nitro2k01Hello, I'm looking for a netinst kernel/initrd00:35
nitro2k01Or an ISO I can extract said items from00:35
nitro2k01Oh, it seems like it was on the alternate ISO00:43
nitro2k01I'll check if it works00:43
Rapture2k4hello all02:52
Rapture2k4is anyone available to help me setup samba? i'm failing at it miserably02:53
FactTechRapture2k4 What's the issue you're having?02:57
sourcehappy new year!03:50
sourcehow can I get xfce 4.4.3 in xubuntu 8.04_03:54
ballsource: what version of Xfce came with it?03:55
sourcexfce 4.4.203:57
ballwhat does "sudo apt-get update" get you?03:59
sourcethat's no update to xfce 4.4.304:04
sourcedo you have xubuntu?04:04
ballWhat does .3 have that .2 doesn't?04:11
sourceball, http://www.xfce.org/documentation/changelogs/4.4.304:17
ballI don't know then.  Presumably Xubuntu has a maintainer04:19
ballYou could ask him or her.04:19
viddi changed my cdrom out for a dvd burner...how do i make linux see it?05:02
ballvidd: isn't it automatic?05:02
viddit would appear not05:03
ballvidd: can the drive do DVD-RAM?05:03
viddthe new one can....the old could not05:04
viddthe old was cust cdrom05:04
* ball nods05:04
ballDi you have a DVD-RAM disc?05:04
viddi have a dvd05:04
ballAh, you want to play it?05:05
viddbut even old cd's that pl,ayed in the old drive wont mount in this one05:05
ballvidd: does it have power?05:06
viddyes....it will load and run an install disk...but i dont want to re-install05:07
ballvidd: that's a good sign.05:07
viddi assume i need to change fstab05:08
ballvidd: I doubt it05:08
viddbut i dont know alot about it....05:08
ballvidd: what kind of disc are you trying to use?05:08
viddthis is the line from fstab:05:08
vidd/dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       005:08
viddany disk...none will load from inside linux05:09
ballvidd: what mount command are you using?05:09
viddb4 i changed the hardware, i didnt need to run any mount commands05:10
viddthe disk would be auto-detected by my file manager05:10
ballvidd: what kind of discs?05:11
viddcd, cdrw would auto load on old hardware....nothing loads on new hardware05:11
ballyou've tried DVD-ROMs?05:12
viddright now i put the install disk that i know the drive can read because it booted05:12
ballPerhaps Linux just hates it.05:13
viddthe old hardware could not read dvd's05:13
ballYes, you said that already05:13
viddso i need to know how to tell linux "the hardware has changed"05:13
ballvidd: I doubt that05:13
ballLinux probably doesn't care.05:14
ball...especially with something as standard as an optical drive05:14
viddit obviously DOES care, otherwise the disk would have loaded05:14
ballvidd: okay, if that's what you want to believe.05:15
* ball shrugs05:15
viddi put the old drive back in and it worked05:17
sourcehi everybody!06:18
sourcehappy new year06:19
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jmtechyevrytime i update my system on eeexubuntu it breaks my wifi08:07
gabkdllysource: hi09:09
|ntegra|wow, quiet11:41
_AldurIs nvidia drviver and xubuntu 8.10 still a problem?15:06
vinnl_Aldur, I believe if you use an old video card then the driver isn't available15:12
vinnl_Aldur, I suppose you could try popping in an 8.10 CD and see whether the driver is available through the Hardware Drivers application15:12
vinnl_Aldur, oh, btw, that's Nvidia's official drivers, open source drivers *are* available but they don't support e.g. compositing, so you won't be able to run Compiz with that15:13
_Aldurthanks  vinnl!15:15
vinnlyw :)15:15
thekingAnybody know a good C/C++ IDE?15:44
TheSheeptheking: vim15:47
thekingI despise vim.15:48
TheSheeptheking: then emacs15:48
TheSheeptheking: also eclipse, netbeans, kdevelop, anjuta, etc.15:49
thekingOh shit, I forgot about eclipse15:49
TheSheeptheking: please don't swear15:50
WaspHey, how do I start xmms after having installed it? i've rebooted after installing it and it does not show up under applications.  running just xmms2 in terminal gives me a list of commands to use, none of which seem to be the one i am looking for.  I want the interface to show up18:40
Seomahhi all - I'm trying to set up a remote desktop between xubuntu and winXP - can someone help me?18:51
Odd-rationaleSeomah: winxp server, and xubuntu client?18:55
Odd-rationaleor other way?18:55
Seomahi want it both ways, but first winxp master, xubuntu client18:57
war1how install c++ on ubntu20:18
Wasphey, in what folder are the desktop icon images for xfce4 located?20:49
mattyb243anyone around to answer a question?21:03
aaroninfidelHi, I accidentally installed compiz and now, my WM is all messed up, how can I disable compiz using terminal?21:08
random__mattyb243, just ask the question.  nobody will commit to it until they read it and see what you want21:08
random__as who knows if we know how to fix your problem :D21:08
mattyb243ok im trying to get 7.10 on my ps3, used the same discs a few days ago and they worked perfectly. i uninstalled to get a fresh install for wireless, and now the install gets to the partion loader then freezes21:12
mattyb243the part that confuses me is the discs worked fine just days ago21:12
mattyb243any newer builds i should try using or?21:20
mattyb243is 8.10 ps3 compatible?21:27
war1how to use Finger tool21:30
Aisonhow much space will it take to install xubuntu?21:35
mattyb243on what platform?21:38
mattyb243mine took about 600MB on my ps321:38
mattyb243should be the same across platforms21:39
Aisonold p321:40
AisonWould like to install it to a CF Card, if that's possible21:40
mattyb243as to that im not sure, i did it with the parition method and am using an external HDD for storage21:41
mattyb243i cant even get mine to install again it keeps freezing on me21:43
mattyb243given up on the xubuntu disc its giving me to much trouble, looks like ill just install the xubuntu desktop on 710 gutsy gibbon ubuntu21:53
charlie-tcamattyb243: did you try asking in #ubuntu-ps322:11
Oversheehey,  anybody know why i dont have a "usr/share/mime/packages/freedesktop.org.xml"22:39
Oversheeand/or where I can get one?22:39
crimsunsudo apt-get --reinstall install shared-mime-info:22:45
grandmaneedshelpHi! I am in the proces of setting up xubuntu for my eighty year old grandmother... I need to simplify the system as much as possible, a long with locking it down settings wise23:09
grandmaneedshelpI am used to gnome, not xfce4, is there a way to lock the panels?23:10
grandmaneedshelpmy local time is 12 past midnight, so perhaps I should just try again tomorrow?23:13
Odd-rationale!info sabayon23:19
ubottusabayon (source: sabayon): system administration tool to manage GNOME desktop settings. In component main, is optional. Version 2.22.1-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 120 kB, installed size 3052 kB23:19
Odd-rationalegrandmaneedshelp: take a look at sabayon ^23:19
Odd-rationaleit is for gnome..23:19
grandmaneedshelpwhy? sabayon is like gentoo minus the constant compiling afaik?23:20
grandmaneedshelpoh it's an application?23:20
Odd-rationaleno... not sabayon the distro... sabayon the gnome User profiles maintainance23:20
grandmaneedshelpI knew both ubuntu and xubuntu have gtk in common, but didn't think the same tools could get used. will have a look23:21
grandmaneedshelpbut can it handle xfce settings?23:22
grandmaneedshelpI'm installing it... I just need to make xubuntu as user friendly as possible, after all... we're dealing with an 80 yr old gal here23:24
grandmaneedshelpOdd-rationale: should I just mark all things mandatory?23:30
grandmaneedshelpOdd-rationale: oh wait, I found a cool settings manager :) will work my way through it.. thx for all the help23:32

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