ryanakcamdke: In addition to those questions, where can I find self.universal_edit_button... from what I can see, MoinMoin 1.7 and greater have it in their theme/__init__.py , however, the Ubuntu wikis are running
mdkeryanakca: I'm afraid I've read all of those questions and don't know the answer to any of them. I'm not very good at python - i can only suggest you try #moin10:54
mdkeryanakca: sorry not to be of more use10:54
ryanakcamdke: Okies, thanks. I'll try there... and I'll try poking Heather Stern / Henrik Omma, since they wrote most of it :)14:11
mdkeryanakca: well, the theme has been rehashed quite severely since then... also moin versions have changed quite a lot23:20
ryanakcamdke: do you know if the sysadmins are planinng on upgrading the wiki?23:26
ryanakcamdke: some parts of the theme are incompatible with anything greater than 1.7.x iirc....23:27
ryanakcaI'd rather plan a theme for an upgrade a month or two down the road than get it all lovely now, only to find out that they're upgrading everything in a week :)23:28
mdkeryanakca: pretty sure they won't be upgrading anytime soon - they only just did the last upgrade and that took years23:29
mdkeryanakca: but any upgrade requires a theme tweak, I guess23:30
ryanakca*nod*, ok, thanks23:30
mdkeryanakca: having said that, I don't actually know, I'm just guessing23:31
mdkean educated guess, let's say23:31
Turlanyone in charge of popcon.ubuntu.com?23:32
mdkeTurl: no, I don't think so... newz2000 might be able to get access, the webmaster address is mentioned on the page23:34
Turlmdke: Made by  The Ubuntu Web Team . Last generated on Sat Jan  3 14:24:43 2009 UTC.23:35
mdkeTurl: that's what I'm referring to, yes23:35
Turlisn't the ubuntu web team... you?23:35
mdkeif you mouseover the link, it points at webmaster@ubuntu.com23:35
Turlyeah, very generic, don't you think? :p23:36
mdkeTurl: newz2000 reads that email23:36
Turlthx mdke, cya23:39
mdkeTurl: if you don't get anywhere, you'll need a sysadmin to help, they are in #canonical-sysadmin23:39
mdke(during the working week)23:40
Turlthx mdke23:51

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