jussi01hehe, anyone see this? http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/01/01/zune.player.failures/index.html?iref=mpstoryview00:09
Jack_SparrowYep.. too funny00:10
elkbuntuthank goodness myrtti is still on holiday. asus-tek is on fire today02:04
nickrudneed an op in -offtopic02:46
jussi01nickrud: sorted?02:51
nickrudseems to be, the topic drifted away 02:51
jussi01Im off to bed.. almost 5am02:51
nickrudI assume no work tomorrow02:52
jussi01you assume wrong.02:52
nickrudthen you're a better person than me. I need my 6.02:52
Jack_SparrowIm old I need 8 or 1002:52
nickrudsleep well, see you later.02:52
jussi01thank God I can work anytime I want (I work from home) :D02:53
Jack_Sparrowme too02:53
nickrudnot me, it's a 20 minute walk. Better than working at home imho02:53
ubottuscunizi_ called the ops in #ubuntu (Token)05:05
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, dmsuperman said: !rimshot is Buh dum tssh - http://www.instantrimshot.com/08:19
bazhang<kelvin911> where is the pok gai bazhang08:52
FlannelI was wondering ;)08:52
bazhangpretty nasty fellow08:53
bazhangwhen called out on -ot in #ubuntu he says some unpleasant things to me in ##linux08:53
bazhang<kelvin911> where is the pok gai bazhang08:54
kelvin911got ban by bazhang for no reason08:54
bazhangkelvin911, you were asked to stop warez talk and called for being offtopic, then responded thusly08:54
tritiumkelvin911: you have an interesting definition of "no reason"08:54
kelvin911bazhang is racist08:55
bazhangkelvin911, hardly 'no reason'08:55
Flannelyou're racist against trolls08:55
Flanneljust because someone lives under a bridge doesn't make them a bad person!08:55
bazhangyep apparently so08:55
Flannelyou're so hurtful08:55
* Flannel storms off.08:55
FlannelHi pop79, how can we help you?09:43
bazhangpop79, how may we help you09:43
pop79iwant to say sorry bazhang09:43
bazhangpop79, you were under the name mr_fat previously, correct?09:43
pop79i was speeking to an operator yesterday09:44
bazhangpop79, and you were abusing the bot in #ubuntu-offtopic and asked to stop?09:44
bazhangpop79, then you went into #ubuntu and asked how to ban people?09:44
pop79yes, im sorry09:44
bazhangpop79, and subsequently ban evaded with the name helpmaster?09:44
pop79i know, but it was weird09:45
pop79i just09:45
pop79went into09:45
bazhangpop79, when you are banned you dont try to get around it; that is called ban-evasion09:45
pop79i know, but i was going to create my own channel09:45
pop79i was just looking to see if my ban was up as well09:46
Flannelpop79: Your current behavior in this channel certainly isn't helpful either.09:46
bazhangpop79, it wasnt09:46
pop79well can you at least tell me when my ban is up?09:46
bazhangpop79, when you have understood the code of conduct and guidelines for irc and #ubuntu channels09:47
pop79i know them. look at a log for yesterday in #ubuntu-offtopic09:47
bazhangpop79, and you dont seem to have a clear idea about those now, as you ignored people in #ubuntu-offtopic when abusing the bot in there09:48
pop79im very sorry, but when my ban is up, i promise it wont be me who gets banned again, because ill be good09:48
pop79i needed help with ubuntu, but since you banned me, i cant get it09:49
bazhangpop79, this is not about apologizing to any one person; you were being disruptive in #ubuntu channels, and failing to listen to others asking you to stop09:49
pop79well i had a temper.09:49
pop79anyway that was days ago09:50
bazhangpop79, you should thought about your needing help before you were so disruptive and ban-evaded.09:50
pop79well, i didnt mean to ban-evade09:51
pop79and for your information, i dont know how to change my ip address09:51
bazhangpop79, but if you know you are still banned (nothing has been done to lift it), then entering the channel under a different nick and IP address is evasion09:52
pop79if you give me one more chance, i promise from the bottom of my heart, i will listen and be good09:52
pop79you will never have to ban me again09:53
bazhang!coc | pop79 please read this09:53
ubottupop79 please read this: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/09:53
bazhang!guidelines | pop79 and this09:53
ubottupop79 and this: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines09:53
pop79i just reading them now09:54
pop79thank you, i read them09:56
bazhangpop79, you may rejoin, but please 09:56
bazhangoh nice; kelvin911 is joining a random channel I'm in and saying something very nasty 09:57
pop79sorry there09:58
bazhangpop79, you are unbanned; please keep in mind the guidelines and code of conduct both in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic , and all #ubuntu channels09:59
pop79omg! thank you so much!09:59
pop79you are a true friend09:59
Flannelbazhang: Is GetOnTop's recent doohickey in #u normal or inappropriate?09:59
pop79hey bazhang! can i help you with anything here?10:00
bazhangpop79, please dont idle here10:00
bazhangFlannel, not so far; he just said does russian work?10:00
bazhangnow joined -ru10:01
FlannelAh.  Looked less like russian than usual10:01
* jussi01 prods ikonia11:04
Garyknow about this?  onjoin spam - 11:17 -Suferr1ngLinUX(n=www@ Hi Gary , Welcome to Ubuntu Official Support help channel, Please read the topic .. Do not Swear, be  friendly and nice to all UBUNTU Lovers11:17
ikoniadone him11:18
ikoniajust disabling his scripts11:18
ikoniahe's in pm11:18
ikoniaseems a nice guy11:19
ikoniagary can you re-test it, I joined with an alt nick and didn't get it11:19
ikoniadon't know how to trigger it11:19
Garyno pm11:19
ikoniaI didn't get a pm11:19
ikoniaso it didn't trigger when I joined (he had not disabled then)11:20
ikoniadon't know how to test it11:20
Garyit was a notice, and it is now not noticing11:20
Garya /cycle caused him to notice me, now it did not11:20
ikoniaso he did to it11:21
Garydon't make me cycle #Ubuntu again, it hurts :'(11:23
FlannelI got nothing11:25
Flanneland I just got a query from eth01 saying "its stopped, you can stop checking"11:25
Garyyeah, he reported it to me!11:26
* Gary cries11:26
* jussi01 hi-fives ikonia11:48
* jussi01 prods ikonia some more12:50
elkbuntuis there any chance it is a full moon tonight?13:05
Tm_Telkbuntu: hmm, my hands are not getting hairy yet13:06
elkbuntuTm_T, i have cross-network troll in PM, a cracker wannabe in a geek depression channel, and mcdonalds and kfc trolls in a cooking channel.13:07
elkbuntujussi01, well, 'bluehackers' is slightly deceiving to the uneducated eye...13:09
Garyelkbuntu: arghh, I really want a KFC now13:14
jussi01shush about kfc! I want it also and there is none in this country!!13:14
elkbuntuGary, did i ever tell you the true story about the mayo that was not mayo in a kfc burger13:14
Garyelkbuntu: bleah13:19
elkbuntuit was a pustule.13:19
elkbuntustill want that kfc?13:20
GaryI hate you13:20
jussi01elkbuntu: every fastfood chain has a story like that... so meh13:26
elkbuntujussi01, i only needed to kill his desire at this moment13:27
elkbuntuthe thought of munching a pus ball is relatively good at that on most people.13:27
GaryI sorted it with chocolate13:27
jussi01mmm... 64bit flash... it works fullscreen... :D13:29
Flanneljussi01: Does your screen support 64bit color yet?13:29
jussi01Flannel: err, what?13:29
FlannelWhat?  You have a 64bit system with a 32bit monitor?13:30
Flannelyou're missing out!13:30
* jussi01 takes a bite of Flannel13:31
* genii puts on a pot of coffee14:26
* genii hands Jack_Sparrow a coffee15:19
Jack_SparrowI have a coffee mug to send you ... PM me an email address so we can figure out how to get it to you15:20
Jack_SparrowI'll try and grab a pic of them later for you15:26
geniiCoffee paraphernalia is always welcome :)15:29
Jack_Sparrowgenii, I have a prob...15:52
geniiJack_Sparrow: ?15:52
Jack_Sparrowok found it..  /mode #ubuntu +b *!*@                there was a space that got me twice15:53
Jack_Sparrowtried to ban everyone15:53
Jack_Sparrowone more time15:53
Jack_SparrowOuch, now I really need some coffee15:55
* genii pours Jack_Sparrow an extra-caffeinated large mug of coffee15:56
Jack_SparrowForget that, gimme an IV15:56
geniiJack_Sparrow: I like the irony there of !piracy coming from a nick like yours...16:02
Jack_SparrowYEa.. I know16:03
Jack_SparrowI acutally did some work on the real black pearl for the movie16:03
Jack_SparrowThey called me in, when it was in San Diego for some refitting for the movie16:04
nbeebo__how long will the average ban last on one of ubuntu's channels? permanent or.. ?16:05
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:05
Jack_Sparrownbeebo__, depends on the offense, are you ban evading here today16:06
nbeebo__Jack_Sparrow, hmm dont understand... but no it wasnt very offensive, but ive done mildly offensive before without getting banned so..16:06
Jack_Sparrownbeebo__, I see seven bans by 3 different ops..16:08
nbeebo__wow didnt know that i guess i have bad memory then..16:08
nbeebo__didnt try anything know admins can see that.. lol16:08
Jack_SparrowWe  keep excellent logs16:08
Jack_SparrowIt seems you are not banned in ubuntu atm, but I would not expect offtopic to let you back any time soon16:10
nbeebo__as in 1 month one week one year never?16:11
Jack_SparrowI cant speak for them..   but when 4 different ops have banned you.. there had to be a reason16:12
Jack_Sparrowthe last by tonyyarusso so you would need to speak with him16:12
geniinbeebo__: There's no set time period on bans. Usually you need to return here and speak to the particular op which has banned you from a specific channel16:13
nbeebo__alright alright16:14
ubottuPlease keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.16:19
pop79Bazhang? Sorry if im interupting you, but you are a true friend16:19
nbeebo__yeah yeah16:19
pop79how do i become an operator?16:20
Jack_SparrowBy leadership and helpfulness in the channel, never by asking16:21
DavieyBy showing you a helpful member of the irc community, then get picked16:21
pop79thank you16:21
geniigrestr in #u\16:27
Jack_SparrowZewalrus, You were banned in ubuntu.. you changed your nick now you claim it wasnt you being disruptive16:31
Jack_SparrowZewalrus,  05 2008 03:27:38 16:33
Jack_SparrowZewalrus, the nick was Huge Walrus16:33
Jack_Sparrowgenii, you here?16:35
ZewalrusThe Beatles I am the Walrus16:35
geniiJack_Sparrow: Yup16:36
ZewalrusWalrus is also an animal ...16:36
Jack_SparrowFlannel, Are you awake yet16:44
pop79would i be able to help anybody here?16:47
pop79with there work16:47
Jack_Sparrowpop79, In channel.. yes, in here, no, there are many ways to help support ubuntu16:48
ZewalrusJack_Sparrow,  Jack_Sparrow met un ban sur *!*@bas7-montreal02-1096626380.dsl.bell.ca  #ubuntu16:48
Tm_TZewalrus: hi how can we help you?16:49
ZewalrusJack_Sparrow,  I cant send in the #ubuntu canal16:49
Jack_SparrowI am reviewing the logs, I dont believe you are not the same person banned for abuse16:49
Jack_SparrowTm_T,  huge_walrus           same as zewalrus  same ip16:50
Jack_SparrowBanned on dec 5 and again on Dec 29 2008 00:33:40  16:51
ZewalrusBell.ca is on Dynamic Ip 16:52
ZewalrusI can reboot my modem if thats all i need to do16:52
Tm_Tplease don't16:53
Zewalrusi speak french so im pretty bored of this misunderstood16:53
Tm_TZewalrus: you must understand that we deal with thousands of people every day16:53
Jack_SparrowTm_T, Please double check me on this.   HUge was very offensive to myself and flannel in pm not to mention the channel16:53
Zewalrusi see so anything i will say will be use against me , to prove i dont give a ** about you i will leave 16:55
Tm_TZewalrus: no, not really16:55
Tm_TZewalrus: more like, we make mistakes16:55
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: sorry, can't16:55
Jack_SparrowNO doubt in my mind on this one16:56
Jack_Sparrowaka firky too16:57
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: seems like we can let him through just for test, because I'm sure IF he's ill-doer, ip-ban won't hold him17:07
Jack_SparrowTm_T, Agreed, which is what I told him in the first place, then he went off 17:08
Jack_SparrowTm_T, I assume he is resetting his modem as we speak17:09
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: perhaps17:09
Tm_TI'm msging with him though17:09
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: mind to lift the ban, and watch it for a moment?17:10
* Tm_T is bit busy with packaging17:10
ubottuscunizi called the ops in #ubuntu (ubuntu_)17:21
jussi01tupac_shakur just made his/her weekly visit to #kubuntu. *grumble*18:13
geniijussi01: I was going to point them to !ro18:15
=== ursula_ is now known as Ursinha
jussi01genii: bit weird this one... ;)18:21
geniijussi01: Yup18:21
=== tomaw is now known as t|test
=== tomaw_ is now known as tomaw
geniijussi01: Apologies. I was contributing to the delinquency there19:23
jussi01it was fine until the guy about the porn star19:24
stdinyou have to love out-of-context quotes :)19:41
* genii hands stdin a coffee19:41
* genii sips his coffee and thinks about spinachfish's dog/cat20:48
Mezman I'm tired22:36
ikoniasleep then22:36
Mezcan't gotta wait for washing machine to finish so can put uniform in dryer, or cant go to work tomorrow22:36
ikoniaoh dear22:37
jussi01Mez: do yhey not give you more than 1 uniform?22:48
* jussi01 prods ikonia22:48
Mezjussi01: 2 shirts, 1 waistcoat, 1 tie.22:52
ikoniaMez: what are you working as at the moment22:54
ikoniaJack_Sparrow: thanks22:54
Jack_Sparrownp, sorry but I just got home22:54
Jack_SparrowDid I miss much22:55
Mezikonia: lol ... I dont cyber with guys :P22:55
Mezoh, lol22:55
Mezt shirt, combats :D22:55
Mezlots of socks :D22:56
ikoniaworking as - not wearing !22:56
MezI read wearing22:56
* Mez is a dealer22:56
ikoniaasl ?22:56
ubottuMost of us don't speak American Sign Language, please try english instead. ✌22:56
nickspoonWhy, hello there.22:57
Jack_SparrowHey big fella22:57
* nickspoon growls seductively at Jack_Sparrow22:57
Jack_SparrowWanna see MY website.. Arrrgh22:58
ubottuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu-ops. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)22:58
Jack_SparrowSorry, kinda light headed after my 4 mile walk22:58
nickrud_coc applies EVERYWHERE !!!! ;)22:59
Mezkinky :D22:59
Jack_SparrowDid anyone make up a feisty sources.list with repos for the old release for people wanting to upgrade feisty ?23:05
MezJack_Sparrow: sudo do-release-upgrade23:06
Jack_SparrowMez, No need to change the repos?>23:06
Jack_SparrowI thouhg they had to be up to date first23:07
nickrud_doesn't that try to bring a release up to date prior to upgrading? Or at least, get the latest update-manager?23:07
MezJack_Sparrow: that does everything23:07
Jack_Sparrowgood to know, we still get a few of those each day23:08
nickrud_Mez, include changing sources to old-releases if necessary to have a good update-manager? I've seen people (not necessarily feisty, maybe earlier) need to update from old-releases before they could successfully upgrade23:08
Meznickrud_: it's independant of update-manager, so it doesnt need that23:09
nickrud_Mez, ah. thanks23:09
jussi01Im off to bed. nini all23:10
Mezok, it's actually part of update-manager 23:10
* genii puts on more coffee23:12
=== robotgee1 is now known as robotgeek
Mez@bansearch Gnea23:39
ubottuNo matches found for gnea!i=gnea@unaffiliated/gnea in any channel23:39
Mezhmm, he's being a bit of an ass.23:40
Mez23:35 <Gnea> suup: for the final time, please, /join #python and ask there.23:41
FlannelHe's always been, he's had warnings about it too23:41
MezI asked him what he was going to do, and that he had the right to ask the question (as I'd pointed out before he asked it, and this guy had only sent the question once)23:41
FlannelFeel free to mute him for an hour or whatnot as needed23:41
Mezhe factoided me "ask the question in the channel"23:41
MezI told him why I was /msg'ing him23:42
Mezand then he responded to "not PM him without asking first"23:42
FlannelHe's got an attitude, and historically will randomly trigger sort-of relevant factoids when not needed, or already answered.23:42
nickrud_ohhh, 'very well'23:43
Mezdid/does anyone else see23:44
Mez 23:35 <Gnea> suup: for the final time, please, /join #python and ask there.23:45
Mezas an ultimatum/threat?23:45
geniiMez: The fellow suup had also inquired earlier on a python issue23:45
nickrud_and been told to register before23:45
Mezgenii: I know, but it's the wording/the way that he put the message across that got to me23:46
geniiMez: But definitely gnea's comment appears as an ultimatum 23:46
FlannelMez: How's he behaving in the query?23:47
nickrud_or an expression of frustration since gnea knows well it would be an idle threat23:47
MezFlannel: like a stuck up kid.23:47
geniiFlannel: Heh, you sent jojo  !es in #u same time I also sent it to them in #k 23:48
FlannelHe should just ignore it if he's getting frustrated.  He knows how to ignore a single line occassionally23:48
Flannelgenii: multi-lingual *and* multi-flavor!23:48
MezGnea: how can we help?23:55
GneaMez: by showing patience.23:55
Gneaclearly, you have totally misunderstood the intent and meaning of my words.23:56
MezGnea: if I can, then so can others.23:56
Mez23:46 <+Mez> genii: I know, but it's the wording/the way that he put the message across that got to me23:56
Mez23:46 <+genii> Mez: But definitely gnea's comment appears as an ultimatum 23:56
Mezfrom earlier23:56
Gnea"for the final time", meant that, if he didn't get his problem sorted out, then I would have gone to an op for help.23:56
Gneaand yet, you had to spend all of that time going off on me about it.23:57
GneaI've had more than my fair share of discussions with ops about procedures and whatnot.23:57
MezGnea: which means it was definately meant as a threat/ultimatum, which was the issue.23:57
FlannelGnea: You've had your fair share about procedures, yet you apparently fail to heed them.23:58
MezGnea: what I'm ttrying to say is - dont make threats/ultimatums. If there's an issue, poke an op.23:58
MezYou can PM any of us about a problemous user at any time, or join here.23:58
GneaI'll take that into consideration.23:59
MezGnea: but, I'm not happy with the attitude that you took to me, I think that's another issue.23:59
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/23:59
GneaMez: well, you came at me with a pretty poor attitude to begin with.23:59

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