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jackyhi there. ok got ubunto 8.10 booting offa usb fine with unetbootin. struggled dong this with opensuse.04:30
jackyhow do i determine if the installation contains 'Mono ' ?04:30
jackyi tested it by copying a small .net exe file which works on windows, but the error it gave was: 'An error occurred while loading the archive'04:33
jackyim a newbie. im assumming that the file is associated with the 'Archive Manager' app. ?04:34
jackyim using ubuntu 8.1 - how can i connect to my windows 2003 rdp session (it was working with windows xp before)? im using the 'Remote Desktop Viewer'. how can i get ubuntu to 'see' my windows 2003 machine that resides on the LAN?07:33
huatsmorning everyone !08:36
jackyis it possible to put ubuntu on a USB stick, boot from it and use it like a normal drive (i.e. so data persists? )11:01
Hobbseeyes, if you set it up that way11:06
Hobbseesystem, admin, create a startup disk11:06
jackyHobbsee, ok, then does that persist the data?11:08
Hobbseeyes, if you set it up that way11:08
Hobbseeafaik, anyway11:08
jackyok ill give it a go. so then i use the live cd to install it onto the  usb stick that i ceated bootable?11:10
Hobbseei think so11:10
Hobbseei've not used it11:11
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