Peng_It might be easier to throw in some sort of JavaScript syntax highlighting.00:00
beunoyeah, I toyed with that too, but it was too hard on thw browser00:01
beunoI keep on wanting more and more to develope a "loggerheadlib"00:01
beunofrom scratch00:01
beunoand start building on top of that00:01
beunosomething that spits out html or json00:02
beunoand then possibly have multiple frontends to that00:02
epsybzr branches have metadata, right?00:02
Peng_epsy: What do you mean?00:03
epsysorry, that's the wrong way to ask my question00:04
epsyCan I retrieve info about a branch, such as remembered pull location or parent branch location in a way that's easily readable by a machine?00:05
davidstraussepsy: It's stored in the .bzr/branch files00:05
Peng_Or in ~/.bazaar/locations.conf.00:06
davidstraussepsy: The best bet is running a bzr command and parsing the output00:06
Peng_Or using bzrlib.00:06
epsydavidstrauss, meh :\00:07
beunoepsy, if you're in python, you can get it through bzrlib00:07
beunoif not, you also have the xmloutput plugin00:07
epsyI'm in bash00:07
Peng_bash can run Python. :D00:07
epsyso I can use grep/awk/sed, but an easy way would have been nicer(to me and to the aspect of the code)00:08
davidstraussepsy: In that case, I would implement a large set of shell scripts that transparently replicate and reimplement Bazaar's capabilities00:08
davidstraussepsy: But only for repo versions .92 and newer00:08
davidstraussepsy: Supporting anything older with bash-bzr would be ridiculous00:09
epsywould you?00:09
davidstraussI'm kidding :-)00:09
davidstraussBut I've seen some pretty ridiculous shell scripts00:09
Peng_Is awk turing-complete? Could we rewrite bzr in it?00:10
davidstraussAll repo database manipulations would be written as sed regexes00:11
Peng_(And by "we" I mean "someone completely insane".)00:11
Peng_("who is not me")00:11
davidstraussPeng: You haven't ruled out that you're completely insane; you'd only established that, despite your potential insanity, you wouldn't write bash-bzr00:12
davidstraussPeng: But what about in Windows PowerShell?00:12
Peng_I like to think I still cling to a few...somethings of sanity.00:12
fullermdWho is it that tries once in a while to use bzrlib in perl via Inline::Python or something?00:16
* fullermd always finds that really neat.00:16
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rexbronhey james_w, do you expect to have any time soon to review my branch?00:47
james_whi rexbron, I'll do it tomorrow.00:48
james_wrexbron: thanks for the reminder00:48
epsywhat can I use with bzr log --log-format= ??00:49
james_wepsy: by default "line" "log" and "short", but plugins can add others00:55
epsyoh, that was the purpose, heh00:55
epsyhow would one count how many revisions, including merged revisions are in a branch?00:56
james_w"bzr revision-history | wc -l" perhaps00:57
james_w"bzr log | grep " *revno:" | wc -l"00:58
epsybzr log | grep -P '^ *revno: [0-9]+$' | wc -l00:58
epsythat's what I came up with, but it can be spoofed00:59
james_wyeah, not sure if "revision-history" lists merged revisions00:59
epsyit does not, sadly00:59
epsyeven with -v00:59
james_wtry bzr info01:00
james_wperhaps with -v01:00
epsythe repo part shows something that seems to be a correct number, but it probably wont be on other configurations01:01
james_wyeah, it's for the repo, so it's not what you want01:01
james_wa couple of lines of python would do it01:02
epsywould a couple of lines fit into one line ?01:03
james_wit could01:03
epsyright, I'll dig the bzrlib doc then..where is it?01:04
epsyhttp://starship.python.net/crew/mwh/bzrlibapi/ this?01:04
james_wyou need to use Graph methods, using the graph from the repo, and the tip revision of the branch as a starting place01:06
james_wand keep a set of visited revisions, and walk the graph01:06
epsygraph ? tip revision?01:06
james_wit might be a very long single line :-)01:06
epsyhm, at that rate I'll still be in bzrlib's doc tomorrow01:07
epsyI'll head for the spoof-able way01:07
epsy(in the secret hope a perfectionnist comes around and fixes it)01:08
epsyhrm, -d is lacking on bzr missing01:12
spivepsy: "bzr ancestry | wc -l" maybe01:14
epsyspiv, ah, exactly!01:16
AfCI still don't understand why `bzr info -v` doesn't report that number instead of the number of left hand revisions. Since the revno is the latter, it's really quite silly to report the number again, and meanwhile everyone wants to know the former.01:31
* fullermd blames the gnomes.01:40
epsywhat does bzr missing return when you use --this and there are missing revisions(on <other> but not on <this>) ?01:55
mcfletchStupid question, when bzr says "parsers.expat", what package is it referring to, as in:  mcfletch@sturm:~/OpenGL-dev/simpleparse$ bzr ls02:31
mcfletchbzr: ERROR: No module named parsers.expat02:31
mcfletchYou may need to install this Python library separately.02:31
mcfletchI'd thought it would be python-xml (on Ubuntu), but that doesn't eliminate the error.02:35
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mdkehi there11:17
mdkeif I do a bzr merge, but then want to revert it, how do I do that? I see that bzr revert still leaves me with a "pending merge"11:18
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mdkeah, running bzr revert a second time has done the trick11:20
mdkeignore me :)11:20
spivmdke: bzr revert with no arguments will revert pending merges (and changes to files)11:25
spivmdke: you can also do "bzr revert --forget-merges"11:25
mdkespiv: yeah, the first time I ran it I had done "bzr merge .", which i guess is why it didn't revert the merge, but only the files11:29
spivmdke: right11:43
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epsyhey..still working out stuff with bzr..12:56
epsyI'm setting my branches to use a shared repo12:56
epsybut somehow, when using bzr reconfigure --use-shared, it tells me both repositories(branch's personal and shared) aren't compatible:12:57
epsybzr: ERROR: KnitPackRepository('file:///home/epsy/CODE/armagetron/.bzr/repository/')12:57
epsyis not compatible with12:57
epsydifferent rich-root support12:57
ronnyLarstiQ: any idea where jelmer is?13:05
LarstiQronny: no, his server froze on the 31st, I would have expected him back by now13:09
LarstiQronny: but maybe he is also suffering from a case of the flu13:09
joeljkpi'm getting "no repository found" when i try to add the bzr-eclipse update site to eclipse 3.4; what's going on?16:19
garyvdmHi - I'm having trouble getting bzr to notice BZR_PLUGIN_PATH.16:22
garyvdmsee http://pastebin.com/d38d129ee16:22
garyvdmI'm must be making a mistake some where.16:22
Peng_garyvdm: This isn't really an answer, but I'd just put a symlink to the plugin in ~/.bazaar/plugins.16:24
garyvdmThe reason I want to change it is I want to test some changes I'm making to bar-upload, with out affecting my installation. ~/bzr-upload/wd/upload is my test area.16:25
luksexport BZR_PLUGIN_PATH=...16:26
lukswithout export it sets it only for the current command, which is nothing16:27
garyvdmOh - thanks16:27
virtuoso015have a question... how to continue a new branch creation19:59
virtuoso015i was downloading the mysql source from bazaar20:00
virtuoso015and it got interrupted in between20:00
virtuoso015i have already downloaded 300mb ... dont want to redo it again20:00
virtuoso015this is the command and its output20:02
virtuoso015$ bzr branch lp:mysql-server/6.0 mysql-6.020:02
virtuoso015bzr: ERROR: Target directory "mysql-6.0" already exists.20:02
garyvdmvirtuoso015: cd into your branch and then pull.20:08
garyvdmcd mysql-6.020:08
garyvdmbzr pull20:08
virtuoso015it is saying that its not a branch20:09
virtuoso015bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/mysql-server/mysql-6.0/.bzr/branch/".20:10
garyvdmIs mysql-server a shared repository?20:11
virtuoso015sorry, i am a beginner at this...20:12
virtuoso015although i can tell you the command i have used20:12
garyvdmOk no problem.20:12
garyvdmGive me a sec.20:12
virtuoso015shell> mkdir mysql-server shell> bzr init-repo --trees mysql-server              Once you have an initialized directory, you can             branch from the public MySQL server             repositories. To create a branch of a specific version:            shell> cd mysql-server shell> bzr branch lp:mysql-server/6.0 mysql-6.020:12
virtuoso015sorry... let me format that20:12
virtuoso015shell> mkdir mysql-server20:13
virtuoso015shell> bzr init-repo --trees mysql-server20:13
virtuoso015shell> cd mysql-server20:13
virtuoso015shell> bzr branch lp:mysql-server/6.0 mysql-6.020:13
garyvdmOk - mysql-server IS a shared repository20:13
virtuoso015meaning it can store more than one version of mysql at a time ??20:14
beunovirtuoso015, meaning that if you branch again, it will probably only bring in the revisions you don't have20:14
garyvdmYou can delete /mysql-server/mysql-6.0 and then branch again20:15
beunoa shared repo is a common database of revisions, indipendant of branches20:15
garyvdmYou won't delete the data allready downloaded, because it is stored in  mysql-server/20:16
virtuoso015i seem to have a very big file , of size 300 MB, in /.bzr/repository/upload20:16
virtuoso015its a .fetch file20:16
virtuoso015oh... ok. So, all i need to do is to delete the mysql-6.0 folder20:17
garyvdmJust a sec20:17
virtuoso015and redo the branch command again ??20:17
virtuoso015no prob20:17
garyvdmWhat is the full path to that 300mb file?20:17
virtuoso015mysql-server is in my home directory20:18
garyvdmOk - I just wanted to check that it was not in the  /mysql-server/mysql-6.0 dir.20:19
virtuoso015so, i now delete the mysql-6.0 dir and retry ??20:19
garyvdmI'm not 100% sure if it will continue with that .fetch file. I think it will.20:20
garyvdmIt won't redo the other data that was downloaded.20:20
virtuoso015ok... the command is working20:21
virtuoso015the progress bar has not yet come20:21
garyvdmMaybe someone else can let us know if it will continue with the .fetch file.20:22
virtuoso015ok, it seems to be working20:22
virtuoso015the size of the .fetch file hasnt diminished20:23
virtuoso015and the progress bar is starting from half way20:23
virtuoso015hmmm... it seems to have created a new fetch file20:25
virtuoso015lets see how this goes20:25
garyvdmI've been checking out the annotate of the code to see who might be able to answer, and none of them are here :-(20:26
virtuoso015no problem... live and learn... or is it, screw up and learn :D20:27
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luke-jris it safe to use 'bzr branch' as an import method? eg, branch and then delete the origin?22:04
AmanicAyes, but it will only contain comitted stuff22:06
LeoNerdA branch is a complete copy of all history, yes. It doesn't refer to the origin22:06
luke-jrAmanicA: eh?22:06
AmanicAI normally have suff in there which I don't commit.22:06
luke-jrwell, in this case, the origin is svn22:07
AmanicAlike ide files22:07
AmanicAalso I normally don't delete anything without making a backup22:08
luke-jrhow can I specify the format of a branch?22:53
garyvdmbzr upgrade22:57
luke-jrgaryvdm: can't do it at branch-time?23:00
luke-jrwhy does bzr tell me --dirstate-with-subtree is deprecated?23:00
luke-jris there a replacement?23:00
garyvdmluke-jr: You can't do it at branch time, which I find irritating.23:02
luke-jranother question, slightly off-topic: can I have Launchpad automatically pull from a parent branch?23:03
garyvdmThis format was introduced as a hidden format in Bazaar 0.15. It is an experimental format, not recommended for use.23:07
fullermdd-w-s is a knit format, so yeah, it's old and deprecated.23:07
ronnysup jelmer23:08
ronnyjelmer: whats the state on your leak-free svn bindings - i could really use them in anyvc23:09
garyvdmluke-jr: to have launchpad pull your branch: https://code.launchpad.net/+code-imports/+new23:10
luke-jrgaryvdm: any idea if that has bzr-svn?23:13
luke-jrgaryvdm: dirstate-with-subtree is about the only format I could find that supports nested trees23:13
luke-jrfullermd: can you recommend another one?23:13
fullermdWell, there's a pack subtree variant.23:14
luke-jris there?23:14
luke-jrwait, pack is > dirstate?23:17
fullermdIn this sense, yes.23:19
garyvdmdirstate = dirstate + knit23:20
garyvdmpack-0.92 = dirstate + pack23:20
garyvdmpack > knit23:20
garyvdmHope that makes sense23:20
luke-jri c23:21
luke-jris pack-0.92-subtree as tested as dirstate-with-subtree ?23:22
fullermdWell, I suspect the answer is "yes", but I'm not sure how much comfort can be drawn from that   ;)23:22
luke-jrgrr, it says pack-0.92-subtree is deprecated too23:23
luke-jrand pack-0.92-subtree is broken -.-23:24
luke-jror maybe nested trees is just broken in general ☹23:31
beunoluke-jr, right, bzr doesn't really support nested trees23:41
luke-jrbeuno: why not?23:41
luke-jrit was working in 0.4…23:41
luke-jrit's also a very necessary functionality23:42
* fullermd winz! :p23:43
beunodamn!  lost the first round of the year23:44
fullermdbzr has never _supported_ nested trees.  It's always been a half-formed future feature.23:44
fullermdThat's why the formats are squirreled away in a dark corner.23:44
beunoah, maybe he means bzr-svn?23:44
fullermdOh, that could be.23:45
luke-jrbeuno: no, I mean bazaar I think23:45
beunoluke-jr, I hope you don't23:46
fullermdThere was never a bzr 0.4.23:46
luke-jroh :/23:46
fullermdIt went from 0.1.1 to 0.623:46
luke-jrso what do I do if I need nested trees? :/23:46
luke-jruse Subversion?23:47
beunotalk to LarstiQ   ;)23:47
fullermdI think then you bug LarstiQ; he was the last one that touched it.23:47
luke-jrLarstiQ: hi?23:47
fullermdHe may have a branch around that's more solid; not sure.23:47
luke-jra branch :x23:48
* luke-jr DOES want other people to be able to checkout his code23:48
fullermdPfft.  Other people just cause problems.23:48
beunoluke-jr, if you where using nested trees, then you where using bzr-svn23:48
luke-jrbeuno: oh?23:49
beunowhich also went recently from 0.4 -> 0.523:49
fullermdWhy, I've got all sorts of programs that were totally bug-free until other people starting using them...23:49
luke-jrnested trees don't exist w/o bzr-svn?23:49
beunoluke-jr, I suspect that's the reality, but only jelmer can confirm that23:49
fullermdEr, no, just that bzr-svn is the primary reason anybody ever used a subtree format (and shouldn't be nowadays anyway)23:50
luke-jrfullermd: how about a real need for it?23:50
luke-jrmy project uses code from 2 other repositories23:50
fullermdNested tree support has never existed beyond a few low-level bits with a molecularly-thin UI on top of them.23:50
beunoluke-jr, the answer always ends up with23:50
luke-jrfullermd: it seems to be working, except for checkouts23:50
fullermdWell, with a real need for it, you need the actual feature, not just the format.23:50
beuno"bug LarstiQ"23:51
luke-jrfullermd: yes, I do23:51
fullermdA lot of the low-level stuff was written.  The higher-level glue, UI, polishing, etc, hasn't been done.23:51
luke-jrthat's fine23:51
luke-jrmy only requirement is that it works for third-party checkouts23:52
fullermdWell, no, it's not fine.  It _doesn't work_.  It's never worked.  First steps were taken, and nobody has had the combination of interest and time to finish it.23:52
fullermdThere's a fair continuing current of interest.  It's not like we _want_ it to be sitting around teasing people.23:53
fullermdJust that it doesn't top anybody's priority list, so it sits around not really moving.  That's why it's hidden.23:53
fullermdAFAIK, LarstiQ _is_ still working on it, but he's had something approaching 0 time for the last $WHILE.23:55
luke-jrso a Makefile that fetches the subtrees for now? ☹23:55
beunoluke-jr, or maintain all of them in the same tree23:56
luke-jrbeuno: the subtrees are from different projects23:56
beunoluke-jr, it's still legal...  ;)23:56

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