robbiet480hey can anyone tell me how to get a mce remote emulated? i have a remote which can learn, it has a code currently in it for PC, i have a IR sensor but its not working. PS. im a total noob00:59
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Shadow____Xi have an issue with samba and file permisions02:23
Shadow____Xunder samba the user has write permisions but on the folders and files they dont02:24
Shadow____Xone folder they do02:24
Shadow____Xbut when they try to modify the folder t hey one on windows they cant02:24
BhaalNBAnyone here got an Intel 865PERL motherboard in their mythtv box?03:06
BhaalNBJust by chance?03:06
BhaalNBAt any rate...  the usual hibernate saga03:12
BhaalNBcept...  the machine never fully hibernates/suspends...03:12
BhaalNBJust sits with the blank screen flashing cursor...03:12
BhaalNBWhich I am assume is a partial lockup?03:13
BhaalNBIve googled for hours and hours, and tried all sorts of stuff...03:16
BhaalNBno dice each time, same result03:17
oobedont hibernate03:28
BhaalNBWell thats helpful...03:29
BhaalNBAnd I am fast getting to that...03:29
heyheyheyhey all anyone do tv repair in here?04:31
fuxxysigh, I must be doing something wrong. I downloaded and installed mythbuntu. After the installation's done, I'm greeted by what appears to be the livecd desktop, with the "install permanently" icon. I reboot, and my computer complains about "Reboot and select proper boot device" like it can't find the bootloader?05:35
Shadow____Xmake sure the disk matches the hashes05:51
Shadow____Xthen reinstall05:51
Shadow____Xi am having issues with file permisions and samba shares05:52
Shadow____Xcan someone help05:54
robbiet480Shadow____X: i might be able to05:54
robbiet480but do you happen to know about lirc first?05:54
Shadow____Xalright i know enough to try and configure it05:55
robbiet480ill still help you even if you dont05:55
Shadow____Xoh well th anks05:55
robbiet480ok lets get through your issue first05:55
robbiet480so what can i help you with05:55
Shadow____Xwell i have a samba share but on the windows side i can not create a folder05:56
robbiet480how are you logging in as?05:56
robbiet480if you have a root user you could try that05:56
Shadow____Xand on another f older  the permissions are inconsistent05:56
Shadow____Xi wont use root05:56
robbiet480just was wondering05:57
Shadow____Xthe user is setup to have read write permissions05:57
robbiet480so can you pastebin the output of ls -larth on the first folder05:57
Shadow____Xhey robbiet480 are you truely a noob05:58
robbiet480Shadow____X: lol yeah05:58
robbiet480but ive had samba issues before05:58
robbiet480and successfully fixed them05:58
robbiet480i went about it by resetting perms on folders to the running samba user if i remember correctly05:59
robbiet480im a noob when it comes to base samba perms05:59
robbiet480i mostly work in AD/OD auth with samba05:59
Shadow____Xoh ok05:59
Shadow____Xwell the samba user is part of the owners group06:00
robbiet480ok then...06:00
robbiet480hrmm. go to smb.conf06:00
robbiet480check on the users blocks06:00
robbiet480try setting a specifc allowed user on a share06:00
robbiet480just to see if that could maybe be why06:00
Shadow____Xthey are already on valid users06:00
robbiet480tail -f /var/log/sa06:01
robbiet480tail the samba access log06:01
robbiet480tail is a updating display of the last lines in a log file06:01
robbiet480i dont remember the exact path to the log but use06:01
robbiet480tail -f /var/log/smb/access.log06:01
robbiet480i think thats it actually06:01
Shadow____Xsamba user owns the file06:16
Shadow____Xfolder actually06:17
Shadow____Xunder windows the folder property has read only highlisted but not checked06:19
Shadow____Xit doesnt make sense to me06:19
robbiet480yeah that doesnt make sense to me either06:19
Shadow____Xi have worked with samba before06:19
Shadow____Xbut aparently it can defeat me06:20
heyheyheywell my nvidia 6200 runs fine at 600x400 higher then that i get jet blue screen06:30
Shadow____Xnvm i got it06:34
Shadow____Xshotty smb conf06:34
Shadow____Xwrite instead of writeable06:34
Shadow____Xdumping a backup of a hd06:36
Shadow____Xneeded everything06:36
Shadow____Xany idea of a good download upload meter for ubuntu06:46
Shadow____Xhow do you edit autostart on mythbuntu07:08
elkinhi, does someone know if it is possible to delete an MP3 from within mythmusic (while listening)?13:01
karl_hi all ! anyone know how to disable the default keyring password for networkamanger ?14:39
neoneddyI know it's early... I'm trying to configure HD Homerun and still keep my SD cable channels, but have mythtv pick the best one15:28
fuxxysigh. I installed the Nvidia propiatary X driver, now the screen won't come on.15:58
fuxxyIt appears that Nvidia selected 1024x768 as the resolution.. but still nothing.15:59
neoneddywhat card?16:01
fuxxyNvidia FX 5200 I belive.16:05
fuxxyNone of the hotkeys appear to work, also.. Ctrl+alt+bkspc doesn't get me a terminal16:06
neoneddyI always used CTRL + F key .. F7 is usuall X if I remember16:06
fuxxyThose don't seem to work either.16:07
fuxxyI can log in via SSH, however I also enabled the VNC option, but it doesn't work.16:07
neoneddyVNC is flaky on mythbuntu16:08
neoneddyI'd use SSH then16:08
fuxxyNot sure how to get a gui back.. SSH is how I looked at the xorg logs to see what resolution it was running.16:08
fuxxyI'm really not even sure what user xorg is running under, user 'mythtv' or my local user16:09
neoneddyif you kill the config file all together it should defualt to a safe mode16:16
fuxxyokay, I copied the "failsafe" xorg.conf over and the display comes up again.16:16
fuxxyokay, got the nvidia driver installed, and X is working now.16:21
fuxxyNow, on to the real problem16:23
fuxxyI can't watch live TV on *any* frontend.16:24
MythbuntuGuest27hello all. Can someone please tell me, as what user does the network manager (for wifi) work? I can't get my wifi to autoconnect even though I've previously authorized it.16:48
MythbuntuGuest32!wifi permissions16:56
ZinnSorry I don't know about wifi permissions16:56
MythbuntuGuest32!network manager permissions16:56
ZinnSorry I don't know about network manager permissions16:56
MythbuntuGuest32how can I tell which user needs to be added in "Authorizations" to fix my autoconnect to wifi prompting ?16:58
MythbuntuGuest32any thoughts at all as to how I can get my myth box to "just connect" to wifi, without prompting.. I have already looked at available resouces for a solution and no luck.17:02
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Guest61643Would someone help me understand?  I have Mythbuntu 8.10 running everything works well and live TV is great.  However when I play back recordings I get a video and audio pause every 1 second.  I have tried every setting I can think of but no luck.  The video files saved appear to be okay...  Any thoughts are much appreciated17:05
karl_hi ! i have set up a system with a hauppauge nova usb dvb-t stick and a hauppauge nova dvb-s pci card18:20
karl_i have managed to get tv from the usb stick, and have also before had reception on the pci card18:20
karl_now i have sorted out the udev problems so the devices keep their adapter-ids18:21
karl_however, i can not tune the pci card any more, logs are very unhelpful18:21
karl_scanning for channels worked fine, however, when i try to switch to one of the channels from the pci card it fails with the following in mythbackend.log:18:22
karl_setchannelbystring (xxx) failed to initialize multiplex options18:23
karl_i am at my wits end, any help anyone ?18:23
fuxxyWhat is the location for mythbuntu's mythtv remote configuration file?18:31
fuxxy/home/mythtv/.lircrc on gentoo18:31
wuzleWhat is the recommended way to handle a computer suspend on a combined FE/BE system? I am thinking of having the power button on my remote kill mythfrontend, so mythwelcome will come up. Then mythwelcome will handle the shutdown if the BE is idle. Is this the best way?18:38
wuzleI would think the more expected behavior, though, would be if I hit the power button, and the backend is idle, everything shuts down immediatly. Any pointers on how to set this up?18:39
fuxxywhy the hell won't manual settings STAY SET18:41
Zinnfuxxy: Please watch your language.18:41
fuxxyeverything I change (I use a custom configuration) keeps being changed back. Now my freaking remote doesn't work.18:42
fuxxythe IP address keeps reverting to DHCP18:42
fuxxyand the audio through spdif was working, it's decided to revert back to analog stereo18:42
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soulfuryis the asoundconf set default method still valid in mythbuntu for setting up my sb live?19:02
soulfurywoops =)19:18
fuxxyHow can I manually add programs to run at startup? (System\Preferences\Sessions\Startup_Programs does not exist)19:34
sebrockI updated to 8.10 from 8.04.1 and everything seems to work fine except video. My Intel GMA 3100 now has tearing and sync problems on all video... possible to fix this or should I return to 8.04.1?19:53
ltspellmanHello, and thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give me regarding my mythbuntu setup. I'm having a really rough time getting my mythbuntu to grab the channels from my hdhomerun tuner. It finds the channels, locks them, and then says that there are no tables for those channels. The end result is that I can't create a list of channels for viewing or recording. I am not a power user by any means; I don't have vast Linux experience and t20:15
CarlFKGeForce2 MX/MX 400 - is there still a nvidia package for that?20:21
CarlFKI installed/ran jockey-gtk and it doesn't suggest anything (big blank list)20:22
CarlFKall I really care about is using the svideo port on the nvidia card.  which I might be able to do if I unplug the vga cable and reboot, but that's kinda lame20:23
javatexani've got a huge mpeg2 file from my DV camera that I want to split into like 10 - 15 clips....Anyone know of a good program to use to do that kind of work?20:50
CarlFKjavatexan: dvgrab20:57
CarlFKwell, wait... mpeg2..20:58
CarlFKlets rewind...20:58
CarlFKdo you still have the tape?20:58
sebrockI updated to 8.10 from 8.04.1 and everything seems to work fine except video. My Intel GMA 3100 now has tearing and sync problems on all video... possible to fix this or should I return to 8.04.1?20:58
javatexannope...it crashed...I had to take it off a dvd20:59
CarlFKjavatexan: I think it is best to leave the content in .dv format until you are ready to make a version to distribute, then transcode it to mpeg2 or whatever20:59
CarlFKum, so the file is from a dvd, not a dv cam, right?21:00
javatexanthe tape is useless now21:00
CarlFKdo you still have the dvd?21:00
javatexanI am trying to split out the birtthday from the christmas, etc....yes I have the dvd21:01
CarlFKjavatexan:  vobcopy21:02
javatexank thanks...has anyone used lives?21:02
CarlFKyeah, but I wouldn't recomend it21:03
CarlFKjavatexan: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddxrpdvh_30cbcph9hb&hl=en21:03
CarlFKthere is my 1 line review of all the video editors I know of21:04
CarlFKI have not tried them all, but I did try lives, was impressed at first, but that's cuz it was one of the fist ones I tried :)21:04
javatexanmy experience as well21:07
CarlFKI kinda ordered them in the order I would try next time I need to use one21:08
javatexanI am trying the cinelerra program now...It doesnt seem to like my massive file21:25
javatexanI also have a mpeg2 file thats 25GB....something tells me it is going to be a problem....LOL21:26
javatexannope...I was wrong, its 35GB...Oh well....its big.... LOL21:26
ltspellmandoes anybody know about setting up mythbuntu with an atsc silicondust hdhomerun tuner? i'm having problems getting channels (as in NO channels).21:47
javatexanItspellman: I know there was a user on mythtv-users that was using that setup...I don't recall his handle though...sorry  You might try asking the question there21:52
ltspellmanjavatexan, thanks21:53
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