BluesKajok, din't know that ...I'm using a modifies python script to initiate a server for my video and audio file locations , it's called pytivo.py and it works well00:00
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BluesKajuses the tivo as a media server on out home network00:01
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: it could be called this.is.a.script.to.amke.coffe.script00:01
ActionParsnipand ity wouldnt matter00:02
ActionParsnipits executable and the first line #!/bin/bash means its a shell script00:02
BluesKajyeah, that makes sense00:02
ActionParsnipand its different for python scripts but the shell still knows its a python script and throws it at the interpreter00:03
BluesKajright , it looks for python and then the path00:03
HappynessHello, does anyone here use Konversation?00:12
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ActionParsnipHappyness: i dont but i have blackbelt google-fu and 2nd dan ask.com-chi00:12
ActionParsnipHappyness: ask away00:12
HappynessActionParsnip: Alright, well I just wondering if there is any scripts for Konversation, lika nicktracking and so on, like Mirc.00:13
HappynessActionParsnip: I have searched on google btw, but did not find anything intereseting.00:14
ActionParsnipHappyness: does it highlight selected name. Ive never used mirc as I dont use windows00:14
HappynessActionParsnip: I want to make a script which tracks a user in IRC. Find out which usernames a user have been using and so on.00:15
ActionParsnipHappyness: im not sure myself but if you can put up with the nag, mirc runs with wine00:16
ActionParsnipHappyness: i dont know of such a feature myself as my irc usage is super basic00:17
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HappynessActionParsnip: Well I am not an highadvanced user myself. I just heard that there is such a script for mIRC00:17
ActionParsnipHappyness: its not something i knew existed00:18
cuzntits a sparkle script i think00:18
ActionParsnipHappyness: try later as different users will be connected00:18
HappynessActionParsnip: Then another thing is that I cannot use "/media" to show what amarok is playing.00:18
ActionParsnipHappyness: i wouldnt run that in here. OPs don't like broadcasts of what you are playing because, no one cares00:19
HappynessActionParsnip: Not here of course, in other channels.00:19
ActionParsnipHappyness: sounds like cuznt knows a thing or 300:20
cuznti was wrong00:21
HappynessActionParsnip: When i type "/media" it says that no supported player is currently active, but I am using amarok 2 :P00:21
cuzntsparkle was the name of the bot that ran the script00:21
Happynesscuznt: Which script?00:21
BluesKajHappyness, if you and the user are on the same server then a whois followed by his/her nicks will tell you what chats they are in .00:21
cuzntpisg is an IRC channel statics generator written in Perl, it creates statistics from different logfile formats. It was originally written because IRCStats wasn't open source.00:22
HappynessBluesKaj: Well, I want a feature like tracking a user, like "/track nick". It should then print like This nick has also used the nicks:  nick1, nick2 and so on, or other features are welcome too :)00:22
BluesKajHappyness,  in the server  type :/whois nick00:22
BluesKajwell if your scipt doesn't do it then the whois thing will do some of it at least00:23
HappynessBluesKaj: Sounds interesting, does some nice features, but not exactly what I looked for :P00:24
BluesKajworks in konverstion too :)00:24
BluesKajerr konversation00:25
HappynessBluesKaj: Yes, thats is for sure.00:26
Happynesscuznt: Does it work for Konversation?00:27
cuznti do not know00:27
* cuznt is a slack jawed yokel00:27
kkkduifjalsddis there a tool with which i can search a word in many pdf files? like in acrobat reader 800:29
TommySpratI'm using 32 bit kubuntu 8.10 KDE version 4.1.3 and my pritn screen button doesn't work (at least not the same way as in windows XP)00:29
ActionParsnipkkkduifjalsdd: let me find out00:30
ActionParsnipkkkduifjalsdd: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/sisu00:31
ActionParsnipkkkduifjalsdd: sudo apt-get install sisu00:31
HappynessBluesKaj: Do you know any more nice quick commands in IRC?00:34
araenI've an error when I start my computer, I don't know why : http://rafb.net/p/A7OOhr43.html00:35
araenit's about gnome's daemons00:35
BluesKajHappyness, try this site http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/misc/ccosmos.html00:36
araen"There was a mistake during the starting of gnome's preferences"00:36
HappynessBluesKaj: thanks :)00:37
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enzomarec'e' qualche italiano che puo' aiutarmi ?00:41
BluesKaj!it | enzomare00:42
ubottuenzomare: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)00:42
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araennobody knows ?00:54
dr_willisGnome questions in #ubuntu perhaps?00:55
GoanHi. Is it possible to enable a feature in hardyheron where you could just hover the mouse pointer over the mp3 file and it starts playing in the background, without actually opening the song in some player. I have seen that working on ubuntu.00:58
karolinebuenas noches a todos01:02
GoanHi. Is it possible to enable a feature in hardyheron where you could just hover the mouse pointer over the mp3 file and it starts playing in the background, without actually opening the song in some player. I have seen that working on ubuntu.01:03
karolinehello to everybody01:03
karolinehow can i install flashplayer on ubuntu 6.06?01:04
ActionParsnipkaroline: 32bit or 64bit?01:06
karoline32 bits01:07
ActionParsnipkaroline: sudo apt-get install flashplayer-nonfree01:09
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GoanActionParsnip, no advice for me?01:15
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xp-killerhow to format my external hdd to fat 32 ?01:19
dr_willisuse fdisk/gparted to set up a vfat partition, then the mkfs.vfat command on the partitiion01:20
ActionParsnipgoan: looks like konqueror does it01:20
dr_willisactually gparted can format also01:20
xp-killerwat is gparted?01:22
xp-killeris it in the Kmenu?01:22
ubottugparted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php01:22
__bwhen my operating system version is old and I can't find the packages with apt-get, what do you suggest? should I install a newest version or are there another way?01:33
faileas__b: upgrading isn't a bad idea01:33
ActionParsnip__b: its not always necesssary, if the current system works 100% fine then don't fix it01:34
__bupgrade via comand line or download the new version?01:35
ActionParsnip__b: command line for me01:36
faileasdepends on how many versions its behind01:36
ActionParsnip__b: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:36
__bhum.. ok. thanks ^^01:37
ActionParsnip__b: simple and you dont have to use slow ass synaptic01:38
xp-killerhow to use gparted to format my external hdd?01:47
ActionParsnip!gparted | xp-killer01:47
ubottuxp-killer: gparted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php01:47
holycowhey guys01:49
holycowin kde4, how do we enable the regular user to open up a vpn connection without having to be root?01:49
holycowi'm using kvpnc and that requires sudo priviledges ... i'd like to let ruglar users connect to vpn without sudo01:49
xp-killerActionParsnip:  i dont see gparted in the Kùenu01:50
ActionParsnipxp-killer: you run it from terminal01:50
ActionParsnipxp-killer: it will launch a gui app01:50
xp-killerActionParsnip: i type gparted it give me an error for root privelage01:52
ActionParsnipxp-killer: kdesudo gparted01:53
ActionParsnipxp-killer: its an admin task, so needs kdesudo (as its a gui app)01:53
Borg^Zapcan anyone here help me setup dual monitors?01:57
ActionParsnip!dualhead | Borg^Zap01:57
ubottuBorg^Zap: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama01:57
ActionParsnip!Xinerama | Borg^Zap01:58
ubottuBorg^Zap: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead01:58
Borg^Zapwell... the problem is that i have tried most of that stuff...01:58
xp-killerActionParsnip: i dont see the option forma to fat 3201:58
ActionParsnipxp-killer: if you simply create the partition you can run: sudo mkfs.msdos /dev/<partition name>02:00
ActionParsnipxp-killer: if you can't do it in the gui02:01
dr_willisBorg^Zap,  a lot will depend on the exact chipset also.. and your setup/videocards/monitors02:04
holycowBorg^Zap: are you using nvidia cards?02:07
Borg^Zapi have 1 nvidia card and one ATI02:11
Borg^Zapdr_willis, holycow thank you for your help02:13
dr_willisBorg^Zap,  egads.. You have the worse case senario then....02:14
dr_willisI wouldent even try it :)02:14
Borg^Zapso far everything i try gives a sig 11 error02:14
Borg^Zapbut i will try again soon then with the new parts i have comeing to me02:15
tim-how does one change the background color of the notes plasmoid?02:16
ralphoclick the little wrench02:17
ralphotheme notes color02:18
tim-ralpho: when I click the wrench I only have the option to change the font or the text color02:19
ralphoMine is 4.2 perhaps thats why02:19
tim-hmm.. too bad.. that would be nice to change it from the drab grey02:20
ralphothe default on 4.2 is yellow02:21
tim-all of the plasmoids i have installed seem to be almost good.. but not quite :) My stock quote one wont show half of the quotes02:23
ralphoi updated to 4.2 right off only had to run no script with fire fox to stop it from crashing that was it running fine for me.02:26
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ohzieWhat's the equivalent to synaptic for KDE?02:44
ohzieI could use synaptic, but I'd like to try using whatever kubuntu normally uses.02:45
ohzieUnless it IS synaptic, in which case I'm borderline, and I aplogize.02:45
Shaunis it possible to configure what events pop up on the annoying event display thing in kde 4.2?02:45
faileasohzie: i think it has synaptic02:45
Shauni just use aptitude...02:45
faileasor adept02:45
* faileas uses apt-get02:46
ohzieand what's the gksu equiv?02:46
ohzieThank you. :)02:48
illmortalCan someone please help me install my Wireless PCI network adapter? It's a BCM4318 chip set and this installation tutorial does NOT work: http://www.sampbar.com/2008/11/broadcom-bcm4318-ubuntu-intrepid.html02:49
illmortalNdiswrapper shows an error that utils doesn't exist even after installing Ndiswrapper from LiveCD02:49
ohzieillmortal: "utils doesn't exist" <--Did it say that, exactly?02:50
dr_willisi dident think the 4318 needed ndiswrappers any more. under 8.1002:50
ohzieWording on errors is very important. I've never had any problem with ndiswrapper.02:50
smaxis kubuntu better than fedora?02:50
dr_willisat least My old Laptop I THINK dident need ndiswrappers02:50
illmortalyes ohzie02:51
ohziesmax: kubuntu or xubuntu yes.02:51
dr_willissmax,  depends on your needs I guess.02:51
ohziesmax: It feels faster to me.02:51
ohzieFedora is nice in a lot of ways, but the only problem I've ever had with ubuntu was ehci_hcd, and Fedora has the same problem02:51
smaxwhats ehci_hcd02:52
ohziesmax: from what I understand, the thing that makes usb 2.0 superior to 1.0/1.102:52
illmortaldr_willis i dunno... normally i can left click the disconnected from network icon and it would list a few wireless networks to choose from.02:52
dr_willissome USB controller cards/chipsets  can have issues with some of the  ehci stuff... not seen that issue in years however02:53
dr_willisi seem to recall years ago  ohci and ehci for usb drivers.. but its been so long since ive had to mess with those - i forget the resaons for the 202:54
illmortalohzie what's mind boggling is that my newest Linksys network pci adapter is recognized (but something is wrong with it) and this older network adapter isn't recognized.02:55
ohzieillmortal: Strange.02:56
illmortalis there any reason why ndiswrapper would install but throws the error that the utils doesn't exist?02:58
dr_willisyou did try  the b43 fwcutter packagte first?  you do need the firmware for the  nic's i recall... But My card may not of been the same chipset as yours. I dont even have tha tlaptop any more02:59
dr_willis!find b4302:59
ubottuFound: b43-fwcutter02:59
dr_willis!info b43-fwcutter02:59
ubottub43-fwcutter (source: b43-fwcutter): Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware. In component main, is optional. Version 1:011-4ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 15 kB, installed size 100 kB02:59
illmortali heard b43-fwcutter = horrible <,<03:00
dr_willison my laptop + 8.10 - installed b43-fwcutter = wireless working within 3 min..03:00
dr_willisIve heard ndiswrapper = Horriable03:00
dr_willis8.10 did a lot of changes to the wireless drivers/updated to the wireless stuff.. a lot of the old docs suggest ndiswrappers. that are no lonnger the best way to doit03:01
dr_willisI would say check the forums for your exact card. and see what others suggest using with 8.1003:01
illmortalis b43-fwcutter already located in the synaptic or do i need internet access to download it?03:01
dr_willisb43-fwcutter (source: b43-fwcutter): Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware. In component main, is optional.03:02
dr_willisoptional = not installed by default :)03:02
dr_willisthe package actually downloads/installs the firmware03:02
illmortalso i'm screwed if ubuntu has no internet access to begin with?03:03
dr_willisunless you have access to a different machine and can grab whatever packages you need.03:03
dr_willisIve never had that problem03:03
illmortalya i can't hardwire... only thing i can attempt is to download it via windows, send it to thumb drive, then log into ubuntu and install from thumb drive03:04
stanley_is there a program i can use to create .cab files??03:04
faileasillmortal: not that easy but you can poke around a repo to find it03:05
dr_willisIf the windows machine had a spare nic. you could connect to it and use ICS to get to the net through it.03:05
faileasor run kubuntu in a VM, download the packages, then use aptcd or something to move it over03:06
illmortalnah I only have one machine.... my only option is to download the file and then transport it via thumb drive once i log back into ubuntu.03:08
dr_willisYou can easially use virtualbox to do like faileas  suggests. :) may be easier in the long run..03:09
dr_willisor are you saying the ONE machine you got with windows is ONLY wireless?03:09
illmortali only have one machine03:09
illmortaland it's only wireless03:09
illmortaldual boot with windows xp and ubuntu03:10
dr_willisYou can install ubuntu inside virtualbox. and let it grab the packages then. it can share the network connection.03:10
dr_willisyou could even do that via virtualbox + the live cd iso.. and apt-get install the files, copy over to some directory03:10
illmortalso install ubuntu via VM... download the packages... log out of windows then log back into ubuntu and try to find the package i downloaded?03:11
dr_willisIm not sure how you 'download' the firmware - the fw-cutter package actually downloads them when you install the fwcutter package  - i belive03:11
dr_willisIt must cache them somewhere. :)03:11
faileasillmortal: install ubuntu over VM, use aptcd to make a cd, boot back to linux, use cd to install03:11
faileasif its a usb device (some wireless is) you could also use virtualbox and pipe the usb device over to it and do some other stuff that way03:12
illmortalusing aptcd would do what... create a Ubuntu with fw-cutter already integrated with the distro?..03:14
illmortalyou know what... forget it, this is more complicated than it needs to be. I'll stick to windows for now =\03:15
faileasno, it would make a cd with all the packages you installed03:15
illmortalok but at the end I'm still gonna need to have internet access for fw-cutter to download the correct firmware.03:16
dr_willisUnless ya figure out where its getting the stuff from03:17
dr_willisYou could proberly grab all the files with a live cd,. and virtualbox - easially enough. and copy over to the windows partition.03:18
dr_willisno need to 'install' to virtualbox. if the live cd  can do it03:18
illmortalI don't think the livecd has the capability to connect to the internet.03:19
dr_willisIf hes runnign the live cd inside virtualbox.. it can use the windows network connection03:19
illmortalwithout installing ubuntu into the VM?03:20
illmortalactually no... you can only install ubuntu into the VM03:21
dr_willisactually you CAN run the livecd.iso inside virtualbox. and install things  to the livecd.. they just get lost when you reboot.03:21
dr_willisI do it all the time03:21
illmortalhow do i open up the virtual box independently?03:22
dr_willisYou install virtualbox on the windows machine.. run it.. tell it to boot the kubuntu.iso file.  the apt-get install the stuff you need..  then copy the installed/downloaded packages from /var/cache/apt (or whatever) to  somewhere your  linux box will be able to access tehm.03:23
ohzieDoes anyone know of a good network monitor? I used netspeed for gnome, but I hate gnome.03:24
ohzieso I'm trying KDE03:24
ohzieand gkrellm's network monitor sucks.03:24
illmortaldr_willis I also found this: http://www.bu3sch.de/b43/fwcutter/03:25
illmortalbut you say that it has to go onto the internet for it to find the correct firmware, ya?03:25
dr_willisIts getting the firmware files from somewhere - from what i saw when i isntalled fwcutter03:25
Ahmuckso ... is there a way to turn off graphic effects in 8.10 ?03:27
dr_willisTheres settings in the menus some where  I recall. :)03:27
dr_willisbut i rarely  use KDE4 or gnome - i tend to use jwm+rox, so i dont rember the menu layouts03:28
dr_willisI boot up to kde4 every so often to show it to people03:28
legodudeyou use that?03:28
dr_willisall the time03:28
dr_willisrox-filer and its pinboard feature + jwm03:28
* legodude googles to make sure he is remembering it correctly03:29
legodudethat's it03:29
legodudeI tried it many years ago and was kinda unimpressed03:29
legodudewhat's its claim to fame?03:29
dr_willisI use it. it does what i need.. whats to be impressed about a tool that works, works quickly, and lets me customuize it how i want. :)03:31
ohzieOh man, Adept is so much nicer than synaptic.03:47
detrateis there a "mod" comparison operator in perl? % in java.03:49
detrate7 mod 4 = 303:49
detratewow, this isn't #perl03:50
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thomasI just installed 8.10, and my sound isn't working03:55
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thomasthe sound setup tab is useless04:02
oracleofmisthey guys04:06
oracleofmisti have an ubuntu server that is xxx.somenetwork.com when I ping xxx from that machine04:07
oracleofmisthow do i change my other ubuntu machine to be on somenetwork.com?04:07
illmortaldr_willis how do I obtain ownership of /etc/init.d?04:14
illmortalI need to put a file in there and sadly I have no permission to copy a file into that folder.04:15
Roeyhey all04:15
Roeyare microsd cards known for incompatibility with Linux?04:15
RoeyI just got this sandisk microsd04:16
Roeyand I can't mount it!04:16
legodudedoes it have a fs?04:16
Roeyhrm, dunno04:16
bucketheadhave you used the slot before?04:16
legodudeI'd make sure it is formatted04:16
Roeyhow do I check04:16
legodudefirst see if it shows up in dmesg04:17
legodudethen fdisk it04:17
Roeydid that04:17
RoeyI mean, it gives errors:04:17
legodudeoh, so that is part of your problem then04:17
legodudealso, is your new card sdhc?04:18
RoeyI do not believe so; lemme check.04:18
legodudehrm, don't really know what those errors mean04:19
RoeyChecked the packaging.  I see no mention of SDHC.04:19
legodudeI'd try giving it a format and seeing what happens04:19
Roeyformat /dev/sdd1 ?04:19
RoeyI tried /dev/sdd stupidly and mount said it won't do full-disk formatting04:20
RoeyI mean.. I guess I normally do /dev/sdd1.  Lemme check.04:20
Roeyit works04:20
legodudeyou are welcome04:20
Roeythat was weird--I haven't had a card not mount out-of-the-box in some time...04:20
Roeyit's a 2 GB microsd plugged into an SD adaptor plugged into a USB adaptor.04:21
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kusanagi_can you tell me a nice dock for kde?04:27
axiomso, I've done this several times before, but I can't get it to work now. How do I add a shortcut to my quicklaunch area?04:39
Tm_Taxiom: drag'n'drop doesn't work?04:40
axiomI thought dragging was the way, but I get an X, or it opens the shorcut file in Firefox or something...04:40
axiomis this like an actual folder somewhere04:40
axiomand why is there no "add new shortcut" button?04:40
axiomoohh, it fiannaly worked!04:42
axiomthat was way too hard...04:42
axiomthis should not be a game of skill...04:42
fherholaaa alguien abla español_??04:46
fherme puede asesorarrr???04:46
fherpor favorrr???04:47
Tm_T!es | fher04:47
ubottufher: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:47
mnI need help with KRFB and KRDC05:00
wilson__me too05:00
mnwilson__: how do i use it.  i don't even know how to get started05:11
kavoorhi, is there a kubuntu live cd available with kde4.2 beta?05:35
stdinkavoor: the Kubuntu Jaunty Alpha 205:52
kavoorstdin: do you recomment it for daily use?05:54
stdinit's only intended for developers/people wanting to help fix bugs05:55
kavoorstdin: ok thanks05:57
lninjoxanyone know how to install the moodin plugin in kubuntu 8.1006:32
mnIs there anyone here that would assist me with remote desktop connection?06:35
michael__Does anyone else notice a delay when using git that didn't used to be there?06:41
computerkidti need some help06:43
computerkidtanyone there06:43
computerkidthmm great support channel no ones talking06:44
bucketheadwhat is your question?06:45
michael__hmmm...great user...not asking questions.06:49
illmortalquick question... why would a 500gb HD be seen as a 465 HD with 7GB used, even after deleting the partition and formatting?06:53
bvalek2illmortal: what did you use to format it?06:56
illmortalpartition editor06:57
RoeyHey all, I just bought webcam (Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000) and have gotten it working with luvcview.  I'm wondering, though, which other programs (besides cheese and irrelevant GNOME oddities) can I use it with?06:57
bvalek2illmortal: how many partitions do you see on your HD now?06:58
witakrcan someone help me find my mp3 player that i plaugged into my usb port????.... i looked but its not where i thought it would be06:58
bvalek2and what sizes?06:58
illmortalbvalek2, prior to the format..... there was 2. 50gb and 445gb06:59
illmortalNow there's just 1 partition but with 465gb and 7gb used... which is impossible if i formatted it o.O06:59
bvalek2Roey: if your camera works, then your question just takes away from you the fun, to take a look at all the great programs Linux has to offer to play with it :) go on, and explore. i dont think that anybody has a detailed list of cam programs. i use aMSN07:00
RoeyaMSN, ok.07:01
Roeyis that an MSN client?07:01
Roeybvalek2:  thanks for the encouragement, btw :)07:01
Roeyit works with luvcview BUT it's only 640x480 and 9 FPS (instead of 1200xWhatever at 30 FPS)07:02
bvalek2Roey: do you see any files there?07:02
bvalek2Roey: yes, aMSN is one of many ways to use the MSN network on Linux. you can try Pidgin, and Kopete as well07:03
bvalek2sorry :)07:03
bvalek2illmortal: do you see any files there?07:03
RoeyI see it takes arguments.  I looked at its man page before, and i didn't see them there.  I only saw the available args list once I did luvcview --help07:03
Roeydoes Pidgin support webcams?07:03
illmortalbvalek2... I can't even access the hard drive at this moment.07:03
bvalek2witakr: do you use Kubuntu 8.10? (this is the new version)07:04
bvalek2witakr: try the dolphin file manager, if you plugged it in, it must be there somewhere among the devices. if you find it, and you find a weird directory in it, dont worry, look inside. somewhere there must be your music files07:05
illmortalbvalek2, is there anyway to see if there's any hidden files or hidden partitions on this hard drive?07:06
bvalek2Roey: pidgin is the most popular communication program on Linux (at least in Hungary), i am sure it supports webcams (but i got used to aMSN)07:06
witakrwell wouldnt/shouldnt it be in the "storage media"... thats where my internal and external hard drives are .... my usb thumb drives too but not my player07:06
bvalek2illmortal: you use Linux, and Linux programs for this, right?07:06
illmortalbvalek2, this hard drive is specifically an ext2 storage hard drive for both windows XP and Ubuntu.07:07
bvalek2witakr: when i tried to connect my camera, it was on a separate place, not together with storage media07:07
Roeybvalek2:  aye07:08
Roeybvalek2:  I'm wondering why I don't see 30 fps here.... it stays at 7-807:08
bvalek2illmortal: i only partitioned with install CDs so far. Linux install CD made proper partitions, and i assume, that this is their regular tool. Windows partitioners do weird things with HDs07:09
witakrbvalek2: thats oddd... any hint or suggestions as to where i should look? im not yet familiar with this file system... im still used to windows07:09
illmortalRight... and I've never used Windows to format nor partition this drive nor any drive. I strictly use Linux.07:09
witakramarok cant see it either if that helps bvalek207:10
bvalek2witakr: try looking around, maybe in dolphin. in the worst case (if there is no support for you player in 8.04), you need Kubuntu 8.10, because the new kernel may support your device. but lets be optimistic, and assume, that its there, just hidden somewhere :)07:11
witakrwell id love to upgrade the new kde looks awesome but i cant seem to burn an images that lets me install from they always ended up with " corrupt or missing vital files"07:13
bvalek2Roey: maybe you can set up your camera somewhere. or, your connection to the person you are talking with is slow07:13
Roeybvalek2:  my webcam says it supports 1600x1200 and 30fps; I chose more conservative settings but luvcview says it can't get those:   Frame size:   960x720 (requested size 1024x768 is not supported by device)07:13
Roey  Frame rate:   15/1 fps (requested frame rate 30 fps is not supported by device)07:13
Roey 07:13
bvalek2Roey: my camera is very minimal compared to this. i am afraid, i can help with fancy cam :)07:13
szrhawaiican anyone tell me how to swap out the kernel properly07:14
szrhawaiiso it doesnt crash07:14
bvalek2witakr: did you download the iso file, and burned to a CD? did it work without problems?07:14
szrhawaiiim using this to upgrade the kernel https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive07:14
bvalek2szrhawaii: try ##kernel too07:15
witakrwell i installed8.04 from a disc mailed to me from the website but when i burn the image(in windows and kubuntu) it hangs up or wont install07:15
szrhawaiihas anyone swapped kernels before07:16
bvalek2witakr: burning the image to a CD, and installing with that CD are two distinct things. where did you got problems?07:16
illmortalDoes anyone know of a program that Ubuntu can use in order to find any hidden files or hidden partitions on a hard drive? My reformatted hard drive claims that 7GB of space is used atm and I don't know how.07:17
szrhawaiifor your hard ware illmortal07:17
witakrinstalling frrom the cd i burn my self... i dont know if it was the software or what but when i burn the iso and then i try to install from it... it hangs up07:18
szrhawaiiits to save your bios settings and hardware configurations07:18
illmortalwhat do you mean for my hardware?07:18
illmortalJees.... 1-2gb is more realistic -.-07:18
illmortalis there any way I can rid these configuration files? This is a storage hard drive, nothing else.07:19
bvalek2witakr: if the CD that you burned from ISO can boot, and installer starts, then you CD must be good. the problem occurs during the install then. did you have problems with connecting to the internet during an install? when its downloading packages07:21
cstonerillmortal: You can use the program df (disk space free) or du (disk space used) to find out where the big files are07:23
cstonerAlso, it'd be worth checking the partition tables to make sure all of the space is being partitioned07:23
yao_ziyuanafter running kubuntu/kde 4.2 for a hour, it always begins to slow down07:23
illmortalcstoner, how do i check the partition tables?...07:24
yao_ziyuandon't you think kde 4.2 has serious memory leaks?07:24
szrhawaiiyao_ziyuan turn off your deskto effects07:24
illmortalthere should only be one partition on this hard drive =\07:24
cstoneryou can use fdisk, but be careful you don't write anything07:24
yao_ziyuanszrhawaii: all right07:24
bvalek2yao_ziyuan: KDE 4.2 is beta software, it is still tested. if you find a problem with it, i am sure that the KDE development team will be very happy if you send them a bugreport07:25
illmortalcstoner... I'm gettin an odd error.07:25
szrhawaiiyao_ziyuan thats what was slowing down my comp when i downloaded 4.207:25
cstonerie "sudo fdisk /dev/sda" (for SATA drives) or "sudo fdisk /dev/hda" (for ATA) PLEASE read the man page for fdisk first, though07:25
illmortalah ok hol don07:25
cstonerwhat sort of "odd error"07:25
yao_ziyuanbvalek2: the performance regression is so obvious that anyone using it for more than 1 hour will notice07:26
bvalek2yao_ziyuan: KDE 4.2 is beta software, it is still tested. if you find a problem with it, i am sure that the KDE development team will be very happy if you send them a bugreport07:26
cstoneryao_ziyuan: I have a 3 day uptime under 4.2 with no noticable slowdown07:26
illmortalcstoner, after using fdisk /dev/sda   : The number of cylinders for this disk is set to 60801. (this is on a 500gb hd)07:27
illmortalif I use fdisk -l it claims that it cannot open 3 drives <,<07:27
cstonerWell, a 500gb drive will ACTUALLY have closer to 490GB of usable space... It's stupid, but HDs are measured with 1000byte units rather than 102407:28
illmortali think legitimately it's 46507:29
illmortalwhich is what i have, then there's 7gb that's used.. which i can't figure out.07:29
faileascstoner: its not stupid, its business ;)07:29
cstonerare you running fdisk as root? you have to be root07:29
cstonerbusiness is stupid07:29
cstonerexcept Canonical, of course ;)07:31
illmortal /dev/sda1               1       60801   488384001   83  Linux07:32
illmortalit's showing up on fdisk07:33
illmortalfdisk -l but i still need to know where the 7gb of used space is comin from =\07:33
illmortaland I forget how to mount it =X07:33
cstonerdu will tell you where the space is being used07:34
illmortalso just type sudo du ?07:34
illmortalor sudo du /dev/sda ?07:34
maxmahemAnybody got a secound to help me figure out how to configure my soundcard? It doesn't seem to be working.07:34
cstonerno sudo needed07:34
cstonertry a "man du" first.07:34
crimsunmaxmahem: please download http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh, save it to your Desktop, and in a Konsole, type: bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh07:35
illmortalok cstoner, this is a manual I'm lookin at07:35
cstoneryup. It will tell you how to use du better than I can07:36
illmortalnot really... the manual lacks in explaining how to run du on just a specific drive.07:37
cstoner... you don't run it on a drive, you run it on a file or directory07:37
cstonerHence why the first line reads "Summarize disk usage of each FILE, recursively for directories."07:38
illmortal<_< that's not gonna help me if I can't find files in this drive to begin with....07:38
cstonerwhere is it mounted07:38
illmortalthat's another problem (keep in mind im a linux noob) I need to mount this drive and I've been searching up and down on the "ubuntu help" and I can't find any documentation07:39
cstonerhow many drives are in your machine?07:39
illmortal2 physical drives.07:40
maxmahemSorry that took a sec, out put is at: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=521b2031fd8efcd670320d9193685488e85b2a5c07:40
illmortalthe SATA (sda) drive is the one that needs to be mounted07:40
illmortalWhen I check, "computer" that SATA drive is missing.07:41
cstonerhow is it formatted? (ext3, xfs, ntfs, fat32, etc)07:41
cstonerthe command "mount /dev/sda1 /place/to/mount/to" will mount it07:42
illmortalthe part of /place/to/mount can you give me an example?....07:43
cstonerUmmm.... /mnt/some_name would be a regular place. Anywhere should work, just make sure the directory exists and is empty07:43
illmortalah ok07:44
cstonerempty is technially optional, but it makes life easier07:44
illmortalwait.. mount point has to already exist?07:44
cstoneryeah, just mkdir a directory somewhere07:45
sigma20so when is package kit going into jaunty? and is kaffeine anywhere near completion? i need a playlist for my videos lol07:46
sigma20walking to the computer to change it manually is way too much work!07:47
illmortalroflmao now my HD is down to 435GB of free space.07:47
illmortalThis is epic.07:47
illmortalalright so I created the mount point /storage07:47
sigma20what did you do to it illmortal?07:47
crimsunmaxmahem: sec07:47
illmortalsigma20 lol i formatted it.. and apparently 1gb is ticking away per minute07:48
Mamaroksigma20: kaffeine is called dragonplayer in kde407:48
sigma20wtf! that cant be right!07:48
sigma20no kaffeine is a seperate program07:48
cstonerillmortal: is the output of du helping at all?07:49
illmortalcstoner, I created the mount point /storage which put the folder into the root directory07:49
illmortaland added, "lost&found" folder in there...07:49
illmortallet me check07:50
illmortalso for du to check /storage is there anythig special i need to type into terminal?07:50
illmortal sudo du /storage07:51
illmortalthat's the output.07:51
cstonermaybe df would be more use to you07:52
illmortalim sorry.... du nor df is giving me the information i need.07:52
crimsunmaxmahem: please mute 'IEC958'07:52
cstonerthen you probably didn't allocate all of the sectors for your partition07:53
illmortaland how exactly would I be able to do that?07:53
cstonerreading "man fdisk" would be a start07:54
cstoneror even looking into kparted07:54
maxmahemcrimsun: done. It was muted when I first started but I wasn't getting any sound so I unmuted it. Both ways, I'm still not hearing anything.07:54
crimsunmaxmahem: set 'Digital Source' to either 'AC97 in' or 'SRC out'07:56
maxmahemcrimsun: Tried both, still not hearing anything. My digital output is currently connected to anything though, I have speakers plugged in to just about all my other outputs however.07:58
crimsunmaxmahem: does `speaker-test -Dplughw:0 -c4' give you anything?07:58
illmortalcstoner, i don't know what im supposed to look for.08:00
maxmahemcrimsun: I here nothing, but I did get a whole bunch of Playback open error: -16,Device or resource busy08:00
crimsunmaxmahem: ok, sudo fuser -v /dev/dsp* /dev/seq* /dev/snd/*08:01
crimsunplease pastebin what that command returns08:01
coltinhello everyone, I am having a major annoying problem I really need help with this. I am running Kubuntu 8.10, and someone is trying to remotly access my computer using windows xp pro and ultra vnc, but for the life of us we can not get him connected to my computer. any help would be greatly appreciated08:01
cstonerillmortal: try using qtparted (not kparted, apparently qtparted is more up to date)08:04
coltinshould I just give up or something lol, This has me going nuts. I can connect to him even but he can not connect to me, which made me think its something in my internet connection. but i enabled everything, no firewall on i just dont knwo08:04
illmortalsomeone is claiming that the reason why there's 7gb used on that HD is because it stores the configuration files.08:05
bucketheadcoltin: do you have a router?08:06
maxmahemcrimsun: Done, I think the problem with the sound test may have been I had Amrock running, when I killed it the program continued.08:06
cstonerthat is a lie08:06
cstonermy config files (the /etc directory) take 19M08:06
maxmahemcrimsun: I pasted it's current output up as well.08:07
maxmahemspeaker-test that is.08:07
crimsunmaxmahem: ok, the visual output of speaker-test is not really as important. need to cross-reference something, sec08:08
maxmahemI'm pretty new at this, is there a way I can kill the speaker-test it seems to be running endlessly.08:11
cstonermaxmahem: CTRL-C08:12
maxmahemAh, thank you. That a common abort command in Linux?08:12
cstonerit only works in the shell though. For GUI apps, it's usually the copy command08:15
maxmahemI've always used ctrl+insert, which seems to work here as well.08:19
maxmahemfor copying that is. shift+del for cut, and shift+insert for paste. Not sure where I picked that habpit up thoug.08:20
cstonerI don't like using the insert/del keys if I can help it. They're never in the same spot on different keyboards08:24
* kniolet doesnt even have an insert key on her keyboard :-(08:26
maxmahemI long ago got in the habit of using them, they speed me up alot. But you are right about differeint keyboards messing with the placement.08:26
maxmahemI recently got a new logitech wireless keyboard as a christmas gift, which I love, but they went and moved my home/end/insert stuff around which is driving me batty.08:26
maxmahemAwesome keyboard otherwise, but I can't fathom why the decied to move those keys around. I don't how folks on laptops can live without those insert/home key stuff.08:28
cstonerEmacs keybindings do just fine for me08:28
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!08:28
cstonerpalemoon: having trouble?08:30
palemooncstoner: try to get this thing to autoidentify... been awhile since I was on irc08:30
cstonerheh ;) just wondering08:31
faledhi apachelogger08:34
faledapachelogger: I want speak you a little bit about the bug #26323508:36
maxmahemcrimsun: surfing the web a bit on my problem, might I need to download some nforce drivers?08:40
crimsunmaxmahem: only if you have that hardware08:45
maxmahemcrimsun: well my sound card is integrated in with my motherboard, which IIRC is an nforce.08:46
crimsunmaxmahem: it appears to be driven by another driver, however08:47
maxmahemcrimsun: Oh, I surely know nothing, I'm just trying to help myself a little bit.08:48
jack_I need drivers for an HD 467008:53
jack_can anyone help me out?08:53
cstonerHD 4670?08:53
jack_thats it08:54
cstoner... what is 'it'08:54
jack_ATI Radeon HD 4670 Graphics adapter08:54
contrastGreets, everyone...08:56
contrastAnyone know of a fix for KDE4 apps not respecting the system-wide icon size setting (System Settings -> Appearance -> Icons -> Advanced)?08:58
knioletis it a kde4 app running under kde4 or a kde3 app running under kde4?09:00
contrastKDE4 app running under KDE4. Oddly enough, KDE3 apps and GTK apps respect the setting. ^_^09:00
knioletlol that is odd09:01
knioletwhich kubuntu version is it?09:01
contrast8.10, using the kde-experimental and kde-members PPA repos.09:02
contrast22x22 toolbar icons suck on a media center setup.09:03
knioletis it just that one app thats having the problem?09:04
contrastNope, it's every single KDE4 app on my system.09:05
maxmahemIs there a way to edit permissions for root objects in dolphin?09:06
knioletyou arent by some weird chance running kde3 system settings instead of kde4 system setting right? thats about teh only thing i can thnk of09:07
contrastkniolet: Nope... This bug's been around since 4.0.09:07
contrastmaxmahem: I *think* there's a root actions service menu for KDE4 on kde-apps.org. If not, it's supposed to be fairly easy to make a KDE3 service menu work with KDE4.09:08
=== cheeto is now known as Kbwrite
Kbwriteso hi! I need to know how to get all the drivers for a fresh install of kubuntu! I think there's a way it can scan your hardware and find drivers, is this right?09:10
faileasKbwrite: its usually automagical unless you have a specific piece of hardware09:11
knioletcontrast: ah i see https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16906709:11
Kbwritehow would it do it automatically if it is internet dependant?09:11
geniiKbwrite: For restricted/proprietary drivers, yes. Otherwise it just auto installed what it thought appropriate from the open-source ones.09:11
geniiKbwrite: The jockey-kde    is for the restricted09:12
BentFrankI have a Kubuntu server running samba and Windows 2000 clients.  Users map a network drive to my share point.  The share point directory has perms:  "drwsrwsr-x  6 dmb fourth" where dmb is a user name and fourth is a group.  All users are in group fourth.  Someone on a client makes a folder using Windows Explorer in this directory.  The new folder has perms "drwxrwsrwx  2 brb fourth".  Shouldn't the new directory have perm09:12
Kbwritealso, is there a way to turn KDE into Gnome? I know I can do it the reverse*09:12
contrastKbwrite: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop09:12
geniiKbwrite: You can have either desktop or both09:13
Kbwriteyeh, I know I can have as many as there are09:13
knioletbut you dont want gnome, realy ;-) (j/k)09:13
geniiKbwrite: For gnome only see factoid !puregnome09:13
contrastKbwrite: i'm guessing the driver for your wireless card wasn't automatically recognized? is it listed in the restricted drivers when you run jockey-kde?09:14
Kbwritecontrast, actually it's my geforce onboard grphx09:14
contrastKbwrite: umm... but you don't have internet access on that system?09:16
Kbwritecontrast, I am on the system XD09:16
contrast"<Kbwrite> how would it do it automatically if it is internet dependant?" - that kinda threw me off. :P09:17
kniolethttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia may help09:17
contrastKbwrite: KMenu -> System -> Hardware Drivers. should be self-explanatory from there. :)09:19
Kbwriteyeh, did that09:19
contrastumm... ok, and it didn't work?09:20
maxmahemHmm... is there a way I can configure an app on my menu to always run as root?09:20
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:20
cuzntgeforce = nvidia09:21
contrastmaxmahem: right-click -> menu editor -> add kdesudo to the beginning of the command09:21
contrastmaxmahem: are you asking that in regards to dolphin?09:21
maxmahemNo, nvida settings.09:21
knioletwow Matrox still makes video cards?09:21
maxmahemIt can't save its changes to xconfig unless it is run as root09:21
contrastah, ok09:22
maxmahemwould running dolphin as root be a bad idea?09:23
faileaskniolet: yup, they do09:23
maxmahemI could probably messthings up pretty good I think.09:23
contrastmaxmahem: yeah, generally that's not recommended.09:24
knioletdoing it on a normal basis would be a bad idea, yes09:24
maxmahemnext question, any easy way to restart x?09:24
contrastmaxmahem: log out -> ctrl+alt+backspace09:25
maxmahemk then. BRB.09:25
maxmahemhmm... well I know have my dual monitor mostly working.09:29
maxmahemI can mouse over there at least, but it is all black, and my cursor turns to an x.09:30
contrastmaxmahem: did you try using twinview?09:31
maxmahemWon't that just duplicate my current screen?09:31
contrastmaxmahem: nope09:31
maxmahemIE I didn't because I didn't think it was what I wanted.09:31
maxmahemI have another x session running over there now right?09:32
maxmahemwhich probably isn't what I want then. Ok, I'll give twin view a shot. BRB09:32
contrasttwinview = one xsession spread across two monitors, iirc09:32
contrastmaxmahem: you should be able to try it w/o restarting x09:32
szrhawaiihas anyone seen a white box popping up in the top left hand corner of the screen when your splash screen comes up before you log in09:33
szrhawaiibecause every time i do the 8.10 version it has a box on the left top hand corner of the screen09:34
contrastszrhawaii: can't say i have. does it go away after a while?09:34
szrhawaiiit only does it when the bootsplash screen comes up09:35
szrhawaiionce the standard splash comes on it gets smaller then goes away09:35
szrhawaiiis there a way to get rid of that09:35
contrastsounds like a compositing issue. did you see if it still does it with desktop effects turned off?09:36
szrhawaiiyeah it does09:36
szrhawaiii turn those off all the time09:36
ubuntuneither ubuntu or the gparted boot CD are detecing either of my hard drives, nor my sata DVD burner. they're all detected by the bios and detected by windows. what's going on?09:36
contraststrange. i have no idea then. sorry09:37
szrhawaiiyeah ive been trying to figure that out myself09:37
maxmahemhmm...  I can't seem to launch nvidia sever settings now09:38
contrastubuntu: what's the output of the command "ls -l /dev/sd*"?09:39
ubuntuls: cannot access /dev/sd*: No such file or directory09:40
contrastubuntu: and "ls -l /dev/hd*"?09:41
contrastubuntu: and you're not putting the quotes in the command, right?09:42
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu1
maxmahemno seems I have to restart x to configure twin-view (and disable x in my other monitor).09:46
=== angie is now known as angie_
contrastnot sure. you might google your motherboard and see if anyone else on linux has had issues with it. that's the only thing i can think of.09:46
=== angie_ is now known as angie_PL
=== eric is now known as Guest10394
maxmahemhmm.. twinview is working okay, but is there a way I can set that other monitor as another desktop instead of extending my display over there?10:04
maxmahemIt's a TV, so the resolution isn't all that great.10:05
joh6nnanyone know why my update notifier might have disappeared, and how i can get it back?10:06
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!10:17
kim!닉 Akari10:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Akari10:17
kimCan you speak korean?10:17
geniikim: No10:17
=== harry is now known as Guest99710
kimCan you speak Esperanto?10:18
=== kim is now known as Mizunasi
=== Mizunasi is now known as Mizunashi
geniiNo. Let me look if there is a Korean or Esperanto channel to direct you to10:19
knioletthere is #ubuntu-eo but only 1 person there10:19
geniiPerhaps #ubuntu-kr   or #ubuntu-kp10:20
fdovingjoh6nn: you can restart it by executing 'update-notifier-kde' from the alt+f2 run dialog.10:21
geniiHmm. Apparenlt no Korean loco channel exists yet10:22
joh6nnfdoving: tried that, no dice10:22
MizunashiI can't speak English wel..10:22
MizunashiI want to server "HanIRC"...10:22
joh6nnit runs, but stays in the background and never actually, you know, "notifies." :|10:22
fdovingjoh6nn: you can check that it is running by hitting ctrl+esc and search for 'update' you'll see a python process in the list.10:22
fdovingjoh6nn: are you sure there are updates available?10:22
geniiMizunashi:  /server irc.hanirc.org10:22
joh6nnfdoving: apt-get upgrade says yes10:23
MizunashiIsn't there firefox in kubuntu?10:23
geniiMizunashi: Yes, firefox comes for Kubuntu but is not there by default10:23
fdovingjoh6nn: try to run 'sudo aptitude update' then see if it appears.10:23
MizunashiI am installing firefox..10:24
joh6nnfdoving: still not showing...10:25
MizunashiIn Fedora, there is firefox...10:25
geniiMizunashi: I am told the channel #ubuntu-ko     is for korean support10:25
MizunashiHo. ubuntu-ko is korean channel..10:26
geniiMizunashi: Yes10:26
fdovingjoh6nn: check alt+f2 - 'kdesudo software-properties-kde' -> updates [tab] - see what it says about check for updates.10:27
=== root is now known as Guest31179
joh6nnfdoving: software-properties-kde not found10:28
MizunashiDo you know animation "Aria the~"?10:28
joh6nnok, found it10:28
joh6nnhad to call it explicitly from /usr/bin/10:29
CrypTomhi all, I use the server edition and "cat /proc/meminfo" shows me that almost 10GB RAM are used, how can I see, which process uses so much memory? (a "ps aux" only shows 2 processes using more than 1%)10:29
joh6nnfdoving: everything there seems in order; "check for updates" is checked, and it's set to "only notify", so it should be telling me about it10:29
fdovingjoh6nn: is it set to check for updates daily+10:30
JohnyBCrypTom install htop: apt-get install htop and run it, then sort processes by CPU10:30
JohnyBor by RAM10:31
JohnyBdepending on your needs10:31
joh6nnfdoving: do you know where the config file for this is?10:31
joh6nni trawled through /etc/ looking for it, couldn't find it10:31
CrypTomJohnyB: ok, I'll try10:32
CrypTomJohnyB: I cant sort, hitting the F6 key does not work10:34
JohnyBCrypTom: ok, don't forget the <F6> key and select MEM% to see processes by memory10:34
CrypTomJohnyB: I'm logged in via ssh, F1-F10 don't seem to do anything10:35
CrypTomJohnyB: ah, found it, my new keyboards forces me to press another key (function key) while pressing the F-buttons10:37
JohnyBoh :) Great10:37
CrypTomJohnyB: although it looks like the behavior is inverted, as I dont want the special function but the normal one :-)10:37
JohnyBCrypTom what do you mean by inverted behavior?10:39
admin1I am trying to install the proper video drivers for my legacy nvidia tnt video card, but I don't know how.  Could someone help me please?10:39
admin1I have hte drivers downloaded to this computer, but I can't seem to get them to install10:40
joh6nnadmin1: what happens when you try to install them?10:40
CrypTomJohnyB: I have paintings in orange on the F keys, and there is a function key also painted in orange. I have to hit the function key in order to get the F-behavior instead of the special (orange painted) behavior10:41
admin1I get the message "Cannot open file"10:41
admin1what am I doing wrong?10:41
fdovingjoh6nn: update-nofifier itself uses the configs from update-notifier-common which is in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10:41
fdovingjoh6nn: dpkg -L update-notifier-common for a list of files to check out.10:42
admin1I am also trying to set this computer up for web hosting, but I think that I have that sorta figured out10:42
joh6nnfdoving: thanks10:43
JohnyBCrypTom lol I have nothing in orange man I don't know what are you talking about. Here's how I do: I open the program, I do press F6, select MEM%, and it's sorted by RAM. That's all10:43
geniifdoving: Interesting fact10:43
joh6nnadmin1: what command are you running when it gives you that error?10:43
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
admin1sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-71.86.06-pkg1.run10:45
admin1that is the command that I am using.  It says to do that on the nvidia website10:45
joh6nnare you doing that from a terminal?10:46
admin1I am using the Konsole terminal progream to try it10:46
geniiadmin1: You need   sh ./filename.sh     if in same dir as it is10:46
admin1and the driver file is on the desktop10:46
admin1how do I switch dir?10:46
admin1and find the file in the terminal?10:47
geniiadmin1:  cd ~/Desktop10:47
admin1and sorry for all the questions, but I am new to kubuntu10:47
CrypTomJohnyB: no worries, its probably something that needs an addition program (probably under windows) to run properly, anyway, it works now!10:48
admin1okay that command did not work10:48
geniiadmin1: I'm pretty sure it did work, if you typed it correctly10:49
admin1I just installed kubuntu 8.04 hardy last night night, and now I am trying to teach myself how to use it10:49
joh6nnadmin1 try "sudo NVIDIA-Linux-x86-71.86.06-pkg1.run"10:49
geniiadmin1: If it doesn't say anything to you like some error when you did:  cd ~/Desktop                         then it was successful10:50
admin1it does say that the dir does not exsist10:50
joh6nnadmin1: unlike windows, linux is case sensitive, so you have to make sure to type Desktop and not desktop10:51
admin1oh okay10:51
joh6nnalso, now would be a good time to double-check and make sure the file is actually on the desktop. :)10:52
admin1it is10:52
admin1I just tried running it, but it says that the file needs to be run as root.  What does that mean?10:53
faileasadmin1: thats wierd. sudo should work10:53
admin1the driver program said that it needs to run under root10:54
admin1the driver program said that it needs to run under root10:54
webaskahi.. i forgot password to phpmyadmin..its quite embarrasing10:54
admin1II am the only user on this computer10:54
joh6nnadmin1: run the command again, but this time, add the word "sudo" to the front of it10:55
admin1what is root?10:55
joh6nnadmin1: root is the linux name for administrator10:55
webaskaany way to change phpmyadmin password?10:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lst10:56
admin1okay it said that I am running an x server, and that I am supposed to exit x before running the program.  how do I do that?10:57
joh6nnfdoving: i think that the problem i've been having is that update-notifier isn't being started when i login to kde.  do you know how it's supposed to be launched at login?10:57
joh6nnadmin1 you'll need to log out.10:57
admin1then what?10:58
admin1if I log back in, it will run the X server again10:58
joh6nnonce you've logged out and you're at the log-in screen, there should be a menu option for "console log-in" or something similar10:58
geniiadmin1: Yes. Also the login screen itself is in X10:58
joh6nngenii: oh, hmm.  yeah, wasn't thinking of that10:59
admin1how do I get out of X then to install these drivers?10:59
joh6nnadmin1: best bet would be to restart, then.10:59
admin1then what?10:59
geniiadmin1: crl-alt-f1    then:  sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop          (or kdm-kde4)10:59
admin1okay I will have to write these commands down11:00
geniiadmin1: then execute the commands. Then: sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start11:00
joh6nnor you could listen to genii.  he's apparently in a different time zone from me.11:00
maxmahemhmm... does kubuntu use RandR 1.2?11:00
genii!info libxrandr211:02
ubottulibxrandr2 (source: libxrandr): X11 RandR extension library. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.2.3-1 (intrepid), package size 21 kB, installed size 88 kB11:02
geniimaxmahem: 1.2.3-1  apparently11:03
maxmahemhmm.. cool. thanks.11:03
geniijoh6nn: Actually it's 6 am here but I'm strangely alert :)11:04
joh6nnyeah, it's 6am for me, too, but i'm fighting with Perl's Net::Amazon11:04
geniijoh6nn: Ah, I feel for you11:05
maxmahemokay, if I installed a package, but it didn't show up on my menu, where would I find it?11:05
geniimaxmahem: It might be a command line package. What was the name of it?11:06
maxmahemMultiple Screens, a gtk interface for xrandr11:07
geniijoh6nn: Interesting, theres a package for it, libnet-amazon-perl    and apt-cache search amazon    pulls up some others11:07
geniimaxmahem: Well, theres yer problem. KDE isn't gtk11:07
joh6nnmaxmahem: for me, krandrtray is under system, in the menu11:07
maxmahemYes, I tried that. And while I can resize my monitor, it doesn't let me configure my multiple monitors like I need to.11:08
joh6nngenii: oh, i've got it installed.  the problem is that it appears that either the module is buggy, or amazon is.  take your pic.11:08
geniijoh6nn: Probably the module, if i had to guess.11:09
maxmahemso its a gnome bit eh? hmm. shoot. that won't help me when running KDE then.11:09
nascentmindhi. I disabled the restricted ati drivers using envy-ng and suddenly my X stopped working.. i recovered the xorg.conf file and now kde starts up with the auth screen.. i give my username and password.. kde loads and dies while loading..11:15
nascentmindthere is a startup sound being played which dies in the middle.. how can I recover my kde?11:15
nascentmindcan anybody help me?11:21
joh6nnnascentmind: what's envy-ng?11:22
nascentmindjoh6nn: the restricted driver enabling thing..11:22
nascentmindthere was one default one.. forgot the name ..11:23
nascentmindand i couldn't use the apply button..11:23
joh6nnso you disabled the ati driver you were using11:23
joh6nni'd say your X config is borked11:23
joh6nntry running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg11:23
nascentmindjoh6nn: yes it screwed up.. and then i did a X -configure..11:23
nascentmindnow X comes up.. kde screws up in between..11:24
ubuntuhelp me pls11:24
ubuntuheeeelp me please11:24
nascentmindhow can i re enable the fglrx driver now? and what does envy-ng do anyway?11:24
ubuntuheeeelp me please11:24
ubuntuheeeelp me please11:24
jussi01ubuntu: state your issue11:25
joh6nnnascentmind: no clue what envy-ng does in the background, but the if you run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, it'll bring you through an ncurses wizard for configuring X11:26
nascentmindjoh6nn: isn't that the same thing as X -configure?11:26
joh6nnnascentmind: no clue11:26
nascentmindjoh6nn: i am sorry to say this but kubuntu is really unstable..11:27
joh6nnnascentmind: are you using 8.10?11:27
ubuntuI have live KUBUNTU and my quest is: is here something as ICQ????11:27
jussi01ubuntu: the program called kopete11:27
ubuntujussi01 is installed in this live system<11:28
joh6nnnascentmind: yeah, *buntu does 2 releases a year; the april release is stable. the october release is experimental.  you're using the experimental release. :|11:28
NCommanderjoh6nn, that isn't true11:28
jussi01nascentmind: you can reset your settings which may help with: mv .kde .kdeold11:28
NCommanderEvery release is considered a stable and supported release11:28
jussi01ubuntu: yes11:28
joh6nnNCommander: facts occasionally get in the way of the truth.11:28
ubuntujussi01> thx veeerz much11:28
NCommanderjoh6nn, so your saying I'm wrong?11:29
* NCommander does note that 8.10 Kubuntu has some serious issues, hence why auto-upgrade from 8.04 Kubuntu is disabled out of the box11:29
joh6nnno, i'm saying that the fact that October releases are always best efforts at stable doesn't change the fact that they're testing grounds for new ideas.  hence, they are experimental11:30
nascentmindany chance that i can recover kde?11:30
joh6nnwhich is at least part of why the install i'm on at the moment crashes once a day11:31
jussi01nascentmind: did you see my last comment directed at you?11:31
NCommanderjoh6nn, You do realize that you can't upgrade to .10 releases without installing the previous .04 one?11:31
=== oscc2007 is now known as tboxmy
joh6nnNCommander: i'm sorry, i can't help feeling like that's both a non-sequitur, and sort of a ridiculous question11:33
nascentmindi am quite sure that when there is an upgrade it clobbers the xorg file or something..11:33
tboxmyhi all!11:34
nascentmindsomething really bad is happening when there is an upgrade11:34
NCommanderjoh6nn, I'm being frank that by says that every .10 is "experimental" is trash talk. Spreading misinformation only serves to hurt FOSS and (K)ubuntu11:34
tboxmyjust did an update on intrepid and it included OOo 3.011:34
NCommanderGranted, the last .10 release has issues, mostly due to KDE4 still not being quite there yet. There IS a reason why the auto-upgrade is disabled11:34
tboxmyi cant start OOo 3 at all11:36
nascentmindwho hoo.. finally my kde starts..11:36
nascentmindjussi01: that did the trick..11:37
tboxmyanyone having same prob?11:37
nascentmindand the most funniest part i am checking glxgears now... and i am getting somewhere around 420 fps.. and when i had the driver i was getting 40 fps.11:37
jussi01nascentmind: great.11:37
maxmahemIf I wanted to be a traitor and install gnome on top of kde here, how would I do that?11:38
nascentmindjussi01: should i install the ati driver manually?11:38
Unksimaxmahem: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop11:38
nascentmindor should i use that envy-ng again?11:38
jussi01nascentmind: if it aint broke, dont fix it?11:38
maxmahemUnksi: that rather then using adept? (though I couldn't seem to find it in there).11:39
nascentmindjussi01: when i initially installed ati drivers i was getting a fantastic 1000 fps.. and then after the upgrade it screwed up..11:39
Unksimaxmahem: you can use adept as well, its just easier to give out instructions to cli :)11:39
nascentmindthere was a kernel update too.. would that be the cause?11:39
jussi01nascentmind: you use envy at your own risk, and I wouldnt be suprised if the kernel update did it.11:40
jussi01you could try envy again, but again, your risk.11:41
nascentmindjussi01: yes atleast i know how to recover from a complete X collapse..11:41
nascentmindjussi01: what would a kernel update do to the driver?11:42
jussi01nascentmind: as I understand it, the driver is kernel specific. with the normal one, it will remake it when the kernel is updated, but envy doesnt do that11:42
jussi01thats my un derstanding, I may be wrong11:43
nascentmindnormal one is the open source one you mean?11:43
jussi01no, normal one is installed throught hardware drivers in system11:45
nascentmindso how can i remake it?11:46
jussi01nascentmind: you want the _latest_ or just the stable?11:46
nascentmindshould i install it manually? if i install it manually do i need to reinstall the drivers again when i get a next kernel update?11:46
nascentmindjussi01: i would prefer latest as i have an alsa issue too which is being corrected in the proposed updates.11:47
jussi01nascentmind: my suggestion would be to go to kmenu - system - hardware drivers and install that and see how you go11:47
johann-pierrehow can i download kde 4.2 and install it?11:54
williamI have got my first kubuntu laptop running nice an smooth under intrepid ;-)  One feature I was really looking forward to under kde was the desktop cube which I don't have. Do I need to install this separately?11:55
geniijohann-pierre: It's in the topic11:55
williamjohann, you have to enable a development package source. But I would recommend against it, I tried kde 4.2 but found loads of bugs so switched back to 4.1. It took me ages to remove everything I installed with kde 4.211:56
johann-pierrewilliam, what command can i type in the konsole to install kde 4.1 ?11:56
=== ahmed is now known as Guest23018
williamif you are using kubuntu you should have it, if not you can type  'sudo apt-get install kde'11:57
williamthat's what I did after I remove kde 4.211:57
johann-pierreaaah thanks11:57
johann-pierremy kubuntu is a bit outta date11:57
johann-pierremaybe i should have rather installed debian on this, but with it on the edge of a new release why bother to download :/11:58
hyper_chkde 4.2 beta 2 is much better than 4.111:58
johann-pierreeverything in IT seems to be: future is now, is it too late for that?  What if you have is too old? etc.11:58
maxmahemhmm apprently installing gome removed firefox11:58
williamnot that the kde package pulls in alot of kde including games, edu, etc... if you don't want all that stuff you should use a more clever approach and maybe just install the apps in kde you actually use11:58
johann-pierrehyper_ch:  what is the command to install it?"11:58
hyper_chjohann-pierre: 4.2?11:58
nascentmindjussi01: yes there is a problem with it i guess.. I tried installing it with hardware drivers and the fps is lower than the normal ones..11:58
hyper_chjohann-pierre: adding the according PPA repos11:59
williamhyper_ch, I tried kde 4.2 beta 2 but had loads of corruption on my screen, it may have been a problem between the latest nvidia 180 driver and kde 4.2 though11:59
jussi01nascentmind: looks like envy for you then11:59
johann-pierreAg I'll wait for the final release11:59
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions11:59
hyper_chwilliam: all the people I know are a lot happier with 4.2 than 4.111:59
johann-pierrewhy won't my kubuntu browse my windows network?11:59
nascentmindjussi01: k i deactivated it.. lemme see whether my X will screw up again :)11:59
jussi01nascentmind: good luck. :)12:00
johann-pierrehow can i set the timeout on dolphin's network browsing?12:00
williamhyper_ch, It was probably a but that affect my grahics card and the new 180 drivers. Although they work really well under kde 4.112:00
PSiL0stupid fstab... some days it automounts my ntfs partition fine, and then it goes on the blink and I have to manually re-edit again12:00
PSiL0so annoying12:00
hyper_chwilliam: what the reason to use 1.80 instead of 1.77?12:01
williamQuestion: How does ubuntu handle new releases of kde. will ubuntu provide official kde packages for intrepid or will they be for the new kubuntu version12:01
william1.77 was slow on my 8600GT M12:02
hyper_chwilliam: nope, release number stay12:02
william1.80 is FAST!12:02
nascentmindjussi01: k it reboots fine.. man this is classic.. using ati drivers lowers the fps and removing it increases it.. from 60 to 420..12:02
hyper_chwilliam: how do you measuer "slow" and "fast"?12:02
williamwith 1.80 I have enabled opengl rendering mode + shared memory12:02
williamhyper_ch, switching between windows/plasma applets was very slow with 1.77 on my graphics card12:03
=== oscc2007 is now known as tboxmy
nascentmindjussi01: k now lemme try with envy *sigh*12:03
williamscrolling was awefull too12:03
hyper_chI got a 9500gt with the 1.77 drivers and everything is fine12:03
jussi01nascentmind: again, good luck12:03
PSiL0anyone knows how to make fstab less tempermental?12:04
williamhyper_ch, maybe it's difference between kde 4.2 and kde 4.1?12:04
nascentmindoh and the best part is during the process of enabling.. kmix crashes .. now i just can't understand the connection between these 2..12:04
hyper_chPSiL0: fstab doesn't alter itself12:04
maxmahemhmm should I get a success notification at the end of apt-get instal or when it gives me back cursor is it just done?12:05
williamhyper_ch, when you select files under dolphin or the folder view, does your cursor take time to drow the selection box?12:05
hyper_chwilliam: I don't use dolphin12:05
williammine had a delay/lag under 1.7712:05
stdinmaxmahem: no error means no error :)12:05
williamok, how about under folder view?12:06
maxmahemstdin: sounds good to me12:06
hyper_chwilliam: what folder view?12:06
PSiL0hyper_ch: I wish that was the case... It seems like everytime I reinstall a major app (this time openoffice3), the fstab settings that work so well the past several days do not mount my ntfs partition12:06
hyper_chPSiL0: it is the case.. fstab does not alter itself automatically12:06
PSiL0hyper_ch: I meant to say automount12:06
hyper_chPSiL0: you considered that it could be because of the "ntfs"?12:07
williamhyper_ch, when I click on a plasma applets focus transfers instantly now (it did not before). E.g: I can have focus on a window in the forground and immediatly select files in my plasma folder view with now lag. Before with 1.77 it was unbearable12:07
PSiL0hyper_ch: then why are the automount settings that work fine for several days suddenly trip up after installing a package?12:07
williamPSiL0, I recommend mounding external filesystems manually via kde12:08
williambut that's just my preference12:08
hyper_chwilliam: I don't know what you mean or what you do or where you have problems12:09
hyper_chwilliam: clicking on a plasma applet focus?12:09
hyper_chPSiL0: it is your assumption that it stops working after installing a package12:09
nascentmindjussi01: k same bad performance.. next disabling the driver and installing it manually..12:09
williamPSiL0, what is the last modification date on your fstab?12:09
PSiL0william: I would assume a week ago, but since I re-edited it to where my ntfs partition automounts at startup, I do not know12:10
PSiL0william: I just grabbed the ntfs-g settings from syslog after manually mounting the drive through dolphin and added it in to fstab line for that drive12:11
williamPSiL0, if you think that the installation of openoffice3 is modifying fstab then run a test. record your last modificationd date, remove then reinstall openoffice3....12:11
PSiL0as well as adding uid=1000 for myself12:11
williamit's a vfat?12:11
nascentmindjussi01: ah.. envy has a bug in it..12:12
PSiL0william: umm, I removed openoffice3 originally because it crashed on the first instance, and needed a second instance to load properly..12:12
nascentmindjussi01: X crashed again..12:12
PSiL0after removing it, I just reinstalled it using the deb package from openoffice3.org12:12
PSiL0william: then my ntfs drive wouldn't automount or mount manually12:12
williamPSiL0, I don't understand what openoffice has todo with fstab12:12
williamI think it must have been some other update that you pulled in with openoffice12:13
williammaybe a kernel update?12:13
PSiL0william: me neither, which is why it is so particular that I have to manually reedit fstab every few weeks to automount the same drive12:13
maxmahemI'm still trying to trouble shoot my sound card. Should I be getting multipe device listings from aplay -l?12:13
williamI used to use some software that would modify fstab, I think it was ivman or something like that12:14
PSiL0nah, my fstab settings worked fine after updating the kernal from backports to fix an intel wifi bug12:14
williamit is more likely you have some other software installed that is trying to manage your nfs for you12:14
PSiL0I don't think openoffice3 would pull a kernal update, especially after I check which files are being updated12:14
williamcan you check your package list to see if you have ivman installed?12:15
PSiL0aptitude search ivman*12:15
PSiL0p   ivman12:15
williamwhat about pmount?12:15
williamhmm, Does anyone here know of any other userspace automounting software?12:16
williamsomething that my be modifying fstab?12:16
csc__please help me with usb-creator. i am formatting an usb disc in various way, but NO parition is recosgnized by usb-creator? what am i doing weong? in the first case i made a 250GB partition with fat32, bootable, in a second case a smaller one, in the third case I used an ext partition NONE is recognized by usb-creator. i am stuck. as last case i plugged in an old small usb stick and it was recognized immediatly. please help12:16
PSiL0here is my fstab entry: /dev/sda5    /media/Documents ntfs-3g rw,nosuid,nodev,uid=1000,uhelper=hal,locale=en_US.UTF-8   0 012:17
thomasbonjour !!!12:17
williamPSiL0, that fstab entry looks fine. I am pretty certain that whatever is removing or modifying it must be some kind of automount software12:17
PSiL0now it is automounting my ntfs partition12:17
PSiL0this one worked fine for awhile: /dev/sda5       /media/Documents        ntfs-3g    defaults,gid=4,noatime   0       012:18
PSiL0then suddenly no beans12:18
PSiL0william: the funny thing is that when this entry doesn't automount the ntfs partition, I go check it and I see nothing is altered...12:19
williamPSiL0, you wish to mount automatically at boot correct?12:19
PSiL0william: yup12:20
johann-pierreWhat does mark shuttleworth actually have to do with this operating system?12:20
geniijohann-pierre: His company Canonical basically sponsors it12:20
johann-pierreso its sponsorred?12:21
williammaybe your system is trying to mount your nfs before you network connection is up?12:21
dwidmannjohann-pierre: paid developers &c12:21
stdinjohann-pierre: canonical pay for developers and hosting for LoCo's and free CD's via shipit12:21
johann-pierreaaah ok12:22
geniijohann-pierre: How else did you think they could mail you cd's ? ;)12:22
stdinoh, and sponsoring non-paid devs to go to development summits12:22
williamjohann-pierre, I don't actually use nfs but I would suggest you find exactly which part of the sytem is responsible for mounting your nfs and when.12:22
* genii steals one of stdin's Google burritos12:22
PSiL0william: true, but wouldn't that negate the automount action from the getgo?  Anyways, I usually run through two diff connections from my uni and my apt.  Yet, I never seen any automount failures when booting between two different locations12:23
williamI am currious about the uhelper=hal option in  there12:23
PSiL0william: I mean, I can re-edit the fstab entry to get my drive to automount again if the current settings are suddenly no good here on my laptop12:24
williamdoes that mean that hal managers your nfs mount?12:24
williamif hal managers your nfs then maybe you should add the option noauto in there to stop the system trying to mount at boot?12:24
PSiL0william: Most likely since I see that entry in syslogs whenever I manually mount my drive through dolphin12:24
williamoh, that is why it's in there12:25
williamPSiL0, hang on a sec12:25
=== jnperlin_ is now known as jnperlin
PSiL0william: If I add noauto, doesn't that defeat the purpose of having that entry in fstab in the first place?12:25
williammaybe uhelper is implies noauto12:25
williamPSiL0, yeah it does12:25
johann-pierregenii: I thought that perhaps its an in-house commercial distribution12:25
williamPSiL0, could you try booting without the uhelper=hal option to see what happens?12:26
PSiL0william: well, when "defaults" was in that entry (with uhelper=hal omitted), my drive automounted for awhile12:26
williamtry it because I think that if you specify uhelper it implies noauto12:27
PSiL0when that flubbed after working for several days, I looked at syslogs to see what options were being enacted when manually mounting this drive12:27
williamie uhelper means that the system is not automounting because it thinks you want a userspace help to handle the mounting instead12:27
PSiL0hmm... maybe you are right, then again I have this option in fstab, rebooted, and my drive automounted just fine12:28
=== DS-Sleepin is now known as DS-BrB
PSiL0william: however, knowing specifically what it implies does help12:28
maxmahemhmm should my kmix have a 'switches' tab?12:29
maxmahemarg, trying to configure this sound card is making me crazy.12:32
fjellrev1I have a trouble with movie files not playing all the way through,usually on files longer than an hour.i can't find if it's ark or if its vlc,anyone have similar problems??12:32
dmmainouhi guys I'm new using linux in general. could someone please help mi with a basic q about gksudo scripting12:35
stdindmmainou: seeing as gksudo is Gtk/Gnome, you should ask in #ubuntu or #ubuntu-offtopic12:36
nascentmindjussi01: k the conclusion is using ati drivers decreases performance :)12:36
dmmainouI'm running kubuntu... maybe Im not using the right command12:37
stdindmmainou: Kubuntu uses "kdesudo"12:37
nascentminddoes installing pre - released updates harmful?12:37
dmmainouok....that explains a couple of things....12:37
stdinyou can install and use gksudo (from the gksu package), it just won't look very nice12:38
dwidmannack, :( That explains a thing or two ... X is using 80% CPU12:38
geniistdin: Interestingly gksudo doesn't work in Konsole and kdesudo doesn't work in Terminal12:39
dmmainouone last q .  I have a network drive that becomes available only after the Wlan is on. since it doesnt work as a reular ip drive (works on mac address) I need to wait and manually mount it. I am trying to create a  script so my wife can click on an icon and mount it ... is there any way to avoid the password?12:39
=== DS-BrB is now known as DarkSmoke
stdingenii: odd, I don't see why that'd happen12:40
geniistdin: Me either. But thats how it works, I've tried12:41
xbmchi people12:42
=== xbmc is now known as ^Manu
^Manui just installed kubuntu12:42
^Manuit was working nice until i did the auto update..12:42
^Manuand now my taskbar is all messed up.12:43
^Manuits like it's kinda mirrored..12:43
^Manuthe 'K' is on the right..12:43
^Manuand if i move it around, it forgets immediately.12:43
^Manuthe clock is on the left,,,12:43
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:43
^Manuand if i click the 'K', the shutdown menu is first on the left.. :/12:43
stdindmmainou: if it requires root privileges then you can try and edit /etc/sudoers and allow the command without a password (see man sudoers). but you'll have to do a bit of reading to do it12:44
^Manuany ideas? :S12:44
stdinwhat version of KDE are you running?12:45
^Manukubuntu 4.10, fully updated..12:45
^Manuhow can i get the exact version number?12:45
dmmainouok thanks so much to point me in the right direction12:46
stdin^Manu: open konqueror and go to Help -> About KDE12:46
dmmainouone last thing.... once I have the scripts mount and unmount I wan to make sure the drive gets umounted before shutdown in which file/ shuting sown script should I include my own script12:47
^Manualso, the taskbar seems to like to resize its self occasionally..12:47
stdindmmainou: best thing is to make a script in /etc/init.d and create links in /etc/rc0.d and /etc/rc6.d (everything in /etc/rc0.d get's run at shut down, everything in /etc/rc6.d gets run at reboot)12:49
stdinuse "sudo update-rc.d script_name stop 31 0 6" to add the links12:52
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^Manumanaged to break it :(12:52
dmmainouOk thanks so much... good night.12:52
^Manuthis sort of thing keeps happening; i ran a fullscreen app, and now the desktop is half off the screen..12:56
^Manuimagine the desktop surface, the same res as the monitor, but shifted so it's only partly on the monitor..12:56
^Manuwith just black in the empty parts.. but i can move windows into the black area...12:57
maxmahemminor problem, KWin appears to be crashing every time I start up KDE. Or at least I'm getting this notification window. the contents:   http://paste.ubuntu.com/99595/13:02
Niski_Can anyone help me set up scim so that I can enable japanese input, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SCIM/Kubuntu the fourth step proves to be a problem, I've already added the language and downloaded the files from system settings -> regional & language, but I'm getting no extra icons in the taskbar, nor have I been able to find any place to configure the program otherwise13:02
wesleyhow can i mount a iso ?13:13
wesleyhow can i mount a iso ?13:19
wesleyhow can i mount a iso ?13:21
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » or use the "gmountiso" package - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify downloaded ISO images using !MD5 before !burning.13:21
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=== carlino is now known as carlino_
=== carlino_ is now known as carlino
johann-pierrewhere can i find argo uml?13:52
=== xbmc is now known as ^Manu
^Manuhi people..14:30
^Manui have some problems with kubuntu's display settings tool..14:30
^Manuit seems to be really flakey..14:30
^Manuit seems to autodetect resolutions somehow, but the list it shows are not at all accurate or relevant..14:31
^Manumost of them are invalid modes..14:31
^Manuand it doesn't show most of the actual valid modes.14:31
kommanderhi all :-)14:31
^Manualso, about 40% of the time, just when it feels like it, when i runt he display settings tool, just when i start the tool, it decides to change the resolution to something else, for no apparent reason, and most of the time to one of the random not-supported modes that it's populated the list with..14:32
^Manui'm constant hitting ctrl-alt-backspace hoping that it might randomly choose a good one.14:32
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
^Manui have 2 displays, it recognises them both, i want to set it so that it only uses one resolution on each display ever..14:33
^Manubut xorg.conf is basically empty now, so i don't know how to do that.14:33
kommanderI just removed my old gentoo on a macbook pro, but I can't find a easy way to have the same keymap as on macos with kubuntu ... any idea ?14:33
Niski_what would be a good place to report a bug in gjiten?14:33
hyper_chkommander: system settings -> regional & langugae14:34
hyper_chNiski_: bugs.launchpad.net14:34
Niski_hyper_ch: do they bite newbies?14:34
hyper_chNiski_: yes :)14:34
hyper_chNiski_: just pretend that you are not a newbie14:35
kommanderhyper_ch: yep ... I went there, but it's not really the same even if I set mac/fr14:35
Niski_could someone check if the bug is not just in my system, before I submit it?14:35
hyper_chkommander: did you also select your keyboard model?14:35
besitzerwer spricht deutsch von euch ???14:37
kommanderbesitzer: ja, ein bischen14:37
hyper_ch!de | besitzer14:37
ubottubesitzer: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, und #edubuntu-de14:37
hyper_chkommander: "bisschen"14:38
hyper_chbesitzer: no queries14:38
hyper_chjussi01: you're OP?14:38
jussi01hyper_ch: /msg chanserv access #kubuntu14:39
kommanderhyper_ch: Ich habe leider keine "estzet"14:39
jussi01hyper_ch: /msg chanserv access #kubuntu list14:39
hyper_chjussi01: so you have OP access14:40
hyper_chjussi01: well, actually I need someone who can modify ubottu entries14:40
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots14:40
hyper_chjussi01: the "de" entry should be:   Deutschsprachige Hilfe für Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanälen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, und #edubuntu-de14:41
jussi01hyper_ch: in the usage info is how to suggest a factoid change14:41
hyper_chjussi01: if the wiki would load14:42
jussi01works here...14:42
hyper_chnow it does also14:42
^Manuwhats that program to do the xserver autodetection stuff now?14:42
hyper_ch!de is Deutschsprachige Hilfe für Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanälen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, und #edubuntu-de14:44
hyper_chback to my study books :(14:44
xbmccan anyone tell me how to manually configure x these days?14:46
xbmcthe display autodetect stuff is seriously broken..14:46
xbmci just want to tell it what modes to use..14:46
xbmcit tries to detect a bunch of display modes and makes a total mess..14:46
xbmcit gets it all wrong, for both my displays, and populates the list with a bunch of rubbish modes that are irrelevant, and most of them are insupported.14:47
xbmcso i guess no one knows anything about the kubuntu display mode tool :(14:55
=== ali_ is now known as ExSeLaNS
ghostcubehi folks i wanted to try dragonplayer i  get segfault at start on intrepid 64 bit15:05
aitdghostcube: segfaults are usually related to memory allocation issues. I attempted to use dragonplayer with Hardy and had the same problem.15:07
nick__I need help with getting my Intel 536ep internal modem working15:07
nick__I tried the availible .deb drivers but I think I have problems with kernel version incompatibilities15:07
nick__can anyone help me?15:07
jussi01!modem | nick__15:09
ubottunick__: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto15:09
aitdnick__ Have you tried to boot the computer to an earlier kernal from the boot up screen list? I have used that method to check for such things in the past.15:09
nick__aitd:  no I guess I should do that, but I'm unsure what version I need to select15:09
nick__aitd: I'm getting my drivers from here: http://groups.google.com/group/ubuntu-modems/web/modem-driver-downloads-for-536ep15:10
aitdnick__: I would just start by backing off one at a time until the modem problem resolves. I have also used this method by starting at the oldest known kernel version first.15:11
ghostcubeaitd, hmm it worked at one time noe it just crashes at startup15:12
ghostcubeand seems to be a phonon problem15:12
ghostcubeit came with an update15:12
nick__aitd: but which of the three availible packages should I have installed before I start that troubleshooting process? with the current package that I have installed from that site (release 1) there appears to be no valid kernel module installed for the 536ep, or at least I cant identify it (modprobe -l returns no results for 536)15:12
aitdnick__: Also see if the manufacture has issued a linux version. You might luck out there. Do you have to use a modem?15:13
nick__aitd: I'm currently running in 8.0415:13
YamatoIf I have an Athlon 64 3400 and a gig of ram, would KDE 4.x run adequately?15:13
nick__aitd: well it looks like I do yes15:13
nick__most adsl modems dont have built in dialup modem do they?15:13
nick__aitd: I hate dialup modems, but the person whose pc this is is a bit of a cheap technophobe15:13
nick__aitd: am i right in thinking that 2.6.27 isnt availible for 8.04?15:14
aitdnick__: hmm.. understood.15:15
viliHello, i just installed Kubuntu 8.10, and i just cant get my graphics driver work correctly. I installed v177 from restricted and this works better without drivers (and its not good then either...) i have GeForce 8400MG...15:15
aitdnick__: I believe that is correct.15:15
YamatoOr should I go with KDE 3.5x?15:15
ibrarAny body knows how to increase resultion in ThinkPad lenovo T60 (kbuntu 8.10)?15:15
nick__aitd: hm ok15:15
nick__aitd: it seems to me that there is a package for  2.6.24-16-generic, but I am running *.22 which causes the module to be unable to be loaded, sot hen if I downgrade as you originally suggested then It may work with that package -?15:16
user_(ma come funzina qui??)15:17
user_nn parla nessuno?15:17
user_just one15:18
aitdnick__: The last unit I worked with modem issues had *.16 kernel version as I recall. I double checked the driver download md5sum and then reinstalled it. Worked after that.15:18
nick__aitd: because with the current page that I have isntalled which is supped to be for 2.6.22 + "newer" kernels, I get the folowing output, so there appears to be no driver to try15:18
nick__nick@Bonfield1:~$ sudo modprobe -l | grep 53615:18
nick__aitd: hm ok ill double check that as well then15:18
aitdvili: Have you reviewed your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file? It will list the resolutions. I usually end up manually editing them.15:25
nick__can anyone tell me why 2.6.24-17 isnt availible for 8.04 when -16 -18 &  -19 is availble?15:25
nick__or if there is a way of installing -17 despite the fact it isnt listed in the repos?15:25
vilirofl, now i found what was wrong. I installed x86 instead of 64 what i am using :D15:27
nick__oh wel, thanks aitd very much for your help, much appreciated! :)15:27
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=== Revenant is now known as Revenant1
aitdvili: Problem solved then.. :)15:28
aitdnick__: np. No answers about the *.17 query. I would have to look that one up too.15:29
nick__ok thanks again :) ill restart and try a different kernel now15:29
greenmang0logout, shutdown, restart not working in Kubuntu 8.10 for me...15:34
uni_restart x15:34
greenmang0can anyone help me?15:34
greenmang0uni_: i tried everything...15:34
uni_sorry, sudo reboot15:34
greenmang0uni_: i even tried deleting ~/.kde15:35
greenmang0uni_: didn't help15:35
knioletyou mean like it never works, not just this one time?15:35
uni_<greenmang0> Look xorg15:36
greenmang0uni_: do you mean xorg log?15:36
uni_<greenmang0>Wait a sec15:37
greenmang0uni_: OK15:37
greenmang0kniolet: it never worked for me15:38
uni_<greenmang0>I have in view of xorg.conf, look there15:38
greenmang0kniolet: i tried creating new user and it worked15:38
greenmang0uni_: it works for new user..15:40
uni_<greenmang0>  hmm...15:40
greenmang0what should i look for in xorg.conf... since intrepid not have handed over that job for HAL i suppose.. xml files15:41
greenmang0uni_: if you want to change resolution... go edit xml files... no xorg.conf :(15:41
uni_<greenmang0>  i edit a xorg, and this problem is disappeared15:43
greenmang0uni_: the thing is that, since i use 'shutdown' kde doesn't saves session... so it is not able to remeber plasma widgets positions and even kmix and yakuake15:43
greenmang0uni_: what did you change there?15:44
uni_<greenmang0> Do not hurry up, I from Russia, am heavy to translate quickly)))))15:45
greenmang0uni_: I am also not an englishman... but tell me what should I edit in xorg.conf15:46
uni_<greenmang0> i need to look a xorg.conf15:47
maxbaldwinI'm english, but that probably doesn't help.15:47
greenmang0maxbaldwin: :)15:47
=== DS-Away is now known as DarkSmoke
greenmang0uni_: http://paste.debian.net/25162/15:49
greenmang0here it is15:49
greenmang0my xorg.conf15:49
uni_<greenmang0> it is all?15:50
uni_<greenmang0> О_о15:50
uni_<greenmang0> The only thing, reboot, by means of the button in front of the computer, if this Will not help *don't know*15:54
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=== julius__ is now known as julius_
uni_есть кто с россии??16:00
soulchildHi all,...is there a way to delete dev-pakage that have been installed with "apt-get build-dep ..." ?16:00
uni_There is someone from Russia?16:01
Mamarok  !ru | uni_16:03
ubottuuni_: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke16:03
user_qualcuno da Roma?16:04
greenmang0uni_: that's all...16:04
Mamarok!it | user_16:04
ubottuuser_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)16:04
user_ah ok thanks!16:04
uni_<greenmang0>It has turned out?16:04
greenmang0uni_: what? I didn't get you16:06
uni_<greenmang0> fuck)))) hm...it help's in your problem?16:07
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!16:08
SiVA_just installed kubuntu on all of my family computers!16:12
nuno somone from portugal?16:12
jussi01!pt | nuno16:12
ubottununo: Por favor use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.16:12
SiVA_one of them is a systemmax laptop and the built-in wireless isn't detected it seems. When I try to setup a new connection it says the wireless is disabled16:12
SiVA_where do I start?16:12
SiVA_how do I tell what kind of wireless card the computer uses?16:12
jussi01SiVA_: do you know the wireless card type?16:13
jussi01SiVA_: in konsole, type: lspci16:13
SiVA_intell 2200BG16:15
SiVA_jussi01 intell 2200BG16:15
SiVA_doesn't look like any WAN devices are enabled16:15
jussi01SiVA_: hrm, I thought that one worked out of the box. you sure the hardware switch to turn it on is on?16:15
SiVA_jussi01: yea, I checked that right away16:16
jussi01!wireless | SiVA_, Im not sure, but have a look here you may find some help16:16
ubottuSiVA_, Im not sure, but have a look here you may find some help: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs16:16
SiVA_when I do: sudo iwlist scan   it probes the various devices but shouldn't wlan0 be there?16:17
jussi01SiVA_: and it isnt detected by network manager?16:17
SiVA_another problem: I connected an LCD panel and the resolution isn't quite right and it's slightly hard to read (fuzzy)16:20
SiVA_how can I configure the display settings in kubuntu?16:20
Eternal_Sinhola a todos, tengo un problema con la grafica xD16:21
eternalsin_hola, mi gáfica me está tocando la moral :D16:25
g_When does the next Kernel come out for ubuntu?16:25
eternalsin_maybe this month16:26
=== eternalsin_ is now known as Eternal_Sin
SiVA_how do I enable wlan0 ? it should be there16:27
Eternal_Sinwhat wireless card you have?16:27
=== stettler is now known as stettler_
Eternal_SinIt was hard but now i have connection with my atheros ^^16:28
Eternal_Sinsh*t xD16:28
SiVA_Eternal_Sin: intell2200BG16:28
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Eternal_SinSIVA_, try this http://www.ubuntu-es.org/index.php?q=node/3271716:30
Eternal_Sinthanks god that mirrors has my ar5007eg drivers xD16:31
SiVA_espanol? no anglais?16:32
Eternal_Sinups! sorry, I'm Spanish xD16:32
Eternal_Sinhere you are http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=39051216:33
SiVA_is there a link there?16:33
Eternal_Sinin english http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=390512 xDD16:33
Eternal_Sinhave you tried ndiswrapper?16:34
xp-killerhelp! i get a 8 mega internet but i cant download fast with torents does ktorent uses a special port?16:34
xp-killerall my torents files are download like i have a dial up onection16:35
xp-killerhelp! i get a 8 mega internet but i cant download fast with torents does ktorent uses a special port?16:35
Eternal_Sinyou should try first direct downloads, if it works well, you have to open ports in your router to download torrents16:35
jussi01xp-killer: try not to repeat so quick16:35
jussi01xp-killer: enabling dht helps I find16:35
cash have unbuntu 8.04 and would like to use my web cam as a security camera. any ideas16:35
Eternal_Sinhave the computer turned on all the night?16:37
Eternal_Sinno way xD16:38
Eternal_Sinit's a little bit difficult use kubuntu16:42
jussi01cash: just install "cheese" and you can record webcam easily16:42
SiVA_how do I change my keyboard layout?16:45
Eternal_Sinare you in kde?16:45
jussi01SiVA_: system settings - regional and language settings16:45
guitchessHello all16:46
guitchessI wanted to ask a question about the drive mounting scheme.16:46
jussi01!ask | guitchess16:47
ubottuguitchess: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:47
Eternal_Sini updated my kernel version to 2.6.27-9 (and the headers to) but now i can't enable my radeon drivers16:48
guitchessI have Kubuntu 8.10.  The default names that my partitions have been given are confusing.  I want to change them but the only ones listed in the fstab are the / and swap partitions.16:50
Eternal_Sinhave you a dual boot?16:51
Eternal_Sinand don't appear windows partitions?16:51
guitchessI have 10 partitions currently mounted and only the mentioned 3 are listed in the fstab16:52
guitchessthey, of course, show in the mtab16:52
Eternal_Sinand what's your problem? I don't understand it xD16:53
xp-killerhelp! i get a 8 mega internet but i cant download fast with torents does ktorent uses a special port?16:53
xp-killerall my torents files are download like i have a dial up onection16:54
Eternal_Sini told you how to fix it!16:54
guitchessThe only real problem is that the names are all over the place.  I.E.  "volume (ntfs)", "FreeAgent Drive", "Volume (ext)"16:54
xp-killerok i'll look further up16:55
guitchessI would like to change them to a simpler scheme I.E. sda1, sda5, sdc1, etc.16:55
xp-killerEternal_Sin: next time put my name next to it like that people wont ak back16:55
=== apachelogger is now known as movedlogger
guitchessRenaming seems easy using MountManager, but I don't want to break my sys.16:57
xp-killerEternal_Sin: yes i try direct download i goes very fast the pc does stay turn on yes all the pc in the house i try download with torents and p2p(limewire emule) it goes slow like i have dial up16:57
Eternal_Sinin that case you have to open some ports in your router16:58
xp-killeronly direct download goes fast.torent taken me 3 days to download a 300mb file16:58
guitchessOr, If I manually mod fstab will it override the default mounting locations.16:58
xp-killerEternal_Sin: ok wat port does ktorent uses?16:59
Eternal_Sini don't know, i use azureus xD16:59
SiVA_about my wireless problem16:59
SiVA_i looked in dmesg and it says "Radio Frequency Kill Switch must be turned off for wireless to work"16:59
SiVA_but it is off... I tried it both ways and I get the same problem17:00
Eternal_Sinxp-killer you can see your ktorrent port in Preferences/Web17:00
xp-killerEternal_Sin: on linux?17:00
Eternal_Sinyes :D17:00
xp-killerEternal_Sin: is azerus inside of adept so i can download?17:01
williamhi, I am trying to get my SD card reader on my laptop working. When I plug an sd card in I get messages in dmesg. However it does not load it as mass storage device.  Do I need to install a special package for this to work?17:01
jussi01SiVA_: do you still have wiundows on the machine?17:01
Eternal_Sinxp-killer i don't use adept (sh*t yeah! xD) i use apt-get17:01
Eternal_Sinyou can find it whit apt-cache search azureus17:02
D3f0I'm experiencing some slowness when I fire a Firefox menu when running under KDE4, any suggestions?17:02
Tm_TEternal_Sin: please no cursing even with asterisk17:02
Eternal_Sinsorry >.<17:02
williammmc0: new high speed SD card at address 000217:03
williamD3f0, nvidia card?17:03
xp-killerEternal_Sin: u just got grounded from your daddy XD17:03
Eternal_Sini use kubuntu in the laptop but in my desktop computer i use debian17:04
Eternal_Sinis funnier xD17:04
Eternal_Sini'm not a super-linux user, just a crazy dude xD17:05
SiVA_jussi01: how would windows help?17:06
Eternal_Sinapt-get gets owned adept, synaptic and others xD17:06
guitchesswilliam, which version of kubuntu are you using?17:07
D3f0a nvidia m8600gt17:07
Eternal_Sinxp-killer have you found your ktorrent port?17:08
guitchessI am using 8.10 and had to install several updates to get udev to register a hotplugged card.17:09
xp-killerEternal_Sin: yea ,im in my router adding ports for ktorent and azerus17:09
Eternal_Sinazureus rules ^^17:09
D3f0so firefox slowness may be related to nVidia cards?17:10
xp-killerEternal_Sin: it didnt had no ports by deffault so i there wondering if it didnt had any how was it able to download?17:10
D3f0that would be too bad for me :S all my computers are equiped with a nvidia card17:10
Eternal_Sinxp-killer: wtf???? wait xD17:11
Eternal_Sinit always has default ports!17:11
=== harry is now known as Guest32790
Eternal_Sinmy default ports are TCP6689 UDP4456!17:11
xp-killerEternal_Sin: how do i know if ktorent is tcp or udp?17:11
Eternal_Sinthe first port is tcp, the second is udp17:12
Eternal_Sinxp-killer preferences/configure ktorrent/ web xD17:13
Eternal_Sinthe first port is TCP, the second is UDP17:13
xp-killerEternal_Sin: my router sucks i just added the port for azureus  now its ok17:15
Eternal_Singood work ^^17:15
xp-killeri run the test mode17:16
Eternal_SinTux is strong in you! xD17:16
xp-killerthe force is with me XD17:16
xp-killerok so now u mean to to tell me i have to add ports for eatch one on thees p2p's?17:16
Eternal_Sinyes, but you can use the same ports to run p2p applications17:17
xp-killerEternal_Sin: lol azeruses told me congrats u fix it lol17:17
xp-killerthe person who did azureus had time to waste lol17:18
Eternal_Sinapt-get owned adept, azureus owned ktorrent, tux owned mario xD17:18
xp-killerand i own microsoft17:19
xp-killerand some viruses :p17:19
Eternal_Sini use windows to play and some applications, i use kubuntu for aircrak :p17:20
DaSkreechYou mean crack attack ?17:20
giannicome funziona17:21
Eternal_Sinto check my wifi security17:21
Eternal_Sini'm not a cracker :p17:22
D3f0Eternal_Sin: maybe not a cracker, but a security auditor17:22
hyper_chrather a script kiddy when using aircrack17:22
ghostcubehmm so what security do u use if u have wpa2-psk or wpa-psk its very hard to get aircrack to hack the key17:23
Eternal_Sinwpa-psk not so much, but wpa2 is insane xD17:23
xp-killerEternal_Sin: the only coke u try was in a red can :p17:24
D3f0have you heard there's a cuda based software to increase the cracking speed by 20x?17:24
xp-killernot crack17:24
xp-killerit to strong for u XD17:24
D3f0but it only runs under windows17:24
zerlordhab alles gemacht17:24
zerlordaber jetzt17:24
ghostcubezerlord, wrong channel17:24
Eternal_Sini used to use backtrack17:24
Eternal_Sinbut all linux distributions hate my atheros xD17:25
Eternal_Sinmandriva no, but i hate mandriva xD17:25
Eternal_Sinand i love opensuse, but opensuse hates my radeon hd3470 xD17:26
D3f0lucky you, I would like I could get hold of an atheos, but nobody sells them in my country17:26
Eternal_Sinhave you tried ebay?17:26
Eternal_Sini've seen some atheros there17:26
hyper_ch20x faster is still not fast :)17:26
xp-killerEternal_Sin: does ktorent use UDP?17:27
hyper_chktorrent... ieeks... that's to resource-hungry17:28
xp-killerk i see it17:28
xp-killerEternal_Sin: what the udp stad for?17:28
D3f0user datagram protocol17:29
Eternal_Sinmy english sucks so... i don't understand your question xD17:29
xp-killerEternal_Sin: lol what udp stands for?17:29
Eternal_Sinyou mean something like "for what is used the udp port"?17:30
DaSkreechSomething datagram Protocol17:30
genolikann wer deutsch hier ^^17:31
Eternal_Sinis like chinese for me xD17:31
D3f0sounds like german17:31
xp-killerEternal_Sin: LOL17:31
D3f0i'd bet he said, "anyone speaks german here"17:32
xp-killerTm_T: whats the use of the udp port?17:32
D3f0udp port is too very important :)17:32
D3f0if you want to get high download rates17:32
xp-killeri tink i mean upload download port.i have no idea what i said17:33
D3f0tcp is generally used for control and handshake17:35
D3f0udp is lighter, much more lighter17:35
Eternal_Sinudp port is like tcp, but tcp checks if the data is correctly send/received and udp only checks if the data is correctly received, but not sent17:35
Eternal_Sinthats why p2p applications uses udp for file sharing17:36
hyper_chxp-killer: http://www.letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=udp17:36
D3f0udp donesn't check if the data is correctly received, it has no checksum17:36
D3f0it relies on IP for correctness17:36
Eternal_Sinin that case my tpc/udp ports tutorial sucks xD17:36
D3f0anyway, UDP means fast transfers in p2p17:36
D3f0behind a router it might be a little tricky to get udp working17:37
Eternal_Sinthats why udp is faster than tcp17:37
D3f0yes, tcp only p2p mans slow transfers17:38
Eternal_Sinhere is a tutorial about tcp/upd ports/protocol, is in spanish xD17:38
xp-killerhyper_ch: lol i like that u can see u had time to waste lol but tanks lol17:39
hyper_chxp-killer: next time you know how to use google17:39
=== ubuntu_ is now known as nawi2010
xp-killerhyper_ch: BRAM dont spred it around i dont want people tink im lame17:40
Eternal_Sinsomeone here is a xbox 360 user?17:43
Eternal_Sinbeing a linux user don't mean hates xbox xD17:43
xp-killerEternal_Sin: mm i added the ports the udp and tcp but azureus still going slow 1day to download 580mb17:43
Tm_TEternal_Sin: why asking?17:43
lninjoxxbox 360 and ps317:44
Eternal_SinTm_T i'm an xbox user :D17:44
lninjoxwho isnt17:44
Tm_TI'm not17:44
Eternal_Sinand gears of war 2 player xD17:44
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!17:44
xp-killerEternal_Sin: i have a ps3 tha stop reading games i just buy another one my 360 i lend it out and mmy wii i just sold it17:44
lninjoxany one play socom confrontation17:44
Tm_Tlninjox: xp-killer: Eternal_Sin: see what ubottu said17:44
xp-killerTm_T: how do i install kubuntu on my ps3?17:45
Eternal_Sindon't install kubuntu on ps317:45
Tm_T!ps3 | xp-killer17:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ps317:45
Eternal_Sinkde makes ps3 run too slow17:45
Tm_Txp-killer: I don't know17:46
lninjoxanyone know how to install moodin engine in kubuntu 8.10 for splash screen cant install ksplash17:46
Eternal_Sinxp-killer kde makes ps3 run too slow17:46
Tm_Tlninjox: you can't IIRC17:46
xp-killereuh ! ok so i have to look for my self?17:46
lninjoxyou know why17:46
Eternal_Sinyou can use opensuse, yellow dog linux, gentoo and ubuntu on ps317:46
xp-killeri rather ubuntu17:47
Eternal_Sinbut you need download the PPC instalation disk17:47
xp-killerbetter kubuntu17:47
Eternal_Sinthe cell (ps3) ans Xenos (xbox360) architecture is based on IMB PowerPC17:47
lninjoxdoes kubuntu 8.10 have an alternative to the ksplash-moodin-engine17:48
xp-killerEternal_Sin: dont know what that mean n dont care i just want linux on my ps317:48
Eternal_Sinxp-killer just download the PPC version for the ps3 xD17:48
xp-killerEternal_Sin: wat speed internet u have?17:49
Eternal_Sinbut you wont be able to use wine or windows games17:49
Eternal_Sin384K xDDDDDD17:49
Eternal_Sininternet speed epic fail xD17:50
xp-killerEternal_Sin: cause azureus downloading at only 30kb maxi :( and i have a 8mega17:50
Eternal_Sinhave you a firewall or something?17:51
ruzaimihow to install real player for kubuntu17:51
Schuenemannruzaimi, define "real player"17:51
D3f0ruzaimi: i guess you can download it at real.com17:51
Schuenemannruzaimi, oops, sorry. I merged messages17:52
Schuenemannruzaimi, but if you want rmvb, you just need the codecs17:52
xp-killerEternal_Sin: it was deactivate from long time17:53
xp-killerEternal_Sin: should i put it back?17:53
Eternal_Sincould be the problem17:53
Eternal_Sinand open the ports in the firewall17:54
xp-killerEternal_Sin: it i slown down the upload will it go faster?17:54
Eternal_Sinmaybe you have to restart the router17:54
Eternal_Sinafter open ports you shuold restart the router17:55
Eternal_Sinyou have to do a TOTO process17:55
xp-killertheres no ports for he firewall just activate and deactivate thats it17:56
xp-killeri will restart everything included pc17:56
Eternal_Sindon't activate the firewall17:56
Eternal_Sinjust restart the router17:56
Eternal_Sinhi dude17:57
D3f0hi nighty_17:57
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.17:59
nighty_i am trying to get my external tv card hauppauge hvr 1900 working. But it fails. If i plugin the usb device. lsusb hangs. A strace results in this: http://rafb.net/p/uMGLFM43.html17:59
nighty_is there someone who understands what there happens?18:00
Eternal_Sinwell, i have to go, my radeon is getting me dick xD18:00
Eternal_Sinbye ^^18:00
D3f0night_, what does dmesg show?18:03
nighty_D3f0: i paste it too18:03
arezeyhey. for some reason i don't have the "folder view"-plasmoid available in kde4 on kubuntu intrepid, how can i get it?18:04
nighty_D3f0: this is the output http://rafb.net/p/RdMZos27.html18:04
p_quarlesarezey: it's in kdeplasma-addons18:05
arezey"is already the newest version"18:05
D3f0night_ something simillar happened to me a few days ago18:06
D3f0a friend of mine lend me her tv card, but I couldn't get it working...18:07
D3f0*mabye m-a has a module for your card18:07
nighty_D3f0: where can i find him?18:08
ruzaimisuggest for me any audio convert program18:09
nighty_i also cannot boot my box when the card is plugged in18:09
D3f0m-a stands for module assitant, it's a debian tool for custom modules that are held outside the kernel tree18:09
nighty_D3f0: i am sorry, i am not using kubuntu for a long time now18:09
D3f0what are you using?18:10
=== michael__ is now known as michael
nighty_i use gentoo primary18:10
ghostcubehmm anyone here using oo3 from pp3 on intrpid and its working i cant get it to open18:11
nighty_und kubuntu secondary18:11
ghostcubeit doesnt start18:11
D3f0if you're using gentoo, you must have used genkernel18:11
nighty_D3f0: never18:11
nighty_i only used gentoo-sources by hand18:12
nighty_its not that big problem but this card takes me crazy18:12
D3f0so I assume, you've checked all menuconfig options fot that chipset18:12
nighty_i found pvr18:13
p_quarlesarezey: then I reckon something's broken; that's where it's supposed to be18:13
D3f0thre's been some v4l patches in 2.6.2818:14
nighty_its a diffrent card, but i read somewhere that it should be compatible18:14
nighty_maybe i should build the kernel by hand18:14
D3f0I would18:14
Eternal_Sinhi again xD18:16
Eternal_SinI really hate ati drivers!!!18:16
D3f0i really hate nvidia ones18:16
nighty_so i am going to do that, i basically wondered why my box hangs when i boot it with my plugged in tv card.18:16
nighty_but it could help to build a kernel by hand18:16
Eternal_SinI don't know why canonical hadn't added a free ati driver18:17
Eternal_SinI never needed privative drivers!18:17
D3f0something similar happened in my laptop18:17
Tm_TEternal_Sin: added to where?18:17
Eternal_Sinin the CD!18:17
DasEiEternal_Sin:using ibex ?18:18
Eternal_Sinwith my radeon 9250 the free driver works fine18:18
Tm_TEternal_Sin: sure they're not in there?18:18
D3f0Eternal_Sin: maybe a better driver will be built now that amd has released the chip specs18:18
Tm_TEternal_Sin: binary drivers are not, definately18:18
Eternal_Sinnot for my hd347018:18
ghostcubehmm no one uses OOo3 on intrepid ?18:18
DasEia machine here doesn't boot up anymore but hanging at :  running local bootscripts rc.local, what to check ?18:19
arezeyp_quarles, hmm.18:19
Eternal_Sinthe worst enemy of the human is not the human, is the ······ drivers!18:19
DasEiEternal_Sin:ibex caomes with xorg 7.4, which ati-support is very bad, hardy does fine there18:20
ruzaimihow to download and install ym to kubuntu18:21
=== root is now known as Guest14850
Tm_Truzaimi: ym?18:22
antarкак называется русский ирц канал?18:22
antarскажите плиз18:22
knioletruzaimi: if you mean yahoo messenger you can use kopete18:22
Tm_T!ru | antar18:22
ubottuantar: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke18:22
dthackerHi, I'm running Kubuntu 7.10, and I'm attempting to get my laptop on wireless.  Will kwifi manager handle setting up WPA2 personal encryption18:23
PhilRoddthacker: works for me. YMMV :-)18:23
PhilRodoh wait, 7.10. I'm using 8.0418:23
Tm_Twrrooom wroom PhilRod18:23
Eternal_SinATI loves get me owned!18:24
PhilRodhey Tm_T!18:24
dthackerWhen I put in the encryption key, it says "not recognized".  Is that normal?18:24
nixternalPhilRod: are you lost? this is a Kubuntu channel, not a BSD channel :p18:26
PhilRodnixternal: heh, been runnning kubuntu for nearly a year now18:27
nixternalgood to hear :)18:27
PhilRod(got a new laptop, and there were just enough things not working with freebsd that I decided to switch)18:28
PhilRodof course, now I'm running kde svn trunk and nvidia beta drivers, which just leads to another situation of things being slightly broken, but heh18:28
jussi01!it | Calabrone18:29
ubottuCalabrone: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)18:29
nixternalya, I hear you there...though my kde trunk build is fairly stable...then again I use Intel chipsets18:29
norbertoalgum portugues ?18:30
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.18:30
dabearhi people18:42
dabearI'm running kubuntu 8.10 with kde 4.2 beta on a macbook18:44
marisolalguien me puede ayudar con mi kubuntu18:44
marisolno reproduce archivos mp318:45
dabearI've followed the guides to enable right clicking with two fingers on the touchpad+ clicking the button18:45
dabearbut the right click menu disappears18:45
dabearwhen I try to move over the different options18:45
astrattomarisol: speak in english please18:45
pkodonOkay, anyone know how to get something to run in Wine?18:52
pkodonI'm trying to install Siege of Avalon, and I keep getting a message that a file in /Windows/Temp wasn't created, path didn't exist.18:53
SiVA_when I run adept, I don't see any "games" section18:55
djdarkmanpkodon: look in ~/.wine18:55
SiVA_is it because the system hasn't connected to the internet yet? I just installed from CDROm18:56
pkodondjdarkman: Oh, the directory is there, but do I have to do something to set up Wine as a root process for it to install anything?18:56
djdarkmanpkodon: try: mkdir .wine/drive_c/windows/temp18:56
djdarkmanpkodon: no, that's really not necessary18:56
=== harry is now known as Guest63332
djdarkmanpkodon: have you checked the game at wine's database?18:57
pkodondjdarkman: Hmm. No, but mind you, I'm just trying to run the installer, and the installer says a file in Windows/Temp doesn't exist - presumably a file it's trying to write to Windows/Temp.18:58
denis__Hello, I have problems login into my system18:59
djdarkmanpkodon: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=442319:00
denis__it accepts my pw but nothing happens except the screen flashing for 1 second19:01
denis__I also tried it in recovery mode and by command line but that doesn't help19:02
pkodondjdarkman: I'll go look, but this looks like a Wise Installer problem (the game is contained in one big executable Wise Installer exe file).19:02
djdarkmandenis__: do you have free space left on the root partition?19:03
DanuHello anyone here knows how to cut rmvb videos? i have a 1 and a half hour video, and i need just 10 minutes19:03
denis__ah, good question, I think it was the last warning I had before restarting the system19:03
djdarkmandenis__: than you should check that in the recovery console, type df -h, if it's true than you can free up some space with mc19:04
denis__djdarkman ok, Iĺl check that, 1 minute19:06
pkodondjdarkman: Well, that's an interesting entry. Garbage, eh? BTW, I have the Anthology CD, not just chapter 1.19:08
pkodondjdarkman: Not that that should matter, they probably use the same installer.19:08
djdarkmanpkodon: try #winehq , the guys there can help you more than I can19:09
denis__djdarkman there is no free space left. How can I get some?19:10
djdarkmandenis__: du -h /var/cache/apt19:11
astrattodenis__: try with sudo apt-get clean19:11
denis__hehe, which one now?19:11
denis__apt-get clean didn't help19:12
astrattodenis__: the first shows the space occupied by apt cache, the latter cleans it19:12
djdarkmandenis__: astratto's command is easier, try that ;)19:12
denis__so I ĺl try the other one19:12
astrattodenis, could you paste somewhere df -h19:12
snafHey, I tried to check out the libcups2-dev package, but i'm getting:19:13
snafFailed to fetch http://aq.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/c/cups/libcups2-dev_1.3.9-2ubuntu4_i386.deb  404 Not Found [IP: 80]19:13
=== alskjdfs is now known as maxbaldwin
denis__djdarkman yes but it didn't help19:13
=== maxbaldwin is now known as Guest46710
denis__astratto hmm, I'll try to, Iḿ working on 2 machines...19:13
djdarkmandenis__: yes but what did it show?19:13
denis__I 'll try to paste it, give me 2 minutes19:14
snafAnyone know what may be wrong there? Or would it be a better question for #ubuntu19:14
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
=== Guest46710 is now known as maxbaldwin
astrattosnaf: that package doesn't exist on that mirror19:16
astrattosnaf: short solution: wget http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/c/cups/libcups2-dev_1.3.9-2ubuntu4_i386.deb && sudo dpkg -i libcups2-dev_1.3.9-2ubuntu4_i386.deb19:17
snafThanks :)19:17
=== movedlogger is now known as apachelogger
snafAlright, that fixed all my problems. Thanks again, astratto19:19
astrattosnaf: you're welcome19:20
denis__astratto djdarman here it is! http://paste.ubuntu.com/99756/19:21
astrattodenis__: ah ok, you've got your home under /19:22
astrattodenis__: du -h /home please19:22
denis__I`m  rather a newbie so I took what Kubuntu proposes19:22
denis__wow, what is it doing?19:23
snaf /join #kde-devel19:23
denis__now I have a huge list....19:23
astrattodenis__: sorry du -hs /home19:24
astrattodenis__: this one sums each entry, I just want to know how much space is your /home19:25
=== `Miam`No`Pvs` is now known as Skulblaka
denis__astratto 31GB19:26
astratto31G /home + about 7G the rest... you should delete something under your /home19:26
denis__ok, I already know what I want to delete, but how do I do that?19:27
astrattodenis__: easy way: launch dolphin, select what you want to delete and hit 'Del'19:28
astrattodenis__: otherwise, rm -rf dir_to_delete19:28
denis__dolphin? without X?19:28
astrattoah ok sorry19:28
denis__ok, that makes more sense ;-)19:28
denis__ok, 1min19:29
denis__astratto how fast does it delete?  I wanted to delete a 220MB folder19:30
denis__astratto but it still tells me having 31GB occupied in home19:30
astrattodenis__: it depends on your drive and filesystem19:31
denis__because it immediately showed me the cursor after entering the order19:31
denis__cursor = root19:32
astrattodenis__: could you paste the command you ran?19:32
denis__astratto rm -rf /home/denis/Musik/Godsmack19:34
astrattodenis__: maybe it wasn't very large, I'm sorry but telling what you ought to delete in your home is quite hard :D19:35
denis__hehe, it was over 200MB!19:36
ActionParsnipyo yo yo19:37
denis__astratto I think I will delete my Musik folder. It has 1.6 GB, should be enough, shouldn't it?19:37
astrattodenis__: re-run df -h and paste it please19:37
denis__http://paste.ubuntu.com/99756/  it's the same19:38
denis__no sorry, this time 37GB are used, not 38GB19:39
astrattoah ok :D19:39
denis__so it should work now? I'll try to login19:39
denis__cool! X is starting19:40
denis__oh noo! The mouse is not working...19:40
astrattodenis__: just out of curiosity, is it a fresh install?19:41
denis__astratto are you familiar with kdenlive? No, it's intrepid but I updated and it worked properly unto this problem....19:42
astrattodenis__: I just tried it a lot of time ago19:43
astrattodenis__: did you upgrade something?19:43
denis__damned! I still can't login19:43
denis__yes, amarok but that was some time ago19:43
denis__and that worked properly too19:44
=== kubuntu_ is now known as biohazard
astrattodenis__: try cat /var/log/auth.log maybe there's something interesting there :D19:44
astrattocheck if there are errors19:44
denis__astratto ah, now it works, I had to change the type to "kde"19:45
=== linuxwizard_ is now known as linuxwizard
denis__astratto but the screen is looking strange, the ratio doesn't fit19:47
astrattodenis__: uhm... take a look at system preferences > display19:49
denis__astratto yes, thanks, I think I 'll get that one fixed on my own.19:50
denis__astratto last question, how do you record DV-bands with kdenlive? The programms help doesn't work19:50
Eternal_Sinmulti-fail!!! xD19:54
Eternal_Sinthat was awsome!! xD19:54
denis__eh what?19:54
Eternal_Sinmaybe is my computer who has lag, but in one minute my konversation detected 150 users down xD19:55
Tm_TEternal_Sin: hmm, less noise thanks19:55
Eternal_Sinfinally my radeon works19:56
Eternal_Sindamned headers xD19:56
ActionParsnipdamned ati19:57
denis__which type of radeon?19:57
Eternal_SinMobility Radeon HD3470 256MB GDDR219:57
denis__oh a mobile one19:58
denis__how long did it take to get it running?19:58
Eternal_Sinnow i have to install compiz... no way, this is a joke xD19:58
Eternal_Sinnow works well19:58
Eternal_Sini updated the drivers in adept19:59
Eternal_Sinwell... "updated"19:59
denis__ah ok19:59
=== michael is now known as michael4910
denis__has anybody ever recorded DV-tapes by firewire?19:59
=== patrick is now known as Guest44247
maxmahemargh, can somebody help me troubleshoot my sound? I can't seem to get it working.20:02
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP320:02
ActionParsnipmaxmahem: if that doesnt help, run lspci in a konsole and websearch the line that relates to your sound20:02
=== bruno is now known as Guest1773
Eternal_Sinwhen ALSA breaks.... xD20:03
SiVA_I plugged in this dlink wireless access point to my laptop's lan. But when I go to the default IP for the ap it doesn't work20:06
ActionParsnipSiVA_: with a patch cable?20:06
SiVA_anything special about linux that would prevent me from connecting to this access point?20:06
denis__has anybody ever recorded DV-tapes by firewire?20:07
SiVA_denis__ made various attempts, with limited success20:07
ActionParsnipSiVA_: ok, does it work ok if you run: sudo /etc/init/d/networking restart20:07
ActionParsnipSiVA_: then run ifconfig eth020:08
ActionParsnipSiVA_: what ip do you have (this is safe to divulge as its an internal ip)20:08
SiVA_my laptop is connecting to my server via wifi. I want to configure this AP through my LAN on my laptop. It says to go to, but that doesn't work20:08
denis__SIVA did you use kdenlive?20:08
SiVA_so do you still want me to restart networking on my laptop?20:08
SiVA_denis__ no, I installed 8.1020:08
ActionParsnipSiVA_: yeah restart the networking20:09
denis__SIVA and which programm did you use? I also have 8.1020:09
ActionParsnipSiVA_: then give us the ip that eth0 gets as you are using wired lan20:09
SiVA_actionparsnip: No ip on eth020:10
ActionParsnipSiVA_: are the lights next to the wired connection flashing as well as on the routers interface20:10
SiVA_on the AP the LAN light is solid green and WLAN is flashing20:10
ActionParsnipSiVA_: to show activity20:10
ActionParsnipSiVA_: I thought you were using a wired connection?20:10
SiVA_the orange light on my laptop lan port is solid, but the other one isn't doing anything20:11
ActionParsnipok thats fine20:11
ActionParsnipSiVA_: try: sudo ifup eth020:11
ActionParsnipSiVA_: then ifconfig eth020:11
ActionParsnipSiVA_: any ip address?20:12
SiVA_Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth020:12
ActionParsnipSiVA_: can you pastebin your ifconfig output20:12
ActionParsnip!paste | SiVA_20:12
ubottuSiVA_: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)20:12
ActionParsnipSiVA_: can you also pastebin /etc/network/interfaces (feel free to obscure security settings)20:14
amiridiseinai kanenas apo tin elada?20:14
ActionParsnipSiVA_: your wifi is connecting ok20:14
amiridisrusski ktota est?20:14
ActionParsnipamiridis: english only room duder20:14
ActionParsnip!ru | amiridis20:14
ubottuamiridis: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke20:14
SiVA_ActionParsnip: You mean "cat /et/network/interfaces" ?20:16
ActionParsnipSiVA_: sure20:16
SiVA_ActionParsnip: I'm just trying to connect to the AP to configure it's wireless settings so it can connect to my network20:17
ActionParsnipSiVA_: if you run: route20:19
ActionParsnipSiVA_: the line marked default will be your default gateway ip and therefore your routers internal ip20:19
ActionParsnipSiVA_: route | grep UG  ;)20:20
ActionParsnipSiVA_: then thats the ip to connect to to configure it: firefox & 2>/dev/null20:21
SiVA_I'm looking at the servers router and I see there are three wireless devices connected. I know 2 of them are laptops. Not sure what the other one is. On the dhcp server, how can I tell what IPs are currently being served up?20:22
ActionParsnipSiVA_: varies from router to router, you'll have to rtfm20:22
SiVA_192.168.0.1 is my router... I'm trying to configure a different device... a wireless ACCESS Point20:22
ActionParsnipSiVA_: then its offtopic as its not an ubuntu support question20:22
SiVA_ActionParsnip: I'm using a linux machine for the dhcp server... can I see what devices are connected?20:22
SiVA_oh ok20:23
ActionParsnipif you are using an ubuntu system AS an accesspoint thats different20:23
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php20:23
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maxmahemhmm well I have managed to get sound test to put sound out all my speakers except the front left and right. Center, rear R/L, and supwoofer all work.20:43
pkodonOkay, what was the name of that Wine channel?20:52
chris123bon soir20:52
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help20:53
ghostcubedoes anybody know how to get the jackd to the available audio sources inside the systemsettings sound options20:53
denis__you are welcome20:54
denis__no idea20:54
LillymonI'm trying to fix various problems on Kubuntu, and I'm on to KNetworkManager now. It can't see my router on my ethernet port, despite being able to see the same router through a wireless connection. How do I go about figuring out why it can't see the wired connection?20:55
ubottuThe Neon Project provides daily Amarok and KDE 4 trunk builds as packages for Kubuntu | See http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/User:Apachelogger/Project_Neon and http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/User:Apachelogger/Project_Neon/KDE/Info for more | Support in #amarok.neon20:56
pkodonOkay, I ended up uninstalling Wine, now I have a question about Apt. If I go to reinstall Wine, and I look at the details, it says there are conflicts if I install it. Do I need to worry about those?20:56
pkodonI've seen these conflict lines in Apt before.20:56
LillymonOh yes, forgot to mention this is on Hardy, using KDE 3.5.10. The same router is visible through the wired connection on a Kubuntu 8.10 desktop CD.20:57
pkodonErm, not Apt, Adept.20:57
LillymonIt's as if it isn't even plugged in, but I've checked that, and it working on the desktop CD rules out a hardware problem. This happened after a reboot after being online for a long period, one of the many updates that applied during that time must have screwed up KNetworkManager.20:58
Aisonhello, I added a 2nd screen to my PC. with nvidia settings it was easy to enable twinview20:59
Aisonmy problem is now kde420:59
Aisonone screen is simply blank21:00
maxmahemOkay thanks to my awesome genius, I have sound on my front speakers (they were unplugged!) now how would I go about configuring for surround?21:00
AisonI can move applications from 1st to 2nd screen21:00
Aisonbut else, nothing works21:00
ubottuadept is the Kubuntu package manager. Howto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdeptHowto21:00
ghostcubehttp://dot.kde.org/1170773239/1170778900/1170862970/1170863051/kcmphonon5.png  how can i get jackd into this21:02
Aisonbrb, restart X21:02
Eternal_Sinhi again21:03
Eternal_Sini have some troubles (again)21:03
LillymonLeaving the channel just to restart X? You're doing it wrong!21:04
Eternal_SinI've installed compiz fusion, but in KDE4 I only have 2 virtual desktop21:04
Eternal_Sinand i can't have more21:05
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pkodonHmm, that Wine how-to page have me no info.21:06
pkodonEr, Adept how-to. Must still be tired from staying up all night.21:06
maxmahemLillymon: I am stupid, is there an easy way to restart x while leaving kde (kwin kdm or whatever) running?21:08
Lillymonmaxmahem: No, but IRC is purely text-based and networking is independent of X. Neither requires a window manager to be running. So I use Irssi + Screen. Ctrl+A+D = Detatched session.21:11
maxmahemLillymon: so if I'm using konversation, no joy then?21:12
LillymonNope, that requires X to be running.21:12
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Aison:( Is anybody using kde4 and dualscreen (twinview)?21:18
AisonI can move the cursor to my 2nd screen, I can also move windows to the 2nd screen21:19
Aisonbut I don't have got a background of kde21:19
Aisonthere's also no popup window when i right click21:20
pkodonCan anyone here tell me a bit of information about Adept Manager's detail window?21:20
maxmahemah ha! surround is working correctly, but amarock just puts stereo out through my front speakers. How do I configure it to duplicate it for all of them?21:21
crimsunwhat is "all"?21:21
crimsun4.0? 5.1? 7.1?21:21
maxmahemcrimsun: my other speaker channels.21:22
crimsunmaxmahem: ...21:22
crimsunwhich configuration?21:22
maxmahemcrimsun: 5.1 Oh, and thanks for your help earler, turns out it was an id10t error, speaker cable was unplugged.21:22
pkodonI'm trying to reinstall Wine, and when I look at the "details", among the other things there are a lot of conflicts there.21:23
crimsunmaxmahem: tell amarok to use plug:surround51 for the alsa virtual device, then21:23
maxmahemcrimsun: hmm... that doesn't seem to work, I have amarock set to asla, and 5.1, and all the output options show plug:surround51, but still only stero sound from a stero source.21:30
wesleyIs that normall that xorg uses more then 40% of the cpu21:30
crimsunmaxmahem: will you rerun alsa-info.sh, please?21:32
wesleysomeone? I am running kde4.2 with kubuntu 8.10 and my xorg uses more the 40% is that normall ?21:34
maxmahemcrimsun: info at http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=8eaf48ddc8cf7bf07e8d154d9f70c486ce0b40ef21:34
crimsunah, i forgot you have a ca010621:35
crimsunyour asoundrc needs to be modified21:35
crimsunmany of the ca0106 chips don't route correctly by default21:35
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maxmahemcrimsun: yeah I got a google hit for something like that. where does that config file need to live? It's apparently not on my system now.21:36
crimsunmaxmahem: you have one according to the alsa-info.sh output: ~/.asoundrc21:37
maxmahemcrimsun: well yeah, I made one trying to fix this, but I'm not sure its in the right place.21:37
maxmahemcrimsun: I currently have it in my home directory, is that the right place?21:40
maxmahemokay weird, I can find it with dolphin and edit with kate, but the file doesn't show up in the home directory in dolphin or with ls...21:44
crimsunmaxmahem: try using http://pastebin.com/d2bcef02a instead21:45
pkodonOkay, try again. In Adept Manager, if there is a conflict, what happens when I install the software?21:45
crimsunmaxmahem: you'll need to revert the change in amarok to plug:surround51; use default instead.21:45
denis__hello, anybody familiar with kdenlive? I have an error message saying: raw1394 - failed to get handle: Permission denied. pipe::| I/O error occured. Usually that means that input file is truncated and/or corrupted21:47
maxmahemcrimsun: you rock! that worked.21:50
denis__has anybody ever recorded his DV tapes?21:52
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jo-luisi am form of colombia21:59
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jo-luiscomo estan22:00
jo-luisalguien habla español22:00
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:00
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xp-killeri have a .rar folder that have normaly a password on it but when i double clic on it the rar folder is empty22:05
Koordinhi, how can i set a keyboard shotcut for the widget "show desktop" on kde ?22:07
jussi01xp-killer: ark is broken for password protected files. use the commandline unrar22:12
lilb1970new to kde but its all good22:20
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maxmahemis it possible to configure dolphin to dislplay 'hidden' (.whatever) files by default?22:31
xp-killerjussi01: how do i run it to unrar the file?22:31
maxmahemand is there a ls command for listing them?22:31
jussi01maxmahem: ls -la22:32
maxmahemah ls -a man tells me.22:32
xp-killerjussi01: ?22:32
jussi01xp-killer: patience...22:32
jussi01xp-killer: have you installed unrar ?22:33
jussi01not certain, but I think its something like unrar /path/to/file22:33
jussi01man unrar for mor details22:34
xp-killerim lost22:37
jussi01xp-killer: what did you install exactly?22:39
xp-killerjussi01: unrar from adept22:41
jussi01xp-killer: ok, go to terminal, then: unrar -e -p<password> /path/to/file22:41
xp-killerjussi01: i have to put this <  >?22:42
maxmahemaw man, more sound problems. I can't get any flash sound in firefox or konquorer.22:43
sourcemakeris there a macro recorder for kde, so that I can record browser actions like "user login and mause clicks" and execute that every hours?22:44
k4_sourcemaker:  dont know : check on www.kde-apps.org22:44
lninjoxanyone know of any translators i want to write a paper in english and convert it to spanish or something else22:45
lninjoxo macro recorder22:45
sourcemakerlninjox: thanks22:45
sourcemakerlninjox: I'll try22:46
jussi01lninjox: here isnt the right place to ask22:46
jussi01sourcemaker: recordmydesktop wond do anything but record a video of whatever you are doing22:46
sourcemakerjussi01: well... that's not what I want22:47
jussi01exactly why I said it...22:47
lninjoxmacro recorder my bad22:49
jussi01xp-killer: how did it go?22:49
sourcemakerjussi01: maybw xmacro works...?22:52
jussi01sourcemaker: no idea, give it a try?22:52
xp-killerjussi01: sory im not good at this22:52
jussi01xp-killer: where are you having issues?22:53
sourcemakerjussi01: maybe this is more simple for me... I will try this.. iMacros for Firefox22:53
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HappySmileManDoes anyone know how I can open a CHM file?23:02
juanantonioCHM? What type of content?23:04
HappySmileManText I assume, it's an ebook23:04
HappySmileManMaybe images too?23:05
RurouniJonesWindows help style file23:05
HappySmileManAh ok, ty23:06
* RurouniJones prods HappySmileMan to trigger his client23:06
RurouniJonesThere are a bunch more on this site: http://www.linux.com/feature/12217123:07
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ubuntu1what is the kde4 equivalent of kde3's "disk and filesystems" in system settings?23:10
ubuntu1i need to change some things in one of my disks before i install but i can't mount it via the link on the left panel in dolphin23:12
fgeek_soy nuevo en kde23:17
fgeek_alguien me peude decir ocmo actualizar a 4.223:17
RurouniJones!es | fgeek_23:17
ubottufgeek_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.23:17
juanantoniofgeek, click in Kubuntu-es23:17
RurouniJonesOr quit the server23:18
RurouniJonesthat works too23:18
tweakedehWhats a good C editor?23:26
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RurouniJonesWell, that is an open question23:28
RurouniJonesyou want an IDE? (Integrated Development Environment)?23:28
Picitweakedeh: Any text editor will do.23:28
Dragnslcrtweakedeh- my first thoughts are KDevelop and Kate23:28
yrjokinyou've started something here23:28
tweakedehI can see that23:29
RurouniJonesYes, I second Dragnslcr23:29
tweakedehI really don't like the looks of nano.23:29
jimmy__precis installerat nya kubuntu, skulle göra updateringar men de bara misslyckas, ?23:29
jimmy__nån som stött på de?23:30
DragnslcrYeah, nano is meant for quick, simple text editing23:30
tweakedehRurouniJones: Yes I was looking for a good Ide.23:30
DragnslcrEspecially on servers that don't have a desktop environment23:30
Pici!sv | jimmy__23:30
ubottujimmy__: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du pa #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se23:30
jimmy__tack ubottu23:31
lninjoxin need a c++ dev enviroment for linux23:31
lninjoxany suggestions23:31
DragnslcrWhat is this, homework night?23:32
RurouniJoneslninjox: Read up23:32
tweakedehSchool tomorrow ;) last good day of doing your own work.23:32
RurouniJonesin short: KDevelop and Kate23:33
legodude_or, as much as I hate to say it, I've been pretty stinkin happy with netbeans23:34
lninjoxkdevelop is nice, trying to migrate from visual studio23:35
legodude_I'd give netbeans a serious look, although I only ever used it for java23:36
lninjoxgood info will check it out23:36
bart__how do i go about setting manual static ip?  the network icon dissapears when i try to set the static ip.  should i just edit /etc/network/interfaces like i used to do?23:38
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johannes_can anybody help:after changing from compiz to kwin and back, my window buttons in all progs have diasappeared (close minimize etc)23:47
JohnFluxjohannes_: are you running compiz or kwin now?23:51
johannes_JohnFlux: kwin23:53
JohnFluxjohannes_: maybe rerun kwin?23:53
JohnFluxkwin --replace23:53
johannes_JohnFlux: my inital problem was flickering screen and changing focus every second when typing23:53
JohnFluxjohannes_:  in kwin?23:54
johannes_yes..thx i got the buttons back, but still the flickering screen..23:54
JohnFluxjohannes_: sounds like a bug - ask in #kwin  ?23:55
johannes_join #kwin23:57
johannes_JohnFlux: oh thx, didnt know they have anown channel..i have the same prob in compiz btw too23:57
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JohnFluxjohannes_: make sure you mention that to them too23:58
JohnFluxjohannes_: you could try enabling/disabling opengl/exa rendering23:58
johannes_JohnFlux: where is this located?  tried disabeling detect RANDR monitor changes but didnt help23:59
JohnFluxjohannes_: run system settings23:59

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