mdkeboredandblogging: pong10:54
boredandbloggingmdke: is it still policy to encourage Ubuntu-related teams not to use LP mailing lists?14:50
johnc4510tyche: i'll be checking my feeds for stuff since tues. that i haven't added16:48
tychejohnc4510: Take a look at the "Notifications, indicators, and alerts" entry.  I tried to cover it adequately, but he had a LOT of information in there.16:48
nizarusjohnc4510, the UWN will be back this week ?16:49
nizarushello boredandblogging :)16:49
nizaruscool johnc451016:50
nizarusjohnc4510, what do you think about this : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/TeamReporting#ENIS Event 8.1216:50
nizarusit can be in the UWN ?16:50
johnc4510nizarus: we can include the Dec. 2008 stuff for sure16:53
tychenizarus: Looks like you've been busy.  :-)16:53
nizarusyes johnc4510 tyche16:54
nizarusit waq the first abisius project for our LoCo16:54
nizarusso we made a big effort16:54
johnc4510looks good16:54
nizarusto have it working16:55
johnc4510tyche: i added the link to that16:55
nizarusand we hope continue it on January16:55
tychekk.  I'll catch up.16:55
nizaruswhere more then 1000 PC are waiting to be freed16:55
johnc4510very nice16:56
nizarusactually it's just an abstract johnc451016:56
nizaruswe are working to prepare a detailled report for the fridge or so on16:56
nizarusbut if it can be published in the uwn it will be great :p16:57
johnc4510give it to boredandblogging or myself when it's ready16:57
johnc4510and we'll get it in the fridge16:57
nizarusok johnc4510 :)16:57
johnc4510tyche: i'll add the dec. team reports to the issue. they're up now on the wiki18:27
tycheThat's good.18:28
nizarusjohnc4510, including team reports on the uwn can generate duplicates18:29
johnc4510yeah, we try to watch that18:29
nizaruswe got this in our loco last time the team report was included on the uwn18:29
nizarusbut this time i tried to put only the titels on team report with a link for a detailled abstract to avoid this18:31
johnc4510k thx18:31
johnc4510-laptoptyche: ok, team reports are up now19:00
johnc4510-laptopi'm going to have lunch and visit with the family a bit19:00
tycheI'm working on Tunisia, then will probably take a nap.19:01
johnc4510-laptoplater dude19:01
nizarustyche, if you need mor info i'm here :)19:02
tycheI hope not to be any later than I already am.  I HATE being called "the LATE tyche".  Hee hee19:02
tychenizarus: It looks pretty straight forward.  But I'll keep your offer in mind.  Thanks19:02
tychenizarus: The presentations for ENIS - those are in French?19:14
nizarusyes tyche :/19:14
nizarusas it's our studying laungage19:14
tycheNo problem.  I just wanted to indicate that when I put in the link.  That way people wouldn't get confused when they see them.19:15
nizarus+1 tyche19:15
tycheAnd, since I flunked French in high school, I wanted to be sure that I was noting it appropriately.  :-)19:16
mdkeboredandblogging: yes, where an Ubuntu mailing list is available23:19
nizarustyche, here ?23:24
tycheYep.  Just23:28
nizarusi rectefied a mistake on the 123# uwn23:29
tychedid I goof?23:31
nizarustyche, the presentation of Ali was in the FOSS day not during enis event :)23:32
tycheOK, I miss-read.  sorry.23:33
tycheThanks for catching that.23:33
nizarusoh, that's a minimum :)23:35

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