manzurmy name is abraham00:27
manzurhappy new year00:27
manzuris some body in there00:27
manzurin here00:27
manzuri just woul like to know if you are going to use this icons as the default icons for ubuntu00:28
manzurubuntulog: are u there00:29
_MMA_manzur: Please do not spam the channel with lots of "¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?" If someone is around, and can answer your question, they will. Just be patient.00:34
manzur_MMA_: how are u?00:34
manzur_MMA_: u are the one that is working on ubuntu art, don't you?00:35
manzurdo u know what is going to be the new icon set for ubuntu?00:36
_MMA_But mostly Ubuntu Studio and projects *around* Ubuntu.00:36
_MMA_There is nothing officially planed.00:36
manzuryou mean u are not thinking about it right now?00:37
manzuryou mean there is not going to be a new icon set for ubuntu 9.04¿?00:37
_MMA_The latter.00:37
manzurwhat do you mean? 9.10¿?00:37
_MMA_There ate no *official* Ubuntu plans for a new icon set at all right now.00:38
manzurso we are going to get the same icon set for ubuntu 9.04 final release00:39
_MMA_There's no need for separate message for your punctuation. Please stop.00:39
_MMA_Same set for 9.0400:40
manzurand for ubuntustudio¿?00:40
_MMA_No new set there either.00:40
manzurok thanks, that was all i wanted to know00:41
_MMA_Plan is to derive from the Breathe set when ready.00:41
manzur_MMA_: so you mean that maybe breathe icon set is going to replace ubuntu icon set¿?00:42
_MMA_manzur: It is a community effort that hopes to provide a new default set for Ubuntu. But is no way official at this time.00:43
manzur_MMA_: i love this icons set, just make the know: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Intrepid/Intrepid_Ibex_Icons_-_Art_Team?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=pn_preview.png00:44
dilomohappy new year to all :)17:37
thorwilheh, happy new year dilomo17:37
dilomothorwil: enjoied the holidays?17:38
thorwildilomo: a bit, until i got hit with a cold17:39
thorwildilomo: very exciting times, one moment i'm feeling hot, the next cold. have to practice breathing through one nostril only :)17:39
thorwildilomo: i hope you have better luck?17:40
dilomothorwil: sorry17:40
dilomothorwil: a bit17:40
dilomoI was with my relatives most of tha time17:41
dilomocompared to having more fun with friend the last years17:41
thorwiloh yeah, relatives ... worse than friends but often still nice to have ;)17:42
dilomobtw do you think that decreasing the contrast of some controls will be good?17:43
dilomothorwil: I mean new wave17:43
thorwilcan't answer without seeing it17:44
dilomopiccdrop.com is not responding17:48
thorwiltry xs.to  you just have to click around a bit to get a link to just the picture there17:49
dilomostill not working17:52
dilomoI'll use imagevenue17:52
dilomothorwil: finally17:55
dilomosee the textbox17:56
dilomocool :)18:01
dilomoI'll start working in that direction18:01
thorwilheh, i only said yes as in i do see it ;p18:01
dilomoso ..18:01
thorwilso the old contrast can be seen on the combobox above it?18:02
thorwilnew is fine18:02
dilomothorwil: probably I should decreace it but with less18:03
thorwildilomo: say, you didn't have talks with Troy about clunk vs subtlety and elegance? :)18:03
dilomono but I had a talk wit Cimi18:03
dilomohe criticised me a lot :)18:03
thorwili imagine he was very diplomatic about it ;>18:04
dilomo:D almost18:04
dilomobtw what do you think of this mockup:18:04
dilomo http://msart2k.deviantart.com/art/preview21082008-9553606018:04
thorwillooks foggy18:05
dilomobut is interesting too see th idea behind18:06
dilomoeveryting as one piece, not titlebar no steppers18:07
thorwilany every not-that-technical user will be lost18:08
dilomothorwil: hmm I guess you are right18:09
dilomothorwil: do you know a cool font for numbers18:17
dilomoI have to make chapter frontpages18:18
dilomofor one of my reports but don't know what to use18:18
thorwildilomo: no, i would have to blindly go through my fonts, too18:18
dilomothorwil: here's preview18:32
* thorwil -> dinner18:32
dilomoCimi: hey18:43
dilomoCimi: happy new year18:44
dilomoCimi: what do you think? (see the new textbox)18:47
dilomo http://msart2k.deviantart.com/art/preview21082008-9553606018:47
dilomooops :  http://img160.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=05245_Screenshot-The_Widget_Factory_122_1144lo.jpg18:47
Cimidilomo, first of all it's not bad :) few things:19:18
Cimi1) GtkFrame19:18
Cimi2) GtkNotebook19:18
Cimiand generally the theme feels too sharp19:19
thorwildilomo: it's fine19:19
dilomoCimi: did you see the textbox19:19
dilomoI have increased the brighness abit19:19
dilomoCimi: about the tabs i listened to you19:20
Cimibut few are messed up19:20
Cimijust the normal tab is correct19:20
CimiI mean19:21
dilomoyeah I know that the bottom tabs could nto be done19:21
Cimithe one with the tabs on the left/right19:21
dilomoand I haven't changed the side tabs19:21
Cimioh ok19:21
dilomobecause they are not used much in GNOME19:21
Cimipidgin for example19:22
dilomowhat about pidgin19:22
Cimiit can have vertical notebooks19:22
=== aantn1 is now known as aantn
dilomohmm it is possible19:23
dilomoI have to go19:36
Cimikwwii, ping20:14
kwwiioops, too late22:12
_MMA_Hi Ken.22:14
kwwii_MMA_: hey Cory22:14
* kwwii just made coconut cream pie22:14
* _MMA_ wants one.22:15
kwwiiby the time it got to you in the mail you might not want it anymore22:15
_MMA_kwwii: You know any links off-hand about the font hinting issue in GNOME/KDE? I guess its the FreeType stuff?22:17
kwwiitomorrow is the last day off :-(22:17
kwwii_MMA_: nothing off the top of my head22:17
_MMA_I know Apple has obvious patents.22:17
kwwiiit should not be hard to find though22:17
_MMA_Debian warns you when you enable full hinting.22:17
_MMA_Im just trying to find out why its kinda over looked for now.22:18
kwwiiiirc things changed recently which make it more open22:18
kwwiican't remember the details though22:18
kwwiigood thing is, tuesday is a holiday here :-)22:19
kwwiiso monday can't be that bad22:19
_MMA_Best I can find is this: http://freetype.sourceforge.net/patents.html Kinda seems like Apple just is over-looking it because it kinda benifits them in some way.22:20
_MMA_Sounds like fun. But, *If* I were working, I'd be tired of this time off. :P22:20
kwwiihehe, I am an old man22:23
_MMA_kwwii: Troy is working on some neat wallpaper ideas for Jaunty. Hopefully he will submit them.22:24
kwwii_MMA_: wow, that would be killer22:24
_MMA_Doin' some watercolor stuff then takin pics of it.22:25
kwwiisounds like fun22:25
dashuakwwii: http://www.ubuntu-art.org/content/show.php/Human-Murrine?content=9633723:16
_MMA_dashua: You tinkering with Brethe there? :)23:21
* _MMA_ needs to make some updates.23:21
dashuaOf course.  It's awesome.23:22
_MMA_I got some more filetypes to add. And the folder is broken @ 32px and below.23:23
dashuaAh nice.  I kind of combined the missing files with Human otherwise the default gnome-icon-theme picked them up.23:24
_MMA_It should be set to inherit Human already.23:26
_MMA_Once I create the .deb Ill set it as a depend.23:26
_MMA_I think the index.theme needs a little love as well.23:27
dashuaNice.  I've been using it for a while.  It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.23:27
dashuaMuch better than the Human set.23:28
dashuaWorks very well with Dust and Human.  Although, I'm in Dust 95 % of the time.23:29
* dashua prefers darker themes23:29
_MMA_Thanx. Sebastian has been a strong influence. I'm mostly handling the technical side of things. Some design guidelines.23:29
_MMA_Yeah. Looks nice with Dust.23:29
dashuaThe folder and trash icons alone are what attracted me to the set.23:30
dashuaI don't think I've seen a better trash icon actually.23:31
_MMA_There's still alot of work to do. We'll get there. I think we'll have a Jaunty package. Defiantly +1.23:31
dashuaI can't wait.  Until then, I'll steal and test from bazaar ;)23:32
_MMA_Cool! :) Glad to know *someone* is looking.23:32
_MMA_dashua: I still gotta edit the script to output the preview images as well. The holidays have slowed things to a crawl. Ill get to it next week or so.23:35
dashuaCool.  Is Breathe going to be included as an alternate icon set in Jaunty?23:36
_MMA_That will come down to space. I'm fairly confidant it could be an alt. Space-permitting.23:37
dashuaIt would be great to replace some of those otherwise defunct sets that are included.23:38
* _MMA_ fingers crossed.23:38
dashuaI guess it will fall into the same category as getting the older themes out as well.23:38
* dashua too23:39
_MMA_I won't push for that 'till +1.23:39
kwwiidashua: wow, nifty23:52
kwwiisorry, been watching a movie23:52
kwwiidashua: I am guessing there will be more info as to the planned gtk theme for jaunty and beyond soon23:53
kwwiiI imagine that using your stuff to make murrine more human might be interesting23:54
kwwiiI haven't looked into the details yet though23:54
dashuaAwesome.  I can live with Dust and Human until then.23:54
dashuaCimi is doing some awesome work lately with the engine.23:55
kwwiidashua: it seems you are interested, I'll be in touch sometime soon, hopefully, and we can discuss certain plans23:56
kwwiidashua: at this point in time we are still restructuring the team so I am not sure exactly how things will proceed after the holidays23:57
dashuakwwii: Awesome.  I'd be more than happy to help out.23:57
kwwiibut I should know pretty quickly, within a week or so I guess23:57
kwwiidashua: do I have your email address?23:58
kwwiiI think you have posted to the list before, so I should be able to find it23:58
kwwiihrm, no23:59
dashuaI have.  I'm also in Launchpad under the same name.23:59
kwwiicool, I can find it there then23:59
kwwiiI promise i will be int ouch23:59
kwwiiin touch23:59

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