Mezstgraber: pastebinit ?00:19
Mezstgraber: 0.11 is in experimental :D00:20
Mezstgraber: cant you add paste.debian.net and german translation to upstream?00:21
Mezmake the DD's life easier :D00:21
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ftaMez, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~pastebinit-developers/pastebinit/trunk/revision/5200:25
ftaMez, well, it's just the example, not the default.00:25
Mezis that in 0.11 ?00:26
ftaMez, if i read correctly, 0.11 is bzr rev 59 so yes00:27
Mezweirdness for the changelog then00:27
Mezah, in the changelog to close the bug00:28
Mezchangelog made it look as if it was a debian change00:29
ftaand german po: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~pastebinit-developers/pastebinit/trunk/changes?start_revid=47&filter_file_id=de.po-20080810155459-jcjal0uxl8jlqyqk-100:29
ftastgraber, something like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98646/00:31
stgraberfta: looks good, I'll just need to check what happens when reading some weird content from stdin, we had something like what you did in you diff but failed when for example reading from bzr diff ...00:39
ftastgraber, yep, when the command takes too long.. i know. but i don't see the difference with my patch and "-i -", both should react in the same way00:42
ftastgraber, indeed.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/98651/00:43
stgraberfta: Nope, I guess the issue was that previously I was trying to detect if I was receiving something on stdin and if not show the usage00:43
stgraberif you just always read stdin, it should be fine00:43
ftaapparently not00:44
stgraberstgraber@sahal:~/pastebinit$ bzr diff | pastebinit -00:45
stgraberKeyboardInterrupt caught.00:45
stgraberthat was the problem with 0.1000:45
stgraberwith your change it seems to work fine here (using pastebin.com)00:45
Laneydoes the patch remove the need for the -?00:50
stgraberwith fta's patch you can just: something | pastebinit00:51
stgraberthought when starting pastebinit without piping something it won't give you the usage00:51
ftathat's why i introduced -h00:52
Laneywell that's what e.g. cat does00:52
Laneyso it's not that alien imo00:52
ftabut bzr diff seems to fail the sys.stdin.read() :(00:53
stgraberfta: when it does it should give youu a KeyboardInterrupt00:53
stgraberfta: if it doesn't and just give you a wrong url, it's probably because bzr diff just returns nothing00:54
stgraber(I should check the content from stdin and not let the user send nothing)00:54
ftaix:~/bzr/firefox-3.2.head$ bzr diff -r 386 | pastebinit00:55
ftaright :)00:56
stgraberstgraber@sahal:~/pastebinit$ bzr diff pastebinit.xml | ./pastebinit00:57
stgraberDidn't receive anything from stdin, exitting.00:57
stgraberwell, I should just check every input actually as the same would happen with an empty file00:58
stgrabernew code pushed01:02
ftastgraber, excellent! you should really bzr whoami yourself on sahal :)01:05
stgraberfta: argh, I thought I had :)01:08
stgraberit's my eee, I don't usually work on it ...01:09
stgraberfixed (for next time ...(01:09
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mikestaszelhey, quick, n00b question - what is run when ubuntu's firefox installs the flashplayer plugin, or totem installs gstreamer - is that a synaptic starting?03:34
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The_Kid123Hello All05:18
The_Kid123Well, for the log bots, I'm looking to somehow get involved in helping with Ubuntu development. I've used ubuntu heavily since 7.10, but I intermittently used snce 6.06. I don't really know where specificly I'd like to help, but I'm interested in OS components from the command-line down, be it init scripting, installers, or wherever I could be of help. I'm willing to learn what I don't yet know. I'll start being on here more, so hopefully the appropr05:27
ScottKThe_Kid123: #ubuntu-motu is a better channel for just getting started in development.05:29
The_Kid123ok, thanks much... think anyone will be on @ this hour?05:30
ScottKMaybe a few.05:32
The_Kid123alright, peace to all05:38
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Yoeogra: you may want to have a look at the diff for nbd_1:2.9.11-211:28
Yoeogra: especially the third bullet point in the changelog11:28
Yoeogra: since I understand that ubuntu has no /lib/init/rw, and that sendsigs does things differently there11:28
Yoeogra: I couldn't exactly test that, though, having no ubuntu and all; but if you send me a patch that doesn't break my version, I'll take that into Debian11:29
ograYoe, thanks for the info, i'll take a look next week (still on vacation atm :) ) ... happy new year btw11:30
Yoeogra: you too :-)11:31
Yoeogra: and you're welcome11:32
seria-maui heard that the ifup/ifdown framework will be discarded in jaunty jackalope and networkmanager used instead. is this true?11:34
directhexseria-mau, n-m has been the default for years11:35
seria-maunot on my system11:35
directhexthen you've been doing nonstandard things.11:36
Hobbseei thought that jaunty was supposed to take things in /etc/network/interfaces, and use them properly, thus ifup/ifdown would be deprecated (or hidden away)11:37
seria-mauwell. if ifup/ifdown leaves ubuntu, i will leave, too. sadly. i like it. and i dont think n-m is ready, yet.11:39
seria-mau(no offense itended)11:39
Chipzzdirecthex: you were not answering his question though11:42
Chipzzdirecthex: he did not ask wether NM was the default; that's totally irrelevant11:43
Chipzzhe DID ask wether the OTHER option would be discarded11:43
MithrandirI'd be quite surprised if NM became mandatory for servers and such11:43
directhexis there actually a command-line nm yet? nm-tool is report-only in intrepid11:44
Chipzzif it ever does I'll immediately wipe ubuntu from every single one of my boxes it's installed on11:44
Mithrandirdirecthex: dbus-send? :-)11:44
directhexMithrandir, don't make me stab you11:44
directhexMithrandir, technically though, some bash scripting around dbus-send could replace ifup/down ;)11:45
* Chipzz considers NM broken by design11:45
* Chipzz takes out his shotgun and shoots directhex :P11:45
* directhex considers nm a farking necessity on a laptop11:45
MithrandirI started writing a blog post about what a proper network configuration tool should handle.11:46
Chipzzdirecthex: there are other ways of achieving the same11:46
Mithrandirworking as a consulant where you have to set up static routes, tunnels and such to reach into other systems have shown me that NM really doesn't handle my needs, but then, nothing else does either.11:46
Chipzzdirecthex: even without installing any additional software except ifup and wpa-supplicant11:46
Chipzzdirecthex: have you read all the docs that ship with the wpa-supplicant package?11:47
directhex"just edit this conf file" is never, never ever ever, a solution for anything on a desktop system. it's a cheap hack11:47
Chipzzand having a *user*-program handle a *system* property is broken by design, period11:48
directhexChipzz, ever heard of FUSE?11:48
Chipzzyes, and I also consider that broken11:48
Chipzzit has its uses, but gets abused to work around a lot of crap, instead of fixing that crap properly11:49
seria-mauto be fair, i use n-m on laptops, too. but on my workstation here i have 3 net interfaces: one which receives dhcp from a cable modem and the other two handing out dhcp with the use of dnsmasq to guests etc.pp.11:49
seria-maui really dont know how to do this with n-m11:50
MithrandirChipzz: user, as in nm-applet or NM itself?11:52
* directhex demands cdrecord only run as root, just as god^Wschilly^Wgod intended11:53
Chipzzwhat I meant is basically that you control a system property (something that is inherent to the system, and can affect not just you, but other people too on a multi-user system) via a user11:53
Mithrandirthere's no principal difference between having it as an applet and having the ability to edit a config file.11:55
Chipzzimo the difference is the approach of changing things11:56
MithrandirI disagree, it's just a different UI11:56
Chipzzthere are a lot of other tools which you can manage config files too; they require the proper privileges though, like going through sudo; ie basically changing to root11:58
ograNM uses polkit .... which is the sudo of the future :P11:58
Mithrandirwell, we're moving towards a more fine-grained security model where you can actually give somebody the ability to, say, add users, set the system clock or similar tasks without giving them complete control of the system.11:59
* Chipzz notes that this is much like how things tend to get done on other *NIX'y systems12:00
directhexother NIXes don't have fine-grained ACLs for things?12:01
Chipzzthey do; but don't require you to have several daemons running to do so12:02
ograthey also have the beauty of CDE12:03
Chipzzogra: most CDE shipping UNIX'es have switched to GNOME instead ;)12:03
ograso they will start using polkit at some point ... since the apps demand it12:04
Chipzzsolaris for example also ships gnome; HPUX iirc was also doing that I recall hearing several years ago12:04
Chipzzogra: I disagree; if they don't like policykit, they'll just not ship those apps12:06
ograhard to do ...12:07
ChipzzI may be mistaken on this one, but iirc solaris in fact does that12:07
Chipzzsome things are managed through their java apps12:08
ograthe gnome clock applet massively uses time-admin from gnome-system-tools for example ... time-admin relies fully on polkit ... you add a massive maintenance overhead fi you replace such stuff12:08
ograindeed nobody keeps you from patching the defaults ... but the more apps rely on poltik functionallity the harder that gets ... and in the end you end up with a completely forked desktop12:09
ograsame goes for NM ... apps start to rely on the fact to have its dbus interface available to query the online status12:10
maxbI want to start a discussion on how usb-creator should react to usb sticks without a partition table. Where should I do it? In a launchpad bug? on ubuntu-devel(-discuss)@ ?12:48
amjedguys girl12:57
amjedhelp me12:57
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yao_ziyuanit seems startup items management becomes a mess if both ubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop are installed.14:57
yao_ziyuanfor example, if you enable chinese input methods in ubuntu and then in kubuntu,14:57
yao_ziyuanthen when you enter kubuntu, you will find there are two 'scim-launcher's in the task manager.14:58
yao_ziyuanif you disable input methods in either ubuntu or kubuntu, there will remain one 'scim-launcher'.14:58
yao_ziyuanalso, things like network-manager-gnome, network-manager-kde14:58
yao_ziyuani suspect many services/programs are started twice14:59
imachinetseliot, hey15:48
imachinetseliot, any improvements on the new nvidia drivers for 8.10 ?15:48
imachineare they getting ported soon?15:48
imachinethe title-bar mess-up is really annoying ;)15:48
str33tcatyou can try the lastest beta version of nvidia driver15:48
imachineyeah, but I wan't a .deb file.15:49
imachineI've seen some work done on it by tseliot .15:49
str33tcatlearn to do some hard word15:49
imachineand it seemed nice.15:49
imachine bzr branch lp:~albertomilone/nvidia-drivers-ubuntu/180-intrepid <- I've done this.15:50
imachinebut I don't know how to build it ;]15:50
imachineI've asked tseliot a while ago, but he said it wasn't finished.15:50
imachinethat's why I'm asking now, maybe he sorted it out :-)15:51
tseliotimachine: I'm working on a different project right now but I'll update the packages as soon as I'm done with this project15:51
imachinetseliot, great news. can't wait ! :-)15:52
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TomaszDasac, hey, sorry to bother you, could you please build networkmanager final in the network-manager PPA for Hardy as well? There's only an SVN snapshot available :(18:43
asacTomaszD: soon ... i need hardy PPA to get more testing the the next intrepid-proposed upload ... but once thats in i will bump that too18:46
TomaszDmore testing of what asac ? of the SVN snapshot? I don't understand.18:48
asacTomaszD: of the next intrepid-proposed upload, yes.18:49
asacjust stay tuned ;) ... will happen soonish. there are just two important bugs i want to get fixed before moving to final everywhere18:49
TomaszDasac, so intrepid-proposed got the SVN snapshot? Why not test the stable, final version ?18:49
TomaszDalright, thanks :]18:50
asacTomaszD: its not possible18:50
asacto put stable into intrepid because it breaks ABI/API18:50
asacso we have to fix a few more things in -updates by backporting patches18:50
asacand then provide final in -backports18:50
TomaszDthat makes sense.18:50
asacsorry for the delay though18:50
asacPPA will get latest asap18:51
TomaszDI've been doing quite popular remasters of both 8.04 and 8.10 for the Polish community and one of the nm snapshots behaved weirdly during installation, it connected and reconnected several times18:52
TomaszDwithout actually breaking anything, but that looked worrying18:52
TomaszD*during ubuntu installation18:52
asacTomaszD: there are not many changes that bring more stability ... except for some wpa variants18:55
asacTomaszD: what net/chipset was that?18:56
TomaszDasac, it's fine, I just don't want to scare users who actually use 8.04 (stability) to use "unstable" software (svn snapshots)18:56
TomaszDasac, that was VirtualBox18:56
asacTomaszD: ah ... well. it more or less matches what we ship in intrepid ;)18:56
asacso its a vedded snapshot (though not perfect. but even final isnt perfect)18:57
ebroderIf I'm filing a sync request now, am I expected to justify it past what's in the changelog? (The changelog makes it fairly clear why the sync is important)18:57
TomaszDI'm currently running a test install and it does that weird reconnect dance18:57
asacTomaszD: do you have anything in /etc/network/interfaces?`18:57
asacTomaszD: otherwise paste your complete syslog somewhere18:58
TomaszDstandard stuff, auto lo and the loopback device18:59
asacTomaszD: please paste your syslog after reproducing then18:59
TomaszDhmm it seems as though it only reconnected once, it settled down now, I called it too early18:59
TomaszDasac, ok reconnected again when trying to reach ntp, will try to get the syslog, but it's a corner case19:02
TomaszDhow many people remaster 8.04 and add nm 0.7 to it?19:03
pochuhello asac. so you don't have any plans for hardy-proposed/updates as of now, do you?19:03
pochu(others than try to move the package in -proposed to -updates :)19:03
asacpochu: no ... i am talking about intrepid right now19:04
asacpochu: intrepid will get one more -updates/-proposed round (should be in sync right now)19:04
pochuasac: cool, thanks19:05
asacthere is an update in -proposed for hardy, yes. i want to get that in. but thats not really what this was about19:05
pochuasac: sure, it was an unrelated question to your conversation with TomaszD :)19:06
pochuI was interested on hardy's state19:06
asacasked another time in bug 203016 whether someone can at least verify that its fixed now ;)19:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 203016 in network-manager "Memory Leak in NetworkManager" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20301619:06
TomaszDasac, http://pastebin.com/m36ef177019:07
asacpochu: yeah. so hardy will stay the same ... ~network-manager PPA will eventually move to final 0.719:07
asacfor hardy that is19:07
pochuas long as it's not the official archive, I'll sleep like a log ;)19:09
asacTomaszD: strange ... your system seems to time-warp?19:10
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TomaszDasac, yes I've noticed19:10
asacnext line19:10
TomaszDoh that19:10
TomaszDthat's just ntp19:10
TomaszDRTC time versus GMT+119:11
TomaszDI think...19:11
asacTomaszD: does that reconnecting settle at some point or continues forever?`19:12
TomaszDno it just happens during installation of ubuntu19:12
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TomaszDhappened two times this time19:13
TomaszDor maybe three, I didn't have the vbox window open all the time19:13
TomaszDotherwise, during normal operation, it's stable19:14
TomaszDthis never happens with intrepid btw19:15
asacTomaszD: ok. so this i hardy with the PPA NM?19:16
TomaszDthat's why I was asking if you could build the stable version and maybe this behaviour would go away19:17
TomaszDbut it's nothing to worry about I guess19:17
asacTomaszD: really unlikely that it goes away with stable version. wouldnt know why19:19
svuI just uploaded smth to my ppa - why don't I see it on the web interface?20:14
Adri2000svu: off-topic. you want #launchpad instead20:36
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kagouis it possible to have a persistent partition (ubuntu on usb stick) using fat32 ?21:02
PovAddictwhen I report a bug through apport, why is the bug marked as "This bug doesn't affect me" by default?21:33
PovAddictof course it affects me! :P21:33
svuAdri2000: thanks!21:35
svu(and already resolved)21:35
beunoPovAddict, it's a bug in Launchpad21:53
beunoit will be fixed soon-ish21:53
LuXorhey can someone help?21:54
PovAddictJust Ask Your Questin21:55
maxbLuXor: The first rule of getting help on IRC is to be as specific as possible21:56
LaserJockuh ... wow22:11
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* thom wonders idly what brought that on22:16
Nafallothekorn: +t until it passes? :-)22:16
thomif it happens again, yeh22:17
Mithrandirbanning cpe-76-87-77-169.socal.res.rr.com might be a good idea too.22:17
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Adri2000and ban the whole host22:46
PovAddicthe used a completely different host this time22:46
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Adri2000ah, right22:47
PovAddicthere we go again22:47
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ubottuHelp! bhale, infinity, Hobbsee, jdub, thom, fooishbar, fabbione, mdz, lamont, or Keybuk22:47
PovAddict"fuck +t get with the program!" means he's here right now, his evil nicknames weren't here when we mentioned +t22:47
emgentthom: ?23:32
thomtopic inanity previously23:33

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