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ruyi7952hi all.06:34
ruyi7952hi,who konws how do checkout the mysql enterprise source in the bktree ?06:36
fabrice_spHi. Bug #268735 is marked as duplicate of Bug #263378, but I'm not able to access bug 263378 (forbidden). Why can that happen?06:48
ubottuBug 268735 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/268735 is private06:48
ubottuBug 263378 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/263378 is private06:48
ubottuBug 263378 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/263378 is private06:48
fabrice_spohhh: 263378 is private?!06:49
ruyi7952 Sorry, you don't have permission to access this page.06:49
fabrice_spno: that's because the bug is marked as private,06:50
fabrice_spI didn't checked that before (the duplicates are not private, it seems)06:51
* Hobbsee sighs at launchpad double login06:51
Hobbseeer, yes, 378 is private06:51
fabrice_spAport mark bugs as private?06:53
fabrice_spit seems to be so06:53
fabrice_spSo how can I check the original bug to fix it?06:54
ruyi7952make test ?06:54
fabrice_spI already know what fails06:54
fabrice_spI only want to attach the debdiff with the patch06:54
fabrice_sp(the same object is freed 2 times)06:56
Hobbseebecome a member of bug control?06:56
* Hobbsee marks it public06:57
ruyi7952Check out an  mysql version for ent?06:57
ruyi7952hot do Check out an older mysql version for ent under gpl source ?06:57
fabrice_spthanks Hobbsee \o/ (And i will check the bug control team also :-) )06:58
Hobbseefabrice_sp: no problem :)06:59
ruyi7952bzr branch -r tag:mysql-5.0.7407:07
ruyi7952bzr: ERROR: command 'branch' requires argument FROM_LOCATION07:07
ruyi7952what is this error ,how fix it?07:07
spivruyi7952: you need to tell it which branch that tag comes from07:09
spivruyi7952: e.g. something like "bzr branch -r tag:mysql-5.0.74 lp:mysql"07:09
ruyi7952spiv, thanks you,i konw . =)  how to chout in my local copy?07:10
ruyi7952spiv, bzr branch -r tag:mysql-5.0.74 lp:mysql-server/5.0 working basedon network07:13
ZehRiqueHi, danilos! Are you "online" now?08:11
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milos_can somebody help me to upload some packages to my ppa?15:04
fabrice_spmilos_, what do you want to know?15:21
milos_fabrice_sp, wanted to check out did I wrote .dput.cf correctly. Here is my current ver. http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m4d7a813c15:23
fabrice_spmilos_, seems good15:24
milos_fabrice_sp, first time I forgot to put my launchpad-id and get rejecet email. Now I got this error:15:24
milos_PPA uploads must be for the RELEASE pocket15:25
fabrice_spthe first rejection is because by default, the upload goes to real database15:25
fabrice_spwhat do you have in the changelog  for this upload?15:26
fabrice_sp(first line)15:26
milos_fabrice_sp, here is mail about rejection http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m7cfce732. In changelog is: yagiuda (1.19-5~ppa1) intrepid-updates; urgency=low15:27
fabrice_spmilos_, change it to intrepid (and not intrepid-updates)15:27
milos_fabrice_sp, ok I will try it!15:28
fabrice_spppa only knows about normal release15:28
milos_fabrice_sp, it's accepted! Thank you very much!15:41
fabrice_spmilos_, you're welcome ;-)15:54
Gjergj_Sheldijahi all..16:50
Gjergj_Sheldijacan i ask for a quick help ?16:50
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gjergjhow do i delete a project on launchpad ?16:53
gjergjwho can i ask for some help here ?17:05
vadi2Hi. I'm not sure if it's know, but loggerhead is not functioning17:14
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rolandHi, I can't access http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jvloothuis/djangorecipe/trunk/files17:29
vadi2roland: loggerhead died. I'm stuck too.17:29
vadi2you can check out the branch locally though still17:30
rolandvadi2: thnx, I was typing an email for a mailinglist and wanted to check the url.17:30
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coolbhaviI have my account compromised19:36
coolbhavihow to set a new password?19:37
coolbhaviAnyone help me please19:37
mwhudsonthere should be a "forgot your password" link19:37
mwhudsonon the login page19:38
coolbhavithanks mwhudson19:49
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GoundyIs there a way I can notify new commits on my freenode IRC channel?20:58
mwhudsonnot directly21:02
mwhudsonyou can get emails or entries in an rss feed, which you can probably feed onto irc somehow21:03
Goundymwhudson okay I'll adapt my bot so it parses lp feeds. Thank you man21:03
Goundymwhudson I've another question21:04
Goundymwhudson I requested an import of my source tree from an SVN. But I imported the sources myself in a new branch and wanted to cancel the request but don't know how21:04
mwhudsonthat's easy, you ask me to delete it :)21:04
mwhudsonGoundy: where is the import request?21:05
Goundymwhudson hold a minute :)21:05
Goundymwhudson https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/aures/trunk21:05
Goundymwhudson you get it ?21:08
mwhudsonGoundy: it's gone21:12
Goundymwhudson rox thank you very much :-)21:13
Goundymwhudson I'm boring you for the last time with a last question I swear :P21:14
Goundyoh no no nevermind ^^ sorry21:14
GoundyI just figured out ;)21:14
mwhudsonheh :)21:19
aLiEnTxChi ppl's22:39
aLiEnTxCi need help with my ppa upload22:39
oojahaLiEnTxC: If you ask your question hopefully someone will be able to help.22:40
aLiEnTxCi made i package for current mplayer with nvidias vdpau patches.. i deleted it for a new upload... und now the uploaded packages are rejected22:41
aLiEnTxCRejected: File mplayer_1.0~svn28237-0ubuntu1+vdpau1.diff.gz already exists in PPA for Thomas C., but uploaded version has different contents. See more information about this error in https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors. Files specified in DSC are broken or missing, skipping package unpack verification.22:41
aLiEnTxCis now the file broken? or if this a problem of my delecte action?22:41
oojahaLiEnTxC: I think you just need to update the version number so that it is unique.22:42
aLiEnTxCok.. no im silli22:42
aLiEnTxCit stands in the wiki page :-(22:43
oojahSo mplayer_1.0~svn28237-0ubuntu1+vdpau1~ppa1 perhaps.22:43
aLiEnTxCi have to upload without the source22:43
aLiEnTxCwhen im understand it right22:43
oojahYou're following this? https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA22:44
aLiEnTxCyes.. i have this side open ^^22:44
oojahTry updating your version number, running debuild again and then "dput my-ppa new-version.changes"22:46
aLiEnTxCi try to upload it again without the source.. sourcepage is in build22:46
aLiEnTxCups.. without the orig ^^ its late.. i drive today ove 5 hours around22:48
aLiEnTxChmm .. :-( i uploaded it.. but it is not to see in my ppa page .. i think it again rejected22:51
aLiEnTxCRejected: Unable to find mplayer_1.0~svn28237.orig.tar.gz in upload or distribution. Files specified in DSC are broken or missing, skipping package unpack verification.22:52
aLiEnTxClast try for today with "debuildĀ -S" like it is descripted on the wiki page22:56
Hobbseewhich ppa is this?22:59
aLiEnTxCnow i get also the orig uploaded.. hope it works now23:02
aLiEnTxCok.. upload complete.. *hope*23:04
aLiEnTxChmm.. looks bad.. no entry on the ppa page...23:06
aLiEnTxCok.. for today is over.. tomorow i have to work... and i am happy that the package is build on my system and runs ^^ (nvidia hardware23:08
aLiEnTxCGPU-accelerated decode of MPEG-1, MPEG-2, H.264, and VC-1 bitstreams.) :D23:08
Hobbseeit takes a while23:09
Hobbseehave you got mail about it yet?23:09
aLiEnTxCyes.. i got mail23:10
aLiEnTxCRejected: The source mplayer - 2:1.0~svn28237-0ubuntu1+vdpau1 is already accepted in ubuntu/intrepid and you cannot upload the same version within the same distribution. You have to modify the source version and re-upload.23:10
aLiEnTxCthe package is deleted... why i have to change the version number?23:10
maxbBecause otherwise apt wouldn't know to upgrade it23:11
aLiEnTxCi build it again :-/ with new version.. then start the upload and go to bed23:12
Hobbseeyou can't use new tarballs, or versions, of anything that's already uploaded in LP23:13
Hobbsee"delete" doesn't really - it just stops people downloading it23:13
aLiEnTxCi think it should be changed.. or the ppl shuld get a option to realy delete it23:14
aLiEnTxCbut ok.. the ppa is a very nice tool ^^23:15
aLiEnTxCok.. upload is running.. i go first to toilet.. than i check it :D23:16
maxbAllowing people to replace versions makes no sense except in the case where a PPA is being used by a single person only, doing rapid development.... in which case, PPA isn't really the right tool for the job23:16
aLiEnTxChmm.. ok ok.. but it dont work again23:25
aLiEnTxCit can be an option if nobody has downloaded the package ^^23:25
aLiEnTxCnow it is in my ppa23:26
aLiEnTxCi hope it works now23:27
aLiEnTxCbut i think it needs a addition dependeny23:27
aLiEnTxCot: which cpu's from intel using the lpia arch?23:30
aLiEnTxCok guys thanks for the support .. gn823:36
Hobbseegmb: you around?23:55
gmbHobbsee: More-or-less. Whassup?23:55
gmbHappy New Year, by the way :)23:56
Hobbseegmb: thanks.  To you as well!23:56
Hobbseegmb: just saw https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/launchpad-integration/+bug/311690, and when I tried it myself, got https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gedit/+filebug/nUMytNdYkivDVNpz3gGVt4csQDR which 404'd.  This used to work, has something changed?23:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 311690 in launchpad-integration "Report A Bug Launchpad page missing for Rhythmbox" [Critical,Confirmed]23:56
* gmb looks.23:57
mwhudsoni thought a fix for that got cherrypicked, on vague recollection23:59
gmbmwhudson: Your memory is better than mine, perhaps...23:59

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