ftacrimsun, bug 31133402:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311334 in pulseaudio "Audio cuts out when playing ogg natively in Shiretoko" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31133402:30
crimsunwrong package, but ok04:03
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* asac back12:23
asacwhite: thanks12:24
asaclet me know ... i will start to work on icedove 2.....19 today12:24
asachappy new year everyone12:24
ftawhat is icedove 2?12:32
asac2.0.0.19 ;)12:32
asacfta: ^^12:32
ftatb2 ?12:33
asacwhite is from debian security team and also seems to be iterested in helpign out a bit more12:33
ftathe package looks like my tb312:33
asacon tbird 312:33
asacfta: no icedove package looks like the tbird 2 packages we have12:33
asaci mean the icedove 2 ;)12:34
asacfta: of course ... i am the icedove maintainer ;)12:34
asacfta: icedove 3 doesnt exist yet ... but white wnated to look at them and i told him to base this on tbird 212:34
asacerr 312:34
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/98974/12:36
ftalooks like icedove 3 to me12:36
asacfta: nice ... seems he already diud it then12:36
asacfta: yeah12:36
asaci never questioned that ;)12:37
asaci guess the branding dir is a bit fucked still ... but that shouldnt be hard to fix12:37
ftaso a mozilla-devscripts file and it rocks12:37
asacwe could move it there ... but i think it makes most sense to just use tbird 3 moz-devscript stuff12:38
asacand patch the branding and so in debian/rules12:38
asacif you want to add a icedove.mk ... why not ;)=12:38
asacthough i thought we wanted to stop putting more orig logic into -devscripts12:38
ftaremember the project file could live in the package now12:38
asacfta: right ... thats what i would want in this case12:39
BUGabundowill someone moderate my email on the ML?12:39
BUGabundothanks in advance!12:39
ftai mean, use a project file instead of the new stuff in the diff12:39
asacBUGabundo: i would if i could12:39
asacthe pass12:39
asacusually gnomefreak does that12:39
asacfta: sure. can you guide white how to do that?12:39
ftaasac, but that mean m-d in debian...12:48
asacfta: thats ok12:57
asacnobody raised any real concern and even if ... ;)12:57
asacwho cares?12:57
asacok 64-bit native plugin backed out :)13:05
asacbecause we dont have a stable URL ;)13:05
asacalready discussed that right?13:06
asacalso kees dumped nspluginwrapper support13:06
asacwhich is supposed to be optional13:06
asacfta: native will come back when adobe has final ... so we can download it from partner13:07
asacalso latest nspluginwrapper is quite perfect13:07
asacshouldnt make much a difference anymore ... except that ffox doesnt crash13:07
asacfta: give it a try on 32-bit13:09
asacfor me it just rocks ;)13:09
ftais there a cdbs hook for lintian?13:34
ftai mean, an existing .mk13:35
asacfta: in which way?13:35
asacso that it gets run automatically?13:35
ftajust build-dep on lintian, include a file and done13:35
asacfta: purpose: run auto?13:35
asacah ok13:35
asaci dont think so ... i think the current hook is: "use debuild"13:36
asacnot dpkg-buildpackage13:36
asacfta: what was the prob with mozilla bug 470379 ?13:37
ubottuMozilla bug 470379 in Add-ons Manager "Remove code to upgrade from 1.0 profiles" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=47037913:37
asacbreaks our gre patch?13:38
asacJazzva: there?13:38
ftawell, no real problem, a chunk of code disappeared13:38
ftaso part of the patch is gone now13:39
asacfta: did our code touch V10 function?13:39
asac_upgradeFromV10 i mean13:40
ftaasac, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/xulrunner/xulrunner-1.9.2.head/revision/39613:41
Jazzvaasac: yep13:41
asacJazzva: hi ... i uploaded nspluginwrapper ,)13:43
Jazzvaasac: thanks :)13:43
asacJazzva: we have one rather important feature we need for nspluginwrapper: auto-update of wrappers13:43
asacmy current idea is that nspluginwrapper has a registry dir like: /var/lib/nspluginwrapper/wrapper.d/13:44
asacwhich nspluginwrapper looks at during postinst and recreates the wrappers13:44
asaci hope we can just put the wrapper.so's in there and nspluginwrapper is smart enough to find the "source" when using the -u flag13:45
Jazzvawe can try that :)13:45
asaclike nspluginwrapper -u /var/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so13:45
asacbut of course a different path13:46
asacnspluginwrapper -u /var/lib/nspluginwrapper/wrapper.d/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so13:46
asacif we cannput put the wrappers there directly we can have text files in there with lines like:13:46
asac/var/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/libflashplugin.so13:46
asacbut i hope that nspluginwrapper -u just works13:47
asac(though it seems to not do anything - at least when i dont change the /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/libflashplugin.so ...)13:47
asacnspluginwrapper  -v -n -u /var/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so13:48
asacUpdate plugin /var/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so13:48
asacnspluginwrapper  -v -n -u /var/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so13:48
asacUpdate plugin /var/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so13:48
asacit doesnt touch it ... so maybe its rewally smart and checks md5sums?13:48
asacor its broken13:49
Jazzvamaybe they're already updated :)?13:49
asacyes thats what i mean ... but that would mean its smart and checks md5sums ... or maybe it doesnt do anything if the api is ok?13:50
Jazzvathe last time I needed to recreate wrappers was when we moved from 1.1.8 to 1.1.1013:50
asacno clue13:50
asacwe should try13:50
asaci am just curious if its smart enough or if its broken :)13:50
Jazzvalet me downgrade to 1.1.8, and test13:50
asacthats the code13:51
asacyeah downgrade would help13:51
asacelse if (strcmp(plugin_info.ident, NPW_PLUGIN_IDENT) != 0) {13:54
asacseems to do something smart at least13:54
Jazzvaright, looking at that part13:54
asacelse if (strcmp(plugin_info.ident, NPW_PLUGIN_IDENT) != 0) {13:54
asacoh so maybe a touch of the .so is enough13:55
asacto trigger it13:55
Jazzvabrb, lunch time...13:55
asacok so upgrading plugins would work that way13:56
asacnow just to check whether upgrading/downgradiung nspluginwrapper works too13:56
Jazzvaasac, where does nspluginwrapper put its wrappers?14:30
Jazzvaasac: npwrapper.libflashplayer.so -> /var/lib/flashplugin-nonfree//npwrapper.libflashplayer.so14:31
asacJazzva: currently its undefined14:31
Jazzvabut /var/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/ is empty...14:31
asacJazzva: we can either say: they always have to be in /var/lib/nspluginwrapper/wrapper.d14:31
asacor we can say that they have to put a text file in that directory14:31
asacthat describes where the parts are14:32
asacJazzva: well ... it shouldnt be empty14:32
asacJazzva: if you are on jaunty its because kees dropped nspluginwrapper support14:32
asaci uploaded a fixed version earlier today14:32
Jazzvaah... ok14:32
asacmaybe its already on your mirror m14:32
Jazzvathat explains it :)14:32
asacflashplugin-nonfree that is14:32
asacyeah ;)14:33
asacJazzva: i think we should put the wrappers directly there14:33
asacand make a link in /var/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/flashplugin.so ... which is then used also if you dont use wrapper14:33
asacbut i can fix the flashplugin-nonfree mess14:34
asacwill do it when renaming the package to flashplugin-installer14:34
asacJazzva: so the idea is to ship a script in /usr/sbin/update-npwrappers14:36
asacthat updates the wrappers .... flashplugin-nonfree will then just call that in postinst14:36
Jazzvawe should still have an option for people that don't want to use npw for some reason...14:37
Jazzvacan't we just call npw -u?14:38
asacJazzva: imo thats independent ... postinst of flashplugin-nonfree should still check whether nspluginwrapper is on system before doing that14:38
asacurg ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/99048/14:39
asacfta: ^^14:39
asacwhats up with launchpad cert?14:39
Jazzvaasac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99049/14:40
asacJazzva: its a bit difficult14:40
Jazzvanpw -u should work :)14:40
asacJazzva: yeah i think thats ok14:40
asacJazzva: i just wonder if we need more magic14:40
asaci mean: postinst would have to check whether a wrapper was already created14:40
asacquestion here is: does postinst know the name?14:41
asacand path ... where to look at?14:41
asacmaybe nspluginwrapper should ship a ensure-npw <FILE> ... which would then do the magic of14:41
asaca) guessing whether its already wrapped14:41
asacb) run -u or -i depending on the result14:41
asacdo we know whether its safe to guess the wrapper filename like: npwrapper.<ORIGINAL-FILENAME> ?14:42
asacimo we should put that logic in nspluginwrapper ... so we just have to change it at that place if that guessing changes at some point14:43
ftaasac, tar: icedove-branding-2.0.0.x.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory14:43
asacfta: yeah but thats the followup issue14:43
asacfta: the issue is that bzr branch bails out due to cert issues14:43
Jazzvaasac: I'll check in the source14:43
asacso i dont have a tarball14:43
ftaasac, is that a signed branch ? or a branch with signed commits ?14:44
asacJazzva: i think its curently safe ... what i mean is that we need a script to do the update-install stuff in nspluginwrapper ... so we dont have to put that guess-logic in each and every package14:44
asacfta: i think its a ssl cert issue14:44
asacbecause its a curl issue14:45
asacbzr: ERROR: pycurl.error: (60, 'server certificate verification failed. CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt')14:45
ftado you have that file?14:45
ftai do14:45
Jazzvaasac: right, we could run "nspluginwrapper -l" to check for installed wrappers, and then to run "nspluginwrapper -u" on them, if that works14:45
asacfta: try to run:14:45
ftai need to run, cu ~7pm14:45
asacsh -c "cd $tmpdir; bzr export --format=tgz --root= icedove-branding-2.0.0.x.tar.gz lp:~mozillateam/thunderbird/icedove-branding-2.0.0.x ; tar xzf icedove-branding-2.0.0.x.tar.gz"14:46
asacJazzva: do you run jaunty? can you try the command above?14:46
asacfta: ok14:46
Jazzvaasac: ok14:46
james_wbug 31067514:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 310675 in gnutls26 "failure to trust login.launchpad.net, while openssl does" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31067514:46
asacJazzva: err sorry14:46
asacJazzva: rock thanks14:46
asacjames_w: ^^14:46
fta"--root= icedove-branding-2.0.0.x.tar.gz" ?14:47
asacJazzva: so nevermind ;)14:47
asacfta: thats ok ... it always worked14:47
Jazzvaok :)14:47
asacjames_w: happy new year .... do you know that bzr bd _always_ recreates tar if we have .bzr-builddeb/default.conf magic?14:47
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/99053/14:47
asacjames_w: that caused issue for me because the orig doesnt match everywhere14:47
james_wasac: yes14:47
james_wit's a known problem14:47
asacjames_w: ok so its accepted as a problem. thanks14:48
asacjames_w: is there a bug14:48
asacfta: yeah i was dumb14:48
asacfta: i pasted the wrong code ;) ... the code that fails uses https://code.launchpad.net/~mozillateam14:49
asacas branch14:49
asacfta: thanks anyway14:49
james_wasac: can't find one14:50
Jazzvaasac: this should update wrappers, at least it seems logical to me :)... nspluginwrapper -v -n -u `nspluginwrapper -l | grep "npwrapper"`14:50
asacJazzva: hmm ... for that we would need to teach nspluginwrappera bout our other locations14:52
asace.g. xulrunner-addons/plugins firefox-addons/plugins/14:52
asacbut i think thats the right way to go14:53
asacotoh what if users have their own wrapper installed?14:53
Jazzvashouldn't npw already know about it?14:53
asacJazzva: how? i think the current -l logic is quiet dump. will probably scan a fixed set of directories (e.g. profile + system dirs)14:53
asaci dont think it checks whether the plugin originates from itself14:54
Jazzvaok, i'll check14:54
asacJazzva: we could whitelist a bunch of locations14:55
asacJazzva: but maybe we should really just do what you suggested14:56
asacand teach npw about more locations14:56
asacand later fix the "dont do that if its not generated by the packaged npw"14:56
Jazzvaasac: it's in process_list, and it checks dirs returend by get_mozilla_plugin_dirs()14:56
Jazzva(in file npw-config.c)14:57
asacJazzva: yes. do you see any meta info field that points to the npw lib?14:57
asacstrings /var/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so | grep /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/14:57
asacJazzva: ^^14:58
asacso there seems to be some meta info available that we could use to limit output of -l14:58
Jazzvaah... I see...14:58
asacof course at best fix -l itself and not write something around it14:58
asacok lets go for it14:58
asacquestion now is whether we want to provide a convenice ensure-and-update-npw <FILE>14:59
asacalso we might want to have something like delete-npw <FILE>2D14:59
JazzvaNPW_PluginInfo should be the struct that holds all information about wrapper...15:00
asactypedef struct __attribute__((packed)) { char ident[NPW_PLUGIN_IDENT_SIZE]; char path[PATH_MAX]; time_t mtime; char target_arch[65]; char target_os[65];15:01
asac} NPW_PluginInfo;15:01
asacin sysdeps.h15:01
asacso is "path" the path from above?15:03
asacmaybe a printf(..) would help15:03
Jazzvaasac: we could just add our dirs in "static const char *default_dirs[]" in npw-config.c, which I think we already do in one patch15:03
asac+static const char *debian_link_dirs[] = {15:04
asacthats all quiet messy imo15:04
Jazzvayeah ;)15:04
asaci think its really just a hack for the "instalL"15:05
asacdoesnt register the dirs in there properly15:05
asacJazzva: so we have NSPLUGIN_DIR ... whiuch we use to installl "just" to a specific dir15:06
asacmaybe we can just use the current dirs ... and the NSPLUGIN_DIR (if set) to implement -l15:06
Jazzvaasac: btw, path field is the path to the original plugin "printf("  Original plugin: %s\n", plugin_info.path);"15:07
asacso its not in that struct15:08
asacJazzva: we have:15:09
asacsrc/npw-config.c:&& strcmp(plugin_info.path, NPW_OLD_DEFAULT_PLUGIN_PATH) != 0;// exclude ARCH npwrapper.so15:09
asacsrc/npw-config.c:&& strcmp(plugin_info.path, NPW_OLD_DEFAULT_PLUGIN_PATH) != 0;// exclude ARCH npwrapper.so15:09
asacfor me this seems like plugin_info.path is really supposed to be the wrapper.so path15:09
asacand not the original plugin15:09
asacmaybe there are two plugin_info ?15:09
Jazzvanot sure...15:11
asacJazzva: oh ok15:11
asacmaybe the wrapper.so is a valid plugin and this function just ensures that it doesnt wrap itself15:11
asacso yeah15:11
asacso there is most likely no such info available15:11
asactoo bad15:11
asacso we would need to extent this thing ... but well15:13
asacshould be possible to do in future15:13
asacso nothing really blocking us imo15:13
asacJazzva: i think if we have all right dirs registered, just running15:14
asacnspluginwrapper -u15:14
asac(without file) should just work15:14
asacwell i mean its supposed to work15:14
asacsemantic like: upgrade all15:14
Jazzvaasac: will work, if we change it :). I think I already tried running "npw -u" :)15:15
Jazzvanpw -a?15:15
Jazzvaasac: nspluginwrapper -v -a -u15:16
asacyeah ;915:17
asacjust found it too15:17
asacsudo nspluginwrapper -v -a -u15:17
asaci think we also need -n ?15:17
Jazzvawhich is done here: static int auto_update_plugins(void) on line 952 in npw-config.c15:17
Jazzvaso, if we need to add more dirs, we can patch get_mozilla_plugin_dirs...15:18
asacyes. so hard code or use NSPLUGIN_DIRS=dir1,dir2,dir3 ... to extend that list?15:19
asacmaybe hardcode and send upstream15:20
asacso adding xulrunner-addons firefox-addons mozilla and /var/lib/nspluginwrapper/wrapper.d/15:21
Jazzvaasac, so are we going that way? to patch default_dirs?15:32
asacJazzva: yep ... want to do that?15:32
Jazzvado we use /usr/lib64/firefox-addons and stuff for x64 sysstems?15:33
asacJazzva: you could also adjust the nspluginwrapper dir used by the debian patch that creates symlinks15:33
asacit should use the wrapper.d too i think15:33
asacyeah i thkink that would be right15:33
asacJazzva: i think we dont need /usr/lib64/ for now ... just /usr/lib/ i think15:34
asacbut we might want to revisit that situation when we come to 64-bit native plugin and stuff15:34
Jazzvaasac: also, take a look at this :)15:35
asacs/situation/decision/ ;) i am stupid15:35
Jazzvaasac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99071/ hehe :)15:35
Jazzva'n' for "native", and 'n' for "nosymlinks"15:36
asaclets use "z" then ;)15:37
asacfor nosymlinks15:37
asacand send that changed patch to debian15:37
Jazzvaand to also document it in print_usage15:37
Jazzvasince it's documented in manpage, as -n parameter, and it's not documented in --help15:37
Jazzvaok, I'll fix that later. I'm gonna work on school project a bit :)15:38
Jazzvaso we can continue this later tonight :)15:38
asacyeah and iam going http://identi.ca/notice/168459515:38
asaccu later15:38
Jazzvahave fun, cu15:38
asacsport isnt much fun for me15:39
asacbut thanks!15:39
ftacrimsun, it's back ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/99150/18:31
asacfta: upload.ubuntu.com ftp is down?19:41
ftano idea19:41
asacso the glue in debian will go to icedove-dev19:46
asacas it seems19:47
asacand iceape will be dropped or EOL'ed once we find that we cannot provide sec support in lenny19:47
ftado you mean, no seamonkey at all in debian?19:48
asacnobody cares enough to prepare a build and QA that based on new tarballs19:56
asacfor security updates19:57
ftamaybe someone should inform upstream19:57
asacabout what?19:58
asacthat nobody wants to step up for iceape?19:58
asacor that they managed to make seamonkey become another victim of heavy maintenance burden due to mozilla security policy?20:01
asacseriously, it shows how hard it is for mozilla software to stay in a distro20:01
asacJazzva: ok so just running -u as root sounds a bit scary as it seems to update user profile wrappers too20:12
Jazzvaasac: patching the source to add option --no-profile-dirs?20:13
Jazzvaso, if that's set, then we can skip return of profile dir in get_mozilla_plugin_dirs :)...20:14
fta#rank name                            inst  vote   old recent no-files (maintainer)20:15
fta4976  seamonkey-browser               9732  4262  4565   903     2 (Ubuntu Mozilla Team)20:15
fta6136  iceape-browser                  6465   118  4236    13  2098 (Ubuntu Mozilla Team)20:15
fta33581 seamonkey-2.0-browser             42    16    19     7     0 (Unknown)20:15
asacno-files ok20:15
asacquiet a bunch of gutsy users?20:15
asaci think no-files is transitional package20:16
fta8565  seamonkey                       2993     0     6     0  2987 (Ubuntu Mozilla Team)20:16
asacand just iceape?`20:16
fta10448 iceape                          1798     0     0     0  1798 (Ubuntu Mozilla Team)20:16
asacso seamonkey is probably20:17
asac~ the same as the users thatinstalled it to use it20:17
asacthe rest is pulled in by rdepends?20:17
asacare there rdepends?20:17
asacfta: look at mozilla-noscript20:18
asacthat has rank 5630 and pulls in seamonkey-browser?20:19
fta5815  mozilla-noscript                7233   955  4953   801   524 (Arnaud Renevier)20:19
asacyeah ... that pulls in seamonkey-browser20:19
asaci have the feeling that this is an accident then20:19
asacalmost everyone wanted -noscript20:19
asacbut well ... quiet guesswork20:19
ftai dropped -noscript since ff3.0, adblock is enough20:20
asacjust seems strange that almost every seamonkey user uses noscript ;)20:20
asacfta: yes :)20:20
asacfta: but it seems that we didnt transition it for firefox users20:20
asacand now users that used that in the past have seamonkey-browser ;)20:20
asac(just one/my theory)20:20
fta1514  thunderbird                    180467 45689 122773 11956    49 (Alexander Sack)20:20
fta1667  mozilla-thunderbird            131112   617 48249   114 82132 (Alexander Sack)20:20
fta25793 thunderbird-3.0                  141    16    66    59     0 (Unknown)20:20
fta141, lol20:21
ftamost were at uds then ;)20:21
asacits b1?20:21
asacwhy not upload to jaunty?20:21
ftait's my ppa20:21
ftano reason20:22
asacok will look and if i have any idea that we need something before let you know20:22
fta14973 firefox-3.1                      891   146   312   433     0 (Unknown)20:23
fta35431 firefox-3.2                       40     5     0    35     0 (Unknown)20:23
asacwhy do we set that to NULL?20:23
asacwhat harmful stuff is in there by default?20:23
asac(xul ...head)20:24
ftanothing, i like to set default, habits20:24
asacthe "fix permissions" commit is a good one ;)20:24
asacgood catch20:24
asacfta: yeah lets dump it. otherwise its not easy to set from outside20:25
asacfta: so you are now officially a icedove uploader ;)20:26
asacoh you just ahve to send your key to the debian keyring thing20:26
asachmm ... too bad. i didnt sign your key right?20:26
Nafalloasac: you never signed mine either ;-)20:27
asacNafallo: yeah. i am not really a fan of key-parties ;) not beerful enough20:29
Nafalloasac: ...we had an office... ;-)20:30
ftadamn, i wanted to do that at UDS20:30
asacfta: you could visit mh ;)20:32
asache probably is in paris (not sure)20:33
ftahe's in the area, but i don't remember where20:33
asachmm ... my fox hangs20:33
asacotherwise i would look20:33
asacok lets see20:34
asactoo bad that i had to kill ffox20:34
ftaeach time mine dies or freezes, it's sound related20:36
asacmine was "large" page20:37
asacfta: seems to live outside of paris20:40
asac10km from centre north west20:40
ftai'm ~10k west20:40
asacquiet close then ;)20:41
ftaquite, yes20:42
ftaare the *.install files bashisms or not?20:45
asacgood question20:45
ftai mean, can i use {foo,bar} in there?20:45
ftahm, perl globs20:46
Nafalloasac: pm :-)20:46
asacNafallo: ^^20:47
Nafalloah. hehe.20:47
ftawell.. https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=fennec20:49
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/99213/21:15
asacfta: license file will make it fail anyway ;)21:23
ftait's not clear what i should do with this testsuite now. is that even supposed to run fine?21:26
ftajust tried one at random, it's scary: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99219/21:28
asacfta: are those mochitests failing?21:30
ftadonno, this is what is installed with --enable-tests --enable-mochitest21:32
asacfta: try without mochitest21:32
ftai can run make check at build time, it looks nicer21:33
asacfta: i think you have to run "make check"21:33
ftait fails at some point: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99221/21:33
asacfta: maybe gconf?21:51
ftamozilla bug 47030721:51
asacerr gnome-support i mean ;)21:51
ubottuMozilla bug 470307 in File Handling "'make check' on OSX depends on Mail.app being installed" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=47030721:51
asac do_check_eq(0, protoInfo.possibleApplicationHandlers.length);21:51
asac do_check_false(protoInfo.alwaysAskBeforeHandling);21:51
asacthats for http21:51
asacwhat profile is the "test" using?21:51
ftai have no clue21:52
ftai'm walking in dark here21:53
ftai have a whole lot of TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL22:05
ftai should ship _tests too.22:07
ftabut where?22:07
fta/usr/share/doc ? /usr/lib ?22:07
ftaor slow?22:18
ftaasac, build-tree/mozilla/_tests/xpcshell-simple/test_update/profile/cookies.sqlite22:24
ftait seems i'm stuck in test_0040_general.js22:38
ftalog ends with: Testing: url constructed with %LOCALE% - http://localhost:4444/data/%LOCALE%/22:38
ftanot sure what to expect22:39
asacfta: which test?22:41
asacpt1, 2, 3?22:41
asacprobably updateChecker doesnt work22:42
ftanot sure22:42
ftafta      18643  0.0  0.7  48972 14840 ?        Sl+  23:05   0:00 ../../../../dist/bin/xpcshell -j -s -f ../../../../tools/test-harness/xpcshell-simple/head.js -f ../../../../_tests/xpcshell-simple/test_update/unit/head_update.js -f ../../../../_tests/xpcshell-simple/test_update/unit/test_0040_general.js -f ../../../../tools/test-harness/xpcshell-simple/tail.js -f ../../../../tools/test-harness/xpcshell-simple/execute_test.js -f ../../../../_tests22:42
asacyes i the tail is probably waiting for the async event to set something22:43
asaclike "do_timeout" ;)22:43
ftathere's a process listening on localhost:444422:43
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/99264/22:45
ftabtw, this is 1.9.1, not trunk22:46
ftamozilla Bug 44652722:48
ubottuMozilla bug 446527 in Application Update "major update not offered when some language packs are installed" [Blocker,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44652722:48
asacfta: are you running stuff shipped in testsuite or in build tree?22:49
asac(testsuite - package)22:49
ftamake check in the build tree for now22:49
asacfta: why does -testsuite conflict with 1.9.2?22:50
asacthose ship different paths from what i see in .install22:50
ftabecause it installs files in the -dev dirs, and -dev conflicts22:50
fta(it installs idl/h files)22:51
asacfta: yes. but they already conflict22:51
ftadoesn't matter much for now, it's still just an experiment22:52
ftamaybe it fails because i have no locales for 3.1..22:54
asacyou know whether the same happens on 1.9.2?22:56
asac(i only have such a tree)22:56
ftaasac, it seems make check is not what i want, according to this: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=421611#c523:22
ubottuMozilla bug 421611 in Build Config "Need to be able to run tests on arbitrary build" [Normal,New]23:22
[reed]asac: upstream doesn't care about Debian's non-branded builds23:27
[reed]if you want an honest answer23:27
ftaimho, upstream doesn't care enough about linux/unix as a whole23:28
ftaand even worse, upstream cares only about firefox23:28
[reed]eh, I disagree23:29
[reed]they care about linux/unix, or else we wouldn't spend so much time on stuff... Linux/Unix is especially important with Mobile23:29
[reed]however, I can agree that upstream cares more about Firefox than anything else23:29
[reed]but that's just how things are23:29
asaci think its human to do that23:30
ftayou don't care about desktop users, mostly because you can't count us23:30
asacbut the weight is not perfectly balanced imo23:30
[reed]if your blocklist code isn't broken, we do count you23:30
[reed]Linux is just tiny23:30
[reed]even Mac is so much bigger23:30
ftawe have more choices too23:31
asacproblem with using stats to allocate investments is that it will bias the future ;)23:32
asac(not really saying that this is happening here ... more like a general statement)23:32
[reed]I think Linux is still being considered upstream pretty heavily, imho... now, packaging/embedding, maybe no, but support for Linux is definitely a priority23:33
asaci have no real complains about linux in specific23:34
asacmy only criticism would be that resource allocation is done based on how popular a product is atm23:35
asacfta: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | ../../../_tests/xpcshell-simple/test_libjar/unit/test_bug407303.js | test failed, see log23:54
ftaasac, as i said, i have tons of TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL23:54
[reed]that's not good23:55
[reed]you should be passing the test suite, as we do23:55
ftathat's what i'm trying to do23:56
[reed]how are you running them? #developers and Waldo are two good sources of help23:57
ftamake check for now23:58
[reed]I don't know enough about the test suite to help you that much... gavin and dolske might can help.23:59

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