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mdkeis Ubuntu's "Add to Panel" dialogue customised from the Gnome version, or the same?11:15
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MaggieI am not able to use flashdrive on my pc...I use Hardy plz help!17:14
MaggieI am not able to use flashdrive on my pc...I use Hardy plz help!17:21
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PrivateVoidanyone know why a computer would have 'jerky' performance unless the mouse was being moved or glxgears was being run?19:36
dobeylots of I/O bound activity19:40
dobeysomething eating up a lot of memory, and causing stuff to swap19:41
PrivateVoiddobey, so why would moving the mouse or running glxgears actually help?19:45
PrivateVoidI could see it if the jerkiness was when glxgears was running, but not having it be smooth when I am running it...19:46
dobeywhat do you mean by "jerky" performance?19:51
PrivateVoidWell... the apps would take an odd time to launch...19:52
PrivateVoidbut the most indicative thing was running System Monitor19:52
PrivateVoidthe graphs would update in a jerky pattern instead of a smooth flow...19:53
PrivateVoidthen when I would move the mouse... or if I ran glxgears the graphs would update smoothly as they do on my other systems19:53
dobeyi don't know why that would be, no19:53
dobeyunless tracker is indexing stuff, and moving the mouse, and glxgears, cause it to cease doing so until idle again19:54
dobeyor something similar to that19:54
PrivateVoidthat is where I got after 14.5 hours of trying to figure it out...19:54
PrivateVoidIt was a fresh install... with the proprietary drivers loaded for Nvidia19:55
PrivateVoidand that was it...19:55
johanbrSounds like an interrupt problem. And/or ACPI.20:13
PrivateVoidjohanbr, could be ACPI... on the interrupt...20:15
PrivateVoidor I meant20:15
PrivateVoidit was on an ASUS X83Vm-X1...20:15
PrivateVoidif it was ACPI... then moving the mouse and running glxgears basically forced it to not use power management?20:16
PrivateVoidthat would link the two items together20:16
johanbrPrivateVoid: maybe. You could try changing cpufreq governor. Or booting with "acpi=off". Or with "noapic nolapic".20:51
PrivateVoidthat is an option... I this it might be he acpi -- apparently the bios on the machine doesn't handle it properly... from some posts I am finding20:54
PrivateVoidbut for a laptop that kind of sucks20:54
PrivateVoidthanks for the advice johanbr20:55
johanbrno problem20:55
PrivateVoidusing acpi=off turns off power management right?20:56
johanbrThat could possibly have consequences for thermal management, so make sure the laptop doesn't get too hot.20:58
PrivateVoidI guess I return this laptop...21:00
PrivateVoidI do not want to run Windows...... and Linux appears to be having issues on it...21:01
PrivateVoidthat appears related...21:01
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 11541 in MTTR "boot hang unless "mtrr=off", caused by commit b1f6278d77c1f2f669346fc2bb48012b5e9495a- Asus M51TR notebook" [High,New]21:01
PrivateVoidmight be the bios ASUS is using...21:02
PrivateVoidthought that is a different model... it is logical that they are using similar bioses21:03
johanbrAccording to one comment, booting with "noapic nolapic" works.21:04
johanbrSorry, I mean "nosmp nolapic".21:04
PrivateVoidit does work... but the trade off is severe for a laptop21:10
PrivateVoidfound this too johanbr - http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-bugs/2008-11/msg04598.html21:14
PrivateVoidthe N80Vm is basically the same machine too21:15
johanbrI wouldn't despair too much. Did you try "noapic nolapic" ?21:15
PrivateVoidnot yet21:16
PrivateVoidthese are talking about booting issues... I am getting jerky performance... I guess they could be related.21:16
johanbrVery likely. The issue seems to be that the machine has a buggy ACPI implementation.21:19
PrivateVoidI think it goes back tomorrow...21:24
PrivateVoidit is still within my 14 day return period21:24
PrivateVoidsucks to give up an LED lit monitor and such great specs... (they are actually on sale for $794 right now) for that price...21:25
PrivateVoidbut I will find a replacement johanbr -- any laptop recommendations?21:25
johanbrI have a Dell laptop that I'm pretty happy with, and they're sold with ubuntu preinstalled.21:26
johanbrMy only complaint is that the backlight gave up a while ago, but that was covered by warranty.21:27
PrivateVoidyou using the X3100 graphics or Nvidia?21:27
johanbrNvidia. Which I'm beginning to regret.21:30
johanbrI don't need powerful graphics anyway, and the closed-source nvidia drivers sometimes have issues.21:30
cjso... unplugging a vga cable from a dell netbook doesn't switch desktop orientation, resolution, etc21:39
cjwho do I work with to make it happen?21:41
cjI'll take my answer off the air :)21:41
dobeyjohanbr: so use the open source drivers, and forgo fancy 3d bits for a while :)21:48
johanbrdobey: I think nouveau is still a bit too bleeding-edge for my taste.22:02
dobeyjohanbr: i'm not talking about noveau22:07
johanbrnv? last I tried, that didn't work with my card22:08

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