wildbathi there ~ anyone know how do i setup pawersaving option like turn off monitor , HDD etc?00:14
elliottmhi, i'm getting absolutely no sound from my brand new intel ich10 integrated sound card, i followed all of the steps in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205449 with no improvement. lspci sees two sound devices: the one in my motherboard, and another one apparently integrated into my radeon hd3870.00:18
elliottmi think the problem may be that "cat /proc/asound/modules" shows two devices (snd_hda_intel) with the same name, and it's somehow picking the wrong one00:18
geniiintel hda cards are constantly being problemmatic00:19
geniiThere was a factoid for it but since pulseaudio I'm not sure if it applies, since for alsa00:19
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto00:19
crimsunelliottm: what's your alsa-info.sh url?00:20
crimsungenii: pulseaudio doesn't apply to kubuntu 8.1000:20
elliottmcrimsun: how do I find that?00:21
crimsunelliottm: you would have run that script if you had followed the DebuggingSoundProblems wiki page00:21
elliottmcrimsun: sorry, i decided to pass by that section until i decided i couldn't fix it. http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=e3a944eb69cf7dcb64e59292f27b0c7404f47c3d00:26
crimsunelliottm: err, a lot of these mixer controls are muted and/or zeroed...00:27
floryn90ciao a tutti!!00:28
crimsunelliottm: i would have assumed that you would have unmuted [and set to %80] at least 'Front', 'Surround', 'Center', 'Side', 'LFE', and 'PCM'...00:28
elliottmno effect00:30
crimsunelliottm: rerun the script00:30
zighi all, what service should I restart to restart the NetworkManager process ?00:32
crimsunsudo service NetworkManager restart00:32
crimsunpresuming you're using at least 8.1000:32
zigI think NetworkManager has a memory leak , after a week it uses 78Mb00:32
zigno I'm under 8.0400:33
crimsunelliottm: um, those elements are still muted.00:33
elliottmi'm looking at kmix right now00:34
crimsunyou need to UNmute them (all save 'PCM', which lacks a mute control)00:34
elliottmnothing is muted00:34
crimsuni think you're misreading Kmix00:34
crimsunyour alsa-info.sh output clearly indicates that those elements are muted00:34
zigcrimsun, so, previous 8.10, what service is responsible of starting NetworkManager ?00:35
elliottmoh fuck me00:35
crimsunzig: probably restarting hal should suffice00:35
elliottmmy eyes completely passed over the lights above the volume bars :(00:36
zigah ok , thanks00:36
elliottmi just assumed muted==volume all the way down00:36
geniielliottm: Please watch the language00:36
zigcrimsun, ah, it was dbus in fact00:38
elliottmwhy would that stuff be muted by default?00:38
crimsunzig: err, then you would need to restart hal, too.00:38
elliottmthis is a fresh installation, i haven't touched anything00:38
zigcrimsun, but restarting hal wasn't enough; restarting dbus restarted a lot of other things on the other hannd00:39
crimsunzig: i normally did a dbus force-reload then restarted hal00:40
crimsunzig: that was on GNOME, however00:40
zigand did you  observe this memory leak too ?00:40
crimsunno, i haven't used hardy on my main desktop for many months00:43
zigok there 's a bug about that already : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/network-manager/+bug/20301600:45
chris_can anyone tell me how to fix "no sound" issue after reinstalling kubuntu.  I have to "sudo alsamixer" and unmute each time.00:53
zigchris_, is your normal user in the audio group ?00:55
chris_zig: thanks, how can i tell??00:56
zighave a look into the /etc/group file, or go to System Settings -> User Management00:56
casaciao christian00:58
p_quarleszig, chris: or just type "groups" in the terminal00:58
chris_p_quarles: thanks I get:  chris adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare01:00
chris_zig: couldnt find user management or a group folder in etc folder01:00
p_quarles /etc/group isn't a folder, it's a file; and the group memberships are the default, so shouldn't be the source of the problem01:02
zigchris_, now you can type "sudo adduser chris audio" to add yourself to the audio group01:02
zigapprently you were not part of it01:03
chris_zig: thanks01:03
p_quarleszig: not supposed to be part of that group01:03
p_quarleszig: since it doesn't exist01:03
zig? I do have a audio group01:04
p_quarlessorry, I misspoke - it exists, but the user need not be part of it01:04
geniiaudio group should be a default core group01:04
p_quarlesit's for pulseaudio01:04
p_quarlesgenii: but it's not01:05
zigcrw-rw----+ 1 root audio 14, 0 2008-12-25 11:23 /dev/mixer01:05
chris_i believe i somehow played with some options switching to alsa or something before but dont remember how01:05
chris_when i fixed it before01:05
zigif you want to control the mlxer you need to be part of this group01:05
zigif you want to output sound directly via alsa or oss, you also need to be part of this group01:06
chris_zig where can i select which i want for sound output?01:07
zigand  normally, new created users are part of the audio group, with default  kubuntu install01:07
zigchris_, it depends of the software you're using, but anyway, try to log restart your computer now , so that the new group configuration is taken in account01:08
p_quarlesagain, audio is not a default group for Kubuntu 8.10 - on my system at least; my user is not a member there of, and I have had no problems with sound01:08
zigor just restart X01:08
chris_zig: ill just restart and report back01:09
zigah well I don't know about 8.1001:09
p_quarlesI think people are going on traditional Debian Linux models, which Ubuntu is more and more departing from with each release01:09
p_quarlesit's not a bad guess, but it's unlikely to resovle the issue chris is facing01:09
zigwhat group does your /dev/mixer belong to then p_quarles ?01:10
p_quarleszig: same as what you listed: root:audio01:10
zigthen, you can't use alsamixer for example01:10
p_quarlesbut I can and do01:10
zigthen you belong to the audio group01:11
p_quarlesagain, my point is that someone who understands the specifcs of audio in 8.10 would probably be more qualified to help at this point01:11
p_quarleszig: no, I do not belong to that group; only pulse does01:11
zighmmm, ah alsa uses /dev/snd in fact01:13
zig/dev/mixer must be oss01:14
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chris_no dice guys.. i still have to unmute after each login01:25
zigchris_, you're under intrepid,, or hardy ?01:25
p_quarleschris_: maybe I misunderstood; sound works after you unmute?01:26
chris_zig: intrepid01:26
chris_p_quarles: yes just fine but i have to sudo alsamixer and unmute each time01:26
p_quarleschris_: sudo alsactl store has always worked for that issue in the past01:27
p_quarlestry that01:27
p_quarleser, run that when you have the settings as you want thme01:27
mahasamootI just installed 8.10, and my interent doesn't work.  I've got a wired ethernet card, that gets DHCP'd from my DSL router.01:31
mahasamootI can connect to my router's setup page, but can't ping anything01:32
p_quarlesmahasamoot: "card" as in USB or PCMCIA? or is it an internal card?01:32
mahasamootI tried commenting out the 'auto eth0' line in /etc/network/interfaces, but it didn't work01:33
p_quarlesmahasamoot: you don't want to do that; what's the answer to my question?01:34
mahasamootit's on my motherboard01:34
mahasamootIt's always worked in Linux before, but this was a fresh install01:36
p_quarlesmahasamoot: make sure that line isn't commented out, first; then, boot up and run "ping -c 5 www.google.com"01:36
p_quarlesI'm curious to know exactly what happens -- if it doesn't work, *how* does it not work?01:36
legodudewhat's the consensus for "best" open VM?01:39
legodudeI'm looking for something easy to work with01:40
legodudeperformance/features secondary01:40
legodudenot looking for any esoteric features, just basic snapshot support and good client OS support01:40
p_quarleslegodude: not really on-topic in the Kubuntu support channel; try an off-topic/chitchat channel maybe?01:40
chris_p_quarles: settings stuck this time!! Thanks guys!01:41
p_quarleschris_: cool01:41
mahasamootp_quarles: I already tried pinging google, and I think it was an unknown host... plus I tried pinging the ip of my dns, and noluck01:42
p_quarlesmahasamoot: okay, what does ifconfig eth0 say?01:42
legodudesure thing p_quarles01:42
Dragnslcrmahasamoot- what IP address does the adapter have?01:43
mahasamootp_quarles, I don't recall, I'll have to reboot and try a few things and write down the errors... anything else to try while I'm at it?01:44
p_quarlesmahasamoot: sure, try sudo dhclient eth0 and see if that gets you a connection01:44
p_quarlesmahasamoot: and write down any error output from that as well01:44
* genii makes more coffee01:45
mahasamootp_quarles, okay, thanks for the tips... I'll  be back in a awhile01:45
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* cuznt secretly introduces lsd into genii's coffee01:47
cuznt                                                        !01:47
cuzntoh wait01:47
devilchaoshi anyone awake?01:49
geniicuznt: Tsk tsk01:49
geniidevilchaos: At least a few01:49
devilchaosmind if i ask a few questions please?01:49
geniidevilchaos: Ask away, etc01:50
devilchaosis kubuntu compatible with i686 ?01:50
p_quarlesdevilchaos: there are very few operating systems at this point that are not01:50
devilchaosim having an i/o error with my install cd amd64 install on i686 amd athlon pc with 4gb ram01:51
geniidevilchaos: The "i386" versions of operating systems also run on later procesors01:51
devilchaosso the i386 version installer should work?01:51
p_quarlesthe amd64 installer definitely *won't* work01:52
devilchaosoops sorry didnt read last linw before typing01:52
geniidevilchaos: Yes. Likely your cpu is not actually a 64bit processor01:52
devilchaoswhy wouldnt it be it should be like ronseal does exactly what it says on the tin he he01:52
p_quarlesi386 refers to an architecture present in virtually every modern machine -- amd64 is a very recent 64-bit architecture that older computers do not use01:53
devilchaoswhats the command for info cpu01:53
Dragnslcrdevilchaos- exactly what model processor is it?01:53
devilchaosamd64 athlon san deago chip01:53
devilchaosso whay do you think id get an i/o error from the disc then?01:54
legodudedevilchaos: you are having cdrom install problems?01:55
DragnslcrI/O error when dealing with a CD would probably be either the motherboard or CD drive01:55
legodudeCDs are terrible, as are cdroms01:55
legodudecan you try booting from flash drive?01:55
geniidevilchaos: Different things are possible for that. Bad cd burn/iso download, physical cabling to the cd/failing drive, problemmatic controller driver which cd is attached to, etc01:56
DragnslcrNot sure what kind of error you'd get if you tried running the x64 CD on an x86 machine01:56
devilchaosyeah well a did burn it on a crap disc memorex01:56
geniiThe single most suspect is bad cd burn/corrupted iso download01:56
legodudeit should say that you have incorrect disc01:56
legodudeif you try and use x64 in i38601:56
DragnslcrYeah, I'd check the md5sum of the disc image01:57
devilchaoswell im downloading i386 just now01:57
legodudeer, incorrect version01:57
geniiYup, it should just give you a mssage that it's incorrect version for your cpu01:57
DragnslcrIf the md5sum is correct, try burning another copy01:57
devilchaosi like kubuntu better than ubuntu its nicer01:57
p_quarlesSan Diego is an x86-64 chip, according to Wikipedia01:57
legodudeor, trash your evil cdrom01:57
devilchaosand i like the icon better with the cogs01:57
legodudeand do netboot or flash drive01:57
devilchaosnet installer yeah?01:58
geniip_quarles: Looks like a suspect CD or so01:58
devilchaoscoolio am a fan of those01:58
devilchaosgive me url please ?01:58
legodudegoogle pulls it up pretty quick01:58
legodudeI've not done it, but it looks managable01:58
devilchaoswhats it under kubuntu netinstall?01:58
legodudeor ubuntu net installs01:59
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devilchaosThere is none.02:01
devilchaosis the quote on the forum02:01
devilchaosinstall of ubuntu then kubuntu-desktop02:01
devilchaossudo apt-get kubuntu-desktop02:01
devilchaosthis is the paragraph i get under kde4 in crappy gnome add/remove area02:03
devilchaosKDE4 cannot be installed on your computer type (i386). Either the application requires special hardware features or the vendor decided to not support your computer type.02:03
=== Danu is now known as Danu_Flanders
devilchaosanyway i386 installer should work ?02:04
legodudeor x6402:05
legodudedon't you have 4gb ram?02:05
mahasamootp_quarles, I think it's a problem with routing02:06
legodudewon't be able to use all of it without 64bit02:06
legodudewell, I am not entirely sure about that, best ask someone with deeper knowledge02:07
devilchaosok np am going to download 64 again and burn both again02:07
=== andre is now known as Guest77293
devilchaosonly then will i find out if i got a bum copy02:07
devilchaosthnks for the tips02:08
devilchaoswhy will it not use all the ram?02:08
devilchaosif its not 64bit?02:08
legodude32bit can only address 4gb ram02:08
legodudewithout extra tricks02:08
legodudelike PAE02:08
legodude2^32 = 4gb02:08
legodudethere are address spaces issues02:09
legodudewhere you can see less02:09
mahasamootp_quarles, dhclient seems to work fine, but I can't ping my dns servers, altho I can ping my isp's gateway02:09
legodudeusually about 3gb, but there are tricks to get more02:09
steven_Hi kyle02:10
p_quarlesmahasamoot: well, some servers are set to ignore pings, so that's not unusual; if you can connect beyond the gateway, you're good to go02:10
Guest77293a taingles02:10
p_quarlesmahasamoot: that's why the real test is always to ping a high-availability public server like Google02:10
legodudedevilchaos: looks like standard 32bit kernel will do 3.2gb, server will do 4gb+?02:11
mahasamootp_quarles, host unknown02:11
devilchaosworry bout that later i just want it installed i hate this pardon me for saying it but sh***y looking ubuntu off my pc and a nice kde compiz with wobble windows version and nice icon with the cogs and ill add bill gates can shuv his winblows up his bum!02:11
p_quarlesmahasamoot: then I would say dhclient didn't work02:11
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:11
kyle_question, uh, the nvidia drivers I have... that come with Kubuntu dont work with my onboard video card. i can use the recommended ones 177, 173, and earlier.. but nothing works. i will install them, they will install, computer restarts, then my screen posts out of sync signal and, thats it...02:12
kyle_is there any fixes for the onboard 6100 video card02:12
p_quarlesmahasamoot: what was the result of ifconfig eth0?02:12
mahasamootp_quarles, it had messages about asking for and getting an IP, which was then bound, no errors02:12
geniidevilchaos: Please try to keep the channel family-friendly :)02:12
kyle_and the nvidia drivers.02:12
steven_I have a question,I'm using Kubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Alpha 2.I've installed the latest updates.My kmenu is showing everything apart from the applications menu.Can anybody help me with this?02:12
p_quarlesmahasamoot: sure, but what was the address it got?02:12
devilchaossorry dude get a little carried away sometimes02:12
genii!es | xtian02:12
ubottuxtian: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:12
xtiani need some help02:12
xtiani can speak english02:13
devilchaoswhat is the kernel server type under?02:13
mahasamootp_quarles, I forgot to run it... I'm sorry I should have written it down02:13
xtiani've just installed kubuntu 8.1002:13
xtianand i have no drivers02:13
xtiandon't know where to find them02:13
p_quarlesmahasamoot: did it start with 169 by any chance, if you remember?02:13
xtianand i don't know how to install them02:13
mahasamootp_quarles, the address was my normal address,
xtiani'm looking for some help on google but... i'm still lost02:13
p_quarlesmahasamoot: then it's a problem with the router, really02:13
legodudextian: drivers for....?02:13
xtiani have a compaq V3718la02:14
kyle_guess noone knows what i speaketh of.02:14
devilchaossudo apt-get install hardware-drivers02:14
xtianwith a nforce 630m chipset02:14
xtianand a 7150m VGA02:14
p_quarles!punctuation | xtian02:14
ubottuxtian: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:14
xtiani'm watching everything 800*600 right now02:14
mahasamootp_quarles, why is the same router working now?02:14
xtianah ok sorry02:14
legodudextian: get the nvidia drivers02:15
devilchaosxtian- sudo apt-get install hardware-drivers02:15
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kyle_question how do i force kubuntu to give me my 1280x1024 resolution instead of 800x600?02:15
xtianok i downloaded some drivers from Nvidia website02:15
devilchaosok legodude here goes prob back later thanks again02:15
devilchaosthanks to others too lol02:15
xtianthis one... NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-173.14.12-pkg2.run how do i install them?02:16
p_quarlesmahasamoot: I don't really know, but it seems to be giving you an IP address correctly, just not letting the traffic through when the machine is in Linux; since Linux is working as expected, the next place to look is the router configuration page02:16
legodudextian: my advice is to use the supplied kubuntu package02:16
xtianwhat do you mean, the installing CD? or is in kubuntu page02:17
kyle_go to hardware drivers..02:17
kyle_install the latest version for what it reccomends.02:18
legodudehardware drivers, as devilchaos suggested or from k>system>hardware drivers02:18
kyle_and hopefully they work... unlike mine :/02:18
geniixtian: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia     has a howto02:18
xtianok... i found the driver but when i click to entitle nothing happens02:21
legodudextian: are you following what genii is suggesting?02:22
legodudeand which step gives you trouble?02:22
xtianwhen i select the newest driver... and select to entitle...  nothing happens02:23
xtianstill says that the driver is nos available02:23
kyle_hit activate....02:24
xtiani already did it02:24
legodudehow do I change the default URL handler for konversation? somehow it is using quanta02:24
xtiannothing is happening02:24
kyle_well im playing with my drivers too, and it should do something...02:24
geniixtian: Is your card in this list?  http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/169.12/README/appendix-a.html02:24
kyle_i shall return, i have major video card driver issues...02:25
kyle_cant get above 800x600 res... :/02:25
vonkleistlegodude, Settings, Configure Konversation, Behavior, General, Use custom web browser02:25
legodudekyle_: when you get back, I can try and help02:25
kyle_well ive been googling it02:25
kyle_and its a compaq with a onboard 6100 video card.02:26
legodudetotally missed that, thakns vonkleist02:26
xtianit's there02:26
xtian7150m(nforce 630m02:26
kyle_and it seems the issue is bad02:26
vonkleistlegodude, you're welcome02:26
legodudextian: oooh I had trouble with my 715002:26
xtiantoo much trouble? :S02:26
legodudeI believe I had to use the proposed package space to get it to work?02:27
legodudeI don't know if it is related to your trouble at all, but I could not get my 7150 to detect displays until I updated lots of packages02:28
legodudethe driver should install without problem though02:28
xtianok, that's bad... because it's my first time with linux02:29
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Sleepin
legodudenot necessarily bad02:30
legodudepart of learning linux is learning how to ask the right kind of questions02:30
xtiani don't even know where "system" is ¬¬02:30
legodudek menu02:32
xtianjeje, thank you02:32
kyle_i return02:34
xtianwere you lucky?02:35
xtianlegodude: what kind of packages do i have to install02:37
kyle_Using a Emachines Computer, with onboard 6100 nvidia video card, when I install the recommended drivers from the hardware drivers menu, after I restart, the screen refuses to display out of area its I assume displaying too high of a resolution. So i have to restart again and hit ESC , and hit fix xserver, this fixes the issue, but when I get into the desktop environment I cant change my display resolution above 800x600.02:37
kyle_whenever someone can throw me some help on the issue ill be back and forth to this computer.02:40
xtianok... i was abvle to install the wireless driver02:40
xtianand the VGA driver :O02:40
geniikyle_: Sounds like it can't figure out your monitor's resolution can go over 800x600. What kind of monitor is it?02:40
legodudekyle_: you are trying to use the nvidia applet to change screen res?02:45
juanantonioHello. I got a little question. I had Kubuntu 8.04, but nowadays I keep on proving and installed LXDE desktop and Xubuntu desktop from Ubuntu repos, what Xubuntu I have in this moment?02:45
szrhawaiiis there a program i can download for kubuntu that rips files into a iso file02:45
xtianlegodude: are you still there?02:47
legodudeszrhawaii: 'dd'02:47
xtiani was able to install the VGA driver :)02:47
szrhawaiiwhat is dd02:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dd02:48
xtianthanx a lot... but you know, the task bar it's just in half of the windows...02:48
szrhawaiiis that a program02:48
legodudextian: ?02:48
szrhawaiiok gonna check it out02:48
legodudejust in half of the windows?02:48
legodudeszrhawaii: google for dd iso02:48
xtianok, i'll check that02:48
legodudextian: check what?02:49
snafOn my taskbar, a few icons (klipper, the sound icon, battery, and updates) all have black behind them, and looks pretty bad, is there any way to get rid of this?02:49
legodudesnaf: I couldn't fix that until I upgraded to kde 4.202:49
Arv3nlegodude, speaking of which.. kde 4.2 kicks so much ass. (H)02:49
legodudeit is fantastic02:50
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
snafSo 4.2 is usable as of now? ie. I should update?02:50
Arv3nit works fine here.02:50
xtianok i'm lost02:51
legodudeworks extremely well for me02:51
Arv3nlegodude, same here.02:51
legodudextian: I'm confused as to what exactly you are having trouble with02:51
pkodonKDE4 looks cool, what do I miss if I use it, though?02:51
Arv3npkodon, wut u mean?02:51
xtianok, the taskbar is really tiny02:51
legodudepkodon: miss vs kde3?02:51
pkodonlegodude: Yeah.02:51
Arv3ni dunno.02:51
legodudextian: in width, or overall dimensions?02:51
Arv3nid think if they havent put it in kde 4.2 yet, i dont think it'll get put in any time soon.02:52
legodudepkodon: it's been a while since I have used kde3 so I can't really answer that02:52
xtianit just the half of the window02:52
legodudextian: hit the peanut on the right hand side then you can expand it02:52
pkodonI think I originally picked kde3 because I read somewhere that there was still some kde3 stuff it didn't include/support.02:53
xtianthanx... i was able to do it02:53
Arv3ni dunno.02:53
Arv3nkde 3.5 is old as crap.02:53
legodudepkodon: nothing has been apparent to me as missing02:53
Arv3nid just switch to kde 4 already, its the future anyway.02:53
pkodonlegodude: Okay, that's encouraging. Does it need more computer power than kde3?02:53
legodudethere may be missing features, but nothing obvious02:53
legodudepkodon: again, don't know02:54
Arv3npkodon, technically, no.02:54
legodudeI'm running it on a beefy machine02:54
Arv3npkodon, since it uses qt4 which is faster than qt3 it _SHOULD_ be faster and use less memory.02:54
Arv3ni saw some person running kde 4 + desktop effects on an eeepc. so i guess that should say something.02:54
legodudeI would skip 4.1 though02:54
legodude4.2 is such and improvement02:54
Arv3ni didnt like 4.1 much. =/02:55
Arv3nive heard kde 4.2 was faster.02:55
pkodonI have an older Compaq, I think it's got a 700MHz AMD in it, and an older nVidia graphics card.02:55
Arv3ndont do it.02:55
Arv3nnvidia has problems atm with kde 402:55
Arv3nits a nvidia problem, i think nvidia fixed a push with the latest beta drivers.02:55
legodudeI've not really seen any problems with kde on my nvidia02:55
Arv3nwell, with desktop effects.02:56
Arv3nturn on desktop effects adn tell me how fast it is.02:56
Arv3nwith a 6150 and 6600 gt it runs horrible on both.02:56
DragnslcrNo major problems here02:56
legodudeI think I had them on? with a 7200gs02:56
DragnslcrI have a 7900, I think02:56
geniiMy 8800 works great02:57
Arv3nits a major complaint with kde 4.02:57
DragnslcrSad that I can't even remember anymore02:57
pkodonIt's an old Riva TNT2, so there's lots that's not supported by my video card.02:57
Arv3ni just reinstalled.02:57
snaflol tnt2 i have one of those02:57
snafmachine is from like 199902:57
Arv3ni love my new internet connection, its got 18 minutes to download 400mb. (H)02:57
Arv3nkde 4.2 + amarok 2 + all intrepid updates in backports and everything. shweet.02:58
pkodonWhen using donated equipment, though, you don't much care as long as it works.02:58
legodudeamarok 2... meh02:58
pkodonI'm into retro-gaming anyway.02:58
Arv3nwhats retro gaming?02:58
Arv3ni like team fortress 2.02:58
Arv3ntoo bad its like a 7 gb download. =/02:58
* pkodon looks over at his Win98SE machine, and wishes he still had his Amiga.02:59
Arv3noh, man.02:59
Arv3ni forgot to enable the openoffice 3 repos. lol02:59
pkodonArv3n: Retro gaming is playing that stuff from 20 years ago.02:59
legodudedosbox ftw02:59
Arv3nthe only thing i like is super mario. but that was when i was 7. o.o02:59
Arv3nim more into "current" games.03:00
pkodonlegodude: Yeah, and snes9x, Amiga Forever, etc.03:00
legodudebleh, amiga and myself do not get along03:01
pkodonlegodude: Ever have one?03:01
* dr_willis has Several Amigas :) and the Amiga Emulators out there are pretty good.03:01
xtianhey... how do i install programs like firefox or msn?03:01
* pkodon had 2 A2000, an A500, A1200 and a CDTV.03:01
legodudeit just clashed with me, along with next03:01
legodudextian: adept03:01
Arv3nxtian, kubuntu?03:01
Arv3nwut he said. ^03:02
legodudek>applications>"install software"03:02
geniixtian: From Add/Remove Programs  (Adept)03:02
xtianthanx again03:02
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)03:02
Arv3nfirefox has a lot of weird, weird dependencies i must say though.03:02
genii!helpersnack | dr_willis03:02
ubottudr_willis: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!03:02
dr_willis!helpersnack | ubottu03:03
ubottudr_willis: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!03:03
b0nnwhat init level do I change to to only have a commandline?03:03
Arv3nwhy dont you just kill kdm.03:03
legodudeor that03:03
Arv3ni dont think init 3 works on ubuntu, does it?03:04
pkodonSpeaking of retro-gaming, can anyone tell me why games such as Vega Strike and Freedroid RPG might quit without ever opening a window? Too little memory? Too old of a graphics card?03:04
Arv3nno, i dont think it does.03:04
dr_willisI dont think it works that way on ubuntu03:04
geniib0nn: telinit 1           goes to single user. telinit 2   goes back to multi user level03:04
dr_willisbest to stop the kdm service03:04
b0nnhmm 3 doesnt work03:04
geniiArv3n: telinit.  2,3,4 and 5 are identical03:04
b0nnI'll try and killkdm03:04
Arv3nb0nn, sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop03:04
legodudewhy was that done?03:05
Arv3nlegodude, he wanted to kill kdm.03:05
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/03:05
legodudeinit levels never made much sense to me either03:05
legodudeer, anyways03:05
Arv3nnp buddy ole pal.03:05
xtianamsn is the best?03:06
pkodonHmm, perhaps I should ask the question on some blog somewhere.03:06
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ubuntu__
dr_willispkodon,  run an app from a terminal, look for error messages03:07
dr_willisthats a way to get a clue as to why they are not running right03:07
pkodondr_willis: Can any app, even ones that use KDE, be run from a terminal?03:07
dr_willispkodon,  try it and see.. I cant think of ANY app that cant be ran that wy03:07
dr_willisexcept perhaps for some kde applets-things that are always launched by other kde-programs03:08
pkodonAnd, I don't need to know the exact path to the app? I'm still not used to where stuff gets installed.03:08
dr_willisYou dont need icons/menus to run X apps..03:08
dr_willisecho $PATH03:08
legodudeusually you can just type the name of the app03:08
=== ubuntu__ is now known as chatter35
dr_willisif its in the PATH - its all good.03:08
xtianhey have a question, for example, i downloaded firefox from the mozilla page... am i able to install it from the zip file? or i have to use adept03:09
legodude"which appname" tells you where it lives03:09
legodudextian: I would suggest installing via adept03:09
legodudebut you can certainly use it from a zip03:09
dr_willisif somthing is in the packages - USE the packaged one - if you can. :)03:09
xtianbut using adept... it starts installing a lot of other stuff03:10
legodudethere are some kubuntu-specific firefox extensions03:10
xtianGnome stuff... is that normal?03:10
legodudemany apps need gnome libraries03:10
pkodonNow there's something I am still not able to do: take a .tar.gz and install it, especially when the program needs to be compiled.03:11
dr_willisThis is when you experiment, and learn, and   grow as a linux user. :)03:11
xtiani understand, thankyou... i have another problem with the taskbar, the icons are not being show, it just appears a blue square03:12
pkodondr_willis: Well, I was adventuresome enough to install Free Pascal (I've wanted to learn Pascal anyway).03:12
dr_willisInstall the compiler, Installed needed -dev packages. get source , ./configure, make,  (and look for any errors, if any go back to install needed -dev stuff)03:12
dr_willisthen make install. :)03:12
pkodonOkay, off to do some experimenting ...03:12
legodudecompiling from source is really cool03:13
legodudethe first 500 or so times03:13
Arv3nyeah, i had to say it. :<03:13
pkodondr_willis: "make install" is the command line?03:13
* pkodon never used make, though he's used compilers.03:14
pkodonI've looked at some make files and it all looks confusing.03:14
legodudepkodon: ./configure; make; make install03:14
legodudeha, look at ant files for java03:14
pkodonOkay, I take it the semicolons allow you to put several commands on one command line?03:15
DragnslcrOr don't, if you value your sanity03:15
pkodonDragnslcr: Hmm, can't be any worse than a book I got from the library on APL.03:15
dr_willispkodon,  of course.. if you want to learn to compile.. first learn the command line03:16
dr_willisBash Basics - place to start03:16
mister-tea-laptoubuntu has some nice tutorials03:16
gautamcan any body pls tell me why i have problem loading www.ibibo.com using firefox in kubuntu 8.10. I dont have problem with othe site though03:16
xtianHEY... Noob question, do i need an antivirus?03:17
mister-tea-laptoon the start page of konqueror there are some links that link to other links about the basics03:17
pkodondr_willis: ::nods:: I'm an old MS-DOS,AmigaDOS,CP/M,(whatever DOSes we had on the TRS80 Model I) user, I guess if I can find the docs, I can learn Bash/Csh/Sh/whatever.03:18
dr_willissilly grandsone is going around my pc room banging on keyboards.. argh!03:18
mister-tea-laptoxtian: no not in my opinion03:19
pkodonOkay, well, off to play with command lines et-al.03:19
Dragnslcrxtian- depends on if you're in the habit of downloading stuff from strange places03:24
xtianaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... ok03:24
xtianso exist virus for linux03:25
xtianseveral times appears a windows that says something -kate... what's thaT?03:25
mister-tea-laptoits an editor03:25
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code03:25
DragnslcrEh, not as informative as I was hoping for03:26
xtianis it alright if i close it?03:26
Dragnslcr!info kate03:26
ubottukate (source: kdesdk): KDE 4 Advanced Text Editor. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 (intrepid), package size 876 kB, installed size 2452 kB03:26
DragnslcrBit more useful03:26
* mister-tea-lapto loves kate03:26
xtianhaha thank you03:27
xtiananother question... in the taskbar appears some softwate upgrades... do you recomend to install them all?03:28
mister-tea-laptois space an issue?03:29
xtianspace an issue? what do you mean03:31
mister-tea-laptoxtian: disk space I mean03:31
xtianah ok... it's not a problem...03:31
xtiansorry i'm from Chile... my native language is spanish03:31
mister-tea-laptothen as a new user my answer would be yes... I;ve had very good luck with them03:32
mister-tea-laptohablo espanol un poco03:32
mister-tea-laptoja ja03:33
xtianjaja gracias entonces03:33
mister-tea-laptoI can read and understand pretty well but as for writing it ...not so good03:34
kyle_[20:45] <legodude> kyle_: you are trying to use the nvidia applet to change screen res?03:36
kyle_i believe I am lego dude03:37
kyle_My monitor is some chinese no name lcd..03:37
legodudecheck your Xorg log file?03:38
kyle_The monitor is a Kogi...03:38
legodudeshould print out a list of modelines03:38
kyle_how would i go about that?03:38
legodudelook in /var/log03:38
legodudeXorg.0.log I think03:38
kyle_ok im in it03:39
legodudelooks for lines like (II) intel(0): Modeline "1280x800"x0.0   68.94  1280 1296 1344 1408  800 801 804 816 -hsync -vsync (49.003:40
kyle_--) NV: Found NVIDIA GeForce 6100 at 00@00:05:003:40
legodudetells you driver is working03:41
kyle_will this be at the top of xorg file middle or end? any idea?03:41
legodudeyou can grep it nicely03:42
kyle_i think i found it03:42
kyle_but there a bunch of03:42
kyle_this stuff one sec03:42
kyle_(II) NV(0): Not using default mode "1280x1024" (hsync out of range)03:43
kyle_(II) NV(0): Not using default mode "640x512" (hsync out of range)03:43
kyle_(II) NV(0): Not using default mode "1280x1024" (hsync out of range)03:43
kyle_theres lines upon lines of that03:43
legodudesomething like grep -i -C 4 modeline Xorg.0.log >> modelines03:43
kyle_my monitor is made for 1280x102403:43
legodudethen pastebin03:43
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)03:43
legodudeor just pastepin the whole logfile03:44
kyle_yea one sec.03:44
chris4585would it be worth running kubuntu 8.10 on a fast computer with a old video card?03:45
kyle_you want me to pastebin the whole xorg file?03:45
chris4585the video card is splotchy while scrolling, but I guess thats just the drivers03:45
kyle_I posted it03:46
legodudekyle_: sure03:46
kyle_on pastebin03:46
kyle_its under Journier2103:46
legodudelooks like it is not properly detecting your monitor03:47
kyle_the monitor is a cheap thing i got in 2002 , no name brand etc. how would i change my .xorg file to force it to recognize 1280x1024?03:48
legodudeyou can look at the file generated by the nvidia utility03:49
legodudeand try and modify it from there03:49
* kyle_ is new, how would i go about this03:49
legodudebut I'm no expert on modlines, I really hate them03:49
pjammeris there still an xorg.conf file?03:50
legodudein the nvidia config utility, there is somewhere a button to save config, and from that you can view the config it generates03:50
kyle_what exactly is the nvidia config utility called?03:50
kyle_theres something called screen resize03:50
legodude"nvidia utility"?03:50
kyle_ and rotate03:50
legodudethat's not it03:50
kyle_ok... lol i cant find the nvidia utility in the k menu03:51
kyle_nvidia x server settings?03:51
legodudekyle_: read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia03:52
legodudeit has a whole section on your problenm03:52
legodudewhen in doubt, read the manuals...03:52
kyle_dont know how i ever survived with 800x600 monitors early on03:53
kyle_everything so gigantic .03:53
kyle_hmmm the nvidia x server wont create a config file...03:57
[Relic]Anyone get adobe air for 64bit working on 8.04?  The instructions didn't seem to work properly03:58
legodudeadobe air?03:58
legodudekyle_: howso?03:59
kyle_it wont write the . config file to where im telling it?03:59
legodudethe nvidia applet?04:00
[Relic]legodude, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94109304:00
legodudedo a select all, copy, and then paste into file04:00
kyle_i cant even get into the file since it says it doesnt exist and i need to create one...04:01
kyle_i have it create one  by saving to... desktop04:01
kyle_and nothing is appearing.04:01
legoduderead what I wrote04:01
kyle_select all copy and then paste into file?04:01
kyle_what am I select alling?04:01
legodude[Relic]: I can't even parse the adobe air website04:01
legodudekyle_: you can preview the file04:02
kyle_lol xserver just froze up...04:02
kyle_how would i go about ending a frozen program in Kubuntu good sir?04:02
legodudeor ctrl + esc04:04
kyle_it says you do not appear to be using the nvidia x driver, Please edit your x configuration file , just and restart the x server04:05
kyle_so then i save current configuration...04:05
[Relic]deal with this tomorrow then04:05
legodudekyle_: ?04:06
kyle_thats the warning when i open xserver.04:06
legodudeI think you are using terminology incorrectly04:06
kyle_i may not be.04:06
kyle_what am I saying wrong?04:06
legodudewhat exactly do you mean by "xserver:04:06
kyle_nvidia x server settings?04:07
kyle_thats the program name04:07
legodudeyeah, xserver is not the same thing as that04:07
kyle_umm ok04:07
kyle_well i didnt know there is different x servers.04:07
legodudewell, the xserver can be thought of as the display manager04:08
legodudewhich programs (x clients) connect to when they want to display graphics04:08
legodudeand the xserver interacts with various drivers, including the nvidia drivers04:08
legodudehence you are using the nvidia xserver driver config program04:08
kyle_well my issue still stands though :/ it wont copy the .config over to wherever i tell it to, be it the desktop or in documents..04:08
legodudedid you copy the preview of the file?04:09
legodudethen paste it into kate?04:09
kyle_there isnt a preview of the file for all i know from within the nvidia xserver...04:09
legodudethere is04:09
legodudewhen you go to save04:09
legodudeyou can hit preview04:09
kyle_jesus locked up again04:10
kyle_im in the save configuration file screen04:10
kyle_and i dont see a preview button.04:11
legodudeI'm not on a nvidia machine right now04:12
kyle_well i assume it would be a nice big button saying preview.04:13
kyle_it isnt there... hmmm the config file should be where the nvidia xserver is.04:13
legodudethere is04:13
kyle_so maybe ill find it...04:13
kyle_VALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.04:15
kyle_                  Device section "Configured Video Device" must have a Driver04:15
kyle_                  line.04:15
kyle_sh: pkg-config: not found04:15
kyle_ERROR: Unable to write to directory '/etc/X11'.04:15
=== jewel is now known as minus18_pundit
werdnumAnybody know how I can change my keyboard layout? I seem to have some strange layout where typing 'a gives á, '<space> gives ', and '' gives ´, with similar behaviour for ".04:24
SJr|Nbookwerdum is that in console, or in X04:34
SJr|NbookIf it's in X, "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"<04:34
SJr|NbookIf it's in X, "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"04:34
legodudehe's dead, SJr|Nbook04:35
xtiandoes someone know how to use Wine properly?04:37
xtiani'm trying to install windows live messenger04:38
dr_williswine whtever.exe04:38
xtianyeah i know04:39
xtiani already installed it04:39
legodudeor just click on the program04:39
legodudeor just run it04:39
xtianbut when i click the exe of messenger... wine opens and close inmediately04:39
legodudecommand line04:39
dr_willistry it from the command line.. get away from this clicking-fettish. :)04:39
xtianhaha... but i don't know any commands04:40
dr_williswine whtever.exe04:40
dr_willisYou just learned that one04:41
dr_willisI woudl REALLY be spurised if window live messenger - worked in wine04:41
legodudems programs04:41
dr_willisand i mean really really really suprised04:41
xtianit's not supposed to work on wine? :S04:42
dr_willisit proberly uses 20 variantions of .net and 10 specilized MS only knows features of IE04:42
xtiani thought wine it was good running MS programs04:42
legodudeit is made by MS04:42
dr_willisxtian,  some do some dont.04:42
legodudenot so much MS exactly04:42
legodudewindows programs04:42
legodudebut MS crown windows jewels not so much04:42
dr_williswine notepad.exe   works fine. :)04:42
dr_williswine sol.exe also works04:42
legodudebut messenger, media player not so much04:43
dr_willisonce you start tossing in .net stuff. and other  layers  upon layers of MS embeded stuff...04:43
xtianok i understand04:44
* dr_willis has a hard time runnign actually windows apps under windows.. if they need .net stuff.. some times..04:44
xtianwhat should i do now? i mean... i have drivers and some programs... do you have some adviceS?04:49
mister-tea-laptowhat are you trying to do04:50
xtiancustomize my desk? something like that04:51
dr_willisthats a bit vague.. and sounds somewhat unrelated to your earlier statments...04:51
xtianhahaha... i know...04:53
studio_olá gentem04:54
studio_algum brasileiro ? ou brasileira ?04:54
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:55
=== studio_ is now known as VictorDeKoLa
VictorDeKoLaolá algum brasileiro aqui ?05:05
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.05:06
snafHey, how do you go about updating KDE to the new beta?05:07
snafOh, I'm dumb05:08
snafForget it, topic has the info :P05:08
AdolaHow do I make a .tar.gz?05:11
geniiAdola: tar -czf tarname.tar.gz   file1-to-tar-up file2-to-tar-up etc05:14
Adolagenii: Please help me thorugh this:P05:14
AdolaIf I wanted to turn a folder into a .tar.gz.05:15
AdolaThe file is called05:15
geniiAdola: Where is the folder? On your desktop?05:16
Adolain home.05:16
geniiAdola: In /home/yourusername               ?05:17
White_PelicanI still need help with frostwire. It still complains about my version of java. I'm on hardy heron. this worked before I reinstalled my system05:20
geniiAdola: Then in konsole:     cd ~ ; tar -czvf somename.tar.gz ./Folder05:20
AdolaAhh, tahnk you very much :P05:22
White_Pelicancan I get some help?05:30
dr_willisinstall the actual sun java  perhaps?05:31
dr_willisI normally install  kubuntu-restricted-extras and it grabs the sun java and other parts05:31
White_PelicanI have problems with java 6 in certain web sites I use every day05:32
White_Pelicanso i'm hesitant to use it05:32
White_Pelicanthe jave I am using is the sun version, not blackdown05:32
dr_willisdouble check with java --version or was it java -version05:33
White_PelicanI already did05:33
White_Pelicanit's the sun version05:33
dr_willisso you are using the older java then?05:33
White_Pelicanif you consider 1.5 to be the "older" java then yes I am05:34
krishnahi, i am a newbie, and have some queries.. is this where I am allowed to ask?05:36
dthackerkrishna: yes05:37
krishnadthacker, I am thinking of using a desktop sharing server to be able to connect with my box using a laptop (laptop is xp, uses vncviewer 4.2.2905:38
krishnawhat is the server I should be using on the kubuntu box?05:38
dthackerkrishna: tightvnc, perhaps?05:39
krishnai tried vnc4server through adept, I am not able to find it after installation.. I am using 8.10, and update as indicated.05:39
dthackerno experience in this matter05:40
snarkstergood evening, when will 4.2 be released?05:44
zagarothcan anyone help me setup dual monitors, i have been having some problems with it05:48
White_Pelicandr_willis, as I predicted, java 6 does not work with the web sites I use05:51
White_Pelicanand it still didn't help froostwire anyway05:51
dr_williscant say taht ive ever had a issue with java 6 on any site.. or with frostwire either...05:53
dr_willisso this may be a sign of a deeper issue.05:53
dr_williskrishna,  it has no icon.. its a command line tool to start the server05:53
dr_williskrishna,  and you will want to edit  the users .vnc/xstartup after running vnc4server the first time and setting up a password.05:54
=== zagaroth is now known as Borg^Zap
krishnawhere will I find the vnc4server executible?05:56
White_Pelicandr_willis, this is not the first time I've seen this happen, go to pogo.com and try pogo bowl. I believe you needto sign up, but you don't have to join05:56
dr_williskrishna,  you type 'vnc4server' at the command line05:57
dr_williskrishna,  not every app has an icon :)05:57
krishnagot it. it created the .vnc/xstartup on its own.05:58
dr_willisYes it did.. and it most likely made a WRONG one. :)05:58
krishnathanks dr_willis!05:58
dr_willis its proberly trying to run twm. which is NOT what you want05:58
dr_williswhen vnc4server starts up it runs the desktop/commands that are in xstartup05:58
dr_willisit does NOT start your default desktop. it does not start kdm or any other login manager05:59
krishnahow do i mend it?05:59
dr_willisnow taht you ahve a xstartup made, and setup a vnc server password.. Kill the vncserver with  'vnc4server -kill :1' then EDIT the file to make it run what you want05:59
dr_willisactually it may be vnc4server --kill :106:00
dr_willisif you are not carefull you will spawn more then 1 vnc4server.06:00
krishnathe xstartup says uncomment the two lines for normal desktop...06:00
snafHey. I think I may have messed up my PC. Does anyone know what the latest linux kernel version that is used with kubuntu 8.10?06:00
dr_willisYou read comments.. :) good... :)06:00
krishnaone is for unsetting session manager and other is for exec'ing xinitrc06:01
dr_willisI normally set up my vnc to run 'jwm' as a window manager.. I find the full kde or gnome desktops to make it too sluggish06:01
dr_willisat one time vnc4servers default startup ran 'twm' which is not even isntalled by default.. so you would get a blank desktop06:01
krishnaI just want the complete interface on the desktop to be available in the vnc window.. how do i get that?06:02
dr_williswhich complete interface?06:02
dr_willisThers several to choose from. :)06:02
krishnaI want to look into vnc window and find it the same as my box monitor..06:03
dr_willisYou mean to say you want it to runt he SAME desktop as your default login desktop?06:03
dr_willisI thought you said the comments mentioned that..  'the session manager' one...06:03
dr_willisif you want it to run kde,  I think the proper command is 'startkde'   if you want to make it always run kde.06:04
krishnayes... so uncommenting those two lines will get me my desktop on the box available through vnc viewer elsewhere...06:04
dr_willisPerhaps.. I  never make it do that.06:05
dr_willisIve learned over the years to explicatly tell it what one. :)06:05
dr_willisnote that vnc4server will NOT be shareing the 'same' desktop as you are seeing when you login directly .. It will ahve its own instance of the desktop running 'hidden'06:05
krishnayeah... i will have to put in those before i figure out I gues.. :-)06:05
krishnawhy can;t I share the same desktop like I do on windows?06:06
dr_willisbecause you are using the wrong vncserver to do it that way06:06
dr_willisvnc is More flexiable then you realize from using it under windows06:06
dr_willisgnome has its own built in vncserver that works the windows way..  i think kde does also.06:07
dr_willis i find that makes them even more sluggish.  i hate to think how slow kde4 will be over vnc that way06:07
krishnawhich means I am already in trouble...06:08
dr_willisNo idea.. Im just answeringt the  questions you are asking.. :)06:08
dr_willisVNC is a very flexible tool with lots of variants and specilized versions..06:08
krishnaof course... i get it now, lemme try and come back with answers / more questions... thx dr_willis for all the explanation!06:09
White_Pelicandr_willis, I figure out the problem06:10
dr_willisWhite_Pelican,  Oh?06:10
White_Pelicanfrostwire couldn't figure out where it's jar files were, so I installed into a folder in my home, then I cd into that folder and run frostwire from there06:10
krishnahey dr_willis, I found that the last line of the xstartup says twm &...06:11
dr_williskrishna,  bingo.. thats starting a  window manager ya dont have. :)06:11
dr_willischange it to 'startkde' perhaps. (the & may or may not be needed)06:12
dr_willisThat still wont share your 'currently running' kde desktop. You would have actually 2 different instances of KDE going.06:12
krishna:-[ thanks for the warning !06:12
krishnajust what to do for the current one?06:12
dr_willisUnless of course You do like i do.. and ssh intot he box..  and run vncserver, so  i have NO logged in/seeable desktop.   on the machines monitor.06:13
dr_willisgnome has a vncserver built in, and KDE proberly does as well.. I only rarely use the gnome one.. and have never tried the kde one.06:13
dr_willisI dont 'work' that way with them. :)06:13
dr_willisI ssh in to the remote box. run vnc4server, then connect via a vncclient06:14
krishnahow to keep the box from spawning a default x session?06:14
dr_willisIts not really an issue. if  it has KDM running   or not...06:15
dr_willissomeone may want to login,  locally, and  you could login via vncserver, and both be on the machine at the same time06:15
dr_willisOr just stop the kdm service if you want.06:15
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/06:16
dr_willisthers some sysv init tools that let you select what services to startup at boot time. the KDM service is what launches KDM06:16
krishnamy adept says upstart is installed06:17
dr_willisupstart IS the sysv init system.. You may want to read up on it.. to learn how it works and services are started/stopped/changed06:18
dr_willisthe package manager will have several 'sysv' tools that also let you manage what services are loaded at boot.  If you want NO X starting at all. disable the KDm service06:18
dr_willis!find sysv06:18
ubottuFound: sysv-rc, sysvinit, sysvinit-utils, sysvutils, type-handling (and 4 others)06:18
dr_willis!info  sysv-rc06:19
ubottusysv-rc (source: sysvinit): System-V-like runlevel change mechanism. In component main, is required. Version 2.86.ds1-59ubuntu13 (intrepid), package size 64 kB, installed size 272 kB06:19
dr_willis!info  sysvinit06:19
ubottusysvinit (source: sysvinit): System-V-like init utilities. In component main, is optional. Version 2.86.ds1-59ubuntu13 (intrepid), package size 113 kB, installed size 300 kB06:19
dr_willisKDe at one time had a nice GUI tool to do the job.. but ive not noticed if its in kde 4.1+06:19
=== _juvinious is now known as juvinious
p_quarlesdr_willis: it's an init system, but it is *not* the sys V init system; it was designed to replace that06:22
dr_willisbut the sysv init tools seem to work with it.. at least all the ones ive tried has...06:24
krishnaadept says sysvinit not installed.06:24
dr_willisthe 'select what things to run at boot' tools06:24
dr_williskrishna,  check the package manager and read the descriptons - theres tools that let you pick what  things start at what runlevels.. there may alrleady be one isntalled in the menus.06:25
dr_willisOR just dont worry about it. havig KDM running - isent going to be that much extra load on a mondern machine.06:26
krishnaokie let me just check if the basic vnc client conn works or not... brb...06:28
dr_willis sysv-rc-conf  - is a console/text based tool that lets you add/remove things from the default runlevels06:28
p_quarlesyeah, many things are started the same way in upstart; the sysv-rc-conf tool should still work (it's packaged for Ubuntu, at least)06:28
p_quarlesor, if you're me, you just brute force it: sudo mv /etc/rc2.d/S30kdm /etc/rc2.d/D30kdm06:29
dr_willistheres some command line tool that can also add/remove a specific service.. but i forget its name..06:30
dr_willisyea  - i can rember its one of the few commands ive seen that have a . in the name :) thats not like .sh06:33
lninjoxhow do you brute force lost my password06:36
dr_willisneer seen a way to recover a password..  use live cd.. and reset it to a known one.06:36
p_quarleslninjox: boot into recovery mode and type passwd username06:36
dr_willisor single/recovery   mode  :) from the grub menu.06:37
lninjoxon my lampserver06:37
* dr_willis isent sure when 'single user' mode became 'recovery' mode.06:37
p_quarlesdr_willis: since Ubuntu changed the GRUB menu06:37
p_quarleslninjox: you mean you don't have physical access to the server?06:37
lninjoxyes i do06:38
dr_willisI still think we need a 'fix these  common problem' entry in grub. ;)  I saw some disrto that had a similer thing to that06:38
p_quarleslninjox: well, it's the same for any edition of Ubuntu: boot into recovery mode and type passwd username; then reboot06:39
lninjoxits that easy wow its the root password i forgot06:39
dr_willisYou mean the 'sudoers' password? or you actually have a root users password set?06:40
p_quarleswell, if you set the root password it's different, as recovery mode only boots without authenticating if you've left the root passwd locked06:40
dr_willisin either case.  its about the same.. only  for the user. you need to give a user name to the passwd command I recall.06:40
lninjoxthanks i will try that06:41
dr_willisIve not noticed it asking for my root set password.. then again,, my root user and  main user have the same password. :)06:41
dr_willisand i never forget them..06:41
lninjoxmaybe im doing it wrong06:41
lninjoxi use root to access the server and change permissions to folders and such06:41
dr_willisit would be best/safest to ssh in as a user, and then use sudo properly.06:42
dr_willisassuming you are sshing in. :)06:42
lninjoxi see and yes i am06:42
lninjoxso even though im the user using su command actually gives me root priviliges06:43
lninjoxi see06:43
dr_williswell have fun.. its bed time here.06:43
lninjoxbut someone was talking about bruteforcing how do you do that06:43
lninjoxfor curisotiy06:44
p_quarlesbrute forcing a password? that doesn't really seem like a topic for this channel06:44
lninjoxand how can you protect yourself from it happening06:44
p_quarlesby having a good password06:44
lninjoxjust wondered06:46
p_quarlesbrute force cracking refers to going through every possible option; if your password is 1234, it's easy to crack that; if it's respectably random and long, it becomes much more difficult06:46
p_quarlesand ssh, for instance, can be configured to kick people off after three missed attempts or something; that's another way to make it all but impossible06:46
lninjoxthats what i was thinking anyway ya hear stories and wanted know how it worked06:47
lninjoxno bad intentions intended06:47
=== Tidus is now known as Tidus|away
lninjoxhappy new year06:48
p_quarleslninjox: no worries; as you can see, though, physical access makes it impossible to protect against password changing/theft06:48
=== Tidus|away is now known as Tidus
lninjoxhow can i stop people from spanning my simple machine forums you know of any mods06:49
lninjoxspamming my bad06:50
binskipy2uI got a question, dont know where to "ask it".. i have a nicely setup kubuntu w/everything I like and everything works.. (its 64bit) can I add just "any window manager".. wouldnt fluxbox, openbox be FASTER and use lots less memory then kde?07:13
krishna_hey guys, back again, after noting another screw-up in my setup...07:15
krishna_my wireless router is set up in bridged mode, and would not even respond to pinging from my laptop through wireless connection. However the wireless connection says 'connected'07:16
krishna_is this normal?07:17
krishna_I am chatting through a bridged mode dsl modem/wireless router combo box07:17
=== bigboss is now known as mrmisgood
krishna_now when I wanted to connect to the kubuntu box through the wireless LAN - wireless dsl router - wired connection to kubuntu,  I am not getting any pinging using either my gateway ip or the kubuntu box ip07:18
=== krishna_ is now known as krishna
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aurelieni have install intrepid with kde 4.2 (updated), but i want now go back to kde 3.5, is there a solution ?08:33
amerigohello kubunters08:33
aurelienhello amerigo08:33
amerigoi've burn my monitor...08:34
aurelienwho can help me ?08:35
amerigoi see you so big!!!08:36
amerigoshoot aurelien08:36
aurelienor is possible to install hardy 8.04 with kernel 2.6.27 ?08:36
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde408:38
=== nati is now known as drerling
=== CodeGuru is now known as solid_liq
amerigoaurelien: can you use adept?08:48
amerigoaurelien: to be back to kde3 >>> look for kubuntu ... you may see kubuntu-kde4-desktop installed and kubuntu-desktop uninstalled >>> so install kubuntu-desktop08:51
aurelienamerigo: i have found a solution with using KDE3 Intrepid PPA repository08:51
amerigoaurelien: automatically it should be uninstall kubuntu-kde4-desktop08:52
aurelienand i'm installing kubuntu-desktop-kde308:52
amerigobut do not unistall before you have installed kubuntu-desktop08:52
aurelienno i have install without uninstall kde408:53
amerigoafter installation you can remove also kde408:53
aurelieni will choose on logon with kde3 or kde408:53
amerigobut they can qorks togheter08:53
OxDeadC0deis "systemsettings" a kde or kubuntu program?08:53
alidhi there, does anybody know how i can remove downloaded packages which i got by adept and installed from my hard disk?09:02
aurelienfucking repository, when installing packages, there's a fucking error and a fatal exit,09:04
aurelieni don't know how install kde 3.5 under intrepid09:04
stdin!language | aurelien09:04
ubottuaurelien: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:04
stdinand you can't install KDE 3 in Intrepid unless you compile it yourself09:04
stdinalid: "sudo apt-get clean"09:05
stdinOxDeadC0de: Kubuntu in KDE 3, KDE in KDE 409:05
OxDeadC0denever mind stdin ty, found it (was kde4 tho)09:05
alidstdin: thanks! but wouldn't it uninstall the package from my computer?09:07
aurelienthk stdin09:07
stdinalid: clean clears out the local repository of retrieved package files. It removes everything but the lock file from /var/cache/apt/archives/ and /var/cache/apt/archives/partial/.09:08
stdinfrom the apt-get manpage09:08
stdinso the answer is, it won't try to uninstall anything, just remove the .deb files09:09
alidstdin: i want to just remove the "eclipse" from my local repository, and not other programs. can i limit the "sudo apt-get clean" just to that particular package?09:11
alidstdin: to just remove that particular package (eclipse) i mean. sorry for my bad english.09:12
stdinalid: if you just want to remove one package then use "sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/eclipse*.deb"09:12
alidstdin: great! that's exactly what i was looking for!09:13
alidstdin: thanks a lot! :-*09:13
alidaurelien: i used this post and got KDE 3.5 installed on my intrepid. it works fine! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96369509:19
stdin^ use that at your own peril, it's not supported09:21
aurelienalid: i have try this and have error09:22
alidaurelien: what kind of error?09:23
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
alidstdin: i'm not sure if there would be any problems with this KDE 3.5 in future. the only thing that i can say is that it's almost two weeks that i'm using KDE 3.5 on my intrepid and i haven't encountered any specific problems.09:25
aurelienalid: conflicts09:25
alidaurelien: sorry. i'm not that professional to help with this problem. i followed those steps and everything went fine.09:28
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aliddoes anybody know if it is possible to instant message somebody in kopete who is not in your list (without adding him/her to your list of course!)?09:58
alidi use yahoo messenger protocol09:59
zer0ohi guys! known issue overhere, searched it up on the forums and apparently not solved... korganizer reminder daemon automatically starts at boot even when unchecked "start at login" and closed. how do i avoid that? thanks10:01
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hyper_chzer0o: do you auto-save the running session when you exit?10:04
zer0ohyper_ch: dunno how to do that so i dont think so, might it be "autosaved"?10:05
hyper_chzer0o: you have to check what you set it to10:05
hyper_chzer0o: make it to autosave and then exit the session while the daemon is not running10:05
zer0ohyper_ch: i didnt set it up thatz why im saying i dont think so10:05
hyper_chzer0o: and then turn off the autosave10:05
zer0ohow do i do that?10:06
hyper_chsystem settings10:06
zer0oyes, once there?10:07
hyper_chzer0o: familiarize yourself there :)10:10
zer0ohyper_ch: if im asking you is cuz i cant find it myself10:10
hyper_chzer0o: what options do you have there?10:11
zer0oand i really dunno where that could be10:12
peabodyOK, this is really stupid.. http://tinyurl.com/89vkyb10:12
peabodyI can't connect a Sansa Fuze to my laptop, like it doesn't even register that it's connected to my USB10:13
barui have a question10:44
baruwhy the keyboard, when kubuntu load after login, runout?10:46
aliddoes anybody know if it is possible to instant message somebody in kopete who is not in your list (without adding him/her to your list of course!)? I'm using Yahoo Messenger Protocol.10:50
DarkSmokemsn protocol?10:52
iberthi. How can I activate that a java class is correctly interpreted and not ignored by w3m or links or lynx?10:54
aliddoes anybody know if it is possible to instant message somebody in kopete who is not in your list (without adding him/her to your list of course!)? I'm using Yahoo Messenger Protocol.10:59
foxmulder881Just upgraded to kde 4.2 beta 2 this morning with kernel 2.6.28-4. Working great.11:03
alidhow can i change the arrow icon which hides unwanted icons in the kicker's tray? it's a tiny black arrow by default, my kicker's background is alos black, and this arrow is invisible!11:12
peabodyhmm.. can I attach a 3.5" internal CD-ROM drive to a 3.5" HDD enclosure and mount a cd from it?11:13
shmokhi have some questions on Ubuntu opreating system ....can any body help me out ?11:17
hyper_ch!question | shmokh11:17
ubottushmokh: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:17
shmokhthankfull for that11:18
shmokhwhere can i find a program that runs MSN messanger ?11:19
hyper_chshmokh: did you search synaptic for msn?11:19
shmokhi've tried kopte and amsn , they both didn't work out11:20
hyper_chshmokh: try emesen11:20
shmokhgood , i have my friend working on it ,11:21
shmokhcan you access to my computer and fix it ? i have problems with resolotion11:21
hyper_chshmokh: it's not a good idea to let anyone on your computer11:22
shmokhcos i'm new in this and almost beginner11:23
cllaudyucan someone tell me why my display driver insn't installing after i click activate?11:24
=== luigi44000 is now known as kikokoko
hyper_chshmokh: don't query me11:28
hyper_chshmokh: one more query and yuo're on my block list11:29
shmokhbut you haven't answer my question11:29
hyper_chI don't answer anything in a query11:29
shmokhok i'm sorry about this11:30
shmokhlet me start again11:30
shmokh i have problems with resolotio11:30
shmokhcan you help me out with it ?11:30
shmokhok sorry for desturbing or bothring you11:31
Nallemandoes anyone here have the problem that notification icons in the lower panel is not drawn properly?11:31
Nallemansome of them gets "blended" with each other11:32
hyper_chNalleman: only with aMSN sometimes.... rest is ok for me11:32
NallemanOk, and you dont care much about it?11:34
hyper_chnot really11:35
Nallemanok, then next question. How can I turn off the "save session" function so programs are actually closed when the computer is turned off11:41
hyper_chNalleman: system settings11:44
Nallemanhyper_ch, I cant find it11:49
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
Nallemanaaah, its an advanced tab11:49
=== kira is now known as Guest90138
thomas__I just installed 8.10, but I'm confused about the nvidia drivers.  How do I make sure that I'm using the nvidia drivers, rather than the nv driver?11:53
hyper_chthomas__: restricted driver manager11:55
thomas__what's the command to run it?11:56
Dekans(maybe, i'm not sure)11:56
hyper_chthomas__: check the entries in the system folder in kmenu11:56
thomas__I've got it, thanks for your help!11:58
ivan_народ кто нить может помочь, Ubuntu 8.10 не полностью русская, локализацию делал12:12
Mamarok!ru | ivan_12:13
ubottuivan_: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke12:13
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Nallemanhow can startup and shutdown sound be turned off?12:24
Babuto`hi i have problem connecting to internet with my computer which is on kubuntu, but the connection works for the computer which are on windows12:26
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DreadKnightanyone managed to get a bluetooth headset working in intrepid?12:33
ubuntu_hola! estaba mirando los efecto de escritorio lo tenia deshabilitado y cuando habilito se me puso negro tarda mucho en agregar....... reinicie y ya luego  me salio este mensaje en inicio cuando carga  kubuntu routine check of drives:dev/sda112:41
ubuntu_podrian ayudarme?12:41
Mamarok!es | ubuntu_12:42
ubottuubuntu_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.12:42
Mamarokde nada12:42
krioxcan i use the repositery of 7.10 or 6.06 to install kde linguage package12:58
chukwumahello all13:02
chukwumaI want to speak to some one13:07
chukwumawanna chat13:07
spawn57hi folks, anyone using kde 4.2 beta from kubuntu?  Is it stable enough for everyday use?13:09
DekansI use it13:11
Dekansexcept dolphin it's almost stable13:11
spawn57ohh sweet13:11
spawn57I'll try using it now then13:11
Babuto`hi, i have plasma that crashes at startup (i have kde4.2 beta) ; i've tried to delete ~/.kde-neon/share/config/plasma* but i still have the problem13:11
DreadKnightBabuto`: happened to me too a few days ago13:12
DreadKnightBabuto`: had to upgrade from terminal.... it's good practice to delete the whole .kde-neon folder from time to time i noticed, or just rename it so you can keep your data..13:13
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Guest94846I have to install kde 4.2 but didn't work because some kdebase package problems and now I want to return to kde 4.113:20
Guest94846how can I undo the process??13:20
Babuto`DreadKnight i deleted the directory and that did not worked13:22
DreadKnightchukwuma: feeling depressed there buddy? :P13:23
Guest94846I cann't install kde-icons-oxygen package and because of that kde 4.2 cann't be installed13:28
Guest94846someone can help me please13:29
Guest94846anybody ?13:30
cristi_stie cineva romana?13:38
Thorhow can i make konqueror to be the default file manager instead dolphin ?13:38
Thorda cristi13:38
cristi_cum instalez xmms?13:38
Mamarok!ro | cristi_, Thor13:39
ubottucristi_, Thor: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro13:39
Thorsorry guys13:40
MamarokGuest94846: what repos do you use?13:41
MamarokGuest94846: is it the only package that does not install?13:42
Guest94846Mamarok: I try the deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main13:43
Mamarokok, but is this the only package that does not install?13:44
Guest94846no..many, because of that13:44
Guest94846let my show you13:44
MamarokGuest94846: pastbin13:44
Guest94846here is using the solution propose by adept-manager13:45
Guest94846so far I have read is something to do with koffice, but I cann't remove the software because always apt-get try to do the same13:45
MamarokGuest94846: you should install kdebase!13:46
* Mamarok is afk for 15 minutes13:46
Guest94846Mamarok: here http://paste.ubuntu.com/99009/ installing kdebase13:48
Guest94846Mamarok: it doesnt matter what I try to install at the end, everything depends on the kde-icons-oxigen13:51
spawn57is there an error message you can show us/13:52
MamarokGuest94846: you might have to override the kde-cons-oxygen package then14:00
MamarokGuest94846: are you sure all your sources show intrepid?14:01
Mamarokspawn57: Kidding...14:01
Mamaroksry, wrong channel14:01
Mamarokspawn57: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99006/14:01
MamarokGuest94846: you let adept-manager change the sources to Intrepid, did you?14:02
MamarokGuest94846: try the following:14:03
Guest94846Mamarok:  yes.. deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main is that wrong?14:04
Mamaroksudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite kde-icons-oxygen14:04
peabodyin ubuntu, under system -> administration you have an option to Create USB Startup Disk... how do I do this in KDE?14:04
MamarokGuest94846: your other source repos are Intrepid too?14:04
Mamarokok, try the above command then14:05
Guest94846Mamarok: I will try that what you wrote14:05
spawn57do apt-get -f install14:05
Mamarokspawn57: hey...14:05
spawn57Mamarok: yeah?14:06
Guest94846Mamarok: output-> dpkg: error processing kde-icons-oxygen (--install): cannot access archive: No such file or directory Errors were encountered while processing kde-icons-oxygen:14:06
Mamarokoh, brilliant14:06
Mamarokdid you do sudo apt-get update && upgrade?14:07
Guest94846Mamarok: yes..I did14:07
Mamarokhm, did you try sudo apt-get install kdebase?14:07
Guest94846Mamarok: yes, but if I try to install kdebase became the same problem, need the kde-icons-oxygen package14:08
Guest94846Mamarok: I will try a fresh install of kubuntu and upon that the kde 4.214:09
MamarokGuest94846: sry, my bad, you must give the package path, moment please14:10
Guest94846Mamarok: ok14:10
Mamaroksudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-icons-oxygen_4%3a4.1.85-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa1_all.deb14:10
Guest94846Mamarok: I supose did work.. just some warning of --force enabled14:12
Mamarokthat's normal14:12
Mamarokbut you must install kdebase14:12
Guest94846I am doing it14:13
Guest94846Mamarok: done!!14:13
Guest94846Mamarok: sudo apt-get instal kdebase works14:13
MamarokGuest94846: do an update && upgrade again, to be sure you have everything14:14
dillzzcan somebody please troubleshoot an atheros network card in kubuntu 8.04 32 bit?14:14
Mamarokand then do sudo dpkg --configure -a, you might have a few things not configured yet14:14
Mamarokdillzz: sry, don't have such a card14:14
dillzzmamarok thanks anyway14:15
Guest94846Mamarok: done!, 1 not upgradfe, gwenview14:15
MamarokGuest94846: that's normal14:15
Mamarokyou still can use the old gwenview14:15
Guest94846Mamarok: so.. I will restart the system.. thanks very mcuh..14:15
MamarokGuest94846: de nada :)14:16
Guest94846do you speak spanish?14:16
Guest94846or just "hasta la vista baby"?14:16
Guest94846Mamarok: bis du Deustch??14:18
Guest94846Mamarok: also..ich glaube du bis Frau..oder?14:18
Mamaroklo intiendo, non lo hablo :)14:19
Mamarokand yes, I'm a woman14:19
Mamarokand not German, I'm Swiss14:20
Guest94846what a nice surprice..:)14:20
Guest94846well..thanks again.. :-)14:21
=== fernando is now known as Guest78421
BluesKajok I'll try this question here : strange happenings in kde4.2 ..previouis to yesterday i was able to launch google earth from the Icon on my desktop , now it launches from the desktop, but with no globe or options . I tried launching from the run command with kdesudo  ,and GE works just fine , with all options and features ..same goes if iI sudo  googleearth from the shell...is this an ownershiip issue and if so, how do I fix it ?14:29
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-BrB
=== DS-BrB is now known as DarkSmoke
maticcan someone help me setting up wireless?:)14:38
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:39
dr_willisif by setting up you mean - getting your wireless card going.. Its either been a no-brainer, or a no-chance-in-tahiti    :)14:39
BluesKajyeah, dr_willis, I ran kubuntu lived cd on wifes new lappy and was able to set up wireless with 2 mouse clicks and the pw. I was pleasnatly surprised.14:43
dr_willisBluesKaj,  yep - latest release  finally got it working on my laptops also.14:44
dr_willisBefor that.. i could never get it working right. or at all.14:44
dr_willisor id get wireless working.. then wired wouldent work..14:44
BluesKajreally eh14:44
BluesKajdr_willis, much experience with ownership cmnds like chown etc ?14:46
BluesKajBBL ...errands14:48
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-BrB
spawn57damn, kopete crashes cos of the new wlm plugin..14:49
Racemanspawn57: I had that issue once after upgrading to kde4.2 & WLM plugin, I decided to delete all kopete profile data in my /home dir, the last day it's working fine for me.14:51
dr_williswhats to expierence with chown.. :) you set the files to the proper owner.. and there ya go.14:51
spawn57Raceman: alright I'll give that a shot14:51
Racemanbe warned that all your conversation data and profile data will lost14:52
Racemanspawn57: /home/yourprofile/.kde/share/apps/kopete and /home/yourprofile/.kde/share/config/kopeterc14:54
Racemansomebody in #python, can I have an invite? I've a python script question14:55
dr_willisRaceman,  it may require  your Nick to be Identified/regiestered14:55
Racemanhow can i do that? I remember /nickserv for years ago, but that did'nt worked14:56
dr_willis /msg nickserv help14:56
RacemanOh yes ;p thanks :-)14:57
RacemanLol, I'm registered and last seen 3 years ago14:59
=== DS-BrB is now known as DarkSmoke
=== GhostwhoWalks is now known as GhostwhoWalks|aw
nadoanybody using amarok2?15:18
=== vito is now known as Guest28896
nadoand as annoyed as me about what they call improvements?15:18
BluesKajnado, I removewd it and reinstalled 1.415:22
nadoBluesKaj: will do so as well15:23
BluesKajimprovements bah ,, it sucked ..dumbed down a lot of features ti make it so called user friendly15:23
BluesKajI wish kde wasn't trying to emulate MS15:24
nadobesides that, it overrides my system volume and eats up my playlist15:24
BluesKajor amarok or whoever is responsible for amarok 215:24
=== matic is now known as stian
caracal_join pardus16:07
pjammerhaha, wicked commando advertising dude.16:08
SSJ_GZdrink coors16:09
=== leif is now known as LordLoki
pjammerSSJ_GZ: coors... now that is funny.16:20
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
pjammerbud at least.16:20
pjammerbusch ftw.16:20
khakanedid someone say buds?16:23
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=== fernando is now known as Guest32469
Guest32469is there any application to mount easily a iso file??16:27
=== luigi44000 is now known as kikoko
=== dew is now known as smoalne
BluesKajGuest32469, what type of iso file ..video ?16:40
BluesKajVLC will play video iso's16:40
Guest32469BluesKaj: some dvd iso16:43
Guest32469BluesKaj: dvd-film16:43
BluesKajGuest32469, then the VLC player will play iso's16:45
BluesKaj!vlc | Guest3246916:46
ubottuGuest32469: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs16:46
bucketheadThats funny.. VLC is what brought me in today too... With .8 I could play videos over samba almost normally. With .9 it wants to download the entire thing first. Is there a way to change this?16:48
senfmani have problems downloading libasound2-dev on the current ubuntu version.16:50
senfmani get the following error message16:50
senfmanThe following packages have unmet dependencies:16:50
senfman  libasound2-dev: Depends: libasound2 (= 1.0.15-3ubuntu4) but 1.0.16-0ubuntu0.1 is to be installed16:50
BluesKajbuckethead, I'm disappointed in the new VLC version ..it's streaming options are screwed up somehow . I can't get it to stream to a file on the hdd16:51
BluesKajbuckethead, and the crew over at #vlc aren't any help at all ..they justblame it on kde16:53
vishnunew to kubuntu16:54
bucketheadBah. I do hate the blame game.16:55
bucketheadA little more unity and working together would go a very long way.16:55
BluesKajbuckethead, agreed but the defects must be pointed out too16:58
=== matic is now known as stian
monkataima li bulgari17:15
jhunold!bg | mo17:17
ubottumo: опитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently17:17
jhunold!bg | monkata17:17
ubottumonkata: опитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently17:17
suzihow can I install the latest nvidia drivers 180.11 or 180.16 beta? I mean where can i find any repository?17:17
=== JackWinter_ is now known as JackWinter
Guest32469BluesKaj: but is not to play them, is to rip them.. so, my question remain, is there any application or script to easily mount and unmount iso??17:19
khakaneyou can mount it from CLI dont even need an app17:20
khakanemount filename.iso /mnt/point -o loop=/dev/loop017:21
suziin which repository can I find nvidia 180.11 ?17:22
neversfeldesuzi: afaik is this a beta version, I think there is no official package.17:25
* jussi01 wonders if envy has it...17:26
neversfeldesuzi: btw, newest version is 180.1817:29
suzineversfelde: i probably i have t owait fot official package17:30
DexterFwhen I keep shift pressed for a couple of seconds the keyboard stops working. doing it again frees the keys. what's this?17:30
Koordinhi i have a problem with the package kde-nightly : plasma crashes on startup17:31
DexterFdeja vu17:32
bucketheadKoordin: Would it be mean of me to say try again tomorrow? :/17:32
Koordinbuckethead: ok i'll try again tomorrow17:33
ivan_проблема,видео прыгает, что делать???17:33
bucketheadThe thing about nightlys and such, They aren't really meant for production environments. Testing, Playing, Sure.17:34
robinrivan_: english please17:34
=== lipe is now known as Lipe_pe
Lipe_peI'm having a little problem here with apache in ubuntu 8.10... I just can't connect to my pages in offline mode ... how can i fix it, please !?17:40
krioxis somebod17:40
ivan_проблема на Ubuntu 8.1017:41
jussi01!ru | ivan_17:41
ubottuivan_: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke17:41
madgeek007is tthere any way to prevent kopete  from crashing on configure wwith a tv card?17:48
marek_hi, what is native kde4 PIM app? im looking for todo list ...17:51
=== DS-Away is now known as DarkSmoke
jussi01marek_: kontact17:53
krioxthe question is: if the version in no long support every kind of update is not more possible?17:54
jussi01kriox: can you reword that?17:54
jussi01kriox: you are running feisty?17:54
jussi01kriox: you can update through to gutsy, but normal repos are not available anymore17:55
krioxjussi01: well i need only the language pack17:56
jussi01kriox: there are no more updates or repos for feisty...17:57
jussi01I strongly suggest you upgrade17:57
krioxjussi01: i work at best whit my computer17:58
krioxno update it's possible17:59
jussi01!upgrade  | kriox17:59
ubottukriox: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes17:59
bucketheadI don't think running feisty is safe.17:59
krioxsafe is not a problem18:02
ruzaimiany malay in this room18:03
TamagotonoI am trying to have this command run to change the cpu voltage "echo “9:21 72:20 6:17 134:17″ > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/phc_controls".  I have added it to /etc/rc.local but it does not do anything.  The command works fine from CLI.  Anyone have any suggestions as to how to figure out why it does not work?18:03
nop_does anyone know how to suppress at the kde4 start18:05
nop_* suppress the sound18:05
Dekansin notifications settings18:05
nop_ok i got it thank you18:06
=== ruzaimi is now known as skizofrenia
khakanewow i think i may be trying for a record18:11
khakanemy 3 year old has ubuntu on his laptop now ;)18:11
NintendoGuy0lol khakane, can he even use it?18:13
khakanehe knows how to launch a dvd ;)18:14
khakanethe important thing is him not growing up windows ;)18:14
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!18:15
draikHello all. I was installing SP3 to my XP system and it froze. Rebooted and it said that it was going back to the prior settings. It rebooted itself and now there is not XP for me to access. How can I install SP3 from within this Kubuntu partition?18:16
NintendoGuy0khakane, can you join #kubuntu-offtopic please?18:16
jussi01draik: no xp at grub?18:16
khakanei suppose18:16
jussi01draik: you can try running sudo update-grub18:17
draikjussi01: There is XP at grub. There isn't XP after that part. I have get the splash screen of windows booting, but after that, it's a black screen and all is frozen.18:17
jussi01draik: then Im afraid youve messed your xp install.. go talk to the lads in ##windows18:18
draikjussi01: Do you think they would know about using this partition of Kubuntu to fix the XP partition on the same HDD?18:18
jussi01draik: no, and I doubt its possible, but they should know some tricks how to fix windows...18:20
jussi01you may have to back up your stuff and reinstall windows thpough18:20
jussi01in which case you may need to reinstall grub18:20
draikjussi01: I did want to get a new HDD, but for my Kubuntu partition, not XP18:21
=== JackWinter_ is now known as JackWinter
KovertI am using KDE 4.1.3 in my sources.list is it normal to find my backports commented out?18:35
Kovertcanonical is also commented out18:35
abohello, how can I switch to hwcursor ?18:42
Kovertwhat is the difference between deb and deb-src in the sources list18:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about deb-src18:45
ubottudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.18:45
ubottuA list of common questions and answers about Ubuntu: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions - Official documentation: http://help.ubuntu.com - IRC FAQ: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage18:47
ali__whats the best CBT training avaliable for Kubuntu18:47
Ahadiel!pm | skizofrenia18:50
ubottuskizofrenia: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.18:50
ali__I have got a question18:51
ali__I read on Offensive Security website that.. The BACKTRACK to the MAX will also be avaliable online18:51
Kovertali__: please just ask the question18:51
ali__but they said coming soon , does anybody knows , how much time it will take for the backtrack to the max to come as an online course18:52
ali__hey is there any good Kubuntu CBTs ?18:53
Kovertali__: you would need to ask them on their website18:54
Kovertali__: http://www.linux.org/lessons/ ?18:55
ali__i saw CBTs of Ubuntu of VTC , but VTC trainings are crap18:55
ali__so i was looking for some other computer based training18:56
Kovertali__: I klearned it the hard way trying and getting my ass kicked here18:56
bucketheadIs there a way to run a command everytime something is put in a folder?18:56
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm18:57
bucketheadSo rather than having it execute when the file is placed there, just have it check for new files every few minutes? Haha, That makes so much more sense.18:58
Kovertyou can schedual cron every 5 seconds18:58
Kovertbuckethead: :-)18:58
Riddell** Kubuntu meeting now in #ubuntu-meeting19:03
=== will is now known as relik
=== relik is now known as freshzive
Koverthow can I fix this? using 4.3.1 "KDEInit could not launch '/usr/bin/ktorrent'."19:11
khakaneKovert: which ktorrent19:11
Kovertkhakane: 3.1.219:12
=== root is now known as Guest74858
khakaneno, type 'which ktorrent'19:12
Kovertthink that is the latest19:12
khakanein a term19:12
Kovertkhakane: yup!19:13
khakanemaybe one day torrents will be outlawed19:13
Kovertktorrent works fine19:13
Kovertkhakane: thats a huge help laffing19:14
khakaneIf you've run into the error message KDEInit could not launch '/usr/bin/ktorrent' on KDE 4, you are not alone. It appears that this is a KDE Bug that should be resolved in a bug-fix update in the near future. This also apparently affects other applications besides KTorrent.19:14
khakaneamazing what google does.19:14
Kovertok I iwll put the with the rss plazmoid bugg in my bug house19:15
=== fernando is now known as Guest89822
Tuetensuppedoes anyone know about random firefox crashes in kubuntu 8.10? no error message19:16
KovertTuetensuppe: tried it with no plugins?19:16
Kovertm/me no issues19:17
Tuetensuppeno, i should try this ;)19:17
Tuetensuppei only use noscript and adblock19:17
khakanedid you install addblock out of apt?19:17
khakanemight try the one in apt if no plugins works19:18
Koverttuxwulf: well first place is safe mode19:18
* Kovert uses none of them19:19
Tuetensuppeok i will try this19:19
Tuetensuppethx. by the way, i have another crazy problem:19:19
bucketheadAdblock is mandantory in my life. I don't surf the net without it anymore.19:19
Tuetensuppei open a link in an application like kopete or kmail19:20
* Kovert doesnt use the Interweb at all19:20
bucketheadI can see that Kovert. You clearly live an unwired existance :)19:20
KovertbucketheaD: correct19:21
Tuetensuppefirefox opens not the link directly... i get then "file:///var/tmp/kdecache-<username>/krun/9375.0.29-14-flops-high-tech-2008.html" for example19:21
Kovertweird no http19:22
Kovertthinks it's off line?19:22
Tuetensuppeit uses a tmp copy of the link i think19:23
Kovertdoes it work in Konqurer?19:24
Tuetensuppedamn, setting "in the following browser" -> firefox instead of "in an application based on the url" fixed it19:27
Tuetensuppei think i tried this already19:28
bucketheadAnybody know any ruby?19:32
bucketheadWhat I was trying to do is add a switch to change a variable (constant?) and what I got was this "/usr/local/bin/mp4izenew:67: warning: already initialized constant HEIGHT"19:32
bucketheadHowever, It appears to have worked?19:33
Rioting_pacifistim trying to setup raid0 for swap and / is it better to setup raid0 across the drives then partition or can i just use lvm and set it up to act like raid019:34
=== bruno is now known as Guest60449
=== Guest60449 is now known as bruno1
Koverthoc can i use a .pls file?19:49
Koverthow that os19:49
TuetensuppeRioting_pacifist: maybe that can help you: http://linas.org/linux/raid.html19:49
p_quarlesKovert: that's a "playlist" - it doesn't do much good without the audio files referred to in the file, but you can try playing it in Amarok and seeing what happens19:50
Kovertp_quarles: that should pull the mp3 files19:51
p_quarlesKovert: if they're where the .pls file thinks they are, yes19:52
Kovertp_quarles: Do I need KDE4 for amarok2?19:55
p_quarlesKovert: well, yes, but you don't need amarok2 to open a .pls file19:55
Kovertp_quarles: cant get amarok to open it19:56
p_quarlesKovert: just about any audio player will do that, including either current version of amarok19:56
=== bernard_ is now known as bernard_59650
p_quarlesKovert: then it's not a working file19:56
Kovertshould have been an Internet radio station19:57
KovertI put the url in amarok and it works!19:58
bernard_59650Bonjour on ne parle que anglais ?19:59
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr19:59
bernard_59650Merci du renseignement19:59
p_quarlesKovert: yeah, that's how streaming playlists work - you need the full URL . . .19:59
Kovertyah but...20:00
KovertI dont like the song that is playing :-(20:00
p_quarlesKovert: that has nothing to do with the software involved here20:01
KovertP-qI think I knew that rofl20:02
Kovertp_quarles: thanks for changing the song20:03
siw3rsmam problem20:14
siw3rsczyt znajde tu pomoc?20:14
siw3rschuj wam w cyce20:16
jussi01!pl | siw3rs20:16
ubottusiw3rs: Mozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl20:16
wesleydoes running amd64 make much different when i have 2 gb of system memory ?20:18
Tuetensuppeyou will have more problems with your drivers20:18
wesleyrunning now 32 bit, but i can run amd6420:18
Tuetensuppeyou'll need 64bit drivers20:19
Tuetensuppefor example my lightscribe function from my dvd writer does not run on 64 bit20:19
wesleyokay, but i have that covered, i mean in performance i only have 2 gb of system memory20:19
wesleydont even know if my lightscribe works, because ive never used it20:21
haraldneed help with opengl render errors on intel 945 graphics chipset (but also same problem with 915)20:21
Tuetensuppewith 64 bit you can use more than 3.2 GB of RAM. it does not mention if you have 2 ore more GB of RAM. I haven't experienced any perfomance boosts with 64 bit20:21
War3hello. I am having a warcraft3 problem with Bnet, I can log into Bnet and host games and chat. but I can't see other peoples games or connect to them. does anyone know why?20:22
wesleyokay, because i have installed the 32 bit version, was only cd´s i had20:22
Tuetensuppeit's ok, i use only 32 Bit systems at that time20:23
pjammeri'm using 64 bit with 2 GB of RAM. it kicks ass, fwiw.20:23
wesleymost people say 64 bit running isnt that must faster when you dont have 4 gb of memory or more20:24
jparishyI've got a rather weird problem. I jut added the repository to update to KDE 4.2 beta 2, and after hitting restart, my computer has gone to a black screen with an assorted array of symbols of different colors, ie. green smileyfaces, music notes, etc20:24
jparishyPart of the update was the linux kernel 2.6.27-9, maybe that is the problem?20:24
wesleybut 64 bit is i fact beter than 32 bit? Or is that a misunderstanding?20:27
haraldcan someone please give me a helping hand with intel 945 graphics and opengl problems?20:33
khakanewhats the problems?20:33
khakanepoor performance?20:34
haraldno, but render errors20:35
khakaneyou could try this in your xorg.conf20:35
haraldfor instance, google earth cannot properly display20:35
khakaneOption      "AccelMethod"   "XAA"20:36
khakaneunder your "Device" section20:36
khakanei got lot better performance out of 965 that way20:36
haraldI'm experiencing the same problems on both an EeePC with 945 as well as on an older Acer with 915 chipset.20:36
khakanegive that a shot see if it helps20:37
haraldwhat's the difference between XAA and the usual DRI?20:37
khakanethere are problems with the other acceleration styles on intel video atm20:37
=== `Miam`No`Pvs` is now known as Ellana
haraldXAA -- x accelerated architecture?20:37
haraldokay, will try that and come back to report.20:38
khakaneand yes it is20:38
War3wesley: its not really so much better that it matters, compilers aren't too great for 64bit cpus, since 32bit research has a further edge20:38
khakaneXFree86 Acceleration Architecture20:38
* harald about to Alt-Backsp...20:40
wesleyharald i need help on that intel stuff to20:40
amortvigilhelp my menu bars return empty every login20:43
=== `Miam`No`Pvs` is now known as Ellana
khakanestop rebooting :)20:44
bernard_je ne trouve plus le serveur en Français !20:45
khakaneharald: any better?20:45
haraldwell, selecting XAA did not help.20:45
haraldsituation is as follows...20:45
amortvigilkhakane: hehe funny20:45
khakaneamortvigil: sorry :)20:46
bernard_SVP pouvez vous me donner le lien en fr merci20:46
haraldkubuntu 8.10 with kde 4.2beta2 installed. kwin is running and compositing is enabled.20:46
khakaneharald: i really dont know what else to check, everything rendered fine for me but slowly till i changed to XAA and then it was acceptable.20:46
khakanehrmm what is composting?  im running same setup minus that20:47
khakaneon 965 tho20:47
haraldwell, "composting" is probably what happens to compositing when it does not work properly ... ;)20:47
khakanecompositing sorry20:48
khakanekinda half payin attention here and half on my son20:48
haraldhow old?20:48
p_quarlesbernard_: si #ubuntu-fr n'existe pas, allez a http://www.ubuntu-fr.org/ peut-etre? ce canal-ci ne parle francais20:49
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
haraldargh ... switching off composition in kwin using Shift+Alt+F12 makes the situation much better :~20:51
wesleykhakane doesnt performace beter, can you post your xorg ?20:53
khakanewesley: sure http://www.bigafro.org/xorg.conf20:54
wesleyhow much fps do you get ?20:55
khakanemay depend on chipset model im not sure.  i stubled across it looking for 965 probs20:55
khakanewesley: i never benchmarked it20:55
wesleynever run glxgears ?20:56
khakanekwin just worked immensely better when i changed to XAA20:56
khakanewesley: nope20:56
wesleywill you run glxgears full screen to see if you got higher fps ?20:57
khakanesure what is package name20:57
wesleyjust open konsole and typ glxgears20:57
khakaneer i see it, just wonder where it says the FPS?20:57
wesleyyou have to let it run a few min, and full screen20:58
khakanek running now20:58
khakanew/ XAA20:58
khakaneglxgears -fullscreen20:59
wesleyyes need to run it full screen, i only have about 100 fps20:59
mooperdHi, KDE 4 is looking all rubbish, for instance the tabs on firefox have something wrong with them21:00
abois it possible to have a hardware cursor ?21:00
haraldon my eeepc901go with 845 it's around 140fps, regardless of composition on or off21:00
Tm_Tmooperd: oh, it's not KDE being rubbish then21:00
khakane130 FPS21:01
khakanew/ XAA21:01
haraldwith option xaa, but it seems to be the same speed as with DRI21:01
mooperdTm_T: Well it dont look great all the graphics seem to be a bit off21:01
haraldand its 1024x60021:01
Tm_Tmooperd: aye, it's all about your GTK settings21:01
khakanemooperd: yea the default theme is lacking, just snag a better theme21:01
wesleyow 130 is 30 fps more, but doesnt say that much, but okay kwin runs21:02
BluesKajmooperd, kde4 suffers from 'artifacts' , but mostly it's stable21:02
matthias__why does my usb external dvd burner isnt knowed ?21:02
mooperd Tm_T could you elaborate?21:02
khakanerunning w/o XAA now.21:02
wesleyBut it is a bug that with the intel gma thing21:02
wesleylittle beter, just hope kubuntu will fix that gma bug21:03
haraldacronym alert :) gma=?21:04
wesleygrapisch media accelarator21:05
haraldmany thanks!21:05
khakanewesley: you got a link to more info about the bug?21:06
wesleynot really but you can searh on intel gma 96521:06
wesleyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/252094 khakane this one21:11
khakanewesley: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/25209421:12
khakanehaha yea i was already there21:12
wesleyi had i logged at my lauchpad, but the still dont have fixed it21:13
worldhunterwhere am i?21:14
wesleythe bug is all there from alpha 3 of 8.10, way to go off ubuntu21:14
worldhunterwho are you?21:15
khakanei wonder why my performance is so much lower than everyone else using 96521:15
wesleymost dont get hight fps , and that bug is not fixed yet21:17
khakanewonder what my work box gets on intel..21:18
khakaneer nvidia**21:18
=== terral is now known as vriesvak
khakanelol 4000 FPS21:20
khakanesteadily around 360021:20
samirnassarI am trying to debug problems with Amarok 2 on Kubuntu Intrepid with ID2v2.4 tagged Ogg files.21:20
wesleykhakane i believe its really a bug, because intel grapics are normally very good21:22
pyrotixHelp. I've been trying to copy a directory to a portable hard drive and it doesn't want to work.Graphically it fails, and when I try to sudo cp -r source dest I get a list of "cannot create ____ : Input/output error" errors21:23
khakaneyea must be hehe21:23
bradbn4Hi ya - looking to move on from mandriva to kubuntu - how well is the server (samba) and programming on the current release?  programming would c/c++ maybe a bit of fortran -21:23
fdovingpyrotix: broken disk.21:23
samirnassarpyrotix: does dmesg say anything?21:23
=== DS-Away is now known as DarkSmoke
pyrotixa bunch of stuff when I type it in the command line21:24
pyrotixstuff like:21:25
pyrotix[101915.416259] sd 0:0:0:0: rejecting I/O to offline device21:25
pyrotix[101915.416272] printk: 104 messages suppressed.21:25
pyrotixso is the disk broken?21:26
pyrotixthe computer has been running fine off it21:26
khakanewesley: does -vsync make a difference?21:27
wesleyyeah vsync is slower21:29
khakaneyou use it?21:30
khakanei notice no speed difference between EXA and XAA21:30
perseidHi. I did a fresh install of Ibex and my NTFS drives ask for my PW and mount when I click them in Dolphin, but is there a way to make them mount automatically on startup? I'm used to fstab, but that's not what it's using to see my drives now because they're not listed there.21:30
khakanewesley: how to disable it?21:31
pyrotixso what does the dmesg text mean? is my disk broken? And if so how do I copy all whole files from the directory to the portable hard disk?21:32
khakanehrmm it says vsync is turned off yet i seen it in the Xorg.0.log21:32
wesleykhakane i dont know about it21:35
khakaneoh well, just wait and hope it gets fixed, it runs fine for my day to day stuff tho really21:35
kevin__Hello all...............does any one  have experience of Zune, (microsoft device) and kubuntu. I want to use the zune and sync it with amarok.21:36
jussi01kevin__: Ive never been able to get it to sync at all, or even read. nor has anyone on the net from my research21:36
kevin__Thanks jussi21:37
kevin__that conclusiion is the same as mine21:37
harald...read the i965 bug report on launchpad -- the problems people see when it comes to opengl rendering are the same I'm seeing on the older 945 and 915.21:38
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gleyveWhen I plug my headphone, audio is still in pc speak. I've already disabled pc speak at alsa mixer..This also happens in windows :(21:41
=== pkodon_ is now known as pkodon
perseidI have a similar problem. I have a magicjack that Linux sees as an audio device. No matter what I do it tries to use it unless I unplug it.21:44
pkodonHmm, did I get disconnected again?21:46
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amortvigil_hello  can any one help me? everytime i lgoin my menubar is empty21:51
BluesKajamortvigil_, do you mean the kmenu ?21:54
amortvigil_BluesKaj: well acually all plasmoids on the menu and desktop21:59
mazeHi (sorry bin Anfänger am testen)22:00
amortvigil_BluesKaj: i think something like this will work: rm ~/.kde4/share/config/plasmarc && kill -9 `pgrep plasma` && plasma &22:01
amortvigil_but there is no plasmarc in 4.222:01
amortvigil_maze: are you the one from #gentoo-nl22:02
mazeno, sorry22:02
BluesKajamortvigil_, 4.2 has some bugs , after the latest upgrades , the disappearing widgets prob went away22:02
amortvigil_BluesKaj: fully upgraded22:03
BluesKajok, try checking the hardware drivers , for some unknown reason my graphics card driver was disabled after the last upgrade22:04
amortvigil_BluesKaj: my graphics driver is acting wierd too... i have nvidia geforce 8500 but its noit realy nice22:05
TatrIXsome that can help me? :)22:05
goianousaMEU audio nao funciona qm pode me ajudar22:06
BluesKaj!ask | TatrIX22:06
ubottuTatrIX: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:06
mazegood n822:06
BluesKaj!es | goianousa22:07
ubottugoianousa: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:07
TatrIXis it possible to link a linux pc with a windows pc so that the windows can get online through the linux ?22:07
goianousaok gracias22:08
TatrIXthrough USB22:08
perseidHow do I just disable an audio device?22:08
BluesKajperseid, a soundcard ?22:09
BluesKajor audio input or out put ?22:09
perseidI have a soundcard I want to use. I have a USB device I don't. It's using the USB device unless I unplug it.22:10
ActionParsnipyo yo yo22:10
BluesKajperseid, asoundconf set-default-card "name of soundcard" in the konsole ... mkae sure the USB device is unplugged when you do this22:11
BluesKajerr make sure22:11
perseidThat worked, thanks.22:13
BluesKajperseid, if your not sure about the soundcard make and model do this : cat /proc/asound/cards22:13
BluesKajok, good22:13
amortvigilBluesKaj: it didnt work, how do i check my graphics driver?22:16
BluesKajamortvigil, lspci | grep VGA22:16
amortvigilBluesKaj: 03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 8400 GS (rev a1)22:17
BluesKajamortvigil, or look in the kmenu /system / hardware drivers22:17
BluesKajamortvigil, also you can install the proper driver for your card by typing nVidia GeForce 8400 GS in the adept search bar then look in the properties section at the available drivers listed22:19
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BluesKajamortvigil, it's the same driver that I use the nvidia-glx-17722:26
amortvigilBluesKaj: how did you solve it?22:26
BluesKajamortvigil, i installed the driver and rebooted22:26
BluesKajthen activated it from the kmenu/applications/system/hardware22:27
amortvigilblue lets have a look22:28
IDWMasterMy KDE Screensaver keeps freezing after 15 minutes.22:29
kdebenutzerWie kommt es, dass Kaffeine unter ubuntu häufig einfriert und doppelt so viel CPU verbraucht wie  unter Kubuntu22:29
IDWMasterMy KDE Screensaver keeps freezing after 15 minutes of inactivity. Any suggestions?22:30
ActionParsnipIDWMaster: i got that too, so switched back to fluxbox22:32
IDWMasterI'm new to Kubuntu. What is fluxbox?22:32
IDWMaster I'm new to Kubuntu. What is fluxbox?22:33
ubottufluxbox is a lightweight and responsive window manager for GNU/Linux. For how to set it up and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox22:34
perseidIs there a way to make the task-list in the KDE panel display 2 rows of programs?22:34
ActionParsnipIDWMaster: instead of kwin, you can use fluxbox which uses less resources than KDE22:35
ActionParsnipand kwin22:35
BluesKaj!de | kdebenutzer22:35
ubottukdebenutzer: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, und #edubuntu-de22:35
IDWMasterThanks. It looks like this will fix it.22:36
BluesKajthe screensaver options in kde 4 are very limited ...they are almost nonexistent in kde4.222:37
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BluesKajActionParsnip, the kscreensaver app will give all sorts of options if installed , it's just not installed by default in kde422:43
amortvigilBluesKaj: brb22:43
BluesKajok amortvigil22:44
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: I use fluxbox now, I have kde libs installed but I dont like kwin + kde22:44
BluesKajActionParsnip, IC22:44
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: kde apps - yes, kde itself - no22:45
BluesKajI'm wondering how to get an app to my desktop that requires permission to launch ...dunno why it suddenly changed , cuz I used to have a working icon for it on my desktop ...googeearth22:46
BluesKajerr googleearth22:47
BluesKajsiw3rs, ?22:48
siw3rssry no this chanel22:48
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: what happens if you run it from konsole?22:51
BluesKajit launches perfectly22:51
BluesKajfrom the konsole22:51
ActionParsnipok sweet22:51
ActionParsnipthen remove the desktop shortcut and recreate it22:52
BluesKajI'd just like to be able to launch from the desktop , that's all ...dunno how to recreate it ..it's not in the kmenu22:52
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: run: which googleearth (assuming thats the command to launch it)22:53
BluesKajActionParsnip, i have to do , sudo googleearth in the konsole22:53
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: it needs sudo to run?22:54
ActionParsnipwell you should use kdesudo as its a gui app22:55
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: did you run the installer as sudo?22:56
BluesKajyes, when I use the run cmnd I use kdesudo22:56
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: you need to run the installer for GE as user22:56
BluesKajit was abinary ..yes i think I did22:57
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: you can then run it as a user22:57
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: i'd create a script to run the app as sudo and put it on the desktop22:57
BluesKajyeah , #!bin/bash , then sudo googlearth ..  :)22:58
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2008-May/147019.html22:58
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: use that so you dont need sudo22:58
ActionParsnipthen you can simply symlink it22:58
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: sudo for web based apps isnt advised22:59
tomaszcan someone tell me how to configure konversation to enable quakenet?22:59
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Guest23065anyone here?23:00
ActionParsnipGuest23065: no one at all23:00
Guest23065anybody here who has also problems with nvidia grafic cards and KDE4 symbols in the task bar ?23:01
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wildbathi~ do anyone knows how to set power saving ? like turn off monitor after 5 mntues , HDD after 30 idle ?23:02
BluesKajActionParsnip, nope , the 2 commands merely open GE without any options , no globe ,nothing but the stars23:03
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: funky. I'd use the script23:04
Dragnslcrwildbat- monitor is under System Settings -> Display23:05
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: googleearth is in repos dud23:06
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: sudo apt-get install googleearth23:06
BluesKajActionParsnip, it won't load properly in kde 4.223:07
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: bah23:08
wildbatDragnslcr: Oh right ~ how about HDD?23:12
DragnslcrNo idea23:12
Guest6625anybody here who has also problems with nvidia grafic cards and KDE4 symbols in the task bar ?23:12
ActionParsnipGuest6625: used to when i ran kde#23:14
ActionParsnipGuest6625: apparently kde 4.2 sorts it23:14
Guest6625it's like partly white frame above the symbols23:15
Guest6625but not always23:15
Guest6625i use version 177 of nvidia driver23:15
ActionParsnipGuest6625: i'd ask in #kde23:16
Guest6625sorry 4.123:17
gl_apparently the 177 driver is very buggy, i am also waiting for an update23:17
Guest6625better way to use another one?23:18
gl_you can download the newer beta from nvidia site, but you have to install manually23:18
Guest6625i could choose 173 and 96 version23:18
gl_no, newer23:19
Guest6625OK so we have to wait, damn23:19
gl_same here!23:19
perseidYeah, I'm going back to XP. Nothing works right here.23:19
ActionParsnipperseid: linux isnt for everyone23:20
ActionParsnipperseid: you could try a different distro23:20
ActionParsnipperseid: there is more than ubuntu23:20
Guest6625me not, i only use XP for some small problems i still have with SW running on Kubuntu. Mainly Openoffice.23:21
Guest6625It works great, but does not have all the functions i need. But the OS (Kubuntu 8.10 works great)23:21
perseidMost of what I see is probably related to the video driver. Or KDE.23:22
Guest6625The biggest problem i have is having only ISDN instead of ADSL23:22
gl_Probably to the video driver and new KDE combination23:23
gl_Have you tried suse? or kde 3.5?23:23
Guest6625i heard Mandriva should work very well23:23
ActionParsnipperseid: use gnome, or xfce instead23:24
ActionParsnipmandriva, fedora, gentoo23:24
ActionParsnipthere are literally billions23:24
ActionParsnipim sure theres near enough23:24
ActionParsnipgl_: www.distrowatch.org23:25
perseidWell, as if it saw me say XP one of the gliches has magically gone away. LOL23:25
ActionParsnipperseid: i'd suggest maybe mandriva or fedora or suse23:25
gl_I know... but "billions" sounds a bit exaggerated23:25
ActionParsnipgl_: is a bit but it makes my point23:25
ActionParsnipperseid: if you are a linux newb you will have teething issues23:27
perseidIcons in the taskbar keep disappearing. Is that a known driver thing?23:29
Guest6625i'm also a newb, but with actual version of the distris it's normally no problem. Start synaptic, choose the SW you want and install...nothing to compile by hand or things like this...23:29
ActionParsnipperseid: yeah its a funny thing in kde, I think its addressed ni 4.223:29
ActionParsnipGuest6625: sometimes its needed, like getting those garbge xfi sound cards working23:30
Guest6625OK, i will leave...here it's 0:30h. Good night and thanks for your comments23:30
witzman__can anyone pls tell me how i can add a shellcommand to the boot sequence? i want to automatically run a command as root before lmce starts up23:48
ubottuTo make programs start up automatically when you log into your KDE session, run all programs that you want to be started and close all other programs, then select 'Save Session' in the K menu. Alternatively, create a !symlink to the wanted program in ~/.kde/Autostart - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot23:49
witzman__not in kde23:50
witzman__script have to be executed before kde loads23:50
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto23:50
BluesKajwitzman__, don't add it to the boot sequence, try the /etc/init.d23:50
witzman__i have created a script in this location23:51
BluesKajif you have a script ready23:51
witzman__when i start it by calling the name, it works23:51
witzman__but not automatically23:51
BluesKajgive the scipt a name.sh and use #!/bin/bash and make it executable of course23:52
BluesKajwitzman__,to place the script : alt_f2 then, kdesudo konqueror /etc/init.d23:54
BluesKajwitzman__, it should work automatically when the OS loads23:55
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: doesnt have to have a .sh extension23:57
BluesKajActionParsnip, are you sure ?23:58
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: as long as you chmod +x it it will be executed, file extensions arent massivley essential in linux23:59

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