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jjessemeeting here?18:55
nixternalapachelogger: the floor looks like it will be all yours ;)18:57
nixternalwe have 2 people going for membership18:57
nixternalno timido around?18:57
nixternalwe need to hurry this meeting too, as I have to get to the city and give a presentation in 2 hours18:57
nhandlerIs that the global bug jam presentation nixternal ?18:58
alkisg@schedule Europe/Athens18:58
ubottuSchedule for Europe/Athens: Current meeting: Kubuntu Developers 05 Jan 22:00: EMEA Membership | 06 Jan 18:00: Server Team | 06 Jan 19:00: Kernel Team | 06 Jan 23:00: Community Council | 07 Jan 05:00: America's Council18:58
apacheloggernixternal: you are too busy18:58
nixternaltell me about it18:58
nixternalapachelogger: you just need to employ me, so I won't be so busy :)18:59
[NikO]arg emea membership change18:59
apacheloggeryou could read my mails, it won't be much fun though :P18:59
apacheloggernot even that :P18:59
nixternal[NikO]: I don't know if it has been changed or not to be honest18:59
nixternalit looks as if all of the dates are shifted 2 days18:59
[NikO]before it was 05 janv 21:0019:00
nixternalbecause today is the 3rd, and we are doing our meeting now and not the 5th19:00
ubottuSchedule for Etc/UTC: Current meeting: Kubuntu Developers 05 Jan 20:00: EMEA Membership | 06 Jan 16:00: Server Team | 06 Jan 17:00: Kernel Team | 06 Jan 21:00: Community Council | 07 Jan 03:00: America's Council19:00
* nixternal checks the fridge19:00
* apachelogger pokes Riddell19:00
RiddellHappy New Year Friends19:00
[NikO]sorry i miss a |19:00
nixternal[NikO]: fridge.ubuntu.com has the correct dates and times...look there19:00
nixternalit seems the silly bot is broken19:00
jjessehappy new year Riddell19:00
Riddellwhat's all this about another meeting?19:00
nixternal[NikO]: seems I did too :)  ooops19:01
yuriyhappy new year everyone19:01
nixternalRiddell: jusst a misunderstanding with the topic19:01
[NikO]happy new year too19:01
nixternalthere needs to be a | after the Kubuntu Developers in the topic19:01
nixternalas it looks like "Kubuntu Developers 05 Jan 20:0019:01
nixternalHAPPY NEW YEARS ALL!19:02
apacheloggerHNY to everyone but the topic19:02
Riddelldid we all have a nice christmas and hogmanay?19:02
jjessei've had better19:02
nixternalsure did :)19:02
nixternalhaha, same here :p19:02
nixternalshould we kick off with new members?19:02
Riddellno timido around19:02
nixternalthat's fine, lets go with nhandler19:02
Lurehappy new year to all kubuntu ninjas19:02
Riddellnhandler: care to introduce yourself?19:03
nixternalnhandler: please give us an introduction about yourself19:03
apacheloggerWiki: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/nhandler LP: https://launchpad.net/~nhandler19:03
nhandlerMy name is Nathan Handler, and I started using Ubuntu right before Edgy was released. I started contributing in Gutsy, and recently became a MOTU. I am no working on making Kubuntu a great distro19:03
nixternalisn't it already a great distro?19:04
coreymon77hi guys19:04
nhandlernixternal: I never said it wasn't. But even a great distro can be made better19:04
coreymon77actually managed to make it this time19:04
Riddellnhandler: what's the Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team?19:04
coreymon77hows everyone doing?19:04
nhandlerRiddell: It is a team led by bodhi_zazen. It helps out on the forums and on irc. It also has Focus groups to help out on LP and the wiki and with other areas19:05
nhandlerIRC channel is #ubuntuforums-beginners19:05
Riddellnhandler: to help beginners presumably?19:05
nixternalI can attest to nhandler and his work here in the community...he is a perfect ninja candidate, not only because he is pretty much a neighbor, but because he has worked hard in MOTU land and has taken off...many people in MOTU world are really impressed with him, as I am as well19:05
nhandlerRiddell: Mainly. But it is also there to help anyone with questions19:05
nhandlerSince I started focusing on Kubuntu, I have packaged plasmoid-spellcheck and plasmois-playwolf, and I have updated kcolor-edit, kgrab, kio-gopher, and kopete-cryptography. I have also reviewed some Kubuntu packages on REVU.19:06
Riddellnhandler: can you see yourself doing more ninjas (KDE main modules packaging) work?19:07
coreymon77well, his wiki and launchpad pages are sure pretty impressive19:07
apacheloggernhandler: why did it take you so long to join the kubuntu squad?19:07
nhandlerRiddell: I am hoping to get into that. I have read through the various scripts, and am ready to help out in any way that I can19:07
nixternalhttp://hall-of-fame.ubuntu.com/  - one of the busiest sponsors for comments and uploads, the top REVU'er19:07
vorianI believe nhandler is planning on helping us with the next rounds of packaging Riddell.19:07
nixternalhttp://daniel.holba.ch/5-a-day-stats/ - good 5-a-day stats19:07
nhandlerapachelogger: I was focused on becoming a MOTU. I like to set my priorities.19:07
apacheloggercoreymon77: the wiki is not using oxygen which is not too good :P19:07
apacheloggernhandler: good point19:08
nhandlervorian: That is true19:08
nixternalalso note that by being a MOTU, he is also an Ubuntu Member19:08
jjesse+1 from me if it matters19:08
nixternalhonestly, I am getting tired of doing votes for this dude :p19:09
vorianI totally support his application19:09
coreymon77i dont have much say here, but i seem to like him19:09
nixternalhowdy seele!19:09
nixternalwe are on our way to a quorum it looks like19:09
Riddellnhandler: you've only been doing stuff for two months you said?19:09
Riddellbut you also said since gutsy19:10
nhandlerRiddell: I have been packaging and patching bugs for a while. I just haven't been focusing on Kubuntu19:10
* nixternal thinks nhandler is a nixternal stalker19:10
claydoh+1, its a no-brainer :)19:10
yuriynhandler: so you use kubuntu yourself but were focusing on more generic packages?19:11
Riddell+1 from me too19:11
seelecan someone pastebin the beginning aprt of the interview?19:11
nhandleryuriy: I use kubuntu on one of my machines. It didn't like my laptop, so I run ubuntu on it19:11
apacheloggerseele: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/99167/19:11
nixternalthat was way faster than I could do :)19:11
yuriynhandler: why do you like kubuntu and choose to work on it? what sets it apart from other distributions (including ubuntu) for you?19:12
apacheloggernhandler: we gotta fix the latter19:12
nhandleryuriy: One of the things I like most about Kubuntu is the community. It is smaller and much closer. In Ubuntu, they have so many people that you can't really get to know everyone. As for kubuntu, I really like the way that kde4 is starting to shape up. I want to help make it better19:12
seelelooks good to me19:13
seele+1 for nhandler19:13
apacheloggernhandler: congrats19:13
Riddellwelcome in nhandler19:13
nixternalnhandler: Welcome you ninja!19:13
apacheloggerwelcome to the blue headed stepchild team :P19:13
nhandlerThanks everyone19:13
vorianyay nhandler!19:14
nixternalapachelogger: you forgot my copyright/trademark on that quote!19:14
Riddellanyone else here for membership?19:14
seelewhy blue?  i thought it was red19:14
apacheloggernixternal: jonny closed the wishlist item for copyright as won't fix :P19:14
nixternalseele: kde is blooo :)19:14
jjessei thought everye thing was bloue19:14
* seele points to her head :P19:14
nixternalno more memberships19:14
apacheloggerwe should script membership interviews ... would probably save us some time :P19:15
Riddellfirst item is "Post-UDS discussion"19:15
nixternalcan wek skip the post UDS discussion, as I want to hear the QtCurve and Documentation bullets by apachelogger since I have to leave shortly19:15
Riddellcould do19:15
Riddellapachelogger: want to start on those to keep nixternal happy?19:15
nixternalthank you sir :)19:15
nixternalapachelogger: scottk and I were looking at qtcurve the other day I think and it looked rather broken19:16
Riddellwhat's up with qtcurve apachelogger?19:16
nixternalI think it was qtcurve19:16
apacheloggercurrently we have qtcurve (qt3 style) kde-style-qtcurve (kde3) kde4-style-qtcurve (qt4) kde4-style-qtcurve-kdeconfig (kde4)19:16
nixternalis that the one with a reverse path applied in rules?19:16
nixternalshouldn't there be a gtk package with qtcurve as well?19:17
apacheloggerthe latter one has a rather ugly rules file19:17
apacheloggernixternal: well yes, but that is not affected by the kde 4 transition ;-)19:17
Riddellapachelogger: but what's the problem?19:17
apacheloggerrenaming that stuff to some sensible matter19:17
nixternalif qtcurve is the package with the reverse patch in the rules, scottk and i couldn't get it to build in jaunty let alone intrepid19:18
apacheloggerI recommend that we drop kde-style-qtcurve ... rename qtcurve to qtcurve-qt4 ... rename kde-style-qtcurve to qtcurve ... and kde4-style-qtcurve-kdeconfig to kde-style-qtcurve19:18
* apachelogger is pretty sure he lost everyone by now :P19:18
Riddellqtcurve is a dummy package19:18
nixternalapachelogger: qt-style-qtcurve I think is how it goes...how does debian do it?19:18
apacheloggerRiddell: are you sure?19:18
Riddellin intrepid that's what it says19:19
nixternalyes, on s/kde4/kde/ on the style bits19:19
apacheloggerwell, the whole qtcurve stuff is pretty confusing anyway19:19
nixternalthat it is19:19
Riddellqtcurve is described as a dummy package but seems more like a meta package for the kde and gtk ones19:20
apacheloggerRiddell: maybe we didn't have a qt3-only version19:21
Riddellmy thoughts would be to merge kde4-style-qtcurve and kde4-style-qtcurve-kdeconfig and call it kde-style-qtcurve19:21
Riddellrename kde-style-qtcurve to kde3-style-qtcurve19:21
Riddelland make qtcurve depend on kde 3, 4 and gtk19:21
apacheloggerI am not too sure kde3-style-qtcurve will build at all19:21
apacheloggerIIRC qtcurve needs kwin to build19:22
Riddelloh well drop it then19:22
apacheloggerwhat to do about the qt4-only package?19:23
apacheloggercurrently kde4-style-qtcurve IIRC19:23
RiddellI'd be tempted to merge it as I say, can't believe that many people care about having a qt only one19:24
* apachelogger agrees19:24
Riddellbut then I'm a KDE guy so I could be biased :)19:24
nixternalkde-style-qtcurve, kwin-style-qtcurve, qt4-style-qtcurve - i think it is supposed to be something like this per debian...as I have been working on a coupld of theme packages in debian19:24
apacheloggerI'll consult with debian about the qt4 style then19:24
nixternalapachelogger: pusling is the master at this stuff, so you might want to start there19:25
apacheloggeraye aye19:25
Riddellwhat's up with our documentation install paths?19:25
apacheloggerKDE 3 uses doc/KDE/19:25
apacheloggerKDE 4 uses doc/KDE4/19:25
apachelogger(maybe lowercase)19:26
Riddellis that a problem?19:26
nixternal/usr/share/doc/kde <- kde 319:26
apacheloggerthat makes the former unaccessible in KDE 4's khelpcenter, even though it lists them due to the desktop file19:26
nixternalit shouldn't be a problem at all, as it is part of the fd.o specification for documentation19:26
nixternalwe make khc look anywhere we want though for documentation19:27
Riddellthere's a fd.o sepc for docs?19:27
nixternalRiddell: just the /usr/share/doc/ part19:27
nixternalwe are working on a specification with gnome and kde in fd.o19:27
nixternalmallard was working well wtih it, but it is vaporware it seems19:27
apacheloggerI recommned we change the KDE 4 path to doc/kde19:27
Riddell/usr/share/doc/ is quite a busy place, it wants to scan that whole directory?19:27
nixternalI agree with apachelogger on /usr/share/doc/kde/19:27
apacheloggerRiddell: based on desktop files I would assume19:28
apacheloggernixternal: maybe talk to debian19:28
nixternalRiddell: khc only scans /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/$cc/19:28
apacheloggerand then change to the path they want to use in the future19:28
apacheloggertechnically KHC doesn't scan anything19:28
nixternalno, just looks there19:28
apacheloggerit queries ksycoca for applications and reads their doc setting19:29
nixternalyou can make khc open any html and/or docbook file extension no matter where it is located19:29
apacheloggerthat is why it doesn't matter what path we use as long as it is the same in KDE 3 and KDE 419:29
apacheloggerso, course of action = talk to debian about path they want to use19:30
apacheloggereveryone ok with that?19:30
Riddellmerging them would cause clashes in /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/common/19:30
nixternaldebian is still separating their paths I thought19:30
apacheloggerRiddell: we can drop the KDE 3 one19:31
Riddellseems sensible enough to move to doc/kde then19:31
nixternalI agree19:31
nixternalkhc codebase == ewwww19:31
Riddellbut indeed check with debian too, they may well know of problems that would cause19:31
nixternalI need to start spending more time on it19:31
apacheloggernixternal: suse code :P19:31
apacheloggerthe apps data path is a related issue19:32
Riddelltell us about it apachelogger19:32
apacheloggerdebian also uses $PREFIX/share/kde4/apps/ instead of $PREFIX/share/apps/19:32
nixternalsuse code is only in the search handlers iirc19:32
nixternalie. htdig :(19:32
apacheloggerhowever, KDE regulates this in one of the cmake modules (in a very static way)19:33
apacheloggerso, if you compile a KDE 4 app manually it will use $P/share/apps, because it doesn't know that debian/kubuntu use share/kde4/apps19:33
apacheloggerwhich results in broken application data19:33
Riddellmm, that does confuse people19:34
apacheloggersimply put: there is a wrong installation path used for non-cdbs compiled stuff19:34
apacheloggerwe can resolve this by either patching the appropriate cmake modules, which works pretty well19:35
apacheloggeror we change to KDE default ($P/share/apps)19:35
apacheloggersince we most likely need to recompile every KDE 4 app because of the doc path changes anyway both options are good options IMO19:36
RiddellI'd go with the former unless debian plan to change, that would be quite a deviation and there's probably still clashes with kde 319:36
apacheloggerI'll talk with debian and go with the patching if the latter option is not possible19:37
apachelogger+ I need to report this to KDE anyway, because debian needs to have the setting exported properly anyway19:38
apacheloggerRiddell: yes19:38
Riddellit would be nice if the cmake module was set correctly at compile time19:38
RiddellPost-UDS discussion19:39
Riddellhow was UDS for you seele, nixternal..?19:39
Riddellwe wrote some specs which are here https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuJauntySpecs19:39
seelethe most tiring one yet imo19:39
seeletoo much activity for someone who works at home alone all the time :)19:39
jjessegreat except had to leave early :(19:40
Riddellwe'll need to paste you into our group photo jjesse19:40
jjesseRiddell: i know bummed i missed it19:40
Riddellplan is to change to package kit19:40
Riddellvarious tweaks to installer, a good challenge for anyone who likes pykde19:41
apacheloggeris kpackagekit imported into jaunty yet?19:41
nixternalRiddell: uds was super busy for me actually19:41
apacheloggerlast I checked I didn't find it19:41
seeleyes, Tonio created some Intrepid packages and Thomas Pfeffer (colomar) is in the process of reviewing it19:41
nixternalwasn't expecting to be that darn busy19:41
yuriyhow many kubuntu/kde people were at UDS?19:41
jjessecolomar is doing the usability stuff for you right seele?19:41
nixternaland the dancing santa was the highlight of the entire event :)19:41
seelehe will provide some feedback to what improvements could be made, and we can figure out which ones we can actually get done by feature freeze19:41
seelejjesse: yes, he was my Season of Usability intern last year19:42
* apachelogger notes that getting any kind of package in ASAP would be good19:42
seeleand he came to Akademy (if anyone remembers)19:42
seelepackaging is Tonio's job, i just know he was working on it19:42
Riddellyuriy: me, nixternal, rgreening, jjesse, tonio and at fosscamp blahzahl, chani and aurean the kpackagekit dude19:42
Riddellseele too of course19:42
nixternalseele was there? :p19:43
apacheloggerseele: I'll poke him about that19:43
* seele sighs19:43
nixternalWEARING BLUE!!!!19:43
seeleno love19:43
nixternaland trying to hide it19:43
seelenixternal: it was cold that day :P19:43
* apachelogger hands seele a cookie 19:43
apacheloggercookies > love19:43
jjessethe blue crew shirt19:43
yuriy< doctormo> I didn't see a whole load of kde people at UDS, maybe 3 or 4.  <-- in response to my comment on mark's blog about notifications19:43
apacheloggernixternal: we need to discuss crew shirts @ next marketing metting :P19:43
Riddellno surprises in KubuntuJauntyKDEPackaging but we do need to work out the mysql packaging for amarok and akonadi which will be tricky (especially amarok)19:43
yuriygot the impression that we just didn't have enough of a presense there19:43
apacheloggerRiddell: I suppose last option would be to do it the intrepid way?19:44
jjesseyuriy: we had more of a presence at this uds then the past19:44
nixternalapachelogger: roger that!19:44
LureRiddell: is anybody working on digikam/kipi-plugins packaging already?19:44
Riddellyuriy: desktop is less important than it used to be, lots of server and mobile people these days (I didn't see a whole load of gnome people)19:44
Riddellapachelogger: mysql 5.1?19:44
LureRiddell: there are two dependancies (optional though) missing: libopencv liblensfun19:44
nixternalbesides the Kubuntu tracks, I was constantly in Community and MOTU/Development tracks...non stop19:44
apacheloggerLure: devfil is working on digikam AFAIK19:45
nixternalthe entire week, I had 1 time slot where there wasn't a track specific to me19:45
apacheloggerLure: and tonio updated kipi19:45
RiddellLure: volunteers welcome :)  I'd like to see those all move over to KDE 4 versions19:45
Lureapachelogger: ok, is he in #kubuntu-devel?19:45
seelenixternal: yes, i think i only had a few hours or breathing all week19:45
apacheloggerLure: sometimes19:45
apacheloggerLure: he's CET so he might be out partying by now ;-)19:45
Riddellwe need to check if there's going to be a version of k3b we can use19:45
Lureapachelogger: if nobody will step in, I might try to use my rusty packaging skills and try to create packages ;-)19:46
apacheloggerRiddell: did anyone try trunk yet?19:46
Riddellnot I19:46
yuriycomments on the dot claim that k3b for kde4 is usable19:46
nixternaltonio said he saw something about k3b, but I have looked and looked and haven't found anything...the mailing lists are even asking where the kde k3b stuff is at19:46
apacheloggerRiddell: all people I talked to said "looks good, but didn't try burning"19:46
apacheloggerRiddell: so we probably should test the latter ;-)19:46
Riddellwe want to get kde 3 libs off the CD so that means getting rid of konversation as well for now19:46
nixternalseems the lead dev is working a new job elsewhere and has little time to maintain k3b19:46
Riddellpossibly to be replaced with quassel if seele convinces them to make it usable19:47
apacheloggernixternal: the lead dev is also lead dev of nepomuk19:47
apacheloggerRiddell: already working on it19:47
apachelogger+ quassel got KDE integration (notifciation and icons) already19:47
nixternalapachelogger: correct, but didn't he get a new job or something? possibly working on nepomuk so than anything else?19:47
apacheloggernixternal: *shrug* all I know is that he was working for mandriva at some point19:48
yuriymandriva is paying him to work on nepomuk I think19:48
nixternalahh, I just read something to that effect recently19:48
nixternalyuriy: ya, I think that is exactly what I read19:48
Riddellwe'll need to look at webkitkde once qt 4.5 is out and evaluate if it's better than khtml19:48
LureRiddell: is qt 4.5 to land in jaunty?19:48
apacheloggerdepends on the quality19:49
RiddellLure: they won't say but I hope it'll be out in time19:49
apacheloggerlast I checked it rendered a lot of Qt 4.4 stuff unusable19:49
Lureapachelogger: yes, I recalled thiago's post about kde4 being showstopper for qt 4.5 release19:49
apacheloggerwell for KDE 4 most stuff is resolved, can't say the same about quassel for example19:50
RiddellKubuntuJauntyGapAnalysis has various programming bits to be done, installing Restriced Install, system-config-printer really to be finished, tseliot's display setup tool...19:50
Riddelltxwikinger: about?19:50
Riddelltxwikinger: any plans to work on user setup tool this cycle?19:51
txwikingerI will try to integrate what I did to the system-settings19:52
apacheloggerkuser isn't too bad for the time being19:52
apacheloggernow that it works kind of ;-)19:52
Riddelltxwikinger: seele did put her name down for specifying an improved UI for that, would you be able to take that on if she does?19:52
txwikingerRiddell: yes, I think so19:52
Riddellsime says pykde can be intergrated with system settings now, so various things can be made into modules for that19:52
RiddellI should track down the sample code for that19:53
apacheloggerjonny already started with jockey19:53
apacheloggeras reported in his blog19:53
Riddelloh, nice19:53
ArbyI've been trying to do the same with system-config-printer19:53
apacheloggerRiddell: update-notifier-kde should probably be renamed? kpackagekit comes with an update notification system builtin19:53
Arbywithout much success it has to be said19:53
nixternalalrighty, gotta head out...talk to you all later!19:54
apacheloggercya nixternal19:54
RiddellArby: thanks for your e-mail on s-c-p-k, I'll get round to replying to it properly soon I hope19:54
txwikingerbye nixternal19:54
nhandlerBye nixternal19:54
ArbyRiddell: no rush19:54
RiddellI should talk about the Desktop Experience team before we finish19:54
RiddellCanonical has put together this team of people to work on useful desktop bling stuff19:55
Riddelltheir first project will be to do with notifications and was announced at UDS19:55
Riddellthe idea of the team is to make a useful contribution to the state of the free desktops19:56
Riddellthey have some Gnome people on it now and (because gnome is more in need of interesting things to happen to it :)19:56
Riddelland will hire qt/kde person/people early this year to make sure we're not left out19:57
Riddellso this means canonical will be a bit more hands on in saying what goes into Kubuntu, which up until now they havn't at all (I'm speaking with my kubuntu community hat)19:57
Riddellso us in the kubuntu community need to make sure that what they work on is useful and works well to bring us and KDE stuff we love19:58
Riddellfrom talks at UDS on the notification bits I think they know what needs doing to get it done with KDE well19:59
Riddelland it may not happen this cycle for KDE (nobody hired yet and feature freeze is in 6 weeks)19:59
Riddellbut in future it should happen at the same time on ubuntu desktop and kubuntu since sabdfl is keen we are not left out20:00
Riddellany comments or questions?20:00
apacheloggersabdfl++ for that20:01
yuriyso they talked with all of you guys at UDS about notifications?20:01
seeleyou could say that20:01
Riddellus and upstream too20:01
ArbyI saw a few blogs suggesting there was some resistance within KDE to parts of what was proposed on marks blog.20:02
apacheloggeryuriy: they also talked with aaron in #plasma20:02
Arbyif KDE flat out refuse to play what do we do?20:02
apacheloggerthe notifications stuff is a bit messed up because there are kind-of 2 versions floating around20:02
apacheloggerthe not-fd.o but almost standard one and the KDE one, which is based on the not-fd.o one but enhanced20:03
RiddellArby: upstream gnome had much the same reaction to some parts20:03
Arbynot unexpected20:03
Riddellif KDE doesn't want it we'd need to keep patches, which it would be the responsibility of the DX team to maintain20:03
apacheloggeroh, that part I like20:03
Arbythat's what I was wondering20:03
Riddellapachelogger: and hopefully this work can create a real cross desktop standard20:04
seelepart of the problem with the proposed design is that it doesn't account for KDE's heavy use of applications as services20:04
yuriyapachelogger: I think that makes 3 versions now20:04
apacheloggerwe need a lot more standards in general20:04
Arbyso basically this is going to happen whether upstream like it or not20:04
seelethey want to get rid of a lot of icons in the GNOME task panel, but their solution wont necessarily work in KDE-world20:04
yuriythe great thing about standards ....20:05
Arbythat could make life ... colourful20:05
apacheloggeryuriy: well the idea is that the one created by the DX team gets also a consesus between gnome and KDE requirements20:05
apacheloggerthat would then make it perfect for freedesktop.org20:06
RiddellI think this is a very exciting change and I'm happy we're part of it, if we make sure all the right connections are made between us, the DX people and upstream it should be good for everyone20:06
seelethe fact that theyre trying to fix the fdo spec is a +1 in itself20:07
seeleregardless of the other design changes, notifications of either app families will work consistently and reliably on either platform20:07
seelethat's on part with being able to automatically set the OK/Cancel Cance/OK order automatically based on platform20:08
seelepeople start to wonder why it wasnt done sooner20:08
seelethats how much sense it makes :)20:08
Arbywhere would be the right place to keep track of progress? do I need to subscribe to another mailing list?20:08
* apachelogger would guess so20:08
seeledunno, Riddell might know.  i'm under the impression it is still internal though20:09
Riddellgood question, I'll need to ask about that20:09
Riddellthere's various docs on the wiki somewhere and I think they use the #ubuntu-desktop channel and ubuntu-desktop mailing lists but I could be wrong20:10
* apachelogger would prefer if they didn't20:10
seelei havent seen anything about notifications on ubuntu-desktop20:10
seelemaybe there is an ubuntu-desktop-experience?20:10
Riddelldunno, I'll ask20:10
apachelogger-desktop is usually quite gnomish, so I for one wouldn't want to subscribe to it20:10
Riddellany other business?20:10
beunoRiddell, there isn't a channel for this yet20:11
RiddellI'm on jury service on Monday so potentially I'll be away for an indefinate period, or maybe just a couple of hours if my name doesn't get picked out of the hat20:12
RiddellI'll be around in evenings if I do get picked anyway20:12
txwikingercool Riddell20:13
* NCommander is back, sorry20:13
seeleoh.. UDS sponsored people: your receipts are due Jan 9 I believe20:13
NCommanderugh, completely forgot about that20:13
* NCommander still has them20:13
Riddellthanks for coming all, 2009 is going to rock!20:13
* apachelogger hands out cookies20:14
* txwikinger hands out Tim Horton's Hot Chocolate20:14
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=== ubottu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 05 Jan 20:00: EMEA Membership | 06 Jan 16:00: Server Team | 06 Jan 17:00: Kernel Team | 06 Jan 21:00: Community Council | 07 Jan 03:00: America's Council | 07 Jan 16:00: Foundation Team

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