LunestraOh, good00:00
lstarnesLunestra: cedega, a fork of wine, does00:00
jaymtee_Lunestra: wine is free (like beer) but crossover costs money.  It's based on wine but very well packaged, improved, etc00:00
LtLytnyl: do you have a volume control wheel on your cd drive, crank it up too.00:00
zone5wow its been along time since i have used irc lol00:00
LunestraI'm going to have to go with somethign free, I don't have money00:00
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kestutiswhy some commands are full path to the file whereas some of them are only the name00:01
ytnylLtl: thanks for the tip00:01
jaymtee_Wine will run many programs though... Graphics can be a problem though.  You should check out ine resources on the net for specific progerams00:01
kestutisfor example. the command for opening Skype is only "skype"00:01
zone5wes i think i have something set wrong or something00:01
geniikestutis: The files which are in the known PATHs of the system execute without full path having to be known00:01
LunestraMy comptuer isn't very good anyway, so highly graphics-intensive games are ebyond me. The best I can do is Morrowind xD00:02
zone5oh ya know i have a new router give me a sec ill run passive00:02
Robbie_CrashI'm trying to move a hard drive from my Ubuntu box to a different computer, but every time I remove it, I can only boot into BusyBox. I know that the hdd that I'm moving off isn't the hdd that Ubuntu is installed on, and it's not even mounted. If I attach a CDROM to the same IDE channel that the HDD was on, the system boots fine. So I'm pretty sure it's a problem with GRUB and where it's pointing to boot from. 00:02
weszone5, ya i see your messages00:02
kestutisgenii: so how the system knows the paths?00:02
geniikestutis: printenv|grep PATH                         will tell you the ones it knows automatically about00:03
kestutisis it any default path as c:/windows/system32/ in windows?00:03
geniikestutis: It's a variable which can be set in your environment file00:03
LunestraWell I'll be back to ask lots bore quetions in 4-6 weeks when my Ubuntu Disk gets here. Sooner if I feel motivated to attmept downloading it (not likely, my internets suck) Seeya00:03
geniikestutis: It's a similar idea, yes00:03
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jaymtee_Lunestra: http://appdb.winehq.org/00:03
nacho1Hey, I have a wubi problem00:03
kestutisso, what's that path in linux?00:04
Skippy1981kestutis, from a terminal type "echo $PATH", you will see the directories seperated by commas, just like in windows00:04
onetinsoldierthe env command is a little more interesting00:05
LtLkestutis: type 'env' no quotes in a terminal, those are you environment variables.00:05
antoniahe guys, my cd wont mount, at all00:05
geniionetinsoldier: Yes, the full output of it shows all youe environment variables00:05
delamananyone here use torrentflux, i am having trouble with one of the settings on my remote server00:05
antoniaany idea whats going on, it is there its /dev/scd0 it says that it is an incorrect fiel type00:05
onetinsoldiergenii: ya :-)00:05
cyphaseaw, no more santa hat icon for VLC00:06
geniiantonia: Are you specifying iso9660 filesystem for instance when trying to manually mount it?00:06
kestutisi see i wasn't good at Windows, too!00:06
CyberGabberytnyl: Does volume work well now?00:06
antoniagenii: actually, its just audio cd's00:06
wafflesdrHey, I am trying to install 8.04 on a iBook (PowerPC), but when I boot to the CD I get a blank screen. I tried live video=ofonly but it just made the screen turn a greenish color and faded to white. Any advice?00:06
geniiantonia: You can't really mount an audio cd00:07
kestutisso $PATH shows where systems looks firstly, if i haven't typed the full path?00:07
geniikestutis: Yes00:07
Skippy1981kestutis, exactly00:07
LtLkestutis: use echo $PATH00:07
TwoEqualsTenDoes anyone know why my screen, usually after 2 or 3 minutes of logging in, goes momentarily black, then returns to normal? It does this only once, and it is fine afterwards. It's just odd behavior.00:08
antoniagenii: yes but shouldnt it show up in the sistom try00:08
antoniagenii: *system tray00:09
helllboy2<helllboy2> Enter http://www.hostgator.com/ i need some help i new to running a server is that a good price for what i get for just the hosting plan00:09
LtLkestutis: Any command typed in a terminal will be searched for in every directory in your path. same goes for ms windows.00:09
kestutisand how could i edit environment variables?00:09
ASrocki need to mount an ntfs drive that is still marked as in use by windows is there any way to do this?00:09
LtLkestutis: /etc/environment00:10
LtLkestutis: there are other system-wide settings in various /etc/ files. checkout linux tutorials, there are many.00:11
TwoEqualsTenDoes anyone know why my screen, usually after 2 or 3 minutes of logging in, goes momentarily black, then returns to normal? It does this only once, and it is fine afterwards. It's just odd behavior.00:11
geniiTwoEqualsTen: Likely DPMS setting of monitor00:12
antoniagenii: it wont show up as there so i don't know how to play the audio files or rip them00:13
TwoEqualsTengenii, what is that? I'll also check it out. It's never done that before with prior version (7.04 up to 8.10), but it's done it on every 8.10 install. No biggie I guess Just wondering.00:13
geniiTwoEqualsTen: In your xorg.conf file likely DPMS is set for the monitor00:14
TwoEqualsTengenii, I'll check it out. I've been reading as well. Thanks for the info :)00:15
d0wnI'm having trouble with my Ubuntu install. it is labelling my computer as x86_64, when it's really x86. Anyone know how to resolve this? I installed via Wubi00:15
geniiantonia: Perhaps you need to have something like grip installed00:16
ethanhey does anyone knwo how to make ubuntu faster i just downloaded it and it seems really slow?00:16
delamanethan: try xubuntu00:16
kestutisof course, i should act as root, with gksudo nautilus00:16
ethandelaman: does that involve uninstalling my whole os?00:17
delamanethan: yes well you can install them both on the same HD00:17
LtLethan: that could be a server/link issue, google for bandwidth testing and check for more accurate benchmarks.00:17
ethandelaman: becuase i ahd to configurate myslef and i really dotn want to have to go through it all again00:17
kestutisanother question how to set the proccesses which should be started on system start-up?00:18
ethandelaman: is there a way i can just update my ubuntu to xubuntu through a download rahter than installing?00:18
delamanethan: yes00:19
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer00:19
Skippy1981ethan, i think the package is called xubuntu-desktop00:19
antoniagenii: no audio programs recognize it, like theres no way for me to tell anything to play the cd, which seems wrong, how do i play music from it?00:19
ethandelaman:becasue im also running a dual os with xp and ubuntu but the ubuntu seems slow00:19
delamanethan:  sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop00:19
delamanethan: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/xubuntu00:19
bwaltzI'm having trouble pinning ONLY00:19
LtLkestutis: menu - system - preferences - sessions is a start, install BUM to allow/disallow certain processes on boot.00:19
bwaltzI'm having trouble pinning ONLY rails from ibex into hardy.00:20
ethandelaman: that will just update it?00:20
ethandelaman: right no uninstalling of any kind?00:20
delamanethan: will update the packages and install the most current xbuntu00:20
delamanethan: no unistalling00:20
floryn90is evryoane who speak italian?00:20
ethandelaman: just the command or also is there a download form the website?00:21
ethandelaman: that i also have todo?00:21
Flannel!it | floryn9000:21
ubottufloryn90: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)00:21
Skippy1981ethan, no that will do it00:21
delamanethan: just do the command then log out and choose xfce as your session00:21
geniiantonia: Have you tried opening the cd from inside an app like Grip or so?00:22
ethandelaman: so when i choose between windows and ubuntu when i start up it will say xubuntu right?00:22
delamanethan: depends how you have gdm the login manager setup00:22
ethandelaman: ok thank you00:23
delamanethan: np00:23
happyfeethaxwoo lots of ppl here00:23
DiiPhantomi  installed a game using this: http://www.blog.highub.com/linux/install-and-play-unreal-tournament-on-ubuntu/00:24
happyfeethaxanyone have fun with any new steam games? lagging an such o.o00:24
ethandelaman: what was the command again i lost it?00:24
DiiPhantomnow i want to remove it and install it again correctly how can i do it?00:24
digithappyfeethax: quality over quantity anytime.00:25
ethandelaman: whats the command again?00:25
temppyanyone know how to work with wifi killswitches?00:25
Skippy1981ethan,  sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop00:26
ethanthank you skippy00:26
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happyfeethaxubuntu a good distro for wine =p or nothing good for wine xD00:27
geniihappyfeethax: It runs about the same on every dist00:27
mabougheyhello, can anyone help me with a postfix error00:27
DiiPhantomno ideas?00:27
bwaltzI'm having trouble pinning ONLY rails from ibex into hardy.00:27
happyfeethaxwell left 4 dead is so terrible00:27
Skippy1981am i being stupid, or can't just just compile cadega yourself? i always thought the subscription was just for luxury features00:28
LtLmaboughey: dude, just ask... time will tell00:28
DiiPhantomhow i find more info about command ./00:29
happyfeethax=p I remember cedega00:29
mabougheyim having trouble with postfix recieving mail from mail.example.com but its looping back to itself00:29
DiiPhantom! ./00:29
antoniagenii: yes it opesn from other things, i think its odd that it doesnt tell me that theres an audio cd in there though00:29
techsupportcan i configure filezilla as sftp server ?00:29
LtLDiiPhantom: open a terminal type  man command-name00:29
geniiantonia: Yes, it's weird.00:29
happyfeethaxcedega > wine in gaming? =p00:30
DiiPhantomLtL, you see nothing came up, i typed man ./00:30
DiiPhantomnothign showed00:30
Skippy1981DiiPhantom, yep use man.  if you don't know the command you are looking for, then apropos does a keyword search00:30
Skippy1981DiiPhantom, ./ isnt a command00:30
happyfeethaxsudo ./?00:30
LtLDiiPhantom: ./  is not a command, it's  procedure.00:30
omny_devii just got cedega today for cod4, much better framerate so far for that particular game00:30
epifaniohi All, have you experience using xinetd ?00:30
DiiPhantomLtL, check this http://www.blog.highub.com/linux/install-and-play-unreal-tournament-on-ubuntu/00:30
happyfeethaxhmm I havn't tried cod4 in wine yet00:31
DiiPhantomat that link it says how to install ut99, now i want to remove it00:31
epifanio i need to create a log file to store all the message that runs on localhost port:8000 (tcp)00:31
DiiPhantomLtL,  at that link it says how to install ut99, now i want to remove it00:31
CSonicGohave a problem: My old USB WUSB adapter isn't working anymore -- I have to now have a binary or firmware of some sort, and everytime it would freeze on trying to grab it and my keyboard would stop responding.00:31
omny_deviit worked, just have to disable a lot of things, still lucky to get 40fps00:31
mabougheycan anyone help me with this error to=<user@mail.example.com>, orig_to=<user@example.com>, relay=none, delay=0.72, delays=0.69/0.01/0.02/0, dsn=5.4.6, status=bounced (mail for mail.example.com loops back to myself)00:31
CSonicGonow I don't have a connection on my laptop. any other ideas I could try?00:31
hurleyhy everbody00:31
sim0ngood evening everybody00:31
CSonicGoI didn't want to go down the ndiswrapper road like the other times.00:31
hurleyit possivel convert video for wmv9?00:31
onetinsoldier~howfy sim0n00:31
onetinsoldier!howdy sim0n00:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about howdy sim0n00:32
happyfeethaxwhy do I wanna disable things lol =/00:32
onetinsoldieroops... i'm a goof00:32
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:32
onetinsoldiersuppose to be...00:32
happyfeethaxso cedega is no better?00:32
omny_devihehe, just graphics, hope punkbuster works before too long00:32
LtLmaboughey: tail -f /var/log/mail.log  and watch for the error00:32
epifaniogoogling ... i find xinetd  can do it, now i'm tring to configure the "xinetd.conf" file ... but i've no experience00:32
onetinsoldier!howdy | sim0n00:32
ubottusim0n: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:32
omny_devifor cod4 at least it is much better00:32
happyfeethaxtry any other games?00:32
omny_devii dont have to disable anything and its just like before i went to ubuntu from xp6400:32
maboughey@LTL: http://pastebin.com/d64dbc9f200:32
omny_devii just have cod4 atm00:32
kestutishow could i login to particualr user in terminal?00:33
sim0ni'm welcome! yeehaa :D00:33
Skippy1981wine works ok with some stuff, but cadega supports far more games to a higher standard00:33
wardeni really like armagetron00:33
hurleyit possivel convert video for format wmv9?00:33
DiiPhantomLtL, any ideas?00:33
sim0nthe biggest problem i see with wine is punkbuster not working in cod 2 :(00:33
omny_deviyeah, pb doesnt work on anything00:33
omny_deviit might some time, just takes a lot of work00:34
DiiPhantomanyways gtg00:34
kestutisis any good soft for editing videos?00:34
LtLmaboughey: looks like postfix is set to allow only local mail. you really should checkout the postfix website.  the file in qustion is /etc/postfix/main.cf  -maybe-00:34
sim0ni'd appreciate that00:34
IntelliI just updated Ubuntu to Hardy Heron and now my internet doesn't work and my video card driver doesn't seem to work anymore either.00:35
maboughey@ltl it was working last night, but for some reason it stopped working, only thing I did was to add a SPF record in my dns00:35
omny_deviIntelli - can you upgrade to intrepid?00:35
omny_devican't help much, i just started using in gutsy00:36
IntelliWhat is this avahi thing?00:36
hurleyhow convert video to wmv9 format?00:36
Setsuna-Xerohurley: use microsoft's tool00:36
Setsuna-Xeroor maybe lavc00:37
hurleySetsuna-Xero: in wine??00:37
d0wnis there any way to get to a x86 install instead of x86_64 without having to reinstall ubuntu?00:37
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onetinsoldierd0wn: i don't think so00:38
Setsuna-Xerohurley: can wine isntal wmp11?00:38
d0wnAh, alright :[00:38
Setsuna-XeroI don't use wine00:38
Setsuna-XeroI use windows for windows things00:38
etherealityCan you help me with my NTFS writing error, described at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6482740?00:38
omny_deviwindows=vm, thats what i would do00:38
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omny_deviprolly be your best bet00:39
LtLmaboughey: ok, i think it may be your fully qualified domain name isn't set properly. its tricky to setup a mailserver. i can't help you beyond that.00:39
JackWadeHow can I go about turning an old router into a switch?00:39
mnIs it feasible to run Windows in Ubuntu in a VM having only 1 GiB of RAM?00:39
mnWin XP00:39
omny_devimn - absolutely00:39
wj32ethereality: have you tried recreating the file?00:39
maboughey@LTL: thanks anyway00:39
johannes__hi is there a way to check whether one of your hdds is turned of or not?00:39
Setsuna-XeroI run xp VMs with 96mb of ram00:40
omny_devimn - i would just recommend more than 1 hdd, and at least a dual core processor00:40
Setsuna-Xerojust strip it down00:40
omny_devimn - dont *have* to, but then you wont notice a decrease in performance on the host00:40
* onetinsoldier uses the might sendmail00:40
etherealitywj32, I will try that. Thanks for the suggestion, although I wish I could determine what the error was.00:40
mnomny_devi: Single core, 1.7 GHz processor00:41
epifanioi'm starting using thes http://dpaste.com/104743/00:41
wj32can anyone tell me how i can reset my password?00:41
epifanioand runs : xinetd -filelog /home/sasha/Scrivania/log give me : http://dpaste.com/104744/00:41
omny_devimn - it will still work, you just might notice a slight decrease in performance on your machine00:41
omny_devimn - it is 100% worth at least trying if nothing else :)00:41
onetinsoldierwj32: the 'passwd' command00:41
wj32doesnt that change your password?00:42
wj32the problem is i dont know my password00:42
mnomny_devi: ok.  where can I get a freeware vm for ubuntu and how do I install windows in it?00:42
omny_devimn - i heard ubuntu comes with one, but i have always used vmware00:42
onetinsoldierwj32: oh, ok. try   sudo passwd <username>00:42
omny_devithey have a free server out there that does about anything you would want it to00:42
wj32onetinsoldier: sorry! i meant my IRC password!00:43
geniionetinsoldier: Um, if he can't login how is he supposed to get to the point of being able to use sudo?00:43
onetinsoldierwj32: never mind... you are hosed for the moment00:43
Skippy1981he needs to know his password to sudo though00:43
wj32sorry i didnt state what i was trying to do more clearly00:43
onetinsoldier!root password00:43
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)00:43
geniiSkippy1981: Exactly. The ol catch-2200:43
wfosterHey guys.00:43
omny_devii forgot my password once, but i used the live cd to reset it. i forget exactly how, but i am sure google would know00:43
onetinsoldier!forgot password00:43
wj32i meant my IRC password...00:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about forgot password00:43
wfosterI'm wondering if you don't mind sharing your opinion but what are your thought on Wubi?00:44
Skippy1981is it possible to boot off a live cd, mount hard disk and edit passwd file directly?00:44
LtLwj32: /msg nickserv help or try the website  http://freenode.net00:44
omny_deviskippy - yes00:44
LtLSkippy1981: no00:44
wfosterIt's all good, ignore me. :P00:44
wj32LtL: thanks00:44
wfosterI'll go.00:44
LtLomny_devi: you think!?00:44
omny_devii did, so did my pal00:44
omny_deviwe broke into a co-workers box cause he just stopped showing up and we had to get some stuff off of it00:45
omny_deviit was gentoo, and i know little compared to them00:45
LtLomny_devi: thats good to know, thanks00:45
omny_deviLtL anytime :)00:45
zone5can anyone tell me the CLI to restart xserver ?00:46
LtLomny_devi: iirc the passwords on buntu are encrypted to /etc/shadow but i dunno.00:46
mnDoes a VM for Windows come with Ubuntu by default?00:47
Scunizizone5: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart00:47
omny_devii would have to get a hold of mike to get the instructions00:47
zone5ty Scunizi00:47
FlannelSkippy1981: Yes.   You just need to know what to put in there.  There are better ways to re-set a password though00:47
omny_devibut i know for a 100% fact we did it. well, i was there, he did the work00:47
omny_devii am still new to linux00:47
Scunizimn: no that would be a violation of MS's licensing.00:47
zone5uoh ... i think i crashed it again lol00:48
mnScunizi:  Not one with Windows installed, just one in which Windows can be run.00:48
sim0nmn: virtual box should fit you needs00:48
omny_devithey make virtual box for linux?00:49
Scunizimn: you can install virtual machine programs . they don't come with images of any os.. it's up to you to either use what's called an "appliance" which is a preconfigured virtual machine image of something or install an os of your choosing into the vm.  If you need to install windows then you have to have the cd & key00:49
douglardchoille, you still around?00:49
Gneaomny_devi: yup00:50
sim0nomny_devil: yes, ther's a linux version of virtual box00:50
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox00:50
Skippy1981mn,  the open source version of virtual box is in the ubuntu repositories.  I personally use vmware though00:50
mnScunizi: I do have a genuine copy of Windows00:50
omny_devisweet, i didnt know, been using vmware workstation, damn app is expensive00:50
Scunizimn: like sim0n says.. virtual box works well. and you can load your windows into it.  if you need usb support get vbox from their site.00:50
mnSkippy1981: Is vmware free?00:50
sim0nbut isn't there a freeware version of vmware?00:51
lorenzohi everyone, whenever i launch amule it freezes, it takes like 30 seconds for it to start properly, and in the mean time the system is slower. I tried removing and re-installing it, but no joy. any suggestions? thanks00:51
wj32Skippy1981: you can get vmware server00:51
Skippy1981vmware player and server are both free - workstation does have some cool features though i pulled the trigger on a license a while back00:51
Gneaomny_devi: haven't had a problem with vmware... if you stick with vmware server, it's free enough to run basic things on a personal basis00:51
Skippy1981yes download vmware server for linux00:51
wj32or you can try the pirate bay00:51
pangnome-mixer disappeared after installing xfce4 how can i get gnome-mixer back?00:51
Skippy1981it is free, but you have to fill in some stuff about yourself to get the installation key00:51
Gneaomny_devi: vmplayer works too, but depends on a different format of the files00:51
omny_devii use tpb for everything else, mostly xp iso's and such00:51
abuyusufpan: gnome mixer available under gnome00:51
Scunizimn: vmware server is free.. virtual box is free.. I've used both and like both.. for me, now, virtual box I like better00:51
Skippy1981no fee though, and it is only free as in beer - it is not opensource00:51
panits gone in gnome00:52
omny_deviyeah, we just got a lot of workstation licenses for work, then ended up not needing them. we use esx now so i bought one from my boss00:52
mnah, ok00:52
panwhen i type gnome-mixer it doesn't work00:52
GneaScunizi: virtualbox has given me grief, I might try it again in a few weeks00:52
panbash: gnome-mixer: command not found00:52
ScuniziGnea: really? why..?00:52
darkrubicantI'm back, Can anyone help me with getting a .it file to work with a music player.00:52
adambif I rsync down a file from a remote host, and then I want to delete that from on the remote host how would I do so?  the --delete flags dont cover this.. or am I missing something?00:52
GneaScunizi: well, I tried porting a vmware-made .vmx over to it while following the documentation on it, and it simply refused to work, even when I tried going into safe mode00:53
ardchoilledougl: yes00:53
abuyusufpan: it's gnome-alsamixer00:53
abuyusufpan: not gnome-mixer00:53
nickpatt0nis there anyone who can help me make my ubuntu boot up faster?00:53
panthx abuyusuf00:53
ScuniziGnea: yes.. I've had those issues too.. just decided to reinstall win natively to vbox..00:53
eseven73i cant get Guest Additons working on vbox ose, keeps saying something bout kernel00:53
GneaScunizi: that's my plan too, just have had to put it on hold :)00:54
douglardchoille, was wondering how you got your applications to the awn dock - I cannot seem to figer that out?00:54
Aggrav8dHappy new years!  How can I configure bash to remember the last path I was looking at and return me there at my next login?00:54
panappreciate it00:54
douglardchoille, ie the icon to launch them00:54
zone5is there a way to make a help screen pause like ... dir /p in win ... i need to sudo nvidia-settings -h "/p" what replaces the /p ?00:54
abuyusufnickpatt0n, there's a breanstorm about that00:54
Scunizieseven73: check out #vbox or their site.. I know that there is a solution to that.00:54
dannyhow do I restart pulseaudio?00:54
abuyusufnickpatt0n, maybe available in jaunty00:54
Gneadanny: sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart00:54
ardchoilledougl: you should have an app in System > Preferences called awn manager, run that00:55
eseven73Scunizi: yeah i think i have to install kernel source but it didnt work00:55
Scunizizone5: sudo nvidia-settings -h | less00:55
nickpatt0nabuyusuf, I ran boot chart and am wondering what services I need o kill00:55
douglardchoille, k thanks00:55
Scunizieseven73: install build-essential and dkms00:55
ehmckFlannel: genii: so I created a preferences file, and I think I got it set up ok-- and I'm focusing on one of the first packages to revert-- but it's still telling me it's going to have to remove a TON of packages:  Package: dpkg/n Pin: version 1.14.16*/n Pin-Priority: 100100:55
mathijshi all, how can I export dpkg/apt configuration (including auto/manual) of 1 system and import that to another?00:55
abuyusufnickpatt0n, sorry i got what you mean now00:55
Skippy1981Aggrav8d, i would be interested to see a solution for this as well - only way i can see it being done is with scripts on shutdown and startub to save and set the $PWD variable00:55
eseven73Scunizi: on my 8.04 box i didnt even need anything to get guest additions working, i have build-essentail already00:56
eseven73ill try dkms thanks Scunizi00:56
abuyusufnickpatt0n, ok, run "top"00:56
nickpatt0nok just sc00:56
bastid_raZor!clone > mathijs00:56
ubottumathijs, please see my private message00:56
Scunizieseven73: dkms keeps the kernel updated for vbox with kernel upgrades..00:56
ehmckFlannel: genii: it ignores when i do apt-get upgrade-- but when i do apt-get install dpkg, then it picks up the preferences and tries teh downgrade-- but in doing tells me it's going to remove the entire world00:56
cmdbbqOK, so i can't get to wikipedia, rockbox, or the GNOME site for rythmbox; is anyone else having these/other internet connectivity issues? I have verified on another (windows) machine on the network that these sites are inaccessible, anyone else want to check so i can see if the issue is localized or just bizarre outages?00:56
Scunizizone5: did that work for you?00:56
cmdbbqi am running 8.o4 on my primary machine00:56
wj32i can get to wikipedia...00:56
nickpatt0nabuyusuf, what nexxt?00:57
Flannelehmck: go ahead and pastebin the output00:57
geniiehmck: I'm pretty sure I told you earlier it was a risky business to downgrade, due to dependencies00:57
wj32and the gnome site for rythmbox00:57
BLuEACiDSend  me the sute.00:57
nickpatt0nabuyusuf, what nexxt?00:57
abuyusufnickpatt0n, what is the fist process on the list ?00:57
abuyusufnickpatt0n, after Xorg ?00:58
ardchoilleIs gOS supported here?00:58
ehmckFlannel: genii: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98668/00:58
Scunizicmdbbq: I can't get to wikipedia either. gnome.org comes up quick.00:58
eseven73is there a file i can edit or something that i could reduce my boot time on 8.04?00:58
wj32I'm in Australia and I can get to both...00:58
ehmckgenii: i know, but what other options do i have?00:59
abuyusufnickpatt0n, i think you've many graphics work and panels that eat up your memory00:59
wj32a few weeks ago i had a problem where i couldn't get to the pirate bay and mininova00:59
wj32i just used my ISP's proxy00:59
nickpatt0nI'm running eeebuntu 2.000:59
ethanhey does anyone know what the best music player program is?00:59
wj32quod libet?00:59
cmdbbqScunizi: can you get to http://www.rockbox.org/ ?00:59
zone5bummer .. I am stuck at CLI again tryed to activate nvidia drivers and it isnt loading gui ... anyone know about ubuntu 8.10 2 nvidia 8600gt with 3 monitors ?01:00
BLuEACiDBoth sites are fully accessible01:00
hikenboothello all can anyone tell me where i can find libva-dev for intrepid01:00
abuyusufnickpatt0n, try freeing up your desktop from extra graphics work, also try removing some items from your panels, ( top and bottom panels )01:00
geniiehmck: Reinstall is probably less time consuming for this in the end of it all.01:00
Scunizicmdbbq: yep.. but there are sites I use for work that don't come up.. try www.reotrans.com for me.01:00
wj32hikenboot: do you mean libvala-dev?01:00
ehmckgenii: i was afraid of that01:00
wj32hikenboot: because there's no libva-dev01:00
ethanhey does anyone knwo what the best music player program is and also the best burning program?01:00
nickpatt0nI have 2 gigs of ram01:00
abuyusufnickpatt0n, on your desktop, right-click then "change background"01:01
cmdbbqworks for me Scunizi01:01
hikenbootcould be a typo inte README.txt for vaapi?01:01
Scunizicmdbbq: arrg..01:01
Flannelehmck: right.  You'd likely have to go through and pin all of those packages.  It won't downgrade when one of their depends goes below the version, it'll just remove01:01
wj32hikenboot: no vaapi-dev either. what are you trying to do?01:01
Flannelehmck: (Xv3 depends on Yv3, downgrading to Yv2 will just remove X, not downgrade to Xv2)01:01
ethanhey does anyone knwo what the best music player program is and also the best burning program?01:01
nickpatt0nit says that the graphic effects are turned off01:01
sim0nethan: hard to tell... depends on what you like01:01
darkrubicantAnyone available to help with my problem as I've asked twice and not gotten a reply.01:01
wj32ethan: try banshee01:01
abuyusufnickpatt0n, 2GiGa ram ?, i think the graphics not the problem so01:01
Flannel!best | ethan01:01
ubottuethan: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:01
ehmckFlannel: crap01:01
abuyusufnickpatt0n, ok, go back to the terminal and "top" again, and what is the third and forth processes01:02
ehmckgenii: Flannel: so what is best way to reinstall?  reinstall ubuntu?01:02
hikenbootwj32 trying to get on video card processing support for my nvidia card so I can offload mpeg processing from the cpu01:02
sim0ni simply use brasero and rhytmbox01:02
wj32jesus, who programmed ubottu? its so friggen smart01:02
Commie_Caryonce I get back to my installation, how do I set fdisk to automadiclky mount the new partitons I made into the filkesystem01:02
cmdbbqethan: depends on preference what are you looking for in a player? there are a few burners i can recomend k3b for KDE, gnomebaker for GNOME01:02
Flannelehmck: that's certainly the easiest way, yeah.01:02
geniiehmck: Backup whatevers in your /home/yourname          and /etc01:02
wj32hikenboot: VA-API01:02
ehmckgenii: /home and /etc-- is that all I should worry about?01:03
Flannelehmck: Or if you have a separate /home, you're alright with that as is.01:03
ethancmdbbq: im running gnome so it would have to be gnomebaker01:03
ethanthank you01:03
nickpatt0ngnom-screensav,metacity, networkmanagr01:03
wj32hikenboot: isn't that really new? the only page i can find is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/mobile-hw-decode01:03
ehmckFlannel: what do you mean? spearate /home?01:03
Flannelehmck: Unless you've put stuff somewhere else, yeah (perhaps other stuff in /var, but you'd know about it)01:03
hikenbootwj32 yes01:03
geniiehmck: Those are the most important01:03
Flannel!separatehome | ehmck01:03
ubottuehmck: Your home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home folder to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome01:03
katanidI can't get Ubuntu Server 8.10 to install on my server box. It won't detect the hard drives on a Silicon Image Sil3114 controller.01:03
Flannelehmck: If you move it to its own partition, you can reinstall "around" it01:03
wj32hikenboot: the page says its going to be implemented. so you'll just have to wait :(01:04
Flannelkatanid: Try the regular install CD (use the alternate CD and choose a "command line install") it may bethat the server kernel won't recognize it, but the generic would.01:04
abuyusufnickpatt0n, that's strange!, how much CPU usage in front of gnome-panel ?01:04
ehmckFlannel: genii: i think i'll just save it off-- guess I have the excuse I needed to go to Intrepid now-- thanks for all your help!01:04
katanidFlannel: I've tried the regular 8.10 disk (AMD64) -- it doesn't work either01:05
nickpatt0nI can't tell everything is moving back and forth in the termnal01:05
wj32nickpatt0n: what are you trying to do again?01:05
abuyusufnickpatt0n, press "CTRL + C" in keyboard01:05
ikyn_I installed Kubuntu 8.10 on my desktop. Had to install it in safe graphics mode. Now I can't figure out how to get it back to the full resolution. My "Display" properties say that it only supports 640x480. How do I get it back? Help please!01:06
nickpatt0nI'm running eeebuntu on my eee pc nd it boots up really slowly01:06
wj32nickpatt0n: sudo services-admin01:07
=== Delvien_away is now known as Delvien
wj32nickpatt0n: disable braille display management, other stuff you don't need01:07
wj32nickpatt0n: aside from that i don't really think theres anything you can do01:08
zone5anyone available to help me with a display driver error ?01:08
wj32nickpatt0n: does it freeze for a while?01:08
wj32nickpatt0n: while its freezing is there disk activity?01:08
abuyusufwj32, nickpatt0n said that he has Effects turned off completely01:08
EnselicI can not switch VT (with Ctrl-Alt-F1) after I login but it works fine at gdm. Does anyone have a clue of what might be the problem?01:09
FlannelEnselic: It01:09
wj32abuyusuf: ok01:09
wj32nickpatt0n: do you mean it boots up slowly or it logs in slowly?01:09
eseven73Scunizi: i still cant get vbox guest addtions working even with dkms or w/e it was http://paste.ubuntu.com/9867201:09
CoUrPsE|DeAdUm, someone helped me yesturday, with my audio not working, my volume control says no gstreamer plugin found, how can i fix this?01:09
EnselicFlannel: It?01:09
nickpatt0nit boots up slowly01:09
FlannelEnselic: It's likely something hogging those key combinations.  Try chvt N (change virtual terminal to N) once logged in, see if that works.01:09
Dreamgliderhow do i change the settings where apt-get goes to download packages and such, i only get 10Kb/s download on this fo server01:10
wj32Dreamglider: System > Administration > Software Sources01:10
wj32Dreamglider: its in "Download from:"01:10
Scunizieseven73: do you have the kernel headers intsalled?01:10
eseven73i think so01:10
abuyusufCoUrPsE|DeAd, try: sudo apt-get install totem-gstreamer01:11
EnselicFlannel: When I try it says "Couldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console"01:11
eseven73Scunizi: i have linux-headers like a lot of them01:11
=== groundup__ is now known as groundup
CoUrPsE|DeAdabuyusuf, Still got the red cross on my speaker.01:12
FlannelEnselic: mm, try it with sudo:  sudo chvt 101:12
Scunizieseven73: are you installing the guest additions into a linux guest?01:12
eseven73yes 8.10 guest01:12
wj32CoUrPsE|DeAd: what audio card?01:12
abuyusufCoUrPsE|DeAd, right click on the icon and then "volume manager" then check that it's not muted01:13
EnselicFlannel: interesting, that appears to work01:13
eseven73worsk fine on my other 8.04 box with 8.10 guest but that one is not OSE version of vbox01:13
erica647Can someone please tell me if there is a simple way to uninstall Google Earth?01:13
CoUrPsE|DeAdabuyusuf, Its not muted.01:13
EnselicFlannel: maybe I have configured the Xserver to eat those key combinations, but if I have then I have forgot..01:13
meho_ok i need help with my ubuntu first step updating to 7.1001:13
wj32CoUrPsE|DeAd: what audio card?01:13
Enselicerica647: how did you install it?01:13
eseven73!medibuntu | Enselic Medibuntu has it01:13
ubottuEnselic Medibuntu has it: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:13
CoUrPsE|DeAdwj32,  00:02.7 Multimedia audio controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] AC'97 Sound Controller (rev a0)01:13
erica647I followed the instructions on the site and did it from the terminal01:13
SJr|NbookUbuntu Netbook Channel Anyone?01:14
CoUrPsE|DeAdErm ,that doesnt help much.01:14
Scunizieseven73: ah.. I've done this.. but I'm not sure if I remember if this is actually what I did or not.  In the guest ctrl+alt+F2 and log in.. now sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop .. cd to the location of the guest additions file and run it from there..01:14
CoUrPsE|DeAdit some onboard crap.01:14
helllboy2what is the differnece between a deticated server and a vpn????01:14
eseven73Medibuntu has Google Earth 4.3 i beleive it is or 4.201:14
CoUrPsE|DeAdThe audio did work thou.01:14
EnselicFlannel: Do you happen to know what program that is responsible for making the switch?01:14
CoUrPsE|DeAdand someone told me to type something.01:14
wj32CoUrPsE|DeAd: type what?01:14
CoUrPsE|DeAdand it worked, but i dunno what it was :(01:14
wj32CoUrPsE|DeAd: ok...01:14
FlannelEnselic: I don't unfortunately01:14
eseven73Scunizi: how to do ctrl-alt-F2 in vbox?01:14
EnselicFlannel: I have looked into ConsoleKit but it merely seems to listen to changes01:14
Dreamgliderwhy do i get "inabel to lock the admin dir /var/lib/dpkg no other program is updating or anything01:14
abuyusufmeho_, what the problem ?01:14
wj32meho_: whats wrong with the updator01:15
meho_it wont update me to 7.10 it  fails01:15
wj32Dreamglider: are you running synaptic package manager or installing something?01:15
Scunizieseven73: once the os is loaded and focus is on the vm then you should be able to do it.01:15
abuyusufmeho_, error message ?01:15
meho_pne sec01:15
wj32meho_: you mean it just closes?01:15
Enselicmeho_: how do you know it fails?01:15
abuyusufmeho_, what make you say it fails so ?01:15
Dreamgliderwj32 i was installing the restricted format but i stopped it to change the download server01:15
eseven73Scunizi: yeah but you cant type ctrol_+alt+f2 in vbox without it logging you out from host as well i made tha tmistake once lol01:16
meho_it dont install it01:16
Dreamglideri cant start it agaon, i logged out and back in01:16
abuyusufmeho_, so what it show you when you try to update ?01:16
wj32Dreamglider: you cant start what?01:16
meho_i press upgrate it downloads 2 files it needs first thats ok01:16
meho_it asks for a pass i put one in01:16
Dreamgliderwj32 sudo atp-get install restricted formats01:16
abuyusufmeho_, good, then ?01:16
Scunizieseven73: hang on .. loading kubuntu vm 8.1001:16
meho_then when its prepairing update  after that its nada01:17
gillroyhow do i use ubuntu to transfer data from an irda device?01:17
wj32Dreamglider: so you've changed the download location, closed the window, and that command says the things locked?01:17
Dreamgliderwj32 yes01:17
abuyusufmeho, clock on "details" on the update window01:17
wj32Dreamglider: if you01:17
=== digit is now known as digit_probablygo
abuyusufmeho_, and copy the last error message appears01:17
kolbyHow do I choose what GTK theme root windows use?01:17
wj32Dreamglider: 're sure you havent got synaptic or software sources running01:18
meho_it says failed to fetch and then there is like 7 links01:18
Dreamgliderwj32 i cant see enything on the desk01:18
meho_all pointing to the ubuntu archive01:18
wj32Dreamglider: try running sudo apt-get install -f01:18
meho_Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/feisty/multiverse/source/Sources.gz 404 Not Found [IP: 80]01:18
abuyusufmeho_, i think it is problem in your connection to Internet01:18
Dreamgliderwj32 unable to lock the admin dir01:19
abuyusufmeho_, try: ping archive.ubuntu.com01:19
gillroyirda, anyone?01:19
wj32abuyusuf: i can't reach that file either01:19
wj32"Not Found"01:19
meho_i did its there01:19
meho_i think i will need to change the source to old-sources.ubuntu.com01:19
Flannelmeho_: Feisty has reached EOL, as such, the mirrors have been taken down.  You should strongly consider upgrading to gutsy (and then immediately to Hardy)01:19
wj32Dreamglider: ok, this is very dangerous, but:01:19
abuyusufwj32, as Flannel said :)01:20
biousercan I get an avatar from a pdf, the one that gnome gets is fine, I would like to get it as a jpeg01:20
FlannelDreamglider: Unable to lock the admin dir: Are you using sudo?01:20
Dreamglideryes i did sudo01:20
wj32Dreamglider: sudo rm -f /var/lib/dpkg/lock01:20
wj32Dreamglider: although i don't recommend you do that01:21
Scunizieseven73: ok.. :)  you're RIGHT!  weird.. I even tried to open a terminal and stop gdm from there and that works but doesn't drop me to a command prompt.  Sorry I'm stuck.. unless on boot you boot to rescue mode which is terminal based..01:21
meho_yea flannel easier sed than done i would have installed the newest version but i dont have cd01:21
sim0nbiouser: simply right click on your image and select "save image as..."01:21
sim0nworks for me01:21
Dreamglideri dont want to spend an hour installing ubuntu all over again. did it twice today allready01:21
n0dlis 01ubuntu in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ supposed to be the same as /etc/apt/prefences file?01:21
wfoster_Excuse me guys, can you get Microsoft Office on Ubuntu?01:21
wj32Dreamglider: run sudo rm -f /var/lib/dpkg/lock01:21
Flannelmeho_: We can upgrade from feisty to gutsy over the internet (and then from gutsy to hardy over the internet)01:22
abuyusufwfoster_, there's OpenOffice, you tried it ?01:22
Flannel!upgrade | meho_01:22
ubottumeho_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:22
wj32Dreamglider: it won't do anything THAT dangerous01:22
meho_is there any way to change the source where it get it from to something else01:22
wfoster_No, I haven't.01:22
WestruPwfoster_: try openoffice.org01:22
eseven73Scunizi: i got auto-login enabled how do i shut that off?01:22
Scuniziwfoster_: older versions will run in wine but why bother unless you really need a function that is not in Open Office01:22
wfoster_Just as good as Word? :01:22
Flannelmeho_: and yes, to get fully up-to-date with feisty, you need to move your sources to http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/01:22
abuyusufwfoster_, try openoffice, much better !01:22
ikyn_I installed Kubuntu 8.10 on my desktop. Had to install it in safe graphics mode. Now I can't figure out how to get it back to the full resolution. My "Display" properties say that it only supports 640x480. How do I get it back? Help please!01:22
wj32ikyn_: what graphics card do you have?01:22
Scunizieseven73: I think you have to shut the vm down then go into settings in the vbox control panel/box01:22
ikyn_it's an onboard intel01:23
wfoster_It's already installed on Ubuntu, I didn't see it. Thanks a lot guys. I appreciate it.01:23
Dreamgliderwj32 and after that ?01:23
WestruPwfoster_, yes, you can open and save word excel and powerpoint documents. I'm not 100% sure it works with the enw 2007 formats out of the box though01:23
wj32Dreamglider: just try it again01:23
eseven73Scunizi: no i choose auto-login from when i was installing 8.10 vm, its not a vbox thing01:23
meho_Flanel: but how do i do that01:23
ikyn_wj32: it's an onboard intel01:23
Scuniziwfoster_: and if you want a FAST word processor install abiword.. sometimes it's just feels nice to use.01:23
Dreamgliderwj32 could not find package ubuntu-restricted-extras01:23
biousersim0n on a pdf? on my Desktop?01:23
wfoster_Scunizi: Is abiword available from Synaptic?01:24
wj32ikyn_: try sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel01:24
zone5can anyone tell me if there is a command i can type into CLI that will install the drivers for a nvidia 8600gt ? I have two of the cards installed01:24
mabougheycan anyone help me with postfix not allowing sending to external domains01:24
biouserwfoster_ yes01:24
wj32Dreamglider: well, thats a different problem :)01:24
wfoster_biouser: Thank you.01:24
Scunizieseven73: I understand .. still.. once you get to the menu with the different vm's highlight your's and click settings.01:24
Scuniziwfoster_: yes..01:24
biouserI need to get a jpeg from a pdf :|01:24
gumpert345i tested my system with hdparm -T and got about ~780 with a different distro I got ~1700 (first I used openfiler now I use hardy) what can I do?01:25
wj32Dreamglider: go to Software Sources again01:25
Dreamgliderwj32 there.01:25
meho_How do i move the sources to old-releases.ubuntu.whateva01:25
iahibernation/suspend doesn't work in jaunty at my eeepc (901). maybe someone else have similar problem? when i press menu > quit > hibernate/suspend, system try to hibernate/suspend, but lock screen appears.01:25
Scuniziwfoster_: it's good you found this irc room.. lots of help here.  there's a huge learning curve when you're first getting use to the system.01:25
abuyusufbiouser, convert it to another format or use an online editor01:25
sim0nbiouser: just open the *.pdf file an right click on the image01:25
wj32Dreamglider: have you got all the checkboxes on?01:25
wfoster_Scunizi & Biouser: I appreciate your help a lot, especially with a 500 pages report on Business Law to write.01:25
wj32Dreamglider: "Proprietary drivers for devices", "Software restricted by copyright or legal issues"01:25
duiuIf I specify a command to start at startup in the sessions manager, does it start at system startup, or logon?01:26
kestutisdo you remember how to enable the tool which allow to make breaks between working, when you use the computer more than some minutes it doesn't allow you to work01:26
sim0nthere should be a "save image as.." option on the popupmenu01:26
abuyusufbiouser, or just open it and get the image, if you don't need editing01:26
wj32duiu: logon01:26
Scuniziwfoster_: do you have your printer installed?  do you need to output to pdf (Openoffice will do that natively)01:26
Niarbehtheyas....  Uhm...01:26
wfoster_Scunizi: My friend told me about this not long ago, I then googled 'IRC Clients for Ubuntu' and found xChat. Downloaded it and decided to speak to you guys.01:26
Dreamgliderwj32 in the first tab only or all tabs ?01:26
duiuwj32: is there a way I could get it to start at bootup?01:26
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
wj32Dreamglider: first tab01:26
=== puddle` is now known as jacob`
NiarbehtAnyone know if xubuntu defaults to sticking the /boot partition before or after / ?01:26
wj32duiu: uh, what command is it?01:26
Dreamgliderwj32 all but source code01:26
Scuniziwfoster_: that was a good move.. there's also www.ubuntuforums.org for a wealth of information.01:26
wj32Dreamglider: yes01:26
=== jacob` is now known as _jacob_
wj32Dreamglider: then.. I don't know01:26
mabougheycan anyone helop me with a 5.7.1 error with postfix?01:26
wj32Dreamglider: try using another source01:27
=== abuyusuf is now known as abuyusuf_
biouserI want to get an avatar from the pdf itself, not an image in a pdf01:27
anuhow do i get gcc information-after-compiling showned just as in Codepad,org01:27
wfoster_Scunizi: I do have a wireless printer installed, Hewlett Packard. For some reason, when trying to connect to it's wi-fi it will just keep shutting it's self down.01:27
duiuwj32: its not a daemon, it starts a UPnP server to stream to my xbox 36001:27
wj32Dreamglider: do you want to play mp3s or something?01:27
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wj32duiu: i don't know how to start a command on boot01:28
sim0nbiouser: you mean the pdf's icon on your desktop?01:28
biousersim0n right01:28
Scuniziwfoster_: hp might have the correct linux drivers on their site.. hp is pretty good supporting linux in general.01:28
wfoster_Scunizi: I've already come across UbuntuForums with my friend called Huw. You might now him, you might not. I'm not sure if he comes on freenode. I earlier had a problem with Pidgin and it kept freezing then closing on me but I fixed that somehow. A simple restart was required.01:28
wj32duiu: unless you hack one of the init.d scripts01:28
sim0nah! now i got it01:28
biouserwhere is gnome getting that from?01:28
Dreamgliderwj32 and dvds and avi divx rm, flash01:28
wfoster_Scunizi: Thank you, I'll take a look later. I'm in the middle of watching a film.01:28
=== AhmedHosny is now known as abuyusuf
Niarbehtnm, figuring out the guy's problem01:28
wj32Dreamglider: open synaptic package manager01:28
Scuniziwfoster_: see ya.. :)01:28
kestutisso, anybody remembers?01:28
Dreamgliderwj32 just rebooted, gona give it another try01:29
wfoster_Scunizi: I'm not going yet, don't be so hasty to get me out of here. :P Only joking.01:29
wj32Dreamglider: install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly and gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad01:29
anuhow do i get gcc information-after-compiling showned just as in Codepad.org01:29
wj32anu: can you rephrase that question?01:29
Scuniziwfoster_: :) naw.. I'm working here myself.. and it 5:30pm01:29
wfoster_Scunizi: You work for freenode? 01:29am here.01:29
ethan1does anyone know what the latest updated version of ubuntu is?01:29
wj32ethan1: 8.1001:30
fosco_8.10 intrepid01:30
epifanioi'll investigate a solution ,... from here no clue http://floppsie.comp.glam.ac.uk/Glamorgan/gaius/wireless/5.html01:30
Scuniziwfoster_: no.. my own stuff.. real estate01:30
wfoster_Oh nice. Business Law for myself.01:30
ethan1wj32: my version is xubuntu how do i know if it is 8.10?01:30
epifaniohoops sorry , wrog channel01:30
anu? how to let G++ looks same as in Codepad.org01:30
sim0ngood question biouser01:31
sim0ni'll have a look on that one01:31
DasEI!version | ethan101:31
ubottuethan1: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:31
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wj32ethan1: try opening help01:31
biouseranyonej konw how gnome gets the avatar for pdf files and where that can be accessed?01:31
wj32anu: i don't understand your question01:31
arpadwhat's the best way to downgrade 8.10 to 8.04?01:31
wj32anu: do you want to run g++ on your computer and it doesnt work?01:32
WestruPbiouser: do you mean the icon for pdf files?01:32
kestutishow is it called the tool which save you from over-working?01:32
Andy80arpad, backup your /home and reinstall :P01:32
ethan1ubottu: 8.10 is the latest version of ubuntu?01:32
recon61ethan1 try lsb_release01:32
Andy80ethan1, yes01:32
wj32biouser: /usr/share/icons01:32
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biouserWestruP yep, I found that you can open pdfs with gimp though :)01:33
recon61ethan1 try "lsb_release -a"01:33
AmyRoseWhenever I run a fullscreen game in SDL, the mouse pointer usually gets stuck in the middle of the screen. I have an Intel GPU and am using GNOME on Intrepid.01:33
arpadfun, cheers01:33
ethan1whast the difference between xubuntu and ubuntu are they different versions is one an update of the otehr?01:33
anuwj32: "c++ -o * *.cpp" information just doesn't look the same as in after paste and run in "http://codepad.org", how to make it look like that?01:33
=== digit_halfherepr is now known as digit
wj32biouser: /usr/share/icons/Tango/scalable/mimetypes01:33
gillroyis it possible to use ubuntu to transfer information over irda?01:33
gillroye.g., from a portable device?01:33
geniiethan1: They use different desktop systems01:33
wj32anu: what information?01:33
=== gillroy is now known as yateslaptop
anuerror and warning messages01:34
DasEI ethan1:the body is same (ubuntu), but the surfaces are different, the windowmanager01:34
zone5can anyone point me to a website that has a very good walk throu of installing nvidia 8600gt drivers on ubuntu 8.10 from CLI ? I cant get anything to work01:34
wfoster_Scunizi: This Abiword is brilliant, thank you.01:34
wj32zone5: have you tried the Restricted Drivers Manager?01:34
delamanis there something like sshfs on linux but for windows?01:34
wj32zone5: or does that not work01:35
arpadfor the record, 8.10 screws mightily with xgl and xinerama, avoid it until the next xrandr appears if you run multiple monitors01:35
Scuniziwfoster_: no problem.. doesn't have all the bells and whistles but works well.01:35
yateslaptophas anyone here ever gotten irda to work under any version of linux?01:35
ethan1daseI: which one is a better verison?01:35
anuwj32: error and warning msgs of "c++ -o * *.cpp"01:35
DasEI!best | ethan101:35
ubottuethan1: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:35
wfoster_Yeh, all I need is spell checker, change font and size and it does all that.01:35
ethan1dasel: or does it go by preference?01:35
wj32anu: so your c++ source code doesn't work in that online compiler?01:35
ubottuInformation about using IrDA interfaces under Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IrdaHowto01:35
wj32anu: i can't help you unless i see the source code01:35
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ethan1dasel: which is better xubuntu or ubuntu?01:36
wj32anu: try pastebin01:36
zone5i dont know where restricted drivers manager is01:36
wj32ethan1: for old computers, xubuntu is faster01:36
ehmckFlannel: genii: I'm about to install intrepid-- any opinino on whether I should install the 32bit or the 64bit on my core2 duo laptop?01:36
wj32zone5: System > Administration > Hardware Drivers01:36
fosco_ethan1: no better ones, just different01:36
zone5umm that may be what im looking at it says harware drivers from the admin pannel01:36
DasEIehthan1: is mainly your choice, xubuntu takes little less ressources (ram/cpu), but you can configure all versions to your needs01:36
zone5ya thats what i been trying01:36
wfoster_Scuzini: I'm currently running Wubi on my Windows XP. What do you think of Wubi? It seems to play up a lot with me.01:37
wj32zone5: does it work?01:37
itai-michaelsonhi, i wanna add LAMP to a gnome hardy install - how much more space do i need?01:37
zone5na it crashes every time ... sends me to login at CLI01:37
geniiehmck: Since flash and other previously problemmatic apps are now available for 64 bit I'd say go for it01:37
wj32ehmck: there's less progs available for 64-bit01:37
sim0nbiouser: got your image already?01:37
wj32zone5: ok. try downloading the nvidia drivers01:38
ethan1wj32: i have a dual os windows and xubuntu and i want to be able to access xubuntu files and just beable to have them on windows what do i do to be able to do that?01:38
wj32zone5: wait01:38
geniiehmck: You have 4Gb or more of ram, or less?01:38
ehmckwj32: any major ones missing you know off the top of your head?01:38
ehmckgenii: i've got 3Gb of ram01:38
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
anuwj32: just like this :buildmenubyelse.cpp:46: error: expected unqualified-id before ¡®return¡¯; i just don't want the file-name and01:38
wj32zone5: http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html01:38
geniiehmck: 32 bit will run more apps and still see all your ram.01:38
wj32ethan1: for windows01:38
hikenboothello i found this git source for libva http://cgit.freedesktop.org/libva/ but i cant seem to get the git command to add it git://anongit.freedesktop.org/libva anyone know why01:38
wj32ethan1: theres a driver called ext2 ifs for windows01:39
ehmckgenii: ah-- maybe i'll stick with 32 then... thanks!!01:39
ethan1wj32: i did that but it did work01:39
wj32ehmck: http://www.fs-driver.org/01:39
anuwj32: i don't want the file-name01:39
wj32ahh i'm losing track of who im talking to!!!01:39
wfoster_Scunizi: I'm now having problems with my Pidgin again, for some reason I load it up and it will just go to Connecting then it will close on me.01:39
zone5hmm im pretty new to linux can you point me at the right area of that site wj3201:39
anuwj32: ^^01:39
ethan1wj32: how do i use it though01:39
Scuniziwfoster_: what's it trying to connect to?01:39
biousersim0n yep01:40
wfoster_Scunizi: My address that I use for my MSN.01:40
zone5i think it is Linux AMD64/EM64T this i am runing a 64bit amd and a ubuntu 6401:40
wj32ethan1: install it and your linux drives will appear in windows01:40
zone5lol sorry01:40
wj32zone5: well you goto the site and download it first01:40
ethan1wj32: ok01:40
ethan1wj32: do you know what the site is for it?01:40
wj32ethan1: as letters like E: F:01:40
Scuniziwfoster_: msn can be a pain sometimes.. you might try loading aMSN (in synaptic) or emesen (not sure if it's in synaptic or not)01:40
ehmckgenii: wj32: ok-- see you on the other side with my 32bit intrepid01:40
wj32ethan1: http://www.fs-driver.org/01:41
anuwj32: i am compiling single file, so i want to exclude the filename01:41
wfoster_Scunizi: I tried aMSN but it won't load but I purged it via Terminal and haven't tried since.01:41
ethan1wj32:thank you01:41
wfoster_Scunizi: I'll try again.01:41
wj32anu: sorry, i'm still confused01:41
Scunizigotta run01:41
DasEIethan1: if you're new to ubuntu/linux, I'd suggest you to take ubuntu (8.04/hardy), as it's most stable and supported, unless a very weak hw drives you somewhere else ( or things like headless servers)01:41
anuwj32: i want to exclude "*.cpp" from "*.cpp :error:"01:42
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anuwj32: after compiler01:42
ozgurhi all, how can I install .sh files?01:42
mnWill someone tell me how, or point me to a tutorial about how to make .debs?01:43
recon61ozgur: you dont install .sh files, they are scripts and you run them (normally)01:43
mnozgur: "cd /path/to/directory" "./name.sh"01:43
wfoster_Scunizi: It says it's loading but the window doesn't come up.01:44
DasEIozgur: see above and also read the factoid :01:44
Scuniziwfoster_: I've gotta run and pick my son up.. sorry.01:44
ikyn_is there anyone that can help me set up a shared internet connection from my XP box to my kubuntu box?01:44
wfoster_Scunizi: No problem, I'll try and ask around here.01:44
DasEI!compile | ozgur01:44
ubottuozgur: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)01:44
ozguri need to run the .sh file but it doesn't premit me..01:45
BLuEACiDYou must type01:45
BLuEACiDSudo before the command01:45
BLuEACiDTo have root permision01:45
BLuEACiDSo it would be01:45
wfoster_Excuse me guys, will any of you help me please? :)01:45
wj32ozgur: chmod +x [filename]01:45
BLuEACiDSudo whatever command01:45
BLuEACiDWfoster whats up01:45
wj32ozgur: sudo ./[filename]01:45
gralcohow do I open a .xps with openoffice.org01:45
wfoster_BlueAcid: Well, I'm trying to open Pidgin and it opens but then it just says connecting then closing.01:46
DasEIozgur: read the link, make it executable and run with root privilegs01:46
wj32gralco: you can't. its a M$ proprietry format01:46
=== sim0n is now known as sim0n_afk
wj32gralco: oh wait01:46
wj32gralco: http://adventuresinswitching.blogspot.com/2008/04/view-xps-xml-paper-specification-files.html01:46
ikyn_is there anyone that can help me set up a shared internet connection from my XP box to my kubuntu box?01:46
gralcowj32: thanks01:46
recon61ozgur: depends on what the script does, if you use sudo you are giving that .sh full access to your system. you may or may not want to do that01:47
geniiikyn_: Thats more of a Windows question than an Ubuntu question01:47
zone5ok back01:47
wj32gralco: try installing okular01:47
wj32zone5: have you downloaded the file yet?01:47
ikyn_genii: actually it's the Kubuntu box I'm having more of an issue with01:47
DasEI!ics > ikyn_:01:47
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php01:48
geniiikyn_: Windows internet connection sharing   method will usually set it up so the second box just is supposed to get an IP from the first one and then use it as a gateway01:48
EnselicI am not able to restart X with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and I wonder why? I have not disabled it in xorg.conf and xev recieves the event.01:49
=== ryaxnbx11 is now known as ryaxnb
zone5why not just buy a cheap router for 49 bucks from bestbuy01:49
gralcowj32: I dont have to have KDE do I?01:49
wj32gralco: nope01:49
cyberjuice does anyone know how to adjust the bass in Ubuntu 8.10??  I tried alsa mixer but didnt see the bass and treble option01:49
wj32gralco: you will need to install some extra kde libraries01:49
wj32gralco: but thats done automatically01:49
hikenbootif i found the git for libva would a certain location associated with the git contain the dev files?01:50
gralcowj32: yeah, it gets the dependences too01:50
cyberjuicedoes anyone know how to adjust the bass in Ubuntu 8.10??  I tried alsa mixer but didnt see the bass and treble option01:50
unr3a1hey all01:50
wj32hikenboot: are the programs you're trying to use with VA-API actually compiled with support for that?01:50
unr3a1how do I check to see what the capabilities of my video card are in 8.10?01:51
wj32unr3a1: what kind of capabilities?01:51
hikenbootwj32 yes they are the beta invidia driver contains the ability to use it01:51
unr3a1wj32: like how much video memory is in it, etc.01:51
RaspberryHave there been any Intrepid Ibex updates in the last two weeks?01:51
wj32hikenboot: are you writing your own program or are you using a media player/encoder?01:51
Raspberryif so ... I think my system isn't getting updates01:51
wj32unr3a1: what video card is it?01:51
cyberjuicedoes anyone know how to adjust the bass in Ubuntu 8.10??  I tried alsa mixer but didnt see the bass and treble option01:52
Enseliccyberjuice: you asked that 2 minutes ago01:52
wj32hikenboot: the thing is does ubuntu have the newest mplayer with support for va-api01:52
crimsuncyberjuice: only possible by default if your hardware supports it, else you'll need to mess with ladpsa01:52
unr3a1wj32: Intel GMA95001:52
zone5can anyone help me with my video drivers i just crashed my ubuntu hmm gui01:52
DasEIunr3a1: hwinfo gives detailled info01:52
wj32hikenboot: surely they would include libva in the repositories if mplayer depended on it01:52
Shmiozone5: envyng01:53
wj32unr3a1: i don't think theres an easy way to do that.01:53
cyberjuicedoes anyone know how to adjust the bass in Ubuntu 8.10??  I tried alsa mixer but didnt see the bass and treble option01:53
wj32unr3a1: try a google search on your card01:53
crimsuncyberjuice: i just answered you01:53
Schuenemanhey, I was running a fullscreen program that crashed and I have a blank screen. So I switched to a different tty, but I can't kill it. "kill pid" is not working and is giving no output either01:53
unr3a1wj32: thank you01:53
DasEI!patience | crimsun01:54
ubottucrimsun: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:54
wj32Schueneman: have you tried restarting the X server?01:54
zone5i have tryed envyng wiht no results that were good01:54
Schuenemanwj32: I don't want to. I'm compiling the kernel right now.01:54
wj32zone5: have you downloaded the nvidia driver from the nvidia website?01:54
zone5i am trying to do that but not real sure how to do that from command line01:54
Schuenemanwj32: if I will X I'll have to start over01:54
Schueneman*kill X01:55
DasEIcrimsun: a equalizer itself is hard to find , as not found in the repos ( could search and compile one at your own risk), but many apps like amarok have one inbuild01:55
Schuenemanit's taking 99% cpu too01:55
Schuenemanthat will slow the kernel rebuild... sigh01:56
zone5i tryed to activate the driver but when i rebooted it takes me to a CLI login01:56
Peloevening folks01:57
Schuenemanwj32: I isn't kill working anyway?01:57
PeloI have a weird issue,  totem opens , not fullscreen, not quite maximized,  sort of like maximixed with no title bar, and the full screen controls appears ontop of the regular controls , any suggestions on how to fix it ? I tried deleting any totem.conf files I could find, or other related conf files but no go01:58
wj32Schueneman: have you tried killall -9 or something01:58
wj32sorry i was afk01:58
Schuenemanwj32: sorry, what is the -9?01:58
wj32Schueneman: well theres different signals01:59
zone5Pelo: I have an idea but im not really good with linux yet ... sudo apt-get autoremove totem .... sudo apt-get install totem01:59
Schuenemanoh, I think it finished the build.01:59
zone5lol i sound just like a windows user lol01:59
abstortedminds1I was checking system76.com out, is there a better place?  or how many of you have built your own01:59
wj32Schueneman: -9 means SIGKILL or something?01:59
SchuenemanI will restart X01:59
Pelozone5, i was trying to avoid that , and it is sudo apt-get remove --purge ... , just to let you know02:00
littlewookiehi, i try to use "xboxdrv" without having to input the passwort on use with sudo , so i added the line  "xboxdrv ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL" to the sudoers file, but he still wants the passwort02:00
zone5cool thanks ... was just an idea02:00
meho_can anyone do a remote desktop with me so i can update this focker tonight02:01
CSonicGois anyone having trouble wiht the ubuntu alternate install02:01
Neroshey all... I need some help with unetbootin and ubuntu... the squashfs filesystem im trying to load is about 4GB in size... how do i make netbootin work on something besides fat3202:01
CSonicGonot detecting usb wireless?02:01
abstortedminds1CSonicGo I had no problem02:01
wj32meho_: i can do it02:01
Pelozone5, not a bad one , but I think this has something to do with the windows manager and part of it that controls windows geometry but I'm trying your sugestion anyway02:01
CSonicGoI have an atmel chipset02:01
meho_please i beg of you02:01
LtLlittlewookie: what did you use to edit sudoers?02:01
Flannelmeho_: Please watch your language.02:01
littlewookieLtL: visudo02:02
Pelomeho_, what is your issue, we'll try to tell you how to fix it02:02
meho_did i sat something bad02:02
littlewookieLtL: so should it work?02:02
meho_well its not updating to 7.10 it fails to fetch the files02:02
BLuEACiDMeho you said the F word, no need to explain you know what you did.02:02
tehborizhello moto02:02
tehborizmy ubuntu won't start up02:02
zone5isnt totem a UPU .. hmm that file streaming server thingie02:02
LtLlittlewookie: i'm not sure of your syntax, i've never specified any particular program.02:02
tehborizafter the login screen, i have a blank screen02:02
BLuEACiDTehboriz more in detail please02:02
tehborizbut i can move the mouse around02:03
tehborizokay now the background loaded02:03
tehborizit's been doin this for 5 mins02:03
BLuEACiDHave you waited a long peroid of time and it still stays black?02:03
abuyusuf_tehboriz, how much ram ?02:03
kindofabuzzwhat flags should i have in fstab for a NFS mount so nautilus doesn't crash when the server is down? or is that a bug??02:03
tehborizyeah i waited for 5 mins02:03
masterzDoes anyone know how to activate Bluetooth on an E1505?02:03
tehborizi have 256mb cause im troubleshooting windows02:03
Pelomeho_, 7.10 is a bit old , the files probably aren'T available anymore,  dl the 8.06 alternate cd and upgrade to that, just pop it in the cd drive and it should ask you if you want to update02:03
BLuEACiDTeh that could be why02:03
BLuEACiDIts going to load, but very slow02:04
eseven73Pelo: you mean 8.0402:04
abuyusuf_tehboriz, graphics works ( animations ) enabled02:04
tehborizokay it's running02:04
abuyusuf_tehboriz, ?02:04
meho_no blanks left02:04
Peloeseven73, yes I mean 8.04 sorry ,02:04
tehborizabuyusuf_, bascially in windows after 5 mins the comp just locks up02:04
tehborizno errors or anything02:04
Nerosmeho_: unetbootin is a good solution02:04
BLuEACiDTeh if you have that ram its going to take 5 min to load every time02:04
Pelomeho_, you can probably mount the iso and update from that02:04
FlannelPelo: He's on 7.04, upgrading to 7.10, and then to 8.0402:04
tehborizokay BLuEACiD i'll put in my 1gb02:04
PeloFlannel, can't you upgrade to the LTS from any previous ?02:05
thiebaudeincremental upgrades02:05
FlannelPelo: No, just LTS to LTS02:05
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
PeloFlannel, my mistake02:05
tehborizif ubuntu works without crashing does that mean my hard drive is defective02:05
meho_when it crashed its defective02:05
tsmithHi, I'm using an envy24 based sound card. on the login screen I hear the little ubuntu beep, so i know sound output is working; however, when i log in i get no sound, and the sound preferences window tells me: Could not open audio device for playback.02:05
Pelomeho_,  can I suggest you put your /home folder on a sepeerate partiton and then just clean install 8.10 ?02:05
jmarsdentehboriz: If you suspect RAM issues, boot from a Ubuntu LiveCD and run memtest02:05
IdleBytehave there been any updates from the auto-update app in the last few days?  I haven't gotten any notice or request for updating in at least a week.  before it was a daily thing02:05
meho_well the problem is i have no blanks02:05
tehborizjmarsden, oh i'm in ubuntu livecd02:06
wj32_IdleByte: i haven't gotten any either02:06
abuyusuf_IdleByte, me too02:06
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit02:06
tehborizon a 32x cd rom02:06
FlannelPelo: I'd suggest 8.04 honestly, he obviously isn't eager to upgrade every 6 months02:06
tehborizwoa what the helljust happened02:06
CSonicGooh cthat's bad02:06
IdleBytea netsplit02:06
meho_and its taking me all day to download 1 copy02:06
FlannelOh, floodbot does it.02:06
jmarsdentehboriz: At boot time (before you try booting into Ubuntu the OS) ther is an option to check memory... use it... :)02:06
meho_so i would have my self believe update would be somewhat faster02:06
tehborizgood idea jmarsden02:06
wj32_In computer networking, specifically Internet Relay Chat (IRC), netsplit is a term used to describe the disconnection of a given node from the previously established network or between two nodes.02:07
IdleByteso when was the last time an update to packages for 8.10 were relased?02:07
tehborizusually when a computer locks up without warning and it's not temp related, what is it02:07
fosco_IdleByte: maybe two days02:07
zone5wget http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/177.82/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-177.82-pkg2.run will this command start a download of the file i am wanting ?02:07
meho_wj32_: can i get help from you please trough remote desktop02:07
ganymedewhy doesn't the floodbot just say the netsplit message instead of asking ubotu to do it?02:08
ganymedeit'll save about 20 bytes02:08
omny_devizone5 - i'd use envy, i had good luck with it when all else failed02:08
unr3a1wj32: so I outputted hwinfo to a txt file, and I accidentally printed it on the printer in the office02:08
eseven73ganymede: i could be wrong but i dont think FloodBot1 is set up to do factoids02:08
IdleBytein case there are any room protection scripts that accept the command !netsplit to prevent a lockdown02:08
zone5i could try it again but didnt work last time i tryed it02:08
unr3a1wj32: 165 pgs02:08
omny_devidid you remove the old one first?02:08
wj32_unr3a1: ok...02:09
javisoy nuevo en ubuntu02:09
omny_devidoh, which version of ubuntu you installing?02:09
wj32_unr3a1: i didn't tell you to run hwinfo did i?02:09
javiacabo de instalar02:09
fosco_!es | javi02:09
ubottujavi: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:09
eseven73!es | javi02:09
gerberneed help with ubuntu twick02:09
wj32_unr3a1: i dunno02:09
eseven73:P fosco_02:09
unr3a1wj32_: yes you did.  I didn't think the file would be that long though02:09
zone5hmm guess im gona try envy again02:09
zone5first i gota figgure out how to get rid of the driver that was installed02:10
abuyusuf_gerber, can you tell more about ur problem ?02:10
zone5or tryed to install rater02:10
unr3a1wj32_: I printed it thinking it would be just a small file.  nope.  165pgs.  lol02:10
omny_devii would, if the hardware drivers arent working, you go to system, admin, hardware drivers?02:10
unr3a1wj32_: so now I have a book for my hw profile...02:10
omny_devienvy will uninstall and install everything02:10
zone5cant im stuck at CLI02:10
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk02:10
unr3a1wj32_: anyway.  thanks again for the info.  I am out.02:11
ytnyl_................. anyone know why firefox is still my default even after setting it to opera under pref apps???02:11
gerberyes , installed but does not show anywere ?02:11
abuyusuf_gerber, you mean Ubuntu Tweak ?02:11
gerberyes sir02:11
zone5kk gona try it again02:11
=== QaDeS_ is now known as QaDeS
cristobalhi, how to install deskbar 2.24.2? is not in the repositories and i get an error when i trying to compile http://pastebin.com/d53d9768802:12
ganymedeeseven73, if it's wired to type in !netsplit, it should be able to be wired up to type out, ""netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network ..."02:12
abuyusuf_gerber, How you installed it ?02:12
ytnyl_how do i make opera my default browser?02:12
xarchieis it normal to have 3 instances of rhythmbox going in htop?02:12
=== cristobal is now known as crisneda
slim_hello all, how to enhance xubuntu fonts, to look more sharp and smooth ?02:12
steve_ballmerUse IE.02:12
xarchiemy cpu is @ 100 and my mem is @ 35902:12
eseven73ganymede: yeah, i donno, ask in #ubuntu-ops  maybe02:13
ytnyl_how do i make opera my default browser? it won't change!02:13
xarchieytnyl system --.preferences-->> prefered apps02:13
gerberI went to terminal i copied & paste command02:14
Pavlzi got a question for you02:14
ytnyl_xarchie, it doesnt work02:14
zone5does envyng work with ubuntu 64 ?02:14
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:14
komputesPavlz: shoot, we're here to help02:14
gerberthat i get from the internet02:14
ytnyl_i set it and firefox still comes up when i click a link02:14
gerberver 8.1002:14
abuyusuf_gerber, what command you executed exactly ?02:14
ytnyl_it displays opera as my default, but opera doesnt open, firefox does02:14
ytnyl_i hate firfox. it won't go away02:14
Pavlzi mounted GNU/linux Ubuntu on the pc of my cousin02:15
abuyusuf_ytnyl, When firefox start instead of opera ?02:15
ytnyl_when i click a link, opera wont run, firefox comes up instead02:15
gerber I lost the page from the internet02:15
Pavlzbut ubuntu did only the profile root02:15
komputesgerber: paste the address of the page that gave you the command02:15
LtLxarchie: no its not normal, kill the processes02:15
ytnyl_even though opera is my default02:15
Pavlzhow to add an user ?02:16
abuyusuf_gerber, get the command from your terminal, just press the Up Arrow02:16
FlannelPavlz: Go to "users and groups" in administration02:16
komputesgerber: then open a terminal and press the up arrow to see the history of issued commands02:16
crisnedahi, how to install deskbar 2.24.2? is not in the repositories and i get an error when i trying to compile http://pastebin.com/d53d9768802:16
ytnyl_abuyusuf, do you think i need to restart linux for it to take affect? i don't see what the problem is. opera is set as default... when is firefox opening up instead?02:16
gerbersudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak02:17
gerbersudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak02:17
gerbersudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:17
LtLytnyl_: a x restart might work.  ctrl+alt+backspace02:17
abuyusuf_gerber, do: pkill gnome-panel02:17
onetinsoldierytnyl_: what doe the following command show? --> ls -l /etc/alternatives/www-browser02:17
Pavlzbut now i can't see because he is in Tuscany (IT) and i in Rome IT02:17
komputesPavlz: do you have grapgical interface or just command line?02:17
abuyusuf_gerber, your menu would refresh now02:17
abuyusuf_gerber, then search for it in your menu02:17
Pavlzto the command line i must say him to type02:18
tehlokihalp: my bluetooth mouse won't pair on bootup. i can pair a new device, but when i restart and turn the mouse on again, it doesn't pair automatically, and if i go into the "add new device" wizard, it says it failed to pair. If I delete the mouse from trusted devices then re-add it, it works again, but not after a reboot.02:19
gerbermenu like02:19
ytnyl_1 sec. i check02:19
onetinsoldierytnyl_: hello?02:19
komputesgerber: you can also try ALT-F2 and typw in ubuntu-tweak02:19
crisnedahi, how to install deskbar 2.24.2? is not in the repositories and i get an error when i trying to compile http://pastebin.com/d53d9768802:19
ytnyl_lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 12 2008-12-31 21:19 /etc/alternatives/www-browser -> /usr/bin/w3m02:19
abuyusuf_gerber, "System Tools"02:19
ytnyl_not sure what that means02:19
ethanhey wj32?02:19
abuyusuf_crisneda, post your error here02:20
masterzDoes anyone know how to activate Bluetooth on an E1505?02:20
=== masterz is now known as Zombie
ethanwj32: i went to the site "www.fs-driver.org" and downloaded the file but the driver e or f02:20
gerberIt say could no open02:20
Pavlzkomputes what he must to type from command line ?02:20
ethanwj32: they didnt show up02:20
eseven73abuyusuf_: dont tell people to post errors here, they'll likely get yelled at for flooding or banned02:20
komputesgerber: where did you get this package?02:20
abuyusuf_gerber, where it say that ?02:21
Scuniziabuyusuf_: let them know to post errors to pastebin02:21
gerberI can not find it02:21
patbca anone help me trying to get my ubuntu intrepid to go into promiscous mode on wireless lan02:21
onetinsoldierytnyl_: hmmm, i'm not certain either. try to see if you have opera as a choice if you do the following command...   update-alternatives --config www-browser02:21
n8tuserabuyusuf_-> it is the common practice here not to flood the channel02:21
ethani need help accessing my ubuntu files on my windows os?02:21
ethancan anyone help me please?02:21
gerberlet me looking for02:21
abuyusuf_eseven73, i'm sorry, ok02:21
eseven73abuyusuf_: no worries :)02:22
komputesPavlz: I think "useradd pavlz" should work02:22
crisnedaabuyusuf_ it's long..02:22
eseven73crisneda: use pastebin02:22
DasEI1!samba | ethan02:22
ubottuethan: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209802:22
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:22
crisnedaeseven73 http://pastebin.com/d53d9768802:22
ytnyl_(/usr/bin/w3m). Nothing to configure.02:22
eseven73crisneda: i wasnt helping you dont direct the paste to me lol02:22
onetinsoldierytnyl_: yeah, i don't know right offhand then, sorry02:22
patbi got a wireles card on my laptop but only shows up as wlan0 not ath002:22
ethanubottu: so i go to what site on my windows os to download  samba?02:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:22
patbtrying to figure out why02:23
komputesPavlz: you can change the username to what you wish02:23
Pavlzin this case his name02:23
komputesPavlz: exactly02:23
onetinsoldierytnyl_: roger02:23
crisnedaajaj, ok, http://pastebin.com/d53d9768802:23
ethandasEI1:what is the site i go to to get samba?02:23
gerberI did the f2 + Alt it say choose afile to append the command02:23
Pavlzbecause i understood that he wants only to use by gui02:24
abuyusuf_crisneda, sudo apt-get install libgnome-desktop-dev02:24
cmdbbq2ethan sudo apt-get install samba02:24
DasEI1ethan: it's in the repos, follow the link02:24
gerberbut  i dont know how to use it02:24
ReXiOethan: if you want to read your ext3 partition (ubuntu one) from windows what you need is : http://www.fs-driver.org/02:24
cmdbbq2in a terminal, or use synaptic02:24
patbi got a wireles card on my laptop but only shows up as wlan0 not ath0 dunno why this is happening want to install madwifi drivers02:24
komputesgerber: I would like to know why you are trying touse thispackage "ubuntu-tweak",what are you attempting to tweak/fix?02:24
ethanrexio: i did that i downloaded that exact file but mafter i downloaded it idk how to access the02:25
abuyusuf_gerber, Did you search in the menus ?02:25
ethanrexio:the files02:25
Pavlzso i am the admin and he the user02:25
ethanrexio: i have isf program installed but idk how it works02:25
gerberI guess i like it02:25
ethanrexio: im on my xubuntu os right now and i ahve to swicth back over in order to do it02:26
techsupporthow can i mount a virtual cd drive using terminal ?02:26
gerberyes i did02:26
[r94Guys, check this out: [r94@[r94-desktop:~/Desktop$ sudo cd /opt/ndis/Drivers02:26
[r94sudo: cd: command not found02:26
Pavlzi would admin from rome via remote is possibile ?02:26
komputesPavlz: well I have made hundreds of installations of ubuntu and have never run into your issue where you only have a root user. At set up via alternate or live cd a user is always set up.02:26
komputesPavlz: look into openssh-server02:26
onetinsoldierytnyl_: try the gnome configurator (gconf-editor). a the menu up top on it, go to  Edit --> Find   ..then search for --> browser02:27
gerberCould not open location 'file:///home/gerber/ubuntu-tweak'02:27
gerberError stating file '/home/gerber/ubuntu-tweak': No such file or directory02:27
patbfucking virus that ubuntu tweak02:27
crisnedaabuyusuf_ works, thanks!02:27
Mez!ohmy | path02:27
ubottupath: Please watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!02:27
wj32_patb: huh?02:27
Pavlzcan i admin by remote ?02:27
wj32_patb: what virus02:27
[r94why in the heck would my box be saying cd is not a command??02:28
ethancmdbbq2: i want to be able to be on my windows partition and i have to install something samba is waht i install in windows?02:28
komputesPavlz:yes, it's command line remote control, you need to learn it a bitifyou never used it. otherwise any remote desktop (vnc/rdp) is a graphical way02:28
patbi got a wireles card on my laptop but only shows up as wlan0 not ath0 dunno why this is happening want to install madwifi drivers02:28
wj32_whats with FloodBot02:28
temppypatb: what version of ubuntu are you running?02:28
abuyusuf_wj32_, i think it removes bots ?02:28
temppypatb: what model wireless?02:28
ethancmdbbq2: please help me.............02:28
wj32_techsupport: you there?02:29
gerberError stating file '/home/gerber/ubuntu-tweak': No such file or directory02:29
Pavlzi never have had the necessity to update a pc by remote02:29
[r94why in the heck would my box be saying cd is not a command??02:29
komputesgerber: there is no ubuntu-tweak package in the repositories02:29
cmdbbq2ethan, no sorry i misunderstood, for windows to read ext3 all you need is the fs-driver02:29
wj32_[r94: cd is not a program02:29
abuyusuf_gerber, what are you trying to do ?02:29
wj32_[r94: cd is a shell command02:29
techsupportwj32_, yeah02:29
patbtoshiba laptop02:29
patbone sec02:29
wj32_techsupport: its an ISO, right?02:29
komputesPavlz: if you get comfortable with command lineopensshis your friend02:29
gerberload it in my computer02:29
patbwireless card02:29
ytnyl_anyone know a way to manually set default browser to opera in 8.10 ?02:29
wj32_[r94: sudo executes programs, not shell commands02:30
ytnyl_using prefered apps does not change it02:30
cmdbbq2ethan http://www.fs-driver.org/download.html02:30
ethancmdbbq2: yes i know i ahve it downloaded but i cant access anything i dont knwo hwo to02:30
gerbertell me how to star fresh02:30
ytnyl_when i click html doc, it opens in firefox still02:30
patb3945abg wireless trying to move it to ath0 not wlan002:30
gumpert345should writecache be enabled on a hdd?02:30
temppypatb: ah, broadcom, I dunno about those.  Why are you trying to change the name?02:30
white-sheepHey guys!  Guess what! I just bought a laptop!  Acer Aspire One!  It came with Windows XP! :)02:30
ethancmdbbq2: idk where to go to find my ubuntu files once i download it02:30
techsupportwj32_, not sure, i installed ubuntu-server 8.10 with vmware, and its asking me to to install vmware tools . The instructions they provide : mount the virtual cd drive in the guest, launch terminal, and use tar or rpm to uncrompress installer02:30
gumpert345patb do you mean me?02:30
Pavlzgood thing to start to admin its own pc02:30
patbwant to set it in monitor mode02:30
abuyusuf_gerber, di: pkill gnome-panel    then look to your menu, you should find it02:30
ethancmdbbq2: where do i go?02:30
Pavlzand to update02:30
abuyusuf_gerber, means "do", sorry02:31
patbyes you should turn on writecashe02:31
wj32_techsupport: there should be a menu item in vmware server saying "install vmware tools"02:31
patbspeeds up things a bit lol02:31
gumpert345ok thx02:31
cmdbbq2ethan you need to navigate to the partition you have ubuntu installed on, look in My Computer02:31
wj32_techsupport: ubuntu should then mount the cd automatically02:31
Pavlzso he can study, play games, music...02:31
onetinsoldierytnyl_: did you use the gconf-editor? change the 'exec value' for /desktop/gnome/applications/browser/exec ?02:31
techsupporttechsupport, i installed vmware workstation02:31
temppypatb: I would assume you could do what you want with the name, but a simple sym link in /dev should do it02:31
komputesgerber: you can try emailing the persoon who wrote ubuntu tweak at tualatrix[AT]gmail.com02:31
patbi prvmsg ya02:32
mib_73oy5nhey all I need installation help02:32
komputesgerber: it'snot an official package02:32
Pavlzbut i have just charged different packages for him02:32
gerbercan you send me to the right place02:32
wj32_techsupport: does the vmware tools cd appear in the vm?02:32
techsupporttechsupport, ok but how can i find that cd ?02:32
abuyusuf_mib_73oy5n, can tell us more about what you face ?02:32
wj32_techsupport: the cd should be on the desktop in the virtual ubuntu02:33
techsupportwj32_, look in /media ?02:33
komputesgerber: http://ubuntu-tweak.com/about02:33
onetinsoldierytnyl_: have you ever used regedit in ms windows?02:33
Pavlznow that i remember i have not installed theora02:33
mib_73oy5nI have a pc with no os and I would like to instal ubuntu02:33
techsupportwj32_, i installed ubuntu server02:33
mib_73oy5ncan I put the iso on a usb02:33
mib_73oy5nor does it have to be a dvd02:33
abuyusuf_mib_73oy5n, Yes you can02:33
wj32_techsupport: sorry i g2g02:33
cmdbbq2mib_73oy5n: you can use USB drive02:33
abuyusuf_mib_73oy5n, but you need a current Ubuntu working PC02:33
mib_73oy5nso I can just drag and drop the iso file to a usb stick02:33
mib_73oy5nthe pc has no os02:34
abuyusuf_mib_73oy5n, No, not drag & drop02:34
mib_73oy5nand I am typiing on a macbook02:34
komputesmib_73oy5n: theres a utility called usb-creatorin intrepid that allows you toput an iso onto usb02:34
docmurhello all02:34
mib_73oy5nso it might be worthwhile to just drive a mile to buy some dvd rs02:34
abuyusuf_mib_73oy5n, you need an Ubuntu pc to do that, or you can ask someone to do that for you02:34
docmuris there an application I can activate or download to let me contol the mouse from the keyboard02:34
cmdbbq2komputes it just writes the iso and changes the boot permissions right?02:34
mib_73oy5nthank you02:34
hanaMight anyone be able to assist me in getting the scan function to work on my Epson Stylus NX 400 series printer? I'm using Ubuntu 8.1002:35
DasEI1mib_73oy5n: easiest way is to install from cd02:35
Pavlzi must to know its own ip right ? so he must assign a static ip and not more dhcp02:35
cmdbbq2he could do that from a Mac02:35
abuyusuf_cmdbbq2, Really ? How ?02:35
komputescmdbbq2: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Live_USB_creator02:36
cmdbbq2i am speculating, unfortunately i am not that familiar with the Mac OS02:36
komputescmdbbq2: yeah, you wouldneed anothe comp - other than the mac to do it on02:36
cmdbbq2komputes: i am still unable to access wikipedia for some reason02:36
gerberthere is 2 to choose02:36
gpleddoes ubuntu use .deb's ?02:36
abuyusuf_gpled, Sure02:37
Nautilus__I'm having trouble getting mod_rewrite to work. I enabled it and have a good .htaccess file02:37
Nautilus__any things I can check?02:37
ozgurim really confused.. a cannot run a .sh file and nothing seems to work..02:37
littlewookie1hey , i loaded uinput with modprobe, but why is it not automatical loaded on restart?02:37
wj32ozgur: whats the error message02:37
gpledi would like to install ftp://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/ubuntu/pool/universe/p/pokerth/pokerth_0.6.3-1_amd64.deb02:37
hanaI need help figuring out how to get scanning to work on my Epson Stylus NX 400 Series printer. I'm using Ubuntu 8.1002:37
wj32ozgur: run chmod +x [file]02:37
gpledshould i do that with apt-get?02:37
abuyusuf_gpled, just download it & double click02:37
pkodonUnder Kubuntu, when I load Adept, it asks for my password. I installed the ubuntu-desktop package, rebooted with the Gnome shell, tried to run Adept, and now it says I have to run it as root. So, how do I tell it to run as root, when it's an icon in the system menu?02:38
cmdbbq2gpled open with debian package installer02:38
cmdbbq2yeah, or just click02:38
gpledk, thanks02:38
wj32pkodon: by design, you can't do that02:38
temppypkodon: try gksu I think02:38
wj32pkodon: oh thats what you mean02:38
onetinsoldierpkodon: do --02:38
ozgurwj32: im doing sudo j2me.sh but it cannot find the command02:38
gerberi'm at the page now, but is hard to get it02:38
solexiousMy last windows pc is gone and i'm now 100% Linux. I used to use samba for file sharing, what's best to use when I don't need any windows compatibility?02:38
komputescmdbbq2: can you access https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick?02:38
ReXiOgpled: can I modify you?02:38
wj32ozgur: sudo ./j2me.sh02:39
onetinsoldierpkodon: in a terminal, do --  gksu    ...then type in your password, then type in --> adept02:39
wj32ozgur: you need the "./" because otherwise it looks in /bin/ and /usr/bin/02:39
gpledReXiO: only if you give your mods up when requested :)02:39
ytnyl_anyone know how to use g-conf editor to set opera as default instead of firefox?02:39
sloopysolexious, samba works quite well in linux only enviroments too02:39
wj32ytnyl_: try System > Preferences > Preferred Applications02:39
pkodononetinsoldier: Hmm, that's a lot more clunky than just putting in my password when I start Adept, which I can do if I boot into KDE.02:40
ozgurwj32:it worked nw.. i think the chmod +x did it02:40
solexioussloopy, is it 'the best'?02:40
onetinsoldierwj32: he's already tried that.. several times02:40
ytnyl_wj32, i changed it in there but firefox still opens on html files instead of opera02:40
wj32ozgur: no, its the "./"02:40
cmdbbq2komputes: yeah i can read that thanks02:40
needhelpahhhhh hi02:40
wj32onetinsoldier: sorry, i wasnt here then02:40
gerber/tmp/ubuntu-tweak_0.4.4-1~intrepid1_all-2.deb could not be opened, because the associated helper application does not exist. Change the association in your preferences.02:40
pkodononetinsoldier: Is that a "feature" of  Gnome?02:40
sloopysolexious, nfs is common in linux (and unix) but it has poor security02:40
gerberwhat this mean02:40
Mike_92For some reason, after I come back from hibernate mode, I find myself to be disconnected from Pidgin. I realized that upon hibernating, I loose Internet connection, I even see the light go off on my router for the Ethernet port I'm connected to. Does anyone know if there's a way to make it so I don't loose Internet connection when going into Hibernate?02:40
needhelpwhat bot does the #ubuntu channel use .. ircbot02:40
onetinsoldierpkodon: that's because adept is a native kde app02:40
gerberwhat association need to be chage02:41
pkodononetinsoldier: Ahh. So, what do you use for installing software under gnome?02:41
geniineedhelp: It uses ubottu here02:41
wj32pkodon: synaptic package manager02:41
solexioussloopy, thanks02:41
Bitfishwhere do i get the source package for the whole (!) ubuntu distribution?!02:42
Flannelubottu: tell needhelp about yourself02:42
ubottuneedhelp, please see my private message02:42
sloopysolexious, np02:42
[r94could someone pretty please tell me how do you get a 32 bit wireless adapter driver to work for 64 bit system?02:42
needhelpgenii: is ubottu available for others to use02:42
pkodonwj32: Okay, thanks. ::wonders if Synaptic package manager shows the same software, or different software::02:42
BLuEACiDCan anyone tell me what the path to a network restart is02:42
Flannelneedhelp: Yes.  See the wikipages ubottu told you abou02:42
temppyBitfish: usually, the same place you get the binaries, I think02:42
Paddy_EIRE[r94, what is your wireless chipset?02:42
BLuEACiDI can't remember off the top of my head02:42
onetinsoldierpkodon: well, i mostly use tiehr command-line app apt-get, or ncurses app aptitude. but gui app, and it's a nice one, is   aynaptic02:42
geniineedhelp: Yes, do:  /msg ubottu Hi                      then you can talk to him. Or visit the tab he's in now02:42
Bitfishtemppy, unfortunately not :(02:43
BLuEACiDCan anyone tell me what the path to a network restart is02:43
BLuEACiDI can't remember off the top of my head02:43
[r94Paddy_EIRE: what does that mean?02:43
onetinsoldierpkodon: sorry...   synaptic02:43
Paddy_EIRE[r94, it means what it says02:43
techsupporti'm having trouble with Filezilla FTP server, when clients connect they cant get directory listnings here is the error http://pastebin.com/m69e0d90c02:43
BLuEACiDCan anyone tell me what the path to a network restart is02:43
BLuEACiDI can't remember off the top of my head02:43
wj32BLuEACiD: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart02:43
[r94could someone pretty please tell me how do you get a 32 bit wireless adapter driver to work for 64 bit system?02:43
BLuEACiDTHank you02:43
geniiBLuEACiD: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart02:43
Bitfishtemppy, bytheway, i'm asking for the distribution, not just an application02:43
geniiwj32: Sorry, too late :)02:43
pkodononetinsoldier: Heh. Okay, well, I'll check it out. I like being able to see what's available, and pick things from there. (I have used apt-get from a root shell, though).02:44
wj32genii: lol02:44
Paddy_EIRE[r94, okay... "Applications > Accessories > Terminal" then type lspci press enter then pastebin the output02:44
Pavlzif i add a new user i must to assign a new password for the user or is the same of admin ?02:44
=== hardstyle_ is now known as Schizoprenic
Paddy_EIRE!pastebin | [r9402:44
ubottu[r94: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:44
onetinsoldierpkodon: :-)02:44
temppyBitfish: the distro is just a collection of packages...02:44
Paddy_EIRE!repeat | [r9402:44
ubottu[r94: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:44
Bitfishtemppy, sure, but .. :S02:44
geniiPavlz: If you set no password, they have no password02:44
needhelpim not seeing a d/l link for any of these bots02:44
abuyusuf_Pavlz, just go to System > Administration > Users And Groups02:44
Paddy_EIRE[r94, did you get all that?02:45
pkodonAnd I'm used to wget, since I used it in Windows to get web page documentation.02:45
abuyusuf_Pavlz, You can set many options including passwords for root and other users there02:45
onetinsoldierpkodon: if you have full gnome menu up top it's -->  System --> Administration - Synaptic Package Manager02:45
Pavlzhe got the password of admin because the pc has only the profile of admin02:45
Paddy_EIRE!who | [r9402:45
ubottu[r94: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:45
[r94Paddy_EIRE: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98707/02:46
Paddy_EIRE[r94, is the device plugged in?02:46
Paddy_EIRE[r94, its usb?02:46
ReXiOI have a tough one...... I have a mother board... totally screwed up...BIOS deleted.... the only code that excecute is the boot-block function on the BIOS chip...and it tries to boot from floppy......I have loaded GRUB on a floppy... can I boot a livecd or a OS in the hdd?02:46
[r94its a 32 bit driver02:46
Paddy_EIRE[r94, ah02:46
Nautilus__I'm having trouble getting mod_rewrite to work. I enabled it and have a good .htaccess file. any things i can check?02:46
Paddy_EIRE[r94, do lsusb in a terminal and pastebin that02:46
=== jason__ is now known as DBO
Paddy_EIRE[r94, chances are you will not have to use the 32 bit driver.. that would be a bad idea anyway02:47
needhelpso.. i cant d/l and use the ubottu bot with my own factoids02:47
[r94Paddy_EIRE: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98708/02:47
needhelpfrom what im reading02:47
Paddy_EIREneedhelp, yes you can02:47
L1qu1Dhas anyone had any success getting aspire one to connect to wifi via ath?02:47
onetinsoldierReXiO: without a BIOS.. only thing i can think of to say it, good luck02:47
[r94Paddy_EIRE: they only have a 32bit driver02:47
KineticWashDoes ubuntu ever recognize wireless networks? I just installed ubuntu on two new computers, and it failed to recognize wireless on both.02:47
Paddy_EIRE[r94, its a linksys?02:48
needhelpPaddy_EIRE:  i dont see a link for d/ling02:48
Paddy_EIRE[r94, which model does it say?02:48
Flannelneedhelp: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots has a link02:48
Paddy_EIRE!bots | needhelp02:48
ubottuneedhelp: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:48
[r94Paddy_EIRE: wusb300n02:48
nicholaspaulWhats the best app to play tunes from a shared iTunes library?02:48
Paddy_EIREneedhelp, and I believe ubottu is on launchpad02:48
Paddy_EIRE[r94, cool... give me a sec mate :)02:49
needhelpso its source code02:49
[r94Paddy_EIRE:  ok02:49
=== L1qu1D is now known as L1Qu1D
Paddy_EIREneedhelp, of course02:49
=== L1Qu1D is now known as L1Qu1Dz
cmdbbq2nicholaspaul: i believe it is impossible by design post-iTunes 702:49
Flannelneedhelp: Is linked to on that page. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:49
=== eric is now known as talntid
pkodonNow if I could just get Vega Strike to work.... If there's not enough memory, will a program in Linux just shut down without ever opening a window?02:49
needhelpi would have to compile it? and run it?02:49
Flannelneedhelp: Just run it, its python.02:49
nicholaspaulcmdbbq2: My library is on a G3 running iTunes 6. Is that still possible?02:49
kolbyhow do I change the GTK theme for root windows?02:49
Paddy_EIREneedhelp, this would not be the place for those questions though02:49
needhelpwhere would?02:49
Paddy_EIREneedhelp, use launchpad or browse the forums or create your own topic02:50
cmdbbq2i would think rythmbox would do it then02:50
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
cmdbbq2nicholaspaul: i would think rythmbox would do it then02:50
Paddy_EIRE[r94, you have to use the windows driver on that02:50
[r94i did02:50
Paddy_EIRE[r94, want me to walk you through?02:50
L1Qu1DzI need help with ubuntu 8.10 to connect wireless with a atheros on aspire one, anyone have a fix?02:50
nicholaspaulcmdbbq2: Cool. So if i know the IP of the host machine, what would the URL be?02:50
cmdbbq2nicholaspaul: check in the plugins for sharing02:50
[r94Paddy_EIRE: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=53077202:51
ZombieDoes anyone know how to activate Bluetooth on an E1505? I'm running 8.0402:51
cmdbbq2and enable that02:51
Flannelneedhelp: Try #supybot for general supybot stuffs, which is the majority of it.02:51
cmdbbq2just use the IP address02:51
wj32kolby: do root windows look bad?02:51
wj32kolby: like they have no theme?02:51
kolbywj32: pretty much02:51
nicholaspaulcmdbbq2:  so if i'm having trouble, i'm thinking too hard? LOL i have lots of problems like that!02:51
kolbywj32: I want them to use my user theme02:51
[r94Paddy_EIRE: ok yea02:51
wj32kolby: you'll have to copy /home/your_username/.themes to /root/.themes02:52
kolbywj32: thank you very much! ^^02:52
abuyusuf_kolby, better to leave root with theme different of your reular user theme02:52
Paddy_EIRE[r94, just a moment02:53
[r94Paddy_EIRE:  ok02:53
kolbyabuyusuf_: so I know the difference?02:53
abuyusuf_kolby, to know when see a window, of it a root-by executed one or not02:53
abuyusuf_kolby, exactly02:53
kolbyabuyusuf_: thank you too02:54
nicholaspaulcmdbbq2: would the format be http://192.###.##.### or host://192.###.##.###?02:55
Paddy_EIRE[r94, hmm.. you said you tried ndiswrapper.. what went wrong?02:55
KineticWashDoes ubuntu ever recognize wireless networks? I just installed ubuntu on two new computers, and it failed to recognize wireless on both.02:56
Paddy_EIREKineticWash, yeah it does..02:56
wj32KineticWash: you need to install the drivers02:56
wj32KineticWash: even though often there ARE no drivers :(02:56
[r94Paddy_EIRE: this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/98712/02:56
KineticWashPaddy_EIRE: I'm listening02:57
nicholaspaulKineticWash: I have a fresh install of Ibex (8.10) with a wireless card I just stuck in (after install) and it worked perfectly, no drivers.02:57
=== Loganhoup_ is now known as fucxkzilla
Paddy_EIREKineticWash, for what?02:57
Paddy_EIREKineticWash, perhaps more information would be handy02:57
cmdbbq2nicholaspaul: i only know that it doesn't work with anything above iTunes 7 because all my friends have above iTunes 7, but i would first try just the IP address, then host://*.*.*.* and then http://*.*.*.*02:57
Paddy_EIREwireless wont work is a little vague KineticWash02:57
wj32[r94: obviously you can't use a 32-bit windows driver in 64-bit linux02:57
KineticWashPaddy_EIRE: how do I install these wireless drivers with a wlan0 interface card?02:57
nicholaspaulcmdbbq2: alright will do. Thanks for the tips - i'm in the right direction!02:57
wj32[r94: do you have a 64-bit version of the windows driver02:58
Paddy_EIREKineticWash, identify your card first perhaps..02:58
[r94Paddy_EIRE: you there?02:58
cmdbbq2nicholaspaul: good luck!02:58
xunhi, I have a weird problem on ubuntu 8.10. my app window(any application) will just loose "focus" of my keyboard from time to time. the mouse works fine within the window but i just couldn't type anything, including command. I need to click some other window than click back to make it focus again. it happens quite often and it's quite annoying. anyone has similar problem and a solution for this?02:58
wj32[r94: see above02:58
Paddy_EIRE[r94, hmm.. those are 32 bit drivers02:58
nicholaspaulcmdbbq2: Cheers!02:58
cmdbbq2KineticWash: try lspci | grep Wireless02:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fish02:58
wj32[r94: you need to get a 64-bit windows driver02:59
Loganhoupisn't fish a shell?02:59
KineticWashPaddy_EIRE: its a ralink network controller "unclaimed" when I do lshw02:59
[r94wj32: they dont have one02:59
KineticWashPaddy_EIRE: i will try that02:59
cars--Hello, Is there a safe tool to defrag NTFS in Linux?02:59
wj32[r94: won't work then :(02:59
Paddy_EIREKineticWash, is it a usb device?02:59
tehborizdoes anyone here have a tablet pc02:59
xuni'm using a USB only keyboard, does it have something to do with frequently loosing forcus of the window??02:59
cars--tehboriz: Yes.02:59
KineticWashPaddy_EIRE: no, it is a pci02:59
Paddy_EIREKineticWash, then do lspci in a terminal and pastebin the output03:00
ReXiOI have a tough one...... I have a mother board... totally screwed up...BIOS deleted.... the only code that excecute is the boot-block function on the BIOS chip...and it tries to boot from floppy......I have loaded GRUB on a floppy... can I boot a livecd or a OS in the hdd?03:00
wj32cars--: probably not03:00
wj32cars--: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56401303:00
cars--wj32: Or analyze the fragmentation, at least03:00
KineticWashPaddy_EIRE rgr03:00
kolbywj32: I tried "sudo gnome-appearance-properties" and I didn't get a window03:00
wj32cars--: don't think so; most people don't use ntfs in linux that much to need defragging03:00
wj32kolby: do you mean it just doesn't appear?03:01
=== mn is now known as ok
[r94Paddy_EIRE: wj32 maybe there is some way, because you can make 32 bit architecture programs work on 64 bit systems03:01
kolbywj32: yes03:01
=== ok is now known as mn
* kolby shrugs03:01
tehborizcars--, what's the battery life on it03:01
Paddy_EIRE[r94, not likely03:01
wj32kolby: root windows should automatically use your current theme03:01
KineticWashPaddy_EIRE: i cannot pastebin, since it is on another computer, but the last line says "network controller: RAlink device 0781" Anywhere else you can point me?03:01
Paddy_EIRE[r94, considering firstly its a windows driver03:01
=== sauvin is now known as Sauvin
wj32kolby: and for me gnome-appearance-properties does appear03:01
Paddy_EIREKineticWash, ok one sec03:02
wj32kolby: try gksu instead of sudo03:02
wj32kolby: even though i doubt that would fix it03:02
[r94could i make a 32 bit virtual machine?03:02
kolbywj32: there was a dialog window that did not appear on my pager menu03:02
wj32kolby: i don't understand03:02
Paddy_EIRE[r94, still a 64 bit host03:02
cars--tehboriz: Around 6:30 hours, 3:30 to 4:00 if the wireless is on, but it varies between makers/models.03:02
tehborizoh sweet03:02
kolbywj32: it was hidden by my fullscreen gnome-terminal03:02
tehborizokay i've been wanting to get an old tablet03:03
wj32kolby: ok03:03
tehborizand get a realy good battery for it03:03
ALmightYTCan someone please help me with sudo passwd pls/03:03
[r94thanks though03:03
tehborizlol ALmightYT03:03
ALmightYTi have tryed the forums several times03:03
wj32ALmightYT: what's wrong03:03
tehborizdid you tryed google03:03
dr_willisALmightYT,  whats to 'help' with it?03:03
cars--tehboriz: I have a ThinkPad X61T, and really like it. It's very compatible with Linux, as well.03:03
Mike_92Can someone please help me? For some reason, after I come back from hibernate mode, I find myself to be disconnected from Pidgin. I realized that upon hibernating, I loose Internet connection, I even see the light go off on my router for the Ethernet port I'm connected to. Does anyone know if there's a way to make it so I don't loose Internet connection when going into Hibernate?03:03
tehborizaw man i want a thinkpad :(03:03
kolbywj32: thanks ^^ I've been using this OS for years and always wondered how to do this.03:04
tehborizMike_92, hibernate turns off computer completely fyi03:04
ALmightYTi locked myseld out can't remember passwd been 3months since used laptop tryed the init-/bin/bash at bootup03:04
BLuEACiDMike what version of ubuntu are you on03:04
wj32kolby: wondering how to do what?03:04
cars--tehboriz: May I PM you?03:04
tehborizsure cars--03:04
Paddy_EIREKineticWash, I cannot seem to find a linux native driver for that chipset... you could try using ndiswrapper03:04
n8tuser2ALmightYT-> try the livecd03:04
ALmightYTi guess i can make 103:04
dr_willisALmightYT,  you could also edit the /etc/passwd file or /etc/shadow file - i recall and  can remove the password to allow for a no password login.03:05
Paddy_EIRE!ndiswrapper | KineticWash03:05
ubottuKineticWash: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:05
KineticWashPaddy_EIRE I'll try that and get back to you. Thanks much.03:05
Mike_92tehboriz: My internet connection doesn't turn off when I turn my computer off, this only happens when I go into hibernate. Why is that?03:05
ALmightYTdr.willis can i prvt msg u ? real quick?03:05
xuntehboriz & cars, i have a thinkpad t400 too. everything pretty much works out of the box on ubuntu 8.10 and it's super fast. so i think thinkpad generally is very compatible with linux03:05
wj32does anyone else experience the bug where you can't type anything when your mouse is moving?03:05
tenbyteshey, how do I make the terminal have a horizonal scrollbar? using Mysql is ugly03:05
wj32hold down a key and while doing that move your mouse.03:06
wj32for me the key just stops repeating03:06
dr_willisALmightYT,  sure why not.. I may hafe to leave at any time.. watching the grandkids03:06
BikeguyDoes ping cache resolved domain names?03:06
CarlFK1Bikeguy: where would it store it?03:07
BikeguyCarlFK Memory? A file? Anywhere?03:07
hendrixskiHey, somebody compromised my server and installed a DoS script on it, it's a Perl Script, and I don't see anything when I run "ps xa" but that's because I don't know what to look for.  What do I do?03:08
BikeguyCarlFK I mean across pings, so within one instance of ping03:08
hendrixskilike, can I check which port I'm sending UDP messages out of, or check the network activity or something?03:08
CarlFK1Bikeguy: i would say it does.03:09
BikeguyCarlFK thanks03:09
fosco_hendrixski: install and execute rkhunter03:09
fosco_hendrixski: use iptraf to monitor your TCP/UDP connections03:09
hendrixskifosco_, k, lemme try that03:10
wj32ok i JUST realized XChat has autocomplete03:10
eseven73i think most irc clients do03:11
TeamColtra[NADC]How do you force quit in Ubuntu?03:11
TeamColtra[NADC]like an unresponsive program03:11
wj32click on the X button, and it will do that automatically03:11
fosco_TeamColtra[NADC]: quit from what?03:11
wj32as in03:11
wj32if a programs unresponsive, clicking X will bring up a dialog asking if you want to force quit03:12
TeamColtra[NADC]Add/Remove applications keeps "loading" it actually has been giving me a spinning wheel for about an hour03:12
TeamColtra[NADC]more than that03:12
TeamColtra[NADC]I did click the x03:12
rebel_kidTeamColtra[NADC], there is a quick shortcut you can add to your toolbar (right click and click add to panel its in there) but the X button usually works03:12
wj32ok then Alt+F2, type in xkill, click on the unresponsive window03:12
fosco_TeamColtra[NADC]: alt+f2, type xkill, and clic on the undead windows03:12
wj32fosco_: wow we all seem to give the exact same answers!03:13
TeamColtra[NADC]Oh that is awesome03:13
TeamColtra[NADC]:) Thanks guys03:13
thiebaudeTeamColtra[NADC]: or in system monitor03:13
fosco_wj32: you're faster :)03:13
TeamColtra[NADC]This is why I love ubuntu03:13
thiebauderight click kill03:13
hendrixskifosco_, is there a manual on rkhunter you'd recommend for security n00bs?03:13
fosco_hendrixski: ummm just man page03:14
kaneda_hm, what is the <Super> key03:14
wj32anyone know the difference between "End Process" and "Kill Process" in system monitor?03:14
fosco_kaneda_: the one with windows logo03:14
kaneda_wj32; none afaik03:14
kaneda_fosco_; thanks03:14
rebel_kidTeamColtra[NADC], lol and there is another miracle of ubuntu... when you kill something it actually kills it lol03:14
thiebaudewj32: good question03:14
TeamColtra[NADC]rebel_kid: I was actually referring to you guys always being here when I am dumb03:14
kolbyTeamColtra[NADC]: the urge to be the bearer of dissent makes me want to "RTFM noob" or "use google"03:14
mrwizardkolby: lol03:15
rebel_kidwj32, if i remember correctly end process sends a signal to the process asking it to shutdown gracefully but kill force kills it03:15
TeamColtra[NADC]rebel_kid: but the end process was amazing as well.. just... click03:15
kolbyTeamColtra[NADC]: but yes, this community is nifty03:15
hendrixskifosco_, :-) thanks  I'll tinker with this for a bit.  If I find something I'll come back here to see if there's a good way to stop it03:15
wj32rebel_kid: thanks03:15
ReXiOI have a tough one...... I have a mother board... totally screwed up...BIOS deleted.... the only code that excecute is the boot-block function on the BIOS chip...and it tries to boot from floppy......I have loaded GRUB on a floppy... can I boot a livecd or a OS in the hdd?03:15
rebel_kidTeamColtra[NADC], yep... i love the community and i love the software... wont touch windows with a 10 foot pole03:16
rebel_kidTeamColtra[NADC], or redhat for that matter :)03:16
TeamColtra[NADC]kolby: I could have opened up Firefox... loaded google... but the channel seems slow right now (not over bogged with questions) and the only app I have open (well the only app other than the one that was frozen) was xchat so i figured id ask03:16
TeamColtra[NADC];) typically I don't  bother asking, I just google03:16
geniiReXiO: Is this by chance a MSI motherboard?03:16
wj32ReXiO: unless GRUB can boot from a CD...03:16
rebel_kidwj32, i could be wrong but thats what i remember reading03:16
wj32rebel_kid: i think you're right. SIGTERM vs. SIGKILL03:16
ReXiOwj32: at the GRUB prompt grub> I type 'root (' and then <TAB> and the only device listed is fd003:16
mrwizardwj32: there's a difference?03:16
wj32mrwizard: wikipedia answers all03:17
ReXiOgenii: uhm... i found the drivers at biostar.com.tw03:17
wj32ReXiO: no luck then03:17
mrwizardwj32: gotcha03:17
DasEI1ReXiO: re-flash the bios03:17
kestutiswhat is the name of pascal compiliar?03:17
kolbyTeamColtra[NADC]: Same here.  I usually use man, google, and then ask in a forum or irc channel.03:17
TeamColtra[NADC]Now I have another question for you guys that maybe you will give some other tips that might help me... I am getting rid of windows entirely.... and I would love to be able to just erase the partition and expand this one over it... would that be possible without having to start all over in ubuntu03:18
wj32kestutis: yes it must be gpc03:18
ReXiODasEI1: thx, I will try to do that03:18
bartekHi .. is there a quick way to figure out what version of Flash I have installeD?03:18
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: you can install gparted03:18
TeamColtra[NADC]I am already backing up my /home so then I can have most settings... but I don't want to have to redownload all my apps03:18
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: sudo apt-get install gparted03:18
geniiReXiO: I had a board in that spot before, made a dos floppy with bat file to autorun the bios update utility, and saved the thing from the trashheap03:18
Thxpnp^Laptopexcuse me.. all03:18
TeamColtra[NADC]wj32: That will allow me to just expand the size of this partition without having to worry about making it unstable?03:19
Thxpnp^Laptopwhat is the relatime option of /etc/fstab ?03:19
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: yep03:19
pkodonOkay, off to play with command lines et-al.03:19
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: im assuming you're using ext303:19
c_kornI am compiling wine with make -j2 on a intel core2duo but the cpu freq stays on 800Mhz instead of 2.00GHz03:19
TeamColtra[NADC]lol I was told earlier "you will have to start over... but back up your /home and it will save your settings"03:19
c_kornmode is ondemand03:20
ReXiOgenii: ok thx!, do you remember where to get a re-flasher BIOS utility?03:20
DasEI1TeamColtra[NADC]: if the former win-parti is next to a linux-parti you want to resize, yes, mind uuid's in fstab03:20
onetinsoldierThxpnp^Laptop: read the man page for the 'mount' command. it's kind of similar to the 'noatime' option03:20
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: actually, you need to get the gparted livcd03:20
Ash_looking for a USB boot cd image, anyone know where i might find one?03:20
Thxpnp^Laptoponetinsoldier, thank you03:20
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: *livecd. you can't resize your linux partition live, unless its xfs or something03:20
DasEI1!usb | Ash_03:21
ubottuAsh_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:21
onetinsoldierThxpnp^Laptop: yw03:21
TeamColtra[NADC]^ Typically you can't work with a partition while you are on it, I understand03:21
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php03:21
kolbyTeamColtra[NADC]: The best idea I've heard so far is to make a seperate partition (possibly encripted for security) for your home.  This allows you to mix and match linux distros without need of resetting user preferences every time.03:21
Ash_well im not using ubuntu, it seems the mandriva site is dead :P03:21
Ash_no one is active on their channel03:21
Wolvenhavenwould it be better for system performance if i modified my 32bit install to accept 4gb of ram or if i installed 64bit?(i would rather do the first because it doesn't make me redo everything)03:22
kolbyAsh_: USB boot cd?03:22
TeamColtra[NADC]kolby: That would be ideal if I used anything other than ubuntu... I have tried almost every other Linux OS out there.. and I by far love ubuntu best03:22
geniiReXiO: It depends on the bios firmware manufacturer...in my case was Phoenix which has it's own updater.03:22
DiiPhantomanyone here plays ut99 or ut goty?03:23
c_kornDiiPhantom: yeah, me03:23
=== smamer is now known as Smamer
onetinsoldierDiiPhantom: the original? i loved the original03:23
c_kornDiiPhantom: the goty edition03:23
=== Smamer is now known as alfrin
ReXiOgenii: ok I will search that... How to know what BIOS I have?03:23
DiiPhantomc_korn, and onetinsoldier you run it natively on linux or wine?03:23
c_kornDiiPhantom: I run it with wine03:24
DiiPhantomim having a hard time dedicing which way to install it.03:24
jimbohi im trying to setup intel i915 driver for svideo out. i found this page. its an xorg.conf for gnome. can i use it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141031&page=303:24
DiiPhantomc_korn, i have an issue, when i download the utdc from a server and try to install it game shuts03:24
onetinsoldierDiiPhantom: well, i'm just saying i loved it. haven't played it in years. but back when i did, natively, no wine03:24
kolbyTeamColtra[NADC]: yes, but who knows what will happen down the road.  Maybe you'll become a MOTU and want to contribute packages to debian and ubuntu.  When that happens, you'll thank yourself later.  Or suppose you want to try to build your own linux from scratch to learn the internals or for sheer geek cred ;)  There are many reasons you'd want to do this.  I plan on doing it myself, I just haven't gotten around to it.03:24
DasEI1ReXiO: if the board isn't to old, manufacturer's hp, else #hardware03:24
geniiReXiO: Best thing is look at the motherboard and look up the firmware update for it on the motherboard manufacturer site. I think biostar uses Phoenix or AMI03:24
Ash_at the bottom of this page it explains what i need, my laptop doesnt support USB booting, and it tells me what i need but not where to get it. http://www.mandriva.com/en/product/mandriva-flash-200903:25
jimbohi im trying to setup intel i915 driver on xubuntu for svideo out. i found this page. its an xorg.conf for gnome. can i use it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141031&page=3 so i guess the question is is it desktop specific?03:25
Pavlzopenssh must be available on the pc of person that has got the pc administrated by remote ?03:25
wj32Pavlz: openssh server yes03:25
=== [1]Dev_n00b is now known as Dev_n00b
Pavlztoo openssh client ?03:26
wj32Pavlz: no03:26
DiiPhantomc_korn, can you help me please?03:26
jfkCan anyone recommend a book to learn Ubuntu?03:26
Skippy1981there are various clients availible, and you only need a client on the machine you are connecting from03:26
c_kornDiiPhantom: you are using wine, so?03:26
DiiPhantomjfk, yes unleashed ubuntu 8.4 (8.10)03:26
ReXiOok thx DasEI1 & geniii any re-flash utility you recommend?03:26
DiiPhantomyea c_korn private msg? you mind?03:27
c_kornDiiPhantom: no03:27
TeamColtra[NADC]>.< I don't have enough room on my disk for gparted03:27
FloridaGuywhats this error..the installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk: errno5 input/output......have had this sence ubuntu 8.04....about 20 different iso's...even with mint 5 and 603:27
jfkthanks DiiPhantom03:27
onetinsoldierDiiPhantom: are there very many people that still play the original ut?03:27
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: do you mean you can't download the ISO?03:27
DiiPhantomc_korn, as in no, i mind or no, go ahead?03:27
DiiPhantomonetinsoldier, pfff bro alot of ppl03:27
kolbyAsh_: What device are you going to boot from?  a flash drive or external hard drive?03:27
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: try clearing your APT cache03:27
DasEI1ReXiO: depends on bios (and not ubuntu) mind joining #ubuntu-offtopic ?03:27
mrwizardjfk: ubuntu unleashed03:27
onetinsoldierDiiPhantom: hmmm, perhaps i should install it03:27
TeamColtra[NADC]wj32: and how would I do that?03:27
mrwizardoh whoops, DiiPhantom beat me to it03:28
c_kornDiiPhantom: I accept privMsgs03:28
ReXiODasEI1:ok thx!03:28
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: no idea03:28
DiiPhantomjfk, there more also ubuntu linux - bible, how to do everything ubuntu03:28
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: oh wait03:28
TeamColtra[NADC]Would clearing out some of the old versions of Ubuntu that my system automatically keeps (for backup purposes I guess?) free up a lot of space?03:28
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: open synaptic package manager03:28
kolbyAsh_: can you use the mandriva installation disk to install it to your USB device?03:28
* onetinsoldier goes to look for his ut cd03:28
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: Settings > Preferences > Delete Cached Package Files03:29
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: oops i meant Settings > Preferences > Files > Delete Cached Package Files03:29
Skippy1981does anyone know of a site which lists games which I can run natively under linux?03:29
TeamColtra[NADC]you got to be kidding me... now everything I try to open says Unable to copy the users Xauthorization file03:29
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: thats bad.03:29
TeamColtra[NADC];) Today just isn't my day...03:29
wj32TeamColtra[NADC]: have you been running GUI apps using sudo?03:30
TeamColtra[NADC]Well thats how I have been opening apps because it keeps giving me this error03:30
wj32Skippy1981: http://www.happypenguin.org03:30
Skippy1981ok cool, ill take a look thanks03:30
eseven73!gksu | TeamColtra[NADC]03:30
ubottuTeamColtra[NADC]: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:30
wj32actually, i always use sudo to run GTK apps03:31
wj32never got that error before03:31
FloridaGuyguess i give up on ubuntu and ubuntu based distro's....tired of waitisting time and cd's for something that dont want to install....i have wasisted about 70 cd's with ubuntu and mint03:31
eseven73!worksforme | wj3203:31
ubottuwj32: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/03:31
wj32ok eseven73 thats not what i meant03:32
jimbohi im trying to setup intel i915 driver on xubuntu for svideo out. i found this page. its an xorg.conf for gnome. can i use it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141031&page=3 so i guess the question is is it desktop specific?03:32
eseven73im pretty sure it was wj3203:32
dr_willisFloridaGuy,  this is linux.. do what you want.. no one is forceing you to only try ubuntu or mint..  Ive had better luck with alternative cd's and using unetbooting to make bootable thumbdrives for problem machines.03:33
eseven73but this isnt the place to continue arguing about it ;)03:33
wj32anyone know how to fix the .Xauthority problem?03:33
outoftimehi all - got an issue with sendmail taking a really long time to start up at boot - the google seems to indicate that the problem is with my hostname not being mapped in /etc/hosts, but I do have it in there... anyone have any other ideas?03:33
kristian_i have installed openssh-server and changed listening port in /etc/ssh/sshd_config. i can access my box from another computer on my wlan by sshing to 192.168.0.x:x. i have done portforwarding on my router, so that i can access my box from outside my lan, but when i try to access my box from someone else's house, it doesn't respond. the ip is responding to ping. any thoughts/help is very much appreciated. thanks! :-)03:34
FloridaGuydr_willis: its not a problem pc...its only ubuntu and mint that gives be the error on installing03:34
eseven73outoftime: how long does it take? mine takes bout 15 secs03:34
wj32kristian_: that can only mean you havent port-forwarded it03:35
eseven73outoftime: and i don thave anything in my /etc/hosts03:35
outoftimeeseven73: yeah, that sounds about right. long enough for it to drop out of the graphical startup window. i'd say it's well over 50% of my total boot time...03:35
eseven73i ended up uninstalling it outoftime03:35
outoftimeeseven73: wish i could, but i'm a web dev so need it running locally...03:36
wj32outoftime: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/archive/index.php/t-85365.html03:36
FloridaGuydr_willis: here's the error.... The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk: errno5 input/output erro03:36
dr_willisFloridaGuy,  ive had ubuntu not boot/load problerly on one box.. but xubuntu did.  From what i gather it can be due to the very high compression used on the cd images..   Ive not had any issues with any of them since ive started using the unetbootin tool to make bootable/installable media on my THumbdrives.. and the Thumbdruives install about 4x as fast as cd also.03:37
outoftimewj32: ah, so it's the order that matters... awesome, thank you03:37
TeamColtra[NADC]You know... I was looking through my applications and what I have... and I think it would be FASTER for me to zip and upload the files that are important to my server... and then just do a clean install of Ubuntu... and then just redownload things I need... I mainly only use XCHAT, GAIM (pidgen?), and FireFox03:37
wj32outoftime: the power of google03:37
kristian_wj32 : i have portforwarded according to http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Dlink/DI-614+/SSH.htm, except changing 22 to my port number that i specified in sshd_config! :-/03:37
outoftimewj32: i swear i googled for it before asking! : )03:37
wj32outoftime: yes but that thing i gave you might not actually work!03:38
outoftimewj32: well there's that. about to give it a try...03:38
FloridaGuydr_willis: dont have any thumb drives...just my sd card for my camera....03:38
kristian_somoen is hammering me now. :-P03:38
dr_willisFloridaGuy,  thats a shame.. Walmart here had 2 gb ones  for $5 - i picked up about 10 of them. :)03:39
outoftimeok, time to reboot and see how it goes...03:39
garywal_what is the best chanel to ask for help setting up a tv card? Thanks03:39
FloridaGuydr_willis: dident start having that problem until either 7.10 or 8.0403:39
jimbohi im trying to setup intel i915 video driver on xubuntu for svideo out. i found this page. its an xorg.conf for gnome. can i use it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141031&page=3 so i guess the question is xorg.conf desktop specific?03:39
izinucsFloridaGuy, I got an 8gig sd card at Best Buy for $2403:39
trey_I CANT HEAR MY MP3'S03:40
izinucs!mp3 | trey_03:40
ubottutrey_: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:40
wj32trey_: so it plays and you cant hear it?03:40
wj32trey_: or does it just not play and give an error03:40
omny_devilater mate03:40
FloridaGuysence my sd card reader plugs into usb on the main board...can that work as a thumb drive03:41
wj32outoftime: does it work?03:41
outoftimewj32: it worked! thanks!03:41
outoftimewj32: i'm back already!03:41
wj32outoftime: ok cool03:41
outoftimewj32: i read a lot of similar posts but none explicitly mentioned that the ordering was important - very helpful03:42
garywal_need help setting up tv card Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-180003:42
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:43
user01shouldnt a sound server allow me to play from multiple sources at once?03:43
user01if i have firefox open audio never seems to work in other apps03:44
user01probably running like a video on youtube03:44
wj32user01: thats because your firefox is using OSS03:45
kristian_wj32 : any thoughts?03:45
wj32kristian_: sorry i don't know03:45
user01wj32, it uses that by default?03:45
wj32user01: it shouldn't. what media player are you using?03:45
kristian_wj32 : ok, thanks for your time though. :-)03:45
user01wj32, vlc and mplayer03:45
user01wj32, and audacious03:46
wj32user01: try and play something in totem while using firefox.03:46
gillroyhow do i determine my wireless card type?03:46
wj32user01: or you can try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25542203:46
=== gillroy is now known as yates_laptop
Skippy1981kristian_, if you can definately ssh in from other machines on your LAN. the problem has to be with your router settings03:47
user01wj32, hmmm i dont think  i ever installed totem03:47
user01wj32, i didnt like it as much as the others03:47
thiebaudenounours: salut03:48
user01nounours, salut #ubuntu.fr03:48
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr03:48
ikyn_I've been searching for hours using Google and Ubuntu forums to fix my ICS problem. Is there anyone that would be willing to help me out here?03:48
kristian_Skippy1981 : i am using ssh+screen+irssi now, so yes i am sshing over wlan. but the router should be configured correctly according to http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Dlink/DI-614+/SSH.htm. any thoughts?03:48
Hilikushey guys03:48
user01nounours, pardon #ubuntu-fr03:48
nounoursqui pourais me dire comment faire pour avoir les fenetre en 3D comme sur vista03:49
user01nounours, #ubuntu-fr peut le faire03:49
nounourssoit disant03:50
Hilikusis there a program for ubuntu that would let me manage a virtual library of pdf documents? i want to be able to have it synced in several computers and also it possible have a web interface that would let me access it03:50
Skippy1981kristian_, you could test out the route using the DMZ feature of your router03:50
user01nounours, j ai la version anglaise donc je ne peux pas dire ce qu'il faut cliquer03:50
ikyn_I know it's half of a winxp problem, but I really need to get ICS to work so I can fix my Kubuntu installation. I need to know how to configure Kubuntu so that it will accept the connections03:50
=== bimoseptyop is now known as Guest37858
ikyn_Please, someone ... I'm getting desperate here03:50
Skippy1981kristian_, DMZ simultaniously forwards all ports to your selected PC, it is therefore very insucure - however assuming your machine is not for production use and is not running any other services you should be safe to test it03:51
izinucs!ics | ikyn_03:51
ubottuikyn_: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php03:51
ikyn_izinucs: I've been there and tried everything03:51
ikyn_I can't use firestarter, I need to be able to download it first03:51
ZombieDoes anyone know how to activate Bluetooth on an E1505? I'm running 8.0403:51
kristian_Skippy1981 : i have done that as well, i added my internal ip to the dmz, so everything should be forwarded to my box, but still it didn't work. :-/ (i have removed it now though)03:51
nounoursikyn que dite vous je suis une bille en anglais03:51
ikyn_nounours - I don't speak french03:52
kristian_Skippy1981 : yes, what you said.03:52
Skippy1981kristian_, very strange then.  I would be tempted to reset the router and run through the steps from scratch03:52
kristian_Skippy1981 : already done that. ;-) (been trying for a long time now :-/)03:53
Skippy1981kristian_, port forwarding is usually very simple to do, it sounds like you know what you are doing and are hitting a router glicth here03:53
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php03:53
izinucskristian_, missed a lot but are you trying to ssh into your box remotely from outside your lan?03:54
Skippy1981kristian_, the only possibility i can think of is that your ISP blocks the port you are attempting to use - this is very rare though, only normally done with email03:54
wj32kristian_: i have a suggestion: give someone here your ip address and they can try to connect03:54
kristian_Skippy1981 : meh! :-( will try to see if i can find something about the router being buggy or something, it's an old model, unsupported though. thanks for your time/help. :-)03:55
kristian_izinucs : yes i am!03:55
Chicanohas anyone tried windows 703:55
Skippy1981no worries, sorry i can't me of more help - might be worth trying to ssh over port 80 though, just in case your ISP is the problem03:55
kristian_Skippy1981 : i have tryed using port 22, 2277, and the one im currently using.03:55
Skippy1981kristian_, who is your ISP?03:56
eseven73!ot | Chicano03:56
ubottuChicano: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:56
kristian_wj32 : i have given the ip:port to two people and both have tried but not been able to connect, i even went to my friends house and tried myself, no luck.03:56
kristian_Skippy1981 : nextgentel (norway)03:56
wj32kristian_: ok03:56
izinucskristian_, Skippy1981 might have the answer.. many ISP's block specific ports .. typically 80 and occationally 20/21.. their end user agreements are that you won't put a server on their system with a home user account.  so if you've used one of those ports chane it.03:56
Chicanohow do i add another irc to xchat?03:56
wj32Chicano: Network > Channels...03:56
Chicanoand then just put the irc?03:57
kristian_izinucs : yeah, i tried other ports, but still nothing, could the isp somehow block "ssh" in general? seems odd. and i dont think nextgentel does that, but then again im not to sure.03:57
wj32Chicano: well the channel name03:57
wj32Chicano: if theres a channel for discussing windows i'm sure it'll be there03:58
Skippy1981kristian_, it is possible for an ISP to block all ports except for web traffic ones - ie 80 and 44303:58
hikenboothello all--I admit I got lazy and installed a package from source using make install ...now I have to reverse what it did...anyone know how03:58
Skippy1981kristian_, so you could try connecting over those, and port forward port 80 to port 22 for example03:59
wj32hikenboot: no, you can't do that easily03:59
izinucskristian_, it'd be hard for them to tell that it's a ssh connection.  so you might just try port 5701 which I think is used by the vnc protocol.. I've used that on cox communications got a connection.  never tried with ssh.03:59
hikenbootis there a way to know what files it changed so i can aptitude remove --purge them?03:59
kristian_Skippy1981 : ok, i really don't think nextgentel is blocking anything, but im willing to try. :-)03:59
wj32is HTTPS port 81 or 44304:00
kristian_izinucs : will look into it.04:00
wj32hikenboot: not easily04:00
hikenboot443 i think04:00
wj32hikenboot: well no04:00
kristian_thanks all! :-) (im sure ill be back in a minute or two. :-P)04:00
Skippy1981kristian_, another thing you could try is to take the router out of the equation and connect your box directly to WAN, this would prove the problme is the router.  However you can only do this if your modem etc is seperate to the router of course04:00
xd4i messed up with my sessions autostart apps04:00
wj32hikenboot: you could try and install it again04:01
wj32hikenboot: this time logging the files it adds04:01
kristian_Skippy1981 : true, i should do that, but i dont have any cables lying around. :-P i should go and get one tommorow.04:01
hikenboothow about a way for mplayer to reinstall itself and its dependancies ?04:01
wj32hikenboot: oh i see you're trying to get that va-api thing working04:01
wj32hikenboot: apt-get?04:01
xd4how do i make a new startup session (with new list of autostart apps) ?04:01
hikenboottrying to get rid of it...it killed mplayer04:01
wj32hikenboot: in that case you can just reinstall mplayer04:02
wj32hikenboot: unless when you did make install it installed to /usr/local04:02
zetheroohow can I find out how many times the heads are parking on my external USB HDD?04:04
hikenbootwj32 sorry looking perhaps i could use build-dep04:05
tyrantman hdparm maybe04:05
rccuaway from keyboard04:05
hikenbootah ok04:05
MenZa!away > wj3204:05
ubottuwj32, please see my private message04:05
rccu!away > rccu04:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about brb04:06
zetheroodo external hard drives park their heads? ....04:06
ubottuYou should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»04:06
zetheroodoes head parking only take place on laptop hard drives?04:06
Son_of_DemetriusHello :)04:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about likewise-open04:07
FinnishWhat's the default bit rate in digital cameras, 44,1khz? I'm just checking things in Kino04:08
eseven73!ot | Finnish04:08
ubottuFinnish: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:08
cut-copyzetheroo, try gsmartcontrol04:08
mljohns4Is there a good guide detailing the MySQL configuration of a fresh LAMP install. I am using phpmyadmin and noticed that there were at least two MySQL users created by default, and was wondering if this was standard for Ubuntu. I'm coming from Gentoo04:09
Finnisheseven73: Well I think Kino is sort of Ubuntu related04:09
Skippy1981zetheroo, as far as i know all modern hard disks will attempt to automaticallly park when they are not reading data.  The reason sudden powercuts can cause data loss is because the drive does not have chance to park and the head hits the platter04:09
Son_of_DemetriusBasic stuff questions coming up...really basic...please be patient04:10
throwthow do i (use dbus to) configure bluetooth on ubuntu?04:11
Son_of_DemetriusLike...where can I get some codecs for Ubuntu 8.10...and do I need to be online to download from some archive?04:11
wj32ok i'm having a problem with sound. audacious is suddenly refusing to play anything, while it worked just a few seconds ago.04:11
throwtI'm trying to change the default class, but changing main.conf doesnt work04:11
zetheroocut-copy: I am guessing thats in the repos ...!?04:11
wj32Son_of_Demetrius: try sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly04:12
eseven73!codecs | Son_of_Demetrius also look at !Medibuntu04:12
ubottuSon_of_Demetrius also look at !Medibuntu: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:12
izinucsmljohns4, I'm not sure about this but the 2 users might be your uname and "root"04:12
Chicano_is there a way to manage itouch?04:12
wj32Chicano_: 2g, no04:12
Son_of_Demetriussorry guys...I need to backtrack in a major way04:12
wj32Chicano_: 1g, if it's jailbroken04:12
izinucshow bout the 8 gig04:12
eseven73Son_of_Demetrius: yes you'll need internet to download them,04:13
Chicano_i had it jailbroken but i put it back to normal04:13
wj32Chicano_: i would say its not worth the effort04:13
mljohns4Well.. It was somewhat concerning I guess. I connected to my MySQL server using phpmyadmin and noticed that right off the bat there was a "ANY" user and a "debian-sys-maint" user.04:13
wj32Chicano_: but: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone04:13
Chicano_so just update with vista since i have a dual boot04:13
mljohns4as well as a "root" aka admin user.... which I would expect04:14
Son_of_DemetriusI'm looking for codecs...but don't have an internet connection at present with my other computer, which I've loaded Ubuntu...am I confused or waht? lol04:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about iphone04:14
cut-copyzetheroo, sorry only gnomefiles.org or getdeb.net04:14
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php04:14
zetheroocut-copy: oh ... so is it an app with a gui?04:15
eseven73bah, stupid irssi, that was meant for you Son_of_Demetrius04:15
mljohns4This is my first attempt at using an Ubuntu LAMP server, and being that I used to Gentoo,  and its default MySQL configuration04:15
Son_of_DemetriusMy dang Ubuntu Guide book still hasn't arrived in the mail...and I'm impatient :(04:15
wj32Son_of_Demetrius: there is a hack to make apt-get think its already downloaded some packages04:15
erossis there a mouse utility i can use to test my mouse button? It's getting intermittent and I want to see how hard i have to press to get it to drag a window or anything else04:15
XN1ghtXHey guys, what should I do if pkg-config is missing ?04:15
cut-copyzetheroo, yes04:15
Chicanoi hav a problem controling my aduio with the top keys on my laptop04:15
wj32Son_of_Demetrius: you simply download the packages from your other computer and put them in /var/cache/apt/archives04:16
throwthow do i configure the class for my bluetooth device...  setting class in main.conf doesnt change anything in bluetoothd -d -n's debugging output regarding class...04:16
ikyn_so I followed the directions in !ics exactly, using two ubuntu machines. I still can't get it to work. When I ping my internet machine, it doesn't come back with anything04:16
wj32Son_of_Demetrius: then when apt tries to install something, it will think it's already downloaded04:16
Son_of_DemetriusI'm listening...I'm reading...I'm so confused :(04:16
Skippy1981mljohns4, doesn't phpmyadmin connect to mysql? If it does it would make sense for the LAMP install to create a user for it to connect with - connecting as root is bad practice04:16
throwtit used to be configured in hcid.conf but that file doesnt exist anymore04:16
wj32Son_of_Demetrius: ok never mind. i think you should ask someone else04:16
eseven73lol you took over wj32 why stop now?04:17
wj32eseven73: cbb04:17
Chicanoi hav a problem controling my aduio with the top keys on my laptop04:17
eseven73I'm actually learning from you wj32 :)04:17
Son_of_DemetriusI downloaded a bunch of stuff last night thru my friends cable connection...I broght my comp home..powered up and I don't know where to start looking for what I downloaded?04:17
csgeekwhat package do I need for ndiswrapper.  I installed ndiswrapper-common and it says it needs ndiswrapper-util, and the util package says it's been replaced by -common04:18
BLuEACiDSon goto the path that you downloaded it in...04:18
wj32eseven73: what, the apt trick?04:18
BLuEACiDCsgeek what are you trying to do04:18
Son_of_DemetriusI don't remeber...sorry :(04:18
dr_willisSon_of_Demetrius,  if a user downloaded stuff.. its in /home/USERNAME somewhere :)04:18
wj32eseven73: cbb = can't be bothered04:18
csgeekinstall a wifi driver using ndiswrapper04:18
eseven73the hack, i guess yeah wj3204:18
Son_of_DemetriusHow do I activate what I downloaded once I find it?04:19
eseven73wj32: im pretty new at all this yet04:19
BLuEACiDCs are you having troubles with your wireless internet? I spent 2 days fixing mine up it works now, I could possibly help you04:19
ikyn_so I followed the directions in !ics exactly, using two ubuntu machines. I still can't get it to work. When I ping my internet machine, it doesn't come back with anything04:19
dr_willisSon_of_Demetrius,  'activate' ?  what did you download?04:19
Chicanoi have a problem controling my aduio with the top keys on my laptop04:19
BLuEACiDCs are you having troubles with your wireless internet? I spent 2 days fixing mine up it works now, I could possibly help you04:19
wj32dr_willis: he's trying to get some codecs04:19
wj32dr_willis: the problem is the ubuntu machine doesn't have an internet connection04:19
=== jewel is now known as minus18_pundit
Son_of_Demetriuslike 300mgs of stuff...I don't know..I just let the download complete...it asked me to reboot...and???...I haven't the foggiest :(04:20
mljohns4Skippy1981, that is a good point about regarding phpmyadmin, and one that I neglected to think of. I will need to look into it. A cursory look leads me to believe that phpmyadmin connects to the database server under the guise of the user your logging in with, and not a default "admin", meaning that it isn't automatically creating a user of its own04:20
wj32the problem with downloading the packages from another computer and trying to install them on your ubuntu machine is that gdebi doesn't know how to satisfy dependencies04:20
eseven73is there a way to download all the packages like on DVD's or something? Like just incase the internet went down or what not04:20
werdnumeseven73: sure04:21
LeeJunFanmy users-admin add user button is greyed out - any ideas?04:21
wj32eseven73: apt-cd04:21
erossbtw i was playing savage 2 last night, the graphics and gameplay just rock in ubuntu04:21
dr_willisSon_of_Demetrius,   You sould of just apt-get installed'd them or install the packages with the package manager when it was connected to the intenet.  that would bheen the best way.. if you got .deb files downloaded some where - in theory you just double click on them and they shoul dinstall.04:21
werdnum!mirror | eseven7304:21
ubottueseven73: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Intrepid, and help keeping the servers' load low!04:21
wj32eseven73: aptoncd04:21
|ntegra|i'd have to say so far that istanbul sux, and recordmydesktop also sux04:21
wj32eseven73: as in sudo apt-get install aptoncd04:21
rwwLeeJunFan: This is a random stab in the dark based on something I happened to read recently... are you connecting to your computer remotely, using VNC or something similar?04:21
eseven73wj32: ok so how would I go about downloading them, and faking out apt so it thinks its online?04:21
Son_of_DemetriusI didn't download them on another comp...I downloaded them on mine...I just don't know what I'm looking at...04:22
eseven73oh i have aptoncd but isnt that just a list?04:22
minus18_punditmy download speed through update manager is very slow. download rate is only 8-10 kbps, while i normally have 40 kbps download speed in my download manager. how can i increase the download speed in update manager?04:22
Skippy1981mljohns4, not sure about the ANY account, but take a look at this http://www.kavod.net/wordpress/ The debian-sys-maint account looks to be kosher, and is part of all debian installs (ubuntu derives from debian)04:22
wj32eseven73: aptoncd allows you to burn the packages onto a cd04:22
wfosterAnyone know how I can make my account an Admin?04:22
werdnumAnybody know how I can change my keyboard layout? I seem to have some strange layout where typing 'a gives á, '<space> gives ', and '' gives ´, with similar behaviour for ".04:22
wfosteron Ubuntu04:22
wj32eseven73: that's not a hack. apt supports installing packages from a cd04:22
werdnumwfoster: sudo nano /etc/sudoers04:22
Son_of_DemetriusI downloaded Wine...aptoncd...and multimedia stuff...but didn't know about codecs issues04:22
eseven73wj32: hmmm ok i was under the impression AptOnCD only created a large list of all the stuff you have installed, and not be the actualy packagtes04:23
wj32Son_of_Demetrius: does your ubuntu computer have an internet connection?04:23
harriseldonwerdnum system-preferences-keyboard layout04:23
wj32eseven73: why would it be called apt *oncd* then?04:23
Skippy1981mljohns4, i would assume that its purpose is to prevent you from having to connect as root.  Connecting as root would be tricky anyway, since the password is unknown to you in the default configuration - normally you access root via sudo04:23
werdnumharriseldon: KDE :)04:23
wj32eseven73: of course i haven't actually tried it04:23
wfosterwerdnum: Thanks.04:23
Son_of_Demetriusnot at the moment...I'm taliking here from another house...I will get connected soon...financially soon04:23
eseven73hmmm im just going by what ive heard04:23
minus18_punditmy download speed through update manager is very slow. download rate is only 8-10 kbps, while i normally have 40 kbps download speed in my download manager. how can i increase the download speed in update manager?04:24
wj32minus18_pundit: go to System > Administration > Software Sources04:24
wj32minus18_pundit: select a better download server04:24
LeeJunFanrww: no, locally connected.04:24
wfosterI need help.04:25
eseven73wj32: i would imagine the DVD of Ubuntu would be a complete set of packages, so ill look around for one Thanks for the help and sorry we kinda got off on the wrong foot earlier :)04:25
wfosterFor some reason, to make some stuff work on my laptop ubuntu04:25
wfosterI have to open a terminal then sudo firefox or sudo pidgin just so it'll work properly.04:25
rwwLeeJunFan: Hrm. Oh! Obvious question: did you click "Unlock" at the bottom of the window first?04:25
wj32eseven73: it's ok04:25
wfosterAnyone help me sort it out?04:25
bandgeekHi! My graphics card supports two outputs, but Ubuntu doesn't recognize my external monitor. Any ideas?04:25
wj32wfoster: sudo firefox and sudo pidgin!!!!04:25
harriseldonwerdnum check out this post -- it may help http://www.mail-archive.com/freebsd-ports@freebsd.org/msg17643.html (I know it is bsd, but gives menu path and potential missing package)04:25
wj32wfoster: whats wrong with just launching firefox?04:25
wfosterIt won't let me use some features of the application. Like downloading on firefox.04:26
mljohns4Skippy1981, Ya, the whole root account philosophy was something I repaired right off the bat. Thanks for the link, if anything it has sparked my interest with regards to what sort of maintenance is being performed by the debian-xx-xxx users04:26
Son_of_DemetriusI need to learn some distinctions here...why my Display Driver Disk can't be mounted04:26
werdnumharriseldon: ooh thanks.04:26
wj32wfoster: what happens when you try to download a file?04:26
wfosterwj32: To have full rights to my firefox or pidgin I had to open it in terminal.04:26
wj32wfoster: can you not save it?04:26
wfosterwj32: Scrap what I just said.04:26
wj32wfoster: ?04:26
mljohns4I also deleted the ANY users from MySQL. Wasn't comfortable with non password style accounts04:27
wj32wfoster: there is only one admin account and that is root04:27
rwwwfoster: Do "sudo chown -R yourusername:yourusername .mozilla .purple", then try loading them normally and see if it fixes it.04:27
wfosterwj32: Every time I want full use of Pidgin or Firefox I have to sudo firefox or sudo pidgin. If I want it non-fully I can just open it but won't let me use some of the features.04:27
wj32wfoster: what happens when you try to use those features?04:27
wfosterwj32: It just closes on me.04:27
wj32wfoster: mmm. try what rww said.04:28
wfosterwj32: for yourusername:yourusername04:28
wfosterwj32: Do I put my actual username?04:28
rwwwfoster: yeah04:28
wj32wfoster: yes04:28
geniiwfoster: Running the graphical apps with sudo screws up the settings files of these apps, making it impossible for the regular user to run them again with normal permissions04:28
rwwwfoster: i.e., the output of "whoami"04:28
null_403i installed 8.10 on my thinkpad with 0 problems :)04:28
chilli0null_403:  does ur camera work?>04:29
rwwnull_403: congratulations :D!04:29
null_403it's a t43.  i'm pretty sure it doesn't have a camera04:29
erossis there a gui mouse-button testing tool in gnome?04:29
=== root is now known as Guest8035
wfosterrww & genii & wj32: It still just closes on me.04:29
rccueross: run `xev`04:30
kolbyhow can I log in as root?04:30
wj32wfoster: open a terminal and run firefox without the "sudo".04:30
FrozenFireHow could I set VLC as the default application for avi files, rather than Totem?04:30
eightyeightnull_403: very cute. very cute indeed04:30
minus18_punditwj32: i'm from bangladesh. previously i changed this download server to main server because i had a problem downloading from that server. should i again change the server? how could i know which server is best for me?04:30
wj32wfoster: does it output any text when it crashes?04:30
rwwwfoster: what wj32 just said. And then pastebin any output you get.04:30
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:30
csgeekit used to be that i could do apt-get install kde-desktop to switch to kubuntu, is that still available?04:30
wfosterwj32: It doesn't crash, when I go to Downloads it just closes. But if I sudo firefox then it lets me go on Downloads.04:30
rwwcsgeek: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop04:30
wfosterOh it says..04:31
wj32minus18_pundit: well, being able to download with slow speeds is better than not being able to download :)04:31
wfosterwj32: Segmentation fault04:31
kolbyI need to run an Xsession as root for gnome-appearance-properties changes to take effect04:31
wj32now that's a bug04:31
Skippy1981kolby, roots password is encrypted by default.  you access root account using the sudo command04:31
geniiSkippy1981: In fact, there is no root password04:31
wj32wfoster: are you running 64-bit ubuntu?04:31
techsupportI installed ubuntu server in vmware, its telling me to install vmware tools by mounting the virtual cd drive, how can i do that ?04:31
dr_williskolby,  Huh?  you may want to elaborate to the channel why you are doing this?04:31
wfosterwj32: Yes.04:31
ikyn_I'm in desperate need of help. I installed Kubuntu in safe graphics mode, and now I can't get it to get a higher rez than 640x480. Help!04:31
rwwkolby: "gksudo gnome-appearance-properties"04:32
SJr|Nbookikyn_ try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-common"04:32
dr_willistechsupport,  last i lookjed there was a menu  item that mounted a cd iso file to the vmware virtual cdrom04:32
Skippy1981genii, really? so the system is just set to refuse all direct root logins then?04:32
minus18_punditwj32: is there anyway to determine which server is best for downloading the update?04:32
aiuwGrr, wireless networking had been working since day one, but 20 minutes ago it just stopped. I have no idea on what it might be, I wasn't updating anything, I was just browsing the web w/ firefox.04:32
kolbyrww: well, I ran that and changed the theme, but it hasn't taken effect yet.  I logged out and logged back in too.04:32
geniiSkippy1981: Yes04:32
aiuwAny ideas on anything to check?04:32
wj32minus18_pundit: there's a determine best server button i think04:32
user01wj32, where can i see and change what firefox is using for audio?04:32
Skippy1981ah kk thanks genii04:32
null_403aiuw: iwconfig -a04:32
Raspberryhow do I figure out the temp of my CPU?  this laptop has been running like crap since I updated to 8.1004:33
dr_willisdirect logging in as root - is disabled in the GDM config files.04:33
wj32user01: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25542204:33
Raspberryvista is faster if that puts anything into perspective04:33
ikyn_SJr|Nbook: nothing happened04:33
wj32user01: its at /etc/firefox/firefoxrc04:33
geniiSkippy1981: This is by the design of Ubuntu. Sudo is the way things were meant to work in this distro04:33
wfosterwj32: Yes, I'm running 64-bit.04:33
user01wj32, thanks04:34
wj32Raspberry: right click on the panel and add the CPU frequency scaling monitor04:34
SJr|NbookSorry ikyn_ "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"04:34
Chicano_hi veeryone us ubuntu slower then xubuntu?04:34
penguin-upaiuw: try unplugging the puter to do a hardware reset04:34
null_403Chicano_: yes04:34
harriseldonkolby are you in gnome? theme changes normally take effect immediately, even as you click on the theme.04:34
|ntegra|FrozenFire: I'd just right-click an avi>open with>and hope there is a>"always use this program"   which >there is on my xubuntu04:34
eightyeightChicano_: no04:34
owen1i have no sound anymore. how do i trubleshoot it?04:34
aiuwpenguin-up, it's a laptop, and I've restarted multiple times.04:34
Chicano_is xubuntu the fastes 1?04:34
wj32wfoster: all i've seen with firefox crashing on 64-bit is with the flash plugin04:34
Raspberrywj32: that's already on there... the cpu frequen y scaling monitor does not give me temp04:34
ikyn_SJr|Nbook: nothing of note came of reconfiguring my keyboard04:34
null_403Chicano_: fluxbuntu04:35
rwwwfoster: Hmm. Close all open Firefox windows, then run "firefox -ProfileManager" and use it to create a new profile, and see if you get the same behavior with the new profile.04:35
aiuwnull_403, http://pastie.org/35135804:35
wfosterwj32: It doesn't crash, it just closes.04:35
wj32Raspberry: oops04:35
dr_willisThe only 'theme' changes that a root ran app can display i thought were colors and fonts.. or am i confused..04:35
Raspberrywj32: :)04:35
wj32wfoster: closing unexpectedly is crashing :)04:35
Chicano_does this have the same support as ubuntu?04:35
penguin-upaiuw: try unplugging the battery?04:35
FrozenFire|ntegra|: There isn't. You can select VLC within the right-click menu, but I can't find the dialogue to set it to the default program when opening with left-click.04:35
eightyeightChicano_: speed has much more to do with hardware than software. gnome will run just as fast and xfce. gnome just uses a bit more ram to get things done04:35
ikyn_really really04:35
Chicano_like updates and stuff04:35
Son_of_DemetriusThx folks...took me a while to backtrack here and read your responses...I'm really slow...I've copied and pasted your advice...thx again...really appreciate your help...bye4now:)04:35
rwwwfoster: ( you can switch between profiles at the command line with "firefox -p profilename", where profilename is the name you see in ProfileManager)04:35
|ntegra|FrozenFire: open with 'other' program04:36
aiuwnull_403, it can see the networks, but it can't connect to any, including WPA, WEP, and unprotected wireless networks04:36
hmullerCan anyone point to a howto or setting a bluetooth mouse up on Xubuntu Intrepid?04:36
SJr|Nbookikyn_ hmmm maybe they changed the package04:36
=== qbmaniac_ is now known as qb|away
FrozenFire|ntegra|: I'm aware of the dialogue, however there is no "Always use this program" option04:36
wj32FrozenFire: right click on the file, properties04:36
wj32FrozenFire: Open With tab04:36
|ntegra|oh crap04:36
SJr|Nbook"sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" and "sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm"04:36
ikyn_k, sec04:36
harriseldondr_willis in my experience if the theme is stored in /usr/share/themes root apps like synaptic will pick it up, but if the theme is stored in ~/.themes then root apps use the default Gnome theme.04:37
wfosterrww: It doesn't allow me to create a profile. It gives me a big error when I create the profile name.04:37
FrozenFirewj32: Brilliant. Seems to work.04:37
FrozenFireThanks a ton.04:37
wj32wfoster: segfault again?04:37
SJr|Nbookikyn_ if that doesn't work, and you are feeeling daring you can etc /etc/X11/xorg.conf (after making a backup)04:37
wfosterwj32: I think so.04:37
wfosterwj32: Let me check.04:37
wj32wfoster: try putting up a bug report04:37
izinucswfoster, try closing FF then "mv ~/.mozilla".. then reopen FF and see what happens..04:37
ikyn_SJr|Notebook: gdm isn't installed - one sec04:37
rwwwfoster: yeah, i'd be interested in the text of the error message...04:38
wj32wfoster: actually, try running "gdb firefox"04:38
izinucswfoster, sorry.. "mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.backup04:38
ikyn_SJr|Notebook: how do I install gdm04:38
wj32wfoster: when it crashes, type "bt" and hit enter04:38
SJr|NbookWhich flavor of ubuntu are you runnig04:38
SJr|Nbookmaybe kdm?04:38
wj32then put it in pastebin04:38
dr_willisharriseldon,  well the root user - couldent really be reading (well shouldent) be  accessiung user isnalled themes. :)  but  ages ago i just set the default root 'theme' colors to be bright red.. so i could tell which apps were being ran as root. I dont think  differently ran user apps can hafe for example different window-decorations,04:38
SJr|NbookOh then it's kdm04:38
rwwdr_willis: heh, good idea *does that*04:39
ikyn_SJr|Nbook: it didn't do anything04:39
wj32wfoster: do you want to try my suggestion?04:39
malibuHas anyone heard of SSH causing /serious/ system problems if pushed really hard?04:39
dr_willisrww,  of course if they did that by default.. everyone would be crying wanting it to NOT do that. :)04:39
wfosterwj32: Yes.04:39
minus18_punditwj32: i'm now using a dialup connection. now i'm seriously considering for a broadband connection. which hardwares do i need? and ISPs here dont provide support for ubuntu. is there any tutorial to how to setup a broadband connection in ubuntu?04:39
=== Mike_92 is now known as Mike9022
SJr|NbookEdit /etc/X11/xorg.conf  then, ikyn_ you can use vim04:39
wj32wfoster: ok. run "sudo apt-get install gdb"04:39
Mike9022Can someone tell me how to install Tor on Ubuntu 8.10?04:39
izinucsminus18_pundit, is it cable or dsl?04:40
ikyn_SJr|Nbook: when I edit it, what do I change?04:40
SJr|Nbooklook for 640x38004:40
SJr|Nbookmake a backup of it04:40
SJr|Nbook640x480 and put it as something you think you can support.04:40
wfosterwj32: All done.04:40
minus18_punditwj32: what is the dfference? i assume it's cable.04:40
ikyn_I can't read what it says - the resolution is too low04:40
wj32wfoster: then, in the terminal, type "gdb /usr/bin/firefox-bin" and hit enter04:40
wj32wfoster: actually thats wrong04:41
wj32wfoster: ok wait a min04:41
SJr|NbookYou can switch to a console by pressing CTRL+ALT+F1, then you can press ALT+F7 to get back04:41
minus18_punditizinucs: what is the dfference? i assume it's cable.04:42
wj32wfoster: type "gdb /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.5/firefox-3.0"04:42
harriseldonminus18_pundit I would recommend setting up a router/firewall first. Then connect your ubuntu machine into the router. Then you computer needs no special setup to connect. The connection details for your dsl/cable are in the router.04:42
GletobHello can anyone here help me with getting my mother's desktop with an ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 integrated graphics chip04:42
gimpscape_hi. How can I hide Gimp toolbars and windows from taskbar? I just want the main window to appear there04:42
ikyn_SJr: so how do I edit my xorg in the console?04:42
wj32wfoster: then type run and enter04:42
harriseldonminus18_pundit any model will do depending on whether or not you want to enable wireless.04:42
SJr|Nbookikyn_ type sudo vim /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:42
SJr|Nbookmake a backup first by typing04:43
wj32wfoster: then try to make firefox crash04:43
rwwMike9022: hrm. There's a TOR package in the intrepid repositories (sudo apt-get install tor), but it's slightly out of date. Might be a good idea to go to #tor on irc.oftc.net and ask what they suggest (Ubuntu's official, or the latest stable version).04:43
SJr|Nbooksudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak04:43
crimsunrww: / Mike9022: they maintain their own repository for precisely that reason04:43
SJr|NbookPress I to start editing, then when you are done, press ESC,:,exit04:43
Gletoboh crap hold on just on second the computer just locked up04:43
zetherooI have a 500 GB drive which seems to not have SMART on it ... is that possible?04:43
SJr|Nbookif you make a mistake you can start over, by pressing ESC, :,q04:43
wfosterwj32: I'm typing all that and after enetering on the gbd command it goes to a copyright confirmation.04:44
izinucsminus18_pundit, if it's cable then a round tv type wire will screw into the back of the cable modem and it will connect to either your router or computer directly with ethernet.. from there it just works.. not adjustments needed..... dsl typically has a dialer because it plugs into a telephone connection.  the dialer can be software loaded on the computer (re: windows) or a router downstream typically wi04:44
izinucsll do the dialing/connection for all the other machines on the lan.04:44
wfosterwj32: I press run and it says it isn't exectuable.04:44
rwwcrimsun, Mike9022: Thanks, crimsun, I forgot that *facepalm*. Mike9022: https://wiki.torproject.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorOnDebian04:44
wj32wfoster: what version of firefox do you have?04:44
rwwcrimsun: was looking at that page just the other day, too >.>04:45
wfosterI'm not sure. The default that comes with Wubi.04:45
minus18_punditwhat is MAC address changer? i heard i need to do this to setup broadband. need i setup my ip address manually? need i setup any dialer?04:45
wj32wfoster: ok never mind. i guess you'll have to put up a bug report04:45
leachim6I have two linux computer both running ubuntu 8.10 intrepid ibex, and a crossover cable...how do I make them talk to each other ?04:46
wfosterBut I don't know why I have to sudo it all to make it work properly.04:46
izinucsminus18_pundit, don't worry about any of that.. if you're in europe they might do it differently over there but here in the US it's typically plug and play04:46
wj32wfoster: yes, thats weird. be sure to mention that in the report.04:46
werdnumleachim6: get speech synthesis program festival, and turn up the volume, and write a script to have them say stuff.04:46
* werdnum hides.04:46
dr_willisleachim6,  give each an ip#.. see if they can ping each others ip.. there ya go .. they are networked. :) now install whatever services you wish to use to let them communicate in a usefull way, ssh, nfs, samba.04:46
wfosterwj32: Will do, thanks for the help all. and rww. :)04:46
rwwwfoster: You're welcome. Sorry we couldn't fix it :(. Send me a link to that bug report when you make it; I'll be interested to see the result.04:47
wj32rww: can i get you try something?04:47
wfosterrww: Sure, thanks. I'll hit you all up tomorrow.04:48
white-sheepWhat's the dmesg command that'll let you view the devices?04:48
wj32rww: go to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/31335304:48
wj32rww: and try and reproduce that bug04:48
rwwwj32: k, give me a sec04:48
minus18_punditbut i'm from bngladesh. ISPs here dont provide support for linux.04:48
dr_willis'isps  dont support  much of anything' :)04:49
rwwwj32: happens to me too04:49
dr_willisisp support basics: 'Sir, did you turn on the computer?'04:49
wj32rww: have you experienced this bug before?04:50
gaelfxI have SCIM installed, and all the appropriate IM modules seem to be installed, but I can't switch input methods and when I click on the SCIM icon, nothing shows up. SCIM-Setup seems to work fine, but I still nothing shows up when I try to switch input methods, how can I get back to typing Chinese like before?04:50
izinucsminus18_pundit, isp's here don't either..04:50
wj32rww: i have - its really annoying04:50
rwwwj32: I don't generally use tree view (or nautilus =/), so no04:50
wj32rww: oh04:50
wj32rww: ok. i was just seeing if people could following my obscure instructions in the bug report04:51
wj32rww: *follow04:51
ikyn_SJr|Nbook - ok, i  had to restart and reload xorg, but I'm ready now04:51
xd4can anyone tell me how does evolution rss work? i can subscribe to feeds, but i have to go to plugins menu then add feed04:51
wj32xd4: why use evolution for rss feeds?04:51
=== kavon is now known as grey-sheep
wj32xd4: try liferea04:51
anonstill have trouble with firefox04:51
anonits all scrambled04:51
wj32anon: what is your problem again?04:51
xd4<wj32> i already had liferea, but i like it to be all in one app04:52
wj32xd4: ok04:52
ikyn_SJr|Nbook - What is it that I change in xorg.conf?04:52
xd4another question about evolution, can i by any mean, import the saved sent messages in my gmail (web) to my account at evolution?04:53
ikyn_SJr|Nbook - I'm thinking that I change "vesa" to "intel"04:53
Mike9022rww: when I try that, I get the error: bash: deb: command not found04:53
wj32ikyn_: yes that should be right04:53
minus18_pundithey, i have another problem. i previously changed my update server from bangladesh server to main server. now i'm hving a slow update download speed. so i'm thinking of changing the server from main server to bangladesh server. but i dont see  any "server from bangladesh" in "software sources". now how can i chage this?04:53
antiremsomething is messed up and im suppoed to tpye in "apt-get -f install" i get this error... http://pastebin.com/m50c93e0e04:54
Pavlzwhich pcmcia wi-fi or mini is possible to mount in to a pc with the adapter ?04:54
eseven73xd4: doesnt imap and pop3 automatically do that anyways?04:54
wj32Mike9022: what command are you trying to run?04:54
=== digit is now known as digit_halfherepr
dr_willisantirem,  tr4y a sudo at the front of that command.04:54
ikyn_wj32: I can't seem to exit with saving - it keeps telling me "No write since last change (add ! to override)04:54
Mal3kohow do i login into root acc?04:54
antiremi have04:54
Mike9022wj32:  deb     http://mirror.noreply.org/pub/tor intrepid main04:54
ikyn_wj32: nevermind04:54
xd4<eseven73> no, all what i can fetch is the new (unread messages) in my gmail box04:54
dr_willis!sudo | Mal3ko04:54
ubottuMal3ko: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)04:54
rwwMike9022: that page is written kinda poorly. The deb and deb-src lines need to go into /etc/apt/sources.list04:54
rwwMike9022: (i.e., you're not supposed to run them)04:55
wj32Mike9022: don't type that into the terminal04:55
mib_jvlhglnbMaf3ko: su04:55
eseven73xd4: thats odd, on my Thunderbird Gmails imap shows all folders, and then some.04:55
Mike9022rww, wj32: Oh I see04:55
wj32Mike9022: go to System > Administration > Software Sources04:55
eseven73same with Outlook04:55
wj32Mike9022: Third-Party Software04:55
anonanyone having troubles with firefox?04:55
wj32Mike9022: click Add04:55
wj32anon: describe your problem04:55
Mal3komib_jvlhglnb: oo that works ty04:56
xd4<eseven73> i think i am going to ditch evolution and use thunderbird, i am really annoyed by all these complicated nonsense04:56
geniiminus18_pundit: change all:    archive.ubuntu.com          into:   in.archive.ubuntu.com           in your /etc/apt/sources.list   file. You can edit it with:  gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list04:56
anoneverytime i start firefox the whole windows is just scrambled looking04:56
eseven73xd4: good choice :)04:56
anonit wasn't like that at first but then one day04:56
takophiliaci'm having trouble getting my audio to go thru my USB sound card, when i test in System -> Preferences -> Sound, i get: audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback.04:57
eseven73xd4: also make sure on your gmail (web) that you enable imap or pop3, by default they not turned on04:57
xd4<eseven73> one question though, does thunderbird have to open a new window whenever i want to (send this to email directly from nuatilus or thunar?)04:57
takophiliacif i select the oss on, it works fine04:57
eseven73xd4: hmmm that im not sure04:57
xd4<eseven73> best thing is to try, sudo apt-geting it now04:58
xd4<eseven73> tried to remove evolution, but it says i have to remove gnome-disktop with it!!, do you have any evolution-server process open there at your pc?04:59
eseven73xd4: also note most HOWTO's on how to set up gmail in thunderbird do not use the correct ports, for imap its 993 for recieving and 587 for sending, also recieving uses TLS and sending SSL i belive or it might be the other way around :)  i can check if you'd like05:00
techsupportI installed ubuntu server in vmware, its telling me to install vmware tools by mounting the virtual cd drive, how can i do that ?05:00
takophiliacon the menu bar, hit the vm menu, then choose install vmware tools05:00
takophiliacit should auto-mount and auto-start the vmware tools install05:01
takophiliacthis is from the vmware console of course05:01
xd4<eseven73> i think gmail have this as a tutorial on their help section, right?05:01
eseven73techsupport: try going to /media/cdrom it might be mounted already05:01
eseven73xd4: i think so yeah05:02
=== digit_halfherepr is now known as digit
eseven73bad david_05:02
gaelfxcan someone help me fix my SCIM, it's really screwed up05:03
ikyn_so I've tried to change my drivers from vesa to intel - do I need to restart the computer before the xorg takes effect?05:03
=== john is now known as Guest70708
techsupporteseven73, i'm in /media/cdrom , ls returns nothing05:03
eseven73techsupport: did you do 'mount' ina term?05:04
eseven73in a*05:04
wj32techsupport: sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom05:04
wj32or is it05:04
wj32sudo mount /dev/scd0 /media/cdrom05:04
wj32oh wait cdrom is a symlink to scd005:05
mib_ymzj3w3ehello all05:05
eseven73is there a vmware server that doesnt have that rediculous web interface?05:05
thorsten11how's it going mib :)05:05
VictorDeKoLaalgum brasileiro aqui05:05
gaelfxcan anyone tell me where the config files related to SCIM are and what they are named? or point me to a source for that info?05:06
usserikyn_, restarting xorg is enough, but restarting machine is just simpler05:06
ikyn_usser: restarting now05:06
Tony22hi, I was wondering if there were any networking people here. I've got a problem with a bridge and I'm not sure if it's Ubuntu or my Windows box that's screwing it up05:06
dr_williseseven73,  that web interface.. is one reason i started usinb virbualbox..  I never did figure out the vmware  server stuff :) i was too used to the old vmware server05:07
ikyn_Tony22: having trouble with windows ICS?05:07
eseven73same here05:07
Mayankhey guys, what is mandreva linux?05:07
mib_ymzj3w3eTony22: ask away, we'll see what we can do05:07
eseven73I think vmware server made a huge mistake in using web interface05:07
jrgpMayank, another Linux distrobution05:07
Mayankis it good?, jrgp05:08
Tony22ikyn: I've actually got Windows setup with a bridge between a wired and wireless adapter. On my router, the bridge shows up, and the windows box shows up as a conencted device, but the Ubuntu box doesn't05:08
eseven73!distros | Mayank05:08
ubottuMayank: Other !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)05:08
jrgpMayank, never had a reason to use it. Ubuntu's served me perfectly after ~3 years05:08
Tony22the Ubuntu box and the windows box now have the same IP. Windows Firewall is off. I think ICS is off05:08
ikyn_Tony22: I can't help you - I was just asking out of curiosity05:08
Tony22I don't know what's causing them to have the same IP, that's the confusing part. no worries05:08
blasphemousis there a way i can turn on advanced visual effects using a simple bash command?05:09
Mike9022Well I think I've installed Tor correctly now, however when I try using my TorButton in Firefox, and I check my IP, my IP isn't behind a proxy.05:09
=== digit is now known as digit_halfherepr
gastogot Nvidia driver installed from the official page05:09
=== digit_halfherepr is now known as digit_halfhere
gastobut black screen appears05:09
gastoafter restarting X server05:09
eseven73Mike9022: thats not really an Ubuntu issue try asking in #TOR05:10
izinucsgasto, did you install it with the gui loaded?05:10
Mike9022eseven73: Okay05:10
Mandrigwhat irc client do you guys recommend?05:10
izinucsgasto, which driver did  you load?05:10
jrgpMandrig, xchat05:11
gastoizinucs, I installed it with the virtual terminal05:11
kolbyarchive.ubuntu.com seems to be moving slow05:11
BLuEACiDxChat is what I'm on and I love it05:11
jrgpsame here BLuEACiD05:11
eseven73Irssi Mike902205:11
eseven73oops Mandrig05:11
gastoizinucs, I loaded the Nvidia driver05:11
ethancan anyone tell me if there are any glitches in ubuntu? my system just made 2 loud beeps and came to a black screen and siad system power down. and then i tried to logg on and it had problems logging on and now its totally fine05:11
jrgpyeah, irssi is the best of the command line clients05:11
Mandrigi'm using ircii right now, but don't care for it, i mean, its nice as far as command line goes05:12
ethancan anyone tell me if there are any glitches in ubuntu? my system just made 2 loud beeps and came to a black screen and siad system power down. and then i tried to logg on and it had problems logging on and now its totally fine05:12
blasphemousis there a way i can turn on advanced visual effects using a simple bash script?05:12
eseven73Mandrig: Irssi is better05:12
Mayankis that fine i am using utorrent (windows version) in ubuntu for downloading?05:12
izinucsgasto, did you happen to uninstall all the other nvidia stuff  that is available in synaptic package manager?  including disabling the nvidia driver that might have been activated in System>Admin>hardware drivers ?05:12
thorsten11Mandrig: funny you should mention that, i just installed in on my server and am using it remotely05:12
gastoizinucs, NVIDIA-Linux-x86-177.82.pkg1.run05:12
ethancan anyone help me?05:12
Mandrigmayanak, have you tried Transmission?05:12
Mayankbecause before i was using deluge, its always closes itself05:13
Mayanktransmission is very bad05:13
ethancan anyone tell me if there are any glitches in ubuntu? my system just made 2 loud beeps and came to a black screen and siad system power down. and then i tried to logg on and it had problems logging on and now its totally fine05:13
eseven73Mayank: i dont see any prob with it, but its always better to run things native05:13
Tony22anyone know why my Ubuntu box is getting assigned the same IP as my windows box? Ubuntu box is connected to the windows box, which is acting as a bridge, and then that connects wirelessly to my router. any suggestions or better places to look would be appreciated05:13
ikyn_Now that i've changed my xorg from "vesa" to "intel" my bootup screen has frozen half-way through loading KDE. Now what?05:13
izinucsgasto, the 177 driver is available from the repos .. you didn't have to get it from nvidia..05:13
gastoizinucs, I wouldn´t know what other Nvidia stuff is installed by default on Ubuntu...05:13
Mandrigmayanak, i've never had any problem with transmission05:13
Mayankeseven73, which one transmission or deluge?05:13
ethancan anyone tell me if there are any glitches in ubuntu? my system just made 2 loud beeps and came to a black screen and siad system power down. and then i tried to logg on and it had problems logging on and now its totally fine05:13
eseven73!repeat | ethan woah slow down a bit05:13
ubottuethan woah slow down a bit: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience05:13
eseven73!torrent | Mayank05:14
ubottuMayank: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P05:14
ethaneseven73: my system totally crashed 5 mintues ago and now is fine05:14
ikyn_Mayank: using Xine use uTorrent, imho05:14
gastoizinucs, the 177 driver on repository did not work05:15
speedcoreIs there any keyboard shortcut for jumping between various screens in screen. I'm using irssi.05:15
ethaneseven73: and i have no clue why its fien why it crashed and how it crashed05:15
werdnumctrl-a, ctrl-a?05:15
gastoI clicked on activate, yet some error appeared05:15
usr13_speedcore: Ctrl-Alt-right or left arrow05:15
eseven73ethan: its ok to repeat occasionally just not every 20 seconds :)05:15
Mayank!xine | mayank05:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xine05:15
ikyn_google it05:16
usr13_speedcore: or Alt-1 ALt-2 etc...05:16
ikyn_or better yet sudo apt-get install xine05:16
techsupportwj32 there ?05:16
ikyn_wj32 is the only guy answering questions - he's probably taking a break05:16
ethaneseven73: well i have no clue if my system is just goignt os hut down again and im nervous that theres soemthing wrong with it05:16
Tony22this is more of a general linux question... is their an equivalent to ipconfig /release and /renew in the terminal? can ifconfig do that?05:16
speedcorewerdnum: I use ctrl-a ctrl-d to dettach. But I got several screens going. and I detach enter pid and attach.. should be an easier route05:16
eseven73ethan: is it maybe overheating?05:16
jobi would like to have different backgrounds for all 4 desktops.  any assistance please?05:16
Mayankcan i connect 1pc to another, both have ubuntu, with internet?05:17
ethaneseven73: no the fan is workign and its on a desk05:17
speedcorewerdnum: I tried the ctrl-a ctrl-a but it says.. "No other window"05:17
werdnumspeedcore: why do you have multiple screen sessions?05:17
takophiliaccan anyone assist with an alsa/pulseaudio problem?05:17
usr13_job Gnome or KDE?05:17
eseven73ethan: did this only happen once or twice?05:17
ckdrummerhey there ... anybody know of a good driver for lexmark x3350?05:17
speedcorewerdnum: Because Im newb. Tell me how to do it?05:17
jobusr13 Gnome05:17
n8tuser2!ics | Mayank05:18
ubottuMayank: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php05:18
werdnumspeedcore: You should use one screen session, and use multiple windows in the same screen session05:18
Mayankwhat type of xine i download?05:18
speedcorewerdnum: how do you open more windows?05:18
ethaneseven73: the black screen that siad system shutdown only came up once and then it shut down and i turned it back on and tried to log on but it had trouble a couple of times starting up again05:19
n8tuser2Tony22-> ifdown eth0 ; ifup eth0    as sudo priviledge off course05:19
werdnumuse ctrl-a, C to create a window, ctrl-a, ctrl-a to switch to the last-used window, ctrl-a, " to list windows, ctrl-a, ctrl-<num> to switch to a particular number05:19
werdnumgoogle screen tutorial.05:19
Tony22thanks n8tuser205:19
eseven73ethan: you using 8.10?05:19
Mandrigwhat are benefits of using screen?05:19
Mayankwhat type of xine i download?05:19
ethaneseven73: yes i am05:19
=== n8tuser2 is now known as n8tuser
Mayankpackage manager have xine console...is it good?05:20
speedcorewerdnum: Thanx =)05:20
=== decay is now known as lyre
=== lyre is now known as lyrae
eseven73ethan: try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62838&highlight=random+daily+restart05:20
ethaneseven73: what is that for? what will it do?05:21
Mayankpackage manager have xine console...is it good?05:21
eseven73ethan: you might try google for "Ubuntu 8.10 random reboot" and read some of the forum posts05:21
ikyn_does anyone know of any alternative intel on-board video drivers that I can use in xorg05:21
ethaneseven73: so it could be liek a fluke?05:22
izinucsikyn_, vesa?05:22
kolbydebbie: hello05:22
eseven73ethan: or check to see if its a bug or not05:22
Tony22anyone know possible reasons why my Ubuntu box is getting assigned the same IP as my windows box? the Ubuntu box is connected to the Windows box, which is acting as a bridge, and then that connects wirelessly to my router. any suggestions or better places to look would be appreciated05:22
geniiikyn_: What says result of command:  lspci | grep VGA                ?05:22
ethanhow do i check to see if its a bugg?05:22
ikyn_izinucs: I'm sure vesa would work great - but I can't even get into my system right now05:23
the_squircleTony22: do either have a static IP?05:23
eseven73ethan: it sounds like it yeah05:23
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.05:23
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots05:23
Cycomext4. is it stable yet?05:23
CoUrPsE|DeAdCYBERSIX007-2009, Tried asking a question?05:23
Cycomcan I use it and stuff?05:23
jrgpCycom, no05:23
CYBERSIX007-2009i need know a litte more about wine05:23
ethaneseven73: how do i check to see if its a bug? what do i do?05:23
wj32!caps | CYBERSIX007-200905:23
ubottuCYBERSIX007-2009: please see above05:23
eseven73!bugs > ethan05:23
ikyn_genii: I can't even get into my system - it freezes upon booting up KDE05:23
ubottuethan, please see my private message05:23
Cycomjrgp: O RLY?!  That sucks.05:23
eseven73read what ubottu is showing ethan05:23
kolbyCYBERSIX007-2009: be more specific please.05:23
Don_MiguelTony22, you might do better to get a hub, and connect both PCs to that ..05:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ext405:23
wj32CYBERSIX007-2009: what exactly do you need to know05:23
chuckHey, how do I generate locales in Ubuntu Server? Such as UTF-8 for example05:23
CYBERSIX007-2009see i have a software frome FOX05:23
jrgpCycom, checkout JFS, XFS, and HFS. they're fun05:23
CYBERSIX007-2009and i need run the software05:24
wj32XFS is awesome05:24
Cycomjrgp: I've seen HFS. Meh.  But I will check out JFS and XFS.05:24
CYBERSIX007-2009but i have a message frome the aplication05:24
ethaneseven73: it just says to file a bug report05:24
Mayankpackage manager have xine console...is it good?05:24
Tony22the squircle: no, both are set to DHCP from my router.05:24
geniiikyn_: Boot to recovery kernel05:24
the_squircle!enter | CYBERSIX007-200905:24
wj32CYBERSIX007-2009: what message?05:24
ubottuCYBERSIX007-2009: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:24
ethaneseven73: is that like a scan or something for my system?05:24
eseven73ethan: i think its http://launchpad.ubuntu.com or https05:24
=== Gr33n3gg is now known as Gr33n3gg[afk]
eseven73no its just to check/report bugs ethan it wont scan your system05:25
Tony22Don_Miguel: unfortunately the problem is my wireless router is located in another room. I don't have a wireless card for my Ubuntu box, but I do for my Windows machine. If I could hub it, I most certainly would since I've got one lying around05:25
TarantulafudgeDoes anyone know if bittorrent favors faster peers?05:25
CYBERSIX007-2009ok the message say visual fox pro cannot star requiers windows 9505:25
spionlalaTarantulafudge, by design not05:25
wj32CYBERSIX007-2009: Alt+F2, type winecfg05:25
ikyn_Tarantulafudge: it depends on the client05:26
Mayanktell me guys..plz05:26
Mayankpackage manager have xine console...is it good?05:26
the_squircleCYBERSIX007-2009: see here: http://paulmcnett.com/vfp/wine/VFPonLinux_foxtalk1.html05:26
ethaneseven73: so if there is a bug how do i get rid of it?05:26
wj32CYBERSIX007-2009: click Add application... and select the program05:26
jobhelp please05:26
wj32CYBERSIX007-2009: click on the new application in the list and change Windows Version to Windows 9505:26
eseven73eseven73: usually someone will post ways you can get around the bug or a fix of some sort05:27
wj32job: what do you need help with05:27
jobdifferent backgrounds for different desktops in Gnome05:27
ikyn_genii: booted into recovery - now what?05:27
Cycomwj32: jrgp: anything I need besides xfsprogs?05:27
white-sheepethan:  Get http://www.kiwicare.co.nz/assets/products/bugs-bomb.gif05:27
jrgpCycom, I think xfs-utils05:27
wj32Cycom: what do you want to do again?05:27
jobi googled but did not get anywhere05:27
Don_MiguelTony22, Good Luck ! I am sticking to cables for now ! ... but we DO have many wireless folks here to help out ...05:27
CYBERSIX007-2009were i shold click add application??05:27
white-sheepeseven73:  You spoke to yourself.  I think it was for ethan. ;o05:27
eseven73ethan: check out the forums too http://ubuntuforums.org/05:27
geniiikyn_: lspci | grep VGA                        says what?05:27
Cycomwj32: use XFS to format an external hard drive.05:27
eseven73lol yeah, stupid irssi05:28
Cycomwj32: then use it to store big files.05:28
wj32Cycom: isn't it just mkfs.xfs /dev/[device]05:28
ethaneseven73: thank you05:28
jrgpwj32, yes, but xfsprogs gives you mkfs.xfs05:28
chuckAnyone know how to generate locales in Ubuntu?05:28
wj32CYBERSIX007-2009: press Alt+F2, type winecfg, enter05:28
wj32jrgp: oh ok05:28
Crazy-TDo me a favor please  Click this link so i get more points after it loads u can exit it please?   http://www.DesignsBySiCK.com/?pointsfor=nheimberg05:28
gastohaving Nvidia problems05:28
Cycomwj32: yeah, I know.  But are there any other packages I should install? xfsdump, quota, etc, or is xfsprogs enough?05:28
wj32Crazy-T: is that spam?05:28
gastoNvidia driver for Geforce 620005:28
rwwCrazy-T: that's inappropriate for this channel. Please take it elsewhere.05:28
CYBERSIX007-2009i do05:29
Crazy-Tplease click it 4 me05:29
the_squircleCYBERSIX007-2009: see here for information about Visual FoxPro from AppDB on winehq: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=29605:29
wj32Cycom: if you want to defrag XFS filesystems, install xfsdump05:29
wj32!spam | Crazy-T05:29
ubottuCrazy-T: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubottu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !Caps, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...05:29
CYBERSIX007-2009thanks man i read05:29
Mayankpackage manager have xine console...is it good?05:29
CYBERSIX007-2009ok i see05:29
Cycomwj32: is it still type 83 in fdisk/cfdisk?05:29
gastoinstalled Nvidia driver with sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop, then ran sudo sh nvidia...run05:29
spionlalais it possible to make the lower window-bar "un-pass-able" ? i would like to be unable to move windows under it.05:30
gastothen restarted Gnome desktop05:30
CYBERSIX007-2009u are great man05:30
wj32Cycom: i've forgotten ages ago05:30
ikyn_genii: VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)05:30
wj32Cycom: don't all linux partitions have the same number?05:30
gastowith sudo etc/init.d/gdm start05:30
CYBERSIX007-2009i do and is workin realy great05:30
gastobut black screen05:30
gastoafter restarting05:30
jrgpwj32, depends on the filesystem, I believe05:30
dr_willisgasto,  you did try the nvidia-drivers from the 'restricted-manager' tool first i hope?05:30
wj32CYBERSIX007-2009: you're welcome05:31
geniiikyn_: I would suggest for that card to use the i810 driver05:31
Tony22Don Miguel, thanks, it could be a windows error, or maybe it's actually PEBKAC :P Just wondered if anyone had some insight or prior experience with it05:31
gastodr_willis, yes05:31
wj32jrgp: ok, i just thought that even though fat32 and ntfs, etc. have different numbers, all linux partitions have the same number05:31
yao_ziyuanwhich linux software can do "replace in files"?05:31
Mayankhow do i install xine for ubuntu?05:31
wj32jrgp: it's just what i think i've seen05:31
ikyn_genii: how do i get that driver, and how do I enable it in xorg from the prompt?05:31
jrgpwell, the term "linux partition" is kinda ambiguous05:31
yao_ziyuancodeblocks does, but it doesn't let me specify the directory but just searches in project files05:32
jrgpdo you mean parititions created by linux or just ext3/2?05:32
wj32Mayank: sudo apt-get install xine-ui05:32
bonez45help. I run 8.04lts.. server edition. I need to  run apt-get update... but when I enter 'sudo apt-get update' I get the following: scott@essen:~$ sudo apt-get update05:32
bonez45[sudo] password for scott:05:32
bonez450% [Connecting to mirrors.xmission.com (] [Connecting to security.05:32
FloodBot1bonez45: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:32
bonez45what might I be gdoing wrong05:32
wj32jrgp: no, I mean I think there's some sort of more specific thing stored somewhere05:32
Raspberryever since I updated to Ubuntu 8.10 ... my laptop doesn't cool properly... I've got a ThinkPad x61 -- anybody know any way to resolve this?05:32
Crazy-TDo me a favor please  Click this link so i get more points after it loads u can exit it please?   http://www.DesignsBySiCK.com/?pointsfor=nheimberg05:32
wj32jrgp: cause certain apps like the Windows installer05:32
gastoso If the restricted-manager tool failed for installing Nvidia drivers, I am fckd up?05:32
MayankPackage xine-ui is not available, but is referred to by another package.05:32
MayankThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or05:32
Mayankis only available from another source05:32
MayankE: Package xine-ui has no installation candidate05:32
Mayank, wj3205:32
FloodBot1Mayank: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:32
wj32jrgp: ... think that all Linux partitions are the same05:33
eseven73Crazy-T: you were told that's a no no here, please stop.05:33
wj32Mayank: go to System > Administration > Software Sources05:33
wj32Mayank: make sure "community-maintained open source software" is ticked05:34
jrgpwj32, come to think of it, I've been using fdisk a lot lately and it always calls partitions I make "linux partitions" and says it knows how to identify dos,irix,bsd,mac,etc partitions too05:34
untermenschI have a MacBook Pro that I am installing Ubuntu 8.10 on. The install seemed to be sucessful, and gparted shows both partitions to have some amount of used space. However, when I boot the computer, it always goes to OS X, and does not give an option to boot Ubuntu. How can I correct this?05:34
Mayankyes it is..05:34
geniiikyn_: You can directly edit the xorg.conf file thus:     nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf                      look for the line which reads like: "Configured Video Device"   under it may be a line like:  Driver "intel"                                or similar. Put whre says "intel"   instead:  "i810"05:34
wj32Mayank: how about "software restricted by copyright"?05:34
the_squircleuntermensch: http://refit.sf.net <-- use this05:34
geniiikyn_: If no line reading: Driver "whatevername"                exists, create it05:34
untermenschthe_squircle: thank you.05:34
untermenschDo Macs not come with a grub?05:35
geniiikyn_: Then use to exit:   ctrl-x             choose Y to save. Enter key to confirm name. Then:  telinit 205:35
ikyn_genii: how do I edit my xorg from the command prompt05:35
jrgpuntermensch, macs use a different bootloader05:35
Mayankalready checked,wj3205:35
geniiikyn_: I just explained that05:35
Paddy_EIREikyn_, what are you trying to do specifically05:35
untermenschjrgp: ah, figures. So this would be the only way?05:35
ikyn_genii: sorry - sec05:35
geniiikyn_: eg:    nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:35
Paddy_EIREikyn_, and editing xorg.conf is pretty much depreciated05:36
wj32Mayank: that's weird.05:36
patb]can i get the 3945abg wireless nic to open up to promiscous mode05:36
wj32Mayank: i don't know05:36
patbis it possible05:36
patbor am i just wasting my time05:36
wj32anyone know if GRUB supports EFI?05:36
untermenschthe_squircle: do i have to burn it to a cd?05:36
Mayankmy system is up to date, wj32, so why can't i download/instaLL XINEW?05:36
Mayankmy system is up to date, wj32, so why can't i download/instaLL XINE?05:37
the_squircleuntermensch: nope. download the Mac disk image and install it05:37
techsupportI installed ubuntu server in vmware, its telling me to install vmware tools by mounting the virtual cd drive, how can i do that ?05:37
AdemoS_Ubuntu Interpid: Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX: Question ---- What does "NV17 Video Texture" refer to?05:37
the_squircleuntermensch: it's really simple05:37
wj32Mayank: i don't know. sorry, ask someone else05:37
bonez45anyone know what would prevent apt-get from connecting?05:37
untermenschthe_squircle: on the mac? in OS X?05:37
the_squircleuntermensch: yep05:37
geniibonez45: Lack of an internet connection?05:37
jrgpbonez45, misconfigured sources.list file or bad internet connection05:37
nickrudbonez45, the server being down?05:37
MayankHOW TO get source from software sources?05:37
wj32the_squircle: it's a macbook pro with EFI. there's special instructions for using GRUB with EFI.05:37
nisinkHello, I have a sudo user who cannot mount a cdrom drive in gnome (by clicking - it gives a permission denied error) but they can mount the cdrom drive via the terminal both with and without privileged rights05:37
StevenXIs there any way to make the top panel hide completely. I can see a small bit of it.05:38
geniiMayank: You mean the source code of a program?05:38
nisinkany ideas anyone05:38
bonez45genii: fine, but I can ping that same IP for mirrors.xmission.com JUST fine.. would I be able to do that, sans internet connection?05:38
nickrudMayank, system->admin->software sources, enable sources, then in a clean directory apt-get source <sourcepackage>05:38
ikyn_genii: xorg edited - rebooting now05:38
Tony22does anyone actually know what the "Shared to other computers" setting means under the IPv4 Settings tab of Network Manager? I looked in the documentation but there's really nothing there...05:38
jrgpnisink, go to system>administration>users and make sure that account is in every group listed05:38
the_squirclewj32: it's not the bootloader that's the problem. REFIT is the easiest way to boot multiple operating systems: a mac icon, a linux icon, a windows icon.05:38
jrgpthen log out - log back in05:38
Mayankyes, there is written 3rd party software, can i ad more sources?05:38
the_squirclewj32: even before any OS boots.05:38
Chicanowhat's faste xubuntu or kubuntu or ubuntu for an old pc?05:38
nickrudbonez45, you can browse the ip with http, see if the pool directory is there05:38
ikyn_Chicano: xubuntu05:39
bonez45nickrud: I have tried other servers.. do you have a sources file I could try? I called xmission and they swear their mirror for ubuntu is UP05:39
fnord__Chicano: xubuntu05:39
Tony22Chicano: xubuntu, most likely05:39
fnord__by far05:39
gastoman, what a mess, anybody helping me05:39
wj32the_squircle: oops. i didn't read - REFIT IS for EFI05:39
bonez45nickrud: trying to browse it now05:39
Chicanobut does it look good?05:39
gastoI already tried googling the whole fcking world05:39
the_squirclewj32: yep :D05:39
fnord__fluxbuntu (or whatever the fluxbox version is called) should be fast too05:39
fnord__it looks good05:39
jrgpfnord__, there isn05:39
wj32gasto: what's the problem?05:39
fnord__as long as you don't somehow wind up using twm. :)05:39
jrgp't a fluxbox version of ubuntu05:39
jrgps just a package you can install05:39
nickrudbonez45, you can move your current sources.list out of the way, and use system->admin->software sources to create a new one, guaranteed to be good05:39
nisinkHello, I have a sudo user who cannot mount a cdrom drive in gnome (by clicking - it gives a permission denied error) but they can mount the cdrom drive via the terminal both with and without privileged rights05:39
rww!enter | fnord__, jrgp05:39
ubottufnord__, jrgp: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:39
Chicanodoes fluxbuntu look good?05:39
bonez45nickrud: well, I browse and it brings up xmission's mirror05:40
geniibonez45: Try surf to http://mirrors.xmission.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy              <or ibex or so>05:40
Gr33n3gg[afk]Chicano: Not sure if there is Fluxbuntu 8.04 or 8.10, but it runs quite fast.05:40
fnord__Hmm. It looks like there was a fluxbuntu, but that's old05:40
jrgpfnord__, Linux MInt05:40
nisinkHello, I have a sudo user who cannot mount a cdrom drive in gnome (by clicking - it gives a permission denied error)05:40
nisinkbut they can mount the cdrom drive via the terminal both with and without privileged rights05:40
Chicanothanks will look 4 105:40
fnord__You can always install fluxbox on any other install anyway05:40
AdemoS_Ubuntu Interpid: Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX: Question ---- What does "NV17 Video Texture" refer to?05:40
bonez45nickrud:  this is on 8.04 LTS server edition. NO GUI installed......05:40
ikyn_genii: Now I only boot up to the command prompt. Never see KDE05:40
=== grey-sheep is now known as kavon
wj32nisink: if no one's answered, it probably means no one knows05:40
fnord__Oh, I'm an idiot. http://fluxbuntu.org/05:40
fnord__There is an 8.1005:40
geniiikyn_: In recovery mode? eg, you see a # and not a $ in the prompt05:41
bonez45genii:  that brings up a menu listing main, multiverse, restricted and universe...05:41
nisinki was hoping that they just wern't seeing it05:41
Mayankwhat is better ubuntu clean or ubuntu wubi?05:41
ikyn_genii: one sec05:41
Crazy-TDo me a favor please  Click this link so i get more points after it loads u can exit it please?   http://www.DesignsBySiCK.com/?pointsfor=nheimberg05:41
geniibonez45: Then check your sources.list entry for that repository05:41
wj32can someone kick Crazy-T or something05:41
wj32he's done that three times now05:41
geniibonez45: Probably malformed05:41
rww!ops | Crazy-T has repeatedly spammed this link and ignores requires for him to stop05:41
ubottuCrazy-T has repeatedly spammed this link and ignores requires for him to stop: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!05:41
Raspberrykick 'em05:41
warbullyou are sick Crazy-t05:41
Chicanoi only fount fluxbuntu 7.1005:42
fnord__Now, anyway, I have a weird question. I'm sure someone's probably run into this issue before, somewhere. I have a nvidia card with two lcd monitors hooked up, one on analog and one on dvi.05:42
fnord__Chicano: scroll down on that page.05:42
fnord__I kinda got confused too since the legacy link was at the top05:42
ikyn_genii: I'm in the recovery menu. What do I do from here?05:42
fnord__As for my question.. If totem runs to play an audio file, for some odd reason, one or both of the monitors get set to an invalid refresh rate.05:43
nickrudbonez45, http://paste.ubuntu.com/98781/ <-- pretty generic intrepid, search & replace hardy for intrepid and give it a try05:43
techsupportI installed ubuntu server in vmware, its telling me to install vmware tools by mounting the virtual cd drive, how can i do that ?05:43
techsupportanyone ?05:43
bonez45that's a pastebin for my sources.list05:43
geniiikyn_: So you have then a #  prompt?05:43
Mayanki can't install wubi on my my other machine, with xp, after checksum complete, its download the whole iso file from net...why?05:43
fnord__This causes them to both go black until totem (or the firefox window pulling it up as a plugin) is closed; after which the monitor it isn't displayed on comes back. I have to hit the logout button and switch user to force the x server to rehash05:43
ikyn_genii: yes05:43
wj32techsupport: VM > Install VMware Tools...05:43
geniiikyn_:    telinit 205:44
Mandrigarchive.ubuntu.com is really slow tonight05:44
wj32techsupport: in the virtual machine, type:05:44
fnord__This is on 8.10, and I had the same problem on 8.04.05:44
Chicanonope only have 7.1005:44
techsupportwj32, hi again05:44
ikyn_genii: what does that do?05:44
=== Greg is now known as mallen_
fnord__Is it some kind of bug with the nvidia driver, or... otherwise? I don't have any invalid modes in xorg.conf05:44
ikyn_genii: it's asking me for my login information again - now what?05:44
wj32techsupport: sudo mount /dev/scd0 /media/cdrom05:44
=== mallen_ is now known as Mallen_
Mayankwj32, do u know this?05:44
Mayanki can't install wubi on my my other machine, with xp, after checksum complete, its download the whole iso file from net...why?05:44
geniiikyn_:   It puts the system into multiuser mode, should be starting up gdm or kdm, etc05:45
wj32Mayank: i haven't used Wubi05:45
Mayanki can't install wubi on my my other machine, with xp, after checksum complete, its download the whole iso file from net...why?05:45
ikyn_genii: i've logged in and my prompt has changed from # to $ - I'm at the prompt with no KDE started. How do I start KDE now?05:45
wj32ikyn_: startx05:46
ikyn_wj32: ok - one sec05:46
geniiikyn_: This after you did: telinit 2 ?05:46
rccululz, kde is bloat05:46
ikyn_genii: yes05:46
wj32ikyn_: that isn't actually the proper way to do it05:46
geniiikyn_: OK, looks like we need manual start of login manager. You have kdm or gdm?05:46
anuhow to rename a file05:46
wj32ikyn_: go sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start05:46
ikyn_genii: kdm05:46
chowmeinedHow can i have java sound work on intrepid? It always says device unavailable05:46
eseven73Mayank: understand wubi is only a file on a windows folder, all kinda stuff could go wrong, why not just install the real thing? you can dual boot05:46
nickrudMayank, http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=234 is your best bet for wubi support; not many wubi users here05:47
jrgpanu, mv oldname newname05:47
jrgpanu, you're welcome :)05:47
omenhow to use mldonkey to bt05:47
goppmy likewise says this Failed to contact DC when trying to synchronize local system clock!05:47
goppNone of the domain controllers listed in DNS could be contacted, or there are no DCs listed in DNS.05:47
geniiikyn_: What wj32 just said. Should start the login manager05:47
omenhow to use mldonkey to bt?05:47
Mayankthanx nickrud...05:47
WebcamWonderMayank: Anything specific to Wubi you need to know?05:47
goppsystem clock is same05:47
onetinsoldierhello. anyone know if i can run 32-bit game(ut) in wine under my 64-bit userspace unbuntu installation?05:47
nickrudMayank, I've never used wubi myself. I know some wubi devs keep an eye on that forum05:48
ikyn_genii - wj32: when I type /etc/init.d/kdm start, it says that it's already running05:48
jrgponetinsoldier, I play half life2 all the time on my 64bit ubuntu box05:48
wj32ikyn_: try pressing Ctrl+Alt+F705:48
geniiikyn_: Do then alt-f705:48
Mayankwebcamwonder, i have installed wubi on this machine i am using, i have another machine at home, when i tried to install on that one, its download the whole iso file...why?05:48
wj32genii: oh is it Alt+F7 or is it Ctrl+Alt+F7?05:48
geniiwj32: Either works from console05:49
wj32genii: oh ok05:49
jrgpyeah. the control is only needed if you're in X05:49
WebcamWonderMayank: Well, wubi needs the ISO file to install. If it doesn't find the ISO file exactly named under the same folder as the exectuable, it has to download it05:49
geniiwj32: Only ctrl-alt-f#  works from gui05:49
ikyn_wj32 - genii: I hit Alt+F7 and my screen went blank and there is a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner05:49
wj32ikyn_: sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart05:49
rwwMayank: what WebcamWonder said. Also, it might be downloading the 64-bit version, whereas you have the 32-bit version... or something like that.05:49
ikyn_wj32: I can't type anything05:49
onetinsoldierjrgp: ahh, cool! thanks. i was just curious before i install wine. ut can be installed natively in linux, but alas, it won't even think about installing natively in a 64-bit environment as far as i could tell05:50
geniiikyn_: ctrl-alt-f1 to get back where you were05:50
Mayankwebcamwonder, but on this machine installation was easy as toast..the difference is - i have p-4, 2.4, other machine has p-4, 2.8...05:50
ikyn_genii: I opted for crtl+alt+del - restarting now... oi05:50
jrgponetinsoldier, oh, I thought you might mean a "wine windows game". but yeah, I can play urbanterror (also linux native) on this box fine too05:50
ikyn_genii - going back to recovery mode console05:50
bonez45nickrud: I pasted your sources.list in and then attempted to run sudo apt-get update.. am I supposed to run anything else before it...?05:50
geniiikyn_: This is perhaps why you keep ending up in recovery mode...hard resets ets05:50
Csanais there a way to change the master volume using BASH?05:51
WebcamWonderMayank: Do you have the ISO file already under the directory of Wubi?05:51
nickrudbonez45, no. But before you do anything else, you did change it from intrepid to hardy!!?05:51
wj32Csana: alsamixer05:51
Mayankwebcamwonder, not on this machine before, and not on other machine, why so difference...?05:51
nickrudbonez45, gotta ask that, just for due diligence :)05:51
onetinsoldierjrgp: well, i'm not sure if i know what you're saying. is that a 32-bit game and you got it to install into 64-bit natively?05:51
bonez45nickrud:  yes, I painstakingly went through and changed all intrepids to hardys...;)05:52
jrgponetinsoldier, correct05:52
brEzHi, I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 and I have open-shh server running - I was wondering if there was a way to view what another user is doing while in my box?05:52
WebcamWonderMayank: Are you telling me it never downloaded the iso file on the first PC?05:52
wj32jrgp: can't 32-bit progs run natively on 64-bit OSes?05:52
nickrudbonez45, hehe I like search and replace. sudo apt-get update <-- if it didn't fail, you're good to go05:52
bonez45nickrud: then I ran sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart.. and still this is all I get now.. scott@essen:~$ sudo apt-get update 0% [Connecting to mirrors.us.kernel.org (] [Connecting to archive.canonical.com (] [Connecting to download.virtu05:52
jrgpwj32, sometimes05:52
onetinsoldierjrgp: hmm, perhaps i need to install some more 32-bit stuff.. like lib32readline5 or something. i'll look into it, thank you!05:53
ikyn_genii: perhaps a reinstall is in order then?05:53
WebcamWonderbrEz: You can run top, and see the application using the highest processor/memory05:53
Teknotry sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart05:53
geniiikyn_: Not yet05:53
jrgponetinsoldier, anytime05:53
nickrudbonez45 do you have an http_proxy set anywhere?05:53
Mayankyes..yes...i have installed many time wubi on my machine (first machine), but after checksum, its copy the whole iso from cd directly...so the other machine why downloading from net?05:53
bonez45W: Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/Release.gpg  Could not connect to archive.canonical.com:80 (, connection timed out05:53
eseven73whats the select all command on VIM?05:53
ubuntunetbookhowdy room05:53
Hammerjakeseven73, ggVG05:53
bonez45nickrud: that is what I am getting now after several seconds...05:53
ikyn_genii: it's a fresh install - I haven't actually been able to make it work correctly yet on this computer05:53
brEzWebcamWonder: can I physically view what they're typing etc through a terminal?05:53
nickrudbonez45 do you have an http_proxy set anywhere?05:53
Mayankwebcamwonder, yes..yes...i have installed many time wubi on my machine (first machine), but after checksum, its copy the whole iso from cd directly...so the other machine why downloading from net?05:53
jrgpeseven73, you might want to try nano instead. it's like command line notepad05:53
eseven73Hammerjak: after im in visual mode i do that?05:54
ubuntunetbookim running a netbook with ubuntu05:54
geniiikyn_: nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf        and change the "i810"       to "vesa"05:54
Csanais there a way to change the master volume using a bash COMMAND?05:54
wj32jrgp: how do you select all in nano?05:54
WebcamWonderbrEz: I am not sure with that05:54
ikyn_genii: I'm at the $ command prompt05:54
WebcamWonderMayank: Is this intrepid?05:54
wj32jrgp: actually, how do you even select in nano?05:54
eseven73jrgp: usually i use nano, but im trying to learn vim :)05:54
geniiikyn_:Then: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf        and change the "i810"       to "vesa"05:54
Hammerjakeseven73, gg goes to top of file, V goes visual-line, G goes to bottom of file05:54
bonez45nickrud: I do not have an http_proxy set anywhere, that I know of....again this 8.04 LTS server edition.. I installed this about a month ago... and haven't used it much.. but now I need to.....05:54
WebcamWonderMayank: Are you trying to install intrepid?05:54
eseven73ah nice ty Hammerjak05:54
jrgpwj32, eseven73, you can highight the text using your mouse then middle click to paste05:54
ikyn_genii: then?05:55
wj32jrgp: ah but i was thinking of just using the keyboard05:55
Mayankwhat thats mean?, webcamwonder?05:55
nickrudbonez45, I would look in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/* , see if a proxy has been set anywhere05:55
bonez45nickrud: I am sure there's something simple to explain it...05:55
WebcamWonderMayank: Are you trying to install 8.10 Intrepid Ibex?05:55
eseven73jrgp: yeah but in nano it only lets me select one page at at ime05:55
bonez45nickrud: ok, checking there now05:55
geniiikyn_: Then ctrl-x   to exit the editor, choosing Y to save,   Enter key to same name05:55
ikyn_genii: done - then?05:55
Mayankyes...8.10 ubuntu version..webcamwonder05:55
geniiikyn_: Then as before:  sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start05:55
ikyn_genii: rgr05:55
ubuntunetbookanyone running a netbook?05:56
nickrudbonez45, but we do know it's at your end anywayt05:56
jrgpeseven73, wj32 I'm positive nano must have some key combination way of doing it. I'm positive emacs does05:56
eseven73jrgp: yeah i know emacs does since its an Operating system OOOOPS! i mean text editor! hehe05:56
ikyn_genii: says it's already running. If I hit Alt+F7, the screen goes blank but has a blinking cursor in the upper left. Crtl+Alt+F1 brings me back to prompt05:56
Csanais there a way to change the master volume using a bash COMMAND?05:57
bonez45nickrud: that folder /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ contains these files 70debconf, 05aptitude, 01ubuntu, 01autoremove and 00trustcdrom   is that the correct folder to check?05:57
WebcamWonderMayank: There should be a log in the %temp% folder, you can look at it with regards to why your Wubi is insisting on downloading the iso... Also, you can download the latest version of Wubi, and try to directly put the Wubi in a new folder, and the iso in the same folder with the correct naming convention05:57
rwwCsana: alsamixer, maybe? I haven't messed with sound for a while, but that used to work way back in the day05:57
nickrudikyn_, genii he might be on F8 or F9 -- that's happened to me for some obscure reason a couple times05:57
nickrudbonez45, yes05:57
Csanayah but thats not a comman05:57
geniiikyn_: Try in series   alt-f2   then alt-f3 and so on through the F keys at top til you get to last one, see if its running on a higher console05:57
Csanaas in likeset volume=10005:57
techsupportwj32, mounted, what do i do next ?05:58
Csana*set volume=100   <---not real05:58
bonez45nickrud: I open each of those files and none refer to any proxies05:58
geniiikyn_: You can get back any time to first console with the ctrl-alt-f105:58
wj32techsupport: open the .tar.gz file and extract it to your desktop05:58
techsupportwj32, i have .gz and .rpm files05:58
hole_how do you roll back drivers in ubuntu05:58
techsupportwj32, i dont have a desktop05:58
ikyn_genii: I hit Alt+F2 and it came to another console, where I entered my login infor05:58
rwwCsana: hrm. Take a look at "man amixer", then. It seems to do something like that, but again, I haven't tested it.05:59
wj32techsupport: oops05:59
wj32techsupport: i forgot you're on ubuntu server05:59
geniigah, rpm05:59
wj32techsupport: well i never learnt how to extract tar.gzs05:59
wj32techsupport: it must be tar -xzf or something05:59
techsupportwj32, tar xvzf filename.gz returns a bunch of errors that say : cannot create symlink to suck file or directory05:59
geniiikyn_: Don't login to every console :) They will be all the same. Look for the one the kdm is on05:59
ikyn_tar -xvzf05:59
Lochinvarhi, im trying to install screenlets. And Im a breand new to ubuntu...I notive it's not in the synaptic pachage mgr, how do I go about doing it?05:59
nickrudbonez45, I'm at a loss then. If you can browse you know your net is good. The only reason apt would have problems, in my experience, is it is somehow being sent through a proxy that doesn't exist (had this happen once to me early on)05:59
ikyn_genii: how do I know which one KDM i son05:59
Mayank%temp% folder in xp, webcamwonder?06:00
WebcamWonderMayank: Yeah06:00
geniiikyn_: If you see a graphical login screen and not text one, that will be the one06:00
rwwCsana: nope. I'm just putting your nickname in front of messages I send to the channel that I want you to read. Most clients highlight messages with your nickname in them in a different color.06:00
rwwCsana: It's a different thing from /msg. Also, you're welcome :)06:00
wj32techsupport: tar -xzf vmware-whatever.tar.gz06:00
ikyn_genii: the only one that changes the screen is Alt+f7 - and it never resolves into a GUI06:00
Mayankclean install is much bewtter then wubi, right webcamwonder?06:00
WebcamWonderMayank: What do you mean by "clean install"06:01
rwwMayank: yes, clean install is better, albeit more difficult (sometimes)06:01
geniiikyn_: OK. So it runs but is messed up then.06:01
wj32techsupport: then cd vmware-distrib06:01
wj32techsupport: sudo ./vmware-install06:01
bonez45nickrud: well I have no idea if I can browse on that box.. as it has no X installed... no browser......06:01
wj32techsupport: you might want to install build-essential first06:01
Mayanki have clean ubuntu, can i install, can i install xp now (dual boot)?, rww06:01
geniiikyn_: You had graphics when you installed?06:01
philtake a X vesa at first06:01
nickrudbonez45, install links2 it's a text browser. run it with  links2 google.com for example06:01
WebcamWonder!info lynx | bonez4506:02
ubottulynx (source: lynx): Text-mode WWW Browser. In component main, is optional. Version 2.8.6-2.1ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 1150 kB, installed size 4916 kB06:02
bonez45nickrud: how would I install links2 , since apt-get is not working?06:02
hole_how do you roll back drivers in ubuntu06:02
WebcamWonderbonez45: Telnet, I think it comes by default06:02
ikyn_genii: not really. When I ran the liveCD it froze during KDE bootup. I installed in safe graphics mode, and have been trying to fix it since.06:02
nickrudbonez45, doh. Lemme see if there's one installed by default06:02
rwwMayank: you have Ubuntu installed right now using the whole hard disk, and you want to install Windows XP as well?06:02
wj32hole_: you can select the package in synaptic and select Force Version06:02
geniiikyn_: Hm06:02
techsupportwj32, yeah installing06:02
rwwMayank: (just checking I understood you correctly before I link you to instructions)06:03
wj32hole_: i think thats what its called anyway06:03
ikyn_genii: been spending the last 10 hours working on this issue, searching the internet over, but no success06:03
hole_wj32: for ati cards?06:03
Mayankyes, dual boot, rww06:03
wj32hole_: ok, that's different06:03
philI can take care of X troubles06:03
hole_i installed an ati video driver06:03
rwwMayank: http://apcmag.com/how_to_dual_boot_linux_and_windows_xp_linux_installed_first.htm06:03
nickrudbonez45, apparently elinks is installed by defautl06:03
rwwMayank: I've used the apcmag.com guides for dualbooting a lot, and they've never failed me :)06:03
techsupportwj32, ok same error for every file it tries within archive, Caonnot open: no such file or derectory06:04
Mayankrwww, lets check it then...thanx..06:04
wj32techsupport: didn't you just say it was installing?06:04
philLinux is not for new bee .. but we can help ..06:04
geniiikyn_: I suggest to hit ESC when grub begins. Then edit the default line which loads. Add to the end:     vga06:04
hole_wj32: i could not find anything on google06:04
wj32techsupport: are these errors coming from tar or from vmware-install.pl06:04
techsupportwj32, build-essential installed06:04
techsupportwj32, tar06:05
wj32techsupport: are you running as root?06:05
techsupportwj32, when i do tar -xzf filename.gz06:05
bonez45nickrud: perhaps on yours, but I type eli and tab and it finds only elif and else.. no elinks....or elinks206:05
phila little vga=791 could help ..06:05
techsupportwj32, yeah06:05
geniiikyn_: It grows very late here, I will only be active another 15-20 minutes06:05
wj32techsupport: tar -xzf filename.gz /root/vmware/06:05
philTechsupport , you have a lot of work :P06:06
ikyn_genii: That's fine - what line will I be editing though?06:06
wj32techsupport: i gave you the wrong syntax for tar06:06
nickrudbonez45, it's on the cd according to http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/ubuntu-8.04.1-server-i386.list . you should be able to install from there.06:06
wj32anyone know how to extract a .tar.gz using tar?06:06
zishtar -xzf filename.tar.gz06:06
rccuwhuffor: tar xfvz06:06
miranda_psiwj32: tar -xzvf06:07
philtechsupport . is there an xchat channel fr thid ?I help you06:07
nickrudikyn_, do you have two video cards?06:07
nisink i have a user who can't mount the cdrom in gnome there is a permission denied error but they can mount the cdrom in the terminal they have sudo priviledges but can mount from the terminal as a unpriv. user06:07
zishgzip -dc filename | tar -xf -06:07
geniiikyn_: A line like: kernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-19-generic root=UUID=3125b8f2-6b07-420f-9a9e-d97a8ec4e655 ro quiet splash06:07
zishSorry. ;)06:07
wj32how about extracting into a directory?06:07
philman tar06:07
geniiikyn_: Not likely identical to that one however, it's an old one from my grub file. But add to the end:  vga06:07
ikyn_genii: and add vga at the end of that?06:07
rccutar xfz foo.tar.gz -C /dir06:07
geniiikyn_: Yes06:08
ikyn_nickrud: no06:08
=== GodTodd___ is now known as GodTodd
rccuwj32: tar xfz foo.tar.gz -C /dir06:08
ikyn_nickrud: only have the on-board06:08
wj32techsupport: so you go tar -xzf vmware-file.tar.gz -C /root/whatever06:08
miranda_psiwj32: yes06:08
nickrudikyn_, ok. A couple days ago I spend a few hours with similar symptoms, that ended up being the issue06:08
ikyn_genii: booting up now06:08
kaNNib^Li want to know that06:08
kaNNib^Lis it possible06:08
kaNNib^Lto make ubuntu desktop looks like06:08
hole_wj32: i could not find anything on google06:08
kaNNib^Lmac leopard06:09
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:09
ikyn_nickrud: you use an intel on-board graphics card?06:09
hole_how do you roll back drivers in ubuntu06:09
dr_willis!enter | kaNNib^L06:09
wj32hole_: i don't know06:09
ubottukaNNib^L: please see above06:09
hole_ok thx06:09
nickrudikyn_, no. But I'm gonna shut up now and stop tromping on genii's toes ;)06:09
hole_sorry about that i didn't mean to be a doosh06:09
dr_williskaNNib^L,  yes it is.. theres some site that walks ya through the process to make your system look very much like the annoying OS_X desktop06:09
wj32hole_: no problem06:10
geniinickrud: I have to leave shortly anyhow, feel free06:10
techsupportwj32, damn, same error06:10
lyraewhats the difference between aptitude and aptget06:10
nickrudgenii, I am getting lost in current X stuff. I haven't kept up.06:10
wj32techsupport: what exactly does it say?06:10
ikyn_genii: I added 'vga' to the line you said to - now it just keeps cycling through flashing a black screen and "Checking battery state" ...... [OK]  -- with a blinking cursor.06:10
ThePublyrae: you can use them very much the same.  iirc though aptitude as a curses interface if you choose to use it.06:10
* nickrud thinks it's ironic that when he first started in #ubuntu that's all he did, X problems06:10
geniiikyn_: I'm out of immediate ideas at this point06:11
techsupportwj32, nvm it worked06:11
wj32techsupport: well then cd to the directory and type sudo ./vmware-install.pl06:11
ikyn_genii: ok - I'm going to try a reinstall. If that doesn't work, I'm going to try installing Ubuntu. If that doesn't work - I'll ask more questions. Thank you very much for your time though!06:11
wj32!caps | phil06:12
ubottuphil: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.06:12
geniiikyn_: Looks like maybe this bug http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96520206:12
philTechsupport , will try to help you06:12
philI know , I take the X pb , I know them06:12
lyraeThePub: gotcha06:12
philWho as a X pb ? I can help06:13
rccutechsupport: what error you get?06:13
rccuphil: are you teh X guru?06:13
wj32what's a X pb?06:13
=== Aryan is now known as Guest65791
WebcamWonderphil: Do you have anything constructive to add?06:13
philquite I think ,  but not for the later Ati or Nvidia06:14
rwwphil: The "wait until someone has a problem and then help them" approach is much less spammy, and tends to work much better, than constantly advertising your knowledge in channel. It'd be much appreciated if you wait until someone has a problem you can solve before addressing the channel :)06:14
philjust speak slowly , I m french<06:14
philnice reply rww06:15
philbut what does this mean ?06:15
techsupportok i launched the installer, its asking me : what is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running kernel? [/usr/src/linux/include] - I press enter, and the question comes back06:15
wj32techsupport: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`06:15
AlexKiblerHey all.  Simple question.  I just upgraded to Hardy from Gutsy so I still have Firefox 2.0.  How do I upgrade it to  3.0?06:15
philI ve been helping in Linux forum since 1990 ,  so I can ..06:15
joe_-I was wondering if someone could help me change the resolution on my external monitor connected to my laptop.06:16
wj32phil: please, wait for a question you can answer06:16
ikyn_genii: g'night06:16
geniiikyn_: Gnite06:16
wj32joe_-: try going to System > Preferences > Screen Resolution06:16
philI can t answer everything :P06:16
joe_-wj32: Nothing but 800x60006:16
=== error404notfoun1 is now known as error404notfound
AlexKiblerCan yuo answer mine, phil?06:16
philI can try06:17
rccujoe_-: it may be a xorg.conf issue06:17
wj32joe_-: it's beyond my knowledge then06:17
AlexKiblerDid you not see it?06:17
AlexKiblerI upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy.  How do I upgrade Firefox from 2 to 3?06:17
joe_-Thanks. I was thinking that, just didn't want to meddle too much in it for fear of breaking it.06:17
wj32AlexKibler: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.006:17
rccujoe_-: pastebin your xorg.conf06:17
joe_-rccu: It seems to be "plain", no res' in there really, just says "Monitor" one sec.06:17
AlexKiblerwj32: Last time I did that it wasn't actually firefox 3.  It was like, Monte something..06:17
wj32AlexKibler: when was last time06:18
AlexKiblerLike, 4 or 5 hours ago06:18
wj32AlexKibler: oh06:18
AlexKiblerBut that was when I was on Gutsy.  Would it be different now?06:18
philI think that many of the trouble you have are because of EDID and flat screens. Excuse , i m french06:18
Delvien It seems that gparted has issues with unmounted partitions and sits there "scanning all devices" for a long time.06:18
wj32AlexKibler: yes06:18
techsupportwj32, couldnt find package 2.6.27-7-server06:18
AlexKiblerOkay.  I'll try.  Thanks.06:18
chowmeinedthis is outrageous06:18
wj32AlexKibler: it's a different repository06:18
AlexKiblerOhh, I didn't know that.06:18
wj32techsupport: it's sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`06:19
wj32techsupport: are you sure you didn't just type sudo apt-get install `uname -r`?06:19
grigoraHi, I installed the Citrix Presentation Server client on my machine (8.04) but when I click on the application icon, nothing happens. Any ideas?06:19
joe_-rccu: http://pastebin.ca/129882606:19
wj32chowmeined: what's outrageous?06:19
AlexKiblerHeh.  Firefox is 3.0..  -.-  It doesn't look the same as on Windows.  I guess I should've expected that.06:19
wj32grigora: right click on the icon and click Properties06:20
chowmeinedwj32, i cant find any resources on whats going on with fixing sound for java in ubuntu06:20
philin fact , for my own case , I can t even have my RV250 work with my Panasonic projrctor :P06:20
chowmeinedjava appears to be using oss by default.. why thats broken06:20
wj32grigora: what does it say in "Command"06:20
chowmeinedthen all the apps need padsp wrappers06:20
wj32chowmeined: sorry i don't know anything about that06:20
chowmeinedive looked up bugs, they say they are fixed but they arent06:20
joe_-rccu: The monitor should be able to do 1680x105006:20
techsupportwj32, ok its installing without space, but problem connecting06:20
=== error404notfoun1 is now known as error404notfound
rccujoe_-: that's weird xorg.conf :(06:21
joe_-rccu: It's a headless laptop06:21
techsupportwj32, nvm downloading06:21
joe_-rccu: Backlight broke and I've been to lazy to fix it.06:21
joe_-So I just took it off.06:21
joe_-Well. Headless in the sense that it's default screen is gone.06:21
grigorawj32: There is no such property when I view the link properties on my browser ... where is this Command property?06:22
wj32chowmeined: is the citrix client in your browser?06:22
grigorawj32: it's listed as one of the plugins, yes06:22
wj32chowmeined: so is it in about:plugins?06:23
=== john is now known as Guest61222
wj32grigora: is it in about:plugins?06:23
Cadman21has anyone here worked with a MyBook on ubuntu?06:23
chowmeinedwj32, no its a standalone java app06:23
grigorawj32: when I copy and paste the location into a separate tab, I get a message saying "ICA link launched"06:23
philcitrix on linux ? I didn t know this works :P06:23
wj32chowmeined: sorry i meant girgora :(06:24
chowmeinedno java applications have working sound06:24
hole_what does this mean? http://pastebin.com/m5477c2f006:24
grigorawj32: yes it is, and is listed as enabled06:24
wj32grigora: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1797906:24
rwwgrigora: do you have popup blocking turned off. I know that screws up the Safari users at my work a lot...06:24
eseven73is there anyway to bypass the password limit of 6 chars? I want a shorter pass06:24
philtype it two times06:25
Ubuntu_Cookiesanyone know how to make a proxy06:25
Ubuntu_Cookiesthat looks like its from seattle06:26
=== Aryan is now known as Guest34266
thexfactoranyone know anything about .iso's06:26
philnice doc06:26
wj32!squid3 | Ubuntu_Cookies06:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about squid306:26
ubottusquid is a caching proxy for the Web.  See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SquidGuard  See: http://www.squid-cache.org06:26
grigorawj32: well, i read that thread when i started working on this, what specifically did you think would be useful?06:26
philsorry ubottuu , your linki is right :P06:26
hole_what does this mean? http://pastebin.com/m5477c2f006:27
philProxy for Dummies06:27
rwwwj32: btw, I triaged that bug we were discussing earlier, and reported it upstream. You probably got emails to that effect, but I thought it'd be good to let you know :)06:27
wj32grigora: i don't know06:27
wj32rww: what does triage mean?06:27
=== qb|away is now known as qb|sleep
wj32rww: i've never reported bugs before!06:27
tsrkIn a bash script, I want to ask the user "What is the remote machine's IP?" and use the IP they type in as part of a command such as "somecommand --ip=[whatever they type in]".  How would I do this in a bash script?06:27
Ubuntu_Cookiesi have no idea what a proxy is but i know it can make you look like your from a different ip06:28
philIt s ugly to see so new by on Linux06:28
wj32Ubuntu_Cookies: that's when you're using someone else's proxy06:28
Ubuntu_Cookiesoh is there a proxy for Seattle?06:28
philWho else for a X trouble ?06:28
rwwwj32: triaging is when someone checks to see if they also see the bug, if it's a duplicate of an existing bug, if the bug report needs more info... that sort of thing. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage06:29
joe_-phil: Right here, lol06:29
philjoe , be quite and cool and i can help06:29
wj32rww: i see... thanks!06:29
Ubuntu_Cookieswj32|is there a proxy for Seattle?06:29
wj32rww: this feels kinda exciting for some reason06:29
joe_-phil: English a second language?06:29
WebcamWonder!offtopic | Ubuntu_Cookies06:29
ubottuUbuntu_Cookies: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:29
philYes , French first06:29
rwwwj32: heh, yeah, it's my first bug triage, so I'm with you there :)06:30
techsupportwj32, how can i manually configure /network/interfaces for static ip ?06:30
cojhi, i'm encountering trouble with installing ubuntu 8.10...more specifically, i can't seem to get GRUB to load. anyone around who might be able to help?06:30
philI m french06:30
eseven73is there anyway to bypass the password limit of 6 chars? I want a shorter pass06:30
joe_-techsupport: Tons of articles on this online.06:30
wj32techsupport: I've never done that before, sorry!06:30
BLuEACiDJust make it something simple like06:30
philjoe  : terminal lspci06:30
WebcamWonder!pm | Ubuntu_Cookies06:31
ubottuUbuntu_Cookies: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.06:31
Ash_whats the command line for booting a specific device?06:31
eseven73BLuEACiD: i'd like it something short like one or two chars if possible06:31
rwwphil: there's a french Ubuntu channel at #ubuntu-fr. Perhaps you could help there too :)06:31
joe_-phil: http://pastebin.ca/129883106:31
wj32eseven73: if all else fails, try modifying /etc/shadow manually06:31
philrww , I ve been helping for year on trustonme.fr06:32
wj32Ash_: do you mean in GRUB?06:32
dr_williseseven73,  you sould edit /etc/shadow and totally remove the password if you wanted.. :) but thats not a good idea06:32
philBut it s quite a joke for me to help in english <:P06:32
eseven73dr_willis: that wont lock me out or anything? I have really bad luck and it would be just my luck for that to happen lol :(06:33
XN1ghtXHey everyone, I've got a problem installing LibTIFF, can anyone help me out please ?06:33
LightTitanwhat command do I use to get Ubuntu to refresh my DHCP IP?06:33
Ubuntu_Cookies!pm| WebcamWonder06:33
ubottuWebcamWonder: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.06:33
raylueseven73: sudo passwd user06:33
dr_williseseven73,  if you do it properly = no password = login just by enter ing username and hitting enter...06:33
raylueseven73: the superuser has no password restrictions, i believe06:33
philsudo /etc/initd/networking restrart06:34
LightTitanthat for me phil?06:34
rayluphil: *init.d invoke-rc.d is nice, too06:34
philor sudo du06:34
phildhclient eth006:34
BLuEACiDIts init.d06:34
Ubuntu_Cookiesis there a proxy for the city of seattle WA06:34
BLuEACiDTheres a . between the init and d06:34
eseven73ok thanks guys06:34
joe_-Ubuntu_Cookies: That's not really how proxies work.06:34
coji can't seem to get GRUB to install on my primary hard disk, i tried the native install method (sudo grub, setup (hd0)) - anyone know what the problem might be?06:34
philUbuntu_Cookies,  there s no free proxy , stop this06:34
joe_-Ubuntu_Cookies: You'd probably be better off finding a server you could ssh tunnel through. Proxies can generally be easily detected and are commonly blocked by service providers.06:35
raylucoj: not without more information. instead of using the grub shell, try grub-install06:35
raylucoj: since it's loads easier06:35
Ubuntu_Cookies!offtopic| me06:35
ubottume: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:35
philraylu,  nice , I work the hard way06:35
coreyhi, is there a log that shows failed software sources in the update manager?06:35
raylucorey: no, but you can just use apt-get/aptitude update06:35
coreyI know some are failing but it goes by so fast and closes that I can't see it06:35
tsrkIn BASH: If I have the $REPLY variable and I want to set $FOO to $REPLY how would I do that?06:35
wj32corey: what are you trying to do?06:36
wj32tsrk: set FOO=$REPLY06:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kick06:36
rayluwj32: figure out which mirrors are down, i assume06:36
coreyfind out what sources are failing and troubleshoot those06:36
futekiWhat mail client is there that works on ubuntu that has the same or more features than MS outlook?06:36
t_hey, does anyone know how to use shared folders in vbox?06:36
raylutsrk: export FOO=$REPLY06:36
tsrkUbuntu_Cookies, why do you want to kick me?06:36
philwell,,, I ve been using L:inux for 12 years, take a tickect06:36
wj32corey: what does that have to do with grub-instal?06:36
WebcamWonderfuteki: Look at Evolution and Thunderbird06:36
raylufuteki: thunderbird, evolution06:36
coreythat's not me06:36
t_Anyone use vbox?06:36
wj32my bad06:36
coreyI'm not doing a grub install06:36
tsrkwj32, raylu, what's the difference between set and export?06:37
philgrubn install is easy06:37
wj32i'm no expert at bash06:37
futekiraylu, Web, my ubuntu bud tells me Evolution is unstable and horrible... and thunderbird, I don't feel can even qualify as a real mail client.06:37
LtLeseven73: man pam_unix to modify password length instructions06:37
wj32phil: i'm sure it is06:37
wj32coj: what's the problem with grub?06:37
FezzlerUbuntu doesn't seem to want to play YouTube videos full screen?06:38
raylutsrk: no idea either. never used set06:38
futekiThunderbird doesn't have even half of the features of MS Outlook.06:38
rayluFezzler: 64-bit?06:38
FezzlerNvidia 256 GeForce Fx550006:38
=== d0netsFN is now known as d0nets
raylufuteki: it's only missing the useless features of ms exchange server06:38
wj32tsrk: i think export sets environment variables06:38
wj32tsrk: while set just sets variables06:38
rayluwj32: that it does06:38
dr_willisFezzler,  thats more of a Flash issue - due to how subpar  The flash makers support of Linux is. :(06:38
tsrkwj32, oh, how do I unset environment variables?  I just set $FOO06:39
rayluwj32: but you can do FOO=$BAR for that, without set06:39
wj32tsrk: environment variables are passed to oher programs06:39
Fezzlereverything else works fine (except Firefox ffades to gray awefully fast06:39
philjust unset06:39
wj32raylu: well i havent used bash that much, so I don't know06:39
wj32raylu: set varname=value is from DOS isn't it?06:39
rayluwj32: dos? hah...06:40
philexport varname value06:40
philen bash06:40
tsrkI did "export FOO=$REPLY", how long will it stay set?06:40
wj32tsrk: until you close the shell06:40
philset var=57 was for 3DFX dos :P06:41
wj32at least in windows, programs inherit environment variables06:41
tsrkwj32, ok, thanks06:41
tsrkI just tried FOO=$RESULT and it worked great06:41
philAs soon As you don t leave the shell06:41
raylumumbles: you have that backwards06:41
raylumunim: you have that backwards06:41
philbut  FOO=REPLY06:42
wj32ok how come there's suddenly silence06:42
munimraylu, oh yeah.. sorry about that :)06:42
rayluwj32: everything is ...working!06:42
t_anyone use virtualbox?06:42
tsrkt_, I do, why?06:42
rebel_kidt_, yes...?06:42
philecho $EPLY06:42
munimi have used virtualbox before..06:42
wj32what about virtualbox?06:42
cojraylu: i tried using the GRUB shell with the commands "root (hd2,2)" and "setup (hd0)", and it seemed to output succesful messages. but when i reboot, it goes to windows immediately without showing GRUB at all. could it be a misconfigured menu.lst? or is GRUB not even in the MBR at all?06:42
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:43
ThePubtsrk: your variable will only stay active within it's current scope.  if you "export var=value" once the terminal closes your variable disappears.06:43
wj32coj: try grub-install /dev/sda06:43
Mal3kohow do we replace string/text in nano?06:43
Mal3kowhat's the shortcut key06:43
tsrkThePub, ok, thank you06:43
cojwj32: i'll try that06:43
raylucoj: sounds like the latter. how many hard drives do you have? do you have a flashdrive/floppy/cd in?06:43
wj32coj: if you want a menu, set up a boot partition06:43
coji'm running from a ubuntu DVD Live Session06:43
ThePubtsrk: so if you want something for a whole session you need to set it in .xsession or .bashrc or .profile, etc06:43
wj32coj: yes, make sure /dev/sda IS the drive you want to install grub to06:43
wj32coj: be aware that grub-install /dev/sda will NOT give grub a men06:44
coji do want a menu since i want to dualboot windows06:44
philsda for lster pc06:44
tsrkThePub, no, I was just worried I had set it permanently or something06:44
rayluwj32: huh?06:44
wj32coj: have you installed ubuntu?06:44
cojwindows is on /dev/sda, ubuntu's installed on /dev/sdc06:44
t_tsrk do you use vbox?06:44
ThePubtsrk: ok, sorry I jumped in there at the end.  :)06:44
wj32raylu: you need to run grub-install --root-directory06:44
t_I'm finding it impossible to set up usb06:44
tsrkt_, yes06:44
rayluwj32: without it, it assumes a root of /06:44
wj32coj: did windows overwrite your mbr/grub?06:44
t_I followed every possible instruction and no yeild06:44
philt_ to boot on usb ?06:45
tsrkt_, first of all you need the non-OSE, add the repository at the virtualbox website06:45
wj32raylu: oh06:45
raylucoj: OS's are installed to partitions, not hard drives06:45
wj32raylu: i didn't know that06:45
philis your biod able of this ?06:45
t_I have it06:45
joe_-coj: You could try wubi06:45
t_I said I tried it all, and its still not working06:45
cojwj32 - windows always was on the MBR, grub seemingly installed itself to hd2 (sdc?) when i first installed ubuntu06:45
tsrkt_, one second06:45
cojraylu: i know, ubuntu is on hd2,2 for me06:45
raylujoe_-, phil: those suggestions are less than helpful06:46
wj32coj: you'll have to mount the ubuntu drive first06:46
joe_-Why is that?06:46
joe_-Wubi handles all of that very, very easily.06:46
raylujoe_-: because he already has ubuntu installed; why would he install wubi?06:46
wj32coj: mkdir ubuntu-drive; sudo mount /dev/sdc ubuntu-drive06:46
philwell  try DSL06:46
wj32coj: sudo grub-install --root-directory=ubuntu-drive /dev/sda06:46
joe_-raylu: Ah, didn't see that part, apologies.06:46
raylujoe_-: it doesn't handle it at all... it boots windows first06:46
cojwj32: oh, i see, so it's not even reading from sdc properly?06:46
coji'll try that06:46
joe_-raylu: It creates partitions06:47
tsrkt_, http://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/74706:47
rayluwj32: missing a partition06:47
t_tsrk oh wow, it suddendly worked06:47
wj32raylu: sorry?06:47
B|ackPanthermy wireless is gone n ubuntu 7 10.06:47
raylujoe_-: no, it creates a file on your windows system and uses that as a drive06:47
wj32raylu: you mean sdb?06:47
philif DSL doesw t work , YOUR computer can t boot on usb :P06:47
tsrkt_, ok, that's good06:47
B|ackPantherIt worked but once i changed networks it does not work anymore .Please help06:47
rayluwj32: i mean you tried to mount a drive instead of a partition06:47
t_my usb was sitting in my computer for 5 minutes and suddendy it registers...06:47
techsupportwj32, i set static ip, can ssh to the machine locally, but now cant ping google.com06:47
wj32raylu: oh crap06:47
munimBlackPanther: what wifi card do you have?06:47
cojwj32: hmm, /dev/sdc is already mounted06:47
=== Tidus is now known as Tidus|away
raylucoj: ... no, it's not06:47
philhey guy .. sba or sbd is becauaue of sata06:48
wj32coj: where's /dev/sdc1 mounted?06:48
t_well, I guess I can move on to something else06:48
t_tsrk, I'm having difficulty using shared folders06:48
=== sjr is now known as SJr
B|ackPanthermumin.Am using a a Aspire laptop with an Atheros card06:48
philthe usual way is hda06:48
cojwj32 - the actual partition is mounted as "10.0 GB media"06:48
t_I cant even select transient or machine folders06:48
wj32coj: type mount06:48
coji think it's the 2nd partition on the drive06:48
rayluphil: we're past that already...06:48
cojor 3rd06:48
munimBlackPanther: did you give madwifi a shot?06:48
wj32coj: ok, so now you're saying you have ONE drive with THREE partitions06:48
raylutechsupport: out of curiosity, what does "host google.com" give?06:48
wj32coj: that's different06:48
philthe pb is kids trying to plsy to linux06:49
wj32coj: how many drives do you have?06:49
coji have 3 hard drives, xp is on the first, ubuntu is on one of the partitions in the 3rd06:49
=== Tidus|away is now known as Tidus
B|ackPantherI have not tinkered with any setting since installing it but its simply gone.06:49
techsupportraylu, timed out06:49
wj32coj: ok, then type mount06:49
philnone of them know Freebsd or Netbsd :P06:49
wj32coj: where's /dev/sdc1 mounted?06:49
philin / media06:49
B|ackPantherWhat would be the possible cause for loss of wireless  ?06:50
fweetdoes ubuntu 32-bit let you support up to 8 gigs of ram?06:50
coj/dev/sdc3 on media/disk-1, type ext306:50
werdnumB|ackPanther: forgetting where you left it.06:50
coj/dev/sdc3 on media/disk-1, type ext306:50
rayluB|ackPanther: what does iwconfig show?06:50
joe_-B|ackPanther: Lots of tinfoil06:50
coj/dev/sdc1 on /media/Core06:50
wj32coj: how about sdc1 and sdc206:50
wj32coj: what are those partitions for?06:50
t_Does anyone possess expertise about virtual box?06:50
B|ackPantherjoe_ i have not changed anything though.06:50
cojsdc3 is where ubuntu is06:50
philstop using computers  :P06:51
cojsdc1 is just an XP storage area06:51
rayluphil: you are being rude and unhelpful06:51
wj32coj: so, its06:51
joe_-B|ackPanther: Is it your wireless or someone elses?06:51
philraylu,  yes , I know06:51
wj32coj: sudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/disk-1 /dev/sda06:51
t_Hey phil06:51
Flannel!conduct | phil06:51
philbut what else ?06:51
ubottuphil: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/06:51
t_do you know how to use shared folders in vbox?06:51
fweethi, does ubuntu 32-bit let you support up to 8 gigs of ram?06:51
B|ackPantherjoe_it does not show any wireless networks anymore .06:51
rayluwj32: i also get the feeling sda isn't has master drive06:52
wj32coj: check if /media/disk-1 has a "boot" directory in it06:52
rayluwj32: wait, ignore that06:52
B|ackPantherIts my wireless.06:52
philI m a Debian / FreeBSD / NetBSD man06:52
wj32raylu: what gives you that feeling06:52
rayluB|ackPanther: are you going to run "iwconfig"?06:52
Flannelphil: Is there something we can help you with?06:52
t_Help me o.O06:52
cojwj32: yup it does06:52
wj32coj: have you run the grub-install command yet?06:52
cojshould i restart now?06:52
raylut_: #vbox06:52
wj32coj: yes06:53
cojit seems successful06:53
wj32coj: oh wait06:53
wj32coj: one minute06:53
cojcrap lol06:53
philI ve been ussing Linux for 10 years , so I think I can help , if I have clever questions06:53
t_n ones in #vbox06:53
philsorry guysa06:53
wj32coj: in /media/disk-1 is there boot/grub/menu.lst?06:53
cojyes, there surely is06:53
=== carlos is now known as Guest36925
coji was looking at it earlier06:53
wj32phil: please just wait for a question you can answer06:53
philcan try06:53
wj32coj: can you paste the contents somewere?06:53
rayluB|ackPanther: you said it was atheros? modprobe | grep ath06:53
wj32coj: (maybe you have already :))06:54
philbut i m harware , not soft06:54
fweethi, does ubuntu 32-bit let you support up to 8 gigs of ram?06:54
fweethi, does ubuntu 32-bit let you support up to 8 gigs of ram?06:54
joe_-My resolution is to be more hardware too phil.06:54
wj32fweet: no06:54
jinzougenHey, I just installed kubuntu on my new laptop which has an atheros wireless card. The card didn't work with the built-in drivers, so I built/installed the madwifi driver and it seems to work. The only problem is that when the computer wakes up after being suspended, the card won't connect to the access point anymore. I have to reboot to get it to work again. Any idea why?06:54
Flannelfweet: The server kernel will, but otherwise no.06:54
manning_I had Ubuntu 7.10 up and running fine with no problems. I then installed the latest nvidia drivers from their website and apon restart of x, it said it couldn't find any suitable drivers for my card. has anyone heard of this problem before?06:54
wj32coj: pastebin?06:54
philI don t know.06:54
cojwj32: urgh, loading the live CD again, the loader still didn't appear06:55
fweetyou talking about PAE?06:55
philI don t think U have 8 gig of ram and U need it06:55
Flannelfweet: Yes06:55
raylujinzougen: yes. the kernel has always been quirky when resuming from suspend :P06:55
Flannel!u | phil06:55
ubottuphil: Unless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officer, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..06:55
wj32fweet: well, thats windows only06:55
fweetif i install PAE, are there any problems i iwll face?06:55
somaunnhello guys06:55
B|ackPantherraylu , modprobe | grep ath does not give anyging except the options06:55
philso , whyt tis question ?06:55
raylumanning_: /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:55
jinzougenraylu, any fixes besides not suspending?06:55
B|ackPantheri have to use06:55
cojwj32: i made changes to menu.lst previously, put in "root (hd2,2)" for the ubuntu entries since it wasn't there before, but i don't know if that's right06:55
rayluB|ackPanther: what options?06:55
wj32coj: check which drive your bios is booting from06:55
fweetwj32: what is windows only?06:55
wj32fweet: never mind06:55
philubottu,  I m french06:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about I m french06:55
raylujinzougen: not really06:55
wj32fweet: i'm pretty sure i'm wrong06:56
philfun this bot06:56
jinzougenThat sucks... Well thanks for the help.06:56
Flannel!fr | phil06:56
ubottuphil: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr06:56
fweetokay so ,  how stable is Debian on PAE kernel06:56
joe_-egh. pae.06:56
wj32fweet: how would it be less stable?06:56
cojwj32: it boots from C:/D:. where windows is, as of yesterday when i checked it06:56
wj32fweet: i imagine PAE's acheieved by some paging magic?06:56
fweetok, how compatible is it06:56
fweetwith other apps06:56
fweetlike WINE06:56
Flannelfweet: Honestly, you shuld strongly consider just going 64bit06:56
wj32fweet: it wouldn't make a difference with user-mode programs06:57
raylucoj: that means literally nothing :P06:57
wj32fweet: user-mode programs don't know about paging06:57
t_Is wine better than using virtual machine?06:57
joe_-Flannel: Seconded.06:57
fweetdoes wine run out of the box on 64-bit?06:57
philstupid , i speak english for you06:57
cojraylu: o :P06:57
Gneafweet: #debian would probably be a better place to ask that. if you would like to support all 8gigs, you should give 64-bit a shot.06:57
raylut_: no, but it's easier06:57
wj32coj: try and install grub on /dev/sdb then06:57
raylucoj: that's like saying "it's on /media/asdfjwaoiefhaowejf"06:57
munimBlackPanther: well... it could be.. but I heard that the Atheros drivers are not very reliable06:57
Gnea!amd64 > fweet06:57
ubottufweet, please see my private message06:57
t_How can shared folders be set up in virtualbox?06:57
wj32coj: actually, install grub on all three drives!06:57
rayluwj32: ...06:58
fweetso ubuntu 32-bit can detect and use 8 gigs using AMD64?06:58
raylut_: what are you using virtualbox for anyway?06:58
wj32fweet: probably06:58
somaunnsorry i'm looking for an flash autoring software for ubuntu 8.1006:58
raylufweet: ...what?06:58
Flannelfweet: No, 64bit Ubuntu can.06:58
fweetbasically i hate how 64-bit not run WINE well06:58
philfweet,  do you NEED 8 gib of ram ?06:59
wj32Flannel: why couldn't 32-bit ubuntu use 8 Gigs of ram?06:59
t_raylu taking software from my old xp into the virtual machine06:59
fweetthere seem to be galore of hacks to make wine work on 64-bit06:59
Gneafweet: 64-bit Ubuntu can detect and use 8 gigs of ram.06:59
wj32Flannel: the whole point of PAE is for 32-bit processors to use more than 4 gigs of ram06:59
t_raylu, are are some things I'd like to keep06:59
phileven for Far Cry 2 ? :P06:59
raylufweet: heh. there are a galore of hacks to make wine work on 32-bit :P06:59
wj32fweet: ubuntu 32-bit can use 8 gigs of ram06:59
joe_-wj32: But it's not much more if I recall correctly.06:59
philstupid questions06:59
fweeti had a lot of issues on 64-bit06:59
wj32the thing is with PAE, apps can't address more than 4 GB of RAM06:59
mgolischwhy would you need to use wine anyways?06:59
t_raylu, I also prefer microsoft word over open office because of the options07:00
wj32since their pointer sizes are still 32-bit07:00
munimsorry i had to run.. mom called.07:00
Flannelwj32: It could, but I assumed he was confused when he said "32bit ubunt uwith AMD64"07:00
raylut_: eh?07:00
Gneawj32: do you have a link to get that setup?07:00
philwell ,  you re right07:00
rebel_kidt_, so you prefer instability, closed source, and anti-freedom?07:00
wj32Gnea: what setup?07:00
Gneawj32: pae07:00
cojwj32: interestingly, sdb1 is my windows partition (?!!?!)07:00
fweetbecause im a gamer07:00
t_raylu, I can't run linux "alone"07:00
mgolischuse windows then..07:00
wj32Gnea: doesn't ubuntu detect PAE automatically?07:00
fweetalso a programmer07:00
raylut_: still confused.07:00
wj32coj: just install grub on all three drives07:00
cojwj32: also, in my menu.lst, under the windows option, there's a remapping of hd0 to hd1 and hd1 to hd007:00
t_raylu, as a student, I need flexibility for college07:01
mgolischwj32: i think you need the server kernels07:01
fweetalso a linux admin07:01
wj32coj: oh07:01
cojwj32: o ok07:01
wj32mgolisch: i dunno about kernels07:01
munimfweet: if you want to play games, you are much better off with a proper windows installation..07:01
cojwj32: let me pastebin it07:01
philI ve been using Linux since years , even ploayint Unreal with a Voodoo1 in Wine07:01
raylut_: you know you're doing it wrong when you turn to microsoft for flexibility07:01
t_raylu, And its a really cool thing to show off to friends07:01
mgolischthe generic ones dont have pae if i recall correctly07:01
wj32mgolisch: i think you're right07:01
wj32mgolisch: i don't think ubuntu desktop kernels have PAE07:01
=== rubydiam_ is now known as rubydiamond__
philkids use Linux , they should nt07:02
fweetdoes vbox let you run windows on fullscreen mode as if you just booted to windows?07:02
Flannelmgolisch,wj32: correct, only the -serverkernel does.07:02
philthey just say misery07:02
t_raylu, TuxGuitar, the music program, just isnt working for me07:02
B|ackPantherraylu,sorry for the delay.This is what i get  http://paste.ubuntu.com/98817/07:02
Flannelphil: This is a support channel, please keep offtopic chatter out of it.  Thanks.07:02
munimBlackPanther: sorry i had to run.. you can try installing MadWifi http://madwifi-project.org/wiki/UserDocs/FirstTimeHowTo07:02
raylut_: have you tried audacity?07:02
fweetdoes vbox let you run windows on fullscreen mode as if you just booted to windows?07:02
t_raylu, The music program I like only works for windows07:02
munimfweet: it should.. though i have never tried it07:02
wj32fweet: any sensible vm software has full screen07:03
t_raylu, its a music sheet reader07:03
fweetwith 3d acceleration?07:03
rayluB|ackPanther: oops, sorry. "lsmod | grep ath"07:03
philFlannel,  I can help , don t you see ? there are kids flammming07:03
cojwj32: pastebin.com/m687b4f8607:03
wj32fweet: no07:03
munimfweet: oh.. i doubt that07:03
Flannelphil: Let the ops deal with everyone else.  You just worry about you.07:03
fweetok then thats worthless07:03
wj32fweet: try vmware workstation then07:03
fweetso WINE is my only option07:03
t_raylu, and xp was given to me for free. I might as well put it to practical use I case I run into any programs that work exclusively on windows07:03
fweetand WINE runs like crap on 64-bit07:03
wj32coj: that should be alright then07:03
wj32coj: but you said you had three hard drivess07:04
wj32coj: oh wait you do07:04
munimfweet: if you have a free partition somewhere, just install xp for your games..07:04
philsorry , I understand , this  no my job07:04
mgolischfweet: no idea, never realy used it, i just reboot into my 64bit vista for games07:04
mgolischor use my xbox07:04
t_raylu,  Logically speaking, I could either have Linux, or Linux + an arm of Windows in case I need it.07:04
raylut_: hrm. until you get your vbox problem solved,07:04
fweeti hate dual booting07:04
raylu!qemu | t_07:04
ubottut_: qemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo07:04
Gneawj32l, fweet: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=775520 and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=706005 cover it pretty well07:04
philqemu works even great on BeOS :P07:04
fweeti guess i'll just downgrade to 2 gigs07:05
philFlannel,  sorry , it s not my place07:05
fweetthen get a separate pac07:05
Gneafweet: why? 32bit can do 4gigs07:05
wj32fweet: you could recompile the kernel07:05
munimemulator to run another OS? so its just another virtualisation software right?07:05
cojwj32: pastebin.com/m2d580ce5 <-- mounted drives07:05
fweeti thought 32-bit only does 3 gigs07:05
Flannelphil: Its less about that, more about keeping the noise down07:05
joe_-fweet: 3.5ish I think07:05
wj32fweet: no07:05
Flannelfweet: It addresses 4GB of addresses, which generally works out to about 3.2G or so of RAM07:05
raylucoj: what the hell?07:05
joe_-Ah 3.207:06
phildont understand , don t forget i m french :P07:06
wj32fweet: the virtual address space of each program is split up into two07:06
raylufweet: you're confusing linux and windows :P07:06
Gneafweet: no, it might only detect 3.2 off the bat, but you can make it do 407:06
wj32fweet: one for the program, one for the kernel07:06
wj32fweet: see wikipedia for more info07:06
cojraylu: something weird?07:06
raylucoj: /dev/sda1 on /media/Fat Momma type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096)07:06
B|ackPantherwhat would make  one the computer not recognise wireless connections after a restart .I had this working just a moment ago.07:06
wj32fweet: i think linux reserves 3gigs for the program, 1 gig for the kernel07:06
fweetwait so, PAE is only for servers? and won't work for ubuntu gnome etc...?07:06
philare all sata /sda now ?07:06
rayluB|ackPanther: have you run "lsmod | grep ath"?07:07
wj32fweet: you have to enable it when compiling the kernel07:07
cojall drives are /sd i believe07:07
Flannelfweet: No, its for all kernels, however in Ubuntu, only the server kernel has PAE enabled07:07
munimBlackPanther: maybe the device is not started.. or the wireless network is not in range07:07
mgolischfweet: sure it does, you just need a pae enabled kernel07:07
Gneaphil: they were something else?07:07
fweetcant i just apt-get the pae kernel?07:07
wj32coj: it should work if you install grub to all three drives07:07
fweetlike i normally do with yum on centos07:07
philabout what gnea ? :P07:07
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:07
rayluGnea: hd07:08
fweetpae kernel not available on apt-get ?07:08
wj32fweet: sudo apt-get install linux-server?07:08
cojwj32: ok i'll do that07:08
Gnearaylu: ah yes, that was quite a long time ago..07:08
philhey guy , excuse , i m french , i don t always understajd all your implications07:08
pdroyis chastity-list no more available in ubuntu ?07:08
philbut i m nice07:08
wj32phil: please07:08
fweetare you telling me, ubuntu/debian have no repositories for kernels ?07:08
Gneaphil: i think you've stated that you're french at least 20 times in the past 3 minutes.07:08
mgolischfweet: ?07:08
munimDoes anyone over here use twitter from Gnome Do?07:09
wj32fweet: sudo apt-get install linux-server07:09
mgolischjust install the linux-server metapackage07:09
wj32fweet: can you "hear" me?07:09
fweetand then ?07:09
philGnea,  just 3 i think ..07:09
rayluwj32: linux-image-server, i believe07:09
Gneafweet: it's already there, did you check out the website links i gave you?07:09
wj32fweet: and then you can select it at boot time07:09
Flannelpdroy: Its not, that's correct.07:09
wj32fweet: GRUB gives you the option07:09
mgolischbut probably those dont have all the restricted modules stuff07:09
mgolischno idea07:09
fweeti think i tried PAE and it would not detect my vidcard whatever i do07:10
philGnea,  maybe it s bcaus most of forumk are us , and it s hard to have a place07:10
fweethow would i go around that07:10
wj32raylu: but linux-server always depends on the latest version07:10
pdroyFlannel: is there an alternate available07:10
LuigiWhat do I have to do to get all available unicode scipts, including obscure ones? (e.g. old runes and ancent south asian scripts)07:10
phildoesn t  matter07:10
Flannelfweet: Use the 64bit version of Ubuntu07:10
Gneafweet: what cpu do you have?07:10
fweetquad core07:10
cojwj32: thank you so much :>07:10
rayluwj32: er, mine isn't a specific version either. i think the virtual package name is linux-image-server07:10
wj32coj: no probs07:10
Flannelpdroy: Try dans-guardian07:10
fweethow is WINE on 64-bit ubuntu?07:10
cojyour help's greatly appreciated07:10
wj32raylu: i don't have that package :(07:10
Gneaphil: then may I suggest that you /join #ubuntu-fr and speak fluent french there? you may annoy less people and be more productive that way.07:10
rayluwj32: oh. oops :P07:11
philtdfx glx works with it ? :P07:11
coji never wanted that winxp bootloader anyway >:|07:11
fweetdoes wine run out of the box on 64-bit ?07:11
Flannel!repeat | fweet07:11
ubottufweet: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:11
wj32i believe linux-restricted-drivers only works with the desktop kernel?07:11
philGnea,  I have no reason to do this07:11
wj32then don't do it07:11
philsorry to annoy you07:11
jim_pfweet, i think there are 64bit binaries07:12
raylufweet: wine does, lots of apps don't :P07:12
jim_praylu, true! :P07:12
wj32don't move to 64-bit just yet; there's just no enough support for it07:12
bullgard4"$ update-alternatives --display pager07:12
fweetbasically i want to run starcraft and call of duty world at war07:12
Gneaphil: that's cool, the /ignore command works quite well07:12
philmaybe you should join ubuntu-fr , so we could laugh at yout foreigfn langaug capacity ? :P07:12
wj32fweet: does COD world at war run on linux?07:12
LuigiWould downloading all of the ttf fonts from synaptic let me render obscure characters in, say Firefox?07:12
fweeti dont want to install Windows just for that07:12
wj32fweet: oh wait i see wine07:12
jim_pwj32, well even adobe made flashplayer on 64 bits just for linux! what else do you expect? skype?07:13
rayluLuigi: i don't think so07:13
wj32Luigi: linux comes with fonts which display most unicode characters07:13
bullgard4"$ update-alternatives --display pager; pager - status is manual." What does "pager - status is manual" mean?07:13
rayluLuigi: also, generally, you download languages as you need them07:13
philGnea,  , what the tb with you ? The first time you spoke to me was to take me away ?07:13
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:13
LtLwj32: i've been running ubuntu 64 since it was introduced, works like a charm for me.07:13
Gneafweet: you may find this helpful: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9417207:13
raylubullgard4: it's not being controled by the alternatives system07:13
LtLwj32: now watch it choke on me ;p07:13
bullgard4raylu: Ah! --  Thank you very much for explaining.07:14
raylubullgard4: it's a guess, by the way. but i'm pretty sure i'm right07:14
Omoikane_I am playing with blue proximity and it keeps logging in and out over and over07:14
Luigiwj32, raylu: is there a way to display all available scripts without downloading more language packs?07:14
philevery body away07:14
wj32Luigi: you need fonts, not language packs07:14
fweetworld of war actually dont run on WINE!07:15
raylufweet: gasp!07:15
philwhich scripts ?07:15
wj32Luigi: if the website chooses a font which can't display the language, that's their problem07:15
fweeti thought i saw it did run somewhere07:15
Flannelfweet: World of Warcraft will run quite well in wine07:15
fweetoh it must have been that alternative07:15
fweetwhats the alternative of WINE07:15
wj32fweet: crossover07:15
philbuye a P license07:15
wj32fweet: cedega07:15
fweetworld at war <----07:15
fweetCOD game07:16
fweetright, cedege07:16
Tony22anyone know how to make a manual IP stick after reboots? and DNS entries?07:16
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:16
philwell .. Yo can t play with linux07:16
Gneafweet: there's wine, crossover (for professional applications) and cedega (for games), which are all based on wine07:16
philbuy a XP07:16
rayluTony22: have you poked the NetworkManager applet?07:16
Flannelphil: Please be helpful07:16
phili m helpfull07:16
B|ackPantherraylu,  lsmod | grep  ath gives http://paste.ubuntu.com/98824/07:16
wj32why on earth wasn't WINE licensed under GNU LGPL from the start?07:16
philok Flannel07:16
GneaTony22: the NetworkManager can do that - just edit your connection setting for auto eth007:16
philmy experience07:16
fweetokay i think i might just install Windows XP07:17
wj32i hate commercial apps stealing code from free software07:17
Flannelwj32: That's not on topic for this channel07:17
fweetand run Centos on VMWARE07:17
Luigiwj32: Right, do you know of how I can get fonts to cover Unicode characters I'm not displaying?07:17
Tony22raylu: poked it? I've opened it and put it in, but then I rebooted (after using apt-get for updates) and the IP and DNS didn't stick07:17
fweetI hate Windows though07:17
wj32Luigi: ubuntu comes with fonts that display most unicode characters07:17
rayluB|ackPanther: that's strange. it's a long shot, but try "sudo ifup ath0"07:17
wj32Luigi: what language?07:17
phili m been using a P 233 with a Voodoo 1 , as a server for Ubnreal im 1998. It worked great .07:17
Luigiwj32: Yes, I realizethis. I want to cover the rest of them, as much as possible.07:18
rayluTony22: oh. if you've already tried setting up the static ip in nm-applet, try doing it in /etc/network/interfaces instead07:18
Flannelphil: That's offtopic for this channel, please take it to an appropriate channel.  May I suggest #ubuntu-offtopic?07:18
fweetbtw, Cedega aint free is it?07:18
Luigiwj32: uhh, can I get back to you on that?07:18
philI ve  been playing Quake for years07:18
B|ackPantherraylu, i get Ignoring unknown interface ath0=ath0.07:18
munimfweet: no i dont think so07:18
Tony22thanks raylu, i'll give it a shot07:18
Gneafweet: no, but it's not expensive07:18
wj32Luigi: if a website chooses a font that can't display the characters, you can't do anything about that07:18
jim_pTony22, its one of the hundreds of problems the new network manager has. see if you can handle wicd, else use the network-admin tool from gnome. i will be happy to tell you more if you ask07:18
philFlannel,  you wasnted me to be real ?07:18
Flannelphil: I want you to stay on topic07:19
wj32Luigi: unless you want to use some ugly hacks07:19
philso ....07:19
tony1why does i can connect to wireless network only when i turn off and turn on wifi-driver in jockey-gtk?07:19
wj32phil: so do it07:19
rayluB|ackPanther: ifconfig -a07:19
fweetanyone here tried mandriva by any chance07:20
Flannelphil: This is a support channel, any topics that aren't Ubuntu support are offtopic, and don't belong here.07:20
philso i don t understand07:20
wj32tony1: that's probably because the kernel module isn't loading at startup07:20
Flannelfweet: Try #ubuntu-offtopic07:20
LuigiWell wj32, in Wikipedia for example Linear B and some other related texts appear as boxes with Unicode-related numbers inside them.07:20
LtLphil: you really need to prefix your comments with a nickname... :)07:20
phileine isn t off topic ?07:20
rayluphil: not at all07:20
philso whst ?07:21
wj32Luigi: me too07:21
B|ackPantherraylu, output here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/98825/07:21
Tony22jim_p: I'm not familiar with WICD. for the network-admin tool from gnome, would I need to install that with Synaptic first?07:21
wj32Luigi: i actually don't know then.07:21
gastoNvidia driver installed, black screen07:21
gastoafter restarting gdm07:21
philso we can speak about wine07:21
wj32Tony22: yes07:21
tony1wj32: i've done lsmod before and after reloading driver didn't found anything07:21
flash043hi all my firefox3 keeps crashing07:21
wj32Tony22: sudo apt-get install network-admin?07:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pae07:21
philbut we can t speak about wine when it doesn t work ..07:21
wj32flash043: is it a segfault?07:21
jim_pTony22, yes. sudo apt-get install gnome-network-admin07:22
flash043wj what do u mean07:22
flash043here is the error07:22
flash043variable G_FILENAME_ENCODING is set and is not UTF-807:22
wj32flash043: open a terminal and type firefox07:22
Flannelphil: Talking about your historic experiences with wine isn't on topic.  Installing wine is.  Detailed accounts of using wine are only marginally on topic.07:22
flash043to run firefox i have to type firefox3.real07:22
tony1wj32: sta wireless driver, don't know which module...07:22
jim_pTony22, keep in mind that it writes directly to the /etc/network/interfaces file, so you will need root rights everytime you use it to change a setting07:22
raylugasto: /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:22
wj32flash043: is it crashing on a page with flash player?07:23
philAll all this is stupid07:23
gastoraylu, what does that do?07:23
flash043sometimes happens on pages with flash other times just random...07:23
raylugasto: that's a file that will help you07:23
philI ve been a Linux user since 1997 , and I am still07:23
wj32flash043: do you have any custom extensions installed? do you mind if you lose all your firefox settings/history/bookmarks?07:23
=== error404notfoun1 is now known as error404notfound
Tony22bah, now my DNS is broken again... I've got a weird network setup involving a Windows PC acting as a bridge. it's kinda ugly, but it works... sometimes. I'll let you know what happens in a bit. root is no problem, plus I only hope to change this once07:24
flash043i don't care about that at all07:24
LuigiSpeaking of that, sometimes my loging screen doesn't appear and the screen goes black (I mean still lit and all, just black) with no cursor or pointer. I get around this by never logging out, but it's annoying because I can never hibernate and sometimes have to restart 2-3 times to get to the login screen.07:24
wj32flash043: type rm -rf ~/.mozilla07:24
fweetyou been a linux user since 97 and why are you here in #ubuntu07:24
Flannelfweet: Please stay on topic07:24
LuigiI'm using the most recent version of Ubuntu bt07:24
fweetim just curious07:24
philI am a modo on a Linux user group , quite big , I won t tell the name , no matter07:24
rayluB|ackPanther: hm. some people are mentioning that ath_pci doesn't work for aspire atheros wifi...07:24
wj32phil: this is not a general discussion about our linux skills07:25
flash043ok done07:25
rayluflash043: don't, just07:25
LtLphil: 1997, you want a medal?07:25
rayluflash043: gah. next time, mv .mozilla .mozilla-backup07:25
wj32flash043: now see if firefox crashses07:25
wj32raylu: yes thats what i should've told him to do?07:25
B|ackPantherraylu,this worked out of the box but its pretty amazing that its no longer working just after a reboot07:25
gastorayly, /var/log/Xorg.0.log was not recognized.07:25
wj32raylu: oh well07:25
flash043running it now07:26
christian_is there a command that will output the version of ubuntu? aka hardy or intrepid?07:26
rayluB|ackPanther: oh. try system> administration> hardware drivers07:26
wj32flash043: try and make it crash07:26
Flannelchristian_: lsb_release -a07:26
raylugasto: um...it's a file07:26
mgolischB|ackPanther: check dmesg|grep wifi07:26
flash043doing that now too07:26
munimchristian_: uname -a07:26
philso that d the way ..07:26
christian_Flannel, sweet, thanks07:26
mgolischB|ackPanther: did you cold boot?07:26
raylumunim: that's kernel info :P07:26
LtLchristian_: lsb_release -a07:26
christian_munim, uname doesnt give release indo07:26
wj32phil's back...07:26
christian_LtL, thanks07:26
Flannelphil: Please stay on topic.  This isn't a conversation channel, but its a support channel.07:26
mgolischB|ackPanther: proably the device was left in a state the hal cant reactzivate/use it07:27
gastopermission denied07:27
raylugasto: permission denied for what?07:27
gastoraylu, permission denied07:27
philsorry cap locks07:27
mgolischB|ackPanther: try a cold boot(power down, startup again)07:27
wj32gasto: sudo07:27
gastofor that file you told me to access07:27
munimoh ok.. i get confused at times..07:27
elkbuntuphil, because you were not listening to instruction.07:27
raylugasto: =\. i meant what did you do? how did you access it?07:27
wj32gasto: gksu gedit /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:27
philwhats instructions ?07:27
B|ackPanthermgolisch : dmesg |grep wifi give unable to attach hardware: 'Hardware revision not supported07:28
Flannelphil: Stay on topic07:28
phili m not in army07:28
rayluwj32, gasto:/var/log/Xorg.0.log should be world readable07:28
LuigiCan anyone help me with the whole 'login screen disappearing' thing?07:28
=== rubydiamond__ is now known as rubydiamond
christian_what is the redirect for error?07:28
christian_std-error ^07:28
philwhat the the topic ?07:28
mgolischB|ackPanther: and you sure it worked before? you didnt do any updatzes or stuff to get it working manualy?07:28
wj32raylu: it should07:28
Flannelphil: Ubuntu support only07:28
rayluLuigi: next time, ctrl+alt+f1 will give you a tty (hopefully)07:28
rayluchristian_: stderr07:28
fweetphil, what is your issue anyway07:28
philalso , out07:28
Tony22I hate windows networking... oh how I loathe it... anyone know of a decent PCI wireless adapter I could pick up at a Best Buy (options include Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, Belkin, Hawking, and Dynex) for use in Ubuntu?07:29
LuigiAlright raylu, what do I do after that? Can I get back to my gnome seesion?07:29
B|ackPantherIt worked,took of the disk ,checked a couple to times but later when i restarted it did not work07:29
wj32Luigi: Alt+F707:29
gastowj32, gksu gedit /var/log/Xorg.0.log     did not work 'cannot open display'07:29
mgolischB|ackPanther: this message indicated that the hal of the loaded madwifi driver doesnt support your card07:29
wj32gasto: oh i see you're in a VT07:29
mgolischB|ackPanther: so it worked on the livecd you say?07:29
mgolischor what?07:29
philweel alls , I ve using Linux for 10 years , so I think I can help07:29
wj32gasto: sudo nano /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:29
christian_raylu, if i wanted to redirect the std-err of lsb_release, what would I use, isnt it something like ?>07:29
elkbuntuphil, you're not helping though.07:29
gastoyes virt6ual terminal07:29
rayluLuigi: from there, poking around in /var/log/Xorg.0.log will help. running "sudo gdm" or "sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start" should try to start gdm07:29
tnoyTony22, I've always had good luck with Hawking.07:30
rayluchristian_: 2>07:30
wj32gasto: sudo nano /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:30
rccuwhy would you want to edit Xorg.0.log?07:30
mgolischB|ackPanther: id try to cold boot if it still doenst work try updating to a newer madwifi version07:30
B|ackPanthermgolisch,it worked on a live disk and i checked it a couple of times after taking off the live disk but later on it was not working07:30
rccuyou do not need "sudo" to view Xorg.0.log07:30
christian_raylu, thanks07:30
wj32rccu: well apparently he can't read it because of "permission denied"07:30
fweetphil, are you experienced with ext3 journaling07:30
wj32fweet: phil's gone07:30
|ntegra|can you tell me how to reset my sound so I can play myspace player and youtube now please? (I can xmms, but then no sound on internet)07:30
Luigiok, thanks raylu07:30
Tony22tnoy: thanks, I'll give it a shot this weekend07:31
gastowj32, now what07:31
LuigiWhat's failsafe GNOME>07:31
wj32gasto: i dunno, do whatever raylu wanted you to do07:31
raylugasto: so you needed sudo to read the X log? that's strange07:32
raylugasto: ls -l /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:32
wj32raylu: he's still in nano, he probably doesn't know how to quit it07:32
Flannelphil: please /join #ubuntu-ops07:32
* raylu thinks less wold have been a better choice than nano07:32
* ThePub wonders if the "more is better" joke would be alright..07:33
gastoI am in nano07:33
kduboiswhere can i change the default key mapping to dvorak permanently in the tty's? i'm getting tired of "loadkeys dvorak" :)07:34
raylugasto: ctrl+x07:34
raylukdubois: you can put that in .bashrc07:34
wj32kdubois: try .bashrc07:34
ThePubor .profile07:34
rayluThePub: =\ i have yet to figure out the difference between less and more07:35
wj32ah yes, .profile is better07:35
ThePubraylu: more is less :)07:35
flash043ok wj i got my crash again07:35
gastomodule abi versions ... video driver : 4.107:35
Luigiraylu: The way I heard it, 'less is simply better than more.'07:35
wj32flash043: i don't know then07:35
gastoGeforce 620007:35
rayluThePub: oh =\07:35
flash043what do u need to see  from the crash report07:35
wj32flash043: try filing a bug report07:35
wj32see http://www.tux.org/~mayer/linux/book/node217.html for the difference between .profile and .bashrc07:36
flash043it has to do with flash player and utf-807:36
rayluThePub: cygwin has no more :(07:36
wj32.profile is run when you log in07:36
wj32.bashrc is run when you start bash07:36
flash043can I update flash player some how07:36
bobbieubuntu rocks!!!07:37
ThePub.profile is usually a better choice for those things only want run once.07:37
kduboisraylu: wj32, i'm trying to have it be default across all users, arch had this nice little file in etc that took care of it, can't seem to find it in ubunt07:37
wj32kdubois: /etc/profile07:37
kduboisah, thanks07:37
bullgard4"On some operationg systems, netstat -b lists sockets created by application programs." What is the Ubuntu equivalent to 'netstat -b'?07:38
wj32Flannel: I don't get this. why not have channel operator status all the time if you can just get it07:38
hendrianyone know any programs for pc suite nokia series E ?07:38
rayluwj32: most channel ops don't like autoop07:38
Flannelwj32: Theres lots of reasons.  Some of them are logical, some are policy.07:39
ThePubbecause you don't get bugged :)07:39
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
gastoraylu, got    -rw-r--r-- 1 root 13140 2009-01-02 19:31 /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:41
raylugasto: um...07:41
gastothat is what you told me07:41
raylugasto: this means that you should not have gotten permission denied and something is screwy with your UIDs07:42
supernoobevery time I open Opera, there's always a new tab in front of all my tabs from the previous session with the address http://0/07:42
supernoobit's pretty annoying07:42
BikeguyHow do I know if fstab got corrupted? Some symptoms are drives are not being mounted properly, with proper read/write permissions, my "File System" is being mounted as an actual hard drive.07:42
gastols -l /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:42
BikeguySorry for my lack of knowledge, I am fairly new to ubuntu.07:42
karthik_ hey could any one please tell me wats the difference between viewport and workspace07:42
raylugasto: do you have another install of linux or something?07:42
LtLbullgard4: netstat -a07:42
rayluBikeguy: try mount a07:42
rayluBikeguy: *mount -a07:42
xd4although this may sound a stupid question, but how do i prefix names here at irc? i am using xchat07:42
gastoraylu, no07:42
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:42
FlannelBikeguy: take a look at /etc/fstab, it's a text file, if it got corrupted... stuff would look funny.07:43
Hilikuswhats the procedure to install a new web application, i found this app that doesnt have a packga but i got the source code with the php files, is there a howto for that?07:43
gastoraylu, I just yesterday installed Ubuntu07:43
raylugasto: output of "id"?07:43
Bikeguyraylu: what does that command do, sorry I'm new to this all. Also, honestly I wouldn't be able to tell you what a "weird looking fstab file would look like" I already went to it, and it was jibberish to me07:43
rayluHilikus: put it on a webserver?07:43
rayluBikeguy: mounts everything in fstab07:44
xd4raylu,  thanks07:44
Hilikusraylu where? i think it should be /usr/share/ but im not sure, and thats not enough, there are apache permissions to be set and stuff like that07:44
rayluHilikus: do you have a webserver set up locally?07:44
Hilikusits not just mv'ing files07:44
Hilikusof course07:44
LtLgasto: id output is 8.10 ?07:45
rayluHilikus: then it is just mv-ing files07:45
Bikeguyraylu: okay, so now i should try to look at that fstab file?07:45
rayluHilikus: i believe the default htdocs directory is /var/www07:45
bullgard4LtL: After reading man netstat /-a, I disagree with you.07:45
Bikeguyraylu: would there be any place that i could output the information for you?07:45
ThePubHilikus: your question has less to do with ubuntu and more to do with how you have your Web server setup.07:45
Hilikusi have several webpages running, each in its own "folder"07:45
Doc8404hey i need the newest version of gyache where can i find it?07:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gyache07:46
Doc8404im having trouble pinpointing it, and the website is over 2 years over07:46
rayluLtL: timestamps. i'm pretty sure he was just finishing his previous statement07:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gyachi07:46
LtLbullgard4: after reading man netstat, whats the answer?07:46
Hilikusraylu ok, that dir has symlinks to /usr/share, i'll do that07:46
mrglinuxany body has ubunut 8.10 and installed mysql ?07:46
wj32Doc8404: wouldn't that mean the app hasn't been updated for a long time?07:46
Flannel!anyone | mrglinux07:46
ubottumrglinux: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:46
wj32mrglinux: what's wrong with it07:46
Hilikusi thoughit i also had to specify the rootdir and whatever the .something file is called in apache07:46
Doc8404uhm no, actually ive read about versions higher than mine07:47
FlannelHilikus: No, it defaults to /var/www, just stick stuff there07:47
Hilikuscool, ill do that07:47
Hilikusthanks guys07:47
mrglinuxwj32: i change my config of mysql and it doesn't work i want to change to last states07:47
wj32mrglinux: you can't un-overwrite files.07:47
raylumrglinux: after changing the config, you have to "invoke-rc.d mysqld reload" or "invoke-rc.d mysqld restart"07:48
wj32mrglinux: you can do sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server07:48
rayluoh, is that what he meant07:48
wj32mrglinux: then install again07:48
Bikeguyhow do i view the fstab file?07:48
wj32raylu: probably07:48
wj32g2g bye07:48
LtLBikeguy: cat /etc/fstab07:48
gastoraylu, uid=1000(gasto) gid=1000(gasto) groups=4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),46(plugdev),108(lpadmin),123(admin),124(sambashare),1000(gasto)07:48
Luigiraylu: Ok, you said next time my login screen fails to appear I should try to go tty and look through xorg.o.log, what should I do that with and what should I look for?07:49
LtLBikeguy: in a terminal, that is.07:49
rayluLuigi: i usually start at the end and read up for errors07:49
BikeguyLtL: thanks, i got it, any idea of what i should be looking for to diagnose if fstab is corrupt?07:49
raylugasto: then it's kind of strange that Xorg.0.log has GID 13140...07:49
rayluBikeguy: what did mount -a do?07:50
LtLBikeguy: too numerous to mention, why dont you pastebin it07:50
grayhanewhere does Gnome store the pictures used for the desktop background ?07:50
gastoraylu, what do you suggest? Is there anything to reset the Xorg?07:50
Bikeguyraylu: all of the same drives were mounted, i might know what do do as far as the sdc1 : aka the file system being mounted07:51
mrglinuxwj32: i afraid some my software doesn't work such as smplayer because i try it last ... i removed /var/lib/mysql and create in my hoime and create symbol link to that . and after that my mysql doesn't start so i need ls -l of your /var/lib/mysql and /var/run/mysqld/07:51
Flannelgrayhane: /usr/share/ um.... I don't remember past that.07:51
LuigiFlannel: did that happen on a script or did you just decide to unban him?07:51
BikeguyLtL:okay, will do07:51
grayhaneFlannel, TU07:51
triggerhappFlannel, grayhane , I think its /usr/share/backgrounds07:51
raylugasto: oh, i just read some scrollback. i'd echo the previous suggestion and install the nvidia driver with the restricted drivers manager or the package manager07:52
BikeguyLtL: http://pastebin.com/m2a2f5bb607:52
mrglinuxraylu  i removed /var/lib/mysql and create in my hoime and create symbol link to that . and after that my mysql doesn't start so i need ls -l of your /var/lib/mysql and /var/run/mysqld/07:52
raylumrglinux: wj32 is gone :P and none of what you said made any ense07:52
raylumrglinux: *sense07:52
Bikeguyraylu: http://pastebin.com/m2a2f5bb607:52
gastorestricted drivers manager did not work07:53
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.07:53
rayluBikeguy: you have 4 hard drives?07:53
grayhanetriggerhapp, you are correct , thanks07:53
triggerhappNo worries07:54
joe_-Is there a way to have Ubuntu connect to the wireless network before login?07:54
bullgard4LtL: After reading 'man netstat/-a' my answer is: "In Ubuntu netstat -a shows all sockets including sockets that are not created by application programs.07:54
raylujoe_-: i believe it involves tinkering with /etc/network/interfaces07:54
gastohow´d I use the package manager for installing the Nvidia driver?07:54
mrglinuxraylu could you give some fucked permission of this path that i back my directory to correct user and owner instead of learn me how to use dictionary with boot ?07:54
joe_-raylu: I run Synergy on it and want to be able to login w/o breaking out the keyboard.07:55
tritiummrglinux: watch the language, pelase07:55
tritiumplease, even07:55
raylugasto: aptitude install nvidia-glx07:55
joe_-gasto: Resolution problem?07:55
raylumrglinux: what is your native language?07:55
nowimprovedanyone have flash working in fullscreen with firefox 3.0.5?07:55
Bikeguyraylu: I have 3 that are in use, there is the 750 which was a windows drive, then there is a 750 that is split between the linux filesystem, and an ntfs partition with a swap, as well as a 1tB drive which is an external usb drive, the 1xxGB drive is the linux file system, but I think I know why it's mounting. What is the gui program that  modifies fstab?07:55
ThePubnowimproved: I watch stuff in fullscreen using flash, it seems to work okie dokie.07:56
mrglinuxraylu why do you want to know ? does it refer to my problem or you want know Owen07:56
mib_edk58tHEY  all07:56
rayluBikeguy: o.0? there's a gui for modifying fstab? i wouldn't trust my fstab to a gui :P07:56
mib_edk58ti need hel07:56
Teknogo ahead07:56
raylumrglinux: because i can't understand you at all07:56
Bikeguyraylu: yeah, it wasn't that helpful at all, but there was a gui07:56
raylu!help | mib_edk58t07:56
ubottumib_edk58t: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:56
Bikeguyraylu: what i think i ended up doing was making sdc1 automount07:57
rayluer... ignore that07:57
nowimprovedThePub, your using version 3.0.5 of firefox?07:57
LtLBikeguy: it's sure a strange looking fstab, but i don't see anything fatal07:57
ThePubnowimproved: yes, it's what installed with 8.1007:57
mib_edk58ti connected my nokia 6630 with ubuntu 8.04 throuh usb.with lsusb command i get Nokia Smartphone.Now how can i access memory card07:57
nowimprovedThePub, can I upgrade my install to 8.10?07:58
Bikeguyltl: any ideas on why my permissions are so messed up, it won't allow me to write to my ntfs windows drive ( the sdb1)07:58
ThePubnowimproved: I would assume so.  "update-manager -d" iirc.07:58
raylumib_edk58t: does it appear in your Places menu?07:58
mib_edk58tit does not appear there07:58
mrglinuxraylu my native language is not English . but i doesn't seem my sentences very complex that you can't understand .. and you are first one doesn't understand what i say .. so i think this problem refer to you07:58
raylumib_edk58t: could you pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l"07:59
raylu!who | mib_edk58t07:59
ubottumib_edk58t: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:59
Bikeguyltl: also, how do I make ext3 allow me to make folders outside of the terminal, aka in the gui...my terminal knowledge is very limited07:59
mrglinux** but it07:59
mib_edk58tcan i mount nokia 6630 memory card as parattion on ubuntu07:59
LtLBikeguy: install ntfs-config package i think its called, it will appear in your menu.07:59
raylumib_edk58t: that's what i'm hoping07:59
|ntegra|how can I reset my sound quickly?07:59
mib_edk58traylu ok07:59
nowimproveddoes 9.0.4 seem ok to upgrade to?07:59
raylu!jaunty | nowimproved08:00
ubottunowimproved: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April -Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion08:00
Luigimrglinux: I honestly have a bit of trouble fully understanding it, but most of it makes sense. ('It' referring to your sentences.)08:00
BikeguyLtL: any idea on why I was able to write perfectly before, but not now?08:00
LtLBikeguy: the ext3 and ntfs fs's should show up in a file manager08:00
BikeguyLtL: what do you mean by file manager?08:00
mib_edk58traylu sudo fdisk -l just shows my regualar hard disks but not nokia 663008:00
raylumib_edk58t: oh. then i have no idea :P08:00
mrglinuxanyway i correct my problem myself like each every time08:00