garyvdmluke-jr: Maybe scmproj might be a solution. http://launchpad.net/bzr-scmproj  Though It's not mature yet either.00:00
garyvdmYou can choose between the lesser of 2 evils....00:00
garyvdmscmproj *is* being actively developed.00:01
spivgaryvdm: interesting, I hadn't seen that one yet.  There's also https://launchpad.net/config-manager.00:05
luke-jris it possible to create a local change that cannot be pushed?00:41
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headlessagnewDoes anybody with experience in bzr-svn happen to be around?  I'm getting "Unable to open an ra_local session" errors when I specify a single file for "bzr diff", but not when I do a directory.  (bzr 1.10, bzr-svn 0.5rc1)  Same thing for commit, as well.05:14
jelmerheadlessagnew, where does the error appear?05:15
jelmerheadlessagnew, what platform?05:15
headlessagnewjelmer: I'm on OSX, running SVN 1.5.  The error shows up inside bzrlib/plugins/svn/subvertpy/ra.py at line 43, in RemoteAccess .05:17
jelmerheadlessagnew, how did you install bzr-svn?05:18
jelmerrunning from ~/.bazaar/plugins ?05:18
headlessagnewjelmer: Systemwide, I'm afraid, but by hand and not with easy_install05:18
jelmerheadlessagnew, I suspect you ended up with a broken install then05:18
jelmerthere were some fixes wrt the installer in rc105:19
jelmerthey'll be fixed in the next rc05:19
headlessagnewjelmer: Oh, I see.  Should I pull a new version from launchpad and try that?05:19
jelmerheadlessagnew, you can try using the 0.5 branch of bzr-svn05:20
jelmerare you sure you want 0.5 though, not 0.4 ?05:20
headlessagnewjelmer: I'll confess I don't have any stake in 0.5 over 0.4; I'll drop back to
headlessagnewjelmer: much obliged, thanks!05:22
jelmerheadlessagnew, np05:22
j^hi, trying to install bzr from https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive on hardy i get08:09
j^  bzr: Depends: python-central (>= 0.6.7) but 0.6.5ubuntu1 is to be installed08:09
garyvdmHi - I'm trying to extend some tests in bzr-upload.08:37
garyvdmIt's a TestCaseWithTransport.08:38
garyvdmI'm trying to push to the transport. When I do this, it just freezes.08:39
garyvdmThis is my code: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~garyvdm/bzr-upload/nowt/revision/5508:40
garyvdmI stepped through the code to see where it is freezing. It freezes on:08:42
garyvdmdir_to = bzrdir.BzrDir.open_from_transport(to_transport)08:42
garyvdmline 47 bzrlib/push.py08:42
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garyvdmI found my problem with the tests. It's prompting for a password. You cant see the prompt, but it waits for input.10:15
garyvdmDoes any one know how I should fix this?10:15
SnaggenI'm investigating the "bzr commit --fixes= " feature to see it I can get that to change the status of a ticket in trac. Is there any server hook that can do this or any other solution? I think I saw something about this a long time ago, but I cant find anything now...10:19
ronnyjelmer: ping?10:50
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yaccAny way that I can pick which changes I want to go into a send patch?12:11
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edgimarIf I have a bzr repo (repo 'a') which is branched from another repo (repo 'b'), and I commit a changeset to repo 'a', and thereafter changes are made to repo 'b', how do I pull those changesets from 'b' into 'a'?  I tried 'bzr merge <loc of b>', but I think I'm not understanding something...13:49
luksfirst you should probably change the terminology :)13:51
luks(to match bzr)13:51
edgimarafter doing that, if I do 'bzr st', I get "modified: .... [list of various files]", and "pending merges: ...".13:51
luksyou need to run bzr commit after bzr merge13:52
edgimarluks: and then all the 'revisions' from repo 'b' will appear in 'a'?13:52
lukswell, maybe not in the way you expect them13:53
luksthey will not be linear13:53
edgimarok - and how would I get them linear?13:54
luksthe simple answer is that you can't13:54
lukswhy would you want that?13:54
edgimarAnd..., if I make another commit to 'a', and want to 'push' both of the changes from a back into b, how does that work?13:55
luksafter push from 'a' to 'b' (after bzr merge & bzr commit), 'b' will be identical to 'a'13:56
luksif you make another commit to a, and it won't be merged to b, bzr will refuse to push13:56
luksit will fail with an error about diverged branches13:57
edgimarhmm.  it would be cool if you could do something like git or hg rebase - is there something like that for bzr?13:58
luksyes, there is bzr-rebase13:58
luksbut that doesn't "pull" the revisions13:58
luksit creates new revisions that look like the original ones13:58
luks(it is the same in git and hg)13:58
edgimarthen, I guess it would be possible to just keep 'a's changes on top of the revisions pulled from 'b'.13:59
edgimar(and keep them linear)13:59
luksyes, you can keep the changes, you can't keep the revisions13:59
edgimaryou mean revision numbers, or the commit message, etc?14:00
luksmainly the revision IDs, which is something you don't normally see, but it tells bzr whether two revisions are identical14:00
luksthe patch, commit message, author, etc. are all kept when using bzr rebase14:01
edgimarok, that's good ;)14:01
edgimarWhat happens when if you have a repo on launchpad, and you rebase your local repository, and try to push the changes back to launchpad -- I presume this won't work, right?14:05
luksright, you can push --overwrite though14:05
edgimarand what does that do?14:05
luksrunning rebase on a public branch doesn't make much sense, though14:05
lukswell, it will overwrite the branch :)14:05
luksmeaning that it will remove the old revisions and add the new ones from the local branch14:06
edgimarI see -- so everything gets overwritten, or only the 'non-common' parts?  (just wondering about how much time it would take, since bzr has been pretty slow for me in the past -- pushing taking like 20 minutes or so).14:06
edgimar(an initial push, that is)14:07
luksit will push only the new revisions14:07
luksthe revisions that are identical in both branches are keps as they are14:07
edgimarluks: ok, good.  Thanks for your help.14:11
edgimarone other thing -- how do I chop off (delete) revisions from a repo (starting at a given revno)?14:14
luksbzr uncommit, if I understand the question correctly14:15
luksthat is, if you want to remove revisions from X to the head of the branch14:16
luksif you want to remove revisions from 0 to X, there is no easy way14:16
edgimaryes, uncommit should work then -- but I don't see it with the version of bzr I have installed.14:18
luksbzr help uncommit should work14:19
luksbzr help commands to see all available commands14:19
edgimarnever mind.  I think I just typed something wrong.14:19
edgimarluks: hmm - rebase seems not to work so well -- I tried 'bzr rebase <trunk repo loc>", and get a traceback:  AttributeError: 'KnitPackRepository' object has no attribute 'revision_parents'.  Maybe I'll have to wait on using rebase...14:29
lukshm, maybe you are not using compatible versions of bzr and bzr-rebase14:31
edgimar(both installed from ubuntu repositories...)  oh well.14:32
luksI don't know then, sorry14:36
Peng_lifeless: fwiw, is bzr-search's new index format supposed to be 15% larger?14:45
rexbronhey james_w, I had a thought about the way the config system is represented internally. Might it be better to make it like a dictionary in which the config object is loaded into memory at runtime and options are queried from the control logic, rather than as properties of the config file?15:55
jelmerronny, pong15:57
james_wrexbron: yeah, I'm not keen on the config object, I wrote it ages ago, but haven't had the will to change it15:57
rexbronjames_w: that probably would address bug 30933515:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 309335 in bzr-builddeb "Should either accept options with no section in config files, or warn about them" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30933515:59
james_wrexbron: yeah16:02
rexbronjames_w: do you mean the bzr-bd config system or the one in bzrlib?16:06
james_wrexbron: the bzr-bd Config object is the one I don't like16:08
james_wrexbron: the bzrlib config system, built on configobj, is the one that we will need to investigate to see if we can query for section headers case-insensitively16:09
rexbronjames_w: looking quickly, there is bzrlib.utils.configobject that impliments a section based dictionary object16:10
Peng_bzrlib.util.configobj isn't something unique to bzr; it's a packaged copy of ConfigObj.16:11
ronnyjelmer: ping16:26
jelmerronny, pong16:36
ronnyjelmer: did you write bindings for the svn workdir stuff, too?16:38
jelmerronny, yep16:38
ronnyjelmer: i didnt yet take a look, but i want to get rid of subprocess.call for anyvc's svn stuff16:38
jelmerronny, this is all part of subvertpy (not tied to bzr-svn)16:38
jelmerronny, http://launchpad.net/subvertpy16:39
jelmerthe branch is in bzr at the moment, but I'm happy to migrate it to svn if that makes people more comfortable16:39
ronnyoh dammit16:39
ronnygpl3 is an issue for me16:39
ronnyi need gpl2 support16:40
jelmerI think that can be fixed :-)16:40
jelmerAny particular reason you need GPLv2 ?16:40
ronnyhg is gpl2only16:41
ronnyjelmer: well, since bzr got better im more comfortable with bzr than with svn16:45
jelmerronny: Yeah, looks like relicensing should be possible since I'm the only copyright holder.16:46
ronnyjelmer: "gpl2 or later" would be fine16:46
jelmerYeah, that's what I would go with16:47
ronnyits unlikely that any of the hg/bzr libs will ever be lgpl, so there aint need to be lax16:47
ronnyjelmer: btw, im wondering, would it be possible to mimic a svn server using a bzr repository + the common conventions for branches + painfull magic16:49
jelmerronny, yes, we've done some work in that direction16:49
ronnysounds like much pain tho16:49
jelmerbzr-svn includes a "bzr svn-serve" command that provides a subversion server that accesses a bzr branch16:50
jelmerit only does "/trunk" at the moment though, not any of the merged revisions yet16:50
ronnyim kinda on war with bzr-svn, for some reason every time i installed it somethign in bzr broke16:51
jelmerand it's quality doesn't reach beyond proof-of-concept atm16:51
ronnymost likely due to version missmatches16:52
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jelmerronny, yeah, version mismatches are soon a problem because bzr-svn hooks into really a lot of the internal bzr APIs16:53
ronnyjelmer: building subvertpy complains about a missing apr-config, what package ships that?17:02
Peng_ronny: Install libsvn-dev or whatever. It should pull in everything else.17:03
jelmerronny, libapr1-dev IIRC17:03
LarstiQlibsvn-dev pulls in all dependencies afaik17:05
ronnyworks fine now17:05
ronnyjelmer: btw, could the tests be moved out of the main package?17:06
ronnyand how fast could one get subvertpy packages into the distros17:07
jelmerI'm planning on uploading to debian/ubuntu before the next version of bzr-svn17:10
jelmersince it needs it17:10
jelmerAny reason why you would want to see the tests moved out of the main package ?17:10
ronnyjust seems more clean to have them out17:11
ronnyalso makes comparing stuff more simple17:11
jelmerI don't have any objections to doing that per se, but need to make sure that certain utility classes/functions in tests/ are still installed, since they are used by bzr-svn for its tests17:13
ronnyoh, if its a dep, then you might either leave them just in, or make a util module17:13
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ronnyjelmer: is there any doc for subvertpy17:16
jelmerronny, not much at the moment. Some of the basie guys mentioned they were working on docs but didn't hear much from them recently.17:17
jelmerronny, the tests should help to some degree (not sure how much tests there are for the working copy stuff though)17:17
ronnythere is one for add17:19
ronnynot much else17:19
jelmerI'll see if I can add some more + fix the licensing after dinner17:20
jelmerback later17:20
ronnyk, thanks17:20
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ronnyanyone can tell me where that proposal for after-commit metadata is?19:43
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GoundyHello everybody.20:37
GoundyI've a quick question :)20:37
GoundyI created an account+ project on launchpad20:37
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GoundyMy source code is also hosted on launchpad and I want to learn how to delete a branch through my command line ?20:38
GoundyI tried: bzr remove-tree lp:myuser/myProject/branch_name20:39
Goundybut it doesn't work20:39
luksyou can20:40
luksyou can't delete a branch using bzr20:41
Goundyluks so I always should do it through the lp website ?20:41
Goundyok no problem. Thank you luks ;)20:41
lifelessPeng_: its not surprising that it is20:42
GoundyBtw, bzr rox ... it's so f***** cool !20:43
GoundyI just left googlecode ... no longer wanna use svn :/20:43
* Goundy is going back to work20:43
Goundysee you20:43
Peng_lifeless: OK.20:53
Enisseohi everyone!20:58
EnisseoDoes someone know a way to export a changeset (every modified file of a changeset) into a file tree?21:00
Enisseofor example, if in the last commit I changed file "A/b/c" and added file "d"21:00
EnisseoI would do something like "bzr export -r 23..24 lastCommit/"21:01
Enisseoand the file "lastCommit/A/b/c" and "lastCommit/d" are created21:02
Enisseoso, maybe the "-r X..Y" and "-c X" options should be feature requests for the "bzr export" function :)21:08
fullermdMmm.  Only if export did something totally different from what it does...21:09
james_wEnisseo: what would the content of the files be?21:09
Peng_So, export complete copies of only the files that changed, or create patches or something?21:09
james_wdiffs, or the files at the last revision?21:09
Enisseothe files21:09
Enisseonot diff21:09
james_wyou could write a plugin to do that without too much trouble21:09
Enisseothe idea is to zip and distribute the zip file with the files21:09
Peng_You could also make the plugin zip 'em.21:10
Enisseofor an user to unzip it in the right directory and overwrite existing files21:10
fullermdHow would that deal with moved or deleted files?21:10
EnisseoPeng_: yes, indeed, as the export function does21:10
Enisseofullermd: moved or deleted files would not be managed21:11
Enisseojames_w: yes, I will if no one else does know an existing plugin21:12
fullermdYou could hack up a prototype with just a little sh scripting.  Grab the output of stat between those revs, then cat the files into a tree.21:13
fullermdLot faster to write it directly on bzrlib of course, but...21:14
Enisseofullermd: I use Windows ;)21:14
lifelessmakes sense to be part of export to me21:14
EnisseoTo me too, since I tried "bzr export -r X..Y" directly without reading the doc21:17
nDuffWhere is iter_tree documented?21:17
nDufferm, iter_changes, rather21:17
* nDuff finds the relevant docs in InterTree.iter_changes21:19
leefmcAnyone mind lookin at a little mistake command i did, and tell me where bzr pushed it to? I accidentally pushed a branch to "ssh".. ?21:29
lifelesswell, you gave the url to push to as 'ssh'21:30
lifelessso it pushed to 'ssh21:30
leefmcwell yea.. but where the hell is ssh? See i've had scenarios like this where i typo the push location, but it pushes anyway.. i wonder if its going somewhere weird on my comp, or my target comp, etc.. ?21:31
Peng_leefmc: ls -l ~/projects/uioli/ssh21:31
lifelessleefmc: its ./ssh21:31
leefmcah hah, ty21:31
leefmcNow, while we are on the subject of pushing, is there any shorthand for sshing to home? I've tried lee@addy/~/repo but that didnt seem to work, i had to push to ssh lee@addy/home/lee/repo, thoughts?21:32
beunomwhudson, hi21:35
lifelessleefmc: homedir isn't support on bzr+ssh yet, I believe spiv  is working on that atm21:35
beunohow's it going?21:35
leefmclifeless: K ty, so the way i was forced to do is the best/only way then?21:36
lifelessat the moment21:36
lifelesshey beuno21:36
beunohey hey lifeless21:36
beunolifeless, how was your break?21:36
beunocool, happy to see everyone back  :)21:37
beunomwhudson, I want to have a skype chat with you today about LH, if you're up to it21:38
mwhudsonbeuno: hello21:49
leefmcQuestion: I'm having trouble adding one repo into another, anyone know why this is? Eg, i have a projects folder which is a repo. This repo holds branches of my projects. One of these projects has many different aspects (design/programming/etc), so the programming side of it has a bzr repo and branches of its own. Its this programming repo i cannot seem to add to the project branch21:57
leefmcThoughts? I've done this before with no trouble.. but im not sure what was different21:57
poolieif it's versioned separately you can't add it to the enclosing repository21:58
poolieyou're using the experimental subtrees feature21:58
poolieor you might be better using the scmproj plugin21:59
leefmcwell i've got almost this identical setup in another project branch.. i don't get why its working there but not here21:59
leefmchell, i was told this was a fine solution a while back in this channel heh.22:00
leefmcThis allows me to have entire projects be tracked/shared between all my computers, and have specific repos just focused on programming, allowing me to push to real repos and whatnot22:00
lifelessI think we'd need more info on your working environment, I strongly suspect cross-wires of some sort22:01
leefmcentirely possible22:01
leefmcIm switching computers though, so i'll brb22:01
leefmcThough.. i cant actually push my project like i would normally heh, so i gatta pindrive it :o22:02
Leefmclifeless: Ok, so you mentioned cross wired.. Howso? Perhaps i did something wrong on this latest repo22:09
Leefmclifeless: Because i do have a different project branch, that has a repo inside of it which is use to track the actual programming. It works fine, no problems sharing, and no problems pushing/pulling22:09
lifelesswell bzr allows you to nest repostories, but it doesn't allow you to version a branch A as a element of branch B at the moment22:09
lifelessso you *can* have A - a branch and A/B another branch, but to push them around you need to seperately push A and B22:11
Leefmclifeless: So you mean nesting branches, like repo/branchA/branchB vs nesting repoA/branchA/repoB/branchB ?22:11
lifelessor use multipush or something like that22:11
Leefmcbecause atm, i have repoA/branchA/repoB/branchB working great, just not on my latest project.. and im confused as to why22:11
lifelessLeefmc: by working great, what do you mean ? :>22:12
Leefmclifeless: In repoB/branchB i am able to make modifications to the code/programming, commit them, just like i want. Then, if i need to share the entire project which has my files/etc, i can add/commit changes to branchA and commit them, then push them to my local server to be pulled by a different machine of mine22:14
lifelessLeefmc: can you run 'bzr info -v' in branchA ?22:14
lifelesspastebin the result22:14
LeefmcAn example of what i would need this for is i use an ide, and the ide has a project file for the ide. Now this file has my personal settings and junk in it, stuff i wouldn't want to submit to the public if i pushed the code to launchpad. So i actually track that aswell, in what i call a "project branch". This way i can commit&push the ide files and everything else that are just "mine" to my local server, for sharing with all my computers, a22:16
Leefmcnd i still can have a repo inside the project for actual programming. Ie, stuff i would push to launchpad22:16
Leefmck one sec22:16
Leefmclifeless: I forgot, it didnt push when i switched computers (hence the problem), though on my other project im not seeing the project. Perhaps it ghosted me.. and i thought it was working?22:17
Leefmclifeless: So your saying this workflow is not possible in bazaar?22:18
lifelessLeefmc: bzr won't manage the link between the branches for you today; it is planned but not done yet22:18
LeefmcI've actually grown quite accustom to not having to thumbdrive my working files around computers..22:18
lifelessLeefmc: you can certainly have the two branches laid out on disk in that manner22:19
lifelessyou just have to run bzr push in each branch yourself22:19
Leefmclifeless: Not sure if its worth it, nesting branches and pushing to multiple places just to change computers seems odd22:20
nDuffLeefmc, I'm just curious as opposed to likely to be helpful -- but what's the purpose of having repoB, as opposed to putting branchB in repoA?22:21
LeefmcIe, i'd be pushing incomplete code to launchpad if i wanted to change comps, or i'd have to manage multiple places to push to (incompelete/complete/etc)22:21
lifelessnDuff: I think its so that personal stuff doesn't pollute the main tree22:22
lifelessnDuff: e.g. in the example above IDE settings in a containing branch, code in a subordinate one22:23
LeefmcnDuff: Well for one, im a bit of a nut with clean directory structures. In this case, my project repo is strictly projects, which houses all my personal settings/notes/files for an actual project. Anything from reference images to example code to whatever. Inside that project is where i actually do work, so that may have a repo of its own where the programming is actually done. Its a matter of having strict places where things belong22:23
LeefmcI've always had this project repository idea, but i've never revisioned it. Revisioning it offered insane ease of use when sharing between multiple computers, not to mention nifty bonuses (.. reivisioning) for my project itself.22:24
LeefmcI probably "could" have a master repository, but then i'd be maintaining multiple sets of commits/pushes for the sake of sharing between computers and whatnot.22:25
LeefmcIe, if i have some code that is not commit-able, but i want to switch to a different computer, i'd rather not commit&push it to launchpad. So then i start managing two places to push this single branch, along with having poor commit reasons, etc.22:26
LeefmcIts not impossible/implausible by any means, i just prefer a certain workflow and project organization22:27
Leefmcthe bad thing is now i've become addicted to the ease of pushing/pulling when i need to share my projects between my computers.. oh how will i get out of this now :o22:36
LeefmcIm trying to figure out of git can handle this now22:37
lifelessLeefmc: it has submodules, but AIUI you have to push each seperately too22:46
Leefmclifeless: I think i am just going to go with something a bit more advanced like some type of syncing software.23:04
lifelessLeefmc: Unison is pretty nice23:06
the_LoraxHowdy, Does anybody know if there is a way to install Bazaar on Windows without admin rights?23:06
nDuffthe_Lorax, Bazaar can be run directly out of a source directory if you're desperate, though you need to have a Python interpreter handy.23:09
the_Loraxyeah, don't have python installed at work either :(23:09
the_LoraxManaged to get an older version of bzr installed into a personal directory & working.23:10
the_LoraxWonder if I can just install it on a different PC and then copy over the program directory?23:10
lifelessthe_Lorax: I'm not sure, but if there isn't an option please file a bug askinf for it :)23:16
lifelessthe_Lorax: because I can see that being generally useful23:17
lifelesshi igc23:17
spivigc: morning.23:17
igchi lifeless, spiv!23:18
the_LoraxLifeless: I guess I'll try and if I can't get it working I'll file a bug and see if anything happens. Thanks23:21
lifelessthe_Lorax: the shell extensions may be tricky23:22
the_Loraxlifeless: don't particularly care about the shell extensions - command line is just fine for me.23:22
Leefmclifeless: You know that projects repository i had earlier? deleting the .bzr in that will not harm any sub-repositories/files correct?23:30
LeefmcAlso, unison seems perfect, ty23:30
lifelessLeefmc: if there are branches uses the repository you will break them23:30
lifelessyou can check by running 'bzr info' in the sub things and see what repository they report using23:30
Leefmcbut by "break them" you mean the bzr commands will not work correct? No harm to the actual files23:31
lifelessI mean break23:31
lifelessIf they contained things have their own repository they will not be affected at all23:31
lifelessif they are using the repository you want to delete, clearly they will stop working when you remove the repository23:32
lifelessI don't know what files in specific you mean23:32
lifelessif you mean 'are my checked out files on disk going to go away when I remove .bzr' -> no23:32
Leefmcmy bad :)23:32
Leefmcyea, more like that23:32
lifelessif you mean 'are the files that bzr uses independent of a containing repository' -> depends on if they are using it23:33
Leefmcif i see files, deleting .bzr wont touch it. :)23:33
lifelessright, bzr isn't hooked into file system at that level ;P23:33
Leefmcgood thing i got backups23:33
LeefmcI forgot i don't have any working trees on my server, where i just deleted the .bzr .. :D23:34
LeefmcThis is nice though, assuming unison can work the way i want it (pretty sure) i can continue to use bzr.23:35
LeefmcWhich is good, i've come to like it23:35
LeefmcThough eventually i'll be moving back to git im sure. Once google adopts it23:35
Leefmcthey're working on supporting a dvcs now, and we all assume its git23:35
lifelesswhat about google code do you like most ?23:37
LeefmcWell for one, launchpad has annoyed me with its speed. It has been horrendously slow so often that i wanted to peel my eyes out heh. Thats mostly it for me. A guy who leads another project i work on is very adamant about how launchpad is confusing to clients though.. i don't personally see it that much, but google code is much cleaner/simpler when thinking from the client side23:41
LeefmcPersonally, i found launchpads branch system a bit confusing, and never delved that deeply into it, but from what i gather of it i actually like it. (Despite what i lack in understanding)23:42
LeefmcThats something i dont think google code even offers, where as many sites are. Forking in github, etc23:43
Leefmcplus Google Code's web based code viewer is much cleaner/friendlier than i found logger to be. I found logger to be a bit ugly, too spaced out, etc.23:43
LeefmcNot that easy to navigate around a code base23:43
LeefmcBut really, my main issue is the speed heh23:44
Leefmcspeed being, the time it takes for a page to load.23:44
jmlLeefmc: what in particular did you find confusing about the branch system?23:45
Leefmcjml: That was just very early on, but i dont recall the specifics. It just took some getting used to, how a project is actually owned by a user, and not owned by the project, etc.23:47
jmlLeefmc: yeah, I got tripped up by that early on.23:48
LeefmcAnd if were on the topic of making constructive criticisms here, does launchpad offer a wiki? IIRC, it does not, and for all it does offer, i was honestly very surprised it doesn't. It should, in my opinion23:48
jmlLeefmc: it doesn't, and pretty much everyone agrees it should. :)23:48
LeefmcIt seems to integrate so much, but a very common feature, a wiki, is not included23:49
Leefmcjml: I actually found it simply odd that it didnt. I saw so much, so i kept assuming i was missing it :o23:49

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