NCommandercjwatson_, ping?00:19
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ebroderI want to request a backport for cython into Hardy. Should I request a backport of the Intrepid version (which is universe), or the Jaunty version (which is in main)?02:44
ScottKdoko__: I just ran across my first module that also ships code to support Python 3.  Is there any guidance on packaging modules to work with Python 3?04:17
* Hobbsee wonders if the ops call needs anything else done06:14
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cjwatsonebroder: whichever works best; the universe->main promotion is probably not directly relevant to backporting in itself11:13
Chipzzcjwatson: ot, but Keybuk seems to be on vacation; do you know when he'll be back?11:14
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NCommanderhey cjwatson11:27
cjwatsonChipzz: everyone in Canonical is on vacation until at least Monday11:30
cjwatson(i.e. Monday is the first general day back)11:30
NCommandercjwatson, w.r.t. to Xubuntu, universe itself seems to be missing from the LiveCD image itself (as in squashfs)11:31
cjwatsonNCommander: I looked at the live filesystem build log and it definitely fetches packages from universe11:31
cjwatsonyou can look for yourself, it's in http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/11:31
cjwatsonNCommander: so perhaps you could answer the specific question I posed in the bug?11:32
NCommanderOh, ok11:32
NCommanderYes, reading now, I think its a red hearing11:32
* NCommander doesn't pretend to be any expert in liveCDs11:32
cjwatsonNCommander: what exactly do you mean by universe being missing from the squashfs?11:33
NCommanderrunning apt-cache search *stuff* doesn't reveal anything for universe however when running off the CD.11:33
cjwatsonplease be as precise as you can11:33
cjwatsonis that the exact problem, or is there something else too?11:33
NCommanderIt's a sympton of the problem11:35
cjwatsonI'm trying to get you to be precise11:35
NCommanderNone of the Xfce packages are there, running the liveCD gets you to a fvwm session11:35
cjwatsonok, there are two problems here11:38
cjwatsonthe first is that livecd-rootfs doesn't construct the final sources.list correctly; I'll fix this tomorrow11:38
NCommanderand the second?11:39
cjwatsonthe second is that the archive isn't correctly set up to include Task fields for packages in universe, which I've just fixed11:39
cjwatsonpatience, it's hard to type while carrying a baby :P11:39
NCommanderTasks fields?11:39
cjwatsonjust take my word for it, too fiddly to explain now11:40
cjwatsonlp_archive@cocoplum:/srv/launchpad.net/ubuntu-archive/ubuntu-misc$ sudo -u lp_publish ln -s more-extra.override.jaunty.main more-extra.override.jaunty.restricted11:40
cjwatsonlp_archive@cocoplum:/srv/launchpad.net/ubuntu-archive/ubuntu-misc$ sudo -u lp_publish ln -s more-extra.override.jaunty.main more-extra.override.jaunty.universe11:40
Hobbseecjwatson: this means that the new archive reorg has started?11:41
cjwatsonabsolutely nothing whatsoever to do with that11:41
Hobbseeoh, i thought Task fields would indicate it was.  My bad :)11:41
* cjwatson -> gone for the day11:41
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comradekingu* Booting jaunty from usb does not work on my eee 1000. Tried both unetbootin and "Create a USB startup disk"18:29
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Xtevenhi, should I get the same package if I build a sourcepackage without any modifications ?19:28
Xtevenand if I don't get the same thing, should I consider that a bug ?19:28
broonieXteven: Depends on what the differences are.19:30
Xtevenit crashes with a buffer overflow if I build it myself19:30
Xtevenroot@guest-laptop:/usr/src# *** buffer overflow detected ***: /usr/sbin/ircd-ratbox terminated19:31
broonieXteven: that's a definite bug, then.20:17
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cjwatsonXteven: at a guess, it could mean that the binary package in the archive was built with an older version of gcc and that a newer version miscompiles it; or that newer library headers break something; or ...20:25
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Xtevencjwatson: quite possible20:28
XtevenI reported it as a bug :) sooner or later the packager will run into the same problem if he upgrades to a later gcc version20:29
TheMusoGreetings. How have your holidays been?21:41
TheMusowoops wrong window21:41
* TheMuso is not obviously back entirely, at least mentally. :p21:41
LaserJockmy holidays have been fine, how about you? :-)21:42
TheMusoLaserJock: Very nice thanks. Its actually good to be back.21:42
mdkedoes anyone know whether the "unzoo" package was intentionally removed from intrepid? It appears to have been present in hardy21:43
mdkehiya LaserJock21:44
james_wmdke: "Reason: (From Debian) RoM: obsolete, superseded by zoo"21:44
LaserJockmdke: hi! long time, no see21:44
mdkejames_w: just found that page, thanks21:45
mdkeLaserJock: yeah :)21:45
ubottuDebian bug 497775 in wnpp "O: unzoo -- zoo archive extractor" [Normal,Closed]21:45
Babypitti: hi! :)21:57
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crimsunXteven: it's an off-by-one22:16
ion_I wonder if smb will ever come back online? :-)22:18
Xtevencrimsun: interesting22:20
crimsuni'm sending the patch to BTS with attribution to F1022:21
crimsunXteven: all relevant info is in the debian & ubuntu bugs.22:30
crimsunXteven: (presuming you filed #313820)22:30
XtevenF10 -> fedora 10 ?22:31
XtevenI think I did file that one22:32
Xtevenwell, I'm kindof glad its a bug :)22:32
Xtevenevery discovered bug makes software more secure22:32
Xtevenwell, not really22:32
Xtevenbut I like to think so22:32
crimsunif you want to rebuild your own, grab that patch and add it to debian/patches/ in the extracted source, and make sure to add the filename of the patch to debian/patches/series, too22:33
XtevenI'll try it out22:33
Xtevencrimsun: patch worked, it doesn't crash anymore22:40
crimsunXteven: yw22:41
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seek_therapyHi, I just upgraded my cousins computer and she no longer has sound. I have asked several Ubuntu channels and no one seems to have the answer23:39
TheMusoseek_therapy: #ubuntu for support.23:39
seek_therapyNo one there could help me23:40
seek_therapyapparently allot of people are dealing with the same problem23:40
seek_therapySo.. i am downloading Ubuntu again and am gonna burn the iso and try to reinstall23:41
Xtevenseek_therapy: I had a problem like that, it had to do with pulse audio23:43
seek_therapydo you have a link?23:43
seek_therapyor can you tell me what you did to fix it23:44
seek_therapywhen i turn her system on .. i hear the drum roll , then when i login ...no sound23:44
Xtevennot really :(23:45
Xtevenbut maybe you can find some help on the forums23:46
seek_therapyand it was pulse audio ?23:46
XtevenI just killed my pulseaudio daemon23:46
XtevenI'm runing without it now, everything works ok23:46
Xtevenubuntu intrepidd23:46
seek_therapyXteven: sorry i am new to all this23:47
XtevenI think its best to ask in #ubuntu23:47
seek_therapysure, if they can help.. Sadly, I talked her and her child into using Ubuntu and she was actually starting to like .then this happens23:49
Xtevenmight want to look through some logs or so23:53

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