nephish hey vim users, is there a way to get the syntax highlighting colors as rich as the same color theme in gvim?01:51
mljohns4I recently performed a fresh Ubuntu LAMP install. Using phpmyadmin to interface with the MySQL server, I noticed that there were a couple of user accounts created by default, such as "ANY" and "debian-sys-maint". Are these necessary for the LAMP server to operate?03:49
mljohns4The "ANY" user has no password set, which is of concern03:50
ballhello medic3304:29
techsupportI installed ubuntu server in vmware, its telling me to install vmware tools by mounting the virtual cd drive, how can i do that ?05:43
ballI don't know vmware, but if you've somehow told it to map the physical CD-ROM drive to a device presented to the Ubuntu Server guest, then it's probably somewhat automatic05:46
hads"mount /cdrom" ?05:49
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shubuntuguys has any of you got a csr signed before? can you help me out07:19
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shubuntudoes anyone know how to create a new mail acount in postfix?08:18
J-_I need some suggestions. I'm running a LAMP installation on hardy, and I need a program to update with afraid.org. What client should I use that's easy to configure?10:39
* delcoyote hi11:53
nyarlaanybody familiar with pure-ftpd? nice piece of software btw. But I cant achieve to process the transfer.log into my stats analyser, because the log file is rw root-only. How can I make it www-data readable by default?11:54
J-_http://pastebin.com/d6ebf7121 Does that look correct? it's my network interface.12:06
shubuntuJ-_: that's not enough13:21
shubuntuyou need to put in more than that13:22
shubuntuthere's network, and broadcast13:22
shubuntuyou need both of those too13:22
J-_shubuntu: what will network and broadcast be? I'm on a dynamic IP13:23
shubuntuooh you can't assign a dynamic ip statically13:24
Deepsthat is enough13:27
Deepsyou dont need network and broadcast in there as well13:27
Deepsif you want to define them, in your case, network would be, broadcast
Deepsyour netmask already makes that clear though13:28
J-_I still don't know why my domain isn't working then.13:28
Deepswhat's your domain?13:29
Deepsi see 'test by justin' blog13:29
J-_Deeps: could you do a screenshot for me?13:30
J-_Does it looks like a drupal installation?13:30
J-_I wonder why it's not working locally then13:31
Deepsif you're within your NAT'd lan, trying to connect to your WAN ip, you'll be hitting your router13:31
Deepsand your router wont do the port forwarding for local (lan) clients13:31
Deepsalter your local hosts file so www.bytebind.com hits the lan ip of the server ( and then try13:31
J-_I mean I can use my LAN IP and my domain will work. But, prior to hardy(dapper) I could go to my .com website, and it would show up as well.13:31
J-_Deeps: how would that be done?13:32
Deepsare you using an ubuntu server as a router?13:32
shubuntudon't set your ip manually13:32
shubuntuset it through dhcp13:32
shubuntuyou should be good13:32
J-_Deeps: no.13:32
Deepsshubuntu: why would you want a server to aquire an ip from dhcp?13:32
shubuntubecause he doesn't know what he's advertising his ip as13:33
DeepsJ-_: then your upgrade from dapper to hardy shouldn't have any effect, as it'd be your router thats handling the nat traversal13:33
shubuntuand where the main entry for his network is13:33
Deepsshubuntu: he has a server on his lan behind his nat router + wan gateway13:33
J-_Deeps: Indeed13:33
Deepsshubuntu: said server shouldn't have a dynamic address or it can cause problems, especially when port forwarding comes into play (updating all forwards to point to new ip)13:33
shubuntudo a netstat -nat13:34
DeepsJ-_: what OS are you on?13:34
DeepsJ-_: (as in, your client that you're connecting to your server from)13:34
J-_Deeps: Currently Ubuntu(Hardy) on my laptop.13:34
DeepsJ-_: open /etc/hosts in a text file13:35
Deepsformat is ip hostname13:36
Deeps192.168.1.120 www.bytebind.com13:36
J-_Will try it, thanks.13:36
Deeps(incase that wasn't already clear)13:36
J-_I do so, restarted network interfaces and it seems it didn't do anything13:38
Deepsyou may need to restart your browser, as that caches hostname->ip13:38
shubuntuhey edit /etc/hosts13:39
shubuntumake sure your ip is properly set for your domain.tld13:39
shubuntuthen echo subdomain.domain.tld > /etc/hostname13:39
shubuntuthen /etc/init.d/hostnam.sh start13:40
shubuntuthen if you type in hostname13:40
shubuntuyou should get your correct domain13:40
Deepswould be correct if he had subdomain.domain.tld set to resolve to his lan ip, which would then also be incorrect to publish to the internet13:40
shubuntuthen type in hostname -f13:40
shubuntuno he should set his lan ip as eth113:41
shubuntuhis eth0 should be his real ip13:41
shubuntuthe one outside the router13:41
Deepsthen what would his router use?13:41
Deepsbut his router isnt his ubuntu server...13:41
shubuntuhis machine would connect locally using eth113:41
shubuntuand externally using eth013:42
Deepshe's not using an ubuntu server as a router...13:42
shubuntuso what13:42
Deepsat least, not this server in question, anyway13:42
J-_I've always used eth013:42
shubuntuthe router does the routing13:42
Deepsthis server isn't a nat gateway, it's simply another machine behind the nat router.13:42
J-_That didn't do it though, I'll google some.13:42
J-_Maybe I have to log in and out again.13:43
shubuntutry all13:44
Deepspossibly, i'm not very familiar with using linux desktops13:44
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J-_Is it possible to automount an external drive easily on a LAMP server?16:34
maxbaldwinWhat does the *L* in LAMP server stand for?17:46
evarlasthence WAMP where Linux becomes Windows or SAMP where linux becomes Solaris, or MAMP where it becomes MAC17:57
lapoI'm having a strange problem, I have a samba+ldap pdc on hardy (samba 3.0.28a)18:11
lapoI can join other samba machine w/o problems18:12
lapoon those btw wbinfo -g works while wbinfo -u don't (Error looking up domain users)18:13
lapoany idea?18:13
akincerI'm trying to use some variables as part of a complex pipe in a custom init.d script and it doesn't seem to be working, anybody here proficient in such things?21:16
akincernm, figured it out21:30
altf2oquick question: Got Ubuntu Server 8.10 on an old 500Mhz/256MB RAM/13GB HD box. I believe i've found the proper "incremental backup solution" on the help page w/ simple scripts. However i want to create a /complete/ Image so if i ever need to reimage the drive, or a new one i can. Anyone have any tools in mind capable of doing that?21:54
hadsaltf2o: dd21:57
Deepsor dd, if space isn't an issue21:58
hadsI was trying to remember the one that skipped empty blocks but can't think of it.21:58
hadspartimage is probably what I was thinking of.21:59
altf2operfect. Now i do have multiple partitions, that wouldn't impact my ability to successfully reimage correct? Or might some "links" or other settings be lost in that process?21:59
altf2oI.e. if i go from my current multi-partition setup, to a new install w/ a single partition & swap space only22:00
Deepspartimage skips empty blocks, or at least, compresses them down so they're small enough22:00
Deepsif you restore from an image, you're restoring the original partitioning layout too22:00
Deepsalthough if you want a full disk image from multiple paritions, you may be better off piping dd through gzip22:00
Deepsas partimage makes images per partition22:01
altf2ook, perfect. I'll kind of weigh my options & go from there. I would just hate to be S.O.L. in the event of a hardware crash. I'd hate to setup all the stuff on this box again, lol.22:02
altf2orephrase: The nerd in me would love it, the logical part of me would think, "Idiot should've made an image"22:02
ApertureHi Everyone. I'm running Wordpress, PHP, Apache, and MySQL on an Ubuntu machine (to use as a webserver). It is wirelessly connected to my network. Every 10 minutes or so, I can't connect to the server and if I ping it, I get the message "host is down/unreachable". I've gone through and pulled back all of the energy saving settings to no avail.23:08
jtajirunning a server over wireless is bound for failure23:12
jtajiI wouldn't trust it anyway23:13
Deepswireless is fail23:14
Deepsmaintain an active ping to the server23:15
Deepsor some other kind of active session with traffic going back and forth over the wireless23:15
Deepsif it still drops out after a while, then it's not energy saving issues23:15
Deepsit's a shoddy wifi card / access point23:15
WoLf_LoonieHello, and sorry to disturb. I'm having an issue with my server, was trying to create a self signed SSL certificate to be used with Dovecot.. but I can't get the hostname right.. should be only "hostname", instead, it states "hostname.domain", and it always returns an error when I check the emails.. anyone could point me where to look to fix this?23:16
WoLf_LoonieNevermind, I've found the error. (was a different default filename used on the docs I was going by. >.<)23:35
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