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jimdogstarhiya, anyone about using an acer aspire one with ibex?12:32
jimdogstargot the wireless led working and was wondering how to go about it12:33
jimdogstarediting the wiki that is12:33
jimdogstarany helpful people about?12:34
mdkejimdogstar: editing the wiki is the same regardless of what hardware you use. Have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide12:54
cristian_chi guys14:53
cristian_cI'd like to ask you a question14:53
cristian_cI'm translating Opera wiki page14:54
cristian_cI'd like to know some poits I don't understand14:55
cristian_cHere is told:14:56
cristian_cNow copy the .so file to /usr/lib32 (you need the symlink too):14:56
cristian_csudo cp ~/Desktop/usr/lib/libaspell* /usr/lib32/14:56
cristian_cbut ~/Desktop/usr/lib/libaspell* is not a .so file!14:57
cristian_cWhat means, on this point, "yuo need the symlink too"?14:59
j1mchey all - we should be avoiding use of contractions, right?15:48
j1mcthis is per: http://library.gnome.org/devel/gdp-style-guide/stable/locale-5.html.en15:50
j1mcyes, we should avoid contractions.  :)  this is also per the ubuntu-doc style guide.16:15
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tmartQuestion, how are bugs assigned to individuals?21:40
mdketmart: by clicking on the arrow next to the assigned column21:41
mdketmart: then you choose the person in the "Assigned to" box21:42
tmartok cool, thank you21:43

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