mnHello, I would like to test Jaunty.  I have 8.10.  How may I upgrade to the Jaunty alpha?02:18
mikegriffindo-release-upgrade -d   perhaps02:21
mnmikegriffin: will this autoupgrade, or just give me the choice to continue?02:31
mikegriffinyou know what alpha means don't you?02:31
mnmikegriffin: yes02:31
mnI want to know if it works so I'll know if I need to make another partition and install on that.  If I can't upgrade to the alpha, then no sense in making another partition02:32
mikegriffinit will modify sources.list and grab the new meta data followed by a prompt to proceed, at that point if you say no, it will undo the changes to sources.list and clean up meta iirc02:33
mikegriffintried it once a few days ago and it seems like that is what happened but ymmv02:33
mnah  ok02:33
mikegriffini just went to jj and most things are working, some are very broken02:34
mnWhat is it that's broken?02:34
mikegriffinvarious things, nothing that is a show stopper or easy to describe02:36
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DanaGHmm, I wonder how long it'll be before I'll be able to use compiz on OSS drivers.04:19
DanaGIs there any way to get PulseAudio to use a HID device attached to a USB audio device... to control that audio device rather than the default audio device?04:54
Arodonwhen I try to bring up a gnome-terminal or any other terminal I get the dialog "There was an error creating the child process for this terminal", and when I try to ssh into the machine I get "PTY allocation request failed on channel 0", which I assume is another symptom of the same problem. What's going on here?06:05
nowimprovedhow can I just upgrade to 8.10?08:00
nowimprovedor is 9.04 ok to upgrade to?08:00
naught101Has anyone had any trouble connecting to wireless networks in the past week?08:41
somethingcleverhey i keep getting an error trying to upgade to jaunty alpha 210:07
somethingclevercan any one help me out?10:09
somethingcleveris anyone online?10:09
somethingcleverit just keeps happening and i dont know what to do10:12
ikoniasomethingclever: use a different repo, or manaully/visually check it10:18
ikoniasomethingclever: don't forget jaunty is still in development so can and will break10:18
somethingcleverhow do i get the update manager to look at a different repo?10:19
ikoniasomethingclever: with respect if you cant manage the package manager you shouldn't be upgrading to alpha software in my opinion10:19
somethingcleverprobably not, im not too worried about breaking the system, though. i just10:21
somethingcleverkinda want to mess with jaunty10:21
ikoniathink of it from a point of view of people supporting you, if you can't change the package managers sources, your going to be asking for help with everything in a development repo10:22
ikoniawhich isn't really the intention of the channel10:22
ikoniabut it's your call if you want to push on, just realise you won't get support for it10:22
somethingcleveri get it, after the upgrade is done, im sure I can manage from there10:23
somethingcleverif not10:23
somethingcleverI'll reinstall10:23
somethingcleverno biggie10:23
ikoniaok, good luck10:24
dimsimq: will ndiswrapper and ndisutils ndisgtk be available in xubuntu for PPC? Im running an old ibook g3 600mhz and trying to hook up a wireless Linksys WUSB300N12:43
homyhi, I have a question: I'm running jaunty currently, but I can only access "low graphics mode" with a tiny resolution. I have nvidia geforce 7050. Jockey doesn't show me any drivers, installing the nvidia-glx-new or nvidia-glx-### doesn't work (either aptitude says No candidate version found or it wants to remove xorg).13:07
homyAny possibility of running in higher resolution/with compiz?13:07
homywell, I guess jaunty is still alpha, so I'll try again later.13:29
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thesaltydogfew users from 8.04 are reporting that during a dist-upgrade they had a lot of Jaunty (9.04) packages installed!17:18
skorasaurushi, how do I request a package to be upgraded on jaunty ? do I contact the maintainers ? (MOTU, in this case, on their mailing list ?)17:29
Raspberryanybody want to comment the sstate of today's daily iso build?20:14
Raspberrygood ... bad... use alpha 2 instead?20:14
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the_dark_warriowhere can I see the current features available in this alpha release?20:51
CarlFKhttp://dpaste.com/104999/ apt-get install nvidia-glx-96 The following packages will be REMOVED:   xorg xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-core...  xorg-everthing....21:20
CarlFKso does that mean I will have no X?21:20
TheInfinity-> report it as bug. dependency problem ;)21:23
dtchenremember that the new X server abi (1.6) is incompatible with the current Nvidia drivers in the repo21:24
dtchenTheInfinity: it isn't a dependency problem/bug. it's correct.21:25
CarlFKhttp://dpaste.com/105002/  theres the result21:25
TheInfinitydtchen: hmm ok. :)21:25
CarlFKso I am guessing I should go back to ibex21:26
TheInfinitydtchen: so more a version problem of nvidia drivers.21:26
TheInfinityok i dont have to use this drivers, didnt know21:27
TheInfinityCarlFK: jaunty is alpha. what do you expect? :)21:27
jsnyderre: conversation about nvidia-glx-96: why include those drivers at all to install if installing them breaks x?21:28
jsnyderthat said.. "it's beta" is a perfectly valid response21:29
dtchenbecause there is no existing driver that IS compatible with the 1.6 abi yet?21:29
dtchen(obviously referring to fglrx & nvidia here)21:30
dtchenalso, it's standard for things to break horribly for the first several alphas21:31
jsnyderright, but, it is broken, is the only point i'm making21:31
TheInfinityjsnyder: will be fixed when nvidia releases compatible drivers21:31
jsnyderthe  package description may be right, but the result of installing it is broken21:31
dtchenno, it works fine with the current fglrx & nvidia drivers if you pin to the previous versions of xserver-xorg, xserver-xorg-core, xserver-xorg-input-evdev21:32
dtcheni've been running that on my laptop for some time21:33
dtchen(sorry, typing on this g1 is pretty slow)21:33
jsnyderare those in the jaunty repo, or do you have to pin it from intrepid21:33
dtchenyou have to pull from launchpad21:33
dtchenthey were formerly in jaunty21:33
jsnyderah, is there a ppa or something?21:33
dtchenuse the lp links for those versions21:34
jsnyderah, ok21:34
jsnyderfair enough, and then just pin the versions21:34
dtchen7.4~5ubuntu5, 1.5.3-1ubuntu1, 2.0.99+git20080912-0ubuntu6, respectively21:35
jsnyderi think i may just wait on intrepid until those releases happen21:35
dtcheni also use 0.15.2-0ubuntu7 of xserver-xorg-input-synaptics21:36
jsnyderalso, nvidia are just planning to update the mainline, most-modern drivers, I assume?  not the old ones needed to support older hardware?21:36
dtchenlikely, tho' i am no engineering manager at nvidiaq21:37
CarlFKhow do I pin thing?21:40
dtchensee apt_preferences21:41
jsnyderit'd be nice in the mean time to provide deprecated packages for x, that could get installed alongside the nvidia drivers, but I suppose I understand not wanting to support 2 versions of X21:42
jsnyderi presume you just mean doing holds on packages?21:43
dtchenthe release notes for the current alphas make a point to state not using on prod systems21:43
dtchenpins are not the same as holds21:43
dtchenthe former is done solely through conffile, the latter, through an interactive session with apt/dpkg21:44
jsnyderright, I've done that previously when I've installed my own versions of netatalk with ssl enabled.21:45
jsnyderI see, in the man page for apt_preferences21:46
CarlFKdtchen: im ok with all this - it's a box hooked to my TV so I can watch crap.  as long as it doesn't catch fire and burn my house down while I sleep...21:51
dtchenthe gpl doesn't guarantee it won't...21:52
CarlFKso it's a good environment for testing and getting buggs flushed out21:52
CarlFKIll put some 2 leeter bottles of soda on top of it.  fire will cause the bottles to explode, and the resulting spray will put out the fire21:54
CarlFKor at lest the bang will wake me up21:54
jsnyderthere you go21:55
jsnyderactually, with crt monitors it used to be possible to potentially blow out your monitor if you set things up incorrectly21:56
jsnyderI think the X configurator used to carry some sort of warning a while ago to that effect...21:57
CarlFKI have another box that likes to reboot durring the boot process.  ran memtest for 12 hours, no errors21:58
CarlFKtried some kernel noThisNthat, no help21:58
CarlFKwhat is the most 'safe' set of kernel params?21:58
jsnyderyou might want to try disabling acpi21:59
CarlFKim sure I did :)21:59
jsnyderdoes it boot to single user?21:59
CarlFKnot sure it ever gets past mounting the root fs22:00
CarlFKit does get to that, becuase it just started doing fsck22:00
jsnyderso it blows up on fsck?22:00
jsnyderdo live cds boot?22:00
CarlFKI looked away, I looked back a few min later, it was back to POST22:00
CarlFKjuanty live cd also did the reboot loop22:01
CarlFKI have a 7.10 cd I should try22:01
jsnyderok, so it's not the disk drive22:01
jsnyderyeah, i'd try a release version22:01
CarlFKfsck, got about 2 = up, rebooted.  7.10 cd was in, i picked safe graphics mode, the bouncy bar bounced back and forth maybe 2 times, reboot22:03
jsnyderso you tried acpi=off and noapic?22:04
CarlFKleme do that now...22:05
jsnyderI haven't had any boards with wonky acpi or apic recently, but those have helped in the past22:06
jsnydersometimes bios updates have fixed issues like that too22:07
jsnyderI suppose the other standard procedure of pulling everything not necessary to boot whichever media you have the OS on applies as well.22:08
CarlFKtrying ... acpi=off noapic22:21
CarlFKwholy crap - the 7.10 cd booted to a desktop22:21
CarlFKcrap - I should have done some lshw to get bios id stuff...22:26
CarlFKbooted the jaunty alt installer with acpi=off noapic - thats working.22:27
CarlFKcould just be that the box needed to warm up...22:27

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