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SealVmorning all13:38
thorwilgood morning SealV13:44
* _MMA_ is bored from all the holidays. Places closed, people gone. blah13:47
SealVwhere do you all stand on the text comment on the wiki?13:50
_MMA_SealV: It really comes down to the page/project maintainer. Generally it's ok but I feel when it's excessive it should go to the ML.13:51
Cimikwwii, I've started implementing some kind of cells inside the progressbars as you like http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/175266/tmp/Schermata-7.png14:19
_MMA_The hair feels, odd. I think others will find it a turn-off.14:34
thorwili would prefer texture only14:35
SealVthor:  should I nuke the text as well?14:36
thorwila close-up of a rabbits butt would rock ^^14:37
SealVthe rabbit fur stock is found here:  http://zuzu-stock.deviantart.com/art/rabbit-fur-ahv-5608819014:38
thorwilSealV: what's the license?14:39
thorwilstupid deviantart, that belongs into details14:40
SealVstock generally means use and credit14:40
_MMA_SealV: That might not be good enough for Ubuntu use.14:41
SealVeven if we get permission from author?14:42
_MMA_The license matters. So as long as it's an open license it fine.14:42
_MMA_I usually search Flickr for CC stuff and use that.14:43
_MMA_So the author just saying "Yeah. You can use it." isn't enough.14:44
SealVsince he or she posted it in stock and his/her rules are to link and comment back...14:45
_MMA_"Failure to obey all of the required Terms and Conditions or License requirements attached to the stock may result in the removal of your submission" The author of you image gave no license for *you* to link back to.14:46
SealVah I see you are saying since its copyright him we cant use it?14:46
darkmatterhmmm.... not quite right yet *tweaks dropshadows*14:46
_MMA_SealV: Correct.14:46
_MMA_SealV: Wait. No. I think he can own it but usage needs to be open license.14:47
_MMA_thorwil kwwii? ^^^14:47
darkmatterbah... I'll work on this blasted theme and the mockups after I get some Zzzz's... to tired to think straight14:48
_MMA_SealV: He says we can use it but no info as to how is mentioned.14:48
SealVI thought he meant that we can use it but we must comment one the accounts mentioned14:49
_MMA_SealV: Also from your last link: "Also be aware that the lack of obvious copyright information does not imply that the imagery is free for use."14:49
_MMA_SealV: That may be, but we need a explicit license. He needs to say the exact terms of the license. He may end up having some personal issue with Ubuntu after this is used. License take that situation away.14:51
_MMA_Now in the end I don't think any of this will happen but we need to learn we just cant grab and use anything off the web.14:52
SealVone of the reasons why I popst here befor taking on the wiki14:52
_MMA_I don't feel it would be hard to find a properly licensed image. Hell. You might even be able to go make your own texture.14:53
_MMA_I started taking texture pics years ago. I'm sure there's a site for open stock art.14:54
SealVI dont suppose anyone knows anybody that owns a rabbit and a camera?14:55
_MMA_No rabbit here.14:56
darkmatterI'm sure if ya drop yer pants, a pic of your hairy ass could be airbrushed to look like rabbit fur :P14:57
* _MMA_ looks like a swimmer. ;)14:57
_MMA_(minus the 6-pack abs) :P14:59
_MMA_Old pick with my son: http://www.flickr.com/photos/metalmusicaddict/2087574914/in/set-72157603377813769/15:01
SealVawww (your son) not you :P15:03
_MMA_That's 3 years old. I really should take new ones.15:04
darkmatterwhy is that malnourished chimp wearing a baseball hat and holding a child? oO oh.. wait... nm xD15:04
_MMA_darkmatter: For this 170lb guy to me "malnourished" you gotta be huge. :P15:06
darkmatter: only if 6' 1" and 225lbs is 'huge' :P15:06
* _MMA_ is 5'9". So no.15:08
* _MMA_ heads out to the museum. Maybe Ill take some pics of some fur. ;)15:09
* darkmatter goes for a nap15:11
Alex_21How do I set a custom splash screen in Ubuntu CLI 8.04?20:56
_MMA_Alex_21: You need to be patient. It's the holidays around the world. ;)20:59
_MMA_I also suspect you have your terms messed up.21:00
Alex_21Ok, I shall21:00
_MMA_Do you mean Usplash or GNOME splash?21:00
Alex_21The one you see on boot, I thin it is USplash21:01
_MMA_Lemmie look to see if I have the commands to set them still.21:02
Alex_21I have to write a Shell script to do this, so any help is appreciated21:02
_MMA_Alex_21: Googling will get you the answer for sure.21:04
Alex_21Is it USplash  then?21:04
BHSPitLappyAnyone particularly experienced with getting tablets to work?  I have a DigiPro tablet, and when I plug it in, I see in dmesg that a few input devices have been registered, but when I open Inkscape and choose the device, I can't get anything to happen21:06
_MMA_BHSPitLappy: I doubt you'll have any luck in here. Most people I've chatted with have Wacoms. Forums and the other channels you hang in might be better.21:07
_MMA_Alex_21: sudo sh -c 'dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-`uname -r`' works if you have 1 Usplash installed. I'm still looking for the command to pick another if 2 are installed.21:17
darkmatter_MMA_: the gtk WIP isn't shown in this shot (just using gilouche atm) and the emerald/metacity is hidden from site. but I need opinions on the drop shadowing http://www.flickr.com/photos/92826085@N00/3161216840/21:55
* _MMA_ clicks.22:01
_MMA_darkmatter: Looks fine to me. I was actually shocked to see how heavy the Vista and OSX shadows were compared to Compiz default.22:03
darkmatter_MMA_: thanks for the input :) But it DOES make me wish for one thing though.. I wish compiz could intelligently recognize where submenus intersect22:05
darkmatterbasically hide the shadow where the menus are joined22:06
darkmatteror at least minimalize it at the connecting areas.. actually minimalizing it would look better imho22:07
_MMA_darkmatter: You're using the SLAB menu?22:20
_MMA_How do you like it? I haven't been able to get used to it personally. I'm kinda a minimal guy and normal GNOME menu fits that. But I still look for cool stuff.22:22
darkmatterI like it. it works rather well. like any menu system it's not perfect, but having everything in one location so I don't need to cascade through endless submenus is more to my liking22:25
darkmatterand the slabs application browser makes a nice menu replacement when you're not using a panel as such (like just a dock, or in an environment like openbox etc)22:26
_MMA_Hmm... I never thought 2 menus (for the most part) were all that bad.22:27
_MMA_I see that.22:27
darkmatter_MMA_: two menus aren't that bad, the problem arises when the list of applications gets to long, or when you have additional levels to the hierarchy (like that god awful debian menu)22:31
darkmatter_MMA_: it's the same for the system menu, which is why I always edit the ubuntu default to use the CC instead of the admin and pref menus.. it just feel cleaner22:33
_MMA_darkmatter: Yeah. We (Ubuntu Studio) added submenus to Sound&Video to get around the length issue. The Debian menu is just crazy.22:33
_MMA_I like the CC as well but it's code isn't friendly to dark themes.22:33
darkmatteryeah.. that is its one drawback22:34
_MMA_darkmatter: What sux, is at some point the Compiz guys adopted the same code and broke things there as well. Patches have been submitted to SUSE and Compiz but no word in a year. :(22:38
darkmatter_MMA_: the new version of narcissus (got it all sorted out now) will be sexy. basically it will be to clearlooks what http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2084/1882699828_39db4591bf.jpg?v=0 was to win classic, but without the aero and overdone gloss :P22:38
darkmatterand monochromatic-ish22:39
* _MMA_ clicks22:39
darkmatteryou know.. like a mac but not appleish :P22:39

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