brycetjaalton: ok new radeontool snapshot uploaded06:20
denndaHi. With Intrepid: Is it normal that an Intel X3100 (GMA 965) has no direct rendering because LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT is set? The compiz effects work out of the box, but another OpenGL application requiring OpenGL 2.1 does not. The performance of compiz is not very fast as well. Any pointers?17:29
tjaaltondennda: if you have compiz, then DRI is working19:03
denndatjaalton: Then why does glxinfo state something different?19:03
denndatjaalton: And why does that application report OpenGL 2.1 is not available?19:04
denndameh, I guess the latter can be answered with "the card doesn't support OpenGL 2.1"19:05
tjaaltonwell, the driver19:09
jcristauif you don't want indirect rendering, why do you set LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT in the first place?19:13
denndajcristau: I didn't do that manually, of course.20:09

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