darnelli cant upgrade to jaunty always says that some packages cant be downloaded00:19
darnellW:Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty-security/Release  Unable to find expected entry  partner/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)00:19
darnell, W:Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty-updates/Release  Unable to find expected entry  partner/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)00:19
darnell, E:Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.00:19
darnellcan someone help with that?00:25
darnellnevermind, ill just edit sources.list00:26
mikegriffini dont see partner in any of the releases00:35
crimsunyou need to enable it00:35
crimsunSystem> Administration> Software Sources> Third-Party Software> Partner00:36
mikegriffinhadnt noticed that repo before00:42
johninlexhello all01:55
johninlexI know this is the wrong place for support with atheros wireless cards,  but I have tried my local chat, #ubuntu, and madwiwfi and I cant find any help anywhere. can you all please help01:56
johninlexI have a atheros AR242X ,  I have tried 6 different drivers and I cant get it to work02:01
mikegriffinif someone is able to and hopes to help, they will certainly need a little more detail02:10
derekshello all, i am running the latest jaunty, and my x is broken (using nvidia's video drivers from the repo), is this a known issue? is there a workaround?02:26
mikegriffindereks: set to nv instead of nvidia for driver in xorg.conf until you figure it out03:00
dereksmikegriffin: i did that :) but i like nvidia's when possible03:01
mikegriffinyou asked for a workaround03:01
mikegriffini just upgraded and also have a broken nvidia binary driver, i have yet to spend much time working on it03:02
mikegriffinwas this a new install or an upgrade?03:02
dereksmikegriffin: new install03:13
mikegriffinare you familiar with dkms? i am just figuring out where the pieces are03:18
emet_!info deluge-torrent04:53
ubottudeluge-torrent (source: deluge-torrent): A Bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK. In component universe, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 2074 kB, installed size 5872 kB04:53
^Manuis it recommended not to use 9.04?07:02
^Manu8.10 is causing me problems.07:02
^Manuwhat sort of things should i expect to go wrong in 9.04?07:03
kniolet^Manu: you can probably expect things to just randomly not work if using a pre-release version07:13
knioletsince they are still in the process of getting everything to work together07:13
^Manuthe 8.10 iso seems to be busted, it wont boot no matter what i do.. the 8.04 and 9.04 iso's both work fine..07:13
^Manui've downloaded 8.10 from 2 different places, and burned it to a few discs at different speeds... i can't install 8.10 :/07:14
knioleti would install 8.04 then update to 8.10 then, personally07:14
^Manui have no internet .. i can't update on the net :(07:14
^Manui have unmetred access to a bunch of iso's, that's it..07:14
^Manuso 9.04 will just cause me problems then? without a doubt?07:15
knioletwell, it depends how much you care if some things may not work sometimes then lol if it were me, i would install 8.04, it wasn't that much different than 8.1007:15
^Manuits just a media player.. i don't need the gui..07:15
^Manui have 8.04 installed now..07:16
knioleti would say its very likely that 9.04 would cause you some problems07:16
^Manuits too old..07:16
^Manuit doesn't support my hardware.07:16
knioletespecially if you cant update it07:16
^Manui had to install the kernel from 9.04 in 8.04 to make the ethernet and sata work..07:16
^Manubut i need video drivers from 8.10 at least aswell..07:16
^Manuand its leading into a mess.07:16
knioleti wonder why your 8.10 iso's are not booting07:17
^Manui have no idea..07:17
knioletwell if its not a critical system, you could always instal 9.04 and hope for the best07:17
^Manueither the 8.10 kernel doesn't like this pc for some reason, or the burner i'm using really doesn't like something about the 8.10 iso..07:17
^Manuthere's something slightly wrong with the 8.10 iso either way..07:17
^Manui've wasted a bunch of cd's on it.. i only have one left... i can't waste that one.07:18
^Manuyeah, that's what i'm thinking..07:18
^Manuwill 9.04 update as it progresses?07:18
^Manuie, will updates be released, until i am running an effective mirror of the release when it comes?07:18
knioletyes, it updates constantly07:19
knioletbut that could be a pain without internet...07:19
^Manuokay well i'll just see how i go i guess..07:19
^Manui need cutting edge drivers..07:19
kniolethow will you update it?07:20
^Manu9.04 has the latest kernel and seems to get the latest stuff yeah?07:20
^Manui have extremely slow internet, i can update one or 2 packages..07:20
^Manubut i can't install 8.10 from the net.. thats hundreds of mb..07:20
knioletyep thats true07:20
^Manuhaha, it's not going well.. the 9.04 installers partitioning program is having trouble straight up :(07:21
crimsunif you need cutting edge drivers, current 9.04 won't work07:21
crimsunthe X server abi is incompatible with the proprietary non-Free drivers07:22
^Manuintel drivers are free aren't they?07:22
^Manuare the intel drivers supported by 9.04?07:22
^Manuso i'll be okay then?07:22
^Manui have an X4500HD, very new intel IGP..07:23
crimsunthat's just as far as the X server abi is concerned07:23
^Manuman.. everything i try and do is causing a shit fight..07:23
^Manui've heard that i can copy the 8.10 live cd to a usb stick and boot the installer from that?07:24
knioleti did that for my eeepc a while back with 8.04 i think07:24
^Manuit's "Scanning disks" and taking forever..07:24
knioleti dont remember the exact process, but yeah07:24
^Manu9.04 doesn't like me either..07:24
knioletmaybe some problem with the sata07:24
^Manuthe sata didn't work in 8.0407:25
^Manui installed the latest kernel from jaunty and that worked though..07:25
^Manu8.04 complained about some things while booting with that kernel, but it generally worked fine..07:25
knioletwell there is always Vista (soooo j/k)07:26
knioletmaybe you need a different distro...07:26
^Manuubuntu is the only super cutting edge distro thats well supported.07:26
knioletubuntu is not usually the best for supporting a broad range of drivers in my experience07:26
^Manuand i like debian based distros07:26
^Manuwhat is best?07:26
^Manucan i just use debian? it's usually way old though.07:27
^Manuactually, it can't hate the sata.. it displayed the partition table..07:27
knioletin my personal experience (this is just my experience) suse and mandriva tend to have much better hardware support than ubuntu (i use all three daily)07:27
^Manuit just wont let me click the 'format' checkbot, and tell it the partitions mount point.07:28
crimsunyou could, after all, just use jaunty's kernel with the rest being hardy or intrepid07:28
^Manuhrmm, i dont like rpm based distros :/07:28
^Manui can't install intrepid..07:28
knioleti like distros that work on my hardware ;-)07:28
^Manuokay, so what i'll do now..07:29
^Manuis boot 8.04 again.07:29
^Manuchange my package repos to intrepid.07:29
^Manuand install the latest video drivers from intrepid..07:29
^Manuand hope for the best..07:29
^Manuwhat are the chances if epic meltdown?07:29
* kniolet wishes you luck07:29
^Manuso 'high' then?07:30
knioleti dunno07:30
knioletthats hard to say without trying it07:30
^Manuman, linux sucks.. it never bloody works :P07:30
^Manui've been messing with this for 2 and a half days now..07:30
knioletwait didnt you say you dont need the gui?07:30
^Manutrying assorted mixtures of stuff...07:30
^Manui plan to boot right into xbmc, a media front end..07:31
^Manuand i'll want to run emulators and shit too..07:31
^Manubut i don't *need* a gui... no..07:31
knioletjust wondering since you updating the video drivers07:32
^Manui do need all the drivers and shit set up properly. and i'm a linux spastic.. i figured ubuntu would sort that out for me, and then i'd just edit the startup to not start the window manager.07:32
^Manuwell i need the video drivers for video related stuff, but i don't need a windows environment..07:32
^Manujaunty's being retarded.. the partition tool is freaking out for some reason..07:33
^Manui can't progress...07:33
^Manui just need to tell it which partition is root....07:33
^Manui need an easy way to boot from a cd image on a usb..07:35
^Manui'm so over messing with shit..07:35
^Manuokay, so i have a new idea..07:51
^Manui can install the latest intel driver from source in 8.04 right?07:51
^Manuhow do i go abou tthat?07:51
jwhite93Hi, I am doing the upgrade right now, what do you guys think about it? What should I expect?11:26
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andresmhnot sure if this is the right place for this as I am running 8.10 but I enabled ubuntu-backport I got the 2.6.27-11 kernel from ubuntu-backport and a couple of things stopped working. Is that relevant for Jaunty? Should I report it somewhere?14:13
x1250andresmh, report the bug against intrepid.14:38
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terlisomeone wake up and take my bug report, I've got an issue specific to 8.10 and compiz.18:29
terliTo be specific , when all graphical effects are turned off and metacity runs alone, firefox does... weird shit.18:29
jussi01!bug | terli18:29
ubottuterli: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots18:29
terlibut if you turn compiz back on , even if it uses the gtk generic generator18:29
terliit will not freak out18:29
jussi01and terli, please watch the language18:29
terlijussi01: are you certain you want me to file the bug report?18:30
jussi01terli: bug reports are a good thing if thewres a bug. also, 8.10 support is in #ubuntu now18:30
terliWhen I file bug reports people on canary island run around in really small circles holding their ears and chanting "nonononono this should never, ever, ever happen even with a one in a million chance!"18:30
terlium, sorry I ment jaunty18:31
terliI'm getting my versions mixed up18:31
jussi01hehe. ok, but please do file a bug report, if its not correct a triager will tell you18:31
terliwell I don't know what to file it on18:32
terlifirefox or compiz18:32
terliit technically effects neither18:32
terliand it involves both18:32
jussi01terli: there is an "I dont know" option18:34
terli*rolls some dice*18:34
terlithe dice say this issue will not be fixed by release date.18:34
terli*crushes the dice into really small dicelets*18:35
jussi01terli: please file the bug, it doesnt take long, and lets see. :)18:35
terliI'm doing it ASAP18:35
terlibug report filed.18:41
terlihey, does anyone else have problems with 3d acceleration running old radeon cards in jaunty?20:02
TheInfinityterli: with fglrx_20:05
terliopen source20:06
charlie-tcaIs there any way to bring up the i810 chipset in Jaunty? I get a blank screen for gdm, and a lot of color20:09
charlie-tcain the tty terminals. I can´t use any of it.20:09
terliI get the same thing for the terminals20:12
terligdm works fine here though20:12
terlitry shaking the cursor :-P20:12
terlihey! YOU! DEVS! users have to be in group video for accelleration!20:15
ikoniaPoison[BLX]: the module you seek maybe in the additional modules packages, but I don't think it is20:57
Poison[BLX]the restricted modules?20:58
Poison[BLX]it's not :/20:58
Poison[BLX]madwifi based drivers are, but they don't work on the card I have20:59
Poison[BLX]actually running intrepid on the box, but grabbed the jaunty 2.6.28 kernel because 100 mi away from here I have the same card in a Gentoo box and couldn't get it running with anything other than 2.6.28 and the ath5k driver lol21:00
ikoniamixing the kernel is a bad call21:01
ikonia(in my opinion)21:01
crimsunperfectly reasonable but unsupported21:01
* DanaG wishes there were a non-warranty-voiding way to make his new USB sound card stop BLINKING.21:02
Poison[BLX]DanaG: black electrical tape over the led?21:02
* DanaG slaps the manufacturer ("Voyetra Turtle Beach")...21:03
DanaGI mean why the <asterisks> does a sound card need to BLINK?21:03
DanaGElectrical tape would work, yes.21:04
DanaGI also wonder why it has a "Speaker" slider AND a "Speaker 1" slider.21:04
Poison[BLX]How, without any access to internet from a *nix system, would I get ahold of the tree and headers to hand build a module? Everything I've found starts with the assumption that I can use apt-get21:05
DanaGYou can download the headers .deb file and stick it on a storage device of some sort.21:05
DanaGUse another system to download the deb file.21:06
Poison[BLX]DanaG: all I have in the way of other systems is a borrowed Vista laptop (and no joy on livecd wireless working on it, painfully enough)21:07
Poison[BLX]I'm about ready to pack up the system and drag it off 100mi with me to some proper internet... it would spare the silly questions ;)21:08
DanaGWhat I mean is, you could download from in Windows.21:08
DanaGJust browse the http://archive.ubuntu.com/pool tree to find the headers .deb files.21:09
DanaGOr even go to packages.ubuntu.com21:09
DanaG(that'll give you info on dependencies, which you'll need.)21:09
Poison[BLX]ooh, handy! thanks!21:09
DanaGYou'll likely need linux-headers-generic, linux-headers-2.6.28, linux-headers-2.6.28-generic, and some other variants.21:10
DanaGstart at the top with linux-headers-generic.21:10
crimsunif you have register-level data docs, you can simply twiddle the appropriate registers to disable the blinking or the led altogether21:12
crimsunor, if you can disable the blinking in another os, just sniff the urb traffic21:12
crimsunthe latter process is more time-consuming, of course, but it's how we reverse-engineer a lot of stupid OEM usb-audio quirks21:13
Poison[BLX]thanks for all the help on this (especially considering how far removed from "supported" it technically is... :D)21:13
DanaGThe official drivers don't let you disable it, either.21:15
DanaGThe official Turtle Beach drivers make it a solid red on mute, but alternate CM106 drivers I need for Vista 64 do not.21:15
DanaGPerhaps I should contact the company and ask how to disable the LED entirely.21:17
crimsunyeah, ask for docs, too, while you're at it =)21:18
DanaGEven their own Vista64 drivers also don't have working channels 7 and 8, supposedly.21:18
DanaGOh yeah, another thing in my laptop: AES2810 fingerprint reader... http://www.reactivated.net/fprint/wiki/Unsupported_devices#AuthenTec_AES2550_.26_AES281021:19
DanaG"  Sourcing one of each of these devices (this is made difficult because they only seem to be found in laptops) " -- not really that hard; it's like 30 bucks for the board from HP's parts store.21:20
crimsunget one and ship it to daniel drake, then21:20
DanaGOh yeah, and my issue with the stick buttons on the touchpad... it turns out it also affects Windows.  I can't use stick-middle for scrolling and pad-middle for actual middle button. :(21:23
crimsundo you have an alps or a synaptics?21:24
crimsuninteresting. hp usually ships alps.21:24
DanaGThe stick's buttons seem to be actually wired to the touchpad device, electrically. :(21:24
DanaGIt also has multi-touch disabled; my old laptop's Synaptics could do at least basic multi-touch.21:25
DanaGNo "Advanced Capability Bits" reported.21:25
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DanaGOh yeah, is there any way to tell, from an xorg log, which CRTCs particular outputs on a video card are attached to?21:40
DanaGMy dad got an HD3450 video card with DVI-I, HDMI, and VGA, and I'm trying to figure out (without buying any hardware) whether it'll be able to do DVI-D + HDMI.21:41
DanaGSimultaneously, I mean.21:41
crimsunDanaG: depends how verbose the logging to Xorg.*.log is21:49
DanaGAah.  He's using XP, but I'd be using the Intrepid 64-bit livecd.21:50
DanaGFor comparison, here's the log on my laptop.  http://pastebin.com/f3826df2821:52
DanaGOh, easiser: xrandr --verbose21:53
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socin gnome-appearance the dpi setting is not correct22:24
socit seems that it is hard coded to 96 instead of the real dpi of the display22:24
ubottuUbuntu bug 157398 in gnome-control-center "GNOME default DPI doesn't match X default DPI" [Wishlist,Won't fix]22:24
socbtw, i just wonder why the dpi is changeable by the user ...22:25
socthis seems pretty stupid to me ...22:25
DanaGI also think it's bad that people recommend CHANGING the dpi setting as a fix for too-big font sizes.22:40
DanaGIf your fonts are too big... change the font size!22:40
DanaG"My fonts are too big!" answer: "Change it to 96DPI!" -- WRONG!22:40
crimsunerr, not precisely22:40
crimsunif there is a dpi issue with the driver, then that definitely needs to be fixed22:41
socyes, it would be better to remove that dpi-thing in gnome22:41
soccrimsun: but it has to be fixed in the xorg.conf, not in some gconf-key22:41
DanaGWhat I mean is that, if the DPI is correct and the fonts are too big... people suggest changing the DPI, and that's wrong.22:41
socso either the whole setting should change the xorg.conf-file or remove it22:42
DanaGOn my laptop, radeon and radeonhd give different DPI results.22:42
socDanaG: yes, i have seen that many times22:42
DanaGReal DPI is 147; radeonhd gets it correct.  Radeon assumes 96.22:42
socmaybe it would be good to slap a big label next to the dpi setting "don't touch this freaking thing "22:43
DanaGOr link here:22:43
socthis bug annoys the hell out of me22:43
socat least 5 different bug reports on that matter and at least the same amount on "ideas" on brainstorm22:43
crimsunDanaG: yes, that bit about changing the font size as a hackaround is understood to be utterly incorrect22:43
crimsunhowever, we do need the infrastructure to be correct -first-22:44
soccrimsun: the gnome bug is already fixed"22:44
DanaGIt also reminds me of how people often suggest "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" as if it were the be-all, end-all (not sure I'm using that expression correctly) of solutions.22:44
socthe patch is already there, who checks that xorg's values are at least reasonable, before using them22:44
soceither gnome has forgotten to include the patch, or ubuntu has forgotten it22:45
soceither way, it sucks :-P22:45
DanaGOh yeah, so that is a bug:22:45
DanaG(II) RADEON(0): clock: 165.3 MHz   Image Size:  331 x 207 mm22:45
DanaG(==) RADEON(0): DPI set to (96, 96)22:45
socthat radeon thing is obsolete by all means, i hope they through it out in the future22:46
DanaGIt has all the info it needs: physical size and screen resolution (1920x1200); it shouldn't be assuming 96.22:46
socDanaG: can you point me to the svn/git?22:46
DanaGsvn?  I haven't used it, myself.22:46
socah ok22:46
DanaGI'm actually using Jaunty with the Intrepid X server, so I can use fglrx; oddly enough, anything newer than 8.543 panics.22:47
DanaGOr rather, gets a general protection fault.22:47
DanaGThat reminds me: /me switches to radeonhd...22:48
DanaGOOpsie... (EE)  No devices detected.22:51
socwhich card?22:52
socafaiu thgis is our problem:22:53
socdriver sets the wrong dpi -> toolkits expect that xorg doesn't report the right idea, assume something themselves -> toolkits have userchangeable dpi-settings, so users can fix it theirselves -> users do stupid things with it like using it to change their font size22:53
DanaGMobility HD3650.22:53
DanaGNote that I'm also on the Intrepid radeonhd.22:53
DanaGLatest 64-bit Jaunty kernel breaks * by building CONFIG_DRM=y22:53
DanaG* as in "everything"22:54
socmhh will try it22:54
DanaG... apparently it affects radeonhd, and not just fglrx.22:54
sochave jaunty myself22:54
DanaGEither that... or loading the fglrx module breaks loading radeonhd.22:54
DanaG... even after unloading fglrx.22:54
DanaGI do wonder why all the newer fglrx versions give me hard-lockups like that.22:55
DanaGIt happens even with fglrx on the intrepid livecd.22:55
* DanaG tries fglrx again...22:55
DanaGUndefined symbol firegl_queryMCRange22:57
socyou have to reboot22:58
socDanaG: i'm just bugging the radeon-devs about the dpi ...22:59
DanaGThe thing is, fglrx is also broken... undefined symbol.23:00
soccould you load radeon and tell me the output of xdpyinfo | grep resolution?23:00
DanaGThat gives 147x147.23:02
DanaGPerhaps the log is lying about using 96x96.23:02
socand what does your xorg-log say?23:02
socis 147 right?23:02
DanaG(==) RADEON(0): DPI set to (96, 96)23:03
soccould you paste the /var/log/Xorg.0.log to pastebin.com?23:03
DanaG147 is correct.23:03
socah ok23:03
DanaGhandy thing: serial-over-lan.  it lets me get full stacktraces for panics and such.23:04
DanaGThat's fglrx panic log.23:05
soci would need the log with "(==) RADEON(0): DPI set to (96, 96)"23:05
DanaGOh, the full Xorg log?  Easy enough.23:05
DanaG(pidgin slashexec plugin + pastebinit == win)23:06
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DanaGOh, I see why it's getting undefined symbol: that symbol is in libfglrxdrm... which won't load because of the CONFIG_DRM=y23:10
Volkodav why would the router reboot itself sporadically ? Tried 2 different firmwares Oleg's and dd-wrt mega build - same thing23:11
Volkodavon Asus WL500 Premium v223:11
DanaGbug 31272123:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312721 in linux "Jaunty: CONFIG_AGP=y breaks ATI graphics" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31272123:15
DanaGah, that's the one.23:16
DanaGGood, fix committed.23:16
DanaGI do still wonder why newer fglrx panics, whereas the older one does not.23:17

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