LaneyOK, maybe I'll do that. The reason I need it is because we want to install the examples on Debian but not have them built00:00
directhexLaney, check out my epic new debian/copyright for ikvm00:02
Laneydirecthex: svn?00:02
murrayc_Laney: I can't find anything saying that the encoding line is deprecated.00:03
murrayc_Laney: Nothing offica00:03
murrayc_Laney: Nothing official, I mean.00:03
Laneymurrayc_: let me see, it was just lintian that told me00:03
Laneymurrayc_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98635/00:04
murrayc_Laney: It's OK. I found it: http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/1.0/apc.html00:05
Laneythat's the one00:05
murrayc_Laney: It was just that that standard didn't mention the deprecation elsewhere when mentioning the key.00:05
directhexLaney, of course svn!00:06
Laneydirecthex: I like the "Not bloody stated" license - think I'll start using that00:06
directhexLaney, i've mailed the original debianizer to ask him what he actually wanted to use00:07
directhexLaney, personally i'm all for WTFPL00:07
Laneytell him I won't fix his podsleuth bug if he doesn't reply00:07
Laneyand then I'll set fire to his iPod00:07
directhexehm... it's the same guy?00:07
Laneyjohn goerzen right?00:08
directhexwhy, yes!00:08
directhexwhat a small world00:09
directhexhm. do i want to play gears of war, with its chainsaw bayonets, or rock band, with its far more deadly six-stringed axe play?00:13
crimsungeez, 200 MB of build-dependencies just to generate a debdiff.00:44
crimsunif it weren't for RAOF's bug, i wouldn't even have to touch texmacs!00:45
NCommanderhey directhex00:49
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The_Kid123Hi all, I'm looking to somehow get involved in helping with Ubuntu development. I've used ubuntu heavily since 7.10, but I intermittently used snce 6.06. I don't really know where specificly I'd like to help, but I'm interested in OS components from the command-line down, be it init scripting, installers, or wherever I could be of help. I'm willing to learn what I don't yet know. I'll start being on here more, so hopefully the appropriate person will 05:31
bobboThe_Kid123: hey :)05:32
bobboThe_Kid123: the best place to start is by reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted05:32
The_Kid123alright, thanks05:32
bobboThe_Kid123: also, when you want to get started on some real bugfixing, we have a list of easy to fix bugs for new contributors @ https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=bitesize05:33
The_Kid123great, let me say that i'll be glad to be part of a ubuntu team05:34
bobbowe'll be glad to have you, we are always looking out for new contributors05:35
The_Kid123if I check a package, would I want to start looking for fixes in the deloper's most recent version, or stick with the version ubuntu uses?05:38
bobboThe_Kid123: you want to be looking at the latest version of the package05:42
bobbothe easiest way is to replace the deb-src lines in /etc/apt/sources.list with the current development version05:42
bobbothen you can apt-get source <packagename> to get the packages source05:43
The_Kid123peace, everyone, esp u bobbo, I'm retiring05:43
nhandlerbobbo: They can also use the pull-lp-source script from ubuntu-dev-tools05:43
bobbonhandler: oh, didn't know that existed05:44
* bobbo goes to look05:44
nhandlerThere is also a pull-debian-source script05:45
lidaobinghelp review: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=fqterm06:15
lidaobinghelp review: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ibus-table, thanks07:20
lidaobingI got an error when archive: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/?archive=3889, error infomation in http://paste.ubuntu.com/98827/07:23
wikzHi, I uploaded my package with the ppa versioning and changelog which I shouldn't have. How do I rectify it ?07:48
Hobbseeto where?07:53
Hobbseejust upload another one, and it'll overwrite it07:54
wikzHobbsee: cool thanks07:54
rexbronIf any motu's have a spare moment to review my package I would greatly appreciate it. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=libffado07:57
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tuxmaniacit would be great to see someone review gresistor for Jaunty again. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gresistor10:32
tuxmaniacthanks in advance10:32
hanskawoot, my first sync request :)10:43
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taconei am getting this on a pdebuild: Unmet build dependencies: cdbs (>= 0.4.49)12:28
taconemy pbuilder is an intrepid one, with all repos enabled (cdbs is in the main, btw)12:28
taconeany help ?12:29
maxbtacone: How odd. Perhaps if you paste your entire build session on a pastebin, someone might spot something?12:47
Laneyhowdy vorian13:20
vorianhi Laney, how's things?13:21
Laneynot bad, just updating the copyright file for glom (fun for me!), yourself?13:21
vorianjust starting the day :)13:22
taconemaxb: oddly, i had to install cdbs on my host system. after that, pbuilder worked.13:49
bddebianHeya gang13:52
iulianHiya bddebian.13:57
bddebianHi iulian13:59
bddebianiulian: I lost my connection, can you shoot me the git-core URL again?13:59
iulianbddebian: Aye, http://alioth.debian.org/~iulian-guest/git-cola_1.3.4.4-1.dsc14:06
iulianThank you.14:08
* iulian -> lunch14:08
Laneysebner: ping?14:10
StevenKAh ha. I can't look up thc.emanuele-gentili.com because the domain name has expired.14:20
* Laney squats it14:20
StevenKIt isn't mine, it's emgent's14:21
* Laney nods14:21
* Laney knows who to extort14:21
Laney   Expiration Date: 01-dec-200814:22
StevenKOh, so he's had a month14:23
bddebianiulian: Uploaded14:24
iulianbddebian: Thanks again.14:25
bddebianNo, thank YOU :)14:25
bddebianNow I'm off to my daughters gymnastics, later folks14:25
iulianHave fun.14:26
quadrisprohi bobbo!14:39
quadrisproanyone on bug #311114 ?14:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311114 in ikiwiki "Please merge ikiwiki 3.00 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31111414:48
iulianquadrispro: You obviously forgot to mention the bug number in the changelog.14:58
quadrisproiulian: done14:59
james_wquadrispro: has the issue been forwarded to Debian?15:00
quadrisprono, because that issue is due to Ubuntu policy15:01
quadrisproand there's this bug too -> bug #31347715:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 313477 in cmus "Please merge cmus 2.2.0-3 (multiverse) from Debian unstable (main)." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31347715:05
CarlFKI am trying to add a patch to a package that has no patches.  can I use debhelper.mk / simple-patchsys.mk if the existing debian/rules doesn't?15:48
CarlFKhttp://dpaste.com/104893/   debian/rules15:48
CarlFKdebian/rules:40: *** target file `clean' has both : and :: entries.  Stop.15:48
jorgenptIs it OK to submit others' debian packages to REVU? What's the equivilant to REVU for sid?15:48
Laneyjorgenpt: mentors.debian.net15:49
Laneydebian-mentors mailing list/irc chan15:49
jorgenptAnd what about the former question?15:50
Laneyprobably "it depends"15:50
Laneywhy do you want to?15:51
jorgenptBecause I want the software to appear in Ubuntu15:54
iulianNew packages which are uploaded to Debian will be automatically copied to Ubuntu.15:54
jorgenptAnd the guy who made it hasn't got any big intentions to submit it to neither a debian mentor nor REVU.15:54
Laneyyou should probably ask if he minds15:57
james_wCarlFK: you can't mix CDBS and non-CDBS in debian/rules16:01
CarlFKjames_w: that's what I figured.  thanks16:01
LaneyCarlFK: Quilt provides quilt.make which you can use very easily though16:05
CarlFKLaney: will it be any use if there is only one patch?16:09
Laneyyou should use a patchsys anyway16:09
CarlFKquilt is a patchsys?16:10
CarlFKLaney: have a howto url?16:14
Laneythat's not a very good howto16:14
lfaraoneHi, how do I get ubuntu's dch to behave exactly like the debian version? (no "intrepid", no "0.1-1ubuntu1", etc)16:17
Laneylfaraone: You'll want to remove the Ubuntu modifications to debchange in the devscripts package16:19
lfaraoneLaney: there isn't simply a --config-option? :(16:21
LaneyI don't think so :(16:21
* lfaraone is developing packages for Debian on Ubuntu, and finds it difficult.16:21
lfaraone(PbuilderHowTo doesn't explain how to use a different OS in chroot,e tc)16:21
* coppro pokes the MOTUs with the REVU button16:22
Laneypbuilder-dist makes having sid chroots easy16:22
lfaraoneLaney: ah...16:23
Laneyln -s /path/to/pbuilder-dist pbuilder-sid16:23
Laneypbuilder-sid create; pbuilder-sid build foo.dsc16:23
ScottKlfaraone: Speaking for myself, someone adding a flag to get Debian standard operations to dch would be quite welcome.16:40
CarlFKLaney: I messed up by creating  ~.quiltrc in my package dir (vim ~.quiltrc opps) - so now I have  .pc/ in my package dir.  I moved .quiltrc to ~ ( cat /home/carl/.quiltrc; export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches) what do I do with .pc ?16:40
Laneydelete it16:40
lfaraoneScottK: what's devscripts written in again? /me might scratch that itch16:41
ScottKlfaraone: I don't recall what debchange is written in.  It might be python.  Not all the scripts are in the same languate.  I know some are shell, python, and perl.16:42
lfaraoneIf it's python, I'll put it on my TODO list.16:43
CarlFKLaney: current rules has "build-stamp: configure-stamp" - do I replace configure-stamp with  $(QUILT_STAMPFN) ?16:45
LaneyCarlFK: No, add it16:46
LaneyCarlFK: It's probably better to put it before configure: though16:47
blueyedlfaraone: dch is perl16:47
CarlFKthis? build-stamp: $(QUILT_STAMPFN) configure-stamp16:47
CarlFKer, your before/afger lost me ... :)16:48
CarlFKthis: build-stamp: configure-stamp $(QUILT_STAMPFN)16:48
LaneyI mean16:49
Laneyleave build-stamp how it is16:50
Laneyand make configure-stamp depend on $(QUILT_STAMPFN_16:50
Laneyerm, not configure-stamp, configure16:51
LaneyI can do things but not tell people about them...16:52
CarlFKthis? configure: $(QUILT_STAMPFN)16:52
Laneythen it'll apply the patches before configuring16:53
CarlFKI used to know how to make makefiles...16:53
lfaraonedoko__: oh, *cries*.16:53
Laneylook in quilt.make, it's quite easy to understand16:53
lfaraonedoko__: oops, wrong nick.16:53
lfaraoneblueyed: bah, I'll have to rewrite it in python now :)16:53
CarlFKbut that's been well over 5 years.  I know the point, but forget the syntax16:54
CarlFKhttps://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA says "For example: you're creating an experimental version of the myapp_1.0-1 package. Your PPA package would be named myapp_1.0-2~ppa1. "16:58
CarlFKso I bump the -1 to -2, and add ~ppa1?16:59
Adri2000lfaraone: anyway, you should probably file a bug so that your idea is not forgotten, and if you don't fix it, someone else will eventually do :)16:59
CarlFKthe bump seems odd16:59
Laneyyeah don't do that16:59
Laneyoh, I see16:59
Laney"If you're creating an alternative version of a package already available in Ubuntu's repositories"17:00
nhandlerThe ~ iirc is lower than the -217:00
Laneyit depends what you're doing17:00
nhandlerSo if a 1.0-2 is released in Ubuntu, it will replace your version17:00
LaneyWhy don't they use +?17:00
CarlFKapplying a patch17:00
nhandlerLaney: Because that isn't always accurate17:00
nhandlerMost of the time, you are testing out a package before it is uploaded to Ubuntu17:01
Laneythat's not the case I'm talking about17:01
nhandlerAs a result, it will already have a bumped version. You just need the ~ppa1 so that it gets replaced when uploaded in Ubuntu17:01
LaneyI'm talking about the case the lp wiki discusses17:01
Laneywhen you're trying to patch a Ubuntu version17:01
nhandlerwhen you patch a bug in an Ubuntu version, you still bump the version17:02
nhandlerAlthough the wiki isn't mentioning the -Xubuntuy part in the version17:02
LaneyI don't see why17:02
nhandlerLaney: Pretty much, you take what ever version the package would have if it were to be uploaded to Ubuntu right then and there. You then add ~ppa117:03
LaneyBut this is for some random personal patch that isn't intended for Ubuntu17:03
Laney1.0-1+ppa1 says "I've taken 1.0-1 and added something to it"17:04
nhandlerWell, then it really doesn't matter then what he does17:04
nhandlerHe could completely change the version and it wouldn't matter17:04
Laneyyou still want to retain a sane upgrade path17:05
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nhandlerLaney: Well, all I am saying is that it is up to him for what the version should be. Depending on the patch, he might not want an X.Y-Z~ppa1, because then X.Y-Z would replace it. There are ways to make his version greater than X.Y-Z so that if that version makes it into the repositories, his version will have a higher version number, so it won't be replaced. It all depends on what the patch does.17:07
Laneyof course. I was just proposing an almost-equivalent-but-in-my-opnion-clearer alternative17:09
nhandlerOk, for me, the +ppa1 isn't any clearer than ~ppa1. But in the end, it is the package creator's decision17:11
CarlFKI am assuming my patch will be applied to the next version ubuntu releases17:11
nhandlerCarlFK: Then I would use (version of next ubuntu release)~ppa1. That way, the next ubuntu release will replace your pacakge17:12
Laneyyep, this is the right use-case for that17:12
CarlFKcurrent is https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/python-poppler/0.8.1-1   so I am going with 0.8.1-2~ppa117:12
Laneyno, -1ubuntu117:13
Laneyunless you're going for an update in Debian17:13
nhandlerLaney: If we have -1 in Ubuntu, it means we synced the package17:13
Laneyyes, but we won't do if his patch gets in17:13
Laneythen it'll be 1ubuntu117:13
nhandlerHe should submit the patch to Debian then17:14
lfaraoneAdri2000: care to "confirm" https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/devscripts/+bug/313508 ?17:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 313508 in devscripts "dch should have an option to disable Ubuntu modifications" [Undecided,New]17:14
nhandlerWe don't want to create a delta unless it is really needed17:14
CarlFKhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-poppler/+bug/312462  should I add debian to the "Also affects distribution" ?17:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 312462 in web2conf "document_new_from_data() arg1 must be without null bytes" [Medium,In progress]17:15
CarlFKweb2conf is the code I was working on that is being blocked by the bug in pythyon-poppler17:16
nhandlerDid you send your patch to python-poppler already?17:17
LaneyCarlFK: An upstream review would be nice17:17
nhandlerAnd did they acknowledge it?17:17
CarlFKsort of: ali: CarlFK: it looks quite reasonable, but gmt is mostly maintaining that package, so I should check with him first17:18
jorgenptSo is it still possible to submit for Jaunty?17:18
nhandlerjorgenpt: Yes17:19
nhandlerCarlFK: If you do submit the patch to Debian, add a bug watch to the LP bug. But be sure to mention in the Debian bug that you also sent the patch upstream17:19
Laney(bts forwarded bugnumber url)17:20
CarlFKnhandler: im guessing as long as it gets fixed in trunk soon, the debian stuff isn't worth the effort17:21
lfaraoneHow do I run a diff between https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/devscripts/2.10.26ubuntu4 and https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/devscripts/2.10.26ubuntu3 ?17:21
CarlFKhttp://dpaste.com/104923/ W: python-poppler source: source-nmu-has-incorrect-version-number 0.8.1-2~ppa117:22
CarlFKand W: python-poppler source: patch-system-but-direct-changes-in-diff poppler.defs17:22
CarlFKshould I care about those?17:22
nhandlerCarlFK: The second one you should fix17:22
nhandlerDid you modify a file in the source?17:22
nhandlerAnd quick question, w32codecs is only available from the medibuntu repositories, correct?17:23
CarlFKnhandler: yeah, followed http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/howto/quilt.html17:23
CarlFKI was wondering about that...17:23
nhandlerSo you used a quilt patch to modify poppler.defs?17:24
CarlFKquilt edit17:25
CarlFKguessing I want to do quilt pop17:25
nhandlerDid you do a quilt new first?17:25
CarlFKPatch poppler.defs.diff is not applied - guessing I want to start over :)17:25
nhandlerYeah, you probably didn't create the patch correct.17:26
CarlFKredoing it from scratch will probalby be easier than trying to fix my mess17:26
nhandlerCarlFK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems17:26
nhandlerThey have a section on quilt there17:27
nhandlerBut could someone just confirm that w32codecs is only in the medibuntu repo?17:27
CarlFKnhandler: does this count: http://www.debian-multimedia.org/dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/package/w32codecs.php17:34
nhandlerCarlFK: I was just trying to verify that the package is not in the official Ubuntu repositories. debian-multimedia isn't an official Debian repository, so that is fine17:35
CarlFKnhandler: mplayer has /usr/share/doc/mplayer/examples/install-w32codecs.sh.gz17:39
nhandlerCarlFK: That is ok. I was just reviewing a package that had a Depends on w32codecs. But since that isn't a package in the official repositories, it needs to be changed17:40
CarlFKseems correct17:41
Adri2000lfaraone: done17:43
nhandlerAnd did the .desktop file policy change? I thought that icons in /usr/share/pixmaps were not meant to include a path or extension, and only have the filename17:44
Laneythe icons themselves do, but the desktopfile doesn't give the extension17:45
nhandlerLet me restate that last comment, should the .desktop file say "Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/Icon.png" or just "Icon=Icon"? There is a /usr/share/Icon.png file17:46
Laneythe latter17:47
CarlFKhttp://dpaste.com/104930/  everything look ok?17:47
Laneynhandler: Does desktop-file-validate not complain?17:48
nhandlerRight, it isn't complaining. I thought it used to. Did it get changed?17:48
* Laney shrugs17:48
nhandlerWell, time to look at the source17:49
jorgenptI posted a new and updated package to REVU for http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=bpython17:50
CarlFKis there a lag between uploading to ppa  ( http://dpaste.com/104932/ ) and it showing up on https://edge.launchpad.net/~carl-personnelware/+archive17:52
nhandlerCarlFK: That is normal17:53
nhandlerIt needs to build17:53
nhandlerAnd be accepted17:53
nhandlerLaney: In the NEWS file, it says "make the extension check for Icon key a warning instead of an error for now17:53
nhandlerTime to figure out why I am not getting a warning17:53
CarlFKwhat is "be accepted" ? (does a human have to do something?)17:53
nhandlerCarlFK: No. It is automated. You'll get an email. Then it will start building17:55
lfaraoneAdri2000: thanks17:57
lfaraoneNow if I only had a clue how to get a diff between two package versions in LP that I cannot fidn anywhere.17:57
nhandlerlfaraone: Are they two subsequent versions?18:01
nhandlerAnd I found out why I am not getting a warning about the extension. It doesn't show that warning if an absolute path is used. Now to figure out why I am not getting a warning/error about an absolute path for an icon in /usr/share/pixmaps18:02
lfaraonenhandler: yes18:07
nhandlerYes what?18:07
vorianyes sir!18:09
lfaraonenhandler: yes, they are subsiquent versions.18:10
nhandlerlfaraone: You will want to download the two source packages and then use debdiff18:12
james_w"bzr diff -rpackage:2.10.26ubuntu3..package:2.10.26ubuntu4 http://package-import.ubuntu.com/d/devscripts/jaunty" would also work18:17
jorgenptjames_w: Oh, hey, you're the one that's a subscriber on my bpython package? :-p18:18
nhandlerjames_w: Would you happen to have any idea why desktop-file-validate does not complain about using an absolute path for an icon in /usr/share/pixmaps?18:19
james_wnhandler: I thought that was a valid thing to do18:19
james_wwell, an absolute path at least, checking whether the absolute path is in /usr/share/pixmaps would be possible, but seems like overkill.18:20
nhandlerjames_w: I thought you were only meant to use the Icon name, no extension or path if it was in /usr/share/pixmaps. I also thought desktop-file-validate used to complain about it18:20
james_wjorgenpt: how does it compare to ipython?18:21
jorgenptIt's similar, but I prefer bpython over ipython. It has neat stuff like argument inspection and inline syntax hilighting18:23
jorgenpt(and saving history to file, posting to pastebin, and other random features)18:26
lfaraoneHow do I tell debdiff to give me colored diffs?18:28
lfaraoneScottK: ok, I've added that option, do you want a patch or simply a debdiff? (and should I submit to debian's BTS as well as LP?)18:53
lfaraoneScottK: ("--debian")18:53
Adri2000lfaraone: no, don't send that patch to debian, it's only useful to ubuntu18:58
lfaraoneAdri2000: debian however has ubuntu-stuff in it.18:58
Adri2000in dch ?18:58
lfaraoneAdri2000: (debian's package has the "check if this is ubuntu or debian" subroutine)18:58
lfaraoneAdri2000: Yeah. I was amazed too.18:58
lfaraoneAdri2000: http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/pool/main/d/devscripts/devscripts_2.10.43.tar.gz and look in debchange.pl for "ubuntu"18:59
CarlFKwhat is the distro spozed to be?  (I want it to be installed on intrepid)   E: python-poppler_0.8.1-2~ppa1_source.changes: bad-distribution-in-changes-file intrepid18:59
lfaraoneCarlFK: what are you running?18:59
lfaraoneAdri2000: or better yet grep http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/d/devscripts/devscripts_2.10.43/changelog19:00
CarlFKlfaraone: intrepid on the box I built on19:00
james_wmaking it so you could use Ubuntu conventions on Debian might be useful19:00
james_wthen it could be forwarded as well, with just the default changed for Ubuntu19:00
lfaraonejames_w: ah...19:00
CarlFKlfaraone: but the package isn't avaible until jaunty, so I dget it, patched, left distro=unstable built.  that was OK, but dput... got a reject letter: Unable to find distroseries: unstable19:03
lfaraonejames_w: now that I look, tehre arlready is that option, heh19:03
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MaduserTrIs there a Document where I can see the changes between Standards Version 3.7.3 and 3.8.0?19:20
nhandlerMaduserTr: Try http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2008/06/msg00001.html19:21
MaduserTrnhandler: thanks19:22
DktrKranzMaduserTr: alternatively, you could browse git repository (http://git.debian.org/?p=dbnpolicy/policy.git;a=shortlog) to see full changes19:22
nhandlerYou're welcome MaduserTr19:22
MaduserTrI try to pack wine-doors, but now I see this http://www.wine-doors.org/trac/browser/wine-doors/branches/0.2/COPYRIGHT19:27
MaduserTrThinks this is no real GPL2?19:28
tuxmaniacit would be great to see someone review gresistor for Jaunty again. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gresistor19:34
ElbrusMaduserTr: /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist.txt19:34
MaduserTrbut which package is this?19:35
skorasaurushi, how should I request a package for jaunty to be updated ?19:39
Adri2000skorasaurus: you mean, to a new upstream version?19:39
pochuLaney: your current debdiff in u-u-s will need to go through binary NEW, but you probably don't want that...19:40
Adri2000MaduserTr: debian-policy19:40
skorasaurusAdri2000, yes.19:41
Adri2000skorasaurus: file a bug (if there isn't one already) and tag it 'upgrade'19:42
pochuLaney: the goocanvasmm one19:43
MaduserTrMaduserTr: thanks19:43
MaduserTrAdri2000: thanks19:43
skorasaurusAdri2000, there already is :/19:44
Adri2000skorasaurus: then do it yourself :)19:45
skorasaurusi'm unclear on why the upstream dev in debian is hesitant to package it.... http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=49789719:45
ubottuDebian bug 497897 in jabref "jabref: please upgrade to Jabref-2.4" [Wishlist,Open]19:45
skorasaurusjaunty, at least, already has the 3 packages available19:45
skorasaurusso, why wouldn't debian, upstream ?19:46
skorasaurusAdri2000, i'm learning how :p19:46
Adri2000it's possible that the libraries have been packaged and uploaded to ubuntu, but not to debian19:47
blueyedsiretart: the cdrecord package from the ubuntu-burning PPA does not include a cdrecord binary?!19:51
* blueyed is having problems with erasing CDRWs using cdrkit/wodim.. :/19:52
skorasaurushi, should I build a package, using the developer's debian package, or directly from source ? (the package is not in the debian repository)20:19
NCommanderblueyed, does it have wodim?20:35
NCommanderthe cdrecord command was changed awhile back20:35
maxbskorasaurus: You mean the upstream already ships a debian/ directory in the source?20:41
skorasaurusmaxb, nope,20:44
skorasaurusthey have a debian package on the developer's website.20:44
skorasaurusmaxb, its not packaged within the debian repositories, its a .deb20:44
maxbWell a .deb is a binary package so is not something you can use to build a package20:45
maxbDoes upstream provide a .dsc / .diff.gz ?20:46
skorasauruswithin the deb, is the control file, i see.20:46
skorasaurusmaxb, no.20:47
maxb"control file" is a generic term that can refer to several different kinds of file. Which one precisely do you mean?20:47
CarlFKskorasaurus: post the url of "on the developer's website."20:48
skorasaurusCarlFK, http://gens.sourceforge.net/20:48
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CarlFKskorasaurus:  I see no .debs20:51
maxbskorasaurus: I see a .deb, but it does not appear that the developers have published the means to make the .deb from source20:52
CarlFKfound one20:52
maxbSince upstream hasn't published their source packaging, your choice is no choice at all!20:52
directhexblueyed, cdrecord is non-free, so isn't included in the standard repo20:54
CarlFKskorasaurus: ask the author to check in the debian/ dir to   http://gens.cvs.sourceforge.net/gens/20:55
directhexoh, gens. it's a real bugger to build properly20:55
CarlFKI am kinda surprised it isn't already there20:55
maxbIs that necessarily a good idea? I thought there was a slight preference for upstream not to ship debian/ dirs20:56
CarlFKwell, 'someone' should have them20:56
blueyeddirecthex: /me knows, but apparently cdrkit has broken cdrw-recording for me... :/20:57
CarlFKif upstream is the only place they exist, i don't see any harm making them available20:57
ScottKlfaraone: File a bug in LP and subscribe u-m-s.  I'd suggest something more like a --distro debian/--distro ubuntu flag so that it's just a question of which option is the default.21:58
lfaraoneScottK: uh, turns out that there already is such an option, it's just undocumented :/22:04
lfaraoneScottK: ("--distributor")22:04
ScottKlfaraone: Interesting.22:04
lfaraoneScottK: however it still will put "intrepid" into the dist bit22:05
ScottKSounds like some patching is in order then.22:05
maxblfaraone: Doesn't it default the dist to whatever was in the previous changelog entry?22:10
maxbCertainly I've had no problems since I started aliasing dch to 'dch --distributor not-ubuntu'22:10
lfaraonemaxb: nope, it doesn't (afacit)22:13
serialorderquestion: I have a package that I want to replace the pt.po file with pt_PT.po there is also a pt.gmo file. There is a quilt patch system. I am wondering what the best way to go replacing the file would be23:58

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