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yaccWondering, to join a mailing list of a team, do I have to join the team first?15:41
CarlFKyacc: probably not18:49
beunoyacc, yes, you do18:49
Ursinhahey beuno18:50
beunohey hey Ursinha18:52
beunohow's it going?18:52
Ursinhanice :)18:52
Ursinhaand you?18:52
beunovery good18:57
beunohaving breakfeast18:57
Ursinhabreakfast? where the heck are you? :)19:07
beunohome, of course  ;)19:08
CarlFKI am trying to build (first time) for my ppa - intrepid on the box I built on, and  I want it to be installed on intrepid.  what should the distroseries be?19:09
CarlFK"unstable" didn't give me an error, but when I dput I got a reject mail: Unable to find distroseries: unstable19:10
CarlFKthats what I figured, but when I dbuild I get E: python-poppler_0.8.1-2~ppa1_source.changes: bad-distribution-in-changes-file intrepid19:11
* Nafallo blinks and gets lost19:12
Nafallodbuild doesn't sound like either pbuilder or sbuilder :-P19:12
CarlFKpython-poppler (0.8.1-2~ppa1) intrepid; urgency=low19:13
CarlFKI am patching a file that is only avalible in jaunty, could that have something to do with it?19:14
CarlFKit did build the files... lets see what happens if I dput it...19:19
CarlFK"Accepted:  Distribution: intrepid"19:23
CarlFKum, so the E: is a bug?19:23
CarlFKbb in 10 min...19:23
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