kwwiiCimi: pong00:24
kwwiibut not for long00:25
Cimihttp://dl.getdropbox.com/u/175266/screenshot5.png and http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/175266/screenshot6.png00:26
kwwiiCimi: yeah, dashua showed me a screen a few minutes ago....nice!00:27
kwwiiCimi: that is in the latest svn snapshot?00:28
tok1I liked your theme of icons for Ubuntu https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/BreatheIconSet as it is possible to support this that it have included in new release: and where it is possible to download the Beta the version?02:00
* _MMA_ waves.02:00
_MMA_tok1: It is a community effort for now and is not official. There is no official release yet but hopefully will be one soon.02:01
_MMA_If you install bzr from Synaptic, this command will get the code: bzr branch lp:breathe-icon-set02:04
_MMA_Then run the python script and it will build the set.02:05
tok1Не удалось найти пакеты, содержащих «breathe-icon-set» в своём имени или описании02:07
tok1Transfer was not possible to find the packages, containing «breathe-icon-set» in the name or the description02:07
_MMA_bzr branch lp:breathe-icon-set02:08
_MMA_That what you used? ^^^02:08
_MMA_sudo apt-get bzr02:09
_MMA_bzr branch lp:breathe-icon-set02:09
tok1I not strongly will understand that from me it is required to make?02:11
tok1I have understood02:12
tok1root@laptop:/home/tok# bzr branch lp:breathe-icon-set02:14
tok1You have not informed bzr of your launchpad login. If you are attempting a02:14
tok1write operation and it fails, run "bzr launchpad-login YOUR_ID" and try again.02:14
tok1Branched 28 revision(s). What further?02:14
_MMA_That should be it.02:18
_MMA_There is now a folder called "trunk" in your home folder.02:19
_MMA_Inside is a python script. You need inkscape installed, then run the script.02:19
socdoes someone know which font will be the standard ui font in jaunty?20:06
kwwiisame as now I imagine20:09
kwwiiunless something radical changes20:10
kwwiiwhy do you ask?20:10
soci just wondered if there are thoughts about it ...20:12
socbecause together with that big font size things look a bit bulky after a fresh installation ...20:13
thorwilyeah, should really use a different font, one that is smaller!!20:14
soci proposed droid sans quite some time ago, together with slight hinting ...20:15
socdroid seems to have a good range of characters, even of asian ones available ...20:16
socahh interesting :-)20:21
socbut that comparison between cosmetica and droid isn't really meant seriously, is it?20:22
socbecause a) comsetica is much smaller and has a bigger line-width?20:23
socdo the same with droid and you might get nearyl the same results :-P20:23
thorwilsoc: obviously the kerning is crap and the characters lack in finesse. what's so great about droid again?20:25
socb) comparing a serif font against a sans-serif font and then deciding it is easier to read the serif one isn't quite that surprising ...20:25
socdroid, obviously, works20:25
socthe webpage you posted is quite interesting, but the arguments are just way off20:27
socno one really applies to the use case20:27
socfor instance the screenshots with - let's count it - 13! lines of text ... please show me an UI element with _paragraphs_ of text20:28
lucazadeis droid gpl or free?20:28
socdroid is apache20:28
lucazadegoogle released it?20:28
soc95% of the ui consists of single words, sometimes one-liners20:29
lucazadei don't think droid is better than dejavu sans, both ugly20:32
thorwilsoc: he doesn't compare sans with serif20:32
kwwiidroid is interesting but mainly only for very small screens20:33
kwwiiI haven't looked into how many character sets it includes20:33
kwwiibut that requirement alone is pretty hard to get around20:34
socmhh, i don't want to argue with you, but what would you call the paragraph titled "The Problem with Droid" then?20:34
sockwwii: i'm testing droid here on a 24" tft with 93 dpi, so quite the opposite scenario you mentioned ...20:34
lucazadewe need a better font rendering engine more than new font imho20:35
soclucazade: that's true20:38
lucazadefollowing priorities i vote for engine20:38
soca new rendering engine might be a bit harder to get :-P20:38
socalthough i have no problem with freetype20:39
socthe rendering of my fonts impresses both people from the windows _and_ the macos camp ...20:39
socso i can live with that ,,,20:39
lucazadei'm not impressed with :S20:39
socmaybe you could improve some settings ...20:40
lucazadeyes but still dirty and not consistent results20:40
socwhich font, which rendering?20:40
lucazadesans 8, slight20:41
socok, i wouldn't use sans :-P20:41
lucazadetried everything20:41
socslight is probably the best we can get with freetype at the moment ...20:41
lucazadei agree20:41
socone thing i love when i show my desktop to mac users:20:42
socbefore they see it, i switch the font hinting to off20:42
socreaction "uuuhh that just looks like on my macbook"20:42
socthen i turn on slight hinting ...20:42
soc"well, can i do that on my apple too?"20:43
socmy equation is:20:43
socslight hinting = apple rendering - fuzzy crap around the glyphs20:43
lucazadewe should say thanks to david turner for his patches to font rendering if now ubuntu has got a decent font setting20:45
socyes, these patches had quite some effect ...20:46
socahh here, i found it ...20:47
soclucazade: maybe you find a font in that screenshot that you linke more20:47
lucazadei can say that droid seems nicer than i remember20:48
socthe current version is here: http://android.git.kernel.org/?p=platform/frameworks/base.git;a=snapshot;h=6b8721393400f8e98bb6c29d47b38c79be7ade32;sf=tgz20:50
lucazadetrying it now20:52
lucazade8px slight 96dpi is too condensed20:53
lucazadeat 100dpi is not so baf20:53
soci wouldn't change the dpi20:53
socas a rule of thumb: never change the dpi20:54
lucazadeyes just trying20:54
socthe dpi has something to do with your physicalk size of your display20:54
socthat thing just won't change within seconds20:54
socalso, configuring the wrong dpi messes things up with the font rendering20:54
lucazade8,5px and 96 dpi is something readble here20:55
socyou can find out your real dpi with20:56
soc xdpyinfo | grep resolution20:56
lucazade  resolution:    95x96 dots per inch20:56
soci would suggest setting that dpi in gnome-appearance-properties and don't changing it20:56
socyou should use the first one, 9520:56
socbecause the second one is the height20:57
lucazadeok i didn't know20:57
socand because normally the subpixels are laid out horicontically, the height doesn't matter20:57
socbecause you have no subpixels there :-)20:57
lucazadethanks for the explanation20:58
socdo you now by chance what the default font size in ubuntu is?21:01
socon a fresh installation?21:01
lucazadeat least 921:03
socmhh, setting the right dpi in gnome-appearance-propteries after start would be a good start ...21:04
lucazadeyes surely21:05
soclol ... approx. 5 bugs abput wrong dpi in gnome in launchpad and at least as many brainstorm things as well ...21:11
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_MMA_kwwii: *PLEASE* for the love of... *something* unsub the artwork team from that damn titlebar bug. It's an nVidia issue in the end.22:29

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