owen9914how do you delete saved sessions?01:02
hmullerDoes anyone know if there is a problem with the daily-live iso's on machines with integrated nvidia graphics?01:06
craigbass1976Perhaps this isxfce, maybe OOo...  Why are my menu fonts so large in OOo?  They weren't in regular ubuntu, and I can't see where to change it.02:44
juanantonioHello. There someone?02:50
craigbass1976juanantonio, you stuck on something?02:51
juanantonioStuck? No, not at all, hehehe. Thing is, I have Kubuntu 8.04 customized to me02:52
juanantoniobut thing is, it could be faster when I turn on the PC just to download. So I installed LXDE desktop02:53
juanantonioand today, I have installed Xubuntu desktop from the official repos, I'm in a Xfce session now02:53
juanantonioMy question is: have I updated something in the PC or just the environment and not only the desktop as with LXDE?02:54
juanantonioI mean kernel, inner version and so on02:55
juanantonioCan anyone tell me something about that?02:59
jimbohi im trying to setup intel 1915 driver for svideo out. i found this page. its an xorg.conf for gnome. can i use it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141031&page=303:12
juanantoniook, bye03:16
ballWhat's this compositing thing then?  X Window in 3D?04:04
R1cochetsource: saluton to you04:29
=== jaYVas_707 is now known as baYVas_707
baYVas_707I need help with a compatibility issue...any takers??06:30
* ball hides behind the sofa06:31
baYVas_707I have a Toshiba Satellite L305-S5899 with an Atheros internal wireless adapter and xubuntu doesn't seem to recognize it.06:32
* baYVas_707 wants to point out that it is indeed a laptop.06:32
baYVas_707I'm using the laptop right now to talk to you all, but I had to plug in a dongle.06:34
ThePubinteresting, idk how xubuntu tracks to ubuntu proper but I just did an 8.04 install and upgrade to 8.10 with my atheros-based card working out-of-box.  not that this is much help, I really wouldn't know where to begin tbh :)06:35
baYVas_707ok...well, that definetely does not help me. Anybody have any suggestions?06:36
xubuserHello People.06:37
baYVas_707I'm looking at a web page right now that tells me how to fix it, but I'm not that familiar with the terminal.06:37
xubusergot an S-video issue. Does anybody have any experience? How do I enable the output. I am using xrandr -q and it shows S-video, VGA-0 and DVI-0 as disconnected. I have connected the cable.06:38
ThePubthe terminal is as easy as typing ;)06:38
baYVas_707then explain to me step-by-step how to work the following:06:39
baYVas_707#! /bin/bash06:39
baYVas_707mkdir /etc/lib/wireless/06:39
baYVas_707cd /etc/lib/wireless/06:39
baYVas_707apt-get install build-essential06:39
baYVas_707wget http://snapshots.madwifi.org/special/madwifi-ng-r3366+ar5007.tar.gz06:39
xubuserhow do I enable the the s-video to the TV? I am not having any success. Booting off of the Ubuntu CD worked just fine. But my xubuntu installation didn't allow me to do xrandr --output VGA-006:39
baYVas_707tar xfz madwifi-ng-r3366+ar5007.tar.gz06:39
baYVas_707cd madwifi-ng-r3366+ar500706:39
baYVas_707make install06:39
baYVas_707modprobe ath_pci06:39
baYVas_707so...ThePub , what's your answer??06:45
ThePubto what?06:47
baYVas_707here, I'll paste it again...06:47
baYVas_707then explain to me step-by-step how to work the following:06:48
ThePubyou should be using pastebin or some other service06:48
baYVas_707#! /bin/bash06:48
baYVas_707mkdir /etc/lib/wireless/06:48
baYVas_707cd /etc/lib/wireless/06:48
baYVas_707apt-get install build-essential06:48
baYVas_707wget http://snapshots.madwifi.org/special/madwifi-ng-r3366+ar5007.tar.gz06:48
baYVas_707tar xfz madwifi-ng-r3366+ar5007.tar.gz06:48
baYVas_707cd madwifi-ng-r3366+ar500706:48
baYVas_707make install06:48
baYVas_707modprobe ath_pci06:48
ThePublooks like a bash script to issue a set of commands.06:49
baYVas_707Are you actually trying to help me or what?06:49
ThePubso do you have the ath modules installed?06:49
baYVas_707what are they?06:50
ThePubif you have a terminal open, you can do this:  cat /proc/modules| grep ^ath06:50
baYVas_707with the dividing bar connected to the word "modules"?06:51
ThePubor add a space, it doesn't matter.06:51
ThePuband it's referred to as a pipe, just for future reference.  we're taking the information spewed from cat and filtering it through grep.06:51
baYVas_707it didn't do anything.06:52
ThePubcould just try directly loadng them to see if they're there.  i.e:  sudo modprobe ath_pci06:54
ThePubI'm really surprised they're no there though06:54
baYVas_707after i typed in my password, again, nothing happened.06:55
ThePubthat's actually good, try the last command now :)06:55
baYVas_707vasman118@vasman118-xubuntu:~$ cat /proc/modules | grep ^ath06:56
baYVas_707ath_pci 99096 0 - Live 0xf916100006:56
baYVas_707ath_hal 198864 1 ath_pci, Live 0xf961a000 (P)06:56
ThePubso the modules are there, they're just not automatically loading.  iirc, ath_pci is the main driver to run atheros using the madwifi driver.  although I'll be honest, it's been over 2 years since I've tinkered with that stuff, and it wasn't even on a debian machine.06:57
ThePububunutu, xubunutu, whatever.. all the same in the end :)06:57
ThePubbaYVas_707: so what you need now is someone to step you through how to get that stuff loading at startup06:58
baYVas_707ok...ya think there's anyone in this channel with such know-how?06:59
ThePubI wouldn't know :)  Joined not too long before you to just hang out and see what got chatted about.  May have a better chance in #ubuntu.07:00
ThePubat least it's more active.  have you checked the xubuntu and ubuntu wiki/forumn?07:00
baYVas_707yeah, but I don't have the patience to wait around for replies :-(07:01
ThePubbaYVas_707: out of curiousity, what does the command iwconfig say?07:01
baYVas_707lemme check...07:02
ThePubthat's usually not a compatible character trait for this stuff, heh.07:02
ThePubshould have listigns like "lo", maybe some "ethX" enteries, is there an "ath0"?07:04
baYVas_707I know, I'm getting more and more patient these days though...I'll be on the right level for it soon enough. Eh, ok here's what the result of iwconfig was:07:04
baYVas_707vasman118@vasman118-xubuntu:~$ iwconfig07:04
baYVas_707lo        no wireless extensions.07:04
baYVas_707eth0      no wireless extensions.07:04
baYVas_707pan0      no wireless extensions.07:04
baYVas_707wmaster0  no wireless extensions.07:04
baYVas_707wlan0     IEEE 802.11bg  ESSID:"jaYVas~gateway"07:04
baYVas_707          Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.412 GHz  Access Point: 00:1B:5B:0E:68:2907:04
baYVas_707          Bit Rate=54 Mb/s   Tx-Power=27 dBm07:04
baYVas_707          Retry min limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr=2352 B07:04
baYVas_707          Power Management:off07:04
baYVas_707          Link Quality=100/100  Signal level:38/10007:04
baYVas_707          Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:0  Rx invalid frag:007:04
baYVas_707          Tx excessive retries:0  Invalid misc:0   Missed beacon:007:04
ThePubthat's good :)  so really it's just a matter of getting those modules to load at startup.07:05
baYVas_707Keep in mind I am currently using my usb dongle to talk to you right now.07:05
ThePubidk how xubuntu does network configuration07:07
ThePubbut it may be as easy as adding ath_pci to /etc/modules07:07
ThePubthere are instructions in the file on how to use it.07:07
baYVas_707which file?07:08
baYVas_707oh, ok.07:08
ThePubI would take this as the worst grade advice since I'm just stabbing in the dark :)07:09
baYVas_707that's alright. I appreciate the help thus far. :007:10
kbmaniacxubuntu newbe - compositing problem. I have a nvidia card, accelerated driver, extensions on etc but when I flip between screens sometimes I seem to see the app redrawing, ie a flash of white with random bit colors just for an instant before the app is redrawn. Is this a problem you guys suffer with ? Have tried everything with xorg but can't shake it ?08:11
kbmaniacGoogleing I cant find any references to it so I am starting to wonder if its my underpowered nvidia card ?08:11
kbmaniaca nVidia Corporation NV44A [GeForce 6200] ?08:12
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)10:42
R1cochetwell there is a pre-built package but its i386 and im on amd6410:43
R1cochetany1 have any ideas what i should do?10:43
R1cochetbuild from source or is there another way?10:43
rgnrhello ppl11:31
harlemdavveyhi guys! how does xfce works?? i have a problem in looking for how to configure shortcuts by keyboard!! how can i do??  i used ubuntu with the gnome interface and i noticed that it has a configure option for the keyboard shortcuts..  but i'm not able to find how to configure/edit my shortcuts  in the xfce environment for an easy work with my pc..:) thx if you can help me:)11:48
harlemdavveyhi guys! how does xfce works?? i have a problem in looking for how to configure shortcuts by keyboard!! how can i do??  i used ubuntu with the gnome interface and i noticed that it has a configure option for the keyboard shortcuts..  but i'm not able to find how to configure/edit my shortcuts for an easy work with my pc..:) thx if you can help me:)11:51
gabkdllyharlemdavvey: hi11:52
harlemdavveycould u help me?11:52
gabkdllyharlemdavvey: Applications -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts11:53
harlemdavveyomg!! thx u so much!!11:53
harlemdavveygabkdlly for president!!!11:54
dimsimq: will ndiswrapper and ndisutils ndisgtk be available in xubuntu for PPC? Im running an old ibook g3 600mhz and trying to hook up a wireless Linksys WUSB300N12:45
dimsimit doesnt have an airport card installed12:46
guyiomhi all13:12
guyiom am running xubuntu intrepid on eeepc 900 and each time i susoend resume pc, i have to modprobe the wireless ath5k13:12
guyiomany idea?13:12
juanantonioWhy cant'I play a music CD with totem?13:14
peabodyI've just installed eeexubuntu on my eee pc 1000 netbook, and after the default install, I have no network adapters listed under ifconfig13:16
peabodyI don't even know how to start troubleshooting that13:16
peabodyI have 2 entries in /etc/network/interfaces : auto lo, and iface lo inet loopback13:20
nikolamguyiom, peabody TRY: http://www.eeeuser.com/13:21
peabodyyeah I've gone over the wiki13:21
peabodythere's nothing on it13:21
nikolamAlso take care that automated scripts mentioned there mostly work with 70113:21
peabodyI don't know why mine hates me13:21
nikolampeabody, try forum, also13:22
nikolamI am with 701, I think that modules for it are even included in 8.10.13:22
nikolamalso I think there is even precompiled kernel for eee`s but I don`t know about separate 90x and 1000x versions13:23
nikolamAlso I think it is always better to use normal updates and to refresh drivers yourself13:23
peabodyyeah, so I want to isntall eeebuntu13:33
peabodyeeexubuntu is an old distro for the original eeepcs and eeebuntu is based on 8.1013:33
peabodyThe forums search sucked but I managed to find references to the other builds on array.org13:34
peabodywhich deals with the eee specific kernel13:34
nikolamI use normal xubuntu with drivers installed. I have eee 701 4G13:42
nikolamalso one can use eeebuntu with custom kernel and install xfce on it and get the same thing13:43
nikolambut I want to keep disk usage low and I use xubuntu default /Hardy with that script and no custom kernel13:43
Seomahhi I'm trying to set up a remote desktop to windows. Can someone help me?15:02
lufchi Ive just installed 8.04.1 alternate on an old Sony Laptop and the dsktop is like a 10" square in the middle of the screen. ANy idea how I get it bigger fullsize16:14
sinboxnope sorry16:16
likemindeadWhat do you recommend for a good Linux-friendly printer/scanner? Is HP my best bet?17:10
likemindeadI don't need anything too fancy. Just to print black and white and scan papers occasionally.17:11
sinboxI think linux support is pretty good with HP from what I read17:15
likemindeadThought so. Had an Epson that was no bueno. Thanks.17:16
sinboxif you search you can probably get it to work, I managed to find drivers for my canon after some searching17:18
likemindeadYeah, I found a driver, but only to print--no scan. Printer sucked anyways. Used too much ink.17:26
rgnrheu ppl18:12
rgnrjoin ubuntu18:14
DarkTanis there any way to find out what my user name was on Xubuntu 8.04?18:40
nitro2k01Are you logged in? Start a terminal and write whoami18:42
DarkTanno, not logged in18:46
DarkTani did the install over two months ago, never touched it, forgot what i put for the user name18:47
ThePubis it possible to group the tasklist together w/o stacking the tasks?  i.e. if a new xterm is opened it will be appended to the xterm area but not as a stack.18:50
lufccan I ask again plese guys afetr 2 hours maybe sokme more peeps here -....18:54
lufchi Ive just installed 8.04.1 alternate on an old Sony Laptop and the dsktop is like a 10" square in the middle of the screen. ANy idea how I get it bigger fullsize18:54
lufcwell not 10" but like its on a 10" monitor18:54
ThePubchecked your display settings?  (first place I'd check anyhow)  Settings -> Settings Manager -> Display18:57
lufcyes Ive got default, 800*600 and 640*480 (I presume default = 1024x768) none of them change the size of the actuak " screen"18:59
lufcif it was windows I'd be loking at the videoi card driver19:00
lufcno idea wher to start in xubuntu19:00
lufc(of course, this laptop screen worked pefectly in XP - if bloody slow!)19:01
ThePubso you have a square showing video which is smaller than the actual physical screen?19:01
ThePuband what type of laptop/vintage are we talking about?19:02
lufcsony vaio PCG-R600HEk Pentium III, 20GB HD, 12."1 XGA (1024*768) TFT Display19:03
thekingHow do you generate SSH keys?19:03
ThePublufc: apparently similar issues can happen in XP :) http://www.techsupportforum.com/microsoft-support/windows-xp-support/270612-sony-vaio-display-not-fullscreen-after-xp-install.html19:05
lufc:-) see he didnt get an answer :-(19:06
ThePubI won't have an answer for you, but here's an educated guess:  a) driver incompatibilities as you've already indicated; you're going to have to check to see if the xorg driver being used supports what you're running.  /etc/X11/xorg.conf has that information in the "Device" section, should be a Driver line.  b) default install is probably using xrandr and it's not detecing the full capabilities of the screen, so you'll probaby have to enter tha19:10
ThePubI wonder if this might be a good start though: http://www.damia.net/vaio/19:12
ThePubpatching the 915 driver and inserting the appropriate monitor entries19:12
lufcbeyond my capabilities I'm afriad..19:14
lufcah well back to XP19:14
lufcTher's always "something" with Linux isn't there?19:14
ThePubI'd argue there's always "something" with proprietary hardware :)19:14
lufcWindows works19:15
lufcThers always a problem with Linux19:15
lufcsome driver or other19:15
lufcHey I'm no Win fan boy bu if it doesn't work out of the box.. I aint got the time or patinece to start compiling code19:15
ThePubwindows vs linux on my eee is quite significant.  there's a huge on-disk size divide. it's worth the extra effort imo, but that's just my own opinion.  Windows works, but it works its way.19:17
lufcok-.. when I installed this There were lost of option s about the monitor.. I picked the nearest .. how do i get back to that insrtall optionj on the CD about monitor type ?19:19
Odd-rationaletheking: ssh-keygen -t rsa19:21
Odd-rationalelufc: what's your video card? can you pastebin the output of "lspci" from a terminal?19:23
lufcim on a differnt pc moment please19:23
Odd-rationaleoh ok...19:23
lufc(Odd-rationale): lspci = Intel Corporation 82815 Chipset graphics Controller (CGC) (rev11)19:26
Odd-rationalelufc: is there a way i can take a look at your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?19:27
lufcwell Ive got it on screen19:29
lufcthere is nothing19:29
lufcfor Configured video device19:29
lufcnothing for Configured monitor19:29
lufcand nothing for default screen19:30
lufckeyboard, touchpad and mouse are only things configured19:30
Odd-rationalelufc: have you tried using the vesa drivers?19:32
Odd-rationalei got to go eat lunch... i'll be back later...19:33
lufcno I'll try that thanks19:36
grandmaneedshelpHi everyone! I am setting up xubuntu on my EIGHTY year old grandmas laptop... I am trying to simplify it as much as possible, a long with locking the system down settings wise. Any ideas?19:57
`ChrisHello is there a way of getting the Printscreen keyboard button to bind to a screenshot utility as it was like when I used Ubuntu (GNOME)?20:06
Pirate_Hunterhi i keep getting a message at login that the power management is not properly installed how do i fix this?20:32
Pirate_Huntercan some help me change xubuntu language setting from english to portuguese?20:37
Pirate_Hunteranyone here that can help me please20:44
lufcOk finally managed to restar with vesa set ... absolutely no change.. same small screen within the screen20:53
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me with xubuntu where is the option to change language settings20:56
lufcPirat: setting ->system -> language support21:34
lufcPirate_Hunter ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^21:35
lufcSettings -> System -> Language Support21:35
weatherkidI got a problem-I am trying to install xubuntu via the alt. CD. When it trys to date the BIOS using acpi=force my screen turns yellow that black and it dies. Any ideas?21:38
weatherkidCan someone help me please?21:41
lufcre: my prob.. found one link http://www.ifi.uzh.ch/ailab/people/hkunz/r600hek/linux.html22:07
lufcwhere the guy just says: Graphics: Intel 82815 Graphics Controller. Include AGP support for I810/I815/I830M as well as DRM support for Intel I810. For framebuffer: vesafb.22:08
lufcbut gives no clue as to what he did with this info to get it working22:08
lufcOK.. puppylinux22:31
lufctry it see what happens22:32
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lufcworks! full screen22:42
lufcshame !22:45
lufcxorg standrad 1024x768 settings22:45
lufcand I've been messing with xbunti for 7 hours22:46
lufcah wel.. OK guys thanks for your help-.. off o find the puppylinux chan :-)22:47
lufchmm..I'm back23:27
lufcI forgot it was just running from the CD..23:28
lufcwhen I rebooted.. surprise, surprise it booted into xubuntu.. in FULL SCREEN!23:28
lufcGod knows how! Dont ask me.. that sneaky little puppy must dun sumfink!23:28
lufcbut anyways.. I'd now like to play with my xubuntu install but I can't cos it keeps recycling back to the login.. after a few mins..23:29
lufcsomething about chron jobs or something.. I'll catch it next time round23:29
lufcI did a big update previously.. is this anthing to do with it?23:30
lufcupdating and resetting?23:30
lufc6th time around now23:30
lufclogin.. desktop... disk activity .. mouse cursor locks... back to login23:31
lufcok the messages before the login were.. (roughly)23:32
lufcanachrostic cron anacron23:32
lufcstarting defered exec...23:32
lufcper c...23:32
lufcChecking battery state...23:33
lufclload boot...23:33
JintoOk, so I've got a bit of a problem.23:35
JintoOld Dell laptop and xubuntu didn't automatically see the wireless card.23:35
JintoAny help/advice/suggestions?23:35
lufcOK here they are in more complete form after the latest loop:23:38
lufcStarting anarchronistic cron anacron [OK]23:38
lufcStarting defferede exec scheduler crono [OK]23:39
lufcStarting periodic command scheduler [OK]23:39
lufcChecking Battery State [OK]23:39
lufcRunning Local boot scripts [OK]23:39
lufcthen it cycles back to the login screen again .. and again... Groundhog Nix23:40
lufcI need an intervention , man! Help me break this cycle! :-)23:40
lufclooks like its an old bug: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg449074.html23:43
lufcJinto.. I'm no expert man but from what I've gatherd.. find the info you need an install it manually into /etc/X11/xorg.conf (sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf)23:45
Odd-rationalexorg.conf is for video, not for wireless devices...23:45
lufcsee.. told you i was no expert ;->23:47
JintoYour still better then me.23:47
Odd-rationalelufc: i'm guessing xorg is crashing for you.. that may be why you are constantly returning to the login screen... maybe check you /var/log/Xorg.0.log ...23:48
Odd-rationaleJinto: do you know what wireless device you have? try running "lspci" in a terminal. and pastebin the results..23:48
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)23:48
lufccan i get to the net from myterminal?23:50
Odd-rationalelufc: yes.23:50
kathrynodd-rationale: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99295/23:51
JintoMe and Katryn are working on her laptop.23:51
Odd-rationalekathryn: ah... a broadcom... not so nice... :(23:51
lufcso to paste this log?23:51
Odd-rationalekathryn: well, first, do you have any wired internet connection on that machine?23:52
JintoShe did until we had to remove the XP partition completely.23:52
JintoShe's on a ethernet cable right now.23:53
Odd-rationaleJinto: so kathryn is wired right now and has internet access?23:53
Odd-rationaleon that machine23:53
JintoBut no wireless23:53
Odd-rationalekathryn: have you tried going to the Applications --> System --> Drivers Manager?23:53
Odd-rationalekathryn: does any wireless drivers appear there?23:54
S-i-Aafter upgrade to 8.10 the xkbption to change keyboard layout worked no more, and the xfce4-xkb-plugin dispaly just one keyboard layout. any idea how can i fix that?23:54
kathryni dont see "drivers manager" but i do see "hardware drivers"23:54
Odd-rationalekathryn: yeah. that one... sorry...23:55
kathrynhang on23:55
S-i-Aoh i founde it23:55
kathryn"no proprietary drivers are in use on this system"23:56
S-i-Aalle keyboard option are disabled in xorg.conf with # at first23:56
S-i-Athat is my bug to xubuntu :)23:56
Odd-rationalekathryn: hmm. ok. can you pastebin the output of "iwconfig"23:56
Odd-rationalekathryn: looks like you wireless device is already detected... what version of xubuntu is this?23:59

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