RainCTcrimsun: a wrapper arround what?00:00
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crimsunRainCT: around pbuilder01:40
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apacheloggerjdong: hey. can you think of a reason we wouldn't want to have protocol encryption in ktorrent active by default?07:35
lidaobinghelp review ibus-table: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ibus-table, thanks08:33
hanskahello *08:48
iulianHey hanska.08:56
hanskahi iulian09:23
hanskasebner: \o09:39
sebnerhanska: ahoi09:39
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slytherinStevenK: around? need to sync jbossas4. :-D11:44
StevenKslytherin: And have you filed a bug? :-)11:45
slytherinStevenK: yes. bug 31277811:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312778 in jbossas4 "Please sync jbossas4 4.2.3.GA-1 (multiverse) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31277811:46
LaneyYay! The silly crash in glom has been fixed13:02
LaneyToday is The Day13:02
* directhex declares openjdk to be doom13:12
jpdsAdri2000: Crazy mass bug reporting on requestsync - fixed.13:23
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Laneyjpds: My hero!13:25
jpds(I think - putting sleep()s appears to fix it).13:26
Laneys/fix/bodged around/ :P13:26
directhexbodger the badger?13:31
* Laney eats some mashed potato13:33
directhexopenjdk appears to be a twisty mess when it comes to licensing13:35
slytherindirecthex: why?13:39
Adri2000jpds: great. I hope it will workaround the problem for now, but if LP decides to become 1 or 2 seconds slower, it will fail again :/ afaiu python-launchpad-bugs uses only http while python-launchpadlib uses the new LP api; so shouldn't using the latter fix this kind of problem?13:41
directhexslytherin, horrible things like "public domain" with gpl2 boilerplate, etc13:42
* RainCT notes that pbuilder-dist.new now supports cowbuilder13:43
slytherindirecthex: is that bad thing really?13:47
isle85Hi, is there a special category for a genealogy program. I've just built my first package, and would like it to appear in Applications - Genealogy. I didn't see such category. Is it possible to the debian/myappli.desktop to write : Categories=Application;Genealogy ?13:47
slytherinisle85: how about science? But I am not sure if that has separate menu.13:49
directhexa few licensing glitches here & there, too13:49
maxbisle85: http://standards.freedesktop.org/menu-spec/latest/ defines the categories13:50
directhexe.g. some non-sun files under GPL2 without classpath exception, which sun then relicense with classpath exception13:50
isle85slytherin: yeap, but "science" doesn't see the appropriate place.13:50
directhexisle85, "magic"!13:50
isle85directhex: :-)13:50
directhexslytherin, correct me if i'm wrong, but sun can't put a classpath exception on a file they don't hold the copyright to, and which was published under gpl2 with no exception, can they?13:52
hanskadirecthex: you here? :)13:53
slytherindirecthex: I believe you are right13:53
directhexhanska, always. why are YOU here, you like your debian WITHOUT bugs!13:53
hanskadirecthex: eheh :P13:53
directhexslytherin, frankly i don't care, i just want a well-formed debian/copyright. but i stand by my "openjdk appears to be a twisty mess when it comes to licensing" ;)13:54
jpdsAdri2000: Possibly, but I haven't done any work on lplib.14:10
shodgeshello all, I need a bit of help uploading to my PPA for the first time...14:11
shodgesI followed the instructions given here: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA, using the dput tool14:12
shodgesThe tool seemed to finish successfully, but I'm not seeing anything in the PPA web UI, and I haven't received any email either14:13
shodgesThis is the output of my dput operation: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98311/14:14
Adri2000shodges: PPA is a launchpad thing, so #launchpad is more appropriate for your question14:14
shodgesok thanks Adri200014:14
jpdsRainCT: Damn, I just uploaded u-d-t and I just noticed your push.14:21
* jpds fixes.14:22
RainCTjpds: pbuilder-dist.new isn't installed anyway14:23
thekornjpds, re this requestsync bug, I don't think time.sleep() fixes in requestsync fixes the problem, but forcing using the stable server instead of edge seems to be a good idea14:23
jpdsRainCT: I meant the changelog.14:24
jpdsthekorn: It only files one bug for me now.14:24
thekornjpds, ok, but my feeling is that launchpad is a bit faster today, which might also solve this issue14:26
jpdsthekorn: If the problem comes back, someone can reopen the bug.14:27
thekornjpds, but again, you should think about switching to python-launchpadlib ;)14:27
jpdsthekorn: That is planned ;-)14:27
thekornjpds, super, if noone takes it I can have a look at it over the weekend14:28
thekornshould not be that hard14:29
jpdsthekorn: There is an experimental branch for it on my code page, but it's month's old.14:31
Alexia_Deathanybody up for helping out a newbie in debian packaging?14:33
thekornjpds, ok, cool, feel free to ping me when you need some help with launchpadlib14:34
Alexia_DeathI'm remaking the Xorg core packages with dbus support. that part is easy, rules needs an extra build flag. But I also need to install the dbus policy rules file and I dont have clue where that should go or how.14:35
Alexia_Deathso any tips welcome:)14:35
incorrectbackporting libtool from intrepid to hardy is a.) a bad idea,   b.) a good idea,   c.)  I am on drugs?14:39
jpdsthekorn: Would you happen to know a lplib function which will tell me if a person is a member of a team?14:48
thekornjpds, no, I don't think there is an API method for this, but how about checking if a person is in yourteam.members?14:57
thekornjpds, hmm, does not seem to work, http://paste.ubuntu.com/98333/   loks like a bug (missing feature) in launchpadlib to me15:01
jpdsthekorn: I'll that it here.15:02
jpds"TypeError: argument of type 'Entry' is not iterable" - hmm.15:08
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thekornjpds, created bug 313233 in launchpadlib15:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 313233 in launchpadlib "add __contains__ to collections" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31323315:12
jpdsthekorn: Oh, thanks.15:13
Laneyexcuse me for cross-posting from debian-mentors, but...15:39
LaneyWhat's the correct way to depend on ${source:Upstream-Version}? "=" obviously doesn't work15:39
Laneysebner: *cough*16:05
thekornjpds, https://bugs.staging.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ngircd/+bug/309872  << first sync request created using requestsync and launchpadlib ;)16:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 309872 in ubuntu-tweak "Adding 2nd User after installing Ubuntu-tweak removes all Desktop menus & icons" [Undecided,New]16:16
slytherinStevenK: thanks for jbossas4 sync. Do you time to any other syncs?16:17
incorrecthow long does it take to compile libtool16:33
incorrectdays? weeks? months?16:33
geserdo you mean the pure build time or the time for adding to the build queue to the result?16:34
incorrectoh nevermind it just died16:34
slytheringeser: just FYI ... jboss is finally built. :-)16:34
incorrecti am trying to backport libtool16:34
geserincorrect: the buildds take between 20 min and 1 h 40 min (depending on the arch)16:35
incorrectthanks geser16:35
geserslytherin: nice job. Did it include some patching or just syncing?16:36
incorrecthopefully i can get openldap 2.4.11 backported to hardy16:36
slytheringeser: this time it was just sync16:37
incorrecti don't know if anyone feels this way, but i would like to run an LTS version and get some of the latest server apps, such as openldap, apache samba16:38
incorrecti wonder how many support packages i will have to backport to get libtool to compile16:45
Laneyincorrect: That kind of runs counter to the LTSness doesn't it?16:48
incorrectLaney, yes and no16:48
incorrectLaney, i want the base for stable16:48
incorrectbit like freebsd, you get the core stable, then apps are separated out16:49
incorrectif i deploy a large server farm,  I want all the core update goodness for 5 years, but i also want to get some bang up to date services16:50
incorrectfor example openldap 2.4.9 still has bugs in its multimaster replication,  so i would want to upgrade this16:51
rjuneincorrect, so you'll have to run your own update server17:20
incorrectrjune, fine by me if, choice of not working17:21
incorrector having to do my own updates17:21
rjuneincorrect, basically, you start with LTS, then set up your own repository and rebuild anything you want and insert into that repo17:21
rjuneit's not what you want, but it's the only way to get that same effect.17:22
incorrectrjune, i know that, i was just suggesting that it would be nice if..17:22
incorrecti just wondered if others felt like me17:22
rjuneI'm sure you can find somebody willing to do it on a contract basis17:22
incorrectwhy do i need to pay someone to do it?17:23
incorrecti am perfectly able to backport myself17:23
rjuneyou could always do it yourself17:23
incorrectyears of gentoo17:23
rjuneI'm so sorry.17:23
rjunestill, you get the idea.17:23
incorrecti've been doing this for ages,  i just seem to be the only one who doesn't want to upgrade their server farm every 6 months when all they want is a couple of features17:24
rjunemost people find the pain of update less than the pain of rebuild17:25
rjuneif you start a repo doing backports, then make it public, you  may get some interest.17:25
incorrectdepends if the update introduces a problem on your production systems17:25
rjunethen again, you may not.17:25
incorrectif you only update one package, this negates the problem17:25
rjunewell, it minimizes it.17:25
incorrectyou can simply role back you one package17:26
incorrectharder to role back the entire os17:26
rjunetrue dat17:28
incorrectwell i am off for beer17:30
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CarlFKhttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-poppler comes from https://edge.launchpad.net/poppler-python18:53
CarlFKI reported a bug and submitted a patch - how do I get that into ibex?18:54
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copproREVU day! http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=metakit20:18
luckyonehello MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!21:01
luckyoneI have two quick questions, then I will leave you alone21:01
luckyone1) does the ati proprietary driver make it into the repos with every monthly release?21:02
luckyone2) when will ekiga 3.0 be available in the repos?21:02
superm1hi luckyone: at least regarding the ati driver, it's put into the development release on a regular basis.  you'll get equivalent packages (starting with intrepid and later) if you run --buildpkg Ubuntu on their .run file21:03
crimsun1) depends if someone has done the work for it and whether Feature Freeze has passed21:03
crimsun2) ekiga 3.0.1 has already been merged into jaunty21:04
luckyonecrimsun: will it make it into Intrepid?21:04
superm1so in the event that you are running intrepid and say want the 8-12 release, you can grab their installer and run it with that flag i just said.  it's not likely that it will be backported to intrepid though21:04
luckyoneI really should do my part and pick a package to maintain21:04
coppro:( REVU is just as hard to get on REVU days as otherwise21:04
crimsunit will not make it into intrepid period. intrepid is a frozen and released version.21:04
copproit might get backported21:05
crimsunthere is some low probability that it will make it into intrepid-backports, but that's a fairly low one.21:05
luckyoneyeah, that is what I mean, will it be backported21:05
nhandlercoppro: Don't forget, REVU day is still going on. It goes on until it is Saturday in all time zones21:05
crimsunluckyone: if you manage all the prerequisite work for it to be backported, there will be a slightly higher probability21:06
copproyes, exactly21:06
luckyoneso, Jaunty will have ati 8.12?21:06
superm1luckyone, jaunty already does have it21:06
superm1luckyone, as i said the development release gets them on a more regular basis21:07
luckyonesuperm1: but will that be the last driver version taken?21:07
superm1luckyone, that depends on what features are in the newer version and if it's a worthwhile upgrade to put into jaunty21:07
superm1luckyone, at this point i know there are some problems with 8-12 in jaunty, so likely a newer drop will be needed21:07
luckyoneI am crossing my fingers they are going to release the GPU offloading for video playback of additional codecs like H.264, etc21:08
luckyonenot just mpeg-221:08
copprotheora pls21:09
luckyonex.264 :x21:09
luckyoneis there ever a 'Masters in training' course?21:13
luckyoneI feel like I should help out21:13
luckyoneI want to be confident that my contribution would actually help though (that my packages are 1, needed, 2 built correctly...)21:14
copproput them on revu21:14
copproneeded isn't as important as built correctly21:14
coppro(check for a needs-packaging bug first)21:15
CarlFKI am trying to build a PPA from a package that I have a patch for.  but the current package is confusing: dget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/p/python-poppler/python-poppler_0.8.1-1.dsc21:16
CarlFK tar xvf python-poppler_0.8.1.orig.tar.gz makes pypoppler-0.8.1/ but python-poppler_0.8.1-1.diff.gz makes python-poppler-0.8.121:16
CarlFKjaunty is the first place this package apears.  should I file a bug ?21:17
Laneyjust use patch -p121:18
Laneyor use dget -x/dpkg-source -x21:18
crimsunit's not worth a bug. the diff.gz is not required to retain the upstream's root-extracted directory name.21:18
CarlFKer.. thanks.  dget -x isn't extracting... is is because: gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found Validation FAILED!!21:21
Laneydget -xu then21:21
Laney(or get the key)21:21
CarlFKthanks again21:24
LaneyIs it a good idea to split translations and manuals (omf format) out into an arch-indep package? lintian is whining22:41
LaneyOr just the manual?22:42
LaneyI think I'll just split the manual out for now22:56
Laneysebner: you agree?22:56
Laneymurrayc_: Hey! glom is almost ready to go (again :)23:27
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murrayc_Laney: Thanks. I notice that the examples/templates still aren't found, but maybe I will figure out why,23:53
Laneymurrayc_: It's alright, I've got it23:53
murrayc_Oh, cool.23:53
murrayc_Laney: What was the problem?23:53
LaneyI have to override the default directory23:53
Laneyoh no, I don't think I do actually23:53
Laneythere was a silly rule left over in the rules file which deleted them for some reason23:54
LaneyI killed that and now they come up23:54
murrayc_Oh, great.23:54
Laney(small thing that lintian picked up: You don't need encoding in the desktop file any more, they apparently have to be UTF-8 now)23:54
Laneyjust trying to make a glom-doc package, then if that works I'll upload the diff for real23:56
Laneymurrayc_: Oh, do you know if there's a way to not build the examples with goocanvasmm? I tried --disable-examples but it's no go23:57
murrayc_Laney: I'd accept a patch to add that option, but I generally don't bother with it myself.23:59

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