terlihave the maintainers already locked down the package revisions?01:19
crimsunterli: come again?01:41
crimsunit is such a pain that all these media players save libraries to their own formats01:43
crimsunsyncing rhythmbox, sonata/mpd, banshee, and songbird is a PITA01:44
terliI just use a folder for my music01:47
terlithen I tell them to constantly index it01:47
crimsunit's still duplicated work01:59
crimsunuse one friggin' library type, and have all players access it01:59
terliI just use WMP for linux02:11
terliworks just fine02:11
johnfluxCan I make a suggestion for packages.ubuntu.org here?02:45
terlisuggest it to me02:52
terliI'm certain someone somewhere will appreciate it somewhat02:53
terlinot that it's ever going to be a package, mind you, if you don't join #ubuntu-motu and maintain it yourself AKA you do it02:53
BHSPitLappycrimsun, might I recommend using MPD03:10
BHSPitLappyOne library and media core, and your choice of frontends to steer it03:10
terliBHSPitLappy: can I get an ETA on when the features discussed by that gnome turk behdad are going to be implemented in our stream?03:18
BHSPitLappyterli, I'm not any position of authority03:19
macoare there no ddebs for jaunty?03:36
crimsunBHSPitLappy: i've used mpd (and frontends) for years03:40
crimsun20:44 < crimsun> syncing rhythmbox, sonata/mpd, banshee, and songbird is a PITA03:41
crimsunnote the "mpd"03:41
terliwhy use all these03:41
crimsunterli: my previous life as a core-dev wasn't constrained to "just use the one client i like". it's difficult to reproduce bugs that people report unless you, well, use the apps.03:42
crimsunmaco: jaunty has ddebs.03:45
crimsunusual place and everything03:45
crimsunterli: also, i'm still awaiting further context [from you] regarding: 20:19 < terli> have the maintainers already locked down the package revisions?03:47
terliI mean ubuntu+1 wise03:55
crimsunterli: i don't know what you imply by "package revisions"03:55
terliI havn't seen any updates to the jaunty repo in a week or two03:55
terliwell a lot of the stuff IN the repo was the same version as it was in intrepid03:56
crimsunterli: err, well, it has been a week full of holidays and such03:56
JontheEchidnathere always is a freeze a few days before an alpha is released03:56
JontheEchidnaand holidays of course :P03:56
crimsunbut there have been quite a few updates in the past week03:56
terliis the jaunty repo really all that newer than the intrepid one, besides kernel updates?03:56
macocrimsun: im getting 404s on it...though apt-get update seems to be trying to load the list like 3 times from ddebs, but the last time it 404s...confused03:56
crimsunyes, considerably newer03:56
crimsunmaco: on what url(s)?03:57
terliwell , gnome says its 2.25, so I believe you on that, but a lot of package had the same revision number in synaptic03:57
macocrimsun: Err http://ddebs.ubuntu.com jaunty-updates/main Packages03:57
macosame for restricted, universe, and multiverse03:57
crimsunmaco: that url won't even begin to make sense til post-jaunty03:57
macosame for proposed and security03:58
crimsunsame for jaunty-proposed, jaunty-backports, and jaunty-security03:58
macook then03:58
crimsunterli: the archive pool for jaunty is already quite different to intrepid03:58
crimsunat least in terms of main/restricted.03:59
crimsunin terms of universe and multiverse, not nearly as much, since the vast majority are synced from Debian testing/unstable, which is also in freeze (well, testing is).04:00
terlishould gnome say 2.25.3?04:00
crimsunas of 2008-12-17, yes04:00
macocrimsun: glade-3 is broken. *pout*04:00
crimsunterli: if you don't know about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule, you should04:02
maconew kernel...time to reboot04:03
crimsunterli: from there, you'll note that 19 feb is as close to a "freeze for new packages" as one might see04:03
crimsunterli: of course, devs nearly always file exception requests (not to mention major desktop components, like GNOME and KDE, have standing exceptions)04:04
* JontheEchidna tends to find that the amount of updates never decreases after feature freeze :P04:05
terliI want to be in a state of CONSTANT change :-D04:05
terliI want access to a gnome repo that updates nightly04:06
crimsunwell, i'm working on that for pulseaudio and userspace alsa-*04:06
crimsunthe mozillateam does a great job [of building nightlies/weeklies] with the various xulrunner-based apps04:07
terliwoudn't it be great if there was a version/variant of ubuntu that linked to 3000+ servers that nightly built all of the developer's apps04:10
terliI know you want to say GENTOO ><04:10
crimsunthat is a use case for ppas04:11
JontheEchidnaI believe human resources is the bottleneck for speed of updates04:12
JontheEchidnasome things just work better with humans around than with blind automation, imo04:12
terlibelieve me when I say after I finish this degree, I'm going to learn gnome/glade and at least test code for the gnome ppls04:12
terliI wanna stop this gnome shell thing , but if I can't do that , at least I could ask and help ensure it has everything I'm used to included04:13
atesterwhat packages do I need to install in order to get the binary nvidia drivers in Jaunty?05:01
Arenloratester: a quick ubuntu packages search brought up: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia+binary&searchon=all&suite=jaunty&section=all05:04
atesterArenlor: thank you05:05
crimsundepending on your hw, one of nvidia-*-kernel-source and its corresponding nvidia-glx-*05:08
crimsunkeep in mind that none of the Nvidia drivers currently work correctly with jaunty's X.Org due to a server abi mismatch05:08
crimsunyou'll need to use the previous 1.5 server abi05:09
ionstormwhat is a good way to share files with windows users over the internet, something newb friendly, these ppl are stupid, wanna share movies n stuff05:10
ionstormthey wont figure out netbios05:10
Arenlorsamba maybe?05:11
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Arenlorssh is the best05:11
atestercrimsun: thanks, but how will I know which of the nvidia drivers use the previous 1.5 server abi?05:12
ArenlorI like putty on windows with openssh-server on linux, but not sure the other way around05:12
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luboszwhats the best way to install jaunty on a usb flash drive?15:20
luboszUNetbootin just installs the installer15:20
luboszthe ubuntu boot disk creation tool needs a fat filesystem, and that sucks on benchmarks15:20
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mikegriffincrimsun: hey thanks for the advise the other day20:33
mikegriffininterestingly enough when going from gg to jj, dkms was not automagically installed, i went ahead and did so manually. now to attempt to get my tainted nvidia driver working with this new magic20:35
mikegriffinanother oddity is that I was not presented the EULA for firefox yet have the branding installed20:45
mikegriffinchrome://ubufox/content/mozeula.html does not display anything20:45
CarlFKdget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/p/python-poppler/python-poppler_0.8.1-1.dsc21:14
CarlFKtar xvf python-poppler_0.8.1.orig.tar.gz makes pypoppler-0.8.1/ but python-poppler_0.8.1-1.diff.gz makes python-poppler-0.8.121:14
CarlFKhow can that happen?21:15
CarlFKwhoops, this isn't motu...21:15
Skiessi!info bristol22:00
ubottubristol (source: bristol): vintage synthesizer emulator. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.1-13ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 336 kB, installed size 4004 kB22:00
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ22:23

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