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ballAnyone seen dendrobates?04:51
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hedinhi where do i request a version bump of a package in ubuntu server?09:08
selinuxiumHi all, I am trying to install ubuntu on a Poweredge 1800 with a adaptec 2610sa Raid controller. The install appears to complete but on the reboot I get a rub error 22... Any help gratefully received :)09:45
ropetinselinuxium: I won't be much help, but how do you have the RAID configured?09:46
selinuxiumthe raid is configured as raid 5. But it is blank... the OS is installed on a separate drive...09:50
ropetinHmmm, so did maybe the boot drive device change between install and reboot?  I've had that a couple of times, especially when using usb CDs or keys to install09:54
ropetinJust have to edit the grub entry09:55
selinuxiumropetin: OK ,will have a look, I will see if I can work it out! :)09:56
selinuxiumropetin: I have boot the server with a live disc and I am looking in the /boot/grub/menu.lst   everythign is pointing to hd1,0   the live disc is showing the boot drive to be sdb1... What do I need to put in here fot it to read the correct drive?10:29
ropetinIf it really is sdb1, then that is fine.  For slitz and giggles though, you could try hd0,0?10:30
selinuxiumropetin: I'll have a play.  :)10:32
ObsidianXis there a better (but still free) web interface than webmin?11:10
selinuxiumHi all, I am trying to install ubuntu on a Poweredge 1800 with a adaptec 2610sa Raid controller and a seperate SATA drive on which the OS is loaded. The install appears to complete but on the reboot I get a grub error 22... Booted with live CD /boot/grub/menu.1st show everything pointing at (hd1,0).  ran grub then find /boot/grub/stage1 and it is reporting the (hd1,0) is correct.  Any help gratefully recieved.11:34
Mal3kohow do you install Pearl?11:34
Mal3kocompile from source?11:34
selinuxiumMal3ko: PERL... :)   sudo apt-get install perl11:35
Mal3kowhich ver?11:35
Mal3koand does that include DBI and DBD::mysql modules?11:35
selinuxiumMal3ko:  Perl 5.10.0-11.1ubuntu211:36
selinuxiumMal3ko: sudo apt-get install perl libdbd-mysql-perl libclass-dbi-mysql-perl11:38
selinuxiumMal3ko: I believe...11:38
Mal3koselinuxium: i think perl is installed by default in ubuntu 8.1011:54
Mal3konow i just need to check if the modules are already installed11:54
Mal3koDBI and DBD::mysql modules11:54
autoditachi. i try to install grub 1.96 (from hardy-backports) on an lvm partition on top of a md raid 10.13:13
autoditacwhen i do "grub-install --modules='biosdisk pc raid lvm xfs ext2' '(md0)'" i get:13:13
autoditacgrub-probe: error: unknown device13:14
autoditacthe root device is on a RAID array or LVM volume.13:14
autoditacgrub-setup: error: Can't embed the core image, but this is required when13:14
autoditacwhat's that supposed to mean?13:14
techsupportubuntu server installation asked me if i want to install a virtual machine server, which virtual machine do they talk about ?17:41
uvirtbot`New bug: #313275 in logwatch (universe) "logwatch stunnel script doesn't match any stunnel4 log entries" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31327517:41
techsupportand can i install windows on top of it ?17:41
Deepstechsupport: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/virtualization.html17:42
techsupportcant find anything that says windows17:47
uvirtbot`New bug: #313287 in libnss-ldap (universe) "libnss-ldap uses wrong port for ldaps://" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31328718:16
maw_techsupport: xen19:55
maw_...I assume19:55
maw_and yes xen supports windows guest OS19:56
jmarsdenmaw_: Why assume Xen ?  KVM is more likely.  Could even be virtualbox ?  And all of them support Windows as a guest...19:56
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maw_I made the assumption as many OS have xen 'ready' kernels. I know SLES, RHEL do at least. But, I don't know so I just through that out there.19:58
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maw_I am sure if someone is interested they can do their own research :)19:59
jmarsdenhttp://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/technologies/virtualization  suggests KVM is the Ubuntu-favoured one.20:00
maw_thanks for clarifying20:02
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stumpy_ghosthello all. i have installed ubuntu-8.04.1-server with the LAMP stack. I have also installed otrs via apt get. the webpage is placed in server.com/otrs/index.pl20:41
stumpy_ghosthow can i move this to the document root?20:42
stumpy_ghostso just server.com will bring up the page?20:42
ProfFalkenstumpy_ghost: two options, 1 - edit otrs httpd.conf/apache.conf so it uses otrs as the root for a vhost. 2 - use mod_rewrite and redirect all traffic for / to /otrs/index.pl20:45
ProfFalkenstumpy_ghost: I recon a quick google for otrs vhost would probably do it...20:45
* ProfFalken goes back to sleep - see you all tomorrow...20:45
* stumpy_ghost waves bye to ProfFalken the sleepy helper20:46
smultronanyone know of a good way to log system uptime/downtime to calculate percent availability?22:28
Yann2haproxy does that for me :)22:34
maw_smultron: cacti, nagios...23:00

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