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ballI have a launchpad account... still trying to figure out what it's for.04:29
rockstarball, why did you sign up for a Launchpad account?04:42
ballrockstar: I can't remember :-)04:43
ballSomething to do with Ubuntu04:43
ball...perhaps so I could file bug reports04:43
rockstarball, there are lots of things you can do on Launchpad.04:43
ballOh good.04:44
ballI've joined a few teams04:44
rockstarYou could file/triage/fix bugs, host code, translate application, build packages...04:44
rockstarball, for instance, I just branched a project from launchpad that I require as a dependency, and fixed a bug I just found.04:45
ballwhere do I find a list of bugs for a particular project?04:47
ball(open bugs)04:47
rockstarball, go to the project page, click on the Bugs tab.04:56
ballHow do I find the project page?04:59
ballah, found it04:59
thekorngood morning05:02
ballhello thekorn05:03
thekorncan somebody explain to me why launchpad became so slow recently that scripts like http://paste.ubuntu.com/98057/ started to raise 404 errors05:03
thekornhi ball05:04
vandenoeverhi, i'm trying to import strigi into launchpad, because i want it to build nightly packages for me09:48
vandenoeverhowever, when importing into svn I get this error: "The project this code import belongs to."09:48
vandenoevereven though I am listed as maintainer on the details page09:49
vandenoeverah, nevermind, the input was case sensitive09:52
vandenoeverAmpelbein: hi, i see you have contributed to strigi ubuntu packages09:53
vandenoeverAmpelbein: could you help me a bit with setting up nightlies for it?09:54
vandenoeveri could use the kde nightlies, but i'd like to allow people to use only strigi nightlies while keeping the kde packages stable09:54
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eferuziHow can i create a new ubuntu translation team?12:16
eferuzihow do i create new Ubuntu translation team on launchpad?12:24
Alexia_Deathwooho! it exists... I have question.  Is it nomal for an OpenPGP key verification mail to not arrive within an hour?12:52
spivAlexia_Death: no, I'd expect just a minute or two.12:54
Alexia_DeathThen some mean internet dragon ate mine:( and it wasnt my spam filter.12:55
Alexia_DeathI guess Ill have to cancel the verification and try again.12:55
Hobbseewas this to gmail?12:56
Alexia_DeathHobbsee: yes12:57
Alexia_DeathIs that a problem?12:57
HobbseeAlexia_Death: check your spam folder12:58
Hobbseeoh, it wasn't12:58
Hobbseemy bad, i apparently can't read tonight ;)12:58
* Hobbsee didn't even know there *was* openpgp key verification mail from LP12:58
Alexia_Death:) I always check that first. nothing interesting there...12:58
* Hobbsee wonders if gmail just canned it, without sending it to spam.12:59
Alexia_Deaththo... Now that I think about it... I havent been getting my bug mail lately either...12:59
Hobbsee(it's been known to do that for people (apparently) sending mail to themselves, too, iirc)12:59
Alexia_Deathbugs do that, yes.12:59
Alexia_DeathI wonder what I can do about that... I definetly want to get my launchpad mail...13:01
Alexia_Deathnow both mails showed up togheter...13:01
Alexia_DeathStill wondering what ate my bugmail tho. Just checked up on some bugs I was active in before intrepid release. Missed a bit of mail in the mean time.13:05
Alexia_DeathThe other weird thing is, that most of the bugs Ive reported or commented on are not listed in my users bug stats. only a few very old ones are.13:07
Alexia_Deathsample: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wacom-tools/+bug/28220313:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 282203 in ubuntu-release-notes "Wacom tablet hotplug is no longer enabled by default" [Undecided,In progress]13:08
Alexia_Deathbut my reported bugs only lists one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~alexiade/+reportedbugs13:09
Alexia_Deathand not this one.13:09
andrea-bsAlexia_Death: Fix Released, Invalid, Won't Fix and duplicate bugs aren't shown13:12
Alexia_DeathThanks for help. One step closer to making use of the PPa ;)13:16
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shodgeshello everyone, I need a bit of help uploading to my PPA for the first time14:16
shodges I followed the instructions given here: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA, using the dput tool. The tool seemed to finish successfully, but I'm not seeing anything in the PPA web UI, and I haven't received any email either. This is the output of my dput operation: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98311/14:17
shodgesPlease excuse the copy and paste, if you saw this on #ubuntu-motu14:18
maxbThe password prompt looks unfamiliar to me14:20
maxbPerhaps you are missing the "login = anonymous" from your .dput.cf14:21
shodgesmaxb, ah, I may have changed that14:22
maxbI assume your upload was PGP_signed and your key is known to launchpad?14:22
shodgesmaxb, I believe so, I'll double-check that my PGP is still configured on this machine correctly14:24
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epsyhi, a bug comment I just sent appears as being posted one hour ago14:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 312240 in armagetronad "Polish language outdated for" [Undecided,Fix committed]14:58
Alexia_Deathepsy: timezone differs?15:09
epsyI'm on GMT+1, but my clock is somehow messed up15:09
shodgesmaxb, my PGP key was not set up on this machine. I rebuilt the package with it and it seems to be working now15:12
shodgesthanks for your help15:12
epsydarn, just missed17:53
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CarlFKhow do I link the bug (A) to the ubuntu package (B)?  A: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/poppler-python/+bug/312462 B: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-poppler19:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 312462 in web2conf "document_new_from_data() arg1 must be without null bytes" [Medium,In progress]19:37
beunoCarlFK, click on "Also affects distribution..."19:38
CarlFKwhy did ubottu report "web2conf" - I reported it against   "Poppler Python Bindings"19:38
beunoCarlFK, it's filed against both, and ubottu is a bit of a rebel19:39
CarlFKdid  "Also affects distribution..." - thanks19:40
CarlFKany idea what I can do to get the patch into the ubuntu package?19:41
nhandlerCarlFK: You can either try and get the fix applied upstream. Then, when Ubuntu updates their package, they will get the patch19:43
nhandlerYou can also submit your patch in debdiff form and subscribe the sponsors19:43
nhandler(The firt method is preferred)19:43
CarlFKso ubuntu will use the new code base in an update for ibex?19:47
CarlFKI thought they froze the code, but would apply patches19:47
beunoCarlFK, the code is frozen, and only security updates are applied for released versions19:47
beunoso unless your fix is a security fix, it won't get applied19:48
beunoit may, however, land for Jaunty19:48
CarlFKdoes that apply to universe too?19:48
CarlFKI want it installed on a web server next week.19:49
beunoyou can upload it to a PPA, and use that as a source19:49
CarlFKthat's reasonable.19:49
CarlFKbeen meaning to figure out how to do the ppa thing...19:50
CarlFKgot a PPA howto URL handy?19:53
beunosure: https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart19:54
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wgrantCarlFK: If it is a critical bug that breaks the package, you can ask for an SRU.21:47
CarlFKit might qualify.  where do I ask?21:54

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