seem to highlight the driver either, it's just greyed out.02:49
RoumsDoes anyone knows how i could resolve my problem with gnome not starting up (blocked after logon screen), see : http://pastebin.com/m2a565434 for some messages02:49
K-RyanWhat am I not doing right? Missing something?02:49
petrWhat is easy way to wark with files that belong to www-data "user"?         Now I mast open all files in bash across sudo,   delete all files across sudo. It is not good02:50
Dragnslcrpetr- that is good. It's called security02:50
Roumsmhmm sorry i thought i was in ubuntu ^^02:50
Dragnslcrpetr- if you need to edit a bunch of files at once, you can do 'kdesudo kate' to run kate as root02:51
petrBut server have access only to directory /var/www/   and have not access to another directories/subdirectories02:51
DragnslcrScripts could have access to anything that the user has permission to02:54
petr<Dragnslcr>  ,  It is suitable variant! good02:54
petryes I know02:54
K-RyanAnyone know if installing xorg-driver-fglrx will solve the problem I'm having?02:54
K-RyanI seem to have figured this one out, it's working now.02:58
K-RyanThanks anyway guys02:58
JontheEchidnaK-Ryan: you would probably need to modify /etc/X11/xorg.conf by hand to get your computer to use the driver too02:58
JontheEchidnaoh, good02:58
K-RyanOh yeah, that's not a problem. I've done it in the past but if there is an easier way of doing it...02:58
K-RyanI'm having another problem too actually which I think may be semi-related to not having the video driver yet.02:59
JontheEchidnacome to think of it I have had the driver manager not actually do anythign when I press activate too...02:59
JontheEchidnadefinitely weird behavior02:59
SJrXI have broken grub on my machine and can't boot. I had messed with the partitions, but basically the long short of it is, that Windows 2003 overwrote the bootsector, and even after fixing it, now all my linux installs can't seem to be able to find root02:59
K-RyanWhen attempting to switch to a different resolution through the system settings and even using the xrandr -s command, i hang and have to restart.02:59
K-RyanBrb, restarting for driver03:00
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K-RyanYep, getting the driver fixed the other problem.03:03
K-RyanSo here's to a new install of Kubuntu on a new box.03:03
nosrednaekimHas anyone noticed that KDE4 is extremely slow when using the vesa Xorg driver?03:05
dwidmannnosrednaekim: effects enabled or disabled?03:06
nosrednaekimdisabled of course; its impossble to enable them03:06
dwidmannnosrednaekim: I was actually surprised yesterday at how good things were doing with the vesa driver03:07
nosrednaekimXorg uses 100% of the Cpu when moving a window (1.6ghz single core)03:07
nosrednaekimdwidmann: funny.... what graphics chip?03:07
dwidmannnosrednaekim: radeonhd 435003:07
nosrednaekimI'm using a crap Via, not sure of the model.... It worked beautifully under kde3 though03:08
dwidmannnosrednaekim: matter which version of kde4 though?03:09
nosrednaekimmaybe... I'm running a 4.2 beta on jaunty03:09
dwidmannnosrednaekim: I was just using a stock intrepid install at the time03:10
dwidmannnosrednaekim: just put that one together yesterday03:10
ubuntu_is apache the best development server for linux?03:11
nosrednaekimyeah, I think I might go back to Hardy....03:11
dwidmannnosrednaekim: could just compile yourself a kde3, if you've got the time03:11
nosrednaekimubuntu_: webserver? depends.... its the most widely used though03:11
nosrednaekimdwidmann: hardy is far easier :P03:12
DaSkreechWhy are you using vesa with a 4350 HD?03:12
Hashishaninon kubuntu, where is the import folder?03:13
dwidmannDaSkreech: I'm not anymore, but I had just installed and that's what it was using per default03:13
Hashishaninand where is the lib folder?03:13
ubuntu_nosrednaekim: is there a better choice?03:14
nosrednaekimubuntu_: there is lightppd and many others, but apache is the most versatile so its probably a safe bet to use it, yes03:15
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DaSkreechHashishanin: The Import folder ?03:16
DaSkreech!best | ubuntu_03:16
ubottuubuntu_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.03:16
HashishaninYes, I believe it's supposed to be a place in gcc's searthpath.03:16
HashishaninIs there such a thing as an import, or lib folder?03:16
DaSkreech /lib ?03:16
Hashishaninis there such a place as /import or have you never heard of such a directorY?03:18
DaSkreechHashishanin: Are you talking about the Import line for java? Or #include for C/C++ ?03:23
denisson_# sexo03:27
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ubuntu_if i am thinking about re-partitioning my drive to dual boot windows xp. there are files i want to keep. is it best to back them up on another seperate harddrive?03:28
DaSkreechbackups are always good03:31
tim-is there an easy way to rearrange the favorites under the start menu?03:36
DaSkreechGood Question I don't know :)03:36
ubuntu_DaSkreech: my idea was to bring the data over into the new install, using the live cd... Is it easy to exchange files between two dual booted oses?03:38
DaSkreechIf you have the right file system03:38
DaSkreechI'm still not sure what you are installing03:38
ubuntu_xp is using ntfs...03:38
DaSkreechok well the repartition won't destroy any files as long as you have space03:41
ubuntu_i got a little less then 10 gb...03:43
ubuntu_is it easy to access files under ntfs windows xp from kubunutu?03:44
White_PelicanI think it depends on the file system you are using03:45
DaSkreechHow much space over all does the hard drive have?03:47
DaSkreechWhite_Pelican: He just said ntfs :)03:47
DaSkreechAssuming that ubuntu_ is a he03:47
White_PelicanI mean in kubuntu03:47
White_Pelicanas I recall ntfs support doesn't exist in jfs03:48
astromme_White_Pelican: jfs?03:48
astromme_Shouldn't ntfs support depend on the fuse ntfs-3g driver? (which has read/write support)03:48
crimsunastromme_'s correct; the jfs driver has no such support03:49
White_PelicanI could be dead wrong but I seem to recall if you're using jfs on the Linux side, you can't go between xp and linux03:50
astromme_crimsun: But why should the filesystem driver on linux make any difference?03:50
astromme_You have 2 partitions, one windows, one linux.03:50
astromme_If you want to read your linux partition from within windows you should stick with ext2/3 and even then its sketchy03:51
astromme_But the other way around, reading the windows ntfs partition from linux, ONLY depends on the ntfs-3g fuse driver. And that driver does not care what your linux filesystem is formatted as03:52
ubuntu_sorry, i got disconnected. did you answer my question?03:52
astromme_<astromme_> If you want to read your linux partition from within windows you should stick with ext2/3 and even then its sketchy03:52
astromme_--> holycow (n=rtaylor@S01060016b6b53675.vf.shawcable.net) has joined #kubuntu03:52
astromme_<DaSkreech> blessedbeef!03:52
astromme_<astromme_> But the other way around, reading the windows ntfs partition from linux, ONLY depends on the ntfs-3g fuse driver. And that driver does not care what your linux filesystem is formatted as03:52
crimsunastromme_: we're talking past each other. i said that jfs has nothing to do with ntfs support in linux.03:54
astromme_crimsun: alright. Misinterpretation then =)03:54
DaSkreechcrimsun: What were you saying?03:58
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crimsunDaSkreech: about?04:01
DaSkreechthe jfs driver has no such support04:01
DaSkreechwhat was that about?04:01
crimsunDaSkreech: the jfs driver does not support reading and writing ntfs partitions04:01
* DaSkreech goes to read up on JFS04:02
DaSkreechThough as far as I know the jfs driver should only have support for jfs. Not sure why it would need a driver for anything else04:03
crimsunDaSkreech: precisely what i implied04:05
xethxAnyone here good with samba?04:16
MinusSeveni did dance lessons for 3 years04:19
xethxIm talking about the networking program04:25
xethxAnyone here good with samba?04:37
pjammerthere is a #samba here04:52
xethxanyone here?04:52
xethxwow nice timing04:52
pjammeri aim to please04:52
pjammeri never could get it to work properly04:52
mszeftelHi, I'm using Kubuntu Intrepid with kde 4.2, sleep key doesn't work though it is map to XF86Sleep, suspend to ram works fine on the KDE shutdown menu. Any ideas?04:57
mszeftelHi, I'm using Kubuntu Intrepid with kde 4.2, sleep key doesn't work though it is map to XF86Sleep, suspend to ram works fine on the KDE shutdown menu. Any ideas?05:03
DaSkreechmszeftel: what did you use to map it?05:08
mszeftelDaSkreech, nothing, I just saw the ouput of xev and of xmodmap -kp05:08
DaSkreechhmm ok Iguess that should work05:09
mszeftelDaSkreech, xev is detecting the Sleep key (code 150) and 150 is mapped to XF86Sleep according to xmodmap -kp, however it does not suspend05:10
mszeftelDaSkreech, btw, this is a desktop PC05:10
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HashishaninI'm having a problem. I'm running kubuntu, and I've installed my display drivers however, when maximizing and minimizing windows they seem to move in a much more jerky rather than fluid manner. Why would this be?05:37
allhallo all05:39
DaSkreechVideo RAM?05:39
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!05:39
PSiL0just had a windows style crash while listening to a tune in amarok05:40
PSiL0the computer froze and the sound just repeated over and over again05:40
DaSkreechOh yeah I've seen that happen once or twice05:41
PSiL0i tried poring through my logs, but the current syslog only has the boot after the crash05:41
PSiL0I tried looking at syslogs.0, and it was the log from this morning..05:41
PSiL0DaSkreech:  Any ideas what it might be?05:41
DaSkreechThe audio server or the kernel kicking in a higher priority05:42
PSiL0DaSkreech:  Usually when this happens, it is due to my external drive being stuck in a read state, but I checked and it wasn't the case this time05:42
PSiL0DaSkreech:  ahhh... and this helps brings down the system?05:43
DaSkreechWell it depends on what kicks over the system freeze05:43
PSiL0I see..05:43
DaSkreechbut blocking the audio server would start it doing crazy loops05:43
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PSiL0DaSkreech:  This sounds problematic05:45
PSiL0DaSkreech:  Thanks for the helpful info btw :)05:45
xethxAs I was saying, when I go to set up the network map on my winbox it cant find me05:46
xethx http://paste.ubuntu.com/97942/05:46
xethxSamba hates me05:46
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209805:48
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Invisible_SlackI've been messing around with the Monitor Properties and can't seend to get my 2nd DVI to show anything besides my desktop is there a way to "Span" my desktop to the 2nd DVI monitor?07:23
perseidI just upgraded to Ibex and my sound is gone (again). I have an Audigy. I had audio for a second until KMix appeared and muted something. Last time this happened it was because it was set to optical out but that's not the case this time.07:38
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OxDeadC0deanyone know how to set the openid username/password system wide in kde? (isn't there a kdelib for this?)08:03
OxDeadC0deusing ruby08:04
rainarrowHello guys, new to KDE, a quick stupid questin: how to delete worksheet in KSysGuard?08:10
stanley_hey can anyone help me...I am an absolute retard and I am trying to install alien so i can install limwire08:29
ThomasDstanley_: sudo apt-get install alien08:34
Invisible_SlackI just sudo apt-get install kdmtheme and it didn't put anything in the KDE menu's so I tried running kdmtheme in terminal and it said command not found.. How can I install a theme in the newest Kubuntu release?08:35
rainarrowhow to delete worksheet in KSysGuard? I added one but couldn't figure how to delete08:35
ThomasDafterwards: sudo alien -d limewire.rpm08:36
ThomasDrainarrow: file > remove worksheet08:37
rainarrowThomasD: thank you...I feel so stupid didn't notice it08:37
ThomasDrainarrow: np08:43
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:50
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chopon gyache i cant get voice08:54
amerigoHello ... I'm in live cd... for some reason kubuntu switch to text mode and i don't know how to come back to graphical mode... any tips09:00
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ActionParsnip1yo yo yo09:31
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NeurostormJust upgraded to KDE 4.2 beta 2. Seems like i cannot delete files from the desktop. Anyone had the same problem?10:08
BillyBopHi, I'm testing kubuntu 9.04 alpha2 and I can't connect to the local network with the network manager... I had the problem too with 8.10 stable. Anyone can help me to configure it?10:09
BillyBopI have setup a manual connexion (manual ip address) with gateway and dns but networkmanager does not update the parameters (when I do an ifconfig, eth0 still does not have an IP adress)10:11
ActionParsnip1!neon | Neurostorm10:12
ubottuNeurostorm: The Neon Project provides daily Amarok and KDE 4 trunk builds as packages for Kubuntu | See http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/User:Apachelogger/Project_Neon and http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/User:Apachelogger/Project_Neon/KDE/Info for more | Support in #amarok.neon10:12
ActionParsnip1BillyBop: you could reinstall the app, or use a different one like wifi-radar10:12
BillyBopActionParsnip1: it's a cable connexion, not a wifi one10:13
ActionParsnip1BillyBop: doesnt matter, its all the same10:13
ActionParsnip1BillyBop: if you rename /etc/networking/interfaces and reboot you will get a blank config which youo can reconfigure10:13
ActionParsnip1Neurostorm: make sure you are the owner and have full access rights to ~/Desktop10:15
NeurostormActionParsnip1: I am.10:20
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lakis1982hello . i have kubuntu 8.10 ... how can i search for updates for my kubuntu ???10:20
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ActionParsnip1lakis1982: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; sudo apt-get clean10:21
ActionParsnip1Neurostorm: not sure then, maybe someone else can help, or ask in #kde10:21
lakis1982what do you mean .. i just want to search for any available updates for my kubuntu 8.10 ... what should i type ??10:21
_magus_i'm on to install kubuntu on my new desktop-pc but kubuntu can't find my sata-II hdd10:22
ActionParsnip1lakis1982: i just told you10:22
_magus_can anyone help me on this problem?10:22
ActionParsnip1lakis1982: thats the command, copy and paste it into terminal10:22
ActionParsnip1!ask | _magus_10:22
ubottu_magus_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:22
lakis1982aa ok.. all of this then10:22
ActionParsnip1lakis1982: all of it, one line10:22
lakis1982isnt there any grphical way ..10:24
lakis1982in kubuntu 8.04 there was a notifies in my taskbar10:24
ActionParsnip1lakis1982: no idea, i always do it manually10:24
ActionParsnip1lakis1982: i think theres adept-notifier10:24
_magus_installing kubuntu 8.04 failed on install-wizard doesn't find my sata-II hdd, any advices?10:24
ActionParsnip1lakis1982: apt-cache search adept | grep -i notifier10:24
ActionParsnip1_magus_: did you md5 check your downloaded iso as well as verify the burned cd?10:25
dthacker_magus: try the alternate install CD?10:25
shbPlease help with hotkeys and intrepid10:25
shbI am about to lose it completely10:26
_magus_it's an ordered install CD10:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hotkey10:26
ActionParsnip1_magus_: doesnt matter, boot the cd and verify it is healthy with the first screen you see10:26
shbmy alt+f1 just stopped working to open the kicker10:26
ActionParsnip1!shortcuts | shb10:26
ubottushb: keyboard shortcuts can be set in K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. Try also "Input Actions" in KControl. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts10:26
shbthe same thing happened in opensuse 11.1, and I could not fix it there either10:26
_magus_i did, there are no errors ... i also installed with this CD on my notebook10:27
shbthese seem to take no effect for me10:27
ActionParsnip1!bootoptions | _magus_10:27
ubottu_magus_: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions10:27
shbalt+f1 was working, and out of nowhere BAM10:27
ActionParsnip1_magus_: you may need to kill acpi until you get installed, or dma10:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hotkey10:28
ActionParsnip1shb: does the alt key create reactions in xev?10:28
_magus_ActionParsnip1: thx i will give it a try and come back later if i fail10:29
shbActionParsnip1: I am not sure I know what you mean.10:31
ActionParsnip1shb: run xev in a terminal and press keys, watch the output10:32
shbI can use alt+f2 and alt+f3 just fine10:32
ActionParsnip1shb: ok thats cool10:32
ActionParsnip1so in xev does F1 create an output?10:32
shbKeyPress event, serial 31, synthetic NO, window 0x4a00001,10:34
ActionParsnip1ok so we know the key is ok10:34
shb    root 0xa6, subw 0x0, time 11641491, (-990,683), root:(387,708),10:34
shb    state 0x0, keycode 67 (keysym 0xffbe, F1), same_screen YES,10:34
shb    XLookupString gives 0 bytes:10:34
shb    XmbLookupString gives 0 bytes:10:34
shb    XFilterEvent returns: False10:34
shbKeyRelease event, serial 34, synthetic NO, window 0x4a00001,10:34
shb    root 0xa6, subw 0x0, time 11641683, (-990,683), root:(387,708),10:34
shb    state 0x0, keycode 67 (keysym 0xffbe, F1), same_screen YES,10:34
shb    XLookupString gives 0 bytes:10:34
shb    XFilterEvent returns: False10:34
ActionParsnip1dont flood dude10:34
ActionParsnip1!pastebin | shb10:34
ubottushb: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)10:34
ActionParsnip1shb: imagine if all 269 of us did that10:34
ActionParsnip1well we know the key works10:35
ActionParsnip1and alt works10:36
shbvery strange, is that, from the very beginning I could not assign any Meta+ combinations to programs10:36
ActionParsnip1you can use xmodmap10:36
shbCan it be that my keyboard is just wrongly declared somehow?10:36
shbam I skilled, or is it installed :D10:36
ActionParsnip1shb: looks like it, id check in keyboard settings, make sure its the correct country layout10:36
shbis set to setxkbmap -model pc105 -layout de -variant for a Generic 105 (Intl) PC Keyboard Model10:38
ActionParsnip1!keyboard | shb10:39
ubottushb: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts10:39
shbhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/98199/ I do not know if this helps10:39
ActionParsnip1not sure10:41
shbwhich brings me to my next subject. : D I have installed this on a Lenovo R60 and my xorg.conf seems to be very strange. I did not know why, but it was working nonethless. http://paste.ubuntu.com/98201/10:41
ActionParsnip1shb: thats normal, HAL is managing most of the hardware now, they are trying to defunct xorg.conf10:42
shbgood to know10:42
ActionParsnip1as long as you have 3d accellleration (if its needed)10:43
ActionParsnip1then its fine10:43
ActionParsnip1and are happy with the res then cool10:43
shbI am just using (when I feel like it) the kwin effects10:43
shb2048*1536 is totally ok @ 85 hz10:44
ActionParsnip1lenovo are usually quite linux friendly10:44
shbI would trade it for a flat panel though10:44
ActionParsnip1if it aint broke, dont fix it10:44
shb22in CRT10:44
ActionParsnip119" CRT, 1024x768 @85hz does me fine10:45
ActionParsnip1trusty Chuntex monitor10:45
shb:) So, I guess I am not sure what I did to break my ALT+F1 I only use krunner mostly, but it is just annoying. And, I cannot seem to get hotkeys working to start things like dolphine with Meta+E and so forth.10:46
ActionParsnip1you can use xmodmap to specify those sorts of things afaik10:46
shbI am a little scared of xmodmap I must say :D10:46
shbI just know nothing about it.10:47
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_magus_ActionParsnip1: i tried to boot install CD without acpi but it my hdd isn't recognized anyway10:59
_magus_where can i see log information about why my hdd is not beinging recognized?10:59
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lakis1982how can isee what version of kde i have installed ???11:04
Tm_Tlakis1982: every KDE app, in menu, help > about KDE11:05
lakis1982i cant find this11:05
Tm_Tother method, in Konsole: "kwin --version"11:06
lakis1982what internet broswer do you use ?11:06
Tm_Tbut uhm, you shouldn't do polls here much (:11:07
lakis1982is it better tha firefox?11:07
lakis1982i just ask because i think firefox 3 is a bit unstable11:07
lakis1982and most of all flash is so unstable11:07
Tm_Tlakis1982: for me it is, for someone else it might not be11:08
yao_ziyuankde 4.2 is much slower than gnome11:09
yao_ziyuanprobably because of bugs11:09
yao_ziyuanbut also much prettier11:09
Tm_Tyao_ziyuan: not here11:09
yao_ziyuanso far i think it's worth it11:09
Tm_T!ot | yao_ziyuan11:09
ubottuyao_ziyuan: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!11:09
yao_ziyuankde is an inherent topic in kubuntu, isn't it11:10
Tm_Twell, as support, yes11:10
Tm_Tbut as general chatters, no11:10
NeurostormWhere do i find the GTK apperence setup in 4.2-beta-2 ?11:11
yao_ziyuanisn't abnormal snowness a technical issue too?11:11
Tm_Tyao_ziyuan: you didn't ask anything, did you?11:11
yao_ziyuani'm reporting the slowness11:12
Tm_Toh, but this is not a place for reports (:)11:12
Tm_Talso I cannot confirm your slowness11:12
yao_ziyuanprobably a bug with scim11:12
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sztomiHi all. How can I apply a .kcsrc color scheme to qt3 and qt4? I can't install kcontrol, I'm in ubuntu intrepid, and trying to make all apps look the same. "A copy the file somewhere" solution would be the best, I just don't know the "somewhere".11:20
ubuntu__anyone there>11:22
Tm_T!hi | ubuntu__11:23
ubottuubuntu__: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!11:23
RacemanHi all, there I'm again ;p11:25
ubuntu__can anyone tell me? what is this community for11:25
RacemanI was wondering how to configure the synaptics touchpad within Kubuntu 8.10 KDE 4.2 . I've found some documentation at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad#ksynaptics , but I'm stuck with it. I don't have the file /etc/hal/fdi/policy/shmconfig.fdi and can't find qsynaptics in adept11:27
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williamI'm new to ubuntu11:35
Mamarokwilliam: Ubuntu or Kubuntu?11:35
williamI have kde 4.111:37
Mamarokdo you have a question?11:37
williamI was trying to get onto irc with kopete but it doesn't seem to off an irc plugin11:37
Mamarokhm, never used kopete, but it's an instant messenger app, so no wonder11:38
williamis that different to irc?11:38
williamI used to use kopete (I think) to connect to irc under kde 3.511:39
Mamarokthere's yes, instant messaging is for individual talk11:39
Mamarokwilliam: in 3.5 it was konversation11:39
Tm_Twilliam: currently no-one made working irc-plugin for Kopete11:39
williamoh right11:39
williamI have found the Kubuntu FAG and will read through it now, thank you for your help.11:40
williamis there a ubuntu nvidia irc channel?11:40
Mamarokwilliam: you can use Konversation in kde 4 too11:40
williamyes, I am using Konversation now ;-)11:40
Mamarokthis is the Kubuntu support channel11:41
williammy desktop feels very slow11:41
Mamarok!nvidia | william11:41
ubottuwilliam: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:41
Tm_Twilliam: known issue, I think11:41
williamthank you11:41
Tm_Twilliam: prolly has to do with driver version and your KDE version11:41
Tm_Twilliam: KDE 4.2 is better in that sense, also newer drivers will help a much11:42
williamI'm am coming from gentoo. does ubuntu force configuration via a gui or do I still had individual config files?11:42
williame.g: apache, mysql, postgres, etc...11:42
williamTm_T, yes, I am looking forward to KDE 4.211:42
williamkde 4 is the main reason I switched away from gentoo... that and the fact that so many of their packages are way out of date11:43
Tm_Twilliam: you always have config files11:43
williamoh good11:43
Tm_Twilliam: 99.9 % of time GUI apps only handle those config files11:44
williamam used to config files. One thing I get frustrated with though is having to type sudo everywhere11:44
Tm_Tso no those are not going away11:44
Tm_T!root | wi11:44
ubottu wi: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo11:44
williamoh, there is a root password?11:44
Tm_Tthere is, if you set one11:45
williamI don't feel comfortable knowing that someone else know my root password11:45
williamoh, ic11:45
Tm_Tbut by default, there is none11:45
williamok, I'll stick with sudo11:46
williamalthough it would be handy if there was some kinda agent that would remember the sudo password accross all logins/terminals11:46
williamsort or like ssh-agent does for ssh11:46
williamit takes a while to get used to any new environment so I am willing to give it a few weaks11:47
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williamI'm going to install ubuntu server edition later once I have configured my laptop11:50
williamwith sudo, can anyone run root commands on the system?11:53
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Mamarokwilliam: sudo rights are only granted to the first user on install11:56
Mamarokbut of course you can add more users to the sudoers group and tune the rights accordingly11:56
williamMamarok, ok that makes sence11:58
Mamarokof course, everything else would not make sense at all :)11:58
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casaenterprize sono luc ciao...sono in difficoltà12:02
Mamarok!it | casa12:03
ubottucasa: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)12:03
williamI have been reading about sudo... am I right in saying that their is an admin groop rather than an admin user?12:05
rbrunhuberwilliam: yes12:05
rbrunhuberwilliam: the group is actually named "admin"12:05
williamso if I added a user to the group admin they would be able to sudo?12:06
rbrunhuberwilliam: yes12:06
williamok, thanks12:06
rbrunhuberwilliam: the permissions who is allowed to "sudo" is configured in /etc/sudoers file12:07
rbrunhuberwilliam: be aware if you add somebody to admin group he/she can do everything on the system. including to kick you out of the admin group.12:08
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Guest73870 Hii every body12:12
rbrunhubercan anybody give me the configuration options for a quadro 570m with nv driver for kde412:12
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rbrunhuberor point me to a page where they are documented?12:12
SeniorPls I I cann't login to the internet through my ethernet card12:13
Seniorpls Can any one help me????12:13
rbrunhuberSenior: where is your nic connected to? A router or directly to a dsl-modem?12:14
Senior a switch then router12:16
rbrunhuberSenior: please prepend your answers with my name, so i get notified you wrote something12:17
Seniorrbunhuber: ok sorry12:17
Seniorrbrunhuber: ok sorry12:17
rbrunhuberSenior: how do you configure your nic? networkmanager?12:18
rbrunhuberSenior: do you use dhcp12:18
Seniorrbrunhuber: dhcp is not responding to me12:19
Seniorbut when I use windows it works well12:19
Seniorrbrunhuber: so the problem is not in the network12:20
rbrunhuberSenior: are you sure that in windows you use dhcp?12:21
Seniorrbrunhuber: How could I??12:22
Seniorrbrunhuber: it worked only once when I installed ubuntu12:24
rbrunhuberSenior: if you go on the tcp/ip properties of your nic. if there is a manually entered ip address you do NOT use dhcp.12:24
Seniorrbrunhuber: but when I upgraded to kubuntu it stopped working12:24
rbrunhuberSenior: where did you upgrade from?12:25
Seniorrbrunhuber: synaptic package manager12:25
rbrunhuberSenior: from which version (e.g. 7.10) to which version did you upgrade?12:25
Seniorrbrunhuber: I'm using 8.1012:26
peabodyI've got a Sansa Fuze MP3 player, and it's not showing up on my desktop. I found this forum article on the same problem: http://tinyurl.com/97bfeo and it says to use a modprobe command: modprobe echi_hcd && modprobe uhci_hcd when I try this command it tells me echi_hcd could not be found. What should I do?12:26
rbrunhuberSenior ok.12:26
rbrunhuberpeabody: I think the module should be eHci and not ecHi12:27
Seniorrbrunhuber: is there any problem with kubuntu??12:29
rbrunhuberpeabody: the correct name is ehci-hcd12:29
rbrunhuberSenior: I don't think so12:30
rbrunhuberSenior: do you know pastebin?12:30
Seniorrbrunhuber: no12:30
rbrunhuberpastebin | Senior12:30
rbrunhuber!pastebin | Senior12:31
ubottuSenior: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)12:31
rbrunhuberSenior: can you please pastebin me the output of: ifconfig -a12:31
Seniorrbrunhuber: ok my dear12:32
rbrunhuberpeabody: did you succeed?12:32
peabodyrbrunhuber: Thanks, that command entered without error, but it didn't fix my problem12:32
peabodyAny ideas?12:32
Seniorrbrunhuber: have u recieved any thing??12:34
rbrunhuberpeabody: try to reconnect your device and then have a look at "dmesg" and "/var/log/syslog"12:34
rbrunhuberSenior: you have to pase the url here :-)12:34
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Seniorrbrunhuber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98251/12:35
peabodyyeah I checked dmesg and it's nothing there12:35
peabodysyslog comes up empty as well12:36
peabodyit's like there's no event12:36
Seniorrbrunhuber: hane you found any thing??12:37
rbrunhuberSenior: do you use wlan or wired nic?12:37
rbrunhuberpeabody: the link you gave me does not work.12:38
Seniorrbrunhuber: now I'm using the wireless,, coz the wired is not working12:38
peabodytry this; http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=sansafuse&message.id=8444&jump=true#M844412:38
Seniorrbrunhuber: but I need the wired12:40
rbrunhuberSenior: ok12:40
rbrunhuberSenior: can you pastebin /etc/network/interfaces file?12:41
rbrunhuberSenior: check if there are any passwords or so in it.12:41
Seniorrbrunhuber: ok12:41
rbrunhuberSenior: if so just replace them with #password# or so.12:41
Seniorrbrunhuber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98256/12:43
rbrunhuberpeabody: can you identify your fuze on "lsusb"12:43
Seniorrbrunhuber: it is empty12:43
Seniorrbrunhuber: just 2 lines12:44
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peabodyI think so, it's the only USB device I have connected12:44
peabodyBus 002 Device 003: ID 04f2:b023 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd12:44
rbrunhuberSenior: that is ok. so normally this means knetworkmanager can use eth012:44
rbrunhuberSenior: do you have a entry in knetworkmanager for eth0?12:46
Seniorrbrunhuber: yes12:46
rbrunhuberSenior: have you tried to create a new connection for eth0?12:47
Seniorrbrunhuber: yes12:48
rbrunhuberSenior: can you please pastebin the output of "sudo dhclient eth0"12:49
rbrunhuberpeabody: can you try the hints posted here: http://spicifer.blogspot.com/2008/07/sandisk-sansa-fuze-8gb-on-ubuntu-804.html12:51
ActionParsnipi wish knetworkmanager would get sorted, ive seen so many woes in here with it12:51
Seniorrbrunhuber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98265/12:53
Seniorrbrunhuber: Found anything12:56
rbrunhuberSenior: I do not know if this helps you but you may try to remove the "interface-mtu" parameter in the request section of /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf12:58
rbrunhuberSenior: Make a backup of the file!!!!12:59
Seniorrbrunhuber: ok I'll do12:59
ActionParsniprbrunhuber: bravo :D13:00
peabodyneed to restart13:00
rbrunhuberActionParsnip: Bravo?13:00
ActionParsniprbrunhuber: tonnes of people dont do simple conf file ackups before going at it with a hacksaw, then moan their files are broken13:01
ionut_hye all13:02
ionut_how can i activate KNE ?13:02
rbrunhuberActionParsnip: I've been severly burnt with this my self. ;-)13:02
ActionParsnipionut_: log out, change session to kde, log in13:02
ActionParsniprbrunhuber: it makes sense to me so Ive done it from day one13:03
ActionParsniprbrunhuber: people have always tried to pin on me that i made them delete files which i never do ;)13:03
Seniorrbrunhuber: It refused13:03
rbrunhuberSenior: Who refused what?13:03
rbrunhuberSenior: Come on be more precise ;-).13:04
Seniorrbrunhuber: the file is refusing to be saved when I remove the parameter :D13:04
rbrunhuberSenior: did you make a backup?13:04
Seniorrbrunhuber: yes13:05
rbrunhuberSenior: which is the editor you want to use?13:05
Seniorrbrunhuber: I oppened it without any editor :D:D13:06
rbrunhuberSenior lets do it this way: Open a terminal window and i give you the commands to enter13:06
Seniorrbrunhuber: Ok thanks alot13:07
rbrunhuberSenior: Ready?13:07
Seniorrbrunhuber: yes sir13:07
rbrunhuberSenior: ok we create another backup just in case: so enter "sudo cp /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf.withoutmtu"13:08
rbrunhuberSenior: now let's check if the backup file is there: "ls /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf.withoutmtu"13:10
Seniorrbrunhuber: Done13:10
rbrunhuberSenior: Now lets edit the original file: "kdesudo kate /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf"13:12
Seniorrbrunhuber: /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf.withoutmtu13:12
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rbrunhuberSenior: is this the output of your last command?13:12
Seniorrbrunhuber: yes ,, the output of the check13:13
rbrunhuberSenior: Ok very good. You may call me overcautious but I'm feeling better with the check ;-)13:14
klausknows anybody one way to use the jockey-kde in 8.10 without a running x server? only from console13:14
rbrunhuberklaus: try jockey-kde --help in a terminal window.13:15
peabodyI ran through that thread, and I slightly modified the entry for the Fuze instead of the view, but still.. no dice13:15
Seniorrbrunhuber: is it ok??13:15
Seniorrbrunhuber: you are great :)13:15
Seniorrbrunhuber: just continue coz I've got another problem with ubuntu :)13:15
peabodymtp-detect immediately returns No raw devices found.13:16
klausjockey-kde --help says that it could not connect to a xserver13:16
klausi dont have an x server. ony console13:16
rbrunhuberSenior: do you have a open window with the dhclient.conf now?13:17
Seniorrbrunhuber: yes sir13:18
rbrunhuberSenior: so in the file there is a section starting with "request". Remove the "interface-mtu" parameter there.13:18
rbrunhuberklaus: let's ask a bit more high-level what do you want to use jockey for?13:19
Seniorrbrunhuber: done13:19
peabodythis is so lame13:21
peabodyhow does a device work fine one day and stop working the next time you plug it in?13:21
rbrunhuberSenior: please save the file now and exit the editor13:21
klausproblem: acer l5100 runs only perfect with the ati driver with a hdmi screen. but ony silly person deaktivates the ati driver an so the x server dosent uses the correkt driver and the standard driver dosent want to run13:21
Seniorrbrunhuber: done13:21
rbrunhuberklaus: mom13:22
rbrunhuberSenior: can you again pastebin me the output of "sudo dhclient eth0"13:22
rbrunhuberklaus: so you want to get your X-server to run again?13:23
ActionParsnipklaus: switch to the vesa driver so you can get an x server and you can diagnose from there13:23
klausyes  rbrunhuber13:24
klausthen i use the recovery menu to use the standard driver the x server dosent work so i dont see anything at the screen13:25
rbrunhuberklaus: you are on a console on the machine now?13:25
peabodyrbrunhuber: any other ideas?13:26
rbrunhuberpeabody: sorry no. I'm not in the posession of such a device. The only help i could give you on this matter was to correct the spelling of the kernel module ;-).13:27
=== DS-Away is now known as DarkSmoke
rbrunhuberklaus: can you do a "sudo vim /etc/X11/xorg.conf"13:28
Seniorrbrunhuber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98285/13:28
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=== tanja__ is now known as fliegenpilz
klausone moment please i am rebooting the test machine13:29
Seniorrbrunhuber: anything new??13:29
fliegenpilzhey, i have  such a question - i'm going to replace cpu cooler for p4 478 pga socket, there is a retention box on the motherboard, and i have two mounting metal clips -  is it mandatory to use them? in any how-to i didnt saw a word about these clips. Sry for not -linux specific question13:31
rbrunhuberSenior: No it's still the same. Not nice but i think it is ok. Can you try to reboot the machine and see if the network is working then?13:31
rbrunhuberSenior: this is the easiest way. If it works or not, please come back here to report.13:31
Seniorrbrunhuber: ok but can I take ur email incase.....13:32
klausthere was no driver configurated in the "configured video device" section13:32
rbrunhuberSenior: I do not like to give out my email. I'm quite often in these channels better just write me.13:34
ActionParsnipklaus: use: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg13:35
ActionParsnipklaus: it will put you to a stock xorg.conf13:35
klausthe same one as before ...13:36
klausno driver in the sections for the ati grafik card or the screen13:36
rbrunhuberklaus: then we should just add it manually ;-).13:37
klauswas that "fglrx" or some thing chanded?13:38
rbrunhuberSenior: here again?13:38
rbrunhuberklaus: no it should be still fglrx.13:38
klausunder the line with the "configured video device" a line with Driver "fglrx" some more ideas?13:39
=== ahmed is now known as Guest1348
rbrunhuberklaus that should be fine.13:40
klausokay i restart13:40
rbrunhuberklaus don't13:40
klausshit i should have installed the driver manually correct?13:41
rbrunhuberklaus: no it should be there already.13:41
Guest1348rbrunhuber: dear ,, It woooooooooooorked13:41
rbrunhuberGuest1348: Are you Senior?13:41
Guest1348rbrunhuber: dear ,, It woooooooooooorked looooooooooooool13:42
klausokay the computer was rebooted.. that should i do next?13:42
Guest1348rbrunhuber: Yes I'm senior13:42
klausthe fglrx was still in the x11.conf13:43
=== Guest1348 is now known as Senioor
Senioorrbrunhuber: Sorry the nickname is changed13:43
rbrunhuberklaus: did you do the dpkg-reconfigure thing?13:44
Senioorrbrunhuber: you are really greaaaaaaaaat13:44
klaussudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg: yes13:44
Senioorrbrunhuber: Pls there is another problem facing me with ubuntu13:44
klausbefore i changed the xorg.conf file to "fglrx"13:45
Senioorrbrunhuber: the sound is not working,,, no videos ,, no mp3,,, although I've installed all needed codecs13:46
rbrunhuberklaus please add my name to your answers or i just get half of them which is a tiny bit confusing ;-).13:46
klausokay sorry13:46
Senioorrbrunhuber: are you busy ???13:47
rbrunhuberSenioor: Not too much, I'm just thinking about the "strategy" ;-).13:48
rbrunhuberklaus: maybe you should do a restart now and see if it works out.13:49
Senioorrbrunhuber: Look.. when I open any Mp3,, the slide bar shows that it is working and also the time but with no sound13:49
rbrunhuberSenioor: totally silly question is your volume turned up and all your channels unmuted? ;-)13:50
deus__I've just installed the new kubuntu, but there is a problem with my task bar: the icons are almost not visible and they do not respond at all when I click on them.13:50
deus__it is almost like the icons are put in the background and they are disabled13:50
deus__any ideas on how I can fix by taskbar?13:51
Senioorrbrunhuber: never mind,, Yes I'm sure that they are all working13:51
rbrunhuberSenioor: did this work before?13:51
deus__I can add new widgets and they appear normal, but those which were already there are hardly visible and do not respond at all13:52
deus__I cannot even select different menus or pages which I have opened13:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mods13:53
Senioorrbrunhuber: look,,, it works only at the startup of the ubuntu,,, but it the sound is weired,,13:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mod13:54
Senioorrbrunhuber: it makes ,, tententen tententententententen,, like that,, and it continues for ever,, when when I'm talking to you now13:54
rbrunhuberSenioor: This can mean that your soundcard is not (yet) supported.13:55
klausthanks for your help rbrunhuber but i forgot that the aticonfig was running on that machine so starting this an let the ati app configuratet the xorg.conf was the right way to resolve13:56
klausi hate the grafik driver problems13:56
Senioorrbrunhuber: I think so ..... so what can I do13:56
rbrunhuberSenioor: pastebin me the output of "lspci" please13:56
klausso happy new year an thanks !13:56
rbrunhuberklaus you are welcome. and happy new year for you too.13:57
ubotturbrunhuber, please see my private message13:58
DekansDo you know how to configure Ktorrent in order to disable logs ?13:58
ActionParsnipDekans: flick around in the settings, i'm sure theres a log section which you can turn of logging with14:00
Senioorrbrunhuber: are you still with us??14:00
rbrunhuberSenioor: yes. I'm waiting for your lspci output14:00
Senioorrbrunhuber: sorry I got nothing from you,, can you repeat?14:01
rbrunhuberSenioor:  Senioor: pastebin me the output of "lspci" please14:02
Dekansdidn't find14:02
deus__nobody with any clue how to get my system tray activated again?14:02
rbrunhuberDekans: maybe they can't be disabled, because they have to be uploaded directly to the authorities ;-).14:03
Dekansmaybe :p14:03
Senioorrbrunhuber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98305/14:03
deus__my system tray icons are hardly visible and do not respond at all. any clues on how to get them back?14:05
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-BrB
Senioorrbrunhuber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98305/14:06
Senioorrbrunhuber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98305/14:08
Senioorrbrunhuber: are you still there??14:10
rbrunhuberSenioor: I've had a look at launchpad there are some issues reported with this card. Maybe you can try this hint: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/269586/comments/3314:10
rbrunhuberSenioor: Or that one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/274424/comments/1214:10
rbrunhuberRemember: Make a backup of the file before you start.14:11
robinrHow to I get the Java GTK L&F to look reasonable?14:11
rbrunhuberSenioor: Hope this helps you but I have to go now. CU14:13
Senioorrbrunhuber: I need ur email pls??14:17
william_hello, I been using ubuntu for a day now and am loving it. I had some probs with performance but went to the nvidia website and installed their latest beta drivers 1.80 which fixed all  my problems. I was wondering if kde 4.2 beta2 is stable enough for use?14:19
william_or else, is it safe to install it and then revert back to 4.1 later?14:19
=== DS-BrB is now known as DarkSmoke
JontheEchidnawilliam_: I haven't really had any problems with it, beta2 is quite good14:20
JontheEchidna(you can't really downgrade easily though)14:21
william_ooh, I think I will install it anyway ;-) since it says that their are performance enhancements and I still feel that 4.1 is a little bit slow even with the latest nvidia 1.80 drivers14:22
william_happy new year, I'll let you know if I works haha14:22
peabodyOK, So when I plug in my Sansa Fuze, it doesn't appear that my system is detecting it. I tried running lsusb and I don't see the device there14:28
geniipeabody: Have you set it to MCP mode instead of Auto or MTP mode ?14:36
peabodyI have a E200, and when I turn it on while holding LEFT and HOLD it forces it into MCP mode. I can't seem to find a similar function on the Fuze14:36
peabodybut when I go to system settings -> usb mode -> MCP it doesn't do shit14:37
jussi01!ohmy | peabody14:37
ubottupeabody: Please watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!14:37
peabodybut when I go to system settings -> usb mode -> MSC it doesn't do anything14:38
peabodywhy doesn't lsusb show the device though?14:40
peabodyThere must be something to that14:40
peabodyI went here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TroubleShootingGuide14:40
peabodyand there's NOTHING on troubleshooting USB devices14:40
douglis there anyone around that can help me get my compiz effects working - Specifically, I have no cube and no liquid effects working?14:41
kevbuntudougl: i've tried getting 3d desktop effects to work in kubuntu, it doesn't go over very well.14:44
douglkevbuntu, I had them all working on install of 8.10 then I trashed the install with another linux distro install and now am trying to get it back...14:45
douglI got help in this channel the 1st go round and tried to redo what was explained to me before but I must have missed something cuz compiz is not workin now :(14:46
kevbuntuwell, first, go into adept package manager14:46
kevbuntuinstall compiz-fusion, ccsm, and emerald14:47
mrunagianyone here have video problems in intrepid...............squiggly lines that randomly show up...nvidia14:48
geniipeabody: Try unloading the usb1 driver and load the usb2 driver. eg: sudo modprobe -r uhci_hcd     then: sudo modprobe ehci_hcd14:49
douglkevbuntu, I cannot find exact match for compiz-fusion = compiz-fusion-bcop is the closest and compiz-fusion-plugins-main (extra and unsupported) are the other 3... which should I use?14:50
kevbuntudougl: ok, install compiz then14:51
geniipeabody: If this works, after you can blacklist the usb1 driver and load the usb2 driver instead from /etc/modules14:51
peabodyno difference14:51
peabodywait one sec, I'm working out a major writeup14:52
douglkevbuntu, doing them now14:52
dennis_pI once typed in an Add to SMPlayer Playlist ´application´ because kubuntu 8 did not have it, where did i save that file? I think it had to be named .desktop14:52
geniipeabody: Anything appear on dmesg output when you plug/unplug the thing?14:52
mrunagianyone have issues with weird squares around the system tray icons?14:53
peabodyHere's what I've tried so far:14:55
peabodyuhhh... what14:57
douglkevbuntu, ok - they are all installed and ccsm shows some options but nothing I enable seems to work, was there something else I should do?14:58
peabodymy device just switched into msc mode by itself, but it's not registering as connected and I still don't see it in lsusb14:58
peabodybut that's new.. it SAYS it is connected, but I Don't see it anywhere14:59
kevbuntuyou have to navigate your system settings to tell kubuntu to use 3d desktop (or advanced settings)15:00
geniipeabody: Does:   sudo fdisk -l                     report sdb or sdc or someother disk drive now other than your usual one(s) ?15:01
peabodyI just tried that, it only shows /dev/sda15:01
douglkevbuntu, I have navigated to system settings and under the advanced section found window manager and selected compiz - sec I will restart x and see if it is working - brb15:02
douglkevbuntu, liquid effects are working now - thanks... trying to figure out cube now.15:03
kevbuntuyou're welcome15:04
douglkevbuntu, are there any other decoration packages besides emerald?15:04
douglerr - and do you know where you select the emerald option?15:04
kevbuntui'm sure there are, but I don't know them off hand.15:08
kevbuntuit's in the system-settings15:08
douglthanks kevbuntu I appreciate the help :)15:09
* dougl is looking for option to set # of desktops in compiz15:09
douglfound it - thanks for the help guys :)15:10
peabodyHow do I update my kernel to 2.6.28 ?15:11
kdebenutzerwo bin ich geat15:12
genii!de | kdebenutzer15:14
ubottukdebenutzer: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, und #edubuntu-de15:14
geniikdebenutzer: bitte15:14
genii!info linux-image intrepid15:15
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB15:15
peabodyDo I have to do a manual compile or is there some way to use adept?15:15
geniipeabody: The latest available is  as you can see above. You'd have to manually compile15:15
mrunagiis it just me or is intrepid more unstable then hardy15:19
mrunagimaybe its the kde4 thats the problem15:20
dennis_pfound the add to SMPlayer mini app at /usr/share/applications/smplayer_enqueue.desktop15:24
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khakanemrunagi: i find the exact opposite, intrepid runs much better than hardy, including kde4.215:30
mrunagikhakane: my video seems all screwy15:34
mrunagicompiz likes to crash the window decorator15:35
khakanecompiz sucks, use kwin15:35
mrunagii like the cube15:36
fernando_is there any way to force java application (such as netbeans) to use antialiasing fonts??15:36
mrunagiwhat is the config file thats used now isntead of xorg.conf?15:36
=== familia is now known as koala_
mrunagior is xorg.conf still being used15:39
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution15:40
BluesKajit's still xorg.conf15:40
geniixorg.conf is deprecated but still used15:41
mrunagii have to edit that to get maya to work15:41
BluesKajahh genii, i meant to ask this before , but what is the definition of deprecarted in Linux-ish :) ?15:42
BluesKajerr deprecated15:42
geniideprecated means it's still being used but will be less and less until it eventually won't be15:43
BluesKajok, slated for elimination eventually15:43
mrunagiso if i add a new device disable composit it will still work15:43
geniimrunagi: Any edits you could have previously made to xorg.conf will still work as before15:44
mrunagiawesome............hopeuflly maya will work when xorg is gone15:45
dougldoes anyone know of a good howto to get mame running on kubuntu 8.10?15:49
BluesKajwhat file are we going to configure when we want o make changes such as no caps lock etc ?15:53
geniiBluesKaj: I'm enquiring right now in #xorg  but it may take some time for them to reply15:54
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\nathan___Hi guys, I'm having serious problems after doing a fresh install of kubuntu (my background is ubuntu, OpenSuse). The nvidia drivers are loaded and I have hardware acceleration, however the maximum resolution that is reported by xrandr is 640x48016:02
\nathan___I've tried both 173 and 17716:02
\nathan___what could possibly be going wrong?16:03
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution16:03
\nathan___At the moment I'm stuck at 640x48016:03
BluesKajok genii, thx for the tip, i wasn't aware of the #xorg chat.16:03
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution16:04
\nathan___mrunagi: That will not help me in anyway, I have restarted X several times...16:04
mrunagihave u c licked that link?16:04
\nathan___mrunagi: without reading much into that page, I just skimmed through it, yes I have already added modes to xorg.conf16:07
madohello guys and gals ... can you help me please? ... i don't know much about linux or kubuntu 8.10 in general ... ... my problem is ... my microphone doesn't work ... i thought that i maybe have to install a library or something for it?16:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about microphone16:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about recording16:19
\nathan___aww, would you look at that, someone doesn't have an automated answer that *is* actually useful16:20
madoit's ok ...16:20
madomrunagi, don't get frustrated16:21
\nathan___ok fuck it, I'm switching back to opensuse16:21
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!16:22
madosorry mrunagi16:23
mrunaginot u mado16:23
madooh! ... sorry ... read the wrong line ... maybe i'm a bit tired :=)16:23
madoyeah ... :=) ... lifeforms like me can be tired16:24
RacemanHi again16:24
mrunagithis channel is not as lively as it use to be16:24
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genii\nathan___: Whatever distribution you prefer is your prerogative. But just because no one has an answer for you in the 20 minutes you've been here seems a bit unreasonable to abandon (k)ubuntu.16:25
madohmm ... maybe some of them are still celebrating the new year?16:25
mrunagii think im about to just buy a mac16:25
RacemanI'm looking for an application like the windows winscp, it's a GUI to transfer/handle files to another client/server by scp (SSH) and SFTP16:26
RacemanMaybe I can do it by Dolphin, found a bug issue about that topic, but can't find out how to handle it by Dolphin.16:26
geniiRaceman: You can put into Konqueror or Dolphin window:    fish://16:27
Racemangenii: thanks, will try that now16:27
Racemanwhohoo, it's working :-)16:28
Racemanthanks again16:28
madoerm ...16:28
madocan you guys help me with another thing ...16:29
geniiRaceman: No problem16:29
madokrdc ...16:29
madoi have the ip and the port a friend showed me ...16:29
madoall i have to do now is write it down and press "connect to a vnc-desktop" ?16:30
madoxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx ?16:30
Racemanmado, yes16:31
madohmm ...16:31
Racemanand ofcourse, his server had to accept the connection, and firewall/nat settings (if needed) must be correct.16:31
madohmm ... could it be that my router would block such a connection?16:32
RacemanAre you connecting to his desktop, or he to yours?16:32
madome to his16:32
RurouniJonesThen his router must be setup to allow you to access his computer16:32
Racemanmost routers don't block outgoing connections16:32
Racemanbut his router (firewall) must accept the connection, and if needed nat/port forwading must be configurered at the router.16:33
BluesKajI wonder if there is a way of turning off the caps lock other than editing xorg.conf ?16:33
madohmm ... *thinking*16:34
madoit seems not to work at the moment ...16:34
RurouniJonesHis router is probably blocking it16:34
madoi got "server not found"16:34
madowell ... he told me he did something what's called "port forwarding"16:35
RacemanRurouniJones is right, most of the connection faillures are by the router nat/firewall handeling.16:35
Racemanyes, but did he create a firewall allow rule to for that port?16:35
RurouniJonesThere is a service that users skype style NAT/Firewall busting16:35
RurouniJonesbut the client only works on windows16:35
madocould it be that i have to add something to the IP-adress ... because the computer i should connect to is in his LAN ... ...16:36
Racemanno, he is doing that by the port forwading option in his router16:36
madoskype is another thing i need some help with ... neither my microphone ... nor my webcam does work at the moment :=)16:36
RacemanYou're connecting to his WAN IP address, and his router is configured to forward it to the LAN IP adress of his computer.16:36
brainconceptorsalut à tous et bonne fete16:40
madowell then ... it does not work at the moment ... now i will look for something to solve the other two problems16:40
=== brainconceptor is now known as brainconceptor_
=== brainconceptor_ is now known as brainconceptor
geniibrainconceptor:  /j #kubuntu-fr  pour francais16:40
RacemanI don't know about the skype issues, I'm a newbee to Kubuntu to, I've installed skype, and my hardware is working correctly since the beginning.16:41
RacemanMaybe someone else...16:41
mado:) Raceman ... lucky you16:41
madooy ... another thing ...16:41
madodoes anyone know what one should do if there is a problem with a dell-notebook?16:42
madoin my country ... there is no dell-store16:42
brainconceptorGood Bye16:42
RacemanWhat is the problem?16:42
RacemanAnd do you have guarantee?16:43
madowell ... yes ...16:43
RacemanBefore my current HP laptop I had a Dell, I had access to live chat support at www.dell.com16:44
Racemanalso for pick up and return hardware issues16:44
madothe problem is ... i want them to check them some of my hardware ...16:46
Racemansometimes they can provide help with that, dell has boot-up software for checking hardware issues, like memory problems, etc.16:47
RacemanI guess thats your starting point, they can tell you more16:48
madoi'll be back16:56
peabodyWhy can't I do something so simple as burn a CD from a SATA dvd-rw?16:58
peabody        1,0,0   100) 'ATAPI   ' 'iHAS220   6     ' '8L04' Removable CD-ROM16:59
peabodyI open k3b and it says there's no supported devices16:59
peabodyI click ADD to manually add it, and it says something like cannot find additional device at /dev/scd017:00
peabodywodim: Overview of accessible drives (1 found) :17:01
peabody 0  dev='/dev/scd0'     rwrw-- : 'ATAPI' 'iHAS220   6'17:01
Buckethead_HI GUYZ17:01
Buckethead_http://mivenganza.com/index.php?c=viral&m=index&id=26575af70bf5e80527aa5f2a267fc671 <- open :D17:01
peabodyI can't even burn from the burn package17:01
peabodyI have a LITE-ON SATA dvd-rw17:02
peabodyThe year of the linux desktop is never coming until linux can burn a freaking cd and plug in an mp3 player17:04
Racemanpeabody: lspci -v17:04
Racemanwhat is the sata controller?17:05
peabody00:09.0 IDE interface: nVidia Corporation MCP67 AHCI Controller (rev a2) (prog-if 85 [Master SecO PriO])17:07
peabodyCapabilities: [8c] SATA HBA <?>17:07
khakanei have the same controller and sata burner, no probs17:08
khakanewell not same burner, but yea..17:08
peabodythat's awesome khakane, so it's the operating system that's the problem then?17:09
khakaneobviously not because i run ubuntu as well.17:09
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khakane00:08.0 IDE interface: nVidia Corporation MCP61 SATA Controller (rev a2)17:09
khakane00:08.1 IDE interface: nVidia Corporation MCP61 SATA Controller (rev a2)17:09
khakaneer sorry this one is 6117:10
khakanewas thinking of my other machine17:10
peabodyso ...17:11
pteaguewhat's a good tool for ripping audio CDs?17:15
peabodyMedia Player17:15
Racemanpeabody: was try to find some information at google, but sorry nothing interesting found17:15
Racemanpeabody: please, if you're frustated about hardware that is'nt working with linux, call your manufacturer and ask them to build open hardware platforms and make drivers for the hardware.17:20
pteaguepeabody: 1) windows isn't a tool... it's a virus...  2) win media player doesn't rip into all formats afaik17:21
Racemanpeabody: I agree it's still hard to get a lot of things work with computers with microsoft windows labels on the case with a linux distro. I had comparable issues. But today you're free to choice hardware manufacturers that is accepting linux.17:22
peabodySO.... serial ATA was standardized and published with the ATAPI-7 on 04/21/0417:25
peabodyand Linux still doesn't support it fully?17:25
peabodyand because Linux doesn't properly support the ATAPI standard, it's my hardware manufacturer's fault?17:26
geniiI'm thinking it's more your nforce chipset17:26
RacemanI'm thinking your nforce chipset to17:27
peabodyso I can buy a new computer or quit using linux17:27
peabodybecause I need to burn a cd tonight17:28
geniipeabody: Is the driver sata_nv   loaded?17:28
peabodyin /lib/modules/2.6.27-9-generic/kernel/drivers/ata/sata_nv.ko17:28
geniipeabody: That one yes. But is it loaded?  eg:  lsmod          shows it17:29
peabodyoh look17:29
peabodymodprobe sata_nv17:29
peabodynow my writer is detected17:29
peabodywhy doesn't it do that automatically?17:29
geniipeabody: Problemmatic chipset17:30
peabodywell it certainly detected the chipset and drive17:30
peabodyand the module was just sitting there waiting to be loaded17:30
peabodydo I have to modprobe my computer everytime it starts up now?17:30
geniipeabody: You can just put the module name in /etc/modules     and it will load every boot17:31
peabodynow if only I could plug in my mp3 player17:32
axiomAnybody had luck with the Konqueror Userscript (greasemonkey) plugin in KDE4?17:38
imemHello, I have small problem with kubuntu. Position and sizes of windows (dolphin f.e.) aren't remember. Mayby someone know how to solve it ?17:40
=== scarab is now known as scarab__
scarab__Witam. Czy znalazłby ktos chwile, zeby pomoc newbie? :D17:42
Racemanimem, I'm a newbee to Kubuntu, maybe i had the same problem, fixed it by clicking right mouse button at the title bar, selecting advanced > special application settings17:42
Racemangeometry tab17:42
genii!pl | scarab__17:42
ubottuscarab__: Mozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl17:42
RacemanYou can make settings for the window of the application there, so far as I discovered.17:42
imemRaceman: It works well :) Thx for help17:44
Racemanimem, yw17:45
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raaviHello, Does anybody has any success in getting sound from Supreme FX II cards, that came along with Asus board.18:01
=== tupac is now known as Tupac_Shakur
fernando_using the command apt-get or aptitude is there any way to see the description of a package??18:05
awidegreen:D http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/18:07
jussi01fernando_: apt-cache show <package-name>18:08
jussi01no sudo needed18:08
fernando_thanks jussi01, I find it out using also aptitude show18:09
Tupac_Shakurslaughter ce inseama cuvatul asta18:10
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pkodonHmm, I had a strange thing happen this morning.18:16
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jussi01!away > `Away`No`Pvs`18:17
ubottu`Away`No`Pvs`, please see my private message18:17
`Away`No`Pvs`jussi01 -_-18:17
pkodonThe panel that has the button for the app menu, the clock, desktop changer, etc. would not show when I moved the mouse to the bottom of the screen.18:17
`Away`No`Pvs`what is the point?18:17
genii`Away`No`Pvs`: The point is not to change your nick to some away-name but use /away command instead18:18
pkodonThe only way to fix it was to right-click on it and get the properties up during bootup, before it disappeared.18:18
`Away`No`Pvs`erm, i'm on more than one server18:18
`Away`No`Pvs`if it's there, it's to be used18:18
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto18:19
jussi01`Away`No`Pvs`: we have this for a reason - please respect it. if you care to dicus further, please join us in #ubuntu-ops18:20
AndyMan1Hello all. I've been trying to get Kate in KDE 4 to launch files in the same window. I made the change to do this (kate -u %U), but now whenever I launch a file I get the message "KDEInit could not launch '/usr/bin/kate'."18:21
AndyMan1it still works as it should, the file opens in the single Kate window, but how do i get rid of this error message?18:22
=== scarab is now known as scarab__
khakaneAndyMan1: which kate18:25
khakanemaybe is tryin to launch kate from somewhere else18:25
AndyMan1kate version 3.1.3 using KDE 4.1.318:26
ActionParsniphey all18:27
ActionParsnipi have an issue with vsftpd18:27
AndyMan1and system activity says its /usr/share/kde4/apps/kate/default18:27
ActionParsnipahh, theres #vsftpd18:27
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AmbivalentDiodeIf my console is in root mode, and I want to exit root, what do I type?18:35
MamarokAmbivalentDiode: type "exit"18:35
douglis gnome installed on my kubuntu 8.10 dvd install?18:36
khakanedougl: no or it would be ubuntu w/o the k18:38
khakanebut doesnt mean you cant install it18:38
douglkhakane, thanks - all this time I have been looking for gubuntu and settling for kubuntu - lol ... do I sound like a complete idiot?18:40
psycholicHello i'm having problems opening things now that i have upgraded to 8.10 every thing that sould load dolfin loads into amarok18:40
khakanedougl: gubuntu = ubuntu18:42
khakaneubuntu uses gnome by default18:42
douglkhakane, now that I have kubuntu installed is it easier to install gnome or download and install ubuntu?18:43
pkodonHere's one: how do I make Firefox my default web browser, so local web pages (on my HD) open up in Firefox instead of in Konquerer?18:43
khakanedougl: probably just as easy either way18:43
AndyMan1any other ideas for kate?18:43
pkodondougl: I'm just using Adept to install ubuntu-desktop, that will give you a choice at bootup.18:44
douglkhakane, ok will install gnome on kubuntu then I will have both18:44
douglpkodon, yes that sounds like what I want...18:44
Racemanpkodon: KDE Button > Computer > System Settings > Default Applications > Webbrowser18:45
mrunagii swear i think upgrading was a bad idea18:45
pkodonRaceman: Thanks.18:45
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto18:45
khakanei do have a question... can you change the WIN key from being a meta key to a normal one?18:45
douglpkodon, I cannot seem to find 'ubuntu-desktop' in adept - what am I looking for?18:46
pkodondougl: Try filtering with -desktop, make sure everything is checked below the text input.18:48
pkodondougl: And you'll have to wait a while. You may need to check for updates before all the available packages show up.18:49
arun_i am running kde4.2 nightly build. After I tried connecting to a different wireless network, I dont see the wireless signal bars in the system tray. If I log out and login to gnome, logout and login to kde then I have internet connection.18:49
arun_Can I atleast know what application is it that shows the wireless signal bars in kde nightly.18:50
arun_I have no idea where to look at. NetworkManager seems to show up in ps18:50
pkodondougl: How many packages does it say are available at the bottom of the screen? It should say something like 25084 available.18:50
pkodondougl: Also, you may need to go into the repository manager and make sure the online repositories are checkmarked.18:51
douglpkodon, it does not say how many packages, but I installed and updated yesterday and 220 were donwloaded and installed automatically18:52
douglpkodon, and no matches found when searching for '-desktop'18:53
GoanHello. I have a Vista Ultimate dual boot setup with Kubuntu Hardy. Is there some way that I can access my Vista OS through Hardy using some virtual machine?18:53
pkodondougl: Okay, hold on...18:53
arun_Goan, do you want to just access the data?18:53
Goanarun: naa, work on vista os18:53
pkodondougl: See me in the other tab...18:54
douglpkodon, yes18:54
GoanI have heard about wine but I am not sure if it can work with Vista18:54
arun_Well, I am not sure about Vista Ultimate, but I have been able to setup Vista home premium using VMWare, though I must say it crashed my vista18:55
arun_I can give you the link that helped me, but I wouldnt recommend it18:55
Goanhmm, then I wouldnt try it also - Dont want to go through the painful process of installing all my programs on vista (in case it crashes)18:56
GoanHow about XP on wine?18:56
Goanworks well?18:56
arun_wine cannot run XP, it can only run windows executables18:56
arun_and not all of them18:56
arun_what i finally did was setup VirtualBox and ran a seperate windows XP installation18:57
arun_and I created a symlink for the data folder and made them a shared folder in VirtualBox18:58
khakaneive ran vista and xp fine in vmware 1 and 219:02
khakaneXP runs pretty nicely19:02
hyper_chkhakane: even directx 9.0c is supported19:04
khakanewho plays games on computers? :)19:04
hyper_chkhakane: fantasy grounds II is one of the few reasons for me :)19:06
khakanei gave up on pc gaming over 10 years ago19:07
khakaneupgrading hardware everytime a game comes out gets old, quick.19:07
arun_ i am running kde4.2 nightly build. After I tried connecting to a different wireless network, I dont see the wireless signal bars in the system tray. If I log out and login to gnome, logout and login to kde then I have internet connection. knetworkmanager doesnt seem to exist. if it doesnt how was I seeing the wireless signal bars before.19:07
hyper_chkhakane: fantasy ground is nice for online D&D19:07
khakanei prefer Diablo 2 ;)19:08
khakane(and runs great in wine, btw)19:08
hyper_charun_: I don't use knetwork manager anymore but WICD19:08
hyper_chkhakane: I have a diablo server running19:08
khakaneword, i just use battlenet19:08
hyper_chkhakane: but still, that's hack'n'slay and not real D&D :)19:08
khakanehyper_ch: well real D&D wouldnt have any graphics at all :)19:09
hyper_chno 1-09 anymore on bnet19:09
arun_hyper_ch, let me find out how to install it19:09
khakaneah yea im running like 1.12 or something19:09
hyper_charun_: I'm sure you can find out19:09
hyper_ch1.09d was the most fun version19:10
khakaneugh, klipper sucks19:11
hyper_charun_: found out yet?19:11
khakaneim highlighting things in Eterm and its not copying to clipboard19:12
RurouniJonesHow on earth can a server be setup without apt-get19:13
khakaneoo there we go maybe19:13
RurouniJonesBecause it isn't ubuntu based. well done RJ19:13
hyper_chRurouniJones: gcc and wget are sufficient19:14
cllaudyuHELP! my windows xp keeps on restarting it's self, i need the drives from windows to work on Kubuntu but can't try to log onto windows to do a manual shutdown19:19
monumentaldarkneanyone know the specifics on connecting to DALNet?19:20
cllaudyucan someone help me?19:22
Racemancllaudyu: sounds like windows support, but did you get an error?19:23
Racemanand maybe you can see the ntfs partitions of the drives in linux, I guess it's possible, but I'm a newbee19:24
cllaudyui tried to open ntfs but no respons19:24
cllaudyui can see them19:25
cllaudyubut can't open19:25
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NintendoGuy0Oh jesus19:49
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ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr19:53
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tarragonHow can I reconfigure the plasma panel. I managed to delete the panel. Adding it back I cannot get the application launcher back in the bottom left. It seems to float behind?19:54
marylouHello. OpenOffice wouldn't start for me so I tried to remove it and reinstall it, and now it won't let me because it says there are "unmet dependencies" but it doesn't tell me what to do. Can anybody point me in the right direction?19:55
floryn90join out19:56
BluesKajtarragon, right click on the desktop , open add widgets and find the kmenu app launcher there, and drag it into the panel19:57
mrunagican anyone help me...........whats this mean..........error while loading shared libraries: libfam.so.0: cannot open shared object file: Nosuch file or directory19:58
tarragonThanks BluesKaj - that locks it into the middle of the panel. Is there a way to move it ?19:58
mrunagimore specifically why is it happening this time when it didnt before and how do i fix it19:58
mrunagiim about to reformat again lol20:00
BluesKajtarragon, yes, open the widgets panel with the little cashew on the right edge of your panel and leave it open while you drag your widgets around to where you'd like them to be .20:00
wesleywhen will alpha 3 be released?20:01
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tarragonThanks BluesKaj, all back to normal. This is different form KDE3 so will take me a long time to play and find out all the differences.20:07
mrunagiwhere can i download libfam.so.020:07
BluesKajtarragon, agreed , i didn't care for kde4 at first but now I've become brainwashed :)20:08
khakanetarragon: hope you running 4.2.x20:08
SSJ_GZmrunagi: It's usually in libfam or libgamin.20:08
SSJ_GZPreferably the latter.20:09
mrunagiwhat is libgamin20:09
mrunagi!info libgamin20:10
ubottuPackage libgamin does not exist in intrepid20:10
BluesKajBBL , gotta reboot after doin some xorg editing20:10
SSJ_GZ!info libgamin020:11
ubottulibgamin0 (source: gamin): Client library for the gamin file and directory monitoring system. In component main, is optional. Version 0.1.9-2ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 17 kB, installed size 104 kB20:11
SSJ_GZmrunagi: ^20:11
mrunagithank you20:11
mrunagii dunno why all of a sudden maya would stop working20:11
Tm_Tyou broke it20:11
mrunaginow if i can just get a nvidia driver that actually worked ill be in business20:12
DaSkreechHi mrunagi20:15
khakane173 and 177 both worked for me20:16
Tm_T180 is working fine here20:17
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patrick2hi guys, I have reinstalled kubuntu from gutsy to intrepid. I have 2 monitors (Samsung 245bw 24"). I updated the nvidia driver to 177. However, with the dual screen setup, my left screen is all black, even tho I set both screens to act as Separate X screens. Running nvidia-settings isnt making a difference20:50
patrick2my xorg.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98529/20:51
khakanepatrick2: can you drag windows over to it?20:54
khakanei have a setup similar but i didnt use seperate X sessions for each screen20:54
patrick2khakane: things wont go to that screen20:56
khakaneahh, any particular reason to use seperate x sessions?20:56
patrick2when i move my mouse to it, its a black x cursor20:56
patrick2i like to run a RDP session in full screen on my other monitor20:56
khakanei can show you my xorg.conf but i use twinview20:56
patrick2sure, i can give it a try20:56
khakanepatrick2: just dont use xinerama and you can do that, i do it here all the time20:56
patrick2im unsure how to adapt it to my setup.21:02
khakanewell there would be no reason to adapt it21:03
khakaneit can already do what you want, with less mess21:03
patrick2replaced mine with urs, let me restart X21:03
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haygusfor a windows and linux use for personnal documents21:08
geniipersonnel or personal ?21:09
geniihaygus: abiword is fairly light and comes for both21:10
antiquarkAre Kubuntu packagers aware that the 4.2 packages do not install some of the data engines and as a result some plasmoids don't work?21:11
jussi01antiquark: you may want to pop into #kubuntu-devel and mention that ;)21:13
douglI have installed kubuntu 8.10 and then installed gnome/compiz config = where do I configure the number of desktops for my cube?21:13
antiquarkjussi01: will do21:13
dougl3d desktops does not look nearly as impressive with only 2 desktops... when did this become the norm...21:14
Shaunmy cube has four desktops21:14
Shaunbecause i have four virtual desktops21:15
douglShaun, in gnome?21:15
Shaunin kde21:15
Shaunsorry, never read that bit....21:15
jussi01dougl: which version of kde are you using?21:15
douglyeah - I figer'd it out in kde already... just trying to config gnome now21:16
Shaunkeep meaning to try a modern gnome install, not used it sinc ebefore 2.x!21:16
dougljussi01, 4.0 I think.21:16
jussi01dougl: you should ask in #ubuntu then21:16
dougljussi01, will do thanks :)21:16
jussi01or #compiz-fusion21:16
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BCMMcan someone help me get nvidia drivers working on a kubuntu machine?21:20
giandomenicosera a tutti finalmente sono riuscito ad installare kUbuntu sul portatile con la verisone alternate del cd dopo innumerevoli fallimento con le versioni desktopo a 32 e 64bit21:31
jussi01!it | giandomenico21:32
ubottugiandomenico: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)21:32
giandomenicoqualcutop non ci riesco .. sarà stupido ma con ubuntu era più sempliceno mi sa dire come modificare l'immagine di sfondo del desk21:32
* genii hands jussi01 a large Kubuntu mug of coffee, and a cookie21:33
jussi01I just wish I could get my tv card working... its fine, but I dont have a channels.conf for my area :(21:33
geniijussi01: Some Hauppage ?21:39
jussi01nah, "wintv"21:40
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axiomAm having trouble getting the "Notes" plasmoid to behave..  It lets me type in it only intermitently.  Typical?22:07
DekansI don't have any issue qwith it22:08
DekansDoes someone have blank buttons in kde 4.2 beta 2 notifications ?22:09
gorgonizerI am having issues with the LCD Weather Station, fails to load (the Add Widget just sits there and when I kill the Add Widget window Plasma closes and needs to be reloaded.  I do have a multitude of plasmoids open, do I have too many for my system, or is there an issue with LCD Weather Station?22:14
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khakaneanyone in 4.2 having problems with print screen not bringing up the screenkap app?22:28
antiquarkgorgonizer: LCD weather station does not work. Neither do the RSSNOW and the News applet. I reported the bug -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeplasma-addons/+bug/31331822:28
gorgonizerantiquark: cheers for the information!  I am sure it worked in a previous release, but whether that was 4.2 Beta 1 or 4.1.3 I cannot remember.22:30
* maxbaldwin hears a pin drop22:44
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Seitohi everyone! I'm looking for a suggestion about configuring ALSA to play sound from various sources. Where to look if any? Thanks.22:48
crimsuncan you clarify that statement?22:48
=== yacc_ is now known as yacc
crimsun"play sound from various sources", that is22:48
Seitowell, e.g. when I'm running Skype and later running Kopete - it says that can't play sound22:49
Seitoor if I'm running vlc or kopete or Skype and then launching espeak - it says it cant' play sound22:50
Seitobtw, i'm using ubuntu 8.10 x64. sorry for asking here (it's for kubuntu, I understand), but...22:52
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HansReiserFREEhello guys22:53
crimsunerr, way to leave before i get a chance to answer22:59
emanuelAre there any way to export my packages selection?23:00
PeperJohnnyhello guys. so i installed kubuntu alpha 2 and i cant install a nvidia driver without uninstalling xorg23:13
PeperJohnnyare there any workarounds?23:14
geniiemanuel: Yes, you can use dpkg --get-selections >> somefilename                 then on other box:  dpkg --set-selections            then use apt-get dselect23:14
emanuelgenii: cool, thanks!23:15
robin0800_PeperJohnny read the release notes23:16
geniiemanuel: See post number 3 here for the commands: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/clone-your-ubuntu-installation.html23:16
geniiemanuel: Sorry, post number 2  :)23:17
odomcWhen is the new version of Kubuntu coming out?23:17
geniiodomc: If on schedule, sometime in April23:18
siegieodomc:  9.04 so 04/200923:18
* genii gets siegie a cookie23:18
PeperJohnnyrobin0800_: either im blind or theres nothing about xorg and nvidia issues written in the notes23:19
siegiePeperJohnny: if the new beta driver is installed there should be no problems23:20
PeperJohnnysiegie: if i try do install it via aptitude it tells me that xorg and xserver (shitload of packages) will be removed23:20
siegieI'm still running intrepid at the moment23:21
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antoniahey guys, my cd's will nto show up in kde423:34
antoniai put them in, it spins up, and nothing happens23:34
siegieantonia: i have the same problem23:34
jimtuckerI have a question about compiling C programs under Ubuntu23:35
antoniasiegie: how long have you been trying to find an answer? do you have an inspiron e1705?23:35
jimtuckerWhen I compiled, it did not recognize the header files23:35
geniijimtucker: Ask away23:35
siegieantonia: i have reported it as a bug. (i have a dell lattitude D83023:36
geniijimtucker: Were the C files originally from some other operating system?23:36
antoniasiegie: any work around23:36
miltonblueswenas gente23:36
jimtuckerI presumed that Ubuntu had all the necessary file for programming C23:36
siegieantonia: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/meta-kde/+bug/312281 > but no respons so far. Maybe you can confirm this bug23:37
geniijimtucker: If you have package build-essential  installed, you have the core parts. Depending on what libs you use, install the -dev versions of those packages23:37
siegieantonia: the only workarround i use is to mount the cd in terminal23:37
jimtuckerinfo:  I'm running Ubuntu on a 2nd partition on a Dell running windows23:37
jimtuckerthese were the usual stdio.h and stdlib.h23:38
geniijimtucker: Looks like you need the kernel headers then23:38
jimtuckerThe Ubuntu package does not include kernel headers?23:39
geniijimtucker: Not by default23:39
jimtuckerIs it possible to obtain them after OS install?23:40
geniijimtucker: You can install them by something like: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)23:40
antoniaseigie: whats the mount command you used?23:40
jimtuckerThank you for your help.23:41
siegieantonia: sudo mount /cdrom23:42
jojo_hola buenas!23:45
siegieantonia: but please confirm the bug report so it wil be fixed in the future23:45
antoniasiegie: affirmative, however, itis not scd0 that hasmy cdrom drive23:46
genii!es | jojo_23:47
ubottujojo_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.23:47
jojo_ok thank you23:47
cuznti keep getting acces denied to /media/cdrom1 (which is my dvd)23:48

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