brycetjaalton: btw I tried manually copying the libdrm-dev headers back into /usr/include/drm, but it made no difference; -ati still hangs on X start.02:00
brycesurprisingly, vesa actually looks pretty good, although it's a lower res and no dual-head02:01
tjaaltonbryce: the headers are used only when building the drivers08:02
tjaaltonor do you mean you rebuilt -ati?08:02
bryceah.  no didn't rebuild it08:05
tjaaltonshouldn't make a difference08:08
tjaaltonso it just hangs?08:08
bryceyep, I'd had it working fine and dandy with intrepid, then did the upgrade08:08
bryceX fails to start, and switching to vts just displays corrupted screens08:09
bryceso my next hypothesis is an EXA/XAA problem08:09
tjaaltonah, so you can change the vt when it happens?08:09
tjaaltonis it a r5xx?08:09
tjaaltonhmm, dunno which generation that is08:10
tjaaltonif it's DRI capable, try disabling it08:10
bryceRV630 [Radeon HD 2600XT]08:11
tjaaltonok, it's not that08:11
tjaaltonmaybe it's trying to use the wrong output?08:11
bryceI don't think it's a wrong output issue - the card has 2 outputs and I have monitors connected to both.08:14
tjaaltonheh, ok08:14
tjaaltonthere's a new upstream version in experimental.. try that08:14
brycehmm, this looks suspicious:08:16
bryceOutput 69 disable success08:16
bryceOutput 51 disable success08:16
bryceBlank CRTC 0 success08:16
bryceDisable CRTC 0 success08:16
bryceBlank CRTC 1 success08:16
bryceDisable CRTC 1 success08:16
tjaaltonthat's why I suspect an initialization issue08:17
tjaaltonbug 312924 looks similar08:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312924 in xorg "HD3450 configuration fails on reboot in jaunty" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31292408:31
tjaaltonand bug 31174808:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311748 in xorg "HD3470 AND HD3200 X56TR laptop x doesn't start / black screen" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31174808:45
tjaaltonI've duped them08:50
tjaaltonem, the former with the latter08:50
bryceI'm back to work tomorrow, and I think I'll focus the day on sorting out this particular bug (or upstreaming it at least)08:51
tjaaltonthe new upstream version didn't help08:52
bryceright, I'll try that tomorrow first08:52
tjaaltonah, ok08:53
bryce(today I've been doing shop project stuff, and tonight am installing the new bookcase I made)08:53
brycemy wife's excited because I've got a pile of old books out in the main room that will be moved in now, and it'll eliminate clutter she's had to look at08:56
tjaaltonit's -12C outside, so I'll stay in and weed the bugs08:57
bryceouch :-)08:58
tjaaltonbtw, I've changed my contract to 20h/week so I can concentrate on my studies the next two months (at least), so might be that I need to lower my commitment to X/ubuntu for a while :/09:01
bryceah, good to know09:07
brycehow'd your tests go btw?09:07
tjaaltongood practice :)09:07
tjaaltonnext ones the week after next week09:07
tjaaltonI was just so jetlagged the whole week, and I actually had to skip the first one because I couldn't stay awake for more than 5min09:08
tjaalton..at a time09:09
bryce:-/  I was worried something like that'd happen.  Hope your professors were sympathetic09:09
tjaaltonwell they want to get rid of us (slackers), so they have no choice :)09:11
tjaaltonI'll merge -ati, it can't be worse than the current version :)09:11
Q-FUNKhowdy!  any chance to get the fix to bug #255991 moved from hardy-proposed to hardy-updates?09:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255991 in xserver-xorg-video-geode "xf86-video-geode: DDC probing broken on GX2/CS5535 since 2.9.0 (patch)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25599109:15
tjaaltonQ-FUNK: isn't that something for an archive-admin?09:18
bryceyeah, need to talk to pitti or slangasek09:20
Q-FUNKtjaalton: I'm not sure.  last time I asked, I was told to test and ensure that it doesn't introduce any regression.09:20
tseliottjaalton: what are you studying?09:25
tjaaltontseliot: major in semiconductors & materials in electronics (blech), minor in software engineering & business09:27
tjaaltonso the courses I have left are real gems, like physics II, inorganic chemistry etc :)09:28
tseliothehe, a lot of fun09:29
tjaaltona lot, yes09:29
tseliotwill it give you the chance to be paid more? How does it work in Finland?09:30
tjaaltonif you have a degree it gives you more options09:30
tseliotok, then it's definitely worth the effort09:30
tjaaltonalthough there are plenty of experts who have dropped out and made a good living09:31
tseliotyou already have a job, right?09:32
tjaaltonsure, had one for ten years now.. one reason why it's been taking so long :)09:32
tseliotaah, I thought you started your degree course recently09:33
tseliotmore recently09:34
tseliotgood luck then09:34
tjaaltonbryce: the new ati version didn't help your setup?18:52
bryceI've installed it; I'll reboot after I finish fiddling with a few bug reports18:53
tjaaltonlooks like evertjan didn't get the new version yet18:53
tjaaltonII) Module radeon: vendor="X.Org Foundation" compiled for, module version = 6.9.018:53
CShadowRunHi guys, i was just reading http://blog.qa.ubuntu.com/node/9 and i hear you need testers19:45
CShadowRunI have a quad screen setup (2 nVidia 8800GT cards, both dual head) and i currently run 2 X screens to manage it19:46
CShadowRuni'd love to help you guys test, so just give me a call :)19:46
CShadowRunlove the sound of xrandr :)19:46
bryceCShadowRun: thanks, welcome to the ubuntu-x team :-)19:56
bryceCShadowRun: I assume you're using the -nvidia driver?19:57
CShadowRunyup :)19:57
brycewhat are you interested in testing particularly?19:58
CShadowRunwell i'd like to see the xrandr stuff for multiple heads19:58
CShadowRunbecause xinerama is a bit crap, and so are multiple X screens lol19:58
CShadowRunit's a shame to see multiple X screens fall into a state of disrepair, though20:01
bryceheh, well you're sort of stuck, since you're using the -nvidia proprietary binary driver20:01
CShadowRunwell i can always put another installation of ubuntu on one of my drives to test with20:01
brycewith -nvidia you first need to wait for them to provide xrandr 1.2 support20:01
CShadowRuni well, i shall just twiddle my thumbs till it comes along20:03
CShadowRununless theres any better ideas :)20:03
bryceCShadowRun: are you using nvidia-graphics-drivers-177?  Do you have jaunty installed?20:05
bryceif so, one area you could help is by looking at bugs in https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-17720:06
brycesome documentation for how to check bug reports is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Triaging20:08
brycebbl - testing new -ati20:12
CShadowRunI can probably load jaunty on one of my spare drives and check out some of those bugs :)20:54
brycetjaalton: yep reverting the EXA patch and going back to XAA solved the issue for me22:29
tjaaltonbryce: ok, so it was the same bug then22:30
tjaaltonstrange that the patch _looks_ ok22:30
bryceI'll need to look it over a bit more22:31
brycethere's actually 2 bugs - one is why EXA isn't working (which may or may not be the same issue as graber), and the other is why XAA can't be specified22:31
tjaaltonit's the same22:31
tjaaltonI bet EXA works for you if you force it in the conf22:32
bryceok lemme try22:32
bryceyou're right22:33
brycebryce@chideok:~$ grep XAA /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:33
brycebryce@chideok:~$ grep EXA /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:33
bryce(**) RADEON(0): Option "AccelMethod" "EXA"22:33
brycebtw, I subbed ubuntu-x to radeontool22:34
brycethere's no bugs against it, but I think we should probably get the package up to date with what's in airlied's git tree22:34
bryceaha, found one issue...  setting AccelMode to XAA does not actually turn off useEXA, it ust leaves the default22:48
brycetjaalton: ok I understand what's going wrong22:50
tjaaltongreat :)22:51
bryceit *is* an EXA problem22:51
brycegraber actually isn't getting EXA (neither am I)22:51
bryce(==) RADEON(0): No acceleration support available on R600 yet.22:51
brycethere's logic that prevents considering EXA if CHIP_FAMILY_R60022:52
bryceso it forces XAA for that22:52
brycehowever my patch ignored that and set EXA as the default before that condition was checked22:52
bryceso I was forcing EXA on R600 for graber and I, thus exposing the EXA problem22:52
tjaaltonmaybe the other bug should be closed as well then (311748), or marked as dupe of the first?22:53
brycesecondarily, there's another problem I mentioned above where specifying XAA doesn't switch you to XAA, only to the default22:53
brycetjaalton: no, I think that's a different problem actually22:54
brycethey are reporting seeing that issue on intrepid, which doesn't have my patch so could not be seeing this problem22:55
tjaaltonwell, now there's a change it might work22:56
bryceinteresting; in reading the logic it sounds like even XAA is unsupported on this chipset.  bummer22:58
tjaaltonwell, r6xx only gained acceleration support a couple of days ago :)22:59
tjaaltonbut not something for jaunty..23:00
brycewell, basic performance seems fine23:00
bryceok, made a new patch... time to build and test23:07
bryce hrm, the j key on my keyboard is not producing j's reliably... not a good keyboard for development of uanty23:10
bryceok here we go23:11
bryceseems okay23:12
bryceI can't test setting XAA though23:15
bryceat least, not easily right now23:15
tjaaltonship it23:15
bryceheh, done23:16
brycehmm, with sufficient firefox windows open, performance issues become evident23:16
brycetjaalton: where'd you see r6xx gaining accel support?  The mainline tree seems to still have it disabled23:20
tjaaltonbryce: not the -ati driver, but the fuss about the DRM code etc. radeonhd has exa support with the experimental code, probably will land in -ati too after a while23:21
bryceah right23:21
stgraberyeah, scrolling pages with the ati driver on r6xx with 1680x1050 as resolution is really a pain :)23:29
stgraberfor now I'm using my laptop as a server and using my Asus EEE (intel graphic :)) with an external screen ssh-ing my laptop23:29
brycestgraber: I've uploaded a new -ati which should fix the problem you were seeing23:30
brycestgraber: sorry it was my lousy coding that broke it23:30
stgraberbryce: no problem, thanks for fixing it :)23:32

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