comicinkermortuis99: and does trash:/// still show up something not in .loca/share/Trash?00:00
lumpycamexodus_ms: true, editing file.conf~ will have no effect.00:00
exodus_mslumpycam, cool, going to sign off and log in again and see if the changes work :)00:01
scunizi_mortuis99: sometimes trash will show that it has something that is actually in a .trash folder on an external device like a usb stick or drive.00:01
rivitingonelumpycam: The files I need are on another computer. I need to network them somehow.00:02
devilhey guys im having problems with compiz. my restricted drivers are activated. but when i hit compiz icon it gives me the following error and nothing happens. http://pastebin.com/m3759d758 how can i solve this problem?00:02
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lumpycamrivitingone: sounds like you need samba.00:02
mortuis99scunizi_ that MIGHT be it but is there a way to still clear it?00:02
ziggy1running from a live disk, how do I save my current changes so I can start in this state when I get back?00:02
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fosco_\slash: sudo apt-get install emerald00:03
scunizi_mortuis99: plug in the devices you think have trash and then empty..00:03
\slashinstaling :)00:03
ZellSFwhat is the package containing non-free video codecs called?00:03
Slash00hey I would like to get rid of windows completely, so how can i do it from ubuntu00:03
Arteluscan someone help me install ubuntu? :)00:03
mortuis99scunizi_ im not sure the device.  and it might not exist anymore00:03
scunizi_mortuis99: could also be a camera that you plugged in and deleted images off of.. there will be a hidden trash on the memory card of that device.00:03
fosco_Slash00: use gparted to delete all windows partitions00:04
__MAVHello everybody00:04
Slash00ok, thanks00:04
__MAVWhere is Xgl on ubuntu 8.10 ?00:04
scunizi_mortuis99: also if everything looks clear you may find the status will change after rebooting.00:04
Arteluscan someone help me? ^^00:04
__MAVI need it to setup a multi-seat configuration00:04
wsgordon_how do i empty the trash in gnome, no icon00:05
rivitingonelumpycam: This doc says I don't need samba, just smbfs. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountWindowsSharesPermanently00:05
kitche__MAV: XGL is no longer around00:05
rivitingonelumpycam: Is samba better?00:05
fosco_wsgordon_: please, expand00:05
__MAVkitche: What is the replacement for Xgl then ?00:06
ArtelusCan anyone here help me?00:06
chilli0hello all00:06
scunizi_!ask | Artelus00:06
ubottuArtelus: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:06
kitche__MAV: just xorg AIGLX00:06
chilli0is there anyway i can start a download at say 4.00 am ? like a program that starts it00:07
ArtelusI can't get the partitioner to work00:07
kitche__MAV: novell stopped XGL since xorg came out with their own version00:07
lumpycamrivitingone: i never used it, i assume that url is the way to go.00:07
scunizi_Artelus: are you trying to install ubuntu or do something else?00:07
ArtelusI can't seem to get the partitioner to work while installing ubuntu, it just stays at 0%00:07
ArtelusI don't have much experience partitioning, so  im not really sure what to do...00:08
__MAVkitche: uh-oh00:08
lumpycamrivitingone: smb stands for samba, i believe. or you can dance the samba but that won't work :)00:08
__MAVI'm trying 3 days to setup multi-seat on ubuntu wih no luck00:08
scunizi_Artelus: did you start the install after windows was booted? or did you boot directly to the live cd?00:08
sheena1i think i need to upgrade my ubuntu from 8.04. i'm wondering what data i will lose if i do this00:08
Artelusi booted directly from the live cd00:09
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kulawendIs anyone aware of any good music mixing software for Linux?00:09
__MAVI have found a nice solution of nested X servers with Xgl00:09
scunizi_Artelus: and do you you want to create a dual boot machine or just have Ubuntu on the entire thing?00:09
hspaanskulawend: audicity00:09
lumpycamsheena1: you shouldn't lose anything.00:09
__MAVbut there is no Xgl in 8.1000:09
Artelusdual boot :)00:09
sheena1lumpycam: i won't lose software installed, settings, files, anything?00:09
Lucienti want to be able to acess my external drive, but when i plug it in, it doesnt mount. do i need to enable ntfs?00:10
__MAVis there any way I can download and install Xgl separately ?00:10
kulawendhspaans: I'm thinking more on the lines of DJ software.00:10
scunizi_Artelus: when you got to the partitioning portion of the install did you choose "Guided" or automatic or what?00:10
lumpycamsheena1: intrepid will make some system changes, but data in /home/ remains the same.00:10
ArtelusThere are 2 partitions i think, one is 3% and another is 97%00:10
Artelusi resized the 97% one and gave 30GB to ubuntu00:11
hole_how do i use .patch files? i am trying to install direct3d wrap for wine00:11
mnWhat are the advantages of putting /home in another partition?00:11
johninlexhello all00:11
giacoI', using ubuntu 8.10 up-to-date with xfce DE, my problem is: if I open an application that use audio (ex. vlc ) later every flash video in firefox stutters, both video and audio. I think it's a problem correlated to pulseaudio or mixer because it's a recent problem00:11
scunizi_Artelus: so there were two partitions when you started? or you created one extra partition?  Is windows installed now?00:11
hspaansmn: reinstall becomes easier00:12
Dr_willis_mn you can reinstall and not worry aout loseing /home00:12
shearHi! Can anyone help me with a problem I'm having mounting USB Mass Storage devices? Details of what I've done so far are here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=647622100:12
johninlexhappy new year00:12
ArtelusYeah, I'm using windows right now00:12
sheena1lumpycam: excuse my ignorance, i'm very new to the idea of upgrading without losing everything (ex-windows user) as for /home, are my programs saved in there? I have some software installed that i run through wine (taken of CDroms) and then all the stuff i got through Add/Remove. I'd hate to have to replace it all.00:12
Artelusand there are 2 partitions when I started.00:12
ari_stresshappy new year guys :)00:12
fosco_mn: you can easily preserve your personal data when reinstalling the system00:12
ZellSFhow do I get Opera00:12
hole_how do i use .patch files? i am trying to install direct3d wrap for wine00:12
lumpycamsheena1: not to worry, you won't lose anything.00:12
eddyHow do I change font and font size for ubuntu 8.100:12
rivitingone" ...how to setup a mount of a remote windows share" Is this the same as a folder I want to share on my othe machine running XP?00:12
ZellSFit's not in archive.canonical.com00:12
savvasZellSF: www.opera.com00:13
scunizi_Artelus: so can you see both partitions from inside windows?00:13
Dr_willis_hole_,  those are for if you are compileing wine...00:13
iShockHey someone, what's this mean and how can I fix it? glib.GError: no element "stamp"00:13
fosco_eddy: system - prefereneces - appearance - fonts00:13
ArtelusI think so, I have a C: drive and a D: drive.00:13
ZellSFisn't it in repositories any longer?00:13
sheena1lumpycam: okay! here goes nothing! :)00:13
ArtelusThe D drive is for recovery00:13
iShockHey someone, what's this mean and how can I fix it? glib.GError: no element "stamp"00:13
scunizi_Artelus: is this a laptop?00:14
ArtelusNope, it's a desktop ^^00:14
ziggy1can I use my hp_recovery hdd to fix my mbr?00:14
ari_stressis there any way i can open a password-protected rar file?00:14
savvasZellSF: nope, but you can add it in the repositories00:14
ziggy1*trough wine00:14
lumpycamsheena1: i would advise you to disable effects, thats  safer.00:15
Dr_willis_ari_stress,  you could always encrypt it.. Or use winrar and wine to make a encrypted rar i guess..00:15
ziggy1there are boot files, so I figured I could just copy the backup ones00:15
ZellSFhmm, oh well00:15
ArtelusSo, what should I do?00:15
giacoI'm, using ubuntu 8.10 up-to-date with xfce DE, my problem is: if I open an application that use audio (ex. vlc ) later every flash video in firefox stutters, both video and audio. I think it's a problem correlated to pulseaudio or mixer because it's a recent problem00:15
ZellSFanyone knows what the non-free video codecs are called?00:15
Artelusshould I partition it with the installer? It doesn't seem like it's working but I don't know00:15
scunizi_Artelus: ok.. when you get back to the live cd and run the installer.. when you get to the partitioner the first option is pretty much an automatic install option. choose that.. and it will do the partition for you.00:15
keresmy nautilus cannot connect to an sftp. gftp can, but i hate gftp. any ideas?00:15
rivitingoneziggy1: What is mbr?00:15
ziggy1master boot record00:16
savvasZellSF: install the package ubuntu-restricted-extras00:16
sheena1lumpycam: does updating require a reboot? do i need to close and save, etc first?00:16
ziggy1need someone who knows alot about it to help me out in pm for a few minutes00:16
ZellSFah thanks00:16
scunizi_Artelus: you might have to choose the largest partition you have to put ubuntu on (or partition some space for ubuntu on it.)00:16
sp00f3rhey im new on ubuntu and i would like to install wine hq, can somebody guide me to the right path?00:16
ArtelusCan I use another program to make a partition?00:16
lumpycamsheena1: after it completes, yes a full restart is required.00:16
ArtelusWould that be a good idea?00:16
corky`sp00f3r, http://www.winehq.org/00:16
sheena1lumpycam: thanks00:16
lumpycamsheena1: you'll be prompted.00:17
sp00f3rThank you00:17
scunizi_sp00f3r: quick question. why install wine.. ?00:17
tritium!wine | sp00f3r00:17
ubottusp00f3r: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help00:17
lumpycamsheena1: welcome00:17
corky`And damn, Use the search function sp00f3r, And just f*cking google it... K thankx00:17
keressp00f3r: #winehq00:17
alanTripBRhello guyz00:17
savvasZellSF: If you want to add the opera in your apt, execute: 1) echo "deb http://deb.opera.com/opera/ sid non-free" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list 2) wget -O - http://deb.opera.com/archive.key | apt-key add -00:17
sp00f3rbecause i have a shared pc, and i wanna learn some linux, but my brother plays swat 400:17
keresmy nautilus cannot connect to an sftp. gftp can, but i hate gftp. any ideas?00:17
de4dsn4keHey when I try to connect to a windows share suddenly start getting this error message all the time: Cannot display location smb://computername - No application is registered as handling this file. It used to work before though...00:17
cuddlefish!language | corky`00:17
ubottucorky`: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:17
rivitingoneziggy1: I don't think you can use wine unless maybe you did it using the live cd00:17
tritiumsp00f3r: opera is in the 3rd-party repo00:17
nomehello shena00:17
ZellSFtritium: sure doesn't seem like it00:18
tritiumZellSF: ?00:18
ZellSFI can only find the flash player there00:18
scunizi_Artelus: why?  you could use windows to create a partition just don't format it. Leave it as unpartitined space.. when ubuntu installs it will use that space and actually do another partition, one for install and one for swap00:18
alanTripBRhey guyz, where can I search for some good tutorial for wep cracking on ubuntu 8.10?00:18
lumpycamkeres: i think sftp requires ssh to be installed. not certain but likely.00:18
tritiumZellSF: do you have that repo enabled?00:18
sp00f3rtritium:  what did you said?00:18
cuddlefishalanTripBR: Why?00:18
ArtelusSo I can manually make a new partition, and choose it when im inside the installer?00:18
ZellSFtritium: how else could I find the flash player there? O_o00:18
cuddlefishalanTripBR: That's usually illegal...00:19
Artelusbut if I make a partition manually, can I remove it myself?00:19
tritiumsp00f3r: sorry, that was for savvas00:19
alanTripBRthats for internal security00:19
savvasZellSF: sorry: 2) wget -O - http://deb.opera.com/archive.key | sudo apt-key add - 3) sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install opera00:19
de4dsn4keHey when I try to connect to a windows share suddenly start getting this error message all the time: Cannot display location smb://computername - No application is registered as handling this file. It used to work before though. Any ideas where it could be broken and how to fix it?00:19
kereslumpycan: gftp can connect to it though, and i used to connect to it with nautilus but now it doesn't work00:19
scunizi_sp00f3r: so you think you're going to be able to install swat4? in wine?  you'll need to check with wine's site to see compatability00:19
ZellSFI've already just installed the deb00:19
kereslumpycan: and i do have ssh00:19
savvastritium: well, either way, I use the opera deb repository :)00:19
sp00f3ri have seen videos of ppl playing swat with wine00:19
ZellSFdoesn't look very native though, does a shared version do that or can't I do that?00:19
scunizi_Artelus: with windows ..? yes..00:19
ZellSFoutside of skins that is00:19
ziggy1rivitingone: pm ?00:19
Artelusok, thanks ^^00:20
tritiumZellSF: well, it's there00:20
lumpycamkeres: no idea. sorry.00:20
tritiumsavvas: why?  Official ubuntu repos would be the preferred and recommended method.00:20
ZellSFit's not under World Wide Web (partner)00:20
scunizi_Artelus: just remember that one single harddrive can't have any more than 4 primary partitions.. if you need more then the 4th one needs to be an "extended" partition and then more can be created inside of that.00:21
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lumpycamkeres: i rarely use nautilus, keep asking.00:21
savvastritium: personal favourite, all rules have their exceptions, same goes for the www.deluge-torrent.org package :)00:21
keresmy nautilus cannot connect to an sftp. gftp can, but i hate gftp. any ideas?00:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sftp00:21
savvaskeres: error message?00:21
hole_i cant get a straight answer from google. is there any way to install directx on linux00:21
cuddlefishhole_ NO!00:22
tritiumkeres: check into the root cause, as nautilus is indeed capable of sftp00:22
KeigoI can't change Firefox into English! Just because my Ubuntu is set to Swedish, Firefox is too.. but I want it to be in English (menues etc). I've tried to change general.useragent.locale but it isn't helping, it's still Swedish.00:22
=== bitFish is now known as Bitfish
Dr_willis_hole_,  there are tweaks to  set up directx with wine.. to let wine apps use it - but thats not really a Ubuntu Support issue.00:22
keressavvas: cannot display sftp://keres@satgnu.net error: timed out when logging in. please select another viewer and try again00:22
kerestritium: how again?00:22
savvaskeres: ubuntu 8.10 intrepid?00:23
keressavvas: 8.0400:23
BrawlingHow do you access a samba share00:23
de4dsn4ke(00:19:18) de4dsn4ke: Hey when I try to connect to a windows share suddenly start getting this error message all the time: Cannot display location smb://computername - No application is registered as handling this file. It used to work before though. Any ideas where it could be broken and how to fix it? I get this after going to Places-> connect to server, choosing windows share and then entering the computer name or ip address.00:23
savvaskeres: try upgrade to 8.10 or try the live cd at least, I think they've improved the sftp function a lot00:23
hollywoodbthanatos: put a / in front of that00:24
mnWhat is the next LTS? 10.0*?00:24
bobbob1016How can I launch a program via ssh on the machine I am sshed into?00:24
iShockAnyone got experience with gst? ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstShout2send:shout2send0: Could not connect to server00:24
iShockAdditional debug info:00:24
keressavvas: i used to run intrepid, but i need alot of progs that use older versions of gtk. can you run newer nautilus versions without intrepid00:24
iShockgstshout2.c(559): gst_shout2send_connect (): /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstShout2send:shout2send0:00:24
iShockshout_open() failed: err=Login failed00:24
FloodBot2iShock: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:24
bobbob1016I remember it was "Display=0.0 name_of_program" but not sure on the syntax00:24
Dr_willis_bobbob1016,  just type its name.. :) of course if you expect a X app to display its GUI locally  - that may take a little more work.00:24
kerestritium: how do i check into the root?00:24
Dr_willis_bobbob1016,  if you ssh -X , in then you dont need to mess with DISPLAY00:25
eddyI have an application that requires shockwave but adobe says not supported for Ubuntu. Any alternatives?00:25
gopphello am I do net ads join -U administrator I am getting this error " I am getting this error "[2009/01/01 19:20:47, 0] utils/net_ads.c:ads_startup_int(286) ads_connect: No logon servers" any one have ac lue00:26
w3wsrmneddy: For shockwave, use a browser under wine00:26
goppI tought I started winbind and samba00:26
savvaskeres: I think it's generally risky and not recommended. What do you need the sftp for? Use ftp, it would probably work :) You could also get used to the command line and commands such as scp and sftp :)00:26
bobbob1016Dr_willis_, I know that, but I mean how do I launch the program to start on the remote display.  As in I connect to machine B from machine A.  I can get windows from B to show on A with -X, but I want to start programs on B by the ssh connection in A00:27
keressavvas: it's my website. i don't host it, so the host gave me shell access through sftp.00:27
eddyw3wsrmn  haven't worked with wine yet :( Any other options besides wine. Was hoping for a 'pure' linux solution00:27
keresi prefer it so it's like a seperate HDD00:27
fosco_eddy: none00:28
BrawlingIs there a ubuntu equivalent to the windows Network Neighborhood?00:28
eddyOk thanks. :(00:28
Dr_willis_bobbob1016,  i normally.. open a terminal,   ssh -X remote box,   (enter password)    and login, then -->    xterm &    - Poof Xterm window pops up on the local machine. but its running on the remote box.00:28
Dr_willis_Brawling,  the gnome file manager can browse samba shares.. but some times it dosent work very well.. I just enter the samba paths normally00:28
bobbob1016Dr_willis_, I want to launch the program on the remote screen00:29
BrawlingDr_willis_, How do you enter them normally?00:29
bobbob1016Dr_willis_, and have that X draw it00:29
yogi192can i install ubuntu 8.1 on an ampro single board computer?00:29
ZellSFhow do I get the wireless and volume hotkeys to work on an eeepc?00:29
ZellSF900 that is00:30
savvaskeres: you can use ftp in nautilus with the same way you use sftp: nautilus ftp://user@yourhost.com00:30
BrawlingDr_willis_, I can only see "Samba Shares" inside of a "Open Location" box in KTorrent, but I can't figure how to access them any other way.00:30
keressavvas: could not display, host not found00:30
tritiumkeres: sorry, was away.  I would not advise that you use ftp instead, for obvious security reasons.00:31
rivitingoneI've got a pavillion dv6000 here and an extern hdd, with a partition I use for ubuntu. I installed ubuntu but forgot to set the grub on that too so the grub is now on the main hdd from the laptop. After that I reinstalled ubuntu with a decent seperate boot partition on the right disk : but its an external one and it won't start but neither does the main intern hdd since it has a grub on it that is linked to an unexisting partition now. What can I do to f00:31
savvaskeres: er.. did you change the "yourhost.com" and "username" to your host/domain and username?00:31
Brawlingand I don't have gnome file manager.  I have thunar file manager, but can't seem to figure out how to access samba shares in that either.00:31
keressavvas: yeah...00:31
savvaskeres: Well, I believe there's no harm done in asking for an ftp account - it will help you stay on 8.04 :)00:32
Dr_willis_Brawling,  kde and gnome both can browse for samba shares.. You coudl always enter the path directly   //fileserver/sharename   or mount them manually, or from fstab.      depending on what youa re doing with them. Its often best to just Mount them to a local directory00:32
Dr_willis_Brawling,  ive had nasty problems with gnome browsing  shares.00:32
iShockDr_willis_: Any gst experience?00:32
bobbob1016Dr_willis_, So do you know how to do that?  I remember it was Display=0.0; mplayer /path/to/file or something, just not sure.  I want mplayer displaying on the remote screen.00:32
yogi192anyone have experience with single board pc and ubuntu?00:33
Dr_willis_bobbob1016,  you want   the thing to run ON the remote screen then you may need to export the DISPLAY and use the 'xhost +' command00:33
ActionParsnipyogi192: single board pc?00:33
BrawlingOk, this is a noobish question, but how would I go about mounting them to a local directory (and, as a recovering windows user, that would be analogous to "mapping a network drive" to a local file on a windows machine?)00:33
scunizi_anyone know what controls the association between the application that discovers  when you plug a camera into the system and opening Fspot?  my desktop opens the appelate window asking what application to use for the photos but there is nothing available in the dropdown box.00:34
aleksN^Is it possible to run 2 different ubuntu versions at the same time, like separated?00:34
yogi192ActionParsnip, i mean single board computer, like Ampro readyboard 70000:34
rccualeksN^: vm00:34
PowerEdsome one there had problem with initramfs, on ubuntu 8.10?00:34
scunizi_aleksN^: yes.. virtual box00:34
DIFH-icerootaleksN^: virtual machine00:34
Dr_willis_Brawling,  the 'samba-doc' package has  several books on that topic. and more samba goodness. :) you would either  mount them from fstab, or use.. err.. i forget.. smbmnt command I think. :)00:34
ActionParsnipyogi192: yeah just websearched. I'd see what chips are on them and check the hcl00:34
PowerEdanyone can help here?00:34
bobbob1016Dr_willis_, I want mplayer to run on the remote machine, just have my local machine control it.  Basically, I want to have my ssh terminal act like it is one on the remote machine.00:35
maynards-girlis there an app similar to iMovie for ubuntu?00:35
norcim122how do you set networking setting perminently? i need to change MTU00:35
ActionParsnipaleksN^: its kinda moot as its ubuntu underneath00:35
yogi192ActionParsnip, hcl, hardware ? ?, sorry00:35
ActionParsnipaleksN^: you can install the same apps on each *buntu00:35
jussi01!info openmovieeditor | maynards-girl00:35
ubottuopenmovieeditor (source: openmovieeditor): a simple non-linear video editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.20080102-2.1build1 (intrepid), package size 325 kB, installed size 856 kB00:35
Dr_willis_bobbob1016,  last i looked mplayer did have a 'cli' interface.. You could run it remotely, and then controll it from a ssh'd in terminal00:35
ActionParsnip!hcl | yogi19200:35
ubottuyogi192: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection00:35
BrawlingDr, thanks for the info.  I'll head over the the samba site and dig through the doc a bit more. (Was over there before, but you sent me in a different direction now.)00:35
Dr_willis_Brawling,  samba-doc is a package you can install :)00:35
maynards-girlthanks jussi0100:35
ZellSFhmm I can't figure out how to run a shell script00:36
yogi192ActionParsnip, let me check that page out, thank you00:36
norcim122how do you set networking setting perminently? i need to change MTU setting?00:36
bobbob1016Dr_willis_, That is what I'm asking for help with, I remember the code was "Display=0.0; mplayer /path/to/file" or something, just not sure the syntax00:36
ziggy1how to save your livedisk session?00:36
norcim122ziggy set it to presistent00:36
ActionParsnipnorcim122: yuo can edit /etc/network/interfaces file00:37
norcim122ziggy you have usb install?00:37
norcim122ActionParsnip: thanks00:37
Dr_willis_bobbob1016,    CAsE Is ImPoRanTaNt in LiNuX :) rember? :) its 'DISPLAY'00:37
ziggy1running on a livedisk, it's all I have atm00:37
ziggy1my hdd's are stuck00:37
norcim122ActionParsnip: I will try the get back to you00:37
ActionParsnipnorcim122: have a websearch round but you can put stuff in there to set it i believe00:37
ZellSFhmm how do I run a shell script00:37
jzittI'm trying to connect to my dropbox account. It installed and ran fine, but after a reboot (caused by power outage), I can't seem to figure out what to do to connect it up again. Anyone familiar with this, or know of a more appropriate channel?00:37
__MAVHow can I download Xgl package from ubuntu 8.04 ?00:38
goppsh shell.sh00:38
redvamp128I have another hard drive in a different computer same model-- I am running Ibex on this one -- and the other is running a 8.04/Win2k dual boot-- and I want to add the second hard drive an boot to the other drive-- tried adding to gurb but all win2k did was hang on startup= then 8.04 -panicked-  anyone know hot to fix this ( I tried editing grub to direct them to the second drive)00:38
goppsudo sh shell.sh00:38
ZellSFah thanks00:38
norcim122ActionParsnip: I tryed searching but asking here was better chance00:38
aleksN^The thing is that I've got an server with ubuntu 7.04 that has some voip-servers running, and it works fine, but now I'm in need of installing an eggdrop, but I'm not able cause my ubuntu is out of date. IS it possbile to run the ubuntu 7.04 that I'm currently using, and also have the newest version of ubuntu, without bying vmware etc.00:38
gopp!script > ZellSF00:38
norcim122ziggy1: where is your live cd installed00:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about script00:38
PowerEdthe answers on the forums has not effect00:38
ActionParsnipZellSF: put #!/bin/bash at the top of a text file, then put commnds like a script00:38
ActionParsnipnorcim122: let me search00:38
ziggy1my live disk isn't installed00:38
ziggy1I've got a pavillion dv6000 here and an extern hdd, with a partition I use for ubuntu. I installed ubuntu but forgot to set the grub on that too so the grub is now on the main hdd from the laptop. After that I reinstalled ubuntu with a decent seperate boot partition on the right disk : but its an external one and it won't start but neither does the main intern hdd since it has a grub on it that is linked to an unexisting partition now. What can I do to fi00:39
churlmy nm-applet is not in the panel any ideas?00:39
ziggy1there is my situation00:39
hollywoodbaleksN^: you can dual-boot, or run one in a virtual machine, but that's about it00:39
norcim122ActionParsnip: I have tried ipconfig eth0 MTU 1500 but after reboot it goes back00:39
yogi192ActionParsnip, if i have the drivers for this board, which was labeled for fedora linux, can it be used for ubuntu?00:39
ActionParsnipnorcim122: http://www.debianadmin.com/change-mtu-maximum-transmission-unit-of-network-interface.html00:39
ziggy1but I wanna save what I did in this session00:39
ziggy1changes I made , installs I did00:39
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bobbob1016Dr_willis_, I've been using Linux for a few years, I know case is important......  I know it is DISPLAY, just easier to type Display here, but I don't know the rest of the syntax00:39
vostro1510cheers. :-)00:39
ActionParsnipyogi192: should be fine as far as i can tell00:39
syahrilhow to upgrading ubuntu using .iso file00:39
vostro1510I am looking for users with Dell notebook Vostro 151000:40
bobbob1016Dr_willis_, As in "DISPLAY=0.0;" or what?00:40
csc_do anyone used the usb-creator tool to make a live-usb system ?00:40
vostro1510the "too hot" notebook.00:40
ActionParsnipnorcim122: keep it lower case, linux is CasE SEnsITivE00:40
norcim122ActionParsnip: I will try to help ziggy then try your link00:40
Dr_willis_bobbob1016,  i think its DISPLAY=0:0  or was it 0.0  (try it and see?)00:40
scunizi_vostro1510: how 'bout vostro 140100:40
ActionParsnipnorcim122: or you can put mtu xxx in the interfaces file00:40
bobbob1016Dr_willis_, I've tried both, no luck00:40
yogi192ActionParsnip, thanks bro, im encourage to tackle this project, thanx00:40
vostro1510I am trying to solve problem with heating00:40
PowerEdany developer on-line? i really like to use ubuntu, but i have not enough time to search and fix troubles of this kind. i sincerely thanks some help.00:40
vostro15101401 is the same?00:40
Dr_willis_bobbob1016,   X security maybe blocking it ', thats why i mentined the 'xhost + localhost' command earlier.00:40
Tidusvostro1510: i have an hp dv8327 that gets a tad bit warm00:40
csc_i d like to know whether it is possible to install an ubuntu system from the live USB key created with usb-creator00:41
Tidusand had an older dell inspiron 5100 that would burn your leg hairs off00:41
aleksN^hollywoodb; is it possible to run a program or something that updates the files that need to be updatet for my ubuntu 7.04, or is it a completely new os?00:41
vostro1510I am thinking about sending it back to Dell.00:41
scunizi_vostro1510: close.. but I don't seem to have a heating issue unless it's on my lap and I've plugged the bottom intake vents.00:41
ziggy1nocrim122: pm if you please00:41
vostro1510To hot00:41
evowill__csc_: Yes00:41
vostro1510Mine is to hot.00:41
Tidusvostro1510: if it sits in your lap, try arranging it so the intake vent on the bottom isn't plugged00:42
vostro1510hd is at 53 C00:42
norcim122ziggy1:  is this a new install?00:42
vostro1510it is on a table.00:42
scunizi_vostro1510: have you checked dells support site? or ubuntuforms.org00:42
vostro1510metal table.00:42
vostro1510I read a lot00:42
aremay2vostro 1510: i think that temp is normal00:42
vostro1510Tried with badvista too.00:42
vostro1510but my hands are really felling the heat00:42
Tidusvostro1510: 53c for the hard disk isn't too bad in a laptop... that's about what mine runs at00:42
kevdogAnyone here no anything about hotplugging network cards -- udev?00:43
aremay2mine when running ubuntu a little bit warm than vista00:43
vostro1510but your hand feels the heating?00:43
vostro1510Ubuntu runs great00:43
Tidusvostro1510: not really00:43
hollywoodbaleksN^: I'm not sure exactly what you mean.  You can dist-upgrade, but it does require a reboot00:43
vostro1510update to 8.1 from 8.0400:43
vostro1510using nvidia drivers.00:43
vostro1510works nice00:43
bobbob1016Dr_willis_, What's the syntax of that?00:43
scunizi_vostro1510: what do you use to check the temp?00:43
vostro1510well, mine is heat00:43
Tidusvostro1510: mine doesn't really feel the heat... hp got the shielding right on mine00:43
Tidusvostro1510: dell has a bad habit of using the keyboard shielding as a heatsink00:44
vostro1510my touchpad is warm00:44
vostro1510hot is better.00:44
Tidussee my trackpad's a bit warm but the keyboard's not00:44
jzittI wish there were a way to get this stuff to actually work the same way twice in a row.00:44
Tidusthe hard disk in mine's mounted directly underneath the trackpad00:45
vostro1510yes, mine too.00:45
issa_Hi, is there a program that allows installation of virtual systems (like windows?) I've seen a similar program on windows and mac tha allow using another operating system while logged in to windows or mac, can this be done in ubuntu and have a windows installation be accessed from a single window?00:45
Tidusvostro1510: tell me this. put your hand on the upper left corner of the machine, where the screen meets the body. how warm is it?00:45
Letter_ZWhennever I try to do something viaa the terminal,  it tells me that I'm not root, but this is the account I made during the Ubuntu install00:45
aremay2issa : VMware or virtualbox willl the trick :D00:46
savvasissa_: www.virtualbox.org00:46
Letter_ZWhats up with that?00:46
TidusLetter_Z: use sudo00:46
Letter_ZI did00:46
issa_aremay2: savvas are these programs free?00:46
TidusLetter_Z: sudo <command>00:46
vostro1510just like my touchpad00:46
savvasissa_: no games though, no directx fully supported yet :)00:46
Letter_ZBut I'm trying to open port 51412 and sudo wont do it00:46
vostro1510as warm as00:46
jzittdropboxd appears to be running, but nautilus isn't noticing it. Do I have to do something to Nautilus to get it to notice?00:46
savvasyes issa_00:46
aremay2issa: yes it is00:46
Tidusvostro1510: so the whole body of the machine's warm?00:46
chilli0Does anyone know how to use at?00:46
vostro1510right side is no hot00:47
aleksN^hollywoodb; If that is the best and easiest solution I'll do that. Will it delete som data? Will it update my ubuntu to the newest ubuntu?  do you got an guide or howto for dist-upgrade?00:47
issa_savvas: aremay2 can they actually run sound and everything?00:47
issa_savvas: aremay2 and internet as well?00:47
churlmy nm-applet is not in the panel any ideas? xubuntu 8.1000:47
savvasI don't about "and everything", but yes to internet and sound issa_00:47
TidusaleksN^: in a terminal, run 'sudo update-manager -d'00:47
savvas*don't know00:47
aremay2issa: Positive00:48
TidusaleksN^: if you're on 7.04 you're in for a LONG upgrade... 7.04 -> .10 -> 8.04 -> .1000:48
hollywoodbaleksN^: which version are you running? 7.04?00:48
iShockAnyone used VLC to open a stream from a site?00:48
issa_savvas: aremay2 : thanks00:48
aleksN^7.04, yes00:48
aremay2you're welcome issa00:48
vostro1510vlc using a stream from url00:48
hollywoodbaleksN^: you would want to upgrade to 7.10, then 8.04.  You would want to keep 8.04 on your server since that is a LTS release, and will receive updates for a much longer time than a regular release00:48
iShockAnyone used VLC to open a stream from a site?00:48
ZellSFany way to get eeepc hotkeys working?00:49
Tidusvostro1510: so it's just the trackpad and the back-left corner of the machine that gets warm to the touch?00:49
aleksN^So I just type sudo update-manager -d, and it will update itself to 8.04?00:49
vostro1510Is there a channel to discuss about notebooks?00:49
vostro1510left side00:49
vostro1510near touchpad00:49
TidusaleksN^: it'll update to 7.10 first00:49
tyranosZellSF, have you tried looking at ubuntu-eee00:50
TidusaleksN^: then 8.0400:50
vostro1510up keyboard too00:50
ZellSFtyranos: uh?00:50
aleksN^without removing my data on the disc?00:50
vostro1510I mean, left side in the keyboard area is hot too00:50
TidusaleksN^: i'd have backups, but it's generally safe00:50
ZellSFNo I have ubuntu installed atm00:50
savvasaleksN^: it's called upgrade, not format :)00:50
sammyFhey there. Anybody knows why commercial DVDs can't be mounted anymore on my system since I upgraded to intrepid? I'm getting "you're not authorized to mount [whatever]". manually mounting using sudo works, but the cdrom entry has just a very high number as owner and group, and I can't play anything :/00:50
aleksN^Thanks a lot hollywoodb and Tidus =)00:50
Tidusvostro1510: it just sounds like dell decided to use the internal shielding as a heatsink00:50
ZellSFI just need to get the volume control working00:50
vostro1510it is bad...00:51
issa_savvas: aremay2: So installing windows can also be directly from virtualbox? And do I have to create a seperate partition?00:51
tyranosZellSF, i have ubuntu-eee running on my eee it is the same as the nomal version but with only hardware drivers forr eeepc and everything works out of the box00:51
vostro1510too hot to use00:51
vostro1510I will talk to them tomorrow (Brasil)00:51
vostro1510Bought by phone.00:51
Tidusvostro1510: what i normally do with my laptop is i have a couple of rubber pegs mounted to the backside, in the same fashion that a keyboard uses to tilt00:51
ZellSFinstalling another distrobution isn't an option atm00:51
savvasissa_: no, generally virtual machines create a file which they use as a virtual disk space00:51
Letter_ZTransmission wont download torrents, I checked and port 51412 is closed, I did sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -d 0/0 --dport 51412 -j ACCEPT and it didn't work00:52
vostro1510Never thought it would be so hot00:52
vostro1510back side is upper.00:52
Tidusvostro1510: it lifts the back end off the table by a couple cm and allows more heat to escape out the back00:52
tyranosZellSF, well u dont have to , just check www.array.org00:52
aleksN^savvas; had to be sure ;p00:52
vostro1510but is it normal?00:52
Letter_ZIs there any way I can fix that?00:52
ZellSFtyfoo2: that page tells me nothing00:52
ericrostwhen copying to a mounted nfs share through nautilus on ubuntu 8.04.1 the complete file copies, but the dialog hangs at the end for a long time and it gives an error message saying that it failed to close the file, any ideas how to fix?00:52
vostro1510Man, I feel it hot.00:52
vostro1510My hands are hot too.00:52
savvasaleksN^: backup backup backup - better safe than sorry!00:52
Tidusvostro1510: a lot of notebook computers have a small degree of tilt to them00:52
__MAVHow do I install g++ in ubuntu 8.10 ?00:53
Tidusvostro1510: try my suggestion of putting a couple rubber pegs under the backside just like you would see on a keyboard to tilt it00:53
Nox2k3Hey I'm trying to get bluetooth audio working with 32-bit wine apps and 64-bit alsa. It seems that most of the alsa modules exist compiled for 32-bits except the bluetooth module: http://paste.ubuntu.com/97945/00:53
vostro1510I will try it.00:53
vostro1510about 2 cms00:53
Nox2k3Is there a package somewhere I can install to get a 32-bit version of that module, or am I going to have to compile it myself00:53
__MAVHow do I install g++ in ubuntu 8.10 ?00:53
savvasvostro1510: do you have the same problem while using other operating systems, say windows?00:53
tyranosZellSF, read carefully before doing anything , all u have to do is to add that repository to your /etc/apt/sources.list and then u get another kernel so u wont lose anything00:53
jzittTrying to figure out how to start a nautilus extension, since it didn't appear to have started automatically.00:54
issa_savvas: so it does not matter what type of partition it is or wether it's used by other files or not, all that is needed are memory and space, correct?00:54
sammyF__MAV, install the build essentials. It should be in there00:54
vostro1510Tried ubuntu, slackware and bad vista00:54
vostro1510bad vista is original.00:54
vostro1510came with machine.00:54
ZellSFwell I'd rather just get the package that's supposed to allow the keys to work00:54
Tidusvostro1510: and even with what came with the computer it just gets too hot to use?00:54
vostro1510nvidia gpu is at 55 C00:54
sammyFhey there. Anybody knows why commercial DVDs can't be mounted anymore on my system since I upgraded to intrepid? I'm getting "you're not authorized to mount [whatever]". manually mounting using sudo works, but the cdrom entry has just a very high number as owner and group, and I can't play anything :/ It worked in Hardy :/00:54
fosco_vostro1510: this is OK00:54
__MAVthank you00:54
Nautilus__noob Q... from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#Virtual%20Hosts I am trying to set the mysql root pw "mysql -u root" and I've tried "sudo mysql -u root" too but I get error 1045 (access denied). what do I need to try00:54
vostro1510It is my first notebook.00:55
vostro1510Is it normal to work with hands em wrists hot?00:55
Tidusvostro1510: i would have bought an HP or a lenovo00:55
Tidusmine doesn't get nearly as hot as you are describing00:55
sammyFvostro1510, 55C is actually pretty good, considering you're in brasil and probably not in an AC 'd room00:55
tyranosZellSF, well each approach should work the other kernel is just optimized for the eee00:55
vostro1510NO AC00:55
vostro151029C environment temperature.00:56
__MAVsudo apt-get install build-essentials00:56
__MAVReading package lists... Done00:56
__MAVBuilding dependency tree00:56
__MAVReading state information... Done00:56
__MAVE: Couldn't find package build-essentials00:56
FloodBot2__MAV: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:56
Tidus__MAV: it's build-essential, not build-essentials00:56
vostro1510if i put charge in Nvdia, it goes to 70-80C00:56
__MAVTidus thank you00:56
ZellSFwell each approach *should* work, but installing eeepc-acpi-scripts just gives an error00:56
sammyFvostro1510, West Indies here. When my comp was in a non AC'd room, 55C was "idle" tem00:56
savvasissa_: well.. correct, and to install the virtualbox additions :) which is easy if you use windows as guest operating system (the o/s you are going to virtualise)00:56
TidussammyF: 55C is full load temp on my lappy, lol00:57
__MAVIt's working00:57
vostro151055C in what Tidus?00:57
yaro_Is there a place I can get help with Sugar?00:57
Tidusvostro1510: CPU and gpu00:57
sammyFTidus, yeah ... I was thinking about overclocking the CPU and GPU, and gave up when I saw the idle temperatures ;)00:57
tyranosZellSF, just read carefully you ll find out  y00:57
vostro1510My CPU joes goes to 55 if I really put a lot of job.00:57
vostro1510normally it is at 35-4500:57
savvasvostro1510: a suggestion: take it back and complain to the support about the hardware being too hot? :)00:58
ZellSFtyranos: I read carefully searched for it and ended up on the ubuntu bug tracker00:58
TidussammyF: mine's a core 2 duo T5500, 34W power dissipation. HP decided to mount the cpu and gpu under the same heatsink on mine00:58
sammyFTidus, niiiiiiice ;)00:58
Tidusvostro1510: those temps aren't too bad... just sounds like the hard disk is transmitting too much heat through the keyboard00:58
vostro1510vostro 1510 use just one heat sink too00:58
vostro1510I think it too.00:58
sammyFhey there. Anybody knows why commercial DVDs can't be mounted anymore on my system since I upgraded to intrepid? I'm getting "you're not authorized to mount [whatever]". manually mounting using sudo works, but the cdrom entry has just a very high number as owner and group, and I can't play anything :/ It worked in Hardy :/00:58
ZellSFoh wait it's the ubuntu-eee bugtracker00:58
TidussammyF: pulled it off and put arctic silver 5 on the cpu and gpu... haven't looked back00:59
vostro1510I will complain to Dell (try at least. Law here is not to effective like it should)00:59
vostro1510I will say that I need a notebook, not an oven00:59
rellik_anyone know how to get amarok to recognize an ipod?  The ipod is listed in 'lshal', and I can see the ipod in 'gtkpod'..  but amarok won't autodetect it..  and when I manually add it to amarok, it can't connect to it00:59
savvasvostro1510: if you have guarantee, then use it. it goes for hardware parts I think01:00
sammyFTidus, got a noctua cooler and paste on my Q6600 ... but I can still get it to 75C in no time if I start some stresstest ;)01:00
vostro1510I have.01:00
vostro1510And I will use it.01:00
vostro1510Or try. :-)01:00
churlmy nm-applet is not in the panel any ideas?01:00
ZellSFhow am I supposed to install then when acpi-support-base isn't available?01:00
vostro1510If nothing helps, I buy a keyboard and everything will be cool :-)01:00
=== zelda_afk is now known as zelda
sammyFI suppose nobody got any idea about my DVD mounting problem ten?01:00
Tidusvostro1510: one thing you might end up having to do is getting one of those cooling pads for your notebook, the kind with a fan on the bottom to force cold air over the bottom of the notebook01:00
ericrostany ideas why an nfs share would be hanging forever on a file move?01:00
vostro1510Just like you said, temperatures appears to be ok.01:00
tyranosZellSF, you have to add the repository to your sources.list01:01
ericrostmv moves the first file then just sits there01:01
ZellSFtyranos: WHAT repository?01:01
TidussammyF: could be libdvdcss went out of date01:01
TidussammyF: you'll need to update your medibuntu repo if it's enabled to point to intrepid instead of hardy01:01
vostro1510I thought about the coolers to01:01
vostro1510Man, Ubuntu community is friendly than Slackware one. :-(01:02
vostro1510I am a newbie to ubuntu.01:02
Tidusvostro1510: everybody starts somewhere :)01:02
thiebaudevostro1510: welcome01:02
vostro1510But it is running quiet well in this Vostro. :-)01:02
sammyFTidus, so use libdvdcss from hardy instead?01:02
TidussammyF: no, the medibuntu repository for intrepid has it too01:02
vostro1510can I say notebook are really hot?01:03
TidussammyF: check your sources.list and see if it's pointing the right direction01:03
vostro1510WIll I have to be acostumated with this hot in my hands?01:03
vostro1510I update today.01:03
tyranosZellSF, http://array.org/ubuntu/setup-hardy.html01:03
Tidusvostro1510: mine doesn't get that warm, and if you get one of those cooling pads, it should reduce the amount of heat you're feeling01:03
ziggynocrim122: I"m back01:03
br0ken1the gentoo community are probably the meanest lol01:03
vostro1510I am surprised, because the process worked great. From 8.04 to 8.0101:03
sammyFTidus, k. thanks. (next problem is that I just moved and I don't have any internet access on my main comp at the moment ... but I'm afraid nobody but my ISP can help with that ;)01:03
sammyFTidus, thanks :)01:04
Tidusbr0ken1: not when i'm in there :)01:04
br0ken1i went to a gentoo help channel about 2 weeks ago and they were flat out rude01:04
ZellSFtyranos: told you I would rather not do that.01:04
vostro1510I just discoreved that GRUB killed the Dell diagnostics ... :-)01:04
br0ken1i mean i'd take the blame if i did something that could have been taken the wrong way, but this time i didn;t01:05
sammyFbr0ken1, come on ... "RTFM n00b!" is a pretty friendly advice in some channels  ;)01:05
br0ken1called me dumb for buying a USB dvd burner (which isn't smart, but it was just a temp fix)01:05
jzittOK, confirmed that the right files are in /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-2.0 . It seems just to be ignoring them.01:05
jensorI would appreciate help setting up file sharing - it used to work one way but not the other . Now it won't work at all.01:05
TidussammyF: i've only seen that spouted off in #debian01:05
sammyFTidus, I was trying to avoid actually naming people ;)01:05
br0ken1gentoo has like an extra built-in n00b filter... installation01:06
br0ken1it's not as hard as some think, but it's definately harder than ubuntu01:06
Tidusbr0ken1: nothing wrong with a usb dvd burner... i have one attached to my notebook to enable direct disc-to-disc copies01:06
sammyFbr0ken1, well .. Ubuntu is linux for lazy people. On the other hand, personally I don't see any problem with being lazy01:06
br0ken1well the internal died on a comp i had, and i was in the process of buying a new one so i bought a $75 USB one for the meantime01:06
Tidusplus it's faster than the built-in one01:06
br0ken1lol me either01:07
br0ken1i'm the laziest person ever01:07
jzitt(Testing... is anyone seeing my messages here?)01:07
tyranosZellSF, sry didnt try normal ubuntu on my eee01:07
sammyFjzitt, no?01:07
br0ken1so sammyF and Tidus, do u guys work in IT?01:07
vostro1510I am using Slackwar for a long time.01:08
vostro1510I am using Ubuntu too.01:08
sammyFbr0ken1, used to. currently working in the unemployed field ;)01:08
churlmy nm-applet is not in the panel any ideas?01:08
jzittsammyF: Thanks. I'd been posting for half an hour with no response, so thought I might not be getting through. I *think* I have a straightforwrd question.01:08
br0ken1that fields fun as long as it's not for too long01:08
vostro1510I like to have ready packets sometimes!01:08
dexiHey can someone tell me how to install a .jar01:09
br0ken1open the lid01:09
br0ken1and pour contents into bowl01:09
sammyFbr0ken1, it means I have actually time to watch Firefly (again)01:09
jedi06on the add/remove applications how can you tell how much disk space it using?01:09
hspaansdexi: you don't, you run it with java01:09
sammyFdexi, java blabla.jar01:09
churlim watching firefly right now01:09
dexisammyF: thanks01:09
so20ftried installing ubuntu, hung up around 83% , sat like that for hours, now i'm tryign to do the rescue broken system, and now kernel hangs with checking hlt operation...01:10
br0ken1i got my first IT job a couple month ago.. got lucky really because i have no certs, degree or IT job experience... just a geek01:10
sammyFchurl, I can't ... but that's the reason I'm here (and it's solved already01:10
corky`br0ken1, Ehm, What kind of "IT job"?01:10
dexisammyF: its giving me "java: command not found"01:10
=== Aryan is now known as Guest79817
br0ken1well i work at an answering service/order center01:11
br0ken1just keep things running or fix if broken01:11
hspaansdexi: install Sun Java01:11
hspaansdexi: its under Add/Remove Applications01:11
aleksN^br0ken1; only over phone?01:12
dexihspaans: thanks01:12
jensorI would appreciate some help file sharing over a network with XP.01:12
br0ken1no.. the operators answer phones for like doctors offices and stuff or take orders for people selling products, even take pledges for some PBS stations.. physically go in01:12
hspaansjensor: search for Samba01:12
br0ken1we have some linux servers and some windows servers01:12
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209801:13
jensorI have samba installed01:13
=== corky` is now known as corky
Letter_Zbrb, restarting router01:13
jzittHmm... clicking the Start Dropbox icon in the panel appears to do nothing. Is there any further information that I might provide that might enable someone to help me get this thing working?01:14
dexidoes anyone happen to know if its possible to make use of my extra mouse buttons (4 and 5) by customizing them to a keyboard sequence01:14
sammyFwell ... i'm off to watch some old Dr.Who from file :/01:14
sammyFnighty everyone01:14
dexibye sammyF01:14
vostro1510bye... tks01:14
dexiaww nobody knows?01:15
ZellSFso I tried installing the eeepc kernel since I really had no options, I still can't get the hotkey for disabling wireless to work01:16
ZellSFso other than the bios , how do i disable wireless?01:16
gopphi when I try to join the domain I get "ads_connect: No logon servers"01:17
dexiZellSF: pull wireless card out! :D01:17
ZellSFit's not a card you can pull out without a lot of wokr01:17
jzittZellSF: I'm using eeeBuntu on my Eee 701 successfully.01:17
norcim122how do you set networking setting perminently? i need to change MTU setting?01:17
ZellSFas said I can't actually change distrobution01:17
dexioh! does anyone know if its possible to dock pidgin to the side, so that things dont expand behind it?01:18
hspaansnorcim122: setting mtu-setting shouldn't be needed nowadays01:19
ZellSFalso is it possible to disable clicking on the touchpad itself creating a left click?01:19
norcim122hspaans: I need it01:21
norcim122my default is 56101:21
norcim122need it to be 150001:21
dexiI just downloading kubuntu-desktop, and its telling me that i need to decide between gdm and kdm, does it make a big difference?01:21
norcim122hspaans: sorry it is 57601:21
Sylphidnorcim122, http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/mtu.htm01:22
norcim122hspaans: my downloads suffer01:22
norcim122will check that thx01:22
Teknohello. I installed openbox and now I don01:22
Teknot have any soudn at all01:22
hspaansnorcim122: you're running a firewall somewhere or changed other settings?01:23
nakdexi: Being as you're using KDE, you would find kdm more fitting for your needs. There isn't a substancial difference, apart from the number and sorts of packages you require; with GDM you need gnome/gtk libraries, with kdm you need k/qt libraries, which you probably already possess.01:23
nakdexi: With kubuntu-desktop, you already have kdm.01:24
HashishaninIf you've just run a program in linux and you want to know the exit status what can you type?01:24
hspaansnorcim122: 576 is minimum MTU size is pMTU-discovery for example is working correctly01:24
norcim122hspaans: yes firestarter... it  "fails" to start at boot time but I have on startup filesso it starts anyway01:24
sebastianhow do i mount my usbdrive? when i insert the usb it says unable to mount, i need to be super user.01:24
Hashishaninin the command line01:24
dexinak: i have gnome already, switching to KDE01:25
norcim122hspaans: my download is 2000kbps with 576 and 6800kbps with 1500 MTU... dont know why but I need it to be perm.01:25
sebastianhow do i mount my usbdrive? when i insert the usb it says unable to mount, i need to be super user.01:25
norcim122hspaans: funny that interfaces file is mostly blank considering it should have all my setting01:26
Johnramb00Hi guys01:26
Teknohello. I installed openbox and now I dont have any sound at all ? and user is in audio group. what could be wrong ?01:26
dexicrap the window disappeared!01:26
hspaansnorcim122: you're blocking icmp?01:26
nakdexi: Then use kdm.01:26
sebastianhow do i mount my usbdrive? when i insert the usb it says unable to mount, i need to be super user.01:26
norcim122sebastian  use sudo mount ....01:26
vostro1510what user are you using?01:26
Johnramb00is it possible to install ubuntu on my SD card via my camera?01:26
dexinak: lol i might have accidentally closed it, in which case i'd assume it would stick with my default, right? if not... how do i designate one?01:26
norcim122hspaans: I dont know how to i check01:26
Y-TownI am trying to get my windows xp box to see the share on linux.  Windows sees the linux share but will not access it because of proper permissions I believe.  Anyone able to help starigten it out?01:27
Johnramb00I mean: to prepare a "boot sd card"?01:27
IdleOnehow do I restart samba?01:27
nakdexi: `dpkg-reconfigure kdm' I believe.01:27
sebastiannorcim122: i did sudo mount /dev/sdb101:28
vostro1510sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart01:28
sebastiannorcim122: but it dont work01:28
GneaJohnramb00: no, you'd need to do it from a computer. a camera can't do that, although it would probably make a nice video. :)01:28
nakIdleOne: I've never used samba, but I expect that you can do it via `/etc/init.d/samba restart'01:28
vostro1510what user are youusing01:28
vostro1510it should not be a problem in default user.01:28
vostro1510I am a newbie user01:28
hspaansnorcim122: check firestarter? most network issues come for users running firewalls without understanding it01:28
vostro1510And I just put my pendrive and use it.01:28
nakvostro1510: Please refrain from using `\n' where unneccessary.01:28
dexinak: its locked by another process.... but the window is gone! lol01:28
Johnramb00Gnea: Isn't it possible to switch in the cable and start from usb-device? I need USB for my eee pc :(01:28
norcim122sebastian  use sudo mkdir /media/usbdrive     then    sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/usbdrive01:29
vostro1510sorry nak?01:29
sebastianvostro1510: im the onlly user01:29
norcim122hspaans: no firestarter is not blocking01:29
nakdexi: That tells me very little, being as I don't know whats locked/gone.01:29
natbetanyone know how to make ubuntu 8.10 connect to a bluetooth device with a fixed pin?01:29
GneaJohnramb00: #ubuntu-eeepc would know better01:29
dexinak: debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable01:29
IdleOnethank you nak01:29
Johnramb00Ah! Thank you Gnea!01:29
hspaansnorcim122: its just eth0 behind a DSL/Cable-router?01:30
Y-Town I am trying to get my windows xp box to see the share on linux.  Windows sees the linux share but will not access it because of proper permissions I believe.  Anyone able to help starigten it out?01:30
norcim122hspaans: firestarter has the most basic interface . I dont see how i can get that wrong01:30
norcim122hspaans: no router  just cable01:30
dexinak: im just going to restart01:30
nakdexi: Why are you using debconf?01:30
hspaansnorcim122: meaning?01:30
norcim122hspaans: do you have alot in your  interfaces file?01:31
dexinak: i did the thing you told me "dpkg-reconfigure kdm"01:31
dexiand thats what i got01:31
hspaansnorcim122: no, because its not needed01:31
nakdexi: What do you hope to solve by restarting?01:31
norcim122hspaans:  i have direct connection to cable modem01:31
yoyit2how do you install gpartition?? its NOT WORKING for me :(01:31
nakdexi: Have you tried killing the process?01:31
macoyoyit2: using the right name. it's called gparted01:31
macoyoyit2: with the lowercase g01:31
nakyoyit2: Please don't shout.01:31
jzitt:logs another two hours wasted in trying to get something working in Linux that's easy everywhere else *sigh*01:32
nakyoyit2: `sudo apt-get install gparted'.01:32
Gneayoyit2: sudo apt-get install gparted01:32
maconak: what shouting?01:32
hspaansnorcim122: skip the firewall thingie and reboot to make sure you're machine is clean01:32
yoyit2maco: yeah i kinda got that, hence the **01:32
dexinak: well i had the window after doing apt-get install kubuntu-desktop asking me to choose gdm or kdm, and i never chose, and now i dont see the window anymore, so i assume the process that it had locked it still locked, and by restarting it will not be locked anymore01:32
norcim122yoyit2: did you try to use add/remove to reinstall?01:32
sebastiannorcim122: thx, but i had to force mount it, but it workes, thx a lot01:32
macoyoyit2: lowercase though, not capital G. the terminal is case-sensitive01:32
Gneanak: there's a difference between just a few words and an entire sentence being capitalised.01:32
jensorI'm haveing trouble with fle sharing. using the file browser I see my xp box listed, but when I try s]01:33
norcim122hspaans: I will but with firewall i notice alot of blocked atempted connections... will i be protected?01:33
Y-Townanyone know of a good HOWTO for setting up a linux and windows network sharing?01:33
Gnea!ics | Y-Town01:33
ubottuY-Town: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php01:33
nakdexi: So, why don't you just kill the process?01:33
hspaansnorcim122: post some of those blockings to pastebin01:33
norcim122who do i do that01:33
hspaansnorcim122: if you'e not running some wierd service there will be no problem01:34
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:34
Y-TownGnea: looking to share files not internet connection01:34
norcim122hspaans: for example i noticed an attempt to connect to ssh one time01:34
norcim122and to auth01:35
GneaY-Town: aaah01:35
Gnea!samba | Y-Town01:35
ubottuY-Town: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209801:35
jensor I'm haveing trouble with fle sharing. using the file browser I see my xp box listed, but when I try see the files I get a popup window saying "Couldn't display  "smb://home/jj-nu"   The location is not a folder"01:35
hspaansnorcim122: yes so? that is Internet background noise01:35
Teknohello. I installed openbox and now I dont have any sound at all ? and user is in audio group. what could be wrong ?01:35
Gneanorcim122: one time isn't anything to worry about, it's when it turns into continuous, multiple attempts... that's a problem.01:36
eseven73Tekno>> do sounds work ok if you use Gnome?01:36
Teknoi dont have gnome01:36
norcim122hspaans:  how will i know without a firewall to tell me?01:36
yoyit2ok, and now every time i try to un‌install anything, add/remove just freezes!01:36
Y-TownGnea: thanx i will work with that01:36
yoyit2anyone know how to fix that?01:36
Teknoeseven73: i have openbox and lxde01:36
hspaansnorcim122: and your question is?01:37
GneaY-Town: #samba is also a very good resource01:37
eseven73Tekno>> try #openbox01:37
GneaTekno: perhaps pulseaudio isn't setup correctly01:37
norcim122hspaans: you say dont worry but without the firewall giving me warning i would now know01:37
norcim122hspaans: so you have no firewall running?01:37
TeknoGnea: i didnt have pulseaudio before01:37
GneaTekno: do you have it now?01:38
Teknoeseven73: where is that channel ?01:38
TeknoGnea: no01:38
yoyit2does anyone know how to get add/remove to stop freezing when i try to uninstall??01:38
GneaTekno: what apps aren't giving sound?01:38
Y-TownGnea: I can see the ubuntu system on the win xp box just cant access it.  Any idea of where im needing to fix it at?01:38
TeknoGnea: none01:38
geeksquadi have a dell xps m1530 and in totem it wont play movies the error is "unable to read from resource01:38
zErOaCidhi, how do i change the dark textbox background in firebox3 when I'm using a dark theme?01:38
eseven73ummm #openbox has 3 people lol, scratch that Tekno01:38
GneaTekno: what apps did give sound?01:38
hspaansnorcim122: when they warn you, but you don't do anything with it then its pointless01:38
vostro1510Have to go01:39
TeknoGnea: every application01:39
GneaY-Town: yeah, install SWAT and configure some shares and users01:39
vostro1510You channel is great01:39
GneaTekno: that's too vague, you'll need to be more specific, please.01:39
Y-Towngnea  thanks01:39
hspaansnorcim122: host firewalls? no01:39
vostro1510Friendly people. Just great and it is a signal that explains why Ubuntu is growing up.01:39
vostro1510Tks for your attention.01:39
geeksquad  please check my last post i am desprate to watch movies01:40
TeknoGnea: now none of the application give sound, before i was using lxde and audio worked with every app01:40
eseven73vostro1510>> yep its not the OS, its the community that makes Ubuntu great, theres tons of OS's out there that are almost identical to Ubuntu, but they dont have the community.01:40
GneaTekno: never used lxde01:40
Teknoand i have cranked volume up01:40
geeksquadTekno then get rid of it01:40
GneaTekno: what sound-related apps are you trying to use?01:40
Teknoi dont want to get rid of openbox, this is great01:40
yoyit2does anyone know how to successfully uninstall on add/remove?01:40
TeknoGnea: vlc, youtube etc01:41
norcim122hspaans: I just like to know "most" of what is going on thats all... If I get warning I can just turn off the modem.01:41
GneaTekno: I'm not aware of a sound app called 'etc'01:41
Gneaand youtube is not an app, it is a website.01:41
TeknoGnea: well i dont have application which gives sound01:41
Teknoevery of them are broken01:41
Teknoinsted of sound i get nothing01:42
GneaTekno: can you still open a terminal?01:42
yoyit2does ANYONE know how to get add/remove to uninstall?01:42
norcim122hspaans: what do use for protection? Do you install and just let it be?01:42
TeknoGnea: yes01:42
hspaansnorcim122: is you don't have any services publicly (or restricted to localhost) running then its pointless. read this is default install of ubuntu01:42
GneaTekno: and are the speakers builtin or plugged in?01:42
Teknoeeepc 90001:42
Gneawhich is handled by the #ubuntu-eeepc channel01:43
norcim122hspaans: ok01:43
TeknoI have reinstalled alsa related packages01:43
lahorii need help, as soon as i plug a earphones in the sound card, i can't hear anything -nothing at all-, it works fine otherwise, i also tried it with windows and it works, just in ubuntu it is giving the problem01:43
geeksquadyoyit2:click on the aplications check box again01:43
GneaTekno: are you able to run this command:  gnome-control-center01:43
aleksN^I'm currently using ubuntu 7.04. When I'm trying to update 'sudo update-manager -d', this happens http://paste.ubuntu.com/97970/ . Someone got any advice?01:43
Teknobash: gnome-control-center: command not found01:43
lahorii tried half a dozen of different earphones01:43
mrweslahori try installing gnome alsa mixer01:43
yoyit2geeksquad: yeah, i know, but mine just freezes for hours01:43
lahorimrwes: that's the one i have01:44
yoyit2geeksquad: any ideas??01:44
mrweslahori and the sliders are turned up on it?01:44
GneaaleksN^: can you do this:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:44
geeksquadu know the little check box01:44
Tekno* Setting up ALSA...                                                                                                 [ OK ]01:44
norcim122hspaans:  from the link you gave me. can I just copy paste all the example to my file? or do I need to change anything for eth0?01:44
eseven73!u | geeksquad01:44
ubottugeeksquad: Unless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officer, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..01:44
lahorimrwes: every single slider, up on top!01:44
GneaTekno: yeah, you'll need to ask in #ubuntu-eeepc01:44
aleksN^Gnea; no, thats why I want to update ^^01:44
SquideshiCan someone help me understand how video drivers work in Ubuntu 8.10?01:45
rayluSquideshi: heh. i don't think anyone does :P01:45
GneaaleksN^: you can't open a terminal?01:45
raylu!zh | rejie01:45
ubotturejie: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:45
aleksN^Gnea; nevermind, that dist-upgrade worked ^^01:45
aleksN^Running as we speak01:46
hspaansnorcim122: I didn't gave you a link01:46
geeksquaduse sudo apt-get remove (packages) in a terminal01:46
GneaaleksN^: k, when it's done, try to run the update-manager again and see if the problem persists01:46
aleksN^Will do =)01:46
Squideshiraylu: I just mean the basics--like how the packages are named and how to tell which driver is being used by looking at Xorg.0.log.01:46
mrweslahori that's weird....have you goggle it?01:46
DexiOk i managed to get KDE up. Its snazzy.01:46
DexiMy mouse sensitivity is through the roof,01:46
norcim122hspaans: this one http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/mtu.htm01:46
rayluSquideshi: you can tell which driver is being used by looking at /etc/X11/xorg.conf. if you happen to know the names of the modules, you can look for them in the log to see if they're loaded01:47
lahorimrwes: not yet, not sure what to search for01:47
norcim122hspaans: oh never mind01:47
rayluSquideshi: the nvidia packages are named nvidia-glx-### for the corresponding nvidia build01:47
canthus13How do you get the size of a single directory and it's contents from the command line?01:47
Squideshiraylu: No driver is specified in xorg.conf. It's my understanding that xorg now atodetects.01:47
rayluSquideshi: and the nvidia kernel module package has a similar name. though there is a meta package for both nvidia and ati drivers that depends on the latest one01:47
norcim122hspaans: where are the network defaults located?01:47
ziggyHhi all01:47
ziggyHback again =(01:48
rayluSquideshi: oh, if you have no xorg.conf, X will use the free driver01:48
geeksquad please help me guys my laptop will not play dvds01:48
hspaansnorcim122: in vmlinuz01:48
geeksquadi have the drivers01:48
LtLcanthus13: du -h dir/01:48
hspaansnorcim122: read kernel01:48
norcim122hspaans: should i try to edit that?01:48
canthus13LtL: Thanks.01:48
Gnea!dvd | geeksquad01:48
ubottugeeksquad: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:48
norcim122hspaans:  to change mtu01:49
hspaansnorcim122: did you try the reboot without the firewall stuff?01:49
yoyit2does anyone know how to fix virtual box with message "callee RC:   NS_ERROR_FACTORY_NOT_REGISTERED  (0x80040154)01:49
onetinsoldierSquideshi: grep drivers /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see the video driver all alone....   glxinfo | grep direct    .....to see if you have direct rending infrastructure(dri) enabled01:49
norcim122hspaans: I will uninstall firewall and try01:51
Gneayoyit2: you may wish to present your problem to the #vbox channel for more detailed help01:51
Teknodoes anyone have time to help in problem related to sound :?01:51
GneaTekno: I *told* you, you need to ask in #ubuntu-eeepc, your problem is too EEEpc specific01:52
Teknono its not01:52
Gneayes, it is.01:52
Teknoits general problem01:52
Cameron`hi, my sound stops working after some time.  A reboot fixes it, but that's really annoying.  Is there any way to restart the sound system ?01:52
Teknonot eeepc hardware related01:52
Gneathere's a version of ubuntu for the eeepc, that's the version you should be using.01:53
TeknoGnea: Then i dont get support from there01:53
GneaTekno: sometimes they are slow, you need to be patient.01:53
Squideshionetinsoldier: I've looked through the log, but none of the package names seem to appear in the file. How do you match the driver name with the package name?01:54
yoyit2how do i expand the file "root.disk" to more then 8.4GBs??01:54
Cameron`hi, my sound stops working after some time.  A reboot fixes it, but that's really annoying.  Is there any way to restart the sound system ?01:54
onetinsoldierSquideshi: what did you get from --> grep drivers /var/log/Xorg.0.log   ?01:54
Gnea!vbox | yoyit201:54
ubottuyoyit2: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox01:54
hspaansCameron`: you're using 8.10?01:54
Cameron`hspaans: yep01:55
yoyit2ubottu: Gnea: k i installed ubuntu thru vista, then deleted vista, and now i only have 8.4GBs on root.disk... how do i make it bigger?01:55
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:55
docmurI installed libdvdcss2 and ubuntu-restricted-extra but when I right click the dvd and ask it to play in movie player, totem hangs and causes my cpu to run like 100% but I have to force quit totem01:56
=== jake_ is now known as Epidemik
Gneayoyit2: what is root.disk? /?01:56
hspaansCameron`: most likely pulseaudio goes fubar, restarting the application (like totem or rhythmbox) after say 30 seconds and it should work again01:56
Squideshionetinsoldier: http://pastebin.com/d782f301401:56
=== Epidemik is now known as Treehugger
yoyit2its in host/ubuntu/disks01:57
yoyit2Gnea: its in host/ubuntu/disks01:57
docmurany ideas01:57
Dante123hi, my kids was playing game under wine....and screwed up the screen.  Now lcd monitor says input not supported....how can I change/fix the resolution??01:57
Treehuggerhow do you install ATI drivers using terminal?01:57
Gneayoyit2: so, by 'installed thru vista', you mean you used wubi?01:57
Cameron`hspaans: its totem that I am using.  I'll try waiting a minute - but I am sure I have tried that before01:57
yoyit2Gnea: sure01:57
Roger_Dantel123, relog01:58
Dante123rebooting and going into recovery console gets me screen back, but nvidia graphics driver is not running...and upon reboot back to same input not supported error01:58
Roger_wine does that to me to sometimes01:58
hspaansCameron`: it works is most cases, hopefully its fixed in 9.04 or you need to go back to 8.04 :(01:58
Gneayoyit2: not a good move. when you install via wubi, you're installing to a filesystem contained within a file on vista's filesystem. by getting rid of vista, you have now trapped your ubuntu installation.01:58
Dante123Roger_ relog....did that ....no help01:58
Roger_sorry then01:59
Cameron`hspaans: I wasn't even running totem before it happened.. but when I start totem it has no sound.  if I run totem when I first boot, it works fine, but I then close totem, surf the web or do some work for a while, then totem has no sound01:59
Dante123get same error01:59
onetinsoldierSquideshi: ok, this is how i would go about finding out, since, as you said, the filenames don't exactly match package names...   locate intel_drv.so && dpkg -S /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/intel_drv.so -->xserver-xorg-video-intel01:59
=== Cameron` is now known as Cameron
yoyit2Gnea: but is there now ANY way to expand it to the entire hdd, rather then just 8.4GBs??01:59
Jack_SparrowDante123, What nvidia card01:59
Gneayoyit2: if vista was installed, sure01:59
hspaansCameron`: when you do `id -a` do you see a group called audio?01:59
Dante1237300 gs02:00
Treehuggerhow do you install ATI drivers?02:00
Cameronhspaans: nope02:00
Jack_Sparrowdo you get low res in the desktop02:00
Dante123everything worked fine...until the kid was playing that game02:00
Gneayoyit2: if you've got an ubuntu cd, you can install that02:00
hspaansCameron: may yourself member of that group and login again02:00
hspaansCameron: s/may/make/02:00
Jack_SparrowDante123, Playig a game under wine..02:00
yoyit2Gnea: ok, but would i have to REINSTALL ubuntu? or could i just edit the file "root.disk"??02:01
GneaJack_Sparrow: his system is now barfing at graphics initialization on bootup of ubuntu.02:01
Jack_SparrowGnea, thanks02:01
Dante123Jack_Sparrow yes, he was playing game...and I dont know what he did...but the screen went black....I think it is a resolution thing...because all is fine in recover mode....BUT that means nvidia driver not running.....02:01
hspaansCameron: you know how to make yourself member of a group?02:01
Gneayoyit2: yeah, reinstall, from the ground-up.02:01
Cameronhspaans: yeah02:02
onetinsoldierTreehugger: i can probably help you out. fist you should get a fully filled out /etc/x11/xorg.conf file if you don't have one. pastebin it if you want me to take a look at it. instructions on how to make a full xorg.conf file are here ---> http://pastebin.com/m4455f5b402:02
yoyit2Gnea: friggen retarded!!02:02
Jack_SparrowDante123, care to try a few things with me02:02
Cameronhspaans: the strange thing is if I cat /etc/group it shows my username02:02
Gneayoyit2: i know, vista surely is.02:02
Dante123no prob.  Jack_Sparrow02:02
Cameronhspaans: the strange thing is if I cat /etc/group it shows my username in the audio group02:02
hspaansCameron: where?02:02
hspaansCameron: but not when you do id -a?02:02
aleksN^Gnea; Still got the same problem02:03
Cameronhspaans: nope02:03
iShockHi cameron02:03
yoyit2Gnea: is there any way to Copy/paste all the drivers and programs from the ubuntu im using now, to the one i reinstall?02:03
hspaansCameron: in a terminal btw02:03
Jack_SparrowDante123, can you get to a terminal02:03
iShockCameron: Hi dere02:03
Dante123Jack_Sparrow do you think I should disable nivida driver....then redo it02:03
Cameronhspaans: yeah - I'm a long time linux user :)02:03
Gneayoyit2: i'm not sure... you'd have to load up the livecd and see if it finds it or not02:03
Dante123I am booted into recover mode right now Jack_Sparrow02:03
Jack_SparrowDante123, fine02:03
Jack_SparrowDante123, lets try sudo nvidia-xconfig02:03
yoyit2Gnea: arg!02:04
hspaansCameron: np, I'm going to sleep btw. Its getting late in my timezone02:04
Jack_Sparrowyoyit2, Please settle down02:04
Cameronhspaans: no worries.. thanks for the hints02:04
GneaaleksN^: something is wrong then... you said you're running 7.04? or was that a typo?02:04
docmurI installed libdvdcss2 and ubuntu-restricted-extra but when I right click the dvd and ask it to play in movie player, totem hangs and causes my cpu to run like 100% but I have to force quit totem02:04
aleksN^7.04 yes ^^02:04
docmurany ideas02:04
Dante123Jack_Sparrow I get validation error02:04
aleksN^Thats why I want to update02:04
yoyit2Gnea:  there arnt any ways of using an ubuntu program to do it? or a live vista disc?02:04
Jack_SparrowDante123, that is actually helpful to know02:05
t_does anyone know how to make your virtual box read USB devices?02:05
Jack_SparrowDante123, I use the nvidia driver prior to -7702:05
Gneayoyit2: realistically speaking, at this conjuncture, your only recourse is to backup any important file you have on your ubuntu installation to a USB drive or CD, then just do a flat-out reinstall of ubuntu from CD or DVD.02:05
Dante123t_ what version of vbox are u running???02:06
Gnea!caps | yoyit202:06
ubottuyoyit2: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.02:06
t_I gues it would be the lates02:06
t_since I just got it last week02:06
eseven73having a meltdown wont help any02:06
docmurit's a better idea to not use windows at all02:06
=== mcopple is now known as penguinistakc
docmurWindows is singlehandedly the worst invention of all time02:06
t_its a better idea to experiemnt02:06
=== penguinistakc is now known as penguinista
t_you should't be so blindsighted02:07
GneaaleksN^: well, you have an older installation, so that makes things difficult, but it might still be possible to upgrade...02:07
Cameronhspaans: I just logged out and in again - it now shows that I am in the audio group, however still no sound02:07
GneaaleksN^: can you run synaptic?02:07
Jack_SparrowDante123, have you tried nvidia-settings02:07
aleksN^command ?02:07
GneaaleksN^: synaptic02:07
=== penguinista is now known as direwolf
Gr34t3stCan someone guide me through setting up Dial-up on Ubuntu?02:08
=== direwolf is now known as direw0lf
aleksN^Cannot open display02:08
aleksN^it says02:08
Gnea!dialup | Gr34t3st02:08
ubottuGr34t3st: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up02:08
t_Does anyone know how to mount usb devices on a virtual box?02:08
GneaaleksN^: i see... are you trying to run this as the same user that you're logged in as?02:08
=== Delvien is now known as Delvien_away
t_it's simply not responding02:09
Cameronanoyone know how to restart the audio system on ubuntu 8.10 ?02:09
eseven73t_>> are you using the ose version?02:09
aleksN^Gnea; yea02:09
t_whats the ose?02:09
Jack_Sparrow!coc > yoyit202:09
Chughi all02:09
GneaCameron: /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart02:09
iShockCameron: Ping02:09
GneaCameron: sorry, sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart02:09
jake123how do you use synaptic to install emerald?02:09
CameronGnea: that command runs, doesn't output anything, and completes instantly02:09
t_Virtual Box is open source. Are you trying to tell me that there is one that you have to pay?02:10
Gneajake123: do a search in it for 'emerald'02:10
=== direw0lf is now known as mattc
=== mattc is now known as mgcopple
eseven73t_>> look in synaptic for 'virtualbox-ose' if you have that, you're gonna need to get the NON free version from the website02:10
CameronGnea:  time sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart : real0m0.006s user0m0.000s sys0m0.004s02:10
jake123gnea, im new to ubuntu, whats synaptic :(02:10
GneaCameron: sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart02:10
CameronGnea:  and it doesn't seem to make audio work again02:10
=== mgcopple is now known as kcfreemason
t_I was under the impression that this was all free02:10
jake123gnea: found it02:10
Gr34t3stUhh.. I tried setting up dial-up and I think I have the location of my modem wrong. I used scanModem and I got a bunch of errors02:10
Gnea!synaptic | jake12302:10
ubottujake123: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto02:10
t_I'm rater suspicious of your statements02:10
ubottuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up02:10
Chicanohow do i add another irc?02:11
=== kcfreemason is now known as direw0lf
eseven73t_>> 98% of linux software is free.....but Virtualbox has 2 versions!02:11
CameronGnea: alsa-utils took some time to run, and seemed to restart.  but my sound still doesn't work02:11
exodus_msChicano: what client are you using02:11
t_I see02:11
droopsta915why wont my flashdrive unmount. It stays on the desktoip02:11
droopsta915desktop, sorry02:11
eseven73t_>> yeah, the free OSE does not support USB :(02:11
Gnea!sound | Cameron02:11
ubottuCameron: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:11
t_All I need is for my virtual box to interface with my USB storage devices02:11
onetinsoldiereseven73: do you have to purchase the non-free version? or is it just a non-free license?02:11
eseven73t_>> good news, the one on the site is free, too, but its free as in beer02:12
GneaCameron: try that troubleshooting guide out - if it still doesn't work, let us know02:12
eseven73no yo udont have to buy it onetinsoldier02:12
t_I don't follow02:12
eseven73theres two kinds of free02:12
onetinsoldiereseven73: roger that02:12
Jack_Sparrowonetinsoldier, It just means that it is not open source02:12
Chicanousing xchat02:12
Gneafree speech, and free beer.02:12
jensor I'm having trouble with file sharing. Using the file browser I see my xp box listed, but when I try see the files I get a popup window saying "Couldn't display  "smb://home/jj-nu"   The location is not a folder"02:12
CameronGnea: sound was working - I would play vids, use flash etc.. then after some time it stops, and the only way to fix it is to reboot02:12
eseven73free as in free beer, and free as in speech (really really free)02:12
aleksN^Gnea; so there is no hope for updating?02:12
GneaaleksN^: sec, still checking something02:13
eseven73t_>> just go get the one from virtualbox's site, and you'll be good to go02:13
hissing_sunhatI recently updated to 8.10 from 8.04 using the update manager. The splash screen and files needed to boot load no problem, but I never get to the login screen. Instead, my screen turns black. I can't get a terminal with cntrl-alt-F1 and the same thing happens in recovery mode. I checked my xorg.conf and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. Passing boot options vga=771 noapic nolapic does not help. Can someone02:13
hissing_sunhatplease help me?02:13
Gnea!upgrade | aleksN^02:13
ubottualeksN^: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:13
mnWhat is the best browser (objectively)?02:13
t_eseven73>> Is this an American saying? o.O02:13
CameronGnea: all of the sound related help pages on the ubuntu site were related to sound not working at all02:13
GneaaleksN^: check out the instructions for ubuntu server02:13
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:13
aleksN^Will do02:13
GneaaleksN^: you *should* be able to replicate it02:13
eseven73t_>> what? free speech?02:13
Gr34t3stOmg.. Ubuntu Sucks. I can't even set up dial-up internet without having trouble.. Even windows ME lets me do it with ease...02:13
macoGr34t3st: get real hardware02:14
t_No, that whole phrase02:14
eseven73dont compare windows to windows02:14
Chicanousing xchat02:14
eseven73oops windows to linux02:14
t_Wait, are you talking to me through 1 to 1, or whole room?02:14
t_I'm not familiar with this IRC02:14
docmurthere is no compairson, windows was forged in Hell02:14
eseven73t_>> was refering to  Gr34t3st remark02:14
Jack_Sparrowdocmur, Please dont02:15
GneaGr34t3st: we don't need that kind of attitude here. please, show respect and patience if you want it to work.02:15
mnWhat is the best browser (objectively)?02:15
t_How are your text letters red? eseven02:15
eseven73cause im highlighting your nick name02:15
Dante1231Jack_Sparrow u there???02:15
Jack_Sparrow!tab > t_02:15
ubottut_, please see my private message02:15
Jack_SparrowDante123, yes02:15
macot_: if you start a message with someone's name, it'll highlight on their client02:15
kolby!kirby | kolby02:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kirby02:15
t_I see02:16
t_So every time I want personal red letter text, I must type their name prior?02:16
Chicanobien y tu02:16
t_Is there a way to set this as a sticky?02:16
macot_: its not a private message. its just like when you say "hey joe..." in conversation02:16
CameronGnea: sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload worked !!02:16
GneaCameron: good deal :)02:17
Jack_Sparrowt_ just use tab complete02:17
t_tab complete?02:17
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:17
exodus_mst_: try this --> http://tldp.org/HOWTO/IRC/02:17
t_Is that a mac key?02:17
* eseven73 smells a troll02:18
t_eseven73, cool02:18
onetinsoldiert_: just type the first few letters of their nick, then press the tab key on our keyboard. works on the linux command line too02:18
Chughas anyone had any luck making a live usb drive with 8.10 and a kingston Datatraveler 2gb?02:18
jensor I'm having trouble with file sharing. Using the file browser I see my xp box listed, but when I try see the files I get a popup window saying "Couldn't display  "smb://home/jj-nu"   The location is not a folder"02:19
t_eseven73 can you see red text?02:19
Gnea!usb | Chug no, but if I was going to, I'd check this out:02:19
ubottuChug no, but if I was going to, I'd check this out:: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:19
banshee_Whats the command to give me permission to a folder, cause i try to browse it and it says no permission02:19
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:19
edg_hola alguien q me ASESORE02:19
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:19
progre55does anybody know how to set up a "Ricoh Co., Ltd" MC reader? I have sony vaio VGN-FW21E laptop, and ubuntu 8.10 running on it02:20
Xcercais open office 3 going to be in the ubuntu repo somtime ?02:20
Chugty :)02:20
banshee_Whats the command to give me permission to a folder, cause i try to browse it and it says no permission02:20
t_!tab eseven7302:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tab eseven7302:20
exodus_msXcerca: I was able to update to 3.002:20
sloopybanshee_, what folder?02:20
onetinsoldierbanshee_: in the graphical file browser?02:20
The_Rebelhow do i tell apt-get to not install the "suggested packages"02:20
Jack_Sparrowbanshee_, What is the path of the folder02:20
exodus_msThe_Rebel: use 'hold'02:20
banshee_Jack_Sparrow: Sloopy: $HOME/hlds02:21
Jack_Sparrow!pinning > The_Rebel02:21
ubottuThe_Rebel, please see my private message02:21
jensorbanshee_  use sudo02:21
banshee_Jack_Sparrow: Sloopy: it is something I downloaded02:21
banshee_Jack_Sparrow: Sloopy: and i need to browse in the files02:21
t_does anybody use virtualbox?02:21
sloopybanshee_, and it is a folder?02:21
Xcercaexodus_ms , did you remove the 2.4 that came with 8.10 then install the .tar from the we site, or just add the repo for it and use synaptic ?02:21
banshee_sloopy: Yes02:21
sloopyt_, yes many people do02:21
Jack_Sparrowbanshee_, we can set permission...02:21
banshee_Jack_Sparrow how02:21
Jack_Sparrowbanshee_, One sec02:22
t_Do you know how to make it read the usb port?02:22
hissing_sunhatdoes anyone have any idea about this black screen thing02:22
t_sloopy, my virtual box can read my mouse which is plugged in via usb02:22
t_sloopy, but storage devices are not recognized02:22
exodus_msXcerca: I used sudo apt-get update and updated my system then i ran sudo apt-get upgrade02:22
GneaThe_Rebel: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-prevent-a-package-from-being-updated-in-ubuntu.html02:23
Jack_Sparrowbanshee_, check your pm please02:23
onetinsoldierbanshee_: be careful what you do here... on a command line, type in --> gksu  ..then type in -->  nautilus  ...but you might want to do what Jack_Sparrow says instead02:23
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto02:23
jensor I'm having trouble with file sharing. Using the file browser I see my xp box listed, but when I try see the files I get a popup window saying "Couldn't display  "smb://home/jj-nu"   The location is not a folder"02:23
Jack_Sparrowonetinsoldier, I have him in pm..02:23
Gneapinning and holding are 2 different things.02:23
onetinsoldierJack_Sparrow: roger02:23
t_anyone else us virtual box?02:23
exodus_msXcerca: sorry to answer your question, yes, i added the repo to my sources.list and then ran sudo apt-get update02:24
Gnea!vbox | t_02:24
ubottut_: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:24
Jack_Sparrowt_, vbox has their own channel02:24
Xcercaexodus_ms ,   what repo is it ?02:24
Gneat_: yes, just type this into your irc client:  /join #vbox02:25
t_cool, thank you02:25
t_hey gnea02:25
Jack_Sparrowonetinsoldier, May I pm you..02:25
t_Gnea, how were you able to use red text without typing my name prior to the sentance?02:26
exodus_msXcerca: http://paste.ubuntu.com/97993/02:26
ari_stressJack_Sparrow ??! i thought you were in hell? :)02:26
onetinsoldierJack_Sparrow: sure02:26
Gneat_: I have no idea what you're talking about.02:26
t_Gnea, you said !vbox | t_02:26
t_and it was red02:26
SorcererbobFresh install of 64bit Ubuntu. Running the proprietry nvidia drivers (177) with Twinview enabled on two identical monitors. I have a problem with the desktop cube - if I use the mouse to rotate the next screen I can see on either side the top and bottom bars (which are situated on the left screen) as being on the right screen, but I can never actually go to that desktop. It slides to the sides. I want the two screens to be02:26
Sorcererbob able to rotate upon only their own axis - so that the right hand screen never shows the top and bottom bars. Can I achieve this by setting the screens up as separate X sessions, or is there a better fix?02:26
jensor I'm having trouble with file sharing. Using the file browser I see my xp box listed, but when I try see the files I get a popup window saying "Couldn't display  "smb://home/jj-nu"   The location is not a folder"  Now jj-nu is the name of my xp box which is alredy setup to share My Documents folder among others.02:26
Gneat_: that's a setting on your irc client, look it up.02:27
stinger05can wine run all windows games on linux ?02:27
Sorcererbobstinger05, no02:27
Gneastinger05: many, but not all.02:27
aleksN^Gnea; I've changed the sources.list, runned apt-get update (worked), then 'sudo aptitude install update-manager-core' and 'sudo do-release-upgrade'. But still I'm not able to use02:28
stinger05Gnea: how about the ones that run, do they run smoothly or choppy ?02:28
aleksN^update-manager -d02:28
exodus_mst_: are you using xchat?02:28
t_exodus_ms, yes02:28
GneaaleksN^: did it enable you to upgrade to the next ubuntu release?02:28
exodus_msplease take a look here, it will answer alot of your questions --> http://www.eglug.org/book/export/html/56402:29
Gneastinger05: it depends on the game and your hardware.02:29
KelenHow to send files by buletooth in command?02:29
Gnea!wine | stinger0502:29
ubottustinger05: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help02:29
aleksN^What you mean?02:29
t_exodus_ms, special orders are relatively new to me02:29
Kelenis there any idea for this question?02:29
Gnea!bluetooth | Kelen02:29
ubottuKelen: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup02:29
exodus_mst_: in case you missed the previous post, try this --> http://www.eglug.org/book/export/html/56402:29
t_thank you02:30
GneaaleksN^: when you finished running the do-release-upgrade, did it ask you to rebot?02:30
exodus_mst_: and agian, look here --> http://tldp.org/HOWTO/IRC/02:30
stinger05Gnea: how about Cedega? i heard it can run most games also.02:30
GneaaleksN^: *reboot02:30
Sorcererbobok, I'm going to try separate X sessions and hope it doesn't die again. I'll report back soon02:30
Gnea!cedega | stinger0502:30
ubottustinger05: cedega is a project based on WINE, aimed at running Windows games on Linux. For more info, see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cedega02:30
Kelenubottu: dude, i got buletooth worked. just need a way to send file with command..02:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:31
Roger_Kelen ubottu is a bot program running for helping ppl lol, not a real person02:31
aleksN^Gnea; no it didnt, it said 100% working, and then I wasn't able to do anything, so I restarted putty ^^.02:32
exodus_msKelen: don't worry about it man, happens to a lot of folks :)02:32
aleksN^and now it says 0%02:32
GneaaleksN^: why are you using putty?02:32
KelenRoger_: So. is there any idea for this question?02:32
aleksN^Cause it is in my basement02:33
Roger_would be cool if they added and actual AI bot02:33
aleksN^Using it as a server02:33
aleksN^thats why I havent updated it earlier02:33
hissing_sunhatanyone willing to take a crack at this problem i have?02:33
GneaaleksN^: okay, what is the result of this command:  lsb_release -r02:33
hissing_sunhati updated to ibex02:33
hissing_sunhatand i cant get to the login screen02:33
xm89after installing some packages xorg stop to work,how to fix it?02:34
eseven73!enter | hissing_sunhat02:34
ubottuhissing_sunhat: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:34
Jack_Sparrowhissing_sunhat, does ctrl-alt-F1 bring you to text mode02:34
hissing_sunhatno i tried that02:34
ubottuUbuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) was the sixth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 19th, 2008. See !eol for more details.02:34
GneaaleksN^: yeah, try rebooting and see if it actually upgraded or not02:34
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases02:35
Jack_Sparrowhissing_sunhat, if you cant get into recovery mode and ctrlaltF1 wont bring up a term, I would boot a live cd and save my /home02:35
hissing_sunhathm ok02:35
gaintsuraanyone know if 8.04 will run on a P1 ?02:36
hissing_sunhatwas trying to avoid that, but thanks for your help02:36
onetinsoldierxm89: you can try following these instructions if you like 'How to reset your xorg.conf ' --> http://pastebin.com/m4455f5b4   ..if you still have problem, pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file so we can have a look at it.02:36
kevixI folks. I'm running hardy for a while. recently I had my root fillup. and on reboot, i get 'overflow' on tmpfs and problems running apps that use TMPFS=/tmp. Any ideas?02:36
fosco_gaintsura: yes02:36
Jack_SparrowGnea, Did he change his sources to old-releases before trying to upgrade02:36
stinger05Gnea: sorry to bother you again, i was just curious about the fact if games that run under wine are playable with LAN02:36
GneaJack_Sparrow: no idea02:36
Jack_Sparrowkevbuntu, boot a live cd and purge /var/cache/apt/archives02:36
Dante1231Jack_Sparrow sorry, had a phone call.  I have the system rebooted and working, however under the nvidia settings gui it thinks my acer 19 widescreen is a CRT.  And gives me less resolution choices than before.  How can I fix that?02:37
Gneastinger05: linux is, by nature, a networkable Operating System. Therefore, yes.02:37
johnfluxis it possible to do PPOE over wireless? :-)02:37
Jack_Sparrowkevbuntu, you can also save stuff you want to keep to a usb stick02:37
Jack_Sparrowdante one sec..02:38
aleksN^Gnea; the system is rebooted, but I still get the same error when typing update-manager -d02:38
Gneajohnflux: that would be a good networking question, best asked in #networking ;)02:38
Jack_SparrowDante123, sudo nvidia-xconfig from a terminal             then sudo nvidia-settings02:39
hissing_sunhatJack_Sparrow, do you mean to save my home on a separate drive and do a fresh install?02:39
Jack_SparrowDante123, let me know what erros you get02:39
The_Rebeli think you guys missunderstand me02:39
Jack_Sparrowhissing_sunhat, yep02:39
The_Rebelwhen i do apt-get install freenx it has a ton of suggested packages it wants to install with everything else02:39
GneaaleksN^: okay, apparently there's something that has to do with old-releases that we need to figure out02:40
The_Rebelhow do i tell apt not to install all that other stuff02:40
Jack_SparrowThe_Rebel, rephrase your question, the answers you have received are right for your question02:40
ziggyHhi all02:40
GneaThe_Rebel: but it doesn't install 'suggested' packages02:40
Gnea...that's why they're suggested. :)02:40
Jack_SparrowThe_Rebel, You mean the dependencies.. if you dont install them, your program wont run02:40
The_Rebeloh i thought it did02:40
The_Rebelthanks Gnea02:40
papnaHi ziggyH. Welcome. =)02:40
Jack_SparrowGnea, you need the link for old-releases?02:41
papna!ask | ziggyH02:41
ubottuziggyH: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:41
GneaJack_Sparrow: please02:41
Jack_Sparrowone sec02:41
Jack_SparrowGnea, http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/02:41
Jack_SparrowDinner is here bbl02:42
Sorcererbobso yes, trying the "Two Separate X Sessions" option was an epic fail02:42
ubottuGTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI02:44
Sorcererbobso the cube works fine when I only have one screen02:44
Sorcererbobwhen I enable the second screen (twinview) the cube becomes an octagon and each octagon (one on each screen) has every desktop02:44
GneaaleksN^: check this out: http://www.linux-archive.org/ubuntu-user/111092-upgrading-old-releases.html02:44
LymiesI was on a website, blogtv, where you can watch webcams, and when I closed the window it made this skipping sound that wouldn't go away, so I closed firefox, then I logged out and it kept doing that, then I did /etc/init.d/alsa-utils stop, and when I shut down alsa of course it stopped, but when I turned it back on it was back again, so I just restarted. Now I don't have any sound.02:45
jake123how do i install a GTK theme that I downloaded from gnomelook.org02:45
progre55hi everybody!02:45
Sorcererbobhow do I stop this weird cube behaviour?02:45
bbechdolHello everyone02:45
onetinsoldier!howdy | progre5502:45
ubottuprogre55: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:45
GneaSorcererbob: what weird cube behavior?02:45
onetinsoldier!howdy | bbechdol02:45
ubottubbechdol: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:45
progre55my dmesg has been showing some exceptions as "[16664.696695] __ratelimit: 107 callbacks suppressed" and "[16664.696710] not enough headroom [12] for radiotap head [25]". what would that mean?02:46
|ntegra|I KNOW an aaroncampbell02:46
bbechdol I was curious02:46
Gnea|ntegra|: and?02:46
bbechdolI Love Ubuntu and I want to do something to give back to everyone that has helped me02:46
SorcererbobGnea: it works fine when I have a single screen; it has 4 sides and is wonderful. When I enable my second screen (using twinview via Nvidia drivers) each screen shows a "cube", which is fine, the problem is that the "cube" is actually an octagon. The octagon has all 4 of the desktops from each screen.02:47
bbechdolI am not sure whicih way to go02:47
progre55bbechdol, you could help me :)02:47
Gneabbechdol: you can idle in here and help other newbies out :)02:47
* eseven73 accepts paypal bbechdol :P02:47
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate02:47
bbechdol@ubottu thanks ill check it out02:48
bbechdolI was almost thinking about offering help in ubuntu-motu or ubuntu-devel02:48
GneaSorcererbob: right, you've got 4 virtual desktops on both screens, thus giving you 8 altogether, and thus, an octogon.02:48
bbechdolbut I have never programmed befor :)02:48
Jack_Sparrowbbechdol, HElp in any area is always appreciated by all02:48
johnfluxon packages.ubuntu.com, it would be nice if it was possible to download a package and all of its dependencies as a single .tar.gz file02:48
SorcererbobGnea: no. I have 4 virtual desktops total02:49
Jack_Sparrowjohnflux, That isnt going to happen02:49
SorcererbobGnea: each virtual desktop spans both screens02:49
johnfluxJack_Sparrow: why not?  I was thinking that it could use the LSB to know what to include02:49
=== ShockUBT is now known as Staticshock
GneaSorcererbob: but you have 8 - the cube interprets each 'real' screen as 102:49
johnfluxJack_Sparrow:  e.g. so it doesnt include glibc packages etc02:49
Gnea!cube | Sorcererbob02:50
ubottuSorcererbob: Compiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »02:50
Jack_Sparrowjohnflux, Please discuss it in offtopic or -motu etc02:50
progre55hey, can someone please help me out? my dmesg has been showing some exceptions as "[16664.696695] __ratelimit: 107 callbacks suppressed" and "[16664.696710] not enough headroom [12] for radiotap head [25]". what would that mean?02:50
SorcererbobI'll join the compiz channel. Thank you02:50
GneaSorcererbob: I would highly consider the #compiz-fusion room for better details on it02:50
GneaSorcererbob: and good luck02:50
aleksN^!sources.list 7.0402:51
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:51
RoumsDoes anyone know how i could resolve my problem with gnome not starting up (blocked after logon screen), see : http://pastebin.com/m2a565434 for some messages02:51
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories02:51
LaBluaI'm trying to upgrade this laptop from feisty to gutsy, using the update manager gui, and it appears to be hanging at the "Installing the upgrades" step. Nothing is displaying in the terminal, and none of the logs in /var/log/dist-upgrade/ have been updated in over 12 minutes02:51
crfLaBlua, have you tried only once?02:52
aleksN^I'm not able to find the original sources.list for ubuntu 7.0402:52
LaBluacrf: I tried cancelling out of it and restarting it, but it got to the same spot again and locked up.02:53
LaBluaWell, I dunno if locked up is accurate.. the orange bar keeps moving back and forth, but nothing else is happening. CPU, network, and disk look pretty idle02:53
sjrHelp me, I'm hurt, injured, possibly beyond repair.02:53
=== inx-live is now known as mdg
=== sjr is now known as SJr
Jack_SparrowaleksN^, you edit your sources to point to that page02:53
=== SJr is now known as SJrX
Sorcererbobcheers Gnea. I'll let you know how I go02:54
Jack_SparrowaleksN^,  http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/02:55
aleksN^Jack_Sparrow; I'm not sure what you mean. I edited the sources.list ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades ) as said here, and Gneu sendt me a link from a forum where a guy says that after updating my sources.list, I should edit it back to my old souces.list02:56
nowimprovedUh, flash is making my computer run at 95 percent cpu again, joy02:56
LymiesI was on a website, blogtv, where you can watch webcams, and when I closed the window it made this skipping sound that wouldn't go away, so I closed firefox, then I logged out and it kept doing that, then I did /etc/init.d/alsa-utils stop, and when I shut down alsa of course it stopped, but when I turned it back on it was back again, so I just restarted. Now I don't have any sound.02:57
vostro1510just putting the back of notebook up didnt solve the problem.02:57
vostro1510I put a ventilador (rack ventilator) to flow air to notebook.02:57
vostro1510It helped a lot02:57
vostro1510But still hot. :FD02:57
Jack_SparrowGnea, You here02:57
Germ|MintIm doing a complete recompile of my system (i was bored) using apt-build and am wondering. If I were to CtrlC it would it harm my system02:57
vostro1510I did the Dell test. Fans are wotking02:58
LaBluaAny ideas on my lock up on upgrade? I've been unsuccessful so far in my Google searches.02:58
Tidussomeone ping me?02:58
vostro1510Now, I am trying to correct my Ubuntu installation. It was crazy :D02:58
SJrXTidus did you have to have a show on Fox?02:58
Stormx2Lymies, make sure firefox/npviewer.bin aren't running.02:58
SJrX1.17 seconds Tidus02:58
vostro1510Just to say thanks em to inform results.02:58
TidusSJrX: huh?02:58
MikeHAny Gnome/compiz users here? How can I add a desktop to compiz? When I enable desktop cube, only two workspaces are shown, instead of the 4 I have now?02:58
Tidusvostro1510: not a problem02:58
vostro1510sorry, a feature. :-)02:59
Wildcat_guys anyone have any ideas why in ubuntu 8.10 i get only static as audio with my hdmi cable??02:59
churlmy nm-applet is not in the panel any ideas?02:59
Stormx2MikeH: The way I do it is to add the "workspace switcher" thingy to my GNOME panel, then right click > preferences, and set the workspaces to 4.02:59
m15kdoes anybody know how to install JDK update 11 on ubuntu?02:59
LymiesStormx2, still not working02:59
vostro1510I update my Ubuntu from 8.04, using 8.10 cdrom and cdromupgrade.02:59
mdgchurl: right click on he menu and add it back02:59
Stormx2Lymies, killall pulseaudio?03:00
Jack_SparrowMikeH, Install ccsm  sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager Next go to system...pref..advanced desktop effects....  On the first page  put check next to rotate cube and desktop cube.. dbl click general options... up closer to the top...  click on desktop size  and set them to 4, 1 and 1  top to bottom... ctrl+alt+(Left Mouse Button) then move mous03:00
mdgI mean the menu bar03:00
vostro1510but it didnt worked (I think). Im 8.10, software updates didnt work, saying that was a problem with some packages...03:00
vostro1510Now, installing 8.10 from zero.03:00
vostro1510Newbie sucks. :D03:00
LymiesI was using pulseaudio before, maybe if I switch back to just plain alsa it'll be fine03:01
LymiesHow do you switch back?03:01
MikeHJack_Sparrow: It won't let me change the value from 1.03:01
=== fenris_ is now known as ejat
Jack_SparrowMikeH, Time for me to run.. but if it wont let you change that is a different issue..03:01
Stormx2Lymies, personally I just have a script which kills pulseaudio on boot. pulseaudio is just a complete bastard generally. skype won't work with it. flash won't work with it. it blocks alsa, etc etc. if you can live without per-application volume controls (i can), just kill it as a startup prog.03:02
churlmdg: i dont think i can do that, i believe this is part of a bug03:02
Stormx2Off to bed. ciao03:02
moontanhappy new year everybody. i can't print, export pdf/postscript or other formats from many applications any more since i installed a bunch of musical notation progs. what can i do about this?03:02
system_i cant run msn in wine03:03
mizeryA friend of mine just installed Ubuntu on their computer.  Their keyboard used in X as well as at terminal/console is strange.  I'm trying to figure out how to fix it.  they have a standard QWERTY keyboard but the following keys result: Pushing "q" shows 5, "w" shows 6, "e" shows q, "r" shows ., "t" shows o and "y" shows r.  I'm not sure what layout is being used or if it's a standard layout.  How can I find out how to change the keyboard 03:03
gaelfxmizery: num lock is on03:03
mizerygaelfx: nope03:04
dnyyErr, my sound just stopped work.  I can't kill pulseaudio either, not with 'pulseaudio -k' or 'killall pulseaudio.'  I keep getting a 'startup daemon failed' error. Anyone know how to fix this? :(03:04
mizeryI rebooted to make sure as well, and it is configured into the system somehow.  It has been like this since installation from an 8.10 disk I gave him03:04
=== obama is now known as Guest76110
Wildcat_guys... in ubuntu my sound card is not sending sound to my computer.... im assuming its a problem with ubuntu 8.10... any delt with it? anyone have any ideas at all? or were else to look?03:04
churlmdg: something about another session using nm-applet, ive read that it's a known bug in 8.10 but it seems like it should have been fixed by now...03:05
LaBluamizery: Are you sure it isn't turning numlock on during boot?03:05
donavandoes anyone know how to make virtualbox see my new wifi card ... I have a vm installed but it wont see the network now03:05
mizeryLaBlua: let me check03:05
LaBlua I'm trying to upgrade this laptop from feisty to gutsy, using the update manager gui, and it appears to be hanging at the "Installing the upgrades" step. Nothing is displaying in the terminal, and none of the logs in /var/log/dist-upgrade/ have been updated in over 26 minutes. I tried cancelling and restarting, with the same results.03:05
LaBluaany ideas?03:05
MikeHhrm, odd03:06
gaelfxI'm having a problem with SCIM, it appears that I have alternate input methods installed and enabled, but when I click the SCIM icon, nothing shows up, how can I get my alternate input methods working again?03:06
Mallen_what is the command for normal time03:06
MikeHWhislt I have 4 workspaces, cube only shows 203:06
ZellSFhow do I turn the wireless card OFF on my eeepc in ubuntu?03:06
ZellSFI tried disabling it in the bios and ubuntu just turns it back on03:06
Mallen_currently mine is set at  [%H:%M]03:06
skeet0rwould someone please take a look at this memory allcation error that I'm getting? you can see it here http://pastebin.com/m2027e7ba03:06
skeet0rIm not sure what I need to do in order to fix it.. I think its most likely a simple fix03:07
LaBluaZellSF: Trying to just disable networking through it, or actually power it down?03:07
ZellSFactually power it down03:07
mizeryLaBlua / gaelfx: I turned off NumLock before booting Ubuntu and it didn't turn back on throughout the boot.  Reaching the GUI login screen the keyboard is still producing same strange results.03:07
LaBluaZellSF: Hmm, sorry, I dunno how to do that.03:07
mdgchurl, can you start nm-applet from the command line?03:08
SJrXI have broken grub on my machine and can't boot. I had messed with the partitions, but basically the long short of it is, that Windows 2003 overwrote the bootsector, and even after fixing it, now all my linux installs can't seem to be able to find root03:08
ZellSFI was hoping disabling it in the bios would work03:08
=== gustavo is now known as pelao91
kerrican someone please help me with the sound on Ubuntu 8.1003:08
churlmdg: i get an error03:08
churlmdg: ** (nm-applet:21869): WARNING **: <WARN>  applet_dbus_manager_start_service(): Could not acquire the NetworkManagerUserSettings service as it is already taken.  Return: 3 (nm-applet:21869): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed03:09
LaBluaSJrx: Have you tried booting from an ubuntu cd, running the rescue console, and running grub from there?03:09
ZellSFsigh guess I'll just have to deal with this  the few days I can't reinstall anything else :/03:09
kerrican someone help before i switch to windows03:09
SJrXLaBlua, yeah I followed some guides, where I type root(hd0, 4) and then setup (hd0)03:09
SJrXThat got GRUB to actually start, but all my linux options in the boot menu are b0rked.03:09
SJrXHi kerri03:09
skeet0rany idea what I would need to do in order to fix the following error message: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 15728640 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1966080 bytes) in /usr/share/php/XML/Util.php on line 53203:09
WebminNoobLOLHello, is there anyone here that uses webmin and knows alot about it?03:10
ZellSFdoes disabling the network card do anything to reduce power usage?03:10
Jack_Sparrowkerri,  Settle down please03:10
Chicanohow do i add songs to ipod using rythmbox03:10
ConstantineXVI!patience > kerri03:10
ubottukerri, please see my private message03:10
SJrXkerri,  don't demand help, but yo udidn't ask a question, what is your specific problem03:10
Jack_SparrowWebminNoobLOL, webmin is not supported03:10
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.03:10
duckamukusing weechat, ignores for join,quit are working but leave isnt.  did the syntax change?03:10
ZellSFdoes disabling a wireless network card reduce power usage notably?03:10
werLd-zellsf: no03:11
WebminNoobLOLhmm... I was using it till like a week ago and it just stopped03:11
SJrXskeet0r yeah, there is an option in PHP for maximum memory usage, you passed it. However it also looks like a bug in the code, if it's trying to use 30 megs per connection, that'll be pretty bad.03:11
Chicanohow do i add songs to ipod using rythmbox03:11
SorcererbobGnea, I fixed it by changing an option in the compiz manager (under Desktop Cube). Multiple Output Mode (set it to multiple cubes)03:11
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod03:11
ZellSFgah, I need the battery on this thing to last tomorrow03:11
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox03:11
mdgchurl, have you had other nm-apptlet errors before this?03:12
Chris_ChaseWould anybody know how to install a USB driver for a modem on Ubuntu?03:12
kerriSJrX: can someone please help me with the sound on Ubuntu 8.1003:12
cyberjuice i just think its crazy how I can see my Shared Ubuntu files over the network from a windows machine but I cant see the Shared windows files from Ubuntu.  But I see the windows shared files on the network when im on another windows machine.  Ubuntu just wont let me see the shared windows drives on the network03:12
cyberjuice it shows me the machine name but when i click on it nothing is there.  but if i go to my Xp machine and go to the shared files on vista they are there so i know they are shared03:12
skeet0rSJrX: you think that it is definitely a code error an there is no way to fix it by editing a configuration file or something?03:12
ConstantineXVIZellSF: as in, a full 8 hours?  good luck on any laptop03:12
churlmdg: nope03:12
ZellSFConstantineXVI: no as in a full two hours03:12
progre55hey, can someone please help me out? my dmesg has been showing some exceptions as "[16664.696695] __ratelimit: 107 callbacks suppressed" and "[16664.696710] not enough headroom [12] for radiotap head [25]". what would that mean?03:12
kerriI hear the drum in the beginning , then when i log in I hear no sound03:12
SJrXkerri that's not a question, what about sound, can you not mute, can you not get any volume? What kind of audio do you have.03:12
SJrXskeet0r, well it depends on exactly what happens.03:13
kerrii wouldn't be here03:13
LaBluacyberjuice: Are you using the same account name on the XP and Vista machines?03:13
gaelfxI can't get SCIM to switch to any different input methods even though they are installed and enabled, can someone help me figure out what's going wrong? I suspect something is screwed up in the preferences file, but I'm not sure where it is or how to correct it once I get there03:13
skeet0rhow can I determine what exactly is going on?03:13
SJrXskeet0r,  sometimes it's legitimate for a script to use that much memory, like if you are importing a bunch of data. However if that happens when you are trying to setup like phpBB then it's probably bad.03:13
cyberjuicelablua - yes03:13
SJrXBut I need to know exactly what you are doing to produce that error, it could be a bug in the script, or malformed XML, or a bunch of things.03:13
=== nosa is now known as nosa-jj
theUgHi. How long should I keep different kernel options in GRUB? And if I delete an entry in menu.lst, I don remove extra kernel, am I?03:14
skeet0rrunning a script called nzbirc.. Im not sure if you're famiiar but it works until I send a search query to the bot and then thats when I get the error message03:14
VarthCan anyone point me in the right direction for a working deb of ZSNES in Intrepid?03:15
LaBluatheUg: 1 kernel prior to the current one, no need to keep them past that03:15
SJrXskeet0r,  hmmmm you'd have to know PHP and the code to know how to fix it. You might try asking on the projects IRC channel, forums or mailing list. I would guess it's a bug, unless your query is ridiciolously long.03:15
dborelcould anyone help me, i'm struggling to install Wrath x-pac for WoW, been at it the past few days, and I still cant figure it out, had my comp crash the other day and somehow lost a window file, so got ubuntu and i hv managed to so far install the reg game by downloading the trial client, which came with BC, but I cant get wrath to install03:15
werLd-theug: i believe you are safe editing medu.lst although cp -p menu.lst beforehand03:15
Dante1231Jack_Sparrow no errors to report now- but nvidia-settings still has CRT listed instead of Acer lcd03:15
Hashishaninon ununtu, where are the import and lib folders?03:16
=== obama is now known as Guest11568
Jack_SparrowDante123, I need to go but how is the res?03:16
theUgAre all prior kernel versions actually stored on hard drive?03:16
LaBluahashishnin: Er, isn't /lib the lib folder? Import and lib folders for what?03:16
Chris_Chasemy Ethernet port is broken, so I am forced to resort to connecting to my modem via USB but i cant connect to the internet on it to download the driver03:16
umpcHello, how would I fix this error? http://pastebin.com/m4d7daa9203:16
skeet0rI think Im using a beta version of the program so maybe Ill revert to a more stable release03:16
skeet0rhopefully that will fix the issue03:16
Dante1231Anyone know how to get nvidia-setting to reflect correct monitor??03:17
werLd-hashishanin: to be able to search, run 'updatedb' after the index has built, search for files or dirs with 'locate import'03:17
VarthCan anyone point me in the right direction for a working .deb of ZSNES in Intrepid?03:18
skeet0rsJrX Thank you very much for your help I appreciate it.. I assumed it was a bug in the code as well but I thought there ay have been a simple way to fix it03:18
Dr_willis_Varth,  32 or 64bit ?03:18
nosa-jjcan any one help me with ruining an existing xp installation  on a duel boot drive, in virtual box ose, wile running ubuntu? i have already installed virtual box03:18
eseven73might wanna add a '|less' to that Hashishanin as 'locate' will list 100's of files/dirs to the point of it being hard to read03:18
BobPenguinHello. My ktorrent bittorrent client does not download anything, I dont know why. I want to install some other client so I can compare performances. Which one would you recommend?03:18
vengercyberjuice, do you see it with smbclient -L <hostname> ?03:18
Dante1231Jack_Sparrow res is better, but I cannot go to the higher level I had previously when it knew my monitor was not crt but acer lcd.  Is there a way to set monitor????03:18
dirtbag666BobPenguin: Try Azureus03:18
mizeryLaBlua / gaelfx: I dominantly use Gentoo Linux and Gentoo uses /etc/conf.d/keymaps to handle keyboard configuration.  What does Ubuntu use?03:18
VarthDr_willis_: 32bit.03:19
churlBobPenguin: transmission03:19
dirtbag666BogPenguin: It has a new name right now, just google ist03:19
Dr_willis_!info zsnes03:19
ubottuzsnes (source: zsnes): Emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.510-2.1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 875 kB, installed size 4056 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)03:19
BobPenguinthanks dirtbag666 and churl, I will try both!03:19
Dr_willis_Varth,  32bit is in the repos... there is no 64bit version of zsnes.. alternatively the snes9x emulator works very well also03:19
dirtbag666Anyone knows how to active a second monitor on ThinkPad in Ubuntu?03:19
VarthDr_willis_: The 32 bit version in the repos doesn't work.03:19
VarthHasn't for a while.03:20
LaBluamizery: No idea, sorry.03:20
Dr_willis_Varth,  what dosent work about it?03:20
nosa-jjcan any one help me with ruining an existing xp installation  on a duel boot drive, in virtual box ose, wile running ubuntu? i have already installed virtual box03:20
VarthDr_willis_: It won't launch03:20
VarthDr_willis_: I had a working deb of it a while ago, but reinstalled and can't find it now.03:20
eseven73nosa-jj>> that's not possible03:20
nosa-jjbut whats installed useing virtual box druing an install is the same as the files that are currently installed right?03:21
nosa-jjoh intresting03:22
VarthDr_willis_: From what I've gathered from boards and stuff, the version in the repos was compiled wrong or something.03:22
eseven73Vbox makes its own files03:22
LaBlua I'm trying to upgrade this laptop from feisty to gutsy, using the update manager gui, and it appears to be hanging at the "Installing the upgrades" step. Nothing is displaying in the terminal, and none of the logs in /var/log/dist-upgrade/ have been updated in over 42 minutes. I tried stopping and restarting with the same results.03:22
jensorI need help with samba smb client - My linux box can't access my xp box shared files (it used to before I tried to get my xp box to see the linux box files)03:22
eseven73nosa-jj>> unless you have the .vdi file03:22
dborelcould anyone help me figure out how to install the wrath x-pac for WoW? I hv been trying for the past few days, finally figured out how to manually mount the disk, but I get the same prob I do when I try to download it from the client, which it wont let me choose agree on the terms b4 I can install, i hv been trying to get this going ever since my windows crashed a few days ago, and am very new to Ubuntu.03:22
dexiHey. All my amarok icons are showing up as a piece of lined paper...03:22
eseven73if ytou have the .VDI file then yes, you can use that03:22
nosa-jjhow do i make that is ther some app?03:23
Dr_willis_Varth,  run it from a terminal and look for error messages :() it seems its trying to read a incorrect /dev/ entry  not sure why03:23
churlmdg: so this nm-applet buisness is a known bug, im here to find if anyone can tell me if there's a fix for it yet :)03:23
Dante1231hey how come "screen and graphics" won't open up on Ubuntu 8.10 (upgraded from 8.04)03:23
VarthDr_willis_: PM sent.03:23
eseven73nosa-jj>> virtualbox-ose can, you then use a windows xp disk or windows xp .iso to create the xp virtually03:23
vengerjensor, can you see the share with smbclient -L <xp hostname> ? (press enter for password)03:24
nosa-jjthe xp .iso from the disk?03:24
eseven73nosa-jj>> you neede either the CD of xp, or the .iso of xp03:24
aoeukkHi there ubuntu! Is there a way to change a date in a header of your e-mail, so the receiving side would see that it came earlier? (forgot to write my father a New Year congratulation, so would like to make it 12.31.2008 not to upset him =))03:24
=== baja is now known as hijau
nosa-jjok eseven73 i was just checking to see if i need to use my cd well ill check it out sounds like it will work03:25
LaBluakerri: Might I recommend you pay for support, then you can get peoples attention to fix your problem despite the fact you are not giving a meaningful description of th eproblem.03:25
ltgganyone out there help me with a drive crash? cannot mount    see  http://paste.ubuntu.com/97295/03:25
eseven73nosa-jj>> good luck :)03:25
nosa-jjthanks for the help03:25
Dr_willis_Varth,  looks like its got a BUffer Overflow.. bummer.. nasty bug.  Perhaps the forums, or ppa repos have a newer/fixed version03:25
jensorvenger,  Describne hostname for me03:25
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Dr_willis_!find snes03:26
ubottuFound: zsnes, gsnes9x, snes9express, snes9x-x03:26
vengerjensor, what the computer name is for the XP computer that is sharing the files03:26
werLd-ltgg: read about placing hard drive in the freezer for a few hrs03:26
VarthDr_willis_: I had a deb for it that I used for Intrepid, but I just installed Mint 6 and can't find the deb any more.03:26
SvenstaroHow would I test a network interface for bit errors?03:26
VarthSame error between distros though.03:26
dexiCan anyone help me with icons not showing right in Amarok?03:26
werLd-svenstaro: netcat, wireshark perhaps ?03:27
aleksN^Doesn't look like I'm able to update my ubuntu 7.04, so I'll just format and install 8.10 tomorrow. How do I copy or transfer files from my linux server to my winxp server? Using putty to connect my linux server03:27
progre55hey, can someone please help me out? my dmesg has been showing some exceptions as "[16664.696695] __ratelimit: 107 callbacks suppressed" and "[16664.696710] not enough headroom [12] for radiotap head [25]". what would that mean?03:27
mnAnytime I want to open a file in Nautilus, I have to right click and select to open, I can't just double click.  What is the problem?03:27
SvenstarowerLd-, nc I can understand, how would wireshark help me though?03:27
werLd-there might be a built in network tester on there, not sure, sorry03:28
KineticOK so I just went to screen reolution to look at available options and it now only lets me resize my dispplay to 1400x1050 at 51 hz..What the heck. I cant seem to figure out how to get my "normal choices" for screen res/Freq back. ANy ideas03:28
ltggwerLd: are you serious or pulling a newbies leg?03:28
eseven73aleksN^>> you should be able to use sftp if you have openssh-server then on win xp use filezilla to grab the files from the ubuntu box03:28
Y-Townhow do i change the sub net mask?03:29
umpchow do i fix locales? with this error03:29
mnAnytime I want to open a file in Nautilus, I have to right click and select to open, I can't just double click.  What is the problem?03:29
perfectshappy new year03:29
eseven73mn have you tried thunar?03:29
eseven73i find Nautilus a bit porky on the resources03:30
mneseven73:  no, but nautilus used to work03:30
jensorvenger   Yes I do get a list of items but don't see the XP shared folder "My Documents"03:30
Chicanohi everyone is there a way to deleting the second desktop?03:30
churlanybody use FIRENES?03:30
churlthe nes firefox add-on03:30
Y-Townhow do i chane my subnet mask?03:30
mnChicano: Kind of03:30
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.03:31
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werLd-Kinetic: are you able to add/edit video screen entires in /etc/X11/xorg.conf?03:31
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Mr_Bunny_Y-Town: System>Preferences>Network Configuration03:31
dkulchenkoi wrote a shell script that launches a GUI program. (has executable bit set) the script runs fine from the command line, but does not work no matter what I try when I try to double-click it in Nautilus or on the desktop. what could be the problem?03:32
ltggany Linux guru out there willing to private chat to help a newbie recover my drive? Really want to avoid a reformat if possible or at least recover some files.03:32
Mr_Bunny_I'm trying to use pulseaudio to play songs simultaneously. I have it to the point that the client machine's pulseaudio playback meter moves with the output, yet the sound isn't playing on the client. Any ideas?03:32
skoozis there a way to increase the time for the boot selector03:32
werLd-ltgg: did you think i was kidding about putting the hard drive in the freezer?03:32
[aaron]whats the command for the kde control panel?03:32
ltggwerLd: were you not?03:33
derenrichwerLd-: that's an urban legend03:33
werLd-no its not03:33
dkulchenkoskooz: sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst, change timeout=4, or whatever to whatever you want03:33
werLd-its NOt a urban legend03:33
dkulchenkoskooz: (in seconds)03:33
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ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sftp03:33
skoozthank u dk03:33
jensor> venger   Yes I do get a list of items but don't see the XP shared folder "My Documents" My xp's name is jj-nu03:33
KineticwerLd-: Well I assume so, how would I do that?  Right now im in my Nvidia gui and there are far more options for resolution available than what was given to me by System-->Pref--> scr res03:33
werLd-ltgg: read about that, some people can get 30 mins to 4 hrs of their hard drive, enough to copy off the data03:34
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derenrichwerLd-: http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/33305/135/03:34
Cpudan80How do I check if 3D accel is enabled?03:34
Cpudan80some command and grep for direct03:35
ltggwerLd: drive was working fine until I tried installing a graphics card.03:35
Cpudan80but I forget what that command is03:35
fosco_Cpudan80: glxingo | grep -i render03:35
vengerjensor, permissions set to everyone ?  do you know how to use pastebin (in topic) to show the smbclient output?03:35
werLd-ltgg: then the drive probably isnt the issue03:35
ltggwerLd: see    http://paste.ubuntu.com/97295/03:36
neerhi guys03:36
churlhi there!03:36
jensorvenger.  No not familiar with pastebin  - I think I may have used it a long time ago03:36
eseven73fosco_>> i get command not found with that03:37
werLd-ltgg: that doesnt help me, so ubuntu was working fine, and then you installed a new graphics card and now the drive wont read? is this the boot drive?03:37
fosco_glxinfo | grep -i render03:37
jensorvenger>  brief me on pastebin03:38
ltggwerLd: yes the boot drive, which I cannot mount or reinstall GRUB on.03:38
Dante123I need help.  I have an Acer 19 monitor and my kids screwed up the resolution....I got it fixed, but now the nvidia setting gui app doesn't detect the monitor as an Acer LCD (but thinks it is crt).  Another ubuntu machine with the same monitor....shows up correctly.  Please tell me how to reset or set the monitor as the right one on this pc...otherwise I dont get all of the resolutions I should or like the other pc gets.03:38
werLd-Kinetic: you can open up a shell, and run 'vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf', but I would 'cp -p xorg.conf xorg.bak' beforehand03:38
vengerjensor, you go here http://paste.ubuntu.com, paste output, submit, then paste the URL in the channel03:38
neeranyone knows how to connect to internet through windows03:38
eseven73fosco_>> is glxinfo not in the repos? it wont even let me install glxinfo03:38
neerI mean ubuntu03:39
jensorvenger I will post the output on pastebin03:39
DoonzAllo allo03:39
vengeri'm sure ubottu could have said it better03:39
Dr_willis_!find glxinfo03:39
ubottuFile glxinfo found in libgtkglext1-dev, mesa-utils, mesademos, xmanpages-ja03:39
whyameyeDante123: is the other machine with the correct monitor finding etc. identical to the machine with the troubles?03:39
fosco_eseven73: glxinfo is part of the mesa-utils package03:39
LaBlua I'm trying to upgrade this laptop from feisty to gutsy, using the update manager gui, and it appears to be hanging at the "Installing the upgrades" step. Nothing is displaying in the terminal, and none of the logs in /var/log/dist-upgrade/ have been updated in over 42 minutes. I tried stopping and restarting with the same results.03:39
eseven73ah ok ty03:39
neerwell my friend is using windows (adsl) to connect to internet...I want to connect to internet through his computer...using ubuntu03:39
werLd-Dante: check /etc/X11/xorg.conf and see how the Screen section is configure on the correctly working ubuntu server03:39
DoonzHey is it possible to set up a ubuntu server to act as a router/firewall for the rest of my network?03:39
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werLd-Doonz: yes, its called ipchains03:40
neeranyone has any clue?03:40
whyameyeDoonz: firestarter could do that for you.03:40
Chris_ChaseHelp please! My computer detects my network card, but I cant connect to the internet.03:40
Dante123whyameye very similar but the point is that THIS PC did at one time detect the new monitor the same as the other pc...but after my kid screwed up resolution and I had to use recoevery mode to reconfigure x....well now it thinks this monitor is crt03:40
werLd-Doonz, im sorry ipchains is old, new one is called iptables03:40
Doonzok what would be the easiest way to do it03:40
* Doonz is very new with linux03:41
R0b0t1How might I test my built-in microphone on an iMac?03:41
werLd-doonz: go to google. howto iptables03:41
whyameyewerLd-: why not firestarter? It's super easy.03:41
npopeDante123: have you restarted X yet?  That always fixes the problem for me03:41
DoonzwerLd-: or firestarter?03:41
Dante123werLd- should't it autodetect the correct monitor if it did before (I even uninstalled nvidia driver then reinstalled it- same problem)  Is there not a way to force autodetection again03:41
neerDante 12303:41
Dante123just ctr-alt-backspace npope ???03:42
Roumsneer just connect to him using him as the getaway and for him network properties advanced : allow user to connect...03:42
npopeDante123: yes03:42
skoozubuntu rocks!!03:42
R0b0t1How might I test my built-in microphone on an iMac? I've not found any software that'd use it.03:43
Dante123npope, I will try that...but rebooted a couple of times and that didnt help....would't ctrl-alt-bkspace do the same thing???03:43
werLd-Dante: guis and auto stuff will most likely just modify xorg.conf anyway, your probably better off pulling it out of the working config, but do what u want03:43
neerRoums: I want to connect in wireless mode03:43
werLd-Dante: cntl alt backspace just restarts the X server03:43
werLd-the X server reads off the xorg.conf file03:43
npopeDante123: if the reboot does not help then restarting X wont have an effect.03:43
werLd-so unless you change that file, its not going to do much03:43
Dante123werLd it's not so much do what I want...but do what I can.....editing x config files gives me the heebie jeebies03:43
Roumsneer you won't be able to do it i guess, unless you made an ad hoc connection between your 2 computers, and he should not be connecter to adsl with wireless03:43
werLd-Dante123: make a backup, cp -p xorg.conf xorg.bak03:44
werLd-then you can modify xorg.conf at will03:44
whyameyeDante123: I was going to suggest before that if the machines are practically identical you could try copying the xorg.conf file from the working one and try it on the broken one.03:44
Dante123npope exactly, so what other options are there03:44
jensorvenger   http://pastebin.com/d737394cd03:44
Dante123whyameye might try that....03:44
VarthDr_willis_: I finally found a working .deb: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18358430/zsnes_1.510b-1%7Etimo2_i386.deb03:44
werLd-dante: if  you dont want to modify, use more, cat, less to display the working xorg.conf file03:44
whyameyeDante123: take werLd-'s advice tho about a backup.03:45
SkinnYPupCan some recomend me a pci wireless card that works with ubuntu with little to no hassle?03:45
The_Rebelwhat a good terminal emulator for those of use without gnome/kde?03:45
vengerjensor, so you didn't share it as "SharedDocs" ?03:45
czer323terminator ?03:45
The_Rebelxterm won't start on my box for some reason03:45
Dante123whyameye npope werLd-  what I can't understand is why it cant just autodetect or reset the monitor ....through gui...is there no way to set monitor via gui03:45
neerRoums: he is connected with cable to dsl modem03:46
jensorvenger  no03:46
eseven73I use Terminal on xubuntu and Icewm03:46
neerRoums: but I want to connect with him in wireless mode03:46
The_Rebeleseven73.. what package provides it?03:46
omny_devianyone ever install wine on a 64bit OS using the wiki?03:46
npopeDante123: make sure the connection is correctly seated in the back of the computer and the monitor.03:46
werLd-Dante123: priv msg me with this info from both machines: cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:46
eseven73The_Rebel>> I think it came with Ubuntu or xubuntu not sure , one of those03:47
Roumsneer if he has a wireless card you can, you have to setup an ad hoc connection03:47
eseven73!info Terminal03:47
ubottuPackage Terminal does not exist in intrepid03:47
The_Rebelyour pbly using gnome-terminal then03:47
The_Rebeli don't want gnome crap on my server.03:47
werLd-The_Rebel: sometimes xterm wont launch for simple reasons like the hostname not being defined, i would go to google "ubuntu xterm wont launch"03:47
The_Rebelterminator is fine.03:47
eseven73hmm it just says "Terminal" in Help>About03:47
jnjackinshow do I turn on colour coding of files and directories in the terminal?03:48
The_Rebells --color03:48
eseven73Terminal 0.2.803:48
The_Rebells -C03:48
neerRoums: I tried that..wireless network connects but no internet03:48
Dante123http://pastebin.ca/1298034 is config from this pc03:48
kholerabbion I'm installing a game on wine and I can't put the second disc in because I can't unmount/eject the first cd.. So WHY do I get an error saying I can't unmount cd (wine maybe??) and HOW do I unmount it anyway?03:48
vengerjensor, the only thing i can think of is something to do with perm.. there is an account named jack on the Xp box?03:48
jnjackinshow can I create an alias so ls always uses color?03:48
The_Rebelcreate an alias in your .bashrc file jnjackins03:49
eseven73The_Rebel>> what wm you using?03:49
Roumsneer then he has to make a bridge between cable (rj 45) connection and wireless connection03:49
The_RebelLXDE, eseven73.03:49
Dante123should I try sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg03:49
eseven73nice i have that too03:49
jensorvenger  I used to be able to access it like it is currently shared, however when I tried to set up things so that the xp box could access the linux box files somenthing happened and now the linux box can't see the xp box03:49
eseven73i have like 14 wm's03:49
jnjackinsThe_Rebel: .bashrc doesn't exist-- create it?03:49
The_Rebeljnjackins echo "alias ls ls -C" >> $HOME/.bashrc03:50
jnjackinsthank you03:50
werLd-kholerabbi: in wine, you can set certain drives to be seen so you can run the installs from a iso image/directory if you are having issues03:50
Roumseseven73 so you know a lot about wm, maybe you could help me with compiz messing with gnome (at least, it what i think :)03:51
kholerabbiwerLd-: OK I guess I'll do that thanks.03:51
skoozwhat is a good way to learn about the terminal03:51
werLd-compiz is a big program that does very little except mess up displays for lifetime03:51
eseven73i dont know much bout compiz Roums im more of a Minimalistic person really, i dont need eyecandy for the things i do03:51
m00tskooz: man bash03:51
The_Rebelwhat problems are you having Roums03:52
werLd-im with eseven73 on compiz being too much eyecandy for too much work03:52
The_Rebeli know a bit about compiz03:52
m00tskooz: and the terminal help03:52
The_Rebelgnome and compiz is usual pretty stable/bug free03:52
m00tskooz: inside the terminal you can issue man bash to see the bash manual03:52
The_Rebelat least compared to KDE.03:52
skoozboy im a newbie03:53
werLd-compiz doesnt add anything very useful tho, aside from looking cool03:53
skoozjust type man bash in terminal03:53
eseven73the coolness wears off fast03:53
m00tskooz: bash is the command line interpretor03:53
Roumseseven73 i don't really it too but I wanted to try some "cool features" to make my own opinion of it, and it screwed up all my config i guess :)03:54
SkinnYPupCan some recomend me a pci wireless card that works with ubuntu with little to no hassle?03:54
The_Rebeli wish i could get compiz + xinerama + XV to work without tearing on my HDTV.03:54
perfectsnoob here, when i tried to install live cd of ubuntu, it is not recognising my ethernet cards, what shpuld i do ?03:54
fosco_SkinnYPup: any SMC manufacturer with Atheros chipset03:54
vengerjensor, try smbclient -U knownuser -P knownpassword -L jj-nu  (replace known*)03:54
dotslashSkinnYPup: There is a list available online.03:54
skoozwow got a lot to learn03:54
omny_devicompiz is awesome for managing vm's :D03:54
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omny_devianyone ever use wine on a 64bit ubuntu?03:55
Mr_Bunny_Turns out I understood it backward. I thought that if I set the sink on one machine to the network device, then played stuff on the network device machine, the other machine would play it too. I see now that the opposite is true - if I play stuff on the first machine set to use the network sink, it comes out of the network sink. How can I use the network sink and local sound card simultaneously?03:55
Roumsmhmm i saw some nice themes using compiz and 3D03:55
Mr_Bunny_omny_devi: me, it works just fine.03:55
scunizi_omny_devi: how do you use conpiz to manage vm's.. doesn't make sense to me.03:55
m00tskooz: what are you looking for?03:55
omny_deviMr_Bunny...I am on the wiki. What is the wine tree?03:55
anthonywhen I attempt an sudo apt-get update I recieve an error message "ubuntu servers unreachable"  can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?03:55
eseven73scunizi_>> was wondering the same03:55
Mr_Bunny_anthony: what servers are you set to use under software sources?03:56
The_Rebelanthony, can you surf the internet?03:56
skoozoh nothing but everything03:56
omny_devimiddle mouse to just quickly and easily go to all my vm's. much better than having a lot of minimized windows, and i get them all in full screen03:56
werLd-he probably means using the virtual desktops, but doesnt realize thats already built in03:56
anthonynot sure how to surf from a command line ubuntu server03:56
omny_devivmware is better :p03:56
werLd-omny: you dont need compiz to do that03:56
anthonysorry, should have said that from the beginning03:56
Mr_Bunny_omny_devi: the wine tree? sounds like the collection of wine code. why?03:56
mdganthony:  use links -g03:56
omny_deviright now i just want wine to work so i can play my copy of cod403:56
SkinnYPupfosco_: thanks03:56
krazedAnyone know any good apps that'll put system information on your desktop in plain text? Kind of like a cpu dockapp type deal03:56
felipe__is it possible to install ubuntu with a DVD?03:57
anthonyk, let me try that03:57
The_Rebelanthony.. i mean just any browser03:57
ataq_hey can anyone tell me how to get smp on 8.04?03:57
scunizi_eseven73: maybe because he has the fire plugin and can "burn" the win vm when closing.. :)03:57
The_Rebel< my name is Anthony btw.03:57
omny_devi@Mr_Bunny, on the wiki it says "You can make these links in a temporary folder within the wine tree. "03:57
Chris_ChaseDoes anybody know how to figure out whats wrong with a Ethernet card?03:57
omny_devifollowed by about 40 links that need to be made, i just dont know what the wine tree is, heh03:57
Mr_Bunny_omny_devi: you're compiling from source? why bother?03:57
The_Rebelwhat problems are you having with the card Chris_Chase?03:58
m00tkrazed: conky03:58
omny_devi@Mr_Bunny - I want call of duty 4 to work on it03:58
Mr_Bunny_omny_devi: that means within the wine source code directory you decompressed03:58
Mr_Bunny_omny_devi: you're compiling git or something?03:58
anthonyisn't there a way to fetch a webpage from the CLI?03:58
Chris_ChaseThe_Rebel, my computer detects it but I am unable to connect to the internet03:58
omny_deviI just did a sudo apt-get build-dep wine03:58
dotslashhmm, are there any actual pro's to using ubuntu6403:58
omny_deviso far03:58
Mr_Bunny_omni_devi: in terminal cd to the wine source directory03:59
krazedm00t: ty03:59
scunizi_anthony: you want to display it like FF?  use w3m or elinks.. there's lots more too.03:59
omny_devihttp://wiki.winehq.org/WineOn64bit#head-c47d9e53f952c5b6260467e0dc158321229216de is the link I am getting my instructions from03:59
mdganthony, do you know what text web browser is installed?03:59
anthonyno, I do not03:59
anthonyI'll try anything03:59
Mr_Bunny_anthony: lynx03:59
anthonyit's not installed03:59
omny_devi@Mr_Bunny - if you do a build where is the location it puts it?03:59
anthonytried that03:59
exodus_msChris_Chase: if you are experiencing networking issues this link will provide some basic troubleshooting howto;s --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2555703:59
omny_deviis there a default?03:59
felipe__ubuntu in a dvd?03:59
Chris_Chasethank you exodus_ms :)03:59
felipe__is it possible to install ubuntu with a DVD?03:59
Mr_Bunny_omny_devi: so have you already compiled, then?03:59
anthony& I can't install it03:59
scunizi_anthony: sudo apt-get install lynx or elinks or whatever cli browser there is.03:59
werLd-ataq: you can recompile the kernel with SMP support or perhaps load a module for SMP03:59
werLd-felipe_: yes they have DVD ISO's04:00
whyameyeDante123: did you try system -> admin -> nvidia X server settings? There's an auto for resolution and refresh there.04:00
anthonyI'll try again, but any install I atttempt errors out on me04:00
quizmeis /usr/local/bin deprecated on ubuntu ?04:00
mdganthony:  sudo apt-get install links204:00
scunizi_anthony: use all lower case04:00
omny_devi@Mr_Bunny - Negative. Just did that build-dep and that is it so far. Before I can compile I need to make a lot of links so the compile doesn't fail. But it said to make the links in the wine tree, which I have no idea what that is04:00
eseven73anthony>> wget http://filez/file.zip  if you just want to pull files off a website04:00
mylistohey all04:00
anthonylet me try that eseven7304:00
mylistoI'm trying to use Brasero to make a dvd04:00
felipe__werld: but can I record a CD iso to a DVD and make it work?04:00
mylistoI've got a video_ts folder...04:00
mylistoHow do I use the video_ts folder in Brasero?04:01
eseven73!enter >> mylisto04:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about enter >04:01
eseven73!enter | mylisto04:01
* rebel_kid blinks04:01
ubottumylisto: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:01
mdganthony, you will still need a browser to view them in04:01
Mr_Bunny_omni_devi: Right. In terminal, cd to the root of the wine source that you extracted. run pwd, and replace the 'pwd' in the block of link commands with the output. run it.04:01
mylistowhat is !enter04:01
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:01
eseven73read that04:01
anthonyusing a wget I receive a "network unreachable"04:01
anthonylike my gw is not installed04:01
Mr_Bunny_anthony: then how are you chatting with us?04:01
exodus_msmylisto: its that key you keep pressing04:01
anthonywhen I do a route04:01
omny_devi@Mr-Bunny - Thanks! On it :D04:02
mylistoah ok...04:02
anthonyI'm on a different computer rlogin to my newly installed server04:02
Mr_Bunny_how do I create a virtual pulseaudio device to output to a network sink and the local sound card simultaneously?04:02
anthonyI'm trying my best to learn04:02
mylistoJust wondering if anyone knows how to burn a video dvd using the video_ts folder in Brasero?04:02
exodus_msmylisto: try to keep as much as possible on one line, it helps the folks in the channel better track the questions you are asking04:02
mdganthony, most of us are learning right along with you.04:03
anthonybut, you can only bang your head against the wall so much04:03
scunizi_mylisto: install k3b .. it's much easier and more reliable.04:03
anthonythanks mdg....that makes me feel better04:03
mdgI just downloaded a command line Ubuntu distro called INX - all command line with tutorials for the basics04:03
Mr_Bunny_anthony: is your server using dhcp? static ip?04:03
anthonyewww...I like that04:03
Mr_Bunny_anthony: what is the output of cat /etc/network/interfaces ?04:03
anthonylet me check04:03
scunizi_mylisto: sudo apt-get install k3b04:03
jensorvenger -  see http://pastebin.com/d518380c704:04
vengerMr_Bunny_, ask in #pulseaudio04:04
Mr_Bunny_venger: I am04:04
anthonyis there a way to paste that info here?04:04
mylistocan k3b do video dvds?04:04
mnNautilus won't let me double click to open a folder.  I have to right click and select to open it.  How do I fix this?04:04
scunizi_mylisto: yes..04:04
Mr_Bunny_venger: the only one who has joined/left that channel is you, so I hadn't re-asked.04:04
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:04
eseven73!pastebinit | anthony this might be easier04:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebinit04:04
The_Rebelwhat's a good GUI browser with few deps?04:04
mylistothanks scunizi_:04:04
scunizi_mylisto: it's actually a kde app but it's the defacto standard04:05
anthonygot it...hang on04:05
sp00f3rim learning C++, but i need a compiler to use with ubuntu i just installed ubuntu, any suggestion?04:05
exodus_msThe_Rebel: have you tried lynx04:05
The_Rebelgcc sp00f3r04:05
mnsp00f3r: gcc04:05
The_RebelGUI browser04:05
mnsp00f3r: A good IDE is Kdevelop04:05
sp00f3reven better thank you MN04:05
anthonywow! that's cool....    http://paste.ubuntu.com/98032/04:06
mnyw sp00f3r04:06
mylistohmm...not downloading the packages for some reason04:06
exodus_msThe_Rebel: I know, but lynx is veeery minimalistic :)04:06
stovicekThe_Rebel, have you tried Dillo?04:06
sp00f3rwill i be able to install it with the package manager ?04:06
mylistonever mind...just started :D04:06
anthonyhey, what was that distro dmg?  INX?04:06
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:07
The_Rebelinstalling it no stovicek04:07
mr-richok ... I admit it ... I don't like change ... but it's time to upgrade ... I've been on FC5 for a year now and I need to upgrade ... FC changes too fast and at times is too unstable ... is it possible to upgrade to (k/g/x/?)ubuntu as painlessly?04:07
sp00f3rmnthatnkx for the help04:07
The_Rebellooks like it doesn't support CSS04:08
The_Rebelwhich means it's worthless.04:08
scunizi_mr-rich: you might be able to do it pretty painlessly if your /home is on a separate partition.. just do a fresh install and don't format /home04:08
The_Rebelfor viewing anything but pure HTML anyways..04:08
mdganthony:  INX04:08
anthonythanks mdg...I need to look at that04:08
=== exodus is now known as exodus_ms
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:09
omny_devi@Mr_Bunny - Thanks, you are a scholar and a gentleman, the links worked flawlessly. Thank you :)04:09
mdganthony, its a live cd04:09
omny_devibeen trying to get this for about 3 days now04:09
anthonymdg thanks...04:09
The_Rebeltab complete is for more then just IRC04:09
anthonymdg, I'll try that04:09
mdganthony, your welcome :)04:09
The_Rebelit works with any program compiled with tab complete support as well04:09
vengerjensor, you think you had ran something that mucked up that secret's file?  i' haven't ran into a user related access on that file and it don't have to exist to use smbclient04:10
mr-richscunizi_: /home is a seprate partition ... the main reason I want to upgrade is the latest OO won't upgrade from 2.3 on FC5 ... I may want to add some memory to my box before I upgrade, though ...04:10
exodus_mswhat is the /set command to underline registered nicks?04:10
walt_Is there a goo way to not make ubuntu intrepid kill applications uncleanly?04:10
anthonyMr_Bunny_, was that link good?04:11
=== walt_ is now known as walt
scunizi_mr-rich: you might want to wait until this next april when Jaunty comes out.  That will have Oo 3.x installed from the get-go I think.04:11
Mr_Bunny_anthony: yup, you're dhcp. what about sudo ifconfig ?04:11
anthonyMr_Bunny_, let me get that04:11
mr-richscunizi_: Jaunty == 9.0?04:11
anthonyMr_Bunny_, wait, sudo ifconfig?  that just changes my IP, no?04:12
jensorvenger,  Not that I know of. I can do a paste of the smb.conf to pastebin if that would help.04:12
scunizi_mr-rich: Jaunty = 9.04.. first number is the year the next is the month04:12
Mr_Bunny_anthony: no, it prints out connection information, I think04:12
anthonyMr_Bunny_, aahhh...ok....04:12
scunizi_mr-rich: 6 months between releases and 3 years between LTS releases04:13
vengerjensor, why dont you temporaily rename the smb.conf and possibly secrets.tdb since we are troubleshooting access from this server to another for the time being04:13
mr-richScunizi: aha ... interesting version scheme ... will 9.04 be an LTS release?04:13
eseven733 years? i heard 204:13
vengerjensor, and stop the smb daemon temporarily04:13
scunizi_mr-rich: no 8.04 was LTS..04:13
anthonyMr_Bunny_, pasted again....  http://paste.ubuntu.com/98034/04:14
scunizi_mr-rich: most releases are timed to come out after the latest gnome release.. doesn't always work out that way but the attempt is there.04:14
jensorVenger, Okay, I'll let you know when tahts done04:15
mr-richscunizi_: will OO 3.x be available for older releases?04:15
vengerjensor, if you git things fixed then we can paste the smb.conf and what not to see if some setting is affecting expected functionality04:15
mr-richscunizi_: and does the Ubuntu team prefer Gnome over KDE?04:16
TeknoAmd or Intel04:16
eseven73!best | Tekno04:16
ubottuTekno: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:16
scunizi_mr-rich: occationally they will backport some of the newer packages of the most used programs but you can never bet on it.  They are gnome oriented but there is a kde branch04:16
mizery_LaBlua / gaelfx: I found in /etc/default/console-setup that XKBVARIANT="dvorak-r"  What is yours set to?  qwerty?04:17
eseven73voting is a no no here Tekno :)04:17
Fahadhi every body04:17
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms, that tut taught me a couple commands and what they do but it did nothing to help me resolve me problem :(04:17
bullgard4Id like to find all sockets on my Ubuntu computer. But '~$ find / -type s "*" 2>/dev/null' does not produce any output. What did I wrong?04:17
exodus_msChris_Chase: cool, what is the problem?04:17
Chris_Chasewell my computer detects the modem but i cant connect to the interenet. exodus_ms04:18
Chris_Chasei mean it detects the network card04:18
exodus_msChris_Chase: what have you tried so far?04:18
fabioguys, do u know what irc command can i use to get a list of all the channels?04:18
Mr_Bunny_anthony: okay... you have an ip... can you ping your router or something else on LAN?04:18
mr-richscunizi_: is the KDE branch well supported? I used to prefer Gnome, but it became harder to configure w/o editing config files, so I switched over to KDE ...04:19
etherealityI'm attempting to write to a file on my Windows partition, which I think is NTFS. I can write to certain files but not others, but there appears to be no difference in the permissions of the files; "ls -l" shows both a writeable and unwriteable file as "-rwxrwxrwx 2 root root". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Does this error make sense?04:19
anthonyMr_Bunny_, yes, I can ping everything inside my network04:19
FahadI have prob. with blue video screen . the pic. running but the color blue . ny help blz04:19
ukubuntuHi, mp3 playback gone in past month, totem stops only on mp3, VLC visualisations play but no sound un and reinstalled ubu restricted but no joy04:19
exodus_msChris_Chase: is this wired or wifi?04:19
werLd-fabio: /list04:19
Chris_Chasewell ive been all over forums and such, and i wouldnt really know what ive tried cuz this is actually my first day with Ubuntu, and its wired exodus_ms04:19
anthonyMr_Bunny_, it makes me think it has something to do with DNS04:19
fabiothanks werLD04:19
Mr_Bunny_anthony: any chance that your router is restricting outside access for that machine? have you tried pinging IPs on the internet?04:19
anthonyMr_Bunny_, am I chatting to you correctly?04:19
Mr_Bunny_anthony, yes04:20
exodus_msChris_Chase: which version of buntu04:20
Chris_Chasethe latest desktop version04:20
werLd-ethereality: yes, you need to install a ntfs tool04:20
FahadI have prob. with blue video screen . the pic. running but the color blue . any help blz04:20
anthonyMr_Bunny_, yes, I have tried to ping from my server...should I put it on my DMZ?04:20
FahadI have prob. with blue video screen . the pic. running but the color blue . ny help plz04:20
scunizi_mr-rich: it is.. it's called kubuntu.  but there is a transition from kde 3.5.x to 4.x.x which is pretty huge.. typically kubuntu and ubuntu have their LTS release at the same time. Because of the kde transititon this last time they didn't.04:20
eseven73mr-rich>> at the end of the day any window manager is gonna need some sort of editing of config files, even the fancy pretty ones like KDE04:20
exodus_msChris_Chase: you were asking before how to know if a nic aas gone bad? This card worked before you installed ubuntu?04:20
mizery_Where can I find a reference to acceptable or standard values for XKBVARIANT in /etc/default/console-setup?04:21
werLd-ethereality: try installing ntfs-config04:21
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: yes it worked before, and im using 8.04 LTS04:21
FahadI have prob. with blue video screen . the pic. running but the color blue . any help plz04:21
deniz_is there a website that has wireless card drivers in .deb format?04:21
mylistoscunizi_: I got an error when trying to burn a dvd04:21
Mr_Bunny_anthony: that shouldn't be necessary04:21
mizery_I see many posts in forums referring to "mac" but the system is not a mac04:22
Mr_Bunny_anthony: no reason to04:22
mylistogot a write error04:22
exodus_msChris_Chase: ok, so it is not 8.10, cool04:22
jtajibullgard4: if you drop the stderr redirection you'll see you're getting an error from find04:22
Mr_Bunny_anthony: might as well try it though04:22
Tapouthow do you handle a lockup?  Samba still works, sshd works, only thing locked up is the GUI.04:22
anthonyMr_Bunny_, will do04:22
jtajibullgard4: try 'find / -types'04:22
scunizi_mylisto: use the slowest speed you can.04:22
earthmeLonAnybody here have an HP Pavillion DV9000?  I am *PRETTY* sure that bluetooth is supposed to work "out of the box", but hcitool dev is not displaying any devices.04:22
jtajibullgard4: sorry... 'find / -type s'04:22
mylistowill that prevent it?04:22
mylistoalso should I do a 'test run' first?04:22
scunizi_Tapout: ctrl+alt+backspace restarts the gui04:22
mdgTapout, kill X and restart it04:22
FahadI have prob. with blue video screen . the pic. running but the color blue . any help plz04:23
nickrudTapout, easiest is to ssh in and run sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart04:23
ukubuntuany cli cmd to check mp3 playback?04:23
scunizi_mylisto: don't know if that will prevent it or not.. doing a test run first might keep you from ruining dvd's04:23
Tapoutcntl+alt+backspace is ignored, trying to gdm restart04:23
Mr_Bunny_ukubuntu: vlc plays mp3s, try that04:23
exodus_msChris_Chase: did you Go to Sytem > Adminstration > Network, choose your connection, then click on Properties, and change the configuration to Automatic?04:23
FahadI need help plzzzzzzzzzzz04:23
FahadI have prob. with blue video screen . the pic. running but the color blue . any help plz04:24
TeknoI'm using openbox. Now how do I make ctrl+alt+del to shutdown system?04:24
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:24
ukubuntuvlc shows visu but no sound Mr_Bunny_04:24
FahadI feel sad with ur reply04:25
Tapoutnickrud, funny thing is... I ran that, it restarted.. yet the screen is still frozen04:25
TeknoI'm using openbox ubuntu.. how do I make ctrl+alt+del to shutdown system?04:25
eseven73Tekno>> i think openbox has some sort of .keys file......04:25
mylistohey scunizi_: and scunizi: I'm pasting the output04:25
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: still nothing04:25
waltCan I not hibernate ubuntu without a dedicated swap partition=04:25
scunizi_Tekno: ctrl+alt+del doesn't shutdown the system.. ctrl+alt+backspace restarts the gui or you can ctrl+alt+F2 and log in and type sudo shutdown now or sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart04:25
mdgFahad, had the screen been all right before?04:25
nickrudTapout, heh. try sudo killall X04:25
jtajiwalt: correct04:25
exodus_msChris_Chase: do you have a router?04:25
eseven73Tekno>> most likely you're gonna have to edit .keys manually, go to openbox's website im sure theres a HOWTO for that04:26
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: yes04:26
jtajiwalt: and it must be > size of your ram04:26
jackyhi there. ok got ubunto 8.10 booting offa usb fine with unetbootin. struggled dong this with opensuse.04:26
exodus_msChris_Chase: DHCP enabled?04:26
nickrudTapout, change that, sudo killall Xorg04:26
Fahadmdg =   yes04:26
mdgFahad, had you made any changes to the system?04:26
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: well i have a modem i dotn know if thats the same thing, and how would i check if DHCP is enabled04:26
jackyhow do i determine if the installation contains 'Mono ' ?04:26
mdgFahad, what kind of changes?04:26
Fahadi install 32 bit04:26
exodus_msChris_Chase: the modem is what you recieved04:26
exodus_msChris_Chase: sorry, the modem is what you recieved from your ISP04:27
waltjtaji: I know that. But is it not possible to define a swap file on my primary ubuntu partition?04:27
mr-richscunizi_: KDE needs far less editing ...04:27
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: my computers connected directly to the modem via Ethernet04:27
jtajiwalt: it must be a partition, not a swap file04:27
jensorvenger i stopped the daemons and renamed smb.conf and secrets.tdb04:27
exodus_msChris_Chase: okay, how are you connected to the Internet right now?04:28
mdgFahad, what package did you have before 32 bit?04:28
mylistohey scunizi_: and scunizi: here is the debugging output...04:28
scunizi_mr-rich: well.. not really..they're about the same.. just depends on what you are doing.04:28
waltjtaji: thanks, that's what I was asking. Not I know04:28
werLd-Chris_Chase: ISP do MAC filtering, so if that was plugged into another comp and working, then u plugged it into another comp04:28
anthonyMr_Bunny_, even putting that ip on the DMZ of my router I still get a network unreachable04:28
bullgard4jtaji: Thank you very much for your help. --  I wish you a happy new year 2009.04:28
anthonyMr_Bunny_, no matter what I do04:28
Fahadi installed 32 bit package and me sys. 64 bit04:28
eseven73Tekno>> yeah most light weight window managers like openbox , fluxbox, icewm, etc use .keys .menu and a few other files like that , theres a few GUI apps that can do that too, but you have to install them.04:28
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: i am on a seperate computer running windows vista04:28
werLd-you may have to spoof the MAC address in order to pull a IP address from DHCP04:28
Fahadme =my04:28
exodus_msChris_Chase: so you have a router as well?04:28
mdganthony, had you updated the server install?04:28
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: no its a laptop with wireless04:29
anthonymdg, thats where I got stuck at04:29
Mr_Bunny_anthony: wow, that's confusing04:29
vengerjensor, check if you get visibilitiy of the xp share04:29
anthonymdg, it was that step that led me to this room04:29
exodus_msChris_Chase: understood, but where is the signal coming from, do you have a wireless router?04:29
werLd-Chris_Chase: does your ISP do MAC address filtering?04:29
Mr_Bunny_ukubuntu: try installing the pulseaudio plugin for vlc04:29
anthonyMr_Bunny_, :(04:29
waltIs there any window manager/script I can write/anything that would let me control my startup sequence in detail? As in controling exactly what application starts in what desktop etc.04:30
mdgsounds like you have an apt-sources.list problem or something04:30
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: my internet comes from my modem, and yes they have mac address filtering04:30
scunizi_mylisto: sorry no idea what any of that means.. someone else will have to help with this one.04:30
mdgor perhaps a GPG key04:30
Mr_Bunny_anthony: I take it you've tried rebooting and sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart ?04:30
Shoadow56I was wondering if anyone could help me with a wireless problem?04:30
anthonymdg,  should I redownload 8.10 ubuntu server and do a fresh install that way?04:30
Fahadmdg u left me :)04:30
mdgFahad, how come you want to use 32 bit on a 64 bit system?04:30
exodus_msChris_Chase: I wasn't the one asking about MAC filtering, but you may need to "add" your ubuntu computer's MAC address so that your ISP will allow a connection for that computer04:30
anthonyMr_Bunny_, let me try that04:30
Fahadby wrong04:30
mylistoscunizi: also...I only get one writing speed04:31
mylistowhich is auto04:31
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms:how do i do that04:31
mdgFahad:  by wrong?04:31
exodus_msChris_Chase: are you using ADSL04:31
werLd-Chris_Chase: plug the cable modem into the working computer, then from cmd line, type: ipconfig /all 2. write down the MAC address 3.) log into your router and manually put the MAC address to be the one you just wrote down 4.) plug the cable modem into the router, it should be able to pull IP from DHCP04:31
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: im not sure if im using ADSL04:32
Fahadright now I wanna unistall 32 bit and install 42 package . how ?04:32
exodus_mswerLd-: he say he doesnt have a router...04:32
Shoadow56I was wondering if anyone could help me with a wireless problem?04:32
whlcerwo de zui ai04:32
exodus_msChris_Chase: type into your browser04:32
mauruliI can use system encryption with Ubuntu with dual-boot?04:33
scunizi_Chris_Chase: does the modem plug into a telephone jack or does a round tv type cable screw into the back.04:33
mdgFahad, you mean you want to install 64 bit Ubuntu version?04:33
werLd-exodus_ms: then he cannot spoof easily, so he will need to call isp and have new MAC address added so second computer can pull IP04:33
eseven73!english | whlcer04:33
ubottuwhlcer: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat04:33
Chris_Chasescunizi_:the modem plugs into a telephone jack04:33
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms:ok im in the router page04:33
scunizi_Chris_Chase: then it's adsl..04:33
exodus_mswerLd-: correct, but he doesnt even know what a router is, lets see if anything comes up from the ip addr I gave him04:33
Fahadmdg plz read this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76668304:34
exodus_mswerLd-: see, he does have a router, just doesnt know any better04:34
riz0nHi, can someone give me some mail server advice. I have postfix/dovecot and SpamAssassin running on my Ubuntu server. Is there a way to automatically filter all messages flagged as Spam into an IMAP folder? Thanks for any help you guys can provide..04:34
=== _acyd_ is now known as acydlord
vengerjensor, any progress04:34
riz0nI am not sure if my Ubuntu server is set up to *automatically* filter and I'm missing the folder, or what.04:34
exodus_msChris_Chase: what type of router do you have04:35
collangood mornin' :P04:35
anthonyMr_Bunny_, boom chaka laka....that sudo networking restart did the trick...what does that do?04:35
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms:Speedstream 652004:35
riz0nanthony: that restarts TCP/IP on your PC04:35
jtajiriz0n: this is usually done with either procmail or sieve04:36
jtajiriz0n: for the later there is a dovecot sieve plugin04:36
ukubuntuMr_Bunny_:  Thanks for the idea. playing around on tho CLI I did vlc track1.mp3 but that did nothing new, but ittook a long time to close, I then did totem track1.mp3 and it finally worked. It also works double clking in nautilus. Must have been a local glitch. Thank you for trying to help04:36
anthonyI hope I never get banned from this place....I love it here....ty all!04:36
scunizi_exodus_ms: dslreports shows his router is "difficult" to deal with.04:37
ukubuntuMr_Bunny_: I think the CLI flushed the system04:37
exodus_msScunizi: define 'difficult' :)04:38
scunizi_exodus_ms: http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,1341536304:38
exodus_msscunizi_: good looking out, tab can be your friend or foe sometimes :)04:39
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
jensorvenger, see http://pastebin.com/d369b9f1404:39
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode04:39
=== anthony is now known as mj0lnr
=== werLd- is now known as werLd
vengerjensor, unknown post id04:40
mj0lnrgood night all...and thank you again04:40
exodus_msChris_Chase: did you get the message from werLd about MAC addresses?04:40
mayankhow to play nexuiz?..i have installed it04:41
Chris_Chaseyes i have done that04:41
jensor venger, Sorry, see http://pastebin.com/d360b9f1404:41
vengerjensor, take that // off the server name when using smbclient04:42
comradekingumayank: Applications>games>nexuiz. GLHF04:42
macohow do i make a unetbootin-created flash drive boot?04:42
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: yes i did it04:42
exodus_msChris_Chase: you got the MAC address from the computer with Ubuntu installed and added it to the list of Allowed MAC addresses in your router settings?04:42
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore04:42
mayankits has nexioz, nexuiz-pro...which to play?04:42
andresmhanyone here using Gnash?04:43
maco!anyone | andresmh04:43
ubottuandresmh: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:43
jackyhow do i determine whether my ubuntu 8.10 intallation contains the 'Mono' runtime? is there some util or folder i look in?04:43
scunizi_andresmh: no.04:43
DiiPhantomwhat program i use to mount isos?04:43
andresmhafter installing Gnash I am still not able to watch Flash videos (i.e. YouTube)04:44
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: yes04:44
werLdmaco: how else could he ask his question, duh !04:44
exodus_msChris_Chase: did you make any other changes by chance?04:44
andresmhis archive.ubuntu.com down?04:44
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: none04:44
mayankits has nexioz, nexuiz-pro...which to play?04:44
andresmhafter doing an apt-get I'm stuck with 0% [Connecting to archive.ubuntu.com (]04:45
=== ivantis is now known as not_ivantis
werLdandresmh: try google, how to play youtube on ubuntu04:45
jtajijacky: 'apt-cache policy mono-runtime' or 'aptitude show mono-runtime'04:45
=== not_ivantis is now known as ivantis
exodus_msChris_Chase: is the ISP connection set to PPPoE04:45
mstrzionI am trying to run my update manager and all I get is this error                                                                        E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.04:45
mstrzionE: _cache->open() failed, please report.   I am extremely new to Ubunto and cannot manage to figure this out.  How do I manually run it?04:45
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: yup04:45
DiiPhantomwhat program can i use to mount ISOs?04:46
maco_mstrzion: open a terminal and run "sudo dpkg --configure -a"04:46
jtaji!iso | DiiPhantom04:46
ubottuDiiPhantom: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.04:46
=== maco_ is now known as maco
exodus_msChris_Chase: ok, give it a shot, log back in here with results04:46
DiiPhantomjtaji, that doesnt help but thanks04:46
jensor venger, see http://pastebin.com/d45e1350904:46
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: i did test it and it didnt work04:47
mstrzionit says command not found04:47
jtajiDiiPhantom: do you not understand what it is saying?04:47
exodus_msChris_Chase: how did you test, please explain04:47
DiiPhantomjtaji,  of course i do, you didnt understand what i asked for, i said a program not a command04:47
werLdChris_Chase: can you IM me with the problem you are having I only caught some of the issue, not all of it04:47
eseven73mstrzion>> dont use the quote marks04:47
jtajiDiiPhantom: mount is a program04:48
vengerjensor, did you save off the stock smb.conf?04:48
eseven73just sudo dpkg --configure -a04:48
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: once i added the mac addresss in i rebooted the system, then i went to the network setttings changed it back to ppoe and then it didnt work04:48
DiiPhantomjtaji, ok clearer, G iso mounter04:48
DiiPhantomwith graphics04:48
jensorvenger, yes04:48
exodus_mswerLd: can you take over please04:48
vengerjensor, put that in place so it will stop complaining about the file04:48
werLdChris_Chase: does any computer work with DSL modem directly to a computer? etc?04:49
DiiPhantomi got it, gisomount thank you anyways04:49
webbianybody know how can i recompile qt with ssl support?04:49
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: yes i have xbox connected, and 1 other computer by wire04:49
vengerjensor, so i knew i wasn't crazy i just shared two folders (share then apply) in xp and they both showed up immediately from ubuntu server04:50
RaZMataZdoes anyone know a good fix for losing the touchpad after hibernation?04:50
exodus_msChris_Chase: I'm going to hand this over to WerLd sorry I couldn't get it going for you... good luck04:50
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: thanks04:50
vengerjensor, you may want to remove and reapply the share, default perms anyway04:50
ArenlorHi all, I'm wondering why ps ux | grep `word` shows the grep `word` process: http://arenlor.pastebin.com/d1102d90004:50
exodus_msChris_Chase: be sure to reply to werLd :)04:50
werLdchris_chase: so you have DSL modem plugged directly into a computer, or a hub? or a router? what is your setup04:50
scunizi_werLd: most dsl modems have to "dial" into the isp.  Typically, on a  windows machine, there is something that is installed that does that dial in connection for you when you access a browser. If you have a router, then most routers have the ability to do the dialing in right from the firmware of the router.04:50
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: would you know how to get the driver onto the computer without a connection to have it work via USB?04:51
mstrzionok, I did that and ran the update, came up with the same error telling me to manually run it04:51
Chris_ChasewerLd: yes i hav eanother connected to it04:51
webbianybody know how can i enable qt ssl support?04:51
stovicekArenlor, because when you ran grep, it became a process that is listed with ps, so it grep'd itself04:51
o-dogheh, looks hectic in here04:51
DiiPhantomcommand to copy one thing from one place to another?04:51
eseven73Arenlor>> im not for sure, but i think its 'aux' not 'ux' or maybe there is no difference, try it anyways :)04:52
werLdDiiPhantom: cp -p file <newfile>04:52
werLdcp -R04:52
exodus_msChris_Chase: if you are using a wired connection I don't think a driver would be necessary04:52
Chris_ChasewerLd: modems connected thourhg a phone line, and the computers connect directly to the modem04:52
sloopyArenlor, because 'test' is on that line and its what your grepping for04:52
exodus_mswerLd: this is his modem --> http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,1341536304:53
ArenlorIs there any way to not have the grep `word` line not show up?04:53
cros13most dsl ethernet "modems" do the pppoe stuff on the box a just forward the public IP04:53
darkblue_Bcould anyone say what pkgs I need for these 'not found' libs ??04:53
exodus_mswerLd: that link is from dlsReports.com courtesy of scunizi_04:54
sloopyArenlor, what are you trying to accomplish?04:54
cros13slipstream is a bollox you need the propietary firmware as far as i know04:54
werLdexodus_ms: too many things over a text chat room for me to try and troubleshoot, sorry04:54
Arenlorsloopy: A process monitoring script to add to crontab, I'm trying to learn bash, linux, and Ubuntu04:54
o-dog!*! Cannot fork04:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Cannot fork04:54
jensorvenger, see http://pastebin.com/df7db1f004:55
o-dogthis si occuring whe i try and edit my wraith bot file04:55
werLdAragon: grep -v will exclude a word04:55
darkblue_B!*! libgio04:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libgio04:55
exodus_mswerLd: I don't think he knows exactly what his setup is either :)04:55
earthmeLonHey guys, I am having *bluetooth* problems on my *dv9000* laptop.  I noticed other people are having similar issues when I found this page: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/284982  I made a comment on it, as well.  If there is anybody here that knows about bluetooth, I'd really appreciate you taking a look.  Thanks in advance :D04:55
werLdArenlor: grep -v ?04:55
o-dogheh, looks like i found a trigger04:55
mayanknexuiz freeze when start the game...why?04:55
Arenlordarkblue_B: I'm nowhere near an expert but remove everything starting with the .so and look for it in Synaptic or the like04:56
vengerjensor, ya nothings changed, did you redo the share?  does jj-nu resolve correctly?04:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libgio-2.004:56
darkblue_Byeah I did get that far.. but nothing comes up04:56
sloopyArenlor, try grep'ing for something that wouldnt be true for the grep04:56
darkblue_Bits one of those 'hiddin in something else' libs04:56
Arenlorsloopy: what do you mean?04:57
exodus_msChris_Chase: troubleshooting network issues can be confusing (for lack of a better term) in a chat environment. If you are unable to find a resolution here I would suggest searching ubuntu forums and then posting your own 'detailed' thread. Sometimes that works a lot better if you have the time to wait :)04:57
jensorvenger, what do you mean jj-nu resolve correctly? I don't know what you mean by "redo the share"04:58
Arenlordarkblue_B: yes it is libgio-fam04:58
sloopygrep for a digit space then test instead of test maybe?04:58
cros13exodus_ms: lazily, I'll point you toward a blog, http://www.iheartlinux.com/?s=speedstream, far as i can figure it is an ethernet router "modem" that just forwards the port04:59
vengerjensor, 1) does ping jj-nu return the correct IP address 2) properties on folder, click sharing, click do not share apply, then share apply  ...04:59
Bud93total noob here... hoping for help with quick problem with an app (tweetdeck running on abode air under 8.10)04:59
Chris_Chaseexodus_ms: ok thnx04:59
Arenlordarkblue_B http://packages.ubuntu.com/ scroll down, check the box for descriptions and search in your distro04:59
darkblue_BArenlor: really? looking04:59
Nautilus__can someone help a noob make a simlink from one dir (/home/user/public_html) to the real dir?04:59
werLdNautilus__: ln -s05:00
macohow do i make a unetbootin-created flash drive boot?05:00
Bud93my problem is i accidently clicked some retarded icon on tweetdeck that made the client disappear and now i can't get it back05:00
Bud93program still running i think, but i can't bring it to front of screen05:00
m15knay ideas how i fetch up java sources?05:00
Shoadow56I'm trying to get a Buffalo WLI-U2-G300N wireless USB adapter to work. I already have the driver and I installed it usin ndiswrapper and ndisgtk. It will connect to open networks and WEP encrypted networks fine,but it won't connect to WPA though. I've already tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling wpasupplicant and all of it's dependencies. I even tried using the newest wpasupplicant from the Jaunty release. It times out when it's conn05:00
werLdNautilus__: cd <real_dir> 2. ln -s /home/usr/public_html/index.html .05:00
m15kin wondows jdk release is a src.zip05:00
exodus_mscros13: :) thanks05:01
macowerLd: i think thats backwards05:01
Nautilus__werLd: can I just symlink the dir?05:01
sloopyNautilus__, ln -s /where/you/need/it   /home/usr/public-html05:01
stovicekArenlor, you can try...  ps ux > file.txt && grep word file.txt  ...not sure how that would work with whatever you're scripting05:01
jensorvenger,  1. when I ping the xp box i get returns ok   2. do you mean gointo my xp box and reset that on the sharing05:01
macowerLd: the name you want the symlink to be goes last05:01
werLdmaco: thx05:01
vengerjenson ping -s or nslookup jj-nu05:02
Bud93how can i see what programs on running currently on gnome?05:02
vengerjenson yes on reset the share05:02
Nautilus__sloopy: that looks right. Is it 'sticky', eg: lives through a reboot?05:02
macoBud93: system -> administration -> system monitor05:02
sloopyNautilus__, yes05:02
Nautilus__sweet, tx05:02
Bud93thanks maco05:02
Arenlorsloopy: grep 0 test has an issue: http://arenlor.pastebin.com/d324ba0f5 I ran that because I am running FF right now05:02
macoBud93: there's an option somewhere to show what processes are derived from what other processes05:02
werLdBud93: or cmd line, ps -elf05:02
Arenlorstovicek: I'm just going to write a bash script and add it to cron so that may work05:03
macowerLd: he said in gnome. i wasnt sure he meant that as "what's a child of gnome" or "using a graphical method"05:03
spionlalahey could someone tell me how i could show hidden folders in "open folders/file dialogs" ?05:03
werLdmaco: im betting X server == gnome in his mind05:03
macospionlala: ctrl+h05:03
eseven73Token->> is that spam?05:03
darkblue_BArenlor: maybe I am missing some thing.. but I just got the list of all packages as a text file, and seearched.. nothing05:04
webbianybody know how can i enable qt ssl support?05:04
werLdspionlala: cmd line or gui? cmd line to show hidden files is: ls -a05:04
spionlalamaco , oh lol idd, i tried that but obviously didnt look hard enough05:04
darkblue_Bgio gives me the same list of things I got in synaptic05:04
darkblue_Bwhich doesnt have libgio-fam or the like05:04
scunizi_!ops | Token05:05
ubottuToken: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!05:05
Token-eseven73 no05:05
Nautilus__sloopy: can I have 'ln' tell the assigned symlinks?05:05
spionlalawerLd, thx i know cmd line, just the dialog worried me05:05
macospionlala: scroll :) sorts funny05:05
Arenlordarkblue_B: you're on Gutsy?05:05
macoNautilus__: ls -l will have an arrow to where a symlink points05:05
darkblue_BArenlor: yes05:05
spionlalamaco, yep just noticed :)05:05
darkblue_BAMD 64bit05:05
nickrudThanks Scunizi05:05
darkblue_B(is this a fire drill?)05:05
sloopyArenlor, ps ax | egrep -e '[0123456789] firefox'05:06
scunizi_nickrud: np.. sitting here with wife and kid .. clicked link and OOops.05:06
Nautilus__sloopy: tx. I tried -list05:06
Arenlordarkblue_B: simply you're out of luck, it was added in Hardy05:06
nickrudscunizi_, you'd think we'd learn05:06
eseven73scunizi_>> i was afraid to click it, knowing it was inappropriate just by the .swf ending05:06
sloopyArenlor, i said digit test not 0 test05:06
scunizi_nickrud: yep.. takes practice.. lots of practice.. :)05:06
macodarkblue_B: gnomevfs is the gutsy thing05:07
macodarkblue_B: gvfs/gio replaced it05:07
darkblue_Bmaco: this  is for handbrake05:07
Arenlorsloopy: I know next to nothing about grep, this is the first time playing with it, always use to just copy-pasta it05:07
Nautilus__maco: no arrows found05:07
scunizi_eseven73: didn't even notice the swf ending. if I had I wouldn't have clicked either..05:07
sloopyArenlor, well the above will give what you want05:07
macoNautilus__: in a directory that has a symlink, if you do "ls -l" itll tell where the symlink directs05:07
dapo87pozdrav svima          ,hi,        salve a tutti05:08
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)05:08
macodarkblue_B: oh you want to compile something that requires newer gnome. i think you're out of luck then05:08
nbeebowhen i run the ./configure command it says './configure' not found, anyone know why? http://paste.ubuntu.com/98060/05:08
darkblue_Bmaco: not compile.. the list is from ldd05:08
maconbeebo: because there's no file called configure in that directory that's executable?05:08
Nautilus__maco: tx, I was in wrong dir05:09
darkblue_Bmaco: but yes, it seems like it requires Hardy then05:09
dapo87heeheee ok05:09
z_Hey! I just installed 8.10, is there any hacks to make gnome load faster? I've already disabled compiz... but it's still taking a bit to get to the desktop. Any help would be nifty.05:09
nbeebomaco, hmmm what should i do then? go on with my life??05:09
=== adam is now known as Guest85166
Administrator_Happy New Year !  :D05:09
werLdnbeebo: are you in the wrong dir?05:10
maconbeebo: what files are in the directory? maybe auto-something-or-other that you need to run to generate a configure?05:10
jensorvenger, see http://pastebin/d393e0d56 is xp box is router05:10
=== Guest85166 is now known as Aframester
maconbeebo: or maybe its in a language that uses something other than autotool, like python?05:10
eseven73z_>> unless you plan on using bluetooth i usually get rid of all the bluetooth crap05:10
cros13anyone here using the xchat plugin for awn? Know how exactly it's supposed to work?05:10
nbeebowerLd,  nope05:10
nbeebomaco,  wait ill send screenshot05:11
maconbeebo: or pastebin your ls....05:11
=== solid_liq is now known as CodeGuru
vengerjensor, bad link again05:11
nbeebomaco ehh boring05:11
maconbeebo: i dont know how to dcc receive05:11
Bud93Anyone know why pidgin refuses to save my group settings??? i spent 20 mins organizing and they reset upon logout05:11
Bud93i deleted groups and moved contacts... everything is reset05:11
macohow do i make a unetbootin-created flash drive boot?05:11
nbeebomaco here u go.. whatever the help it will be.. http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/Screenshot-gtk-thinice-engine-2.0.2%20-%20File%20Browser.png05:12
maconbeebo: autogen.sh has to be run to create the configure file05:12
nbeebomaco, thanks05:13
jensorvenger, Sorry,  see http://pastebin.com/d393e0d56 is xp box is router05:13
earthmeLonHey guys, I am having *bluetooth* problems on my *dv9000* laptop.  I noticed other people are having similar issues when I found this page: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/284982  I made a comment on it, as well.  If there is anybody here that knows about bluetooth, I'd really appreciate you taking a look.  Thanks in advance :D05:13
nbeebomaco,  works now thanks alot05:13
=== thecellist42 is now known as samferry
vengerjensor, smblicent -L
nbeebomaco, now i cant run make..05:14
vengerjensor, i see to ip's for nn-ju05:14
vengerjensor, as per Non-authoritative answer: Name: jj-nu Address: Name: jj-nu Address:
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore05:17
maco_earthmeLon: #ubuntu-bugs, please05:18
maco_earthmeLon: and ew, there are two bugs being reported in that one bug ><05:19
tyranttam i alive?05:21
CarlFKwhat program lists devices (disk) by UUID?05:21
devilxxhello everyone.. i need some help.. i forwarded some ports on my router in my desktop pc.. now i was working at my laptop and it doesn't connect to the internet.. it connects to the lan but not to the internet.. what is wrong???05:22
chilli0gotta love them netslpits05:22
scott_anyone here use a fancy filesytem for a SSD hard drive?05:22
chilli0devilxx:  what happens if u remove the port fording?05:22
maco_665 disappeared on the netsplit but only 2 jooin when it ends?05:23
devilxxnothing.. i remove what i did from the list on the router's ip and the problem persists05:23
nbeebodont know if this is too off topic.. whats a good simple window manager? i need really simple05:24
nbeeboand speedy05:24
scott_nbeebo: enlightenment 1705:25
devilxxnothing.. i remove what i did from the list on the router's ip and the problem persists05:25
nbeeboscott_, i know that but that isnt very fast is it?05:25
o-doghas anyone got any idea why i get !*! Cannot fork05:25
maco_earthmeLon: can we talk in #ubuntu-bugs?05:25
scott_nbeebo: it will run on a pentium 1 with 32megs of ram05:26
devilxxhello everyone.. i need some help.. i forwarded some ports on my router in my desktop pc.. now i was working at my laptop and it doesn't connect to the internet.. it connects to the lan but not to the internet.. what is wrong???05:26
nbeeboscott_, oh its that light... cool05:26
nbeeboscott_, u know if theres any .deb for it?05:26
scott_nbeebo: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91669005:27
Zambezinbeebo: Openbox, Ion3, Awesome, Ratpoison.05:27
scott_good suggestions too, i say try them all05:27
scott_e has always been a favorite of mine tho05:27
nbeeboZambezi, scott_  i know all those i dont really like them that much..05:27
maco_nbeebo: i like fluxbox or xmonad05:28
scott_fvwm haha05:28
nbeeboyeah thats awesome maybe should try fvwm crystal now that u said fvwm :/05:29
scott_some leet people can pimp out fvwm05:29
nbeebolazy people cant...05:29
nbeeboawesome afterstep gogoog05:30
nbeebowoot my dock is on top of aftersteps gui cool bro05:30
=== ytnyl is now known as Bud93
SorcererbobI have a fresh installation of Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit. I have a netgear WG311 v3, which I believe is supported. How can I go about setting this up?05:32
Sorcererbobi believe I'm supposed to install an application called madwifi. But I can't find it in synaptic05:32
Gun_Smokethey're back...05:32
* FaithWallis waits to ask her question...as she is a terrible newbie05:32
Sorcererbobgood god05:32
Sorcererbobok, I'll go again05:32
The_Rebellol @ Gun_Smoke05:32
SorcererbobI have a fresh installation of Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit. I have a netgear WG311 v3, which I believe is supported. How can I go about setting this up?05:32
bullgard4badfish69: RealMedia files are played using the Realplayer. In Ubuntu try Totem, VLC, MPlayer.05:32
Sorcererbobi believe I'm supposed to install an application called madwifi. But I can't find it in synaptic05:32
levelivIs there a seperate linux games channel05:32
badfish69bullgard4: i'm using mplayer and totem05:32
Arenlor!ask | FaithWallis05:32
ubottuFaithWallis: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:32
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:33
ac3_0f_spad3sthere it is05:33
badfish69i can't find w32codecs thru the repos05:33
* Arenlor hugs ubottu "Welcome back"05:33
hitman1985leveliv: thanks :) worked05:33
scott_its in the medibuntu repo05:33
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:33
levelivno worries hitman05:33
eseven73!medibuntu | badfish6905:33
ubottubadfish69: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:33
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
jensorvenger, did you see http://pastebin.com/1192d40905:34
konzeptwho ever it was that helped me last night on the screen rez i thank you so much it worked05:34
hitman1985bullgard4: just fyi, next time dont answer if you dont know. TY05:34
FaithWallisI just installed Ubuntu 8.10 on an old box we had sitting around.  I am done with the install and got the disk out, restarted the machine...and now there are NO icons or menus for me to use...and the screen is a llittle wierd.  it is like it is a little smooshed to the right (like the desktop wallpaper ahs been smooshed) I checked all the files before installing...they checked out fine.05:34
riz0nHello, when using procmail for filtering, and the folder which the filtered messages are destined to contain a space, is it neccessary to encapsulate the folder with quotations in .procmailrc? Thanks.05:34
vengerjensor, on the xp machine, create a folder named test in c:\ share it then run smbclient again05:35
Until_It_Sleeps:( I wanted to see all the people join!05:35
jensorvenger, what can be done to fix 2 addresses for jj-nu05:35
nickrudriz0n, yes, or use   word\ word  (the \ escapes the space. Better is to not use spaces)05:35
FaithWallis<--- absolute and complete newbie....please be gentle. :)05:36
ArenlorFaithWallis: can you post a screenshot somewhere for me?05:36
nbeeboim in fvwm crystal now its awesome05:36
FaithWallisIt is on another computer...I really can't.  all I can see is the wallpaper adn about an inch black stripe down the left of the screen.05:36
ac3_0f_spad3s if im going to start a fresh system. what things should i know? what should i do with my firewall? also, if i encrypt my entire system with truecrypt, do you think that will protect me from hackers?05:36
* The_Rebel tears FaithWallis's pants off and throws him over a barel05:36
levelivlinux doesn't have its own little Ichat sorta thing does it?05:36
The_Rebelit's got a few of them level1.05:37
riz0nnickrud: thanks. I have encapsulated it with quotations, however, the messages are still landing in my inbox. I don't think that procmail is actually being processed. How can I check to see whether or not procmail is being run, and if not, how can I configure the system to use the procmail file I created? thanks so much for your help.05:37
neerGun_Smoke: how to bridge it?05:37
nickrudac3_0f_spad3s, are you going to be using any services accessible from the net?05:37
levelivThe_Rebel I meant like how apple has that @apple.com crap ...Ubuntu specific programs05:37
ac3_0f_spad3snickrud: what do you mean "services"?05:37
nickrudah, riz0n you're making me rack old memories :)05:37
Gun_Smokeneer, that's an XP thing.. I've been windows free for a lot of years... try ##windows05:37
The_Rebeloh, i don't think so then.05:37
nickrudac3_0f_spad3s, like a web server, ftp server, anything that outside people will access05:38
Bud93how do i spoof my ip for privacy in linux?05:38
riz0nnickrud: let me tell you what I have going on. I have postfix/dovecot (the default installed with ubuntu) and I installed SpamAssassin. I want to have mail that is flagged by SpamAssassin as spam automatically dropped in the "Junk E-mail" folder.05:38
Bud93i know there must be a way...  i want one of those ips using words i see people with05:38
ac3_0f_spad3snickrud: no05:38
Arenlorac3_0f_spad3s: nothing can truly protect you from hackers, what are you going to be doing with it? I'd suggest UFW (Ubuntu FireWall) though05:38
nickrudac3_0f_spad3s, then don't worry about a firewall at all05:38
ArenlorFaithWallis: did you do a cd self check?05:39
mayankhow to play nexuiz yaar..........????????05:39
nickrudriz0n, show me your procmail on http://paste.ubuntu.com if you will05:39
FaithWallisI think I fiugred it out.05:39
cros13spoof your IP...lol... 1001 ways to eff up & get yourself noticed05:39
FaithWallisthe screen was all stretched out....changed the aspect ratio on the monitor and it helped05:39
nickrudriz0n, that's the setup I had on my remote imap; it's still there so I have a comparison05:39
Bud93cros, i don't really care about getting noticed. i just don't want it advertised on irc and stuff.05:40
ac3_0f_spad3snickrud: is it theoretically possible to hack me, without my knowledge?05:40
ArenlorFaithWallis: happy with it now or need/want any more help?05:40
HashishaninI have displays drivers installed, but when moving and resizing windows, they move very jerkily and slow, not at all fluid. Why would this be?05:40
FaithWallisarlenor: ai am sorry sorry for bugging you05:40
nickrudac3_0f_spad3s, it is, _if_ you run services facing the net, or run a program that installs a rootkit. If you only install from the ubuntu repos, your chances of getting hacked approach zero05:40
earthmeLonI am having trouble getting *bluetooth* working on 8.10.  I have a dv9000 HP Laptop.  I found people having similar issues here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/284982  So I posted at the bottom.  Does anybody here have this laptop or any suggestions for me?05:41
cros13Bud93: why would it matter? if you are behind a nat router you're pretty much OK05:41
riz0nnickrud: I basically took the "example" file and modified it. Here is the pastebin. http://paste.ubuntu.com/98075/05:41
mayankhow to kill running process from shell?05:41
ArenlorFaithWallis: please excuse the misunderstanding, I'm not saying you're bugging me05:41
earthmeLonmayank  use ps to find out what process it's using and then use kill XXXX where XXXX is the process number05:41
riz0nnickrud: by the way the comments in the file says "Mails with a score of 15 or higher" however I changed it to 5 in the procmail file.05:41
FaithWallisarenlor: I just feel completely stupid for not trying it before coming in here05:41
ArenlorFaithWallis: I've often come in here to ask a question and right before asking it thought of something to try05:42
ac3_0f_spad3snickrud, i dont think anyone really installs EVERYTHING from the ubuntu repos. so if i install something from an outside source does that mean i can get hacked?05:42
FaithWallisArenlor: thank you. :)05:42
mayankearthmelon, how to play nexuiz...?, its always hangs..i have to logout my ubuntu..05:42
nickrudriz0n, is dovecot using using maildirs or mboxes? If you're not sure, you should be able to see in /etc/dovcot/ conf file05:42
earthmeLonmayank  I have no idea what that is05:42
ac3_0f_spad3snickrud, do the ubuntu repos include medibuntu?05:42
mayankits a game05:42
FaithWallisArenlor: this is SO cool.  first time I've used it.05:43
ArenlorFaithWallis: do you know how to open a terminal?05:43
mayankits start fine but when i click start game its hangs,, i have to logout(ctrl+alt+f2)05:43
riz0nnickrud: I am pretty sure I'm using maildirs.05:43
nickrudac3_0f_spad3s, if you stick with reputable sources, like medibuntu, getdeb, or are referred to a ppa by an ubuntu dev.05:43
FaithWallisarenlor: not yet, but I'm working on getting thru the tutorial at the ubuntu site.05:43
mayankanybody see my problem please???05:43
instahey guys is there anything like xbmc for linux, that isn't xbmc?05:44
instamyth has too much TV-related overhead and elisa is too buggy05:44
cros13insta: boxee05:44
Bud93Cros13: i am behind router...  well, main issue is ips can be traced and i want to obsure location and have plausible deniability05:44
ArenlorFaithWallis: Alright, after that if you have any questions let me know, I was going to show you how to customize what is known as Compiz, which contains for example the "Desktop Cube"05:44
riz0nBud93: don't we all. :)05:44
cros13Bud93: then use tor05:44
=== Daisuke-Ido is now known as Daisuke_Ido
nickrudriz0n, then you need to use the maildir addressing in your procmailrc . A sec05:45
ac3_0f_spad3snickrud: please tell me what happens if i download something from a unreputible site05:45
mayankanybody see my problem please???05:45
cros13insta: need a boxee invite?05:45
Bud93tor slows everything down too much to be useful for everyday things...  and i don't think i can use tor for irc easily05:45
instacros13: maybe, i just want a program to be a shiny frontend for my fileserver's videos directory05:45
riz0nBud93: find a neighbor with unsecure wifi? :\05:45
nickrudac3_0f_spad3s, it's possible to get a rootkit. Not very likely though.05:45
FaithWallisArenlor: I will probably definitely want to know hwo to do that....my main reason for doing this is I got a box at my parents' house that they didn't want...it was complete trashed but I figured I could see if I coulkd get Linux to run on it ...I also want to see if I can get my Windows-based PE-Design software (for a Brother sewing machine) to run on it to dedicate this box in my sewing room05:46
Bud93rizon. haha  have one....   probably a honeypot setup05:46
Bud93lol... call me paranoid but i have done it myself05:46
cros13Bud93: use a proper list of nodes. look for the exit nodes marked fast. restrict your exit to those nodes.05:46
riz0nBud93: hehe I have a nice little collection built up here too. Living in town is always nice05:46
mayankanybody see my problem please???05:46
earthmeLonI am having trouble getting *bluetooth* working on 8.10.  I have a dv9000 HP Laptop.  I found people having similar issues here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/284982  So I posted at the bottom.  Does anybody here have this laptop or any suggestions for me?05:47
=== root is now known as Guest83754
Bud93cros13, didn't even know i could do that, actually...  i haven't even tried tor under linux yet. i guess i should. mayve there's options i didn't know were there05:47
cros13insta: boxee is pretty cool: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boxee05:47
riz0nI have never used Tor either05:47
scott_boxee is dope05:48
Bud93riz0n: surprisingly most people here have secured networks but there is one unsecured...  i was experimenting with backtrack 3 live last night05:48
KimKCould someone confirm for me that in 6.06 (LTS version) the mime-database is in /usr/local/mime? In 8.04 (LTS) it seems to be in /usr/share/mime.  Are these correct?05:48
masterCocainehey guys any torrent downloader for linux which has schedulin in it....... like utorrent..??05:48
=== eightyei1ht is now known as eightyeight
Bud93didn't get too far but i suppose there could be some bits and bytes to catch with a sniffer05:48
ArenlorFaithWallis: to get a Windows (in here you'll here it called M$, Doze, WinDoze, or the like btw) program to run you should try Wine. To get the Compiz stuff you can go to Application > Accessories > Terminal (the command line) and type in "sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager" then enter your password. After that go to System > Preferences > CompizConfig05:48
riz0nBud93: The wireless DSL modems that Verizon ships to its customers only support WEP as security. Guess its a good thing I live in an area that is Verizon served ;)05:49
earthmeLonFaithWallis  or you could try Virtualbox ^_^05:49
dnyyI'm trying to setup Butler.  I installed it with ruby gems, but when I run 'sudo botcontrol setup' like the guide says, I get a 'sudo: botcontrol: command not found'  And $PATH isn't showing my gem-bin.  Any ideas how to fix this?05:49
cros13Bud93: i use tor for high bandwidth stuff all the time over tor. Tor is not perfectly secure remember, if enough of the nodes are owned you can be tracked so remember to use secure protocols through tor when you can.05:49
KaanaQuestion. i have gedit open..when i click on another file, another instance of gedit opens, instead of a new tab on the instance i have open. why?05:49
Bud93riz0n: lol...  lucky for Veriozn customers.  hahah....  as if they weren't already getting screwed. :p05:49
earthmeLonFaithWallis  http://lifehacker.com/367714/run-windows-apps-seamlessly-inside-linux05:49
nickrudriz0n, do you have a dir Maildir in your home dir?05:50
fedealguien me puede ayudar?05:50
instai'm gonna try entertainer first05:50
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore05:50
brunnerWhy does Xorg always end up eating over 240MB of RAM?05:50
instalooks a little closer to what i'm looking for05:50
FaithWallisarenlor: I have alot of friends that call it that :)  I use it and have no religious issue with it :)  I just want to learn more and be more OS flexible.05:50
riz0nBud93: I never could get BackTrack to work right with my laptop, so I installed the aircrack-ng pakage on my ubuntu install, works great:)05:50
nickrudriz0n, do you have a dir Maildir in your home dir?05:50
qsheetswhere can i get a copy of ubotu's lart database?05:50
riz0nnickrud: yes I do05:50
brunnerrather, is it normal for X to eat 240MB of RAM?05:50
cros13insta: want that invite?05:51
Bud93cros13: good point.  i take chances when it comes to accessing information because my storage techniques are extremely secure, but that's definitely something to keep in mind.05:51
FaithWallisearthmeLon: thanks...glad to see somoene else reads Lifehacker05:51
ArenlorFaithWallis: remember this; there is no dumb question on here05:51
fedealguien me puede ayudar?05:51
tyrantlifehacker sucks05:51
fedealguien me puede ayudar?05:51
lstarnes!es | fede05:51
ubottufede: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:51
nickrudriz0n, http://paste.ubuntu.com/98082/ . I've set up the procmail environment, and set the path for the junk folder. The trailing / tells procmail that it's feeding maildirs.05:51
earthmeLontyrant  ... is there really a need for comments like that?05:51
jensorvenger, okay, It now shows up as a shared folder when i do smbclient -L jj-nu  However I still can't access with the file browser05:51
rsvpQ re top: what's the diff between Free v. Buffers for memory readout?05:51
Bud93riz0n: i should give that a try. i don't want to have to wait for cd to load if i just want to screw around a bit.05:51
Arenlor!language | tyrant05:52
ubottutyrant: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:52
nickrudriz0n, maildirs always start with a period, don't ask me why05:52
webbianybody could please tell me how can i reconfigure an installed package05:52
FaithWallisArenlor: :)  I feel better. :)05:52
lstarneswebbi: sudo dpkg-reconfigure packagename05:52
progexwhat versions of linux you guys running?05:52
webbilstarnes: well, and how can i know the package name of qt? I need to enable qt with ssl support05:52
gerberffdemux_swf: Element doesn't implement handling of this stream. Please file a bug.05:52
riz0nnickrud: so I should change "Junk E-mail" to "./Junk E-mail"05:53
nickrudriz0n, also, I set up a log file in ~/Maildir/log so you can see what's going on05:53
tyrantit's friendly to tell people that a site is bad05:53
robert__hey guys is there an easy way to inverse the colors of a web page(firefox)? Im reading black on white text and its better on my eyes if it was white on black05:53
webbianybody could help me to enable ssl in qt? im using kubuntu 8.10 intrepid05:53
lstarneswebbi: either libqt3 or libqt4-core05:53
progexreinstall firefox05:53
gerberhow i install limewire help pls05:53
FaithWallistyrant: I think they objected more to your language than to your message.05:54
rsvpgood Q, robert__05:54
nickrudriz0n, no. I've set up the proper path, in the $MAILDIR variable: giving procmail a full path works best05:54
tyrantwhere is weasel browser now?05:54
IndyGunFreakgerber: download it from limewire.com.. i think they have .deb files there..05:54
rsvpmight not be good for printing though, robert__05:54
webbilstarnes: I'm trying to compile a plasmoid, which give me an error with ssl... those are the packages that i should reconfigure?05:54
FaithWallisrobert__: what happens when you select the text?05:54
robert__rsvp, :P hehe don't think so05:54
lstarneswebbi: do you have libqt4-dev installed?05:55
werdnum05:54 < IndyGunFreak> gerber: download it from limewire.com.. i think they have .deb files there..05:55
werdnumew, don't use limewire05:55
webbilstarnes: yes05:55
werdnumuse frostwire.05:55
werdnumIt's exactly the same, but without the paying part.05:55
IndyGunFreakwerdnum: well, so do i, but he asked about limewire.05:55
robert__FaithWallis, uguly brown, and still alot of white space from paragrahs and such05:55
lstarneswebbi: what about libssl-dev ?05:55
rsvpis frostwire a bittorrent thing?05:55
Arenlorrobert__: Try Edit > Preferences > Color and override their settings05:55
nickrudriz0n, and I did leave out one line:    the very last lines should be   :0   <newline>  $MAILDIR05:55
webbilstarnes: yes05:56
FaithWallisrobert__: crud.05:56
webbilstarnes: also i just did dpkg-reconfigure libqt4-dev and it do nothing05:56
vengerjensor, see if this is your issue05:56
IndyGunFreakrsvp: sort of.. http://www.frostwire.com05:56
vengerjensor, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31871305:56
riz0nnickrud: When I look in the maildir folder, I actually don't see any subfolders for Junk E-mail..05:56
riz0nI have 3 folders, cur, tmp, and new05:56
rsvpreposting Q re top: what's the diff between Free v. Buffers for memory readout?05:57
nickrudriz0n, procmail will create the folder; you would have to show hidden files to see it after it's created05:57
webbilstarnes: do i need to add something to the dpkg-reconfigure command?05:57
gerberdo you know step by step install frostwire i'm so nnew to ubunto  ilove it help pls05:57
riz0nnickrud: even if the folder already exists?05:57
lstarneswebbi: what full error do you get regarding ssl?  I don't think reconfiguring qt will do anything05:57
IndyGunFreakgerber: please make up my mind, do you want frostwire or limewire?05:57
riz0nnickrud: my mail client already created the IMAP folder on the server and there are already messages sitting in it05:57
nickrudriz0n, if .Junk Mail exists, it will be used05:57
werdnumgerber: apt-cache search frostwire.05:57
webbiundefined reference to `QSslSocket::~QSslSocket()'05:57
FaithWallisrobert: tools > options > content > fonts and colors > colors (button)05:58
robert__Arenlor, thanks :)05:58
nickrudriz0n, those sit in one of cur new or tmp in Maildir05:58
webbilstarnes: undefined reference to `QSslSocket::QSslSocket(QObject*)'05:58
FaithWallisrobert__: I just did it in Firefox05:58
riz0nnickrud: thanks, I think I know what needs to be changed. so I just need to change "Junk E-mail" to read ".Junk E-mail"05:58
nickrudyou could. Gimme a sec, I'll show you the one I used05:58
ArenlorFaithWallis: Options in Firefox for Linux is located in Edit > Preferences just so you know05:58
gerberI ask for limewire ,buy someone here sugest frostwire05:58
riz0nnickrud: and I also need to add the two lines to the end of my file that you suggested.05:59
cros13./ctcp version cros1305:59
FaithWallisArenlor: ah...OK. sorry....and I just did something in mine and it didn't work really well.05:59
earthmeLonHaving some bluetooth problems.  I've made a post if anybody thinks they might be able to help :D http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6477784#post647778405:59
ted_wow i didnt think people would be still using this lol05:59
FaithWallisrobert: I think it depends on whether they have a CSS setting set for keeping fonts the way they wnat them displayed05:59
IndyGunFreakted_: using what?06:00
lstarneswebbi: do you have libgnutls-dev installed?06:00
webbilstarnes: let me check06:00
Alex_21Hi, I don't understand shell scripting. Do I use #!/bin/sh06:00
FaithWallis(OMG, they are testing "beer goggles" on Mythbusters)06:00
Alex_21At the top of a file containing sudo commands06:00
webbilstarnes: yes i do06:00
rsvpI recall that IE had CSS override -- that's not available in FF, right?06:00
gerberSo Indygunt help me /06:00
lstarnesAlex_21: if it's a shell script, yes06:01
rsvp(without add-ons ;)06:01
ArenlorFaithWallis: you don't need to apologize for not knowing in here06:01
nickrudriz0n, http://paste.ubuntu.com/98086/ . Not the most elegant, but it served my purposes06:01
IndyGunFreakgerber: youv'e yet to tell me what the problem is, first you asked about limewire, then you asked about frostwire, which do you want to install.06:01
FaithWallisrobert: does that work better in Linux than it did on my Win-box?06:01
riz0nnickrud: I want to thank you for your help thus far, it means a lot. :)06:01
rsvp#!/bin/bash  -- is better choice, alex06:01
IndyGunFreakgerber: so go to limewire.com and download hte .deb file06:01
Arenlorrsvp: http://www.squarefree.com/userstyles/user-style-sheets.html06:01
SeveredCrossEh, you really should do #!/bin/sh, and write POSIX-compatible shell scripts. :>06:02
gerberok ,I'll be back06:02
ArenlorFaithWallis: did you uncheck the box to allow them to have style sheets?06:02
webbilstarnes: any idea? I read that i should have qt compiled with ssl support06:02
abarai_renjihi, i'm using the PCSX emulator in intrepid, how come the movements are so fast? how do i slowed it down?06:02
ArenlorFaithWallis: I've been using FF since version 1, so I'm a little versed in it lol06:02
FaithWallisArenlor: *gryn*06:03
FaithWallisOK...I need to go to bed.06:03
Alex_21Ok, so what are the advantages and disadvanges to both under Ubuntu?06:03
FaithWallisthank you all for helping....06:03
lstarneswebbi: do you have libqt4-network?06:03
rsvpArenlor, thanks re CSS tip!06:03
nickrudriz0n, if you look at the mailbox paths I used, you'll see some extra periods. That creates a tree structure in your mail client06:03
webbilstarnes: yes06:03
jkristhekingi need help with my sound. when i adjust it it turns off as son as i go below 50%06:04
idea4gudwhen ever we run anything through terminal and it gets hung is there any way i can stop it06:05
rsvpmy sound gets fuzzed up when > 90%06:05
fac3lessAnyone up for assisting with aticonfig? I'm horrible at getting dual monitors properly running, I end up with a broken xorg.conf every time. I could post on the forums if needbe though.06:05
riz0nnickrud: yes I noticed that, it makes a lot of sense :)06:05
idea4gudlike in windows i do ctrl+Alt+del06:05
idea4gudto kill06:05
lstarneswebbi: the issue might be because of the header file containing QSslSocket not being included06:05
robert__rsvp, internal mic on ?06:05
riz0nnickrud: Now I'm waiting on the next spam message to hit my inbox to see if it filters or not.06:05
idea4gudi know using ps -e i can get list and kill the particular pid06:05
nickrudriz0n, the real wonderfulness of using imap and having procmail sort your mail for you is you can use any email client and they all see the same mail structure :)06:06
rsvpmic on half-way06:06
jkristhekingcan anyone help me with my sound problem?06:06
webbilstarnes: and how can i solve this?06:06
robert__rsvp, try muting it real quick to see if thats the prob.06:06
rsvpjk..., are you using alsa?06:06
Ubuntu_Cookiesi have that problem also06:06
Arenloridea4gud: ctrl+c it, otherwise try: System > Administration > System Monitor06:06
jkristhekingrsvp: yes06:06
ArenlorUbuntu_Cookies: what problem?06:06
webbilstarnes: ohh you mean the #include, yes it's there... #include <QSslSocket>06:07
riz0nnickrud: Exactly. I have used IMAP for years, but in the past I've used Windows-based mail servers. I am trying to establish my own hosting server, and I don't want to pay $$$$ for Windows Server or a mail server program.06:07
Ubuntu_Cookiesno sound working06:07
riz0nbrb my kid is sick06:07
rsvpsound is ok, now06:07
jkristhekingrsvp: as soon as i go below 50% my sound cuts off but than when i put it over 50% it gose back on06:07
Ubuntu_Cookies!offtopic riz0n06:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about offtopic riz0n06:07
riz0nThink everything will be alright06:07
Alex_21How do I install a Firefox extention from the command-line06:07
ArenlorUbuntu_Cookies: what are you running?06:07
robert__rsvp, :P mic boost may also be a culprit when the mic is not muted06:08
lstarneswebbi: what about QtNetwork?06:08
rsvpjk..., so the solution might be > 51% or mute it.06:08
Ubuntu_CookiesIntrepid Ibex06:08
rsvpbut if mic is muted, I can't talk to all the girls on skype ;)06:08
earthmeLonHaving some bluetooth problems.  I've made a post if anybody thinks they might be able to help :D http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6477784#post647778406:08
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ubotturiz0n: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:08
o-dogdone tase me06:08
IndyGunFreakUbuntu_Cookies: what are you talking about?.. get a grip.. he was teling someone he had to step away.06:09
ArenlorUbuntu_Cookies: do you have a speaker icon in your system tray, usually found in the top right corner?06:09
o-dogi dont like my chances of actually getting help in here06:09
jkristhekingrsvp: i mean when i put it above 50% it's too loud but i can't out it any lower or it cuts off. how do i adjust the volume step? maybe that will help?/06:09
rsvpwe live in a binary world.06:09
gmathewsHi i want to run 'sudo bnetd -f -D' when ubuntu starts everytime - how do i go about this?06:09
webbilstarnes: I read that it's inherited by qsslsocket06:09
=== gravity1187 is now known as gravity_away
* gravity_away is gone for awhile: Gone away for now06:09
Ubuntu_Cookiesarenlor: yes06:09
rsvpjk..., are you tweaking the master volume only, or the components?06:10
Arenlorgmathews: System > Preferences > Sessions06:10
lstarneswebbi: I'm sorry but I'm of ideas06:10
jkristhekingrsvp: master06:10
gmathewsArenlor: I would like to run it on Ubuntu server..so through terminal..06:10
mgolischanyone know how to keep ff from starting in offline mode? i suspect it checks with networkmanager or something06:10
ArenlorUbuntu_Cookies: what does the icon look like, does it have a red circle with a slash through it?06:10
rsvpso leave at master at 85%, and tweak the components instead... try it.06:10
johninlex hello all,  I have been trying for 2 days to get my wifi working,  I have read about everything I can read for support, and no luck. I have a ar5007eg atheros card  with a chip set of ar242X  I have tried several inf files through nadiswrapper I am not for sure on how to use madwifi  please help06:11
jkristhekingrsvp: okay06:11
IndyGunFreakjohninlex: lol, two days?.. there's tutorials all over for that device06:11
Arenlorgmathews: do you login every time it starts up?06:11
aSt3raLjohninlex, have you tried the ndiswrapper?06:11
IndyGunFreakjohninlex: you dont need ndiswrapper, you don't even need madwifi06:11
gmathewsArenlor: no, i just switch it on - its for out lan - its a server we use to host a forum on our lan (we still getting around linux)06:12
gmathewsArenlor: *our06:12
gaintsurais getdeb.net down for anyone else?06:12
johninlexyea indygunfreak I have been reading and trying everytimg06:12
kulawendHello everyone, I need a little bit of help. I just installed WINE from package and it works great, but the sound is not working.06:12
IndyGunFreakjohninlex: have you disabled the driver in hardware driver and installed hte backports?06:12
gmathewsgaintsura: getdeb seems down06:12
johninlexast3ral I have tried ndsiwrapper06:12
Arenlorgmatthews: hold one while I find the file I'm thinking of06:13
kulawendI'm not finding a lot of help on Google, but maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.06:13
gaintsuraanyone have google gadgets linux?06:13
johninlexno Indy I havent06:13
Ubuntu_Cookiesi do !!!!06:13
=== wobblyw1 is now known as wobblywu
IndyGunFreakjohninlex: then you've tried everything wrong.  are you using 32bit or 64bit?06:13
webbilstarnes: Ok, thanks for your try! I will continue reading06:13
jkristhekingrsvp: that won't really help im trying to watch youtube vids and i use fn+pgup (volume up) it's weird as soon as i go below 50% it just cuts off06:13
IndyGunFreakjohninlex: thats probably the problem, that driver has issues w/ 64bit.06:13
IndyGunFreakyouc an try madwifi, but i'm not sure how successful you'll e.06:14
gmathewsgaintsura: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/06/16/install-google-gadgets-for-linux-on-ubuntu/06:14
aSt3raLdid you build the driver?06:14
IndyGunFreakbut i'd imagine it should work w/ 64bit06:14
Alex_21How do you install FF extentions via the commandline? please06:14
rsvpjk..., it might be a hardware issue then...06:14
aSt3raLi run 64 bit and anything that doesnt work i just compile on my own06:14
fac3lessHere's my xorg.conf http://paste2.org/p/123512 -- I have a radeon 3850 & two vx922 viewsonic monitors. I'll paypal someone $25 for helping get these work :)06:14
Arenlorgmatthews: found the file /etc/rc.local edit that and add it06:15
jkristhekingrsvp: maybe im using HDA intel06:15
johninlexast3ral I have only wrote a few conky scripts not any drivers yet???06:15
riz0nnickrud: you mind if I pm you?06:15
nickrudriz0n, no problem06:15
aSt3raLheh conky scripts are cool but thats diff from compiling a driver06:15
silv3r_m00nhi there06:16
rsvpjk..., google it and see if others users have similar problems.06:16
johninlexyea I know ast3ral06:16
silv3r_m00ni am looking for some game which is kind of 3d or 2.5d but doesnt need opengl to run06:16
newbsawbitAnyone wanna help me get text in my kde apps & picasa, think it's something with compiz06:16
jkristhekingrsvp: i did on ubuntu forums...no one replied to it :(06:16
johninlexIndy, there inlies one problemI have ver usede madwifi06:16
TecR0cwhat is the command in terminal to open rdp ?06:17
IndyGunFreakjohninlex: madwifi is generally easy, but i've not had ot use it w/ that device since Gutsy...  but again thats w/ 32bit.06:17
TecR0cso i can remote to a windows box.06:17
ac3_0f_spad3sdo i need a firewall in ubuntu if i'm not running any services?06:18
gmathewsHi this is the problem I am getting when trying to install google gadgets - http://paste.ubuntu.com/98091/06:18
jensorvenger, thanks for all your help06:18
Arenlorjkristheking: I suggest reporting a bug: http://bugs.launchpad.net/06:18
jkristhekingarenlor: ok i will06:18
johninlexok indy and ast3ral06:18
Y-TownI have samba set up to share linux and win xp  both systems see eachother just fine but when I create a directory from the win xp on the linux system the linux user cannot delete the new directory.  How do i properly set the permissions so the linus user can delete?06:19
Major_Samis there some reason a simple game like backgammon made for KDE wouldn't work on ubuntu 8.10?06:19
johninlexI will be back after some more reason06:19
johninlexmajor reading,,,,,     soory for leaving that our06:19
gmathewsThanks Arenlor :)06:19
=== holis is now known as retry
Y-Town I have samba set up to share linux and win xp  both systems see eachother just fine but when I create a directory from the win xp on the linux system the linux user cannot delete the new directory.  How do i properly set the permissions so the linus user can delete?06:21
Bikeguyis there a way to force gnome to automatically mount all of your hard drives when you log in?06:21
rsvpjk..., trying to look up a search.06:21
DoonzEvening people06:22
Arenlor!ask | retry06:22
ubotturetry: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:22
bullgard4'man 7 rtnetlink' starts with the line: "NAME: rtnetlink, NETLINK_ROUTE - Linux IPv4 routing socket." Are both identifiers rtnetlink and NETLINK_ROUTE synonyms?06:22
fac3lessHere's my xorg.conf http://paste2.org/p/123512 -- I have a radeon 3850 & two vx922 viewsonic monitors. I'll paypal someone $25 for helping get these work :)06:22
Doonzquik question. I installed Firestarter and its working. My question is when i set up the IPS on other machines on the network what do i put in for the DNS ip. DO i just set it to the lan nic on the server or do i use the actual dns ip from the isp?06:23
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SJr|NbookWhat's a good proxy for ubuntu?06:24
SJr|NbookSorry like an apt proxy06:24
kulawendMy sound is not working in WINE I am getting the error: "ALSA lib ../../../src/pcm/pcm_dmix.c:874:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave"06:25
Arenlorretry: can we help you?06:25
gmathewsgaintsura: Did u find the .deb for google desktop06:25
Bikeguykulawend: try #winehq  here?06:25
gaintsurayeah, getting via synaptic currently, thanks gmathews =)06:25
kulawendBikeguy: Will do.06:25
gmathewsgaintsura: from where?06:26
gmathewsdid u add an additional repo?06:26
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gmathewsI need one for intrepid06:27
luckyonehello, anyone in here know anything about proprietary ATI Catalyst drivers?06:29
Arenlor!ask | luckyone06:29
ubottuluckyone: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:29
luckyoneArenlor: that was a question :) I want to talk to someone about UVD support though06:30
CarlFKSJr|Nbook: i use apt-proxy.  make sure you pick a good mirror06:30
Arenlorluckyone: we want people to ask the direct question in here to save us time, I know about installing/running/trouble-shooting FGLRX for example06:31
gmathewsDoes anyone have the google gadget .deb for Intrepid?06:31
CarlFKSJr|Nbook: is seems if I use a flaky mirror (like one that times out now and then) apt-proxy errors, and even though the process is still running, I need to restart it for apt-get to work right06:31
SJr|NbookCarlFK can I it handle multiple types of ubuntu at the same time?06:32
luckyoneArenlor: cool - do you have any experience with MPEG-4/X.264 decoding using the ATI GPU?06:32
SJr|NbookAnd why shouldn't I use squid?06:32
CarlFKSJr|Nbook: yes.  and debian unstable/testing, and a few others06:32
Arenlorluckyone: sorry no, though you seem to be pretty close to asking your actual question now :P06:33
The_Rebel<luckyone> Arenlor: cool - do you have any experience with MPEG-4/X.264 decoding using the ATI GPU?06:33
CarlFKSJr|Nbook: I have wonderered if squid might be just as good.  I hear the squid defaults aren't good for proxying .debs, like you need to increase the time till files expire, and increase the maximum file size it will cache06:33
luckyoneArenlor: hah06:33
abarai_renjihi, i'm using the PCSX emulator in intrepid, how come the movements are so fast? how do i slowed it down?06:34
The_Rebeli don't think there is working H.264 hardware acceleration working in linux yet.06:34
Doonzhey guys im looking for an extremely simple how to with irssi and setting up windows and stuff. Can anyone recomend one for me?06:34
instanvidia has alpha drivers and mplayer patches that enable it for the 8000 series cards and up06:34
Arenlorluckyone: #ati may be able to help you06:34
The_Rebeluse MPC-HC on windows.06:34
luckyoneArenlor: good call!06:34
luckyoneArenlor: thanks amigo - HAPPY 2009!06:34
The_Rebelinsta, you're not 100% correct06:35
The_Rebelnot all the cards about the 8 series are supported.06:35
The_Rebelmost of the 9 series cards have no VDPAU support yet.06:35
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gmathewsHi - what does this mean - google-gadgets:06:36
gmathews Depends: libltdl3 (>=1.5.2-2) but it is not installable06:36
instanot that i'd advocate it for general use anyway06:36
The_Rebelnothing beats MPC-HC on windows.06:36
LtLDoonz: try here- http://irssi.org/documentation/startup06:36
robtpanyone here have the dell studio 17?06:37
robtpi've already bought it... but ubuntu compatibility?06:37
scott_I don't mean to impose, but could somone tell me if they receive a 403 Forbiden error from http://tinyshell.be/aircrackng/forum/06:37
DoonzLtL yeah i tried following that but i need one that spends more times on setting up the windows06:38
CarlFKSJr|Nbook: http://dpaste.com/104462/  my apt-proxy-v2.conf  and a sources.list that has lots of repos06:38
pdroyscott_: yes I got it06:38
scott_whats going on tonight?06:38
scott_Looks like my nights shot.06:38
mylistohey everyone06:38
mylistoanyone using skype on linux?06:38
scott_mylisto, hey06:38
Arenlorscott_ I got it too, so yeah it's down06:38
mylistoer ubuntu?06:38
CarlFKscott You don't have permission to access /aircrackng/forum/ on this server.06:38
scott_Arenlor, thanks06:39
penguin-upskype....yes i'm on it now06:39
miranda_psimylisto: i am06:39
Sorcererbobhey guys. Yet another problem for me. My sound is now really choppy - all sound; startup sound, rythmbox, youtube etc. I've installed a wireless network driver for my Netgear WG311v3 using ndiswrapper recently (but this is a fresh install and I've made many changes since the reboot where it started)06:39
eseven73Doonz: /help window  maybe06:39
SorcererbobHow do I attack this choppy sound? (it was working beforehand)06:39
mylistoI'm trying to find out how to delete the chat history of a single contact06:39
SJr|NbookAh I see06:39
robtpmylisto: pidgin?06:39
LtLDoonz: in irssi type /help window then /help subtopic06:40
mylistoI'm going to hypnotize this lady to help her with procrastination...but I need her to delete her chat history..as some suggestions will work way better when they are not seen06:40
Doonzeseven73: thanx  and LtL thans as well06:40
eseven73Doonz: sometimes the best documentation is built right into the app, look at Emacs for example, lol06:40
Doonzsorry im very new to this06:40
robtpmylisto: in the pidgin log directory, each contact usually has a folder, delete that06:40
robtpmylisto: hmmm... :P06:40
ThanksUHi all06:41
mylistoits not pidgin06:41
mylistoits skype :D06:41
ThanksUi have a problem someone can help me?06:41
mylistoyeah I'm a hypnotherapist06:41
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:41
mylistowhat can I do for you06:41
gmathews!ask | ThanksU06:41
ubottuThanksU: please see above06:41
miranda_psijust tell us what the problem is and we'll see...06:41
scott_any ipw2200 users here?06:41
ThanksUwhen in firefox i click too many time right click it will do what it want he choose one option by himself06:41
Mark_JonesIs it a general assumption that most distro DVDs or CDs already contain almost all of the things an average user might need right out of the box? Is that why most linux users view downloading of entire repositories generally a waste of time?06:42
eseven73that made no sense ThanksU06:42
ThanksUsorry i am italian, not great with english06:42
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)06:42
Doonzwhats the chat channel for ubuntu06:43
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fedewho can help me with the installation of intrepid?06:43
Doonzeseven73: thanx again06:43
fedewho can help me with the installation of intrepid?06:44
ThanksUif i want make right click then maybe copy link copy link copy link after some of this he don't make me choose i must right click out of a link and then continue06:44
lain_wiredHullo all, I'm noticed I have port 80 open, although I've uninstalled apache2. As far as I know, the firewall has all ports blocked, as the apache was only ever running for computers in the network.06:45
Mark_Jonesfede are you having trouble on your own or just scared or what?06:46
nbeebohow do i stop gnome from drawing my desktop and gnome-panel to appear?06:46
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eseven73!firewall | lain_wired06:46
ubottulain_wired: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).06:46
eseven73lain_wired: are you sure its open? I would test it by googling "Shields Up!" and run a free test there :)06:47
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:49
lain_wiredeseven73, mm, definitely open. Also, I'm not really familiar with iptables.06:50
silv3r_m00nubottu: hello06:50
nbeebohow do i stop gnome from drawing my desktop and gnome-panel to appear?06:50
outbackwifinbeebo: you mean you dont want these things at all?06:50
banshee_how do i type the sudo chown command to make a folder and all its contents permission to "banshee"06:50
outbackwifibanshee_: sudo chown -R bansee. folder06:51
outbackwifioops banshee06:51
banshee_with a period?06:51
outbackwifibanshee_: that changes the group also06:51
mayankwhat is samba..what its use?06:51
outbackwifi!samba | mayank06:51
ubottumayank: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209806:51
nbeebooutbackwifi, nope not those no06:51
banshee_outbackwifi: Thanks worked like a charm, but what does -R stand for?06:51
outbackwifibanshee_: recursive06:52
electric_shee1hello, anyone know why my name says 'electric_sheel' instead of 'electric_sheep'?06:52
banshee_outbackwifi: Im a retard, recursive is like repeating isnt it?06:52
outbackwifibanshee_: no its like dropping into subdirectories etc06:52
eseven73lain_wired: ok i would just install firestarter then and close port 80 -OR- I would go into my router and close it that way... either would work06:52
lstarneselectric_shee1: it's electric_shee1 with a one, not a lowercase L. The nickname electric_sheep is already in use06:52
banshee_outbackwifi: Ah, thanks alot for the help bud06:53
outbackwifibanshee_: yw06:53
lain_wiredeseven73, mm, router seems to be the right choice here. Slight issue with that, it's not accepting the password, and resetting it doesn't seem to help so much.06:53
lain_wiredGah, brb, thanks for your help guys. :D06:53
mayankhow can i connect 2 pcs?, 1 has xp and the other has ubuntu06:53
lain_wiredI'll tell you if it works.06:54
electric_shee1lstarneso: o, i id'ed as 'electric_sheep'   does that matter?06:54
lstarneselectric_shee1: you might want to do /msg nickserv ghost electric_sheep password, then switch to that nick06:55
outbackwifimayank: if they are already on a network, then use samba, else create a physical network and then use samba06:55
mayankoutbackwifi, how do i create physical network?06:56
electric_shee1lstarnes:ok thanks!06:56
gerberlimewire problem sun java6-jre it just hung for long time help06:56
outbackwifimayank: for an ethernet network get a hub/switch and a ethernet card for each of your pcs. Then run a cat-5/6 cable from the pcs to the switch. ensure that you crimp the RJ45 connectors properly06:57
nbeebohow do i stop gnome from drawing my desktop and gnome-panel to appear?06:57
RoyallEvery time I try to make and make install something from a .tar.gz, I get Error 1 and Error 2, preceded by a lot of "ignoring" this and that06:57
mayankoutbackwifi, can i connect others computer via internet with 3rd party softwares?06:58
outbackwifiRoyall: do you do "tar zxvf file.tar.gz" ?06:58
electric_shee1/msg nickserv ghost electric_sheep06:58
Royalloutbackwifi: Yes06:58
outbackwifimayank: yes you can. its called VPN06:58
electric_shee1sorry wrong window06:58
outbackwifiRoyall: once youve extracted/untarred, do you run ./configure ?06:59
Royalloutbackwifi: Not this time, I'll try06:59
gerberany one help me with limewire pls06:59
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Royallbash: ./configure: No such file or directory06:59
outbackwifiRoyall: cd into the untarred directory06:59
RoyallI'm pretty sure I'm in it07:00
outbackwifiRoyall: what are you trying to install from source?07:00
gerberIndyguns are u here07:00
RoyallAircrack, but it's happened with other software before07:00
RoyallI've never gotten it done with any software07:00
outbackwifiRoyall: whats pwd say?07:01
Royall(Ubuntu 8.10 by the way)07:01
outbackwifiRoyall: type pwd07:01
Major_SamI bought a book to help me learn ubuntu, but it is made for 8.04 and I'm using 8.10.   are there alot of cosmetic changes that would make this book difficult to use?07:02
RoyallI actually downloaded it again into the directory while I was in it >_<07:02
gerberi need help with lime wire ubuntu 8.1007:02
Omar871No updates have been detected by my system for a about three or four days, is this normal?07:03
Mark_JonesMajor_Sam that book should do just fine.07:03
lstarnesOmar871: that's normal07:03
DoonzOK i just set me box up to act as my router. but now my insternet is very slow. what can i do to speed it up?07:03
gerberalso i need to report a bug07:03
Doonzbtw im using firestarter07:03
Major_SamThanks Mark07:03
bullgard4My computer displays the manual pages in a special format: The last but one line is light blue and some kind of status line. The last line presently shows: "Press `Q' to quit, `H' for help and SPACE to scroll." How can I return to the conventional man output display mode?07:04
Omar871lstarnes: Even if I try "sudo apt-get update", it won't find anything at all, is this normal too?07:04
outbackwifiRoyall: so is there a file called configure inside that?07:04
gerberit look like you guys not friendly07:04
nbeebohow do i stop gnome from drawing my desktop and gnome-panel to appear?07:04
Royalloutbackwifi: Oh wait nevermind, I actually just did sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng07:05
nbeebogerber, im friendly theyre not07:05
RoyallIt worked; thanks anyway07:05
lstarnesOmar871: updates are usually only released every few days07:05
outbackwifiRoyall: great07:05
gerbercan you help me07:05
Omar871lstarnes: Great, so there's nothing to worry about, right?07:05
gaintsuraif I was trying to pass a password to a sudo command, would I do sudo mycommand < 'thePassword' ?07:05
lstarnesOmar871: if you go a whole month without any updates, then I would be worried07:06
gerberhelp me to setup my limewire07:06
lstarnesgaintsura: echo "password" | sudo -s command07:06
gaintsura -s ?07:06
Omar871lstarnes: Great, thanks for your time buddy. :-)07:06
Flannelgaintsura: You can't07:06
lstarnesgaintsura: -s = read password from stdin07:06
outbackwifigaintsura: doesnt the command come with a password switch like -p07:07
gaintsuraoutbackwifi: you'd think07:07
outbackwifigaintsura: best way IMHO is to use sudo -i to drop into a root shell and do whatever with the password07:07
gaintsurano, actually there isn't07:07
DoonzI've just set my ubuntu box up to act as my router. Im using firestarter. Ive got one PC successfully working through the box. Now my problem is my internet on the PC is EXTREMELY slow. What can i do to get performance upto snuff. BTW my line speed is 25mbit down and 1mbit up07:08
RoyallOk, what do I look for under dmesg to find my chipset?07:08
outbackwifiDoonz: are you using something like wondershaper to shape the traffic07:08
Sorcererbobok. Current question is sound related for me. I have glitchy sound. When I play music through rhythmbox it starts nice and gets jittery in a few seconds - and gets progressively worse. Different applications react differently, but they all eventually go jittery. System sounds are jittery too. CPU idling around 8% usage.07:09
Doonzoutbackwifi: no07:09
outbackwifiRoyall: you dont. type lspci for that07:09
fac3lessSorcererbob: Do you know if you're using pulseaudio?07:09
fac3lessI've found it horrible vs. say, esound.07:09
RoyallOh thanks07:09
Mark_JonesCan anyone recomend a proggy they use to create a custom Ubuntu DVD distro?07:09
Sorcererbobeverything is set to autodetect. I'll set it to alsa now07:09
outbackwifiSorcererbob: ive noticed this prob with Pulse; just remove it07:09
fac3lessSorcererbob: Well, open a terminal and: sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio07:09
fac3lessThen sudo apt-get install esound07:09
fac3lessand you should be good to go, might require a quick reboot //not sure on the latter. :p07:10
Doonzoutbackwifi:  right now i have the dns on my windows box pointing directly to the isp's dns servers07:10
gregorusing XChat-GNOME; Can I not add another server that is not on the list already?07:10
Sorcererbobwell the thing is that it was working earlier... then I started mucking around with ndiswrapper (this is a fresh install) and made a bunch of other changes which I can't remember. rebooted... and it doesn't work07:10
fac3lessI doubt that's related Sorcererbob.07:10
Sorcererbobfair enough. I'll remove pulseaudio. One moment07:11
fac3lessTry it, I've had the pulseaudio issue on 3 of 3 ubuntu systems.07:11
outbackwifiDoonz: if youve enabled direct dns queries to go through the iptables that would work; otherwise just use the ubuntu box as a forwarder07:11
indian_munndahi all! i m facing speed problem while surfing on firefox on ubuntu 8.1007:11
czer323gregor, I know that the gnome version is rather dumbed down, so i haven't used it in years... I recommend installing regular xchat if nobody else is able to answer your question.07:11
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n9uibanyone know a tv guide program that works for intrepid ?????????????07:11
webbianybody could tell me why im getting these errors when compiling a plasmoid email notifier? http://pastebin.com/d12b8a04c07:11
gregorthanks czer07:12
Doonzoutbackwifi:  see i did originally set up the dns on my windows box to point to the ubuntu box. and then allowed port 53 in the firewall. but when i did that i couldnt connect to any website.07:12
Sorcererbobok fac3less. I'm listening now. It starts ok. About the 15 second mark starts to get jittery, and gets progressively worse07:12
gregori am new to Ubuntu, and just grabbed the easiest IRC I could from a fresh instal... will have to look for another07:12
indian_munndahi all! i m facing speed problem while surfing on firefox on ubuntu 8.10. websites are responding very late as compare to windows.07:12
eseven73n9uib: is the thousand question marks nessessary????????????????????07:13
fac3lesseseven73: Yes.07:13
n9uibdidnt seem like a thousand07:13
gaintsuraeseven73: where your 20 worth it?07:13
pdroyDoonz: can from the terminal can you do "dig @<ip of ubuntu bix> www.yahoo.com" and find out if the ubuntu box is doing a DNS function07:14
kenoticI used to know the answer to this question, but....... how can I find the wireless drive I am using in 8.10?07:14
outbackwifikenotic: whats a wireless drive?07:14
Sorcererbobany other ideas, fac3less?07:14
Doonzserver@sserver1:~$ dig @<ip of ubuntu bix> www.yahoo.com07:14
indian_munndahi all! anybody please help me? i m facing speed problem while surfing on firefox on ubuntu 8.10. websites are responding very late as compare to windows.07:14
Doonz-bash: ip: No such file or directory07:14
FloodBot1Doonz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:15
Doonzone sec07:15
outbackwifiSorcererbob: did you restart alsautils after u removed pulse?07:15
kenoticoutbackwifi, driver07:15
Sorcererbobum... no. is there a command or just do a complete restart?07:15
SeveredCrosssudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart07:15
outbackwifiSorcererbob: yep that.. tx SeveredCross07:16
SeveredCrossYou're welcome. ;)07:16
Sorcererbobcomplete restart, brb07:16
Arenlorsloopy: you around? I finally solved my ps piping to grep issue07:16
indian_munndaSeveredCross: can u help me??07:16
SeveredCrossindian_munnda: I can try.07:16
outbackwifikenotic: lsmod will list all loaded modules07:16
indian_munndaSeveredCross:  i m facing speed problem while surfing on firefox on ubuntu 8.10. websites are responding very late as compare to windows.07:17
Doonzpdroy:  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m37e4144107:17
kenoticoutbackwifi, thanks.... I have been using OS X way to long to forget that one07:17
SeveredCrossindian_munnda: Seeing a lot of disk activity?07:17
indian_munndaSeveredCross: sorry didnt get u07:17
SeveredCross...Is your disk activity light blinking a lot?07:18
pdroyDoonz that means there is no DNS server installed in the machine, unless you do that you will not get sites to work like you mentioned07:18
indian_munndaSeveredCross: nopes07:18
outbackwifiDoonz: well, that shows that the ubuntu box is not forwarding dns requests07:18
Doonzok so say i do that will that speed up my inet browsing?07:18
outbackwifiDoonz: easiest way is to install dnsmasq07:18
Doonzor will that just allow me to us the ubuntu ip as the dns server ip07:19
outbackwifiDoonz: how are your boxes behind the ubuntu getting their IPs?07:19
SeveredCrossindian_munnda: Hmm.07:19
indian_munndaSeveredCross: it blinking @ very low rate07:19
pdroyDoonz: outbackwifi took the words out of my mouth07:19
SeveredCrossI have no idea, I'm not a Firefox expert.07:19
Doonzmanually cause i only have 4 ips to handle07:19
outbackwifipdroy: sorry, you take this one07:19
Sorcererbobso fac3less I'm back. And I had to use GNOME failsafe because pulseaudio was gone :/07:20
Sorcererboboh, and its still jittery sound :D07:20
Doonzpdroy: so just do sudo apt-get dnsmasq07:20
pdroyyes Doonz07:20
=== Atmoshpere_Cat is now known as Neurotic
indian_munndaSeveredCross: not only firefox but even when i tried to update my package manager, it taking too long there also..07:21
pdroyDoonz: once you install dnsmasq and try the dig command it should work and give you some ip address07:21
=== Neurotic is now known as Until_It_Sleeps
Sorcererbobso anyway I think I'll go and do a reinstall later tonight... I gtg pick up my gf from work soon07:21
syntax\lo, need some help, i wanna try dual booting winxp and ubuntu on a single drive, i have winxp on the 1st partition and i wanna install ubuntu 8.10 on the 2nd one.07:21
Doonzok ill install it and report back to you when its done07:21
syntax\any guides or anything i should do to avoid any errors?07:22
outbackwifi!dualboot | syntax\07:24
ubottusyntax\: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:24
Sorcererbobso team, I'll be following the instructions in the following article if I can't get this working in about 3 hours (fresh install next). Article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/24780407:25
Sorcererbobcya team, off to pick up my girly07:25
Doonzpdroy: ok now i have my windows box set up to point to the ubuntu box for the dns now. it works but Internet browsing is still excruciating slow07:27
outbackwifiDoonz: what do your firewall rules look like?07:27
Doonzoutbackwifi:  how would i get a print out of them to paste for you?07:28
outbackwifiDoonz: sudo iptables -L | pastebinit07:29
Doonzoutbackwifi:  im using firestarter will that work still?07:29
outbackwifiDoonz: sure, firestarter is just a front-end for iptables07:30
Tembolhaee333y vlet07:31
Doonzserver@sserver1:~$ sudo iptables -L | pastebinit07:33
DoonzError no arguments specified!07:33
webbianybody know what do i need to install to use qt+ssl ?07:34
jackyim using ubuntu 8.1 - how can i connect to my windows 2003 rdp session (it was working with windows xp before)? im using the 'Remote Desktop Viewer'. how can i get ubuntu to 'see' my windows 2003 machine that resides on the LAN?07:36
macmanguys .. i want to copy a file from 1 ubuntu box to the other .. there an easy way to do this the a wired connection ?07:36
Doonzoutbackwifi: sorry its giving me an error: Error no arguments specified!07:36
Duke_Hey guys, any idea how I would connect my TI-84+ to my computer? TILP isn't working, it's not detecting my calculator07:37
caimlasjacky, 8.1? when did that get released?07:37
Gneajacky: tsclient07:37
Gneacaimlas: 8.1[0]07:37
nbeebohow do i stop so gnome-panel doesnt start when i start computer? oh and also the desktop.. but id like the rest please07:38
skokooohi people07:38
jackyim using ubuntu desktop 8.1007:38
skokooowho could help me with ubuntu installation07:38
jackysorry my bad on that07:38
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!07:38
jackynot being clear07:38
Gnea!info tsclient07:38
ubottutsclient (source: tsclient): front-end for viewing of remote desktops in GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 0.150-1ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 308 kB, installed size 1136 kB07:38
skokoooyou have a major bug in ubuntu .. with no fix07:39
caimlasjacky, you could also use rdesktop, which IMO is a better client than tsclient but is command-line only.07:39
Duke_Anyone here managed to get a TI calculator working?07:39
caimlasskokooo, if you have a problem, ask; if you just want handholding, you'll probably have to look elsewhere.07:39
=== electric_shee1 is now known as m4j0r
skokoooinstallation freeze 90%  loading module usb storage !!!!! <---------------07:39
jackyok, ill see if i can get tsclient07:40
caimlasskokooo, which release?07:40
Duke_Anyone? I don't wan't to have to go back to winxp07:40
skokooosory iam not trying to bothering you guys07:40
caimlasskokooo, and what hardware?07:41
=== Mike_92 is now known as Mike0020
nbeebohow do i stop so gnome-panel doesnt start when i start computer? oh and also the desktop.. but id like the rest please07:41
caimlasskokooo, helping fix problems like this is, afaik, the purpose of this channel07:41
skokoooi have laptop acer with windows vista07:41
Tapouthow can I find out what ram I've got in the machine?  Not the size, but pc3200 or whatever07:42
Mike0020For some reason, whenever I go into hibernate mode, whenever I come back I find myself to be disconnected from Pidgin. I realized that upon hibernating, I loose internet connection, I even see the light go off on my router for the ethernet port I'm connected to. Does anyone know if there's a way to make it so I don't loose internet connection when going into Hibernate?07:42
skokoooyou know .. many threads talking about this bug but there were no fix yet07:44
Letter_Z[amsg] I'm an e-pirate and I e-sail the e-internet e-ripping e-whores in half with my mighty e-peenor07:44
Duke_I can't connect my Ti-84+ calculator to Ubuntu with USB, tiLP doesn't work, it won't recognise my calculator's presence. I also tried running TI-Connect through Wine, that didn't work either.07:44
Doonzpdroy: or outbackwifi you guys still here?07:45
OriWBCan Somebody help me get my fingerprint scanner working  with my system 76 darter?07:45
jackyubottu, thanks! tsclient worked like a charm!!!07:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:45
outbackwifiDoonz: sorry i was afk07:46
Duke_!info tilp07:46
ubottutilp (source: tilp): TI calculator <-> PC communication program for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.80-5ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 642 kB, installed size 1744 kB07:46
_b0xhas anyone had any expirience getting a maxtor external hdd formatted to ext3?07:46
Duke_Thanks, but how do I get it to work?07:46
Doonzoutbackwifi:  np07:47
outbackwifi_b0x: whats the issue07:47
Duke_Ubottu, how do I run tiLP07:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:47
Doonzoutbackwifi:  server@sserver1:~$ sudo iptables -L | pastebinit07:47
DoonzError no arguments specified!07:47
_b0xwhen i plug it in, it says it cant mount the volume07:47
Duke_!info tilp207:48
ubottutilp2 (source: tilp2): TI calculator <-> PC communication program for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.01-0ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 361 kB, installed size 1380 kB07:48
outbackwifiDoonz: oops sorry07:48
Rapture2k4greetings everyone07:48
skokooo!info tilp207:48
ubottutilp2 (source: tilp2): TI calculator <-> PC communication program for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.01-0ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 361 kB, installed size 1380 kB07:48
Duke_I dunno how to make it work though.07:48
outbackwifiDoonz: you need to first drop into the root shell for that to work07:49
skokoooi could not install ubuntu because usb thing tooo07:49
outbackwifiDoonz: sudo -i; iptables -L | pastebinit07:49
Gnea!info keytouch07:49
ubottukeytouch (source: keytouch): A program to configure extra function keys in multimedia keyboards. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.2-2.1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 156 kB, installed size 760 kB07:49
_b0xoutbackwifi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98120/07:49
skokooo!info loading module07:50
Rapture2k4anyone know how to activate swat after an apt-get install samba swat?07:50
ubottumodule is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']07:50
outbackwifi_b0x: so you have sdb107:50
outbackwifi_b0x: what does sudo fdisk -l say?07:50
Doonzoutbackwifi:  its still saying that error07:50
Duke_Can anyone help me with TiLP2?07:51
Rapture2k4!info swat07:51
ubottuswat (source: samba): Samba Web Administration Tool. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.2.3-1ubuntu3.3 (intrepid), package size 982 kB, installed size 2892 kB07:51
outbackwifiDoonz: are you sure, its give me this --> http://pastebin.com/f20c7f79407:51
outbackwifiDoonz: first do the sudo -i and then the iptables -L | pastebinit command07:51
_b0xoutbackwifi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98124/07:51
outbackwifi_b0x: that partition is currently formatted as ntfs; do you want to format it as ext3?07:52
skokooowho try wubi 8.1  to install ubuntu ?07:52
outbackwifi_b0x: easiest way is to use gparted to do this07:53
GneaRapture2k4: make sure it's enabled in /etc/inetd.conf07:53
Rapture2k4anyone know how to activate swat in Xubuntu 8.10 after an apt-get install?07:53
_b0xoutbackwifi: yeah, okay willgive it a try07:54
indian_munndacan anyone tell me how can i change default operating system booting in grub boot loader???07:54
outbackwifiindian_munnda: change the default number  in /boot/grub/menu.lst07:54
Duke_Anyone here able to help me getting my TI84+ to work with Ubuntu?07:54
indian_munndaoutbackwifi: which number07:55
outbackwifiindian_munnda: the first entry will be 0, the second 1 etc07:55
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
outbackwifiindian_munnda: there is a variable called "default" in that file07:55
Gnea!pm | Rapture2k407:56
ubottuRapture2k4: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.07:56
indian_munndaoutbackwifi: oh yes i can see that07:56
GneaRapture2k4: netstat -nap07:56
Rapture2k4erm, sorry.. not used to XChat, thought you had msg'ed me...07:56
Doonzoutbackwifi: its not working. where do i find that file and ill just manually post it to pastebin07:56
_b0xoutbackwifi: so if i format this as ext3, linux will be able to recognise it? planning of doing a usbinstall on it07:56
outbackwifiDoonz: its not a file, its the state that iptables maintains07:57
skokoooDuke try to run windows inside ubuntu <----- does that make sense for you07:57
indian_munndaoutbackwifi: got it dude, u mean if Windows is in 5th place in the array then i have to put 4 there?07:57
Duke_You mean Wine?07:57
outbackwifiDoonz: what are the commands you are running?07:57
outbackwifiindian_munnda: yes07:57
Doonzsudo -i07:57
skokooono QEmu07:57
kelvin911Duke_: try wine07:57
skokooosee this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo07:57
outbackwifi_b0x: Linux will recognize it even if its ntfs07:57
indian_munndaoutbackwifi: thanx dude, thank u very much07:57
Rapture2k4Gnea, I see a whole BUNCH of stuff with netstat... what am I looking for?07:57
Doonzoutbackwifi:  then iptables -L | pastebinit07:57
Duke_I tried wine and ti-connect, same problem, not recognising it07:58
Duke_I'll try it again now07:58
Doonzbut it keeps coming back with that error07:58
_b0xoutbackwifi: yeah, but i mean will it be able to mount it?07:58
skokooosee this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo   <---- try this one07:58
kelvin911Duke_: is that software for windows only?07:58
outbackwifiDoonz: after you did sudo -i did it drop you into a root shell (with the # prompt) ?07:58
Duke_yeah, there is linux software too, but neither works07:58
Rapture2k4my netstat -nap: http://pastebin.com/f763eeb7d07:58
kelvin911Duke_: why do u want to connect ti84 to the computer?07:58
outbackwifi_b0x: yes of course, linux can mount all windows partitions07:59
n9uibsurf the internet ? lol07:59
Duke_Get my programmes off it07:59
_b0xoutbackwifi: but at the moment its ntfs and it cant mount it..07:59
kelvin911a program in the computer?08:00
GneaRapture2k4: it should say inetd with it, if you ran it with sudo08:00
Rapture2k4i did08:00
Duke_a ti-basic programme i have on my calculator08:00
Rapture2k4sudo netstat -nap | pastebinit08:00
Duke_I want to move it to my computer08:00
Duke_so I can edit it on my computer08:00
GneaRapture2k4: try sudo netstat -nap | grep inetd08:00
outbackwifiDoonz: ok then can you redirect the output of iptables to a file like so iptables -L > iptables.txt and then pastebinit that file?08:00
Doonzoutbackwifi:  ok08:01
Duke_I tried TI-Connect again, no such luck08:01
kelvin911Duke_: do u really need that program?08:01
skokooohey people any help with installation - freez 90% loading module usb storage - !!!!!????08:02
OriWBCan Someone Help me get my fingerprint scanner to work on the darter?08:02
outbackwifiGnea: i thought we all moved to xinetd from inetd some years ago08:02
Duke_well it's not a matter of life and death08:02
Duke_but I would like to have it08:02
kelvin911Duke_: what is it? morgage solver?08:02
Duke_I think it's a USB problem08:03
Duke_it's a game, actually08:03
Rapture2k4Gnea, I can see some stuff in /etc/xinetd/swat... but I don't know which line i need to add or change to enable it and allow remote admin08:03
Duke_first one I made08:03
kelvin911made a game for ti?08:03
Rapture2k4er... /etc/inetd.conf08:03
evilsinehi all i need help08:04
kelvin911Duke_: what kinda game?08:04
evilsineanyone willing to help08:04
matthew_ght place to talk ubuntu08:04
Duke_kelvin911: like an rpg, just text based, but it's not bad, i'd like to improve it08:04
matthew_i am new with linux08:04
nbeebo_how do i make so gnome panel doesnt start at boot??08:05
evilsinei need help all can anyone help its a problem with drivers for a acer aspire 5315 running the earlist kubutu08:05
Svenstar0!ask | evilsine08:05
ubottuevilsine: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:05
JeniusAre you crazy?!?!08:05
matthew_can anyone tell me where to find some games for ubuntu 8.1008:05
Svenstar0matthew_, open synaptic08:05
matthew_where is that08:06
kelvin911matthew_: add/remove08:06
evilsineif anyones is interested pm me08:06
nbeebo_still its too complicated...08:06
kelvin911matthew_: click application, then Add/Remove08:06
darkrubicanthey guys having two problems, well three, My system isn't detecting my video card/monitor properly, when I try to do glxgears and glxinfo it comes up with bad information.08:06
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:06
matthew_i went to the add remove thing and got a few games but are there and first person shooter games or is there a way to get my battlefield to work on here08:06
kelvin911matthew_: et08:07
SeveredCrossmatthew_: You can try Wine, but no guarantees.08:07
Flannel!games | matthew_08:07
ubottumatthew_: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php08:07
kelvin911matthew_: et is very good08:07
Rapture2k4aha! figured it out: sudo update-inetd --enable 'swat'08:07
Svenstar0matthew_, try Nexuiz, Warsow or ET :)08:07
kelvin911matthew_: enemy territory08:07
matthew_is it like a windows emulator08:07
evilsineanyone here pro?08:07
kelvin911matthew_: or doom308:07
skokooothe best but people cheats there08:07
nbeebo_counter-strike 1.6 in wine ftw08:08
kelvin911matthew_: even quake 3 can be run in linux08:08
darkrubicantThat's what I get when I do glxinfo/glxgears08:08
matthew_unreal tournament?08:08
evilsinelookinh for a linux pro08:08
darkrubicantI don't know what's wrong, I installed the latest nvidia drivers.08:08
EruditeHermithi, I am having problems with DVD playback in intrepid, can anyone help?08:08
kelvin911matthew_: there is an open arena in add/remove08:08
matthew_really thanks i will look but i might have more questions if thats ok08:08
EruditeHermitsome DVDs just don't work, and with others, totem will not allow me to skip commercials or navigate the menus08:09
evilsineplease im begging i need help!08:09
Rapture2k4if anyone is familiar with samba & swat, I need a walk-through of how to use it... i've read forums and the wiki for it and still am confused08:09
darkrubicantevilsine why don't you ask your question so if there's anyone here who can help you they can see your issue and address it.08:09
evilsinefair enuf08:09
matthew_ok i am installing open arena08:10
Rapture2k4matthew_, it's addictive08:10
kelvin911matthew_: get et if u like team work08:10
Svenstar0Rapture2k4, dont use SWAT, do it by hand.08:10
matthew_how do i get et08:10
Rapture2k4Svenstar0: any particular reason?08:10
evilsinebasically i had vista running on a acer aspire 5315 working fine today i powered it on its had error 17: i reinstalled (wouldnt work) story cut short i had to install this OP i found The earliest kubutu it works fine but i have no sound and no driver at all08:11
skokoooany one can help me installing ubuntuuuuuuuuuuuuu  :> !?@#$%^08:11
evilsinei need help getting them and running kubutu perfectly08:11
Svenstar0Rapture2k4, it makes ugly config files. Do it by hand, its a lot easier and more transparent.08:11
kelvin911matthew_: i forgot the site, wait08:11
matthew_k thanks08:11
darkrubicantevilsine you're going to want to look into oss.  I take it you're using a creative sound card?08:11
Rapture2k4Svenstar0, do you know a good site that can walk me through the conf file syntaxes?08:11
mnHow do I get out of a "| less" or "man command" without closing the terminal08:12
Svenstar0Rapture2k4, the samba documentation.08:12
darkrubicantmn q08:12
jim_pmn, with q08:12
darkrubicantonly exit will close the terminal.08:12
matthew_i have some good games for windows but i am letting my family use my pc so i switched to ubuntu so they can't get it viruses as easily08:12
evilsinethat is the thing i dont remember what hardware i have in the notebook is there i program for it i can detect it with?08:12
Svenstar0evilsine: lshw08:12
darkrubicantCan anyone assist me with my problem with my video card graphics.08:13
evilsinebtw im completeing new to linux08:13
kelvin911matthew_: search for et-linux-2.60.x86.run08:13
* darkrubicant sighs08:13
Svenstar0evilsine, type it in.08:13
mnwow that was easy.  ty darkrubicant and jim_p  I know that was a noobish question, but I never learned it08:13
evilsinethe address bar08:13
matthew_they download anything without checking it so i figured this is safer and they have to have a password to install anything lol08:13
evilsineok i did the lshw now what?08:13
Svenstar0evilsine, search for the sound card08:14
Duke_Alright, I think I've pinpointed the issue --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/98137/08:14
kelvin911matthew_: what do u mean?08:14
evilsinewhich file should i start with there 3 files 1 exe and 5 docs08:14
darkrubicantevilsine did you type lshw into a terminal?08:14
darkrubicantwell when I ran lshw in a terminal.08:15
darkrubicantI did not get 3 files 1 exe and 5 docs.08:15
bullgard4How can I find a word in a text using the most command? Pressing the F key obtains a prompt in the bottom line: "RegexpSearch: ". If I'd like to find the word 'terminal' and I type 'terminal <CR>', 'most' takes on its initial state as if it has found nothing.08:15
evilsineim completely sorry bit im completely new to linux whats a terminal :(08:15
kelvin911matthew_: or u can try wine for windows game, return to castle wolfenstein works well in wine08:15
OriWBCan Someone help me get Skype?08:15
darkrubicantgo to applications08:16
darkrubicantand click on terminal08:16
FloodBot1darkrubicant: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:16
darkrubicantthen type lshw into that.08:16
evilsinewait i got it :D08:16
kelvin911OriWB: sudo apt-get install skype08:16
* darkrubicant waits for someone who can assist with graphics issues.08:16
LogicalDashI told Seahorse to import an .asc public key file. It gave me the "Imported keys" message, but the keys don't show up. Why not?08:16
Duke_How do I fix this --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/98137/08:16
darkrubicantWhat are you trying to fix.08:17
matthew_i prefer war games like bf208:17
darkrubicantDuke_ perhaps I should ask, what are you trying to do?08:17
Duke_darkrubricant: I'm trying to get my calculator to connect to my computer08:17
evilsineok would the sound card come under the multimedia controller?08:17
salermattew_, Far Cry208:18
Duke_sorry, I'm a slow typer08:18
kelvin911et is bf2 liked08:18
darkrubicantYou're just trying to open a calculator?08:18
Duke_No, sorry, I was trying to run TiLP, which lets me connect my calculator to my computer08:19
Duke_Through USB08:19
darkrubicantoh is it a graphing calculator?08:19
evilsinedarkrubicant will the soundcard be named multimedia controller?08:19
darkrubicanti'm not sure evilsine, maybe.08:19
evilsinewell its a intel08:20
darkrubicantcould also be under sound.08:20
darkrubicantbut yes multimedia sounds right.08:20
darkrubicantwhat name does it have for it?08:20
outbackwifievilsine: lspci should also tell you that in more clarity08:20
Duke_so is there any way I can get the UID to be 0 instead of 1000?08:20
darkrubicantTiLP is the program that lets you connect your calculator to your computer?08:21
Duke_Yeah, TiLP2 to be precise08:21
darkrubicantWhat happens if you just plug the usb cable into the calculator and into the computer?08:21
evilsineok about 99% of all my hardware is intel08:21
gbear14275how many tcp/ip connections can ubuntu desktop handle by dafault?08:21
skokooomabe usb is disabled08:22
Duke_And when I use TiLP, it doesn't show my calculator's existence08:22
evilsineand all unknown devices08:22
mayankpentium4, 2.4 or dual core 2.0, which is the best?08:22
Duke_My USB mouse is working fine, how do I fix the unknown devices thing?08:22
darkrubicantDuke_, what skokooo said, do you have usb enabled, rather do you have any other usb devices connected that are working?08:22
Doonzoutbackwifi: I fixed the problem08:22
outbackwifiDoonz: ok how?08:22
Duke_darkrubricant yeah my mouse08:22
darkrubicantYou have to install the appropriate driver for the device.  I believe that TiLP is not the appropriate driver.08:22
Doonzoutbackwifi:  i went back and re-read the firestarter howto. SOmehow i missed a reboot right after the install08:22
skokooousb disabled  = every thing disabled except mouse and keyboard08:23
dexiHey I just switched back from KDE to Gnome and my little trash icon is missing...08:23
mayankpentium4, 2.4 or dual core 2.0, which is the best?08:23
skokoootry to connect flash memory08:23
outbackwifi!best | mayank08:23
ubottumayank: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:23
Duke_I can't do that either08:23
darkrubicantDuke_, can you tell me the name and model of your graphics calculator and i'll try and find you a device driver for it, since no one appears to be able to help with glxgears/glxinfo problems.08:23
Duke_TI-84+, thanks08:23
Duke_Texas Instruments08:23
mayankpentium4, 2.4 or dual core 2.0, which one is better?08:23
skokooothats mean they are disabled  ... do you have windows in your computer08:23
Duke_Nope, just Ubuntu08:24
evilsineok i think the first thing would be to update to the lastest kubutu right ?08:24
=== kris is now known as k0d31
ssapphireehey all )08:24
Doonzoutbackwifi:  thanx for your help and sorry for wasting your time08:24
dexihi ssapphiree08:24
saler 2.4 or dual core 2.0, which one is better08:24
darkrubicantjust a second Duke_ I'm on a very low resolution which makes finding answers difficult.08:24
skokooosory cannot help  ... but find out how to enable usb08:25
saler 2.4 or dual core 2.0  is better08:25
k0d31what is the problem with flash in ubuntu?08:25
Duke_Sure man, I appreciate the help :-)08:25
k0d31i dont understand it08:25
mayankpentium4, 2.4 or dual core 2.0, which one is better?08:25
raven_Celleron :)08:25
salermayank, 2.4 or dual core 2.0 is better08:25
raven_The 2.4GHz Celeron :)08:25
darkrubicantDuke_, can I ask how you installed TiLP08:25
mayanksaler, i mean which is best of them, p4-2.4 or dual core 2.0, both has 1gb of ram08:26
k0d31celeron 1.0 is best08:26
k0d31mayabk celeron 1.0 is best08:26
Duke_I tried off Synaptic, didn't work, so googled some stuff, and then removed it and installed like 10 different packages from the internet08:26
Duke_I'll find the site...08:26
evilsinedarkrubicator can you private chat with me08:26
raven_Come Dual Core is by far better even better than a 3.6ghz P408:27
darkrubicantmayank if the p42.4 is just a 2.4 chip, it depends on what the dual core is, if it's a 2.0Ghz dual core, then the 2.0ghz dual core is better.08:27
salermayank, ig u can buy 2.4 dual core ahead if not 2.008:27
darkrubicanthaha duke_ ok, one sec.08:27
salermayank, if u can buy 2.4 dual core go ahead if not 2.008:27
miranda_psimayank: P4's are pathetic - even the Atom is probably beter...08:27
raven_P4 Prescott died on me lasweek08:27
k0d31what is the problem with flash in ubuntu?08:27
mayankno...i have p4 2.4 and planning to buy dual core 2.0, thats why i am asking, saler..08:28
k0d31does anybody know?08:28
miranda_psik0d31: there is no problem i know of08:28
salermayank , 2.008:28
raven_mayank: Just go for the Dual Core Bro...Its better then the fastest p4 aka 3.6ghz08:28
k0d31miranda_psi: i downloaded free and non-free plugins it didnt work08:28
miranda_psimayank: any processor you can buy these days is better than any P408:28
darkrubicantok duke_08:28
Duke_darkrubricant: here is the website I used --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tilp/+bug/49251/comments/908:28
darkrubicantgo back into synaptic, type in your password.08:28
darkrubicantand search for TiLP in the search08:28
outbackwifipeople this is not a processor channel please go offtopic08:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:29
miranda_psik0d31: I have the 64bit adobe flash player installed and everything works perfectly...08:29
rshakinhey ppl08:29
Duke_Alright, I searched for TiLP08:29
darkrubicantclick on the box next to tilp or tilp2 you could even do them both, mark them for installation then click apply.08:29
k0d31miranda_psi: on firefox?08:29
rshakinhey who is a windows genius here08:29
darkrubicantoutbackwifi, could you assist me with a graphics driver problem?08:29
mayankbut i already i already have ubuntu installed, if i transfer my hdd(80gb) to new pc, my ubuntu will run or not, that is the main question08:29
Duke_TiLP 2 is greyed out, it's already installed08:30
outbackwifidarkrubicant: i could try08:30
rww!windows | rshakin08:30
ubotturshakin: For discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents08:30
rshakini know but they are not very helpfull08:30
miranda_psik0d31: yeah - is the problem you are having on all flash or just some?08:30
mayankand dual core has no agp slot, i also have to sell my 256mb nvidia...:(08:30
rwwrshakin: nevertheless, if your question is a Windows support question, it doesn't belong here. #ubuntu is only for Ubuntu support.08:30
darkrubicantok outbackwifi, I posted a pastebin earlier could you find it please.08:31
salermayank,use  backup software it is make image  for ur system08:31
darkrubicantI need to resolve that problem.  with glxgears and glxinfo08:31
mayankwhich one?08:31
k0d31miranda_psi: i downloaded the "suggestions" made by ubuntu society all but non-free (adobe) and it worked but always hangs during play08:31
darkrubicantMy computer cannot find the appropriate driver for my monitor nor my video card.  I also installed the nvidia graphics driver however I don't think it installed correctly08:31
rww!backup | mayank08:31
ubottumayank: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning08:31
ValentineXXubuntu any beginner gui tool for to know which client is eating how much bandwidth over a dsl router?08:31
outbackwifidarkrubicant: sorry can you post that url again/08:32
eseven73iftraf is somewhat GUI ValentineXX08:32
darkrubicantyes outbackwifi one sec.08:32
darkrubicantI'm helping a guy in pm as well.08:32
ValentineXXeseven73: ok i try08:32
k0d31miranda_psi: the original adobe doesnt work at all08:32
boanybody known: how to enable port on /home/user/08:33
outbackwifibo: what do you mean by port?08:33
miranda_psik0d31: the open alternatives do have problems - some things work, but others don't.  So I use the proprietary one from adobe (which is now finally 64bit) and don't experience any problems08:33
tsmithI'm having trouble booting from an ubuntu dvd. my computer will boot from cds, but no dvds work. I tried the ubuntu dvd on another computer and it works fine. any suggestions?08:33
eseven73ValentineXX: once you install it just type iftraf in a terminal because you probably wont have it in the menu.08:33
outbackwifitsmith: do you have a dvd drive at all ?08:33
salerbo,port forward08:33
raven_tsmith: Firmware upgrade?08:34
booutbackwifi: web server port08:34
ValentineXXeseven73: yes thanks for telling that i am new at ubuntu08:34
darkrubicantoutbackwifi, here is the pastebin I posted earlier, thank you for your patience and your willingness to try and tackle this problem.08:34
tsmithoutbackwifi: yes, i have used dvds with this drive before.08:34
outbackwifibo: do you mean you want to change document root to /home/user?08:34
tsmithoutbackwifi: i mounted dvds in gentoo all the time, but i cant seem to boot off of one08:35
ssapphireecan someone tell me... what exactly is WPA-None? is it the only way of using WPA with ad-hoc?08:35
Duke_darkrubicant: TiLP 2 is greyed out, it's already installed. Should I uninstall it and then reinstall it?08:35
k0d31miranda_psi: the usual installation step by step like install instructions from adobe site?08:35
booutbackwifi: yes08:35
darkrubicantduke_ remove the usb connector from your computer, restart the computer boot into ubuntu then plug in the usb cable again and tell me what happens please.08:35
Duke_By usb connector, you just mean the cord, right?08:36
miranda_psik0d31: I just did it from firefox, but downloading it from adobe and following the instructions will work as well08:36
ethanhey im running the latest version of ubuntu08:36
gbear14275so... anyone have any recommendations for a bittorrent client?  I'm having problems with transmission and my last foray into azureus dragged all sorts of problems concerning vuze along with it08:36
ethanand i cant get my08:36
ethanwireless to work08:36
darkrubicantgbear try ktorrent08:36
Ahadielgbear14275, deluge08:36
gbear14275looking for something with a gui, ktorrent have one?08:37
ethancan anyone help?08:37
darkrubicantethan wireless is hard to get working on ubuntu, can you tell me what type of wireless card it is please.08:37
darkrubicantgbear14275, yes ktorrent has a gui08:37
darkrubicantso does the default bittorrent client that comes with ubuntu.08:37
kelvin911gbear14275: azureus08:37
rwwdarkrubicant: that's Transmission, which gbear14275 is having problems with ;)08:37
k0d31miranda_psi: maybe it sounds stupid but it doesnt work to me i tried both ways of installing adobe system tells it is installed but it simply doesnt work and firefox is still asking for him and when i try to install it system tells it is installed08:38
k0d31is my computer cursed?08:38
kelvin911gbear14275: rapidshare or megaupload are faster than torrent shit08:38
k0d31for it*08:38
gbear14275kelvin911: azureus now has vuze attached to it, and i've tried it twice, without vuze worked great! with vuze was a mess the standalone updater went horribly08:38
ethanhow do i check?08:38
darkrubicantk0d31, are you talking about flash through adobe?08:38
gbear14275kelvin911: I would love to know where you got that assumption08:39
kelvin911gbear14275: i have azureus without that vuze thing08:39
darkrubicantethan you don't know what type of wireless card?08:39
k0d31darkrubicant: yes08:39
ValentineXXeseven73: how to get iftraf? i got .tar.gz file how to install this file at ubuntu?08:39
kelvin911gbear14275: i can download from rapidshare 1200KB/s08:39
ethanim a noob08:39
darkrubicantugh, is it external or internal?  Are you using a laptop or a desktop?08:39
kelvin911gbear14275: i dwonload 700MB movie in 15 min08:39
gbear14275kelvin911: also torrents have the benefit of community vetting08:39
kelvin911gbear14275: can u do that in torrent?08:39
gbear14275kelvin, uh, yeah... easily08:39
miranda_psik0d31: check the plugin directory in your firefox installation and in you homedirectory settings for firefox (~/.mozilla/firefox/)08:39
k0d31anarchia :)08:40
darkrubicantok one second ethan08:40
kelvin911gbear14275: i bet u cant download at that speed with all torrent files08:40
kelvin911only the one that with lots of seed08:40
darkrubicantethan do some digging and follow this link08:40
gbear14275kelvin911: you are correct, but show me a a rapidshare library as large as the torrent clouds out there and free of viruses and malware and I'll stop using torrents08:41
kelvin911rapidshare got no virus08:41
darkrubicantethan I didn't mean literally, but you need to find out how to find your wireless card in your laptop.08:41
darkrubicantPerhaps speak to the person who made it for you.08:41
raven_rapidshare is loaded with malware08:41
kelvin911gbear14275: http://www.warez-bb.org/ one of my fav08:41
Duke_darkrubicant: Exactly the same problem :-(08:42
kelvin911raven_: same as torrent08:42
kelvin911raven_: lots of fake torrent08:42
rww!offtopic | kelvin911, gbear14275, raven_: Discussion of rapidshare vs. bittorrent doesn't belong here.08:42
ubottukelvin911, gbear14275, raven_: Discussion of rapidshare vs. bittorrent doesn't belong here.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:42
bazhang!piracy > kelvin91108:42
ubottukelvin911, please see my private message08:42
darkrubicantDuke_, do you know what type of interface the graphics card is going to show up as?08:42
bazhangkelvin911, stop the warez talk08:42
kelvin911not all rapidshare are warez08:43
bazhangkelvin911, you are offtopic here.08:43
kelvin911we are sharing downloading method08:43
raven_Lots of linux iso's on warez-bb.org08:43
Duke_darkrubicant: Graphics card? It's a TNT-2 something or other, quite old, but I don't know anything else about it08:43
raven_my rapidshare account has expired :(08:44
kelvin911many people sharing free software with rapidshare because it is fast08:44
darkrubicantnono, I meant your graphics calculator*08:44
bazhang<kelvin911> gbear14275: i dwonload 700MB movie in 15 min08:44
darkrubicantdo you know how it's going to show up in ubuntu are you looking for it in the correct place?08:44
bazhangkelvin911, take it elsewhere08:44
kioskhai........kenalan donk08:44
darkrubicantwill it show up as an empty drive you can copy things into?08:44
darkrubicantI'll brb Duke_08:44
darkrubicantoutbackwifi, happen to find anything?08:44
k0d31oh it is hidden08:45
mayankhow to remove full nexuiz?08:45
ac3_0f_spad3sdelete the folder08:45
moDumasshey all, i can see my thumbdrive in gparted, but i cant format it or change its filesystem, how would i format to ext3?08:45
outbackwifidarkrubicant: yes that means you dont have hardware acceleration08:45
outbackwifidarkrubicant: so what is your card and what driver are you using for it?08:46
moDumasscould be the unmounting issue08:46
moDumassseems this thumbdrive stops responding when i select "unmount"08:46
darkrubicantoutbackwifi, My card is a 7950 GX2 and I'm using the latest driver from nvidia's site.08:46
darkrubicantI think.08:46
gbear14275bazhang: how do i kill a process?  transmissions window went grey and wont quit08:46
kelvin911kill -908:47
joejcis it possible to use a tivo with ubuntu?08:47
moDumasshey bazhang, hows it goin?08:47
ac3_0f_spad3sis there any particular reason my pc keeps telling me i have insufficient privileges to mount a usb drive?08:47
Duke_darkrubicant: It's USB, that's pretty much all I know. When I was using it on Vista, it came up down the bottom right, some stuff about found new USB device, and then TI-Connect would run, but I don't know what the interface is really08:47
kelvin911where is the pok gai bazhang08:47
darkrubicantok Duke_ there's a possibility it might be there, but you don't know where it is?08:48
bazhang!mythbuntu > joejc08:48
ubottujoejc, please see my private message08:48
darkrubicantoutbackwifi, did you catch what I said?08:48
n2diyhow can I determine what is using my "audio device"08:48
Duke_I'm getting more confused, it's plugged into my USB port, I don't know where though08:49
darkrubicantyea I'm not talking about the usb port, I mean, if it were connected and working properly would you know what to click on to access it?08:49
kc8pxyhey yall,  i need to duplicate an install i have somewhere else. and forgot the pinning lines. how do i pinn rails from ibex on a hardy install?08:50
alex__hai! i want to sidegrade a ubuntu hardy heron 8.04.1 (x86) to a amd64 version. got any pointers?08:50
Duke_I figure I'd just run TiLP and then it'd come up automagically, that's how it worked on Windows08:50
ethanHow do I find out what my wireless card is?08:50
Flannelalex__: Reinstall08:50
Flannel!cloning | alex__08:50
ubottualex__: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate08:50
n2diyhow can I determine what is using /dev/audio?08:50
darkrubicantduke_ most things don't come up automatically in ubuntu, you have to look for them.08:51
timorosoanyone with experience on ~/.gvfs/ mount points?08:51
darkrubicantit's possible it could be waiting for you to work with it.08:51
darkrubicantDuke_,  you should check in places and under computer and see if a new device has shown up.08:51
k0d31miranda_psi: there is no plugin directory here08:51
alex__Flannel: cool, i was hoping i could do something like sed s/x86/amd64/ -i /etc/apt/sources.list; apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade08:51
ac3_0f_spad3scould anyone tell me the reason my pc keeps telling me i have insufficient privileges to mount a usb drive?08:52
Flannelalex__: Nope, unfortunately its not that simple08:52
Duke_darkrubicant: nope, just CDROM and Filesystem08:52
alex__Flannel: but thanks for the very helpful answer.. later!08:52
Flannelalex__: your homedir will be fine though, if you have it on a separate partition08:52
n2diycan I run two IRC program at the same time?08:52
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:52
_b0xis there a way to see Vista shares on ubuntu?08:52
timorosoI should have gvfs-fuse installed, but when I mount a remote disk in Nautilus, it does not appear in ~/.gvfs/08:53
ac3_0f_spad3sif i was to encrypt my entire system with truecrypt, would that increase hacker protection?08:53
bullgard4How can I find a word in a text using the most command? Pressing the F key obtains a prompt in the bottom line: "RegexpSearch: ". If I'd like to find the word 'terminal' and I type 'terminal <CR>', 'most' takes on its initial state as if it has found nothing.08:54
ethanhow do i find out what wireless card i have08:54
miranda_psik0d31: in the main install directory or the home directory one?08:54
joejchow do i transfer stuff from my tivo to  ubuntu?08:54
LogicalDashI just generated an RSA private key on the command line. How do I get the corresponding public key?08:54
=== maco_ is now known as maco
Gunman123hello...i just installed my wireless drivers through ndiswrapper..08:55
k0d31miranda_psi: in the path you gave me (home directory)08:55
Gunman123i tried 2 different cards.08:55
Gunman1231 PCMCIA and 1 USB08:55
Gunman123my internal is shot..08:55
chop_on gyache i cant get voice08:55
duquettehello, I 'm having trouble getting a bluetooth keyboard configured, there is no hcid.conf file in /etc/bluetooth.  hcitool scan shows my keyboard just fine08:55
ethanhow do i figure out what wireless card i have?08:55
Gunman123but anyway...both cards detect my network..but when it starts to connect...it immediatley disconnects..08:55
Gunman123does anybody have any suggestions for me?08:56
mayankwhich games i can install from package manager?08:56
ValentineXXin my ubuntu startup sessions i have removed check for new hardwares by mistake how to take that back?08:56
ethanhey darkrubicant is it a wireless g?08:56
ethanis that it?08:56
darkrubicantyea could be.  But you'll need the model and name.08:57
darkrubicantI gotta go, gotta try and find some more information on my problem.08:57
mayankwhich games i can install from package manager?08:57
=== sean is now known as Guest27619
suigenerisI found the article on http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2006/03/24/disable-synaptics-touchpad/ to disable touchpad. is there a way to toggle the on/off status of touchpad with Fn+F9? on windows you can do that08:57
ethanof the wireless card or he computer08:57
Gunman123does anyone know y neither of my wireless card will connect to my network?08:57
miranda_psik0d31: there won't be in that directory - you need to go into the profile directory thats in there first (it has a random name) and if its installed globally in will be in the main install location (/usr/lib/firefox)08:57
duquettemayank, you have synaptic?08:57
=== Kaana is now known as decay
Gunman123and its not the network cus im on it now on my windows partition..08:57
duquetteit should have categories for games08:57
mayankyes, duquette.08:57
raylu!games | mayank08:58
ubottumayank: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php08:58
mayankduquette: tell me some good games08:58
duquettetheres a tron game thats pretty good08:58
ValentineXXin my ubuntu startup sessions i have removed check for new hardwares by mistake how to take that back?08:58
raylu!wifi | Gunman12308:58
ubottuGunman123: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:58
dx123i need help..how do I make firefox automatically open when my ubuntu boots up?08:58
raylu!startup | dx12308:58
ubottudx123: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot08:58
kioskhello anybody there.....08:59
duquetteI 'm so close to configuring my bluetooth, but the tutorial says theres a hcid.conf file and it doesn 't  exist08:59
ValentineXXkiosk: nope irc is empty08:59
SmegzorOMG!  Jerry Lee Cooper was right!  My fresh Ubuntu install is broken and underneath the menus, I can clearly see the Windows XP desktop (not kidding).09:00
k0d31miranda_psi: it looks weird i have two directories here mozilla and mozilla-firefox09:00
dx123thank you!!09:00
k0d31miranda_psi: no firefox directory09:01
Ward1983i once saw a demo at a ubuntu release party of multiple monitors / keyboard hooked up to one system, is there info on that somewhere?09:01
SmegzorI'm not sure how it happened, but the last thing I did was moved the XP boot (dual boot) so that it was the first item in the list, and I installed NVidia drivers.  I rebooted and XP is now hiding under everything :O09:02
CoUrPsE|DeAdHummm, No audio, But i did hear the startup sound ubuntu plays, Any ideas? System/Prefenances/Sound/-Test sound doesnt play anything.09:02
Ward1983i specifically would like to know what happens if i start the same program 4 times, once on each of my "virtual" ystems09:02
rww!ltsp | Ward1983: is this what you mean?09:02
ubottuWard1983: is this what you mean?: LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project09:02
miranda_psik0d31: what directory is this?09:02
Ward1983rww, nope09:03
k0d31miranda_psi: dont understand the question09:03
Ward1983rww, 4 monitorsa and keyboard striaght to one system09:03
rwwWard1983: ah. not sure, then.09:03
Ward1983rww, no networking required (well virtual only probably)09:03
Ward1983rww, no prob09:04
sarmisakhi all09:04
k0d31miranda_psi: i think flash player installs itself in wrong directory09:04
CoUrPsE|DeAdHummm, No audio, But i did hear the startup sound ubuntu plays, Any ideas? System/Prefenances/Sound/-Test sound doesnt play anything.09:04
ethanBroadcom BCM431809:04
ethanis my wireless09:04
ethancan someone help me set it up?09:05
miranda_psik0d31: thats possible - just find the right directory and then in the plugins directory create a sym link to the flash plugin09:05
LeeJunFanKDE4 is freaking awesome, it ticked me off so much I tried gnome for the first time in years and I like it! :)09:05
k0d31miranda_psi: i thought about copying the files09:05
Ward1983k0d31, did you install from the ubuntu repository?09:05
CoUrPsE|DeAdlol LeeJunFan.09:06
Ward1983k0d31, well or any deb for that mather09:06
fac3lessHere's my xorg.conf http://paste2.org/p/123512 -- I have a radeon 3850 & two vx922 viewsonic monitors. I'll paypal someone $25 for helping get these work :)09:06
k0d31from deb09:06
k0d31and from sources09:06
Ward1983k0d31, you can check for the installed files for the package in synaptic then09:06
Ward1983k0d31, (or aptitude if you use CLi only)09:07
k0d31Ward1983: it says its installed but it doesnt work it installed wrong09:07
Ward1983k0d31, yes check the installed files, it will tell you every single file it installed, so you can find the dir it intslled too that way09:07
Ward1983:s duno how i can be more clear09:07
k0d31Ward1983: ok09:08
Ward1983k0d31, from deb AND from sources?09:08
k0d31Ward1983: yes09:08
Ward1983k0d31, from deb AND from sources?09:08
k0d31Ward1983: why not09:08
* Ward1983 is amased now09:08
bashcahow can update  my  ipw = intel network adapter  on ubuntu intrepid09:08
k0d31Ward1983: i tried all ways09:08
Ward1983k0d31, one way at a time i might hope09:09
k0d31Ward1983: i uninstall before installing09:09
suigenerishow do I create a keyboard shortcut for something that isn't in the keyboard shortcut list?09:09
Ward1983k0d31, aaaaaaaaah ok :)09:09
ValentineXX_in my sessions start up programs by mistake i have deleted check for hardware, pls tell me the command so i can add again09:10
Ward1983k0d31, so if the last time was from a deb, check in symaptic what files it installed (rightclick package then choose properties, then click the installed files tab)09:10
k0d31Ward1983: i ll do that09:11
rwwValentineXX_: jockey-gtk --check 6009:11
ValentineXX_rww: thank you so so much09:11
=== maco__ is now known as maco
bashcahow can update  my  ipw = intel network adapter  on ubuntu intrepid ??09:11
Ward1983k0d31, that way you should be able to find the dir, and you can try to make a symlink to the right dir like miranda_psi suggested09:11
k0d31Ward1983: miranda_psi: why should I create sym links cant I just copy the files?09:12
outbackwifibashca: it will get updated automatically everytime an update is released09:12
suigenerishow do I make my function buttons work again?09:12
gbear14275alright downloaded deluge and i can only downloard 1 torrent at a time... this is very odd09:13
bashcaoutbackwifi, i have  problem on it  i need to reinstall it  ???09:13
outbackwifisuigeneris: it depends on the laptop make/model09:13
outbackwifibashca: what kind of  problems ?09:13
suigenerisoutbackwifi, toshiba a200-1m409:13
pixelfairyis there  a way to enable guest session from the screen saver in gnome/ubuntu?09:14
gbear14275no one09:14
outbackwifisuigeneris: there should be scripts inside your acpi directory for that laptop09:14
miranda_psik0d31: copying the file in just won't work - symlinks redirect to the files location (in this case the plugin will need to interact with the other files and wont be able to if you copy it)09:14
Ward1983k0d31, so the files stay in the place apt installed them, and you wont waste diskapce, and you wont have the risk that other stuff depends on the files beign there, etc etc etc09:14
Ward1983k0d31, its just the best way09:14
suigenerisoutbackwifi, /etc/acpi?09:14
bashcaoutbackwifi, i can't connect to net  using  eth1     or eth0  ...09:15
outbackwifisuigeneris: yes09:15
ValentineXXin my upper panel bar with the networking icon why there is a red examination sign where my all networking is ok?09:15
dmsupermanI can't get my murrine theme to work, using hardy. This is the theme I'm trying to install: http://tr.im/2tx0 And this is what it looks like installed: http://tr.im/2twz09:15
bashcaoutbackwifi, when  using modem and disconnect  and  plug  the cable  it will work ??09:15
suigenerisoutbackwifi, how do I use these?09:16
hateballValentineXX: isnt that the update-notifier?09:16
outbackwifibashca: are you using wifi or ethernet?09:16
outbackwifisuigeneris: there is a script called hotkeys which maps to your fn keys. this script gets called09:16
outbackwifibashca: both at the same time?09:17
Fhi all. what is the fastest way to install skype?09:17
Ffor some reason the .deb I grab from the site doesnt work09:17
ValentineXXhateball: wait09:17
Fpackage keeps saying its corrupted or that i dont have enough perms09:17
outbackwifiF: go to skype and download the deb and sudo dpkg -i skype-xxx.deb09:17
Feven though I chmod 777ed it.09:17
k0d31F: there is ubuntu deb09:17
bashcaoutbackwifi, the problem single way to get connect when dial up and reconnect  using  ethernet09:17
outbackwifif: sudo09:17
bashcaor wireless09:17
ValentineXXhateball: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/308334/Others/Temp/Screenshot.png09:18
pixelfairyF try chmod 644 on it, then call gdbi, or just click on it from the file manager09:18
suigenerisoutbackwifi, there is no script there called hotkeys09:18
outbackwifibashca: im totally lost. what do you mean by "dialup"?09:18
Fwhen I do that I just get09:18
Fdpkg: error processing skype-debian_2.0.0.72-1_i386.deb (--install): short read in buffer_copy (backend dpkg-deb during `./usr/share/skype/avatars/Skype Candy.png')09:18
pixelfairybut dpkg -i should have worked09:18
bashcaoutbackwifi, but if try to connect  with ethernet or wirelees first .. it will not work09:18
Fthats the error i get when I try to run dkpg -i on it.09:18
k0d31F: i installed from deb and installed automatically09:18
Fk0d31: in synaptec?09:18
hateballValentineXX: hovering over it should tell you why it thinks somethings wrong09:19
k0d31F: no09:19
Fk0d31: from where?09:19
k0d31F: i will find site for you wait09:19
Fk0d31: i appreciate it, thanks.09:19
ValentineXXhateball: nothing it tells09:19
blah569Is there a decent C++ RAD for Ubuntu?  Or is it possible to implement Glade with g++?  I've never understood how to do that.09:19
Fpixelfairy: that doesnt work, I get a corrupted/file perm error...09:19
outbackwifiblah569: anjuta09:19
Fi know its strange.09:19
hateballValentineXX: probably just some display bug then :)09:20
ValentineXXhateball: once there was my networking cable error which was making networking disconnect again and again since that time it is there but my cable problem is fine now09:20
blah569outbackwifi:  Thanks, will try it.09:20
outbackwifiF: check the md5 after you download09:20
Fb9d52200951c4b55c224fd3b1776fd2a  skype-debian_2.0.0.72-1_i386.deb09:20
ValentineXXhateball: i do not like bugs09:20
Fis that right or not?09:20
bashcaoutbackwifi, it's difficult to explain  ..  dialup  mean  when  using  mdsl  usb zte  with  gnome-ppp program09:20
ValentineXXkiosk: still hello hi?09:21
hateballValentineXX: Report it on Launchpad09:21
ValentineXXhateball: ok09:21
suigenerisoutbackwifi, there is no script there called hotkeys09:21
outbackwifiF: check that against the md5 on the site where you downloaded09:21
Fwhere do they give an md5 though?09:22
Fi have never seen an md5 on skype.com09:22
outbackwifisuigeneris: in my laptop i have a script for each event. like eeepc-hotkeys.sh09:22
dmsupermanI can't get my murrine theme to work, using hardy. This is the theme I'm trying to install: http://tr.im/2tx0 And this is what it looks like installed: http://tr.im/2twz09:22
CoUrPsE|DeAdMy Rythembox and 'Movie Player' doesnt play my music, it says its playing, but then the progress doesnt move and i dont hear anything.09:22
outbackwifiand or eeepc-wifi-toggle.sh09:22
CoUrPsE|DeAdMy Skype and my startup sounds work thou.09:22
CoUrPsE|DeAdAny ideas?09:22
outbackwifisuigeneris: make sure that acpi is running09:22
outbackwifisuigeneris: sudo /etc/init.d/acpid restart09:23
suigenerisoutbackwifi, it's running09:23
douwe_Hi, I want to set up ubuntu on a new machine and am wondering how much swap I should use.. My machine has 4 GB ram and I never use a suspend function, so what's reasonable?09:23
suigenerisoutbackwifi, but how do i get hold of this hotkeys script?09:23
ValentineXXhateball: in launchpad there they asking in which package did you find this bug, what is that package?09:24
suigenerisdouwe_, 2gb afaik09:24
outbackwifisuigeneris: whenever you press any hotkey, you should get acpi messages in /var/log/acpid09:24
hateballValentineXX: nm-applet09:25
sarmisakdouwe_, 2 GB is enough09:25
outbackwifisuigeneris: no idea about your laptop; i could help you with the eeepc though :)09:25
kestutisHello. How could I change the MAC address of the LAN card.09:25
douwe_2? seems a lot for a system with 4 gigs of memory.. but I guess I can spare it09:25
k0d31F: i got it here u are : http://linux.softpedia.com/progDownload/Skype-Download-68.html09:26
sarmisakdouwe_, you don't have to spare any actually, but it's good to play it safe ;)09:26
bonyusing ftp command can i upload a directory? what is the syntax for uploading a directory?09:27
sarmisakkestutis, sudo ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:15:xx:xx:xx09:27
aremayhello guys09:27
outbackwifibony: turn on recursive and use mget09:27
aremayi need ur opinon09:27
outbackwifibony: turn on recursive and use mput09:27
aremaybetween awn and cairo dock, which one is better?09:28
Fk0d31: what?09:28
outbackwifi!best | aremay09:28
ubottuaremay: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:28
Terrasquedouwe_: I would try without swap :) If a program start gobbling memory, swap is generally just painful. And you can use a file for swap if needed later09:28
bashcaoutbackwifi, it's difficult to explain  ..  dialup  mean  when  using  mdsl  usb zte  with  gnome-ppp program09:28
joejchow to i get stuff from my tivo to my computer?09:28
k0d31F: i thought u have gone09:28
suigenerisoutbackwifi, I have a hotkey-setup in /etc/init.d/. is this what I am looking for?09:28
ValentineXXhateball: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/31315709:29
kestutisthanks, and how to set the programs or the proccesses which should be started on the Ubuntu-system start-up?09:29
outbackwifisuigeneris: i guess so09:29
ValentineXXhateball: in my gnome start up sessions the command for applet is nm-applet --sm-disable09:29
CoUrPsE|DeAdHow do i reinstall sound drivers?09:29
CoUrPsE|DeAdI think there stuffed.09:29
kestutisfor example, i don't want Apache to be started automatically.09:29
suigenerisoutbackwifi, do you wanna see the contents?09:29
CoUrPsE|DeAdEvery option in prefencez/sound dont work under the 'Music and movies' sound playback.09:30
outbackwifikestutis: use sudo update-rc.d remove apache209:30
CoUrPsE|DeAdany ideas?09:30
k0d31ChaoticGood: rpg?09:30
on5slhello, when i would like to develop for nautilus, is this possible?09:30
outbackwifisuigeneris: i can send you my acpi scripts and you could tweak them for your laptop09:30
kestutisi can do it by command-line only?09:30
sarmisakkestutis, is this a server install or a workstation?09:31
suigenerisoutbackwifi, that would be great09:31
outbackwifikestutis: yes; for the gui you need to go to System-Preferences-Sessions09:31
kestutisit's a laptop with Gnome :) i don't learning Unix line system.09:31
kestutisUnix-like systems*09:31
ActionParsnip1yo yo yo09:31
outbackwifikestutis: though i dont know if that works for the /etc/init.d scripts09:32
sarmisakkestutis, you can try system > administration > services09:32
outbackwifikestutis: ah thats it. tx sarmisak09:32
sarmisakoutbackwifi, n.p. ;)09:32
* outbackwifi needs to learn to use the GUI09:32
ValentineXXActionParsnip1: welcome09:32
mylistoback again!09:32
mylistoanyone know how to audio working in skype?09:32
ValentineXXmylisto: wb09:32
sarmisakoutbackwifi, yours was correct also, though it's per user not systemwide09:32
sarmisakmylisto, works great ;)09:33
k0d31miranda_psi: Ward1983: thx for help09:33
mylistowhen I try callign I get09:33
sarmisakmylisto, is this a notebook?09:33
outbackwifisarmisak: tx09:33
mylistoproblem with audio capture09:33
ValentineXXmylisto: check skype options\sound devices09:33
mylistoyeah..its a laptop09:33
mylistousing the hda drivers09:33
k0d31oh maybe u know the problem with unblocking user in skype i cant do that09:33
bonyoutbackwifi, ok i tried it but i get an error message saying that i don't have permissions. but when i try to uploading single files they get uploaded09:34
GreenDelta2hey, i have gparted and one HDD which is formated as ext3. how is it possible to part away a part of this ext3 (which fits in the rest of y hdd at the moment)  and make it ntfs? i have ntfs tools installed, but the "New" button in gparted is deactivated09:34
k0d31i blocked and cant unblock the option doesnt work09:34
sarmisakmylisto, ok, I had the same situation with my samsung, there are two different inputs available, if you are using the microphone installed near the keayboard then you should enable mic front09:34
k0d31is there a bug in linux skype?09:34
outbackwifibony: i would use an advanced ftp client like ncftp09:34
outbackwifi!info ncftp09:34
ubottuncftp (source: ncftp): A user-friendly and well-featured FTP client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:3.2.1-1 (intrepid), package size 490 kB, installed size 1104 kB09:34
sarmisakmylisto, if not and you are plugging in a microphone to the socket next to earphones, you should select mic09:34
ActionParsnip1!info filezilla09:34
ubottufilezilla (source: filezilla): Port of the famous Win32 graphical FTP client. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.2-0ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 1038 kB, installed size 2652 kB09:34
mylistois that the default?09:35
ValentineXXk0d31: unblocking worked fine for me09:35
kestutisI can't find system > administration > services, and System-Preferences-Sessions doesn't should Apache as starting proccess, but it really starts automatically.09:35
sarmisakmylisto, it changes, just try changing some settings 'til you get some sound from your mic09:35
Fk0d31: got it. thanks!09:35
sarmisakmylisto, you can use audacius to record first and see which one is working for you09:35
k0d31F :)09:35
Fbut now there is a problem. my sound doesnt work! i dunno why.09:35
FI am using a Dell Mini 9.09:36
mylistoheres the deal09:36
mylistoI'm not actually using sound09:36
Fany ideas what I can check/do to get my sound working?09:36
mylistoI need to call this lady to see her webcam09:36
eMaXanyone knows how to disable reverse dns for rsync?09:36
mylistoas I am about to hypntoize her09:36
mylistowith text...09:36
mylistoand no sound09:36
sarmisakmylisto, what's the problem with that?09:36
ActionParsnip1F: run lspci, it will tell you what sound card you have. you can websearch from there09:37
mylistoI've got a problem with audio playback error message09:37
bonyoutbackwifi, ActionParsnip1 well i want a command like tool not a gui one i use gftp for gui.09:37
ActionParsnip1bony: the terminal has ftp features for command line ftp09:37
outbackwifibony: ncftp is your friend09:37
GreenDelta2hm, is it possible to change the size of the main partition on which linux is installed? (mountpoint: /) when i try to unmount it with gparted he says that he cnt unmount it and propably soething else is mounted on this partition, but there is nothing anymore09:37
sarmisakmylisto, you might try to be more specific on your problem maybe09:37
mylistoI try to call her09:37
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
mylistoand the call doesn't go threw09:38
=== decay_ is now known as decay
mylistoI get "problem with audio playback"09:38
sarmisakmylisto, might it be a router setup problem? maybe your router doesn't like skype09:38
bonyActionParsnip1, outbackwifi ok thanks a lot for the help i will check out ncftp and give a try. :-)09:38
DragoraNhi, how is called package which handles "command not found"?09:38
mylistono router09:38
mylistoI had it working like two days ago09:38
Arelis_I want to try out Ubuntu on my Mac to see if buying the Mac was indeed a good choice, however i do not want to damage anything on the Mac while i do want to try out Ubuntu to it's full experience. So that means somewhat installed, but also not.09:38