Gneawell, I try to follow it, but you know, I haven't signed it.00:00
nickrud_hm. If I may interject here briefly Gnea you're not the person to decide what channel procedures are. You may not think you are, but it is coming across that way00:00
FlannelGnea: Regardless of whether you signed it, it's part of the guidelines of the channel, so you're expected to follow it in #ubuntu channels00:00
Gneavery well.00:00
MezFlannel: you're doing my typing for me now ? :P I was about to hit enter on pretty much that exact sentence :D00:01
FlannelMez: I know you've had a long hard day, trying to give your fingers a rest00:01
nickrud_Gnea, you've been very helpful to many here, we're basically just asking for a change of tone in certain situations00:01
MezGnea: not just in Ubuntu Channels, but also when talking to any Ubuntu User/Member00:01
Gneanickrud_: that's cool.00:02
GneaMez: ...00:02
GneaMez: well, I'd be happy to oblige that, but see, I'm the kind of person who goes/leads by example.00:02
Gneaso, I'm sorry if my terseness came across as a threat00:03
MezGnea: apology accepted, please bear in mind what you're writing in future.00:03
GneaI surely wouldn't mind if you have an example of a way that you would've handled that particular situation.00:03
MezGnea: I would have done exactly what I did.00:04
MezPM the user and point them in the right way, muting them if neccessary00:04
Gneaand that's not anymore harsh than what I did?00:05
MezGnea: I didn't add to channel noise, I didn't make a threat.00:05
GneaMez: I didn't see you ask him either, you just outright PM'd out of the blue.00:06
MezGnea: the intent of a PM is to send a message directed at a single user.00:06
GneaMez: so it's okay for others to send a PM without asking first? or only on the basis of someone stepping out of line, which apparently I did?00:07
MezWhy wouldn't it be?00:08
Gneaare you referring to the first or second portion of the question?00:08
MezThe first. 00:09
Gneathen what is the point of the !pm factoid?00:09
MezThere is actually only one question, the second is a clarification00:09
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.00:09
GneaPlease don't PM a user in the channel without  asking first, some find it rude.00:10
MezI can read00:10
GneaBut can you interpret? That's what I'm questioning. 00:10
MezWhat's speaking foreign languages got to do with anything?00:11
Mez!pm =~ s/  / /00:11
ubottuNothing changed there00:11
Mezgrr @ whitespace00:11
Gneayou're side-stepping the issue. 00:11
ubottupm aliases: privatemessage, private message, msg, private - added by Amaranth on 2006-06-30 16:10:19 - last edited by Pici on 2008-11-15 19:21:5400:12
Gneathe only reason there's a whitespace is because when I pasted it, there was a whitespace on my end.00:12
FlannelGnea: Ops will send unsolicited queries because we need to get information to you.  Discussions about behavior doesn't belong in the channel; and its also more respectful to those users, since theyre private issues.00:12
Mezoh, oops, I was thinking that was from the actual factoid.00:12
GneaFlannel: ah, okay, that makes sense then.00:12
MezGnea: to be quite frank, I don't agree with that last part of the factoid00:13
GneaMez: I see.00:13
Mez!pm =~ s/Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude./Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first/00:13
ubottuI'll remember that Mez00:13
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first00:14
Mez!pm =~ s/first/first./00:14
ubottuI'll remember that Mez00:14
Mezanyone have any objections to that edit.00:14
MezGnea: some people find it rude, but it isn't rude. I think, personally, that those people just over-react. There is no reason that I can see that a PM can be considered rude (except it's contents!)00:15
Gneathat's actually a little less blunt, I like it.00:15
MezGnea: you understand the first part of the factoid though? and why that's there?00:16
Mezaw. my dog just fell over coming up the stairs by the sound of it.00:16
GneaMez: well, sometimes people send a PM wanting personalised attention for their problem, when in fact, they're more likely to recieve better help by asking in the channel.00:16
MezGnea: yes, and no. It helps others to have the answers in the logs, which can be searched for, and other people in the channel can see "oh, new information, I'll remember that for when someone else asks the same question"00:17
MezA PM can always be 1) ignored 2) replied to to tell them you're not interested in talking in PM/that the message should go to the channel00:18
GneaI shouldn't have to pastebin a private conversation just to show others the root of the problem when that entire situation can be avoided by following a few simple rules00:18
MezGnea: exactly, that's what the factoid is in place for, as I've said, you can always just say "I'll answer your question in #ubuntu" or close the window.00:19
MezGnea: everything sorted out now?00:19
GneaMez: well, that's why we usually use the !pm factoid as a response to people sending unsolicited PMs... 99% of the time, people get the message and everything works out great... that other 1% tends to denote a troll/troublemaker, which is pretty rare.00:20
GneaMez: but, yes, that does help sort things out, thank you.00:21
Gneathe people in #ubuntu channels helping people out00:21
Mezyou know, I can't remember the last time I got an unsolicited PM :D00:22
Mezwell, one that I didnt know the person00:22
Gneanow there's a distinction :)00:22
Mezor it wasn't the right place for a POM00:22
* Mez shrugs00:23
MezIt's not that big a deal.00:23
MezBy the way, Gnea. you might want to rethink factoiding people in response to PM. I think of it as rather rude.00:23
GneaI don't have a problem with that.00:24
Mezanyway, If we're done here?00:24
ubottuPlease keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.00:24
Gneayeah, later.00:24
Mez@mark Gnea #ubuntu-ops00:25
ubottuThe operation succeeded.00:25
MezI think that was kinda productive. 00:25
geniiSeems so00:25
MezIt's rare, but, we have evidence that it does work sometimes00:26
nickrud_evidence is still in abeyance 00:27
Mez!dict abeyance00:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dict abeyance00:27
Mezah, ok :D00:27
nickrud_http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/abeyance , second definition. Proof is in the pudding, to be colloquial00:28
Meznickrud_: ff dict abeyance for me :D00:29
Mez(oh yay for shortcuts)00:29
Flannelnickrud_: It's actually in the putting00:32
Mezpudding actually00:32
geniiFlannel: Poor bugger01:06
FlannelEh, its a good way to learn at any rate.  I just hope this is a relatively fresh install (we all reinstalled umpteen times due to all of our mistakes, its a great way to learn what not to do)01:08
FlannelNow he knows: Don't mix repos versions01:08
geniiTrue, true01:08
Mez["My hat, it has three corners, three corners has my hat, and had it not three corners, it  would not be my hat"] 01:08
MezMy friend used to sing that in German for some reason01:09
* genii sips his coffee and contemplates Mez's snazzy Napoleon hat01:09
* Mez was relating to nickspoon's quit message01:09
FlannelNapoleon hats are only two cornered.01:10
FlannelObviously, Napoleon isn't nickspoon.01:10
geniiFlannel: I didn't know that about the Napoleon hat being only 2-cornered. Interesting01:12
FlannelIt was just horizontal01:13
FlannelOr at least, the stereotypical napoleon hat anyway01:13
FlannelOf course, Tricornes were all the rage around that time in france01:14
Flannelso, you're not far off.01:14
geniiFlannel: You never cease to amaze me01:14
elkbuntuFlannel, more importantly, nickspoon is not napolean01:14
FlannelI'm a bastion of random quasi-useful information!01:15
elkbuntuTm_T, the hat. it's all in the hat.01:15
Flannelgenii: I like the confirmation message to do all that fun stuff with dpkg: "Yes, do as I say!"01:16
geniiFlannel: There used to be some other dire warnings like that. "Put --yes-really-force if you mean it!" or so01:17
Flannelyeah, I've ... done that... somewhere01:17
geniiJust curious mostly... why is it !factoid > name    PMs   but !info packagename > name     doesn't?01:32
ubottuIn #ubuntu, ethan1 said: ubottu: 8.10 is the latest version of ubuntu?01:32
Mezgenii: it's a different plugin01:34
geniiMez: Ok, thanks. Just wondering, mainly01:35
FlannelYou can still !info package | person though01:37
=== bluesmoke_ is now known as Amaranth
FlannelLtL != LjL... interestingly similar.02:02
* genii sips02:36
geniiFlannel: I'm having problems trying to formulate how to tell the needhelp person about why it's problemmatic to download ubottu....02:46
FlannelWhy is it problematic?02:46
geniiFlannel: Is there actually a downloadable version of the bot which has the factoids in it?02:47
FlannelYeah.  Well, the factoids are separate, but yeah02:47
geniiHe could get the supybot, but I doubt it would do him much good02:48
PriceChildI believe the factoid database is available to download... *looks*02:48
Flannelhas links to the encyclopedia plugin on LP, and the sqlite db02:48
PriceChildit is, from the website02:48
Flannelah #supybot02:50
stdinmaybe it should mention supybot on the wikipage, and probably #ubuntu-bots too03:10
FlannelIt does03:11
FlannelOh, I suppose whomever edited it recently sort of moved that bit out of prominence03:11
Flannelubotu was operated by Dennis 'Seveas' Kaarsemaker until 2008-04-28. It was the only interactive bot allowed on the Ubuntu channels. It was running supybot 0.83.1 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. The source code and bugtracker can be found on Launchpad. 03:11
geniiI wonder if he ever finished working on falcon203:15
rwwHi operator people. I've seen discussion of jailbreaking iPhones happening in #ubuntu a couple of times in the last week. Does that fall under "questionably-legal" (and therefore is something that should be discouraged)?04:15
* genii sips04:16
geniirww: If nothing else it's offtopic04:17
rwwgenii: It generally stems from "How do I sync my iPhone with Ubuntu?", which is on-topic, right?04:18
geniirww: I haven't actually seen this discussion yet, so couldn't say how they begin. But if it transforms from that to "How do I jailbreak it" then there's the line04:19
rwwgenii: That makes sense. Thanks :)04:20
geniirww: np04:21
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
ubotturww called the ops in #ubuntu (Crazy-T has repeatedly spammed this link and ignores requires for him to stop)05:41
geniiHe's a bit trigger happy05:42
geniiFlannel: Yes05:42
FlannelThat one was warranted05:43
geniiFlannel: But in this case the person has just been there pleading ppl to click on his url05:43
nickruddoesn't that qualify as spamming the channel?05:44
FlannelThat does05:44
nickrudbesides, you only kicked: seems proportional05:45
geniiGnite, I'm /away06:16
Flannelnight genii06:16
FlannelHoly cow.  What is wrong with the water in #u right now?07:09
* Flannel predicts Gnea entering this channel soon.07:12
FlannelWell, apparently he didn't take our discussion to heart, at any rate07:13
elkbuntuhe still posturing over people?07:23
FlannelHe was being rather rude to phil, yeah07:23
Flannelwho is about to be removed07:24
Flannelbut, thats not important07:24
elkbuntuthats the second time in the past few days he's been rude to people just because they do something slightly wrong07:24
FlannelAnd he's historically done it often too07:25
elkbuntuget him in here then07:25
FlannelHe was in here earlier today07:25
FlannelNext time he does it when the channel isn't in chaos, I'm going to take the liberty of lessening his burden07:26
elkbuntuso long as you told him he was out of line this time07:26
elkbuntuhe wont accept it if you mention the incident now, tomorrow07:26
elkbuntucan we mae LtL change his name. i keep reading LjL07:28
FlannelHe's even registered with it07:28
FlannelI didn't investigate when he registered though yet07:28
Flannel20 minutes07:30
elkbuntubring him in here07:30
FlannelI was going to do it in a query, but here's just as good07:30
elkbuntuthere's too much distraction in #ubuntu for him to actually read and comprehend what we're asking07:30
FlannelMmm, try inviting him?07:32
elkbuntunot being cooperative i take it?07:32
FlannelNot responding at all07:32
FlannelMaybe he doesn't know how to read queries07:32
elkbuntudirect him to his PM from #ubuntu07:32
elkbuntuLuigi, how can we help?07:33
LuigiHey, just checking this channel's topic.07:33
elkbuntutyping /topic #channel works too07:33
elkbuntuor... used to?07:33
FlannelStill works here07:34
FlannelHes speaking french to me now07:34
elkbuntuyeah, it put it in the dialog of the channel i tested.. becuae i'm in it07:34
elkbuntuconfuzzled me a sec07:34
FlannelMmmm, something about a joke.07:35
elkbuntubanforward and kick time :P07:35
FlannelWhy do people have to be so difficult07:36
elkbuntubecuase people are idiots07:36
FlannelMmm, no auto-rejoin07:38
elkbuntuautorejoin on kick not on?07:38
FlannelI even went out of my way to kick and not remove.  How rude.07:38
elkbuntuhe'll be back07:38
FlannelHi phil07:47
philva encore me faire jetter ?07:47
elkbuntuenglish please07:48
philhi flammel07:48
philI do my best07:48
philstupid to ban my IP07:48
Flannelphil: We didn't ban your IP, you've been forwarded here so we can talk with you07:49
Flannelso that we won't have to ban you07:49
philI don t understand all07:49
elkbuntusince you wouldnt respond at all to our private messages07:49
philI just could n join any more07:49
elkbuntuthat can change, but you have to talk to us first07:50
philsorry , i didn  t the private07:50
elkbuntudont worry about them now, you're here now07:50
elkbuntudo you know why you were in trouble in #ubuntu?07:50
philI speak too much07:51
Flannelphil: Not too much, but you are constantly off topic07:51
elkbuntuphil, you talk about the wrong things.07:51
philI have been using Linux for 10 years07:51
Flannelphil: #ubuntu is a support channel, not a chat channel07:52
elkbuntuso you should know better than to talk about non-ubuntu stuff in an ubuntu channel07:52
philand you know i m french07:52
philwell guy , i wanted t support07:52
elkbuntui dont give a crap how long you've used linux, or where you are. you need to play by the rules.07:52
philcrap ?07:52
Flannelphil: It doesn't matter who you are, or how long you have used linux.  You need to follow the channel rules07:53
phildon t matter07:53
elkbuntuwhat doesnt matter?07:53
philyou guy have to know something07:53
philyou re desk support07:54
philyou have the right to ban guy07:54
philexcuse my english07:54
philwhat you ve done is not correct07:55
Flannelphil: Yes, we know that.  And we don't like banning people, but we have to keep #ubuntu usable.07:55
philI have to work to help englisg / US . You broke this07:55
elkbuntuyou were making #ubuntu not usable. you were disrupting.07:55
Flannelphil: You were being disruptive and you weren't following the rules07:55
elkbuntuyou will probably have better luck understanding people in #ubuntu-fr07:56
philif I was a kid I would say LOL07:56
Flannelphil: #ubuntu is not a place for you to work on your english07:56
philit s the place07:56
elkbuntuno, it's not. #defocus is more the place. NOT a support channel.07:57
philcan you speajk french as  well as I speak english ?  :P07:57
philwhat s ubuntu ? :P07:57
philtry and we will both have fun ...07:57
philone thing I can t stand , is beeind banned07:58
elkbuntuif i were to go into a french and start giving instructions that are not comprehendable, i would be banned too07:58
philyou re not at your place , even if you are tech able07:58
Flannelphil: Your own actions caused you to be banned.07:58
philhow long have you been using Lnux ?07:59
elkbuntu11 years07:59
philI m 1307:59
elkbuntuyou've been using linux since you were 3?07:59
philFreBSD ?08:00
elkbuntuis not linux.08:00
philno matte08:00
elkbuntuyes, it does.08:00
philyou shouldn t have to ban ppl like this08:00
FlannelYour right, we shouldn't.08:00
philit s stupid08:00
FlannelPeople should just follow the rules08:01
Flanneland everyone would be happy08:01
elkbuntuphil, you have not earned the privilege to use #ubuntu, you need to find somewhere else.08:01
philour re in US ?08:01
tritiumphil: location is irrelevant08:01
elkbuntubyebye phil. please find a new channel.08:02
philseems i m strange :P08:03
philok, i ll shut up08:06
elkbuntuthats not good enough anymore.08:07
philwant a good thing with unionfs on a CF ro ?08:08
philtakes 15 min and it works , great for embed08:09
elkbuntuthis isnt a support channel08:09
FlannelNor is it a trivia channel08:09
elkbuntuyou could not behave in the support channel. you need to find somewhere else to practice english08:09
philc est pas du support , c est de l astuce , et je vais encore me faire ban :P08:10
bazhang##english or ##linux phil 08:10
philubuntu-fr you said ? :P08:10
tritiumphil: leave on your own, or find yourself banned08:11
elkbuntuphil, you need to follow their rules too08:11
philbazhang,  the link >I gave was english . It s not my pb if none of you spak foreign langauges08:11
bazhangphil, you live in canada; you can speak english fine. please leave now.08:12
philtritium,  elkbuntu  I gave a US link , what else ?08:12
elkbuntuphil, you've misbehaved too much. we dont want you anymore.08:12
philbazhang,  knows the whois :P08:12
elkbuntuphil, we can all see your hostmask08:13
philban again ?08:13
tritiumYou're rapidly approaching that, yes.08:13
philI don t hide08:13
elkbuntuis that a request to be banned?08:13
philNo realy in fact08:13
philMy first goal was to hel Ubuntu users08:13
elkbunturight, so tell me what ubuntu is.08:14
philbut i ve been banned quite soon08:14
philubuntu is a Debian for Dummys08:14
philwith all the experimentall thinks that Mandrake did :P08:15
elkbuntuphil, you are a troll. we do not like trolls.08:15
philoh . I missed08:15
philI m not a trool08:15
elkbuntuthen stop acting like one.08:15
philTonight I mn your ... bouc emissaire308:16
philthe ugly thing you have to split on08:16
elkbuntucs k phil08:17
tritiumNever a dull moment.08:18
FlannelOh, I was beginning to yawn there08:18
elkbuntuit'll take him a good five minutes to figure that it's not here when he rejoins, i bet08:18
tritiumHe's still in there now...08:19
tritiumNo idea.08:23
tritiumI better get to sleep.  Good night.08:26
nickrud  you all get the good ones, I just see spammers :(08:36
FlannelHe made me drop all of my eggs08:37
FlannelGoing to take me at least 20 minutes to get back into the swing of things08:37
FlannelMmm, ok, so maybe 1008:37
nickrudI'm off to bed, get my 6. You get your 4 soon :)08:38
elkbuntuoh look, it's emo hour09:07
FlannelWe had one earlier today too09:09
elkbuntuit happens every time pppoe_dude returns09:11
FlannelDid he start talking about associations with the XXs?09:13
elkbuntuno... hated emotions or something09:13
elkbuntu<pppoe_dude> what's the emotion you hate the most?09:14
FlannelSo, would "hate" be oxymoronic? or self-fufilling?09:14
elkbuntunot really sure09:17
FlannelOne of life's great mysteries.09:17
rwwgenii: re: the "bit trigger happy" comment earlier: I was hesitant to issue !ops in that case, since it wasn't an "emergency", but it was the /third/ time the guy had spammed that link, and I hadn't seen a channel operator say anything about it at all. However, your criticism was valid, and I'll be a little more hesitant in the future :)09:39
FlannelWe've got people subscribing to the logs apparently09:47
FlannelNot that that's a new thing.09:47
ubottuIn ubottu, rww said: !no, firewall is Ubuntu has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall can be managed from the command-line using iptables or (in Hardy or later) ufw. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo (iptables) and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFirewall (ufw). GUI firewalls include Firestarter (GNOME), Guarddog (KDE), and gufw (GNOME; in Hardy-backports, Intrepid or later).10:53
ubottu(mark [<channel>] <nick|hostmask> [<comment>]) -- Creates an entry in the Bantracker as if <nick|hostmask> was kicked from <channel> with the comment <comment>, if <comment> is given it will be uses as the comment on the Bantracker, <channel> is only needed when send in /msg11:05
ikonia@mark #ubuntu bullgard4 persistant offtopic comments about linux, been warned MANY times been removed a few times, no on a final warning11:05
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:05
elkbuntuFlannel, yeah, it's slightly creepy that they have that much free time.11:36
* ikonia is bored of sken11:36
ikoniadoes anyone have a better idea of how better to deal with this pain11:37
elkbuntuikonia, where?11:43
ikoniajust removed him again11:44
ikoniaabout 20 bans on him,11:44
ikoniaconstantly ban dodging, rude/offensive etc etc11:44
ikoniaathens dsl11:44
* elkbuntu tries comparing timestamps instead11:44
ikoniaoooh sorry11:45
ikoniathought you meant where as in his source11:45
ikoniahe was under the nick vari_karin this time11:45
elkbuntui was looking for the nick 'sken'11:45
elkbuntuhence i was totally lost11:45
ikoniasken is the orignial nick, but he uses tons of nicks11:46
elkbuntuhe hits up #K too, yes?11:46
ikoniaIve not seen him in there to be honest, apart from once11:47
ikoniabah I'm out, not good in #ubuntu today12:02
* jussi01 waves!12:07
theunixgeek I'm banned from #ubuntu-offtopic for no reason. Please help :).12:09
elkbuntuit's never for 'no reason'. there's always a reason.12:11
theunixgeekelkbuntu: I'd like to know the reason and be unbanned12:11
theunixgeekI have a programming question to ask ;)12:12
elkbuntui am checking the reason in the logs, and the latter will depend on the results of the former12:12
elkbuntuwell, #ubuntu is not a place to ask programming questions. what language12:12
theunixgeekelkbuntu: #ubuntu-offtopic and it's a GTK+ question12:13
elkbuntutheunixgeek, are you aware of Gimpnet?12:13
theunixgeekelkbuntu: irc.gnome.org is what I'm on as well. Is that what you meaN?12:14
elkbuntui see you are, yes.12:14
theunixgeekbut sometimes I still like to go into #ubuntu-offtopic to hang around :)12:15
theunixgeekIs there a way to see the ban list?12:16
elkbuntutheunixgeek, you persisted to ask for veterinarian advice because your dog used a tree instead of a kitty litter box.12:16
theunixgeekelkbuntu: except that wasn't me. That was a friend that came over and I let him use IRC to explore around, etc12:17
theunixgeekthis is the second time he does the same story, actually12:17
elkbuntuthen you didn't learn from the first time, and hence I will not be unbanning you.12:18
theunixgeekelkbuntu: it was a year ago and he wasn't banned12:18
elkbuntuso how do you know what he did?12:19
theunixgeeklocal IRC logs12:19
theunixgeek(i.e. those stored on my computer)12:19
Tm_Ttheunixgeek: basic rule, if it's your pc/nick/account, it's on your responsibility12:19
elkbuntuthen how come you tried to worm your way out by claiming there was 'no reason'?12:19
theunixgeekelkbuntu: because he was using a different username12:20
theunixgeekand it wasn't me12:20
elkbuntutheunixgeek, you're lying to me. I dont like being lied to.12:20
theunixgeekI'm not!12:20
elkbuntuthen how do you know what nick he was using, if you dont have logs?12:21
theunixgeekelkbuntu: but I do have the logs12:21
elkbuntuso you were lying to me?12:21
theunixgeekby "username" I mean "nick"12:21
theunixgeeknot username on my computer; username on IRC12:21
elkbuntui know that. hence why i used the term 'nick'12:21
theunixgeekok. "because he was using a different nick"12:22
theunixgeekthere :)12:22
theunixgeeklook, I'm not going to be any harm to #ubuntu-offtopic . I'm going in there to have an actual discussion on quarks12:22
theunixgeekmay I please be unbanned?12:23
elkbuntunot at this time. Come back in a few days. You still need to live out the punishment for letting your friend troll our channels.12:25
elkbuntuespecially since you knew he'd done it once before.12:25
theunixgeekelkbuntu: look, if you don't want to help I'll wait, but if I did join the channel I would not be disrupting it and I would be learning something new and possibly be helping someone else learn something12:26
theunixgeekhow many days should I wait?12:26
elkbuntutheunixgeek, you dont learn much at all from -offtopic. some people there dont even use linux12:27
theunixgeekelkbuntu: but sometimes people do answer me12:28
theunixgeekI've even learned a little German in -offtopic-de12:28
topyliah yes the tuna eating cat troll12:28
elkbuntutheunixgeek, then ask them about quarks12:29
theunixgeekbut I don't speak enough German yet :P12:29
theunixgeekand I don't know if the documentation was translated to French or Spanish...12:29
theunixgeekor Chinese12:29
theunixgeekand those channels usually don't have as many people as in the English -offtopic12:29
topylitheunixgeek: you can't really move here to idle when banned on -offtopic12:30
elkbuntutheunixgeek, come back in 48hrs.12:30
elkbuntu5 bucks he comes back tomorrow and tries to claim innocence again12:31
ubottu(mark [<channel>] <nick|hostmask> [<comment>]) -- Creates an entry in the Bantracker as if <nick|hostmask> was kicked from <channel> with the comment <comment>, if <comment> is given it will be uses as the comment on the Bantracker, <channel> is only needed when send in /msg12:31
elkbuntu@mark #ubuntu-ops *!*@* tried to claim innocence, but knew why he was banned. admits letting a friend use his internet connection for IRC knowing that the same friend trolled our channels once before. told to return in 48hrs.12:33
ubottuThe operation succeeded.12:33
elkbuntuisnt it just ever so amazing that every troll is really not the account holder, but the evil brother or friend or colleague of angelic innocents12:35
elkbuntuwhy me. why must he cling?12:52
elkbuntutopyli, i want the smart clued-up offtopic back :(13:00
* elkbuntu cries on topyli's shoulder13:00
topylithere are some strange people there recently13:00
topylithere, there13:00
elkbuntutopyli, did you see this yet? http://blogs.sun.com/brendan/entry/unusual_disk_latency13:01
topyliah yes, noticed yesterday13:04
elkbuntutopyli, having fun?13:26
topylisort of :)13:27
elkbuntuhe's outright insane13:28
ubottuJeruvy called the ops in #ubuntu ()15:59
nbeebosome guy at #ubuntu-offtopic called slipknot fans inbred...16:49
nbeebohey go fix #ubuntu-offtopic16:53
Jack_Sparrownbeebo, I wont join that sesspool.. call for an op-in that channel16:55
nbeebotheyve stopped now anyway16:56
nbeeboand how do i call for an op-in?16:56
Jack_Sparrowyou would normally use exclamation-mark ops > nick_of_the_Offensive_Person  Please dont use it casually, it wakes alot of people up.. and they can get testy..16:58
nbeeboyeah thats why i joined here but anyway thanks16:58
jussi01nbeebo: is it still an issue? if not, is there something else we can help with?17:01
jussi01ikonia: pm me when you have a min17:01
Jack_SparrowMorning jussi01 17:02
jussi01afternoon Jack_Sparrow17:02
jussi01or evening e ven17:02
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, alkisg said: !What is the best distro?17:09
nbeebok its calm17:10
MTecknologyCan somebody give me ops in -offtopic so I can kick nbeebo?? :D17:30
* jussi01 looks in17:31
Jack_SparrowI'll msg him  one sec17:31
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: Ill sort it ;)17:31
jussi01MTecknology: anything else you need?17:32
MTecknologynope, sorry - I jumped to a different channel and forgot to part17:33
Jack_SparrowThanks jussi01 17:40
ubot3In ubot3, alkisg said: !ksk is tell me18:49
Flannelelkbuntu: It's doable (offtopic revitalization)19:39
Cpudan80Hey guys19:59
Cpudan80What's your broken connection chan?19:59
Cpudan80The one where people exploited by D-C-C things go19:59
FlannelCpudan80: Ours is #ubuntu-read-topic  for exploit victims20:10
FlannelHi [a1], how can we help you/20:28
[a1]hi, i like to be test for the DCC ezxploit by an op 20:28
[a1]the test me''  fails in #ubuntu-read-topic20:29
FlannelYes, You're not quarantined20:30
[a1]that means am safe?20:30
FlannelThat means you haven't been a victim yet20:31
[a1]If the automatic test fails, join #ubuntu-ops and, there, ask to be tested by operators.   <-- read that20:32
FlannelRight, that'd be so we can remove you from quarantine20:32
[a1]ok thanks Flannel20:33
Flannel[a1]: If there's nothing else we can help you with, please don't idle in here20:36
FlannelHi szymon_g, how can we help you?20:39
szymon_gi've got question: i've been banned from #ubuntu-pl but i've got no idea for what, by whom and when (i've been offline for few days)20:40
szymon_gi tried to query an opp from #ubuntu-pl, but i get no response :/20:40
ubottueth01 called the ops in #ubuntu ()20:41
Flannelszymon_g:  For LoCo channels the place to ask is #ubuntu-irc, and yeah, you'll have to talk to the ops for those channels20:41
Flannelszymon_g: If thats all we can help you with, we ask that people don't idle here.  Thanks20:50
jussi01szymon_g: so please part now, thanks :)21:01
szymon_gok, bye21:02
dzup1can i be test it for dcc exploit?21:10
jussi01dzup1: have you been to #ubuntu-read-topic and followed the instructions?21:17
dzup1jyes ni did21:17
dzup1am in port 8001 now21:17
dzup1dzup1: Sorry, but I am unable to test you (are you using your usual nickname?). Please contact the operators (type « /topic » to find out how).21:18
dzup1thats from #ubuntu-test-topic21:18
dzup1tell you why, i own one of those routers, but i dont know if al vulnerable21:19
jussi01dzup1: and you cannot join #ubuntu?21:20
dzup1yes i can21:21
dzup1i was wonder only21:21
dzup1'cuz i own the rlink router21:21
dzup1so am guess am not vulnerable21:21
jussi01dzup1: why did you try to get tested in the first place?21:22
jussi01spoint: can we help you?21:22
spointjussi01, hello, my english is bad :(21:23
spointGarfeild is bad op in ubuntu-ru21:23
spointhe banned me21:23
spointwhen i say "Hello" on russian to bazhang21:23
jussi01spoint: had you been banned before?21:24
jussi01bazhang: are you around?21:24
jussi01spoint: have you spoken to him about it?21:24
spointwith Garfeild??21:25
spointnot, i don't know where i can find him :(21:26
spointI received ban 5 minutes ago 21:27
jussi01spoint: you can /query Garfeild 21:27
jussi01that will open a PM with him21:27
jussi01he is also available in #ubuntu-irc21:27
jussi01which is the correct place for queries on loco matters21:28
elkbuntuFlannel, i know it is.22:34
ubottuAdri2000 called the ops in #ubuntu-devel ()22:47

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